Uncontrollably Fond: E15


I trusted this writer, but now I have my doubts.  She has thrown some curve balls, but they were good twists in the story so I want to keep the faith, but I’m struggling after tonight. It’s not like this is a murder mystery, but I can’t help but question Joon Young’s motives and actions towards JE. Shouldn’t everything he says or does lead to a confession of her hit and run? Isn’t that the only way for her to get her punishment? So how does wooing her help him fulfill that objective? How does hurting the one person he is trying to protect and making himself and Eul both miserable helping anything? Is it really necessary to turn your back on everything that matters to you in order to bring closure to something Eul already made peace with? If you asked Eul to choose between capturing her dad’s killer or spending more time with Joon before he dies, I wonder if she would even deliberate for a second.


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Starts from Eul saying I am sorry but JE says sorry? sorry for what? she yells what are you sorry for and how much?  she yanks the tablecloth and yells how dare someone like you.  I cant even be jealous if I wanted to cuz you aren’t at the level that I can- how dare you.  Eul keeps saying sorry -sincerely- I didnt want to hurt you. I am really sorry. JE grabs her and says if you are that sorry then die. if you are that apologetic and sorry – go out and die right now so Ji tae cant go to you again. go out and die.

Eul presses the elevator to go down. her narration starts – Joon – last night I had a dream. I met you in that dream. at the inopportune moment when I was humiliated and wanted to die.

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the doors open and she sees Joon. her tears fall. he gets out of the elevator and then drops the flowers and present and gets back on with her. he sees the food stains on her coat and asks “did it eat your food? bad coat.”  they hold hands and he says how she must be hungry

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eul narrates: even though I knew it was a dream I would wake from -I felt fluttered – my heart raced – your hands were unbelievably warm.

Joon cooks pasta for her. he says you were hungry huh? taste it. the visual is terrible but it’s really yummy. it really is delicious. he tastes it but runs off to spit it out saying it’s too salty


he tells her not to eat it -you could die from eating it but she does and narrates its the first food you made me so how could I not eat it. though it was a dream and the taste was terrible.  she asks for kimchi and he says why wouldn’t I have it. he suddenly bends down and kisses her.

she narrates I knew it was all a dream, but you don’t know how sad and empty it felt huh?


they play jenga then she runs outside and he chases her. he holds her in his arms while they lay on the ground.

eul narrates “morning – dont come. please don’t come.  no one had better wake me from this dream or  I will follow for all my life and get revenge

in real life she gets on the elevator and Joon steps out and the doors close. she goes down the elevator alone. Joon stands there

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JE tells Ji tae that I will be sure to kill that girl. I will for sure kill her with my own hands. you think I cant? if I can get you back – I will do anything. Ji tae: was once not enough? (referring to her killing Eul’s dad). JE: what? Ji tae: your selfish way of playing with a person’s life. was once not enough? JE: what are you saying? Ji tae: saying you will kill someone -whether it’s a joke or threat -you shouldn’t say it offhandedly. he turns to leave but she holds onto him saying you cant go.  you cant go to that bitch. he tells her to let go but she begs it’s my bday today -stay with me. he yells for her to let go. JE: I wont let go

Joon comes over and says to her “let him go.” he takes her hand off Ji tae and says send this person away and play with me. tell him to go and have a bday party with me.

Ji tae walks out and looks back. he calls out to eul and takes the stairs down and calls Eul on the phone as he runs down

eul is walking down the street ignoring the call

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Joon explains the presents and JE thanks him for rescuing her. she asks why are you doing this to me when you have no thoughts of pursuing me so why make a person waver. also how did you know it was my bday? Joon: what if I make you waver -will you let me waver you? not this childish revenge of”you stole my man so I will steal your man.” and not those things high school girls do – deeply regret how much of a charming girl you lost.  just sincerely – do you have any thoughts of wavering over me? no – do you not have thoughts of making me waver? JE says but you like Eul. Joon: so that’s why – use your ability to make me waver. so that not even a speck of dust remains. so I can forget about Eul. so that only you fill my head. do you think you can do that?

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Joon gets in his car and sits there. he closes his eyes for a second but gets a call from Ji tae. Ji tae asks what is your intention. why are you coming onto JE?  Joon: to help you. to get rid of a woman easily that you want to get rid of -I’ll help you. you are grateful huh? you say you are totally grateful? well – we should help each other as we live. to go to heaven, before I die, shouldn’t I do good deeds. Ji tae: look here. Joon:  if you are that thankful buy me drinks later. he hangs up and leans his head on the steering wheel

Nari goes home and yells at Eul cuz the shopping bags full of clothes, shoes, and bagsEul left on the steps are all empty because people took them all so they cant return the stuff. what are you going to do? Eul: should I buy them all over again. Nari hits her and says how Eul still hasnt come to her senses and wasted ten thousand dollars in one morning. Eul: that’s why I said I would buy them again. I have a lot of money. Nari threatens to call Jik and tell on her and inform him that his sister accepted tainted ten billion won and would send him to college and to study abroad with it. Eul stops her from calling so Nari wants Eul to give the money back to choi’s wife -the evil monster.  the bell rings and nari goes to the door and says it’s Ji tae. Eul tells her to tell him to go cuz there is no reason to meet.  nari tells him through the door to get lost and that they don’t need to run into each other again . he leaves the shopping bag and walks away

M gets makeup from the restaurant worker. her dad comes over and asks what they are doing and they run away

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Gook overhears customers talking that this is Joon’s mom’s restaurant. they heard that Joon cant take a nap without a woman. that he replaces girls every three hours. what do girls see in him? Gook tells himself to stop paying attention cuz he isn’t Joon’s manager anymore. the men continue to badmouth Joon saying he got taller through surgery. my brother saw it at the hospital. Joon’s mom comes over and says did he? I gave birth to him and didn’t know that. so they say joon fixed his entire face with plastic surgery and stretched his height with surgery too?  she takes their bill and says I will pay for this surgery cost so go and get facial surgery done. she looks from one guy to another and says change your monkey face to Joon’s and get stretched from that short height to Joon’s. she insults them some more so Joon says how can you insult customers. he sits with the guys and tells them to sue her for insulting customers who came to eat. also can you introduce me to that plastic surgery clinic? if I get surgery on this face can I really look like Joon? if you guys lied I can sue right? the guys deny saying anything. Gook comes over and says how they called Joon a girl killer -that he cant take a nap without a girl and changes girls every 3 hours and the two of them laughed together. Joon’s mom says they said that? Joon says to Gook: you heard that and left them alone? how could someone who was Joon’s manager do that? Gook: no I was going to tell them off, but ajumma stepped in.  his mom yells at Joon for referring to the customers as bastards and makes him apologize to them even though she calls the men bastards. Joon says with sarcasm: there is no one like my mom to console me.  Joon tells Gook: from here on don’t show up before me. just keep living here

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Joon drives his mom home and she thanks him for the ride. he asks her to bleed his finger cuz he has been having indigestion for a few days so they go in and she does. she asks if he lost weight. he says yes cuz I thought i was getting fat these days so I’m on a diet. she scolds him and calls him crazy for dieting cuz he is skin and bones so he says if you love me just tell me you love me. dont get angry when you dont mean it. he grabs her face and says look directly in my eyes and say “son – were you well during all that time? what were you so busy with that you didn’t come to see me?  mom almost sulked.” try confessing like this so it’s sexy. she breaks free and calls him crazy and stabs his finger then hits him

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as Joon drives away, he recalls what she said. before he left his mom told him -if you like her – just like her and live. I heard from Gook that you’ve been mean to Eul. are you a child? you having indigestion is cuz of that.  choi doesnt have anything to do with us. we wont be meeting him again. cuz of that – dont not do stuff you want to do. drive carefully. he turns and thanks her. he thanks her for saying choi doesnt have anything to do with us.

Joon drives home and sees Eul sitting outside waiting. he goes in and parks and ignores her. he opens the door and she goes in

she says it’s warm in here and coughs. he turns to look at her

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he brings her a hot drink and she thanks him. he stands facing away. she asks if he is filming the docu well. he says yes. she says how good Yoon PD’s abilities are, though he isn’t as good as me. I came to say goodbye for the last time. he turns and looks at her. she says we knew each other a long time so shouldn’t we say farewell friend? I wanted to ask this last -before we part. why are we breaking up? you arent going to say one word? ok dont say anything. I will keep rambling on alone and then go. no matter how much I think it over I didnt do anything majorly wrong – I didn’t cheat-I didn’t gamble. I think the reason for the breakup is with you – either your heart/feelings for me got cold or you found another woman.  compensate/reimburse me for all that time when I was humiliated, hurt, wasted time wasted energy –  compensate for everything –  you have a lot of money. For me to keep away from Ji tae I was given ten billion won. just give me ten thousand won. I was thinking of borrowing it but then we would have to meet again when I repay it. so to make this the end and for us not to meet again – to make it so that I am so embarrassed that I wont go near you again. just give it to me here. Joon says ok – wait here a minute

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he goes in his room and sits on his bed

she waits and he comes back and gives her a blank check. he tells her “fill in the amount you want to write. whether it’s ten thousand, one billon, or ten billion. write what you want to take.”  she says what will you do if I ask for your entire fortune? he says I will give it all to you. should I give it to you?  she says it’s ok. I will just write ten thousand. don’t report me later.  he asks for her to leave if she is done cuz he is tired. Eul: I’ll be going. with this – we are done tallying  up so live well from here on. you jerk.

she walks out slowly while crying

he takes her mug and holds it

she turns and looks back with tears

he mumbles “the punishment for making it hard on you-I wont forget when I go to hell and will be sure to take it.”

Jik remembers Haru kissing his cheek and how he called her a pervert. he types his problem online: a noona I like suddenly kissed me.  I was so startled so I asked if she was a pervert. I’m 18 and it was my first kiss.” he gets a bunch of responses. how it was wrong for Jik to call her a pervert and that she did nothing wrong. he turns his phone off when haru calls.

haru is upset that Jik’s phone is turned off. she tries to be understanding and says how Jik might have been startled by the kiss but then wonders why he is avoiding her. she checks her breath and brushes again. the ajumma brought breakfast in her room cuz her mom has a visitor.

Eul came to meet choi’s wife. she returns the money saying I went to your office but they told me you weren’t feeling well and was at home. choi’s wife asks what this is. Eul: the ten billion you gave me not too long ago. the wife asks  if she is kidding. Eul says I dont kid – how could I dare to kid with you. even if you dont give me ten billion I wont meet Ji tae. I wont even dream of uncovering the truth or getting revenge. even if I die early from resentment, I wont say anything until I die. the wife says you expect me to believe that. Eul tells her whether you believe it or not that’s up to you. if there is a higher being (God) in the world, at least once -for someone like me who feels wronged, powerless, and with no backing, they will take my side and punish the bad people.  but I think you wont have to worry about that too cuz I think that higher being died a long time ago.

she walks out and Ji tae pulls up. she says I was going to call you. I returned the ten billion I got and am going home now. he says you did well. thank you. she says I wont meet you again. I dont need to use you cuz I wont get revenge anymore. she walks away from him

choi’s wife hears what Ji tae did – he called for a board meeting to depose his mom. she thinks the secretary heard wrong. Ji tae walks in and ignores his mom.

his mom goes in while he is changing. he says it’s not like her to come in without knocking. she speaks sweetly to him saying he is the one who came in without knocking first. they keep using the knocking reference to point out what each other should have done. he lists all the bad choices she made in the company and how she is still standing. she asks if he intends to put his mom on the stand in front of the board. what will people think?  he says people will insult him, think he is too ambitious,  and think he is trying to steal his parent’s place but there will be people who applaud that the company isnt so rotten. she asks if that girl is more impressive than her. he says it’s not cuz of that girl being impressive but because you and dad are wrong

choi asks if ji tae found the confidence to yell out in front of the people (about his parent). Ji tae says no I still don’t have the confidence to yell my parents are that scary and horrible. he explains there is nothing he can do about the past, but that he is trying to stop them from becoming more of a monster that trusts in the money and power they have to use people and step on them recklessly. choi tells him it’s a great thought and to give it a try and see how much he can stop. I hope you win this fight and cheer you on

choi walks out and has a headache and asks for medicine that’s in the car so the guy runs to get it. choi hears about Joon’s family history. he learns that Joon doesnt have a dad so Joon is registered under his mom’s name. that she never married. that she had Joon out of wedlock.

the uncle tries the new dish that joon’s mom made. he pulls out her white hair while she talks. he thinks it’s cuz of stress cuz Joon upset her so much. she asks if he is interested in her and likes her. why cant you answer? do you really like me? he denies it but Nam shows up and says I dont think so – I think the uncle likes you mother. I guessed from before.  you didnt know mother? you arent bright. the uncle denies liking her. she gets defensive and says he is speaking too hurtfully. what’s wrong with me?  there is a line of guys outside who likes me. the only one who doesnt think of me as a woman  is you. she asks why Nam came. did something happen to Joon? Name says I didn’t come cuz of Joon.  I came to find Gook.

she walks out and Nam comments that he thought she was sharp but she really isn’t. he wonders how she has no sense of the uncle liking her. M and the worker think the uncle likes Joon’s mom too so the uncle denies it so Nam says it’s ok if I introduce her to my friend then

choi watches from his car as the uncle and Joon’s mom joke about pulling her white hair. she tells him to keep pulling and make her bald

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JE shows up at Joon’s home and says she got really expensive wine as presents and wants to share. he says that’s great but he has to step out for 30 mins so she says she will wait looking around the house

Eul looks at Joon’s docu poster. her boss gives her the footage she took of Joon and wants her to organize it. she doesnt want to cuz she was fired from the project but he wants her to do her job properly -the tapes are mislabeled and the audio is a mess. she doesn’t want to until he waves money then she changes her mind

JE looks around Joon’s home.

Joon just sits in his car

Eul starts watching footage of Joon and has to cover her eyes or close them to avoid seeing him. she reminds herself – I am a professional

she gets to the part where Joon asked her to date him passionately for 3 months. say that I will die 3 months later

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Ji tae sits in the empty board room. the secretary says there is no point in waiting cuz no one will show up. the mom must have taken measures so no one would show up. did you think she would just let that happen to her?  Ji tae says no I wanted to confirm how much power my mom had

it’s nighttime. Joon gets a call from JE but ignores it.

JE walks out in a huff but stops.

Eul watches Joon asking about that guy and if he is her boyfriend and how she denied that Ji tae was her boyfriend.

then if he thought of his bucket list and if he could tell them one from it but Joon replying  -the person asking that to hear her confess you are my style.  Eul saying to edit out what was just said. she tries the question again but he replies -the girl in front of my eyes – listening to her confess I love you.

some tapes are given to her cuz there is no audio. the guy blames her for not checking the audio. she watches Joon staring into the camera and talking. she yells that Joon deliberately didn’t make any sound. (nothing is wrong with audio – Joon was just mouthing his words) who are you teasing?  you insulted me huh?

JE drinks alone and gets drunk. it’s 8:16 so she throws her phone into the ice bowl.

Joon shows up. she says you told me to wait just 30 mins. he says sorry -there was some work. I thought you just went back. she throws her glass and the shard cuts his cheek. she says how dare you make me wait.you don’t even know your place -how dare you.  he calls Gook saying he has a guest who drank a lot and got drunk and cant call a substitute driver so could you drive her. come directly to home. he tells her my manager will be here in 20 mins – wait just a little bit.  he walks off. JE yells after him

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Eul reads Joon’s lips as he says I dont have time. she wonders what that means. he says the time I have left to be by your side -there isnt much.

Joon goes to his room and looks at the camera. JE yells for him to come out right now and apologize. he goes out and says sorry. I didn’t know my place and committed a sin that deserves death.  she gets a call from choi’s wife but she doesnt want to take it but Joon makes her. choi’s wife asks where are you? hello? hello? Joon hangs up.

his mom says if Ji tae came to reconcile – to wait and let’s eat with JE but Ji tae says I didn’t come for that. his mom calls JE back.


Joon says if you were going to come to me you should have settled things cleanly before you came. (meaning break things off with Ji tae for good). Joon says I wasnt born with a silver spoon in my mouth like you but I am Shin Joon Young. he hands her phone back saying go to your mother in law and the two of you could work hard to hold onto Ji tae. he walks away and she answers the call and says yes mother. I came somewhere. I will give up on Jitae.  mother – you should give up too. no matter what we do, Ji tae isn’t someone who will come back. Joon suddenly kisses her.

함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_003509663

Eul cries and says you wait right there Joon.



Eul: crazy guy – insane bastard

Nam yells at Eul: you got fired so how could you be here?

Eul asks Joon’s mom – why is Joon so terribly rude

Ji tae asks choi: how much do you know of Joon and your relationship?

choi asks Ji tae: how much do you know

Joon says to Eul: didn’t we say we were ended?

JE tells Ji tae: I am falling for Joon

choi’s wife says if you cant-  should I settle it?

Eul: please tell me – where and how much is Joon ill?

JE gives back the ring and tells Ji tae – let’s end it

choi asks JE: who are you meeting/dating anew?

not sure of the voice: all you had to do was not meet and forget

Eul threatens Joon: if you keep not listening – I will tell everyone

Ji tae tells Joon: I will get revenge – whether it’s yours or Eul’s

Eul: I like you – I love you

함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_000288542 함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_000290890 함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_000295207 함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_000390755 함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_000404820 함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_000410528함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_001153822 함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_001260675 함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_001420773 함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_001470188 함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_002752666 함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_003538726 함부로 애틋하게.E15.160824.720p-NEXT.mp4_000831533

I need to get this off my chest cuz E14 and now what happened tonight is really bugging me. I get that Eul originally accepted that money from Choi’s wife cuz she knew she couldn’t fight them and win. I also know she took it for her brother’s future and that her dad would have wanted her to take it, but what I have trouble stomaching is her feckless attitude towards that money. She isn’t taking the money seriously when she should cuz she sold her dad for it. She wasted almost nine thousand dollars of it on a stupid and useless shopping spree and then lost the items so that she can’t return it and then she cavalierly suggests buying them again to replace it. Then she has the audacity to ask Joon to give her that exact amount that she wasted as part of his compensation. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Does she get how wrong that is? Why should he compensate for her stupid shopping spree? She chose to love him and spend all her time and energy on him and so did he. It’s called a budding relationship, not a business transaction. She was the idiot that spent that money frivolously so why use him to make up the difference.  She is taking advantage of his love cuz she knows Joon would give her everything he owns.  Part of me knows she was testing him and said all that for him to react and not want to break up, but that other side of her needed his money to replace what she spent so she could return the money to Choi’s wife. I feel like poor Joon is the victim here. He is wasting his last days trying to make up for what he did wrong in the past, but it makes me wonder if Eul even deserves it anymore. Apologies for the rant.

I just wanted to add that I think Joon offered her more money tonight and in the past too because he feels like he owes her cuz her fainting spells and poor health is due to him. If he didn’t steal that USB and put her in the hospital, she wouldn’t have so many health issues. Her three surgeries weakened her and Joon does owe her for causing all that. If everything was out in the open and he confessed his part in her accident, she would have every right to demand any amount of money she wants, but in this particular situation, she was taking advantage of their break up to ask him for the amount that would make up her loss after the spending spree. It’s one thing to demand money for something that you are entitled to (her hospital bills and pain and suffering), but it’s a whole other story when you come up with a superficial reason to make up for your own mistakes.



8 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond: E15

  1. chokichoki says:

    Whoa there. This whole episode just makes things even more confusing. Once again, I’m gonna wait til tomorrow before I watch this episode. At this point I really want answers to what JY plans to do with JE. It’s good to keep things suspenseful but keeping the viewers in the dark like this is just not cutting it. I feel like we’re in a cave, pitch black! I’m losing my patience and really hoping that there will be concrete answers tomorrow. Just like JY, the drama is running out of time too! Please do this right, show!


  2. allenif says:

    I knew it! That happy moment Is another dream. The writer is a dreamer so I guess there’s more to come. He better make Joon’s illness a dream too.

    And yes, what is Joon thinking? Are we going to see more Joon and JE scenes for the remaining episodes?

    Thanks Softy for another recap.


  3. Yujien says:

    Hi softy I am a fan i usually read your recap first, this is my very first post in your blog. I stop watching kdrama religiously until UF happens, the last kdrama that i watch every week and wait for your recap was the “that winter the wind blows”

    Back to UF i agree with you, if JY just ask NE he will defenitely get an answer that we all like…


  4. allenif says:

    I’m back Softy! I decided not to watch beginning this episode till something good happen. I usually read first your recap first then watch it. But now, it’s becoming unbearable to watch, I’m losing my patience so I might as well just read your recap.


  5. Marie67 says:

    Dang I’m getting frustrated every minute I’m watching this drama. I love it so much, but the writer is spoiling everything by making JY wooing JE. I want to see more JY and NE!

    @Softy do you watch Moonlight drawn by clouds? It’s soooo good! It reminds me of Sungkyungkwan Scandal, but sooo much better! I’m curious whether you like it or not.


  6. Iviih says:

    I don’t think Eul is using Joon’s love to get money easily. She doesn’t know he is dying, she thought he was playing around with her and so she used the money to test him about his true feelings or if he was a real jerk.

    He gave her money, making his image of a real jerk to Eul, so she decided to accept the money anyway, making this the end for them, because it hurt Eul’s pride to ask and to Joon give her that money. Maybe Eul believed that by accepting it and giving it to JT mother, she would really be ending things with joon, jt’s mother and JT.

    That money meant Joon had no feelings for her, and she accepted it. He even told her to chose how much she wanted…

    I think now, after she knows he is sick, she will feel bad about the money and want to pay back.

    I mean, those two jerks are playing around with me and my life, and they keep giving money around, like it is so easy – nothing worth – might as well accept it. Eul, back some episodes, asked 10,000 to Joon.

    About the bags and etc she lost, well, she was so drunk that day, and Joon took her and left the bags behind, then her friend found eul at her door, and didn’t bother about the bags!

    Joon also, what he is doing. Could as well make things clean instead of hurting Eul more and more. I wish their happy moments won’t be just dreams :(((

    thanks for recapping.


  7. MJShinshi says:

    thank you softy!!! no need to apologize for the rant since I think everyone still watching and following UF is ranting along with you right now for one reason or another!! yup frustration up the wazoo after ep15! what happened, Show? is everyone getting brain tumor messing with their clear thinking, logic etc??!! may be writer/pd trying to make Joon kiss all the girls in the show so next may be Nari! arghh I hope Eul will find out for sure next ep that Joon is sick. I am tired of all the dreams can you two find your way back to each other already, is that too much to ask?? Also, Show, must you pair up Jik with Hari? are there no other fish in the sea but Choi’s kids! arghhh! what is with all the money handling back and forth…anyway hoping for better turn of events tomorrow..


  8. MJShinshi says:

    don’t those videos look like they’re from Joon’s security cams? it almost seemed like Eul was watching them kiss in those scenes back and forth between Eul editing and Joon in his home. I’m curious as to why Joon was checking security camera before going out to JE…tomorrow we may have the answer so see ya’ll then!


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