Level 7 Civil Servant E6

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It looks like our small prayers worked. I liked this episode a lot more than recent ones. Maybe partly due to my attitude change, but mostly cuz I finally saw some common courtesy from Y. She does feel bad about pushing S to do this mission of getting close to G and worries about “the kids” – both S and G. I missed that side of her so it’s a relief it never went anywhere. I actually laughed when Y yelled at S for not appreciating a guy like G. the feel and tone of this episode just went up a lot so my decision to keep recapping was the right one.

From here on, as long as I am committed to sticking with this drama, I will no longer write anything critical. It was never my intent anyway cuz I really don’t like bloggers who trash a drama on each recap. Makes me wonder why they don’t just stop watching and spare us their vitriol.  I still have faith that this drama might have some tricks up its sleeves so let’s hope the one they are pulling out tonight is the first of many.

*I just want to thank everyone for their love and show of support. I admit this whole incident made me cry and it did hurt, but I am on the mend. I just hope everyone enjoyed tonight’s episode cuz it really was one of the best. Honest – no sugarcoating whatsoever. 🙂

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Starts from G taking her hand and her asking – what is this – it’s childish. G holds on and says sorry. S: that’s why – let go. she tries to pull her hand away. G: I followed you. S:what? G: I followed you cuz I couldn’t trust you. you were always living assiduously and I was always distrusting you –that is what i am sorry for – not sorry for this (holding your hand).  he goes back to the movie. She stares at him and watches him smile at the screen.

The man opens up the partition and tells D and SM to clean up the fake room so G wont come again. she wonders when they can clean all this up. D mutters -is this worse than being forced to go on a date. SM: why does it bother you? that S might succeed in her mission? dont pay attention and dont think of getting involved (interfering). D tells her to hurry cuz they have to go stake out Park (han’s scientist friend)

Y says I am worried about the kids – S has to use the guy she likes and G doesn’t know his father is a criminal and has to watch (spy on) him – it’s so cruel. W tells her not to talk like that – in order to catch that (bad) guy I can do even worse things. Y: I hope later the kids dont get scarred. W: it’s better to be scarred than dying. She is getting ready for another date so W yells for her to stop – are you going on another blind date.  Y says it’s her mom’s friend’s son so Y is going just to be polite/show her manners (towards her mom’s friend) his personality is supposed to be cool/refreshing and good. W says let’s be alert cuz we are busy right now (as in focus on the task) but she says I lived being very busy so if I get married I will do well.

During drinks, S asks how did you follow me cuz I didn’t suspect anyone following me. he says it’s cuz I was kicked out (of NIS) in the middle, if not – I would have been like 007 now. S: it would have been better if you had done that.  that might have suited you better than doing business like now. G: Do you know why I don’t want to inherit my father’s company – to him, he thinks there is no dirty money in the world.  so his way of earning money – whether it’s dirty or clean he doesnt differentiate. I don’t want to live like that. S: from what I can see it’s not like that. when someone does some kind of work -there are people who ask “is that fun” but then there are other people – they ask “how much do you earn doing that? does that earn money?” those people base their lives on money – like you. what she said makes G remember what his father said that was similar – about how much money can you earn working as a civil servant and how G said the exact same thing to S last night when he asked her -how much can you earn selling these (makeup products). S says whatever kind of work  – more than how much you earn – there could be something else that is more important. She is drinking by using her straw as a spoon catching a little bit at a time to put in her mouth (*I do that all the time)  so he asks why do you drink like that. S: what’s wrong with this. G: if you drink picking it up like that can you taste it? S: it’s none of your business whether I pick at it or drink through it -what difference does it make to you. G: cant I care? S:dont do it. you were just a colleague at one time and now you are just a superior at my job -it would be nice if you werent more than that. G: what if I want to go beyond that? S: I am warning you but you cant like me and I cant like you. we cant ever do that. G: what is the reason? she starts to say “to be honest” but doest finish her thought cuz she cant tell him about her mission. She reminds him – you don’t trust me. G: I do trust you now. I just wasnt used to someone like you who lives so assiduously. that is why I was mistaken/misunderstood – that you might have ulterior motives.  He was about to wipe her mouth but she pulls his arm away and knocks him out of his chair. S: are you ok? G: So embarrassing (cuz people saw him being taken down by a girl) do you want to make it obvious you were trained?  S: sorry – are you ok? why did you do that suddenly. He sits back down and whines: why are you like this to me? S: why yell? you started it first by coming at me (attacking me). G: just wipe the cream off your mouth. she gets the wrong side so he says the right side.  G: ya what is wrong with me getting close to you. S: awhile ago you held hands without permission. G: so I have to get permission and then hold hands? it was just holding hands naturally. between us we cant even do that? S: I warned you not to have those feelings. G: do you not like me that much. If this is push and pull (of love) I can accept as much as you want but if you are doing this cuz you really don’t like me then I can make you like me. S: I am not doing push and pull and it’s not cuz I dont like you either. G: then you like me but she says no that’s not it at all. G: then what is it? What is so complicated. S: my life is just complicated. I am not in a situation where I can like someone now. even if someone likes me I cant just accept it as is. i know some unni and even though she is almost 40 she didnt date -now I know why. G: who is that unni? S: there is someone like that. there is a chance it wasn’t cuz she couldn’t date – it might have been cuz she didn’t.

Right then that unni  -Y – is having a date with an old bald guy. That dad from playful kiss. He says as you know from what you heard from mother i am the honest type. I dont use stuff like wigs -that is bashing your confidence/pride and a cowardly thing to do. yes I took it off – I am bald. what will you do. you have to be confident in the world. that’s who I am. Y says just like i heard you are refreshing/cool. he says i heard you are sensitive about getting old – dont do that. isnt an older woman still a woman? be cool and yell at the world – yes I am 40 – I am old (meaning past her prime). so what of it. she tries to correct him that she is still 39. He says let us be honest – I am lonely. you are lonely so what should we be doing now. he tries to hold her hand so she grabs her phone and says I have to make a call

G is asking – I dont know what that complicated situation, but we can figure it out together. what is the situation. She says it’s late – let’s go now. G: ok let’s talk while eating.  S: no I have to go and work. G: you are really going? S: watching a movie with me was not a date so dont try to keep doing something with me. Y calls and asks what are you doing. Still with G now? S: yes. I am going now.  Y says then go home and cook him food. S doesn’t want to and says unni – how could I do that? I really cant do that. so Y yells  -ya do you want to change places with me now– you think there is a lot of guys like G? is he short? is he old? have no manners?  is he bald? what is he lacking? I would keep him and live with him. if you whine one more time I will punish you –got that? she yelled so she tells her date very demurely – I am the honest type

*the whole time Y was talking G was drinking by scooping with his straw the way S just did. he is trying her way – so sweet.

G asks who was on the phone?  the spinster unni? S asks: want to come to my home? I will make you food. G: why are you like this suddenly? S: let’s go.G reminds her about what she said before: that you would never let in a man into your home unless you were getting married to that man.  so she screams in her countryside dialect:”I said I would cook for you so are you going or not?  He replies in her dialect and says “I will go.” He is so happy. on his way out he sees something and smiles.

(Seoul way of speaking is “kal-kae” I will go but she said “kal-kyul” and so did he)

They get to her home and he tries to see as she types in her house code but she tells him not to look. She runs in ahead and makes him wait outside while she cleans up her home and sprays the air. He knocks and says what are you doing it’s cold. She opens the door out of breath and motions for him to go in. he laughs and heads inside

He looks around and sniffs. He asks did you pour perfume. You should have just cleaned all the time normally. He runs over and lays on her bed. She says why are you laying there -get up. he says what’s wrong it’s a bed for lying down.  She rolls up the paper and says keep lying there if you want to die. G: ya it was to give you a housewarming present –a stuffed gorilla. I couldnt come here empty handed when it’s my first invitation. Don’t move it from here cuz this is his place. he tells the stuffed animal to protect her home well so no other guy comes in. He finds her slip and holds it up and says “you are so sexy” so she knocks him out with the rolled up paper. He yells my nose is bleeding.

His stuffed animal is doing penance with his nose to the table and arms behind his back. G tries to move it but without even looking she tells him to leave it alone and dont touch it. G says you said you were going to make me food but that is ramen. She shows instant rice and says satisfied. He looks into her fridge and says look at the potato rotting. she tells him not to look in there. G: You aren’t normal. He walks over and gets close to her face. He says let’s make food.

He is suddenly chopping and dicing in the kitchen while she watches him cook various dishes. She cant stop smiling.

They sit down to eat and he asks you are moved/touched huh. She asks did you really make this from stuff in my home. G: in cooking it’s not ingredients -it’s skills. She asks where did you learn all this.  he says in the army at the mess hall. He tells her to taste it. why? is it weird? She says it’s delicious and keeps eating. S: It’s really delicious. He says that wouldn’t happen. He tastes it and says  How is this good. She says is it weird for you too. He says of course. i was in the mess hall. S: why does it taste like this then?  G: in the army – more than taste it’s how fast you can make it. even if it doesn’t taste good eat alot cuz it’s the first time cooking for a woman. She keeps smiling so he says you smiled – i saw you.  she finally admits it tastes really funny. in the army – more than the food it’s the speed. They are both laughing. She suddenly says why are you laughing, hurry and eat and go. just cuz we do this – we arent on a date.  He asks are you sick somewhere (cuz she is so weird cuz of her mood swings) He asks if she remembers what they learned there ( NIS) – whether you live/stay there a day or ten years in one place don’t leave behind your paraphernalia (personal belongings) whether photos or memos. S: I remember. G: you quit so live hanging some photos and make some memorabilia cuz it doesn’t seem like your home. they continue eating

G’s dad is thinking of the threat M made about G and Han is worried for his son. He calls his friend (doctor) park to have lunch tm.

G goes home and calls out for his mom. she goes over and kisses his cheek so he says why are you like that. she says you came home early. He says I have a present for you. she says it’s not my birthday so what is this – let’s open my son’s present. how did you know to buy makeup. how much did you pay for it? He says it’s expensive. cuz I love you I bought it for you. She says you cant just buy any makeup products. I dont even know this brang. Were you duped. He says it’s good for your skin. She says you were duped into buying it. she asks if the other one is for his dad but he says it’s both for her. she says why buy two of the same products.  why are you short sighted – you should buy your dad one too. G: he doesnt need anything and he likes money the most and I cant give him money.  Han comes in and asks what’s going on. G asks do you need anything dad. his dad says you just go sleep. His mom says G has a few blind dates (matseons) this weekend that she lined up for him so G yells mom

D and SM are on stakeout and report doctor park (han’s friend) just left his home. Y doesn’t sound happy  as she points to the screen and says that is Park dong’s home and those 3 cameras were put up in that area and they backed up his email. W asks what’s wrong. you were so excited when you went on your date.  Y reports D and SM were put on stakeout to follow park. W says it turned out well-  Why get married. Living alone is the best. She talks in an angry tone about when someone is having a hard time going to college -when someone says why are you studying?  going to college is no big deal. do you know what I want to say to you right now sunbae? the other guy suddenly says “do you want to die?” (making it sound like Y wanted to say that) so W yells at the guy – what did you just say you punk? the other guy points to the security camera and says G came again. Y says why did he come again – G is so tiring

G comes in and buys some products -5  for men and 5 for women for his company employees and the person who sold it make that Kim JW ( so S will get credit for the sales)

SM is in the car yawning and staring at D outside. She starts to sketch him. she makes a comment that everthing about him is good but his double eyelids are too prominent – it’s a sign of a cheating type. D comes over and asks what did you say. She says nothing -go work. D:I think  you said something

The director is talking about the company. Just cuz you work hard will anyone acknowledge that. G comes in and gives them skin products for them and their mothers.  Director and manager are touched and pledge loyalty to this company

G passes out more products to his team and says have a good trip to your hometown – you need to get married -find a guy. he gives one to S. she asks what is this. he says a present for our team.

S knocks and goes in and G says I was going to call you just now. have a seat. What should we do after work. S: to have a date? G: Let’s go home and cook cuz I found a new recipe. She asks how much did you pay for the product. why are you filling my sales quota. He says you were going to sell it anyway so what’s the problem who bought it. S: the problem is you bought it. G: dont overreact. I needed to buy gifts anyway for lunar break. She asks why just give it to our team?  she gets a call and says dont call. she tells G – if you filled up my sales quota for this month did you think I was going to say thank you. since I dont have to earn money this week, let’s get off work together and play. did you think I would do that. you are totally childish.  G: ya – what – I cant be childish? will you only be moved if I beg and cling asking for you to make time for me then? did you always have that lump of complex? S: do you still not get it? how can you not think even half as smartly as our dosoon. you were trying to buy my time with money. he gets insulted and flabbergasted cuz she used her countryside dialect again. he asks who is dosoon so she says our dog. he feels offended and says give me the money. S: how much? G: I paid for ten total – it’s $675 so she gives him her card. he wants cash. She gets another call and says I will go right now so wait. She runs off and he yells give me my $675 – you didn’t even pay for the car

S meets with J. J tells her how she tried to look for S but her place didnt come up on the navigation or map search. what is this place your mission control center?  S tells her she is not working for the government but J ignores her and says there are female agents that have good specs right so just get ten of these filled out to be clients. I will give you ten dollars for each. S says again I really dont work for them (NIS) but J says your mom already told me all of it. i even sent her a present. didnt she tell you?  also you have a few seons (dates) this weekend so make time for them. S gets mad at her and yells why tell me what to do? you said it was urgent but it’s this stuff. what? ten dollars each? am I a beggar?  it hurts J’s feelings so she says sorry. I only had you that I could count on. I will be going. S tries to call after her

Han and M are walking out. she asks it’s going to end today right. Han says I never broke the law once- even if that was bad. she says it will all get more dangerous

S calls her mom and asks did you tell J about me and my job. The mom says I told J to keep it a secret so why is she like that. S says why are you doing this . I am going to go crazy cuz of you. please don’t do that mom (tell people about her job) so the mom says ok. She says his dad is now the mayor now. She wants S to get involved and put in a good word since she works for the government so S hangs up on her mom. the mom says S is angry. The dad asks why. The mom says S told us not to get involved. The dad says tell her to come here now. The mom says waiting for her to come here it would be faster if we walked to Seoul. we never went to her home even once. she  wonders if a man is going in and out of S’s home so the dad thinks the mom is just looking for excuses to go up there. (the mom wants to go up there and convince S to help them out cuz people are saying they arent doing their jobs well. all so that her dad can continue being the mayor and S’s brother doesnt have to worry about his tuition and attend school so the dad says should we go to Seoul)

S is outside saying I am going to go crazy. she hears M talking on the phone. M is talking about Han and how Han is on the move. she and turns and sees S there. S quickly moves away

at the office Y listens as the guy says Han and Park are both moving at the same time

G is trying to write a note to his dad – to father ( he says it’s too dry) so he tries “to my loving father” and it doesnt sit well with him.  S didnt come back into the office to her desk so G wonders where did $675 go.  W calls and asks where is your dad. G says I told you he went to go meet his friend. W : why didnt you follow him? just cuz nothing happened all this time do you think he is safe? hurry and move. G: what could possibly happen. G leaves

D and SM pull up and see park go in. D follows him in and SM backs him up

G finds his dad and calls out to him

In the elevator Jay gets on with Han. G just missed his dad. the elevator takes Han and Jay up. G rides up on the next one

Jay is following Han down the hallway. He pulls out a knife and puts his arm around him and stabs Han in the stomach. Jay says obey or else next time it will be your son. G comes and sees his dad on the ground. G yells out father. He tells him hold this down on his wound and I will come right back.

G chases after Jay and fights him in the stairwell. Jay gets away so G calls W and gives him jay’s info – height 180, in his 20s, black outfit including cap, and location

W orders his team to call for an ambulance check CCTV

D catches up to Park on the elevator. D gets a text of Jay’s description and that he is priority and takes off

SM is in the car and gets the same text too so she gets out and leaves the car.

G goes back and stops the bleeding. He says judging from the color of the blood, no major organs are hurt so dont be scared. The dad says it’s dangerous so run away. why arent you listening to me. But G says I called the ambulance and piggybacks him

SM walks past Jay and he matches the description G reported in so she attacks Jay and gets kicked around. But D shows up and fights Jay just as Jay was about to stab her. The knife is knocked to the ground so Jay uses it to put it to SM’s throat. Jay asks are you NIS agents. D says just go and I wont catch you. SM: what are you doing? catch him. D says: she is a woman -if you leave a scar on her face i will kill you. jay asks: can I trust an agent’s words. He slices SM’s wrist and says how many minutes can she live. see you next time. Jay runs off.  SM yells at D to go and catch Jay but D carries her off after binding her wound and tells her to stay alert

S gets a text and looks over at G’s empty desk. She remembers what M said about Han. S grabs her camera and goes into G’s office. She closes the blinds and looks through his stuff. She breaks into his locked drawer. She looks up M’s resume and takes photos of it. she notices G’s present for his dad. she reads the card.

Han is in the hospital and G is looking at him. his mom comes in asking what happened-who did this to you. G says he is ok. He just needs to stay for a week and then he can be discharged. She is worried and he tells her the dad is still asleep.

S goes to the hospital

W and G are talking. W asks did you see his face. G: no. W says we are checking the cctv so he will show up somewhere. G admits he wasnt on alert and was careless cuz nothing happened. W says nothing about our work is easy or fast. he tells G to be alert and leaves but S saw them talking.  She sees how upset G is sitting on his own but she walks away after noticing his bloody shirt

D asks how her injury is. SM: it hurts and it’s embarrassing – were you that worried about my face getting a scar. D says if the scar remains, people (like their targets) will remember it and make it hard for her to do any missions. SM: is that all? No other reason? D says does there have to be another reason. She says next time if the same thing happens like today don’t save me whether I die or not. I don’t like when men save women in movies or dramas. who do women always have to be rescued. D says there are movies when they don’t. SM: there isnt. D brings up a scene when Jun Ji Hyun rescues Cha Tae Hyun so SM says Jun JH – why is she like that-being cool on her own – so annoying

At night G holds his dad’s hand. His dad wakes up so G takes his hand away. Han asks is this the hospital? G says yes your injury is ok. dont worry. the police are guarding you outside. Han remembers how jay said next time it’s your son. G asks did you know that person or know what he wanted. Han tells him to go home cuz it’s uncomfortable with you. go when I tell you.  G says sorry for not protecting you. Han: who are you to protect me? just go home and stop talking nonsense. G: why are you like that. Han: why do you never listen? when will you become a son who obeys? don’t think of coming to the hospital and just work hard. people who do business cant be moved by  sentiment.  G says ok I will leave and not come back again. He points out how it’s different when it’s the relationship between a father and son. rest. G leaves

When he goes out he finds S sitting there. she asks are you ok. G: I am ok – why did you come. S: I heard your dad was ok from the nurse but are you ok. He asks what that is. She says give it to your father. she brought drinks so he says let’s drink this ourselves. They get on the elevator and jay is hiding around the corner dressed like a doctor and watches them and smiles

S asks if he can leave his father’s room like this. G says -it doesnt matter-  it’s not our style S: but your father was injured so you should watch over him in the hospital. G: it’s just uncomfortable to be together. When I was young and went to the sauna -friends my age would get their backs scrubbed by their dads. I never once went to the sauna with my dad. so I asked my dad to go to together and  scrub my back -but he gave me money saying he is busy. since a kid paid money and got his back scrubbed so some ajussi asked do you not have a father so I said I don’t have one. that’s comfortable for us. she asks are you really ok. G:  I am really ok – I am  perfectly fine. S: at least your dad doesnt cause trouble. she gives him a change of clothes so he says her fashion is post modern. You want me to wear this. she says don’t wear it then and they struggle with the clothes. He says thank you and I will wear it. also about the $ 675. She says text me your bank account and I will pay you back when I get paid. He says i am sorry – I thought with money I could buy your time – like my father – like a fool. S: you arent a fool. I did it cuz I was scared. the more I spend time with you that it would affect our friendship. he says it’s not friendship with you-save your friendship for your dog. He tries on the clothes after laughing it’s velvet – I have to try this on. she says it looks good

Director of NIS scolds W and his team for letting jay get away right in front of his nose. W says it’s my team so I will take care of them on my own. Director tells W to go to america. W says I will be going.   director says I should just get rid of W’s team (like disband them)

Former trainees like Park come over and greet W and ask if the director was yelling again cuz he always does that. the old guy asks to be taken away to W’s team. park (the diplomat’s daughter) keeps calling everyone oppa and asking them to do certain tasks for her so her superior says you call someone oppa again I will chase you out. she even called the director oppa and got in big trouble. W says it’s good you are having fun living

G gets dressed in the outfit S got him and says it’s ok. He reads his dad’s card and throws away the gift.

There is footage of S in his office from his security feed. He sees S going through everything. G goes out  looking angry

D came over to S’s place. They are drinking.  D says how about finishing the mission regarding G quickly. She says i have to but I am sorry to G – he might be rude, does whatever he wants, throws tantrums, but he isnt a bad guy. he has other sides where he is deep and even cute. It doesn’t mean I like him. D says how SM got hurt. she got attacked while chasing Han’s attacker. S asks what she hurt a lot. D says the longer you take to do your job we dont know who else might get hurt. The person you really have to feel sorry to is not G but your colleagues. She asks where SM is. He gives her his gun to protect herself cuz he can protect himself without it. She says she cant take it and she can protect her own body too. Jay: you cant – that guy is stronger than we thought. S: thanks for worrying but I don’t need it. the bell rings and G yells at her to open the door. She makes D hide again.

S tells G wait a minute I will go out. G is still yelling open the door. she tells D to hang in there for a short time

She opens the door and says his fashion is ok. He barges in so she asks what are you doing. he asks the same thing. G: what are you hiding. S: hide what. there is nothing like that. the door swings open and G hears it. G: what is that sound. S: what sound? why are you suddenly coming by? G: how about you -why did you come to my office – why did you come to see me. He hears more sounds so he asks: is someone here? S: no. G goes over to check it out and she tries to stop him.G: move. S: it’s nothing.  G: move. he pushes her away and they fight. S: why are you looking through my stuff? they land on the bed and she says stop it – I am not going to put up with it anymore. G: I dont plan to be easy on your  either. they keep pinning each other on the bed. G yells: what is your identity.

Her parents come in and see G on top of S on the bed. S: dad? G: dad? her dad says what are you doing and pulls on G’s hair. S tells her dad not to do that. D falls out of the closet so her dad grabs D’s hair too. Her mom grabs S’s hair. her dad asks what are you guys. Talk!


No preview

I had to get the following paragraphs off my chest cuz of the comments on Soompi so this is the last I will say about it.

I really don’t like when people write about me on soompi cuz I can’t ever reply since I lost my password like a million years ago. I can’t believe that my recaps are being blamed for ruining someone’s mood for this show. Me – the one who has a blog that is one step away from being like a shrine for JW, the person who is so devoted to this actor and his craft that I practically made it my business to capture every great word of dialogue and every camera angle of perfection since OB. Even though I voiced my concerns about this drama very lightly on E4, I didn’t really go into detail until E5. Not once did I ever say anything negative about JW’s acting or CKH cuz I still don’t have any problems with their work whatsoever. It’s their characters’ actions/words that I don’t like and I don’t know how to make this clear enough – the two are not interchangeable in my book. Just cuz I have issues with their character development doesn’t mean I am saying their acting is faulty or lacking. Whoever wrote these lines for the drama should be the one to blame cuz even the best actors in the world couldn’t salvage how nonsensical some of these are. I’m pretty sure they were written to impress, but it falls way short of its mark.  I should have been bawling my head off during JW’s crying scene when he was kicked out of the NIS, but his last words to her were “don’t change” so instead of tears, I was asking my TV screen – huh? That’s all? Where is the rest of the moving dialogue? It’s a crying shame that MBC has one of the best actors around and they are not utilizing his full potential for each episode cuz KBS wouldn’t have made that mistake.

I deserve some credit cuz even though I might have been too harsh about E5, I still translated every single scene like I always do. A lot of readers are right, walking away or dropping a JW drama is not something I am willing to do at this point, but it certainly didn’t help me in deciding to stick with it when I read on soompi that people were feeling sorry for me as if I wasn’t able to see past its flaws and enjoy a romantic comedy. That felt a little insulting cuz I think I can distinguish when a show is firing on all its cylinders and I don’t think everyone is going to agree that Level 7 is doing that. I had every right to voice my opinion of this drama so far cuz I am a diehard JW as much as anyone else. This blog exists for fans of the shows to read what happened in detail on each episode and once in a blue moon when I can’t contain myself, my true opinion slips out. I’m sorry if that seems insensitive to fans of the show, but like I told a reader, all of it came from a place of love and concern. I’ve seen great dramas being crushed in ratings and I just didn’t want JW’s first rom-com to become part of the statistic. I wanted this show to be a hit as much as the next person but when your show is doing well in ratings cuz the other two aren’t much of a competition, then is that really winning. Doesn’t it have to compete against some real ratings attractions and then dominate to really count.  The next few weeks when the new dramas air and the dust from the ratings battle settles, then we will see the clear winner. I really wanted E5 and E6 to be great so that these two episodes will have the highest ratings yet so when I felt like E5 wasn’t hitting its stride, I got a little carried away with my frustrations cuz I really want this show to do well. Lesson learned.


84 comments on “Level 7 Civil Servant E6

  1. sansukini says:

    Hi Softy,

    I hardly comment anymore but I’ve been with you since SKKS days and I know how much love and effort u invest in your recaps. I’m not a JW fan but I still lurk here to read your thoughts.

    I always stay up late to camp on your site every mon-tues these days to read your recap for FBND. You’ve always been the most detailed recapper.

    Please don’t let their comments affect you. This is your space to do as you will and a lot of us love you. Happy Chinese New Year.


  2. Malta says:

    Thank you for the recap. Somehow I am keeping up with this drama. Sometimes I find it really funny, but often I am confused. It’s crazy to see so many good actors act their heart out for a script that is so disjointed.

    I really like Ahn Nae Sang, especially after his great turn in May Queen as the main girl’s dad. I also really like Chasung…I have my fangirl days 🙂 haha. And Jang Young Nam since her crazy role on Dal Ja’s Spring. I don’t have an issue with Choi Kang Hee and really liked her in Protect the Boss. Joo Won is the bees knees as always.

    I hope that everyone now knows who is in NIS and who isn’t so that they aren’t suspecting each other. It just seems stupid to keep up the lie now. It seems though that Gil Ro’s mission is not really legit with the NIS director so Won Suk is probably going to get in trouble when it comes out. I want that to get sorted out so Gil Ro can be officially reinstated into NIS.

    For the remaining episodes I don’t want any more NIS agents or their family members to die. I want the bad guys caught, especially the psychopath brother. He gives me the creeps. And I want an NIS karaoke night where Chasung sings. I cannot believe they had 2 separate singing scenes in the earlier episodes and did NOT get the idol on the cast to sing. Facepalm.

    Oh and it would be nice if Gil Ro gets the girl he likes 🙂

    I will keep watching hoping some of these things happen.

    Happy Lunar New Year!


  3. nonski says:

    i could only nod in agreement with what Malta said.

    i really wish that at the opening of episode 7 everything will be cleared and Gil Ro be given his proper place in the NIS. he deserves it as much as anyone else. I am warming up with CKH. sometimes tho it would be best if she sports a longer hair cut. *sighs* can’t do anything about it now.

    Ahn Nae Sang is his usual best.

    And forget the name of the actress who is the buddy of Ahn Nae Sang but she is my second most favorite character after Gil Ro. oh i just love how bad ass she is. 🙂

    Chansung is proving himself to be good at his craft too. 🙂

    Oh and where can we send a petition to MBC. i swear there is just too much violence inflicted on JW. Nope, i am not just sensitive for our baby. Really, He is always being kicked, poked with something and more. Poor JW. He is acting his best here and i really hope this drama will be a success despite the odds,.. to pay off for his hard work.


    • ctfrsgp says:

      I thought so too… the “so-call” antics that they keep using are getting a bit lame… why must they repeatly have our poor cutie being kicked in his shins, have his “gems” attacked and giving him nosebleeds. You don’t see these “special treatments” being served out to the other characters in the dramas, not even the minor supporting roles (>_<)


      • nonski says:

        yup, i just wish they’d put an end to this cuz it’s okay if JW/Gil Ro gets wounded from being an NIS agent but being always kicked and all is so over the top already.


        • ctfrsgp says:

          With the 2 new dramas starting thus Wed, I do pray tat “Maybe Budget Contraints” tv station will start dishing out meatier storyline in the next and subsequent eps. I can understand tat they maybe trying to gain more ahjjuma and noona viewers by potraying Gil-Ro as the ‘victim’ as a tool to evoke maternal instincts of the female audience. BUT tat only works at the beginning. Also, therez no rule to say rom-com has to be silly and not allowed to hav serious topics or conspiracies build into the storylines.


  4. nonski says:

    Softy was able to made this GIFs–
    episode 1:


  5. nonski says:

    for episode 5:


  6. nonski says:

    Softy sorry for posting too many links, last for episode 6:


  7. rainyrain says:

    me loving this drama and didn’t stop laughing during epi 6
    joo won is as handsome as ever
    softy why caring about what other people say , we luv ur work and u to many many many of us u r the best and will always be ^^


  8. Enz says:

    Sorry to hear that you were so hurt by the comments of others and hoping you’re all better now after the new year celebration.. Softy, fighting !!


  9. saoirse says:

    sometimes I saw Gu Ma jun…then I saw Hwang Tae hee, and I even saw Lee Kang to.

    I’m so ruined. haha


  10. Sussie says:

    OMO! Last minutes of ep6… a jewel! best medicine for bad mood! If you are feeling a little stressed out (like I was bc of office overwork) … this episode is doctor best prescription!
    I’m so looking forward to watching tomorrow’s episode 7!

    Btw, I don’t think that G will be learning so soon in the show about S true identity and goal… I hope he will tomorrow, but I don’t feel it’s the case.

    But, I hope it is the case (maybe we have a turnover of events here), bc I would like to watch these two love birds working together in action… And, if I’m a little honest, I’m wishing that she will get hurt in front of him, maybe saving someone, I love strong heroines that aren’t afraid of getting hurt.

    PS: Softy, sorry I didn’t give you my little words of support to you before. I was unaware of what happened since I don’t have Soompi and I wasn’t online for a whole week here.
    I have been a “silent reader” of you blog since Cheondamdong Alice (not bc I didn’t had or wanted to write something, but it was more bc of a time issue). But, I felt that this moment, was just the best moment to say finally something: I have admired you since the first time I started reading your live recaps (Faith recaps). I don’t understand while these people acted like that. They should be thankful to you for lot of reasons: first, you are helping all of us that we don’t understand Korean and u are sharing to us details about what happened in each ep (and really soon, saving us a whole day in wait until subs are out). Thank u for that… It takes a lot of time and dedication from you… we all have to be truly thankful for that. Second, and for me the most important, you are given us a true recap with really accurate and objective point of views. This was the best proof of that. Why? simply bc despite the fact that this is one of you best actor’s show, you managed to stay objective and a true writer. We all love this actor (a lot!! Yep! LOL), we all are amused with the silly scenes in this show, we all are enjoying this drama since we are watching it while airing… so, I believe we all are in the same boat. Loving someone is not about being blind. In this case, for me is the same, loving a show (like I’m loving/enjoying right now this one) is not about being unaware of its flaws. Yep, we need to recognized them, decide to let them passed and enjoy the rest of it. So, again, please don’t be sad about this bc for a lot of people, you are a true writer 😉 *big hug*

    (PS PS: Sorry I mixed up my opinion of ep6 with my words of support for you… please feel free to erase this so this treat stays only about ep related comments)


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