Dream High Finale

I have not used the word daebak in a while but that is exactly what this finale was- one hundred percent daebak-the kind you want to watch over and over again. Could not have asked for a more perfect ending – thank you drama gods. I am going to stay so giddy while translating this for the rest of the night. Wait till you read how great these lines were. OMG daebak. It is an honor just to translate this – that is how great DH is.
Even though i said in previous posts that i didnt care who SD ended up with as long as he has his hearing, I take that back. I always wanted him to end up with HM and he has. When she made that speech on stage about SD, we knew what her decision was even as she sent him away. She chose him a long time ago-from the moment she took his hand on that first stage when he wore that rice bag and had the crazy perm. Their love line was what chained me to this drama from day one and it is the reason why I am going to be rejoicing that I got to watch it unfold with you guys. Seriously, this is the best drama of this year for me. *Just to prove how much I love this drama- I inserted that pic by myself
Special concert highlights
I was going to post the special concert if there was dialogue of some sort, but it really was a concert for the most part interspersed with clips and NGs from the drama. For the milk couple fans, during their interview, PS and Jason mentioned how they went to a family restaurant together without the other cast members, but it was so awkward they only focused on eating. afterwards jason paid and said PS owed him a meal so next time PS invited jason and some of their assistants to go eat together again, but after the meal jason paid again. about their almost kiss, jason said he thought they shouldnt so that is why they ended up shooting it like that -even tho the director wanted a real kiss. Also, in that NG scene where jason couldnt pick up PS to carry her into the hospital, he said it wasnt cuz she was heavy cuz she is light-he just couldnt without help from that other woman. for Hm and JG’s kiss, both claimed they forgot why they had laughed right after that take.
suzy cried and laughed at the same time cuz she was so stressed from being the main star in this drama. one of the messages on the signed gift she was given that she read aloud was from kang. he told her to keep her eyes open, cuz every time he saw her, she had been sleepy from lack of sleep due to filming 24/7.
for that scene where JYP had to cry on the balcony while clapping, right before the take he purposely didnt blink to make his eyes water like that.
JYP said when he had the idea for this drama-it was to talk about dreams. So he brought out kids who are like the real characters and had dreams to perform. the first girl said she had been chubby. So for those students, JYP prepared presents -guitar, keyboard, and K pendants. at the last part when the credits rolled, KSH cried a lot – cant believe this great drama is over.I loved how they filmed it so that it felt like footage from the drama itself. DH withdrawal is kicking in hard.
DH was great cuz all the characters came to life- most of them are performers so they could relate to their characters and their combined singing, dancing, and acting talent made this drama one of the best. But one actor in particular stole everyone’s thunder by outshining the rest and standing out the most. I bet the writers knew when they hired him that KSH would be “K”. From the first episode, I never once thought K could be a girl- thought it was KHJ at first, but then the pendant got passed around. Even when ppl guessed BH or HM would be K, I had my doubts cuz SD was the music prodigy. I rooted for the underdog and my wish came true- he got his dream and the girl. For those of you who were disappointed that JG didnt get HM, hey at least he had a unique setting for a romantic kiss (plus it was HM’s first kiss) so he isn’t really that unlucky-and he got HM’s cute younger sister who adores him-bet JG is happy somewhere in dramaland. Now that I think about it- that is kind of awkward to move on from the older sister to the younger one. Man that is going to make for some uncomfortable family gatherings if HM and SD get married and JG and HM’s sister does too. SD and JG will be in laws thru their spouses 🙂
written 9pm
This finale is the one I was dreading the most. I don’t want to say goodbye to KSH- can’t believe he chased after HM’s bus to beg her not to leave, but tonight he is on one and leaving her behind. Out of the 4 dramas I was looking forward to, DH was the biggest surprise for me. I never meant to like it so much, but here I am totally in love. If this had been a race with Duo, Midas, and MP – DH was the underdog. It was suppose to barely make it out of the gate, not fly past its competition and come out ahead in every lap. Now it’s time to watch each character cross the finish line- one by one- a close match with everyone almost winning. I never cared who K was- I just wanted each and every kid to succeed on their own merit. All of them have so that is enough for me. That is why this may be the first finale where I am not worried about how it ends and just mourn the fact that we don’t get to follow these characters anymore. At least their concert tm could be considered their victory lap so we don’t have to say goodbye tonight. Thank goodness for that cuz I am not ready to let DH go just yet.
Dream High E16 Finale
It starts with clips of the K pendant going from BH to HM to SD to JG to HM asking her: do you have the confidence to leave and not regret
HM says she doesnt have that confidence
if i leave i’ll regret
if i dont leave i’ll regret too
JG gives her the K pendant saying: cant you stay and regret? 
Pres Ma tells the group of 6 that this isnt a decision he can make on his own
he says to BH and JG: even though you didnt do anything wrong
it seems it will be hard for you two to go on any shows for the time being
Jason: why? until when?
Ma says he argued about and pointed it out lots of time with no good results
the producers said to come back after some time had passed or if we take out those two, they would reconsider
jason: it’s starting to become less fun
BH: then take us out and go
i said before, if a problem occurs cuz of me-to leave me out and go
JG: you guys go ahead- you guys debut first
and we can do it later
SD; then what meaning does it have?
if we all started together
then we all have to stand on stage together
 HM: that’s right- let’s go together
if you guys drop out, then i wont do it either
JG: you dont have much time left till the date you promised your dad
so it’s not something you can decide with your feelings/emotions/whims
SD: if i decided according to my emotion
i wouldve said to leave you guys out sooner
JG- your the kind of guy who makes a big fuss
over wearing your underwear once and BH -you didnt get along with HM 
i thought it over from your  situation
if i had to go out for the team to survive
then i would have hoped you guys would act like I am now
i will never leave this team
jason: fine then the discussion is over
we are going like this (all together)
SD: let’s do well
Ma sec says the kids resemble kang and Ma agrees that the kids are too kind for their own good so how is he going to put them on stage
SD asks HM if she is worried she wont be able to stand on stage by the appointed time
HM: that’s not it
he gets up close and promises:
dont worry- with all my strength- i will protect your decision
so smile-got it?
she gets uncomfortable cuz of how close he is
HM has her head on the table again
PS asks if HM has worries again
HM says she has a lot
she has to debut quickly and it is not working out well and also..
PS: also?
HM asks her if there is any way to tell for sure who is in one’s heart
PS tells she already told her last time
when you are happy or sad-the first person you think of
HM: what if that is different from the person i am thinking of-then what do i do?
PS: can that happen? then was it that?
suddenly jason comes and interferes
jason:that is what you call two timing
Hm-what are you-are you taking two ppl and playing with their feelings
HM:that isnt it
jason: you called my manners -two timing
what you are doing is really two timing
draw the lines clearly
HM gets defensive and says:i didnt do that
she walks off and jason says to himself: yesssss
jason asks if PS ate yet after HM leaves
HM tells herself not to get confused-to get her head straight- that SD is only a friend
JG sees that
 principal meets with some new reporters
he makes note of reporters from famous magazines
one new one is weird cuz he works for a fishing magazine
he explains how listening to kids dance songs makes fishing better
but the principal pushes him aside
JYP gives the kids an idea
he shows a video of him dancing on the tube
he says he wasnt thinking anything and just danced and sent it to a friend
who put it on the internet and it became popular
suddenly kids, police, flight attendants -everyone was dancing along with it
so they dont need to leave it up to pres Ma and wait for a studio to pick them up
if they do it like this
how about doing a flash mob (SD thought JYP said flash “mohm” = body)
kids say they need to have lots of ppl that know how to dance
HM says they can gather them if they need to
HM goes up to the girl who poured water on her in the bathroom last time
then BH goes to the girl who gossips a lot who said BH drew a star to cover her bruise
then SD gets JG’s friend by asking if he still works at the club
PS stalks Ria saying -you stole my voice
Ria gets scared
that is how HM, BH, and SD get kids together
the new reporter stalks them and takes pics
SD asks who that guy is so he gathers BH and HM to take good pics
SD and JG practice while HM’s dad is on the phone
her dad yells at SD to be quiet when SD sings dream high
HM’s dad assures the aunt that HM will be going there soon after spring
the trip was delayed cuz HM couldnt bear to part with her friends so suddenly
then her dad corrects how SD pronounces dream high
and then her dad tells SD to say julliard but gives up when SD pronounces it funny
JG is at the studio practicing
SD asks why JG is here alone
JG says HM’s dad doesnt like his song
SD says her dad doesnt like SD’s song either so he is here
JG: what happened with you and HM?
you said you would go against me man to man
SD: i decided not to confess
JG: what?
SD: when HM said she was going to leave, that is when I knew
it doesnt matter who HM has in her heart
i like that girl
even if it is you- it’s fine
even if she doesnt like me -it’s fine
as long as she is next to me-that’s enough
JG stares at him
SD: why are you looking at me like that?
JG shudders and says SD is the same as ever
still skilled at turning a person into a chicken
[giving them goosebumps]
HM”s dad sings the dream high song and calls himself crazy cuz it is in his head
kang’s sister comments he is showing them a lot of different sides
she looks forward to seeing what other side he is going to show the next day 
HM’s dad says :there is someone else who shows a lot of different sides- your brother
he spills the secret that Kang gave Ma the house as collateral to hold onto HM
she is so upset and calls her brother crazy and says wasnt it enough that he acted crazy for doing that for HM’s mom and how kang is now messing with his sister’s life
HM’s dad yells kang destroyed his wife’s life
she says she cant stand to keep it in anymore
she spills the secret and says HM’s dad’s wife was selfish
if she was meant to die she should have gone with decorum
so why did she make her brother into a bad guy for life
HM’s dad: what do you mean she was going to die
kang’s sister narrates while HM’s dad cries
before your wife died from her disease
she came and found kang
your wife didnt want you to have to go in and out of the hospital
when you were having hard time with your business
to help you forget her and live well
she asked my brother to make her into a bad wife
kang comes home when her dad finishes crying
kang pulls up and asks what he is doing outside
HM’s dad: you should kill me
my wife hid her disease to protect me
my daughter tried to protect me so you
hid the fact that you put up the house
so I have no right to say anything
her dad apologizes to kang for all the misunderstanding
he promises kang to pay him back as soon as he goes to america
kang asks about HM and her sister
and the dad says he isnt much of a father and doesnt have the right to see them
so kang asks for a favor
JYP is dressed as a chef delivering something on the street
he suddenly  dances to DH song
SD and JG dressed in suits joins in
then BH and HM
then jason as a cop
then other kids join
it becomes one large crowd of dancers
her dad watches them
kang says: did you find HM?
dad: she is wearing glasses
Kang: she is pretty isnt she?
dad: she is
kang:you said- to protect her dad she gave up her dream-
look – does that face look like someone who gave up on her dream
camera pans to HM beaming with happiness
kang: those kids who are dancing right now
are all HM’s friends
with those friends-for the past year she had a really great time
so dont feel too bad for not being able to watch over her
but if you feel sorry-start protecting her from now on so she can go after her real dream
the kids are on the internet
other ppl watch and make positive comments
kang is putting the DH flash mob videos everywhere
shin comes up and sees how the comments are favorable
she sits next to kang and says the number of views is high
and kang turns his face towards her and says it is
they end up kissing
she gets up and
she puts a flower pin in her hair
she asks him out for dinner
he says he has something to do
she takes the flower pin out
principal watched all that and makes a fist and hates kang cuz she asked kang out to dinner, put a flower pin in her hair but kang turned her down
Ma has to go to the bathroom
he is standing to give out dream high CDs to passing PDs
kang’s sister goes to see Ma
she asks why he didnt tell her that the house is on collateral
she says it is her house even tho it is under her bro’s name
that she worked 10 hard years as a reporter to buy
Ma says he knows all that
he passes her the pile of CDs to pass out to certain PDs
Ma has to go to the bathroom but he takes 3 to pass out on his way
he tells her not to worry about the house too much
and that he would take care of it
some PD needs to fill a gap in time tm cuz someone canceled last minute
so Ma tells him his kids can do it
kang goes home to tell the kids that they are doing a live super concert tm
they are all happy
JG, SD, and HM hug and dance around
she tells her dad she isnt going to america
cuz she did it within one month-stand on stage
while the boys snore
her dad stays up to make posters for ppl to hold up during the concert
BH and HM are waiting in the dressing room
BH pops up and introduces herself as Dream high when ppl come in
she tells HM that they need to do that and say hello
HM says I dont know them
BH says at a recording hall HM is suppose to say hello to ppl she doesnt know
so they know they are debuting and know about them
HM says BH is like an older experienced person so BH tells her to call her sunbae
cuz BH debuted half a year before HM
HM says she doesnt want to and mutters “HM’s slippers” under her breath
provoking BH to tell HM again to call her sunbae
waiting alone, PS is nervous – she is shaking and thinks she might forget the lyrics
jason comes up and puts a hand on her shoulder
you did your best up to now so it’s ok
he tells her to relax and be happy from now on
they make ok signs to each other
HM’s dad and sister passes out posters for the ppl going in
and asks them to hold it up during DH’s performance
HM’s sister holds up yogurt drinks to bribe them with
SD is alone and leaning against a coke machine 
JG comes up and asks if SD checked his mics cuz they are up next
but SD answers incorrectly by nodding his head and saying he was practicing singing
so JG knows SD cant hear
JG: can you not hear what i am saying now?
did you lose your hearing again?
SD: though i cant hear what you are saying now
dont worry
I wont mess up
when we go up on stage
even if you give me to sign to start
dont tell other kids-ever
i am going to try using my energy
HM comes up
SD says : you came
and walks off casually
HM follows but JG pulls her back
she asks JG: SD cant hear right now huh?
she tells JG not to tell the other kids
HM: SD will try to hang in there using his energy
she starts to walk away
JG reminds her this is the first time they will be on stage together
HM: guess it is
JG: thought it would happen sooner but it took longer
HM: guess so
JG signals to SD to start
so they all start ok
I am getting so sad watching this
during the performance ppl hold up the signs HM’s dad passed out
JG narrates as the six of them dance in slow motion
there are two kinds of happiness in this world
one is – the happiness you know after it passes
another one is the happiness you feel at that moment
in that moment of happiness you feel-it is so precious and rare-
 you remember that moment as a memory
enough to last a lifetime it shines
i bet-today- this moment-  we will remember it as that kind of happiness
enough to last as a lifetime memory
that moment we shined
*best narration EVER-almost cried
HM is taking blankets down
SD offers to help carry it
but she says it is ok -that she can carry it alone

and avoids him
(her wallet drops)
SD says he will carry it for her and takes some
he asks why she is avoiding him these days
she turns her back to him and says: she hadnt avoided him
he tells her if she hadnt been avoiding him then look at him and say that 
JG calls down and asks if she can make some time for him today
she asks why
JG says cuz today is her bday-have you forgotten?
so SD says let’s all celebrate together
but HM says no to SD and asks JG where they are going today
she gets on JG’s bike and hold onto his scarf and chokes him
so he tells her to hold onto his waist
she says ok – after she puts on her gloves first
she realizes she forgot her wallet
JG offers to pay so they should just go
but she insists on going back for it
SD finds her wallet
he sees a group pic of them when they were practicing
behind it there is a pic of him
he seems surprised to see that and puts the group pic back in and holds the wallet to his side when she comes in
she asks if he looked in her wallet
he lies and says he didnt
SD: why did you think i would steal money?
JG comes and says let’s go if you found the wallet
she goes with JG on his bike
they take their helmets off
HM walks over to the edge
JG: it has been a while since we came here
do you remember?
you wore this helmet and was going to run off
HM replies without enthusiasm: that i did
he says it doesnt seem like it will work today- it would be better if they go home and celebrate her bday all together
but she brightens up and says:no- why go back home all of a sudden- where should we go next?
he tells her not too try so hard
seh repeats” let’s go”
JG: HM – you are forcing yourself -I knew where your heart is now
I knew and tried to keep forcing it
JG: emotions dont change just cuz you force it
HM says she is sorry-I’m really hopeless huh?
JG: i am sorry for making it hard on you
she cries so he puts the helmet on her head
he tells her -from now on- let’s be comfortable around each other
like friends- like we did in the past- meet each other’s gaze 
and go to school together – and be comfortable like that
HM nods
principal calls kang into his office
he throws an envelope at kang
EMG has chosen one of his kids
kang is shocked that a kid of his got chosen
principal asks: you like it that much?
cuz your kids are doing well
does everything in life look like it is going your way?
kang asks why he is like that did kang do something wrong
principal bangs on his desk and gets up: how well are you doing that
you think you can step on my daughter’s heart?
kang:when you said “my daughter” are you talking about teacher shin
principal: besides her- where is another person who is my daughter?
 kang: teacher shin likes me?
her dad yells: that’s right
kang didnt know that so kang is surprised
principal: you didnt know that?
kang: i didnt know at all
she really likes me?
kang leaves laughing and principal calls after him
cuz an accidental love connection has been made by him
Kang holds up the envelope in front of the kids with a drum roll music in the background
JYP comes running in
asking if it is true – one of the kids made it to the EMG audition
jason says whoever made it or didnt- let’s sincerely congratulate that person 
HM says to hurry and announce it cuz she doesnt even expect it
kang looks at the first name and says it is HM
so HM gets all excited and then sits back down calmly saying: i knew it would happen
SD and PS immediately says that is good news
and BH says congratulations
but jason scowls till PS elbows him
then he smiles and says good job
kang says there is another and looks down the whole list
it is all 6 of them
the kids tell him not to kid
so he shows them
they all get excited
BH wonders: wait – as long as you apply – doesnt it mean you make it?
JYP thinks he couldnt have gotten in cuz he wouldve done well in america
and regrets not applying
JG wonders why he got chosen cuz he thought he lacked
Ma gets all excited to hear all 6 made it
he thinks of all the money and rubs his hand together
but then changes that to say he is happy they got their dreams
sec asks if kids started practice
kang says not to worry cuz those kids are not the type to stand around
kids do paper rock scissors to see who gets to use the practice studio first
JG warns PS and jason not to pair up cuz this is for individual privilege
jason wins so he tells PS to use it with him and practice together
but SD asks to be included
then JG says I told you not to pair up
BH says let’s start over
HM says let’s go a second round
they argue over it
kang and shin watches them
she says

she is envious of them
cuz whatever they do they shine and are pretty
cuz of shin is older- she looks at the kids and are envious
kang says -not sure if this is going to cheer you up
but the world is fair
the kids dont know that but we do
he asks if she had dinner yet
Shin: at this time of course….i havent
he says then let’s have dinner together late
i will pay
she agrees and he goes saying he will call her later
she puts another flower pin in her hair
telling herself she didnt eat yet
kang says he knows why they all made it through the first part
just applying got them in cuz most ppl would have been scared off by the requirements
kang and the kids wonder what is up for part two
the kids are in the audience
the reporter who stalked them is the EMG president
he goes on stage
Sd is the first to notice that the president is the reporter that took their pics
he remarks how the guy looks someone else cuz the guy changed his hair and stuff
BH remembers he writes for the fishing magazine and wonders if he had been interviewing them while he pretending to be a reporter
JG says that is what it looks like-how unusual
the EMG guy mentions how difficult the application was with all those ridiculous requirements
because you all were willing to apply despite all that
you made it thru the first part
cuz you all are the stars we wanted to meet
BH says it really was what kang said
HM says kang is like a ghost
the guy says there is another audition
the 6 kids walk out after it is over
PS says she is more nervous than when she did the kirin audition
jason wishes they would choose a few instead of just two cuz it is giving them pressure
JG asks whoever gets chosen has to go to america right away
HM says that is probably right cuz they are doing it there in america
PS says she doesnt like that cuz she doesnt want to part with the rest of them
JG asks PS if she isnt going if she gets chosen
she says she has to go cuz that is where her dream is
BH says of course cuz they might become the best singer
SD: what do you think being the best feels like?
BH says like it says- you become the best-must feel great
SD: i dont think that way
being the best-isnt it when you are lonely and feel unsure
JG: so you dont want to become the best
SD  replies -no – I do
SD scenes
he narrates
I really want my dream to come true
it became (?) beautiful
and i want to pursue it
and the path to my dream seems like it will be full of happiness
PS scenes
she narrates she will really work hard and stick with it no matter what
watch me do well
jason scenes
is my turn ready?
i said it is my turn
JG scenes
now that i have a dream i know
in this world there is no funny dream
i’m going to be on stage
this isnt a (?)
BH scenes
(dont know this line – it is lines from first episode)
i’m not third rate right – i really have talent right?
HM scenes
what happens next in this story?
i think i know what is next
lots of framed pics of PS are shown along with her many awards
PS sings
lots of kids are napping
she sneaks out
jason yells out her name and hugs her from behind and swings her around
PS: sshhhh- the kids are asleep
he says she looks like she gained weight
she pokes him kinda hard
PS: you came to tell me that?
jason: no – today is important- I came to escort you
PS: ah today is already that day
guess we will get the chance to all get together
jason: i am going on stage as a guest
wanna go up with me?
PS: that’s ok- if we get our pics taken by reporters -what do you wanna hear
he asks if she wants to go with him cuz today is the day
PS: i’m sick of hearing “PS’s ribs”  (phrase that means they are stuck to each other all the time)
I am the most happy right now
jason: me too
kids are practicing
new teacher throws thumbtacks on the floor
BH steps up and tells them to take their shoes off
she tells them to find every single one-total 200 within 5 mins
cuz she is going to start class and if they dont find it all
 it will end up on the soles of their feet
she starts timer
they start to gather it
shin comes to visit-she is the director now
shin says you didnt forget the concert tonight at 8
BH says she didnt
shin tells her she cant make it so take a huge bouqet of flower for her in her place
BH agrees to do it
SHin looks around at the kids and says looks like they will suffer a lot
and leaves
BH says :what suffering
then BH tells the kids they have a minute left
kang and shin are a married couple
he tells her 4 of the students cant go on school trip so he paid for them ($3,600)
and promises he wont do it again and runs off
shin yells after him “MH’s dad-you’re dead” which means they have a kid named MH
JG is walking out of the airport
Ma is with him
JG gets mobbed by reporters
one says K said that JG was K’s confidence pacemaker so how does JG feel about that?
they ask him to comment on it
JG says tell him I said we have to go to the end to see who was the pacemaker
Ma says that is enough for today and they get in the car
Ma shows JG pics of his baby’s “one hundred days” party
he married kang’s sister
JG says the baby took after kang’s sister
and Ma mumbles how it costs so much to raise a kid so
Ma wants JG to film another CF before he leaves again
JG says I told you –  I really cant today
MA says that is why i didnt schedule it- i will cancel it
and mutters under his breath how much money he will be losing out on
there is news on about K
it is on the internet too
and there is a pic of JG’s dad
cant read it tho
there is news about K and his grammy award and a hand
puts down a group pic of the 6 next to the K pendant and tuning fork
K is SD
he puts on the K pendant
SD: i wont ever go to america
HM orders him to go
you have to go and put out an album
and stand on a bigger stage
you said you wanted to be the best
SD: i said it very clearly
I didnt go out for it so I could go to america
I went out for it to show you
since I showed you
it’s done
let’s go back
he turns to leave
HM pulls him back calling his name
SD yells: i said I wont go!
from the start till now
to me- you are music
and music is you
that is why i could come this far
if you are not there
there is no music
HM: do you remember what you said to me?
so that i wouldnt dare worry
that you would do it impressively
but i still worry about you
if this is the end for you
i will keep worrying about you
so become more amazing
so that i dont have to worry anymore
as much as I expected
she cries and he cries
HM: if I let you go you have to become more impressive
then I will erase all my worries and I’ll think about it
who you are to me
SD: you are lying to me now
you are trying to hold onto me
cuz you dont want to send me away
I know you better than yourself
 isnt that right?
HM: no you are wrong
if it had been a year ago
I wouldve yelled at you “why is it you instead of me?”
but sending you away right now
I feel really good about it
i could die from happiness
SD: dont lie
is this the face of someone who is happy
she says this is how she looks when she is happy
SD: stop telling obvious lies you bad girl
HM: go
go and show me
he leaves the heart pendant in her hands and goes
present time
SD is walking towards the stage
he takes his hearing aid off and gives it to the stage hand
the guy asks:are you sure? are you ready to go
and SD says: i always am
he holds up the pendant and then tucks it inside right before
he jumps into the air to leap onto the stage
HM is on stage
she thanks them for coming to her 100th concert
to congratulate her for this concert
she says she knows her friends and teachers are here in the audience somewhere
they show BH, PS and jason, and kang and JYP
HM: with a person like me who was like a rock
they fought, competed, and reconciled with me
and made me stronger
i’m always grateful and I love you
also- there is one friend who couldnt be here
the path he is walking on -it can be an honor
but it could also be the most lonely one
for that friend
this first song is dedicated
so she sings that mandy moore song
the one she sang at SD’s country home
JG comes in and watches
a girl taps him on the shoulder and motions for him to come closer
he leans over to hear what she has to say but
HM’s sister kissed JG on the cheek
she has grown up
she says it has been a long time oppa
he doesnt guess who she is
so she shows him her Kirin name tag
JG says her name and laughs
HM sings
they show flashback of SD on that snowy night when he heard her sing for the first time
when he chased after her bus
SD: let me ask you one thing
why did you come up on stage with me?
she leans out the bus window
HM:what will i have to say for you to come to seoul
SD: if you say you liked me so you came up…
HM: i like you
SD:what did you say?
HM: I said I like you
HM unfolds her hand and stares at the heart pendant and bawls
SD gets on the bus
she chases after his bus and bangs on the window when it stops
he opens it and leans out
she puts the K pendant around his neck
SD is looking right into her eyes
he leans in and lightly kisses her
the camera freezes on them as they gaze into each other’s eyes
ok i am one HAPPY camper right now- best freaking ending EVER
I love the fact that this kiss is the reversal of the one we never got when HM leaned out and told SD that she liked him and made SD speechless
they came full circle-it really doesnt get better than that

86 comments on “Dream High Finale

  1. sansukini says:

    I told myself not to come here, not to read spoiler, to surprise myself tomorrow… but Gah! This show is just too adorable. Thanx so much for all your hard work softy. Just think, you almost didn’t continue transcapping this. I’m so happy you picked it up again.

    So the spoilers going around are true. So sad… I won’t have anything to watch anymore after this. I’m so happy all I wanted for SD came true.


  2. Mia says:

    Btw, also wanted to say BH became likable in the end, which was nice. I think at the end I didn’t find myself particularly strongly hating or disliking any of the characters, which is always nice.

    But I just had a question. There’s only one part of this drama where I got lost. o_O Wasn’t Ma evil? How did he suddenly become good and supportive? Was it only because he got involved with Kang’s sister?


  3. herdys says:

    thank you so much for recapping the whole series!! You help me so much to understand what’s going on.. Today I watched the episode live, and it was so emotion for me!! This is the first dorama I have been this obbessed with.. Not even You’re Beautiful was that good..

    I’m gonna miss it sooooo much! Can’t wait to see the concert tomorrow!! I think is the best way to say goodbye to this year best k-drama!! *_*


  4. DP says:

    Thank You For the TransCap
    I finally get the greatest ending of all, I have been waiting for this episode.

    I still can’t believe all my dreams come true in this particular episode.
    Sam Dong and Hye Mi
    Sam Dong is K
    I used up all my wishes for christmas this year…Thank You Santa, Drama Gods, DH Writer, Producers…

    Everyone Thank you for sharing your love for Dream High..

    Hope to see you all in another Great Dramas in the future…

    Kim Soo Hyun Saranghae


  5. ssen68 says:

    super duper love it
    thanks softy and all u guys here
    miss live streaming today
    rush back from watching don mac cleen


  6. Mia says:

    Aww, looks like it might really just be a concert special after all?? D:


  7. Jenny says:

    isnt it a bit too bias towards SD? He got everything, HM and become K while LG lost her, and sth about the father that we are not sure of?

    HS sure is cute 🙂 she’s the luckiest… is it 3 times that she kissed him 😀

    anyway, best drama… ever after SG 🙂

    dont know what I’ll watch for next week.


  8. sansukini says:

    Hey softy. Aren’t you glad you decided to pick this drama up again? As for me, I’m glad I watched this cos I wasn’t really planning on watching this show in the first place, but I ended up loving it. There’s never a slow moment for me, actually.

    I promise myself not to watch drama live like this again cos it’s too distracting from work, so I’m so thankful for all your transcaps girl.

    I’m so happy I watched this, I fell inlove with KSH and all the cast because of this drama. This totally make me wish I am in HS again.


  9. bella says:

    raws are already uploaded on dramacrazy 😀


  10. chanbb says:

    it can’t end like that!!! noooo!!! i concede defeat on the hyemi-jinguk front, but please..they should show hyemi and samdong together!! and more kiss scenes, from samdong-hyemi and teachers kang-shi, even from jinguk-hyesung i’ll take it!! season 2!!

    milky couple’s love is so true and so pure. i love that pilsuk returns to being fat. it shows that jason’s love is real. he loves her, fat or not. to be loved despite being fat, in a society which favors skinny girls and condemns looks down on fat ones (sad but true)..that’s precious. jason is really a good guy.

    i think i shall suffer from KSH withdrawal. i need my KSH. such a good actor. he needs to have another drama soon. 😦

    i hate you dream high!! why are you so good?!?! why is it so hard to let go of you?!


  11. melissa says:

    I thought SG is the best but I was wrong coz Dream High is. DH is a very inspiring drama series and really enjoyed watching the series. After this series, I’m looking forward to KSY’s upcoming series or movies. Like this young actor very much, knows how to act and full of emotions.

    Btw, I’m already a grandma in her early 50’s but still Dream High for me is one of the best series that I have watched maybe because KSY had portrayed his character very realistically.

    Thanks softy for all your hard work.


  12. sansukini says:

    Last scene, kiss scene on the bus c/o yuwenn on soompi.

    It’s not much of a kiss for me, but I’m giggling like an idiot right now.


  13. mariel says:

    Perfect drama to cap my Mondays and Tuesdays. Testament to how even a simple story, when well told, holds up well. Will surely miss it. Glad about how everyone’s story was tied up, neatly. Even JG’s and the HM’s sis. So cute! Thanks for the recap. You’re a superstar!!!


  14. Priki says:

    It’s over!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ!!!

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on the transcaps, Softy!! It’s been a great help, and I for one am very grateful you did it! You’re amazing!



  15. Karrol Anne D. Merina says:

    hate the ending stupid ending…jinguk should be with hyemi….samdong is K hahahhaha and love interest of Hyemi??What a crappy ending???what about the other cast only center to Samdong…..ahahahha…it so frustrating that ending become like this…


  16. Daniela says:

    Thank you so much! Ahh i just finished watching the last episode…im squeeling.

    Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!


  17. ck1Oz says:

    Softy I am back.
    Too happy for words with your recap.The lines were really daebak.So touchging.

    I love JG’s narration.SD and HM’s story was difficult to swallow.Not because I didn’t want her with him but it was the sort of bittersweet moment one gets when you have to leave high school.Changes..you can’t stop them if you want to achive your dreams.

    ‘tiny squeak’ what does it mean PS’s ribs.Does that mean they are STUCK to each other.Oh my gosh…no way..the Milk Couple is THE CUTE to the end.

    Softy softy…..ck floating away now…whee…love this drama.Am going to start watching it all over again.

    The best part…we have the concert tonight!!!


  18. imud says:

    Midas fan is reporting here, to give a bbbig hug, for Captain Softy. 😀
    Just please take your time, Dear. The fact that you’ve decided to not leaving Midas is great enough for me. Million thanks for your kindness, Softy!


  19. louise says:

    thank you so much for live recaps softy.. you are daebakk!!


  20. mey says:

    thank you so much for transcapping this drama. i loved the finale–every moment of it. i knew hye mi’s sister had the hots for jin gook and how cute is she for a consolation prize. sam dong is lucky to be K AND get hye mi, but he deserves them. i really liked the last scenes with hye mi singing “my only hope” to sam dong and the flash back scenes, especially that of snow falling on sam dong.


    • Lieber says:

      I also love the last scenes. Got me teary eyes all over again, especially on the flashback one.
      I re-watched episode 3 last night, back to when Samdong and Hye Me met; and the first time she sang Only Hope. And then I fast forwarded to Ep. 16 last scene. Result? I was a cry baby.
      Fate has indeed brought them together from the beginning.
      And Samdong ended as K? If we watched back to ep 3/4, it wouldnt be a surprise. From the beginning when he challanged Jason, he has stated that he’d be the nest.

      Awwww…… how I’m hoping for a little bit extra closure / scene for both Hye Mi and sam Dong in 2018.

      gonna miss DH so muchh!!!!


  21. Eka Wachyu says:

    Love it thanks for this… i am always came without trace very Tuesday and Wednesday at 05.00 am, I woke up with a bunch of spirit. reading this post makes my day better … in the evening after work than I watch on youtube. Oh gosh really love this drama and satisfied with it… really happy coz have beautiful ending
    now what should I do this wednesday or my next week… start miss my samdong


  22. ck1Oz says:

    LOL.I know you’re not doing the concert but I’ve been screaming and fangirling since it started.

    OMG…they are SO CUTE!!!


  23. Mia says:

    I loved this drama so much I just watched it through all over again and was able to see so many things from a different hindsightish angle. I totally think now that Sam Dong had Hye Mi’s heart all along; it just wasn’t so obvious to me while everything was still kind of happening. Gosh, I’m going to miss this drama, and I hope you’ll get to sub another drama where I can comment on this blog like crazy again, softy! XDD Until then~!


  24. josh says:

    hi, can i know the name of the reporter from fishing magazine that turns out to be the emg scout, he looks familiar to me but i can’t remember which drama he makes. thanks a lot!


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