Uncontrollably Fond: E9

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What I love so much is that Joon Young loves Eul so wholeheartedly that he isn’t letting guilt take root to cause any restraints. Nothing is holding him back from loving Eul as much as he can for as long as he can, even his own father. As a kid, Joon Young was willing to let blood ties be a stronger factor for his actions, but now he can only see his love for Eul. He didn’t even hesitate in facing off with Choi because this time it was in defense of the woman he loves. Joon Young probably believes if he truly loves Eul so much with all his heart, she will find the will to forgive him once she learns about his past misdeeds. Maybe he is living in dreamland, but considering he is one step away from death, you can’t exactly fault him for wanting to believe in wishes.

Written before it aired:

I caved and let my curiosity get the best of me and now I’m intrigued by the other competing drama W. I caught up on the previous four episodes and I think rating wise, I know which one will be the winner from here on. I did a mental side by side comparison of the two shows and saw one glaring similarity. Living on borrowed time seems to be a running theme on both dramas tonight- here and over at W- Two Worlds. Time is of the essence and both characters are running out of it. Story wise, we all know what happens to characters when they are pushed for time. They take reckless chances and only consider the present time and not look towards the future. That’s why it’s understandable that Joon Young would want to store up any happy memories with Eul as he can, but I still wish she knew about his condition so she can help him cope with it. Before that can happen though, they will have to face a juggernaut of truth.


Starts from Eul walking alone and remembering how Joon told his mom that he liked Eul and how he was confused for 9 years but was certain he loved her for half a month. then she recalls how Joon confessed during his concert and how he told Ji tae that it didnt matter if cameras were on them. then how Joon yelled at her asking if she didn’t see him – of what he did for her. then how late at night when Joon asked her what he should do when she turned her back to him and wouldn’t even give him a glance and is clinging to the guy who abandoned her. how he took care of her burnt finger. then how he begged her to only listen to his words and how he told her he loved her and kissed her. she sits down and calls him.

she speaks in jeondae and asks if it’s Joon then switches to banmal and tells him “I decided to trust you just once. hello? are you listening? Joon: I didnt hear – what did you say? she starts to repeat herself that she would trust him just one time but he says don’t speak.  I will go to where you are right now so look me in the face and tell me directly.

he rushes out and drives to her

she turns and sees him coming towards her.

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his vision gets blurry and then clears. he smiles at her and hugs her and asks her to stay like that for a minute. his vision gets blurry again

Ji tae goes to that restaurant and the ajumma tells him that Eul waited for him and then left. he said he came here to see her and not Eul. he gives her 1 million won and tells her it’s for all of Eul’s meals. that he wasnt coming back here and wont see Eul again

Joon’s vision isn’t clear still

choi’s wife isnt sleeping as her husband sleeps sitting by her bedside

Joon’s mom lies awake in her son’s old room

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Joon is still hugging her so Eul says I think one minute passed. he says one more minute

JE is at an empty cooking classroom and Ji tae shows up. he goes over and kisses her passionately with no emotion

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Joon’s vision clears. she asks if he is going to do this all night. he says if I do will you like it too much. she pushes him away. he asks her to say what she was about to say on the phone a while ago. Eul: me saying I will trust you doesnt mean I really trust you. it’s cuz your my food line (source of income). If I don’t trust my food line once then I will lose out. he just nods and grins. she asks why he keeps smiling so he says cuz you are so pretty. she makes a funny face and he says it makes her look prettier. you are so pretty I could die. if I ask to kiss you will hit me huh? Eul:I will kill you.  she walks away muttering “pervert” so he calls out let’s meet tm and the day after and the day after that and the day after that. let’s meet a lot without end like crazy. she trips on her way which makes him smile

at a photo shoot site, the director complains of excess noise. reporters are impatient to interview Joon and Yuna so Gook goes over and asks them to be patient and wait and be quiet and he will make sure they get to interview both Joon and Yuna after the shoot.

a flying cam goes around the film site

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Eul was about to stand up to film and gets hit on the head by the flying cam. Joon sees her get hurt

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Joon and Yuna do an interview together and is asked to speak cuz this is the first time they came out together after it was revealed they were dating. Yuna speaks up and says sorry for making you come down all this way cuz of us. from here on, we will nurture our love prettily -thank you. Joon keeps his eyes on Eul. Joon is asked to speak so he tells the truth. he says although I’m a celebrity, before that, as a person, I think I have the right to my privacy. why should my love become gossip-the person I love – why should she get hate from people when she is  innocent (did nothing wrong) and get persecuted. whether I should continue to stay in a place like this – I’m baffled. I will only say up to here about my personal life. from here on I wont do any interviews anymore. if you want to see the celebrity Joon a little longer, please be cautious of your attention and interest. he walks out.

cameras and attention turn to Eul and she is asked how she feels about being accused of being a gold digger cuz of Joon. She tells him she has nothing to say. another interviewer points out the truth that Yuna is the one being used unilaterally by his agency and that Joon did all that to protect Eul and they are misrepresenting what’s going on to the public. Yuna tells her that she is going too far (by saying that) but the woman asks Eul if her assumption is incorrect.  Eul lies and says yes you are wrong. I have someone else I like -someone way cooler than Joon. the woman asks you expect us to believe that? Eul: I don’t know if Joon is the best star but he isn’t my style -and I am Sun Yunho’s ardent fan

Eul is in the van berating herself for bringing up sun Yunho when Joon comes in and says you are sun yunho’s fan? he is such a crazy guy and a player. she tells him to hurry and get out of the car – what if people see.  Joon; if I’m not your style then what is your style? she keeps telling him to get out of the car so he asks again – what is your style? I will change to match your style so talk. she says we will get caught like this. Joon: get caught for what? that truthfully I am too much your style? that truthfully you like me?  she calls Gook to tell him Joon is in her car but Joon takes the phone away. he says whatever happens to me from here on it’s your fault and leaves. she calls him childish. she notices the package of her favorite sausages

Jitae is asking for suggestions to buy a ring for his mom as a present for getting discharged from the hospital when he gets a call

choi’s wife is meeting with choi’s brother. he is complaining cuz he didn’t even dream he would be conned by someone he knew for 50 years.   she reminds him that not even a month has passed since she sent him money. he says if she talks like that he will feel sad. I didnt come for money today. I was curious to know how my hyun Joon, his wife, and my niece and nephew were living. seeing how HJ acted last time I was going to cut ties with him. his nephew hit someone while he was drunk and HJ could have said something to the police and ended it but he ignored it till the end so my son spent a month in jail. she tries to explain that an assemblyman cant get involved with the police in that way these days cuz what would happen if the public found out. choi’s brother gets snarky and says oh is that so – there isn’t anything you don’t know. I’m ignorant so I didn’t think of that. people have to have a discussion when they are the same level. Joon’s mom and I were the same level. choi’s wife asks why bring that person up again? he says it’s cuz he feels sorry to the person who had HJ’s baby. she was so sweet and kind.  I saw your situation and chased her away with my own hands and it weighs on my heart. she cuts him off and says I think you drank too much. he says I only drank half a soju bottle. she apologizes and says I forgot something and gives him money saying eat slowly and go back (home). he checks how much she gave and says does someone think someone is a beggar. my poor HJ. his child became a famous star and doesn’t know he is right in front of his eyes and to someone else’s son that he doesn’t share a drop of blood with…. she interrupts and yells.

choi’s wife makes a call to her secretary as she walks out to deposit 3 billion to choi’s brother by tm and not let choi find out. she sees Ji tae sitting there waiting. he cancels the deposit order she made and says into the phone if you send even a dime to my uncle I wont stand still for it.

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at home she tries to take her necklace off but Ji tae has to help her cuz of her shaky hands. his mom asks how much he knows so Ji tae says everything – up to everything you know. that Joon is his (choi’s) son. tell everything to dad. tell him how uncle tormented and extorted you all these years. tell him everything. she says no cuz your father will leave me. I liked him first. I liked your dad first. I made your father. I did everything. if he had continued to date that woman he wouldn’t have been able to get out of there.  Ji Tae: yes that’s likely so no matter what you say, he will understand it all. so reveal everything. but she cuts him off saying that choi would go to Joon’s mom. he is the woman he missed and couldn’t forget even in his dreams. if he knew she had his child, he will go to his son.  Ji Tae: I am dad’s son too mom. he cries and say I dont have a drop of his blood but I am Choi’s son too (meaning choi isnt his biological dad)

Ji tae calls his dad and asks if he ate. choi says of course – what’s up. aren’t you busy?  Ji Tae: I love you dad.  i found a new drinking place -want to go for a drink and not let mom know. choi agrees and says I wanted a drink. there is no one like my son. Ji tae: call when you get off work. choi: I love you son

Ji tae is overcome with emotion when he hears that cuz he wants to believe choi will love him like a son forever but knows choi’s heart will change once he learns that Joon is his biological child.

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Ji tae told his mom I will tell everything to dad. we are his family – how much longer do we have to live being extorted and deceiving.  father wont ever leave you but his mom says even your own father left.  he left you and me behind and didn’t even look back when he was leaving with the woman he liked. your father will leave me too. he will resent and hate you. Ji Tae: he wont.  she begs him for just 3 months. I will take care of everything so just 3 months. Ji tae: why 3 months? just tell him everything now. just tell him now and be comfortable but she cuts him off and says that Joon wont be around in 3 months. Ji tae asks what that means. she tells him that Joon is ill.

함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_001680662함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_001701156

Eul is filming Joon and asks did you think about your bucket list? Joon: yes. Eul: can you tell us one? Joon: to the person asking that right now, to hear her confess “you are my style”. Eul: I will edit out what you just said. I will ask again what one of your bucket list is. Joon: from the woman I see in front of me – to hear her confess I love you. she stops the camera and tells him to stop kidding around.  Joon: I wasnt kidding. she huffs from exasperation so he asks you didnt wash your hair huh? how can you show up to film the guy you like and not even wash your hair?  she says I did wash my hair so he gloats and says then it’s correct that you like me. you wanted to look good in front of me and washed your hair. she scowls and says to tell the truth I didnt wash it so it stinks like crazy. wanna smell? it’s no joke huh? oh that’s right – I also didn’t shower for a week. I was wondering why I was so itchy. I can even fart in front of you. gook comes over and says Joon is on stand by for the photoshoot. he invites her along but  eul explains she is going back to seoul cuz Joon keeps talking nonsense and his condition isn’t well  and there doesn’t seem much to film. Joon walks off. she sees the package of her favorite sausages that Joon left behind again

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their pic is being taken and director says the two suit each other really well.  Yuna says to Joon – we do look well together – should we just date. Joon doesnt reply. she asks what his relationship is with Noh PD. I knew your tastes were unique, but isn’t that woman not right for a stop star’s pride.  director asks them to pose like a loving couple.  Joon tells her to be quiet and just do the shoot.  she asks what’s there that I lack than that girl. why make a person feel this crappy.  Joon: didn’t you start this first? doing the interview and all – just take care of the things you want – I will just take care of Eul – thanks to you. yuna gets angry and calls a halt to the photoshoot for a minute.

as she walks away she trips on the cord and an accident occurs – the lighting falls on Joon’s head.

Eul is about to drive off when Gook runs over and says Joon got hurt a few mins ago.  she asks why. he explains that something on set fell over. she asks where Joon is now and Gook says in the hospital. there is a younger sibling of the manager in front of our van. I will have to  handle things here on set so can you go to our Joon first. so eul says yes

she gets in the van and sits there all worried. she asks the driver did Joon get hurt a lot. the driver says yes. she asks how much. he says I dont know exactly but it was a situation where his life was in danger. the driver is Joon in disguise.

the driver pulls over so she asks why stop. he says to buy coffee at that coffee shop so she yells – are you in your right mind or not?  Joon’s life is in danger right now and you are going to buy coffee on the way. he says it will only take five mins. she starts to cry and says hurry and drive right now cuz I have to hurry and say something to Joon. hurry and go! he says I only need five mins. I will be right back. she gets out of the car and goes to the driver side and tells him to get out of the car right now and she will drive herself to the hospital -just give me the address to the hospital.  he gets out and takes off his disguise and says why go so far as to cry? did you worry about me that much. what did you want to say to me. because I was about to die, did you finally want to sincerely confess?  she kicks him and calls him a bastard and walks off. he follows and says it wasn’t all a lie. I really hurt my head. it’s for real. why did you act like you didn’t – when you like me that much and worry that much – why act like you didn’t?

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she falls cuz she stepped on a pine cone so he comes over and blows on the scrape on her hand asking why she falls so often. he asks if she didn’t hurt her leg. she sees his cut on his cheek and asks what is this. he tells her how he scraped his face and got bruised and cant move his shoulder well. I wanted to have a date with you before I went to the hospital but it’s all ruined cuz of coffee. she leans over and kisses his cheek. she says yes you are my style. happy now/satisfied? i like you. happy now? crazy guy. you got hurt so much and talking about date and coffee. he cuts her off with a long kiss as the snow flurries fall around them. The kind of kiss you put every emotion to – the one that pushes the other person back a little with the force of your passion -the kiss you feel for minutes hours or days after

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haru is in the car on the phone asking her dad to let her go to the K festival with him. she sees Jik so she asks the driver to let her off for a second. she asks if he was a high school student. he says yes. she feels duped by a kid and makes a fist to pretend punch but Jik speaks banmal and says I never deceived you and you never asked if I was in high school. he asks if she has some money so she asks if he wants to rip her off. she tells him she is a noona (older than him) and tells him to behave accordingly. Jik had a kitten in his jacket and they feed it. he tells it to eat slowly. you will get indigestion. she asks if he starved it for days. he says I don’t know -it’s not my kitten. someone threw it away. Haru: really? poor thing. he has to go to school so he asks her to take care of the kitten until his school ends. she says she doesnt want to. why entrust a kitten someone else threw out. Jik: I heard people who were pretty were nice

Gook runs in and tells Joon’s mom that there is big trouble and asks the other guy for her coat. he takes her away to a shop and parks. she asks why are we here. you said Joon was hurt so we should go to the hospital. Gook tells her the doctor is coming here. hurry – it’s urgent. Joon is dying

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when she goes in Joon is there selecting clothes for her so she hits Gook. I knew you would do this – you scammer. she tries to leave so he explains it wasnt his idea – it was Joon. she tells him to move but Joon comes over and takes her hands and smiles. she tells him  -what are you doing. let go. Joon makes Gook hold her legs as Joon holds up clothes to see how it looks on her. (he wants her to attend the festival cuz she will be given an award for raising a hallyu star). he says he cant choose cuz there is nothing that doesnt look good on her cuz she is so pretty and orders the whole rack for her. his mom tells them not to wrap it up but he tells them to wrap up the clothes. she says I think you are mistaken cuz I was nice to you a few times.  he explains how family members will attend today and that choi will be there too. Joon brags about all his international fans crying over his dramas. isn’t that plenty for you to be proud of your son?

the uncle is dressed up in a tux. he is going to attend with joon’s mom. his daughter tells him to suck in his belly a bit so he does. his twin sister thinks Joon thinks of the uncle as his dad cuz Joon sent the tux so the uncle could attend with his mom.  the uncle stammers it’s cuz Joon didnt want the mom to attend alone and my visual is good. his daughter does a pretend interview with him like a reporter would. we know you stayed next to Joon and his mom for a long time – what can you say about his mom? he stammers out incomplete thoughts so his sister says that Joon’s mom did nothing to help Joon become a star except insult him and tell him you aren’t my child. uncle wonders why Joon’s mom isnt coming

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his mom sits huddled outside the restaurant as Joon stares at her from across the street in his car.

Eul is editing her footage of Joon at his home and wonders what he is saying into the camera and why she cant hear-there must be a problem with the audio

some guy asks why Eul isnt attending the festival. she says she was told not to go. he asks why she isn’t going when Joon’s mom will get an award. go. buy she says she was told many times not to go. but she gets yelled at and told to go

stars show up for the festival and get their photos taken.

Eul washes her hair in the sink and gets ready

함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_002859044

Joon pulls up in his van and gets out and gets his photo taken

eul gets a call from her brother as she walks over. Jik asks when she will be coming. she tells him she has a sudden filming and will be late getting home. why? is something going on? Jik:no just wondering if you’ll be late a lot. okay be sure to eat as you work.  nari cuts him off and gets on the phone and asks did you forget what today is?  Eul: what day is it today? it’s not Jik’s bday or your bday. Nari: it’s the anniversary of your dad’s passing. what kind of great work do you do for you to forget it’s your dad’s death’s anniversary. Jik asks for the phone back and tells her “dad would know you are busy and understand. don’t worry about it and just work. nari gets on the phone and tells her not to worry about it and they’ll take care of things here and for Eul to take some time and do part of the ceremony on her own.

함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_002942206

Eul stands there alone in tears

nari tells Jik he has to do the ceremony alone and he says I can do it all alone. so Nari calls him a great child to be proud of. Jik looks at his phone so she asks why. he says that he kept calling Ji tae but his phone has been disconnected. all these years Ji tae attended so they wonder if something happened to him

Ji tae is outside in a suit and doesnt go in. he leaves behind a bottle and goes

haru is in the car with her parents and the mom asks why choi brought Haru along. haru lies to her mom cuz she studied so much dad wanted her to get some air. eat yummy food and see celebrities and relieve stress. isn’t that so dad? choi agrees. he asks his wife to let it slide for today. the mom asks if celebrities will be in attendance. choi: yes – didn’t I tell you?  she asks which celebrities. Haru says you don’t even watch tv so would you know who they are if we told you? choi: it’s people I don’t know hardly too cuz I don’t watch tv much either.  his wife asks  if Joon will be there today. choi asks if she knows who Joon is. haru lies and says he cant attend cuz Joon is at a concert overseas. choi’s asks if his wife is a fan of Joon. she says no I was just wondering what he would look like in person so too bad.

when they arrive the mom sends haru home so haru says no since she wont get to see Joon’s face so she refuses to go. her kitten runs away so she goes after it. his wife asks if Joon will be here today so choi says yes. she yells why did you lie that he wouldn’t come? choi says cuzI was afraid you would yell at haru and send her back. you already guessed that Haru has fallen for Joon. like haru said -let’s just be grateful that haru is too busy following Joon around and cant get in trouble

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Eul has a small ceremony for her dad with just one bottle of soju and shrimp flavored chips. she says sorry to her dad.

함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_003239299함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_003248437

the kitten comes over and spills the bottle of soju and eats the chip so Eul tells it to go away and sort of hits it on the head saying how her dad didn’t get to eat yet. haru comes over and asks why hit someone’s kitten. she recognizes eul as the gold digger. Eul asks is it your kitten – do you see what it did? Haru looks down and says I will repay you. all I have to do is compensate – it’s not worth much. Haru pays $5 for her kitten’s damage but she insulted the offering Eul prepared by referring to it in a demeaning manner so Eul goes over and hits her on the head with her knuckles. Haru asks why hit me. Eul ask how old are you? where did you learn to be so rude? didn’t your parents teach you to apologize first when you do something wrong.

함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_003300056

choi shows up so haru tells him how Eul hit her. Eul looks over at him. choi asks did my daughter do something wrong to you.

Eul remembers back to when choi had asked her “did my car do something wrong to you”

함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_003359774

Choi asks Haru what’s going on and if she did something wrong (to Eul). Haru: what would I do wrong – I was passing by and she suddenly hit me. choi asks Eul: did you hit my child? Eul asks him dont you remember me. choi: do you know me?  haru tells him how eul is the gold digger and tried to do something to Joon. he asks if his daughter did this (make a mess). haru says the kitten did this. eul says today is my dad’s death’s anniversary. he gives her 50,000 won saying the kitten didnt know what it was doing so dont be mad and buy everything new with this. so haru says why give 50,000 won. it’s not even worth 3,000. choi tells haru to be quiet by calling out her name and gives Eul 100,000 and says take it.

함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_003483798

Joon says “apologize first” and comes over and faces off with choi and takes the money and throws it down and repeats “instead of this money -apologize first”. choi glares and Joon glares back.


Eul asks Joon – if I say let’s kiss you will hit me huh? Joon says “call” and kisses her

Gook tells Joon “you know who came here.” “you’ve come so far -come to your senses”

Joon is locked in so he yells for it to be opened

Ji tae asks his mom why she did that -like 3 years ago too

Eul attempts to run Choi over

JE asks her dad what happened to the man I hit with my car?

Joon carries a bloodied Eul to the hospital and yells is there a doctor?

함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_002227653 함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_002229716함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_001764656함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_001765601함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_001784721함부로 애틋하게.E09.160803.720p-NEXT.mp4_003494867

How many “rights” can make up for all the “wrongs”? Is it even possible to redeem yourself and be forgiven if you are guilty of so many “wrongs”? I don’t think Joon Young or Ji Tae can answer those questions easily or honestly because they will be answering with their hearts. Their love for Eul will tempt them to sugar coat their past actions, but Eul will only see the reality of the truth. Once she finally learns the secrets both guys hold, I’m hoping her love for Joon Young will cloud her judgment a bit and help her be more forgiving. When you give your heart to someone, shouldn’t it be so full that there isn’t room for hatred and resentment for past actions? Especially considering that Joon is living on borrowed time? By having these two fall in love, maybe fate was righting all their wrongs.

I’m not at all surprised by Eul’s change of heart and wanting to trust him just one time. I think she realized she has wanted to believe in Joon all this time but wouldn’t allow herself to be hurt by him. Her guards were up cuz life taught her at a young age that trust is a commodity one couldn’t count on. I bet she feels like following her heart and trusting Joon now is also allowing her to live for real and not just go through the motions of living like she had been. She gets to feel all his love for her through his words and actions and it’s something she never had in her life before. If she becomes convinced of his love, I just hope her heart will be too full to let him go.









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  1. chokichoki says:

    Hi Softy! I like and enjoy W too (LOL! It’s too hard to resist). But I do find one problem with it – I can’t seem to get emotionally connected with the characters. I guess I must’ve invested all my available emotions in UF.

    Happy recapping and thank you in advance!


    • chokichoki says:

      OMG Softy! So the dreaded scene from the preview’s gonna happen after all!

      It’s interesting that JT now knows that JY’s days are numbered. I wonder how that will affect him – will he continue pursuing Eul or will he wait til JY dies? I prefer the latter of course.


      • Softy says:

        I still cant believe Eul meant to run Choi over with her car – I want to believe she was driven by her remorse for forgetting her own dad’s memorial but still – running choi down is a bit harsh. It’s not like he ran down her dad – Eul knows it was a woman.

        I really hope Ji tae wont be anything like his mom and speak up and tell Eul so she has all the facts. He probably knows he doesn’t have a chance with Eul anymore.


  2. darcydevenus says:

    Huh?! I had the opposite reaction. I can’t really get into this one. I always check the dramas that Ms. Softy does, because she is meticulous. However, I couldn’t get into this one. I am all over ‘W’ Still, Ms. Softy, thanks for your recaps. I always love the insights you give.


    • chokichoki says:

      I know right! I find it weird too because I absolutely love the cast and the writer. I thought I’d get sucked in right away like everyone else. Like I said, I must’ve invested all my emotions in this one. As of now, I’m enjoying W for its creative storytelling and the comic relief.


    • Softy says:

      I skimmed over E5 of W and was speechless at that last scene – my God that show really knows how to leave their viewers on the edge of their seats. it just blew my mind.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nino says:

    Thanks Softy. I’m too invested in UF that I can’t even take a glance at another drama. Heh..what to do. Shin Junyoung owns my heart. It’s interesting how JT always discovered the secrets first. I’m curious what he’s gonna do now that he knows JY is dying. Aren’t JY and NE are so cute together?? Love their banters. The kiss…ahhh. :3 Please give us lots of our couple moments before the secrets unveiled.


  4. MJShinshi says:

    seriously UF has Joon dying from health problem while Eul will be dying from the many accidents!

    thanks softy I tried to live stream but did not happen and was not too sad about it since I can come here to find out what happened! thank you!


  5. Iviih says:

    Thank you softy!

    I liked this episode a lot.

    From the preview, seems like JE doesn’t know the guy she hit died? Still doesn’t make her a good person.

    I also watched W Softy, and I’m liking it alot, because it from Nine and Queen Hyun’s man writer!

    The story is fun and different, so I can watch UF and then laugh a bit with W.

    But sadly I’m not feeling much HHJ’s character, I think she overacts a bit and it ruins the kiss scenes W had so far! A lot of kiss scenes and she does the same face 😦 I like Kang Chul character a lot and wonder what will happen with him.

    As for UF, I was not feeling so much chemistry between the leads, but maybe it was because Eul was still liking ahjushi, now she is crushing Joon I’m feeling their chemistry and I enjoyed their kiss 🙂

    Btw, I think Eul will try to hit congressman, maybe because of the angry that he doesn’t remember who she is and who her father was, but I think in the last moment she’ll dogde, and hit the wall.


    • Softy says:

      From the behind the scenes interviews I’ve seen for W and HHJ’s old drama Brilliant legacy with Lee Seung Gi, she is just that kind of actress that doesn’t feel comfortable kissing passionately. She was in some korean movie – forget what it was called -where she played a blind woman and even in that movie with love scenes, she held back in her kisses. She just doesn’t know how to get carried away and just let go during those scenes. 🙂

      I still cant believe how many car accident scenes this drama has – there are still two more coming up too. 🙂


  6. allenif says:

    Thank you so much again, Softy. I was late so I didn’t make it in the real time. I used to camp here waiting for your recap. 🙂

    Wow, this episode just made my day. I’m glad that they’re becoming more closer. I hope Eul would be more comfortable with Jong Woon. Just what I thought, Ji Tae is not the biological son of Congressman Choi. I wonder if Congressman knows about it. So that means, Ji Tae and Jong Woon are not blood related. Woah! that woman is so evil. She robbed off the love and care of a father from JW and he’s waiting for him to die before telling the truth to her husband. Can’t believe it. She deserves to be hit by the white truck of doom.


    • Softy says:

      I keep going back and forth about how I feel about Ji Tae’s mom. I used to think she was pure evil for keeping all the secrets about Joon to herself (especially his health issue) and for driving Joon’s mom away all those years using Choi’s brother to do it, but now that I realized how insecure and weak she is when it comes to trusting her husband and his love for her, I just feel pity for her. She lost a husband to infidelity so she feels susceptible to it happening again cuz she knows how strong Choi’s love for Joon’s mom was. Also if Choi discovered he has a biological son – whatever tenuous grip she had on him would break because there is no way choi would stay with her if he learns the part she played in separating him and the love of his life and their son. JiTae’s mom sort of solidified her own doom the day she asked choi’s brother to run Joon’s mom out of town.
      So far in the story, it does seem like Haru is Choi’s biological daughter so for Ji Tae and Haru’s sake, I don’t think Choi can turn his back on his current family completely, but I do think he will want to reunite with Joon’s mom. Choi has always considered Ji Tae his only son for so many years that I don’t think their relationship can change that dramatically just because Choi learns he has a biological son of his own. It’s like in adoption, the parent comes to love the child as his or her own and that doesn’t change just because a biological child comes into the picture. Once the love is given for a child, pretty much nothing can erase it. I truly believe Choi will do the right thing and consider all 3 of his children as his and not differentiate among them.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. nonski says:

    thanks for the recaps Softy!


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