Can You Hear My Heart E25

Is this the face of a man conflicted with guilt over all the things he said and did to make Y hide from him so instinctively? is he staring at Y like this cuz he feels a bit of love for the man who made all the sacrifices a father willingly makes for his child and would gladly do it all over again in a heartbeat without a second thought? is this look possibly just a glimmer of a soul still inside M? it’s like M is struggling with the hate within his heart, trying to suppress the good from coming out but in moments like this when he sees Y’s innocence, M becomes vulnerable for a second and becomes human again. Something else Y did right – influencing his son to grow up to be a good person. No wonder M didn’t even look at S and only gazed at Y a long time. I hope given a choice, M always turns from evil and only lingers on the good.

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Wow – read D and choi’s scene -omg – the things choi said to D. It breaks my heart that D had to hear these words come out of the man he used to love like a father. Tonight, D actually made a move ahead of M for a change. Not sure if D’s preemptive strike makes sense – but it made M look angry so that’s enough for me. Maybe cuz it’s D and I would like him even if he was bald- I’m getting used to the new hair. But it’s sort of weird to go up to that tree on the hill with one hair style and come back down with a shorter one. There is something called continuity. Love how sweet W and D were tonight, but W’s hesitancy near the end made me a bit nervous. OMG tm is going to be something else-it’s like watching a whole different drama.

Can You Hear My Heart E25


Starts from the tree scene- D plays the toy piano for W then W plays it.

D has his hands over his ears and his eyes closed: (you said) to stop playing the toy piano? W:what? D: let’s play doing something else? W: ya – cha dong joo. D leans in and says “cant do that” (he hints at kissing) W says let’s go home and gets up but he pulls her back down.  She closes her eyes (for the kiss). D grins, taps her on the head, and tells her to open her eyes. D: if you’re in such a rush, can you handle it? W:what? D:  W -i like you a lot -so I want to be with you every day- but if you stay by my side it might be hard for you -so if by any chance later, you dont want to be next to me ….

she kisses him.W: if I dont want to what? that I can leave? what a lie. he admits he lied – no matter what happens -I hope you stay by my side – so listen to what I say from now on and dont run away. she asks what D wants to say-what is it? he asks: W-do you know why junha hyung is so angry?  she says yes cuz your position was originally oppa’s so he could feel angry-since he didnt know for 30yrs, he could feel it was unfair. but if a little time passes, oppa will feel less mad. D: he may never let go of his anger cuz my mom knew he was choi’s son and took him away and raised him as my older brother. I ended up losing my hearing cuz of choi – but hyung cant seem to hear anyone right now cuz of the scar my mom gave him -the two of us cant hear (use our ears) bong worri I will ask you just one more time – can you stay next to my side when I am like this? she looks at him

M looks at D’s phone and at W’s family pics and he deleted texts and stuff when D and W come in. M drops the phone on the table and gives the newspaper to D. (how D lost his hearing during a fall and totally leaves out his grandpa’s death and stuff) M: the reporter wrote it well-it’s better to bury it – even tae sung would probably….D cuts him off and tells M not to mention his grandpa’s name. M: why? cant choi’s son keep it quiet? D: dont do things you dont need to – just cuz you do this doesnt cover up the truth. M:  ppl just believe the truth they can see-if you feel it’s unfair that provide evidence. D says he wants to but needs to think about WK’s image and is being patient. M asks how a guy who is thinking of WK’s image act like that- some makeup could be sold thru pity but it’s a minus for WK overall – then in the end I lose out. D:what? M: i became someone who needs to worry about WK’s future more than you . if something gets in my way ( something messy gets in my way) I will get rid of it -whether it’s energy cell or you CDJ. W says oppa. M: if you want to keep the position you have now-keep T’s mouth shut. dont let her threaten with a card she cant even pull out. M walks out.

D puts the paper away. W asks what the paper says but D says the paper is no fun-what should we do to play. he repeats her sign and asks what it means. W says “it means you are like a fool.” D:what? she signs it again. D: that didnt mean I was cool? or my nose is high-or I’m good looking-it didnt mean that? W:what is so cool (about you)? he just looks at her so she asks “why” and he leaves

W asks where they are going and he tells her to get in the car. W:where? D: i dont play with a girl who is thinking of something else. going to throw you away. W: CDJ. D: get in

MS goes to meet M. she asks where D is-you said you met him – where did you see him? M says at D’s home and he is with W. she asks what W, M, and D are to each other-3 way involvement? tell me – it can be a 4 way too. or 2 and 2 paired up well. M: I like the 2 and 2-instead of making it complicated -just you and me-let’s date. MS: that’s not what I meant to say. M: why? you confessed to me in america. MS: you kept saying Dong joo and made me break away. M : you saw -how I was kicked away by D at the makeup show finale. after all those years-but in one moment- I was kicked. MS: so that’s why you feel hurt. M asks her to be his formal girlfriend and promises to be good to her. she asks why he is like this suddenly. M: I dont like you liking D-I must have liked you. your dad will like it too. he tells her to think about it

W asks where this is. D tells her to go in and listen to what J has to say. W:what? D: you must have a lot you want to say and want to ask but for today just listen to everything he has to say. you know right? i can do everything else really well but I cant do that -I’m asking you to do it cuz I cant-you get that right? go before I change my mind. they hold hands and she says in her mind “thank you” and in his mind he tells her not to smile (cuz it makes him feel bad that she might like doing this) they wave at each other as he drives off.

D goes to meet choi and says he has something to tell him. choi says later. D doesnt turn around and calls out “later when? if I have my back to you like this I cant hear anything at all-come in front of me and speak to me so I can read your lips.” choi turns and goes back to D and calls out his name. D turns around and says choi didnt leave yet like he thought.

choi asks what D wants to say, but D didnt hear him. D walked over to the desk. choi tells him to sit but D didnt hear. D asks if he can sit at choi’s seat. choi gets up and makes D look at him and says again : I told you to come and sit. D: i’m sorry I didnt hear you. choi says he didnt make D lose his hearing-if you didnt lose your memory you know that too. D:when did I say it was you? D asks choi to fix the article cuz reporters these days are a problem – if they are going to write an article they should do it right -hurting my pride-they said I just fell down. when I was younger my dream was to become Indiana Jones. what is this and they left out my grandpa. I saw something I shouldnt have and  fell cuz of that shock. choi asks if D has evidence – who is going to believe you? let’s just say ppl do believe you – the show is already over – if you were going to threaten me – should have come sooner-it’s too late. D says he wasnt going to put choi in prison -then it would be too comfortable for you. beg my mom first for forgiveness. she was used by a man for money and in that man’s hands she lost her father and also her son lost his hearing -that poor woman-my mom- before she goes crazier – beg her forgiveness that you were wrong and step down from your position on your own volition. choi:not sure if I was wrong -but I think I made a mistake – that night I shouldnt have taken you to the hospital-I should have left you there to die-that was my mistake. instead of trying to get to me – like you said before your mom goes crazier-be quiet and keep your mouth shut and go back to america . D says dont be that way and beg my mom for forgiveness- didnt you hear me? cant you hear? while i give you a chance beg for forgiveness.

choi tries to hit him saying “this punk – how dare you” but D stops him and holds his wrist.  D: father – you might have been acting/pretending but I liked being your son. that’s why I cant forgive you anymore.if you dont want to step down on your own – I will drag you ready. D leaves. choi orders M to come right away

M is about to go in but W is there. W: oppa. M: you sure are stubborn -I’m sick and tired of saying dont say that.  she says ok – one who isnt J or M. show me around your home-let me see just how well you are living to ask me “dont you think that’s it’s unfair to live like this”  -it feels unfair so I have to see for myself.. he says he is tired and tells her to go. she says she is tired too so give her some water cuz she is thirsty and let her use the bathroom cuz she didnt go just in case he might come while she was gone. dont make excuses and show me your home. M gets a call leaves. she asks when he will be back and she will wait. he tells her to do what she wants cuz he didnt tell her to come

S goes to her mom and asks her mom to massage her leg. S complains that those bad guys hid M somewhere wont allow her to go into the company. grandma: I told you to act like you dont know and leave it alone. from now on think your baby is not in this world and just like with your mom. S: how can I do that? to see M’s face I waited outside the office for a few days. grandma says Y waited for 16 yrs. S points out M is not Y’s real son. grandma: that’s why it’s more crazy and unbelievable when M isnt even his son.-making warm rice for M, at night sitting up and sleeping curled up. S says she doesnt want to hear it and asks where W is cuz M will be in contact with W. that girl is close with D and M. I saw at the office that M took W’s side-I didnt know he was M and thought he was W’s boyfriend. grandma hits S saying with sarcasm – you did well not knowing your own child. S says she misses M. NB comes up so S asks why he comes to someone else’s home whenever he wants. grandma says this is his home. NB asks the grandma is she remembers how when M was young, Y would carry M on his back and bring him to the market and whoever M saw he would call out “mom.” grandma says M called out ‘mom” so much that now that he saw his mom the word “mom” doesnt come out. grandma tells S not to think of hearing the word “mom.” NB agrees and says when M was a child his wife had to take M. NB to S: you dont have the right. S says she is annoyed.

M goes to see choi. M asks if something happened. choi tells M not to do stuff like the article about D from now on. M asks why-cuz he did it for his dad’s sake. choi: you think it will be covered up with something like this? dont think too lightly of D. if you push a mouse too far it will bite the cat. if you care so much about what D thinks, then when will I be able to find my place. choi says he will put M in his family registry. if choi puts M out in front lawfully/rightfully then D might (not have the upperhand). even if D hates me – at least there is a chance with you. M: so the way you are going to stop D is me? choi: if that kid makes trouble – it wont be good for you too.M says there is another way for choi to backstab D and T and not get dragged away. M mentions: there is another remaining will left by (D’s grandpa’s). choi:what? M: i havent seen it but I feel like there is -if not how could D and T talk so big. choi: so what is it that you are thinking? M says since M isnt registered yet, choi should entrust all of choi’s fortune and home to M for now cuz if choi has it it might get taken by D-is choi ok with that

D goes home and his mom is sleeping on the sofa. she is holding that black envelope so D takes it and covers her with a blanket. he is talking to some woman. the woman says her husband will be glad and would want to go tm. D:when you come so it wont be uncomfortable I will have everything ready -and we have to work with the conditions I laid out. let’s meet and decide. I want to meet you too. D looks at the envelope and over at his mom. W texts D saying “boss- failed- one who isnt J or M is really angry.” D sends her a text for her to come tm to his home by 2pm -even if you miss me till then – be patient”

M and choi are eating. M says if today’s meeting goes well -for choi to gather the board so M can hurry and take care of energy cell. choi: ok be careful so that D wont find out in advance.  some old guy shows up and apologizes for coming late cuz a meeting ran long. choi mentions how other ppl are interested in energy cell. the guy said thank you for giving us this offer first – that he misunderstood that choi was using his son’s disability to make more money. choi laughs: you thought I did that? no matter how much I love money- do you think i would do that-I’m a person too? the guy asks choi not to ask for a high price, but choi tells the guy to talk with M about that. M introduces himself and gives him a contract to review. the guy says M is too business like when they just met and wants to talk slowly over drinks. but M says he will drink after the contract since the man seems to have made up his mind already so instead of dragging the time out it would be good to decide on the price first

T brings breakfast and asks if she should live with D here. D says she cant. T:my son cant even lie. D: mom if you are lonely should I go back home tm? T: no you cant – at least you can be comfortable here. D: ahh- you want me to go back home? you think I can be comfortable here alone? I’ll pack my things. T: no you cant – mom is ok – choi is the one who is tormented cuz mom is really forceful/strong (withstand anything). D: i dont like that- I dont like a woman who loves me to be strong. Come back to the way you used to be. (awww – he is asking her to be sweet and nice like she used to be -way back in earlier episodes-I forgot she was like that once). the bell rings and she says someone came and asks why he isnt wearing the watch. he says it’s going to be his staff and that he will be out soon

T welcomes them but freezes when she sees M. M says T is too friendly. M invites MS and kim to come in. D says sorry for making you come here-then he sees M. M says D is well and thought D had collapsed cuz he made the staff come here. MS says they ran into M as they were coming out. M asks if D has a secret he cant hear about energy cell (since they arent meeting in the office). D says let’s have the meeting.  M asks T to bring him coffee-you know how I take my coffee right?

T is making the coffee. D hides the file in his hand behind him and starts talking about other work stuff. MS asks if D feels ok and kim says he still cant believe D cant hear-if you cant hear how can you speak so well? M tells them: one person at a time should talk-in order to read lips – he can only look at one person at a time. isnt that right? M looks at D. D: you know so why ask? you are the one who taught me that yourself. M: but I am not the one who cant hear. D asks MS something and M asks for ideas for a tv commercial. MS asks if they can get that. kim says if their product comes out on TV it will be a hit.

T comes over with coffee saying it would cost 5 times more to make it. M: it’s ok (choi) said not to worry about the cost and do what we want. D tells his mom and M to leave since they seem to understand each other well (they communicate well) so the rest of us can have our meeting. W comes in saying sorry for being late and D asks why she is late and tells her to come and sit (he taps the seat by him). T cant believe W is the secretary and tells D that a secretary needs to have the skills to be one. since she is here anyway, T asks W for help. D says W isnt here to help his mom. W says she will help T and tells them to have their meeting. W asks T what W needs to do. MS stops D from going over to W saying that she needs to leave so they have to hurry and end the meeting.

W offers to preprare the fruit but T says W is impudent-how dare she come here. M comes over asking for more coffee from T. then he asks W to get him another cup. T says M and W are the same cuz they dont know their places and cling. M to T: I was about to say that too. My father said he didnt want to so why are you sticking to him so pathetically and not leaving his home. W calls out oppa. T to W: can you say that to choi’s son when choi killed your mother? he is a murderer’s son – arent you disgusted by him? MS tries to get D to not go over there, but D does. T insults both M and W saying they dont know their place. M to T: that’s what I want to say – how can you not know your place and talk to my sister like that? D comes up behind M. M to W: W meet (date) someone normal-you cant meet D who cant hear. W says oppa again. M tells T not to mess with W his younger sister. D makes M turn around: if you are going to do this leave now. M asks D what D is doing cuz he isnt sticking up for W. can you control your mom? W tries to take M out, but D holds her and tells her to stay.  M tells D: dont lay a finger on W’s body. D steps up to M’s face: who are you to tell me to do this or that. M says: W is my younger sister -I will never give her to someone like you. he drags her out

W: why did you have to say that too – about D not being able to hear…M: even tho you were treated that way you are still saying CDJ? do you want to call out that name? W: did you forget? my mom couldnt hear too- i’m glad you took me out of there oppa -for taking my side – it’s really nice oppa- but dont stay stuff like that no matter how much you hate him-not just to D but to me too – those words hurt. M:whether it hurts you two or not -I dont know that.  you two are the same-always your scars hurt the most -cuz of you guys – whoever gets hurt or not -it doesnt matter at all huh? she says oppa – that’s right – sorry for just thinking about myself. she takes his hand but he pulls it away. M: i will drop by the house one time. W:home? our home? M: if I am going to be your older brother I have to do it right. dont know when I’ll go so just wait. he offers to drive her home and tells her to get in.since I am your oppa I have to take my younger sibling home. she says she feels like walking and tells him to come when he can cuz they are all waiting. drive safely. she walks away

T cant believe J said those things and acted like that to D, but D says he isnt J- he is bong Maru. T:what? D: dont torment M or W anymore. D goes and tells MS and kim that WK could end up growing energy cell and push them aside, but there is a way not to drawl this out and get money all at once. MS guesses selling. D tells them to look over the paperwork (the one he hid from M earlier) saying that this is a way for them to survive. MS asks where D is going and he says he cant focus. T asks where he is going and D says to go and apologize in your place

D runs after W and backhugs her and says :W – my mom doesnt seem to know how much her son is lacking -I’m sorry- I will do better (I will treat you better)-I’m sorry W. M watches that and sort of cries

S is on the phone and talking to choi’s secretary asking if he told choi that S wanted to talk to choi – if choi keeps ignoring her she might cause problems- if S doesnt hear from choi by tm S is going to reveal choi’s secret. S ignores the home phone ringing. grandma asks why S is not answering the phone and picks up and says M and says ok- thank you. S gets on the phone and says M but he hung up. grandma calls Y to tell him the good news but S keeps asking what M said

Y is feeding fish and tells them to eat a lot. D goes over and calls Y’s name. but Y says all the names of the fish and says: I am busy today and cant play with you.sorry will be back tm. D calls out Y’s name again but Y retorts: I am busy so why do you keep calling me? D asks if anything is going on and Y says :you didnt know huh? today my M is coming home. isnt that great? D: waahh- then bong maru will get to eat really yummy rice. I’m envious.  Y: i have to hurry and go so dont call me again. goodbye. D calls out : be careful going home

M goes up the steps. S is standing there. she says it’s good that you came and tells him to go in the easy way thru the main door and not take the stairs cuz its dangerous. Y comes over and stops and hides his face so M wont get mad. Y peeks over at M. M stares at Y looking sad. S calls Y a fool and tells M just to go up.

M goes up the stairs and Y is happy that M went in

M stares at his pic in the family portrait. S says she didnt know he would come and felt awful inside, but M ignores S and asks how the grandma feels (her health.) grandma: me? dont worry about me. I’m ok – she thanks him for asking. NB comes up and says it is true and asks if M remembers him-the chicken store son’s…he holds up the chicken he brought. NB cries and says M grew up well. he asks where Y is and grandma says Y is cooking rice to feed his son. NB tells Y to come out and look at M’s face again but Y says he has to cook-our M is good looking huh? they say he is a doctor- M is the same as when he was younger isnt he?-his eyes are the same like this – when he wears his doctor’s coat-the white clothes- bet he looks the same as MS. M overheard all that. M: is W running late? S offers to call her but grandma says she called her-right now she is probably running over here right now. M gets up to look at the rooms and W comes in and says – you are really here

NB’s wife tells SC to watch the store cuz she is going cuz M came.she has to go look but his dad already ran off. SC: if it’s M hyung then that means J came to the house? why did he come? he became choi’s son and is doing well. the mom says on his way out he must have dropped by. SC tells his mom to watch the store well since there are many customers here and runs off. she says she wants to go too but he is gone

M looks at W’s room. she asks what he is looking at cuz there is nothing to see. he says “looking at the red backpack it is seems like your room”.she says she has more bags than that and shows him all the bags she has.  he sees the toy piano. she shows it to him: you know this right? when I was younger I used to always blow on it. he asks if she still has it and she says of course and offers to play it since he came home but he says it’s ok- let’s go outside. S comes in and asks to speak to M alone just for a minute. she makes W leave. S:what can I say to you?i know i dont have the right to be your mom but I’m worried- after I heard the news that D couldnt hear-instead of worrying about D-cuz of you my heart fell-with what intent T took you away….  he asks what she wants to say. S: i will get to the point – no matter how much you dont like me but you, me and your dad choi -we have to go together -even if you dont know that your dad knows that – if I open my mouth…M tells her: if you want to be considered human (*or maybe “if you want to act human”) – it’s better for you to hide (and not show your face) in front of me. S:what? M: that is the best thing you can do for me. M walks out of the room

W says it’s all ready and just wait a little bit. M asks W to come to seoul and live with him. W: what? SC comes in. M: I said let’s live together. W: oppa. M: if I tell you to come alone you wont. so bring the whole family. SC asks: look here – are you really M hyung? W calls SC’s name. S comes out and calls out M’s name. M calls out that he is leaving to grandma and Y in the kitchen. S: you are leaving now?if you were going to do this then why did you come?  grandma comes out with Y. Y hides behind NB. Y: you are leaving? M-the food is all ready.  M: i didnt come to eat – i will find a home in seoul for you so come up there. S: a home? Y asks NB: why? M: I should do that to repay you for raising me. I will be leaving. M walks out. S: he cant leave like that. she calls out his name.grandma stops her and says leave him alone – it was hard for him to come here. Y says M should have eaten and then gone.

W goes after him and asks him to wait a minute. SC watches from the door. W: what did you mean by going up to seoul? M: you said you waited for me so you lived here. now that you met me there is no reason for you to live like this so pitifully.  I will look into a home. she says the botanical  garden is here and SC’s family is here and we kept living here so how could we…..M says grandma’s hospital and your job- are all in seoul -there are botanical gardens in seoul too- I will look into it. W: but still. M: listen to me – you told me to be your brother. you dont want me to (be your brother)? then that’s better for me.W: ok I will discuss it with the family. M: i dont know what I am doing right now. go back in.

SC stops her from going after M. SC: dont go – you cant go – M is looking at you like a woman -is that how someone looks at a younger sister. move? you cant. you have to live together to be a family. who is he to show up now and act like a brother. he drags her back to the house. W: ya – cant leave M oppa like that.   SC : I cant anymore too- W – you dont have an older brother anymore

Y is getting drunk. S says what is there to discuss-if he says come then you go. NB’s wife says it’s easy for S-is life like a fish? if it flies up you just eat it. SC says: let’s vote- ahjumma you leave and our family can just keep living here. NB says he is against it too- if grandma loses her memory in seoul and gets lost there will be big trouble. S complains they are talking too much when they arent family.  S asks her mom what she is going to do. grandma says she is grateful to M for offering when she wasnt able to feed him well or dress him well and this grandma only gave his young heart a lot of pain. S says she is annoyed then asks W how she feels. W votes: I like it here and hope that oppa visits often. SC: ya tell him not to come.

nam shows up: you were all here- I waited a long time upstairs. W gets up to greet nam. S asks why nam came again and grandma says she invited nam to eat with them. grandma tells nam she was good to come and tells her to sit next to her. NB’s wife says nam looks like W’s mom the more she sees nam and asks if nam has a lost twin or sibling. S asks again if they are going to go or not cuz all they have to move is their body so what is the problem.  Y is drunk and talks like a grown man to S: I cant hold my head up -you didnt even do anything for your child -is life a fish? that you eat it when it flies up. S calls him a fool and nam tells S to watch what she says. Y waves nam over saying: come here let’s live together. what is the problem when I am asking you to just bring your body.  (nam mistakeningly thought he was asking nam to live together) so nam drinks and says “Y- we are moving too fast.” Y: going back and forth I’m against it. Y passes out. W gets a text and sneaks out

W runs down the stairs and D tells her not to run – you might fall. when she gets to the bottom he says “you might fall” and hugs her and asks: how much do you like me for your heart to race like this? she tells him: M came home today for real. I was so surprised…he taps her on her head. D:why are you telling me that just now? you’re fired. she taps his head back- it’s not office work – it has to do with my home-so is that something to be fired?D: you are really in a good mood/spirit – I’m a little hurt -your dad didnt even look back at me and just fed the fish and left.  and you too. W: it happened after 16yrs (M coming back)D:I’m getting worried. W:what? D: what do I do if you hate me? starting from tm I am going to fight J for real. W:why? D: two timer (one who liked two guys at once)-you like CDJ and JJH both huh?that’s why dont take sides and after we fight whoever loses -you have to cheer up. come to the house tm by 2pm. it’s an important day so I want you by my side. W: do you have to fight….he turns her around and hugs her. D: end of discussion. dont stop me – we have to fight to reconcile

name is sleeping in W’s room and wakes up. she looks in the mirror and looks for sunglasses cuz she isnt wearing any makeup. W comes in and asks if nam woke up. nam tells W to close her eyes-who wiped off my makeup? W says she did it cuz it’s not good to wear makeup and sleep. your bare face is way prettier. nam says she never heard that before. W says it’s true.  W says she has an imp appt and has to leave first. have fun slowly and leave. nam asks how W can leave like that when it’s an imp appt. W looks down at her clothes. is it strange? nam says come here and puts makeup on W. Y comes in and sees nam without makeup. he leans in and is surprised. he looks confused

T calls D and says to come right away to the office. D asks what’s going on. T says choi and J didnt tell her and called the board in and wont let her know what is going on so she feels uneasy.she tells him to come. D says he cant go cuz he has imp guests. he says nothing much will happen and says he has to hang up cuz his guests arrived. some french guy and his korean wife comes with kim and MS. the woman says the guy said D got famous so he wants a pic. D laughs and I think he said hi how are you as a response.

W is dressed up and stands outside looking in at MS and D and the others. D looks at his watch and MS asks if someone is supposed to come and D says yes. the woman says her husband says the view is nice here and wants to build something. (her husband said the word “terrace” in french.) D replies “depends on what he (her husband) does today. MS says the mood looks like the guy will listen to all their terms. D: if we talk about work – it might change. kim says the guy wants to see the contract first.

choi has a meeting with the board and T is there too. choi says they are here to decide to sell off energy cell. the board asks why when energy cell just got off the ground and is doing well. choi says this is the best time to sell. T asks if choi means to just take the money cuz they wouldnt “jeewon”one thing (dont know what that means but i think she meant cuz she wouldnt go alone with one thing). choi says he will leave it up to the board to vote. to explain why they have to sell the brand and stuff – they should hear the reasons first. choi calls in M to address the group and give the reasons why they should. M introduces himself. T says J doesnt have the right to stand there. choi tells him to continue and M starts his presentation. something about what WK can do within 3 yrs (maybe be top three or something)

the french guy says something -all I got were the words “energy cell”  “proposition” and “technical”and kim translates that instead of what D proposed the guy wants to buy the company- his wife says how they were thinking of investing in asia-considered making a new brand and that’s when they got the call from D and thought buying energy cell would be faster.

M asks the group if there are any who oppose. M and T glare at each other. D and the french guy sign a contract. they cheer with wine

choi says let’s declare that we decided to sell energy cell here.T stands up:who says you can- CDJ made energy cell -how could you decide to sell when that person isnt here-I cant let that happen. choi asks if she means to ignore what the board decided. T: this is the same as 16yrs ago – when you decided to sell off WK cosmetics-you did it without my father’s approval the owner- this time you cant do that. T to choi: you think I am just going to stand by and watch? choi: honey our marital spat -let’s fight at home . choi calls an end to the meeting. choi says J did well. she calls J’s name and he walks away from her.

choi says M did well and it was worth seeing T’s expression.
M gets a call from D.
M: did you hear the news already?
D: that you are going to sell energy cell? you are one step late. I just sold it.
M: what? CDJ-what did you just say.
D: should I say it one more time?
M: CDJ! 
D grins



M apologizes to the old guy saying it’s his fault but the guy doesnt want M’s apology and tells M to call choi over. M to D: today I got backstabbed but next time it’s your turn.

MS to D: do you not like me that much? if you just ask me for help -I will let you use me. she touches his hand. D says sorry to her. MS says D is out of WK

Y tells nam to leave and for her not to hold his hand (grandma watches them)

after W cooks for M at his home-M says “this is the first and the last huh?” and says aloud for W to stay the night and sleep and go – OMG

D is packed and tells W: I’m ready -if you are going to do this – let’s break up (pretty sure he didnt mean it cuz he said it in a joking threatening tone)

M is the world’s worst boyfriend – first he tells MS that he will be good to her and asks her to be his girlfriend then he turns around and tells W to sleep over – what part of that was being a good boyfriend to MS? and what is going thru that thick head of his to think W ever say yes to that offer? aigoo someone needs to tell him that if he hits an obstacle – pushing it along wont make it go away- he will just tire himself out. best just to walk away or find another way around.

That family reunion was not what I had in mind – I thought he would let Y feed him and stuff. I just wish S wasnt there – it would have gone so much better without her. I really despise this woman – she makes my skin crawl. makes me wonder what kind of mother could ever use her child as a free ticket to wealth.

Turns out M didnt go back for the family at all – he was “acting” like W’s brother cuz he knows that is the only way he can ever see her or get to spend time with her – even if that means moving her whole family to seoul. dang – he sure does love W.


46 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E25

  1. ajewell says:

    It’s so nice having so many sweet DJ/WR moments back!! As always, looking forward to your recap, Softy! ^_^


    • ajewell says:

      haha, no idea what happened at the end there, but it definitely seemed like DJ got the upper hand. Definitely hope that’s the case, and that their evil plan didn’t work!!!!!


  2. Kfan says:

    Haha his haircut doesn’t look thaaaaat bad, just the sides a bit…but whatever… Can’t wait for your recap!!


  3. yumei says:

    haha I love his new haircut…but i guess we all need time to adapt the new hair…hehe


    • ajewell says:

      I didn’t even realize he got it cut until I saw all the comments, lol. Shows how observant I am. IMO, he’s cute no matter what his hair looks like!


      • Almondfudge says:

        Same here…May be it just shows how involved we are with the characters than with the actors???EEEEEEE

        Just finished watching the live and whatever I made of it, seems like M tried to put down DJ a lot of times but he came on the tops all through, what with WR too giving it back to M once again???


        • kcomments says:

          I really feel uncomfortable with JH/WR as man/woman thing, don’t know why. *shudders*
          Also, I feel this oppa thing of WR are going in circle *sigh*, she’d better make her mind go or no go with JH, cuz it will eventually hurt DJ in the end, even if DJ acted like a sacrificed hero *roll eyes*. Com’on girl, about time you decide, stay out of JH and let DJ do the job. And DJ, you’d better let your jealousy of WR/JH out in the open, tell her and talk to her, that you don’t want her near JH, seriously dude!


          • Almondfudge says:

            The way I see it, I don’t think D is jealous of WR and JH at all…He is more broad minded than that, and understands WR and her relationships well…WR too isn’t like the other wishy washy heroines…she is not nice to JH because she cannot decide…She is VERY clear about her priorities and loved ones…and whether JH’s thick head gets it or not, to her, he is her brother….I think DJ is perfectly fine with WR being nice to JH, for he too in his heart still loves JH and cannot see his destruction….


            • kcomments says:

              Ouch, Almond, your beautiful words tonight. I believe broad minded is good, but human nature to a certain extent. Sometimes jealousy fight between couple helps strengthen their bond, instead of bottle it up inside. Sorry, still want to see DJ punches JH’s face saying don’t touch my girl. Yeah, me, that kind thing, dramatic action! Heehee.


            • Almondfudge says:

              I think that would be really petty if he gets down to doing that…DJ has other reasons to punch JH in his face which he is doing in his own way, but not because of WR…JH may be trying to act fresh with WR, but WR and DJ are clear about their relationship with JH and I think DJ really wants WR to help JH if she can, so that his fall wont be that bad….

              K, I think this drama is not one of those rom-coms where the hero gets all worked up about his girl’s relationships with the other men….If they showed DJ getting worked up about WR’s relations with SC or JH, then they would have contradicted with everything they have established about their love thus far…

              I would be really disappointed in DJ if gets jealous of WR’s relation with SC or JH…and also with WR if she gets jealous about MS and DJ….

              Oh btw…I hope you got the confession that you were looking from DJ in today’s episode???


            • kcomments says:

              Oh, Almond, but there is no ‘I love you’ thing, ok may be I have to check the vid first, and why DJ kept saying it backward? You like me a lot? He asked her many times already.

              In the preview, I think I saw DJ packing his bag on his bed, is he leaving?


            • Almondfudge says:

              I couldn’t watch the preview…my brother called me right at that moment…grrrrrr


  4. jaejoongstolemyheart says:



  5. kcomments says:

    Alright! DJ is clever-er than I thought, from the way I see this episode, DJ will nail JH and the may-be-run-away-WR and his mom too. I love this writer more and more, she started to let us see the in-secured WR tonight, it’s so realistic. If WR wants to be with DJ, she will have to face the reality that there is a certain gap she has to overcome. Pretty light episode phew! And Nam is WR’s mom or what?
    Aww….JH…. *in your face* Buahahaha.
    Man, DJ’s new hair cut doesn’t compliment his face features, what to do? Endure endure…..


    • zenti says:

      And DJ seems more thin with his new haircut!

      MS as a two – timer is leaning towards DJ (She has been making a move). Oh nose! Is she going to add a crack on DJ-WR, especially that WR is becoming insecure?


      • kcomments says:

        @Zenti *waves*
        Yes, he looks thinner with that hair cut.
        I saw MS making a move too, the way she stopped DJ from going to WR twice. She should have known by now how DJ feels. I heard sth in the preview, think it’s MS’s voice and DJ said sorry.


        • zenti says:

          MS better behave and get the drift! She should stay off DJ for the sake of WR (and hers)!

          Hehe, MS confessed to JH while they were in America. Her two timing is something else.


          • Alexus says:

            I think MS knows DJ loves WR but still wants DJ to use her even if it is just an act to help fight against JC and JH to get WK back. That was the sense I got from the preview. She is a good kid. She will stay a good friend to both WR and J DJ till the end IMO.


            • zenti says:

              MS cares too much. And even SC. So I hope that both of them can hook up with one another and find happiness in each other.


            • Alexus says:

              I was hoping for that too but they don’t have enough screentime together.


  6. ck1Oz says:

    Did the plot go somewhere and I din’t follow?I am like the whole storyline and plot just went off in a new direction.

    Ep 25…right.DJ/WR’s relationship are still getting better.The revenge plot for T is still there.I am totally lost on JH’s moves at the moment.

    Anyway thank you once again softy.I am off to bed and still where the subbing is at tomorrow.Thank you for being there to translate otherwise my head will be whirling.


  7. Lotte says:

    (I shall just preface this by saying: each to their own, this is just my opinion.)

    Meh, this is the problem I often have with K-dramas – they sacrifice characterization for cheap plot twists. I had no problem with JH whatsoever until he turned on Dongwoo – I think everything he did beforehand was understandable if not advisable or wholly sympathetic, and I think he was a brilliant example of a morally ambiguous character with these couple of relationships which kept him human and redeemable.

    But since his u-turn on Dongwoo…I’m just not feeling it. That relationship was the bedrock of his character and, for me, the show. If I found his descent into darkness realistic it wouldn’t bother me so much, but it just seems like they had him turn eeeeeeeeeevil in order to introduce some *tension* and spice things up as the show enters its final stretch, and I’m not enjoying it as much as a result, not just because I don’t like what he’s doing but because I don’t find it believeable. Going from dubious to full-on moustache-twirling is just lazy writing.

    I’m sure he’ll be redeemed in the end and la de dah, because I’ve seen enough of these things to know the formula, but I think they could’ve let this storyline play out with a lot more subtlety and ambiguity, rather than JH is mad at mum = JH becomes DW’s arch-nemesis.

    Plus, yes, I admit it, I miss the rolling around on the bed together scenes.


    • Lotte says:

      Hah, I of course mean Dongjoo and DJ. Duh.


    • kcomments says:

      Agree, I was surprise that the writer was still one way with JH tonight to go deeper, but I somehow have a feeling that this is just brothers playing a prank on each other, since they are adults the fight looks messier. At the end, just like DJ said to WR, they (JH/DJ) have to fight to reconcile. Still believe in writer Moon, that she did all this for a purpose. JH is a stubborn man, may be he has to hit the bottom before he rises again. It’s realistic in a way.


      • Anonymous says:

        Pranks on each other???P:….what pranks did DJ play???He is only reacting and that too in the most honest and graceful manner unlike JH…JH is playing dirty and I cannot see how that can be called as a brotherly prank???


      • Lotte says:

        I hope so! I miss looking forward to it – now I approach each ep with a sense of impending doom! It’s less ‘Yay!’ and more ‘Oh lordy, what’s JH going to do this week…’ But I’ll stick it out til the end!


        • kcomments says:

          Hey , this is funny, me too, before watching, I thought *in chanting mode* ignore JH, ignore T, focus on WR/DJ then you’ll be fine, haha.


          • Alexus says:

            I am more like bring on the main course and less of the side dishes!!! I need to save room for dessert in the end of Yummy DJ and WR love scenes on a platter like a bed???? Kekekek.


    • zenti says:

      @ Lotte
      I agree with you that it seems Writer Moon is manifesting writer’s fatigue already in trying to stretch the drama into 30 episodes. It happened also to the writer for the drama Smile, You when it was given episode extension.
      The bromance will be back (hopefully sooner) since the production staff is very much aware that viewers and fans are always looking forward to it.

      Yeah, it seems that JH had made a full U turn yet. But he will come around.


      • zenti says:

        Opps. I mean JH still had to make a full turn yet. Hehe, it is as if I am giving out spoilers about his U turn. SSSShhh.


  8. meehui says:

    I’m not sure with WR feeling right now. I’m so confuse in her thinking and her action toward JH/MR. Maybe I think too much…. I really really like when she stay with DJ. It’s very cute moment. Hope she stay strong to DJ…


  9. zenti says:

    @ Softy’s “But it’s sort of weird to go up to a tree with one hair style and come back down with a shorter one.”

    Maybe he was given a haircut by a monkey?
    I remember him on a BTS pulling his hair backwards while emerging from the pool (ala goddess teehee) and he then realized his hair was quite lengthy already. Or maybe his hair started shrinking after jumping into the pool with his mother?


    • Alexus says:

      Really. I will have to rewatch. I missed the first couple of minutes so maybe that is why I never noticed. Lol. But this means they reshot the scene?? Why? This doesn’t bother me. He is cute no matter what! Kekekeke. Could WR have given him a personal haircut since her mother was a hairdresser? I am going to think that is what happened.


  10. zenti says:

    @ Softy’s “That family reunion was not what I had in mind – I thought he would let Y feed him and stuff. I just wish S wasnt there – it would have gone so much better without her. I really despise this woman – she makes my skin crawl.”

    If Shin Ae had not been there, I feel JH would have considered having his meal in the house. Shin Ae has been insisting herself on JH for him to accept her! She should learn from YG on how to hide her thick skinned face when JH is around. YG knows how to love MR. He gives what MR asks of him even if he has to hide his face.


    • Softy says:

      Every single time Y hides from M, it kills me- I feel so bad for Y and at the same time I feel bad for M cuz he must know this is all his fault – what he did wrong as a child is still haunting him as a grownup. Man this writer knows just how to make these two wring out all the tears from us each and every time M and Y are on the screen together.


  11. zenti says:

    Wow! Thundie has declared DJ and WR as the OTP of the year!


  12. Softy says:

    Of all the ppl to make me cry – tonight it was the neighbor (NB) – when he saw M and said he grew up well- how happy the NB was for his friend to be able to see his son again – man tears just came- this family is so close knit – when the NB told S how Y would carry a young M on his back and M would call out “mom” to just anyone – that just broke my heart. Even as a young kid M yearned to have a mom – can you imagine how it must feel like to grow up and have two women who mistreated him so badly. M might be a grown man, but he is going to need some major therapy to deal with all these issues he is struggling with. For the first time I feel a wee bit sympathetic for him. But knowing him, the next mean thing he does or says is going to make me forget what I just said.


    • kcomments says:

      Same here, NB brought tears to my eyes last night, surprisingly so, how he looked at JH and felt overwhelmed to see him grown up so well. So now, as T pointed out, JH is the son of the murderer of WR’s mom and DJ’s grandpa, how DJ and WR still put up with him(JH) till now is really sweet for a not-so-related bloodline.

      The reunion meal was a little let down for me, cuz this was the scene the writer had built up from the beginning, but the impact was not there last night (I guess the writer saved the big one for last), so I expect some great emotional scene from YG before the drama ends.


  13. kcomments says:

    TNS Episode 25 Ratings ^^
    Nationwide 12.3 (9th)
    Seoul 14.8 (6th)

    Aww…Blue’s new love… ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ hit no.1 last night in Seoul, with KBS ‘I believe in Love’ also no.1
    Nationwide Twinkle Twinkle 19.8 (2th) I believe in Love 22.7 (1th)
    Seoul 23.2 (for both drama)


  14. Cherry says:

    may i say – SC lookks hwat in this episode!!!


  15. Jewels says:

    Thanks Softy for your recap. I read Thundie’s blog regarding DJ/WR couple, and I wholeheartedly agree. Just the simplest thing that they do, a hug, a smile, a kiss, has me rewinding and playing that piece over and over again.


  16. Willy says:

    DJ’s new hair cut doesn’t bother me at all. It doesn’t look much different from before. He looks cleaner now. Huahahaha! But I can’t stand JH at all. I don’t mind if the scheduler will reap his soul asap. He is beyond redemption. I don’t know if TS will ever regret of bringing him up and gave him good education. JH can’t even think larger than YG who has an IQ of 7 years old also has a golden heart. One other thing that pissed me off is why bother coming home if he is not going to have dinner with the family. That freak is not even apologizing for running away from home and making everyone worry abot him. Good grief.


  17. InLove says:

    Totally late as usual since I like to watch the subbed episode before I read the recap and comments. This episode left me confused. I’m always confused with the business and political moves in Kdramas….I only understand love 😉

    WR is way confusing. I don’t understand what she is thinking and I have this weird feeling that if she called MR by his Joon ha name, but still treated him like her oppa that Ma roo would react better. Then again he’s a little crazy soooo….

    DJ is still awesome and he really isn’t afraid of Jin chul! Wow, to go head to head with a murderer, that takes some guts.

    Ma roo is confusing. I don’t know what to think of him anymore and it’s causing me stress! I want him to be good, but he’s just bad.


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