Can You Hear My Heart E29

Very rarely do you learn so many life lessons from a kdrama, but this one taught you something new with each episode. We got to see an indefatigable human spirit refuse to crumble in the face of adversity – it not only rose above but soared so high its brilliance was blinding. That applies to not only one character, but almost the entire family starting with grandma, Y, W, and then extending to D and ultimately M as well. My closing thoughts will be posted tm with the finale, but I just wanted to say a little bit about how much this drama means to me.

*thank you Nikesma for the main pic 

For those of you who guessed for weeks that Y was from a rich family- you were correct. My korean friend watched the grandma scene with S and explained that grandma used to work for a wealthy family. They gave grandma a lot of money to raise Y for them. That is why she keeps calling him young master. She took the money to educate her own daughter.

E29 just ended – I have never cried non-stop so much. I still can’t see the screen- I’m not sad at all- just the opposite -it’s cuz this drama is so beautiful it hurts and it’s scary how good this episode is. I saw the BTS stills of what is coming up for tm and I already braced myself- I am ready for it. In a way I accepted it and even anticipated that to happen so the only surprise is whether or not I can type coherently thru it.

Can You Hear My Heart E29

D pulls up to the factory and doesnt take his phone and leaves it in the car. he gets out and looks for his phone. he sees the lights on so he calls out J and goes in. some guy calls choi and says D showed up. choi tells him to do as planned. choi calls S and tells her to come out in front of her home. she goes out to meet him. she asks what else he is going to threaten her with but he says she has to stay with him. (maybe as an alibi)

D keeps calling out J’s name and the guy hits D and locks him in the dark room. D keeps asking him to open the door- who are you – what do you want – open the door. D guesses choi and knocks and bangs on the door but the fire was already started.

Y and W show up and they see D’s car. Y asks where D is and they hear the fire alarm. W tries to go in but Y says he has to go in -you stay here – since I am the dad – dad has to go-you cant- cuz dad was a fool i should have rescued MS- but dad was a fool so I went too late and couldnt save MS -that cant happen to CDJ too- dad will make sure to save CDJ so you stay understand right?  he leaves and M shows up. M asks where D is. she tells him D is inside the factory and that Y went in too. M tells her to stay put. she tries to go in together so M tells her to listen to him. he locks her out and tells her to report the fire and wait.

D is choking from the smoke. Y calls out his name and he cant see but he goes to an area with fire and hears D banging. cans blow up around him and he remembers how MS was in the fire so he calls out her name. then he calls out D’s name. M calls out “dad where are you?” and then he calls out D’s name. there is a blast so M yells out “dad” W keeps crying from outside. D is passed out almost. M asks if Y is ok and Y tells M where D is. Y tells him to get out and he will do it. but M yells that its dangerous and to go outside. they fight over who should go save D. Y burns his hand trying to open the door. M keeps calling are you in there D? answer me – it’s J hyung- answer me and D bangs on the door. M tells him to wait and gets something to break the lock. M gets some fire spark in his eye and Y is bent over him and a shelf falls on both of them. D says J hyung and gets thru the door and finds Y and M on the ground. D asks if M is ok. M cant see.  D piggybacks M and D asks if Y is ok and says when I say 1-2-3 we have to go. they start making their way out.rescuers come in to put out the fire as they leave. D collapses and W runs over to him.

grandma and nam are sleeping and they get a call. S picks up the phone. she says: what? why would Y get hurt? who? what did you say? what’s wrong with M- how hurt is he? why would the factory be on fire? grandma asks who is hurt and almost faints and says it cant happen. S asks which hospital. W tells her to hurry and come. W looks for D’s mom’s number

T is having wine and the glass shatters by itself. she gets a call. T asks why she is calling and W asks if T remembers her and says M and D are hurt. I’m at the hospital so please come. T asks why -what happened-how much is he hurt. where are you? (*in korean she didnt use pronouns so she could have meant “how hurt are they”)

D wakes up so W asks if he knows what’s going on and if he is ok. he asks about M. she tells him he isnt supposed to move. nurse says what other treatments D needs when the results come in.  D pulls out his IV and says he has to go see M first. T runs in and checks D asking “what happened to you -are you ok?”  D: hyung got hurt a lot. T:what did you say?  Y is crying over M. W runs over to her dad and M. D goes too.  they have M’s eyes bandaged and D asks the doctor about his condition. Doctor says M lost consciousness and inhaled a lot of gas but the biggest problem is severe injury to his eyes and I think he said it could lead to blindness if they dont operate. T calls out J’s name and says it cant happen. doctor says a guardian needs to sign for permission to operate and to follow him.  T asks D: dong joo ya – how did J end up like that? what was he doing – why?  D says: trying to save me. T:what? S shows up and hears all this. D says : choi tried to kill me and set a fire but J hyung jumped in to save me. T: no – cuz of me – J hated you more. that wouldnt have happened.  D: the call I got – it was choi pretending to be J hyung – hyung found that out and tried to call me but I didnt get the call cuz I couldnt hear. T cries and worries about J – “what do we do dong joo ya-what do I do if something bad happens to J.” S hears and doesnt cry. T is crying and keeps saying “what do I do if something goes wrong with J.”

* what really made me cry was that T was acting like a mom distraught over her son – she raised him and loved him all these years – she had a right to cry but S didnt and that is why she just stands there. I think S understood how much M meant to T at that moment.

W and D wait for M’s surgery. D holds her hand. Y is there and S is standing and T is behind her in the hallway.

NB and his family come to see M. Y tells them to be quiet cuz M is sleeping. W asks where grandma is. SC says dont worry about grandma cuz she is with nam. SC asks D if he is ok but D cant hear. nurse comes and says D needs more treatments. W tells D to go and also tells Y that he needs to get treated for his injury also-that the aunt and W would stay here with M, but Y says he isnt hurt (and wont leave M’s side) I am going to watch M wake up. NB asks the nurse about M’s eyes and if the surgery went well. she says the doctor will come and tell them. D says he is going somewhere for a short time so W asks where cuz he needs treatment. he says he has some place to go. S says let’s go together- take me with you

choi gets a report about M’s condition (how M hasnt woken up but he is out of danger) choi says “ok keep observing” and mutters that M is (some bad adjective). D marches over to choi. choi yells how D could look like that (be all messing looking).  

D grabs choi by the collar and says – I told you I would kill you if you laid a hand on my body. choi calls his secretary for help but the guy looks the other way. 

D drags choi as choi tells him to let go. in front of everyone D throws choi down on the ground. D: you dont have the right to stand here today. choi yells: this kid is crazy – take him away right now. D: you are the one who is crazy-  you were my father once so how could you take your child to the factory and set a fire to kill me. choi: what nonsense is that? do you have evidence? do you have proof that I set the fire?  D: you need proof? your son jang junha-to save me from the fire you set -injured both his eyes and  is lying in the hospital-is that not enough-do you need more of the sins/crimes you committed? choi: dont need to listen to this. he tells the group of ppl including MS and her dad: dont listen to a crazy guy and let’s start the hearing.

D: 16yrs ago- you killed my grandfather. D holds up the contract choi made with his grandpa and says: to cover up your crime -it’s evidence you kept hidden for 16yrs – if you just killed me did you think you could erase that crime? D throws it at choi. choi says it’s fake and made up. Kang tells choi to stop. S speaks up and says: no – since we started we have to see it to the end. S walks over with W. S: do you remember that? it’s what you said when you killed (D’s grandpa). choi says her name. S looks at D and says: dong joo ya- I saw choi pull out your grandpa’s oxygen hose. choi lunges for S but his secretary restrains choi. S says to D: i also picked up the pieces of your grandpa’s contract with choi when choi tore it up. I am a bad woman and deserve punishment – she says to choi-but I am not that much of a trash to be an alibi for someone who tried to kill my child. when you got the factory to be set on fire yesterday – isnt that why you called me out (to meet you)? to hide your crime. how could you do that? choi says he didnt do it. choi to D: you want to get back my seat so you dragged everyone here -you think I will just stand by and let this happen to me? call the police – I will put all of you in jail.  D : you think I dragged them here? the crimes you committed – you have to face them with the people here. D pulls W over and says to choi: you know her right? 16yrs ago during the factory fire – cuz of the warehouse door you had shut – the daughter of the victim who was trapped inside. choi: I dont know about this- you guys all planned this to come after me but…W interrupts and says to choi: bring her back to life -mom – my mom- just once I want to see her so bring my mom back to life- she didnt even know why she had to die-in front of her young daughter’s eyes-she had to die crying- bring my poor mom back to life – then I will forgive you. D says: it’s all over choi

D and W go back to the car but he says wait a minute. W: is it hard on you? let’s go to the hospital and get you treated. D: let’s rest for a while and go. you didnt sleep at all too.  she tells him to go to the hospital and sleep. he asks for ten minutes and closes his eyes. she holds his hand. D: when hyung is all better – let’s the two of us go on vacation – go where no one is and not think of anything all day. he closes his eyes so she says let’s do that- CDJ-you did well and I am proud of you. if I was alone I couldnt have done this- mom didnt come back but the frustration I had inside is gone- after sending my mom off like that- I was so sorry ..she cries. and keeps holding his hand as he slept. he wakes up and W is sleeping too. he touches her cheek.

choi is sitting behind his desk. officers come in and arrest him. they cuff him and say let’s go. he says he is choi and not to cuff him and he will go with them. ppl talk as he walks by them. Y calls out choi’s name and runs over and head bangs choi to the ground. choi tells the police to catch this crazy guy. Y says-my name is bong young gyu – i am not a crazy guy but a fool – I am a fool but when my MS was on fire at the factory I know that choi killed her. choi tells the guards to catch Y. Y keeps talking: choi  – for raising my M and making him into a doctor thank you. Y bows to choi. T watches from above. Y: choi -I hated you cuz you killed my MS but since you raised my M – now I didnt hate you and was grateful but why did you set fire to the factory again and try to kill my M. choi asks what the police is looking at cuz Y is speaking nonsense and to go but the police says wait a minute.  

Y gets on his knees- choi- please save our M- I will ask a favor just this one time- please dont kill our M and save him – I am a fool so I am a father he is ashamed of but you have lots of money and are WK’s president so why are you trying to kill our M-our M -cuz of the fire at the factory – his eyes are hurt -cuz his eyes are hurt he is crying -it hurts me here (he puts his hand over his heart) when my MS died in the factory fire-at that time I couldnt breathe and it hurt here (his heart) -our M is hurt so he is crying –  please I am beggin you- dont kill our M – please save our M-please save him once choi-please I am begging you. choi cant stand so the police help him walk.  NB goes over and pats Y saying Y did well. T watched all that

M wakes up with his eyes bandaged and calls out Dong joo ya – dad? dad! – isnt anyone there? T is crying quietly by his bedside. M: who are you? are you Woori? Worri ah- who is it? where is this place? I cant see anything at all – please whoever you are help me – call my family please – whoever you are please help me. he reaches out a hand so T grabs it. he touches her hand and knows it’s T. he let’s go quickly. M: what are you going to do with me?  did something happen to D? I didnt do it. I didnt do that- it wasnt me.  she holds his hand again and says : I know – I know junha. he takes his hand away. M: please dont do that- call my family for me please. she tells him to calm down -junha ya – I was wrong – mom was wrong. M: go- I dont know why you are doing this again but I was wrong so please dont do this. she says his name. M: please go. T: I was wrong. M: please leave. she says his name. M: I wont be tricked again – please please just go – isnt anyone here? Woori ya – dad!  dad ! isnt anyone here? nurse runs over and tells him to calm down.

NB reads the paper and laughs cuz choi is in the paper-it said that choi collapsed from shock. NB says he feels so much better now. grandma has dementia again. she says NB has a nice face but how could he laugh when someone collapses. NB defends himself saying this isnt a person – it’s choi. NB tells Y to explain it to the grandma cuz this makes NB into the bad guy,  but Y is feeding M’s fish and tells NB to be quiet cuz his mom is sick.

S is cooking porridge and spills it. S says she will clean it up. nam explains that S is making the porridge wrong – you dont just add water to rice.  Y asks why nam came to their home again and made things loud. name says she came to help. W asks if nam was burned. grandma says what a waste this is.  S says she made it to take it to M. who doesnt things work out for me? grandma holds S’s hands saying how it’s nice (meaning S isnt used to working in the kitchen) grandma offers to make it and tells S to go inside. S holds her mom’s hand: ok then you make it mom – since I dont know how to make anything – so please mom dont be sick and have some strength.  Y tells S not to do that cuz it hurts his mom. W explains to her dad outside. S tells her mom to go to her room and rest after washing her hands. grandma keeps offering to do it so S begs her mom to listen to her. mom-If I dont have you too then what do I do?

Y thinks S is being mean to his mom, but W explains how S is doing that cuz she cares and worries about grandma.nam explains that is what daughters do when they love their mom and Y doesnt know that cuz he is a son. Y: I am my mom’s son-when S yells it makes my mom cry.  W gets a text from D- I dont want to eat alone- “db” together? nam tells W to go get some air – entrust your grandma with your aunt and leave your dad to me. Y scoots away from nam. W says she will be gone for a short time.

W goes into D’s home just as he drops something. she sneaks up on D asking: what are you doing? he says he is startled. what is this ? how can you come in without pressing the bell. you think i put this up for show?  he shows her the red light he set up so he will know when someone rings the bell. W:what is this? when did you put that up? D: it’s ok huh? I want to get used to a world that sees with eyes. now when you want to see me and run over  -instead of looking in to see if I am home or not – you dont have to wait. if you press the bell and there is no answer it means I am not home. do you understand? W: are you going somewhere? D: I told you my dream when I was young was to be Indiana Jones – I have my first mission. W: what is that? D: to rescue a beautiful lady. W:what? D: my mom is missing -I think I know where she went but I’m not sure if she will come back easily or not come back-I’m sorry – it might take a long time but you can wait for me right? W: no. D:what? W: I wont just wait around – now I have to find my dream. D:what is that? W: I wont tell you. if you are curious – hurry and finish your mission and come back. she smells something and says it’s burning.  

D made her some curry and tells her to try some. she says it tastes good. he says she is lying cuz it’s the first time he made it so it cant taste good. he tries some and wonders if it’s a bit salty. she says it tastes good. D: woori ya – should we go together? she chokes on her food. she says she waits well so he should go alone. he asks if it’s cuz she doesnt like his mom. she says that’s not it. he knuckle taps her head so she confesses instead of not liking – she is a little scared of his mom. D: fine – for your sake – I will make her not scary and bring her back. in the end, I am going cuz of you. what a pain. she gets up and thanks him. D: dont lie and live being good (while I am gone) he says let’s eat and tries to feed her. W: to be honest it doesnt taste good so I cant eat it. D:really? W: you try it.

M gets his bandage taken off. doctor asks if M can see well. Y, W, and SC- they are all blurry. M: yes I can see.  Y says M can see. SC says he knew it would be like this. doctor says how M overcame something but something else cant form so he has to eat medicine for another month. doctor leaves so Y thanks him and follows him out. SC goes to sign out M. W to M: dad worried a lot. M: I know -now that I get to see again-  it’s good to see you bong woori.

W: i will pack up your stuff. your eyes are red. keep your eyes closed. she closes his eyes and he holds her hand there. M: I missed (you and) everyone. they smile at each other

SC drives M, W, and Y home. W turns and asks M: you are going to our home right? since you are still not feeling well -and we brought your fish to our home -even tho our home is kind of small – Y offers to sleep in the living room – I like the living room. SC: if the second floor is too small – you can use my room. I can sleep anywhere just fine. I can sleep standing too. M grins. M: then I guess I can sleeping hanging on cuz I am good at (?). SC repeats what M said about hanging on and sleeping and asks if it isnt funny to W. W laughs and says M is good at kidding around. she asks if it isnt funny to Y so Y laughs too.

M says since he came out after a long time – he is dizzy and leans his head on Y’s shoulder – dad when we get home wake me. Y tells him to sleep and makes everyone be quiet.

grandma looks at the fish and says it’s pretty. NB’s wife wonders why they arent coming. grandma  asks who is coming. NB’s wife says the son who left 16yrs ago and points to the picture of M. grandma says he is so young so he must have suffered a lot after leaving home. NB’s wife wishes grandma would know what is going on cuz it’s such a happy day.

NB yells that they are home. M comes in.  NB’s wife says he really came and asks if M remembers her and he says yes and she hasnt changed at all. NB’s wife: my baby – it was good of you to come. Y tells his mom M came and goes in to lay out the blanket. grandma gets up so W goes over to support her. M: grandma. grandma: are you talking to me? M: I came back. she says it’s good he came. he says sorry grandma for coming so late.

S is hiding in W’s room. grandma and W come in. S asks if M is better. W says he is and tells S to go see him, but S doesnt. W goes to get medicine for the grandma. S asks: mom want to go to america with me-after you have some strength let’s go to America -let’s go there the two of us and forget everything and live. grandma:my whole family is here. also my S will come looking for me. my S doesnt take after me so she is pretty and smart.  when she was in school she was always first place. S: then the two of us should have lived together- why did you bring Y along? if you had lived together with S – the two of you could have lived better. grandma I know your daughter S a little bit – S said that if it wasnt for Y – she would have treated her mom better. do you know that?  grandma says it doesnt matter- she received money to raise Y (young master) and she wanted to use that money to educate her that she doesnt end up like me and send her off to get married into a nice home. she said that S and young master were pitiful. it makes S cry.

*S finally did what M wanted and stayed out of sight worrying alone about him. this made me cry cuz she is now getting this is how she can love her son.

NB and his wife stare at M. NB: I didnt know when you were younger but now that I see you – your eyes resemble mine-you are good looking. M smiles so NB and his wife laugh cuz M is smiling.  Y brings food for M and tells him to eat. NB’s wife: rice? Y says the doctor said to eat and then take medicine. Y to M:hurry and eat. M says yes and starts but she takes his spoon away. she says he cant eat food cuz he just got out of the hospital.she tells him to wait a little while till she makes some porridge. NB says he waited 16 yrs to watch M eat so cant they just add water to the rice and let him eat, but she tells him to wait and takes the food away. Y to M: I made the food taste good. M says he will eat it next time. Y: ok then get some rest. M asks: do you know any news about D?  Y says D went somewhere. M: where? Y: I dont know – he hasnt been home in a long time so I have to feed the fish every day. W tells M to call if he needs anything cuz she has to go study. she tells her dad she will be back after the learning institute. Y tells her to study a lot and come back (* M mixes formal and informal when he speaks to Y)

D: T- your son is going to starve to death. let’s eat something together. how about curry? I know how to make it really well- should we go out for a cool swim and get some sun. she is under the covers and says leave me alone. D: what did you say? if you talk under the covers, I cant see. she says please just leave me alone. D: I didnt come to bother you. I know you are having a hard time mom. T: no – I dont know. I dont know anything at all-  I wish this was all a dream-go back to sleep -and dream everything anew -this time you, J and me -the 3 of us living happily – I want to go back to that. so please go – dont try to do anything for me -if you do this I think I will go more crazy. she goes back under the cover. D: mom – yell like that – cry if you want to cry  -do what you want mom. I will stay by your side- when we first came here – like you did for me

Y feeds D’s fish and says eat a lot, dont fight, and have fun playing. I will be back again tm. he looks at the drawing of D. cha dong joo shi – now my M is not sick cuz you chased away the bad person so you cant get sick too and hurry and come back

M is dressed to go out. grandma crawls out of W’s room so M helps her. he asks why and she says she has to go to the bathroom. he offers to take her but she says she will go alone. S comes in and goes back out to avoid M so M asks S to help grandma go to the bathroom since grandma is uncomfortable getting help from him. S helps her mom and  grandma says thank you to S- then grandma looks at M then at S- “he must be your son.” S tells him to go cuz he was about to leave and she will help grandma. S turns and tells him to be careful and come back. M says ok. grandma stares at M for a while. M’s fish has friends now- there are a lot more in that bowl.

M goes to a class where you learn to sign. W is taking lessons and he watches her from the doorway. the teacher is signing-“Everyone, let’s all try to learn about economics and politics.Inflation… money… value… degradation– inflation (she’s signing inflation, then defining the term in sign language) (WR asks what the New Deal is) Bong Woori! Today’s lesson was supposed to be done without words (you should know better!) If you’re like this how will you understand the hearts of people who can’t hear?(Aloud) Sorry! (You’re doing it) Again!! (Signs) Sorry… sorry!  (people laugh at her so she challenges them, signing) Don’t laugh! Don’t laugh! Why are you laughing? Teacher: Everyone, look at me (bring your attention back up front!); New Deal, America, economy, recovery, policy– New Deal (she’s defining “New Deal” in sign language to them again so connect the dots. she first signs the vocabulary, defines it in sign language, then signs the vocabulary again… they’re basically learning how to sign business language in sign language so after she shows it, the student repeat all of the signs she made, including the definition.  M watches and cries.

* thank you for the translations hartofseeker and starfish 🙂

D takes juice to his mom but she isnt in bed- she is crying sitting on the floor. he leaves the juice there and goes

D is standing on the cliff with his eyes closed and his hand over his ears. wow that place is beautiful.

someone drops something by his feet so D turns and smiles. someone is standing there.


no preview

* I just got chills- this has to be the most perfect penultimate episode EVER

* this is how I am translating tonight – D and choi’s scene – cry and wipe tears – then Y and choi’s scene – cry and wipe tears – then hospital scene with just T and M when he cries out for W and his dad- cry and keep crying then wipe then keep crying. I am a blubbering mess tonight. There just isnt a safe scene where I don’t want to cry.


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  1. myanjell says:

    thank you so much for being my lifesaver everytime the series comes out with no subs yet…you’re truly awesome!
    and yes, this must have been the only episode where I cried from beginning to end!!!
    simply touching! i love all the scenes, you can truly relate to everyone’s anguish, pain, heartache, hope,faith and love.
    i’m super happy to see how JH has come to terms with his feelings and finally turned around for the love of his family.
    i feel T’s anguish and pain upon learning what happened to the child she took care of for the last 16 years, the bind can’t just be broken just like that, come and think of it, she has become HIS mother, the one JH has been longing for.
    I’m so proud of what DJ grew up to be, inspite of what happened to him, he didn’t become bitter not did he turn to the dark side. i love how he stood up and protected everyone he loved and faced his fears and problems head on
    i’m happy even for S for finally realizing that there’s nothing better than the real lost of a child, and for honoring her son’s request and for turning choi to face the charges against him
    Y was great, i was sobbing when he begged choi to save his son, it was truly touching, a father who would do anything for his son, not even pride can dampen his spirit for standing up to choi
    When they were in the car and was driving home, i love how JH leaned on his dad as his way of being closer to him…what a warm feeling to watch!
    but in the end, i just love that wonderful smile on DJ’s face, i’m sure it’s hyung who came back to his nest….
    i can’t wait for tomorrow’s last episode. I sure am going to miss CYHMH!


  2. myanjell says:

    ooopppps…rebelsoul: i don’t know what happened, my eyes must have been very misty and i put my email ad for everyone to see…i hope you can change it to myanjell…
    CYHMH: I give you ******100STARS********
    I’m hoping for a HAPPY ENDING!!!!


  3. kcomments says:

    TNS Episode 29 Ratings ^^
    Natiionwide 12.6 (8th)
    Seoul 14.7 (7th)


  4. ck1Oz says:

    Everyone, let’s talk about government and politics in sign language.
    Inflation. Money. Worth. Deflation. – Inflation.
    What is the New Deal policy?
    Bong Woo Ri. Today’s class is supposed to not have any talking.That way you can understand how a deaf person feels.
    New Deal policy. The U.S., competition, recovery, reconstruction – New Deal Policy.
    The U.S.

    That’s the last lines softy.Subs are 100% done on viki 🙂

    See you later.I’ve a gadzillion things to do before tonight.Am trying to catch up on RT and Heartstrings.


    • kcomments says:

      Dear CK, RT will end this Thu, don’t forget. Money!Money!Money! Tho I don’t know why we came so far about money, but it’s good rating wise…huhu…Money Town!
      Thanks for all your hard work on subbing CYHMH. *hug hug*


  5. iviih says:

    Softy ^^. I want to thank you a lot. I love your thoughts about the drama, I really feel how the drama affected you and how it touched your (ours) heart. Watching it while sharing our thoughts with so many people, is so fun … love everyone who shares what they think of some scene or character, because I can always think from a new perspective and realize news things… I love it! ^^

    Thanks for everyone who always comments here too, love to read your comments!

    So, Softy I want to thank you a loooot for enduring until these long (that for me didn’t seemed that long … ) and beautiful 30 episodes ^^

    I think after this you will need a good comedy, because I know you (us) have been crying a lot lately.. and your (ours) poor eyes and heart need to rest a bit.. heheheh ^^

    THANK YOU SOFTY!! ^^ Muaaah! Commenting now because I’m afraid of tomorrow I won’t be able to comment, you know I’ll be so sad and not able of letting go of this beautiful drama (even if the episode have a very happy end, still, I don’t want to let go of this drama and their characters yet.. -well except for Choi and S).


  6. iviih says:

    Now, I want to tell how many scenes I loved in this episode.

    I loved T and JH hospital scene. It was so touching.

    JH’s sleeping on Y’s shoulder.

    DJ and WR supporting each other.

    The last scene, is just so beautiful 🙂

    Funny scenes: I lol-ed so muuuch when Y hitted Choi, Bwahahaha I couldn’t believe it..

    but then Y said these things and I cried a river… he just love too much his son, and I love him too much…

    And a moment where screamed like crazy: When Y finally made rice for MR and ahjumma didn’t let him eat the rice, I was like, PLEASE ahjumma! Let MR eat Y’S rice. I beg you, just a spoon, please! LOL

    WR.. I love that she is studying more about sign language, maybe she will help lots of people who need help and don’t have a WR on their lifes…

    Writter Moon, please, can’t you give us Y playing with his grandchild scene in the last episode? Please, please, I want to see it so badly… lol or at least give us a awesome kiss between DJ and WR, specially when they met each other after being apart from each other for a time ^^

    And MS? I know she doesn’t have much screen time, but I would like a hint of SC and her maybe ending together… it would be sweet!


  7. thianpn says:

    I don’t know how to put the preview, but the link is here.
    I think everyone can smile ^^

    It’s not my, I just found it on YT


    • thianpn says:

      Thank you Softy,
      I just finished reading your recaps and watching.
      I want to say many things but words just don’t come out.


    • kcomments says:

      Thanks for the preview. Wah….did I hear DJ asked should he get married with WR? Oh, writer Moon is so sweet, she redeems Choi too? Darn, if sth happens to grandma, *sniff sniff* Looks like it’s gonna be a quiet beautiful ending that last in our hearts for a long time. Please *kiss kiss kiss*


  8. kcomments says:

    Something to watch for fun while waiting for the finale ^^

    Credit to yoursnowbell@YT


  9. jocylin 조슬린 says:

    I’m not a crier usually but this episode had me surrounded in tears i don’t think I’ve ever cried this hard watching anything. God i just love Korean dramas and this has got to be my new favorite! !


  10. Megan says:

    can anybody tell me what kind of sign language they use throughout the drama? is it Korean sign language? because i have to assume it wouldn’t be american sign language..


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