Secret Garden E19: Live “Transcap”

I can’t believe they did it – the penultimate episode was so perfect – I could not have wished for a better one. There were so many great lines tonight but I just could not keep up – you guys have to read them later – you are not going to want to miss out. omg – I am speechless -what he said to his mother was so satisfying – that is how you hurt someone that evil. I bet this will snap her out of it.
did anyone else bawl like crazy again? the first half made us laugh and the last half – tears again. my goodness this drama sure knows how to squeeze out every emotion…I am so going to miss this.
It’s time to say goodbye to SG. Two more episodes and it is all over. Time caught up with us. Pretty soon SG will just be another drama that we loved and cared about for a short time and will be relegated to just a wonderful memory for us to recall once in a while. Like every great drama, certain lines or scenes will stay with us and leave its imprint. For me, it was JW’s solitary walks along his estate and how blunt and honest he was during his most vulnerable moments. Lines like “I would have paid more if I had known I was raising you” and “I would have to carry you so I can see your face” still makes me swoon. Truth be told, he had me with the Kimsuhru chant. I never knew such an odd chant could make my knees go weak, but leave it to Binnie to make gibberish romantic. Not even his flashy tracksuits could deter me from hanging on his every word and falling more in love with his slow but inevitable freefall into love. And what a glorious freefall it has been -with every twist and turn, I dreaded this moment when everything had to end. As the their love story intensified, so did my admiration for this writer and the actors for their dead on portrayal. Their eloquence was moving and their undeniable attraction enraptured us and I only wish this spell would never break.
With all the references to Alice in Wonderland and the Little Mermaid, the one fairytale that fit the story more accurately was Cinderella with a twist.  On the surface, it is about a girl who lost her father and how she goes from rags to riches to live happily ever after with her Prince. Except minus the stepsisters and stepmother, you had one scary mother-in-law who ended up single-handedly playing all three roles by herself cuz she was that mean and capable. And who played her fairy godmother? A very charming hallyu star who kept us grinning through each episode. What made this even more interesting was that our Prince was flawed in so many ways and it was hard for some to envy our Cinderella. You could question his methods of courtship, but never his sincerity. When it came to R, JW had to lose himself to find the strength to let go of everything to keep her. It was his ultimate sacrifice that broke hearts all over the world and left us reeling wondering how we could endure our pain. We stepped into their world and took on their joy and anguish.
As I blubbered my way through E17 and E18 transcaps telling myself to get a grip, just when I thought my heart couldnt take any more heartache, the light at the end of the tunnel came in the form of a 21 yearr old JW.  At this point, I don’t care if they kiss or not from where we left off last week, if there is a wedding, or children at the end. I never needed my dramas to tie all its loose ends perfectly -just tight enough that I don’t want to leave with a “what if they had…” feeling. If I have learned anything from watching this drama, it is best not to anticipate or expect and just let the words and actions take you where it wants to go – with 18 episodes behind us, this drama has earned the right to be trusted. It hasn’t failed us yet and I have every faith that it won’t.
A special gratitude:
Since I don’t know what is in store for the last episode, I want to take the time now to thank White Fox, Blue, Naey, and everyone else who contributed, clarified, and filled in gaps for us. We appreciate every minute you took to share your knowledge with us and helping us enjoy this drama more fully.
Also, thanks Nikesma for all the subbed vid clips you shared with us for SG and MSOAN,
Shirley for bringing us all the clips, bts, insights, and other gems, and there are too many others to name -but thank you for leaving kind words of encouragement for me these past weeks. Your comments put a smile on my face at the end of a long night of transcription. Thank you all.
Secret Garden E19: Transcriptions
JW: then I’ll ask you like this
were we close enough to kiss- like this?
jw-Why arent you answering-did we kiss?
r-what do you think?
jw-i asked first
she chants kimsuhuru
jw-what are you doing
r-i’m protecting you (meaning not take advantage of the situation)
jw: what?
r-like you protected me – I am protecting you-until the day you remember
he smiles
r-why are you smiling?
jw-i protected you? I did? at the age of 34 and [virile] ?
she says “um”
jw: there is no way -by any chance was it cuz you werent attractive?
r- do you want to die?
after you die and come back – there is no fear huh?
he starts to back up
jw- were you always like this to me?
r- you are the style to sprinkle[?]
jw- dont take advantage of the 13 yrs I lost
R gets up and says she is leaving now
she warns him not to tell her to come and go
if you want to see me – you come – got it?
jw; wait
i’ll say it again but pack your stuff and come- be next to me
for that – if I cant find the reason why I like you
when I say to “go” – you have to leave
you dont want to?
r- dont do that – instead – i will just be there next to you like i am invisible
and disappear like bubbles like the little mermaid
just say it – cuz i said I would do whatever you want now
jw: do you know what you just said (what it means)
R-yes-I know it all too well -think about it and give me an answer
she leaves
she turns around and waves and smiles
he watches her and said what’s with that woman – why does she smile so pretty
he chases after her
JW: wait up – where are you going? I’ll take you
R: why did you come out so late?
do you know how slowly i walked from there to here?
while showing you a really pretty back
(meaning she walked away from him in a cute way so he would do this and chase after her -that walk wasnt that great tho I thought)
so you should have hurried and came out and grabbed me
why did you consider it for so long?
jw doesnt answer – he just has this look that says -omg she is full of herself
R: i have an important meeting today
because of my accident the shooting stopped
but it looks like I might be able to keep filming
i have to go quickly so give me your keys -i’ll drive
at action school
JW is in the background listening in
JL to R: dont be alarmed and listen
dark blood called and it looks like they went back to the Hong Kong casting
cupid: what happened to you – to us it is like a miracle and we’re glad
but from their view – they cant throw away their worries and concern for your health condition
R: I understand – please tell them after I am fully recovered i hope to see them again
JL: ok i will – for now while you are resting – work on getting back your normal condition
R: okay – just being cast was a dream come true – if it’s that much -it’s like I became a hollywood action (stuntwoman)
I’ll go to the bathroom for a minute
JL goes up to JW
JL to JW: heard you lost your memory
JW: were we tight that you would know stuff like that
or are you really (one of the men she dated/two timed)
JL: you want to get hit again?
JW: again? are you saying you hit me (before)?
[?] I have a lawyer
JLto JW: dont ever forget R
cuz you are the guy who put your life on the line for her
JW asks himself: what ? my life? for that short legged woman- is he saying I put my life on the line?
sitting by her locker
she rememebers how she got fitted and prepared  for the role for dark blood and is sad
JW comes over
JW: it must have been an important movie
R: it was a miracle you made for me
JW: i did?
R: I wanted to do well -sorry
JW: ok – I dont know what it is – but if you think you did something you should feel sorry for – make it up to me later. I’m like a knife with calculations
she sort of smiles
JW: but why do you keep soap in your stocking?
R: because I didnt want to waste the leftover soap so I saved it up …
she gets up :what?
JW: in your locker …..huh? how do I know that?
have I seen your locker before?
R: yes when our bodies were switched
JW: when what switched?
R: talk about that later – your memory must be returning
is there anything else you remember
(spying an opportunity) JW: let’s see- you are wearing a really provocative inner wear -you are….
she kicks him
JW: ya!
*wow – he is awful but adorable at the same time
TS and Seul meet
Seul says you said you were leaving korea but it seems you didnt go
TS : you said it wouldnt be easy to find someone who knows you in life
they banter with TS saying oska held onto him and she says just cuz he did -do you get caught?
TS says something about the way oska looked at him and she calls TS a romantic for thinking or taking it that way
then he asks how old she is -referring to her as ahjumma
seul: are you trying to one up me by saying you are younger than me?
oska comes in and says what’s going on – are you fighting? why are you fighting- you should get along
seul to oska: he isnt living here permanently right?
oska: there are a lot of rooms so why not
if I put him anywhere else – he might run off again
seul: what are you going to do if I run away? i’m leaving
she goes off in a huff
oska: where are you going? i have something to tell you
oska is about to chase after him but TS speaks up
TS: in ten minutes we are going to record
if it’s past ten minutes I’m going to pack my bags
oska complains why are you acting like this too- did you two conspire to get me?
oska dragging seul in the room
oska: we have to talk within 10 mins – within 10 mins
seul: i have something to ask- does TS by any chance like men?
oska: how did you know?
seul: you knew that and let him in?
after all you did – now men….
oska: that’s not it – he hates me
seul says how clueless he is and that’s why he goes around hurting people
he jokes around and she asks how he could kid right now
oska says he is having a hard time cuz of JW cuz JW is 21 now
she asks what oska wanted to tell her
oska says he wants to continue making a music video
have an open concert, pay something, and have an asian tour
seul: so
oska: if you help me i think i can do all that well
JW: what are you doing? are you busy?
oska: what do you want? there is only 5 mins left so say it within 5 mins
JW: who is she – why are you [?] with such a beautiful person
he extends his hand to her
JW: it’s nice to meet you I am KJW
seul: you must not remember me
JW: we know each other?
oska reaches over and breaks their handshake asking JW:
why do you like it so much?
JW: she is pretty
to seul: pardon me but how close were we?
oska to JW: ya – it wasnt like that
this way (meaning seul) is this way (and points to himself)
JW disappointed: really? really?
seul is pleased
housekeeper comes to announce JW’s mom is here
and tells oska that he will be back and motions to seul to stay here and wait
oska yells: you better not come back
and motions like he will kill him if he does
seul smiling says about jw: we should have met when he was 21
and oska says “what? ya!”
jwm says she came cuz she was wondering how he was doing
and asks if he was hurting anywhere
JW says no and reminds her she already called in the morning to ask that
he had jumped up the the railing
she aks why do you go up there and tells him to get down cuz it is dangerous
JW” mom -did you know? i had a gf – a stuntwoman
jwm: i knew too
he says you knew? unlike most girls – she doesnt act coy
tho her body isnt great
jwm: that’s true – I dont think she is that great
he senses his mom doesnt like R:mom you dont like that woman huh?
she asks if i dont like her will you stop meeting her
he says: aahhhniiii  (no)- i like her
she said she will leave now
he said he was curious…a few days ago…no it was 13 yrs ago….anyway
the fireman who saved me in the elevator-what happened to him?
he wasnt hurt? if I thanked him after all these years -is that a little bit weird
jwm : of course – to you it was  like yesterday but to him itwas 13 yrs ago
the mom lies and says she took care of it and he doesnt need to worry about it
he asks if she knows his name or number
she said she will find that out and tell him
she is shocked he asked about the fireman
R tells AY that her dream came true about the lavish table and stuff and tells her to open a fortune shop
AY had another dream last night so she is worried cuz R just told her AY’s dreams come true
3 little kids in white are crying -the president is on the side with his hand over his mouth  with tears dropping – and you were yelling-then I woke up and i didnt feel well about it
sec kim comes to get R again
R says to herself: he should come himself why is he making a person come and go-little punk
to sec kim: where is it this time?
jw is waiting at a sauna
she asks: do you wanna die?  why did you call me to a place like this?
JW: why do you  think I would call you to a place like this?
to see your body of course -but what you’re wearing is getting in the way
R: this little kid
these days cuz I took a break – you think this world is a pastel tone
i dont know how I played at 34
but the 21 yr old me plays like this – come in
he pulls her in
R: you really are going to die
did you play like this when you were young?
he says yes
R: with who? girls?
JW: yes -with pretty girls
what – you dont know much about me
are you sure we were dating?
R: how about you – do you know about me?
JW: what is this – are you a complicated/experienced girl when it comes to men?
R; you didnt know? mostly with what men like
JW: what?
R: places were usually rooftop, car, outdoors, ….since men like that
JW: what?
 “rooftops? waaahhhh” did you think I would say that?
you think I would be fooled twice?
R: what?
JW: what? you just remembered again huh?
JW: huh? did I ?
she hugs him
R: i knew you would remember- I knew it
JW: since we are like this – I think I am remembering something else…
his hands move down from her waist to…. lower
R tells him to not go past that line
JW in a sly tone : i am trying to remember…..
R: I’ll just make you remember
and takes his arm and puts it behind his back hurting him
we did this once every two days – you remember right?
JW: aaahhhhhhh!!!!   let go
R: going straight back to Seoul – (raise) right hand
going to keep staying here – (raise) left hand
JW: how can I raise my left hand?
can you just raise yours for me instead? (LOL)
she presses harder
he screams out :ahhhh!
* that line was from ep. one when they had a miscommunication and she was talking about where she performed her stunts and he was talking about “other” activities 
JW pulls up to her home
he cant believe it
she points and says “that’s my home”
JW: that? that where?
R: the second floor window with the tape on it
he keeps staring in disbelief
R: I dont know if it’s a good thing or bad thing but
she says he made the same face when he saw where she lived thr first time
JW: i bet I  did – by any chance do you have my number?
she says of course -why?
he says delete it and drives off
oska listens to a song on the mp3 player while TS looks on with a smile on his face
oska takes the headphones off and says : wahhhhh- the lyrics are great
and oska compliments TS and musses TS’s hair
TS slaps his hand away saying: dont do stuff like this – I am a professional producer
oska: what you punk? it’s cuz I am proud of you
and oska really grabs TS and musses up TS’s hair a lot more
TS pushes him off saying : ya and arranges his hair back in place
TS: I’m not giving you that song- give it back -I’m not going to do it
oska : stop (TS does) put it down
you’re not taking this seriously- if you signed the contract and stamped it –
this kind of threat doesnt work anymore
since you brought it back
let’s settle [?]
1-oska hyungnim
2-chae woo hyungnim
3-tah-a-nim-it’s a combination of oska and god
4-TS says “oscar” and oska says “that’s it” and stops himself says :what did you say punk?
JW comes in and says “what’s wrong?”
JW to oska about TS: who is it?
oska to TS: my cousin
oska to JW: you are wearing that again? (JW has blue tracksuit on)
[?] is really scary
JW to TS: look here – what do you think of this (meaning his tracksuit)
TS: you dont live alone in this world so why are you hurting/offending someone’s eyes
JW: what?
JW to oska: who is that guy?
oska says TS is the producer to his next album
JW: how could music end up like this
[didnt catch the next line]
TS : the person who made music like that is your hyung
they argue and it sounds like gibberish  cuz i dont know any of these idioms or words
producers take the right side normally
JW says something about how TS doesnt know sense cuz TS made fun of his tracksuit
and TS says he was a model so JW shouldnt think TS doesnt know fashion
cuz their ages are similar
JW: do i look like someone who would play with you
when I run a dept store
oska is impressed : KJW – cuz you are 21 yrs old- you are competiting well ( during the banter)
the two of you should meet up often and eat together and stuff
JW acts like he is going to hit oska
and TS smirks
JW to oska: I want to ask you something but answer bluntly /directly
cuz it’s bugging me – what kind of woman is GRI?
oska says : first of all -she is my fan
jw : what?  that’s enough -even if i remember  -that woman wont do
oska: ya! what does that mean?
seul asks her to drink the tea
but oska’mom says there is a lot of tea at home
i’ll just get to the point
i didnt know JW was {oska’s} cousin
if you had excuses like that – put them away
this is something that cant happen in our home
you went out on a blind date with jw but you plan to marry wooyoung- is that it?
oska comes running
oska : mom what are you doing now?
mom: i do this all the time so why are you so surprised?
oska: why are you doing this and alarming her
she gets hurt really easily
i’m trying to get on her good side – what if you make her dislike me? what will i do?
mom: what? what did you say? and she hits him with her handbag
she callls him something
oska: why are you hitting me? i liked this woman for a long time
she asks why he didnt speak up during the family meeting
and acted like they didnt know each other
then she directs her anger at seul and asks seul why she acted like she liked jw
oska: it’s all cuz of me- so why are you taking it out on her?
she  calls him another name
she tries to hit again
seul stops her and asks insted of doing this here mother -let’s go out and have a drink with me
his mom: what?
the three of them are drinking
well actually oska is pouring-they are drinking
oska’s mom asks honestly isnt my son better than jang dong gun
seul says oksa isnt jang dong gun
mom: why isnt he? where is he not? (as in what about him is he not JDG?)
do you know how many people love him to death
seul: JDG has more (fans) mother
mom: you really are not like most girls
seul: if i was like other girls- how could I date woo young oppa?
seul keeps drinking after oska’s mom does
oska’s mom says after coming as a girl who was going to marry his cousin
how can i see her as a future daughter in law?
when i went thru so much difficulty raising my woo young
seul: to you he is your  son but to me he is just a plain person
i was like this from when i was 21 yrs old so how hard do you think that was for me
oska’s mom replies how can we do anything about how popular he became
she touches her face and says I wanted to quit drinking cuz of my complexion-she spritzes water (like that evian spray)
seul says the mom is like her
and she always fights with dry air too
seul sprays the air too
the mom says seul is the same as her
oska: i’m going to go crazy he asks them both if they are going to continue drinking
mom to him: havent you left
seul to him : if you are bored sing a song
oska yells out to call something
oska gets back to meeting his manager
oska is on the phone asking who is more drunk
he gets a text and their drink fest came out to $1,300 something
and he  yells why the younger manager charged it with oska’s card
he yells “tell my mom to pay for it” and he hears that now they are going to the second location to drink some more
he orders him to bring them both here in one car
the guy asked who should i put in the car first
and oska yells what do you mean who should you put in first – whoever is closest! and he hangs up
oska is happy he got chosesn to be some rep (no smoking campaign) cuz now he can sell/use/market his face again
if he tells someone not to smoke they wont
so he yells and says it is funny and wonders why people are so quick to forgive him
he gets close to the manager and asks :what should i wear tm?
oska gets some kind of kind of award or something and sings with kids and stuff
R is jumping rope
cupid tells her not to overdo it and it isnt good for her to breathe in cold air
(cuz she might get sick again) -if you dont take care of your body well it goes on for the rest of your life
-should i make you some seaweed soup?
R: did I have a child?
she uses southern lauguage and tells him to stop i think
he backs up and tries again to get her to drink the soup but i think she said if i catch you there wont be any soup left meaning maybe she will dump it on him
oska shows up at the action school
all of a sudden she is happy and says hello
but cupid thinks she is faking it and says he wont fall for it over and over and backs into oska
oska asks R how the 21 jw is – if she meets him often
she says jw is racy (meaning all he cares about is skinship) and that he is cute
oska says I didnt see you like that – you like racy men?
he says even if i met a lot of women i didnt know how they really felt
and lowers his top to reveal a bare shoulder
she says if he does that KJW will do something
she tells oska that jw remembers a bit from time to time
oska that’s good but  what if he asks for the shoes and watches back
before i get it taken away by him -should i just sell them off
oska takes her home
he says since it’s been a while since he brought her home
so should they continue having a fan meeting in the future
she says what kind of oppa wants a fan this much -she says his popularity must have gone down
he lists all the things he is doing now says he is even helping to improve koreans health and that he isnt just a hallyu star anymore
jw is already there and says “what a nice picture”
R to oska: you saw that right- he is slowyremembering things
jw asks what kind of celebrity drives his fan home
JW to R: you said you loved me – you said we were in love
jw asks how many guys is she cheating around with
he gets jealous
R grabs oska’s arm and says since brought me all the way home oppa
you should come in and have a drink like always
oska says of course – let’s go
oska tells her to watch the steps and be careful going down them
jw chases after them: stop right there – unlock your arm-i told you –  you cant ignore my words
jwm’s sec watches that and says “dont get caught by me please-why do i have to be a sec”
he calls jwm and says jw went  inside just now
jwm stares at the newspaper turned to R’s dad’s obituary
and says a comment about R that is hard to translate
basically I think she said by making jwm hit rock bottom R is some girl
-meaning R is something else for forcing jwm’s hand
(cuz jwm is about to do the unthinkable with R’s dad’s death)
* jwm was right- her sec is on JW’s side
he hated spying on them and that is why he hates his job
while JW looks around in disbelief
oska makes comments about coffee and gives R instructions on how to make it
two spoonfuls of coffee each and he takes his with 3 sugars
jw sees oska’s pic on the wall
JW: what is that? saying you were dating me but why is the pic of hyung?
are you two really dating?
they ignore him
but oska says: if that was true what are you going to do?
JW looking pleased : then I choose seul -36-24-34 – I like it too much
R and oksa both at the same time yell
R: what?!
oska: Ya!
oska gets up and sort of kicks  JW around-kinda jokingly
R cheers him on saying : my oppa is doing well
JW: “my oppa” – i was right you two are dating-stop doing that to me
and JW breaks free
JW: i have a call
jwm calls jw and says the fireman you wanted to know  about
I didnt tell you cuz i thought it would be too hard on you but to tell you the truth
he passed away
JW: why ? cuz of me?
jwm: listen to everything i have to say
she says her dad’s name and says he had a daughter and she is GRI
she is sitting in front of you
oska: what’s wrong? who is it?
JW: continue
jwm: you will know when you regain your memory
she used her dad’s death and [?extort?] you
to hold onto you she used her dad’s death
I hope you – even now- would not [fall for it/let it happen]
JW cries and says: hang up for now
jw asks oska to leave
jw asks: was your father a fireman?
R: you remember?
JW: and he passed away?
JW: is he involved in my elevator accident?
she asks how did you know
was that your mom who just called?
JW: i have to leave
R: wait listen to me first
JW: but why do you live in a place like this?
were you really dating me?
there is no way I would meet a woman this poor but if I did
I dont think I wouldve  just let her live like this
R: there were a lot of things that happened
i will explain….
JW: no – dont- I think this is a problem I need to remember
you [???/kept deceive me or if you were going to deceive me
I think I will want to be deceived
* not sure of those last lines
jw asks the housekeeper why there is money next to his bed
and why she doesnt clean it up
she says that $45 is precious to him (he cherishes it)
and there are some more things he cherishes/considers precious
JW is staring at a pile of clothes,boxes, basket of tangerines, cleaner still in the box, etc
sec kim gets a call from JW and gets irritated
JW asks how sec can answer the phone so rudely
and sec kim says if you keep talking like that I am going to —-do even better
jw calls sec kim and asks why these things like a vaccum cleaner in front of him are precious
sec kim: president how could I know that?
JW calls him something and hangs up on him
sec kim complains to AY that whether he is young or old  jw keeps clinging to him
AY asks if president got back some of his memory
sec kim says it is a secret in the dept store
she asks who is doing his work then
sec kim says he is  and that JW depends on him
AY says JW has to remember so R wont worry so much
AY gets foam on her upper lips
he asks her if she does that in front of other guys
she says she will wipe it off and sec kim says he will and kisses it off
she throws water and says I didnt give you permission
sec kim says in  dramas they dont ask for it
oska calls seul and tells her to come outside
cuz he is standing in front of her office
(this place is located across from the galleria in apkujong)
he is pacing holding onto two coffees
she comes outand he waves
seul; you should come in why did you ask me to come outside
oska: since the weather is so good
he hands her a coffee and takes her left hand and puts it deep in his right pocket
she asks what he is doing and he says let’s walk
she says what are you doing -ppl are looking
oska: i’m doing it for them to look
they walk down the street together
he says when we walk like this it’s like a photoshoot
she says it is cuz she looks like miss korea
huge crowd follows them
(now they are in myongdong)
she tries to pull her hand away but oska just grips tighter
she asks him to wear sunglasses
people comment oska looks good, who is next to him, etc
oska says they are right he is dating
a girl guesses seul is the girl in the scandal
oska verifies seul’s name and says they will date well
seul: are you crazy? why are you like this?
oska tells her this is the first time they help hands and had a date walking
everyone else does this so let’s do this too now
oska: walking dates, letting you sit next to me in the car, and taking you home
i will do all that
when I go out during music programs I will yell out seul I love you and do stuff like that too
even if you stop me i am going to do it
kids say i didnt get your socks and stuff for you to do this
you are betraying us
oska: is oppa an idol? oppa is 36-leave oppa alone so he can love
also did I never date a woman before
the girl says it’s different when he did it secretly and now openly
they ask what his manager is doing and if he is crazy (for letting oska do this)
oska tells them to go switch to 2pm or go like Beast cuz they are good and hands his coffee to a girl and says drink this
and he leads seul away
jwm lied to jw that R is using her dad’s death to hold onto JW
jw finds the ripped out page of LM
he reads it
the ending had been rewritten
in his handwriting
“just as the LM was about to disappear
the prince wanted to know the truth so he asked the princess “is this your best-are you sure”
and broke off the engagement
he chased after the LM but she had invented an air bubble washing machine and became a chaebol
meanwhile the prince  became penniless(lost his fortune) because of reckless investment
and the prince became the little mermaid’s sec kim for a really long time-they really lived a long time”*
what is this -what crazy guy did this childish thing
he remembers what she said about LM
then he has flashes and remembers certain scenes
and he runs out
more flashes (so cool how they flash the scenes)
he is in the car driving like crazy
he remembers seeing her at the mourning place after her dad died=AY is comforting her
he says as he stops the car
that was R – that young girl-she is R
he cries like crazy
he calls and asks where she is
*naey said:
“really just live for a long time” ( the key point in this sentence is that there’s no ‘happily ever after’ part and JW just stresses ‘just live for a long time’ part) when he wrote this..he decided to give up his life for RI.. I can feel his desperation at that time from this lineㅠㅜ.
double daebak scene
jw goes to her house
R: what’s wrong? what happened?
he goes inside
R: did something happen? what is it? why are you like this?
if there is a misunderstanding about my dad
I will tell you all of it
to tell you the truth – my father – you…
jw hugs her
R: it wasnt about my father? if it wasnt why did you come?
he says to do this
she asks: by any chance -did you regain your memory – do you remember it all?
he says no
R: you didnt?
but you just….
JW: I agreed to go on a blind date
R: what? why? why are you going on a blind date?
I told you – you really did like me
JW: you keep [?] so I dont believe it
if love can happen thru [?]
then all the love in this world must be fake
no matter how much I think about it – you are not my style
it doesnt make sense that a guy like me could like someone like you
what did you do to me?
you dont have wealth, education, or looks
how dare you make me cling to you
GRI – since when were you this dumb?
last year?
(if I said this much) with everything said-  you should understand by now
why do you think I am here like this late at night woman
it’s cuz I remember everything
she starts to cry
JW: I’m sorry – I was kidding around so you would like it more
she starts to hit him
R: you are dead today-i’m going to kill you
JW grabs her hands: it hurts – just stand still for a sec
I still have important things to say
R: what is it – what is it you jerk
he kisses herhead and says: I love you- this is mine
she says I dont need it you bad guy
he kisses her head again and says: I really love you – this is your father’s
R: I dont need…..she stops ….what?
JW’s coughing voice yells :save me – isnt anyone there?
I was trapped in the elevator
JW begins his narration
my leg was injured so i couldnt stand
I couldnt breathe cuz of the smoke
I was shaking with fear thinking i might die
I couldnt do anything except yell “save me”
i hoped someone would hear that and come running to save me
her dad tells another firefighter : it is confirmed that there are no other people to save
so get out – I’m going to check one more place to be sure before I leave- so go
her dad’s voice narrates the fireman’s code: if you give me the strength to save one life
JW takes R’s hands in his
when i thought “I’m going to die now”
like a miracle the elevator door opened
a fireman extended his hand to me
her dad opened the elevator door when the elevator was in between floors
her dad extends his hand out to JW so JW gets up and tries to stand to grab it
but falls from the pain of his leg injury
her dad calls out”are you hurt?”
he crawls thru the half open door and goes inside the elevator with JW
he gave JW oxygen: breathe deeply -get up-it’s too hot in here
as they walk towards the door
the elevator dropped again
and they both fall down
the door shut again
her dad: are you ok?
JW: the door shut – what do we do?
her dad: dont worry -(somehow) I have to get out of here -my daugher is waiting for me now
they are both trapped in there
her dad tries to pry open the doors with his bare hands
her dad called in for help
he tells them that they are trapped in the elevator
the guy on the other line asks which elevator
her dad hands over the com to JW to talk into so her dad can try to get the door open with his axe
JW tells them which elevator but he tells her dad it doesnt work
but her dad says keep trying till you get thru
more narration from fireman’s code….always fearful….praying for rain
her dad got the door partially open again
he says:come here –  I will put you on my shoulder so go up –
when we get out
i will introduce you to my ra im
she is so pretty you will faint
jw is out of the elevator – coughing
her dad lifts the oxygen tank up to him and tells him to hurry and use it
but the dad is still in there
jw asks him to hold his hand
her dad grabs hold
but the elevator shakes
and in that second he knows
it is going to drop again and i think he senses
what needs to happen
JW says grab it – hurry and grab it
the elevator shakes again but he is still holding on
in slow motion
he looks at jw and lets go but JW is still gripping it
JW says : no – dont do it -no
her dad says: let go of my hand
if something goes wrong
because of my weight
you could get pulled down with me
move back and jump over to your right
that’s the safe spot
JW: no i dont want to- I wont go
please hold on -hurry -please hold on
her dad: hurry and get out
go out and tell my daughter
sorry i didnt go home early
that i love her
that her dad loves her a lot
tell her for me
jw begs him please please grab my hand
the elevator shakes and her dad holds JS’s hand and says : I am asking you this favor
JW: dont do it – dont do it – please
her dad shoves jw aside and says “let go”
JW yells “no!!!’
the door shuts
and the elevator falls
jw keeps screaming :no!!
as he stares down at the falling elevator
R cries hearing the story
jw crying says that was his last request
jw says im sorry for relaying it to you so late
he hugs her again
he keeps repeating sorry
she says: no- thank you – how much I was loved -as his child –
for letting me even now -thank you so much
she keeps cry really hard
oh man i am bawling again
they go to her dad’smemorial
jw places flowers there and apologizes to her dad
father – your last words – your last request – for relaying it so late – I’m sorry
for taking too long – I’m sorry
I went to go relay it but I couldnt  -forgive me
and thank you very much  for saving me
your daugher grew up really well
i know giving her to a guy like me is a waste but if you give me your daughter
for the rest of my life – as her man – as GRI’s man -we will live happy
they hold hands in front of her dad and stare at each other
he drops her off at her home
JW: do you think father approved of me
R: could that happen?
when you always look down on his daughter
a guy that makes her cry a lot
what kind of father would approve?
JW: ya – then what do we do?
R: what do you mean what do we do
there is only one solution
you have to love me to death
and I have to love you like crazy
but what did you say a while ago
that you went to say something but couldnt
JW: that is between your father and me
why are you crious about that
R: of course I am curious-what was it?
JW: if you are curious  -ask your father
there is somewhere you have to go with me tm
wear your prettiest clothes and wait for me
I’ll pick you up
going now
R: tm? where are we going?
JWM: ji hyun came by and said you remembered everything
when  I heard the news – I am so happy
he asks are you really happy? you’re not nervous/fearful?
jwm: i trust my son
JW: i trusted you mother-but you were terrible all the way till the end
you were terrible to that woman and to me but you were the worst to yourself
how could you tell a lie like at?
jwm yells : what about that lie? I’m getting my son taken from me so what about that lie!
he says you werent always right, but even when you werent being right,  you always had pride and was cool
and I loved that mother
but over this matter – you lost your pride and me
jwm: KJW
he says: so  I wont live as your son anymore
jwm: KJW!
JW: I’m really sorry but
i lived 34 yrs as your son
but from now on- for the rest of my life – I am going to live as her husband
omg best freaking speech EVER

113 comments on “Secret Garden E19: Live “Transcap”

  1. mq says:

    whoa, i can’t believe you’re doing transcaps for all these dramas- that means that there is probably only 1 day out of the week where you get your proper sleep! While I’ll be lonely when Secret Garden ends, I’m glad everyone in the cast and crew can finally get some sleep. And maybe you too!

    One of my favorite scenes here is the Seul vs. Oska’s mom. Going drinking with the in-law is such a guy thing to do! i really like the reversal here.

    And JW’s speech at the end- blew my mind!


  2. tiq says:

    this episode seems so sweet,,kim joo won,,you sure know how to steal our hearts,, thank you softy for this beautiful recap….


  3. chewii says:

    from Little Mermaid to Alice in Wonderland to Beauty and the Beast(id rather have it that way than cinderella, coz the cat-dog-relationship just suites them) this has been a roller coaster fairytale ride and reading from your wonderful recap is as amazing as your name SOFty… thank you isnt enough but THANK YOU still ♥♥♥


  4. Fano-Kpop says:

    “Sorry I posted early cuz I will be out all day and wanted to let everyone leave their thoughts on the drama and maybe someone would put a long trailer link
    If it was 50 eps 1) I would never cover it 2) life is not that fair 3) binnie has army 4) it would suck after a while 5) I would literally die cuz each ep takes over 9 hrs to transcap”

    Thank you, Softy, from the bottom of my heart! For the precious time you spent recapping for us and for being so considerate. Instead of doing the recap later, you have chosen to do it early so that those of us who do not speak Korean will know what’s going on in Ep 19 as soon as possible. SG and this site both rock!


  5. chasen8888 says:

    After watching it raw, thanks for your recaps softy. Got to say I enjoyed it, looking forward to a later watch with subs. With the twins/triplets spoilers because I wonder if there is a likelihood of one of them belonging to Oska & Seul? That could happen as well. It seems that the staff are on JW and R side with this relationship as they appear to like him more now. As for the getting dressed part, it could be JW officially introducing R to grandpa & family. Mommie dearest can no longer do anything about it, as because of the memory loss and regaining of it, the relationship has been more than strengthened, its PERMANENTLY SOLIDIFIED.

    JW’s loss of memory due to the fire incident has to do with seeing how R’s father died in front of him, it was very tragic which explains the block. I wonder if he will lose his fear of closed spaces now that he’s on the road to recovery?

    Looking forward to the finale. I think we were all fortunate to have Hyun Bin take on this role prior to going to military service. We’ll definitely remember this with a lot of smiles, laughter & tears.


    • MJShinshi says:

      I think he’s over his phobia since they drove to RI’s home from her dad’s memorial with the top of his car closed. I think he’s all better, completely better! I’m gonna miss skinshippy-21-yr-old-JW much. Yay for intro to family and possible wedding since he told his mom he’ll live as RI’s husband for the rest of his life. I love this ep and all the daebak moments/scenes. I’m all giddy and happily doing the MaeRi Lettuce dance or as they call it the ‘wave’ or something now!?! well, now doing both chicken AND lettuce dance 😀
      Thank you Shirley for the clips!
      Softy, kamsahamnida! Rebel Souls’ jjang! 🙂


  6. J says:

    Thanks to you for providing the transcaps yet again, they’re great!

    It feels odd to think SG is coming to an end but it’s probably a good thing that a drama equally addictive hasn’t yet taken its place 🙂


  7. bella012 says:

    Ahh, Softy I give you so much credit with doing these live transcriptions, I can only imagine the time you put into them!

    Thank you and also if you need help, ask away!


    • REBEL SOULS says:

      hey bella – was going to ask blue but since you are here – could you PM me at soompi and help me with TS and JW’s confrontational scene? their banter sounded good but I dont know enough words to do that scene justice. And if you could help me fill in any other blanks – would really appreciate it 🙂
      I need to get some sleep so I will check my PM box tm morning before church- thanks so much for offering


      • bella says:

        oops, I just saw this request now. I’ll post it here later on today here.

        Just to confirm, this is the one where Oska and TS were going over his music stuff?


        • bella says:


          I am so sorry about this, I didn’t forget!

          It’s not one excuse after another I swear, I got worse from my little cold and then had a business trip.

          The first word you had a ? mark on (strictly from memory) is JW’s consciousness/self awareness. (sort of like your subconsciousness). Oska said that despite amnesia and all that jazz, you can’t forget one’s self awareness/taste. I will thilnk of a better way to put that into words.

          I have to get back to you and post here the other part since I can’t recall right now.


  8. mastille says:

    Thank you SO much for your amazing recaps! =D I love your enthusiasm and comments, your recaps have always been so much fun and add to the enjoyment of the series =D I’m so sad that SG is ending too though! =( Even if the logic is not always consistent everything else totally makes up for it, like the acting (cough cough HYUN BINNN cough)


  9. ziren87 says:

    softy thanks so much for the transcaps….i was crying even up to end…and maybe tomorrow i will keep on crying coz i am starting to miss secret garden….

    what an awesome remark there for KJW to his mom….he is so cool letting his mom know that he will now start to be a husband to GRI…and yeah 34 yrs he was a good son…now he will be a good husband….where…where….oh where can we find such a cool guy like him….and i would say…GRI…you are one lucky girl…he maybe a jerk…but he not a total jerk…a lovable jerk i suppose….

    again thanks softy….for tomorrow’s episode lets put boxes of tissues near us as we watch the last episode of SG….


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    I cried reading the part about JW recalling what happened in the elevator. I cried so much..


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    There were so many daebak scenes in this episodes!! Aren’t we so lucky?! I loved the background music when JW’s memories are coming back!! My heart was racing as he was running through his house then driving in his car to get to RI. He was playing a joke on RI, but it also feels to me that he was playing a joke (a fun way) on us as audience to see how we would react! hahaha~!! 😀

    This episode ended with a strong and sharp kick to JW’s mom. Like you all, I liked how he “fought” back with his words and action (we will see it tomorrow)!! I really how it is playing out! ^^

    Thank you Softy for live transcap!! Thank you to all who shared videos clips, preview, spoilers/translation, and of course your comments!! I love all this positive vibe that we all share!! Hugs~!!


  13. MJSHinshi says:

    Go SG addicts…I see pingback this is top post in 🙂 it’s happened before with MSOAN and SG will prolly be same with MP.

    LoL@ Simplesim’s comment, “Oh…btw no more missing church next Sunday okay? Tim must be wondering, where did ‘that woman’ go! Haha…can’t help the pun..”
    Have you said hello to Tim yet Softy as fellow-worshippers, neighbor-pew? It sure is a small world, aye?!

    Anyway SG fighting to the end! Oh how I will miss you next weekend!!!


  14. Hipployta says:

    Thank you so much for recapping. It’s been a wonderful ride and I’m sad that SG is going to end…but now that I’ve discovered you I’ll be sticking with you for My Princess too!

    I love you Secret Garden and my fellow Gardeners!


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    Really LOL @ Oska’s BEAST ref.
    He is so funny.
    I’m starting to feel that withdrawal symptoms, and we still have one episode left… Gosh…. this is such a rollercoaster ride. thank you for your translation, softy. I don’t know how I’d cope without you every saturdays and Sundays these past couple of months…..


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  17. new_fan says:

    New ending of LM that JW wrote: Just when LM is turning into bubbles and disappear, the prince realized the truth and says to the princess: “Is this your best-are you sure”. The prince calls off the marriage, and runs to LM. LM utilizes the fundamental of bubbles and invents “air molecule laundry machine” and became a chaebol. The prince won’t invest in it and lost his wealth, became LM’s secretary Kim, forever and ever. He really lived a long live.


  18. snow says:

    lol even when he’s angsting, JW is still JW… the new ending to LM is hilarious xD


  19. ginggalore says:

    I need to salute the writer for making this far…Its really great, the lines are unforgettable and I do forgave her for the tragedy in LIP…now I totally loved her.

    Softy….your thought! not softy…lol. Kidding aside your transap is amazing we loved it! It helps us, k-drama lovers to cope up with the emptiness of not being able to watch asap.

    Thank you for your love in doing this…thank you, thank you…your amazing!


  20. Chin says:

    thanks for your work . . . will surely be back here later for the trans for episode 20 tonight . . .


  21. houstontwin says:

    My sister and I love your blog!!! Thank you so much for your terrific and speedy recaps. Regarding JWM, I think that many of us found JW’s last confrontation with his mom particularly satisfying because many kdramas forgive Moms Who Behave Badly much too readily. It is not yet time to forgive JWM although I imagine she will grovel quite a bit in the next episode!


  22. naey15 says:

    I will add a little bit to your translation^^
    The prince who becomes penniless(loses his fortune) because of reckless investment(it has nothing to do with LM’s business) bocomes LM’s secretary Kim and live for ever and ever, really just live for a long time( the key point in this sentence is that there’s no ‘happily ever after’ part and JW just stresses ‘just live for a long time’ part) when he wrote this..he decided to give up his life for RI.. I can feel his desperation at that time from this lineㅠㅜ.


  23. may says:

    Definitely a great drama, none had liked me as much as this!, is so good and fun to spend time until you get one like it. The brilliant performances, the beautiful, the script OST different and always having us looking forward to see what happened. I love everything.

    Softy Thanks for everything you gave us these months with all the information of SG, for your time and your translations.

    A big hug


  24. bea says:

    I will miss SG! 20 episodes is very short for a woderful drama like this! Wish it never end so quickly!


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