Secret Garden E16: Live “Transcap”

I dont know about you guys but this week is going to be a long one waiting to see what R says or does next – like someone said – if this scene with JW’s mom begging and the fact that R’s father gave up his life to save JW is going to be the wedge that separates R and JW for a few episodes, my new year is not starting off on the right foot. I love this drama – they cant do that to me can they? they wouldnt go there right? I am not kidding – I have loved every episode of this drama so far so they wont ruin perfection and turn it into a typical kdrama in the last stretch- would they? this kind of plotline is so not want I wanted with only 4 episodes left….argghhh
no I am going to have faith – it has kept me intrigued this long so I know it wont wimp out in the end
thanks shirley for sharing the firemen’s creed- that was really beautiful
fireman’s prayer
When I am called to duty, God
Wherever flames may rage
Give me the strength to save some life
(God, I am still scared and pray for rain.)

(When life or death of precious life is unknown) enable me to be alert.
And if according to Your will I have to lose my life,
Please bless with Your protecting hand my wife and (family).
Secret Garden E16 transcription
starts in the elevator with JW hitting the walls yelling meekly “open the door- open the door” and we hear R’s dad’s voice narrating [korean words he used were hard so I only understood this] had only the strength to save one life- as always I am afraid and praying for the rain
then JW says that line to R about not being able to ride elevators
R’s dad’s voice narrates
[if i am destined to lose my life to save another please help me ] that I could be prepared -as you will it God -if I lose my life – may God protect my wife and family
R keeps screaming into the phone : KJW! answer me! answer me!
R didnt call 911 first – she called AY
R: AY-elevator- inside the elevator….
AY: is that you R? why is your number…
R: AY – hurry – KJW is trapped in the elevator
AY: what are you talking about? our president doesnt ride elevators
R: he got on one – he got on-he is trapped inside there now! hurry and contact sec kim – hurry!
R finally calls 911and explains to the paramedics that the  person trapped inside the elevator at LOEL Dept store is suffering from claustrophobia and to hurry and save him. Then she gets in the cab and begs the driver to go as fast as he can to that dept store.
in the cab R blames herself and says “because of me”
when the elevator door opens partially, sec kim is hysterical and sort of gets in the way of the rescuers yelling “president – open your eyes – wake up -hurry and get this open -what is wrong with our president? hurry and go in!”
then as he gets in the ambulance with JW, sec kim is still crying out for JW to wake up. When R pulls up in her cab – she tells the cab driver to hurry and follow that ambulance.
Cupid reports back to JL that the director of dark blood was upset that R missed her audition and cupid can’t get a hold of her on her phone.
Cupid: they said the director himself mentioned why this actress didn’t come.
(* suggesting he was interested in RI.)
cupid thinks R is crazy for skipping out on an audition like that. JL mumbles: because R wasnt R
mr park is pacing at the hospital
mr park asks what happened to KJW
mr park’s sec says it was hard to find out what happened to JW
mr park keeps saying “i didnt mean to do that- I was really just curious”
the sec leads him away cuz he should avoid being here for now
mr park tried to go to JW and repeated “president kim” over and over
he was really upset
at the hospital JH tells R and sec kim about JW’s condition
so that news would not get out, she said that JW wanted sec kim
JH: He told – to state the official stance that it was a cold with body ache due to overwork in order that speculative articles don’t get out.
seeing he’s concerned in the press first it seems he revived, doesn’t it?
JH recognizes R and says “it’s been a while” but R says “you know me?”
(* an explanation just in case,
i read other blogger was complaining how RI could not recognize JiHyun after they met in ep14 (oska’s house).
RI’s reaction is NOT that RI didn’t recognize JiHyun.
She just didn’t expect that JiHyun knew her
because RI haven’t met JiHyun when she is in her own body and doesn’t know JW-in-R’s met her.)
so JH assumes she wants to keep it a secret that R came to see JH
JH tells R to go in and see JW
R goes in and JW is lying down in a hospital gown
he sits up when he sees her come in
R: are you ok – you’re going to be okay?
JW: what were you doing in the elevator?
did you not hear me when I told you?
I told you I could not ride the elevator
R: I’m sorry – I’m really sorry
I just wanted to show that you know how to ride the elevator…
I never imagined that it would stop
I’m really sorry
JW: come closer
He pulls her close and hugs her waist
JW: I thought I wouldnt get to see you woman
R: i thought i wouldnt see you again too – that you wouldnt make it
JW: I’m sorry – dont cry
what about the audition-did you do well?
why arent you answering?
no way – you didnt do it?
R: how could I think straight to do the audition?
JW: what? so you didnt go to the audition and came here?
are you in your right mind now?
JW yanks out his IV line (ouch)
you said it was your lifelong dream to stand in that kind of audition
R: what are you doing now? you’re not suppose to get overagitated…
JW: be quiet and turn around so I can change clothes
he takes her but it is too late- the auditions are over
oska gets interviewed by reporters cuz his name has been cleared. he thanks the people who helped him out. he even has a funny moment cuz he wants his left profile to be shot cuz that is his best side and asks a reporter if the other one who got the right shot could send the pic file to the one who didnt get that shot.
* a reporter on the left from oska’s view asked him to look to the right.
(assume she meant right from her view. otherwise the scene doesn’t make sense.)
but oska didn’t want to readily pose for the right profile. so he asked a reporter already on the right to take a picture for her.
a reporter says out of the people who helped – one of them was cherry and did he have a scandal with her. oska makes light of it and says how small korea is cuz it’s hard to avoid scandals with oska so he is more sorry and thankful to cherry
since korea is surrounded by the sea on three sides (* meaning nowhere to go for an escape), it will be hard (for her) to avoid a scandal with him in this situation.
seul watches this from her car
seul goes to her office and oska is there eating tofu.
he just came from a police station and asks if she worried about him.
seul tries to act cold and tells him to hurry up and just state why he came cuz she is busy
and he asks again “you really didnt worry about me?”
he says cuz of cherry’s help everything got settled well
“I wanted to share this happiness especially with you”
seul: why are you sharing that happiness with me – share it with cherry
seul: I have to go
oska: where?
seul: loel dept store
oska: why do you have to go there? you still have feelings left for JW
seul: wouldnt it be weird not to have it-since he is such a handsome man
oska: what is so handsome about him? do you know his true colors
seul: that’s why i am going there to find it out
oska wants to go along
he wants to buy cherry a bag and asks  seul to choose it for him if she has time
she gets upset he is buying a bag for another girl and wants her to choose it
oska: it’s not like i am asking you to buy it so why get so mad
seul: was it once or twice that you bought gals a bag? why are you telling me to choose or not as if it’s all new?
she orders him not to follow her
seul: why are you smiling?
oska: so that you don’t spit at me.
(* a korean proverb : one can’t spit in the smiling face. = a soft answer turneth away wrath.)
seul: what?
oska: why do i like it so much that you’re glaring?
he says it feels like they went back to a long time ago being with her like this
and seul says “who said you could turn back time just cuz you want to?
who said you could go back to the moment I was hurt the most just cuz you want to?
why do you forgive yourself so easily?
(* ~ while i can’t forgive you or ~ while i can’t forgive myself. interpretations are subjective.)
he watches her walk out and cry
R and JW go back to her place
JW pulls her in an embrace saying: dont make such a sad face
I’ll  make sure you can have another audition
R: how?
JW: however it takes
I told you that I am more capable than you think
R: so you’re going to tell on your grandpa?
JW: that is the thing I should do last
dont cry
i dont want to see your face cry again
it’s too hard on me so I cant stand to see it
R: i really wish that kind of miracle could happen
JW: please trust me
I will make that miracle happen
she keeps crying and he tells her to stop as he hugs her again
JW comes out and JL is there
JL gets out of his car and goes up to JW
JL thinks JW is still R
JL: where are you going? what happened?
why didnt you do the audition?
that guy said he would help but he didnt?
JW: that guy had some work that came up
JL: what work? where is that guy now?
JW: here
JL: what?
JW: we came back – getting rained on does cause us to return back to normal
JL: so you are saying you are KJW?
JW : are you that happy to see me?
JL says yes-glad to see you-
“if you feel wronged, send a medical certificate to action school.”
 and punches him
JW barely gets the word “what” out of his mouth before JL clocks him one with a right hook
JW holding onto his left cheek says : that really stings
JL: it is weak compared to what you have done
JW: I know – let’s call it even for telling you not to confess
be grateful that you are an alienated neighbor at the year-end and new-year
or else you would have met my lawyer
JL: shut up before I half kill you
JL turns to go but JW tells him to stay put so they can talk
JL: i have nothing to say to you
JW: it involves GRI-she has to do the audition
JL: how are you going to get her an audition that is already over
JW: that is what I will take care of on my own
how can I go about meeting that hollywood director
JL: how are you going to meet a person who has left for Japan?
JW: he went to japan?
Oska is staring at Seul’s ring – the one he proposed with
when JW comes in oska puts it away
JW goes to oska to ask for a favor
at first oska doesnt know who JW is for certain
oska: who are you? Ra Im shi? from the way you spoke so rudely you sound like KJW
JW: cant even gather everyone together and tell them
it’s me – me – it rained a while ago
oska: am i the National Weather Service? it won’t work (in this manner). cuz it’s confusing let’s set the password.
JW: i dont have time right now
you have some connections in japan dont you?
you’re a hallyu star
oska: I do – i have lots – but
JW: GRI was suppose to do an audition today but because of me she didnt get to
that hollywood director went to Japan
what hotel and room number he is staying at and a direct number so I can speak to him
just find out those two numbers
oska: if I find those out – what are you going to do for me?
JW: what is it that you want
oska: GRI
JW pretends he is going to hit oska: you’re dead
oska: then leave my house
JW: go out where? where can I go?
oska: you can get a hotel
JW: is getting kicked out something to advertise
after the party, people already bet on when I will get kicked out
oska: who told you to kiss and publicize “I am crazy”
JW shrugs: it was uncontrollable/irresistible
it was a moment I waited too long for so help me
oska reaching for his phone mumbles : he is mad for GRI
oska talks to someone in japanese
Please put me through to the representative of Yamato TV. I’m Korea’s Oska (or Oska, from Korea). Yes, yes, thank you thank you. I love you tooo
* thanks Nhyn for both translations 🙂
R is at her place reading her action stunt plan layout notes and crying over her missed audition
oska is still speaking japanese
Good evening. This is Oska. _Director Ian Jackson is in Japan now right? Yes, Mr.CEO. How have you been? I am Oska. The representative from Yamato TV put me through…Ah, they’ve already contacted you? Yes, I can note it down (lit.:take a memo). Yes…yes…Thank you very much! Next time when I go to Japan I will definitely get in touch. Yes.
oska tells JW the top number is Ian jackson’s personal cell number
and the bottom number is the hotel he is staying at
JW: I’ll tell you thank you later
oska: if you had any intention you would have already done it now
JW keeps calling the number
JW speaks english leaving jackson- the director a bunch of messages
JW says : is he the only one who is busy?
everything is in english
oops forgot some people cant watch this
ok – JW leaves over 50 messages for jackson
so jackson finally calls back and he wont come back to korea for one person
JW explains how she missed the audition to save someone and wont use that as an
excuse cuz that is the kind of person she is
so JW offers to send a chartered plane to pick up jackson in japan
at the tarmac JW meets jackson in person and since jackson only has 10mins to see R
JW says he only needs 5 mins and takes him to see R doing action scenes
Jackson says he saw enough and leaves
JW goes up to R and says do you know oska?
and they have a variation of their conversation from their first meet
JW: do you know choi woo young, no – oska?
R: oska?
JW: don’t you know?
R: what if i know?
JW: let’s go with me. oska’s cousin wants to see you.
R: me? are you sure it is not a female lead but a stuntwoman Gil Ra Im?
JW: you think he’s a crazy guy too?
R: it’s true that his taste is perculiar.
Sec Kim: doryun-nim, raise a hand. (* doryun-nim: a young master. i’m not sure if he’s referring to lunch box’s brand or actors’ role.)
R: er?
Sec Kim: come this way.
JW: why? are you going to curse again cuz i bought meals?
those are not mere lunch boxes. they are our memories.
R: who said any other way? I’m grateful.
JW: i did it for you to do so(=be grateful).
wait here for a moment. i’ll go to talk with the man over there for a minute.
R: with the director? talk about what?
JW: i’ll say it in advance that GRI is Jeon-Doyeon and Kim-Taehee to me.
R: crazy, crazy. btw why did you come here?
JW: because you are here. the one who misses have to come. what else could i do?
now that i saw your face, i have to go now. i have some works to take care of when i’m back to the office.
JW: Kim Seong Oh! (* i think it’s the first time JW called his first name. Seong-Oh is also actor’s real name.)
Sec Kim: Yes!
JW: then let’s go to put an end to the lifes of dudes who stopped the elevator. (* a korean slang: ring a bell (to one’s life/career) = terminate)
* JW never mentioned to R that jackson had come to see her so she is in the dark about it
JW meets with mr park and asks if the elevator stopping was an accident
the other guy says it was
jw says he will check the tapes then
mr park makes everyone leave the room
then he resigns
mr park stopped the elevator to see if he would get on or not
jw asks did you know about my condition?
mr park says he is happy that JW is well
JW accepts his resignation
cupid is taking care of JL’s arm cuz it got injured
R keeps asking if JL went to the hospital
cupid and JL joke around cuz now cupid is the director
R’s dad narrates telling his daughter not to be upset over it –
that wasnt something you should have done-my daughter is fine now –
now your dad doesnt have to worry
and R puts her script in her locker and walks away
seul is doing yoga and oska goes and holds up big huge notes
he asks her to forgive him the guy who forgave himself too quickly
were you really not the one who liked roasted chestnuts
i’m leaving now – you are the prettiest one in the room and I’m second
and then he leaves smiling and all the other women look like they envy seul
TS and oska meet
TS:why did you want to see me?  if you call a person out, say something, why are you  staring and make me feel unpleasant?
oska: I’m curious what is in your head. heard you didnt sign the contract with seul
TS: so
oska: then you have to do it with me – I will make sure you make a lot of money like me
TS: dont want to
oska: why dont you want to
TS: because I dont want to
oska: that’s why i am asking why you dont want to-how can you not even think about it for a second and say you dont want to?
if i tried this much, isn’t it human nature to pretend you are defeated and sign the contract?
TS: why are you trying so hard to convince me (why are you clinging to me so much)- do you like me?
oska: then would I do this if I didnt like you
TS: I told you i liked guys
oska: who is stopping you? go ahead and like them
I will just like girls
if you are going to be like this – why did you help me?
ever since you started helping me – a friendship formed between us
strong(*) thingy formed. (* Ggeun-Ggeun-hada: sticky/gluey. used to describe a strong bond, affection etc.)
if it has come this far i think it’s safe to assume we’re sharing a common destiny.
TS that is your mistake. you still dont know how to convince me
oska: stop playing around and sign the contract while I am telling you
what are you going to do now if it’s not with me
are you going to board a shrimpboat? cuz you look like a shrimp
(* referring to dock scene where TS was working in ep4.)
TS: I’m leaving korea
oska snatches away TS’s headphones
oska: this guy always threatens to leave korea…didnt even go to the army yet..
oska: contemplate and come to find me. this is a collateral.
don’t try to bluff and be sure to come to retrieve (a player) bringing an answer which would please me. i’m leaving.
TS smiles like a baby after oska leaves
oska goes home and tosses the headphone on the sofa but picks it up and listens to as song called oska and smiles
the maid comes in to announce a guest
R goes to get her bags from oska’s house and he tells his maid that he is having a fan meeting and get drinks ready
R gets oska to sign another calendar to replace the one JW doodled all over
oska: I have to sign this so whereever you go you can tell people we are close huh?
R asks if JW is still living with oska and not able to go in his own home. oska says that once his aunt spits out her words – she doesnt take her words back and if the aunt throws something hard JW returns it harder.thus it is a vicious cycle. oska is dying cuz he keeps getting calls from his aunt to kick out JW (from oska’s hm)
R: I’ve been curious from a while back but why do you always give in to JW?
oska: uh – how did you know I was letting him win? other people think I am getting beat by him.
R: even though you are getting beat by him – your face looks happy
oska: the more I see you – you are a really good woman
I hope you will take good care of our JW
oska: the reason why I always lose to JW is cuz when he was 21, he had a terrible thing happen to him. because of that, he had a hard time and even suffered some depression-watching him like that was hard. he didnt even talk for a while. from that moment on I would purposely bother , annoy, tease, and bug him so that at least he would get ticked off
R: what happened (to him)?
oska: hear it from JW-later when JW remembers
R: what?
oska:  jw cant remember that time
in order to protect himself, the unconscious erased (the memory) of its own accord.
as she is leaving JW drives up
JW: you should have told me if you were coming cuz i went to your house
why did hyung make fun of me again?
R: *my oppa is not that kind of person
I came to get my belongings
JW: what “oppa”
did you by any chance get any calls from somewhere?
R: what call?
JW:  congratulations or something – you didnt get any calls like that?
R: what are you talking about?
JW: it’s nothing – give it to me (the bags)
you are going to your home right?
on the way let’s stop and have some drinks
R: I just drank with my oppa
JW: eesh – I’m asking you for a date right now woman
R: I know but just now you got turned down
JW: what? why?
R: so you’ll be bugged by it all day long
JW: whaaaa- where did you learn things like this?
* a long time ago white fox said when she says “our” it can also mean “my” so now I am confused which word to use
Most unusual peck scene
he takes her home and brings her bags in
R: why are you coming in?
JW: you think I gave you a ride all the way here just to leave from your front door
because I got kicked out of my house you wont come over you skip hugging me and you ignore me now at the door like this?
cause I have fallen from status -are you looking down on me now
R: you have my oppa’s home
JW has had enough and grabs her hand and tells her to sit on the bed
R: why?
JW: listen carefully to my words from here on
from now on – dont call chae woo hyung “my oppa”
from today on – your oppa is me
R: what?
JW: in the future – no matter who- if you call him “oppa” I am going to cosider it as you cheating on me. I hate people who are dating that dont restrict each other and believe in each other
got that?
open your eyes straight
you did something strange and stole my heart
you made me drink strange liquor and stole my body
showed up at someone else’s party and stole my lips even –
someone who did all that
what do you think you did so well to glare all the time?
R: how could you dramatize them in that way?
JW: be grateful that i have a talent for dramatization – if it wasnt for that – there is no reason for you to look so pretty in my eyes
R: before I report to the police for trespass you should hurry and go
R circles the 8th on the new calendar
JW snatches it away from her
JW: aish – did you get another one?
R grabs the old one that JW doodled all over and holds it up
R: ah – this – this is your work huh? you did this huh?
JW: no it’s not – it was dug with your own hands – stroke by stroke
(*he’s specifically talking about oska’s eyes on the calendar.)
R: should I really break you bone by bone?
JW grabs the new calendar away
R grabs for it and says : give it
JW: dont want to – what is on jan 8th? what day is it?
R: you dont need to know*
she lunges for it saying :give it back already
JW holds it over her head and tosses it near the headboard saying “okay”
so R falls on the bed in her attempt to grab for it
and JW follows and lies down next to her and keeps her down with him
R trying to get back up: are you crazy? AY is coming
JW holds her down again next to him
JW: our dept store is not that easy (meaning she is busy there i think)
R: you – really
JW stares right into her eyes as they lay on their sides looking at each other
JW: GRI shi – your eyes are really pretty
where will you be pretty tomorrow?
should I try to guess?
R: I know too
and she gives him a quick peck
for all the hugs I didnt give you -I’m paying it back all at once in full
JW looks away and says “it wont do- I’m going to make AY work overtime at night”
R retorts : ya!
white fox
* i also read a complaint about how JW couldn’t remember that day cuz JL said it to R-jw before.
what he heard is lunar-calendar date and normally nobody is able to know solar-calendar date out of L-C date without looking up the calendar and vice versa.
some calendars don’t have L-C date at all. if you compare RI’s and JW’s calendar, oska calendar don’t have L-C date on it. (though it is more because it is a prop.)
jwm has two people reporting to her about JW
jwm finds out jw is at R’s house right now
but he is still staying at oska’s
the woman reports that R left with her bags today
but jwm hears that JW followed her home
the sec asks jwm if she is going to that place she goes every year
and jwm says she has to go there
*at one point the sec sounded like he was siding with JW
so jwm accuses the sec of being paid off by JW
oska’s mom comes in with an article that shows seul with oska
they fight over who seul is
jwm says that oska is the kind of guy to date his cousin’s girl
and oska’s mom takes offense
oska goes to seul and shows the article
about their scandal
she asks did you deny it? did you call the paper? did you tell them it isnt true? keep your cell phone on and take all the calls to kill the story so no other stories pop up
oska: i just remembered something else
seul: what are you talking about
oska: if there was a scandal i told you to do all these things-didnt I?
that he told her to do all these things to do to react to a scandal
oska: when I thought of us in the past I only remembered the good times
but it was just the ones i collected that made me feel comforted
you were in this much pain and I just found that out now?
seul: cant you see I am working? go now
oska: what in the world did I do to you?
she gets a call about the article and she says it isnt true
seul to oska: I told them it wasnt true like you ordered so now you….
but oska hugs her in public and more pics are taken of them hugging
JW remembers what R said about her dad and how he passed away when she was 17
he looks at the calendar to check
when oska comes in oska is in no mood to talk but JW tells him it is important so oska tells him to make it short
JW reveals all the facts he knows
JW figures out if R was 17 when her dad died then it happened 13 yrs ago
JW looked up the date and his accident is the same date as her dad’s death date
oska: maybe you got something mistaken
you dont remember anything about the accident
JW: even if I dont remember there are records of it
a while back I saw my medical records-thinking i might be able to  remember something
the day I got into the car accident and was in the hospital and the date of her father’s death are the same
and says how strange of a coincidence it is
he tells oska he was trapped in an elevator a few days ago and while he was in there he remembered something
oska: you were trapped in an elevator?
JW: hyung – that accident i cant remember -the one where all the family members and you and mom- said that it was a car accident-was that accident in an elevator?
so why did you lie to me that it was a simple car accident
why did you say while I was driving alone that I got into an accident- everyone said that same thing
oska does not answer
JW goes to JH (called her the doc earlier to keeping it same cuz two J names are confusing)
doc: what are you talking about? what do you mean it wasnt a car accident?
JW: dont act like you dont know
doc: what are you saying?
JW: I told you not to act
you knew it was an elevator accident too-mom knew – hyung knew – you knew- right?
so why did you lie?
doc: I wanted to protect you
at the time of the accident, it must have been difficult on you so is there a reason to let you know the truth
it looked like you wanted to suppress your memory so…..we said it was a simple car accident
JW: what exactly happened in that elevator
doc: that- the family and I do not know much. we found out about the accident after you were brought to the hospital
JW: so in the end it’s something I have to remember
doc: but why do you need  to remember?
as people live they forget something every day
you’re living like that too
JW: if I think about it like that it is
but it feels like I lost something really precious
doc: something precious?
JW: I dont know for sure what it is
but it just feels like it is
AY discusses JW with R while they are shopping
R: what? terminal disease?
AY: isnt it?
R: if you had said “wangjabyung” ( thinking highly of yourself disease) that might be right
AY: dont be like that and think about it carefully
he could be hiding it from you
if it’s not terminal disease – why would a perfectly healthy guy collapse in an elevator then
R: didnt you see the article “overworked led to body ache with the flu”
AY: that is why it is more strange. he doesnt even go in to work so how could it be overworked when he is always playing. they say he can only live 3 months
now that i think about it – he wasnt accepting the staff’s greetings without a reason-all of that was a farewell greeting
R picks out a man’s coat: how about this? it looks like it would be warm
AY: why? so you can buy the president a present?
it is right about the 3 months (her voice gets sad)
R: ya – we came to pick out a present for sec kim
cuz you got received those shoes
AY: ah – that’s right-i’m like this
ah this is pretty. I also have to buy a necktie
R: you have to pick out the necktie on your own
I have to go now
AY: where
R: I told you this morning
AY: this morning – ah – that’s right-sorry
should I go with you?
R: no – i’ll go on my own and come back
have a nice date with sec kim
after R leaves AY mumbles to herself
why dont I see him in my dreams these days
R goes to her father’s memorial place and jwm is already there placing flowers on R’s dad’s spot
jwm says why am I meeting (*that) in a place like this
when R says “hello”
(* literal meaning of AhnNyeong is ‘be well’)
jwm: did you come to antagonize me?
how could I have been well even though i wanted to because of you?
R :I’m sorry- really sory but why did you put flowers there
jwm: because we are meeting outside- are you by any chance happy to see me?
just do what you came to do! why are you curious about that?
R:I thought maybe you came to see my father so….
jwm: what?
R: this person -Gil ik sun -is my father
jwm: what?
R: do you know my father?
jwm is shocked
* she referred to R as “that thing/object”
jwm goes home and is about to pass out from shock
she remembers what r said to her about her father when jwm insulted him
about how he saved lives and stuff
jwm cant believe this happened
JW draws that stuffed white cat that R’s father got her that sits on her bed and wants the jeweler to design a hand bag accesory that looks like that. the woman asks what kind of setting he wants for the cat
R is training some stunt guy on wires (the guy is the one who confessed to her during the xmas party)
she tells him not to be nervous
“trust the guys who are holding the ropes and use that strength”
and the guy drops down on the count of three and the others are impressed
the guy makes a heart with his hands and says:
I didnt use a person’s strength but the strength of love  [and I gagged a little]
she reminds the guy that when she was a senior in high school he was in 6th grade
he replies: why that is important
then he switched to informal language and finishes with
“when in front of my eyes – you are there”
JW’s voice says: this guy wants to die
the guy says in informal language : who is that?
JW comes into view wearing the heart shaped tracksuit and as he makes a beeline for the guy JW says the whole time he is walking closer:
ah chu-this “whak”-what did you say? in front of my eyes you? you?
R blocks JW before he can get any closer to the other guy
R: what is wrong with you? to a baby
JW: baby? he points to the guy
have you ever seen a baby that big and dark skinned?
JW threatens the guy motioning like he is going to kick him
the guy pleads to R saying “sunbaenim” (as in save my butt)
R to JW: cant you see we are in the middle of class
R smiles to the guy: it was an honor just now – you were brave
the guy smiles back at her
JW sees the exchange and says to R : what was it?
it’s cuz I dont go around saying it but
once you get to know me, i am very surprisingly brave.
what was it?
R: really?
she smirks and next thing you know JW is hanging by wires in the air yelling
everyone is laughing and having fun-they swing him around and make him go up and down
JW yells: you are going to die-you’re laughing? you’re laughing right now? ohhhh
you’re in the same group as that jerk aren’t you? baby? you’re not!  did you give birth to him? ah-ah ahhhhhh
cupid and JL look on from the balcony
cupid: I dont think they broke up
JL: when I had the chance I should have beat him more
cupid: you beat him?
JW and R walk together
she is carrying groceries
JW: you must be good at cooking
R: since my mom wasnt around
JW pulls her close saying “ah it’s cold”
she breaks free
R: why are you bothering me like this
he holds her again saying “i’m cold so put put with it”
R pulls away again “ah – really. I’m hot”
JW: you’re hot?
R: uh -when I am with you I’m hot
JW gets a grin on his face that grows wider
“really? for real? what are you thinking about that makes you hot?
by any chance are you thinking the same thing as me?
(he pets her hair and she shakes off his hand with a squeal)
no wonder – every time we meet – your hair gets longer 
( white fox* there is an old wive’s tale that hair grows faster when they think about risque thoughts.)
then he leans in close and says into her ear
“then tonight we…”
R: I’ll make you dinner
JW: instead of food
R: if you dont want it then forget it
JW: then tomorrow – huh?
R gets a text
AY’s voice narrates: where are you? the president’s mother came to our house right now
JW: why? what is it?
R: i’m sorry but I have to go
she says they say an urgent additional scene came up
she says she is leaving and runs off
JW calls after her”where are you going? the only thing that is urgent to you should be me!
Ya! I’ll take you! the car is over here!
jwm is at R’s place
she is really calm
jwm: I came cuz someday you will find out somehow
at that point you might blame me for staying quiet so I am taking the initiative
R: what are you talking about…
jwm: our JW had an accident when he was 21
but JW thinks that accident was a simple car accident
maybe because he was so traumatized- he doesnt remember it
at that time, after saving JW, one fireman died in the line of duty
the reason why I ran into you at the memorial site
was because of that
R: there is no way…
jwm: that’s right – that person is your father
R starts to cry
JW’s mom slowly gets on her knees in front of R
JW’s mom says with tears in her eyes:
i’ll compensate with money
tremendously -no matter how much-i’ll compensate
but with this please dont hold onto JW’s ankles
please let our JW go now
I’m begging you like this

82 comments on “Secret Garden E16: Live “Transcap”

  1. WhiteFox says:

    i’m disappointed with the plot cuz that was a most convenient and simplest cliche that i could predict right away from locker scene in an earliest episode.
    actually the reason i’m hooked had never been the plot but i still hoped the writer could come up with something deeper and different. there’s one last chance and i’ll see what kind of flashback they will show us in the future. please do not fail to convince me this time cuz you already failed with seul in the past.


    • houstontwin says:

      I couldn’t agree more!


    • sobohomom2 says:

      It’s really an insult to the characters–it makes them so flat and limited: Is JW so weak that he can’t handle the past (that’s what meds and psychiatrists are for–he’s not institutionalized, so he’s not that much of a mess)? Wouldn’t the loss of RI be traumatic, too? Losing her could certainly send him into an emotional tailspin.

      Why would RI be unable to reconcile her father’s sacrifice and her love for JW? If anything, she’d feel more grateful to her father, for saving the man she loves.


  2. We Yumi says:

    I’m beginning to think that drama could be call, RECOVERY, REDEMPTION AND RUINATION.

    RECOVERY–I think that Joowon will recover his memory and a piece of his humanity that was lost in the accident.

    Oska–I think the writer is telling a beautiful story of Oska’s redemption and growth for a shallow, self-centered, self-involved pop-star into an adult man ready for an adult relationship. I think the audience overlooks Oska’s reprehensible behavior towards people in general and women in particular because we have only heard about it, not seen it. But the long list of who he has used and abuse makes clear he hasn’t been a angel.

    To give Oska credit, he is, and has always been a great hyung to Joowon.

    Seul–The drama is also adding great depth and complexity to the second female lead. The second lead princesses in K-dramas are usually princess-bitches with little redeeming value. Seul is much more complex and her deep caring is coming into play. I still think the way to have dealt with her break-up with Oska was to get therapy and move on, instead of trying to kill herself then marry Oska cousin when she recovered. But that’s just be and my silly non-K-drama thinking.

    Mrs Moon–Joowon’s mother–I’m beginning to have faith that the writer will redeem her as a caring–but seriously misguided–mother whose overprotective instincts spun out of control as a result of almost losing her only child when he was 21 years old. In retrospect, her obnoxious interaction with Joowon’s psychiatrist seems less about preserving her dynastic heir and more about her justified concern about her son’s mental health after living and watching him live through his emotional trauma and subsequent depression.

    RUINATION–This drama is ruining my life. Instead of doing my work and meeting deadlines, I’m stalking blogs of the tiniest bit of new information.

    Ah well. . .


    • Balletbabe says:

      I like your three Rs observation ^_^ But JW is not her only child, she has a duaghter also remember!?! I think she is on top of JW cause I remember in an earlier episode when he was explaining the members of his family to Ri-am he said something about his grandfather and cause of the generation he is from he don’t really favor sons of daughters as heir but prefer it the other way


    • Blusamurai says:

      Sorry i disagree but JW’s mom has more than one child his sister although she may not place more value in her as she does her son.


  3. ck1Oz says:

    Softy.I read all your earlier deleted posts.I finally got to watch it.Ep 16 was beautiful.No 1 RI did right by calling someone in the dept store.I am sure she thought the security in charge will get JW out faster.
    No 2 didn’t anyone find it sweet that JW thought more about RI missing the audition instead of himself?Didn’t we all bag him in the earlier episodes by being all ‘me me me’ all the time?
    Man the eyebags upon eyebags on JHW ‘wincing oh her behalf’- if they had used concealer it sure ain’t working.Do they get any rest?

    I know the angst has to come.What would make me upset is if they make the reconcialiation the last 5 min of ep 20!! I would definately commit murder then.What are the chances of the writer making them go through the ‘whatever’ together instead of doing the idiotic ‘noble break up all for your sake but can’t tell you therefore I am cruel but once I leave you I can’t stop crying’. THAT sort of things cheeses me off.

    Thank you SO SO much for doing the transcap.The only thing keeping me quiet at work otherwise I wouldn’t be able to concentrate at all 🙂


    • Lucille says:

      I agree. I thought the same thing about the phone calls.


    • Blusamurai says:

      From what i read they get very little sleep while filming these dramas i don’t know about the labor laws in Korea but everyone needs sleep Ha Ji Won was speaking about how she only got 1 hour to 1 1/2 of sleeping time to continue filming a episode that’s insane your body can only take so much.


  4. […] Secret Garden E16: Live “Transcap” I dont know about you guys but this week is going to be a long one waiting to see what R says or does next – like […] […]


  5. Pach says:

    Perhaps RI will know some info about the accident, since it was her father who died?

    But then again, this is a drama and that would be faaaar too easy..

    I too, hope they don’t go with a typical ending (i.e….. 1 year later…. RI and JW bump into each other and remember their love for each other… ) Gah!! Never!!

    Oska and Seul are great characters who are very likable and fun to watch, however, I can’t tolerate Seul hurting Oska, then going off to cry about it, hurting Oska, then going for a cry, hur… oh you get the jist. I’d prefer she just kept hurting him and then let it all out at the end when she confesses her love for him.

    (note the above- isn’t b/c I simply can’t bear the pain that Oska is going through (I’m not that obsessed) but b/c too many unnecessary tears and sullen faces in a drama grates on me (Winter Sonata, I’m looking at you)). ps. I am aware this is a melodrama!!

    Ah… 2 weeks left.. what will I do with my life then? Plus, it’s right on top of my deadlines!! *sobs*

    I’m a silent reader on here, so thank you, thank you, thank you for all your recaps. You’re a star!!!


  6. imud says:

    I really love how viewers all around the world are helping each other so we can see the bigger picture of the show. The fireman’s creed from Shirley, the Japanese translation from Nhyn, and sobohomom’s the chesire cat from Alice in Wonderland, and so many more others, isn’t it just wonderful, Softy? And knowing how you and uri Rebel Teams have sacrificed your Xmas and new year holidays for all these stuff, I am just really really thankful. God bless you all.

    On mother’s kneeling down, I think it is just the only threat that left to “endanger” the JW-RI love story, would she forgive the past (because of JW she lost her dad), or accept it as “destiny”?.

    Because there are still 4 more episodes, I think RI will try to leave JW first, only to realize that love is more important and she will forgive everything and be reunited with him on the last episode. Maybe he will also get better from his phobia with her help (how abot a kiss or , cough, kisses for a medicine to ride an elevator, the way Lee Dong Wook and Le Dae Hae in My Girl’s ending kind of way?) That would be cute, eh?


  7. Lucille says:

    I don’t mind this plot development. We knew it had to be something to connect, RI, her father, and JW. What I will mind is if RI becomes a noble idiot. Up until this point RI and JW have been completely honest with each other. I hope she don’t try to hide this and talk with JW about it. I hope this don’t make me seem like a bad person, but her father was a fire fighter. It’s always hard to lose anyone, but you can’t blame the person who is being saved. Now my dream is that JW is going to open the door (cause he heard everything) and drag his mother out of there.


  8. missJ says:

    First , a big thanks to Softy for the transcaps ! Sugohasshosumnida !
    I have read all the other comments , and it is very interesting how the viewers react with their own POVs …I myself can’t help but think of possible scenarios regarding JW’s accident when he was 21 y.o and the mystery of RI’s father’s death , and the real motive of Jwm why she want them to separate …but I really don’t want to stress myself thinking about things that only the writer knows about …i just want to enjoy the remaining episodes , and hope that the writer won’t disappoint us by giving a satisfying ending to a very good drama ….this drama is one of the best dramas I’ve watched so far ….
    The jap. translations were accurate …thanks nhyn ! thanks Shirley for the vids !
    Until next Saturday, Softy … Fighting !!!!!
    From Japan with love


  9. Jobits says:

    I love Secret Garden to bits, despite the slow plot development and the pretty much predictable connection between the dad and Joowon. But the thing about loving a drama, and being taken by pleasant surprise with the witty dialogue, osam acting, and hilarious moments in each episode, is that you actually become anxious about how the drama ends. Because the drama keeps you on your toes with each episode, you expect the next episode to be even much more exciting and hence, you make a lot of expectations. You desperately hope the writer would not fail/disappoint you. You don’t want to dislike the drama afterwards simply because the ending was unrealistic/superficial/rushed/WTF.

    That’s what I’m feeling about SG now. I’ll keep my expectations at bay for a while and focus on the main leads’ chemistryyyyyyyyyyy. XD


  10. Blusamurai says:

    Thank you for writing these recaps here i have given up on dramabeans and their drama. Happy New Year to you and everyone. You asked what could be so traumatizing about a Elevator if you look on how they had to open the doors for JW in a pefectly functioning elevator the only reason why it stopped was because Mr. Park pushed a button and made it stop. Imagine JW going into a not properly funtioning elevator and it stopped the same way then Ra Im’s father had to get inside of it to get him out in the same way but instead of him getting back out the elevator was not properly maintained and it fell with Ra Im’s father inside and JW saw all of that and him falling to his death i know i would be traumatized and possibly claustrophobic too.


  11. houstontwin says:

    Can someone translate “jondohyun and kimtaehee”? Are they names?


  12. anonymous says:

    kimtaehee is a name – she’s a pretty korean actress. she is the lead female of the upcoming romcom “My Princess”.
    I don’t know who or what jondohyun means. sorry.


  13. Minsun says:

    hey Softy,

    great transcaps! looking fwd to seeing more of your comments as you slowly add them in!

    btw, last scene: busang= compensate , jwm was saying I will compensate you with money…


  14. sansukini says:

    Hi softy. Awesome recap as always.

    I think JW has selective amnesianot just because of the trauma he experienced in the elevator. I think maybe he got depressed because of that incident because he felt guilty for being the cause of someone’s death that’s why he chose to forget that incident so he can live normally.


  15. toohearts says:

    I have been busy with stuff and I am trying to catch up what I’ve missed. First of all, thank you, Softy, for SG live recaps! I am enjoying all the cute and lovely scenes in this week’s episodes (ep. 15 and 16)!!

    I feel the same as you, Softy, about the coming episode. I hope the plot doesn’t turn out to be a lame one (the reason(s) why JW and RI have to separate). The storyline/plot has been going great (overall) and every week I feel anxious for the new episodes. Come to think that we have four more to go….. it makes me sad. SG has been in our lives for many weeks now (2 months)… and I have been happy to look forward to each weekend and your transcap. Btw, I love our two gifs. They are cute and lovey!! Ah~~~

    After watching the latest raw episodes and following your transcap., I feel my heart getting heavier after episode 16. Is it just me or does anyone feel the same? What is going to happen?(Ok… let me stop this questioning, feeling sad I guess after MSOAN has ended, and now with SG’s ending (this week).)

    And also I want to thank you, Shirley, for posting fireman’s prayer…. It is so poetic yet beautiful sad … at least I can feel how RI’s father feel and why he doesn’t want his daughter to try out for Dark Blood.


  16. martha says:

    I could not resist the spoilers, now the week stretches out endlessly…..


  17. secret_garden_fan says:

    I like that JW is always so direct & open about his feelings:)


  18. JIJI says:

    “…In this …
    Ra Im starting to ignore Joo Won.
    RI Oska kisses before JW.
    RI said: “My oppa is the one that treats me better.”
    JW tells: “If you’re not going to become the Little Mermaid, then leave.” JW still bothers her, and even he drops the odd tear. However, Ra Im treats him coldly. He does not want to remember what happened, because she is afraid that get hurt. JW does not want to feel guilty, so I avoided.

    The Dark Blood get in touch with her. RI discovers he’s been a thing of JW and rejecting the paper. Jong Soo feels bad about the lost opportunity RI. I get a car scene where they need to double (which has always wanted to do.) So RI debuts in her first scene of the car. The car has some faults, but not back down.

    Won Joo hears the voice of the father of RI, telling RI do not let the car scene. JW runs to the shooting location, but the accident has already happened and RI is unconscious. The vehicle in flames, and finally remembers JW: knows that the father of RI was the one who saved him.

    At that time, jump into the fire and save the RI, in the same way his father saved him.

    A few years later …”…..


  19. anne says:

    I found a vid in youtube that in year 2006 ha ji won and hyun bin got a best netizen award in two different drama. Who would thought that after 4 years they would be together in one drama and won also for best netizen award but this time they are together. Cheers!
    Hope that they will extend SG into more episodes. Is it possible? Love them!


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