Can You Hear My Heart E28

See this smile? look closely. This smile is what made me break down in tears tonight. I trusted this writer cuz she wrote “Smile you” – a drama I happened to love, but after tonight, I am beginning to think she may have a really cruel streak in her – how could she leave us hanging like this. To think I thought the break up yesterday was the worst thing she could do to us before the end and bam – she tops it. Part of me wanted to forgive her for this otherwise beautiful episode cuz she handled the rest perfectly. Those scenes with M and his family reunion and then later proving just how instinctively M protects his younger brother just made what happened all the more touching. I wont be able to exhale until I see a trailer on thurs for E29.

*Check out what Thundie wrote about our dear Cha Dong Joo :


* that handwritten document was written by choi cuz the grandpa made him write it. the statement promised that choi would hand over WK to D when D turned 30 yrs old and that choi would never have a child. on the night of the murder, choi tore it up. this is a copy and not the original. the grandpa made choi write it and then allowed choi and T to marry. this was the grandpa’s way of ensuring his grandson would one day inherit WK, but choi didnt honor any of it. actually choi did sort of honor one part- he promised he wouldnt have children so when T suggested having another child, choi said he was happy just with D. then when S told him she was pregnant, he told her to abort. now we know why. at that time, he really was honoring this agreement. something tells me tho that he only honored it cuz he really didnt want to share with his child.

Can You Hear My Heart E28

S goes down the steps at her mom’s home and choi is waiting for her in his car. she says she almost fainted when she got his call. he says sarcastically that she gave birth to a great kid. S: I did  – didnt I? so how could you treat me like this? he grabs her head and says: I told you not to have him

D comes in and asks if she called him. she asks if it’s going well with preparations for the hearing. D says yes cuz kang is helping. T gives D the handwritten document that will help reveal what choi did that was a crime. T: on the night your grandpa passed away, I told you someone saw choi tearing up something. that is a copy. it says that when you turned 30 yrs old that you would get WK. the original was torn up, but this will help you control choi. D asks if his grandpa made choi write this. she asks if D  thinks his grandpa went too far.the important thing is that choi wrote that himself and didnt protect anything written on that and he never thought of handing over WK to you. and even that he wouldnt have a child. D: how could (grandpa) make him (choi) write this? T: he did it to make sure WK would stay yours and not change. to protect you. he asks if she knew about this – that choi made these promises and then married her. (this was the only way her dad would allow choi to marry T at that time)  and she says she didnt know about it – she found out in saipan for the first time-after your accident the day you spoke for the first time. if you and  I had fell to our death on that cliff that day- this would have been buried forever. at the time all I could see was you. I didnt even think that your grandpa left a separate will. all I thought every day was when will I die with you. choi was never sincere with us even once. dont forgive him dong joo.

flashback to choi killing grandpa. when he is alone, D looks at a pic of his grandpa and says:why did you do it? cuz of this one piece of paper – do you know how many lives were destroyed -how many ppl are hurting each other- are you watching this?

W goes to deliver milk at D’s and remembers past scenes with D.

she looks inside and D is inside out of her sight. he gets a call and says he will call back. he goes to the window but W is gone. she drew a heart on the window.

he goes outside to look for her and on his way back in, he finds the milk she left behind

she is singing that song as she rides her bike. D is singing the same song as he gets dressed. he holds the hackysack and asks – is it right or wrong?

he puts the hackysack back on its perch and drinks the milk. she wrote a note on the bottom but he didnt see it

D goes to his office and M shows up. D says he got a call from France and they want something sent to them – I came to say that and to let MS handle it and keep in touch with France from now on. M: MS? how did you get closer to MS after you’ve been fired. D: it just happened that way. if we had been more comfortable sooner – it would have been more fun at work. I’ll be going. D turns to leave so M calls his name and throws something at D’s feet to get his attention. M:what is it that you really want? do you want to have WK or ruin choi? D: you know that I want to do both. M: then shouldnt you be thanking me? at least I got one done. there is no meaning for choi to sit at that position-it’s just an outer shell. D: I wanted to do that myself with my own hands. you know that too. M: that’s true- I know everything about you but you dont know enough about me. there is nothing you can do tm cuz getting choi removed – I am going to get that done. M mentions D’s grandpa. he says he is going to make the revenge D seeked for 16 yrs meaningless just like the past 16 yrs meant nothing to him. D: we are the same – but dont you think it’s unfair for us? that’s what I think. during that time, we should have played more catch. M seems really affected by those words. as D leaves he runs into MS and says see you again (later)

choi is still in his seat and men say that choi shouldnt sit there. choi asks if they are going to entrust WK to D and J. one says choi is the one who gave all the rights to J.  another one says he heard from kang that choi used them for the inheritance. choi says he is still WK president. how are you going to face me when D fails in proving choi’s crime. choi says he didnt do anything wrong to be treated that way by his son. D shows up to meet choi. D asks the men to leave so he can speak to the president.

D asks if choi is feeling well (asking about his health). choi: the kid who is only thinking of backstabbing his dad worries about that? I dont know what you plan to reveal at the hearing but you are making a mistake. D: confess (*or it could be repent)  I came to give you a last chance. at the hearing – confess- before I reveal the truth that you killed my grandfather. this is my last time showing you respect as the father I used to trust at one time. choi: confess/repent? that is what someone who committed a crime does -I didnt commit a crime. also – say that I killed your grandpa -the statute of limitation has already elapsed (the time to prosecute)-it’s a crime that is already gone. D starts to speak informally from here on: how can a crime that no one can forgive already disappear? cuz of your greed – the ppl who are traumatized and scarred -none of them have forgiven you – how can a crime go away?D shows choi the handwritten paper and holds it up. D: you know what this is dont you? choi: you! D: choi – like you said to my grandpa-cuz of this one piece of paper-you commit murder? did you want to sit there that much – to do this? choi : it’s not me – your grandpa started this. D: you made the choice. dont show how pathetic you are anymore and step down from that position immediately. your crime ends here. choi: if I was going to admit that so easily – I wouldnt have come this far. even tho you saw me that night – you still dont know what kind of person I am? if you dont want to end up like your grandpa -dont act up in front of me -and call off the hearing right now. D: throwing away your last chance was your decision too. the hearing is tm morning at 10- dont be late and show up. D leaves.  choi calls out to him and says: it will never ever happen the way you want.

D watches W from a distance

M meets with the board. M says he is in charge of WK now. the men say they know choi left everything to M. the guy wonders what M’s relatonship is with choi cuz they heard the rumors. M: I had some debt he (choi) owed me, but now it’s been wiped clean. the reason why I told you to come all this way -you already know right? the guy asks if M wants the president’s seat. the other guy says how can they trust M when they dont know who he is (proven who he is) M says the men are jumping the gun.  M says the hearing isnt to find out if choi is a criminal – it’s to decide to remove choi from his position. and also – the WK image you (the board) protected all these years, D is someone who can ruin all that in a second. guy asks what the other thing D is planning to reveal during the hearing. M: that will be revealed that day. what’s imp is that after that -you men and WK cant go back to the way it was. men ask what that means cuz they did nothing wrong. M asks: dont you know just from watching  – for D to reveal that will- he isnt just wanting to get his fortune back. he wants to pull choi out of that seat and sit there himself. after he is president – your positions wont be safe  either. at this hearing what I want to do is make choi take responsibility and remove choi from his position and stop D from being able to step foot in WK. gather all the board members who will follow what I outlined. one says it will be easier if kang acted with them but after what happened they couldnt reach him. M: we dont have much time – convince the other members first and I will look into kang.

maid tells T a guest came. T asks who and goes out. maid asks if she should prepare drinks but T says no and asks what kang is doing here. D says he told him to come. kang asks to meet with D alone quietly. D asks T to bring some drinks to his room.  T asks to speak to D alone for a second, but D says later. he invites kang to go up.

 kang feels bad about his part and says he doesnt know what to say to D. he asks if D really cant hear at all. D says he cant -it’s been 16 yrs but I still cant get used to it. it feel so suffocating I feel like I will go crazy. D says: even if you return all the money, mom wont forgive you so easily. since you came all the way here cuz of MS, you understand my mother dont you? kang nods: what do you want me to do?  D: reveal my grandpa’s wish and help me get WK back. kang says if they reveal what the grandpa wanted then choi will be fired but I dont know if I have the right to point out who the criminal is. if you want to do it right you have to make S take the stand (speak out). D starts to say – if everyone finds out what choi and S – the two parents and criminals did then… (this is why D didnt finish his sentence – he knows how much this will hurt M cuz the whole world will know both his parents are criminals) D says he wants to try to do it by leaving out S and asks kang to help him

S remembers what choi said. choi said: I am going to make D shut his mouth -and get out of situation- put M in my reigstry-and get back my (that statement thing I think) and as a father,  I am going to correct his (M) bad behavior. S:what are you going to do to M? choi: until the hearing is over you just keep your mouth shut cuz D might ask to meet you. S: why me? choi says she is a witness to the murder and an accessory. she says she didnt -she didnt kill him. choi says she is the one who gave him the grandpa’s will. alone in her room, S is in denial and says : what a bad guy – he gets betrayed by M and taking his anger out on me. accessory (to murder)? how funny – I didnt even touch (D’s grandpa’s) finger. I wasnt there (when that murder happened) is there a witness that I was there as a witness?

W asks grandma to talk with her. Y comes upstairs too. Y joins them in W’s room. Y asks what she is doing. W asks Y and grandma to move to seoul- to the home M got for them. Y says their home is here. grandma says they already talked about it last time and ended it by deciding to stay and even W said she liked it here better. W: I did say that but we have to go- M oppa is waiting for us. Y: we are the ones who waited for him. didnt we mom? grandma: whoever waited – I dont want to (move). I wont go. grandma goes to her own room and surprises S. S tells her mom to knock. W asks her grandma to think it over one more time. grandma says there is nothing more to think or talk about. she did too many things wrong to M. W tells her dad to tell grandma to move. Y: if M sees me he will be embarrassed and M will get angry. W: he wont get angry -M oppa lives alone and he seems bored so let’s go and play with him. grandma asks why W changed her mind. S to W: you heard something from M didnt you? are you doing this cuz he has money now? W says she wants everyone to live together cuz M might be lonely. S says never mind. W asks isnt S in agreement of moving. S is conflicted about what to do-when I think about him I should be by his side-I just want to run away somewhere . W: why is everyone like this – why did we wait 16 yrs? it was for all of us to live together.  M doesnt say it but he misses his family. grandma: even tho – after what I did to M- how can I live in the home he bought for me- if a person who committed a crime/sin lives in a home like that -that’s not a home it’s prison. S says she doesnt want to hear that. W suggests just visiting the home that M wants to buy. he came to our home too. he did it to be close to us. Y: he really did? W asks if they are going and says she is calling M

in the middle of the night, a loud crashing sound wakes the whole family. Y asks what she is doing. W asks what she is doing instead of sleeping. grandma tells everyone to go in and sleep cuz this is nothing. W says she should have made this tm with her. Y reminds W that they are going to M’s tm and realizes that grandma is making kimchi to take to M tm. S says M wont eat that-didnt her mom learn anything from S to do stuff like this. S tells her mom to sleep and tells W to clean up. grandma: then what do I do? this is all I know how to do – while we are in Seoul- I want to give him this at least. everyone go in. I am doing this to ease my heart-I’m doing it cuz I want to. W starts to help her. Y says M likes sausage more than kimchi so should we buy him sausage. W adds that when they gave M sausauge as a side dish he never had any leftovers. Y: mom let’s buy him sausage when we go – that’s how “my heart feels at ease”. W: “I am doing this cuz I want to” – what else do we need to do? (W and Y said those last parts with grandma’s way of speaking) grandma tells W to peel the garlic. they make it together and S says: do as much as you want -you dont know what kind of kid M is – see if you get insulted or not if you bring him that. 

D is signing some documents. MS says he isnt trying to come back to work quickly so why ask her to bring the paperwork. D: are you trying to make fun of me when you know I was fired. she says work isnt fun without D. should I quit too? want to go america with me and open a business?  he jokes about making something better than energy cell. she says she votes yes to that idea. she says she doesnt want D to win and become president and doesnt want him to be completely out of the picture too. D: I get why you dont want me to be “out” but why about being president? you dont think I can do it? MS: that’s not it – we just got close and can speak freely but if you become president – you just have to work. since we are young we should date and stuff. want to go see a movie? D: then should we see a spy movie? you said you would be a spy so what is J doing these days. she says M called the board members to the office..(?) doesnt work. when we were in america, he had fun working. now I dont know what he is doing.  no fun. D asks if kang is meeting the board and if talks are going ok. MS: you are not fun too. you were the most fun when we drank alcohol. wanna go drink? there is this place in front of the office that has great appetizers. last time I went with W…. D:what about with W? she says he must not get to see W much these days since he doesnt go to the office and doesnt go to his home. D: yes – that is why I miss her. MS: CDJ dont hurt me – I will get revenge.  D : KMS – get revenge later- I have a favor to ask you. MS:what?

S and the family go to see the home. it’s spacious. grandma asks if this is one home. the  guy says look around and if you dont like it we can go to the next one that is bigger. S asks him about M. grandma wonders where M is. Y: if M sees me he will get mad. W says to the guy that M said he would come – did something happen. Y:he must not be coming cuz of me-what do we do. S: is he not coming? I have to meet him.  she tells W to call.  the guy says M said he would call after work and tells them to look around for now. W is impressed and tells the grandma this place has lots of things. the bathroom is as big as their home. isnt this place great? grandma says what’s so great – she worries and says “you can digest right away after eating by cleaning.” Y says he likes their home -this place is too big so his mom’s legs will hurt. grandma says her legs do hurt. W says she still needs to see the place before they go. Y offers to piggyback but she just wants to sit.

S called choi and said she didnt meet M yet. I know – I have to meet him first to tell him. please stop talking so scary. ok I will try talking to him. M shows up and asks where is everyone. 

the guy keeps saying they need to see the other room. M goes and sees W and Y massaging grandma’s legs. (they dont know M is here) Y says-mom cant we go home? I want to go home. grandma: I dont know what we are doing.  W : since we are here – let’s look around some more before we go. Y looks up and sees M. (they all start to rave about the home to M) W says the home is really great-can we really live here? M asks if the grandma doesnt like it. grandma says she likes it -cuz her knees hurt she cant go outside but if she just walks around this place once it will be exercise. how did you find such a great home. isnt that true? Y – dont you like it too?  Y says he likes M but he likes his old home better. I’m sorry M. grandma explains to M that Y just hasnt gotten attached to the home yet. he likes it. W: dad I told you – a family has to live together. that’s why if we all live together here with oppa – this is our home. you understand right? Y agrees “I like it.”  M tells the guy he is buying the home. M invites the family to go and eat somewhere and tells the guy to make reservations. but grandma says it’s ok about the food. Y: we should eat food at home. grandma says instead of the food- I heard you live somewhere nearby-let’s go there just once- I want to see how you live. she sees M’s face look disappointed so she says: it’s ok if it’s too much trouble -forget about it. grandma says let’s go. W to grandma: what do you mean it’s a bother – it’s oppa’s home. W to M: we can go right? grandma got motion sickness on the way here so let her rest a little at your home and we will leave.he says they can go rest at the restaurant. but W pleads by saying “oppa”. M: but I have to work. S comes in and says they will go to his home and wait and M can come later after work. S says to W: let’s take grandma and go.  S acts all caring about her mom. mom it was hard on you wasnt it? just be a little patient- it’s close by. let’s go. after they leave, W thanks M.

NB is sad cuz Y’s family left. his wife complains saying they shouldnt do that-when she asked them to move they clung to her saying they didnt have money but now cuz they have a better place they move out. I am going to tell them tm to move out.  SC asks why they are like that and offers to fry chicken for them by mixing two sauces. she asks if he doesnt want to hear W nag. SC says if he marries her they will be one family.  she asks if he really likes W. SC: mom cant you see that I made up my mind? SC asks if his dad is sad cuz of CDJ. SC says it will never work with D cuz D’s mom is scary. SC’s mom says she isnt just anyone either – she is opposed to the marriage but he and W can be friends. NB: it’s better that your mom opposed and ended it – if W opposes and ends it -our poor SC. SC asks if that is something to laugh about – what does her son lack? you better marry W. I’m in favor. SC asks if she means it and she better not change her mind later

M is working over by the sofa. grandma and W put food in M’s fridge. Y plays with the fish saying it’s pretty. CDJ has a lot of fish at his home. fish – you must be bored cuz you are alone. what’s your name? my name is Y.  

M is watching them and Y hides behind the fish bowl and says “i’m sorry M.” M speaks formally and tells Y not to hide and come out.(then M says informally)  you dont need to hide so come out. Y thanks him. Y tells W to give M the sausage. W: dad you give it to him. Y: i cant if I give it to him M will get mad. grandma asks W to go find a rag cuz she wants to clean up for M before she leaves. M stares at the sausage Y is holding. M gets up and walks over to them so Y hides again. S asks if she can look around the home. he doesnt answer her and tells grandma not to clean cuz he has a cleaning lady. grandma: no since I am here I will just clean quickly before I go. dont worry about it and go study. W explains to M: cuz you liked it when you were younger – dad bought it on purpose so please act like you like it. S to the family: see- I told you he doesnt eat stuff like that. grandma hits S and tells her to keep her mouth shut and be still. M thinks for a second and says “the rice is above the sink” (which is code for he wants to keep his promise and let Y feed him) Y stands up and asks: mom – rice? I will make tasty rice.M says he is going in to rest. grandma is happy “is this a dream or reality?” she cant believe she heard this. W: see – if we live together – it will get even better. Y tells them to be quiet so M can rest-if it’s loud M will get angry.

M put up Y’s drawing in his bedroom. he smiles at the picture. he can hear Y saying give me the rice – I am going to make it taste the best. S goes in and asks him to save her. you will find out so I will just say it. on the night (D’s grandpa) died -all I did was go to that home to babysit D. but choi says I am an accessory. even coming here today – he told me to spy on you -I am scared M- in case something might happen to you – I cant do anything. when I am a mom who cant do anything for you. M tells her to be a witness at the hearing. you saw with your own two eyes who killed the (D’s grandpa). testify/ speak out. S: if that incident is revealed – that will make you a murderer’s son for the rest of your life. M: do you want to be dragged around by choi for the rest of your life? it’s your life so you decide. arent you embarrassed in front of the ppl outside?  grandma comes in and hits S saying why does she have to cause trouble coming here and to get out. W sees Y’s drawing. Y: M has to eat but if he is angry he wont eat. what do we do.  M says he isnt angry and asks them to leave for today . Y shoos everyone out: let’s go – M says to leave -he is not mad.

S gets drunk. nam brings food for grandma but sees she is sleeping. nam asks why S is drinking so much. S says:how do you know how I feel? my child wants me to be a witness. nam asks what S did again to surprise grandma. SC comes looking for W and asks if W didnt come in yet. grandma lost her memory again. she asks where this is. SC asks if she knows who he is. S asks why her mom is like this and that she cant lose her memory. nam asks what the grandma is like this. W comes home. SC tells W about grandma. but grandma says she is ok. it was just cuz she woke from her sleep. she tells nam: you must have been surprised and wanted to run away. SC says he was more surprised.  he takes W away. grandma: why am I like this again? S gives her mom more alcohol saying drink one more glass and sleep. but nam stops her and says – you cant mother – let’s go in and sleep. I’m sleepy too. grandma agrees. S says other ppl will think nam is her mom’s daughter

SC stares at W. he asks if she doesnt meet D these days. she says yes-why? he says it makes him more nervous that she doesnt meet D. W:what? you kept telling me not to meet him so why? SC: normally when you date – you meet till you are sick of each other and then break up and this wont happen. but when you break up cuz you cant help it (dont want to) you miss him dont you. W: yes – how do you know how i feel so well? SC: if it’s not me who else would know your heart? do you like CDJ cuz you feel sorry for him? it’s strange but that guy has a way of getting to you/makes you feel bad for him. not cuz of what happened with his hearing.  she asks if he likes D and SC says he does. that’s why I will be good to him. that kid needs a friend more than a girl. W:what? SC says from here on I will be good to your guy. so dont worry. he complains he is losing sleep and losing weight cuz of looking into D’s firing. W: ok you do it all. SC says he paid off all the times he was mean to D.  it’s really hard liking you

MS gives M info about the samples from france and asks him to decide. he says he knows she is on D’s side. you will need to rethink that. M: I dont know about D but you think T will leave you alone? she needs you now so she is holding out her hand and pretending to reconcile. that is what she does. MS says she knows cuz D told her. I told him it’s ok and to use me. M:what? MS: didnt you suspect? that I like D. but he coolly rejected me.  he said he didnt want me to end up like his mom. he said he was scared of his mom who made you like this. what do I do tm? M: do what? MS: choi – are you going to fire him or not? D told me to do what you want. whatever that is. M:who said? CDJ? MS: that’s right – so childish -he said he was your guardian angel or something. he told me to be on your side no matter what.  (hearing that seems to have humbled M)

choi remembers what D said to him. then he remembers meeting M. choi says he understands how M must have felt hurt. all he had to do was wait a little and and it would have been all his-what is the reason for choosing to be childish. M: i normally cant make decisions well..this time I thought I wouldnt regret but this is how it turned out. choi: you must have forgot cuz you were angry-I did as much as I could-when T threw you in jail – you came and found me-dont think that wont happen. M: your threats dont work on me. please leave. choi: cant you just do half of what D can? even tho he lost his hearing cuz of me – he said he liked me being his father at one time- a parent wants to give everything to a child like that. M: so you think it’s a waste to give it to me? choi: it’s not a waste – it’s too bad -since there is D- you will get it taken by him. you know too – that the owner of WK is D. M: then D just needs to be gone -then I will become WK’s owner right? just watch. choi recorded that conversation

There is a big tub of ice cream. T asks what this is. D: I finished something major today and this is a present to myself. dont you remember? in saipan, whenever I finished a book you gave me ice cream. T:what did you finish? D: if you eat all this I will tell you. T:how can I eat all this? D: you’re not eating? T:arent you going to scoop it for me? D: what is this? i have to scoop it for you to eat? who taught you such a strange habit? that J- if he wasnt going to take responsibility till the end… stop eating ice cream. she asks why he is doing stuff he never did. D: from now on I want to be a proper son. T tells him not to try so hard – she knows he is doing this cuz of the marriage condition contract but she is ok now. he says she cant just be ok – she didnt know how to choose the right man and married someone like him (choi) she needs to learn? reflect? (not sure). from now on when you date, you have to show him first to me and then date.she says how she can date at her age. D: why? out of all the women I’ve seen you are the prettiest mom. just dont cut your hair. that hair style you had that was sticking out (like it was exploding) the one you had when we came from america-that was the strangest one.  T laughs: you hated it that much? D: totally. when I was younger and you had your hair down (to shoulder length)-that was the prettiest. go back to then. as the prettiest mom in the world. he gets a call. she asks who and D lies and says the office. cant read it. D: it’s ok – talk- now? it’s the seoul home. I will leave right away.

M asks what choi is doing here. M says if it’s about the hearing (that meeting) then he doesnt have anything more to say and to leave. choi says D wont be there tm at the hearing -after listening to what you said – I thought about it- I dont think there was a time when I was a proper father to you-now WK is yours. M asks what that means-why wont D show up tm? choi: like your wish – he will be gone. M:what did you do to D? choi plays the recording. choi: if it’s this much- I did what a father would do – didnt I? when a son wants something – whatever that is-doing all of it.  M: what did you do to D? choi: I only did what you wanted. M:where is D? choi: he is on his way to the factory to meet you. M starts to leave but choi holds him. choi: like you said -as long as there is CDJ-you cant have WK. I can also cover up the accident with (the grandpa) too. M: if anything happens to D – I wont leave you alone. choi: do what you want cuz now you too are an accessory (to a crime) M: you are not even human. M leaves.  choi: that stupid kid. Jang junha!

* choi must have hired someone to kill D when he goes to that factory. when D got that phone call the person used M’s phone number so D would think he was talking to M.

M keeps calling as he goes to his car. choi calls after him to stop

D is talking to W on the phone. D: whether I win or lose tm – it all ends. W:that’s good. D: if I lose – meet me just once. W: just one time. D: ok let’s meet tm. W: I cant tm. tm wont come. if you sleep one night- it’s today again. D: then sleep one night and meet. you have to. he gets another call and doesnt get his phone cuz he is already driving.

M calls W and asks where D is but she says she doesnt know. she just spoke to him.why? what’s going on?  M tells her to go to the factory right away. Y comes in the room.  W: why there? why go to the factory? Y: factory? you cant go to the factory? it catches on fire. M: CDJ went there. you cant let him go in.

W says M oppa so Y takes the phone away. Y: M you cant -dont go there. M: put W on the phone. Y: you cant you cant – W cant too. M: CDJ is in danger! W asks Y to give the phone to her but he wont. Y: M our MS went to the factory and there was a fire and she didnt come home. M: dad! listen carefully to what I say from here on.  you have to go right now to the factory and bring CDJ. I am going there right now too. Y: CDJ? M: there is no time -dad help me -please. Y says “ok -M -dad will go – you dont come- dad will go-you dont come.” W holds onto Y. Y: W dad will go. dad will go and come back. W says go together.

M keeps trying to reach him: CDJ please…please dong joo ya.

D still doesnt know cuz he is driving


OMG i am having a heart attack

omg the preview- it’s mixed in with past scenes-

T breaks the wine glass when she hears some bad news “what? where are you?”

M looks like he is in jail or something: can’t I be happy too?

M says to W: I am sorry W – I am sorry

young W’s voice to her mom as she signs “together” with Y: you cant forget me-we will stay together- I love you

omg are they going to kill D????? someone for the love of god please tell me this isnt happening – please tell me D survives …..hurry ….I cant stand this …..anyone ….are there bts pics of D still alive???

omg I can’t stop shaking and crying- it’s been over and hour and a half – I am translating and still crying …I keep trying to pull it together to finish this, but I look at M’s face and see how much he changed tonight – how nice he was to his family again and my heart breaks for him too so now I am crying about both of them….arggghhhhhh…this drama is too much…I made the mistake of listening to that song from You’ve fallen for me while waiting for the show to download and I bawled even louder – absolute worst song to play while watching the end of this……..


I dont get why so many ppl are sure D is ok. W’s voice yelling “CDJ -answer me-cant you hear me” is from the end of E12 when she confirmed that D is deaf. and DJ on that cliff- they have been showing that since the very beginning. last week grown up M was there with T too.

what has me feeling uneasy is that T broke her wine glass cuz she got bad news. she wouldnt be that upset unless something happened to her son.


99 comments on “Can You Hear My Heart E28

  1. Cherry says:

    i watched this episode with tears in my eyes which is worse than watching it with them running down my face. the scene where maro, YG , WR, and S was in Mr’s house made it worse for me. you can see that S realise that even though she gave birth to MR, it does not mean she can be part of his life, his family just because the truth that she is his mother has been revealed. you can see how uncomfortable she was, and her regret as a parent (which happens to be the first and only sign of a conscience we as viewers have seen her have). her concern for him as the real reason why she refuse to reveal that Choi killed DJ’s grandfather seems honest – thats MR is the son of a murderer and that can ruin his future. everything is coming to an end. I have also realised why Choi wanted MR write down that he is not Choi son because if he reveals that he is – choi will have to go to jail and lose WK. And why T hates WR being with DJ. Its not because she see WR as a commoner but as a gold-digger like Choi was to her. that woman is scarred for life.


    • Softy says:

      Hey cherry I really liked your insights on this – was wondering why S wasn’t sitting and just standing there. And why you think T must hate W – that is so true but i didn’t realize that. You are CLEVER and observant. Thanks for enlightening me 🙂


      • Cherry says:

        ur sweet for saying that but lol i’m not clverver at all! i just LOVE korean actors, and kdramas like CYHMY, where the viewers have to read between the lines,the actors’ face expressions, and body positions. i was an english major in high school which was ages ago but i remember having to read and think like the characters to truly enjoy and understand the story. In dramas like CYHMY, even the villians has a humanitic story as to why he/she became evil. I hate them but i can understand why they are the way they are – and in their circumstances before they got “their hands dirty”, it could have been anyone. their route in life may have been different if their circumstances were different. Unlike JH’s story, we as viewers are expected to pick up bits of pieces of the antagonists history through our own understanding of human nature, because they aren’t given a whole episode as to why they murder, abandon their child, or stole. we are given hints an clues and we have to complete the puzzle. Plus in this drama every protagonist isn’t a cookie cutter image of perfectionist – if they were, this drama would have still been easy to watch but also easily forgetable and not as enjoyable. I’m going to miss this drama – but it makes my heartache in 10 different directions!
        But i seriously can’t analyize this drama without your translation!!!! So much props goes to you and your hard work!!! lol i will still stalk your page and recaps because you give great recaps in heartstring!!! thanks a bunch like always!!!


  2. Cherry says:

    OMG!!! they better not do an East Of eden where the story ends by killing off one brother so that the family gets together as a reunion!!!! seriously i will fo psycho and will NEVER watch any melo Kdrama that has to do with brothers!!!!


  3. kcomments says:

    TNS Episode 28 Ratings,
    Nationwide 10.7 (15th)
    Seoul 13.4 (10th)


    • Cherry says:

      is that good or bad? i don’t understand the rating… like is 1st mean that its the most watched? if it is, wth are ppl watchin besides CYHMH b/c they r the 15th/ 10th!! there r 15 or 10 other shows being shown at the same time?


      • iviih says:

        The ratings are dropping…


        • Cherry says:

          psh ppl don’t know what they r missing! that or they just don’t want the angst before the big weekend ending. but still they don’t know what they r missing!


      • Anonymous says:

        Drama airing same time slot with CYHMH is SBS ‘New Tales Of Gisaeng’ (52 eps);
        Episode 48 ratings,
        Nationwide 20.9 (2nd)
        Seoul 24.6 (3rd)

        Not sure about the ranking, because they are not all in the same time slot.
        No energy to read Softy’s updated, specially with DJ’s pic, still fresh in my mind how DJ looked around the ground floor of WK , as if saying good bye (when watched live, I thought he planned to live WK, not us TT_TT, and he got to see WR for the last time before what will happen next week too TT_TT), will come back later to read. *shopping spree day*
        Oh, silly question here, do you know what brand name of the pink wallet and the little bear, CH bought for Nana? Rreally want to get one of that, oh no NOT cuz of LMH AT ALL ^__^


        • says:

          that’s me, kcomments ^^


        • Softy says:

          The pink wallet and pretty much most of the handbags and LMH’s briefcase is by MCM. Assuming the bear was sold at the store as well.there is a website for MCM – just google it 🙂


          • kcomments says:

            Thanks, found MCM but they didn’t have that color, ended up bought a stack of books, one title read “Where to eat and meet in Seoul” buahaha…….


  4. ck1Oz says:

    Oh dear softy.Pat pat I hope you feel more ??? optimistic now.

    I don’t know why I am still not as upset.Seriously.This is the weekend drama slot.They don’t kill off the main characters in the family drama slots!!

    Do they?

    I am busy playing with my new iriver DC100 electronic dictionary.SIGH.Love my cousin for buying it but everything is in Hangul.I need a dictionary for translating right but I have to translate the instructions to use it.It’s driving me nuts!!


    • Softy says:

      E dictionaries are pretty much the same as other devices – I buy so many toys like cameras, cell phones, PMPs portable movie players, and portable DVD players and they all come in Korean at first but the whole device can be switched to English. Try this – there should be a manual in eng to switch the languages or better yet- google DC100 electronic dictionary English manual to change settings or some variation of that. hope it works out.


      • ck1Oz says:

        I tried.I will try again.The manual is in Hangul and I can’t switch it to English.Sigh.
        I figured out how to operate the Ko to En dictionary.However it would be nice to figure out how to use the mp3 player and videos 🙂


        • Softy says:

          If you take a close up pic of the main setting page, I could get a friend to translate all of them to help guide you thru the setup process to change the language as well as how to use the other functions. If you are in a hurry, just connect it to your computer and a box will pop up which will guide you to open it and put in music or video – it may show a music folder or a video folder and you just open it and drag music or vids into it.


  5. DranaFeva says:

    Softy – thank you for the good work that you do – you make the wait for the subs more bearable.

    Does anyone know what W has written under the milk box for D? there are hearts all around as well. cute…wish someone would translate it for us….or do we have to wait for the subs.

    Thanks again, Softy – we love you!


    • ck1Oz says:

      Oh brother softy.I finally watched the ending for ep 28.Now I know why you’re so upset.I am still optimistic but it doesn’t stop me from being upset.Now I have to do what you did…sub/edit the lines.Not a happy scene to be watching over and over again to start and pause 😦 Joon Ha’s expression is killing me.


    • someone says:

      She wrote in aegyo language (incorrect spelling in standard Korean) “I miss you~ I can’t live (i.e. I’m missing you to death!!)” now add in all the hearts =P


  6. 9.00 says:

    oh dear.. why did JH send Y to the factory? JH and DJ are going there from Seoul, so apparently, Y and WR will surely get to the factory before DJ? omg. I don’t think they are going to kill off DJ, if anyone’s getting hurt, my hunch is it’s going to be Y. 😦


    • DranaFeva says:

      Come to think of it you might be right, the problem it will not be Y alone since W wanted to go with him. They might hurt W this time, I am saying hurt because I don’t want anyone to die. I am waiting for the last two ep. so I can re-watch the whole Drama again, if they kill off any of my faves I will just hit the delete button to the whole thing – i.e. that would just upset me to death.


  7. Fanderay says:

    WThe Fates are cruel. I decided I couldn’t wait anymore and watched episodes 25 and 26, but then my internet went down for literally the longest it’s been down ever. It’s still down, and I’m so desperate I’m on my phone!

    Maybe the next two episodes will change my mind, but I still haven’t been mad at MR once, and feel nothing but sympathy for him (which I largely attribute to great acting). His comments to W about whether she really liked him before knowing his identity totally killed me. The poor boy just wants to be loved! Y was exactly right; his eyes always look like they want to cry.

    Why oh why must this show come to an end? I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that there will never again be such a perfect OTP, and it makes me very bitter.


  8. ck1Oz says:

    Oh sorry softy to bother you.
    Do you think you could do me a favour and rewatch one scene in ep 27 for me?

    It is ep 27 at the Board of director’s meeting.DJ just announced about the sale of energy cell.You wrote something about when the sale was and how much of a loss.Do you think you can write that sentence down word by word?I mean I need the subs.

    This are the documents concerning the sale of Energy Cell.___
    The liquidated damages are a substantial amount.

    Then this sentence by MS’s dad Director Kang when Choi Jin Chul asked him something.This about why the sale of Wookyoung Comestics had to kept confidential.You wrote that his answer made DJ falter.Do you think you can tell me that sentence?

    Sorry.If you can’t you can’t.It’s driving me nuts since I’ve lost my strongest subbers. I am a bit uneasy about some translations and need to double check with yours.Thank you.Ep 27/28 are ready so we can release softsubs.However I guess I am anal and wanted the board meeting to be fully translated to understand how DJ is going to oust Choi.


    • thundie says:

      I love you for being anal about the subs. I’m totally the same way when I’m editing. Us anal-retentive fansubs editors need to band together and form a union or something! 😆


      • ck1Oz says:

        Aww…thanks.Oh gosh I received a reply from both softy and Thundie.Oh wow I should go buy a lottery ticket or something.

        Thanks anyway softy.It’s only a line by Kang.

        Thanks for the suggestions.I can read Hangul.I will just type it out word by word and translate.I swear I am not that tech stupid 🙂 Oh plugging it to the computer via the cable doesn’t work.I keep getting USB in transit (that was the translated meaning!) I will figure it out and I am going to hunt down any Koreans I know to help me.I know I know…let me think who I know now 🙂 The manual did show dragging the video into the player but first I have to get out of the USB setting.I am not usually a subber,I am more of an uploader so I fiddle around with the computer a fair bit.


    • Softy says:

      So sorry but i remember struggling with those lines- what I wrote was pretty much the extent of what I understood – business terms in Korean are not my forte – if it wasn’t a business line I could have been more thorough 🙂


  9. kcomments says:


    Fan-made MV


    • kcomments says:

      @Softy, I PM-ed you on Soompi, some technical WordPress thingy, please check and hope you don’t mind, hehe. Thanks ^_^


    • Softy says:

      What is the name of this song and who sings it? Omg it’s great – has all my fav scenes too 🙂


      • arlyne says:

        Softy, if your are referring to the kcomments mv above. It’s by Suju’s Kyuhun – Hope is a Dream. It’s the ost from Baker King. It’s my favorite song from that drama.


  10. kcomments says:

    Finished Softy’s update, thanks ^^ I think all the evidences now lead to DJ imo, in this episode there were three scenes that signified good bye – DJ looking at WK and WR, DJ asking to meet WR just one time, DJ eating ice cream with his mom. All these will make a good impact if sth happens to DJ next week, tho major but not dead imo, also YG is possible ( to face that scary fire again, not sure what will become of him). There is also that WR’s hand written on the bottom of the milk box, that may be..just may be if sth happens to WR and DJ sees that later that would make a good impact too. At this point, if the writer really is going to kill one off, it should be YG cuz that will hit JH hard and lesson learned, but what about Nam? I think the writer will do a closure on Nam next week.

    The thing is, we don’t know who will get to the factory first, assuming YG, WR is closer that JH, and WR just hung up from DJ, so possible that YG/WR will be there first? Also, is it fire? gun? we don’t know.
    *fingers crossed*


  11. kcomments says:

    Credits : jamiq7004@YT


  12. kcomments says:

    Eeeeep! I just remember there is this new OST that not yet played in the episode and it’s a lively one, so we should get our happy ending after all! Yeah! Cheer up ppl!

    Can You Hear My Hear? OST Part 5 — ‘I Love You ‘ by Gavy NJ

    Credits : AsianDream2013@YT


  13. Softy says:

    Hey kcomments,
    The preview for E29 will be out tm night right? Doesn’t it come out on thurs? I am soooo nervous – I better not see anyone crying and stuff. Although that scene with M looking like he is in prison bothers me cuz what laws did he break? Choi should be locked up with S, but not M. I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous about a preview before- I’m petrified.


    • kcomments says:

      Yo! hehe, I just check with MBC site just now, nop the preview is not there yet. It should come out on Thu, last week I saw it on MBC around 5pm(KST) but then I had to wait for our dear kind coroo to upload on to YT before I could post on your blog (cuz some ppl couldn’t access MBC site and YT handles the video better). You might want to check with MBC official site directly sometimes in the afternoon tmr, but their site is so slow to load, you just have to be patient. Last time I looked, they marked ‘HOT’ for CYHMH. ^^

      I still think DJ would not die, but you can expect a really emotional scene in ep29 from JH, YG and practically everybody cuz DJ is loved by everyone in this drama (think SC haha). I heard a really heart broken cry from JH in the preview, and I think that was a true spoiler, well he should cuz it’s about time he realizes his mistake, wait until JH learns that DJ even gave up WR for me…aww…I’m not sure if the picture showed JH in jail, but if there is an attempt murder happen with DJ, JH will be the first suspect (at first) should Choi reveals JH’s voice recording, wait until TS hears the tape too, whether the tape can be used against JH by law is another story, a suspect is a suspect. Our hard core soompier (Kgrl – forever writer Moon fan) said it’s not her style to kill off the main lead and felt comfortable with the story, so I’m going to stick with her for my comfort. I would feel weird in my stomach on Sat before the drama start to air, that’s how my anxious for this drama. Let’s hope for the best, fighting!


    • thianpn says:

      “Although that scene with M looking like he is in prison bothers me cuz what laws did he break?”
      Hi Softy,
      Just relax.
      I don’t think it a prison scene because M’s T-shirt doesn’t look like prison uniform.
      And I also a bed lamp and a frame behind him. It looks like in a bedroom or somewhere in a house.


  14. kcomments says:

    Off the topic, I ‘m starting on a book about Seoul (where to eat, visit etc.) , would it be ok if I ask you question and your take on that particular place? If it’s ok, should I ask under KD-highlights header? Cuz it would be nice to hear your insights in Seoul. What do you think? I’m having fun asking you already, pretty please……^_^


    • kcomments says:

      I mean I start to read the book not writing my own book, hehe.


    • Softy says:

      Ask up there cuz look how long it took me to see this 🙂 if you had posted up there or sent me a PM you would already have an answer by now. Go ahead and ask as much as you want – I will even try to go to some of those places if I haven’t been and report back to you – I can be your vicarious traveler 🙂


      • kcomments says:

        Thanks, cuz I started the book and it mentioned some facts I thought ‘Is this true?’ So I thought of you hehe. You’re so kind, I’ll get on it when I get over CYHMH’s ending, TT_TT. What if it’s an opening ending? Nooooooo! Btw, I think JH will be ok cuz remember that Saipan scene, him with TS, it hasn’t come out yet. Aww….getting exited! *fingers and toes crossed*
        Approx eight hours and counting! ><!


  15. k says:

    OMG pls pls i hope nothing happens to CDJ please writers pretty please


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