Can You Hear My Heart E24

After tonight, I think we are going to have another SG ending where the mom refuses to accept who her son chose to love. There is no way W will ever get T’s approval – T already has her sights on MS – not just cuz of who MS is but what she can offer that W never could. Judging from how irrational T can be, I am afraid what extent she will go to separate W from D. Ending like that with a scene linked to their past and what was said under the tree – it seems like the perfect place for them to meet face to face after what happened to D. Just like that tree – their love has grown and flourished and is now thriving. I love the small, quiet love stories  – they linger in your hearts and make you trust their potential to be so much more.

*Thank you Thundie for sharing your gift and love for CYHMH with us 🙂


Can You Hear My Heart E24


Starts from where D says he is ok cuz of what W said to him. reporters take lots of pics.

I cant hear the voice of the person I love but that person’s eyes, nose, mouth, eyelashes -the sound they convey, it’s a good thing that I can see them. that’s why even tho not being able to hear is uncomfortable, I am no longer embarrassed.

T says “you cant D-you cant”. D: this is the real finale – for the world you see with your eyes to make it a little more beautiful – a present from energy cell.  models come out. MS says this is their summer makeup – whether you love or leave. choi is asked by reporters what just happened- if D is really deaf.

T tells M: we can still fix this -we tried for 16 yrs -please D listens to you and he says :didnt you hear? he doesnt need me anymore. M walks away.

D smiles at W before he goes off stage. T goes up to D and asks: what did you just do? she tells him to go up and lie that it was a performance-that he did it to get ppl’s attention. D: no – I dont want to lie anymore. T:who said you could? the show isnt over. listen to your mom. she keeps telling him to go back up. he says: mom please let’s stop now. T:stop what? when we havent even started. after fighting for 16yrs -you let it collapse all at once. D: please please let’s stop (let me stop) it’s all ruined – cant turn back. T: did you do it cuz of J? the person who was yours ears – since he left were you  scared? so you were afraid to be caught – you were scared and spoke about it first? D: mom T: what you went thru to get here -did you forget what choi did to you? in front of your eyes- he killed your grandpa and made your two ears useless-you are not in your right mind now – tm morning you will regret. hurry and go back up. D: no -I dont want to live pretending I can hear anymore-I wont do that . T: why why? who made you like this? who is it? D: it wasnt anyone – I couldnt stand it T:just endure/be patient-choi and J are mocking you -D please (W watches them) -you spoke well – you practiced for 16 yrs.  D: since I did it for 16 yrs -that’s enough – I am at ease now – I feel like i can live – so mom let me go – it will be hard but save me -like you saved me at the edge of the cliffs -just once – save me one more time. T: i cant do that – then what about what we prepared up to now to drag down choi? D: just cuz I cant hear – it’s not like I cant do it. T: CDJ D: i am not 13 anymore – “cuz I cant hear I wont be able to do anything” -what you said -I am no longer afraid (of those words). T: do you want to see your mom die? do as I said and go tell them it was all a show. listen to your mom – this is all for your sake. D- you are perfectly normal. until now no one suspected so why are you like this now -hurry and go up there – please. D drags his mom away. T asks where D is taking her and tells him to let go of her.

W tries to go after D. M stops W and asks: you knew didnt you? I’m asking how long you’ve known for. W tells him to go after them and he says:why should I? what is there to worry about? he said he didnt want to lie anymore -isnt that a good thing? W:oppa. M says if she is that worried she should go and he goes inside

D drags his mom to the pool. she asks why they came here and tells him to let her go. she says she will go back and tell them it was a show if he cant and tells him to stay here.

D yells: in front of how many more ppl do I have to say for you to accept -today -tm- I wont be able to hear forever- so let’s stop now. T:you awful kid – is it cuz of me? I’m doing it cuz of you. watching my son get pointed at by everyone and get taken down my choi-must I watch that? even J is looking down on you. he knows your weak point and is hurting you with it. when I know my son is being hurt like that -how – how can I live?

D:then how about this-as much as you want to die cuz it hurts -the son you love – not cuz of other ppl- but cuz of the scar/pain you give -it hurts too much so he cant endure it anymore. not being able to hear his own voice -it’s too hard to endure anymore -and feels so frustrated he thinks he is going to go crazy- in a world that seems like moving pictures-living trapped is frustrating so he feels like he is going to die. even tho the mother he loves says that -even if the enemy he wants to kill choi said it -what J hyung said- just thinking about what he said makes my heart ache -I didnt hear them all – they all look the same -in the eyes of the son you love -whether it’s what a person says – whether it’s a dog barking -all looks the same -but the mom who loves that son -doesnt know that. not cuz I cant hear- but cuz she wont admit on a day like this -it’s too hard- he really wants to live honestly, but he wants to die.

T walks over to him and says his name. D: what did you just say?  it seems like you called my name mom but I cant see well cuz of my tears. T: dong joo ya. D: you dont know how frustrating this is do you? even if I had to tear my heart- to get my two ears back – just once-even just for one time –  I want to hear sound- you dont know how I feel do you? she says calm down – I’m sorry. mom did it cuz I love you-cuz I love you. D: what did you say? i cant hear you – say it so I can hear you. say it so I can understand. T:why are you like this? D: what mom? what did you say mom? T: that i love you- I love you-I love you! D grabs her and falls into the pool with her.

underwater he says :say something -say something mom- I cant hear -say something mom-I cant hear you- I cant hear- tell me you love me. tell me you love me- can you hear me?  can you hear mom? tell me you love me. she tries to get him to regain consciousness. his eyes are closed as his voiceover says :this is what not being able to hear is like. D floats to the bottom

* I loved that this time D was the one who pulled his mom to the edge of the water. he dragged her there just like she forced the 13 yr D to the edge of the cliffs. he was the one pleading this time for her to listen to him. back then she was pleading with him to talk. she got her wish and now it’s time for her to hear him out. {translator’s note: she called him “aga” twice but I left it out cuz it means “child/kid/baby” and it disrupted the line and made it seem cheesy to say “D baby” – but she said it cuz she was trying to comfort her son and reach out to that kid who was hurt back then)

in the ambulance she begs D to wake up (paramedic tells her not to do that -shaking and yelling at D- but she keeps doing it) can you hear what mom is saying? you cant do this- open your eyes. paramedic says nothing is wrong with D, but he cant figure out why D isnt conscious-D seems to be in a state of shock and paramedic asks if D has any existing conditions and she says nothing is wrong with D. she tells him not to touch D and asks for a phone cuz she has a personal doctor- a specialist.

M remembers what D said (I cant hear) and T calls him. she tells him D is dying. M: what are you saying – get a hold of yourself and speak clearer. T: hurry and come – D fell in the water and isn’t conscious. M: where are you? put the person next to you on the phone -if there is a doctor put him on the phone. T: no – cant – if it isnt you – cant. M: I have to know his condition. T: that is why hurry and come now. you are his specialist- did you forget for whose sake you became a doctor? so come right now and save him. M stops wanting to help hearing those words and says coldly: I am not a doctor anymore. T:what? J- I said D fell in the water. what are you going to do if something goes wrong. where are you come right now. M: if something goes wrong with D- T- you killed him. M hangs up on T. she calls M a bad guy.

D gets oxygen and starts to cough and is awake. paramedic asks if D can hear the guy’s voice. paramedic tells T not to make D talk. the guy tries to give more oxygen to D, but she says dont do it cuz it makes D feel stuffy.

M sits in his room and remembers what he said to D (why arent you answering my question? cant you hear? dont you hear what I said? D: dont say that-I didnt know those words would be this sad) M looks like he felt bad about doing that and gets up to go but choi comes in for asking for alcohol.

W is calling and cant reach D. T is holding D’s hand in the ambulance. he is finally getting some oxygen. ( if I was that paramedic I would have kicked her out of there sooner or moved her to the passenger seat)

choi asks M:why didnt you tell me about D- you must have known. I didnt even know that. M: are you regetting that you were too harsh with D? choi: do you know how awkward it was for me in front of all those reporters? if you had told me in advance I wouldnt have been so shocked/unprepared.  M says sorry- it slipped my mind cuz I was too preoccupied after meeting my father after 30 yrs. choi:what? M: i didnt know you would care about what happened to D. choi : he cant hear from both his ears. M:why- cuz D ended up like that cuz of you dad-do you feel like you wronged him? choi: I didnt cause that accident- D made a mistake. M: why are you like this when you are the person who pulled (D’s grandpa) oxygen hose. choi: are you not going to shut your mouth. M gets mad (he says off to the side “I’m going crazy” and then to choi: what is the problem when your son is here perfectly fine. even tho D cant hear, he speaks well, can drive,can play piano etc. you dont need to feel like you did anything wrong. choi: you….M: just think about me dad. just think about your poor son who was used by T.  choi: J. M:  why do you think D revealed he couldnt hear at that place- in front of all those reporters-the WK you got after 30yrs with blood on your hands-from today on instead of your name – ppl will remember D’s name when they think of WK. CDJ the kid who cant hear who is the heir. you shouldnt look at D too easily if you dont want to get WK taken from you

NB yells out Y’s name.  SC asks where W is cuz he cant find her and sees the paper and is in shock. S complains there arent enough side dishes.  grandma asks why they are acting like that – what’s in the papers. NB announces  D cant hear. grandma asks if that young man who came to their house is the one who cant hear. NB’s wife feels sorry for D. NB explains that at 13 D fell from the second floor and lost hearing in both ears. NB asks why Y isnt surprised – did he know alread? Y says yes-it cant come out in the papers- like our MS- bad ppl cant tease D- so W and I said we would keep it a secret. SC asks if W knew too. Y says W and him decided to keep it a secret. SC asks where W is now. S yells at Y calling him a fool and saying he should have told if he knew. S guesses that is why T took M. S worries about M saying that T will not leave things alone since her son lost his hearing and M is going after WK.  SC keeps yelling where is W. grandma’s head hurts.

M gets interviewed. reporter asks if M was supporting D and M says yes cuz D couldnt run energy cell (EC) on his own. reporter says someone heard him call T mom and asks about it but M deflects the question saying he called them here today to write an article so EC’s image wont be tarnished. the girl says how the finale of the show is popular on the internet right now and she hints that the public is affected favorably by D’s disability.  M asks if WK needs to be use someone’s handicap to get ahead. M hands them D’s history of how he lost his hearing and tells them to write just the facts and ppl will lose their interest in what happened. they ask to meet with D but M says if D could why would M interfere.

the whole office is flooded with calls about new orders- 3 times more than normal and the guy calls korean ppl sympathetic. MS corrects him saying ppl are reacting this way cuz they were moved by D’s revelation and not pitying him and putting in orders. W shows up. MS asks if she knows where D is. W said she came to ask that too and asks if he isnt in the office. MS reminds her she is D’s secretary and W says she is just doing errands. W asks if J is in his office. MS says she already asked and he said he didnt know where D was-does that make sense? MS makes W go in and ask where D is

M guesses what she wants and tells her: you want to know where D is? he says D’s hospital name and room number. she thanks him. M: bong woori – you dont have to worry about how to act in front of me-I am not mad at you. I am not mad at you for liking D- for liking you who is doing that- I am mad at myself. you can go

jang is there with T. she asks why D  is sleeping for so long. jang: this kid probably wanted to rest.  just leave him along so he can have a restful sleep. T asks if D is really ok. jang: yes – dont worry. jang says to D: if you reveal it like that what do I become. all this time- to not talk about your secret – do you know how my mouth tickled? she says when D wakes up he will regret- like you said – how much he went thru to keep that secret.  this is all J’s fault. J pushed him to this stage. jang says this isnt time to blame anyone -when D wakes up-she needs to think about how to help D. jang: D gave made an effort – but it wont be easy when he finds out how the world will react/take the news. (it’s like she didnt listen to jang at all cuz the next thing she asks is)  she asks if it’s not too late to lie that jang performed surgery on D. cuz D looks normal from the outside.  jang says he already told her- even if D fools everyone in the world-D knows that he cant hear-you cant do more- you know that right? T: what is the right thing to do? J is determined to go after D’s position -J- the person D loves and trusts more than his mom -is backstabbing him. he revealed all his weak points-how can D handle all that. jang: D is strong- he is your son- dont you know that?

W goes to the hospital and runs into jang and T. jang says he will be in another doctor’s office and call him if anything happens. T asks if W came cuz M told her to come – did M ask you to confirm if D is alive or dead. W: oppa is really worried and…T: go. W: i’m sorry but could I see D’s face just once….T:i told you to go and tell your brother that D is fine. that it wont happen the way your oppa wants.  W: he doesnt think that way- no one wants anything bad to happen to D. T: CDJ? that’s not a name ppl like you can just call like that.  do not hang around D again. W begs to just let her know if D is ok -if he isnt hurt a lot- if he woke up or not. T asks if W pulled D in with that expression. when I saw you for the first time at WK’s party I didnt like you. it’s also your fault for making J waver.dont ruin D too and just live in a world that suits you. if you want to know what I will do to you if you are in my sight again -go and ask your brother-dont mess with my son- leave him alone

Y is trying to read the paper about D and says he cant figure out what it says and feels frustrated. grandma looks at pic of MS and says how frustrating MS must have been not being able to hear and I didnt even know that and was mean to her.  grandma cries so Y tells her not to cry cuz she held D’s hands.Y says it’s ok if D cant hear – even if ppl torment him- let’s write him a letter saying we will play with him. grandma asks where S is going. S says she is going to protect her son M. grandma tells her not to go.  Y asks if S is going to meet M. S says : mom you dont know how heartless that woman is (T) -since her child ended up like that- do you think she wants to see choi’s son who is normal? there is no telling what that heartless woman will do.  grandma says not to go cuz T raised him for 16yrs as her child and helped him become a doctor. grandma says S shouldnt be like this and not to go. S says T took M to get revenge. I wont leave her alone. Y repeats the word “revenge’  and says revenge is what you hit with your forehead. nam shows up and S pushes Y down saying “move you fool”.

nam runs over to Y so S asks who nam is and why is she here. nam yells back: you said you arent W’s aunt so why are you here? grandma looks at the family portrait then back at MS. Y complains his butt hurts. nam asks to speak to S outside. S asks who nam is to (to order her around) grandma asks who nam is. Y introduces nam as one who loved and left. S laughs at the word love and leaves.

nam says her name is MS. grandma thinks the way she said MS means nam is W’s mom so she asks: what happened? how can a dead mom come back? nam: that’s not it – it’s cuz I resemble Ws mom a little bit. grandma says she is sorry. Y tells his mom that nam is not MS but one who loved and left. grandma: it doesnt matter – you were right to come/it’s good that you came. I was wrong I’m sorry. nam hugs her calling grandma “mom”. omg i am confused. SC asks if Y wants to go with him cuz they found out where D is

jang goes to see T who is still with D. T asks jang if D looks better and he agrees.  jang says the doc wants to see her about D. she asks if anything is wrong with D. jang jokes the patient is too good looking so nurses cant work-that’s the problem. jang tells her to go and he will stay with D.

SC and Y show up at the hospital and find W who is sitting outside. SC doesnt like that she is sitting on the ground like that and sighs deeply. her legs cramp up from sitting like that too long. she asks why they came when they cant see D. SC asks why cuz they are looking down on them. Y: we cant see D? I want to see him. she says to come back later cuz D is hurt right now so he is resting. SC says Y was worried all day. cuz Y asked him to take him here to see D that SC closed his store to come. SC tells Y to wait. W stops him saying: you dont do this too. i’m having a hard time too. SC: you have to know how much harder this is-  so that you will know why you cant meet (date) D-you have to know that on your own. Y tells them not to fight. SC: now that he cant hear- I bet you feel worse for him-cuz you thought of your mom – I bet you liked him more. isnt that right? now no matter how much I try to stop you I bet it doesnt matter now. isnt that right? Y tells him to stop.  D is hurt so you cant fight. jang calls out “CDJ” and comes over. jang says to W: it’s cuz I dont know your name. she bows and says her name. Y and jang introduce themselves. jang: you came to meet D right? Y: yes D is hurt – do you know D? I am D’s friend. jang: i am a friend too. D had a sedative so he is sleeping so you wont be able to talk to him but at least see his face. W and Y thank him. SC says he will wait outside. Y tells him to meet D before he goes-cuz you worried about D too. SC leaves. jang asks if ten mins is ok.

SC hits the wall and calls D a bad guy cuz he is sick (also I think SC knows he cant compete anymore with D cuz D is deaf)

Y lays his letter next to D and says: D- read the letter and dont be sick. hurry and wake up and play with me. I’ll play a lot with you.  Y tells W to say something to D so he wont be sick. Y makes her hold D’s hand and says he will go and bring SC. SC wants to see D too. since D is scared you need to hold tight to his hand. Y says to D: I will hurry and come back.

Y meets M face to face as M walks in, but Y doesnt say anything. M sees W standing by D’s bed and leaves. Y goes after him-hesitantly calling out M. Y turns away from him when M stops since there are ppl and he doesnt want M to get mad.

in the stairwell M begs Y not to follow him. Y crouches down and says: I’m sorry since you will be embarrassed I was going to act like i dont know you but since you were leaving I was alarmed so dont go I will leave -you meet D and go. M: why are you like this? just please leave me alone. dont act like this in front of me. Y says I’m sorry I was wrong M- I was wrong. M: what did you do wrong? dont say that -didnt you hear from grandma? she said you arent my father. I am not your son. I am not the fool Y’s son. Y stands and says that isnt it – dont get mad -I’m sorry- but Y is M’s dad – a long time ago – grandma said so- “Y from now on you are this baby’s father” -M when you were this small- you couldnt talk and just kept crying -mom said  “this baby is your son” so I am your dad M-I’m sorry. M: there is no need to be sorry- cuz Y was a fool-  grandma told that lie- I am not your son. my father is choi.

Y is speechless and cries. M: dont forget that- my name is not M either – dont forget that- you dont have a son anymore -when you see me again- dont act like you know me. M starts to go so Y calls out his name so M says “I said I wasnt bong maru.” Y : yes but M-just for one time come home -since you arent embarrassed at home -just come once-  so I can make delicious rice for you. now I can make rice well  -really I can – after that I wont act like I know you so just come once – I will wait.Y smiles at M and goes back up the stairs quietly crying and leaves M standing there.(oh crap tears  everywhere)

W is holding D’s hand and crying. she remembers D saying:  I cant hear the voice of the person I love but that person’s eyes, nose, mouth, eyelashes -the sound they convey, it’s a good thing that I can see them.

she holds out her finger over his eyes, nose, mouth, and eyelashes like this – saying so this is what D looks like – how can a guy be so pretty -hurting my pride (cuz he is prettier than her)- you did well I am proud of you – also you can hear my heart right?

T is packed and going out. choi tells her to take D and go to america cuz it’s better there they can take care of disabilities (he has some paperwork for her to do that). she says thanks for the thought -if D hears that he will be touched-but they wont leave. choi says the more they hang on it will get worse. T: but i still dont want to leave your side- tell me to die instead. choi: dying is easy -normally living is hard. you think you can handle watching D losing to me? M shows up. T: what couldnt I endure? no matter how much I call him -when I have a son who wont turn around when I call him. T knows M came and says : i have to make sure to  watch my son D sit in the WK’s president’s seat.  choi: dont put your life on your child. if you do- you’ll just end up (?something negative) M is there listening. T: if J hears that he will be hurt. thoughts like that you should have in your heart -dont say it aloud. J is a kid who was thrown away from birth. no – you wanted to abort him before he was even born. choi holds up the paperwork and says you dont need this right? he gets up and sees M standing there. M says he is ok (hearing that)-I told you – if you didnt know and committed a sin it wasnt a crime. choi tells him there is no need to waste his energy on (someone) M asks T to prepare him some food cuz he is hungry. she says even if he gets his hands in WK he will be hungry cuz that is what happens to ppl who throw others away. he makes a threat about wanting to destroy the person she loves. she pushes him away saying you think I will let that happen? he asks for food again saying he is hungry

he goes home and eats plain rice.

T goes in her room and says aloud : D dont trust anyone-now it’s enough. she goes to the piano and takes out that black envelope from where she hid in the piano

MS talks to her dad on the phone. she asks if he found D or not. she tells him to find a way to find out – doesnt he have skills to do even that?  she says she is disappointed in a roundabout way. she sees T and tells her dad dont find D and just do his own work. MS asks why T didnt answer her phone and asks about D. T asks if MS is disappointed in D. MS asks why and says what kind of person does T think MS is (to stop liking a guy just for being deaf) MS says she feels hurt. you said you would only trust me but didnt tell me that. how hard it must have been for D managing that alone. i didnt know about his ears and misunderstood him. always complaining how he doesnt reply -how annoyed he must have been cuz I said that so much. T: you dont care at all that D’s ears are like that (T still wont use the word “deaf”). MS says she feels bad (for her behavior). T asks if MS wants to meet D and MS says she does-where is he *there is def manipulation going on here cuz i think MS has her father’s shares or something that T wants so she is keeping MS close by.

kang asks what M wants to tell him that choi cant know about. M says his dad cant manange ppl well so from now on M wants to handle kang. kang:what? M: MS and I are close so we dont have secrets. MS still doesnt know that you are involved with betraying (D’s grandpa’s) and D’s accident does she? kang says M is the same as choi with threats. M asks kang to do something and kang turns him down. M asks if kang is going to return the fortune and kang says it’s already out of his hands. if you want to get K- dont treat me so lightly.also you shouldnt do that to MS too.

M goes out and asks where MS is. kim tells him that MS went with T cuz D gets out of the hospital today

when T and MS go there- D is gone. T says he must have gone out for some fresh air. cuz he is a lot better. MS says she will go out and look for him cuz D would like it better to meet outside since he wouldnt like meeting in a hospital room like he is a patient. T compliments MS for being so thoughtful and says MS thinks more of D than T does (that is so true)

T calls D and M picks up but T doesnt know. M is at D’s home and picked up the phone, but he doesnt talk on purpose to hear what T says. T: D? why do you keep surprising your mom? you are not thinking of doing anything strange right?  where are you? mom was wrong -now I will do as you want -that you cant hear- I wont try to hide it anymore- how hard it must have been for you – i am sorry- when ppl found out that you couldnt hear -i only thought about how harder it would get for you  – i didnt think how hiding it was making you more frustrated and agonized-now that all the secrets have been revealed- let’s start over. also dont misunderstand and listen. MS said she would take your side.D- mom didnt try to go after her MS came on her own -she said that you not being able to hear is not a problem at all-maybe cuz you grew up receiving a lot of love MS is very cheery and caring – she is different from J. M: of course she is – plus she has what you want mom and has a lot of WK shares. T asks why he is picking up D’s phone. M: i learned it from you- I just did what you did to D. this is good cuz I can hear you. T: put D on the phone. M: dont order me around me cuz I am not your son anymore I am choi’s son. T: put D on the phone – if you even lay a finger on him I wont leave you alone. M: is this something to say to someone who doesnt have a mom (*not sure about this line). mom. T: dont call me that. M: why? you cant stand to hear it? but endure it cuz you put up with it for the past 16yrs so why cant you stand it? she asks where he is and to put D on the phone. M: I want to but I cant see D.  she yells and asks where D is.

W comes home and grandma says to eat cuz she already made the food. W says she came to feed the grandma. W says she will fold the laundry and grandma says leave it alone – why do you want to do everything? that is why I am losing my memory. NB says I have to keep being busy so from now on all the housework I will do it all. W says her life has gotten easier – so now if the grandma is going to do the housework should W just earn money. grandma tells her to earn a lot. W says she doesnt want to cuz it’s hard to earn money. W asks for the laundry again and grandma says it’s hers. she asks W to invite that woman-cuz yesterday I didnt know what was going on so I just let her go but if I feed her then I will feel more comfortable. W asks who that is and grandma says the one who works at W’s office-the one who resembles her mom with the red lips. W asks if nam came again. grandma asks if W didnt make an appt to meet at home and W says she didnt.  W gets a text and looks surprised. grandma asks if anything happened.

D is walking towards that tree they sat at as children. flashback to that tree scene when young D showed young W how to play the toy piano. D  looks at the tree then at the time. he remembers how he had waited for young W by that other tree and she had jumped down to surprise him. young D’s voice “did that little kid not come yet?” then young W makes a mooing sound and peeks out from where she was hiding and jumps down. young W: I thought you wouldnt come. young D: I keep my promises. they smile at each other.

bubbles appear suddenly. W peeks out from beind the tree.

D: you like (me/this) a lot huh? bong woori – do you love me? she says his name. D: dont answer me -(he signs)  I dont hear your voice – sorry for being late. W: I thought you werent going to come. D: I keep my promises. she blows more bubbles.



D to W: if you stay by my side you – you might start having a hard time – if by any chance you dont want to be my side anymore…

M: this means that I will do everything that I didnt get to do for you as your oppa

T asks someone on the phone to find out M’s younger sister W’s phone number

choi tries to slap D so D says: ….I liked being your son (shows flashback of young D and choi playing around) I will give you a chance – beg for forgiveness

M tells choi that it seems like they have another separate will D’s grandpa left behind (black envelope is shown) – dad give me your home and fortune for now

D: cuz of choi I ended up not being able to hear- hyung cant hear anyone’s words now cuz of the pain my mom gave him

Just in case you guys thought I got really good at screencapping overnight- no I am still slow as molasses so Thundie took pity on me and sent me all these beautiful screencaps for E22-24 and will continue to do so till the drama ends.  I just want to say how grateful I am that she is sharing her time and talent so that I dont have to make and add one screencap per day cuz that would have been beyond sad. Thank you Thundie for your generosity and for saving my sanity:)

*still havent added pics for E21 and 23 yet cuz it turns out I am slow at inserting as well so will only have time to finish up E24 before LTM starts I bet. But those other screencaps are coming I promise 🙂

* can I just say – that scene by the pool with D and his mom – I deserve some kinda medal for that – hardest scene to translate so far – omg it took over an hour -my head is pounding- think I have a migraine from it. I really hate the korean language sometimes – why must they leave out pronouns? what do they have against using them? is there some stupid law that says “leave them out to infuriate translators?”


88 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E24

  1. kcomments says:

    TNS Episode 24 Ratings ^^
    Nationwide 13.1 (7th)
    Seoul 15.8 (6th)


  2. Richhappiness says:

    Thank you for the recap rebel soul!!! You did a great job!


  3. kcomments says:

    Wah! screencaps! Awesome!
    Boy, Softy, that pool scene translation is awesome, this episode is by far the best translation of CYHMH from you. Thank you so much, your inserted comments are lovely (Mooooooore please ^_^). Best scene of this episode, plot wise, gotta be YG/MR stairways, I was anticipating this but, man, it was hard to watch MR calling YG a fool so many times. Not sure what’s the purpose of the pool scene (O_O) cuz it didn’t give much impact on the storyline (JH is still mad, DJ’s mom is still mad at JH), only that DJ’s mom took out that envelop (and why not before?). When I started this drama, didn’t think the person DJ had to overcome would be his own mom. It’s sadder than JH for DJ to cope.

    But it’s was so sweet of DJ, he came to see WR at the tree as soon as he’s out of the hospital, not as DJ (before the accident) but, as a deaf DJ, her old friend (he even sighed to her, showing his acceptance of himself as a disabled person). He also knew his mom would give her a hard time that’s why he left without his mom knowing, to let her(WR) know in advance what she would be facing if she continued to be by his side. Starting from here, it’s a story of a deaf DJ (since his disability is out) fighting his way to be accepted in this real world, where everybody normally would look down on disabilities. I hope WR will continue to be by his side, so I have a practical reason to endure all the sad scenes/words hoping their love would eventually shade some lights into my heavy heart by the end of each episode. If the writer manages to end this drama well, it will give a nice finishing touch to all the scenes we’ve been endured, and we will all feel proud to be part of that (tearjerkers), that we stick around till the end.

    I’m not so looking forward to seeing DJ as a president of WK (knowing more painful scenes ahead), but really looking forward to how DJ will show WR how much he loves her. In recent episodes, DJ had been saying to WR of how much she must have liked him a lot, I wonder what the writer is up to, to make DJ repeat that so many times……..


    • Jomo says:

      Your comments about the tough times ahead for “deaf” president makes me curious.
      In the whole wide world, who are the most high profile deaf executives?
      There must be a success story out there that this show can mirror.

      Plus, with all the technology out there now, DJ is not cut-off from his business, his customers, his staff because he is deaf. Emails and texts have surpassed phone calls in my business world.
      And it is not like he cannot speak.
      Since he can read lips, he wouldn’t need an interpreter for a tv interview.

      I guess mean people could attack him, but if he gets a few celebrity spokespersons, that should squelch that.
      Maybe they can get that actor, Kim Jae Won. 🙂


      • Almondfudge says:

        I totally agree with you Jomo….The world has moved on from the stone age where the disabled people were looked down upon….Now things are much more better what with all the latest technology….And if DJ can manage to show some good leadership skills, which he seems to be already equipped with, I think it shouldn’t really matter if he is deaf or whatever….


      • kcomments says:

        Jomo, your last line made me laughed! Yes, KJW as WK’s spokespersons. ^^
        My ‘painful scenes ahead’ referring to the tough fights between DJ-Choi-JH and of course his own mom.

        Even with the high-tech gadgets, WK is a corporate (mentioned earlier in ep…) so the shareholders rule, majority votes. The shareholders might feel insecured about DJ’s hearing impaired (@Almond sorry, got your point, *wink* please be sure DJ is the one I care the most) , they have the right to choose what’s best for WK. We saw how JH and DJ’s mom took advantage of DJ’s hearing, did things behind his back. That can happen again by someone else. I’m not saying it’s impossible for DJ to become president of WK, but he has to work twice (or more)as hard than normal people to show the shareholders that he ,with his hearing, is capable of doing so. I would say it’s harder than normal people when they have other candidates to choose from, and with highly information (rumor) -sensitived cyber world these days.
        I hope the writer will go as fast with the business part next week. ^_^


    • Almondfudge says:

      OMO K, you keep calling him ‘deaf’ so many times…please don’t mind, but that is coming across as so insensitive to me….Its not like he is having some dreadful disease which he will give away to people who come in contact with him….And he is very well equipped to take care of himself and a few people who depend upon him….

      I personally know a few people whose hearing is impaired…but they function quite normally with help from the appropriate gadgets….These people don’t need our sympathy but a little understanding that they are no different from the others….


      • Fanderay says:

        I don’t think deaf is a derogatory term? I’ve had deaf friends who who used the word themselves. Hearing impaired is the 100% PC term I suppose, but it encompasses a wider range of disabilities and includes people who haven’t quite completely lost their hearing.

        I think that in many ways, DJ’s job will be easier now. It must’ve been exhausting trying to keep up at interviews or during meetings with so many mouths to watch, and now that the people around him are aware of his condition he won’t end up missing so much information.

        That being said, this show gives the impression that Korea is less accommodating to people with disabilities? Choi even recommends that DJ and T go to the US since he will be treated better there. Does anyone know if this is the case?


        • Almondfudge says:

          Nope…the term by itself is not derogatory at all…But it does sound a bit harsh…or may be its just a me thing…They calling themselves deaf is perhaps fine, but I doubt you call them deaf to their face or refer to them as deaf???


        • Softy says:

          Fanderay, I never translated that choi said D would be “treated better” in the in society -choi meant there would be better facilities or medical advances that D could get like cochlear implants and stuff which is true. It’s not that Korea is less accommodating towards ppl with certain impairments – it’s just that there are more options in America. Hope that clarifies it better.


          • Fanderay says:

            Thank you!

            If that’s the case, I don’t see why he couldn’t just go to the US for the medical technology (if he cared to) and then return to Korea, but I suppose it’s also a case of Choi trying to get rid of him.

            It’s actually other stuff in the show that made me wonder about the general Korean standpoint on disabilities though. WR’s mom is made to seem almost un-marry-able, and T’s reactions have been extremely overboard (she tried to throw him off a cliff!). She makes it seem like D could never in a million years live a normal life, and I wasn’t sure how much of that was her craziness.

            I have company coming this weekend, and I’m pretty sure I’m a bad person because my first thought was “Oh NO, I’ll have to wait to watch CYHMH!” I was watching 5 of the May dramas, and I don’t even care about them anymore. This show is MAGICAL.


  4. Sami says:

    *pins medal, gives sash, hand over bouquet of flowers*
    thought you deserved more than a medal….


  5. amie says:

    i’m going to think that why junha acting that way is because he want to let DJ be that in the future, DJ don’t have to depend on him, or his mother anymore…keep thinking that way make me love junha back..

    softy,thank you very much for your recap….i’m crying just by reading your recap..:(

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Willy says:

    Thanks for the recap Softy. At the hospital, I think YG gave blessing for WR to be with DJ. I just sensed it from YG’s action by bringing WR’s hand together with DJ. It’s so cute. I love that scene. But what is it with these Korean mothers who never approve the girls that their sons like. I can’t never understand it. Does it only happen in the drama?


  7. InLove says:

    Thank you for the recap. Great episode with a wonderful understated, but still powerful ending that reaffirms our OTP’s love and commitment to each other.

    I’m still hoping Joon ha will come around and find peace. Dong joo’s mom too. Even Shin ae despite the fact that she gets on my last nerves. I don’t know how much evidence there is one way or the other that these three will become better people, but I’ll just choose to have faith. The only person I really believe is beyond redemption is Chin jul and that’s because he’s really never shown any signs of sadness, regret/remorse for what he’s done or desire for a real family and happiness or honesty. He’s frightening.

    I really want Min soo to get a clue and figure out some of the things going on around her so she could have some sort of reaction. She is the most underdeveloped supporting character in the show. I think we even know more about the new Mi sook than about Min soo.


  8. sadeeshapbn says:

    someone please give some love to Ma Ru…. he is totally broken like a glass which can never be repaired… I don’t care about anything from this point ahead including the love story and my focus is only on Ma Ru… the most hatred and hurting person in this drama is Ma Ru…
    In fact, when Woo Ri found that he is her Oppa, I really hoped she would try to understand him and take an attempt to be his side as a person and help him to heal… but what I see is she is only focus on Dong Joo just like her cousin brother said… she cannot see anything else expect the issues going on with Dong Joo…. for 16 years she missed her oppa and now she found him… but he is not the person she expected now… just because he can’t see her as a sister, just because he is acting out of him mind, just because he doesn’t listen to anyone, how can Woo Ri abandon him like nothing… 16 years are not a small time frame and it can change a person a lot…
    My heart cries for Ma Ru a lot… i know, he is wrong but still what he needs is some love from someone…


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