Dream High E15

OMG i bawled like a baby when SD ran after that bus- good lord that guy made that scene come alive. We all knew she hadnt gone, but he didnt. the desperation in his voice and his heartbreaking tears made me lose it. HM never came out and said it but she chose tonight- the minute she ran away from SD when he called out her name- we knew for sure then. These past episodes, I wasn’t sure where SD stood with his feelings for HM-thought maybe he had given up all hope, but he showed us tonight too. No one chases after a bus like that unless they are head over heels in love.
I have to start Midas but I want to fill in the lines i missed for DH first- hope Midas viewers can wait a few hours longer.
to clear up one confusion about kang and HM’s mom
HM”s mom was dying -after her surgery failed- she wanted her husband to move on with his life and have a clean break so she asked kang to lie that she was having an affair with kang-that way her husband could hate her and move on.
did that whole scene so go read it and it will be clearer from the dialogue
I am too excited about DH to think about the fact that I will be translating two dramas in one night. My wish has come true-at least I don’t think it is a huge secret who I was rooting for- even crazynyt knows cuz look at the new pic of KSH on the left of this blog. 🙂  Yup- SD has always been my favorite character on this drama and I am thrilled that he may get the girl after all. But even if he doesn’t -I’m okay with that too. He needs to focus on his illness and career so maybe it would be better if HM didn’t end up with either guys. I feel like both JG and SD went thru so much that they don’t feel the need to fight over a girl anymore. This drama was never driven by love alone-each kid had to learn about their strengths and weaknesses to get their footing as they ventured out into the entertainment world. Some had smooth sailing, a few stumbled, and others had to crawl to get there-but in the end, I think E16 will reflect how far they have come.
Dream High E15
after HM hides from the guys, the kids and teachers are gathered
all the kids get their contracts and they look over it
Kang notices the principal glaring at him so kang whispers to JYP and asks what is up with the principal cuz he is giving me a look i cant tell what it is
JYP says he doesnt know and tells kang not to speak to him (so cute)
Shin approves of the contracts
Ma says he wants to combine the kids dreams-the teachers’ dream and his own into a reality
jason asks where Ma learned to speak so unctuously
JG points to kang with his chin
BH asks about the members
kang says the four of you (BH, jason, JG, and SD ) plus HM and PS so the 6 of them
SD smiles looking at the contract
JG congratulates SD
SD: i congratulate you too
thought you would be curled up forever but you bounced back quickly
maybe i shouldnt have given you the pendant
JG takes it out: cuz of you- I came to my senses right away
SD wonders aloud to JG that now that SD has debuted and stuff-maybe HM wont see him as somone to help
JG says she probably wont
SD asks if JG remembers that SD wanted to go against him man to man
JG: i remember
SD: that means you have confidence that much
JG: i dont have confidence-how about you- are you confident?
SD: i dont have confident
now that I think we are going to go against each other soon
all of a sudden – you seem to have broader shoulders and seem better looking
and since you gave up your dreams to protect someone else
you seem to be cool too
it would have been better to go up against an easier guy
to be honest – i am a little scared
JG : if you are scared
how about giving up right now
SD: sorry but i dont like that idea
see you later
HM is standing thinking of JG and SD as cartoon angels and devils
SD calls out to her saying he has something to show her but she runs away so he chases after her
he asks why she ran away from him
HM says she didnt -she was just exercising by running
he tells her about his contract
she congratulates him
he asks if that is the face she makes to congratulate someone
and she says this is my face when i congratulate someone
SD: now i can stand on the same stage as you
HM says that is good
SD: can i ask you one thing?
do you still worry about me and pity me
but she doesnt give a direct answer
she gets a call from her sis
he asks what happened
she says her dad came back
HM’s dad walks up to the house
kang drives up and her dad sees kang’s face
suddenly her dad highkicks the side mirror just like HM did
kang starts to yell and her dad introduces himself as HM’s mother’s husband
HM’s sister comes out to greet her dad
her dad gives kang an envelope of money
he says it is to thank them and pay them back for all the expenses for his daughters
kang’s sister says : is that the face of someone who is grateful
her dad says this is how he looks when he is really grateful
kang tries to give it back saying her dad doesnt need to pay kang
but his sister takes it -reminding him to think about all the money they spent on the kids
and how this doesnt even begin to cover it
her dad asks JG who he is
JG stands up and calls HM’s dad “father” and introduces himself
kang explains that he is a fellow student and lives on the second floor
her dad gets mad asking: she lived on the second floor with a guy?
HM comes in -she cries and hits her dad
asking: why are you here now? you said wait two months- is this two months?
he hugs her and says sorry and tells her
not to worry cuz he has back on his feet
like 8 yrs ago he is back on his feet
now they can all live together and to go with him to america
everyone looks shocked
her dad sees her room
he doesnt like it is too small and cant believe she had to share it with her sister
he tells her not to worry in the states she can have separate rooms
by the door Jg and SD stand there
SD asks : you are leaving for america? when? 
he says they are leaving in a week cuz that is how long it takes to finish the paperwork
so until then she should pack so they can stay at a hotel
Hm says it is too sudden to leave and asks if they cant just stay here till the paperwork is done
kang agrees and says if they leave so abruptly the kids will be in shock
her dad asks why kang wont let them go
kang explains he isnt – but is there a need to spend money on hotel when there is plenty of room here
SD makes his bed and stands next to JG
both guys point to their beds and tells the dad to sleep there
her dad says he will decide where to sleep
there is something he wanted to ask from a while ago
what the boys relationship is with HM
JG says they are friends from the same school
her dad says :that is all right?
SD looks away and says :that isnt all- we are also friends from the same class
her dad says HM is going to julliard
her dad is picky about the mattress saying the spring is messed up and he has allergies
JG whispers to SD: doesn he seem a little like HM (resembles HM)
SD whispers back: not a little – they are exactly alike
JG wonders if HM is not going to debut and go to america
her dad tries SD first then falls asleep
Hm and JG talk outside the room
Hm says sorry about the boys room cuz of her dad
JG asks if she is going to US
she says of course -that it was her real dream so she should start over there at julliard
JG asks: i should congratulate you huh?
she says of course
she hopes kang will explain it well to Ma
she goes in her room and stares at her contract with white entertainment
SD knocks on her door-he speaks thru her door while she listens on the other side
are you sleeping?
can you not go?
can’t you just stay here?
i came all this way
you pulled me out
wanted to hold onto you
i came all this way
if you go what should i do?
BH has lesson with shin
shin says something nice so BH asks if shin is just being nice
shin says do i look like someone who is that nice
BH says from tm she will go back to regular class
HM’s dad wakes up and checks to see if both boys are sleeping
he goes and wakes HM and her sister
he tells them to wake and pack
boys come down and say HM and her sister are missing
they are at a sauna
he says let’s stay here till we go to the states
her dad was afraid Ma would come find him for money
HM says i thought you were financially ok
but he says he isnt yet
he came back for her dream
he wanted to take her to julliard cuz it is all set there
she gets a call but he wont let her answer
her dad takes her phone and take the battery out and puts it in his pocket
for a wk they have to lay quiet and leave without anyone knowing
JG tried to call HM with SD next to him
SD: she isnt picking up?
she wont leave like this right?
JG: she might
SD walks off
JG asks where he is going
SD says to look for her
JG: what you going going to do when you find her
SD: after i find her….
JG reminds him she is leaving for the states so does he plan to stop her?
with what? with what reason?
SD: i dont have a reason to stop her
I know i dont have a reason but I have to find her so i can breathe
SD takes off running
HM’s dad calls someone about the passport documents
her sister says HM went out – probably to school
he learns she was going to be a singer
JG goes looking for HM
so does SD
he looks sad cuz he cant find her
BH finds HM outside of school
she back hugs HM
she tells her she is going to afternoon classes now
so they go in together
kang and shin are awkward around each other
she says she was worried he would be mistaken about that hug
she turns to go and  Ma came up behind her so she gets startled and tries to run from Ma’s face and shin ends up in kang’s arms
Ma came to give his kids a song-the dream high one
ma jyp shin and kang are gathered around playing dream high theme song
they compliment SD for coming up with the song
JYP talks about albatross and star wars R2D2
while Ma agrees to kang’s suggestion to go with dream high
so JYP gets peeved and his feelings are hurt so
Ma asks JYP to be the songwriter cuz he has skill
the kids are going to be called dream high members
Ma hears from kang that HM is leaving
her dad comes in and grabs kang asking where did you put my daughter
JYP tries to pull her dad off of kang but her dad shoves JYP aside
he accuses kang of seducing his wife and now using his daughter
shin hears this too-along with JYP and everyone else
HM comes running in
JYP asks if kang had the skills to seduce HM’s mom
HM tries to make her dad let go of kang
ma finally tells him to and her dad listens when he recognizes Ma
her dad is suprised to see Ma
her dad learns that she joined Ma to cover her dad’s debts
he says he will pay the debt and asks ma to let HM go
she says he doesnt have the money- she will just debut and cover his debt
he whispers he cant just call the police on MA later
kang tells her HM doesnt need to stay here for debt
if she wants to go to julliard – she should go
and that he will explain it to ma
ma takes offense at that
so kang tells ma that she prepared 10yrs for this so it is a waste for her not to take advantage of it
and that debt- his house deed is in ma hand’s so there is no need to discuss it
her dad looks shocked hearing that
kang tells her she shouldnt debut by force cuz of the debt
kang wants her to think it over slowly and decide
he asks where they are staying-hotel?
her sister says that was a lie-they are at a sauna
so kang invites them all back to stay at his house again
JYP goes outside to sit by shin
shin says kang isnt the type to have an affair with a married woman
she surmises that he did it to save HM’s mom cuz maybe HM’s dad is bad
she comes up with a scenario that kang got involved trying to stop the couple from fighting and he saved HM’s mom
JYP tells shin that kang betrayed him 8 years ago when kang promised to debut with him as singers
JYP points out that back then kang wasnt as nice as he is now
that kang has a talent for sweet talking ppl like a snake so he could have been a wolf in sheep’s clothing 
shin gets depressed hearing that
jason records something
then he talks to guy who hired him to hire BH and JG
the guy says those two still cant
cuz there is a rumor that BH made the first move on president yoon
jason says forget it then
he tells him about PS
HM walks and as she takes each step
she says “i’m going” – “I’m not going”
JG follows her
each time she stops walking she lands on a different answer so she is more confused
should she go or not?
he asks if she is still undecided about going or not
she asks him what she should do-go or not?
he tells her  it is more important to follow her heart
and to decide well
she says she doesnt know her own heart to be honest
whether she should go to america or stay and debut
neither side is 100%
so it is harder for her to make up her mind
he points out if one was 100% then that is not a choice but the right answer
50 /50-choosing between them is hard so that is why it is called making a choice
she has no choice but to choose
after she does-she shouldnt look back and make it into 100%
work hard and prove to yourself that was the right path
she asks: arent you going to tell me not to go
JG says when did you ever listen to other ppl
PS is on camera
she is being recorded
she is the idol focus guest
she introduces herself as dream high member
jason looks at the questions
he complains cuz he doesnt like how it is different from what
they discusses
the host says he heard PS can play the guitar
she offers to play
but he says before that he found out this secret
and shows a pic of her a year ago
jason bites his tongue
PS is flustered
the host asks if this is PS
she says that was when she was 82kgs
she laughs it off and makes jokes about how heavy she was
he offers to get rid of the pic and PS helps him crumple it up
the woman says PS is doing well
PS sings next
jason and PS are walking towards that place
jason: you like this singing room background place that much
PS says again that it is like mexico
he explains how the pd found the pic of PS when she was fat on her blog
while the PD was researching PS
after the PD saw that – she made up new questions
PS: so that is how it happened
jason: that’s why i’m saying this- how about erasing the pics on your mini home page and blog
PS; i should i guess
jason nods
PS: but that is a little upsetting
that i have to be embarrassed of that time and have to erase them
even when i was 82kg, i was really happy
i passed the audition to get into kirin
stood on stage for the first time
met a lot of good friends
also I met you
but ppl see pics from that time and they will say it was shocking and point their fingers at it
when to me- those were happy times
if i keep doing that (erasing pics)
somewhere down the line
i am afraid even I will not like how i used to be back then
jason: there is one more person who liked that time
he pulls out his phone and turns on the background pic
it was a pic of her when she was fat
PS: what is this? your cell phone pic was me?
jason: why? then who did you think it was?
PS: julie or something – the girl you are always saying i miss you i love you to when you talk to her
jason says: julie is my younger sister -you dummy
PS: so that was it
she laughs and starts to walk off but jason pulls her close
she closes her eyes for the kiss
he smirks
he doesnt kiss her and kisses her doll
saying sorry -the doll was too cute and he couldnt help himself
then he asks why did she close her eyes -what was she expecting
she says she doesnt know and wasnt expecting anything at all
and starts to walk away but he grabs her for a kiss – on her nose
and off screen she pulls him in for a kiss
they only show ankles
HM overhears her dad talking to the aunt about finding out about a language course for HM
she hears her dad say that he is grateful to kang for watching the girls but her dad still hates him
then he says: that cant ever happen-it’s been kept hidden for ten years-no matter what i have to protect that
shin walks down to where kang is
HM goes to see kang
she asks kang to tell her the truth about her mom
HM: tm i am leaving for america
at first i really hated you
but you are the one who made me forget that
i dont want to leave with this misunderstanding
kang: i dont have anything to say
back then – it is true i was involved with your mom
HM: dont lie
was my mom a bad person by any chance?
kang: that wasnt it
your mom loved one person a lot
there were other guys interested in her
but she didnt even look at them
and she married that person
ten years later- out of all the guys interested in her- one of them was
able to meet your mom again
at the hospital
HM repeats : at the hospital?
kang: your mom was the type of person who thought of how much of a burden she was to others
after the surgery failed
she asked a favor from that guy who liked her
please make me into a really terrible wife
so that her husband can forget about her
and just live looking ahead
HM: mom
Kang: that guy listend to her favor
if your father knows this truth he will be very upset
that he couldnt protect the one he loved
that regret will remain with him for the rest of his life
HM asks if kang was the person who did that to her mom
she asks why kang had to do that – like a fool
kang says he doesnt know -at the time -that was the only thing he could do (for her mom)- he liked her mom but she didnt like him-so it is true that he is a bad guy for getting “involved” with her mom
HM puts her hand on his
shin hears all this and cries
when she is alone, shin says that first love is really intense
principal comes and tells his daughter that kang was involved with a married woman
shin tells him she knows and she has fallen for kang even more
SD holds the heart shaped pendant
SD: JG – I dont know about me- but you might be able to do it
JG: what?
SD: can you stop HM?
if she doesnt listen to me
and she listens to you
it doesnt matter
in her heart
even if I am not there
and you are there
it doesnt matter
if you can hold onto her – try holding onto her
JG: it isnt a matter that can be held onto
and I cant hold onto her
HM plays what she video taped about what she learned in the past year
HM introduces herself and narrates while clips of her life is shown
up to a year ago, I studied classical music
i was good enough to go out on stage with (opera singer’s name)
to be honest – changing direction to this path was cuz of money
she mentions how she thought {mainstream/popular) music was trash
but in the past year she learned that thru mainstream music
she could cheer someone up(clip of performing genie in the street for JG’s hung friend)
make someone happy(clip of HM singing to JG)
and i realized it could comfort someone(clip of her singing to BH)
when i used to make fun of mainstream music i was third rate and now
i have the ability to become first rate
HM holds the k pendant and thinks about what JG told her
after you decide-dont look back and make it into 100%
HM JG kang her dad and her sister are waiting for the bus to the airport
her sister asks JG if they are really separating
JG says he can go see her when they miss each other-call when they want to hear each other’s voice
her sister hugs JG
kang wonders why SD isnt coming out
kang asks what HM is thinking about
she looks at the K pendant in her hand
HM says it is 50/50%
and calls out for her dad
SD is alone outside the house
suddenly he loses his hearing and he starts to run
he runs after her bus -he calls out her name
be begs her not to leave and cries
he is on his knees crying
“dont go – i beg you- dont go”
he holds tight to her heart shaped accessory
a hand touches his shoulder
HM: how can you just run off like that?
I called out to you
I’m not going
i decided to stay here
SD: what did you say?
I cant hear anything
she mouths the word slowly that she isnt leaving
as she holds onto his face
he understands her words
and repeats her words over and over
he cries again
and hugs her
SD: i knew you wouldnt- I know you better than yourself- you cant go
HM looks sort of dazed but pats his back once
her dad gets mad at kang
HM wanted to stay and debut
JG asks her dad to stay and see her on stage
her dad says do you think that is easy
HM comes and says she will
within one month
she says you can wait that long right
if i cant then i will think this is not the path for me
hm’s sister says to give HM this chance
her dad agrees to a month
HM practices at school with the others
then at home between JG and SD
her dad comes and takes her away from between the two guys
her sister steps in her place
and takes JG’s hand
when SD tries to hold her hand
she sort of slaps it away
(crazy little girl)
BH gets a hug from shin cuz BH put shin on BH’s list of ppl she wanted to thank on BH’s cd
Ma goes and tries to pass out stuff for his kids
the guy there says Ma should have left JG and BH out
Ma points out that BH was a victim
the guy says ppl are saying BH started it
Ma says that isnt the truth
the guy says it doesnt matter if it is the truth or not cuz their audience thinks that happened
so if these two are not taken out (JG and BH) dream high will never be able to stand on stage
clip of kids rehearsing and yelling out fighting as hm’s dad crosses out the days till the end of the month – D day
JG and BH high five each other
with some girls dancing to beyonce

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  1. Literati says:

    I have dobuts about the SD/Hm couple. It seems almost too good to be true rn. I have a feeling they might switch things up on us in the end. Please please please let my feeling be wrong. TT.TT My Princess is over and this is almost done too, oh what should I do with my mornings now.


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