Dream High E13

Boy do they like to drop surprises – first SD’s hearing loss is not related to saving HM
Then JG gets in trouble with the press for beating up K manager
Then what BH tries to do at the end
and in the midst of all that – we get the declaration we have been waiting for from PS and Jason.  Who knew the words “I was jealous” could be so romantic.
Whew- they covered a lot tonight.
Priki has put all of yogurutu’s translations on a mediafire link posted in comments so go there for the download- thanks sooooo much Priki 🙂 I am soooo going to miss yogurutu’s work-she was the best when it came to SKKS translations-hope all is well with her.
I hate when i try to bring logic into a drama cuz it seems silly to ask for that when all kdramas by definition are riddled with lapses in logic, but I have to throw this out there- why cant JG just come clean and tell the press and his dad what manager yoon did to BH?
I doubt the manager went so far as to rape her so where is the harm in revealing BH was the victim and throw that jerk in jail? why take a career hit and keep silent about doing the right thing?
JG’s dad was even trying to get this matter resolved by paying off the manager- there is no way his dad is going to like that later on when he finds out exactly what kind of pervert he tried to pay off.
Gotta say – what they did with JG and BH’s incident- not too thrilled about it. It doesn’t suit a drama like this – I hope it wasnt BH that started it all – she better be innocent cuz if she was that desperate and changed her mind at the last minute and JG’s career went down the toilet for her stupidity-totally going to be miffed.
If I had to play BH’s role- I would seriously question why this character needs to be so dense. She needs to take responsibility for her actions and just bow out with some dignity intact. Her plan to beg the manager for another chance was just so pathetic and futile. Characters like this infuriate me cuz she is the kind of girl in movies who always falls down at the worst time-like when she is being chased – and some innocent guy stops and saves her and he dies or gets injured in her place. Can’t believe that guy had to be JG – why couldnt he just focus on his own girl? And to make matter worse- as if ruining his career and image wasn’t enough, she was going to do THAT in that last scene? really? that is her solution? that is what she calls working hard? after all she did – cheated and lied to get to the top- that is the only answer she can come up with to ease her guilt? argghhhh – why do kdramas have to get to this point at E13- why couldnt there be smooth sailing? aigoo…. 

OMG does anyone have any info on “bad milk” or aka yogurutu? I have been following her blog since SKKS and loved her work. She was just about to do the second book with MJS and then she stopped posting since Jan. now it says her blog shut down or something. I cant read korean so I have no idea what it says. is it just temporary?
her blog shutting down like that made me wonder what would happen here if I stopped posting translations- wonder if anyone would care or miss me for very long. I know I would miss doing these transcaps cuz I have become a translating machine – cant seem to find an off button – I hear korean and I automatically translate -it gives me a headache when I do that with friends as they talk- I dont listen to what they are actually saying cuz all I hear are the korean words and I translate it in my head. I have no idea how many times they have hit me to snap me out of it. If I ever stopped posting, I know I will get emails from my SKKS buddies and two very frantic ones will be coming my way from crazynyt and betchay wondering what happened to me. Right before yogurutu’s  blog shut down-the comments she got from ppl were so sweet-all they wanted to know was if she was ok- they said she didnt need to post any new translations- just let them know she was fine cuz they were worried sick. I bet that cheered her up some – at least I hope it did. Must be nice to feel so loved from so many strangers all over the world. I know that is how I feel reading comments here.
Some other news – I still havent fully watched part 3 of “taxi” so go ahead and watch for the person who was waiting on me. Like I said, I stepped away from anything Korean for the weekend and watched only BBC and American TV shows to let my brain get some rest. Sorry for not keeping my promise this past weekend to get to it, but I was exhausted from last week’s transcaps. They took longer than previous weeks.When an episode is more fun, I tend to translate in full so I am wiped out by fri.
point of clarity
I got K manager’s title all wrong
he is the president but i have been referring to him as manager the whole time so too late to change it
tonight i learned he is president yoon
so I might just shorten it to yoon from here on if I can remember that 
Dream High E13
—- ========================================
it starts with the audience clapping
SD says”this is the answer it is giving me”
he counts 1, 2, 3, 4 after he watches the guy start to play and starts singing
but he counted wrong so his singing doesnt match the piano
JYP wonders what is up with SD cuz he is totally out of rhythm
the audience confused reaction makes him stop singing
HM gets out of her seat
SD starts to walk off the stage
she goes up to the second floor balcony and waves her hand to motion for him to watch her
HM narrates what she said to him
after she told him she wouldnt let him mess up
if you get it wrong by any chance – I will help you get back on track
when I do this it means to raise your (pitch?) and when she makes
the pounding motion it stands for (?) 
{she had taught him to watch her hand motions that night}
so cuz of her he matches the music
omg thank you – I love HM now
after he is done
he cries like crazy and there is a lot of applause
HM is crying too
*someone needs to give KSH an award for singing so beautifully while acting that well
totally could not understand what he said thru his tears cuz of his accent -all I got was the word “bad”
Hm and Kang go to see the doctor
the doc says the person who lives with Sd needs to know what he can eat or not eat
HM takes notes about what SD needs to eat
kang asks if they need to be careful with where he injured his head
the doctor says SD’s disease does not stem from any head injury
HM repeats what he said and explains that Sd had a pot fall on his head before
the doc says it has nothing to do with that
HM repeats what he said
she calls SD a bad guy as she walks home
but she stops by a music store
there is a ribbon cutting event for JG cuz he got first place on his solo album
JG notices that his father had sent one of those massive flower displays
the manager asks if they should get an article out about how JG’s dad sent this
but JG gives him a look and the manager backs down and says he wont
HM gives SD a tuning fork looking thing
he asks what it is
she says the A note will be his anchor
she tells him how she researched his disease
that he needs to avoid caffeine
he says for her not to misunderstand he is going to tell her straight out
SD tells her point blank that
he heard this from the doctor last time
that this disease has nothing to do with his head injury
so she doesnt have to do these things cuz she feels sorry
HM calls him a bad guy and says now that doesnt matter
and that she will help him no matter what
so dont talk about other stuff and listen up
she tells him to avoid salty and spicy food
and get plenty of sleep
also that his mistake during the showcase
she told ppl he had stage fright
so he needs to say the same thing/keep to the same story
he says: let me ask something
he steps closer to her
this didnt happen cuz of you so why are you looking after me? 
do you like me?
HM: what?
SD: or is it – are you doing this cuz you pity me?
whatever it is-dont do this anymore
dont make a person confused
that is how you can help me
he starts to walk off but stops and says:
you did everything you could for me
cuz of you- I decided to keep doing music
I wont do anything bad anymore
so you dont have to pay special attention to me
and I’m sorry you cried cuz of me
during that time
SD walks off
alone- he hits the tuning fork
teacher shin plays two keys on the piano
PS guesses and gets the answers right
then the teacher hits the glass
jason says who can know that
and PS answers again
shin points to PS saying something positive about PS’s ability -her perfect pitch
and SD stares over at PS
SD asks the teacher if perfect pitch can be learned
and teacher shin says it cant be taught
so SD asks PS to meet him later cuz he has something to ask her
they make plans to meet at 5 in their old classroom
she asks why and he says he will explain later
jason saw all that and steps up and asks SD why is there a need to go to the old classroom when they are in the art classroom now
SD tells him he doesnt need to know
HM asks Sd to eat lunch but he tells her he has an appt so she needs to eat alone
jason asks HM why SD asked to see PS
HM tells him to ask SD if jason is curious
BH ends up eating alone
other girls are avoiding her
the mean girl tells other girls if they heard the news
that the song BH composed and sang at the solo showcase
BH stole the song from her management
cuz it made her feel guilty she messed up her performance
other girl asks if BH’s management let that slide
but the girl says you think they would? she will get kicked out soon
if she gets kicked out there – getting into another management is hopeless
HM comes and puts an earphone into her ear
BH says no music is coming out
HM instructs her to keep it in there anyway and not point that out
BH says she isnt done yet –
HM: i know
BH says she is not giving up ever
Hm: I know
they eat cereal together quietly
teacher shin asks BH what she is doing and not going home
BH says she was thinking
teacher shin says BH was probably wondering why she messed up at the showcase
BH says she is wrong
BH knows why she messed up on stage
like the teacher said
BH says she is going to ask her manager for another chance
if he does – then she wont cheat and work hard
the teacher asks what if he doesnt
BH says then she will have to start over from the start
since she has to start without cheating
 it will take a long time  and it will be hard
so she asks the teacher to help her then
shin promises to help BH
SD plays a note on the piano
he is trying to grasp perfect pitch
SD admits to himself it isnt easy
kang comes in asking if SD is practicing holding that note
kang says how it isnt easy to do that even if one is skilled
SD says he knows that but he still wants to find it
even if he loses hearing on stage – so he can sing
kang says about his disease -if SD eats medicine regularly then he wont lose more hearing
so he asks SD to give up on the stage and just compose
but SD refuses
he says he will never give up the stage
jason stares at his watch and it is past 5:30
he takes his headphone off
jason is talking to himself
should i go see what they are doing?
what am i doing – this is ruining my image
he puts the headphones back on
then he takes them off and says
there is a spacious art classroom so why is there a need to go to the old one (cuz it is tucked away from everyone)
the guy behind him is dying waiting on jason to be done
jason looks up and says to himself
what does that have to do with you-just listen to the music jason
he puts it back on and then takes it off and yells – this is so irritating
kid behind him says jason is more irritating-are you gonna go or not
so jason replies he is going and takes off down the hall
PS helps SD
she teaches him what she knows
what you hear you match with the ears
but the sound you let out you match with (intuition? about how low or loud the sound coming out needs to be)
she apologizes for not explaining well but he says he thinks he knows what she means
she asks why he needs to learn this
he tells her to just think he has a reason to need it
HM watches them from outside the window
as she leaves jason comes over
HM asks jason why he is here
he says he was going to the library but came the wrong way
Hm smirks and says she was going there too so they can go together
she says let’s go-it’s this way and leads him away by his arm
he is about to hit her head but pretends to touch her hair saying how nice her hair is
and walks off ahead of her saying:what are you doing and not going
pres ma meets with the principal and other staff
pres ma does not look happy at all
principal talks about HM and PS saying that pres ma was able to see their talent
at the showcase but that there are major problems in having them debut
so he wants to let pres ma know what that is ahead of time
he calls on the teacher who helped PS lose weight
the woman talks about PS
showing pics of PS when she was chubby on an ipad
the biggest problem in having her debut would be the pics of her when she was fat
the teacher says she is really worried that PS will go from being happy to getting hurt
when she learns that she lives in a world where ppl judge how big your face is
JYP gets mad and says does a face sing? does a face dance?
why are you talking about her face?
he gets offended (cuz it is his complex i think) and stood up
principal makes him sit back down
another teacher talks about HM
and says her (personality ?) will be the biggest problem
she doesnt know when to hold herself back/contain her emotions
and is rude in certain conditions
pres ma seems to be thinking that over since he knows her very well
teacher continues saying she is a student they should be worried about letting debut
even if she does debut -it would be better is she avoided live programs
JYP stands up for her saying she isnt that bad
and the other teacher slyly asks what about HM’s personality is okay
JYP say how good HM is when it comes to bowing/showing respect
clip of HM refusing to bow her head to kang when JG made her
JYP says how she puts up with things/controls her emotions
clip to HM throwing down the rice outfit SD had given her to wear
JYP manners
clip to HM shoving JG during pratice
and JYP strains to think of more
principal tells JYP to stop
then he directs his attention to pres ma and says pres ma has a
strange eye for picking kids like these two
PS and HM are on a live radio program as guests
with those two guys from strong heart -those super juniors
PS does well but HM just acts indifferent and detached
a caller on the radio says she is surprised to get on the radio and tells PS and HM
that she is a fan so PS thanks her -HM just sits there
the guy asks what she likes about PS and HM
the girl says how they show what it is like to be human
she says how she heard a member used to be 82 kgs and lost weight thru surgery or liposuction
PS hears that and gets upset and puts her head down
HM bristles with anger
she speaks informally into the mic:ya- you are caught
you’re Ria arent you?
she yells what Ria is doing embarrassing PS like this
the guys politely remind her this is a live radio program
and tells each other to stop her
Ria says she wasnt talking about PS
HM stands up and knocks the super junior guy on his butt
he had gone over to HM to make her stop talking like that
pres ma watches from the other room and sighs loudly
HM yells : ya-then who else is the kid who used to be 82kg besides PS-  was it me?
and she didnt lose weight thru lipo or surgery
Hm says to PS: you didnt right?
and PS nods
HM yells to Ria: ya- you wanna die?
so PS tries to pull HM down saying: just sit cuz you are the one humiliating me now
but HM pulls her off
and orders the producer to reconnect her to Ria
kang meets with pres ma
pres ma say there is a reason why ppl shouldnt do whatever they feel like or something-i dont get this
Kang says why are you like that when you knew all along (about how HM behaves)
pres ma reminds kang that he closed the nightclub to invest in this
so now he needs to look at the kids as business
JYP goes and sides with pres ma
kang says he thought ma would be different so he is disappointed
he didnt think he would act like other management companies
instead of this – “in order to make money-produce singers”
kang thought pres Ma would
“in order to produce singers – spend money” 
JYP goes over to kang’s side and says that is how he saw pres ma
kang continues
you didnt close down businesses that were doing well
to form a management company to make more money did you?
JYP – you didnt do that right? cuz if you did that is really disappointing
Ma says that wasnt it
kang says then it is ok
the answer came out
pres ma looks confused (like me)
Ma is surprised he agreed and gets upset he got caught by the way kang spoke
JYP goes to Ma’s side and points to kang and says: me too- cuz of that mouth I get tricked all the time too
Kang says let’s prepare for their debut
Ma asks about SD
JYP explains that Sd is ok when he is composing but as soon as you put him on stage he gets nervous
and suffers from stage fright 
what JYP says gives kang an idea and kang runs off thanking him
kang tells SD that he needs to hold onto that first note on the tuning fork thing
and that the rest of the notes will hang on there like a tree
kang is trying to show SD he has relative pitch
SD seems happy about the advice
JG goes to see his dad
and thanks his dad for giving him flowers
his dad says to his sec: why did you do something i didnt ask
but the sec says : but you told me to send it yesterday
JG’s dad clears his throat cuz he got caught in his lie and JG looks on with a big grin on his face
JG tells his dad he is working hard and promises  not to disappoint his dad
his dad pretends not to care but you can see he is touched by JG’s words
JG sees that his dad is wearing the watch JG bought him
HM asks if SD is home to kang’s sister
the woman is still upset about what happened with ma
HM gets a call from JG
she surprises him while he waits outside
she pops some confetti
HM: congrats for getting first place
he asks if that is the face that says congrats
(cuz she looks too casual and nonchalant)
she says this is the face she makes when she congratulates someone
he accuses her of being down cuz he got first place on
his solo when it hasnt been that long since he debuted
HM tells that is isnt that – it’s a warm envy (that she feels)
JG: can you congratulate me while smiling
even my father sent me flowers
HM is more excited: you dad did? flowers?
JG: that’s right
HM: really?
JG: really
she pops another confetti and hits him and says congrats
JG: what is that- you had some more?
HM: to do this – i had some more
he pinches her cheeks
she asks what he is doing
JG: does it hurt? this isnt a dream huh?
she pinches him back
HM: it’s your dream so you make sure by yourself
they tell each other to let go
HM says on the count of 3 let go
they count and only he lets go
as they joke around like that
JG sees SD and calls out his name
Hm suddenly let’s go of JG’s cheeks and looks at SD saying: you’re coming now?
JG notices how her attention shifted to SD
SD congrats JG saying JG got first place
JG asks if SD is ok cuz he heard about SD’s stage fright (that lie that HM came up with)
SD tells him it isnt anything to worry about and tells them to keep talking and goes
he tells HM he is going in first
JG gets a call from his agency and JG says he doesnt like articles like that
JG tells that person he will speak to mananger yoon himself and asks where the manager is now
Hm asks if something happened
JG explains the manager is trying to release an article with JG and his dad
he tells her it’s ok – he can just go tell him not to do that
BH calls the manager
she says she needs to meet him cuz she has something to tell him
and asks if he is in his office
he must have said he was  cuz she says she will go up now then
kang’s sister wakes up kang
she explains she just got news to report about an incident that just happened
JG beat up someone
kang drives to the police station
news goes on about JG assaulting manager yoon
the police ask kang if JG has a guardian or manager who can take him 
kang takes responsibility for JG as his teacher
when JG comes out
reporters ask is it true he assaulted manager yoon
what was the reason
how do you feel right now
what did your father say about the assault
did you pay compensation
kang takes JG to the basement car place saying pres ma owns it so JG can use it for the time being
he asks JG why JG hit the manager since JG is not the fighting type
kang goes to get JG something to eat
JG looks around and says he came back to the bottom
reporters are waiting at kang’s house
news goes on about how JG beat up Kmanager
HM watches and SD joins her
K manager is in a wheelchair
and bandaged up
he goes on camera
saying how he hurt his neck and back so he has to be in a wheelchair
saying what is really broke is not his chin bone but
his heart cuz he believed in a friend (worst acting ever)
there is CCTV footageof JG dragging the manager out and punching him
kang sees the news
HM asks where JG is
kang tells her JG is at the basement place cuz of all the reporters
SD asks kang what JG’s reason was for doing that
kang says he doesnt know cuz JG wont talk
JG’s dad sees the news
his sec explains how the news spread after the assault so the news could not be blocked
that manager yoon is making the whole inicident into a big deal
JG’s dad asks his secretary where JG is 
sec says JG is with kang so the dad doesnt need to worry
if the dad goes to see JG right now-things will just get worse
at school kids talk about JG and his news
they make movie posters with JG photoshopped and
make comments that JG is going to go beat someone
calling him gangster JG
a girl lies and says what she is about to say is a secret
that BH’s hand painted star on her eye on the night of the showcase
was to cover a bruise JG gave BH on her eye
the bar guy stands up for his friend and says JG isnt that kind of guy
RIa tells another girl about who JG’s real dad is
jason stand up for JG too and tells them to shut up
BH overhears and worries
kang takes JG home
HM and SD were in the middle of tearing down mean posters about JG
kang announces he brought JG home to HM and SD
SD says: it’s good you came
kang’s sister makes JG food but he says he isnt hungry
she says it’s cuz he has things he wants to say but he is keeping it in
in the middle of her pity fest she pulls out a recorder and tries to get his interview down
so the rest of the family calls out her name to stop her
JG’s dad comes to meet JG
his dad says the manager doesnt want to be compensated
so now his dad needs to meet him in person
but before he does, his dad wants to hear JG’s side first
he says he knows very well that JG isnt the kind
of kid to hit someone without a reason
what did manager yoon do to you?
JG says like his father said
there is something he is holding back
his dad stands up and orders him to tell him what he is hiding
if they leave things the way they are now
both of them can lose everything-does he know that?
but JG cries and says sorry for disappointing his dad
his dad asks if JG’s dream meant so little that he could give it up like this
JG kneels down and keeps apologizing
outside the room – kang’s sister asks HM and Kang if they can hear what JG and his dad are saying and she holds out her recorder
BH goes to her mom’s store
her mom was about to open a present
BH’s mom is surprised that BH’s manager gave them such an expensive present
BH looks guilty
her mom wonders why he sent it when it is not a special holiday or anything
and tells her mom : let’s not accept this and return it
and cries cuz her mom doesnt want to
she begs again for her mom to return it
back in his old room JG is in bed sulking
SD comes in and goes up to JG
SD: look- I’m wearing your underwear
ah- this is no fun
SD mutters in southern dialect about how it’s not much of a competition
if JG is out of the game lying around in bed sulking
why? does it seem like your life is over
does it feel like your life is the worst in this world
JG tells him he is being loud and JG just wants to sleep
SD: wanna bet whose life is more depressing?
you said you dont have a mom
i dont have a dad
up to here looks like we tie
JG gets up and tells SD to stop
SD: you got to become a singer and got first place (on the charts)
and I cant even debut
how is that- I should be a little more depressed huh?
JG walks away but SD pulls him back
SD: keep listening till the end
you hit a person and became the nation’s gangster
JG grabs him by the collar
JG: I told you to stop
SD: why? cuz  it looks like you should be more depressed?
I still have something big to reveal
My hearing is messed up
JG: what?
SD: there are times when I lose hearing
during those times I cant hear anything
it happened on stage during the showcase
and it wasnt cuz of something wrong with the stage
JG lets go
SD: how’s that? I’m worse off than you huh?
I’m just as depressed  as you but right now I am giving you an opportunity
even if there is no sound
I am going to find my pitch
and sing
do you know why?
cuz I want to beat you
JG: you want to beat me?
SD: that’s right
{i dont get this part but i think he said – to the extent that no one else can dare to challenge you}
so man to man
I want to compete against you
JG: what about HM?
SD smiles: this kid- with his sharp mind
he says he cant wait long so JG needs to hurry and get his head together and come out to compete
jason is talking to someone in eng
and he says : i miss you- i love you- bye (bet it was his mom)
PS walks by and hears that
she remembers what the photographer said about jason having lots of girls
jason asks if she met SD ok
she asks why he is curious about that
jason says:
think of it as advice from an older classmate who debuted first
so listen well 
you shouldnt meet a guy alone -just the two of you
I would never misunderstand that
but other ppl are not like me
that’s how scandals come out
PS: how about you
the way you spoke to julie or jolie
shouldnt you be careful?
talking to a girl like that- I miss you i love you
talking like that it’s easy for ppl to misunderstand
of course I would never misunderstand
jason: what is this? advice or jealousy?
PS: how about you-is it advice or jealousy?
jason: i asked first so you answer first
PS: i dont want to – you answer first
he says on count of 3 answer-let’s answer at the same time
he counts
no one answers
jason: ya-why didnt you answer
PS:what about you-why did you answer?
jason says let’s stop and walks off 
he comes back and says: i was jealous
how about you?
she says she was jealous too
they smile at each other
she feeds him bread
*and a couple is born!!yay!!!
HM grabs SD as he walks into class
she asks SD if he is ok-can he hear well?
SD smirks and says he can and asks why she is asking
HM: cuz today is the pitch test
if by any chance you cant hear
you have to look over at me
you remember this right?
she holds up her hands
when I give the signals…
he grabs her hands
SD: it’s ok – I dont need it anymore
HM: what do you mean you dont need it
what if your disease…if people catch you
what do you plan to do
SD: dont look at me like that
you are not my {caretaker?} nor my mom
you cant go through your whole like going around like this
he holds up her hand signals
I will show you
enough so you dont have to worry
enough to meet your expectation
in an impressive way
Hm stammers ok and he says let’s go in
jason and PS reach into the basket at the same time and touch hands by accident
they tell each other to choose numbers first
jason suggest they choose on the count of 3
teacher shin asks if they are playing
and makes jason pick first
(from here on i am guessing what the teacher is saying about the test cuz i dont know these terms)
Shin says this is their simple pitch test
the songs they have they have to sing
there are two of the same songs/compositions
and something about how they have to add certain elements
kids complain it is too hard
but Shin says in order to help them they will get assists from the piano
she asks for the two ppl who chose the first composition
jason looks disappointed it wasnt PS who stood up
HM and jason both chose one
they look at each other and dont like they are partners
jason sings first
then HM joins in
they sing acapella
JG walks down the hall amid stares and whispers
BH hides from him
JG goes and stands next to kang and JYP
teacher shin says jason got flat twice and Hm three times
so jason is happy but she says not to get too happy cuz he got something else wrong
shin asks for the ppl who chose the second composition
it’s PS and SD
SD asks the teacher not to play the first note with the piano
he explains PS doesnt need it cuz she is good
shin says that is true for PS but it will be hard for SD
SD says he will try to find it
SD looks over at JG
shin agrees but warns him not to take it back later when he hears his grade
SD: I will never do that
JYP asks kang how SD is going to get the first note or pitch
SD sings without music
dang he is good
 PS is good too
jason smiles at PS and scowls at SD -again and again – adorable!
JG kang and JYP watch in amazement
teacher shin gives both of them A+
PS and SD high five each other
SD goes out to JG
he brags about his A+
I told you I wouldnt wait long
so you have to get your head together
as he walks off SD takes something out of his pocket and says
I dont need it-you have it
JG looks down and sees the K pendant in his hand
BH looks lost and miserable
HM watches her
BH goes to the roof
omg do NOT do this
she takes her shoes off
she stands at the edge
HM goes up and calls her name
she puts BH’s shoes back on
saying if kids catch her like this and get a pic with their cell phone –
they will make more fun of her on the internet
BH cries and hugs HM
HM asks her what is wrong
BH asks: what should I do
HM: what’s going on? tell me
BH says this is all because of me
what happened to JG-it’s cuz of me
she says JG punched manager yoon while saving her
HM: what?
no preview
but a performance of my valentine by JG comes out
I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I suspected as much
when BH said she was going up to meet the manager
I bet the mananger took advantge of BH so JG saved her and punched out the manager

56 comments on “Dream High E13

  1. Laurie says:

    Just reading the Ep 13 and news things. I have to say as for the ifs for this blog I would be lost for sure and miss you. I come almost every day to just catch up and make sure I did not miss anything. I suppose my K-drama addiction plays a big role. 🙂 However since I do not speak or understand Korean your blog is an added bonus. Cause I can watch K TV channels and not worry about those that are not subbed Then come here instead of streaming. As I have said before I love it.
    I understand your auto translating, I do it when people are speaking French even at the mall, on the bus etc.
    As for Ep 13 I am with you on just let the smooth flow happen. What they will use all this for in the end, who knows? Maybe to add a climax and ending? Not sure they needed it though.
    I too have tried taking a break, getting caught up on some of my most beloved UK, & US shows. I was a Fringe addict and then a friend introduced me to K-Drama this fall Now I am so lost have to wait for Season 3 to come out on DVD. I am glad you are taking a break, it means you are taking time for yourself.

    Well I guess that is it fro now. Did not think it would be this long of a post.


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I love Fringe- I never miss a single episode of that – every new one each week I load on my ipad and watch on the subway commute. That and the Good Wife are two dramas I never miss out on. I don’t have a severe case of kdrama addiction-MP and DH are the only kdramas I watch currently-and once in a while I watch two other variety programs- we got married and 1N2D. Other than that- I avoid Korean TV. This was how I was before this blog existed so not much has changed there. After DH and MP ends, I might pick up Midas if it is good. The way dramas are these days, I am not going to expect too much cuz to me SG and SKKS were the best lately so they are hard to replace.


  2. MJSHinshi says:

    Hi softy, just read your thoughts up top and I agree and BH should have stepped forward and spoke up instead of what she was trying to do at end. Thank you so much for what you do, I will definitely miss you and your blog if you suddenly stop. Know that you will for sure be missed!! When I read you took a break it made me smile that you turned off your Auto-Translate mode 🙂 I, on the other hand after watching these few kdramas, my brain thinks I know Korean!! Just reading your transcaps and coming across words or phrases I know in Korean, I read them IN Korean!! Ex: PS telling JS, “I don’t want to..” my brain reads: shiro! then I remind myself to just read it in Eng as it’s written..I know I’ve gone nuts.

    I do appreciate what you do, Thank You!


    • Softy says:

      You are hilarious – funny thing was I thought you read some Korean so I just assumed you knew a little bit of the language already. Ppl say Korean is easy to learn, but I always thought French was easier.
      I am just so glad MP and DH are good dramas – I never once had any problems with them like I did with MSOAN towards the end. I swear the second that kidnapping happened, my brain just switched off and made me emotionally shut myself off from the drama. It was so tragic cuz I loved MSOAN so much up to then. I don’t anticipate that happening here or with MP. That thing BH tried to do at the end, I hope is the last of those cuz that is one thing I hate about Korean dramas or music videos- it happens too much in real life in Korea so I wish they would stop portraying that as a solution to problems in dramas. The writer really dropped the ball putting that in.


  3. Beebs says:

    Well I really don’t think it’s JG’s place to say what happened to BH. To put yourself in her shoes it would be embarrassing have someone else tell the world that your manager forced himself on you. So I think JG did the right thing by not telling. BH is going to have to step up which I believe she will…. That’s if our speculations are true that the manager tried to make a move on her.

    Anyway I like SD but I’m getting sick of him always taunting JG. The first time it was cute. But now it’s getting annoying. He needs to let go of this one sided war he has with him and just be friends.


  4. Kristine says:

    I feel like Hyemi doesn’t necessarily like either of the guys. The love storyline in this drama is not really put together well. She seems to attach to either guy who’s struggling with something then moves to the other when the situation is the same. I really like how this drama mainly focuses on trying to reach your goals and achieve your dreams than a love story. Haha I love Jason and Pilsook though XD


  5. Literati says:

    I see where Becky was getting confused on what to do. She wants to do everything right, but we know if she speaks up there is no way that she will be given a second chance. Plus then it will turn into a he said/ she said and based upon her past lies (plagiarism) her credibility isn’t at it’s highest point right now. They will be all O.o Becky is just trying to protect him because she likes him etc etc.

    On a good note. I am so over the moon thankies Milk Couple stay adorable.


  6. mIA says:

    Question, maybe I’m just a little slow, but how come Jason and Pilsuk are called the “milk” couple??


  7. Popqueen1711 says:

    Can u please share with me the link for yogurutu translations and recaps if SKKS? Thanks in advance


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