Level 7 Civil Servant E12

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I have no idea if he is turning his back on her to protect himself or to resist giving in to his lingering feelings. Deep down underneath the facade of anger and resentment lies a heart that still wants a reason to be around her. Even if he rather die than to admit that to her or himself.

*I regret to say that it’s not possible to do two recaps each night on wed and thurs cuz I already tried and lost way too much sleep. I ended up hibernating since Fri night to try to catch up on all the missed sleep. I made a pro and con list and came up with every excuse I could to try to keep Level 7 till the end, but I’m afraid I have to drop these recaps. Shockingly enough it will be the first JW drama I won’t have finished so it saddens me more than anything. I really want this drama to continue to do well and stay number 2 in the ratings till the end. Just cuz I drop it from my recap lineup doesn’t mean I won’t keep watching and cheering on the cast. I just want to clarify why I chose to recap TWTWB instead of this. TWTWB is just a better fit for me drama wise. I feel more invested in the story and characters – I connect to it in a way I’ve been struggling to with Level 7. To be honest if JW wasn’t on Level 7, I wouldn’t have stuck with it so long. I knew from early on that this wasn’t the kind of rom-com for me, but I was stubbornly loyal. I tried to be as neutral as I could in my comments recently, but it’s been getting harder and harder. Fans of this drama deserve better. They should have a blogger who loves this just as much as them so the enjoyment can continue. I’m not being fair to them cuz you could tell from my intros that my heart wasn’t 100% in this.  I’m so sorry to do this when there is less than a month left, but I hope you will all be understanding. Trust me – this was not an easy decision to make.


G watches as S runs off and aims his gun at her while she is aiming at nothing but air. G checks and sees he has 3 bullets total. Jay is nearby S. G sees jay so G shoots at him. S tells G it’s dangerous so be still. G calls out to stay put.  she tells him to run away and he says the same thing as he shoots at jay again. she tells G to hide and I will handle this. G says let’s go the last step and jumps down. S mutters I told him to hide – he really doesnt listen/obey.

SM tells D to drive faster. are you going to follow the speed limit when we dont know what happened to S.

Jay runs off and S is back to aiming her gun in every direction. G comes over  has his gun drawn on S. S gives up and let’s G help out. she says you remember your training right. I’m going to the 2 oclock direction so you stay here and do it.  G says I have one bullet left.  S: I will give you mine. G: I have one bullet left so dont move.

jay watches in hiding

S says you were kidnapped. we should catch him first so we dont have time for this. G: I said dont put on a show- where is that guy now. S: I am looking for him now.  G: I know you are on the same side. I wont  be deceived by you again. throw away your gun. S: I know you are angry at me but right now you have to trust me and follow.  G: I am not angry at you. I am the pathetic/hopeless one who fell for you. I will not live like that again. she throws away her gun. S: satisfied now?  G kicks it away. put your hands behind your head and get down face down. S: I dont want to – just shoot. you said you had one bullet left. G: you think I wont shoot? S: do you not have confidence? did you forget how to use a gun? she takes his gun from him and says should I show you how? he takes it back from her and aims at her again. she says you cant shoot so why aim. G: let me ask one thing. why did you do that to me?  S: do you have to ask that while aiming the gun at me?  G: who  you are – why you are doing this to me -cuz of who you are doing this. S: is that what you are curious about or are you really curious about my heart? G: I dont need your heart and I am not curious either. suddenly D tells G to lower his gun. D walks over with his gun aimed at G. Jay winces in pain and leaves

G asks how did you know to come here. D: i will count to 5. lower your gun. G: we are on the same side.  D counts down. G says we are on the same side. I am an agent too. dont you get that. D keeps counting and S tells both of them to calm down. G says to call it in and just ask.  SM says hi to G and says it’s been a long time. she tells D to wait. what are you guys -this looks like back then when we practiced dancing. G: good to see you. SM: not really for me. S tells SM to tell D to stop. we used to be colleagues.  SM asks we just need to call it in and confirm it right?on speakerphone – deal?G: deal. SM calls it in. W says to report. SM says we are at the location where G was kidnapped. the culprit isnt here and everyone is safe but I will confirm an ID – is G an agent? W: what? SM asks is G a NIS agent? W says G is not an NIS agent. G grabs the phone and says it’s me. W says I know. you aren’t an agent. hang up. SM tases G. S asks is he is ok. she says to SM: you didn’t have to do this. SM says you think he will obey nicely. call the police cuz he impersonated an agent.  why did he get kidnapped anyway. who did that?

Jay is injured and gets away

Y says you used him enough. wasnt there another way. did you have to do that over the phone like that. W says I just said he wasn’t cuz he isnt (an agent) Y says you are always like that. even if you work with kids for ten years you cant know what they are like inside. you said you would never use people again so couldnt you end it nicely. when he used to be one of our own at one time. W: keep getting angry like that and see if you get married for the rest of your life. she barks orders at the staff to check hospitals and pharmacies cuz the guy was injured

D asks S if she finished writing the report. SM looks at her scar and says it was that guy for sure. I should have been the one to catch him.  S: will G be ok? SM: at a time like this is that what you are worried about? he wont die. he might be knocked out till tm morning. SM asks D: arent you going. the work is finished. D asks – how is it going. S : I dont know. i have to find the files.  G has it. SM: he will give it. cuz he cant just come out of police custody. D: normally you keep going after your goal till you succeed – it hasnt ended yet so dont have a hard time. SM tells D to go to his team. D says I will go and report to the team leader. S says it hasnt ended yet. I will step out for a while. SM says just get off work for the day. S thanks her for today. SM: I didn’t do it cuz I liked you. S leaves and SM says am I invisible. why didn’t he (D) say anything to me. she gets in trouble for drinking by the other guy

D reports to the director that G was kidnapped. D says I am still looking into it. I confirmed that he had the file that is involved with JJ and Han. director asks where G is now. D says at the station for impersonating an agent. director catches on to what W did letting G think he was an agent. he gives D a task to go back to the police stations. after hanging up director calls W a bad name and says W backstabbed him

S goes to jail and asks to go inside. she tends to G’s injuries. D comes to see G and sees S there

Jay is in bed and remembers when his brother died. M is there. he looks at his wound so she says it’s not a major injury you don’t have to worry. what about Han PH. jay: I lose him. he was with his girlfriend – I don’t know what was going on.  how she knew to come there. why they were aiming guns at each other. M says like we thought she is closer to either the NIS or police. we have to move up the time table 2 or 3 days so prepare and kill Han PH

G wakes up and sees S sleeping while holding his hand. he sits up and she wakes up too. he says not just anyone can come here just cuz they want. are you police. she says no. G: detective? S: no. he asks are you an agent still. she asks how are you feeling how is your leg. G: I asked are you an agent. S: arent you hungry. G: answer me. she says don’t ask cuz I don’t want to lie to you. he asks why cuz you used me and for all you needed. she says no I don’t want to lie. he says if you cry over a body that’s already dead will that person get up. when all the blood is drained and he is crackly just cuz he sees some tears will his heart get wet?  she says if it’s true no matter how late I thought it wouldn’t be late. he says do you know what was  the worst time while meeting you? the  first time I met you. I shouldnt have met you then. fate? give it to a dog. S: just remember. I didnt let you go yet. G: just answer that.  are you an agent. she says I already answered and leaves

W goes to see G and asks did you sleep well. G asks what is this – what’s happened. W: if I asked you have to answer first. did you sleep well. G grabs him and says answer me directly what is all this. W says ok let’s use words. G: what would I have to say with you. W: what did I teach you.  If I want to get the answer i want. G: toss the answer the other side wants first. W: that’s right. did you sleep well. G: I always slept well. I will ask – what is this.  am I not a NIS agent? W says of course you aren’t. G: then why did you do that to me. were you teasing me. was it fun to play around with me. can you smile after making a person go crazy. he spoke banmal so W calls him out for that. W asks what the 15 th thing in guideline says. G: 15th – an agent has to be sworn in front of the director (to make it official that he is an agent).W points out G didnt do that yet so that is why he isnt an agent. from here on what I am about to say – are you prepared to accept the shock. G: I think so. W says come out. let’s go eat. he hits G for his grabbing his teacher’s collar. do you want to die.

G’s mom says do you know PH didn’t come home. the dad says he does that. I am late. why are you like this from the morning. she asks where did you send him. what if he goes somewhere for a few months like last time. you only have one son. forget what happened in the past. dad says even though I almost died cuz of him I never resented my child even once. everything will be ok by next week. after this deal is over let’s go on a trip. she asks why are you like this suddenly. you aren’t like this. you cant trick me. she wants to get a fortune read so he says just get an amulet

G asks what is S. W says your colleague – an agent. G says you said she quit. W: why I made S get hired by your company – why did she rob the safe -what is the mission you were entrusted with -is that what you want to ask. G: yes. W: I will tell you after you finish your training. G: do I have more training? W: you have to 1n2d. it might take longer. G: then what about my father. W says you said you were prepared to be shocked. he says how G has to throw away stuff like love or God- throw all that way or else you cant be trained and have to go home. G : that wont ever happen. they make a bet on it. W says $10 but G bets way more but W doesnt have that much and wager $100. G: even if I die I will finish the training. where are we going for training

S briefs the team about M and G’s kidnapper. one mentions G at the police so W says I let him go. G is our agent. he is almost our agent. S says he is our agent or not. you said he wasnt then he is and now he almost is – what is that. W says I didn’t fire G. S remembers all the stuff G did that was like an agent. how he followed her without her knowing. S says I am going crazy. why did you make me go after him if he was an agent. if you were going to make me go after him at least you could have told me he was an agent. you could have told me he was almost an agent. why did you do this. if he was an agent – no if he was almost an agent he would have obeyed and brought the files if you told him to. W says in a scenario you dont choose the one with the highest possibility – you choose the one that has the lowest possibility of failure.   even though he is an agent how could he do that to his father without wavering. S says you entrusted me with this task cuz you believed in me so shouldnt you have told me all the proper info about. W says your colleagues could deceive you. if his heart wavers that’s the end. S: then what do I do – I already deceived a colleague. SM feels bad cuz she tased G. Y says this is so like you – you should have told me – did you not trust me either. she spoke banmal so he says this is why you don’t have a man. I will be gone with G for a while. don’t go around on (suns) dates. Y wonders what is going on

S remembers how she asked G – what did you say you were and how G said I am an agent. S says this guy deceived me too.

some man bribes S’s dad with beef and says use my son’s crane for the building. another man gives a bribe that doesn’t please S’s dad. so he gives some honey for S. so the mom accepts it. she calls S to tell her

W’s wife is making their daughter practice English. the mom says you will starve to death in NY. she hits her for forgetting what she learned the day before. W comes home and watches them fight

his wife is packing his stuff and asks when they are going to America. when are we leaving. I never asked once when you come home and stuff. so cant I ask this. he asks what is going on. is something going on. she says how his daughter is having a hard time in school for beating up kids and taking their money and smoking. should there be more than that. he says I wont be able to come home for a while. she says go when did you ever ask for my permission. she walks out. he goes over and says I love you. she splashes water on him when he tries to kiss her.

at the office S asks about G. Y says don’t bring up G in front of me. SM says D so Y says that guy too but D is right there next to her. Y is mad at him for coming and going. S asks if she wants to drink. Y:why so I can hear I am a C again. SM asks why cuz of your age? Y says we succeeded 50% cuz we have our agent. she goes on about how they use people. S says we weren’t able to trust G. Y tells them to do their work. D says I will go and organize my things. he leaves and looks over at S

W and G are camping. W is drinking and talking about one road for the country. G asks for help putting up the tent. W says agents did that alone. G says ok just keep drinking

D reports to the director about G and park took the fake technology and what would happen if the police finds out. director asks you know his dad is a criminal right. D: yes but G is still a colleague. director says an agent with a problem is more scary than the enemy. D says I will drink some alcohol today and play

G asks what is my real mission. why did you get me to do it. W: to protect your father. G says that wasnt the real mission.  i kept thinking about what you said back then. what W said: why you are being fired – the real answer is with you. if you want to know find it. G: no matter how much I look for the answer I cant find it. it might be possible if my father was a criminal-if I stay by his side i can take any file.  my father might not be a good person but he isnt a bad person. W: do you think that way. G: what is my real misson.W: i told you whatever i say prepare to be shocked.  your father is involved with international spies.  he had the files and if we have it then we could get the others. S got the mission to take that file. G asks you made me spy on my own father when he was the criminal – when I am son? W: it was the lowest chance of failure. G: does S know all this truth and approached me. W: of course.  G: she even knows what my dad did? W nods yes. G remembers what S said about his dad. you love your dad. if it doesnt get better between you two now, you might not get the chance to make it get better. G asks why couldn’t you ask me to do it – to get the file. W: if you knew what your father did could you have done that? you didnt know that (about your father) to be able to do everything up to here. G: you couldnt trust me. W: even when you saw your dad’s file you couldnt sense it was strange. it wasnt cuz you couldnt sense it – it was cuz you thought of something. since it’s your dad you wanted to protect him. if that was someone else’ file. G says I might have done that. you are something else making me so cowardly. W says bring your dad’s files. G says if you have confidence come and get it yourself. I will confirm if what you said was true or not. W: bring the files. G: lets not meet again. W:  if you leave now you cant be an agent. G says I don’t need it all. W asks for the money they bet on. G says if I felt even a little bit like an agent I wouldn’t be leaving like this. W says something sincere to him: our job is not cool but cuz of you I wanted to live cool. I mean it.  G leaves and tells him to take down the tent himself. W calls out and asks for money.

SM and D arrive as G was walking away. SM says sorry for tasing you. other agents come over. they say how good it is to see G. how they missed him. they say we couldn’t let you be trained alone. let’s go. G  asks how did you know to come did the team leader send you. the man says S told us. don’t you remember how you got our money back in the card game. a car pulls up as the girl links arm with G. he says go there first cuz I will stop by the bathroom. he goes over to S who got out of the car. G asks did you tell him to train me and brought everyone. he asks did you think I would be moved by this. you failed. I am leaving. S: I will talk as a woman a colleague and a human being. I missed you. they all think they owe you a debt after the card game. don’t you have a debt to your colleagues.

jay and M are meeting. he shows her the area of the deal. when Han and Park give each other the objects agents will come in. confirm the target here and over here kidnap the director. catch him alive.  M says Han won’t come out. I will do the deal myself since they already know about me.  you can kill them-you just need to kill 2 (director and W) they will know we will come out and will see our face. i will take the file here and you just need to give it to the company. Jay: are you getting revenge to die when I am getting revenge to live. M: I already lived a lot. Jay: cuz hyung is gone?M: yes. jay: But you have me instead.  M: this is the plan/objective. if it’s for my sake,  just do it this way. after it’s over go dont delay and to the airport and leave. jay: it wont work. I am alive but I cant beat my dead hyung. he holds her hand and says I said let’s live together. whatever that means (meaning even if she doesnt have feelings for him).

at camp W calls them to order. D tells G to go to the front. cuz this is all for G. W makes G and S step to the front as the reps. W makes them swear in like during their training. G is sworn in. W gives G a formal certificate. W says they are all his agents. he wants them to be proud they are agents and tells them to drink. W tells he contacted the director but he was busy.

they gather around the campfire and W says he loves them. S makes a cheer and says I love han gilro (one road) W wants someone to sing. SM says D will for the sake of the colleagues. so D sings and everyone joins in. G just sits and drinks and doesn’t join in. they say next is today’s main start and make G sing but he says I have to go to the bathroom

G is walking and S catches up to him. he asks where did you move to. she says I didn’t move. he guesses it was a team that was sent there. was there anything you said to me that was true. she says the name of my dog and liking you. he says one of them would be the truth. she says my heart was real like your heart was real. he says don’t try so hard cuz there is no need for us to meet in the future. do you know why we cant work. I am Han PH. who are you. she says later when we go on a trip  I will tell you everything. he says I don’t want to go on a trip with a woman I don’t know the name of. we just give each other pain. S: if you say the next thing I wont see you forever. G: it’s funny to say this when we already did but let’s break up. he walks away

S’s parents are eating the beef and grilling it. the mom wonders if they can accept this and eat. she asks how about getting G to help us.

S gets a call from her mom. her mom says give me G’s number. S asks why do you need his number. the mom says to call him. S asks what are you going to call him for. the mom says to come and visit us. he is a good guy. nice, drinks well, good looking. S: what else. the mom says G looks like her dad when he was younger. bring G and come over. G is packed to leave and hears her. S asks you like G too don’t you mom. but I don’t like G. cuz I am hurting so much. she is crying so the mom asks are you not feeling well. S says thank you mom and hangs up. she sits and cries as G watches.


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    I am not a drinker but I think I need to be drunk to understand where this writer is coming from.

    The sad thing is I watched an interview from JW about this drama. He really loves this show cuz he wanted to do this after all those melos he did in the past. watching that interview made me decide to try to love this show more, but then E12 just aired and now I’m back to feeling confused about where this show is headed. maybe I need to watch that interview again to cheer me up.


    • SS says:

      Softy, you know Joo Won will never bash the show. I am not saying that he is not speaking the truth but he will always find something positive. And he probably likes the character Gilro. I can’t explain but after a while, I kind of understand why certain things are attractive to Joo Won.

      Can I say something here? hope I don’t get bashed by fellow 7LCS fans on this blog.
      If you should decide to recap TWTWB live instead, I would completely understand. I don’t watch that show but I can’t deny it’s so popular. I know how devoted you are to Joo Won, we all know that. But there are many more people at that show who might be waiting for your recaps.

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      Thank you for the capping. It’s funny that each Wed and Thurs, I have to rewatch my hero Kang To after watching this spy series.

      However, even I dislike this drama, I must admit that JW’s acting totally satisfy me. I always think that he must be better in serious roles, but he’s very natural at comedy as well. Emotions are not only presented in his face but even in his physical actions.

      Joo won is the first Korean actor that I really respect. I and my sister usually skip K-dramas just after one or two eps. For some series, we even just watch the first 15 minutes of the 1st ep, and jump right away to the final one. Bridal Mask is the first K-one that we absolutely enjoy from beginning to the end. Joo Won’s solid acting have blew me and my sister. Until now, Kangto’s crying scences for the death of his mom, his crying after Shunji’s back after killing Kenji and Mok Dan’s death – all of them still breaks my heart. Can’t believe a little boy (I’m sorry JW even you’re older me, I still think I’m older-thinking than you in real life) like him, who live a happy family with such innocence, can make his roles being so real and moving. I have to say JW is such a lucky one with his gifted-talent in acting, singing and even dancing.

      Anyway, as JW said that he’s happy with this new series, I will still support him. I hope after JW satisfy his wish on a comedy role, he will move to what is worthier for him.


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    It’s an OK episode…

    I’m just wondering, maybe there is ‘third party’ involvement. Huh.

    I dunno, I’m just saying. We all know how MBC makes money from the past from ads and TVC (cough TMTETS).

    Why do you think they have this bunch of Spykids training in the woods??!! I know JW is Mountia’s ambassador, and hey, what a better way to promote their products in his drama. *JW looks good in his outdoor gear*

    One thing, I really don’t like these random scenes of SW parents, GR parents and WS family.

    Sorry to say this but I think, they invested so much in GR & SW romance and they just don’t put much attention on other characters development. Sigh.

    I hope this drama don’t get an extension 😛 Please don’t!

    Any guess what’s next for Cutie? New drama after another? Or probably a movie. Lucky we still can see him in 1N2D.

    I wish him to work again with people who bring out the best of him like the writer & PD of Gaksital or the writer & PD of Ojakgyo Brothers.

    Joo Won fighting!


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    Thank you for the capping. It’s funny that each Wed and Thurs, I have to rewatch my hero Kang To after watching this spy series.

    However, even I dislike this drama, I must admit that JW’s acting totally satisfy me. I always think that he must be better in serious roles, but he’s very natural at comedy as well. Emotions are not only presented in his face but even in his physical actions.

    Joo won is the first Korean actor that I really respect. I and my sister usually skip K-dramas just after one or two eps. For some series, we even just watch the first 15 minutes of the 1st ep, and jump right away to the final one. Bridal Mask is the first K-one that we absolutely enjoy from beginning to the end. Joo Won’s solid acting have blew me and my sister. Until now, Kangto’s crying scences for the death of his mom, his crying after Shunji’s back after killing Kenji and Mok Dan’s death – all of them still breaks my heart. Can’t believe a little boy (I’m sorry JW even you’re older me, I still think I’m older-thinking than you in real life) like him, who live a happy family with such innocence, can make his roles being so real and moving. I have to say JW is such a lucky one with his gifted-talent in acting, singing and even dancing.

    Anyway, as JW said that he’s happy with this new series, I will still support him. I hope after JW satisfy his wish on a comedy role, he will move to what is worthier for him.


  9. Hubba_Hubba says:

    The characters in this show make me so angry I can’t even finish this recap. I love Joowon and am so sorry this show he was so excited to be a part of went down the crapper. What is wrong with this story writer?


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    Wow, looks like I’m only the one who enjoy this drama.
    This is not the kind of rom com that we enjoy before little comedy and much romance. This drama really comedy you can enjoy it without too much logic and you must have sense of humour, Even in the most intense part in ep 11 I laugh 3 time.


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    any news on Uee and Joo won?


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    Many thanks again Softy for all your effort n hard work! You are truly the best! On your note about the @$&@$ writer, you have my full support and 100% agreement! I’ll be ever so ready in the queue to give him a good kick I’m HIS groin!!! 1st time was a bit funny but that was were it stopped. Poor Joo Won has had it 4times already???? Geeezz…. Just this point already speaks volumes about the ‘depth’ of the writer’s creativity….


  14. Ivoire says:

    Thank you so much Softy for this recap and for choosing to continue to recap the show. I have to say that I do love the show, though I am not blind to its flaws. I think for me, a lot of it has to do with JW’s acting and interpretation of GR, b/c he makes me care for GR and care about what happens to him. I am quite curious about how the writer will fill the last 8 episodes of this drama.

    One thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about watching Kdramas is all the cultural and social norms and behaviors I get exposed to, and having the opportunity to ask questions on blogs such as this one when I don’t understand. I relate to some of those social and cultural norms, as some of them exist in the part of the world I come from. The world feels like a small place sometimes, when one sees some of the similarities across cultures.

    That being said, I do have a few questions:

    1–Between SM and SW, who is the unni? I thought I heard SW call SM “unni,” when they were at HQ, in the cosmetic office (the front). All along, I thought SW was the unni, and if so, was SW calling SM “unni” b/c she thanked her and wanted to express her appreciation, or did I hear wrong or did I miss something? 4–This is a random question: I have noticed in Kdramas that when they have guests, there are usually or often (extra) slippers for them to wear. A friend of mine who went to Seoul told me that they had slippers in the hotel room she was staying at. I am asking this out of curiosity: do (some of the) people in their homes have extra slippers for guests, or is it just something we see in Kdramas?

    GR seems to not be able to catch a break, as we see in this ep. Besides finding out that his gf lied to him and used him, he also found out that WS lied to him as well, and that his father is a bad guy. Per Softy’s translation (I believe), GR says:”my father is not really a bad guy, but he is not a good guy either,” or something along those lines. So does GR believe that his father is many shades of gray? They didn’t expand on that in this episode.

    What I find sad is that SW does not put herself in GR’s shoes, and therefore she doesn’t (maybe fully) understand where he is coming from and why he’s reacting the way he does, which is obvious to us (he doesn’t trust her anymore, and she wants him to trust her still). They are not on the same wavelength, it seems.

    When GR said this: “I don’t need your heart, nor do I want to know,” it didn’t make sense to me, b/c he had just asked her why she approached him. I understand him not wanting to believe her feelings for him are genuine, but not the not answering his question/not wanting to know part. That left me confused. How did you guys understand it?

    I find it interesting that WS might be the bad guy at the NIS, when I had been suspecting the director (of the NIS) all along (to be the fishy one), especially based on how he had approached DH when he had been wounded. And I could have also been influenced by the fact that WS cried and was pained when his friend, the other agent (I can’t remember his name right now) had died, earlier in the drama.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who answers my questions.


    • Softy says:

      Hey Ivoire sorry for the late reply – I just felt guilty when you were thanking me cuz that’s when I was starting to think of stopping so it was bad timing – plus I got really busy finishing other recaps and translations.

      Yes SW is older than SM and the unni

      The other agent who died – W’s friend was sung joon I think. Before him was the one UTW’s character killed a long time ago – a sunbae named Choi

      For the random question yes they have extra slippers for house guests usually nicer pretty ones than the ones the home owner wears.

      When G said his father is not really a bad guy but not a good guy either he meant that his dad is not a good person cuz he is gruff with people and only cares about money and wealth so therefore not a good guy. And he isn’t a really bad guy cuz if he knew from the start that his business transaction was going to end up getting people killed and his family in danger he would never have done it so he isn’t a bad guy. If by the end of the drama his dad doesn’t end up in prison there is no justice cuz an agent was killed at the beginning cuz of his dad so he needs to be punished for that at least. Plus the fact that he worked with assassins be it unwillingly but his greed put him in that predicament so he still needs to pay.

      When G said that line about I don’t need your heart nor do I want to know, he was reacting out of anger so I’m thinking he didn’t mean a word of it.

      This writer thinks she is clever by using lines like this – negating what’s already been stated, but the problem is in the execution and timing. She does it too often and it’s usually understated and too simple so it doesnt pack the punch she wants from those words – it doesnt hit the mark if you know what i mean. Thank god those lines are coming out of JW’s mouth or else most people would roll their eyes constantly – as it stands anything he says makes us melt cuz he flashes those dimples – makes a world of difference. 🙂


  15. bobsavero says:

    dear softy,,,
    can u translate the priview for tonight?? here the vid,


      • Softy says:

        S says to G: I heard you came – welcome to our team.

        G asks W: is my father involved in your friend’s case? (G is referring to SJ the one who died cuz of G’s dad)

        director drops by the office and asks if W is making a deal with Park with the fake info.

        W tells Jay: tm is our last day

        Y says: Park left – S and D have to pretend to be dating while keeping watch. G throws a fit of jealousy listening in on them playing around

        M says to Jay: while I am dealing with park the agents will all get hurt/injured. that’s when you can shoot.


  16. bobsavero says:

    SOFTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY,,, i just read the news that u will drop this drama. huhuhuhuhuhu, im so sad,, u know,, i like JW cuz i read all of your posts in this blog :((

    btw thank you for introduce JW to me 😀


  17. Softy says:

    Hey SS,
    Hope you had a nice trip. 🙂 I think there is some kind of misunderstanding going on. I just read what you wrote on the soompi thread for Level 7 and I wanted to clear up some things. You have been a really great friend and my go to source for anything JW related so the last person I want to upset is you. Most of the current JW related news posted on OB has been your contributions so I don’t want you to feel bad cuz I dropped this drama. I really wish you could understand why it’s been a struggle for me each week to continue. There is no need to worry – I didn’t decide to stop recapping Level 7 cuz of your comment above. It had nothing to do with my decision at all. I just wanted to watch TWTWB more each night so I thought since I can’t recap both dramas (cuz I tried and lost way too much sleep), I should just choose once and for all.

    Like I said above, just because I stop recapping Level 7 doesnt mean I wont continue to watch it – JW is going to sing on the OST so there is no way I am missing that and I really do want to know how they are going to resolve everything story wise. so if bobsavero or anyone wants me to translate any previews or JW interviews – I am more than happy to comply. It’s not a problem at all for me so there is no need to tell people not to ask me.

    Also you wrote “the most popular drama gets the most recaps and there is also such things as traffic.” I’m really hoping you were directing that comment at other blogs cuz making this decision to drop level 7 was really difficult for me personally cuz I wanted to remain loyal to JW. As most of my readers are aware – this blog is ad free. That means it doesnt matter if I have zero traffic. I’m not DB or those other blogs that make money from their recaps so I certainly didn’t switch over to TWTWB hoping for more traffic. If I ever chose to recap a drama for that reason, I would rather stop blogging. to be honest, there are tons of people already doing live recaps for TWTWB on the soompi thread so they dont even need me at all. Same for Level 7. People do live translations for that as well so I really didnt think that switching dramas would cause that much of a ripple.

    basically I am doing what I’ve always done – sharing some translations for those who want to follow the drama with a close group of people who are watching live to enhance their enjoyment. It’s just nice if I get to choose a drama that i really enjoy as well so that was why I switched. I’ve been swearing too much after each episode of Level 7 recently so I needed to stop. I respect JW and the cast too much to keep doing that cuz it’s not their fault the writer and editor need to find another field of work cuz writing and editing dramas are the last thing they should be doing.

    You know what the most hilarious thing of all is – the timing. Last year on Sept 20th, JW signed a calendar for me with my name on it. It’s the calendar his agency makes each year for his fans and passes out to them with his autograph. It had pics I never even saw before. My friend kept forgetting to give it to me so I finally got it yesterday – after I dropped his drama. I felt awful. flipping through those photos and seeing him smile on each page just made me feel more and more guilty for not remaining loyal.


    • SS says:

      Softy, I am not upset with you of course. As I said on soompi, many people including myself, know how much you have done for Joo Won fans and I always remember how Cadence started my craze and obsession over Joo Won. I didn’t think you drop this recap either because of my comment. It just couldn’t be because you must have deliberated it a lot. I could feel your frustrations over this drama. And you know mine too. But I felt more for you because you are the one doing the live recap and having to write your opinions. For me, I am just a reader, I can rant all I want.

      I did get the part of you continuing to watch wrong. I thought you wouldn’t want to anymore. Sorry, I misunderstood you on that.

      As for my comments on “most popular drama gets the most recaps and there is such thing as traffic” I meant blogs in general and not yours. I have limited experience but with Bridal Mask, there were so many bloggers doing the show. Although I never noticed things like ads, I know that traffic does play a part in some of these blogs like you mentioned. I definitely didn’t mean that you switch to TWTWB because of revenue or anything like that. To be honest, I haven’t been looking at your TWTWB except for one or twice but somehow I had this impression that there were many readers there than 7G because last week for the most part of the episode, there were just me and ssen. I think last week’s eps made me boil over in frustration. I have never shouted so much expletives in my head.

      I am praying that this drama wont sink below 10%. I am actually shocked it did above 10% last week and of course grateful to the Korean fans for supporting. I also hope that Joo Won will choose a daebak drama after this.


    • nonski says:

      aw Softy, don’t feel bad, it’s is not about loyalty. me will just continue to watch this because at some point i am still enjoying parts of it and i haven’t really started on Winter. i actually don’t have anything to watch something that i really want after FBND.

      don’t forget about me SS. 🙂


      • SS says:

        How can I forget you?

        I will go where Joo Won is, so if Softy is recapping his next drama, I will surely be here. And after the drama ends, if there is anything interesting, I will drop in at OB. Till then, you know where to find me 🙂


    • ck1Oz says:

      Aww… softy. You got the calendar the same time as you decided to drop it?
      That’s it. You HAVE to line up and be at his next fan meeting!! After all the sweat, tears and lost sleep you’ve had for Joo Won- no one can ever say you don’t love him enough.

      Loving a drama has nothing, or well almost nothing to do with whether you love an actor or not. You’re recapping an episode which takes hours vs watching it over an hour. So if you want to still support him as a fan then watch it at that hour I say. But I would say- be one of those people which has the machine which records the rating. So you’re contributing to the L7CS ratings 🙂
      Or any future Joo Won drama. One thing about this boy, you and I and every JW fan knows a next project will be announced within 3 months or even before L7CS ends. So just hopes his next drama is better written. Because the there is nothing wrong with the acting here, it’s just that the writing is below par.


      • Softy says:

        Since this drama isnt as grueling as Gaksital, I was thinking that too. That he should do another drama or movie a few months after Level 7 wraps up. If it’s a drama, I really hope it’s with KBS again cuz that’s where he gets the best projects. I totally love that he sings on his drama OSTs and sort of wish this happens all the time. It’s like an added bonus every time you hear his angelic voice. 🙂


    • chokichoki says:

      Wow.. i came here right after seeing that you decide you recap TWTWB live. Your comments and SS’ and others here really tugged my heart. I really respect how dedicated you, SS, nonski and all of you here are towards JW. I really hope that one day we can all relive the OB days once again with his new projects. Til next time?


    • Feima says:

      Hi Softy – Aja Aja Fighting! Here is the link for Joo Won OST – Dont Know How to Love


  18. SS says:

    credit uploader: BubbleFeetMusicOST
    post by NEWMARIO on soompi

    Joo Won should cut a album soon


    • Softy says:

      omg i think i replayed this song like a million times already. thank you so much for sharing this. you are 100% right – he really should come out with an album like he said he would ages ago.

      between this song, my autographed calendar, and my side widget for Level 7, I am so torn. I keep going back and forth in my head cuz I don’t want to move that widget. I’m going to watch what happens on E13 and E14 and then I will feel more certain about my decision. Watch it be 20 times better than it’s ever been cuz that’s what always happens and then I will feel like I’m missing out on all the fun. 🙂


      • Ivoire says:

        Hello Softy,

        Could you please give me a link or direct me as to how I could access the live translations of 7 Level on Soompi? I have tried to find them, and I have not been successful. I would like to continue to watch the show live, and I know that I will need the translations to better understand the episodes.

        Thank you for your help.


        • Softy says:

          If you just go to the Level 7 soompi thread someone who is live streaming will type what they see and hear, but it’s not all on one post. I don’t know all their names but you can tell from what they are typing that they are giving you live updates.
          if you are asking for the live streaming sites, I have no idea what the links are cuz I watch these shows on my tv.
          Here is the soompi thread link- they usually start the live recap right when the drama starts.



          • Ivoire says:

            Thank you for the information Softy, and no, I was not asking for the live streaming sites, as I have 3 different ones I can choose from. Knowing where to watch 7 Level live is not an issue at the moment.

            I went back to Soompi and found out that I had actually become a member in January of 2011, however, I had not been active. I usually don’t read their threads (until recently, because SS told me she was there a lot and so I went to look for her and I found her). I felt/still feel a little lost when I am there (on the threads). I usually just read the articles when I go to Soompi. I will keep an eye out for the live recaps.

            Again, thank you for your help. I guess you and the other commenters could not help me with any of the questions I posted on this recap…


          • Ivoire says:

            Thank you for that link Softy. That was where I ended, when I went back to Soompi, looking for translations before I posted my 1st response. So I guess now I know at least where to go…


        • SS says:

          Hi Ivoire
          There is a member who does live updates on 7LCS thread on soompi but unfortunately she is unable to do so tonight. Today, other members may step in and give narration of the scenes but not the dialogue because they do not understand or have limited knowledge of Korean language.
          if you are looking for a live streaming site, try this http://www.55556.com/tv/2023/
          the best I have experienced so far


          • Ivoire says:

            Hello SS, and thank you again so much for your help. I appreciate it. I will be patiently waiting for recaps and updates, wherever I find them and whenever they come out 🙂


        • bobsavero says:

          hi ivory!!
          me, mojobobo, and coolreborn do a live recap. just based on what we see cuz we dont understand korean language. 😀

          and SS do a recap too, after she finished watching with chinese sub,
          cmon visit the thread, rock the thread!!! we are crazy for JW and CKH. ahahahah.

          here is the link: http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2007172/drama-2013-7th-grade-civil-servant-level-7-civil-servant-7%EA%B8%89-%EA%B3%B5%EB%AC%B4%EC%9B%90-ep13-preview-p155/p169 –> recap by SS or mrdimples

          for my, mojobobo and coolreborn recaps start from page 161. 😀

          and FYI, someone who really2 understand korea and another wonderfull recapers will do recap tonight, so stay tune at thread. 😀


  19. bobsavero says:

    Dear softy, i just watch preview for ep. 14
    can u translate it?


    Thank you 😀


    • Softy says:

      Watching it from my phone as I translate. 🙂
      Director asks where did that punk Han go?
      Y says how did the director know about the team leader (W)
      SM says it seems like there is a spy on our team huh
      M says park went up – get ready
      SW says park is on the move
      D says get the guns in advance
      SW: I will get them ready


  20. Softy says:

    I translated the kiss scene while waiting on torrents
    as they run towards each other G says hey Kim SW – cuz of you I cant live. when I see your face I get angry, but when i cant see it i get even more angry. i cant live by your side but since you arent by my side I want to die.
    she body tackles him. G: what is this. S: dont say anything. G: I am sorry I was more wrong than you.(as in -I did more things wrong than you). S: I said dont talk. G: I wont do it again. even if we fight I wont say let’s break up. S says I told you not to say anything. G: I love you. S sighs and says: you bad guy. she kisses him.


  21. Anonymous says:

    : ( Sadly, ratings for episode 13 and 14 is less than 10% : ( : (


  22. bobsavero says:

    dear softy,,,
    as usual, can u translate ep.15 preview???


    vid cr to newmario@soompi

    Thank you softy !!!


    • Softy says:

      S lists some kind of rules or guidelines
      S: 1- even if you dont talk I will believe you (trust you)
      she kisses him and says I will be going
      G:in a good mood so why
      S: cuz I like it so much – that I wont want to send you
      S: 2 – at the office dont make it obvious we are dating
      G says something about the time – like he is tardy i think
      S: 3 – that you listen to me well (obey me well)

      M says to Han: I will give you a choice – you die here or make a deal

      S: did something happen?

      G asks his dad: father who is John Jay?

      * woah interesting – why is Jay meeting with W?


  23. joowonna says:

    Hello Softly..you stop recapping(>_<)..i hope atleast theres your verbal screenshot photos..im enjoying it same as your recap!!anyway thank you much!


  24. bobsavero says:

    dear softy,
    are u already watch ep.15??? OVER CUTENESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.. ahhahaha.
    if u dont mind, please translate the preview for me 😀



    Thank you,


    • Softy says:

      Y asks if things are going well with G
      S says he gave me the files.
      Y asks did G give them to you
      S: Could you give us a few days time.
      (I can’t hear what the director said to M at all)
      M says send Kim Han suk to the place and time we want
      S asks did they all die?
      Y yells you can’t let him go – he is JJ’s younger brother.

      * sorry they might be out of order cuz I had to memorize the lines after watching first and then I typed it out 🙂


  25. Dramafed1782 says:

    Hi Softy,
    Been a while since I have dropped in few lines. I don’t know if you have completely stopped following L7CS. But thought of posting a video ( cr: Bati @soompi L7CS forum) where the three leads have a cute interview. Since you have created a beautiful world of JW on your blog ( and giving us updates on him all the way till Baeksang ), I hope you enjoy it. I do miss reading your inputs but no hassles. It is an interview for the Japanese channel KNTV which is gonna telecast the drama by March 30th. Stay happy always 🙂 !



  26. Hi Softy…
    Hi all the OB chingus
    *wave to SS, Nonski, CK10z and everyone I know…*
    It has been SO long since my last post in Softy’s haven… Miss you all…
    I kept reading Softy’s JW related recaps after OB, but didn’t actively involved… I always feel grateful that I came to know Softy’s page and still admire you for your dedication for the Korean drama lovers wherever we are…
    I was disappointed when you decided to stop recapping the Level 7 Civil Servant drama… Although I roughly could figure out why you decided to drop this out, it is just for me, the drama become soulless without the recaps from you… I love JooWon so much and I really love his acting on any dramas he is in… And frankly, he is the ONLY reason for me to continue watching this drama… Plus, he sang that beautiful song…
    I really hope you would recap his next movie or drama, Softy… For me, my love for JooWon has made me came to your page and met all of other JooWon’s fans…. I just feel at lost continuing watching the drama without your recaps and your beautiful phrases that usually would make me understand the plots and the situation on each scenes better…

    Thank you Softy for the hard work…
    For my dear SS, I really miss you… I did try to search you on Soompi but still need to figure out how to get in touch with you… (you know, this ahjumma is always blur on new page, as I were on Softy's page)…
    By the way, I used to be "SaranghaeJW"… After Faith, I decided to change my ID to Minoz&JW-Lover.. ;))
    Love you all, OB-nians…..


    • SS says:

      Are you the SaranghaeJW who was expecting? Sorry if I am mistaking you for someone else. I remember my old chingu on OB who was “inactive” for a while because she was expecting her 2nd child. I always wonder how she is doing now. If I am mistaken, please accept my apologies, clearly my brain being blown by too many hours watching kdramas or rather more accurately stalking Joo Won in cyberspace. In any case, thank you for remembering me.

      I am mrdimples on soompi, you can get in touch with me there through the forum – comments or private message. I am only on Joo Won centric threads like his thread under “actors & actresses” and the current drama 7LCS thread. The Joo Won thread there is booming thanks to enthusiastic fans after Bridal Mask.

      I am also watching Level 7 Civil Servant drama but only for Joo Won. I started to recap after Softy stopped hers but please don’t expect mine to be her standard 🙂 Mine is crazy SS style or maybe better call them madcaps. Plus, I only post the recap the following afternoon because I have to wait for the Chinese subtitles first.


      • Hi SS!! Yes, I am the one… 😉
        I have delivered my son in December and it was soooo hectic after that… I just came back to work recently… Well, now that I am at work, I have more time for myself too… LOL…
        How are you?? I always remember the fun we had in OB… the ones we could fall off our chairs out of laughter (because of each other’s comments)… hihihihi….

        By the way, JW’s next project is a movie, ONLY YOU… Frankly speaking, after looking at the news on the female leading actress, no one beats UEE by far… I don’t know what’s wrong with me… I am still craving for the JW n UEE’s happy and cute moments in OB…

        I am glad you still remember me, my dear… *big hug*
        Well, I am bracing myself now for the last episodes of the Level 7 Civil Servant… I hope no matter what, the end would not be so disappointing…. If it is, I would get crazy, as there’s no Softy’s explanation to console me..

        Hey by the way… you also recap the episode??? Where? *searching now…*


        • Softy says:

          hello saranghaej- welcome back. congrats on your son. I remember back when we were all wondering when you would deliver. I feel bad that you came back and there are no JW related recaps for you except for 1n2d. I have no idea how I will recap a movie but when JW’s movie comes out, I will be sure to go and watch it and report back.
          You missed a lot of pics and info about JW so be sure to go to OB6 and catch up on all the photos and interviews there – mostly translated or posted by SS -our resident expert on everything JW. 🙂
          did you also check out his song from level 7 ost? you will love it 🙂

          all you have to do is go to level 7 or JW thread and look for mr dimples and click on her name and it will list all her posts and comments so you can read her recaps. her recaps are so much fun. 🙂


          • Hi Softy…. *excitedly waving*
            Thank you for replying me….
            I am still dumb dumb in using soompi but learning bit by bit… 😉 SS helped me A LOT… *chingu hugs*
            I actually quite actively peeking your pages about JW even right after the anesthesia effect worn out when I delievered my son.. LOL…
            But I got no hands to do anything (busy with two babies *rolling eyes*)… just using my eyes (plus imagination) to enjoy JW and your recaps… 😉
            So glad you still remember me although I haven’t been active for quite some time…
            Stay healthy and happy, dear Softy…
            Waiting for your JW connected recaps, and also I will be here for LSG and Suzy’s upcoming drama! Nowadays I love sageuk drama (Started with Sungkyunkwan, Rooftop Prince, Faith, even Jeon Woo Chi)
            Cheers, Softy…


      • *sobbing on the corner*
        Cannot use Soompi yet…
        I saw mrdimples, and haven’t figure out how to read your recap…
        *cry harder*


  27. bobsavero says:

    softy,, long time no see.

    i got the preview for ep.17 . can u translate this?

    cr. NEWMARIO @soompi


    • Softy says:

      I didn’t bring my iPad today so I am translating from memory after watching a few times – there are some names I don’t know though so I might spell them wrong…

      S asks where is choi woo jin
      M says won’t he not be far away
      MS complains that G and S want them to be attendants
      Y orders S and G to reveal everything they know
      G says I can’t tell you
      S says I will get permission from team leader and then tell you
      M tells jay to be careful as he secretly follows (someone) so he doesn’t get caught cuz he won’t be able to do anything (meaning he could get killed
      Director asks D- have you killed a person before? He says some name and asks you can do it right?
      M says didn’t you say today is the last day?
      Director says if you are reborn again – have a passionate love and live being cool
      S calls out D’s name


      • Annyeong Softy, thank you for the ep 19 preview translation… Suspense is getting high on my side… I am so curious how this drama will end… I am not saying I want it to end soon, because I enjoyed the funny moments between G and SW. I just cannot figure out how this will end…
        @bobsavero thanks for the preview link..


      • bobsavero says:

        Thank you softy 😀
        wow, u watch it many times? lol.

        @saranghaeJW or Minoz&JW-Lover : wow, u like LEE MIN HO too? awesome!


  28. Ivoire says:

    @ SS aka Mrsdimples,

    I just wanted to thank you for your fanfics at Soompi which I enjoy reading. You do such a great job explaining the characters to us, the readers and I love how you spend time delving into their inner thoughts and feelings. GR and SW feel relevant and we can feel how much they care about about each other and how much they love each other.

    I hope that you will write more fanfics about this couple if you find yourself inspired. Do you think you could use some of the funny moments that happened with the parents (when they all met) in your fanfics? I am sure you could make it funny :-). Once again, I just wanted to express my appreciation for your writing and let you know that you have great insight. Keep it up 🙂

    Your fanfics are the only ones I read on Soompi, I purposely look for them when I go on Soompi :-).


    • SS says:

      🙂 thank you Ivoire, I like that you added a ‘s’ to my name, it’s my dream, LOL

      Thank you for reading my fanfics and am glad that you enjoy them. Hmm…I am not sure if I can write any more fanfics about SeoRo. Truth be told, the writer did not write Seo Won to my liking. Rather, I felt that he did not give her much depth and although we as viewers would jump on any opportunity to root for the couple, it wasn’t easy at all. I had to dig real hard when I wrote those fanfics. I’ll see what comes out from the last 2 episodes.

      I wrote more fanfics for Bridal Mask because the love story inspired me. For Level 7, I enjoyed doing my madcaps and the recent cartoons more. But probably those are not your cup of tea. Sometimes, I can be a tad nonsensical.

      Thank you once again Ivoire for your kind words and compliments 🙂


    • Ivoire says:

      SS (I am sorry I wrote Mrsdimples, I thought that was what your screen name there was, oops 🙂 ),

      You are very welcome, regarding my compliments about your writing. I think you deserve them. I have read some of your madcaps/recaps and I like how thorough they are, since I watch the episodes raw (thanks to the link you gave me, thanks again for that) and so far I have not rewatched them fully subbed. I find them (your recaps) funny, however a little too much on the naughty side for my taste, so I have stopped reading them:-(. I have liked the fanfics more (I only read until the one titled “Saranghae”) because I felt that they gave me a perspective on the emotions of GR and SW, something I don’t read about on DB, where people seem to be more concerned about bashing the show. We know it is not perfect, and if they don’t like it, they should just drop it. I know… I should say that there.

      I personally have liked the show, flaws and all, and I find myself understanding SW at times (not always, but at times) and I thought JW did really well in a comedy and that is what I am taking away from it. I am only on page 212 on Soompi (I don’t go there that much any more). I was looking for your fanfics until 2:30am (my time) this morning. Soompi now has 236 pages. I don’t wish to go through all of them (time consumming). Do you think you could tell me if you wrote more fanfics after page 179, so I can go directly to that page and read the fanfic, please? And it is OK if you don’t write more fanfics, I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed and appreciated them.

      I have seen a few episodes of BM, however, I need to properly start from the 1st episode and watch the whole series. I am not in the right frame of mind to do that yet, and I honestly do not currently have the time to commit to it. It is on my list of dramas to watch however, and I already have the CD (OST), I got it in January. I will get the DVD when I know I can watch it (marathon it) so I can make sure the subs are up to par, in case I need to return the DVD. It is affordable on Amazon, however, I don’t know how good the English subs are on that DVD.

      Also, I finally got my platonic sleepover in 7 Level :-). I was happy, better late than never. I don’t ask for too much, I can be easy that way :-). Also, I haven’t seen your cartoons yet on Soompi. As I said, I am only on page 212. It is a lot (for me) to zip through to get to what I am interested in.

      It’s nice that you enjoy writing, I do as well. I make fanfics (in my head), I haven’t written any of them on paper (yet). I feel that it will be time consumming for me to edit them and organize them on paper. *Sigh,* so little time, so much I wish I could do.

      Have a wonderful day (or night depending on where you are)! Btw, where do you live, if I may ask? And are you from the country you live in?


      • SS says:

        Hey Ivoire, don’t worry about my name, it’s a lovely mistake 🙂

        I am better behaved on Softy’s because this is her blog so I have to give respect. Soompi is a forum so I let loose my wild and naughty side. My cartoons are also the same so I guess they might not be your taste. My fanfics of SeoRo are totally serious,those are the rare ones.

        I do rant on Soompi drama thread but people there generally want to love and stick to the drama even though you can see quite a lot of criticisms and exasperation. Those on DB seemed a bit more suspicious. I can’t put my finger to it, seems like they just appear to bash the show.

        I write fanfic when I get inspired. Sad that ep 19 didn’t give me much to work on. If I do, I will definitely let you know since I understand your taste now. I don’t think you’ll like what’s going on in the drama thread right now 🙂

        Bridal Mask is my top drama, I think you might like it. Do try if you have the time. I still have the feels for it even though it ended more than half a year ago.

        I can’t say I enjoy writing although it does seem that I write a lot. I think it started here on Softy’s blog when I had so much bottled inside me when I was watching Ojakgyo Brothers that I simply had to express it out by writing. Before that, I only write office emails, LOL. I’d love to read your writing one day.

        I was born in Singapore and never lived anywhere else. Pardon me if I am wrong, are you from Africa? Somehow I think I read it before on DB and I thought to myself, that’s easy – Ivoire –Ivory. By chance, do you stay in Ivory Coast?


      • Ivoire says:

        Also SS, I would like to add that it says something about Kdramas, that a woman from Cameroon who lives in the US is connecting with a woman who lives in Singapore. Where else and how else would that happen?

        It is a pleasure to communicate with you SS, aka as Mrsdimples :-)…


    • Ivoire says:

      Hello SS,

      Sooo good to hear from you so quickly. I would like to clarify that I didn’t mean to criticize how your write your madcaps, I just wanted to let you know what my preferences are and explain why I had not been on Soompi that often, and also why I stopped reading the madcaps. I do think you are funny and quite creative, we just have different tastes, I think.

      I actually had not been on Soompi since I had opened my account (which happened about 2 years ago, I think) and 7 Level was what took me back there, when Softy stopped doing the live recaps. I didn’t even remember I had an account there, and was surprised to see I already had one. Tbh, I find Soompi’s thread hard to navigate, and although I appreciate all the info posted there (especially the pictures), I feel overwhelmed when I go there, so I have stopped going (as I said, it was time consumming for me). I might again, when the show is over and I have more time. Also, people tend to go on and on and on about kisses (and any other sexual happening, it seems) over there, which although I understand, again is not what I want to read when I go to the thread (not over and over and over…, you get my drift). An example is how people would not stop talking about the kiss in the snow, which they are entitled to mind you, it just got old after a couple of pages, and I didn’t find the kiss that impressive, tbh (just my personal opinion).

      Thanks for the heads up about what is going on at Soompi, I guess I won’t visit the page for a while…

      When you said this: “My fanfics of SeoRo are totally serious, those are the rare ones.” Do you mean to say that your fanfics tend to be more on the naughty side as well? I am just curious about that. And you can tell me, I won’t think less of you, I usually don’t. So are you fanfics about BM more wild and naughty, would you say? And are some of your fanfics funny as well?

      About your 3rd paragraph, yes, please let me know when you write another fanfic about SeoRo, that is, if you do. Please, do not feel pressured on my account. And regarding fanfics, if I ever write, I will let you know. So far, I have written the most on DB (recaps and Open Thread, though I am not active on OT anymore, again, too time consumming for me). I write a lot as well in my personal emails to friends. I personally love to write, I have since I was a teenager. I used to have penpals I met in England, and I would write A4 format, 16 to 20 of them (pages), front and back and I didn’t have a computer in those days. I wrote it all by hand, in English, and French is my 1st language, so I used the dictionary a lot :-). Those were the days… My penpals/classmates from England lived in Israel, in Mexico and in Germany at the time, and one girl lived in Cameroon, but in a different city than mine.

      Regarding BM, I know I will love it. I liked what I saw, however I was busy moving when that drama aired, and then Faith started and I started watching that. I don’t watch too many dramas at the same time (1 or 2). I like to focus on 1 or 2, and be able to go deep. If you have read my comments on DB, you know how much I can write, and I always (well, almost always) respond to the comments made to me, which also makes it time consumming because I am thorough and detailed, just like you are. I also have a feeling that BM will stomp on my heart, and I am not ready for that. I have a lot going on in my life right now, and I want to start it when I know I can devote the time I need to it, so I can enjoy it best. That also is my personal preference.

      You guessed it right, I am from Africa, from Cameroon actually, though I was born in Paris and lived there the 1st three years of my life. My mother worked for an airline company, so I traveled a lot as a child, a teenager and a young adult. I don’t travel as much now. I also currently reside in Northern California (I am in my 6th year) and before that I lived in Minnesota for 12 years, and before that in Georgia for 2, and before that I went to college in France as well. As I said, it is a loooong story :-). I have heard a lot of good things about Singapore, it is supposed to be very racially diverse, isn’t it? And very clean as well, I was told, which I am assuming to be true. I hope to visit/travel there one day, given the opportunity, and I mean that. I always love discovering new places, new food, cultures, languages, etc… I currently speak 4 languages myself, and I am very slowly learning Korean. I have seen some pictures of Singapore, and it looks very nice.

      I think you speak and understand Chinese, right? Because you do the madcaps from Chinese subs, right?

      Ivoire is the French translation of my middle name in my native language. My dad used to love calling me that. In my native language (Bulu), depending on where you put the stress/emphasis/intonation when you pronounce it, it can mean: Ivory (the material used to make jewelry, the elephant’s tusks), or something precious, the center, nucleus of something, the most important thing. I am the oldest of 6, and my dad (when he was happy with me) used to call me that, so I like it, besides the fact that it is unique. When my dad was not too happy with me or wanted to send me to do something, he would just call me by my 1st name :-).

      I can see how you came to your conclusion about my name and Ivory Coast, even though you were wrong. I am glad to see that you know about Ivory Coast though :-). Not many people do, outside of Africa and outside of French speaking countries :-). What time is it in your country now? It is 11:25am here in Ca.


      • SS says:

        Oh Ivoire, don’t worry about what you wrote regarding those madcaps of mine. I understand where you are coming from. My humor has that slant I guess.

        It was past midnight when I wrote to you and went to bed shortly after. Eh..I confess I don’t know much about Ivory Coast. I googled 🙂 Your name is lovely. Now it sounds even more beautiful after I read your explanation.

        I don’t think I have written fanfics that are filled with sexual innuendos. If there is any hint of sex, it’s probably a short inference. I definitely don’t write explicit stuff. To be honest, I don’t really know what’s a fanfic. What I mean is that I don’t read them. This sounds weird. Let me try to explain what I mean. First, I call my writings fanfics because to me, any story that’s conjured in a fan’s mind is a fan fiction. But my stories are usually not very far from the drama plot itself. For example, in SeoRo’s stories, they was more of my insight as to what’s going on in Seo Won and Gilro’s mind and heart. In Bridal Mask, I did the same for some. What I do is that I take a scene and then write the characters’ feelings and the story leading to it. Also, in Bridal Mask, due to a particular development in the story, I wrote fanfics for my own closure. These were more of my own imagination of what might have happened.

        I understand what you are saying about BM. Hope you will find the time to watch it one day.

        I am impressed by how much you love writing. I was a horrible student. In Singapore, English is our first language and 2nd language is Mother Tongue. Since I am ethically Chinese, my Mother Tongue is Chinese. Like most Singaporeans, I am bilingual but not proficient in either language. I have never been a linguist nor good at writing. I always veered towards Maths and Science and my work deals with numbers. That’s why I said I have never written so much in my life than over these past 2 years.

        Singapore is a very tiny island. I’d take 40 mins to travel from one end of the island to the other.

        Oh I will love to write more but I go to do the recaps now otherwise I’ll not finish on time. Thank you so much for sharing about yourself and your thoughts. And yes, it’s absolutely amazing that we are connecting from such diverse locations and backgrounds through our love for kdramas.

        Have a good day and weekend ahead 🙂


      • Ivoire says:

        Hello SS,

        I just got done watching episode 20 of 7L and I thought about you (and the rest of the commenters on Soompi), because although I saw the episode raw, and therefore could not understand much of it, I am pretty sure there was a “nation building” scene, when they finally went to what I think was their 4 nights 5 days trip.

        I read your recap of ep. 19, only the 1st three parts, because part 4 had not been posted yet. I liked what you wrote, it was funny, witty and the sexual innuendos were not too explicit, which I personally appreciated. Those were funny (the innuendos), sensual and not overtly sexual, thank you for that. I loved the bed scene, the way you described it, with the audience’s reactions (and I can hear…). Can I just say that I enjoy and appreciate those kinds of recaps and kind of humor more because you (the writer) actually have to think to be that funny and recap what happened in the episode and throw in comments and be witty about it and have some innuendos and yet not cross the line of making it raunchy and salacious and gratuitous. I admire that more because I believe that it requires more effort. You made comments like ” don’t you care about the demographic crisis?” SS, the world is overpopulated, what demographic crisis? 🙂 Maybe they shouldn’t care about it, remain chaste and in the process help curb the world overpopulation, no? 🙂

        I also noticed that you give some insights here and there about the Asian culture, which I continue to learn about, and so I thank you for that. That is also one of the things I like about Softy’s recaps. She knows that not all of her readers are Koreans or of Korean descent, and so she takes the time to explain to us some of the things that happen in dramas or in shows she recaps, and why they happen, and what that means.

        Also, I saw that there were 2 kiss scenes, so you must have been happy :-)!!!! Although, I can’t help but wonder how you would really feel if you were married to JW, and you had to see him kiss all these women he is acting with (as we know, those kisses are real).

        I thank you for your last response to me SS, and I will respond later. Real life is calling. Please check back here often until you see my message. I will not forget to answer. Just give me some time, please.

        P.S.: Can you please explain to me why CKH is called Gganjjang on Soompi (I am not sure I spelled it right, sorry)? Thank you!


        • SS says:

          Dear Ivoire

          Thank you once again for your kind words and compliments. Going to keep this one short as I don’t have much time to write today, I wish I had a clone or more than 24 hours a day 🙂

          When I wrote ‘demographic crisis’, I am referring to the fact that S. Korea has an issue with declining fertility, something that besets nearly every developed nation. If I am not wrong, it’s stands at around 1.2

          Yes, SeoRo finally did it in ep 20. But you know, I never hanker over a bed scene in the first place. What I mean is that I never wanted it just for the sake of seeing 2 actors romping on bed. All I wanted was for them to act more like their age. I mean one can stand firm on keeping his or her virginity till marriage but there is no need to behave so childishly about matters like sex. Other than this, I also saw more opportunities for the show to milk laughs if the leads were in a sexual relationship.

          I can’t remember giving much insights about culture except to point out the seeming similarities between Chinese and Korean cultures. But I am glad you like them.

          I am sorry but I have no idea why CKH is called Gangjiang except that ‘jiang’ is the romanization of her middle name 江 in Chinese and 강 in Korean. This word 강 may be also that “gang” or kang in the romanized form. Purely my speculation as I am not a fan of hers.

          Strange but I am going to quote a part of what I wrote about Joo Won in a lengthy piece months ago:

          As his fan, I will love to see him find a girl of his dreams. Someone who has a beautiful smile, is polite and respects her elders. She must also be kind, gentle and who can live and get along with his family. She will be his best friend, his confidante and likewise share her thoughts openly with him. Since he is such a dedicated and passionate actor who truly loves his art, she must appreciate his work, understand the rigors and nature of showbiz and support him in pursuing his dreams. Joo Won will need his woman to be there for him, not just to cheer him in his success but also to lend him her shoulder and stand behind him in face of setbacks and failures. Someone who will not just love Moon Jun Won but also Joo Won, the filial son, Joo Won the good oppa and dongsaeng, Joo Won the celebrity and Joo Won, the actor.

          I hope this answers your question


          • Ivoire says:

            Hello SS, and thank you for your response. I hope you will have a great weekend. I will respond later. Please check back here often. Also FYI, I need to have my computer fixed, and so I might not be able to be online for a few days (I am not sure starting when). My computer is the only device I have to be online.
            I will not forget that I want to respond however. so please, give me a few days, to a week. Thank you!


          • Ivoire says:

            SS, I also wanted to let you know that I wrote a lengthy comment on the episode 20 of the 7L recap on Dramabeans. Feel free to read it if and when you have the time. It is not a fanfic, however, you will get a sense of how I write. I pour my heart into it when I do. If I ever write a fanfic, I will be sure to let you know 🙂


            • SS says:

              Hi Ivoire

              I saw your post on DB but I haven’t had the chance to read it thoroughly. I definitely will.

              These 2 days, I post a couple of comments on DB but usually I am a silent reader. I had an unpleasant encounter with a certain reader there who likes to write vicious comments on Joo Won. It’s good that DB is a thread that allows ‘rant’ or ‘rave’ freely but I think viciousness has no place, even on blogs like DB.

              Don’t worry about responding to what I wrote earlier. I will catch up with you again. Have a good weekend 🙂


            • Ivoire says:

              Hello SS,

              I too wish you and I and many others who like Kdramas, who like to write could be cloned :-). Thank you for your quick and prompt response. My last post on ep. 20 took me a long time to write because I had to think about 7L as a whole (since the first ep.) and about how I felt about it. I am glad that I took the time to write it, as I had a different opinion about the show, an opinion different from many who have left comments in the recaps and an opinion different from the recappers. I felt that I was going against the grain, however I was glad that I had the courage to write and post my thoughts. And guess what, I actually got 2 responses that were positive ones. Not that I seek those out, mind you, however, it was nice to find out that at least one reader felt the way I did. I would have never known if I had not written my comment.

              I did see your posts and I appreciate what you posted. Thank you for doing that. You are definitely one of the people who give us a lot of info about JW and about what he has been up to. I am so sorry about your unpleasant encounter on DB, and unfortunately, those do happen on blogs. I have experienced a few of those myself. I try and take them graciously and I make an effort not to let them bother me to much. I do love to share how I feel about Kdramas and read what others think, so I continue to write on DB (when I have something to say. Sometimes, I say nothing).

              Thank you for saying this, SS “Don’t worry about responding to what I wrote earlier. I will catch up with you again. Have a good weekend :)” I appreciate it. However, I always like to “finish my conversations,” and so I tend to respond until I have nothing more to say or until the other person stops, which ever comes first. I will therefore eventually answer to what you wrote here, even if you don’t read it or even if I don’t hear from you. I do have some things I would like to share, and I will. I was just letting you know that at some point, I will be posting back here, just so you would know.

              Have a wonderful weekend, SS…


  29. SS says:

    Hi Ivoire
    I read what you wrote on DB regarding your thoughts on this drama and I love what you shared although we do see some things differently. Sorry I couldn’t reply to that post because I had been writing my postmortem of the drama and on Joo Won’s role in it on soompi. There are also quite a number of insightful posts by other contributors there with regards to the drama and Joo Won on Joo Won thread. If you don’t mind sieving out those posts which you are not comfortable with and get to the rest, i think you might enjoy reading them.

    I won’t be able to write and comment much for the next couple of weeks because I’ve a work assignment. Wish you a wonderful week ahead.


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