Can You Hear My Heart E27

This episode should be called “miracles.” SC and D became friends- those scenes with SC and D- omg they should have more scenes with these two – so adorable- a whole new bromance right there. S called Y “oppa.”Choi got a taste of his own medicine. KJW the actor was able to smile on cue and didn’t look like a deer caught in headlights. T lovingly fed D’s fish. M put the picture letter Y drew for him up on his fridge and smiled at it warmly. D and W finally went on a decent date and what unfolds on that date will leave a trail of tears and a few other emotions in its wake.  Leave it to this show to do what it does best – put us thru the ringer till the next episode. Only this time it feels like they put us on a repeat cycle.  

* just to clarify – that will we thought was the grandpa’s is actually from D’s real dad.

Can You Hear My Heart E27


After D walks away, W asks M: you knew didnt you? what did D do wrong to be fired? M: didnt you hear me – it’s cuz I dont want to see him.  W: so you fire him? does that make sense that you fired him cuz you didnt want to see him? CDJ is trying his hardest to reconcile with you …M: reconcile? for whose sake? I dont want to – all the time I spent with D – I cant stand it. I want to forget it all. he walks away. W: just cuz you say that – do you forget? then try it once- I cant – I cant understand it – even when you left- when I missed you – even when I waited and got mad and hated you – I couldnt forget- it’s not dad – you are the fool. she leaves. M gets a call from choi

choi asks if M knows what D did and shows M the will. choi: since D’s real father’s will showed up -the board is about to give him the company. why didnt M know that this existed after living with them for 16 yrs. you said you knew him well – how could you let him backstab me twice? M says that wont happen. if D takes it to court to fight it legally – it will drag out for 5 -10 yrs so D wont be able to do it easily. we just have to keep the board quiet and find a way out of this. choi: if you dont have the confidence to handle D by yourself -control MS. if kang takes sides with D-it will be the end of us. do you know what I am saying? M gives choi that scary sly look again

choi is contronted by the board (they are either shareholders or board of directors)  and the men ask what happened (they are holding the will). choi says they must have a lot to complain to him but he didnt do anything wrong (didnt commit any crimes). they ask what the will is then from D – if this is true they wont just overlook it. choi: dont you know the situation at my home? CDJ is not my son- the kid who hurt his ears in an accident is making a fuss to get the president’s position -if you go along with him then what am I supposed to do? if I have a sin -it’s that I didnt raise a kid right- that’s the only one. the WK that I made for 30 yrs-not just a child but whoever-I wont stand by and watch it stolen from me.

MS goes to see M. MS: I’m taken back but you seem ok. M: what do you mean I am ok – it’s so shocking I keep smiling. this isnt the D I know -after being surprised by him twice- it’s making me pay more attention (be more alert) now. MS says if they take it to court it will be (something negative) for them so what does M want to do from now on. he says he cant trust D now and asks MS to find a way. she says she cant -she doesnt have those skills. M: MS – after D said he would get his inheritance back -we dont have much time- think carefully

D texts W and says he didnt lose so she doesnt need to cheer him up and will call after everything is worked out. W: he didnt lose? she texts back and asks what happened and to meet for a short time but I dont think she pressed send

D is meeting his mom. he gets an encouraging text from W. T says he should have seen choi’s face. when are you going to pull out your last card. D says when choi doesnt admit on his own about his crime in front of the board. T: admit his crime? you know choi and still expect that to happen-you are my son but you are too nice/gentle. just wait and see – he will deny it till the end. MS shows up and says hello to T. T asks how MS (but she doesnt finish her sentence) D asks how the office mood is. MS: J is really nervous and I think he suspects me a little. D: I knew that would happen – you talked big about being a spy but you cant hang in there for even a day. T:what do you mean spy? why are you leaving me out- what are you talking about? MS asks if T is going to forgive her dad (kang) and D answers instead: since she (T) was good to you she already forgave him. didnt you mom? T doesnt reply. MS steps away so T asks D:did you tell her everything? kang is on choi’s side – you cant trust MS too. D: MS is honest – I told her everything and apologized and she said she would be on my side. T: why did you apologize?  Kang was the one who did something wrong.  T steps away to take a call.

T asks choi: you want to see me? you do? i have something imp to do -I have to go to D’s home and feed his fish -but if you insist on meeting then you can come there.

M gets a call from T. he says he is in the middle of a meeting. T: how is it sitting in D’s place? do you like it? M: I’m busy so if you have nothing to say let’s hang up. she says choi wants to meet at D’s home-it seems like he wants to discuzz D’s inheritance problem- since you are his son you should come too. M thanks her for telling him and hangs up. M continues with his meeting. when M asks for the girl’s opinion she chooses “A” what D chose and M says he asked her and not D. M asks kim and he chooses “B” like M so the rest of the group look at kim.

kim complains to W about M. he asks why boss got fired since she is close to him. she says she doesnt know when he asks what is going on. SC goes over and pulls kim off of W and looks at Kim’s face and dismisses him cuz kim isnt good looking and isnt competition. LOL. SC asks what happened with W. kim asks if he saw SC somewhere before and SC says should he know each of the workers here. just go over there and work. kim asks W again to text him when she finds out why boss got fired. SC asks who boss is. she says CDJ. she asks why SC came here. SC: CDJ got fired? J fired him huh? bad J-he kept saying oppa and made you stay out all night and now he fires CDJ too. he is dead. SC gets up but she holds him back.  she asks why he is getting upset when D is the one who was fired. SC tells her to put the order thru and gives her a paper. she looks at it and asks if he is really going to buy a car. SC: didnt I tell you that you and I are fated? the moment I made the contract to buy the car your driver (D) got fired. he asks how much she gets paid to do this work. he helps her out and says “dont do this and I will give you $5,000 come to my chicken cafe. she tells him to just pay back the $2,000. he tries to help but he does it wrong so she says leave it alone

nam is openly stalking Y so he asks why she keeps following him around. she asks why he keeps disliking her. Y: i told you to wear makeup -there is one MS- I dont like the same one -it’s confusing. she asks if he doesnt think it’s fate or think of it has a present from heaven from MS. he asks what is the present and she says herself. manager runs over and says there is a big problem -the map is gone – someone must have taken it down. Y says he took it off cuz of M came home. manager asks why Y is telling him that now cuz Y should have introduced his son to the manager first before anyone else. Y: our M is busy -he is a doctor but he goes to the office too cuz he is choi’s son. manager: who? Y: you are confused too huh? M is my son but he is WK’s choi’s son. manager doesnt believe him and thinks Y is playing around and tells Y not to make up stuff like that cuz he will get in trouble. nam backs up Y and says “it’s a sad secret.”  manager asks who she is and she nudges Y shyly. manager gets mad cuz he never had a girfriend but now Y has one so he is jealous “this cant happen”

D comes and calls out Y’s name. nam ducks and hides from D. manager bows and asks what brought D here. D says he has something to discuss with Y.

D tells Y that if he fought he thought he could reconcile but the fight keeps getting bigger so if we keep this up – what if we are never able to reconcile. Y:who is that? D: someone I like. Y:then tell him – let’s not fight. D says the other person doesnt listen to him anymore. Y says that person is just like S -S doesnt listen too-she doesnt listen and when we tell her to go-she comes again – I tells her not to yell at mom but she yells at mom again- even if I make her rice taste good – she only gets mad- her face is always angry-if you yell your voice hurts so she gets mad again-mong gun (NB) and SC’s mom likes everyone -but they dont like S-mom doesnt like her and I dont like her- so since everyone doesnt like her- I feel sorry for her.  she has no friends too. no one will play with S. I am friends with you and mong and everyone – isnt that right? D smiles and nods. Y says he is going to finish planting those flowers and go feed the fish. D says in his head to Y: that’s true – I have a friend to talk to like this but no one is next to hyung’s side.

T fed the fish. choi arrives. he says D wants energy cell so choi will include D/let D have it so T has to divorce choi and end it. she says yes to the divorce – living with you is like hell but you have to leave with nothing in your hands like the way you came the first time into our house. choi: you changed a lot- you think it’s all cuz of me that things ended up like this. it isn’t – your father started this. she mentions something about marriage (maybe it’s a prenup) choi asks if she knew about it. T: you are really pitiful -for the reason that you didnt have your own child -you sold yourself to money.  choi: watch what you say. T: was it that unfair and humiliating -is that why you killed my father?

Y and D go home but Y sees T and choi. then M shows up. D asks why M came. D stops Y from going in after M and leads him away.

T:what do I have to do for you to beg for me to kill you instead. that is the only thing I thought about for 16 yrs as I looked at your son. choi: good you brought that up- you are J’s abductor -tell D to call off the meeting and just live quietly with what I give him. T laughs and sees M just walked in. she acts like she didnt know and says to choi: i cant do that-he revealed D’s real father’s will -he cant just settle for energy cell. it would be different if you promised to name him your successor. or is that someone for your real son since he is your bloodline. choi: I didnt even confirm if he is my real son yet. bring D – tell him to kneel in front of me and (?my guess is to say he is on choi’s side) then I will let him be my successor. T:what? choi: to me -whether it’s J or D -they are the same. T:do you mean that?  what about J? M heard and tells choi not to answer her. M: everything she says is a lie. you dont need to take sides

Y explains that inside, M and choi are there-I wont be able to see choi again -i have to “revenge” (his his head) and say thank you . D says: choi is a bad person – I will chase him far away – please leave. M and choi come out and Y hears M call choi dad. T comes out and asks where M is going. the father you asked me to save – your father Y is here -16 yrs ago – you kneeled in front of me and begged me -choi killed your step mom and put your dad Y in jail and you asked me to save him just once -he was a father that meant that much to you so how could you – to that enemy choi – do you really want to call choi dad in front of him? Y sees how sad M looks. Y goes over to T: please dont do that – my M’s eyes are crying. dont make him cry. Y to M: Maru ya – go -hurry and go. Y pleads with T: please dont do that – I was wrong. I was wrong. M to choi: let’s go father. D glares at his mom. Y looks at M and is worried. Y to D: you said you would chase away the bad ppl. D says sorry and promises next time to chase them away

S is bugging W for her cell phone cuz S wants M’s number. W tells S to leave M alone for the time being. S says it’s none of W’s business and to give her his number or home adresss. W says she doesnt know it but S shakes her and says “tell me”. nam comes and stops S from shaking W. nam to S: what are you doing? S to nam: you stay out of it. S to W: who are you to meet M and hide it from me? my poor son – i have to meet him. nam: what is so poor about him – he fired D and doesnt seem to fear anything. S to nam: M fired CDJ? nam: that’s right – the way he acts is just like you- heartless. S: what? ya… they almost fight. W holds onto nam.grandma comes over and asks why it’s loud. nam goes over to her. grandma hits S asking what she did to the guest. S tells her mom not to fall for it cuz nam likes Y and is doing this. S says to nam : Y is my oppa and I wont give him to a woman like you. grandma is shocked and cant believe the word “oppa” came out of S’s mouth. grandma says nam did well cuz before she died one of her wishes came true. W: me too – cuz aunt took dad’s side-it makes me feel good.  Y comes home and grandma says to S- your brother came. Y: oppa? who is an oppa? S asks W again for M’s number and where he is.

Y tells W that he knows where M is. he asks W to keep it a secret from S. Y: M is angry now. W: you saw M oppa? Y: M was at D’s home -D’s mom was scary and yelled so he left with choi.  M left with choi-  M’s eyes were about to cry again. she says dad, but Y says it’s ok cuz D promised to chase away the bad person choi away. she asks when he saw D

she runs to his house and sees his car. the door is locked. she knocks and calls out and stops since he cant hear.

NB says- so a president’s son can get fired too. SC: a president’s dad can get fired too so be careful- you have to work hard dad. D goes and asks: could I get some beer? NB calls D “friend-heard you were fired.”  SC to D:why did you come? D: give me a glass of beer . SC asks if D came to meet W. D: how can I meet her when it’s embarrassing cuz I got fired today. D sits down.  NB to SC: now that he is jobless -he became tough. SC makes a face at his dad. then he goes and sits across from D and asks if D really didnt come to see W. D: if it was you – would you want to show the girl you like this side of you right now. dont you dare contact W. SC smiles: really? I like where your head is at. but dont you have friends? why are you coming here and moping.  D sighs and asks SC: wanna be friends with me. SC:why would i? i hate guys like you the most. D: what do you hate so much? SC: everything ( in Korean “da”) .  D: it’s good that it’s not “ga” (it means go). SC sort of laughs cuz what D just said is cute (corny but cute)

M is getting a drink for choi and finds the drawing Y drew for M. W wrote a note on it: dad writes well huh? M looks at it. choi asks what he is doing and to come and sit. choi says since he didnt register M yet, if choi gives M the inheritance they can buy some time.choi says to sign the other papers (on the edge of the table on M’s right side) and hand write  exactly what’s on the paper ( for the paper in front of M) M reads the terms aloud. choi says there is no need for M to feel let down about it. M: then until D gives up on the inheritance -then I have to give up being your son. choi:what is imp about that? as long as you know and as long as I know that’s the end of it. dont forget that. M asks if he only needs to write out one sheet. choi says write the same for choi, M, and the lawyer

W is waiting outside D’s home. she writes “db” =together and a smiley face. she gets a call from NB’s wife and she mentions how D and SC are drinking and to come and take him away.

D and SC are drinking and getting along. SC tells D not to get drunk on just that-you’re not a guy if you get drunk with just that much. D: i can drink well. SC says D’s eyes are already showing signs (of being drunk) NB wonders how SC could get along with his enemy. his wife says: it’s not cuz he doesnt care – it’s cuz he has a kind heart. I gave birth to a great kid. W shows up. NB’s wife says strawberry milk turned into white milk. (meaning D’s complexion) NB’s wife tells him to go fry chicken. while the wife was talking SC asked where D lived and D must have replied “Saipan” cuz SC says how they cant deliver to Saipan and both SC and D laugh over it. W watches SC and D.

SC: to be honest I have affection for her but what do you see in W? (what’s pretty about her?) her hair is like a helmet or basket and she cant wear clothes well at all. D: what is up with her bags? you know that red bag right? she isnt a child. SC: is that all? why is her voice so loud? D: she said it was like the sound of piano. SC: piano? he mutters how cuz D cant hear so W tricked/deceived D but SC stops himself from finishing his sentence. SC explains: what I was saying…D: it’s ok-even if I cant hear she says she likes me. let’s drink. SC: who said they liked you? who? you are just a fleeting wind -I’ve been with W for 16 yrs. D: It’s been 16yrs for me too. I met her when she was 9. SC: what? when? where? what month? what time? D: ya SC – you cant beat ( compare to) me. W watches them and smiles. SC mutters why are all the men she meets 16 yrs. D: what is that? besides you and me there is someone else too?  SC: didnt you know? that J likes W too. these days you guys (D and J) dont get along so you didnt know huh? he acted like a brother and said he would buy them a home in seoul. he said it blatantly (SC impersonates M’s voice) “if I tell you to come alone you wont-bring them all” is this an oppa? you didnt know that huh? D: I know. SC: you know? but you left him alone? when he was younger he left his family -isnt he too brazen? D: he didnt throw away his family. SC: who said that? did he say it with his own mouth? wow he is really brazen. D: but J thinks he threw them away. he isnt brazen -he is a dummy. SC: you are more dumb – after being fired today- do you want to take his side? D: SC – let’s drink a lot and call J over and should we beat him up as much as we want? you said you fight well. SC: should we do that? should I help you out today? what’s his number? D: never mind -bet he is drinking alone right about now. J doesnt have a friend like you. SC:why do you keep calling me your friend from a while ago? D: then do you want to be my younger brother?call me hyung and I will do everything you want.  SC: hyung – break up with W. D:what? SC: hyung -dong joo hyung – you said you would do everything I want. hyungnim – dong joo hyungnim. D keeps saying he doesnt want to. SC: hyungnim I just asked you as a favor – I just called you hyung like ten times – should I kneel?

M hangs up the picture Y drew on this fridge! M smiles looking at it and then he looks down at the handwritten statement and scowls.

W goes and delivers chicken to M. he asks what she is doing here. she asks if he isnt happy to see her. she asks if he was working. she tries to clear up the paperwork, but he pushes her aside and tells her to leave it alone. he says he has to work and tells her to go. she says sorry. I just…are you mad? M:that’s not it just go.  she says to eat the chicken. so it wouldnt get cold she hugged it and carried it in her arms. it’s the most tastiest from SC’s place. M: are you a fool? he asks how she could carry it all the way from there to here when it’s not worth much and taking the bus all the way here looking pitiful. go – I have to work. W:  next time I should call and she sees Y’s pic and M rips it down. for a second he looks like he regretted it and tells W to go. he goes to his room and cries

W goes to work and sees D’s empty chair. nam tells W to prepare for the beauty class tm. kim says D is here. nam asks how since he was fired, but kim says he is trying to make a comeback

D meets with the board. he says they are gathered here to fire choi. D says as they can read -in his biological father’s will – D inherited 77% of stocks and how choi did something bad like ignoring the will to become president. choi asks if D asked everyone to meet here to fight over the inheritance. D says he is just saying choi shouldnt be sitting in the president seat according to the law cuz choi stole the position. choi says T handed the job to him. D says she entrusted choi and didnt give it to choi to do whatever he wanted to do with it.  D brings up 16 yrs ago and how choi sold off WK. choi says D’s grandpa gave permission to do that.  D asks for proof//evidence. choi: if I could would bring back your grandfather to sit here. D: if my grandfather was here – would that be the only thing he would want to say? kang says to fight out their personal stuff at home and talks about something else and asks if D has proof. D holds up some paperwork about energy cell (when it was about to be sold and how there is a lot of money involed) and asks if they should reveal it- choi looks at M and M looks smug when he looks at choi

women are talking about D and choi and talking gossip and W hears it. comments are “shouldnt do that to his dad” “last names are different- he isnt his real dad” “no wonder they didnt look alike at all” “when she was pregant with D, she married choi when he was a bachelor” “money is good” “what’s so good about it – look how they are living” W reads D’s text again about how he didnt lose so she doesnt need to cheer him up. will call you after I settle work. please wait.” W looks at the text and gives him encouragement 

D and choi are still going at it and D asks a question that choi turns over to kang.  kang says something that makes D falter for a second. choi says some stuff D is doing that’s not good for the company and says “you dare to try to remove the president?”  D says that is fine – if he doesnt have the right as someone who is fired then -they can do something something about the owner of the company. D says he will pass this over to (something I dont know the word of but I am going to guess investigation) so in the process of deciding to fire choi D will reveal it. choi: if you have something to reveal -do it here. D: I want to but I cant trust the WK board.  kang says think about the image for WK but D says he wont cover over a crime just to consider image. choi: are you planning on going to the end? D: it’s not the end -it’s the start. D says he will meet choi at (that investigating place)

kang chases after D. he wants to talk to D.

choi says D is brazen. he gives orders to M about energy cell. M says it’s all over. choi:what? M: I will use the money you gave me well. choi:what are you saying right now? M: I was going to be your son but you said I wasnt. (I think he said “it’s no loss for me too”)

kang tells D to cover it up and pay back/settle with choi just enough and that it’s good for D’s sake but D:it’s not for me but for your sake. MS shows up. D tells kang to discuss with MS and decide. i wont forgive you if you lie anymore. kang asks how much MS knows. MS tells her dad to go on a date with her. she tells D she will call him.

choi chases after M. choi: did you forget what you wrote to me? I can steal it back again even right now. M: why? if you steal it from me so that you cant give it to D? choi calls J’s name. M holds out the handwritten whatever that is and says: from the start it would have been better for you not to write this.  M rips it up. choi: what are you doing right now in front of your father? M: what do you mean father? I dont have a father. choi: jang junha!M: arent you embarrrassed in front of your son. M looks at D meaning D is choi’s son. choi staggers back in shock

M tells D:what are you going to do- the inheritance you were going to get back from choi – I just stole it. to get WK back – now you have to fight me

W texts D and says: you didnt forget i am waiting right? if work ends well – you have to buy me something good to eat-you have to. he texts back: first date invitation – meet on the weekend

D and W are driving. W: didnt you miss me? D: i forgot cuz I was busy working. W: it’s the same as me. I was surprised yesterday to see your text for the date and thought “who is this?” D: tell me what you have been doing. she tries to take a  pic of D. he asks what she is doing. W: “why didnt I take a single pic of him all this time”- that’s what I kept thinking. she takes a pic so he asks how she can just take random pics.  she tells him to pose then. W: CDJ driving with both hands. he smiles-poses and she takes his pic. W: CDJ driving with one hand. she takes another shot and says he listens well.  D: cuz I did something wrong-sorry for not calling cuz i was busy working.  you are going to forgive me right? please forgive me. W: not I cant I will get revenge. she doesnt answer her phone. he asks who called and why isnt she picking up. she says it doesnt matter who it is cuz it’s their first date and cant have interruption-I did well right? he says she did

choi waits and finds out M isnt home. choi says to go to hochun

D and W are walking. he says all day he ate, drank beer at night, and slept in. since I didnt go into the office – time didnt go by fast  – so I thought about stuff I didnt think about before. choi is J’s father -X is Y – why is it so hard to figure out -if it’s hard for CDJ who has an IQ of 300 -how could you bong worri.  she says it would be better if it was math problem. if it’s hard dont solve it or whether it’s right or wrong you can take a guess and that would be it. D: you didnt study well huh? W: what’s the point of studying well? all the ppl around me who studied well are all strange. IQ 300 CDJ was fired from his job, J who became a doctor -gave up working in a hospital -I am the only person who is normal and doing her work. D: that’s right – what you said is correct. I didnt think the fight would end easy but now J has crossed over the line I could handle -even now I know what could end this fight – I just have to give up what I have – then he will feel less indignant. W says his name. D: at first I thought I could – drag choi down and make my mom feel better- I thought it wouldnt be a waste to give it all to J hyung – but that was a lie – I said everything – but the thing J hyung wanted the most – I prentended not to know and left it out – it’s you bong woori. so WK- the president’s son’s position-even if I get it – hyung wont go back to the way he was. W: in the end it’s cuz of me. D: no – I said I would make hyung turn around -but I couldnt lose you so it’s cuz of me. it doesnt look like this fight will end so what do we do? she asks who won today – whether you lost or won you want your heart cheered up right? let’s go

they go and ride a merry go round. D: there were places like this here. W: one who is old fashioned- what are you going to do if just your looks are good? you never came to a place like this even once huh? I came here more than ten times. D: ten times? before I was 13, I went more than a 100 times. W: then did you go to Disneyland too? D: of course – whenever grandpa had business trips overseas, he always took me. no matter how busy he was, he took me to amusements parks, fishing, and (sahyang). D: didnt I tell you? my dream as a kid was to be Indiana jones.

they ride the same ride (the Viking) over and over. at first W yells at the guy controlling the ride – “ahjusshi indiana jones is here so one more time!” and D holds onto her looking woozy and tells her to endure it then W looks queasy and asks the guy to stop the ride but D looks better and says “why it’s fun to ride this-this is no big deal-ahjussi a 100 times more”

D asks if she is ok-should they just leave. she says no since they came all this way – they should go till the end. D: what’s at the end? W: i havent gone that’s why I want to go- with you. he offers to piggy back her. she says she could be heavy. he says then he will throw her away but it’s the end of talking/ communicating (since he wont be able to read her lips)

he is carrying her. W: CDJ- i like you a lot so -cuz I like you- I keep following you – to be honest I cant hear too -no i can hear – but  i only wanted to hear what I want – that you liked you – that you wanted to be with me – I know that oppa is more angry with you cuz of me – I knew but acted like I didnt know -I acted like I didnt hear- but I saw oppa a while ago and I was scared and felt sorry for him and was afraid – wondered what happened for him to end up like that. what do we do about our oppa?  

D didnt hear any of it. he starts to sing her song. D: ah bong woori – there is nothing CDJ cant do so if I am a little wrong I am doing it on purpose in case you faint. he keeps singing. omg I am bawling ….it’s like a kid singing ….without knowing how…..he just has some of the lyrics right but none of the music….she cries more

M buys a goldfish and puts it in a bowl. he asks: should hyung name you? “me”

W asks what he likes about her. D: everything. W: waaahhh- I must really be an ok girl if “there isnt anything you cant do” CDJ likes me. then I am going to feel better and run off. let’s break up. D:what? W: when I went to cheer oppa up (comfort) – when I made him food, ate with him, listened to him as we watched the movie, I kept thinking about you so I couldnt cheer him up properly. I will do it over properly and come back.  you can wait for me right? I cant stand watching M oppa becoming worse anymore -since I am an ok girl- you can wait right? D: but you  need to know this before you go – on the day when M was 14 yrs old and left home – he came to meet my mom – he asked her to save his dad. hyung didnt throw away your family -that is why I am sending you off- even tho M is hurt cuz of you – cuz you are his younger sister. she asked if M really did that (try to save her dad). he tells her to cheer up M well this time. W calls him boss and says she will do her job well and come back. as she goes, he calls out ” secretary bong” and she turns around. D: you said you were going to do it well – how can you leave as secretary bong- you have to leave as bong maru’s younger sister bong woori. she nods. D: be sure to keep your promise-  come back quickly. she nods. he signs “fool”



S asks what choi is going to do to M. choi: as a father -I have to correct his bad behavior

S, Y, W and grandma go to their new home. W explains: if we live all together here with oppa then this is our home.

W and D are both singing that song from the car dealership video. D looks at the hackysack and asks: is this right or wrong?

 choi to M: cant you do even half of what D can? you know too…..that D is Wk’s owner.

 M says to choi: then D just needs to be gone- then I can be WK’s owner right? Just watch.

* before everyone goes crazy – yes I know it’s upsetting for them to break up even for a short time but keep in mind how much they want M to come around – they are willing to sacrifice this much – at least their intent is good – even tho personally I say let M go – he sort of doesnt deserve this but then that scene – when he hung up Y’s pic – it made me have hope he still cared…maybe there is something to salvage in him after all – some decency – some heart….

that was like the worst first date ever – it’s like their last date was built into the first date so they were strained and awkward for the most part except the rides. I think they both planned to do this from the start.

at times like this – I hate that it hurts to watch – I hate that I care too much to stop – for all the joy this drama gives – it hurts just as much to watch them  go thru this.


47 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E27

  1. ajewell says:

    I’m so nervous too!!! She better have a good reason… I’m so worried for Dong Joo. 😦

    Thanks as always softy! Tomorrow, we’ll patiently await the translations. So just concentrate on having a safe trip!! ^_^


  2. yumei says:

    nervous like crazyy…..thanks in advance soulrebel!!


  3. DD says:

    Hehe, everyone seems to be nervous, I’m not alone. No matter how late, we are still very thankful to have the translations. 🙂


  4. Almondfudge says:

    I think DJ asked her to take care of her oppa and then come back to him quickly…It seems he wanted her to not feel divided between him and her oppa and so he let her go…WR seems to be very relieved with it though very sad for having to leave DJ….I could be wrong and I hope I am wrong but BOTH OF THEM ARE ANT POOPS if what I made out of the last scene is true….Breaking up for someone else is such a stupid and idiotic thing to do….


    • Almondfudge says:

      Lol….they both still love each other and will love each other forever and will pine for each other from now on and kinda live for each other….Then, how is it called breaking up???? Even though they said they will break up for M/JH, but clearly they are doing it for each other – WR wants JH not to treat D like that and D wants WR to not feel divided between him and JH….These two are really ‘fools’…


  5. Mcaldrama says:

    First time posting a comment here but cn i jst say thanx for the recaps. I heard a lot of talk abt CYHMH, and i thot let me luk for some info abt it and found out u wr recapping it. This was a week ago and 26 episodes later i am hooked. Cnt wait to watch it. Am gripped by it. Thanx to u softy as well as thundie and some Dokko girls, i may hv jst found my drama of the year


  6. ajewell says:

    “he signs something – missed it cuz I was crying and couldnt see the screen-was it “fool” or together”

    He signed “fool”.

    Wow, the breakup actually went much better than expected. It’s sweet how much they care for M, and how much they’re willing to sacrifice to bring him back to himself. And I love how it’s just a temporary separation, and that it was an amicable one – still sad about it of course, but since they handled it in such a mature way, it makes it that much easier to bear. Plus, it gives us something to look forward to: the moment when they get back together, lol!!! ^_^


  7. DD says:

    TQ for the translation!! But I still don’t get it why they have to break up, it doesn’t make any sense at all. Break up so she can cheer M up better? Makes no sense.. Break up so M will have one thing less to be jealous of DJ? So it’s like DJ can give him everything including WR even though WR and M will never be together as a couple since WR doesn’t feel that way for him? I’m totally lost and so disappointed.. This episode is kind of disappointing. 😦


    • Softy says:

      It’s not a permanent break up – it’s so W can try to focus on bringing M back to being good. She knows she has a good influence on him – even tho he is mean to everyone – he still has a gentle way with her. Who knows, this crazy break up idea might even work. If M finds out what D gave up for him (W) – as M watches how miserable D is without W – then maybe M will realize his mistake in hating D and be good again and let her go back to D. M isn’t stupid, even if W did break up with D, she will never see M as a guy. We saw the beginning tonight – M is starting to crack- that outer shell of meanness is starting to break – he put up Y’s drawing, he bought that fish so he wouldn’t feel lonely but a part of him got that cuz he misses D and that fish reminds him of D- that’s why he even named it the way D did with the Korean vowels or characters and tm he is going to move in with his original family- that is a major step.


  8. kcomments says:

    I have to say I love this episode, writer Moon did a very good job controlling the tone of the whole episode to be so gentle in way that somehow soften the blow from their break up. It’s really a beautiful scene when DJ sang while piggybacked her, KJW is really talented in this scene, cuz he sang the melody that almost right but not, you could understand there that DJ’d been practicing the song enough to sing like that cuz he couldn’t hear. Even the business part was done and solved little by little in tune with the gentleness of the drama. I couldn’t think of business drama that was done beautifully like today. As I was watching the episode, I was amazed by how writer Moon penned this episode so well, it’s not tragically sad but kind of creeped into you in every step DJ took when he sang. Also, for JH, I could see his conscience in this episode, tho he’s fighting it, but to me that’s a good sign for JH, a tiny bit was enough given the writer took a long way building his dark side. I’m writing this before I read Softy’s translation, cuz I want to express my first impression about the episode based on my visual perceptions alone. Thanks Softy, such a calm episode indeed. *off to read now*
    @Softy, did you see Hooray for Love trailer? Wah..hope it’s fun.


    • kcomments says:

      Wah…finished reading, thanks Softy. This episode was so good, and you couldn’t find better reason for them not to break up. I agree with them cuz these two will never be happy together if JH becomes totally dark, and they know that, that’s why DJ let her go. Wasn’t it sweet when DJ told her that he’s letting her go as JH’s sis? In a way telling her not to fall for JH.
      BUT you know what? I think tomorrow the break up will take full effect, both on DJ and WR, from the preview I saw WR looking for DJ outside his house,he hid himself from her, that ‘s gotta be darn sad (Kleenex ready mode). The point is WR was the one asking for the break up, so I don’t know what will bring them back together, hopefully not tragic of any kind, one thing I’m sure, it’s going to be beautiful when that happens. *chanting happy ending…kiss…kiss…kisssssss*


      • zenti says:

        Hi, chingu! With the way DJ let go of WR as MR’s sister to bring back JH, I see that he trusts WR that much to send her to take care of their “brother”.


        • kcomments says:

          *Waves* We should plan our finale partrayyyyyy already! Apple juice, lemonade and fireworks and City Hunter clinging on my lap, muahahaha!


  9. Almondfudge says:

    Y said the person fighting with DJ and not giving up even after DJ asked him not to fight is like S….The way D felt bad for M that even Y is not in his so sooo heart tugging…I had a layer of tears oozed in my eyes ALL through the episode….

    Loved how DJ’s mom is not the reason for their so called break up…..

    Loved how SC and DJ are becoming best buddies….

    Loved the roller coaster ride and how WR kept making fun of DJ and in the end how she ended up eating her own words by becoming dizzy herself….hahaha…cho cute..

    Absolutely loved S calling Y ‘oppa’….

    Loved how Nam’s flirting with Y and Y’s uneasiness over it…hahaha

    Loved MS and how she is on DJ’s side…

    Loved loved and loooooved the trust and understanding between Y and DJ and how they both look up to each other…DJ is the rightful son to Y…:-))


    • zenti says:

      Hey, Almondfudge! I particularly laughed when DJ and WR were at Anchors Away and how DJ clung to WR when he was so nauseated already and how WR got dizzy when DJ got the hang of it and repeatedly took the ride.


    • kcomments says:

      Aww….Almond, sentimental indeed!
      Me too, laughed out with Y and Nam, when she said she is MS’s gift from heaven, clever woman haha. I can picture happy family already for the finale (tho, I hope no last minute surprise, pls dear writer).
      And SC with DJ, they were priceless, when SC called DJ ‘Hyung’ I smiled, but when SC sweetly asked DJ to break up with WR, DJ’s (and my) smile faded. I think the reason WR broke up with DJ stemmed from this drinking scene, she saw DJ’s having a tough time. Oh, tomorrow, we will see DJ cry his heart out for sure, did you see DJ’s face when WR walked away? Wait until he’s alone then we’ll know how badly that hurt him. Did you see U-turn sign hanging on JH’s forehead tonight? I did see a tiny glimpse of it, yeah. I have this small secret hope that all JH did, is solely for DJ heehee.


      • Softy says:

        Omg me too!! After M betrayed choi and walked towards D I half expected M and D to high five each other for pretending all this time that they hated each other, but then when M said those awful things to D, I was crushed.


        • Almondfudge says:

          Awww don’t say they hated each other…It is a one way hate…D doesn’t even ‘hate’ Choi for that matter….


  10. lea says:

    i hoop that w come back soon As she promised
    and it will be a happy end :)))))


  11. ck1Oz says:

    Oh brother softy.Thank you very much.Now I will go to bed.

    We will see who is not celebrating 4th July when we get subbers 🙂


  12. m_s says:

    brother softy? I always thot softy a sister??


    • Softy says:

      She meant “oh brother” and wasn’t calling me “brother” – since I am not male and last time I checked I wasn’t a priest or a monk either 🙂 so you were correct – softy is indeed a “sister” and plans to stay one.


  13. Banu says:

    M is going completely crazy.. What does that mean!! is he gonna kill him O__O.. OMO..TT


  14. Beng-beng says:

    Thanks Softy! I think we also need to cheer you on. We love you and depends so much on u for the recaps. 3 more episodes but i hope the last one will be a cheerful one =).


  15. maggie says:

    I’m so embarrassed how waiting for this show has taken up my every thought. My stomach has been in knots because of the nervous anticipation. I’m so grateful for this recap because I could think of nothing else until seeing the show. Having read this I feel I can go on a little bit longer until someone post and subs ep 27. Looking forward to your recap of ep 28. thank you so much for your hardwork and dedication.


  16. kcomments says:

    TT_TT Watched the vid, gah….when DJ shouted for the last time….”be sure to keep your promise, come back quickly”. Man, I felt so sad….a beautiful break up, indeed.
    Oh, the preview, looks like both WR and DJ will take turn stalking each other home.If WR moves out, DJ can get drunk with SC haha.


  17. thianpn says:

    Seeing/hearing DJ sings, I smile with tears.
    Thank you so much for your recaps.


  18. Jomo says:

    After watching the last scene, I pretty much am thinking, “WTF?”

    If someone is desperately in love with someone they cannot have, the absolute worst thing that could happen is that person shows up on their door stop with a cup of ramen saying,”Hi! Let’s hang out. Maybe you can try to talk me into falling in love with you and I can reject you once again.”

    If she wants to save Ma Roo Oppa, she has to stay from him. Otherwise he will not be able to get over her. Reality doesn’t convince you to give up without time and distance.


  19. Cherry says:

    i would like to say, Thank you softy!!!!


  20. myanjell says:

    thank you so much for the recap, since it takes a while for the sub to come out, truly appreciate your hard work…
    what can i say? it was an amicable break up, and i was also thinking as to how much they’ve grown up to be responsible adults. their love will last longer because of this understanding, they both know they can’t be as happy as they can be if both of them are hurting to see how much their oppa/hyung has been pulled to the dark side of life because the ‘adults’ in this show are the ones who are ‘greedy’ and childish with their senseless pride to prove who’s more power hungry and the other to avenge her loved ones…Their love shows patience and a sense of unselfishness, let’s hope that it’s all for a better cause of turning J back to the light.
    when DJ was singing, I as a parent can understand his mom’s stand in knowing he will never be able to hear, isn’t it sad if he starts to have a family, he can’t hear his child cry/laugh or call him dad? all because of that crazy power hungry murderer husband of hers…
    i really hope that ‘choi’ gets what he deserves in the end including S…they both contributed for the ‘angst’ of the good guys! (but then again, what’s a drama without the bad guys, right?)
    i hope somehow they’ll get a nice girl for SC, he’s a nice guy except WR heart’s already with someone…
    i wonder if JH will somehow end up with MS in the end???
    enjoy your ‘cab ride’ be safe!!!


    • kcomments says:

      Aww…your words about parent and how DJ will not be able to hear his child’s cry/laugh, making me feel sadder for DJ now. The scene with SC, when DJ thought WR’s voice sounds like piano *gulp* …this writer surely knows how to insert small lines to tug at our heart.


      • Anonymous says:

        DJ will not be able to hear his child’s cry/laugh, but like what he said in ep 23, he will be able to see his child’s eyes, nose, mouth and eyelashes, and I’m sure cos of that he will treasure his child more 🙂
        maybe the epilogue should include something like DJ and WR having a kid then the kid can run along and throw a hackysack at his father when he wants to get his attention 😀


  21. iviih says:

    It’s ok to them break up, because this mean when they made up again, writter moon better give us a awesome kiss and bed scene!! Weeeeeeee! kekekeke LOL ~

    Oh, MR doesn’t deserve them …

    And I don’t get this ”we need to break up to make MR feel better” but I do get ”I know it’s hard for you be between me and him WR and it’s hard for me to see you holding your feelings”

    Ps: If T had DJ’s father will, why use the kids to her revenge……..

    Thank you Softy!! ^^ Ahhh can’t wait for tomorrow.


  22. kcomments says:

    Man, I really little by little looked at the ratings today, that good old days when you braced yourself before looking at your grade sheet!
    TNS Episode 27 Ratings,
    Nationwide 12.3 (7th)
    Seoul 14.5 (6th)
    Even though ratings don’t usually justify the quality of the drama, but good ratings bring so much joy to the casts and crews, likes their hard-work been rewarded. CYHMH fighting!


  23. kcomments says:

    OMG..finished you updated, your detailed translation YG/DJ scene, when DJ seek his comfort in the garden..OMG beautiful wisdom from a disabled man.
    This episode, writer moon flashed her ace card with TS let out about how JH kneeled in front of her for YG, that’s the plot point for us to be able to forgive JH, that even though he repeatedly called YG a fool, he sacrificed for him yrs ago. Everything falls into place now, YG’s family will forgive him, MR’s promise to WR 16yrs ago wasn’t a lie etc. However, this also put more burden on DJ’s shoulder because of his mom, MR left his family, so no matter what DJ couldn’t abandon JH ever. The break up makes much more sense now, I think WR asked to break up because she knew DJ’s suffering cuz of JH, so as protective as she is, she determined to fix JH, in a way, for DJ, that’s how much she loves him.
    I’m dreading tonight episode, gotta be DJ’s crying, WR’s crying, WR-DJ longing for each other. In the preview (last week), DJ was at WR’s neighborhood, looking on, and he saw sth…now what is that? JH with WR? WR crying?…..I’m quite comfortable with the story now, but the tone of this drama is subtlety, so I’m speculating on the last episode, should be blissfully happen ending, may be profound love, reinstates can you hear my heart?

    Dear Softy, for tonight, will help fill you in (as much as I’m capable of) with the episode (if my connection is good), this is the least I can do for you and your kindness for us through out 27 episodes, please feel free to correct/cross out anything you want later, it’s all yours. Have a safe trip back and take care ^_^


    • kcomments says:

      Sorry, I mean ‘…should not be blissfully happy ending….’


      • ajewell says:

        haha, it BETTER be a blissfully happy ending! I want kisses, and kids, and weddings, and the whole 9 yards!!!! After 30 episodes of subtlety, we *deserve* a straight-forward happily ever after!! 😉


    • kcomments says:

      Eh….fill you in…for what’s going on in the episode before you get in the car…not literrally, yunno, recap…..cuzz that would scare me away…haha.


  24. Cherry says:

    anyone know the the classical piece that was played when wr was banging on the wondows of DJ’s house? its so beautiful!!! may MR won’t kill DJ off, i doubt that he would go that far, maybe tell DJ to leave with WR to America or Saipan, so that he can take care of WK. doubt that that will be the scenerio but def. not killing DJ. i think JH is begining to see that the family that he needs to be with is Y and Grandma. plus he is suppose to have a heart to heart talk with T judging from last weeks preview episode.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for softy.


  26. Historybygones says:

    Can someone post this Episode on YoiTube with subs?I can only go to YouTube.A billion thanks to the kind soul !


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