Level 7 Civil Servant E9

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This is how you do a drama kiss the right way. I love how she didn’t really even try to resist cuz what’s the point. She wanted this just as much as him.  I’m not sure if agents are supposed to retain so much of who they are as individuals while they are on their mission, but thank goodness these guys do. More and more S, Y, and W seem to care a great deal about what will happen to G down the line when he figures out he was used. S and Y’s conversations are the ones I treasure cuz Y is the only person who understands how difficult S finds this mission the more she falls for G and gets closer to her goal of cracking open that safe in G’s home. What I find the most intriguing is S’s inner struggle with her conscience and heart battling it out to surface first. I feel like she might snap sooner or later and just confess to G about everything. If you reach that breaking point of loving someone so much, wouldn’t you be willing to give up a lot just to keep protecting him. W and Y said that S was first in her training class, but even top agents have a limit. They are human beings first before they are agents so who can really blame her for following her heart before her duty. I bet both Y and W won’t be surprised when that time comes. If anything they will wonder what took S so long and probably help her gain G’s forgiveness.


All it took was a photo to make me inhale sharply and exhale with a very long “ooooooohhhhh now that’s more like it.” I think we can all agree this was one spoiler worth sharing ahead of time. With this kiss Level 7 has thrown down the gauntlet to the other two. Bet neither one of them will be having any of these for a few more episodes at least since they recently started airing. What a great and fun way to boost ratings – putting too good use JW’s other hidden talent. All drama characters in love should do this all the time cuz it’s more realistic. JW has moved up to the big leagues cuz he finally has a bed make out scene. Baker King doesn’t count cuz weren’t they both crying through the whole hug and one awkward kiss scene? This one is out in the open with all the lights on and I bet all that kissing lasts longer than a second. There just has to be a BTS of this floating around somewhere. Anyone?

7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-55-10] 7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-55-20] 7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-58-52] 7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-59-06] 7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[23-59-46]

Priorities 🙂


starts from D saying no one knows whose side G is on. S: dont talk like that. G is not (on their side). he doesnt know anything. so D says don’t take his side. G is just your mission and target.  Also don’t do that again with G. S: what? D says “this” and hugs her.

G comes over and sees them

S tells him to stop now. will you stop it? If you stop now we can remain good friends as always and eat ramen and drink (beer) together. He says I came to decide between two things – you and I are going to start or end today. S: you were wrong to come. she gets out of his grasp and says see I can protect my own body. I know you came cuz you were worried about me but you were really wrong to come.  D: I said whether we start today or end it’s up to you to answer. S: if you want I will tell you. today for us is…before she can finish G comes over. G says the picture looked good but it ended already. He says to D- you said not to meet again. D says I will be going. But G says no I will be going. finish up. I left my phone at your home so I will take it with me and go. He walks off

S says I almost failed my mission cuz of you. D says it wouldn’t have happened. I will go for today. She says listen to my answer before you go – today isnt the end or start for us. I don’t want to lose a good colleague like you –it’s the same for you.  D says if it’s not the start it’s the end cuz I wont do one sided love. He walks away

S goes over and sits on the bench. G comes over. They stare at each other. she smells him and asks did you drink alcohol. He says yes. S: I am going crazy I don’t know why my dad is like that. he says your mom gave it to me. She says mom is same as dad. did you drink a lot. Should I explain about what happened a while ago with D. he says no dont do it. you don’t have to. If you are two timing me with him or if something happened with D that I dont know about or is liking me a lie. I don’t think like that. to suspect you that much – I dont distrust you. so there is no need to explain. She says you are cooler than I thought. He agrees and says I am so cool it’s no joke. but you hugged for too long. isnt 32 secs too long?  She asks is that cool to count the duration. he says work colleagues, school classmates, and close friends -men and women could hug to say good job – good to see you- thank you, I can understand that plenty, but over ten seconds -dont do that. S: ok. G: No ten secs is too long too. 5 secs. No 3 secs. He gets up and says dont do it – with anyone dont do it. whether colleague, friend, or old classmate don’t ever do that again with a man. She tells if you had been cool till the end I would have been a little sad. also dont drink less cuz you cant beat the alcohol so why drink. He says do I drink to win – I drink to be drunk. I want to be drunk.

D is driving and remembers how S said today we aren’t going to start or end. I don’t want to lose a good colleague like you – it’s the same for you too

G says I will be going after I lie down for a while. He tries to lie down but she accidentally moves so he hits his head. she apologizes saying it’s cuz you did it suddenly. He lies down on her lap and says it’s nice. S: I am sorry. She brings up D so he says don’t do it. I don’t want to hear how he is a good friend or colleague. cuz I don’t want to think about why or how he is good. let’s just stay like this. this is good enough. Her mom comes over and says are you sleeping lying down? should you run away or not after drinking. G says I shouldn’t so she says how pretty he is and pets his face. S says stop it cuz it’s late but her mom and G go off together to go back inside for one more drink and dance

G is feeding the mom and dad and they all seem drunk. G offers to sing for them. He gets up and sings a trot song.

S walks him out and they hold hands as they walk out

Next morning at work he sneaks her a juice as he pretends to greet his team.

When he sits down there is a juice waiting for him too.

W asks if everything is going well with S. heard she bought you clothes. G asks shouldn’t you give me some info about my dad’s attacker cuz you must have run his photo through everything from the airport (entering into the country) photos, ID photo, CCTV. W lies and says we did but nothing panned out. G asks about the phone. W says aside from S’s photos there wasnt anything at all to get out of it and the few calls he made were all disposable phones (untraceable).  G asks then how are you going to catch him. W: you just do your mission well – watch where, when, and who your dad meets and report that in and protect him well. but G argues that guy knows my face so how can I protect my dad well. you have to give me info about him but W says nothing came out. G argues and says I am in the open. if I get involved he said he would kill S too. so at a time like this since I’ve been made shouldnt I step out and have someone take my place. W argues who else could follow your father as well as you. G says how his dad doesn’t like him being around cuz before he told him to go to work but now he wanted him to go abroad. G wants someone else to watch over his dad and be taken into the fold to catch the bad guy. W: why are you like this suddenly. G: I want to be cool and do this once. so W throws his straw at him and says where in the world is a cooler job than protecting your family. go you punk

M gives Han a USB hidden inside a credit card to give to park. inside is a downloaded program to to erase the log in just in case later it gets investigated the company wont know its info was taken. Han says after this last thing it would be nice if we ended our relationship so tell your boss but M says we decide when it ends and I want to end this as well too. So tell Park to take out all the info about cavitation technology.  Han puts the card in his wallet

SM wonders if G is working with his dad and the bad guys but Y says G only went inside (that meeting) and came out and it wasnt even a minute. it just seems like he followed his dad. Y puts up M’s photo and says: that woman is the problem. SM: she is a bad girl for sure. I dont like her face. Y : I dont like her body. (cuz they are jealous). Y makes some female agent  sit cuz of her S line. cuz every time there is a meeting that girl stands. SM says Y’s body type is good too-she is cute so Y says SM is attractive too. SM says we dont lack.

M says I gave Han the USB and he will give it to Park. Jay: that’s good he obeys well now. She tells Jay to stop messing with Han PH (G) now cuz if something happens to him Han will take the info and go to the police. Jay says Han will only lose out. cuz our identity wont be revealed anyway.  M: there is one thing. oppa (brother) used father’s company bank account for our first step so if that is discovered your identity will come out and our plans too. Jay: important thing is not me but you. the NIS agents will be looking into you by now. M: Han and I are just bait anyway -I just need to keep you safe. Jay: what if something goes wrong so she says it’s ok if I die cuz then I can meet brother faster

G comes over to the team and tells them to leave work and push back todays work for tm. He asks if S did what he told her to do on the side. S: what work. G: why arent you paying attention? follow me. he takes her into his office to pretend to scold her but he wants her to meet his mom today- the faster she meets his mom the faster they can hurry and go on that trip for 4n5d. She accuses that’s all you think about huh? G: of course. for the sake of the trip – one road. S says ok you go out first and let’s meet in the parking lot cuz it wont look good in front of other coworkers. He says hurry and come out and don’t delay time putting on makeup. She says I don’t wear any-didnt you know that?

She is applying makeup and calls Y that she is going to meet G’s home today. Y asks if she prepared the gift-cleaner. Y tells SM to prepare to take in images

S is driving and G is holding on tight. She asks  why -are you scared. He lies and says no you are a great driver. She says I wonder if they will like my present. What does your dad like. G: average stuff. S: what about your mom. G: designer brands. S: never mind. G: but you have to be born the year of the tiger. she brakes hard and says I was born in the year of the cow. G: my mom only wants one thing. a woman born in the year of the tiger. S: you want me to lie to your parent? I don’t want to -I can never do that. He says I already told her. what could I do – if you aren’t born in the year of the tiger she wouldn’t meet you.

S meets his mom. the mom welcomes S and S introduces herself. G shows his mom the gift from S –a circular automatic self cleaner. mom: why did you buy this. S: please take good care of me. mom: I should be the one to ask you to take care of my son. have a seat over there. Behind her back the mom wonders why S gave such a gift the first time meeting. She asks what year S was born. S cant lie so G lies and says of course tiger.  mom she is my total destined (woman). mom: I heard from PH that he went to meet your parents and had drinks.  S asks her to speak comfortably to her (banmal) so his mom says I am uncomfortable with people i meet the first time. are you comfortable around me? S: no. mom: then why ask me to treat you comfortably. G: mom. so his mom says if you take your gf’s side in front of me- I will end up not liking her-dont you know that.  of course I am not that kind of person. his mom says I heard your family was well off. S looks at G as if to say you lied about that too. G jumps in and tells his mom more lies about S’s family. he adds one truth by saying S’s dad has strength in his arms (G would know after getting his hair pulled). his mom asks what does your dad do. S: they have a farm. the mom says farms are good. how many acres of land do you have. S says how small the land is and how the cow died. his mom repeats that. So G just lies and says her father used to be a diplomat and is now retired. The mom asks which country he was stationed at. S says Chile. The mom says how Chile is famous for its wine. They talk about chile, wine, and casablanca. S: later when you go to chile I will be your guide. while looking at the fog by a lake -having a glass of ice wine – it’s so cool. mom: it’s so nice just thinking about it. After hearing S’s dad used to be a diplomat suddenly his mom is nicer and asks to speak comfortably and call S by her name. your name is so pretty. S: yes mother. the mom goes to get drinks

S looks at G and says diplomat? G: casablanca? she tells him see me later cuz S is going to scold him for lying about her dad being a diplomat. She takes out her gift the cleaner. He asks why unpack that when we have a housekeeper who comes in twice a week. The office gets info from the cleaner cuz it has a camera attached to it so it will be giving info about the house all the time so D reports that in

G says she overdid it with the lying by talking about drinking wine in casablanca S argues then what could I do – cuz you lied first I had to match it. are you embarrassed of me- my parents live so assiduously so are you embarrassed they are farmers. G: who is the one who said her dad was a diplomat? S: even though I never went around bragging about them, I was never embarrassed of them. He says I am envious cuz I am embarrassed – look at my mom- at first she was prickly/unfriendly but she suddenly changed when she heard you are the daugher of a diplomat who drinks wine in casablanca. My dad is worse. He would ask how much money is in your fortune. S: dont be like that. no matter how bad the kid is -they said the child isnt embarrassed of his parents. even if a kid is well off (grew up well), he doesnt have the right to be embarrassed of his parents. G: it’s ok. my dad is embarrassed of me so I can do that too. S: your mom is cute.  G: where should we go. S: we are here at your home so go where.  G: our trip – should we go to Chile? He repeats what she said to his mom but she says pretty soon it will be time to farm so why talk of a trip. S gets up and takes photos of his room. he says you should take my pics so why take pics of the home. He wants to take a photo with her cuz they don’t have one. They take pics together. The office gets the info and SM says “hur. daebak” Y asks that’s the second floor right? SM: yes I think so. they look really good together. they shouldnt cuz S is having a hard time. I think S really likes him. D doesn’t like hearing that.

Later on in the office S touches G’s photo. SM comes over and asks what are you doing. since the road has been opened you have to go to his home every day. so that on the weekend you can send out the parents to see a show and send G on an errand and then the home will be empty. that’s when you break into the safe.  I will prepare the tickets for the show. S says his mom is a good person so now there is one more person who will be hurt cuz of me.  SM says even without you they would have been hurt anyway. So the dad shouldn’t have committed a crime. isnt that right? S says next time if you get the same mission as me tell them even if you die you cant do it. dont be stupid and just fall for it. SM: that wont happen. why would I have to spy on D. I will be going first. Y comes over and says to S: the longer you drag out time, it will only be hard on you. I will give you a week, if you cant do it within that time then I will put a stop to this objective. cuz you are just as precious to me as thsi goal. S says I will do it – I can do this.

D sits in his car and remembers back to his moments with S during training days. He turns up the music.

Sm goes over and listens in on D’s conversation with W. D asks to change to another team so W yells at him for that. do you think this is a place you can quit when you want and switch when you want. where did you learn that? who trained you ( he stops cuz it was him) what is the reason. D says I don’t have the right to carry on the mission with this team. W: what is the real reason. D: I don’t want to work on the same team with S. SM hears that. W asks do you like S. are you jealous cuz she is paired with G so you don’t want to back her up. D says I don’t like how she is working so I don’t like backing her up. i decided I dont have the right to remain here for not being able to excuse my colleague. W: who gave you that right. D: you did. W says dont be funny. that right was given by the country so why are you deciding that on your own. D lists what W taught him. W says out of the agents I taught you were the best. you can make cold hard decisions well-even when you dont know who will die. you were first in training too so D says I thought S was first but W says in my heart you were first. D: give that up now.  SM says about D “you bad guy where are you going.” W saysto D: leaving the team like this is a betrayal so I cant send you

S’s dad is talking about the plans that G made and her parents want S to help so S tells the dad to take care of it himself. the mom wants to her to help so S yells this wont work if I help and I cant help you with this. how many times did I say that. why aren’t you going back? why stay in seoul. will food or rice come out if you stay? didnt you say you are the mayor dad. even if the president went on a business trip he wouldnt be gone this long. the neighbors will think you moved abroad. dont they talk about picking a new mayor. if you keep saying I am a civil servant and embarrassing me –how can I work properly. Her mom says I have to speak too. with one word from you -your dad can earn money and your brother MW will get out of the army so S yells at her. what does that have to do with anything.  I paid for MW fees so since you dont know anything just be still. her mom yells back that’s right your mom is ignorant so I dont know anything- sorry for being uneducated and making you embarrassed. The mom tells the dad let’s go back home. S: what are you like this again – it’s so annoying. mom: sorry for annoying you – I have to know something so I dont annoy you.

The parents pack so S says don’t go – I am sorry. The mom says I am sorry. We don’t know anything so understand and dont get angry.  S says stop it – it’s that’s cuz of that. the dad says I am going. S says how cuz the bus and subway stopped running. are you going to walk – run – or fly? do you feel better if you go like that. The mom says don’t get angry. you lost weight -your face is half. work is good but dont skip meals. Be sure to eat breakfast. got it? They walk out so S cries and yells – go.  don’t come again I will move. dont go. She goes and hugs her mom and cries apologizing. I am sorry I was wrong. Don’t go. the mom hugs her and comforts her. the dad says let’s hurry and go.  The mom tells him to go alone. S says I am having such a hard time I could die so don’t do this to me too

*S is feeling guilty and stressed about her work with G but her parents arent helping so that’s why she lashed out at them. I have to admit I cried along with S

M: why are you asking me about the president?  G: you are the one who knows my dad the best in this company. M: even so would I know more than his son? G: out of the work my dad is doing – is there anything dangerous or strange that you can think of? M: it wouldnt be business if it wasnt dangerous. dont you know that. G: you know I dont mean that. G: I am asking is there anyone who wants to unleash his resentment on my dad. M says there probably is cuz of the illness where on the outside they pile on money and inside they pile on resentment. G asks about something within the company so M says you sound like a cop. dont worry about your dad’s work and just do yours. that’s how you can help your dad. G: you are saying the same thing as my dad.  M: dont get involved. It’s not your job to catch the bad guy. He says I don’t want to pay attention too. I dont want to help my dad either but still shouldn’t I catch the bad guy.

S watches them talking in his office

M goes out and calls Han and says your son keeps showing interest about our work. should I include him?

S and his mom are putting lotion on their faces while G pouts. the mom says if you go to the shop they do all this for you so S says someone in france said your heart has to touch other people’s fingertips but skin has to touch my fingertips. the mom mentions italy. so G says: france and Italy -there is no such things everything she said is a lie. so S gives him the stink eye G:you came to date me but are you just going to play with my mom. S ignores him and keeps telling the mom how to apply the lotion. circular and then to the left.  The cleaner is taking footage but going around in circles.

Y wants the camera in the cleaner to be checked for anything strange cuz it keeps circling. SM remembers how D said he didnt want to work with S and how W asked if D likes S

G yells at them to stop. why touch your faces for 30 mins. The mom says I raised a son so I never once got to have this fun. the mom asks S you are going tm too right. S says of course mother. the mom tells G – you go and gets some drinks and fruits. S offers to go but the mom says stay put so G goes to get them

his mom offers to show S his pics from when he was young. S says he looks pretty. the mom says how there was a fight over that pic  -how could he cut out his wife’s face and just take a pic of his son. his father only looks at his son and doesnt care about his wife. S asks why the baby pic was burned.The mom our home had a fire. we were able to save this one  pic. our PH still has a scar.  his father ran in to rescue our kid or else we almost lost our PH.  His dad comes in asking where is PH.  the mom and G introduce S as his girlfriend. the dad ignores S and asks G: did you meet M? I heard  you asked her what i was going around doing.  G: that wasnt it. cuz of the attack last time so I wanted to see if I could help. the dad says what could you do. dont pay attention to my work. did I tell you to not hang around me or not?  why are you paying attention to my work. G reminds him:father I brought my gf here. the dad says is this a time to introduce your gf now? you dont obey. from here on dont think of coming home and go abroad for the time being.  he asks who S is. she introduces herself but he tells S to leave. the mom says sorry to S. After the parents leave the room S takes his hand and asks if G is ok. G tells her “go well and see you tm.” he walks off.

S remembers reading the card G wrote for his dad

S is tossing so her mom asks cant you sleep. When it’s morning we are going back down so sleep comfortably. S: that’s not it. mom: sorry for about yesterday. while living hearing that made me the most upset. “You don’t know – what does a woman know”. S: I wont do it again. mom:  Not being educated is very frustrating.  look at me. came to seoul but i cant go around or see movies. when you dont know anything the world is a prison.  S keeps apologizing and says  You came to seoul but I didn’t play with you. the mom says work is good but health is first. as much as you have to be careful of health it’s also a man. if a woman gives out her room she is giving out everything. you know what that means right? S: I know now I wont bring anyone over. mom: even if you do dont let him anywhere near the bed. S: dont worry – who am I? I am KJ. that wont happen. the mom says  always go around looking pretty and dont forget to put on sun cream even during cloudy days.  She makes her mom get up and shaves her legs for her. S says now you can wear mini skirts cuz your legs are pretty. the mom says if I wear that and sit down to farm the neighbors will think I lost my mind.

At night G comes down with his bag packed and is about to leave his home. He hesitates but goes out anyway

Park is going through security check point and SM makes him do a scan. The credit card shows up and SM sees it but she lets him through

Park goes in and uses the USB drive to access info from the computer.

SM calls and says Park went inside and he had the usb card. Y tells her he might recognize you so go

S remembers how Y said it’s starting- you have to steal the files from G’s home

S goes inside to meet G and says I bought coffee. He closes his blinds and says “ohnyah” (what grandpas say to younger people) so she says you want to be hit with coffee? G: it’s a 100 times better to get hit with coffee than black bean noodles. She asks nothing much happened yesterday right. He says that’s how my home is normally. She says your mother must have been surprised a lot. I will go later and be good to your mom. G: you dont have to. S:  she told me to come over. He shows her his bag. S: what is that- are you going on a trip? G: I left home. I am not going back again. So you don’t have to go to my home to try to please my mom. S: I am going crazy – why arent you going home? you have to go home for me to go. He says why are you angry. you went once to say hello so why try to keep going to my home. S: dont do that and let’s go to your home.  G: I wont go. she yells go home. how old are you to run away from home?  even when you were getting training you did that. why are you upsetting them so much?G: I dont know.  He leans in and says give me a place to sleep. I will sleep there just for today. and tm.  She says go home no matter what or I wont meet you. got that? he says I don’t have a home – I never once thought it was my home. so dont tell me to go home. you dont know how every night i go home how stuffy/frustrated I feel. I have an appointment so I have to leave. See you at your home later. he leaves. S: what is this.

G tells W I cant do it anymore. W mumbles these guys are taking turns (cuz D said that to him too already) W asks what is so hard for you not to be able to do it. all you have to do is be next to your dad. G says I dont know about others but it’s the hardest thing being next to my dad. W: what if you dad is attacked again? G: that is why I am saying switch me with someone else. W: long time ago do you remember what I said when I kicked you out. why you were kicked out-  the answer was with you – do you know what that means. G says you said I wasn’t kicked out. W gets a call and  says I told you not to call when I am at work. what? now? i will go right away. he hangs up and asks G: did you bring your car? G: yes. W asks G to drive. G asks where

In the car G asks what is going on – is this connected with my dad. it has finally come

But they get to a school and W runs inside

They are there cuz W’s daughter beat up someone and took her money. W’s wife is apologizing but the cop says this wont end with sorry. dont you know there is a crackdown on bullying at school.  the cop asks how much money was stolen from the girl so she says $154. W says to the principal you should have let the parents settle this so how could you call the police? the cop says I am this girl’s father. W: I am sorry. the cop yells at the principal saying what is the school doing. G watches that through the glass doors. W’s wife is apologizing and asking for another chance to teach her daugher better so this wont ever happen again. we will repay the money and even pay for therapy. the cop says if there is a crime I will put my name as a cop on the line and arrest the culprit.  The cop gets mad and wants to expel W’s daughter so the mom begs for her daughter  – please let’s talk some more – think of her future life please. W just stands there so his wife yells at W -arent you going too far. you can just tell him who you are. she is our daughter. (since W is an agent the cop would have no choice but to back down but W is not allowed to say he is an agent so his wife is getting mad over that) W quietly says I am this kid’s father. Father to father I will request you forgive her. I will ask like this. he gets on his knees. G watches that and remembers how W said “in this world how is there something more cool than protecting family”

G goes for a walk

S says G hates his dad that much so later when his dad gets arrested – will he like it? or cuz he wasnt able to say one word that he loved him -will G be more sad? Y: what do you think will happen. S:he will be sad. cuz the later the reconciliation the bigger regret gets. I thought whatever happens later – by reconciling with his dad G will hurt less

G goes to his office and looks for S. on the tablet, he finds a copy of his burned baby pic with a note. S wrote – out of the (whole) world, have you just looked at one person – like the way a father looks at his son

G goes to her home so she looks around and asks where is your bag. he barges inside so she says don’t come in cuz I clearly said I wont let you sleep here. she blocks the bedroom. no matter what you cant do this. stop. he hugs her and says thank you- I came to say that. thank you for all of it.

SM and D are outside and SM is drinking. She asks arent you going to drink but he says no. she calls him a bad guy. cuz of you I almost died from laughing. D: when. SM: when you said you wanted to quit cuz of S. that was totally funny. how could there be such a childish excuse. we put our lives on the line and jumped together. I told you I would be by your side. I am on our team but did you like S so much you wanted to leave cuz you didnt like her.

G and S sit on her bed side by side and look over at each other.

SM says answer me – did you like her that much. did your heart hurt that much that you couldnt stand it. D says it wasn’t like that but SM says it was. you should have said earlier. D says I really don’t like S for real. Cuz of her own emotions she made it harder for her colleagues (put them in danger)–still after that she wasnt penitent and whined that she didnt want to do it (her mission) and threw a tantrum that she couldnt do it so I didn’t like S doing that. SM: really? D: it’s for real so you dont whine either. you didnt pass through that difficult training to live like this. SM: what do I do – I know it’s not but I want to believe everything you said. She drinks more and asks him to pour

G is biting his lips and gets closer so S turns away. He keeps moving closer and she keeps moving away.

SM holds his arm and tells him not to go. You are my team member and I am your team member and we are colleagues. colleagues should keep protecting each other till the end. I dont know about other colleagues but I will take responsibility for you till the end. So don’t say you are going to leave the team. I am protecting you even now cuz you drank a lot didnt you. lean on me. she loses her balance so he has to piggyback her cuz she is drunk. He says I already decided. I am leaving the team. She says don’t go.

G looks at S and says do you know that? the 3rd place couples have their first kiss the most is inside the car. 2nd is airport. Do you know what 1st is? S:I don’t know. it’s not the bed right. He says it’s the front door but I don’t think the location matters. She tells him to go now-you said you were going back home.  she gets up and says for now when you go to work, but he makes her sit and asks have you just looked at one person in the world. He leans in to kiss her so she gets up and says this is my bed. dont just sit cuz you want to. He thinks someone is in her home again. S: who would be here. D: arent you hiding the person in the closet again. S:no. G: there really isnt anyone? she shows him her closet and says see no one is here. he says ok then I want to sleep and then go. He leans in and kisses her. no avoidance this time. she opens her eyes wide in surprise and then shuts them as they continue kissing.



They kiss some more on the bed

He makes her food and it tastes bad

G says to W: I will try to protect my dad well, but I will ask one condition – to do that together with S

ksb ksw

7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[00-49-10] 7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[00-49-44] 7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[02-23-47] 7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[02-26-08] 7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[02-27-45] 7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[02-28-30]7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[02-46-06] 7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[03-31-24]

These look like JW’s real pics from his childhood.

7급 공무원.E09.130220.HDTV.AVC.450p-CopyLeft[03-45-02]


24 comments on “Level 7 Civil Servant E9

  1. Hello Softy and OBnians chingus…. I miss you all!!!
    Am waiting for this episode especially because of the above scenes… Can’t wait!!!!!


  2. Enz says:

    Squee!! Am so excited for this episode. They are getting cute and chan sung is too :). And too bad for all those rude girls who said before the drama ever aired that they would gag if they saw a kiss scene btween joo won and ckh.


  3. Enz says:

    Oops.. Thanks softy as always. Am always reading your thoughts on the dramas but have to watch subbed ones otherwise am too exhausted for RL !


  4. nonski says:

    Softy, just started camping… really glad you’re live transcapping tonight! Thank you! 🙂


  5. SS says:

    Thank you Softy! *wave* to nonski, Enz and chingus.

    Joo Won is really getting so great at comedy.

    Today when I saw CKH cry on her mother’s shoulders, I dread to think of how she will cry when something bad happen to GIlro or to their relationship. Joo Won’s previous co-stars are all very good but there’s something about the way CKH does it that it’s going to gut me. It’s not pretty crying but such a real one. I don’t even need to start on Joo Won. If and when it happens, I am going to cry buckets.

    I think I started hyperventilating the moment I saw CKH opened the door in that yellow flower print sweater. And when Joo Won closed that wardrobe door with such determinaton,I was screaming in my head.

    And the ending…..woah! MBC you are stretching it for all its worth huh? Now I have to wait another 24 hours T………………….T


  6. anonymous says:

    Thanks Softy.

    Haha. A trot song. What a song to tackle your gf’s dad! Joo Won must be having so much fun filming the scene, he loves trot song 🙂

    Wow the pix, looks hot!


  7. Pink♥ says:

    Awwwww thank you thank you again(GRIN*)!!!!


  8. ssen68 says:

    Thanks Softy
    Super love this episode ❤


  9. SS says:

    Softy, if I see the BTS, I will put it here 🙂

    Why is it so HOT tonight? Tomorrow, I am going to squeaaalllllll. That picture of them kissing on the bed……..


  10. nonski says:

    love love the episode thanks!


  11. anon says:

    Thanks Softy.

    Omi Joo Wonie, why so hot??!! It’s a heart warming episode. Do you they using real photos of Joo Won. I know in OB, it was his real baby photos.

    I can see Joo Won smiles in those photos.

    Looking forward for tomorrow’s episode.


  12. flo says:

    awwwww..why soo Hoooot here??omg…JWah…i’m proud of you..those kisses…omiiiii..*faints*


  13. Ivoire says:

    Hello everyone,

    I was just wondering, am I the only one who would like to see the leads have a platonic sleepover? We know how JW looks like (like a baby) when he sleeps and we know how well and how much the camera can make him look lovely when he sleeps *Cough Gaksital, 1N2D, Cough.* Would I be too greedy for wanting such scenes? I am sure CKH could handle that and make it look natural with JW 🙂

    Also, does anyone here knows how I could teleport (or use telepathy to send) my wish and some of my ideas to writer-nim, please? 🙂 (my ideas are all good ones, by the way 🙂 ). If only…

    I know this drama has its flaws, however I am enjoying it a lot and I actually love it. The cute scenes are really cute and endearing and although GR can act like a man-child at times, I love that he has layers (he is a good fighter and a good spy) and that he has emotional scars and issues that JW portrays well. There is some depth to GR and my heart aches for how much he longs for his dad’s affection, love and acceptance. That might be one of the reasons why he is holding on to S so tightly and why he chooses to wholeheartedly trust her and not question her feelings for him. He is comfortable with her and he likes being with her (I love that about him, btw). We don’t get the feeling that he has experienced that kind of love with another woman, before S.

    P.S.: Nonski and SS, I don’t know if you saw them, however, I did leave you guys some responses in the ep.8 recap, in the comments’ section, FYI.


  14. Enz says:

    I am thinking finally joo won gets to do a real kissing scene! Previously am sure he must have had to hold back coz the lead girls were young or in uee’s case, is an idol. Ok he kissed Eugene well but that had a lot of angst.. So finally a happy passionate schmooze I hope 🙂

    Subs aren’t out but this dirty old ahjumma going to check out the last bit first haha


    • Ivoire says:

      Hello Enz, you are so funny sometimes, 🙂

      This:”Subs aren’t out but this dirty old ahjumma going to check out the last bit first haha ” I like how you call yourself, “a dirty old ahjumma,” at least you are honest :-)…

      Can you explain to me the importance of holding back kissing an idol (like Uee?) What would the ramifications be?
      In the scene where JW kissed Eugene, is that the one where they are lying on the floor, or the one that seems to be in the last ep. or one of the last episodes? (I am asking b/c I didn’t see the drama, only a few scenes and it didn’t seem like that couple had a lot of kissing scenes in that drama. I am just being curious).


  15. […] Recap: https://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/level-7-civil-servant-e9-coming-up/ […]


  16. ck1Oz says:

    I am late but thanks for the recap. Been working since last weekend post holidays.

    I don’t know how you’re enjoying L7CS so far but I really liked today’s episode. There were some touching moments and the scene transitions seem smoother. Either way at least this storyline flow seems okay.
    That SM didn’t realize it but have watched this actress for 4 dramas now. She has come a long way since the SS days when she has to catch a bus to the set.

    Also, the kissing scene build up was jjang. I say this because it’s directed well and they built up the momentum. Plus her taking a step forward and pulling him close? * wow, HOT!!*
    And yes would like to see the BTS because can see him trying to stumble to the bed without falling. Then seeing his earlier scenes with S and his M when he is whiny and pouting? It reminds me of 1N2D and I can’t take him seriously.

    And today when he sang and it was a trot song. I really laughed because I know how much you love him, and his singing. And how much you hate trot songs. Hahaha. Oh man, poor softy. When are you going to hear him crooning a ballad?

    Have a good evening now. Thanks again.


  17. Dramafed1782 says:

    Thank you as always Softy! Was at work when you were doing the live recapping. It saved me from the delirium of my real world 🙂
    I feel really bad for Chansung, since this is his first real drama and he has to be second fiddle. Though KMS plays this brash, loud woman with undescribable idiocities, she has a sweet heart. I liked the piggyback scene between them. It is supposed to resolve the loneliness between them and I hope Do ha realises that someone is there at the other end to give him a helping hand 🙂
    Va va va voom to the kiss scene, can’t wait for it tonight ( I hope they don’t cut anything like they did for OB ep 37 ).


  18. ck1Oz says:

    Oh the top right photo. That is one adorable looking kid and the same cheekbones and smile.


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