Secret Garden Finale: Live “Transcap”

I think this is the first drama to end like this for me – I felt hollow when the last scene faded out-like emotionally drained. I expected to cry cuz it was over, not cry again cuz the last scene made me miss the drama all over again. With each translation, I had to say goodbye to these characters we have come to love. It feels like leaving a roomful of friends behind, knowing we will never be gathered like this ever again. Someone has to leave first, but no one wants to take that first step.If it is hard for me, I can’t imagine how hard it was on the cast and crew. Not to mention the 900+ on soompi tonight. Even SKKS didn’t have those numbers. I knew SG was loved, but I had no idea to this extent.
Though I will miss SG, I am going to miss everyone who followed this drama more. Thank you for these past few weeks – all your support and encouraging words were really appreciated and cherished. I felt blessed to have so many viewers show their support on a weekly basis. Please stay safe and happy till the next great one comes along- I have a feeling it might be Duo, Midas, or 49 days. My money is on the last one 🙂
updated scenes
I wonder if I will ever be able to watch these last episodes without crying again – there was so much heartache in their love story. Now I get why SG had to be 20 episodes- 16 would not have been enough. I will forever be grateful that we got quality and quantity with this drama- every episode was filled with touching moments and comedy.
OMG this is hard – translating these last scenes are killing me – when I am done – it will all be over.
I want to take my time and make it last a little bit longer….
I just saw how people were freaking out about the ending – I thought it was kind of sweet.
The writer wanted us to know how they were destined to meet and fall in love – it ended just as quietly as when it began. We all knew his mom would never come around – if she had – it would have been more unrealistic. I have to admit I wanted closure for JL’s character with JW’s sister, but I guess that would have just driven jwm over the edge having both her children fall in love with stunt actors- can you imagine how the poor woman would have reacted to that. They just didn’t have time to fit in that extra drama.
Is everyone happy with how it turned out?
well I am starting my last translation for SG now so see you in a few hours
With every episode, I wondered how they could keep this up – “the drama has to falter at some point” – “at least one or two episodes have to be boring” – “they are bound to screw up the ending”- but every time it rose up and met those challenges head on- and not ony did it prove it was worth watching – it shattered any plans naysayers had to try to find fault with it. The sheer brilliance of this drama made people go mute in dumbfound belief that a drama could get THIS good. I have to admit, after MSOAN, I did not dare to hold out hope for E17-19. I wanted to give SG the benefit of the doubt, but a little part of me was scared. I even went so far as to plan how to phrase the truth so it wouldn’t devastate readers on the night it aired. Lo and behold, euphemisms were not necessary cuz SG carried its own weight and went out of its way to prove that when a drama gets it right, this is how good it can get.
Everything about SG from the cast to the writer seemed preordained for greatness. It’s too bad I didn’t see that from the very beginning when rumors of the cast began to surface. SG was nowhere near my radar – though I adore Binnie – I had zero interest in this drama. Both Crazynyt and Betchay had to keep encouraging me to give it a try. SG made it too easy to love from day one. I am a huge sucker for cinematography and soundtracks and the first scene had both in spades. Once it lured me into this world, it was hard to leave. Even now I am trying to take baby steps away from it and move on, but I am finding that my feet are glued to this spot. Who knew a drama I once said I would never in a million years translate would end up making me shed more tears than I thought was humanly possible for 3 episodes in a row. I don’t regret for a second picking up this drama, the only thing I look back on and wish I had done differently is not miss the first two episodes. Maybe I can fill that void with the NG special for SG that is set to air next weekend. If there are any interesting parts to translate, I will make sure I post it. 🙂
Note from translator:
This drama was a joy to transcribe – I didn’t care how much time went by – I even stopped complaining about how hard it was after a point. I went with the flow and found my cadence.
The intimidation this drama gave me in the beginning gave way to sheer bliss. Every line was a joy and an honor to translate. It made me wonder just how much of the dialogue was mapped out and how much just flowed out of her. Most days, it made me appreciate the Korean language and I realized other writers had not fully taken advantage of using certain words to create lines of dialogue that are burned into our memories now.  The writer did a wonderful job and she is making it very hard for other dramas to measure up to her caliber. In my book, I doubt anyone will.
I went shopping today and found the store that had R’s black and coffee colored capes and the light gray pullover – the black cape was so heavy I cant believe she acted in it – I could barely hold it without spraining my wrist 🙂
Secret Garden Finale Transcription

After he says he is going live as R’s husband for the rest of his life
you are not going to acknowledge it so I will just tell you
jwm: who said you could?
jwm asks him if R asked him to do this – if they are going to run away somewhere and get married
[she says someone who hasnt learned properly (grew up properly) would do stuff  like that]
JW: GRI is not that kind of woman
jwm: you werent this kind of kid either!
JW: that’s true – that is why you wont be able to understand what I am doing now but I wish you knew how happy I am right now
jwm: where is a parent who doesnt want their child to be happy?
but you – right now- it’s not happiness
you’ve been bewitched temporarily
this is only temporary ecstasy over someone new
that moment comes to whoever at least once
like I met your dad
but in the end – he grew tired of it first and left
it wasnt us – it was him
why dont you know that?
JW: that kind of moment could come
but I wont let her leave
that is why I want you present when I have my wedding
I dont know when that will be
I will make sure that you are there when I have my wedding
jwm: that will never happen
unless it happens after I die, before I die
you will not be able to hold that girl’s hand and walk down the aisle
dont even dream about it
jwm: i’ll leave now
he walks out and takes a deep breath and closes his eyes
R is waiting at the bus stop and spies jwm sec in the car
he is trailing her of course
she goes over and knocks on his window

jwm’s sec comes out and R gives him some coffee
R: drink this – because of me you are suffering a lot
when the weather is cold
sec: it will end soon I think
in my heart I am cheering for you
R: really?
sec: from a long time ago
but are you going somewhere?
I have to follow you anyway so should I just give you a ride?
R: you do right? so it would be better to go in one car right?
then I’ll ask you to take me
* totally loved that he confirmed my suspicion that he was on their side all along

R meets Jihyun
JH says no matter how much she looked at her charts
there were things she didnt understand so she asked to see R
{not really clear on the words but medically speaking R’s recovery was hard to explain so R says ]
it’s cuz I almost died and came back soI know this well
but this is a miracle
JY says there is no miracle -it’s just that they havent figured out the cause of her recovery
R: before you said that I went to meet you
but that wasnt me
the person you met was KJW
the cause of my recovery that you dont know – KJW and I came back from it together
poor JH looks confused

JW meets with JL
JW: you are not the director anymore so you cant go around telling a person to come and go
did someone pay the loans again? it wasnt me this time
JL: it’s clear you really did regain your memory –
the loan you gave was put back into your account for some time now-check it
today I wanted to see you regarding GRI
JW: I dont want to talk about my girl with you
JL: i have something to request
for the first and last time
JW: I dont know what it is – but whatever it is -you can say it
{since you took care of GRI) you have that right
JL: normally -this kind of talk we should be having it over drinks
[something about how he has seen JW’s drinking habits – i think he made a snarky comment about how they both out drank each other last time – maybe JL said cuz JW drank well- JL doesnt want to drink with him again]
JW smiles and says the start is something and if things go well he might be able to something
JL: to GRI – I always wanted to be her dad, brother, and man
but now you have to be all three for her
be GRI’s dad, brother, and man
JW : what if I say I dont want to ?
I just want to be GRI man cuz i have the ability for that
so you be her dad and brother
dont make GRI an orphan
this is a request
*man I wish I knew word for word what made them smirk at each other
someone help please

R is in the car with JW
JW talks on the phone: have you arrived? seul too? ok – will be there soon
R: is today some special day? are we all going to go eat somewhere?
JW: even if I just feed you or take you anywhere else – are you going to go holding tight to my hand?
R: am I a [??] where are we going?
JW smirks and says : you will know when we get there
daebak proposal scene

R looks around and says :why here?
JW: if you want to run away do it now cuz you wont have a chance from now on
R: what are you talking about?
JW smiles and takes her hand: let’s go in
R: by any chance….
JW: I am going to be your husband
R: who said?
JW: because I just said it just now
before HRI becomes a married woman, there is only ten final minutes left
is there anything you want to do?
R: bag guy
“I love you” -without saying things you dont mean like that and turning me into a married woman
JW: why would I say things like that -it’s not like I am going to be your husband cuz I love you
R: then what is it? it’s good conduct by a leader of society
JW: i was right about you not being bright
it’s not cuz I love you -it’s cuz I can only love you
if it’s not you- I have no other choice in the matter forever-you amazing woman
he holds out his empty hand
flowers,candles, wine, and not even a beautiful ring – there is  none of those things
but still – will you be my wife?
R: of course
and gives him her hand
he grips it and they walk in holding hands

oska and seul are there inside
JW and R are here to register for marriage
seul: congratulations you two
oska: what kind of oppa does a service like being a witness
you know that you are the first fan that I am being a witness to a marriage registration for so you should really be happy
R laughs

They fill out paperwork
JW: the wedding – let’s have it when my mom gives her permission
I wanted to have her present when I get married
R: why are you worried about that? I want to have her there too and have it
JW: thank you
why are you writing it so slowly I was so quick
R: all i have left is to sign it

seul and oska look at the paper with their names and hearts next to it
JW and R both shrug their shoulders
JW: you two witnesses shoud hurry and sign too
JW looks at how oska signed (like an autograph to a fan) and this time oska shrugs
JW holds up the paper to R and says
now that you landed a guy like me you can “gaaah!” really cute now
R does it
oska turns around like he is going to be ill
JW: now that we are husband and wife -we’ll be back after we let the world know
they leave
oska tells seul let’s go

best honeymoon scene EVER
oska: how did you think of doing this
seul decorates JW’s bedroom with rose petals and balloons
seul says we have to help them celebrate and show our support or something
seul: it’s a good thing JW regained his memory
oska: because of you I learned something from the two of them
when times passes bad memories can (evolve into??) become happy ones
so from now on
how we fell in love how we broke up how we met again
even though it is difficult memories, I am going to remember it all
seul: why? you should just forget it all and [?]
oska: it’s not cuz I tried to forget and forgot -it’s cuz I got old {LOL}
seul smiles
why are you picking on something that pains me
that’s why you are doing my music video – before it gets any later
seul: i’m going to charge a lot
oska: of course -I will pay you a lot
he hugs her
you gave me permission -really!
seul: why do you just hug whenever you feel like it
JW”s voice: did you not know that and dated him?
JW and R have arrived
JW: what are you doing in someone else’s honeymoon home
oska: we did this – this [and we see the whole room decorated]
JW: you just did something else just now
oska: we  did that just for a second
to R: you fairy godmother’s wedding present! (meaning the decorated room)
R: thank you -it’s too pretty
thank you director yoon
seul; have a wonderful night
JW to seul: thank you
it would have been better if we had met at 21 yrs old -right?
seul smiles awkardly
oska’s smile goes away
R shoots him a dirty look
oska: before you spend your first night – do you want to spend your last night of living?
JW: just saying she is a special woman for someone like you
hurry and go
we have something….
and R pinches him really hard so he cant finish talking
JW to R: why?
oska: we are leaving
as they walk out he holds seul’s hand
oska says to seul: it’s late at night so do you think you can go home?
seul: oh – really!
R to JW: why did you do that it was embarrassing
JW: what is embarrassing when we are husband and wife now
he holds out his arms – come here
R: dont do it
JW: why cant I do it? you think I’m going to kimsuhuru-
he tries to hold her and she slips away
are you not going to come here?
this woman – stand right there
he tries to grab her in an embrace again and misses cuz she ducked down
so he lands sideways on the bed
this woman …
he sits up to try to go after her again but R points her finger at him and tells him
R: don’t move

she pushes him on the bed and lands on top of him
JW says : you had this side too?
she kisses him
lots of kissing
*binnie’s gf is so not going to like this last part-they kissed more than the xmas party scene
but I think we all deserve this scene
I have to continue translating but I seem to be lingering here ….ok softy -move on – next scene….wait….replay just one more time….

next day they go walking hand in hand around the estate
in bed he feeds her strawberries and cream
she gets cream on her lips and he pulls the cover of them and makes out some more
they are standing wrapped in one blanket together looking out the window

now they are on the couch reading with him sitting and her laying down using his lap as a pillow
he hands her the alice book
R: did you see it?
JW: I saw it but it’s not the ending we know for LM
R: what does that mean?
she reads it and laughs – sec kim- the ending is really awful
JW: that was the best
he takes it away from her
ya- do you know about love?
R: then do you know?
what did you say last time – what? the LM was about history’s first mistress fairytale?
JW: that’s right
R: then what was snow white?
JW: a story about a woman from upperclass… lived with poor seven dwarfs…..and later someone from her same class came and kissed her and she abandoned the seven dwarfs
R: then what about sleeping beauty .
JW: story about an upperclass woman kept sleeping..and finally met some man from upper class  who came and saved her
it is good for people to hang on till the end to get their dreams
R: whaaaa
JW: now that I think about it – those girls were all princesses and pretty and you can say the prince fell for them from first glance but you with that face- how did you meet me?
R gets up and starts beating
come here- you said I was pretty
he gets up and R chases after him saying : GRI since what age were you pretty-you said that to me
JW: ya – when  a man is trying to woo a girl – what is there he wont say?
what I really meant every word of was : when an ugly girl acts unyielding do you know how unattractive that is- that was it
R: are you not going to stand still?
JW: if you were me – would you stand still?
she chases him around the room saying she is going to kill him
*shirley translated the whole thing about fairytales and stuff
JW and R are meeting with his grandpa and his wife
grandpa is shocked that JW registered for marriage
grandpa: what? what did you say you did?
JW: register for marriage
we are registered to marry
Gramps: that is why I’m asking why you did that?
your mom? what did your mom say?
his wife to him: lower your voice – you are alarming the new person
JW: mom didnt give permission
so I made the first move
grandfather please give us your permission
gramps: you brat
you are mistaken about something I am on your mom’s side
I’m on my daughter’s side
JW: grandfather
wide to gramps: dont do that – they are already husband and wife these kids
gramps to her: he went too far
gramps to JW:  I met this person at the end of  3 official weddings
what did you do so well?
these days kids only think of themselves
they are really selfish
wife to JW: president kim – your mother is a poor person
having stepsisters and a new mom like me-she has no one to turn to -except for you
then she says to R: I think you should be good to her
even though it is hard and painful -endure it
R: there is nothing like that
(she is covering for jwm by saying this cuz obviously jwm caused R a lot of pain and heartache)
I’m really sorry
gramps to R: then why did you do something to feel sorry for
anyway if you want my permission – first get your mom’s
until then – there is no chance
* i’m pretty sure she meant at a time when jwm shouldnt have to worry about having a step mother cuz jwm’s mom is at an age where she should be a grandma and have grandchildren – not a new mom

they pull up to their house
JW: what are you thinking of? what grandpa said?
R: that’s not it I thought maybe we should have met mother first
we didnt think ahead
JW: we are going to end up meeting her soon
R: you are going to meet her? so she knows already?

oska comes running
he yells -ya! why didnt you pick up your phone
hurry and go to  the hospital – aunt collapsed
she found out about your registered marriage
R: what do we do?
JW: I told you we would end up meeting her soon
he says to oska:the person who sent mom the marriage registration is me
I sent it
oska: what?

he goes to see his mom
she is hooked up to an IV
JW: are you okay?
jwm: would a person who is ok be in a hospital
what did you do?
JW: you had to completely give up on me to [come around/accept??]
she is already crying
as you can see -KJW and GRI are now husband and wife
she reaches for her pillow to hit him with but
she just bites down on her lips suppressing her words and
slowly lowers the pillow and continues crying shaking with emotion
[wow she looks so vulnerable]
she says with a broken voice
ok – I lost
you two won
now – you are not my son
for a few years you will be happy
and even a few more years after that you might be still be happy
but there will inevitably be a day when you regret
know that and go
JW: I know that too
at least once I will regret
but if I do regret – even with that regret – I will live with that regret with her for the rest of my life
jwm: ok then live like that
since you threw away your parent and left
you can never come back
she says something like -then should we settle everything now]
JW: regarding the dept store
if you want me to leave I will
but you wont find someone to trust as much as me
instead of entrusting someone else, isnt it better to leave it up to me
jwm: you are better – I know that too
out of the things you have
the money you earned etc – everything that was handed down to you as my son
give it all back- resort, golf club, hotel
JW: yes
jwm: and the house you are living in, even though you built the house,
the land belongs to me, pay for the land
JW: yes
jwm: leave -you’re not family and I dont want to show a stranger the way I look right now
she calls out for her sec to bring her a mirror
* I have to admit I cried here –
I cried for the mom who had to say goodbye to the son she adored
no matter how evil she is – you could tell it was tearing her apart to do this
that regret she was talking about – she is going to feel it more than him
at least he has a loving family to help him get through it
she doesnt have anyone
mr park is getting his resume ready to send off to websites for jobs
when he asks his sec what he thinks of mr park’s resume photo cuz he smiled
the pic is of mr park like 20 yrs ago
the guy looking at it earnestly says :
it looks like an unmarried old bachelor who is looking for a wife (LOL)
jw calls and asks to meet him
and mr park makes a face like I am going to kill you
jw tells him that mr park cant have JW’s seat as president
not cuz JW is the grandson but cuz JW is better qualified
JW tells him to find the best place for him – except for JW’s position
and asks mr park for his help
jw goes back to work
so does mr park
oska’s mom comes to see him
she gives him a plant and congratulates him
on getting rehired but he shoves it aside to his sec
mr park mentions how when he was looking for jobs he
called her several times but she didnt pick up
she says she was busy so that is why she came here like this today
she wants to know if their deal is still intact (about giving oska vice president position)
he says she is mistaken – his style is once he is peeved he stays that way
and walks away from her

R shows action school the marriage registration by holding it out to them
one says I dont trust my eyes right now
another one says what is it
cupid : did you hurt your head really bad that time
R: that’s not it
of course you will think “what a waste” (to give me to JW-implied)
as you can see I became a married woman
now that I am more grown up than you sunbaes
one guy cries cuz she is married now and runs off
one guys says : you are saything this paperwork is for real?
cupid: did you really go do this with earns a lot of money guy
did you by any chance beat him to sign?
R: because I hit him so much – he became mine
cupid complains jw didnt even buy them something to eat
and turned R into a married woman
cupid asks if she is pregnant (without using words- he made a motion of it)
R: subaenim
cupid says to JL look what she did-she is really smart – she got the paperwork done first
Jl says he already new and congratulates her
she thanks him
he gives her a script sector 7 : read it
there is a meeting next week
R: so am I going to get to do this?
what is the character?
JL: the main actress stand in and dont get hurt this time
she greets everyone bye and leaves
cupid tells the guys to change into the thickest clothes they have
and he calls JW: our earns a lot of money JW – where are you right now?

cupid goes to see jw at his office with 3 other guys
the four of them stare down JW
JW: what is this mood?
cupid: the best chaebol our Joo won ee who didnt have a wedding yet but registered first
should we sit down for a bit?
JW said something about how cupid comes running over to pick on something as soon as it happens
cupid thinks JW’s attitude stems from the fact that JW is now legally bound to R
so he says : oh -ra – so you are saying you got it stamped-you’re saying the fish (R) has been caught
then cupid says : kids
suddenly the other guys reveal the wooden sticks and bat they brought along and start hitting their hands with it in a menacing way
and JW smiles in bravado and says :waaaaahhh- these people
and then changes his tone and says nicely  to cupid :where should we sit-over there
and JW scurries over there opediently
only cupid sort of perches on the couch
cupid: you got registered with R
JW: about that problem I already met with director lim so he has the honors
cupid : i am the president so why did you meet director lim
you should have met with us
you seem to not know this but R has a lot of  close/real older brothers
they pound the floor with their sticks and bat
and JW doesnt like it
JW: really – that floor is not the kind of floor you guys think it is
cupid: the best chaebol our Joo won ee who didnt have a wedding yet but registered first
our joo wonee who worries for the floor
listen carefully
dont make R cry, if you do that – you will die by our hands
jw smiles for a second: fine -I’ll be kicked once by you but if you ever do this again
I will tell on you to R and the action school guys get scared
* so going to miss cupid – he better come out in another drama soon
oska is hand writing invitations to his concert
TS : the concert is the day after tm-what are you doing?
do you have a lot of time?
oska: these fans who refused to take their money back and waited
i should at least write out the invitations to come myself
I cant even sing but they are my faithful fans
TS: if you have time to do this – practice singing
a singer communicates/talks thru his songs not through letters
with your skill arent you worried about the concert?
hurry and go in there (recording booth)
TS doesnt like anything oska does during the session
he tells him to start over – to make the note last longer-cant hear the pronounciation-
oska: it sounded like i did it right
after a lot more takes
oska says he is tired and wants a 5 min break
he thinks he will hurt his voice doing this
TS tells him not to use his voice and give more strength to the stomach
if you do it like this do you think your popularity/success will rise
oska says is that what you were worried about? it doesnt matter if I am not the best
in the past being number one and singing the last encore song was the most fun
but now all this time is fun
I’m going to move to another recording studio so you use this one
do the music you want here
TS looks kinda shy but tells oska to sing again

seul introduces oska to his main actress for music vid
oska compliments the girl’s looks in the most complicated way possible
and the girl says simply: thank you and you look much more handsome in person 
oska: yes- I know
seul rolls her eyes
seul points to the script and says she will skip the “smoke (maybe skinship)” scene
oska argues why skip those – just cuz she is the director…..his voice trails off cuz
oska sees script and realizes something is familiar
seul snatches the script away and walks off
oska and the girl rehearse
it turns into a flashback of when
oska first met seul
she blocks her path
seul: what are you doing now?
oska: i know since this is [?] – I’m sorry but….could I give you my autograph?
to be honest I am a musician-I’ll sing [?] so could you give me your number?
seul: i get what you are doing but I am busy right now
oska: using a song as an excuse to get your number -you are the first person
would it be hard to get your number?
persent day seul stares at the monitor and oska winks at her

JW is downstairs getting some milk
R comes down sleepy – she cant even open her eyes
JW holds her up so she doesnt fall
he tells her to open her mouth and he pours some milk into it
she finally opens her eyes and says she has a shoot today
he asks if it is dangerous
she says yes it is dangerous  so that is why he should have let her get some  sleep
then he pulls her hoodie and says then dont do it
she pulls away giving him a dirty look
she does her action scene

mr park and jw have a meeting about a hotel and its casino
jw says if people enjoy the resort and use the hotel and casino
the next thing would be shopping
he tells mr park that LOEL will become the best
jw asks sec kim how many female staff we have
sec kim asks why
jw says oska is having a concert
people are lined up for the concert
omg oska is wearing eyeliner and practicing
he sings on stage wearing gandi’s uniform (minus the skirt) from BOF
R and jw  are in the audience
R is cheering him on but jw just sits there
thru the whole concert she tries to get him to clap and actively
enjoy it but he resists so he gets beat up towards the end

during the concert seul sees TS leave
TS is walking away and seul stops him
seul: wait – what are you doing?
are you running away right now?
TS: ahjumma you are quick
seul: why ? what is the reason?
TS: I dont like you ahjumma
seul: i dont like you either
TS: i know that is why i am leaving
seul: how can you do that?
we dont like each other so it’s [?]
TS says something and then says : we both like oska
seul: was that for real/you really meant it?
TS:that is why dont hold onto me
seul: cant you just stay as his friend
between men and women there is stuff like that
TS: so you are going to be his gf and you want me to be his friend?
I dont want to – you can have him
and dont lose him to another woman
“tears” is my present to you ahjumma
seul: to me?
TS: i’m leaving ahjumma
seul: ya – HTS- if you ever need someone to back you up -call me
you’re still young but in life those moments come up
she says she is the best at something
he smiles and walks off

oska is on stage and he thanks everyone for coming out on a cold day to his concert
(and i think he said something about how this is his last time as playing chae young in the drama)
for the last song, he says he is going to sing his 7th album title song “tears”
written by a new songwriter
he sings the new song
seul holds up a huge notebook and flips the page every few mins
1) TS said that i’m the girl in this song – am I qualified to be her?
(the girl he is currently singing about is Seul)
2) You hurt me, so that’s the reason why I caused you a lot of pain – I’m really sorry.
3) You’re right, the roasted chestnuts was me. But the cheese cake was another girl!! Even still, I still love you, Choi Woo Young.
she cries and oska makes a half heart with his arm again and again
R claps like crazy
*translation by charmedjean and relayed by ck10z

JW narrates: after the concert there was a definite line cross from oska oppa to Kim Joo Won oppa and we spend our days finding out just how immature a man and woman can be when they are in love
even though it is hard to believe I was really good at being childish
R does situps on the bed
he keeps kissing her every time she comes up
he finally pulls the covers over them again
they have a snowball fight with matching blue tracksuits on
they kiss in the snow
R storms off in anger and gets on the elevator
JW stops the door from closing
he says he can get on now and gets in the elevator and they kiss
mr park and them come up and see them in the elevator kissing
sec kim takes a pic
jw narrates: that is how our family grew – it grew like a lot
5years later
baby shoes are lined up by the window

they all stand outside the gate at jwm’s home with all 3 kids crying -2boys 1 girl
the kids want their parents to buy them a new toy
R says she already bought them many so if they really want it they should earn money and buy it
kid complains I cant earn money now so you lend it to me mom
JW says how could a peanut talk about loans so early on
do you have any collateral or property? what can we trust you with to lend it to you?
kid cries and says he is going to tell on his dad to grandma
jw: dad already tried trusting your mom and your grandpa so [?]
the kids all cry and wail
R tells the kids to stop crying or when they get home later they have to do sit ups or something
R: so this was it – AY’s dream

the gate opens and jwm gathers the children in and wont even look at jw and r
when R says we are here mother and JW says mom
all jwm says is to lock the door carefully to the servant
r says thank goodness she looks healthy
JW narrates:  mom’s guidelines are exact
the years would weaken her (or be her medicine)
when we have kids she will accept us we thought
but it was not at all
R asks him to give her a ride cuz the film location is nearby
he hugs her and says: dont come home like last time with your face like that

during shooting
the director gets mad cuz actor got a scratch
he yells at R and calls her director gil
R shows the director her stunt guy and shows his bruises and says : does this guy look fine to you?
her stunt guy apologizes and says he is ok and can shoot
she yells at him and says -you’re an actor too-your whole body is bruised and cut –
is this the only film you are going to do?
director threatens to fire the whole team and she says she is going to anyway
cuz she cant let her kids work on a site like this
and complains how they didnt feed the stunt team and stuff and tells her team to pack up
[same thing happened to her in first ep except she was the injured stuntwoman]
R takes the stunt guys to the doctors
she gives a speech: no one takes care of/protects a stunt person’s body
so you have to protect your own body
if you hide where you hurt or got injured
all you are doing is making an ailment get bigger
and it will cost you more later
she is putting the whole team’s medical bill under her husband’s name so they can get anything checked out without worrying
all of a sudden they all seem injured and start limping and stuff
two doctors come in and one calls her director gil and says you came with your team
she complains to the doctor that her back hurts
the doc says her husband’s back should hurt but she says in her family it’s her back
stunt team snicker
so she tells them to look away

the young manager calls seul to hurry and go to the bridge
she is wearing a bathing suit under her robe and she is at a water park
she watches oska in a leopard print robe cozying up to a girl in a bikini top
with his arm around her
seul’s eyes go round
seul corners that girl and says
ya- I’ve had to put up with this for 15yrs
the guy that was close to your ears just now – he is mine
do you know that?
girl: then are you yoon seul?
seul: then you heard rumors about me
the girl calls oska and says seul came
oska runs over: you came already?
seul:why did I interrupt up too early?
ya – you -how could you-how can you not change over the last 5 yrs?
oska:why did you come so early?
seul: why -if I came later -were you going to show me you are in bed with that girl
he says that’s not it – you came too fast so now I am trying to buy more time
oska watches a cart being pushed towards them
he puts a bow tie on with his leopard print bathrobe
(and I go blind – just when you think his outfits cant get worse-they throw this ensemble at us)
he opens a ring box to reveal a roasted chestnut
seul makes a face: what is that?
oska says the first one was the appetizer
and puts it in her hand
then he opens the next ring box
it is the ring she rejected all those years ago
he gets on his knees holding out the ring to her
first 6 years
lived apart 4 yrs
then again 5 yrs
so 15 yrs have gone by
[she starts to cry]
for 15 yrs I lived as a bad guy, a jerk, and made your heart ache all the time
but I’m going to do that too in the future
i wont change
i’m going to live the rest of my life without growing up/maturing
but like today -when you were surprised, moved, I’m going to make you enjoy life
in the billboard chart of my life
after 15 yrs
you’re the best hit song – yoon seul
now it’s time for us to live together
let’s live together
seul cries
R’s voice narrates: in a person’s life – a moment like magic comes around
in that moment a love can become complete

sec kim and AY are walking by the han river she spots a bottle in the water
he says it was the letter he wrote AY in jejudo
she thinks he is lying until he opens it and shows her
AY: receiving this kind of letter I bet I am the only woman -thank you
and she hugs him and they do a hug dance
R narrates : if love becomes more [?]

JL is sitting across from that actress in personal taste
and he stares at her fascinated
people around them whisper her name and try to get pics and stare a lot
JL: i came here today cuz I thought i was going to meet the casting director
she says you were right – today I am the casting director
JL: what does that ….
she pulls out the script from her bag and puts it down “black rain”
she says I read your script
what was ironic was  I went to a meeting for a movie
I had almost decided to film – and saw your script in that office
I heard because casting is not working out, investments are not coming in,
and you’re at the brink of giving up
JL: yes that’s the way it looks right now – so?
she says so how about me?
why? do you not like me?
or are you going to film with someone like angelina jolie?
JL: so does that mean….
she says my personality is direct so you must be surprised
fine we will go in order
after manager -director after -after director president – after president me
give me a call and I will wait while memorizing the lines
JL: omg -he says he is sitting in the middle of a miracle
she says you were sitting in it from a while ago
R narrates you dont know if this might be the moment when you are getting your life long dream come true

the kids are being put to bed
r and jw try to sneak off
one kid pops up and says we arent sleeping yet and then starts to wake the other one next to him so JW says : ya-why are you waking a sleeping kid
the kid insists on sleeping with R
but JW says :who says – I am going to sleep (with her)
the kid says : mom- i dont like dad
and she says : i dont like you -hurry and sleep
so now R and JW are in bed with the kids

but JW carries her off
all the way to the other house almost
she asks arent i heavy
he says she is
she wants to get down and he says you cant unless you give me a kiss
and she does so he sets her down
and she starts walking with him right behind her
she wishes for snow and he says the moon is too bright for snow
R narrates : we still dont have wedding pics
but we love each other and receive love every day
we are living a magical life
maybe loving is like getting your souls swapped
may your soul have beautiful flowers bloom
a cool breeze blow
a brilliant sun shining
and once in a while -a magical rain that falls
it starts to snow
her voice narrates: are you really not going to tell me?
his voice: what?
her voice: when we went to my dad’s –
you said you came to see me but you couldnt relay it to me
his voice: ah – that

jw is limping down the hall in a hospital gown
he sees 17yr old R crying over her dad at the mourning site/wake
she keeps calling out “dad”
he sits outside in his gown crying
while she cries inside
when it got dark and she has fallen asleep there
he went in and watched her sleep and cried
crouching over her
he says
i am sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry
he falls down next to her
and they are sleeping by each other
she is crying even in her sleep

he touches her forehead and tries to get her frown lines to go away
and he faints with his hand over hers
they lie side by side like that
someone just posted this on comments
wish she had left her name, but I thought this was so well put – I almost cried again:
“ of the best k-drama endings ever…
Now, i get why he said in an earlier episode that her crying puts too much emotional stress on him and that he doesn’t like seeing her cry… Because he witnessed her cry so much during one of the most painful times in her life… And why he said before that he didn’t know how to say sorry.. Because he was actually saying sorry to her before he fainted and lost his memories..”

137 comments on “Secret Garden Finale: Live “Transcap”

  1. jaefamo says:

    SG is Daebak! Love all the actors, the story, the OST and the ending!

    Thank you so much Softy of Rebel Souls for your hard work…


  2. kat says:

    This has been the go to place for the last couple of months while the drama aired. Unlike other places, this site has a detailed transcript of what took place in each episode. I’m truly grateful for the speedy upload of what took place in each episode of this drama. Thank u very much indeed!


    • Tari says:

      Second this, and I have to come back to see the screencaps 🙂 Thank you Softy, Crazynyt, Betchay, and everyone who pitch in to help fill the blanks. Couldn’t enjoy this drama fully without you guys. Just as JW fated to be with Raim, for me SG is fated with your blog 🙂 the first drama I watch raw and I found your blog when you decided to make the transcap of ep. 3. Though I doubt that any other drama in the future will hook me so that I watch it raw, I will still check out your blog for the transcap. And as for Secret Garden, never thought I love a drama subjectively as I love this one. Kim Joo Won won me for showing that a lack of ‘fashion’ is not necessarily a lack of sincerity 🙂 Best drama ever!


  3. Faye says:

    I guess there’s nothing much left for me to say to express my gratitude to you Softy and Team but still i want to thank you for a job well done. I wonder if another drama as good as Secret Garden will soon hit our screens but i know i will be back here when that happens because i am sure you will do the same fantastic job as you did with SG. Thank you very very much and more power!


  4. bathala says:

    The End.

    Thanks for all your hard work.


  5. Sophie says:

    I discovered this blog while watching SG, and wanted to thank you, Softy & team, for all the transcaps and your hardwork! They’re very much appreciated!


  6. nora says:

    Love from Estonia


  7. arjoe says:

    thanx…softy and team…im gonna missed secret garden…..for a long time i never see a great ending in kdrama…this is the first one.. …the kids so cute….resemble ja won n ra im…..


  8. gea says:

    about the triplets, it’s funny how the 2 boys are as stubborn as joo won and their little girl loves to cry just like ra im hehe 🙂


  9. maomango says:

    Secret garden is one of the best kdrama of all time, episode 20 was a bit cheesy but i just totally love it. javabeans doesn’t agree with me & we are entitled to our own opinion. All i can say kdrama should be enjoyed & not to analyzed it too much. I just love happy ending & i will miss binnie, he’s such a good actor.
    Rebel souls i look forward for your live transcap of My Princess. If you still don’t know how you make us happy with your live transcap. Im telling you now, you make us extremely happy, helping us to understand kdramas as soon as it was broadcast on the net. We watch videos & your transcap on the side. And we don’t need to wait for the subtitle to understand what they are saying, i can even laugh with what i’m watching because of yor transcap. Thank you very much & keep up the good work. Looking forward to see you on wed for MP. = )


    • chewii says:

      yeah! episode 20 is soo cheezcake and i enjoyed it to the bone.. ^___^
      so here’s my treat for our sweet tooth though they ain’t got a walk-in-the-isle moment but i hired a wedding singer 😉


  10. shirley says:

    ^~hi softy . i love your words about parting with this drama ..that sense of not wanting to let go but knowing we will move on . .i wish also for all that each of you . the garden in your heart will have magicial rain that fall..and bring miracle and love .that will make the flower bloom .like for RI and JW^ and their children .^

    oh this is for all of you~ ~ HB in the OST concert .singing that man^


  11. meltedd says:

    thanks softy for the transcaps once again… sg was as flawless as it gets, imo. an enchanting fairytale that captivated a whole nation, and all of us international fans. hope the flow of good dramas keeps coming, so you’ll feel entertained enough to translate for us. love reading your writing, the transcaps don’t say that much, but i guess its your intros for each episode. 🙂


  12. MsM says:

    Thanks so much to all you gardeners . SG will leave a smile on my lips everytime I think of this drama.Really, at first, I thought it would just be a nice drama to entertain me when I was bored, when I didnt have anything to do during breaks from my work, my home and family life, but I have been totally mesmerized by the excellent plot and its development, the actors’ portrayals, especially Ha ji won and Hyun bin. I’m so sad HB will be out of the loop while he serves his duty in the military. Come to home to us safely!


  13. We Yumi says:

    Thanks so much for the transcaps–Softy. Together with the raws they made life bearable waiting for the subtitles.

    Thanks so much for the civility–Forum

    Thank so much for the experience Secret Garden creative team, writer, director and actors. You were a cure for the winter doldrums.


  14. Literati says:

    Even though days have passed and I’m still in denial about the series ending, I felt I should still post a thanks. thank you for sharing your talents with us and allowing us less fortunate ones to understand the series supper speedily. Thank you for all your time and effort and I’ll be around the My Princess posts.

    Now to my comments on the drama. One of the best ways to explore a story is to redo an old story in a new way. I think Secret Garden did an excellent job of exploring the Cinderella Story in a unique way. Hyun Bin and JiWon were amazing in this. They did such a great job with the body switching., that was one thing that really blew me away. HyunBin’s “Message Received Message Received” is forever adorable. After looking back at the ending I do wish that they had a flashback for Sun. He was one of my favorite characters and would’ve liked to see what he was up to after his 5 years (even if it was a short stint where they turn up his song on the radio). I’m glad they didn’t go everyone’s married and happy blah blah blah, one of the best endings. I also love how they ended it with a flashback (so unexpected).

    Thanks Softy: Great Cinderella story: What’s Up with Sun: Perfect End


  15. ann says:

    Thank you so so much!!! Although the drama ended days ago, I kept coming back to this site, for some reason it is still hard to let it go:) Your transcaps are a joy to read and they also fill me in on some parts that i don’t understand, which makes it complete. Thank you once again.


  16. bea says:

    i will definitely miss SG! wish they release behind the scenes..


  17. through the looking glass says:

    softy, are you going to do the SG special tomorrow? hope you do 🙂


  18. ItadakimasU says:

    Dear Softy,

    i’m a bit late, but thank you so much for your work on SG… I really dislike waiting (for subbed eps), but you took the impatience for the wait out of my SG routine ^^

    So again, thanks very much!!!


  19. I didn’t even know about Korean dramas until 3 weeks ago. I started watching Lie To Me, and watched 3 episodes without subtitles and was hooked. Finally got smart and searched for ones with EN subs. Then, I watched Secret Garden upon hearing rave reviews. I watched it all -all 20 episodes on twice in less than 4 days. It is such a beautiful love story. So incredibly beautiful. You summed it up beautifully, “The writer wanted us to know how they were destined to meet and fall in love – it ended just as quietly as when it began.”

    So glad I stumbled on your blog because I was trying to see what I missed on Lie to Me ep 14. (I watched it without subtitles, but it won’t be translated for probably another 24 hours).

    Love this blog. I plan on watching the dramas you all have blogged about.



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