Dream High E12

I didn’t think it was possible- but SD’s situation is breaking my heart two episodes in a row. My brain went thru all these ideas for SD to “hear” the music like walk over to the piano and put his hand on it to feel the vibrations from the keys or something or have HM tap the music on his hand – I just hated that he stood there all alone and vulnerable on stage. I can’t wait to see how he overcomes this tomorrow night.
When this drama first aired, I had my reservations about the cast-all but KSH. This guy’s acting is blowing me away with each episode. How does he channel his character so well that it looks natural and effortless? Cuz of him- what could have been an average drama has been elevated to an unexpected height. If he keeps this up- maybe DH can soar even higher in the ratings when it ends. DH deserves to end on a high note cuz everyone has worked so hard to make this drama so much better than we ever imagined. The validity for this drama’s success is its audience tuning in and embracing everything they throw at us. Just look at the erratic humor on tonight’s episode: a crazy random kiss that made me stop typing mid kiss to look away cuz it hurt my eyes to watch them - it was just too painful cuz I felt bad for the 2pm guy (I hope for his sake that was a one take scene)- not to mention two terminator references that left me going “huh? terminator again?” first PS and the thumbs up and now JYP and the visor. Man the writer is creative with her comedy- you gotta give her that.
There is only one loose end I hope the writer clears up tomorrow- for some kind of plausible resolution to SD’s hearing loss – it is really bugging me that he isn’t getting more treatments for his condition. At this point- I no longer care if he gets HM or not in the end- I prefer he gets his hearing back thru some drama miracle.
what the heck did they do tonight- shouldnt kang have gone out of his way to do something – get SD to go see specialists- get some kind of hearing aid- get a second opinion – do something to help SD get his hearing back….omg. my heart was breaking for SD cuz he seems to be all alone – he is going thru all this by himself. can someone explain what happened with kang’s sister? how do you see a 20yr old guy instead of a 45 yr old guy? how drunk was she that she sees that much age difference?
oh man that poor 2pm member- he is the youngest one but looks the oldest. almost everyone is getting parts in this drama…but man did he get the short end of the stick. at least all nick had to do was lie down on a floor and be romeo-way easier than having to kiss an ahjimma.
I took a break from anything to do with kdramas or translating since fri – finally saw part of the third taxi but half of it was just highlights from part one and two. Not sure if it needs to be translated and given the fact that mon-thurs is going to be taken up with DH and MP, not sure when I will have the time.
Dream HighE12
it starts with BH being all desperate to keep her position with K.
Then HM goes to see the manager
BH is already there complaining
she claims he isnt honoring their agreement
for him to decide after she gets an A on the composition
the manager says he never promised
he says BH said it all on her own and assumed it was a deal but he never made one
he calls out to see if HM has come
she comes in and BH storms out
he asks HM is she decided to debut
HM gives him the contract
BH is outside waiting
when HM comes out from the meeting
HM asks BH why she is still there
BH says that if HM comes in she is out of K
with one word from HM- BH’s future is on the line that is why
BH asks why the choice is up to HM when BH is the one putting in all the effort
HM says that is strange cuz what BH just said, HM said the same thing
HM: why did BYJ choose you-why did you debut before me
why is the choice always up to you and not me
we are really similar-arent we?
BH asks for HM to stop tallking about other things
and asks point blank if HM decided to debut
HM says she didnt -she decided not to
BH asks why
HM: why do you think I didnt?
I dont understand myself either
will be going now
as HM gets out of the elevator
JG eagerly asks when she joins the team
she tells him she  decided not to debut
JG asks why she turned it down
you wanted to debut
to stand on stage with me
and you said the conditions were good
so why did you turn it down?
HM: that is cuz I dont think it is the right time
he asks if that is a reason
he starts to complain: do you know how much I …. today….
but he stops himself
HM” I’m sorry – are you mad?
JG: you must have another reason-that cant be all of it
you have another reason you cant tell me huh?
but she says there really isnt anything like that
he says they should go to school cuz today kang is testing to be a teacher there
she says that is right and runs off
HM comes in with JG in tow
teachers are trying out
there is a class of kids in the audience to see how each teacher does
and behind the kids are 4 instructors to score the teachers trying out
JYP cheers on kang telling kang to do well and come back
but when it is kang’s turn
the principal comes in and kicks all the kids out
and replaces them with grownups
who are here to give strict marks
two of the regular instructors guess the principal is doing this to give kang pressure
JYP tells JG and HM that the principal is going too far-that he is trying to kill any chances kang has- that kang is type A blood and is really sensitive
Kang meets the challenge
JG and HM dont worry anymore
kang sings trot music
and the principal sort of sings too
principal is sitting in an empty classroom
other teachers come in and give him the result
kang get A+ across the board
the principal asks kang if he planned all this when he left
kang says he took to heart what the principal told him as he was leaving
about how to become a good teacher
kang explains that he didnt know why BYJ chose kang
and that kang thought the principal was after him-making his life hard but
kang says that the principal gave him homework
while he was working out the homework he became stronger
so to become even more strong in the future 
kang asks the principal to keep giving him homework
outside the office
JG asks kang is he is back
Hm says kang should have told them he was coming back
cuz she thought he threw them away and ran off
kang says Hm didnt give him a chance to talk
cuz she said what she wanted and went inside
JG forces HM to high five kang
and bow her head
but she refuses to bow
kang asks if they started preparing for the showcase
Hm says they need to start now
JG says to her-you said it is not time to debut but you are going out for the showcase?
HM replies this showcase is the real one so she has to go out for it
kang says it is good for them to have lots of experience being on stage
JG gets a call from K mananger and walks off to talk to him
HM tells kang that SD is acting strange
Hm and Kang go to where SD is playing the piano
and SD bangs on the piano at the end
kang compliments SD saying the song if good and asks if SD is going out for showcase with it
SD says he isnt going out for the showcase
kang: why?
SD: I dont have a reason- I just dont want to go out for it
HM comes up to him
HM: say it
why are you like this?
you have to talk so we can help
but SD plays the piano loudly to drown her out
kang stops HM from yelling at SD
and kang says to SD says let’s talk about the showcase later
K mananger has a meeting with Kgroup 
mananger says they are going out for the showcase
kids wonder why and Ria says it’s not like they are going to be scouted
by someone else so why do they need to go out for the showcase
manager says cuz now is the time for solo album
since they have a fan base already
BH asks who is getting the chance to do solo
manager replies
he is going to see how they do individually
and decide which ones should do solo album
all this time they performed together so he couldnt tell who should do a solo album
so at this showcase they are going to see who does well and decide
manager tells the guy next to him to pass out the songs each kid is going to perform
the guy next to the manager pulls out the folder BH stole music from so she is shocked
manager tells BH to play her song
she tries to get out of it by asking him if she can do another composition
he reminds her how she said she was going to be a songwriter
so she should show him if she has the ability
she tells herself it will be okay when she gets outside
JG chooses a song called MY valentine
so jason asks: you are going to do a ballad?
JG: why doesnt it suit me?
jason says it really doesnt suit JG at all
JG says he already half succeeded cuz it will show a new side to him
ria wonders which teacher she should learn from
she asks who jason is going to do it with
jason: whoever is the opposite of yours
she choose shin
jason chooses kang
each kid chooses which teacher to work with
JG picks kang
so does BH
jason wonders why she chose kang when she normally learns from shin
the bar guy comes in and asks if they saw SD or HM
he asks to see JG alone
he gives JG HM’s notebook that she left for SD
he explains when SD ran off and stayed out
HM told him he couldnt miss classes and took notes  and brought it to SD
the guy was going to throw it away but since she taught SD so earnestly
he brought it to give it back
and asks JG to return it to her
HM has her head down on the table again
JG puts his head down too
and puts the notebook down between them
JG: this is yours right?
she asks how he has it
he tells her that guy gave it to him
JG: you took notes for SD to give him
HM says yes and asks why JG is staring at her like that
JG says he is a little mad
why didnt she tell him about SD
if you had I would have helped you look for him
HM says it was cuz JG looking tired from having schedules till early hours
JG: even tho I was – for something like this- of course I wouldve helped you
from now on if something like this happens – make sure you tell me
she says she will and puts a sandwich in his mouth
teacher shin is drunk
kang comes to the bar to take her home
she complains how kids dont thank her on their albums
or give her carnations on teacher’s day
she asks if she wears kang’s glasses
then will it work
kang’s sister is at the same bar and she is drunk
kang takes shin and puts her in the car
teacher shin remembers what BH said
shin says cuz of her there is a kid who turned into a monster
she doesnt know how to stop her
jang says instead of stopping her-it would be better to make her realize on her own naturally
he says he has similar homework too
a kid who wont talk
who is trying to do things by himself
doesnt think about holding onto my hand (kang means asking for help)
who keeps going on by himself
SD tries to play the piano loudly to hear but he doesnt
kang’s sister is standing outside and getting snowed on
and that 2pm guy- the youngest one shows up
he asks why she is just standing there
she replies cuz it is snowing
they say if you get snowed on – you will go bald
he wraps his scarf around her head
and asks if she is like this then it is ok right?
he asks where her home is
and walks her home
when they get to her house
she says this is my home
he asks if it is hers
she explains how it belongs to her even tho it is under her brother’s name and tells him how much it is
she is about to take the scarf off  and return it
but he tells her to return it later when she sees him
she leans in and kisses him (ew—the age gap is like 20 yrs)
omg it turns out she kissed president Ma
he realizes she is kang’s sister
president ma asks his secretary if he believes in fate
why he got involved with HM and kang
why he went to the fake showcase
he knows now
he is going to have a rebirth
he is going to close his club tm and start a manangement company
teacher shin shows BH the red folder with the music sheet
she tells BH that she heard kang say this was BH’s
she tells BH to do well
BH stops shin but changes her mind
the bar guy is trying to take pics of PS with a cell phone
but jason keeps walking by and interrupting
he asks the guy what he is doing
the guy says taking PS’s profile pic
jason pretends he didnt know PS was behing him
jason asks the guy why she needs profile pics
the guy says cuz PS is going out for the showcase
PS explains she needs pics but
she only has fat pics
jason say she cant take that pic from a cell phone
and tells her to follow him
he took her to a professional place
and makes her wear a white dress with wings
PS hides behind a curtain
she says : you want me to take a pic with this on?
jason: why? it’s good
PS: isnt this too much
cuz other kids wear their uniform and take pics
jason says at the showcase
she needs to stand out
he tells her to hurry and come out and pulls the curtain back
PS says ok and thanks him
he says there is no need to be grateful cuz he is doing this as fan service
she says: now it is fan service – liar
the photographer comes up
turns out jason brought her to his photoshoot which starts 30mins later
so he asks the photographer to take her pics
the guy asks who she is
jason says a friend who doesnt have a profile pic for the showcase
the guy remarks that jason has a lot of girls – who is the one on his cell phone-and now who is this girl
jason tells him to just hurry and take the pics
PS gets lots of pics taken
*the photographer did say singular-who IS the one on your cell phone
so there is a good chance it is PS when she was chubby
JG asks HM where SD is
HM says he didnt come
JG: he isnt the kind of kid to skip something like this- he still wont say what is going on?
she says that no matter how much she asks he wont say
 she did everything she could so now she isnt going to bother
kang comes in and is surprised that 5 of them chose him-even BH
PS is happy to have class here
no more saunas or clubs
kang says he is happy too
he wants to celebrate with a party but HM shuts him down and says start class
kang says this time it is a real showcase
not a fake one and it is their solo
he gets a call from JYP
kang puts him on speakerphone
BH asks who is on the phone
jason says there is a guy who has broad shoulders but moves like a minnow
JYP was talking from outside the classroom
he is still afraid to be caught teaching them by the principal
JYP goes on about how they need to look someone in the eyes and sing
he tells them to pair up and sing “why did you come to my house”
not just sing it but reverse the situation and sing the next line back forcefully
kang notices him outside and goes out to JYP
JYP tells kang to move away before the principal sees
jason and PS start
jason sings to PS: why did you come to my house and she backs up
and cant meet his gaze
when PS messes up JYP forgets and walks in and yells at PS
realizes what he did
and goes back outside
JYP tells her how she is going to intimidate someone with that look
put strength in your eyes and sing the next line back
which makes jason stagger back
JYP says PS did well
next is HM and BH
BH sings first and Hm sings back with a smile
they end up looking like they are getting along
Kang goes to JG and says SD should have come so JG would have a partner
so kang offers to help and asks JG to have a staring contest with kang
JG starts with a glare and kang runs off saying “let’s not”
HM is vacuuming and finds SD’s medical report about his hearing loss
she realizes he is losing his hearing
she remembers what he said about regretting following her and all that
she says this cant be real
SD comes and grabs the medical report and crumples it
she asks what happened to his hearing
she asks if that document is his
SD says it is his
she asks if he is like that from getting hurt when he tried to save her
SD says it wasnt that
HM: it really isnt from getting hurt then?
he starts to lose his hearing again
he denies it and says : it wasnt
HM: then why are you like that?
 when did it start
but he cant hear her anymore
so he repeats “it wasnt “
HM cries and asks: can you hear what I am saying now?
all he can do is repeat “it wasnt”
so she knows
and cries
and hugs him calling his name
SD cries and says : this is why I said
that you would regret bringing me back
I didnt want to come back
I didnt want to say
the way I am like this – I didnt want anyone to know
HM: i’m sorry – it’s because of me
she hold his hand and drops down on her knees
SD starts to plead: you said then that you wouldnt give up on me
that you would pull me up
then try pulling me up
please pull me up – I’m begging you
HM: what do we do- what do we do
kang comes in and sees Hm on the floor
kang: what is wrong with you guys?
she begs kang to help SD
kang cries alone in the dark
(I dont know medical terms so this might sound vague- i only added the parts i knew for sure)
Kang goes to SD’s room
he says something positive
that if they adjust/control something
it wont affect his normal life that much
SD replies that if he doesnt control/adjust something
he might lose his hearing completely
Kang says losing his hearing only happens once in a while
SD says if I am on stage when I lose my hearing, the performance will be a disaster
kang asks if the chances of SD losing his hearing while on stage would even happen that often
SD mentions that even getting this condition – there wasnt that much chance of it
and that out of all those chances not to get it- he got it
PS found jason’s cell phone
she asks who’s it is
and some girl says it belongs to jason cuz he was sitting there a few mins ago
so PS tells her she will give it to him in class
she remembers the photographer saying jason has a lot of girl’s pics
she gets tempted to look at them
but tries to restrain herself
she says doing it is really bad
but jason comes and grabs it
he asks if she saw the pics
she says she didnt
and calls out to him-who is on it?
jason is singing my valentine
(wow didnt know he could sing like this
it kind of feels weird listening to him)
BH asks if he really is going to do this and not a dance number
JG: i already showed plenty of my dance and rap sides
since I already showed those sides – it wont seem like new
BH: you really want to do a solo debut dont you?
JG says of course he does- standing on the stage alone is ….
so I am getting greedy
arent you?
she says i do too -then i guess we became competitors
she asks if HM didnt say anything
he asks about what
BH: why HM turned down the chance to debut
JG: yeah she told me
BH: dont misunderstand
I never asked her to turn down the debut
HM decided
she said she didnt like to take my position away from me
JG: right now- are you saying that HM gave up debuting cuz of you?
BH: you said HM told you
you didnt know?
she didnt tell you?
he stands up and looks at her
JG: long time ago you said no one was on your side
what you said was wrong
in this world- there is at least one person on your side
BH: what does that mean?
he lists the stuff HM gave up to come to kirin
how she stuck with it
waiting for the day to debut
but a kid like that
gave up the chance to debut for your sake
I dont know what is going on between you two
but this one I know
the person who is clearly on your side is HM
not me
he leaves
JG goes to HM
she has her head down on the desk
he asks what she is doing here
cuz she is in their old classroom
he asks if anything happened
she says nothing did
he remarks that she has matured
cuz in the past she just spoke her mind
but now she knows how to be careful about what she says
she sits up
he continues- a girl like you who is so ambitious-
you gave up something for a friend huh?
also a girl like you who is rash
to have a secret -there must be a good reason
and she leans her head on his shoulder
SD comes to school
not wearing a uniform
from the back he has the perm hair
what he looked like on his first day
he looks at the school like he did on the first day
he watches kang and the kids
kang asks the kids to come up on stage
he asks them if this is their first time doing a solo
PS says thinking about standing there makes her tremble
jason says what is there to tremble about-it looks like it will be fun
JG wonders if he can perform on his own
Kang: the answers to your questions are on stage
what is so strange about being on stage is that the stage gives you your answers
in a very scary way – it is accurate
BH doesn believe and asks : really?
kang: whether you have the right to do a solo or not
ask the stage
so PS asks the stage right there
she knocks on the ground : can I do a solo?
jason tells her to stand up
kang: not now – on the night of the showcase
BH: i dont really understand what you mean
kang: how much you prepared
how much skill you have
the stage knows
it knows and will applaud you
but if you guys dont prepare enough-even a little bit
if you lack, act like a coward
the stage will know that like a ghost
for the person who is ready
in front of the person who has the right
the stage will be soft
in front of the person who doesnt have the right
the stage will be scary and you guys will be swallowed up
teacher shin listens to what kang is saying as she walks by and smiles
JG says all kang is saying is to practice hard in a roudabout way
kang tells them to start practicing
SD asks “if I ask- will you answer” (he is talking to the stage)
some terminator thing looks at each kid
words flash above each person
kang says to JYP: do you really want to be like that?
terminator is JYP in disguise -muffler and visor
he uses robot voice
he says he wanted to trust kang and leave it up to him
but JYP cant trust kang
you guys will be very curious about who I am
but i cant tell you
so he wants the kids to trust him and follow his orders
BH asks PS if that isnt jyp
PS tells her to pretend she doesnt know
he thinks if he is like that he wont be caught
BHfinds out they have been learning from JYP all this time
PS tells BH to keep their promise
SD comes in and says he is sorry for being late
he hands JYP the music
JYP says : what am I suppose to do if you give me this now
there is hardly any time to prepare
SD asks him to help him out
kang asks if SD is going out for the showcase
SD says he is
HM smiles at SD
JG watches her smile at SD
JYP talks like a robot the whole time
he starts to teach BH to dance first
then jason
then the others
JYP lifts his visor when he gets frustrated at PS
when SD is singing
HM and kang watch him smiling
principal tells pres ma to leave
but pres ma says he is hear to scout some kids who are good
pres ma shows paperwork to prove he is legit
he shakes hands with K’s manager
on his way out he meets kang’s sister
she is wearing his muffler
he tells her it is his
and that is when she realizes who she kissed
and she isnt happy
but he is thrilled and tells her to keep it as a present
HM runs down to where SD is
HM : you are going to start music again right?
that is why you are going out for the showcase ?
SD: no
HM: then why?
SD: I came to ask the stage whether I should start over or not
HM: what?
SD: if I do well on the showcase without any problems
receive applause and get scouted
then i am going to take that to mean I can hope again
HM: what if you lose your hearing
SD: I will likely mess up the showcase
if that is the answer the stage gives me then I will accept it
without a future- i will (quit???) music
he starts to walk off but HM stops him
HM: no – you wont mess up your performance
I wont let that happen
SD: you? with what ability?
teacher shin tells BH to do well today
BH asks why teacher shin isnt doing anything
when she knows the song isnt BH’s
BH asks if she is telling her it is ok to plagiarize
shin says no it isnt ok to plagiarize but no matter how much she says that, BH wont listen to her
so BH needs to hear from the stage that she shouldnt plagiarize
BH goes on stage and tells herself she can do it and not worry
while she is performing she sees a K manager’s secretary pull out his file and look for some music
she thinks he knows she plagiarized so she loses all focus and doesnt do well
he tells the K mananger about the music
and K manager is not happy and throws the music sheet down
she messes up and falls down
kids yell at her to get off the stage
kang’s voice narrates about how if you are not prepared or if you act cowardly
the stage knows like a ghost
SD grabs the mic -wow he looks good in black
he goes on stage
he cant hear the piano
so he looks over at it
JYP wonders why SD is staring at the piano instead of staring in front of him
SD hold up the mic – ready to start anyway
no preview
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        nope haha, cochlear implants can be given both to children and adults. i know coz im currently studying it for my midterms and if you dont believe me you can read this article http://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/hearing/coch.asp

        • ck1Oz says:

          LOL guess I won’t be applying for a M in audiology.Hahaha thought of doing it for fun.However it doesn’t rock my boat.

          However KD is which is why I enrolled for Korean classes instead :-)

          Isn’t that terrible?

          • e says:

            hahaha nope im actually thinking of taking korean lessons during summer break so i wont have to wait for subs to understand what they are saying haha..and KDs are more fun than studying anyways haha

  14. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jazza San Agustin, 최유경. 최유경 said: @ajiezurfani baca ini aja kak biar pol https://soulsrebel.wordpress.com/2011/02/14/dream-high-e12-live-transcap/ [...]

  15. [...] لمشاهدة الترجمة الإنجليزية لهذهـ الحلقة [...]

  16. earthprincess says:

    Regarding SD’s hearing loss, I am kinda hoping that maybe it can be helped by wearing hearing aids. I kinda understand how he feels since I have hearing loss too. When I take my HAs off, the world is muted. So, I’m hoping that the drama kinda goes for that route and raise awareness for the world of the hearing-impaired as well.

  17. MJShinshi says:

    I thought so too softy about SD!! thank you for this and yet another week of transcapping. I was here thinking of computer screen showing him what note is being played so he can follow along or HM gets up there to help or hold up some sign to help him follow the music. She just sat there starring at SD after she said she won’t let him fail. I guess the Show will just go with scouts hearing the story from teachers that SD is gifted. There was no doctor visits at all after Kang found out, what was that all about?!! We’ll find out tmr how his showcase number went….arghh no preview! So did Pres Ma like PS’s pictures in the program? I’ll have to watch that again….Jason and PS are just too cute. since they haven’t been showing much any of the other coupling progression, as a couple I think they’re stealing the show :)

    Thank you again!

  18. outofcontrol says:

    Thank you softy.

  19. MB says:

    I have a feeling that SD will develop into a great composer than a performer. Just like Ludwig Beethoven, who was a natural born music genius, has gone deaf but never stopped composing music. Same of what happened to Du Ru Mi in Beethoven’s Virus. She got deaf from Menier’s dse, and eventually found her new love for music thru composing… but maybe its just my wild hypothesis….

  20. ctsoleha says:

    thanx for trancap..while waiting for da subtitle..SD I love u!!

  21. chasen8888 says:

    This preview 13 translation was found at soompi. I am so looking forward to it.

    SD tells HM he is fine and not to worry about him anymore.

    In order to overcome his weakness, he decides to learn how to have perfect pitch, and asks the only person in the school who has perfect pitch, PS for help.

    HM & Jason get nervous by the two of them hanging together…

    BH who got caught for plagiarizing her song at the school’s showcase is in danger of getting kicked out from her management company and gets pointed at by people as well.

    Meanwhile, OH finds out JG is getting investigated by the police and goes to find him…

  22. Crew says:

    I’m a really big fan of your recaps. You make my mornings. First with SG, now with Dream High!

    As for the terminator references, it’s bc 2pm had a song that was inspired by the Terminator, aptly called “I’ll Be Back”.

  23. mojaslatka says:

    I am just awestrucked by this drama. I changed from LOL with JYP’s scenes to crying buckets with SD’s scenes, from feeling sorry with BH’s scenes to feeling giddy with Jason’s and PS’s scenes. From feeling low (sad) when Hyemi’s sad but then proud with Hyemi’s growth.

    Every character in this drama is very unique and interesting. And they are growing just right as well the the plot development. Even scenes with Pre Ma and Kang’s sister and Teacher Shin and Teacher Kang are good.

    Now after Epi 12,I wish that SD will be able to hear and debut successfully. He totally deserves it. And BH, after this embarassment and downfall in her career, I really hope that she will come clean with all her wrongdoings and start over. She is just a person who lacks self confidence, who wants to be acknowledged by her mother, one who tries her best to achieve her dream. She just got the wrong move to follow a bad advice by her teacher. But she needs a second chance just like Hye Mi. Although I love JYP’s performances,Teacher Kang needs to grow more as a teacher for JYP and principal to fully trust his capability.

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