Dream High E10

It just occurred to me how SD clutched that heart pendant really tight as he watched HM kiss JG, but at that last moment – he let go of it. In a way, maybe that was his first step in stepping back from HM a little cuz once he fully switches focus to his music, he can outshine all of them. Then she will have to see him and hopefully not want to look away ever again. Let’s just hope he still has that chance – E11 had better let us know cuz waiting another week is gonna be torture.
I never even thought of dropping DH anyway-just wanted to see if anyone would even care to read Duo. Since interest in Duo is like 0.5% then I think I will just skip it all together.
Dream High E10
It starts from the dance competition when SD and them get third place. the host asks who SD wants to thank and he looks for Kang’s face and thanks him. voiceover of the principal and kang agreeing to kang quitting on his own after the japan trip.
in the car, on the way to the airport- SD asks if PS is going directly to the airport and HM gets a call from PS who is in the hospital. she had a high fever since the previous night so she came to the hospital and they told her she had hepatitis A. she says how upset she is too cuz she wanted to go to Japan-and that the music sheet is with SD for the wedding congratulatory song. she tells HM to have fun.
the mom hits the guitar asking why PS brought that to the hospital
PS says I told you not to hit it- when you hit it- I hurt too
In japan, at the airport, some guy meets them and they get a ride in a limo. SD cant believe how nice it is. they wonder who the person is to be this rich. the house is amazing too. SD says it looks like the movies where it is like the japanese gangsters cuz men in black line the path. there is a weapon’s checkpoint too. (scary wedding).  kang tells Hm not to be scared but she isnt at all-just kang and SD.
Hm and SD go up to sing but it isnt the right song. Kang realizes the music had been switched. but SD starts singing and HM joins in.
kang assumes the bald guy cant speak korean and says to himself not to worry but a younger guy whispers the song to him so kang gets mad that young guy is translating. the bald guy gets mad (cuz they are singing the wrong song I think) and gets up and yells so kang tells the kids to run as they get chased by the men in black. kang has all their bags and offers to hold the men back so the kids can make a run for it, but he goes down with one hit.
SD crouches to pick up something and makes the men fall down- he had stopped cuz he dropped her heart phone accessory. when they are safe and hiding from the men, Hm yells at him for stopping for that. SD asks her is she has any money cuz he doesnt have any cuz it was in the bags. she doesnt have any money either. he says now they are in trouble cuz all their contact info and stuff is with the teacher
kang goes up the kirin group and asks if the kids came- he lost them and they dont have money. JG  offers to go look for them. jason says he is going with him and everyone else follows
SD tries to ask for directions to nagoya hotel. HM stares at the ferris wheel. he asks if she wants to ride it.she says no and asks where they should go. jason and JG come up to strangers and jason asks something in japanese while JG stare up at the ferris wheel too.
she says she shouldnt have come on this trip-that she didnt want to come-
SD tells her not to lie and says he knows why she wanted to come
she asks if he really does know and asks what it was
 Sd says it was cuz…..to eat “cho” rice (that rolled rice with seasoning)
cuz she likes it so much
HM agrees it was for the food and says even if it wasnt that rice she wants to eat something
SD suggests making money first when he sees street performers. so SD and HM sing on the street. some other japanese singers are singing and SD and HM steal away those japanese performer’s audience cuz SD and HM are way better. then some dancers come and they have a dance off with jason and JG all of a sudden. then the rest of kirin join in-koreans against the japanese dance off.
looks like the koreans won and BH and HM high five each other
they get a lot of money from onlookers
PS’s mom sneaks in bacon for PS to eat at the hospital. she tells PS to hurry and eat before the nurses catch them.  PS complains how hard she had been dieting but eats the bacon anyway.
jason asks SD where PS cuz he couldnt find her earlier
SD says she couldnt come
jason asks why
SD explains that right before she could come she was hospitalized for hepatitis
jason asks which one she has -A,B, or C
SD just repeats : hepatitis
and says it is just hep – so what is jason talking about A, B, C
since SD has no idea so jason gets mad at him for not knowing cuz there is a huge difference between them cuz B or C could be serious
SD asks why jason is getting angry over it
jason gives up and asks if SD is really a friend since he doesnt even know about that
BH asks Ria what time the music video shoot starts tm
Ria says 9:30am
HM is on the floor and her stomach is rumbling-Ria asks if that sound if coming from HM and Ria offers her cookies that fans gave her but Hm says no thank you and that she isnt hungry and when Ria persists BH tells Ria that Hm said no-but later when the lights are out, BH knocks the giant cookie down next to HM and pretends to be asleep. when HM is sure BH is sleeping, she eats it outside. JG sees her and asks Hm to speak with him but she says she has nothing to say or hear (from him) and walks back in the room.
two women teachers see kang sleeping on the sofa
teacher shin tries to wake kang but in his sleep he mumbles “teacher shin please have a talk with me” so she thinks he is dreaming about her
jason does research on the internet-about Hepatitis-everything he reads aloud  sounds serious so he asks a  sleeping SD “can you sleep when your friend’s life is on the line?” jason snatches SD’s pillow away from SD
PS gets a call
her mom nags her to turn her cell off
HM is calling to see if PS is better
PS says she is well and gets out of the hospital tm
Hm says since it is an international call so she cant talk long and hangs up
jason asks HM where PS is now
HM tells him that she is hospitalized
asks if he is interested or if he is showing manners
jason says manners
he asks which PS has A-B-or C
HM lies and says: of course they thought it was A ….but it is B
jason is alarmed and says : it that for real?
HM: they say her hospital stay will be long
so jason is upset
it was cuz she lost weight- cuz she lost so much so suddenly
HM says for someone showing manners he is worrying too much
jason: arent you worried? your friend has hepatitis- on top of that it is B
HM: I am worried – very
jason: is this your worried look?
HM: this is your worried look too
then jason says “you really bug me” and storms off
HM says after him :that doesnt seem like manners (to me)
the morning of the music video shoot
JG -BH -Ria- and jason are in it
HM and some other are with SD watching from the sidelines
SD says watching them they look like stars
(talking about JG) it wasnt long ago I shared a room and stole his underwear and wore it (lol)
JG and Hm glance at each other
the name of the music video is “love high” some girl says
Ria shoots jason but BH gets hit in his place so Ria shoots herself
jason cries holding onto dying BH
and his tears bring BH back to life (I think)
kang reads the storyline and laughs
and teacher shin defends the script
saying it is a “midas” and kang says instead of “midas” it is a “minus”
then she finally agrees it is a little cheesy
SD mentions the music to Hm
saying it is kind of bland
it is like something that has been boiled properly
but the seasoning is off
and if you add a little salt
the taste will be great
Hm agrees and says maybe it’s cuz of the chords
and SD notices the japanese performer guy from the street
he says he will show him the right taste
PS screams cuz she gained 2kg
her mom hits her for scaring her and PS says not to cuz she is still a patient
PS says she is a pig so her mom says :where did you see such a pretty pig?
PS misses a call from jason
he wonders why she doesnt pick up
he asks if his shoot is done cuz he has to go back to korea
SD goes after the japanese guy
kang catches up to him
SD asks what he thinks of that japanese guy
if he is good looking or not
kang says he is so so
SD explains
yesterday he thought the guy was rude
when they were doing the dance off 
but today he realized how good looking the guy is
the way he smiles is manly and the way he walks is cool
he wonders why he didnt get that yesterday
kang says maybe he realized cuz that kid resembles them (SD and the others)
it is their last night
so teacher shin tells all the kids to pack tonight cuz they are leaving
in the morning and not to get any ideas about spending their last night out
everyone winks at each other one at a time pretending they are going back to
their rooms
as she asks the hotel clerk for morning call
kang asks teacher shin what she is doing that night
she starts to lie about a meeting with another teacher but asks why he is asking
he asks her to meet at dry and high at 7
and she agrees
kang and them run into the group of K kids
he invites them to come along to spend their last night together but
BH says they need to go back to seoul tonight cuz of schedule
kang says then it cant be helped but to pretend they didnt see kang and them
but JG wants to stay and go with them
Bh reminds JG they got in trouble yesterday for going out but JG ignores her
K manager wonders where they are going since they are suppose to catch a plane tonight to seoul
and he followd the kids
so they all end up going to a club where those street kids are performing
SD and that japanese guy smile at each other
teacher shin gets ready for what she thinks is a date
she goes to the club
the japanese guy says something
anyone know japanese?????
he calls out and asks what their names are
SD replies his and HM’s
SD whispers something to the japanese girl and she starts to play dream high theme song on her violin
so the korean kids guess their song came to japan and they all go up cuz it is their song
HM sings
then SD (had no idea this was him singing this part all this time)
JG and them dance
the manager videotapes them on his cell phone
BH and HM are singing next to each other and they high five each other
kang says look at those kids- even if they cant communicate
they know how to fight-reconcile -and be happy together cuz of music
jason runs out of the cab and into the hospital
jason asks where PS went
the nurse says the guitar playing patient
jason says: yes- her
the nurse says she went outside to the park
PS is there jumping rope
PS asks why jason is here -what happened with your trip
he asks if she has B
 and she says it was A-not B
he guesses HM lied to him
Ps asks : why did you come here – you had a music video shoot in japan
jason says it’s ok he is leaving
as he turns she asks if he ran off again
jason gets mad and asks how she can nag
he stops himself saying : cuz of you-what I went thru
and ends with :you are really irritating
PS collapses
he calls out for help and some woman helps him lift PS but
he carries her back into the hospital
everyone is drinking
the japanese guy gives SD two tickets for the ferris wheel
saying something about part time job
the guy says the tickets are presents and SD thanks him
SD says he is going with the prettiest girl here -HM -cuz she wanted to go
BH and Ria are talking in the bathroom
Ria mentions how BH high fived HM
BH says she just did it
and Ria reminds her how she wasnt on good terms with Hm (all this time)
and asks if they made up now
BH says :what is there to fight about when we are friends
Ria tells her not to lie cuz she knows how bad it was between them
BH says she wants to be comfortable around her now
as she leaves the bathroom
mananger is talking about HM with another guy and the video they recorded of HM performing
the manager says look at her- her facial expression is good huh?
and that her face and vocal is good and useful
the other guy says HM is the total package
so why did the manager leave her out and chose BH
manager says how he wanted to work with HM
and that he will have to talk to the principal again when they return
the other guy says : you are adding on another member? in one or two days?
BH overhears all this
SD tells HM to meet him ten minutes later out front
she asks why and he says
 he has some place to go with her
JG is outside but he drags her out
she yells let me go
SD goes out and looks for HM asking himself if she still hasnt come out
JG gets his pics taken by some girls
they wonder if the girl with him is his gf
so HM takes the camera away from the girl
one girl says what are you doing
HM: are you asking cuz you dont know?
why are you taking someone’s pic without permission
the girl tries to grab the camera saying: give it back- wasnt try to take your pic
HM shows her :my pic is here
JG apologizes to the girls and goes after HM
she tells him this is why she didnt want to be involved with him
and asks what he is going to do if new reports circulate
she tells him to let go
JG: dont go and listen
he goes back to that girl who took another pic
he says : please help me
I have so much to say to this friend
but afraid of ppl watching
didnt ever have the chance to talk properly
I have so many misunderstandings to clear up
but I cant clear them up
it was so hard to meet this friend
cuz she is such a precious friend
i dont want to lose her like this
so to not let her run off
to let her listen to me
help me
the girl with the camera puts it away and says : I get it- I wont take pics
and tells them to talk freely and the girls leave
HM: now that I heard (all that) I am getting really curious
so tell me-what did I misunderstand?
you are the one who promised to stand on stage together
and you are the one who broke that promise
JG: that was how I could stay in korea
HM: what?
JG says how his dad tried to make him go study abroad to america
and if he had let that happen
I would have disappeared without anyone knowing-
without even you knowing
cuz of (?)
he wanted to get rid of me
cuz to my dad I am like messy furniture
HM: that’s why…
JG: after i ran off from the airport- that night – right away I decided to debut
before my dad could – since I let everyone know about  me
I had to do that
if i didnt want to disappear
if I wanted to live
to stay by your side
so dont go
it is too much of a waste of time to send you away after fighting
she puts her muffler around his neck
she asks will ppl not notice you like this-cuz half his face is covered
she asks where he wants to go
SD is waiting outside
some kids come up and asks SD to go in
SD tells them to go ahead inside cuz he is waiting for HM
other kids says HM left awhile ago alone
also JG is gone
they wonder if they left together – if they are on a date
girl asks if they are dating
the guy says it looks like it cuz JG takes special care of HM
girl says-since they are in japan -there is a chance
they think
SD listens to all this
teacher shin is walking
she tells him to walk faster since it is cold
kang says he has something to say before the day is over
seh asks what he wants to say
he explains how he misunderstood her
he thought she didnt like him cuz their teaching style is so different
now that he saw her here on this japan trip
he sees they are not that different and that she doesnt seem to dislike him
he asks if that is correct
she agrees and says they are not that different
so he says he has the courage to ask now
she thinks he is confessing so she mumbles it is sudden -she needs time to think-
but he apologizes and says he doesnt have much time
but kang interrupts her and asks her to take care of his kids well
she says : the kids?
kang says after this trip his kids are going into her class
she says she didnt know
he continues: in your eyes they might lack a lot but
if you know each one..
HM -from the outside-she looks like she is prickly
inside she has a lot of affection
if you come on too strong she gets defensive
so if you go slowly she listens well with encouragement
SD looks like a fool who only knows HM
and how talented he is with composing like she saw earlier
PS is the opposite of HM
on the outside she looks weak but she is a strong kid
she doesnt know how strong she is
the day she realizes that she will be an impressive star
and she dieted so much she gets weak in front of bread
so teacher shin needs to be careful
teacher shin says he is talking like he is leaving forever and
that he is going overboard
kang asks her again to take care of them
SD goes looking for his japanese friend
the guy asks where SD’s gf is
SD says he came alone cuz he got stood up
the guy tells SD to forget about it
( or was it my imagination that it sounded like korean when he said that)
SD sees the ferris wheel when he sits down and he looks at his tickets
PS wakes up and jason is there
she asks what happened
he says she overdid her exercising
she says “not that” – about you- why are you still here
jason: dont worry I am leaving
she asks if this is manners this time too – him coming all this way
she says it must be manners
he says it is not manners
your music – I came cuz I wanted to hear your music
you know- that I only like your music
PS: i know that
he tells her not to misunderstand
there was nothing to do at all cuz his schedule was clear
so that is why he came and says I’ll be going now
he leaves
he stands outside
he is about to leave
he hears her singing
JG buys tickets for the ferris wheel
after JG and HM are inside he says:
when I came here and first saw this, I thought “I have to make sure i ride that”
she says : a long time ago too- you wanted to ride the ferris wheel huh?
dont you remember? 7 yrs ago and soon after you met me
you said you wanted to ride it
he says a long time ago-for one day- he had a family
one day my father came
for the first time
we went to the amusement park with my mom and dad
cuz there were too many ppl
all we could ride was the ferris wheel
so we had no choice but to ride the ferris wheel
and it was nice
“who would ride this boring thing” i thought
but it was fun
to the extent that I didnt want to get off
I wanted it to go around in circles just the way it was forever
if it wasnt for that one day
I would have erased it
when my dad threw me away
when my dad used me
i could have just hated him
but – cuz of that one day
i couldnt throw my dad away
if it wasnt for that one day I would have wanted to erase everything
HM cries and says : you liked that one day-you didnt want to erase that
JG cries and asks why are you crying
long time ago too-you cried cuz of me
HM: i dont know (why) either
JG: that was the first time
that someone cried cuz of me
he kneels and wipes her tears
he asks why are you crying cuz of me
HM: i dont know either
she closes her eyes
and he kisses her
SD sees them kissing from the window
he puts his hand on the glass
and cries
then his ears hurt
he puts his hands up to his ears and there is a popping sound
and he falls to the ground and sits there grasping something in his hand
with tears streaming down his cheeks
right before he passes out
his hand opens revealing what he held : her heart pendant
and he closes his eyes
no preview

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    On the stage, the Japanese guy “Yesterday we were rivals but today we are friends…” and then he introduced Samdong.
    After the show, the Japanese guy said he is doing part-time job there and gave 2 tickets of ferris wheel to Samdong as present.


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    —-SD explains
    yesterday he thought the guy was rude
    when they were doing the dance off
    but today he realized how good looking the guy is
    the way he smiles is manly and the way he walks is cool
    he wonders why he didnt get that yesterday—-
    —SD and that japanese guy smile at each other—-

    One love story ends, and the next begins for uri SD ^o^


    • lucertola says:

      —SD says he came alone cuz he got stood up
      the guy tells SD to forget about it—-

      Japanes guy saying to SD that cause he is without his girlfriend, he’ll get a lot of service, is for me one of the best parts of this ep. loving it. ^v^


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    wait I thought JG did the debut thing before running away from airport night? or was that the showcase not the actual debut interview?? it wasn’t too long ago and i’ve already forgotten, oy vey! thanks for this softy, was travelling so I missed the show but glad you kept on with DH 🙂 I hoped you’d stay with this since it’s not as hard as sageuk (sp) talks of Duo as HY keeps telling LS to quit watching sageuk 😀 not that I mind but after SKKS it will be awhile before I watch another unless YAI will be in one….anyway thank you again!


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