Secret Garden E18:Live “Transcap”

I updated my top ten drama list today before SG even finished airing. When a drama does a job this well of pulling me in and making me fall in love with its characters to this extent, then it deserves to move up the list. So many of you have religiously tuned in and your heart has ached and shattered right along with these characters and that speaks volumes about the quality of this drama. The other night there were over 700 viewers on soompi-that is unprecedented cuz you only see those kind of numbers for the last episodes and trust me – you don’t get those numbers if you aren’t a great drama. With every twist and turn, this drama earned the right to be crazy and take liberties with the plot. As crazy as some of it may seem to some, to its loyal viewers SG manages to do it so well that we don’t even blink and go along with it. I stand behind my conviction that E17 and 18 were the most amazing episodes of a drama series ever and not even a finale with a Mary Poppins umbrella scene can efface what has already made me love SG for life.When you are given a great gift like SG from the drama gods, you don’t question it – you just embrace it. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am going to find it very difficult to let go next week.
Secret Garden E18 Transcription
It starts with JW telling R to not love anyone else and stuff and driving into the storm
Then Oska is pacing back and forth in his house remembering how JW had given him the gifts and his narration asking for a pic and if oska doesnt take it oska will regret it
oska says it’s making him nervous-something is weird
and he says there is no way and rushes to the hospital
JL is saying it doesnt make sense that R’s body is not there and they dont know why to the nurse
she mutters this is the first time it has happened
oska comes in and yells where is R?
JL: she is gone. they say she was here up to early in the morning
oska tells the nurse to hurry and check the CCTV (to see who took her)
oska tells JL : I think I know -JW is gone too-  JW disappeared too now-
i cant reach him and he isnt at his house
and his car is gone too
JL: what does that ….by any chance…
oska: he went to switch bodies with her-he decided that – that crazy guy
oska explains how he checked the storm on his way over and he thinks JW went towards it
JL tells him to call the police and oska already did on the way over here
oska suggest they both go to two different locations (one was the storm location) to look for JW but
the police call oska- they found JW’s car and them
oska asks where
oska runs to the ambulance bay-both are unconscious and are about to
be taken out of their ambulances
the doc says he is taking them in but oska says he is their guardian
he asks where the man is -wasnt there a man?
the doc points to the other ambulance
he runs over and asks if JW is ok
the doc says they were both found unconscious at the site
and some other medical terms I dont know
oska orders that both of them be taken to ji hyun’s hospital in Seoul cuz that is where
their primary caregiver is so they reload them
oska calls ji hyun and tells her something is wrong with JW and that he had them sent to her and for her to hurry over there
JL comes up and asks what happened
oska tells them both are unconscious and that he asked them to move them to seoul
Jl runs up and asks oksa :what happened-have they regained consciousness
oska replies he doesnt know: they are doing tests on both R and JW
oska: do you think they switched back
JL: i dont know- they have to be awake to know anything..
JH comes running up
oska to her: what did they say? are they awake?did they regain consciousness?
JH says they are still running tests and to wait
JH: but why did he do it? why did he take someone who is in a coma out
JL asks about GRI and her condition
she explains how the test results have to come out to know
oska and JL are impatient
oska begs her to use her influence to speed things up since she is a doc
she says she is already doing the best she can
she only came cuz she knew they would be curious
she tells oska and JL to go eat while waiting
jwm finds out JW is unconscious
she wants to know why a healthy kid ended up like that and starts to scream
AY is taking care of R and wiping her face
JL texts oska and asks how JW is cuz R is the same
jwm mom keeps crying over her son and oska watches her cry and texts JL
that nothing has changed here too
he still doesnt know if this person is JW or R
jwm keeps pleading to ji hyun
please save my JW
why is he like that
how can a healthy kid end up like that
JH tells her to calm down cuz they are doing tests
jwm screams that the tests are taking too long
she points out that JH is a doctor and JW’s personal [physician?]
she wants to know what is wrong with her son
demands to know who did that to her son and is loud again
ji hyun says he is not the only patient in the hospital and tries again to get jwm to lower her voice
a nurse comes and says he is awake
JWr slowly opens his eyes
oska keeps asking
do you see me? can you hear my voice? JW- do you know who I am?JW! JW!
JWr touches his lips and starts to cry and shake
oska: what’s wrong? what’s wrong JW?
JWr speaks using formal language: did it rain? did it rain in Seoul?
oska realizes, cries, and says worried : what do I do -my younger brother-what do I do?
JWr: what happened? why amI-why am I him?
oska -crying says in formal language: it didnt rain
JW took you and went into the rain
JWr says no-no-no he couldnt have-and cries like crazy
jwm comes running in
jwm: JW! JW! it’s mom-JW it’s mom
JWr says I’m sorry-I’m sorry mother
then JWr looks at JH
JWr  keeps repeating : where is KJW right now
he cries a lot
oska mutters he is crazy (cuz jw will get caught)
ji hyun eyes go rounder by the minute
jwm: you are here-you are here JW
jwm wants to know why her son is like that
she doesnt get why he is asking for himself and wont stop crying
JWr goes over to R
JL asks which one of you woke up?
JL realizes it is R standing there
JWr: what do we do director?
JL: is that you GRI?
jwr: what do we do with about this person?
this person switched us -to save me – he went to die
JL hugs him and says
JL: you punk- because of you- I – because of you…..
JWr says I’m sorry – what do we do-what do we do about him director
jwm comes in and sees JL hugging JWr and breaks them apart
jwm to JL: who are you
to JW: why are you acting like this? why did you come here? why?
she orders the guard to take JW r away from here
she says she cant leave JWr here in the hospital and decides to take him
back to his house
the guards try to grab JWr’s arms but JL pulls him to his side
and tells the guards they cant take him
saying: he isnt KJW
which makes JH’s eyes get round again
jwm to JL: how dare you touch his body
jwm to the guards: what are you doing
the guy says he will escort JW
but JL wont let the guy and JL twists his arm yelling: i told you you couldnt take him
jwm yells at JL: i dont know what kind of thing you care but if you touch my son again….
JWr says suddenly: I will go
I’ll go mom
JW r tells JL: it’s ok- I’ll take care of things on my own- I can do it
jwr:let’s go mom- I want to go hm
jwm doesnt feel bad for R as she walks out
jwm gets docs and nurses to take care of him at his house
the doc checks and says JWr is fine
jwm says to JW that his grandmother must be looking out for him
she keeps saying thank goodness
JWr says he is really fine
and asks to rest
jwm sits there next to him and tells him to sleep and she will stay there
he says he will be uncomfortable and tells her to leave
she says : you are my JW- awhile ago you seemed like some other person
she tells him to call her right away if he doesnt feel well
cuz she will bring the doctor
jwm asks oska to take care of him for the time being
oska agrees
she is about to leave
JWr says mom- I’m sorry
jwm: why are you sorry? you are going to be well soon
there wasnt a moment when I wasnt proud  of you even for a second
so that is why I was the happiest mom
until the moment you started meeting that girl
I heard after you took that girl out you ended up like this
I’m going to put up with everything up to that moment
cuz I want to be happy again
you must be tired so rest
she leaves
she instructs some guards to never let JW go to the hospital
and restrain him without hurting him since he is injured
JWr tells oksa she has to go to Rjw
oska tells him to sit
JWr begs to let him go-that he has to go to that person
oska kind of raises his voice and says to sit and even if he needs to go – to go later
JWr: why are you stopping me
that person is waiting for me-he is going to be really scared alone
oska: i said to go later so go later
I know the love you two have is really something impressive
as a son and little brother-consider the  family
I’m sorry
this isnt something I should be angry to you R
if JW doesnt wake up, my aunt-if my aunt hears that you
disappeared again so soon she is going to take it hard
JWr: i’m sorry – I didnt think for a second-I’m really sorry
oska: to make you this sorry -that punk must have done this
aunt put guards outside
dont go now and stay here one more day
so aunt wont be upset
I’ll go there tm
you can be here alone right?
JWr nods
* i get why oska is angry now
he sort of resents her for being the reason his little brother did that
oska goes to see R
oska bawls all thru this speech
he accuses Rjw:
ya- you crazy guy
how could you do this? how could you
how could you do such a crazy thing like this you crazy guy
isnt family and stuff imp
is the only precious thing to you this woman?
you dont need family or anything ?
(his voice breaks down here)
how could you just throw some shoes and go?
you said whenever it rains you will switch again
someday rain will come again
then which choice do I have to make?
to follow your choice – whenever rain comes – should I keep R hidden
would you like it if I did that?
but what are you going to do
I cant do that
no matter how much you will be furious at me
i wont be able to protect that love
even if you cry and throw a fit and go insane
even a little brother like that -I want to live seeing him
(guess he is saying he is going to keep JW alive if there is a choice)
JWr goes out and the guards stop him
they say he cant leave on his mothers orders
he is really polite and says I know but I have to go out and hope you wont tell her
they said they cant let him leave and that they would escort him back in
but JWr tells the ever so politely to stand back or they will get hurt
one guard with the reddest nose calls for back up
JWr asks them not to do this
one says we dont have any choice than to use force
JWr calmly says I warned you
and with lightning speed he takes down two guys in like 2 seconds
wow JWr fights off like 4 guys
the housekeeper comes to give him his mail and witnesses
his miraculous transformation into a korean james bond
she is scared out of her mind seeing JW fight off all the guards
JWr assures the woman the men will revive soon
[yeah considering how he only hit each guy once and they
just dropped and stayed down- guess they didnt like the idea of getting hit a second time]
she starts to read off his mail and one of them is the letter
addressed from kim “crazy tracksuit guy”
he/she reads the letter in his car
JW’s voice narrates
the magic that we are caught up in
I think it might be a present from God
so like a person who received a wondrous gift
smile like you are happy
they switch
if you laugh with your heart – that laugh – I will hear it
cuz I have a lot more capability than you think
shave my face pretty
dress me in those expensive/cool looking clothes I like
even if it is that much – let’s say we are together
even if it is that much -like other couples- let’s say we are happy
R holds the letter to her heart and cries a lot
switches back to JWr and drives off
JWr runs down the hospital ward to Rjw’s room
JL is sitting outside the door
JL and JWr meet
JWr says softly: director
JL: are you ok? you are ok?
JWr: why are you here?
JL: I thought that guy would be scared to be alone
if he knows someone is waiting outside for him
he might come back
Go in
JWr looks touched at his thoughtfulness and bows and goes in
omg i am crying again-that was so sweet of JL
As JWr walks in there is a switch
R goes over to his bedside
crying she says
we are like beggars
between the two of us
one of us has to become water bubbles
if that’s so I will do it
I will turn into water bubbles
don’t let your heart ache
through the time the LM loved the prince
she was fated to become water bubbles
you should have broken my arm or legs
how could you rip my heart out with every breath you take
I’m going to return everything back the way it was
when the rain comee
please go back to your place
I’m begging you
she cries over his body
seul asks oska is JW is ok
she says she heard he woke up
oska: not yet
seul says but someone said he did
oska says that isnt his JW that woke up
seul: what does that mean?
oska: i thought cuz he was so giddy and unlike how he has been all his life
I wondered why- he laughed over a story that wasnt even funny
he laughed till he almost passed out
like a crazy guy but
that was his last farewell to me
she asks oska to explain so she can understand
oska says I always thought I lost to him
cuz i am his older brother and I’m an adult
but how much more of an older brother and adult do I have to be to die for someone?
seul asks again what is going on
R and JW are still in the hospital room
with R in bed and JW by her side sleeping while holding onto her hand
in a snowy field
her father (dressed in a suit) is standing by a lavish table
staring at the two in a reflection in the wine
he sees his daughter lying on the hospital bed with JW by her side
he looks sad
JW face as he sleeps frowns
his voice narrates
you’re doing it again -in your dreams why are you always troubled
R’s voice: in my dreams you are in it
JW is lying in his own bed
R” voice: at a snowy field there is a lavish table set
you and I have been invited
screen goes back and forth from R to JW lying in there respective beds
JW voice: stupid -that is in my dreams
in my dream – you are there
you and I are really dressed up
flash to that table
they are both standing across from each other
JW walks over and pulls out her chair
JW’s voice: like a gentleman I pulled out your chair
and you said thank you like a [?]
they are sitting across a lavish banquet table like in AY’s dream
light snow falls around them as they smile at each other
she says we are looking at each other and smiling
and there is a person with us who is waiting
that person who invited us
she sees her dad come up
dad- is that you dad?
jW to him: didnt we meet before?
the dad takes the wine and says this is the start and the end to the magic
the dad pours some for JW
R’s dad to JW:
it’s ok for you to forget me again
it’s ok for you to forget the promise you made to me
because you already exceeded what you had promised
he pours some wine for his daughter and says
live receiving love
as much as you kept your head down
as much as you cried
from now on – live receiving love Ra Im ah
he says the magic is over
the magic that I sprinkled
was like a handshake for ppl meeting for the first time
so now sprinkle the real magic
the father disappears
and R and JW both drink wine
petals keep showering down  on them
they look at each other
more petals fall
flashes of the monitor and they both wake up
her in the hospital
and him at his house
at his house there are rose petals all over the floor
R screams and wakes up and touches her face and looks at her reflection
repeating I came back
she says KJW
and goes out
rose petals are all over the hospital room floor too
JW checks his reflection
oska comes over
speaking formally : did you get some sleep?
JW looks at oska up and down and says : hyung
oska speaks formally and says you dont have to act when it is just the two of us
he asks oska: hyung – why are you like that again? and what is wrong with me?
oska speaking formally: what is? what are you saying?
JW: where is this place? why am I here-i was at the hospital
oska steps closer and asks: are you JW? is that you KJW? you came back? it didnt rain tho
JW: what crazy talk is like- I am asking what happened to me
oska says : joo won ah-it is you! he hugs him
oska: that’s right – you were at the hospital and then came here
aunt moved you here
JW pushes him away: are you not getting off me?
JW asks how are my friends-are they ok? are they safe?
oska: friends? what friends?
JW: what’s wrong with you. a few days ago I went to meet some friends
because the building burned down i was trapped in the elevator
you came too
Oska looking stunned: Joo won ah
JW: what? i asked how are my friends
oska meets ji hyun
he asked why she came alone and she said JW wanted to go home
oska: did you guys talk? what did he say?
what’s wrong with him
does he have amnesia?
JH: you can look at it like shock
in place of the memory he lost before 21
he doesnt remember after the accident
oska: then does it mean he cant function normally
JH: you dont have to worry about stuff like that
he seems to have accepted pretty quickly his condition right now
what is shocking him is that he thinks his condition now is unusual
oska:unusual? what is?
JH: he wanted to hurry up and become an adult and he opened his eyes and it came true
like a movie
oska: thank goodness
JH: when I told him you are now a dept store president
instead of hyung I inherited the dept store? he is thrilled to death
oska gets mad for a second
oska: so does it mean he remembers the accident?
JH: minus a few things -he remembers all of it
that he was trapped in an elevator, that he was saved
oska: what are the few things he left out?
JH: the fact that the fireman who saved him died-he doesnt seem to remember
if you are going hm – let’s go together
he asked me to be with him all day today so I said I would
oska tells her to pay for the coffee cuz he left his wallet behind expecting her to pay
R gets in cab in her hospital gown and tells the driver to hurry
JW is home and oska and ji hyuncome in
oska asks JW what he is doing
jw asks who built this hm
oska: you caught an architect from NY and wouldnt
let him sleep for months and days at a time
and built it brick by brick….
JW: that’s right I would…even when I got older- I was still thorough.  I approve
anyway you are saying this is my house
oska:it’s not your house it’s aunt’s
anyway I’m relieved cuz you came back like this
jw points with his chin to JH and refers to her as a younger person calling her “ye”
JW: according to her there is a problem with my memory
she says I am 34
oska: you are 34 and I am 36
JW: hyung you look it but no matter where I look – I dont look like 34
how did I take care of myself so well?
oska whispers to JH that JW was always a jerk but he is even worse or something at 21
if he is like that to that extent – shouldnt we have him locked up?
[she whispers something about JW’s ego or something and that he is acting accordingly to his level]
JW: right now it is 2011
I”m loel dept store’s president
points to oska then JH
hyung you are a top star
you are not a [?i think he said not medical student but a licensed physician]
and three months ago you dumped me-right?
JH says it was 13 yrs and 3 months ago
JW: 13 yrs have gone by but we still have a close relationship you are saying
JH: because I have a good personality
JW: that’s not possible
then to oska he says: hyung are you really a top star?
oska puffing up his chest: i am your dept store’s main model
JW: you grew up well
I worried what you would become when you grew up
but I guess in public you do well
oska pretends he wants to hit him again
R comes running in
she sees JW
JW doesnt know who she is
she runs and hugs him saying you bad guy
JW just stands there and lets her hug him
JW eyes say to oska :who is this woman?
R:who told you to do that? who?
I thought I wouldnt get to see you
i thought i would never see you
oska tells her to calm down first
JW says: i saw this face before – at the hospital
oska: you remember seeing it?
your memory must be coming back
you;re right- the two of you were at the hospital  for  awhile
oska tells a confused R that he would explain it later to her
JW: but – the face is a little…..anyway- you move aside
he uses his finger to push her forehead and makes her break away from him
JW to oska: hyung I wanted to ask since a while ago- who is GRI
oska: you remember GRI? you know her-then you will regain your memory soon
JW: who is it? when i opened my eyes that is the first name that came to mind- do i know her
oska explains to R that JW is back to when he was 21
he doesnt remember after that age
JH assures R: he is suffering from a little shock so dont worry too much
R is crying
jw asks : why are you crying? by any chance – are you GRI?
she keeps crying hearing that but nods her head yes
JW: you are?
oksa says toJH: let’s leave -R might help him remember the quickest
they leave them alone
JW takes a big step backwards from R
so you’re saying you are GRI
she nods
JW: do you know me? and I know you?
she nods
JW: how old are you?
she says 30
JW: i wouldnt have a reason to know anyone over 24
what is your job
R: stuntwoman
JW: what?
R: stuntwoman
JW: you’re saying I knew a stuntwoman?
be specific- what was our relationship?
I’m asking what the reason is for me to remember you as soon as I woke up
R says : there is -you loved me and I loved you
JW: it wasnt enough that I knew a stuntwoman but i loved one?
R: yes a lot
he asks if there might be another one with that name-[that there was mixup I think]
R: there could be but the GRI that KJW loved is me
JW: fine-for now I have to figure out my situation so leave your contact info and go
she says you were rude even when you were young
JW: what? are you now …to me…
R: look for my contact number on your cell phone-my name will be there
the pic you took will be there too
now whatever you do I think it is cute
now whatever you do I can forgive it all
for the sole reason that you are alive
JW is wearing his blue tracksuit and walking
an imaginary R wallks with him
he wonders why he is picturing her
they keep walking
omg she must be freaking cold wearing a hospital gown in this weather
AY is feeding R at the hospital
AY asks if she wants her rice mixed in with her soup and R says yes
AY says she kept crying every time she ate alone
R says: cuz the person who did dishes wasnt there?
AY yells that she is a bad girl and cries again
R: how did you go to the bathroom alone when you were scared?
when you asked “does it smell” there was no one there to answer huh?
AY :if you get hurt again- I’m going to draw all over oska’s calendar
R : ya- what did my oppa do wrong?
R waves her spoon in the air as a weapon
JW comes over and tells R to put down her spoon
AY wipes her tears and tells them to talk alone
JW tells AY to tell the guy outside to come in
sec kim comes in pushing a tray full of good food
complete with lit candles, flowers, fruit, and fancy – everything
(they paid more attention to this little table then the xmas tree decoration)
sec kim says to R: the things he does hasnt changed much huh? (LOL)
and also his ideas are really [?over the top maybe?]
his comments make R snicker
JW asks if sec kim and her are close
sec kim says you two are closer
sec kim and AY run off
JW: they say I hired him but i think I hired him [out of pity??]
this is probably the first time you at something like this at a hospital
it’s ok for you to feel honored
i did it for that purpose
he takes away her hospital food tray
R says if you are not going to pray -I can put them out right?
she puts out the candle with her spoon
JW looks shocked and says
candles with meals are a given
and starts to relight them
Just in case you misunderstand
she says he didnt call
I’m not doing this for your benefit
this is how I was raised
R: I know
JW: you know
R: did you figure out your situation somewhat
i left my number but you didnt call
R eats a strawberry
JW:that is why I came to figure it out
I want to know under what circumstances we met
no matter how hard I think about it
that I liked you – it is hard to [accept?/fathom]
so that is why I’m asking could I know your dad’s name
in case his name is someone I might know
she gets sad for a second then says: you know him
JW: I know him? what household is he?
she doesnt answer
JW: then it’s ok – it’s not urgent
but why  do you do stunt
she says my action has lavendar scent
JW: what?
she says : you dont remember but you said that to me before
JW: fine let’s say I did
what do you think is the most attractive quality you have
whatever you tried on me try doing it now
try to remember
R says something and  “do you wanna get hit”
cuz i kept hitting you
you said “you’re the first woman I met like you”
and you kept following me around
JW: i did that?
R:like today – you came to see me like this
all day long you keep thinking of me huh?
and you cant understand why you are like that huh?
should I tell you why?
JW: what is it?
cuz you love me
trust your instinct/intuition
I was someone KJW could love
JW looks shocked and dumbfounded
she tells him she is getting out tm
JW: are you telling me so you want me to pick you up
R: you’re going to want to see me tm too
so I’m giving you an excuse
and one day you are going to say
“I find you perplexing and fascinating”
he walks out saying that is ridiculous and hits his head as he leaves
she laughs and smiles watching him leave
action school has a party for her
to welcome her back
she says hello to everyone and apologizes for worrying them
JL says if she ever gets hurt again
he is going to make her quit despite her dream
JL hugs R
saying you really suffered a lot
R: for a lot of reasons- thank you very much
sparkly blue tracksuit clad JW comes in and says: are you not going to separate?
JW to R: you were a two timer?
to you I was one of the two legs? (meaning he is one of the two guys she is two timing)
R: how did you know about here?
did you remember?
JW: I know it’s rude after meeting for the first time
but I have something to discuss with this woman
so could all of you please leave us alone
they all stand there perplexed
R tells them she will explain it to them later
she tells JW to follow her
R asks how he knew to come here
since you didnt recognize director I dont think your memory is back
JW: i chose a faster solution than that
i know it is impolite but I had you followed
he smirks and she tries to kick but with a quick reaction he avoids the kick
R: oh
JW: what was that? why did my leg automatically do that?
did you hit me before in the past?
R: I told you when i was at the hospital
your body remembers me- kim crazy tracksuit guy
JW: what? crazy tracksuit guy- are you saying that to me?
that doesnt mean crazy tracksuit guy right?
R: hwy wouldnt it be?
JW: ya- this isnt the kind of training you are thinking of…look carefully-do you see it? you see it right?
he unzips to reveal the label
she hugs him
JW: why are you like this?
R: cuz I am grateful-that you came back like this- I’m so grateful
I must be falling in love with the 21 yr old you too
JW: you want to
he finally hugs back
he hesitates whether to rest his head on hers or not
jwm meets R
jwm: you still havent come to your senses and are still hanging around JW
are you stupid or is your head hurt?
cuz you almost died and came back
now there is nothing that you are [afraid of]
R:I”m really sorry but from now on
no matter what the reason
I wont let JW go
jwm: what?
R: like you said-your son and I
died and came back
so every day is precious to us
now I’m not afraid of the way you are mother
jwm: what? what are you putting your faith on to act like this?
my son doesnt even remember you
R: I know but he will
jwm: if he was going to remember, he wouldnt have forgotten
I rather he never got back the memories he lost
it’s like a blank slate for the last 13yrs
I can just fill it with books and [?]
R: but you are afraid arent you?
jwm: what?
R: it’s not like you can fill it with books and [?]
but that he will eventually remember me
I’m not doing this to destroy KJW
the only thing that can destroy us is breaking up
I’m begging you -please understand mother
jwm: are you a wall?  are you a foreigner?
do you have fun insulting?
how can you [impudently] ignore what an adult is saying
R: I’m really sorry
in conclusion I will only say one more thing
please give me your son
i will take responsibility and make him happy
jwm screams again what is your objective?
R comes hm
sec kim comes over
R says AY hasnt left work yet
but sec kim is here to get R at JW”s request
sec kim explains that JW had said “fetch her over here” and
sec kim corrected him and said so you want me to “bring her over”
but JW kept saying it in that ruder way so sec kim complains
R says she wanted to see him anyway and asks where he wanted her “moved to” (LOL)
she goes to his hm
he tells her to sit
he just stares at her for a while
JW: live here from now on
R: what?
JW: be by my side till I tell you to leave
i need to find out why i like you
R: she laughs
JW: you are laughing?
R: it’s not like I heard that just once or twice that’s why
JW: you’re saying I’ve done this before?
R: you kept bugging me to share the same bed, shower together
JW: our relationship must have been deeper than I thought
so did you?
he gets up and goes face to face with her
JW: then I’ll ask like this-so were we close enough to be kissing-like this
in slow motion he hovers over her-closer and closer
it ends
and now I wanna kill the editor for ending there
Gotta love the young JW – way more forward and interesting to watch. I dont know how he did it – but Binnie reinvented JW- this younger version seems like a different person. Instead of almost ending, E18 feels like a whole new chapter in their lives. One would think they are going back and reliving what has already happened, but I like to think of it as R’s chance to do it right this time. Now she gets to appreciate his attention instead of rebuffing or running from it. This is the beginning of her do-over. She knows what he gave up for her willingly so now she is giving everything she has to earn that sacrifice.
OMG I dont want this drama to end next week…it is gonna be a sob fest again for E20. I dont think it is healthy to get so attached to a drama…I am determined keep DH and MP at arm’s length at all costs.
I know I am suppose to be translating but I was curious so I went on soompi- what is this about more switches? isnt it over? the dad said it was tonight- I am so confused about those spoilers
I thought the dad’s speech to JW and his daughter was moving and I totally forgave the father for causing me so much confusion with all the soul swapping.
If only the mom could do or say something to redeem herself before the show ends- she already got on her knees to beg for the wrong thing so the only thing left is for her to move to another country. I seriously do not want her anywhere near her grandchildren for sure-but then again- R really needs a mother figure around…maybe she can chummy up to the grandpa’s new wife. I approve of her 100%
Doesnt this feel like a normal episode? Now i feel safer going into the last two episodes
the switching part threw me for a loop-thank goodness that is over
the constant back and forth was confusing
yay- no one died – so happy 🙂
but I still cried when JL told JWr that JL was watching over Rjw- man that got to me….
JL hates JW but JL still cared enough not to leave Rjw’s side….
so I cried only 3.5 times – during that scene, oska’s, R, and JW-that’s not too bad
last night was nonstop
I thought Binnie would get more rest, but boy the drama didnt want him sleeping too long-huh?
they woke him up pretty fast. I like the 21 yr old JW – so cute and adorable

116 comments on “Secret Garden E18:Live “Transcap”

  1. MJShinshi says:

    YAY for screencaps! it might have been back a while but i just noticed 🙂 what will we do after this wkend……yaaa!

    Thank you tons Rebel Souls!!


  2. wanzhaf says:

    Spend the whole 2 days rewatching ep 1-18. What an emotional journey. Back to softy’s recap and now screencaps. I dont know why but i just have to reread yours after watching every episode, making me feel complete. Thank you so much softy. No matter how crazy and illogical this whole drama is, i just cant seem to shake myself away. Its all because of how adorable kjw and raim is… I am not so into ep 19 & 20, (as if i can stop myself!), not so looking for the end of this..


    • Softy says:

      Thank you for coming back and reading – I’ve come to recognize all these viewers and their names and yours stood out cuz it is so hard to figure out-wan zhaf- my guess was part of it is your real name and the rest – no clue.
      Anyway I am so glad people love this drama – after skks I didn’t think I could love another drama fully – but I adore everyone in this drama. Even if there are no sad scenes I will still cry at the end. Even now my heart aches just thinking about the last scene. I hope it is the two of them walking on the estate. It seems fitting somehow – and if they can throw in the chant too I would be even happier.


  3. bshaw says:

    Softly, too much to say –
    Thanks from all of us. Youve made this show so enjoyable by sharing your transcaps and impressions. I dont have any friends who watch drama, but this is in some ways better! Just wanted to share something I recently saw:
    A post that your friend from church Tim (if i remember correctly) is going to be the next OST for SG: taken from his Volume 5 New Beginnings album. He and Ha JiWon are friends who mountain climb in a group. I think you mentioned this before.
    Also, the bad guy School Pres from SKKS is her brother. Just shows that were all connected and worldwide people are excited and anticipating and feeling exactly the same way I am, even if no one at work would understand what I’m excited about!


  4. Ano Nee Nor says:

    Every one seems to be talking that this drama is going to end happy, how do they know for sure. It could ends either way, no? Please, am I missing something here?


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