Uncontrollably Fond: E12

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This drama has a lot of layers and some major ones were uncovered tonight to shake up the story even more. Just when you think it’s safe to ride things out and watch events unfold in a timely manner, the writer escalated events to a major level. More of the characters are on even footing. Joon Young and Ji Tae each know facts about the other that will dictate how they carry on with Eul. Now another character has been brought to the light so his awareness will shake things up even more. In a way, his newfound knowledge might do more good than harm. Maybe it will help him finally find a spine and start doing the right things instead of continuing to cover up for all the wrong choices he made in the past. And quite possibly, he will find some redemption at last.


Written before it aired:

I’m not sure Joon Young was being fair accusing his mom of being at fault for not staying by Choi’s side and keeping him moral and upright. Would Choi have stayed a just prosecutor and assemblyman with a morally conscientious wife next to him or would he have made the same negligent choice and helped out Assemblyman Yoon. Can a good woman keep her husband on the path of righteousness or is that an unrealistic notion in the world we live in? Choi may have loved Joon’s mom, but he still had lofty ambitions. Who is to say that Choi wouldn’t have ended up where he is even with Joon’s mom by his side? That one terrible decision to help out Yoon is costing Choi so much in the long run, but I can’t help think that’s part of his punishment. What Choi did was criminal. He allowed a young woman to kill a man with her car and walk away from her crime with no punishment whatsoever. Shouldn’t there be punishment for allowing a killer to walk free, even if Choi’s punishment is catching up to him five years later. He might not know it yet, but Choi’s ultimate punishment was losing a son he never knew he had.


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Starts from Yoon watching through the window as his mom and uncle and his twin were singing and drinking and then he goes in and joins them. Joon narrates when his mom is in a good mood – there is a song she always sang (he recites the beginning lyrics that have to do with building a home that’s like a picture and wanting to live happily with the one they love for a hundred years) So I don’t know when it started, but I naturally began to have a dream. (he recites the lyrics)

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Joon stares at drawings of a home he has. Even when I knew I didn’t have much time left, I didn’t give up the dream. except to adjust the time from a hundred years to 3 months.

he sees the texts from eul as she counts down the remaining few meters .

Joon narrates: even if it’s not a hundred years, with all the remaining time I have left – I will use it to show my love for the person I love so let’s not be sad or broken up

She ends her last text with -remaining distance “zero” – let’s stop – Joon isn’t coming. it’s the end. this time it’s the end for real.

Jik comes in and asks what are you talking about? where are we going? and she says leave with me

Joon narrates -my last dream in this world, I’m giving up on it here. He takes down the drawings of the house and crumples them up. what I have to do with my remaining life on the line is not be happy with Eul in a picturesque home, but return the truth I stole from Eul and then go.

lawyer Cha Taek pays back Joon for the food cost, but Joon asks again who the culprit of Noh J’s hit and run was. Cha says the culprit was caught back then but Joon says not the culprit Choi instated -the real culprit. Cha tells Joon to go or else he will sue

Joon narrates: so after I leave, the world that Eul loves – instead of the cold dead winter, she can look forward to a warm spring day

Jitae pulls Eul out of the cab and says you cant go anywhere – get out. he pulls her out  and pays the driver and tells him to go after opening the trunk to get the luggage out. he asks Jik to take the luggage inside. Jik says I want to you to explain later where you’ve been all this time and just now showing up. Ji tae agrees.

Eul asks what are you doing? where have you been and just now showing up. Ji tae says there is no need to run away. just stay here. she asks if Nari said anything to him. JiTae: I just heard somehow. that choi’s wife threatened you so that’s why you are running away abruptly like this. Eul: if you know don’t stop me. losing my father alone was enough. I don’t want to lose Jik too. if I miss my flight are you going to take responsibility for it? she calls for her brother to come down with the luggage. she tells Ji tae to not act like he knows her and hurry and go. you might get hurt for knowing someone like me. JiTae: I will stop them. Eul: they are more scary than you can imagine. people like us cant do anything to them.  Ji tae yells: they are my parents. assemblyman choi is my father and president In Soo is my mother. I am their son. Eul laughs and thinks he is kidding. your jokes were lame but this time it’s funny.

at the engagement party everyone is waiting for Ji tae to show up

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Eul asks you werent joking? Ji Tae: yes I wasnt kidding. Eul: your name is lee hyun woo. it should be choi if you were his son.  Ji Tae: sorry I deceived you. she backs up and he follows so she yells dont follow me even a step.

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Ji tae remembers what Joon said after he hit Ji tae. Joon says what did you do? I stole her USB and almost killed her -I did that terrible thing – but what did you do? while your parents threatened her and chased her out of this country, what did you do?

{Ji Tae had to stand there and face the truth that his inaction was just as hurtful as what joon did. It’s like Joon punched him in the guts with the accusation thrown at him.}

people are wondering where the fiance is cuz ten mins passed. Yoon says maybe there is traffic

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Ji tae stands there and gets a call from his mom but ignores it. haru thinks her brother is crazy. Yoon glares at choi. JE keeps looking at the empty chair next to her. she is almost in tears

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Cha gets out of his car with a cake when Joon pulls up. Joon has a present and says it’s your daughter’s bday today isnt it? Cha says leave while I say it nicely. Joon: even if you say it rudey I wont go until you tell me who the culprit is. Cha goes over and tells him the name of the culprit who turned himself in. Joon changes the subject and makes a comment about his coat and offers to give him his coats.

Cha goes to see his daughter but his wife throws the cake on the ground and says I told you not to come. he says how can a dad not come for his daughter’s bday but she says how are you a father. you have no right to be her dad. your daughter doesnt think of you as her dad so go. his wife walks away. he picks up the cake. nurses make a big deal cuz Joon showed up to see Cha’s daughter

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Joon is with the kids and sits with the bday girl. he is trying to convince them who he is and says lines from his dramas. he jokes around with the kids. a boy ask how someone famous like him knows the girl so Joon says I am her dad’s fan. her dad is the prosecutor I admire the most in the world. He is the most courageous, honorable, good looking, and cool person, but not that fashionable. how great it would have been if my father was as cool and successful. I am so envious of you. Cha watched all that from the back

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Joon goes out and finds Cha in the stairwell eating the broken cake. Joon comments that’s dirty -why eat what was dropped on the floor.  Cha asks why lie to the kid. Joon says I didn’t lie – I respect you the most out of all the people in the world except for my mom. Joon sits and eats the cake as he narrates what Choi must have told Cha back then – another guy admitted to being Noh J’s hit and run driver so close down everything you investigated and just do what I tell you from here on. then I’ll make sure your daughter gets surgery from our country’s best hospital and pay for all the surgery costs. that’s how assemblyman choi tried to extort you huh? Joon recites what Cha must have said back to choi. “look here assemblyman -just to save my daughter, are you telling me to cover the truth? I cant do that.” that’s what you retorted. Joon goes on and lists the bad things that happened to Choi like get demoted, having to quit his job, since he threw away his family to stand up for his integrity, he got divorced. Cha starts to walk away and says go film drams on the set so Joon holds onto him and says I am going to die pretty soon -when I die – the truth will be covered up forever so the burden you bear forever -unburden yourself and give it to me.  Cha thinks Joon is acting and tells him to go film that makjang drama on a drama set. he calls Joon crazy and walks off but Joon says assemblyman choi is my dad but he doesnt know I am his son. Noh JS – the man who passed away in the hit and run was the father of the woman I love. I hold grudges so if I die without being able to do anything I will probably appear as a  ghost and torment you. it’s not a lie – it’s for real.

Eul goes and rings the bell at choi’s home.the ajumma keeps saying no one is home so go away. but eul insists on meeting with choi

ji tae drives up and sees Eul. he watches Eul yell into the intercom and lose it -she yells I know we are eggshells you can step on – I know fully well someone like me cant do anything to you -so even if it’s so unfair to my dad – I told him to be patient (hold it in). I wanted him to forget it all and close his eyes and rest in peace.  if he feels that indignant in his next life come back as someone with power and influence. I told him all that. that’s why I was going to get lost. you told me to get lost so I was going to get lost. so I don’t appear in front of your eyes, like someone who doesn’t exist. so why did you do it? Why did your son keep track of me too? were you that scared of me? what’s so scary about me? I’m so cowardly. I cant even make a squeak. what is there for people like you to fear (from me). She yells until she faints so Ji tae gets out of the car to go to her.

haru asks if her mom is ok and if she doesnt need to go to the hospital. her mom says I am ok. haru wonders how Ji tae could do this. how could he shame you and dad like this. maybe he is on drugs.  choi’s wife asks for the secretary to check hospitals and police in case Ji tae was in a car accident.

when they get home haru learns that her dad is with Yoon so she worries Yoon will hit her dad

choi and Yoon meet. choi says I don’t know what to say- I didnt raise my son well. yoon asks if jitae has another girl he is dating. choi says no. he isnt one to make a mistake like this. Yoon wants him to bring Ji tae to his home tonight to face JE. you guys cant break this wedding without JE’s say so-  if anyone breaks the engagement it will be us. it’s ok even if it’s late at night so if you bring Ji tae those two can still get engaged.

JE goes and yells at the dress shop that the crappy dress was at fault for her not getting engaged and being humiliated and goes berserk

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Eul wakes up and finds herself in ji tae’s car. she gets out and goes over to him. he was sitting on the steps outside. he asks if she is ok and offers to feed her. she says if I date you -your parents will be so upset huh. if I date you – the heavens will fall for your parents huh.he agrees. she says the best revenge I can do to your parents is to date you. then let’s date.

JE gets drunk and talks rudely to the attendant saying who are you to tell me what to do or not. she mutters she cant get drunk no matter how much she drinks.

she goes out near the pool and falls into the water and sinks.

Joon jumps in and saves her. he puts her on the deck and leans over her and tells her to wake up. she opens her eyes and sees Joon. Joon says to her -wake up. you still have a lot of things to do so you cant die without my permission. got that?  he walks away from her as staff come out to help her

as Joon walks away he remembers the conversation he had with Cha in the car. Cha says it’s too late – there is no evidence  now- no witness. there is no way to catch the culprit. Joon says no matter what I have to do I will catch him so just tell me who the culprit is. please -before it’s too late even more.  Cha tells him assemblyman Yoon’s daughter Yoon JE

Eul stares at her family pic all night

함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_001893822함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_001899211

Joon records the docu and says I have the bucket list I want to do before I die. New PD says we are looking forward to it a lot. Nam is happy with this Yoon PD and says quality is different. camera angle and everything is perfect. Gook agrees it is different.  M disagrees and says nothing is different. Joon invites everyone to eat here so they order Chinese food.

함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_002066156

While they eat, Joon notes that Yoon likes to dip the sweet and sour pork into the sauce like Joon, but Nam likes to pour the sauce over it and always forgot Joon’s preference. Nam jokes around that he is this stupid and  doesnt have the right to be the president and offers it to Gook. M whispers to Gook that Nam feels bad about firing Eul and replacing her with Yoon PD so he is overdoing things. Joon asks if she was whispering cuz they could hear it too well. Joon tells everyone let’s do well. he high fives Yoon PD

Eul’s former boss appears at her house. Eul’s face is covered with sauce. he asks if she ate black bean noodles so she says how did you know. he points to the stray noodle on her shirt so she eats it.    he says I came as a favor to Ji tae but it just wont work – when you meet him – couldnt you please tell him that I tried very hard to give you a job but you rejected it? please.  she chases after him when he runs out and asks what the job is but he says it’s something she could never do. to be Suh YH’s movie VJ. Eul: why cant I do that? he asks didn’t you hear rumors about S? He is a stickler for neatness and  cleanliness and even controls what perfume his staff wears. his female staff shape is normally 34 -24 – 35 and look like celebrities. they are beautiful but they have to shower twice a day cuz S cant tolerate bad smell or filth. Eul still doesn’t get the message and wonders why she couldn’t do the job so he says you must not look in the mirror (meaning she isnt clean). he tells her to just rest up and will find a job that matches her. he walks off muttering she should wash her face

Eul calls and wants to take the job as Suh Yoon Hoo’s VJ. I dont want to run away from here and hang on. just cuz they said they would kill can a person die so easily.

choi gets stuff thrown at him by angry protestors. he goes over and cites the law to them but Ji tae shows up and finishes reciting the law so choi and Ji tae go up against each other. choi says that Ji tae doesn’t know those people and never been around them even once so why act like you know them and are on their side. it makes me uncomfortable. Ji retorts: even though you were on the same side, knowing everything and acting like you don’t – arent you uncomfortable?

Ji tae meets with choi in his office. Choi is understanding that Ji tae had something major ahead of him and was confused,  nervous, and burdened by responsibility whether this was the right thing for him cuz Choi did that too. Ji tae says I wont marry JE. choi asks is it cuz of Noh Eul? ji tae says I wont live for you and mom’s sake anymore.  if it’s to make you happy or smile, I wont do it. if you want to chase me out of the office or home just tell me and I’ll pack up and leave. he bows and leaves. choi is furious

JE is preparing food and gets angry again

choi’s mom shows up and witnesses that

they sit and the mom passes over an envelope. JE asks what this is. the mom says since they are a family now so she is going to entrust the investments of their company into a movie to JE. she was going to entrust it to Ji tae but she wants JE to do it. JE reminds her the engagement was canceled. but the mom says when did that happen? we never did that. on that day, you got engaged and your dress was very pretty. the bride was more beautiful.  no matter what anyone says you are my daughter in law. so I am going to share any work with our Group with you and tell you our family secrets too.

함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_002807122함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_002813287

the actor named Suh Yoon Hoo is complaining about his clothes. S mutters about getting the PD who was fired from Joon’s docu. her former boss explains how that PD’s work is the best but got fired cuz Joon kept coming on to her and seeing her as a woman. S says I heard Joon has high standards-is that PD that great. but her boss says Joon doesn’t have high standards at all. you’ll see later when you meet her. you heard that Joon’s style is close to perverted right? that PD works hard but don’t count on anything more than that. there is talk that she was once forbidden from entry on set. another rumor is someone mistook her for homeless and threw change at her. Eul shows up dressed all pretty and introduces herself. S seems pleased.

Joon’s mom is secretly packing up side dishes and warns the worker to keep look out for the uncle and clap his hands if he sees him so the uncle dismisses the guy and claps his hands. he asks what she is doing and she says nothing so he checks and asks if it’s for Joon. she denies it so he tells her not to go there cuz Joon yelled at her. whether he eats ramen or whatnot – stop caring. she yells at him for speaking like that just cuz Joon isn’t his son.  she yells at him to stop caring but he just tells her I will start the engine. you cant carry all this and take a cab. He carries out the boxes with him and tells her to come out.

when they get to Joon’s and drop off the side dishes. he offers to stay at the sauna while she visits with Joon and call when she is ready to go home but she says let’s go back. he tells her to stay and watch Joon eat but they argue back and forth cuz she wants to just leave.

choi pulls up to Joon’s house and sees her hitting the uncle when he tells her to go and see your son. choi says her name in the car and gets out and calls out her name. she turns and looks at him. choi says I’m right huh? (as in you are her)

Jik walks out of school and sees nari there. she is acting like his bodyguard so no one can hit him with a car like last time. she is going to work after she takes him home. haru comes over and asks who is this strange woman.  Jik asks what brings her here.  haru says to see you and shows her phone and asks why Jik ignored her texts. what’s so hard about replying?  Jik says we aren’t that close to chat but haru says I thought we got really close. didn’t we? Jik denies it. Haru asks nari who are you to hold my Jik’s hand so nari holds his hand and puts her arm around his shoulder and hits his butt and says I’m someone who is close and can do these things. so what’s it to you. Haru says I like him

S is filming a scene and Eul is having a hard time cuz her high heels are bothering her. the back of her foot is bleeding. the scene ends and everyone leaves

함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_003270857

she tries to walk but almost falls and Ji tae catches her. he puts a band aid on her and says why go so far as this? (as in dress up and wear uncomfortable shoes)  she takes the band aid to put it on herself but he takes it back and says didn’t we say we are dating. dont overdo it. even if it’s not S, there are a lot of jobs you can do.

JE meets with Suh YH. they seem to be friends. she thanks him for being in her movie. he mentions her engagement.

they walk out together. Suh wonders who is going to play the opposing role cuz it wont be easy to play a psychopath. she mentions someone name Kim SC and how he starts tomorrow so S says that’s good- though Kim’s acting is weaker than Joon’s, he is okay. that Joon is really rude.

함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_003361445

suddenly Joon comes over and says who is speaking ill of me over there. Suh asks why are you here. Joon says to film a movie. as your opposing role as the psychopath.  S:you said you wouldn’t and turned it down. Joon: I’m not someone who isn’t responsible like that. also even though I am rude I’m not as rude as you. S gets a call so Joon tells him to take it. He tells JE “bye -I’ll call”  and walks away from Joon and JE. Joon calls out reporters are outside. be careful.

함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_003405193

Joon is polite and says “it’s our first time meeting – excuse me” and is about to go but she reminds him this isnt their first time meeting. Joon says I was going to act like we dont know each other. she gives her name and he says I am Joon – as you know. They shake hands.

함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_003439291함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_003463777함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_003459608

suddenly Ji tae walks in piggybacking Eul. Joon and JE look over at them. Je pulls her hand away. There is a major glaring contest



Ji tae tells Joon – I will protect eul and you take care of yourself. You wont even be able to take responsibility.

JE tells Eul: how dare you someone like you

Gook asks if Joon is doing this cuz of JE so Joon says does it look like I’m kidding?

Eul tells Joon: i dont believe it

Joon pushes Eul on the bed and says what do you know? how do you know me

Ji tae warns -if anyone touches a hair on her I wont stand for it

Joon tells S – you have to get rid of trash like me – hurry and shoot me


함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_000091211 함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_000189938 함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_000233640 함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_000256835 함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_003436398함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_001961540 함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_003508662 함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_003510247함부로 애틋하게.E12.160811.720p-NEXT.mp4_000036527

I love how Joon Young finally accepted the fact that dreaming about living in picturesque houses with Eul won’t win her heart. Her heart’s desire has always been to find justice for her dad so handing that over to her will tell her how much he loves her more than mere words. I’ve always been a sucker for people who show their love through their actions more than words. Actions are concrete, but words can be fleeting. More than what Joon says, his actions will prove to Eul who really has the right to win her heart.


3 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond: E12

  1. MJShinshi says:

    thank you softy and hope you get a great weekend!!

    So Glad Eul is taking revenge on the parents not Joon! well she doesn’t know they’re step brothers via Choi. cannot wait to watch to see the glaring contest at the end! love that Joon is using his time to find the culprit so Eul can finally move on. I feel for Eul for when she finds out Joon does not have much time left and she spent it dating JT to take revenge on his parents.


  2. chokichoki says:

    Thanks Softy. Am really tired tonight. Got so much work to do. Will be back here once I’ve watched this episode. Thank you for the preview too. Here’s hoping it won’t be another misleading preview


  3. Nino says:

    Hi softy. Thanks for the recaps. I’ve been lurking on soompi and someone shared this nice post about UF. I thought it was written beautifully. https://embracingfiction.wordpress.com/2016/07/30/kr-uncontrollably-fond/


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