Uncontrollably Fond: E11


I feel like this screencap is poetic cuz it speaks volumes about Joon Young’s emotions in this moment when he was face to face with his dad once more. He is leaving behind any childish illusions of reuniting with his dad and being welcomed for the sake of his love for one woman.

As Eul sat in jail hopelessly counting down the kilometers it would take for Joon to drive over to her, Joon was sacrificing so much for Eul and she doesn’t even know it. He had to give up his dream of standing before Choi and revealing that he is his son. Instead he stood before Choi and tried to make up for what Joon should have done five years ago. Back then Joon made the wrong choice, but he made it as a naive young man hoping to reunite with his dad. Now he is choosing Eul over his father cuz Joon no longer views Choi through rose colored glasses. He sees Choi for the corrupt man that he is and not the man Joon hoped he could look up to as a kid. Just watching Joon tell his mom the truth so that her delusions of Choi could be shattered broke my heart. He knew how much his mom looked up to Choi and that she was looking forward to bragging to Choi how well she raised Joon on her own. Joon was fully aware that the truth about Choi’s real character could break her, but it didn’t stop him. It speaks a lot about Joon’s character and how much he loves Eul that he could turn his back on both his parents like that and just focus on Eul.

I wondered what Ji tae would do with the truth that he knows, but I never guessed he would use it as a weapon to pry Joon away from Eul. Ji Tae is walking towards the death of his soul by agreeing to marry JE, but he doesn’t want to go to hell alone. He wants company so he is bringing along his half brother by marriage. Some people might think it’s honorable for Ji tae to remind Joon of the wrong he did to Eul five years ago, but I don’t see honor in Ji Tae. He knows Joon is dying, but Ji Tae still doesn’t want Joon to be happy with Eul even for a short time. Ji Tae is using all the facts and truth he knows to keep Joon and Eul apart. That’s not honorable – that’s being selfish. He can’t be happy with Eul so he doesn’t want Joon to be either. If he really wanted happiness for Eul, he should just let her make her own choices.  Ji Tae’s defense is that he is protecting Eul, but at what cost? How does breaking all three people’s hearts serve as a solution?

Starts from his dad dragging Gook by the ears and says let’s go to your mom and tell her to throw up the seaweed soup we ate for having a son like you. (meaning he regrets having Gook as his son). Gook replies – talk sense. how can you throw up seaweed soup consumed 30 yrs ago. his dad hits him for leaving Joon alone and locked up while he was ill cuz Gook owes Joon. so Gook explains he was doing his job and preventing Joon from leaving cuz he would go to be with Eul in jail. that Eul has been arrested for attempted murder of choi with her car.

Joon’s mom touches her son’s cheek and mutters what those guys were doing locking up such a sick kid. she tells him to get up so that they can go to the hospital but he says I have to go to Eul -help me -I have to go now – help me

his dad asks Gook to repeat what he said. so Gook explains that joon cant be seen with a woman who attempted murder of Choi cuz then it would taint Joon. that’s why Joon was locked up. his dad asks if the assemblyman’s name is choi for sure

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_000350675

Joon asks for help but she doesn’t want him to move in his condition and tells him to stay put and gets up to buy medicine but Joon says if you had stayed by his side, Choi wouldn’t have degraded/ disgraced himself- if you hadn’t run away and stayed by his side he wouldnt have deteriorated so disgracefully. it’s all your fault! it’s all your wrongdoing! it’s cuz of you!

the uncle comes in and yells at Joon for saying those terrible things to the mom. have you gone crazy? do you know how your mom raised you? she tells the uncle to go outside. the uncle says how he would have beaten Joon if he had been his son. she tells him to get out so the uncle warns Joon not to make his mom cry anymore. his mom says I will go buy medicine and come back but Joon says I will go even if I have to crawl – if you don’t help – I will crawl to get to Eul

his mom walks out – still in shock over everything he said. she sits on the stairs numb from shock

Joon gets up and grabs a chair to break something

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_000529409함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_000532935

Eul is sitting in jail crying when Joon calls her name. he is allowed inside so she cries and says why are you coming now – I waited so much. he says sorry and wipes her tears and gives her his scarf.she says I didnt do that to try to kill him. it’s for real – I wasnt trying to kill choi. I forgot it all and just tried to live earnestly. for real. he smiles at her and says I know. Eul: I am so scared. Joon: why be scared when I am here. let’s go. Eul: where. Joon: we said we would go on a trip. let’s go and come back after ten years. let’s go. she asks “right now?” Joon: yes right now

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_000593160

they are in the car holding hands and she leans on his shoulder as he drives

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_000655160함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_000660183

she is wearing his coat and scarf as they walk on the beach. there is a whole set up with tent, candles, chairs, snacks, and tea. he says let’s live here for a hunred years and go. hiding so well so no one knows let’s just live a hundred years and go. she nods yes and leans on his chest

Eul smiles in her jail cell in her sleep cuz she dreamt it all

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_000748107

Joon is standing by the window looking out. Gook comes in and checks and sees that the food is cold and offers to warm it up and bring it back

Gook reports to his dad how Joon still hadnt eaten yesterday and today -he didn’t drink water either so Gook worries he will die if he keeps that up. his dad offers to bring food over

the uncle goes in and sees Joon’s mom going through the motions of preparing bean sprouts

Ji tae watches from his car as Jik sits outside the station. he overhears everything.  nari comes over and asks why he is here and reminds him how it’s his test day today but he came out during the test. she wishes Hyun was there cuz he would know a lawyer-where did he disappear to. Jik says we don’t need Hyun or Joon – we can take care of our own business. what do I do if my sister cries? I never saw her cry once after I grew up. I think I will go crazy if I see her cry. what do I do?

Jik and Nari is allowed to meet with Eul so she can eat. Eul puts up a front and jokes around and laughs about some woman who came in this morning for stealing money and how she resembled someone so nari says is this a time for you to laugh. Eul keeps joking around and making a scene so Jik tries to get her to calm down. nari joins her and jik looks between them like they are crazy. Eul tells him she will get out soon so dont worry. he asks if she didnt really mean to kill that assemblyman so she says I didnt. Jik says I knew it. nari says I heard that Joon was there too so why didnt he come once and say you weren’t trying to kill that person and that he is a witness. Jik says don’t even bring that bastard’s name up. nari tells her that Jik went to Joon’s house for him to help you but he didn’t even open the door. Jik tells her – dont believe (trust) him. I will do everything. I will reveal everything you feel is indignant. she tells him to just go to school and study and lies that Joon contacted her just now and will come get her soon. he might have already left

she is escorted back to her cell and she covers her neck with his scarf. she narrates about Joon going to his parking garage, starting the engine, and going on his way. 59 km left – 58 km…

Joon still hasnt touched his food. Gook reminds him how this is the food from his mom he had always wanted to eat so eat a spoonful. if you are thinking of threatening by not eating – forget it. even if you starved, your mom told me not to let you outside.

his mom cuts her finger while chopping and the uncle has to put the band aid on for her

she remembers what Joon said – if you had stayed by his side, Choi wouldn’t have degraded/ disgraced himself- if you hadn’t run away and stayed by his side he wouldnt have deteriorated so disgracefully. she runs out

Ji tae asks his dad to release Eul so choi asks if he likes that girl. he asks since when. Ji tae says ever since you and mom buried the truth and the moment you ruined that girl’s life. choi tells him how Ji tae was always compassionate even as a kid. if he saw someone crying while passing by, he would stop and ask why are you crying? how can I help. but to base everything on that sole compassion, isn’t there too much to lose? Ji tae: I’m not afraid. choi: then go out now and yell – while choi was a prosecutor, he got a request that he couldn’t turn down. he covered up a hit and run accident and destroyed one girl’s life and those two people got everything they wanted and prospered-those two people are my parents. go out and yell that to people. why? cant you do it?  if you dont have the courage to yell then keep your mouth shut and be cowardly like I did in the past

Joon’s mom goes to his home so Gook tells her I’m so upset I was going to call you -Joon might die if he keeps that up – he wont drink water or sleep a wink. he wont even eat your soup.

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_001640525

she goes to his room and asks what about that person? what did that person do? he is such a great person that no one can compare to so  where did you hear such nonsense? who was it? who said such terrible things about him. give me a name so I can beat them up. Joon says I saw it. I watched it with my own eyes. how selfish and cruel choi is. why do you love someone who is only capable of that? she says you saw wrong.  that person -even if he didnt have money and couldn’t eat what he wanted – he gives everything he has if he sees a poor person. people looked down on me for being uneducated and not having anything so he said he was poor and uneducated and hid till the end his great law school and thought only of me and was considerate of me. joon calmly tells her that Eul’s dad passed away due to a hit and run accident.  how choi covered up the accident by putting forth a false culprit. I thought she was okay cuz a lot of time had passed, thought she buried it and forgot it all but Eul remembered it all. I thought she was over it, but she still lived in hell. the perpetrator behind the accident coverup forgot the daughter of what he did and lived daily in heaven -that’s not right mom. the world cant run that way mom. she thinks Gook’s dad was right- Joon has gone crazy over a gold digger girl and isn’t in his right mind. she stands up for choi again saying among the men she knows in the world he is the most impressive, honorable, and best person. someone like you couldn’t even follow in his steps – he is that impressive. you crazy guy – you don’t know anything.  before she leaves, she reminds him that choi is his dad. Joon yells – I almost killed Eul. you’re saying that filthy human being is my father?  to cover up his crimes, I almost killed Eul. his mom is finally speechless.

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_001649795

on her way home, she cries and remembers asking Joon is that why you quit school? is that why you said you didnt have the right to be a prosecutor? Joon says yes. after I did such a thing, how could I pass judgment on other’s crimes?

Eul is talking aloud making up excuses for why it’s taking Joon so long to get to her – got caught by his fans on his way and was delayed for two and a half hours, signal light was broken so waited hour and fifty mins, ran out of gas and had to put in gas, change his engine oil, washed his car while doing that, 43 kilometers are left. 42 km…

Gook tells the mom his hearing is good so he heard what she said with joon from outside. after he takes the mom home he is going to let Joon go cuz he could die for real keeping this up with that temperament

Gook let’s Joon go but says if you go there now – they said you cant visit her

Joon gets in his car

choi’s wife stares in shock at the intercom monitor cuz Joon is asking if choi is there. is he not there? Haru comes over and recognizes Joon. her mom lies and says choi isnt here now and turns off the monitor.haru says dad came home a while ago. choi comes over and asks if anyone came outside. she lies and says no but haru says Joon came.  her mom grabs her arm to silence haru. his wife says someone came to the wrong house and tells haru to go and study. choi asks if Joon is the one haru likes and wonders why Joon would come to his house

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_001882262

the gate opens and Joon goes in and faces the family. choi’s wife says sorry and says how she couldnt let just anyone in to meet him who comes looking for choi. Joon apologizes for coming to meet him suddenly without any warning. choi asks if Joon ate. Joon: yes. choi tells his wife to go to her room and haru to go and study. I’m going to speak to our visitor so don’t hang around the office. he invites Joon to come this way and leads on. the uncle’s twin saw Joon show up. after the two leave Haru asks I am not seeing things right?Joon really came to our home right?  her mom says hold onto me and leans on her

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_001934288

choi says you don’t look well – were you ill? Joon: yes I was ill. choi asks what is the reason for you coming to see me in your condition. is it cuz of Noh PD. Joon: yes. choi: I thought so. but attempted murder is not simple so it wont be settled cuz I cancel my charges. you knew as much didn’t you? Joon: at first it was going to be treated as a simple driver’s incident but after a week it changed to attempted murder. why did you change your mind? choi: cuz it’s the certain truth that the girl was trying to kill me. Joon: why would Eul try to kill you?  choi: that’s what I am curious about. can you ask her why she tried to kill me. Joon says if she really thought of killing you – she had many chances 5 years ago -if she really wanted to kill you she wouldn’t have turned the wheel. of course if I was Eul – I wouldn’t have turned the wheel.

choi’s wife listens outside

Joon’s mom is choking down her food so the uncle calls in that he will be taking a patient in soon (for indigestion) so wait and don’t close the doors

choi says you are a busy star and made time to come here but I regret I cant help. Joon stands up but choi thanks Joon again for rescuing him and getting hurt in the process. Joon says I’m regretting it. choi says my daughter is your fan. let’s have a meal. joon puts down the USB and says I hope we never have a reason to meet again. i hope today is the last time we meet. he bows and leaves

Joon walks out and sees choi’s family portrait and just stares for awhile then leaves

choi puts in the USB and watches footage of him walking out of a room salon escorted by madam song

as Joon walks out Ji tae comes in. they face each other and ji tae asks what brings you here. Joon says to threaten choi. ji tae asks did you succeed in the threat? Joon replies vaguely

choi calls to release Eul but his wife comes in and yells that he cant release eul cuz she will try to kill him again. she says you are choi HJ and you cant give in to someline like Joon’s threat. please Ji tae’s father.

(in korea people refer to parents as so and so’s father (whoever their firstborn child is that’s the name attached. Ji tae is older than Haru so his wife called him Ji tae’s father. she would be addressed as Ji tae’s mom)

Ji tae goes to his room and looks angry

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_002409227함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_002364946

Joon came to the police station and is parked outside ready to go in when Ji tae calls Joon and reminds Joon: if Eul had been able to take the USB to the station five years ago, if you didn’t steal that USB from her, if the perpetrator had been punished and paid for his crimes, we would all be living in a different world.  so you don’t have any right either. to look at her and smile, be by her side and be happy, you don’t have any right to do that either.  cuz like me, you cant help that you are choi’s son. Joon drops the phone in shock at the truth of Ji tae’s words.

{I had to replay that line a million times cuz originally I thought Ji tae said “Eul” cuz it sounds the same as the Korean word for “we or all of us” but now I’m certain he said “we”}

Eul is released and nari runs over and hugs her saying you suffered a lot and makes her eat tofu. from here on dont go anywhere near choi. eul looks over at the cars so nari asks are you waiting for someone. are you waiting for Joon. he wont come – if he was going to he would have come sooner

Joon is at home in a daze -he drank alot of beers and played games

nari wonders why Jik isnt showing up and calls him.

Jik almost gets hit by a car. the driver comes out and says sorry. are you ok? Jik says yes and tries to stand but he hurt his ankle so she says shouldn’t you go to the hospital. his phone keeps ringing.

nari hangs up wondering why he isnt picking up. she tells eul that Joon wont show up so don’t wait – you still don’t get it? he is avoiding you. but eul wants to wait ten mins. nari says let’s go home and call Jik to hurry and go there.

Jik pulls up and gets out with the help of the driver and Eul and nari go over asking if he got hurt cuz he is limping. he says it’s just sprained a little. the driver apologizes to Eul and explains that she was distracted with her thoughts and didn’t see the student. Jik tells his sister he is really ok and asks if she is ok.  choi’s wife comes out and says sorry and that the student insisted he had to come here instead of going to the hospital to get a thorough checkup. My secretary Kim doesnt make this kind of mistake. something terrible almost happened if she had stepped on the brake even a second later – I don’t want to even think about it. Eul sees right through her act of remorse

Ji tae is at a shooting range. his secretary comes over and tells him Eul this morning was released and that which place he got for the engagement venue

Gook and Nam (the president agency) come in and Gook points out how Joon only drank beer and played games.  Nam apologizes to Joon and says he did his best for him. Gook tells  Eul was released this morning. arent you going? Nam says why would Joon go there. Joon sits and remembers what ji tae said “if Eul had been able to take the USB to the station five years ago, if you didn’t steal that USB from her, if the perpetrator had been punished and paid for his crimes, we would all be living in a different world.” Joon walks out of the room

Joon goes to his room and remembers Ji tae saying “so you don’t have any right either. to look at her and smile, be by her side and be happy, you don’t have any right to do that either.  cuz like me, you cant help that you are choi’s son.”

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_002960426

Eul shows up at Joon’s home and is about to ring the bell when Nam stops his car and walks over and tells her how can you dare to come here- how else do you want to tarnish him? our Joon wont play with you anymore so get lost while I say it nicely.

Joon is under the covers and doesn’t see his CCTV

Eul says I dont want to. she tries to ring the bell but he stops her and says Joon never went to visit you even once. you know his temperament if he missed you and wanted to see you -he would have run there a thousand times if he wanted to -does he not have a car or legs? if you aren’t stupid – you should sense what situation this is right now. yesterday Joon drank alcohol and confessed the truth – you don’t love with loyalty -when he thinks about seeing you again he wants to die. Eul: that’s a lie.

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_003093688

Nari calls Joon and says I am curious but why didnt you visit Eul even once? Joon: just cuz. Nari: just cuz? how could you do that to Eul? she waited so much for you. Joon: I’m sorry but I cant stay on the phone long. nari cuts him off and says I don’t want to speak to you for long either you jerk. I was going to ask you to hold on her so she doesn’t leave. Joon: what are you talking about? where would Eul leave to? don’t cry and speak clearly

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_003212032

Eul walks alone

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_003188834

Jik watches from outside the car while Eul met with choi’s wife in the backseat. choi’s wife says I hoped we wouldnt meet again. do you by any chance remember – back then after the trial – for you never to appear in front of me – for us to end our acquaintance here. but what to do cuz you didn’t listen and are still hanging around. did you want to test what I would do? your brother seems smart and capable. choi’s wife makes veiled threats about Jik (how much he could accomplish if he only grew up -meaning she could end his life) that scares Eul.

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_003249653

Ji tae is at home drinking when he gets a call

Ji tae goes out and Joon is there. Ji tae asks what brings you out this late at night. Joon hits him

JE is dressed up ready for her engagement party. her dad compliments her. he tells the assistant that her fiance Ji Tae is her first love and how she only wanted to be Jitae’s wife for 20yrs. she says I think I will go crazy from being nervous.

Eul and Jik get their luggage put in the back of a cab. Eul: what are you doing? arent you getting in? Jik asks are you really not going to tell me? what’s going on that we have to run away without telling nari? did debt collectors threaten to kill us if we didn’t give them money? Eul says we don’t have time hurry and get in. Jik: where would we go leaving mom and dad here. you cant even speak a word of English so how will you live abroad? what will you do for a living? Eul: it’s still better than here. wherever we go it’s a thousand times better than this rotten place.  if you don’t leave I will go alone. Jik gets in the cab with her. she tells the driver  to go to Incheon airport

Ji tae shows up in his tux for his engagement and blocks the cab and says you cant go anywhere. get out right now

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_003479924

Joon tracks down the lawyer who investigated Eul’s dad’s hit and run accident and was in charge of the case in 2006. Joon asks the man who was the real hit and run driver Choi was covering for?



Joon films the docu and says before I die – my bucket list I really want to do

JE yells cuz she wasnt able to get engaged

Eul shows up all dressed to film some actor and how he became who he is

Joon says is someone speaking ill of me there? he goes over to that actor who is with JE. the guy asks why are you here? Joon: i came to film a movie.

Eul cant walk in heels so Ji tae holds her up

Yoon orders choi: bring Ji Tae in front of my JE. he orders for them to be engaged

JE is yelling cuz she was humiliated in front of people and didn’t get engaged

JE drinks and says no matter how much I drink I cant get drunk

Joon: I’m gonna die pretty soon -if I die – cover up the truth forever

Joon follows the lawyer and says just tell me who the culprit is

Eul says to Ji tae: if I date you then it might be the best revenge so let’s date

함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_000728605 함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_001133675 함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_001394372 함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_001428139 함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_001865335 함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_001868262sc 함부로 애틋하게.E11.160810.720p-NEXT.mp4_003521135

I guess we reached that point in the story where our two lovebirds can only be happy in imaginary scenarios. Joon’s allegiance was really tested tonight. What do you do when your conscience tells you that Ji Tae has a good point and you don’t have the right to be the one to make Eul happy? How can you justify what you did to her five years ago by being good to her now? I wish Joon knew that what he did for Eul tonight was the correct way a man who has the right to love her would have acted. He followed his heart and plowed down anyone who got in his way. There is no way Joon can undo the damage he caused Eul five years ago, but he can begin to make amends by loving her the best way he can, standing up for her, fighting her battles with her, and uncovering the truth behind her dad’s accident. Ji Tae is a coward and lets events in the past prevent him from going after Eul so he is the one who doesn’t have the right to seek her love. Ji tae misrepresented himself to her from the very start about who he was, but at least Joon was more sincere about his feelings for her when they were younger. I lost track of how many scenes where Ji tae would watch Jik or Eul from afar, but not be brave enough to step in and do something. He can never be an active participant in love if he continues to be weighed down by his guilt. Based on that stupid long trailer I wish I never saw, our love lines will start to cross but for all the wrong reasons like revenge. That’s the problem when you play games in love, there is bound to be more casualties than expected.



5 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond: E11

  1. allenif says:

    Hi Softy! Fighting! 🙂


  2. chokichoki says:

    Okaayyy… I didn’t see that coming at all. The preview was a lie, a BIG one! I thought we’d finally get some moments of happiness, just the two of them! And I didn’t think that JT would actually be able to influence JY with that USB incident! And that Eul, of all people, would ask JT to date her! This soon!
    So I’m guessing since JY’s gonna find out that JE was the one who hit Eul’s dad, he’s gonna date her for revenge too??? And that Eul and JY are gonna go through this angst-y phase where they would pretend to no longer have feelings for each other??!!
    I am so not ready for this. Why on earth did I expect for lovey dovey moments from a makjang drama?
    Sorry for the rant Softy. Thank you for the recap. I think I’m gonna wait til the next episode before I can watch the whole thing.


    • MJShinshi says:

      I feel ya…..they barely agreed to date and not even half an episode they’re torn apart already!!! that trip was a dream 😒😠😡


  3. MJShinshi says:

    why why did Joon answer the call from JT……..I know it needs the drama but he could have gone in anyway since it’s been many days he left her in jail then go home and cry over what he did to Eul 5 yrs ago!!!

    softy many thanks to you for doing this transcap so quickly as always!


  4. Khem says:

    I think the same as you that JiTae is really selfish!!
    He doesn’t deserve to get happiness also!!

    I think this ep, the mysterious and secret that each character has have been spoken out loud.
    The writer didn’t make it hide or make us guess anymore..

    The second half of the drama, all the knots shall be untied ><

    Anyway, thanks for the re-cap!!


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