Can You Hear My Heart E26

I was not going to use this scene as the main pic, but just look at them. Despite everything that happened on tonight’s episode, how can you deny that what they have is beyond special. At first my reaction to the episode ran a little emotional, but as I translated thru the night, I kept glancing down at the comments rolling in. I must say some of you have more faith in this couple than others, but what I noticed right off was that you take this couple very seriously. You guys protect and cherish them and are the first to defend them. I couldn’t help but smile at the way you were so quick to come up with plausible explanations for W’s behavior. Part of the joy I have for every episode comes from all of you. Thank you for keeping the faith and bolstering my spirit when I feel like this show is breaking my heart too much. I learned a lesson tonight. Don’t just trust what you can see and take that leap of faith and believe in what you feel.


* read the second bar scene with MS- our D made us VERY proud tonight.

There is only one reason why I wasn’t mad at M at all for asking her to sleep over. If you watch him thru that whole scene when she cooks for him, as she put that piece of food on his bowl cuz he was just eating rice (cuz that is what he got used to lately) and listening to her blabber on – you can almost FEEL how lonely he must have been all these days ever since he found out he was choi’s son and had to live alone. Having to eating alone suddenly after eating with T or D all these years – after having someone like T cook for him and take care of him – can you imagine how lonely he must have been feeling this whole time I was busy hating him for being mean to D? I felt bad today for not seeing his side. Now i get what his loneliness compelled him to do – he uttered those words “sleep over” in a tone that implied desperation – like a cry not to be alone even just for one night. There was nothing inappropriate in his actions at all too. He was just desperate for company and needed a respite from his solitude. No one can fault him for that. As for W, my rant is on the bottom of the page. That is a whole different matter.


Can You Hear My Heart E26


Starts from when the (french guy)Phillipe’s wife asks if D wont have regrets about the transaction. D: I dont make choices I regret. D says something about how energy cell’s name will become one of the top 3-that is what he likes the most. D calls M. M: did you hear the news already? D: that you are going to sell energy cell? you are one step too late. I just sold energy cell. M: what? CDJ -what did you just say? D: should I say it one more time?  M yells at D saying D doesnt have the right to sell it cuz it belongs to WK. choi turns around and comes back and asks what is going on. M to D: where are you? come to the office right now. choi says give it to me and takes the phone away. M: I was in the middle of talking to him so give me the phone. choi to M: shut up. choi to D: dong joo what did you do? D: who is this?  choi: what? this punk. D: cuz I’m getting this as a text I dont know by voice – J? dad? choi tells him to come right away to his office. D: who are you – so frustrating so I cant talk to you – whoever you are-will see you later face to face and talk .

MS taps D on the shoulder and says the guests are leaving. D says let’g go out and tries to leave the room but she stops him to say she doesnt know what is going on -the more she knows it gets complicated. D: the guests might leave and starts to go but MS says she is on D’s side

choi says something about what D did (the contract he signed) and what it means for them and M says he will find out more and cant just go by D’s words but choi says D isnt the kind of kid to bluff – if M wasnt in such a rush – this wouldnt have happened. how can you be backstabbed by a kid who isnt even normal. if you were going to do this why talk about sending him to “bong boo jang.” M: I didnt decide this on my own. he didnt even get permission from you so how could I have stopped this. choi: it looks like after putting you out front I am going to be humliated by the board and instead of thinking of how to make this better you talk back to your father. how can I trust you when you are like this and hand over my fortune. first do something so I can trust in you. what are you doing instead of taking care of this.

M calls MS. M: where are you?  MS: I went to boss’ home and came back to the office right away. M: heard you sold off energy cell. MS says they did sell it (and mentions some detail of the contract I dont know)  wasnt it cool? M repeats the last part of what she said. MS: D couldnt sell off all of energy cell. I’m disappointed in you- I heard from my dad. you were trying to stop us.  M: come to the office i have something to tell you. MS: I dont want to see you right now. M: even tho you dont want to come anyway. today I was betrayed by D next time it’s your turn. MS: what? M: T said she only trusted you didnt she? I was tricked by those words and dragged along for 16yrs. MS: what does that mean? M: WK’s (her dad’s job title) Kang’s only child and daughter MS. MS: junha shi. M: turn your car around right now. 

W calls D and asks if he ended work well. D: what is this? I thought you couldnt come cuz you were sick so I was going to go check on you. W: to be honest I did go – but I saw you were with a foreigner and I cant speak eng well so I was afraid I would make a mistake. D: you think I called you to speak eng? since it’s an important contract I called you to read his expression-you said as you look into their eyes you know right away.  W:really? I didnt know that I’m sorry. D: you dont trust me huh? fine- if you are going to be like this- let’s break up. I’m ready. he shows her his packed bags. she asks where he is going. D: i have to be gone for you to know to know how you feel. W:where are you going?D: i wont tell you – you dont know what will happen from now on – you run away cuz of one foreigner? (think he said he is hurt deeply) and says he is hanging up but she says wait a minute. she asks who won today. D: that…I think I won but my heart needs comforting so….W: then I am going to go and cheer up the person who lost. I keep my promises. D:what? this…..she asks him to call when he arrives in america and D:why america? I am going home. W: ahhh- so you were going home – you got caught. hang up.  ( she tricked him into telling where he was going so she smiles and D smiles cuz he fell for it)

T is talking to some lawyer on the phone and tells him to prepare something cuz they have the will and stuff so there is no need to stall anymore and she will convince D- the lawyer just needs to get the paperwork ready.  D goes in and she asks what he was doing – does he know what choi and J did? she tells him how it was decided to maegak energy cell  and D tells her  to calm down. he tells her what he did -make a contract with the french company so choi cant maegak on his own. she says he should have told her at least cuz she thought it was all over. D: I told you nothing much would happen. you should have waited what made you so nervous to start a war. T: it’s cuz you didnt see – choi brought J in front of the board of shareholders-J did it all -to get rid of you J was out in front. D: you made him like that. dont do more and let me take care of it and dont think of using MS.  maid says choi is home. D tells her to stay in the room and goes to meet choi

D says to choi: you came- something bad must have happened at work – you  dont look well.  choi asks:who said you could sell the company?  D: it’s up to me since it’s mine. you didnt forget did you? who the original owner of WK is. choi: dont you think  it’s too late to get it back ?   D: no – i think this is the perfect chance (time) -president – if you want to sit in that seat for even a little longer – it would be wise to stay quiet and dont anger me (dont wake my anger). D walks away from choi. choi order him to come back

T comes out and says: it’s no use-I told you –  even if you call him-he is a son who doesnt look back even once . now do you know how i feel – like your heart will tear. she touched his heart but he slaps her hand away. she smiles.

D goes to his room and plays the video of W singing at the car dealership and sings along sort of-repeating the last words of the lyrics.

W sneaks over to M’s office and hears MS saying “it’s a lie – my dad didnt do that.” M tells her: KMS – do you want to end up like me? CDJ is using you. cant you see from looking at me? for 16 yrs I lived as his brother teaching him to live without hearing. for the reason that my dad choi killed D’s grandpa. you are the same – ever since you were scouted for energy cell-you were used for CDJ’s revenge. cuz your father kang was an accessory to a crime. MS: it’s not I cant trust your words. I’m going to ask my dad. M: heard you moved homes. your father was afraid of the getting the money he got for his part in killing D’s grandpa taken away by CDJ so he turned it over to you-that is what your dad said. she almost faints so he tells her to pay close attention. if we dont stop CDJ – you and I  -we have to live the rest of our lives as children of criminals. i dont want to live like that MS. she says his name. M: there is only one path for us to survive -if we dont stop CDJ-you and I die. W gets a text so she leaves.

M hears that text sound so he goes out but W is gone. MS comes out and tries to leave. M:where are you going? I am not done talking yet. she says she needs to sort thru her thoughts. M: what do you need to think about? you just have do what I tell you. MS:I cant trust anyone -D, ahjumma, you – even my dad – all of you lied to me. who do I trust? M: there is not a single person I can trust now too – except for you MS. dont act according to your heart/emotions and choose your side well-if you and I do it together we can end this easily. MS – I only trust you.

D sent W a text: are you cheering him up well? but dont sing to him -that’s going overboard.” she stands against the wall and cries

Y gives nam makeup and tells her to put it on. nam refuses to wear it. Y: I dont like it too but hurry and  do it. he tells her to hurry and put it on, but she says she wont. he says she has to so her face looks like that floury rice cake (it’s white looking). she asks why he wants her to wear makeup when he called her names for having a white face. Y: a rice cake has to look like a rice cake so what do I do if a rice cake wants to look like our MS? I cant live. nam: when did I saw I was going to be like MS? Y: there is only one MS but now there are two MS. he starts to hit his eyes so she restrains him and holds his hands.he tells her not to hold his hand. dont touch me.  grandma comes and looks away. Y hides behind his mom and says “mom tell her not to touch me.” Nam: when did I? I was just…grandma says to nam: a girl shouldnt do that first. Y: mom she isnt a girl – there is only one girl MS-tell her to go. nam: you dont like me that much? why do all men not like me? grandma advises: dont cling – if a girl does that men run away. Y: mom tell her to go – tell her to look like a rice cake and go.nam holds onto grandma and says she doesnt want to go and wants to eat and then go. Y: put makeup on and eat. this stray dog -put on makeup and go. nam: I dont want to – mother invited me to eat and go so why are you telling me to go? didnt you mother? grandma: that’s right – sticking to me is quicker. when did you know to do that? nam says she likes grandma and cries so Y says she is crying again – dont cry and leave. grandma whispers to Y he did well.

nam puts her makeup back on while crying. grandma explains: what do we do? Y is in charge of our rice cooker. dont cry and just do what he asks.  nam says sorry – she didnt come to be a bother like this. grandma says: I know I know – it’s not like you cant afford to to eat  so why else would you come? you must have come cuz you missed someone. even if you dont say it – I know it all…nam cries and hugs her. grandma comforts nam.

S comes and asks if nam didnt leave yet-just live here why dont you. S tries to get nam’s attention but grandma slaps S’s hand away saying leave her alone and dont bother a nice person. S: she is nice? do you know what kind of woman she is? S makes negative remarks about nam so grandma tells S not to speak ill of ppl cuz that is a sin too. nam gives S a dirty look so S tells her mom to look at nam.  grandma tells nam let’s go outside. S shows a layout of a large home -the one that is circled and tells her mom to say to M that the grandma chose this one. it has to be this home S cant live in a small place. M has a lot of money – my child said he wanted to spend money on his parent so let’s accept it so he feels more comfortable. that is how a parent can help.  nam asks S: you have a child? then how could you…..S tells her not to butt in and get out.  grandma says she will go out and asks nam to act like you didnt hear -it’s cuz I am embarrassed (of having a daughter like S). nam says: I know – you cant talk about your child wherever you go- how upsetting it must have been for you – I know. S to nam: what do you know? nam: why wouldnt I know? all the moms’ hearts are the same in this world. wanting the best for your child -that is what a parent does. you think an old parent’s body is the only thing that is shriveled? worrying over their child – their hearts are shriveled too. grandma hugs nam for saying all that. nam comforts her saying it’s ok. S keeps bugging her mom saying M has enough with work that is complicated so they should at least listen to what he wants (and move) – you saw how D’s family behaved – cuz D was afraid to lose his position to M- that D put out an article that he is WK’s son. contact M and we have to accept before he changes his mind. look and decide mom.

Y is outside and hears S talking but tries not to.  Y keeps telling himself “there is only one girl – there is only one MS” NB says he thought about it and there is a way for their family to work together. Y says he isnt going – there is only one girl there is only one MS. NB asks if Y doesnt want to live with M. Y: cant cuz it will confuse our M. I’m M’s dad but M said choi is his dad. there is one dad there is one MS. but I’m M’s dad and choi is M’s dad -we cant – our M is confused. it will be hard on him so we cant. NB says he is confused a bit too. Y: dont worry our M will come to our home again. told him to come and eat just one bowl of rice and he left without eating so he will come again. NB: ok let’s think like that then. if he doesnt come today he will probably come tm. Y: yes tm but mong gun ah- when do we meet choi? NB:why so you can get revenge? Y: going to do the revenge (hit his head) but also since he raised our M, I have to thank him. NB taps him on the head: just do one out of the two -either get revenge or say thank you-no -(he gets an idea) get revenge and make him faint and stand there and say thank you. if you do that then he will really get mad. our Y is the best.

M goes to see the old guy (president min) . Min asks what brings M there. M says he has something to tell him. they sit in the car. min yells at M asking if M was planning sell just the outer shell (of energy cell and sell off the main part somewhere else) M says he will return the money. Min: you think money is all of it -you used the money from the contract and made me feel safer and  behind my back you do (?). M says it was his fault and apologizes. Min tells M he doesnt want M’s apology-tell choi to come before I let others hear about this and ruin him. get out of the car. M threatens min asking if min wants to reveal what he did with han sung line and tells Min to forgive him this one time. I am sorry. M bows his head. the look on M’s face is beyond scary.

T is on the phone with choi’s secretary and hears what M is doing and asks if M can control president min. he says M liked being choi’s son but looks like M is going to learn to bow his head (in shame) first. T: he caused this so it cant be helped. D watches her. D remembers how M and T were so close when they acted cheesy towards each other. T tells the secretary to call when something else comes up. she gets up and sees D. she asks why he is sitting there. D: after you lost J hyung – do you know you lost your smile? T: dont bring up talk about him.  D: even tho it was a lie, I would like to see you smile like that again. T: dong joo ya. D: I will do the work so you just practice smiling. 

W is worried. she remembers how M said to MS that the only way for them to live was to stop D. then how D cried over M saying he cant call M hyung anymore and how could his brother be choi’s son. she calls D. he doesnt notice his phone is ringing. T asks D is she should make him something to eat but he says he wants a beer and then go to sleep. T: you drink alcohol?  he tells her to come down if she wants to drink with him. she stops at his bed and sees pianoist called and dials the number with her own phone and calls and hears W’s voice. she deletes that W called D’s phone. W worries something happened.

choi, T, and D are having breakfast. M shows up “dad I came”. choi asks if M handled work well and M says: of course I came to report to you. M asks T for coffee but she ignores him and tells D he will be late and goes up to get D’s clothes ready. M mutters that he even said he was sad that he didnt have a mom but she is acting like that. D gets up but M tells D to to sit down : you need to hear how I handled the problem you made before you go. M says how Min threatened to humilate choi and how M had to bow his head to stop him.  M to D: thanks to you I learned a good lesson. D: that’s good cuz you wont learn that from dad. he doesnt know how to apologize. choi glares at D. M tells choi to kick out D cuz D needs to be punished at least that much for (he lists all the things D did) and for humilating and ignoring choi. D says M isnt in a position (doesnt have the right) to punish anyone. take your time coming in to work – cuz no one will accept a leader who ignores the staff and tries to sell off the company. D walks off. M: dad – CDJ….. but choi says legally D is his son and for the time being dont make noise – since D is making a lot of noise (blustering about something) he must have something up his sleeve for sure -if you do something wrong and set him off…M interrupts and says he found a way to set him off and says I will tell you on the way.

W is leaving and Y gives her a letter for M. Y: you will see M when you go to the office right? this is a picture letter-should I write one every day? when M was this small too M didnt smile often but he got this big (tall) and he isnt smiling -when he smiles he is really really pretty. W: that is right -he is pretty and good looking isnt he?  Y: yes -also he looks like he will cry – his eyes are like this – like he might cry. W: he did? Y: make sure you give this picture letter to M -also if he smiles tell me then I will draw him another picture letter. W nods. Y smiles (he has a dimple -never noticed that before)

W is on the phone with D and tells him it’s urgent business. he asks what is so urgent. she says this is life or death (could live or die)… and cuts off a dead leaf. W: I saved it – will be there soon.  SC comes over and asks: you arent on the phone with CDJ right? and it cant be JJH even more. she says into the phone she will call back later. she lectures SC and says he should have taken better care of the plant. SC: dont you know yet? that your destiny is me. W: i didnt know that. SC: then listen carefully- you cant with J cuz he is your oppa and even tho D cant hear since he is a big (deal) guy so it wont work with you at all.( as in D is still out of her level). she snickers so he says seriously is she wants to live her whole life in the foyer (guesses the korean word here but i am pretty sure it’s the front porch or entrance area) cuz they wont let her in – since that home is spacious you could live there in the foyer so that’s why you cant pull D in cuz you want to live in that big foyer. they laugh over it. D watches her laugh with SC. W says SC is good at talking. SC: am I just good at speaking? I am a good swimmer too. W: you are? he gives her his mug and tells her to drink. SC: that CDJ fell in the water and got taken away by the ambulance -me? when I fell in the water I got right back up. I’m like that kind of person – now I even earn money well and with my visual (his looks) if it’s this much it’s the best. what am I lacking now? she tells him to pay back her money $2,000. SC says he isnt paying back on purpose. W:why? SC: when you break up with a boyfriend after time passes you forget but a debtor you cant forget even if you die-you think about him even when you are sleeping. I am never ever going to pay you back forever.she says he didnt get hit these days and hits him playfully

D comes in and asks “you have coffee right?” SC:what is this- this isnt a coffee place it’s a chicken place. D points to the picture and says “it said you sell coffee so…” SC: not going to sell it to you though. W tries to get SC to agree but he tells her just to save (revive) the plant. SC sighs and reluctantly asks: is your health (body) ok? D: yes thanks for worrying. SC: who said I was worried – anyway I wont sell coffee to you. go. D: if you wont say yes to coffee- I will come later to have a glass of beer with you. SC: you are acting too friendly but I dont like you. go. D: but I want to (I feel like it). SC: it’s my store -better not come again. go.  W reminds SC that he would fry some chicken. SC forgot about it and tells her not to leave and wait. D asks how D came all this way. D says to drink coffee. D: i dont have things I am scared of but I am afraid of that friend (SC). she says SC is really nice. D musses her hair and says “there is something like that.” W asks since he has time till he has to go in to work she asks him to go somewhere with her to talk. he says to talk on the way but she says it’s dangerous cuz she has a lot to say. W yells that she is leaving but SC yells at W not to leave. she says she has to go to work. (she whispers to D that she is going to run off first) SC calls after her. D says he will be going and SC stops him. SC: W -that girl these days is going thru something complicated -if you cant make her smile like me -as the driver at least – drive safely

D takes W to some cafe and tells her to come sit next to him. but she says she cant cuz she has a lot to say. W: we dont have any secrets right? one who isnt M or J – arent we in the middle of making him be CDJ’s hyung again? D: let’s just say that’s right. she starts to talk about what she heard yesterday and hesitates so he tells her it’s ok just say it. she says M and MS were talking seriously. D: you said you werent able to meet J. W: i didnt get to meet him. i went to the office but they looked so serious so i just left. MS was shocked so she was about to cry. she found out her dad is involved in something bad. I was surprised too but since it’s happening to her she must have been shocked. D says MS was bound to find out. how she found out was important but finding out like that yesterday wasnt good.W asks how much longer D and M are going to fight. D: why? watching from the side is tiring you out already? she says M looks like he is having a really hard time cuz he has to hate someone he used to love the most. D: someone is taking her brother’s side too much- I asked you to cheer me up not take sides. W:that’s not it – dad said oppa’s eyes looked like he would cry. it would be better if he just cried. then he will change. 

D sits next to her and asks should i listen more or hug you cuz I can only do one thing at a time. she leans on his shoulder and he puts his arm around her. she writes on his hand. she wrote “you can do both.” she breathes on the glass and writes something. she does it again so he can write (crap I cant read korean). they draw a smiley face together.

he hugs her again

W comes in carrying a box and bowing saying hi to nam.  nam watches her (nam is wearing very little makeup) W gets the phone for D and tells him what the call was about and he says after work he will send an email and she relays that. workers say to each other – “he really must not be able to hear” and ” there must be things you cant do even with money”so nam tells the girls “can you say that after watching what W just did? dont just take care of your skin and work on your hearts.” nam walks over to D and says to him “since I know one of your secrets- I will reveal one too. I’m divorced.” she asks if W has a problem with it and W says she doesnt. nam:that’s good. M comes in and calls out W’s name.  she calls out “oppa.” nam asks D: oppa? is Jang junha kim shinae’s son? D says yes. M asks W to go out with him if she is done with work. W:where? M:wherever. he puts her bag on her shouders. W turns and looks at D. D tells her he will call and M takes her away

W walks in front of him looking at him. it’s so great you are buying me a meal. but isnt it too one sided showing up suddenly. what is going on? M: I am not CDJ -even if you just talk I can hear you. (so she doesnt have to walk like that) she says it wasnt cuz of D- she has a habit of walking like this since she was younger.(cuz of her mom) he asks what she wants to eat and she tells him to decide- if you ask me- I will say egg bread, fried pork cutlets, cup ramen – it wont be much difference from those. M grins and says:let’s eat kimchi stew-you know how to make it right? let’s go to my home.

M watches her cook. she brings over the stew and asks him to put the hot pan coaster next to him. he tastes it. she asks if it tastes good. does it taste bad? is it salty? she explains she was nervous making it. M: let’s eat together. he tells her to sit next to him, but she says she rather stand and eat. she explains it’s weird here cuz when you eat you are supposed to look at each other and eat- have some pieces of rice spray out of your mouth – look at someone’s face while you are eating and talking. she starts eating “like this.” she brags she sold 3 sets of makeup today-she must have skills for retail. M ignores her and says ” this place is too small cuz I live alone but the next building might have larger space so come there. when do you want to move here? she complains her home is noisy cuz of him. yesterday they didnt sleep till early morning cuz of the family meeting. let’s go let’s not – go to an appt go to a villa- suburbs-we never even dreamed of having a home. everyone is not even working. she tells him to take responsisbility and he says he will. come. he continues to eat so she puts a side dish on his bowl and he stops eating and looks up in surprise.  W:why are you just eating rice? eat this and that and be thoughtful of the person who made it and say “waaah this is delicious – there was something that tastes like this?” and compliment as you eat.  he tells her to sleep and go cuz he is tired today and cant take her home. she says she can take the bus and he says it’s dangerous so she cant. she says grandma and dad will worry. M: grandma it’s me – W is here at my place right now so I will let her sleep over. dont wait up and sleep.

S is looking at apartment brochures. grandma is on the phone with M: but still it’s better to sleep at home -yes it is really late -do what is comfortable for you. ok. dont hang up yet.  are you eating well?  of course what am I saying – you live in a rich home so of course you must be-forget I mentioned it hang up now. S looked over at her mom when she heard the word “rich home.” grandma hangs up and S asks who was on the phone.  grandma says it was M.  S gets mad and says her mom should have given her the phone-what did he say? grandma: W went over there but since it’s late he said she would sleep over and come back.  S asks why W is sleeping there and tells her mom to call back but the grandma says she doesnt know the number. S: then what do we do? I think that girl likes M. grandma: of course she likes him since he is related to her (family). S: what do you mean – W and M are not blood related. and did they even live together a long time? you said they only lived together for a few months. I have to make sure the two of them dont meet. grandma: dont say things that cant be stopped. leave it alone. M is doing that cuz he feels affection for her. S: that isnt it. grandma: be quiet -they were like that since they were young.  that little girl would chase after him saying oppa oppa – M acted like he was annoyed with her but accepted her and made her laugh, comforted her, that’s what M did. all I did was yell at M and Y was scared of him and went around hiding from him. but that little girl, even tho he said he didnt like her- she kept chasing after him and made him feel affection towards her.  S says she doesnt know and goes back to her brochures. grandma lectures S saying you should act like a mom and know more about why her child acts like this.

MS asks why D called her out for a  date. he says he wanted to drink too. MS: oh that’s why- I thought maybe you liked me a little now. D: I do like you MS- you are my necessary partner. MS: partner? D squints and tries to read her lips but it’s hard cuz she is turned halfway so he says “wait a minute” and turns her to face towards him so he can read her lips better.D: now you can talk. MS: you hate me dont you?  my dad was wrong to do that, but you shouldnt do this to me. why did you do it? why did you have to use me too? D says he didnt know that was wrong back then. MS: your explanation is too weak. dont you have anything stronger. D: stronger? when I brought you over- I thought I have to make choi die like my grandpa -that was all I could think about – I thought my scar/pain hurt the most – I was angry -frustrated and felt it was unfair so I didnt think about how you would feel. I didnt think how this could give you this much pain. i’m sorry. she says it’s too late for apologies. D: I know – whatever the reason you shouldnt use a person. after I lost junha hyung- I realized. MS: you are a victim too but you chose the wrong way to get revenge. you are fired from WK (did I hear that right? what is “tae-chul”)

W is in the room worried. she gets up to leave but sits back down. M goes over with some change of clothes for her but doesnt go in. he smiles.

W is texting D:i want to listen to him but he isnt talking. this is oppa’s ….M knocks so we dont see her finish her text

M brings her clothes and says just wear whatever- if she is uncomfortable just say it and he will give her something else to wear. she says it’s ok and thanks him. he says sleep well and she says you too but he says if you arent sleepy want to see a movie

MS touches D’s hand to get his attention. she says she honestly likes D. was that part of the plan too. he says that it was – that’s how his work/plans would be easier. I needed your dad’s home to get WK back. MS: then you need to use me again. if there is work left to do at WK. (if there is work you still need me to do at WK) You can use me if you want. D: I dont want to. ever since we came to Seoul I stopped wanting to. and it has nothing to do with J.  MS guesses: is it cuz of W. W is something else for making you waver over something you prepared for 16 yrs. without me, you think you can beat choi and J?think it over again. with one word asking for help, I will let you use me. dont you want to get WK? what do you want to do? D: unless as a partner, I wont use MS, the girl (meaning he wont use her if he has to use her as a love interest)  I will find another way to get WK back. MS: you dont like me that much? you cant give up on W? D: it’s not cuz of W – it’s cuz of my mom. to get WK, the things choi did to my mom – you want me to do the same thing? to you? whenever I think about my mom, it hurts a lot. I didnt know when I was younger, but what mom lost was grandpa, her son’s hearing, WK, and trust in love. did my mom say to you too that she trusted you? that is a lie. I”m her son and I dont trust her. when she threw away J, do you know how scared I was? you want to end up like that too? If I have a hard time fighting alone and get tired and ask you for help, pretend like you dont know (look the other way). I’ll be going. D starts to leave but she holds onto him and tells him not to go. don’t go. he says her name. (* best scene ever !!!!! our little D grew up to be quite the man)

W and M are watching an old movie. she says so this is what you like. he asks if he should turn on something else. she says she likes all movies -it would have been fun if grandma and dad watched with them. her dad would cry and her grandma would curse. it would be funny and later she wouldnt know what the story was about at all. since you were in america you probably didnt get to see many korean movies. she asks him to talk about living in america -where are all the places you went to? did you go to disneyland? if you go to america everyone says they all go there. he says he already told her that he didnt go to amusement parks cuz of D. she offers him to go ride with him later on and will ride it ten times. M: I wont ride those – it’s no fun. W: when did you ride one? M: when  I was doctor jang when you liked J a little more than D. do you know that? to you I am Y’s son bong maru-CDJ’s hyung jang junha and now the enemy choi’s son. in my life when I wasnt involved/linked  with other ppl –  when I was just a guy to you  -when I was doctor jang-that was the first and last time huh? W- back then did you really like me? she nods

W thinks about what he asked her “W did you really like me back then?” M thinks about how W said “doctor Jang junha is really cool/good looking -he was like M oppa”

D looks at the black envelope.

M and W go into the office together. they spot D so she calls out to him and takes a step to go to D, but M stops her. D looks over right then. M walks over to D and W is staring at some bulletin notice. W turns and says D’s name

T says D told her to give choi this.he asks what it is. he looks at it and it’s a copy of a handwritten will. she says D wants you to return WK now. you worked hard all that time. “go well”

M: I’m going to stop and forgive mom. you should stop and forgive choi. D: forgive? M: let’s live not seeing each from now on.  forget -that is the end of what a person’s forgiveness can do- go well. D: jang junha, are you ok with that? i can forget but can you? D starts to leave so W calls out his name but D keeps going. M looks worried.


holy crap


T look at drunk D who made a mess in the kitchen

young M is studying and young D throws his hackysack at M to get his attention. they play catch across the table. (yay young D is back)

M tells MS: we dont have much time -think it over carefully.

At their old Saipan home, M walks out carrying golf clubs and sees T waiting for M.

 she reminds him that the three of them promised to go together till the end

in the dark, D is drunk and singing along to W’s video on his phone while T watches from the doorway

that scene with D by the cliff with his hands over his ears and his eyes closed comes out

*I get the sense that something is not right between D and W from this preview, but I doubt it’s cuz of W sleeping over. something else must have upset him so much that he would drink and miss her. guessing his mom cuz she looks guilty.

* Now that I have calmed down a bit-I want to change a little of what I said earlier. I get now why W decided to stay instead of leave like she was going to. But I still say, if she wanted to listen to M that is fine but why sleep over to do it? they are not blood related siblings -that is exactly the sort of thing T doesnt like about W and I have to agree with T on this one- that was just not proper. W never sent that text to D that she was over at M’s home sleeping over. No matter what her reasons were for staying,  doesnt W get that it will only make it harder on M and his crush? and what about D? doubt he wanted her to go that far just to listen to his brother’s side. that sleep over sort of made me think she is thoughtless and then in that last scene when she calls out D’s name and wants to run to him, M stops her and she stays. what the heck – is she a puppy? she shouldnt let M dictate who she runs to. I dont blame D for walking away from the two of them – how could they show up at work together in the morning like that – might has well announce to the world they had a sleep over since she is wearing the same clothes. This was the first ending that bothered me so much. The way D looked at W as he walked off was not an “I’m ok I will see you later look” – it was more like “I cant look at you now” look.

One good thing out of all this was we got to see the preview and we know T misses M. she has no more reasons to lie to him and use him and yet she went to go find him and remind him they promised to stay together. maybe he gets a mom out of this after all. during the scene tonight when D remembers how close T and M used to be -those times when she laughed a lot- I think D made her forget what she had been trying to suppress – that even though she used M- she did genuinely care about him and misses  him as her son. I really hope she can clear the air with M so that he feels less betrayed. That would help him start his healing process.

S will always be number one on my list for the worst character in kdrama history. hate this woman more than I can say. lately I just cover her face with my browser and just listen to her grating voice to get the translations dwon cuz I cant stand to look at her face. With other scenes I take my time and stop to look or replay, but with her scenes I am 100% at attention so I dont have to press replay and keep hearing her voice over and over. S just comes up with more despicable behavior for a woman who is supposed to be a mother – why cant she just once not try to use M – why is she so freaking selfish – he offered the home to W and her family – he certainly was not including S in there. today she yelled at grandma for not giving her the phone when M called. as if he would even speak to S over the phone. denial is strong with with this woman-she just does not get that her son hates her guts. It’s like she has no redeeming qualities whatsoever as a human being, daughter, and certainly not as a mother. Only thing she was good at was being choi’s distraction. she was the perfect woman for choi-they deserve to be miserable together


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  1. hi,i’m a big fan of Can you hear my heart drama.. i’m always reading this drama synopsis in your page, now i’m really curious about this drama ost. can you help me? i want to know about the violin music ( you can hear in the last of episode 25) that often played in this drama but i can’t find it anywhere.. can you help me? * sorry about my english 🙂 * -thanks before-


  2. Azziee says:

    Hii, your recaps are great 🙂 keep up the good effort!! i’m watching this drama now, since i’ve had it on my “Dramas to watch” list. this episode was so tense and emotional, the ending was even more jaw dropping!!! cant wait to watch the next episode


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