Uncontrollably Fond: E13

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You just can’t threaten someone who has nothing to lose. Joon Young is a loose cannon of emotions these days and you just never know what will set him off. I’m just glad the trigger is anyone who messes with Eul.

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Uncontrollably Fond: E12

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This drama has a lot of layers and some major ones were uncovered tonight to shake up the story even more. Just when you think it’s safe to ride things out and watch events unfold in a timely manner, the writer escalated events to a major level. More of the characters are on even footing. Joon Young and Ji Tae each know facts about the other that will dictate how they carry on with Eul. Now another character has been brought to the light so his awareness will shake things up even more. In a way, his newfound knowledge might do more good than harm. Maybe it will help him finally find a spine and start doing the right things instead of continuing to cover up for all the wrong choices he made in the past. And quite possibly, he will find some redemption at last.


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Uncontrollably Fond: E11


I feel like this screencap is poetic cuz it speaks volumes about Joon Young’s emotions in this moment when he was face to face with his dad once more. He is leaving behind any childish illusions of reuniting with his dad and being welcomed for the sake of his love for one woman.

As Eul sat in jail hopelessly counting down the kilometers it would take for Joon to drive over to her, Joon was sacrificing so much for Eul and she doesn’t even know it. He had to give up his dream of standing before Choi and revealing that he is his son. Instead he stood before Choi and tried to make up for what Joon should have done five years ago. Back then Joon made the wrong choice, but he made it as a naive young man hoping to reunite with his dad. Now he is choosing Eul over his father cuz Joon no longer views Choi through rose colored glasses. He sees Choi for the corrupt man that he is and not the man Joon hoped he could look up to as a kid. Just watching Joon tell his mom the truth so that her delusions of Choi could be shattered broke my heart. He knew how much his mom looked up to Choi and that she was looking forward to bragging to Choi how well she raised Joon on her own. Joon was fully aware that the truth about Choi’s real character could break her, but it didn’t stop him. It speaks a lot about Joon’s character and how much he loves Eul that he could turn his back on both his parents like that and just focus on Eul.

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Uncontrollably Fond: E10

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This is the second time Joon Young stepped in to save his dad and got Eul injured, but this time Joon Young’s emotions and intent are different. He was saving Eul as much as his dad. He didn’t want her to become a killer and was trying to prevent that. He had to save her from herself more than anything. Rescuing his father was just incidental -not his full objective like five years ago. Joon Young is realizing the only way to make amends for his wrongdoing in the past is to continue to prevent Eul from committing any rash actions on her own. Somewhere along the way, his love for Eul has surpassed his childish dreams of reuniting with his father.

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Uncontrollably Fond: E9

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What I love so much is that Joon Young loves Eul so wholeheartedly that he isn’t letting guilt take root to cause any restraints. Nothing is holding him back from loving Eul as much as he can for as long as he can, even his own father. As a kid, Joon Young was willing to let blood ties be a stronger factor for his actions, but now he can only see his love for Eul. He didn’t even hesitate in facing off with Choi because this time it was in defense of the woman he loves. Joon Young probably believes if he truly loves Eul so much with all his heart, she will find the will to forgive him once she learns about his past misdeeds. Maybe he is living in dreamland, but considering he is one step away from death, you can’t exactly fault him for wanting to believe in wishes.

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Uncontrollably Fond: E8

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Single-mindedness is highly underrated in this episode. Joon Young showed so much gumption and positivity that he could win her heart that even Eul didn’t know he had this side to him. I love how he turned achieving Eul’s affection as a goal and set out to make it come true setting aside pride or dignity along the way. If he is this good just during the pursuit, can’t imagine how much better he will be as her boyfriend once Eul accepts him.

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Uncontrollably Fond: E7

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Wishes sure do come true in the most unexpected ways. I wanted progress and boy howdy did I get it. I knew all that counting to rein in his feelings wouldn’t work when your heart makes you lose control. When words no longer work, you find another way to communicate your true feelings.

It’s been so long since I loved a drama this much. This one is hitting all the right notes with me. I love these smaller scenes that seem insignificant at first glance, but are magnified by the enormity, weight, and breadth of their growing feelings for each other.  It encapsulates exactly how two people falling in love should be feeling.

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