Uncontrollably Fond: E10

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This is the second time Joon Young stepped in to save his dad and got Eul injured, but this time Joon Young’s emotions and intent are different. He was saving Eul as much as his dad. He didn’t want her to become a killer and was trying to prevent that. He had to save her from herself more than anything. Rescuing his father was just incidental -not his full objective like five years ago. Joon Young is realizing the only way to make amends for his wrongdoing in the past is to continue to prevent Eul from committing any rash actions on her own. Somewhere along the way, his love for Eul has surpassed his childish dreams of reuniting with his father.

Written before it aired:

Since this drama was filmed in advance, they have been good about giving us previews after each episode, but I must admit, watching Joon Young carry a bloodied Eul into the emergency room yelling for a doctor was something I didn’t expect to see so soon. He is the one dying, but there he was carrying Eul into the hospital. I hate to think what she did to get so injured.

Thoughts and musings:

Now that Eul has given love a chance, I can’t help but wonder what she will say or do once she learns that she has fallen for Choi’s biological son. She had been such a dutiful daughter by fighting for her father’s cause all those years and nothing was going to get in her way of bringing justice to her dad’s killer until she was derailed by that car hitting her and the USB to go after Choi stolen. How is she going to handle the truth that Joon Young was behind that accident and that he prevented her from going after Choi? She could possibly overlook the fact that Joon Young is Choi’s son, but can she forgive Joon Young for preventing her from getting justice? As a wronged daughter, I don’t think she can move past that. Is that how Joon Young’s impending death going to factor in and help steer her heart towards forgiveness? So many questions and ten more episodes left to get answers, but I still wish that somehow Joon Young and Eul will hold onto their love to help each other heal from all that happened in the past.

I made a header of Suzy and Woo Bin over a year ago because these two have been on my radar as a great potential onscreen couple for as long as I could remember. As soon as I heard they were both cast to star in this drama, even if it had been a horror drama, I was determined to recap it. Despite knowing who their real life love interests are, it is not affecting how I see them as a fictional onscreen couple. They are both pretty convincing actors so this is a love line I can stand behind.

Woo Bin is famous for becoming close and chummy with his co-stars and laying on the aegyo but he seems to have matured a lot in just a few years. All the behind the scenes clips I have seen shows how much he has matured and grown into his acting craft. It’s been a long climb up from his days of modeling so I bet even the army won’t slow down his dedication to acting.

It’s already at the halfway mark so I am a little scared because I feel like we are going to run out of cute and sweet moments of watching them fall in love. I feel like their past is going to start intruding on their present and affect what happens in the second half of the story.  I already came close to tears during last night’s episode so I bet I will need a box of Kleenex pretty soon.


Starts from the K-pop festival backstage where Joon is getting his makeup done. Joon overhears Gook speaking into the phone asking his dad to try and convince Joon’s mom to attend. Joon overhears Gook telling the president that Joon’s mom is refusing to attend. no matter how much they told her who would be in attendance she wouldn’t budge. the president is upset and jokes to Joon – how about changing moms? I will introduce you to a mom who will be grateful for the rest of her life to have you as a son. the president is upset and asks for his blood pressure medicine and lays down. M comes in and says didnt you say Noh PD wouldnt come today? Gook says Joon told her not to come today. M says she came – out front – with her camera. Joon asks where she is.

Joon hides his appearance and walks out looking for Eul. He sees her standing with choi and haru. he overhears Eul asking Choi – don’t you remember me? choi asks do you know me? Haru tells him Eul is a gold digger and tried to do something to Joon.  choi asked if his daughter made the mess so Haru says I didnt do it – the kitten did. Eul tells him today is her dad’s memorial day. choi takes out money and hands it to her saying the kitten didnt know what it was doing so don’t be mad and buy everything anew. Joon hears enough and moves closer

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Joon walks over to them and tells choi to apologize first. Joon crumples  the money down and throws it down saying instead of this money -you should apology first. choi says before that I think I should get an apology from you. I don’t know what your relationship is with this young lady but jumping in randomly like this -where did you learn this rude behavior? did your parents teach you to do that? Joon: (I just meant you need to) honestly admit you did wrong and beg for forgiveness. choi: over what a street kitten did wrong -what do you want me to do now? joon repeats: honestly admit you did wrong and beg for forgiveness. choi: I misjudged you. I didn’t know you were this kind of rude guy and waited for a long time. I thought you might come find me so I never threw that law book away. I didn’t know you became this disappointing.  he lectures Joon and reminds him of his position and says I don’t know how impressive a top star is but behave courteously and then demand an apology or whatnot. he takes Haru away.

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Joon tells Eul – I told you not to come – why didnt you listen. she picks up the money so he yells at her -what are you doing? why pick it up? Eul: then do I throw away money? he yells “throw it away.” she says I should have asked for more like a thousand won. he takes the money from her pocket and tears up the money and throws it on the ground so she yells why rip up the money and picks it up. he tells her not to pick it up and yells are you a beggar and she says yes I am a beggar – didn’t you know?  she tells him mind your own business so he repeats “other’s business” while she continues to pick up the pieces of the money.

Gook runs over and says what are you doing here – the president is looking for you. Joon walks away. Gook goes with him

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Joon comes in and M tells him that the president is taking Joon’s mom place and accepting the award. president says the kids keep saying your mom had you but I sort of raised you (for the past five years). Gook and M deny saying that so the president says other team said that. Joon asks for Gook’s phone. he calls his mom and she yells that she isnt coming – do you not have anything better to do than keep calling? hang up. dont call again.(but she is in the bathroom at the event – dressed up and ready to attend. I bet to sneak in and see choi from afar). Joon asks what did I do that was so wrong. instead of becoming the prosecutor you wanted and becoming a celebrity -is that such a crime that warrants death? is it worth it – for over five years you hated me and said you aren’t my child. the kind of prosecutor I had learned to become -no matter what the situation -spoke honestly -gave punishment to the bad -and released people from unfair situations, but I am not that guy. I told you thousands of times that I don’t have the right. if someone like me became a prosecutor mom -people like you mom with no power or support cant live in this country. she asks why don’t you have any right? why? cuz you helped weak female students when bad boys tormented them long time ago and almost got transferred? why? cuz I poured alcohol a long time ago in a bar? also for that time I stole pork? just say I worked at the bar to earn a living. I returned all the pork later.  joon tells her not to come. I will tell them I wont accept the award. he hangs up and changes clothes despite everyone protesting.

Joon’s mom wipes her lipstick off

Gook tries to stop Joon from leaving cuz it starts in ten mins. he lists the important people and government officials that will attend. Joon just tells him to get out of the way. M runs over and says the president collapsed after grabbing his neck. Joon tells Gook to take the president to the hospital and leaves

He goes back to where Eul was but she is gone

Eul gets in her car and looks at the torn pieces of money

choi escorts his wife out of the event. she is pretending to be sick so choi doesn’t see Joon. he asks if she is having a hard time.  she says sorry cuz she was fine up to a while ago. choi blames himself for making her come cuz she wasn’t well enough. Haru is pissed

Joon calls out Eul’s name and looks for her. he calls her on her phone

in the car Eul’s phone rings but she doesnt answer. she continues to rest her head on the steering wheel.across from her choi’s family get in the car. choi is remaining and sending his family home cuz he cant just leave. it would be weird.  he tells his wife to rest and will be along soon. haru wont even say bye to him and ignores him.

Joon’s mom walks by in front of his car as he leans in to say goodbye to his wife. when he stands Joon’s mom walked by

a car honks at Eul to pull out of the space

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Eul lifts her head from resting it on the steering wheel and spots choi standing there on the phone and laughing. she just stares at him – watching him laugh.

flashback to when her dad was feeding his family at a chinese restaurant. he is happy her grades are good that she is 59th in her class cuz last time she was 138th. she brags studying was easy when she put her mind to it and last time she hadn’t.  she asks for an additional order of sweet and sour pour pork. he says he will buy her everything but Jik tells him not to order it. Jik tells the truth that she lied to the dad and she is at the bottom of the class at 159 but she whited out the “1” so her dad pinches her for deceiving him. what will you become when you grow up if you dupe your dad. she promised never to do it again.

the car keeps honking for her to move her car

she remembers when her dad was hit by the car and how some random guy took the blame and how she learned that everything about the case changed when Choi got involved. she asked the investigator who is choi hyun joon?

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she remembers her dad passing away and steps on the accelerator and heads over to choi remembering how she was told that this wasnt a fight she could win. she turns the wheel and heads toward choi. she remembers how she was told to quietly keep her mouth shut and accept the compensation. Joon sees her car heading over to choi so he knocks his dad down out of the way. she runs into the brick pole when she averted the car to avoid hitting them. choi asks if he is ok but Joon goes and opens her car door and she is bloody and passed out

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Joon carries her to the hospital yelling for a doctor.

Haru is singing along to Joon’s song but her mom asks the driver to turn off the music. he explains it’s cuz her mom is ill.  haru complains she is more hurt than her mom. do you know what dad said to Joon oppa? how can I face oppa again? she turns the music back on.  the mom gets a call and cant hear cuz of haru singing so she makes haru turn the music off. the mom hears that a car aimed for choi and Joon rescued him

Ji tae must have heard the same news cuz he spills his drink

choi wonders why that girl tried to run him down. was that incident worth that much wrath? his secretary says the police will investigate soon.  but choi doesn’t want it to become a bigger issue cuz she was younger than Ji tae and wants the incident to be stopped now. tell the police too.  to handle the case as a minor incident. (as in put it to rest with no accusations or formal charges). the guy says  they sent Joon’s people their thanks cuz if it wasn’t for Joon it would have been big trouble

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the doctor tells Joon he hurt his ribs and should be careful while his ribs are swollen. Joon is bandaged up.

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Ji tae knocks and comes in. he gives his business card and introduces himself. Ji Tae:  thank you for rescuing my dad. choi HJ is my father so that is why I gave up Eul.  because my father is choi HJ. Joon says so what do you want me to do about it. Joon pulls out his IV and gets up to leave

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Joon goes to Eul’s bedside. she is bandaged up and resting. he sits by her side and takes her hand. he says sorry for leaving you alone awhile ago and leaving. I was wrong.

Eul wakes up the next morning and her brother calls. she lies that she is still in the editing room. Jik wonders why edit all night long and cant go home. I will get a job so cant you rest? ok. he tells her to take pics of each of her meals cuz he is worried she isnt eating food and only eating bread. be sure to send pics or I will go find you at the editing room

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Jik walks over to meet haru. he speaks jeondae and asks for the kitten. she asks if he just spoke formally to her so he reminds her she said she was older than him. he asks where is the kitten? she says it’s gone. he grabs her swing so they are face to face. did you lose it or throw it away. she had it when she went to hakwon but lost the kitten after she went to buy coffee. he thinks she threw it away but she insist she lost it. she asks if he knows he is really handsome. he lets go of her and leaves. she falls on her butt

Joon had told Eul – “let’s go on a trip”.  Joon packs his bags. “somewhere where no one in the world can find us – just for one month.

Eul washes up and gets ready

Joon hides his face and paces outside a lingerie store. he is embarrassed to buy women’s sleepwear and underwear

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Joon: I will prepare everything so you just have to follow me. I will only look at you and you only look at me. close our ears and eyes to everything happening in the world.

Eul borrows makeup at the nurse’s counter

Joon buys outdoor wear and says: dont think of anything and dont listen to anyone. let’s just act like we are the only people left in the world for one month

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he goes to her room with shopping bags and doesnt see her. he panics and runs out but sees her in the bathroom getting ready for him

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he zips up her jacket after she changes. she says instead of one month – let’s come back after a year or ten years. Joon agrees and says I totally like that.  Eul: you are going to hit me if I say let’s kiss huh? Joon jokes I will kill you and mumbles it doesn’t normally end with a kiss in this situation but leans over and kisses her for a long time

in the garage he puts his scarf on her and tells her to wait for him to bring the car around

as he heads to the car he suddenly trips and leans against the door. he is dizzy and disoriented and sits on the ground

cops show up and ask if she is Noh Eul. she is being arrested for attempt of murder for choi and they tell her her rights and take her away.

Joon hears her calling his name but he cant stand and is immobilized

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by the time he forces himself to stand all he can do is watch her as she is being driven away

Joon gets home and can barely walk straight. he calls his lawyer and says that Eul has been caught and taken away by detectives and to hurry and find out where she was taken

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he manages to get to his sink and takes his medicine with faucet water and looks at his reflection

Gook locks him in his room under the president’s order that Joon wouldn’t be allowed outside.  that if Joon causes one more trouble its the end. Gook also confiscated Joon’s phone. Joon keeps yelling at him to open the door. open before I kill you. Gook tells him -I think the president is correct this time. think of how high up you’ve come. don’t ruin everything over a girl. come to your senses. Joon yells for him to open up. he bangs his head and cries and begs for Gook to open the door. I have to leave.

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Eul is sitting in jail and being questioned about why she tried to kill choi. are you going to remain silent?

JE serves her dad food and she asks how it tastes. he says I have to rethink sending you to get married. she asks why – does it not taste good? he says my daughter who is this pretty, smart, and good at cooking -it’s a waste to give to choi Ji tae. she promises to come over every day even after her marriage. she will come take her breakfast lunch and dinner meals with him. she suddenly asks what happened to that man I hit. her dad asks why ask suddenly. she says that man appeared in her dream yesterday and made her feel dirty today. her dad says the man died. she says that’s good cuz I heard he was in a comatose state after the accident – the man looked poor so if he remained in that state till now, he would have been a burden on his family. the dad agrees that instead of living like that, it’s better the man died.  she asks for the name of the wine and a bottle of it so she can give it to her father in law for points

choi is in the car and hears what his wife did

his wife cant kill the live fish to make sashimi so the ajumma laughs at her. the mom asks her to take it outside and kill it

Ji tae shows up and asks if his mom reported Eul. his mom sends the ajumma away to get some wine. Ji tae asks why did you do it? cuz she almost hit dad you got angry and reacted that immature way? his mom denies knowing a word of what he is talking about. your dad will be home soon so wash up and come down

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Ji tae follows her and reminds her what she did 3 years ago. when Eul got some info about his company that was all true his mom made it so that Eul was sued and punished with fines so she is still being chased for those fines. she just tells him again to go up and wash up and come down.  he yells if you are human -for Eul’s life that you and dad ruined  – you should feel sorry and remorse at least.

choi stands outside and listens to everything

choi goes to his office and sits. he repeats the name “Noh” and remembers meeting Eul a long time ago and how she told him her dad’s name and her name and not to forget her and memorize who she is really well.

Eul sits in jail

Joon is a prisoner in his own home with guards posted everywhere. his head is still hurting

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Jik rings his doorbell and knocks repeatedly and yells for Joon. Joon watches him on the camera. Jik cries and says please help my sister. no matter how much I think about it – you are the only one who can help my sister. among the people we know -someone with power -you are the only one who can help my sister. please -help

Joon just stands and watches him. his head starts to hurt again so he falls down. he gets a call but he has a hard time getting to the phone. he cant even walk and keeps falling. the call is from his lawyer and he called the home number cuz Joon didn’t pick up his cell phone. Joon asks did you find out where she was taken? the guy tells him which precinct Eul was sent to. Joon tries to tell him to get Eul out immediately but the man says sorry I cant help. he got a call from president nampoong not to get involved with Eul’s case. the man apologizes and hangs up.

Eul gives her jacket and scarf to another inmate saying her neck needs to be warm when she coughs

the uncle is still wearing a tux and working in it to make Joon’s mom feel bad. he is refusing to take it off. he is tormenting her so she throws water on the tux. he says he wont ever take it off no matter what she does -even if she threw poop water at him. he takes the call from Joon even though she tells him not to. he tells Joon I was going to attend and wore the tux you sent and prepared for the interview but your mom…he suddenly stops and asks are you hurt Joon? are you ill? my baby. why is your voice sounding like you are dying. did someone beat you up? should I put your mom on the phone? she takes the phone and Joon says mom help me.

the uncle and his mom are in the car on the way to Joon’s home

she gets to his room and sees Joon on the floor. she stands over him in shock

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Eul is in jail sleeping and wakes up to her dad’s voice lecturing her again like he used to when she did good deeds for others. she sits up and faces her dad.  he scolds her and asks if she is 911,  superman, or batman. you are cold too so why give your clothes away.  she starts to cry so he tells her stop. how can he rest in peace (close his eyes) if she is like this in this terrible world. she cries and says that’s why I accepted that money – the money for you hit and run compensation – to accept that money and forget about you-otherwise I thought I would die.  so I took that money cuz if I die – what will happen to our Jik? even if I wanted to die I couldn’t leave Jik alone so I accepted that money. he hugs her and says you did well my daughter. I am sorry. what do I do cuz I am sorry. she cries and says it’s too hard for me – cant you take me away to where you are dad?

함부로 애틋하게.E10.160804.720p-NEXT.mp4_003404268함부로 애틋하게.E10.160804.720p-NEXT.mp4_003436946함부로 애틋하게.E10.160804.720p-NEXT.mp4_003477402

Joon’s mom touches her son’s cheek and cries. he opens his eyes and cries and says mom. she cant believe he was locked in when he was this sick. she tells him to get up so they can go to the hospital. but he says I have to go to Eul mom – help me. I have to go to her now -help me mom.

함부로 애틋하게.E10.160804.720p-NEXT.mp4_003493191

Eul sobs alone in jail



Joon goes to meet choi at Choi’s home and asks why do you think Eul tried to kill you? I hope this is the last time we meet

Joon tells his mom – it’s all your fault mom -you did wrong

his mom says cuz you are crazy over that gold digger girl -you aren’t in your right mind

Ji tae asks his dad to release Eul. his dad asks do you like that girl

Joon punches Ji tae

choi ‘s wife tells him – you cant let that girl go – she will try to kill you again

Joon’s mom yells at him – you crazy guy – you don’t know anything -who is choi? he is your father

Joon goes to see Eul in jail and says we said we would go on a trip

Joon takes Eul away for their trip and says let’s hide really well so no one knows -let’s live just one hundred years and then go

Jik almost gets run over by a car (what is up with all the car accidents in this drama?)

choi’s wife tells Eul: do you by any chance remember? I said never show up in front of my face ever again – I told you to end our acquaintance – did you want to test what kind of things I am capable of doing?

Joon: what are you talking about? where would Eul leave to?

[So I guess Ji Tae’s mom threatened to harm Jik if Eul didn’t leave so that’s why Eul will leave without telling Joon -great more complications -like they didn’t have enough to begin with]

함부로 애틋하게.E10.160804.720p-NEXT.mp4_003522192함부로 애틋하게.E10.160804.720p-NEXT.mp4_001439106함부로 애틋하게.E10.160804.720p-NEXT.mp4_001548225함부로 애틋하게.E10.160804.720p-NEXT.mp4_001554399함부로 애틋하게.E10.160804.720p-NEXT.mp4_001790146함부로 애틋하게.E10.160804.720p-NEXT.mp4_001916299함부로 애틋하게.E10.160804.720p-NEXT.mp4_001935724함부로 애틋하게.E10.160804.720p-NEXT.mp4_003378606

Of all the ways to envision your dead dad, I bet Eul never dreamed it would be in jail – all alone and feeling hopeless. Instead of being comforted by her dad’s presence, all she could do is hold tight and cry and beg him to take her with him. It’s a good thing her father wasn’t really there or his heart would have broken all over again for the kids he left behind. I bet in that instant when he was hit by that car and about to die, his last thoughts were for his children. And even now after all these years, his soul must still feel helpless and devastated for not being able to care for his children as he watched them continue to suffer without him all these years. It’s no wonder his soul can’t rest in peace. I commend him for haunting JE in her dream -not that it did a bit of good cuz she is too evil to feel compassion.

I knew Eul couldn’t possibly run Choi over with malicious intent. She was overcome with grief and remorse for forgetting about her dad’s memorial and that guilt drove her to head towards Choi. Even if Joon hadn’t rescued him, I think Eul would have swerved. Just like she couldn’t take her own life after her dad’s death, for her brother’s sake alone, she wouldn’t have willfully committed murder and go to jail and leave him alone in the world. Plus her car was going to slow to do any real harm to Choi anyway. He could have easily stepped out of the way.

Ji tae’s mom is proving to be a more sinister person than I originally thought. She isn’t driven by any pure motive like love of family and husband – it’s an obsession not to be abandoned again because she is certain she will be by her second husband. She has no faith that he will stay so why should he? All her evil deeds are only making it more possible for Choi to have zero feelings for her in the end when he walks away from her -not even pity.

I no longer understand JE’s character at all. It’s like she is so devoid of humanity that she might as well be inhuman. Joon’s dog has more humanity than her.  How can you run over someone, frame someone else in dire straits in your place, run off to another country to recover from your “ordeal” and shock, and years later finally ask what happened to her victim? And when she learns she killed him, her only response is that he is better off dead and not a burden on his poor family? What kind of person even voices such thoughts? Fictional character aside, it’s ludicrous that any human being would have that kind of cold hearted reaction to finding out she took a life and left behind her victim’s orphans. I don’t understand Ji tae for continuing to pursue her and wanting to go through with their marriage. It makes no sense to sacrifice his entire life just to continue protecting his dad’s career. Isn’t giving up the woman you really love enough of a sacrifice in the name of family?


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    Anyway, I went into this with zero expectation so I’m pleasantly surprised by how things turned out so far. Funny how I forgot that JY being Choi’s biological son will make his relationship with Eul even more complicated. I kept on thinking that he only had that one sin of causing Eul’s accident. Now I’m dreading the upcoming conflicts. Please let there be no separation!


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      Thanks again 😉


  3. Iviih says:

    I will try to make more headers, I enjoy doing it because they are so pretty hahaha

    Suzy slurs when she says her lines Softy? I think suzy is doing fine, but some fans say Korean public complain how she talk, saying she slurs and have no feel (?).

    I’m not korean, so I really don’t know about it.

    Thanks for recapping!


  4. Nino says:

    Today’s episode makes me speechless. I need subs to understand everything. Now that we’re crossing half of the series, it means secrets start to unveiled and tonight’s is just the beginning. I’m already bawling. When both JY and NE cried when they see their mom and dad, i cried too. It hits close to home. No matter how grown up u’re when it comes to hardship we always think about our parents first. T_T ahh…my heart.


  5. Exellent, thank you so much Dofty!


  6. Nino says:

    Lol at your comments at the preview. Well they did warning us this is a makjang story. XD I say bring it on. I’m ready to cry. It’s been awhile since I cried my heart out.


  7. MJShinshi says:

    urghh more accidents? show give Joon and Eul some good times together before Joon’s family tree is revealed to Eul and the cause of her first accident!!! I love that last pic of them with matching jackets woo hooo! thanks so much softy 😊 drink plenty of fluids before you get dehydrated! now I’m going to watch with water and tissues at the ready..


  8. nonski says:

    thanks for the recaps Softy!


  9. chokichoki says:

    Gosh! Can’t believe I fell asleep last night. I was sooo tired I couldn’t wait til you posted your recap. I’m reading this over breakfast and here I am tearing up without even touching the food. I was so engrossed reading your recap hoping that this episode would end on a happy note.
    Can’t believe the dreaded separation is gonna happen soon. Gah! What did I expect anyway? It’s a melo after all. Now I don’t know whether watch this episode or not. It looks too heartbreaking.
    But one thing I don’t get from the preview, why would she run away without telling JY? Choi’s wife only meant for Eul to never meddle with her family anymore right? Why would JY be left behind then? Did I miss something?


  10. MJShinshi says:

    tissues extremely needed…I lost it when mom’s phone rang from Joon….glad ajusshi is there rooting for Joon love his protest wearing the suit cute little man


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