Dream High E11

The talent and raw energy that KSH has astounds me – I stuck with DH for him and this is the episode where he showed us why he chose this project. That warning he gave HM was so amazing- I couldnt breathe. Such a short line, but he delivered it with such intensity-better than a more veteran actor.
Call me greedy but I wanted more of him at the last part- I certainly did not like ending with BH’s tantrum again. Man oh man now I have to wait another week to see what else SD does -bet he is gonna be even better.
turns out-aside from business and medical terms, I dont know that many words about music either-
wasnt sure if the music teacher was talking about producing, composing, or music notes in Korean
Dream High E11
it starts with a haircut and overlaps with scenes from last night when SD sees the kiss
the camera pans out to show SD with his new do and earring
he goes to see the hearing doctor
who gives him some bad news about his hearing
something about how he is going to have bouts of hearing loss often
and each time that happens- his ability to (hear?) will drop
and even tho they could try treatments-there is no certainty or something
(not sure of some of those medical terms)
SD narrates throughout these scenes:mom-you lied to me
you said heavens only give us what we can handle
but it doesnt seem that way for me
what came to me – I cant ever handle with just my strength alone
it is cruel and heavy
mom -I didnt get to go far but i have to (say farewell?) to my pretty dream
at this time – what should I do?
SD breaks down and cries in the middle of the street
* best freaking acting I have scene in ages by someone so young
kang is tendering his resignation and the principal reaches for it gleefully
but kang takes it away and reminds him to keep his promise
principal promises kang he will keep the promise to take care of the kids
kang is about to leave
so the principal says he will be honest
how he was bothered by kang as much as kang was bothered by him
he says kang is a good teacher but that he lacks something to be a great one
he hugs kang
teacher shin walks in on the hug and asks what they are doing
he says it happened cuz he was saying bye for the last time
she asks what that means
and he shows her kang’s resignation
she runs after kang
she asks if he got a job at some other school
he says no
she says if he leaves like this he threw away something
and is he thinking of the kids
he says he is so that is why he is giving them her as their teacher
he tells her again to take care of his kids well
kang goes to class and asks where SD is
only PS and HM are there
he says they are now up in the regular class
PS tries to hug HM but HM pulls away asking if PS hepatitis is all gone
cuz it is contagious so PS hugs her hard
HM gets a call from the manager
BH sees HM and asks HM why she is here
HM says your mananger wanted to see me
the manager asks HM to sign with them
she asks why suddenly
he says he had been watching her all along
and gives her a contract to look over
he tells her to think it over slowly and decide by the end of the month
outside HM tries to pinch her cheeks wondering why she doesnt hurt
she wonders if she is dreaming
she hits herself to make sure
kang looks over it
she asks if it is ok
he asks if she wants to debut that much
she says of course- if she debuts she can settle the  debt kang has cuz of her
he tells her not to debut for that reason
he is against it if she is starting with that kind of mind
when his sister comes home carrying the bags from the market by herself
she tells HM’s sister if she took her along
the little girl should have helped carry them
but the little girl says making a child do that is against (something like child labor laws-she is so cute)
HM asks her sister if she saw SD today
her sister said she saw him in the morning for a sec –
he left saying not to contact him for the time being cuz he is going home
HM goes to his room
she says to herself how could he just leave like that without saying anything
SD is walking on the street
he hears music
follows it to a club
listens and his hearing goes out a bit
he cries again
then smiles and puts his hand up to the speakers to feel the sound
JG’s friend comes over to SD
and tells SD to keep his secret that he works here part time
he asks if SD isnt going home
SD says he doesnt have a place to go
the guy reminds him he has kang’s home
SD says there is no sound there
there is loud sound here so it doesnt seem like it will run away
the guy mutters why SD is saying he ran away in such a complicated way
secretly-while looking over his shoulder
kang looks up about teaching music on the computer
with his resume lying around
mananger tells the K kids what their schedule is
3 of them have separate schedules cuz they are part of someone’s new album
 jason and Ria have a photoshoot to do in england during their break
so he tells them to have fun
jason asks to skip it cuz he has to take lessons for music composing and other classes during vaction
JG asks what is up with jason these days cuz jason is working so hard
so the manager orders to puch back the photoshoot since it is good for business
for jason to study more about composing
BH and Ria want to join the composing class too
PS sticks another lolipop on jason’s locker
and as she walks over to hers
she sees jason’s grade report on her locker
she remembers all that she said to him about how he needs
to be more ambitious and stuff
and she wonders if he stuck it here on her locker to show her (that he is trying)
he walks by so she chases him saying he is the best and runs into the pole
and falls with her thumbs in the air
teacher shin keeps running into JYP
he starts to ask then changes it to asking if she saw kang teacher
before she can answer
president ma comes
he is looking for kang cuz he needs to receive something
she tells both of them that kang took
responsibility for the fake showcase and the kids dancing in the club
so in order to protect the kids- he volunteered to resign
HM hears it too
she says kang teacher really quit cuz of us?
HM goes up to the principal
she accuses him of firing kang
she says he would never quit on his own so what did the principal say
the principal says he didnt do anything to kang
he says how kang for four years had bad evaluations
teacher shin comes in saying the kids need to show more ability
she says they all need to get A’s
and the principal and other teachers will recognize kang’s ability as a teacher
HM agrees that they will get all A’s so they need to reinstate kang then
other teacher says the person scoring only gave 3 A’s last time
principal asks to see teacher shin alone
he asks why she did that when he finally got rid of kang
she tells him not to worry
she calls him dad and says how hard it will be for them to get A’s
BH gets called in by the mananger
before he can talk she talks about how she changed her image
and how she will do her best
he tells her how other kids all have schedules but she doesnt
not even as a backdancer
he says he doenst need someone who will put in effort only
he needs someone who does things
she promises to become someone like that and starts lying
saying how he said it was good for them to learn composing
about how she has experience with composing
she convinces him to give her another chance
and that she will get a high grade on the music composition
if she does-for him to reconsider and decide whether to keep her
or not after looking at that grade
PS says to HM- so all 3 of us have to get A’s to bring back teacher kang?
HM says yes and PS argues how can we?
PS remembers SD went home so Hm says they have to tell him to hurry and come
PS worries about attendance for today
HM tells PS to try to sound like SD
PS worries how she can speak southern dialect
and starts to practice southern dialect so she can answer as SD during roll call
jason overhears from the next table
 HM calls SD’s mom
his mom asks if SD is well
cuz yesterday in her dreams, he came out and called out “mom” over and over again
and now his mom is worried and wonders if he is well
PS practices and HM says “it is strange”
and PS says “i told you Icouldnt- I wont do this” and gives up on talking like SD
HM tells PS that SD has disappeared
a new music teachers comes in and gets introduced
the female teacher says how kids who get A’s can stand on stage
the guy calls roll
SD is not here so PS tries to pretend to use southern dialect to say he is there
but jason does it better for her
BH stand there as her manager tries to get her a job
but the other manager doesnt want her
so her manager tells her how he tries like this to get her jobs
but no one wants her
JG sees this
BH practices composing byherself
SD goes and sees the keyboard
he remembers how he used to compose
he is still there at the club
the other kid tells him he can let him sleep here once
but not twice
and he tries to get SD to leave
but SD pushes him
and SD’s eyes look dead – like he doesnt care about anything
HM looks for SD everywhere
comic book store and streets
she gets a call from the guy who is working at the club
she asks where that place is
HM shows up at the club
he tells her to take SD away
HM goes up to SD
ya-are you ok?
are you hurt anywhere?
 when did you cut your hair
let’s go out and talk
i said let’s go outside
she takes his hand to lead him out
but he pulls his hand away
and says he doesnt want to
HM: why are you like this? did something happen?
this isnt a good time for you to be here like this
hurry and let’s go outside
she grabs his hand again
but he yells “i said I dont want to!” in a mean scary way
and gets her full attention
HM: i have no idea why you are here like this -but first let’s go outside
 if we are caught here by the police again
we will get expelled for sure this time
she tries to pull him up but he pulls his hand away again
HM: hey stupid
kang had to resign cuz of us
cuz we went to the nighclub and had the fake showcase
so he got kicked out of school
if we are going to get kang to come back
(I) need you SD- you
so let’s go
she takes his hand to pull him away but he says
do you know what i think about when I am here?
a thousand times a day
I regret following you to seoul
HM: what?
SD stands and continues: over and over I regret
he lets go of her hand
why did I grab your hand when I got down from that stage?
why did I believe your obvious lie?
why did I listen to your song?
why did I follow you?
(his voice got louder with each question)
then he quietly adds
why did I go crazy over music?
so now – get lost- please
he brushes past her
she cries and he already is while saying all that
she goes home and sees kang sleeping
she sees he has made resumes
she asks how he could do this
how he promised to do everything he could
she asks is leaving them doing his best
she says he shouldnt throw them away this easily
kang says after she leaves
how can I throw you guys away
new music teacher shows them basic chords you need to know
to make music
jason is the only one answers when the teacher asks which chords he just played
HM goes to SD who is working at the club
she gives him stuff to study
but he throws it away
she gives him info
but he keeps ignoring her
she says she will not give up on him or kang
music teacher tells the kids about
more music stuff
she goes to see SD and relays all she learned again
and leaves the book
and says she will be back tm  too
the other guy wonders why HM isnt sick of coming here like this
and he asks SD if he is not going to school
SD gives him a look
so the guy explains he isnt telling SD to leave-it is just that it is a waste cuz
he heard SD can compose
SD says he doesnt need stuff like that
teacher tells the kids what they need to do for the last assignment grade
the song is called dreaming
so by next class they have to match the lyrics with music
and compose and that is what they will be graded on
he goes on about how it cant be taught
how they need to follow what they feel with that music
how it is suppose to melt listeners
when you are too sad or too happy
and how music that moves people
or when you want to give up on everything
combining all these things into the song
HM and PS think about what he said and wonders what he meant
how it has to be include their real life own experience/emotions
teacher shin comes over
and says it cant be taught
she tells them they need to expereience first but since
they are tooo young they havent exp that
so read it from books or watch it in movies or
they should listen to the grownups around them
that is what kang would have said
and she leaves just as quickly
PS asks if she is on their side
HM says there is no way
but the teacher says she is on their side this time
so the 3 of them should make sure to get A’s
HM goes to JYP and repeats what teacher shin said
JYP says something about how he was selling his instrument to buy a ring
and he creates a dramatic scenario
when he is done HM is already gone
PS gets a ticket stuck in her locker so she says”what is this? just one?”
when she goes to the theater, jason come and sits next to her
jason: dont misunderstand-I didnt come here to play
[I think he said he was here to do research-not sure of the word so total guess]
she writes music on napkins
HM looks at SD’s drawings
and all those times he rescued her or saved her from getting hurt
and how he smiles at her
she writes music thinking of those moments
BH is writing and composing too
but hers sounds bad
she remembers the manager’s warning
how he needs someone who does something 
and doesnt need someone who just works hard
she walks over to someone else’s music file and takes the music sheet out
and starts to play it
{my question here is – from what i learned from watching secret garden and what oska went thru-
if this song gets played – wont the original composer throw a hissy fit and won’t  she be found out?}
HM goes to the club
the guy says SD left without saying anything to another club
she says she needs to give him something
and runs off
the guy tells SD that she left
but she will keep looking for him
Sd thanks him (for lying)
she goes to random clubs
she calls the guy
he tells her again that SD isnt here like he said
he tells her to go home now
he tells SD that she looks like she will spend
all night looking for SD
HM sits and rests
some guys ask her to go for drinks
she tells them she is a student
they drag her off
SD beats them off and keeps hitting one of them
SD’s hand bleeds
she pulls SD off of him
the two guys run off
HM: do you know how much I looked for you?
if you are going to move locations – you should have said so and moved
SD: I told you very clearly – to get lost
he looks over to the side and not at her
HM: I told you too very clearly- that I will never give up on you
when I was hitting rock bottom
the person who pulled me out was you and kang
this time it is my turn
I dont know why you are like this now
but this time I will pull you out
take this
this is the mission composition
he takes it and throws it on the bench next to them
HM: and this
she puts the K pendant in his hand
if you have this with you
it will give you strength
and problems will easily work itself out
I dont believe that
but I hope it does that for you
SD finally faces her
he pets her hair and says : I told you very clearly to go but  you came
she takes his hand away from her hair
*SD: i bet later- that you are going to regret you came today
he took the notebook as he walked off
SD plays what she gave him and writes notes in it
and uses the kepboard to compose something
* that totally sounded like a threat or warning – I love this side of him
BH goes up to HM
and says she looks forward to the result today
SD comes into class late
and hands in his work
JYP watches the kids from outside
and says encouraging things from the window
the principal asks if JYP thinks the kids (HM and them) willl get A’s
the music teacher scores it and calls out names of those who got A’s
he says PS (JYP is so happy but tries to hide it from the principal)
music teacher says how her music is loving-
like she is in the midst of dating-that is what he feels like
second student is HM (this time teacher shin is happy)
he says her music is (?)
later when this music is on stage
it makes me curious what feelings it will evoke
principal asks shin-his daughter- what would happen if all 3 of them get A’s
she pretends it will be big trouble if it does
the last person is BH
principal is happy and tells JYP – that is the end of the talk about teacher kang (returning)
music teacher says her work is perfect – like what a pro composer would make
with nothing wrong with it
teacher shin seems suspicious hearing that
and another one that didnt get an A but it stands out
is SD’s
the teacher was going to give it a lower score but
the more you look at the song
it has a way of (?)
this music has what others didnt have
it had real emotions that came alive
the things that dont come out of all of your lives
that  sad emotion
even tho this music  didnt get an A
along with all the others who got A’s
i want to suggest this song should be on the showcase
kang teaches at some place where he has to wear a jacket that
looks like it was made from material from JW’s sparkly blue tracksuit
he talks about “trot music” (bleh) to the class of housewives
(have to skip what he said- please dont make me translate about that kind of music)
JG goes to see him
and asks him to buy JG food
JG eats alot
kang asks if JG reconciled with his dad
JG asks what kang is doing here
kang says he is working to go back to them
JG asks how
principal meets with the other teachers
they give him resumes for new teacher
he goes tru them
and sees kang’s
the teachers say they followed the principals standards
kang comes back to school to interview
a kid asks how could he be interviewing when he used to teach here
BH brags to her manager over the phone that she got an A
and that the teacher said it sounded like a pro
teacher shin finds BH
she asks if BH composed that herself
the teacher says she knows BH’s talent limits from teaching her for a year
maybe no one else would know
but she knows
this isnt BH’s work
BH says: so what? what if it isnt?
teacher said dont you get this is cheating
BH says the teacher taught her this
and points out what the teacher did in the past to
encourage her to do these things
and that Shin knew BH put the tack in the girl’s shoes
 so BH could take her place on stage
that was the first time
and she goes on about how she could do even more
cuz she used what the teacher taught her to make her debut
(kind of hating BH blaming the teacher for BH’s actions)
BH cries and says she did all that
worked hard all this way
but Hm is about to push her out again
the manger wants to take her out and put HM in K group
and BH yells that no matter what she has to do
she wont get her spot taken by her
HM overhears this
no preview
please tell me HM is not going to be nice enough to let BH keep the spot out of old friendship pity

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    I am a JG shipper but even I feel really bad for SD tonight.Oh my…he has got to be one of the most heartbroken actor I’ve seen.Such tears.

    It’s going to kill all his fans.


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    Ikr.. i’m sure he’ll go places. He’s such a good actor and he’s just 22. Sigh! I wish i’m younger so i can go moony eye over him.


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      Oh me too!… I feel a twinge of guilt each time a moon over these younger actors. It takes me almost every ounce of will power and a constant reminder of pedophilia to make sure I don’t go over board.
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        But it won’t be too sinful for you dear. he’s turning 23 this Feb 16. I’m just 27 myself but he’s a little young for me to moon over him comfortably.

        I’m really impressed by KSH’s actingthis past few episodes. Ep 11 is so packed with so much anguish from him, the beginning of ep 11 alone makes me tear up and hate the writer for turning him into such a poor little lost boy. But I think he’s the only one in the cast of DH who can make you so emotionally invested in the character and who can pull off the right amount of emotion for the pain SD must be feeling. Poor SD. It seemed like he can’t smile anymore. I hope HM will really discover/develop her feelings for him.

        I wish it’s Monday again!
        Thanx for the recap softy. if you need someone to post screen captures, I think i can help you with that.


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    “The talent and raw energy that KSH has astounds me – I stuck with DH for him and this is the episode where he showed us why he chose this project”

    lol omo .i was thinking the exact same thoughts .now i know why KSH took this project^ it was because of him that i make myself look into this drama ..this kid is pretty amazing .groom him well and he can do great stuff


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      shirley- you sure know how to pick them- first song joong ki and now KSH. I wondered why I saw you on DH’s soompi page and now I know- the same reason why I was seeking out this drama from day one. his name was enough to convince me to watch. isnt it amazing how one great talent can elevate an episode to such an extent that we are all bowled over? tonight he just reinforced my initial belief that he is one of the best young actors around-in the same league as joong ki and …YAI – sorry I just HAD to include him 🙂


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    However, I want him and the rest of the cast once this show is completed to get a rest for at least 2 weeks, working is fine but overworking at the risk of your health is not. This also goes for the support crew. We the fans want them healthy for the next project that they do.

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      that is where I saw him first too 🙂 he has such a presence about him that makes people pay attention to him – yes he is good looking but not in the flashy kind of way too – maybe it is his bone structure and angles, but what he can do with one stare -others have to use actual words to convey the same emotion. After tonight’s episode, I think he deserves more than HM. he deserves someone like PS who can scold the person she loves, but still remain 100% loyal to him. she is making jason into a better person with her love and encouragement-cant say that HM did that tonight. she seemed to be doing it out a sense of obligation to repay SD for all his kindness and attention to her- which is soooo not what he wanted. is it too much to ask for some pure unadulterated adoration? the guy sure could use some and we all know he deserves a lot more. sssiiiiggghhhhh


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    Thanks for the translations! I was intrigued as to what SD said to HM when he took her hand, he looked so intensed. I’m glad that you went back to update it when u missed it initially and I was really shocked as to why SD said that!! Looking forward for the showcase episode, there’s gona be a great bunch of songs!!!


  27. tomoeri says:

    i honestly dont but despite what bh did… i pity her. she is the only one, who doesnt have someone to support her. hm has jg, sd, and ps plus teacher kang… as for bh, she doesnt have any one… i like dream high but the plot…. im starting not to like it… i mean seriously…. this drama is just all about hm being the victim and bh as the villain… i understand bh at the last part because seriously, it is the teacher’s fault… coz bh wasnt like that but because of her ideas bh became cheater…. tsk tsk… if she’s a real teacher she should have encourage bh to just work and strive hard just like teacher kang how he encourage his students….


  28. Brian says:

    Two points:
    1. I don’t believe that it’s just Jason that knows the chords. I think that he was the first to recognize which chords they were and spoke up. I play the piano and know most all the chords but I do have a bit of difficulty recognizing them from just hearing them. Some people have perfect pitch and can recognize the notes instantly.

    2. About copying music. It’s quite possible that when Baek Hee has her song played at the showcase someone will recognize the song, unless she was clever enough to adapt it so that it’s different enough that it’s hard to prove that it’s a copy. Normally it’s difficult to prove that someone stole someone else’s song because so often people end up using the same chord progressions when they compose. Unlike the tack and flower pot, this bit of cheating is a lot easier to expose than her other exploits.

    Oh yeah, and thanks for some great recaps — I really appreciate all of your hard work! Even though I have a healthcare and music background, I certainly can’t translate like you can!


  29. Brian says:

    I just watched the episode — yes, KSH really brings a lot to the table as far as pure emotion. But I was also amazed at Eun Jung’s final speech to the teacher at the end of the episode. Love her, hater her, she shows a lot of passion right at the end!


  30. mygunpla says:

    Poor SD, i kinda like it he turn into “dark” SD kinda cool

    HM should realize why he like that, is she that clueless??? cmon

    can’t wait 2 see the next episode


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