Secret Garden E14: Live “Transcap”

12/28 Updated: White Fox filled in more blanks
My biggest fear about the second half of kdrama is the “drama” part catching up to them and taking the story to places it does not need to go (ahem-cough-cough-nod to msoan).
What is so freakishly amazing about this show is that it doesnt have any dull episodes- the ones you skip over to get to the next good one. All dramas have those, but I dont have any for this-if anything I have the opposite problem- and wonder which was was even better than the last. 
As I watch each episode, I can’t help but take pause and revel in all the great scenes SG keeps offering us. Each episode has moved at a brisk pace without lagging in quality or content. For me, that is the ultimate gift this writer has given us this holiday and I for one will forever be grateful I started translating this drama. In the midst of all the late night transcriptions, I sit there sometimes and wonder how this show will surpass itself the next week and it finds a way to – every time. That kind of rare consistency comes along every once is a while so let’s bask in its accomplishments and not listen to people who want to detract from that fact by finding issues where it doesnt exist.

SG E14: Transcription
oska tells R that his job as fairy godmother is only up to here (bringing her there)
oska goes up to seul and asks if she waited long
she says – why would i wait for you?
he takes seul away saying he remembered something
JW asks R:where were you?
R: I’m right here
JW: why didnt you answer your phone?
R: that is why I came
JW: I’m not done being mad-dont move
he checks her dress label
you wore something nice
did your fairy godmother pick it out
did she tell you to come here dressed so pretty and disappear when midnight bell rings?)
R: that depends on you
oska offers seul cheesecake
is this not something you liked?
didnt you say you liked it but since you were afraid you would gain weight you wouldnt eat it?
seul: who is that? is it that skinny girl?
oska : it wasnt you
he guesses seul doesnt like chocolate
seul: why are you doing this?
oska:  i’m in the process of remembering and one day I will remember it all and how I will return it one by one
i’m hungry
wanna share this?
JW: answer me-why are you dressed like this
dont make me nervous
R: I wanted to come in but I couldnt come in so I  stood outside
but fairy godmother told me to come tell you
that I came to see you
to your mother, I swore on my father and promised I wouldnt meet you anymore
though my body turned away, my heart would not leave
If I meet you I know it will be really difficult in the future
but instead of having a hard time not seeing you
i think it will be easier to put up with if I see you and have a hard time
I came to see you
this is my answer
but I wont be your LM
so now you give me your answer
even now- can I only be a LM (to you)?
JW’s daebak answer scene
some girl JW went on a blind date with comes over
the girl is impressed JW remembered her name
seul listens and comes over and takes the girl away
by lying and saying someone wants to speak to the girl
JW: I only went out on one blind date with her that’s all
the date you found out about- that one-so…
R: it doesnt matter
since I still havent heard your answer yet
so answer the question i asked earlier
Guy says to JW: were you here? we should have a drink together
who is it?
it’s the first time I’ve seen her face
introduce us
JW: she is someone you would never meet in your life
go and play
guy: why cant I meet her whenever it may be, we may run into in this narrow fields. (* imply the playground for the rich)
JW: I told you she is someone you cant meet
she is really something else. this girl drives like a car racer, if she sees a pickpocket or molester-for someone she doesnt even know-she’ll throw a punch. she doesnt have any money, her entire body is covered with scars/bruises-she hates spending even a moment with people like us-she is that kind of woman
I’ve never seen a more beautiful/cool woman before
this is my answer
guy: are you out of your mind?
and they all speak the worst english again to each other
JW: you know how to speak english?
R: it’s the lines from dark blood
i’m practicing for the audition
she says if “our oppa” (meaning oska) didnt dress me like this, I could have performed some kind of stunt on that guy but all JW heard was “dress” and he asks alarmed – “did he dress you himself?”
the girl asks who wanted to speak to me and seul says it was me
then seul pushes her against the wall and asks if the girl likes dramas
seul used a line from gossip girl – the line blair said ” in this city the crazy ‘B” is me”
seul:what you just tried on KJW i already did it a few months ago
I’m telling that one girl(*referring to herself) is enough to hang around KJW simply by reason of qualifications are met.
dont hurt people who just now opened their hearts
quietly play and go home
then she hears oska playing a song she likes “She”
and he asks : this one is right huh?
*seul’s bad acting threw me off but did she just stick up for JW and R? or am I off my rockers?
i listened to it like 10 times and i just cant listen anymore- my eyes and ears hurt from this woman’s crazy eyes and grating voice
man she is confusing – is she evil or really nice?
Daebak of all daebak kiss scene in recent years
R and JW dance -well more like stare and barely move
he leans in and gives her a peck
R: everyone is just watching us
JW: of course since I just kissed a poor stunwoman
if there are any stockholders of our dept store near you-tell them to hurry and sell their shares cuz the president of that dept store has fallen for a woman and is in the process of ruining a major business deal
and he kisses her a lot more -starting from her forehead –
dang that is the most kissing I have seen on a drama lately
and everyone just watches
*thank goodness they switched songs to the new one
so i can just listen to the song over and over 🙂
*ok my energy level just went up
oska shoots a cf
then he does an interview
the woman mentions something about the actor/golfer
oska does research about him
News Headlines:
-Left as a boy and came back as a man
-Have been in a love triangle – bambshell confession
-Sorry for those who I had hurt because I was immature
-Lee JunHyuk’s love rival is a Hallryu star?
and that is when oska figures out that Seul overheard oska and the actors conversation
and oska goes to seul
but on his way
some problem happens with the songwriter
people are accusing oska of doing all of it
that he planned to plagiarize and everything
he is furious and wants to know where TS is
-Oska connived in plagiarism, shocking confession from the composer
-Composer a Kwon turned down the offer of a huge sum of money
-Oska brought up the original song by himself
-Hallryu star, insensitivity of morality goes beyond bounds
JW is at his office
he is afraid to look at his stocks – fear of drastic drop but it is okay
so he is relieved
during the meeting
mr park is quiet
on a file of sales report for christmas event, it reads “may it rain at christmas (or may rain pour down at christmas)”
Mr. Park crosses it out and doodles “may he be dumped at christmas!” repeatedly.
and mrpark mentions he heard that JW had the most fun at the party
JW: you heard it and so what? by any chance are you yearning for me?
(*i think JW said it in the sense of ‘are you jealous of that i’m in love?’
but the writer purposely used the same word(dong-kyung:long, yearn) as Dr.lee said to Mr.Park in Ep12.)
jw calls an end to the meeting cuz he has a date
JL tells her something about the audition
she runs into JW on her way out
he asks where she was
he wants to know why R is always coming out of JL office
since JL is not the director anymore he asks cupid
for permission to take her away
and cupid says he isnt the leader yet
but JW takes her away anyway
Build up for hand holding scene
JW has decorated her home with christmas lights and stuff
R: you did all this yourself?
JW: you dont have to be that moved
JW:This is what the sense of the leadership of society which makes poor and alienated neighbors’ year-end and New Year sweet is like.
JW tells her: from this moment on, dont stand in the pyungchang dong living room and erase all the bad memories here too-just remember this moment and sleep, eat, and joke and live.
R nods her head: thank you it’s really pretty but you didnt spend much money on it
JW: that tree is not the kind of tree you are thinking of
R: of course it’s not
she finishes the description the way he would saying it was grown in a special nursery by -what do you call people who grow trees – and how it was grown – what ? limb by limb? branch by branch?
i give up but white fox clarified:
tree-by-tree organically grown by Forest Service of Norway
(* is there a unit when counting trees? such as a ___ of pine tree)
she finishes with : it’s like that right?
JW is impressed
then he asks what time AY comes home
R: why do you want to know
He also calls “sec kim” to make AY stay out all night and not come home
AY’s voice narrates not to worry and have a fun time.
(last night he got her number from sec kim so he was pretending right now to call sec kim)
R yells at him asking if he is crazy – that it is embarrassing. why did you do this?
JW leans in and says :why do you think I am like this?
R starts to back away from him saying “really-are you not going to back off?
JW: why? we are both adults so what?
R: really you- you better not get any closer…
JW: really what? what is it that I want to do?
he grabs both her hands
he says:this is what I wanted to do-to hold your hands like this
why is it so hard to do this?
then he pinches her cheeks
what the ?????that’s it??all those lights and all for hand holding?
thank goodness for that kiss
TS yells at the songwriter
saying he she should have stayed quiet since he let her off easy
TS: how could you do this?
she says she didnt plan to go this far but it was the right thing cuz now he is standing in front of her
she asks if TS is still gay
she wondered if he had changed and he tells her to shut up
TS asks what did oska do wrong to deserve this?
I told you to do something else
singer: that’s why I am doing something else
and forget all about someone like you
oska comes in saying he knew they knew each other
oska to singer: why are you doing this? what did i do wrong?
the singer: you are wrong/have blame
you have no talent
used your wealth did music as a hobby and became a hallyu star
oska : even if i did those things how could you lie?
singer: do you have proof that i lied?
osak: what?
singer: of course what I said was a lie
but people believed it
you should have worked on improving your image
instead of “that would never have happened” people are saying “knew that would happen”
is that my  fault?
in the past oska had thrown her demo CD and said her music was not good in front of (her) the composer when she was a beginner and oska doesnt remember doing that to her
singer: the quickest solution is to solve it with money
she wants to be paid off to solve this whole problem
she says you are rich but i dont have much
she says she will say that oska is a victim if she gets money
* interesting tidbit from white fox
(* she loved TS but was rejected. she thinks he’s a gay.
but as far as i understand, TS is not a gay sexually but refuses women’s love mentally due to bad memories about his mother. )
oska is refusing to pay
the manager says just pay her off cuz this is something that could ruin oska cuz korean ppl hate liars
but oska says he will be ruined
oska tells his manager to cancel the concert and return the money
TS blames himself but oska says he wants to blame him too but oska led this kind of life so bad things are coming back to him
jwm gets furious cuz she heard about the kiss at the party
she calls her son a crazy guy
and to call someone at personnel
sec kim to JW :AY is packing up her stuff right now
why did you fire her? why?
JW: tell me clearly
sec: she just got a call from personnel office so why are you acting like you dont know
JW; what are you talking about? i didnt do that?
sec: liar!
i dont think i can be your assistant anymore
remember you asked me once what kind of president you were?
can i answer now?
you dont have manners and are vicious (evil) and you’re a bad president
JW: i said I didnt do it!
connect me to personnel
sec: you really didnt fire her?
JW glares at him and grabs the phone away from sec kim
jwm calls R again and warns her
she tells her this is the start and refers to AY getting fired
AY comes home carrying a box
she lies and says she got into a fight with an older employee and quit
AY says I should have done it sooner – it feels good to get it out of my system
I’m gonna play for a while and catch up on old dramas
R goes out
Switch scene
R is about to ring the bell
JW stops her
JW: I heard the news-I  will handle this
R: I have to do it
JW: how are you going to handle it? let’s go
R: how can I go? AY wont even tell me she got fired
she is saying she quit on her own
JW: so what is your plan?
to say you will break up again?
why couldnt you think of calling me before you came here?
is the dept store president my mom?
R: because this wont be all of it
it began with AY but after that it might be the action school
JW: that is why I need to resolve it
because someone like me keeps chasing you around saying I like you
cuz you think they all seems to live like that, you don’t have a sense?
(* to put it plainly – you think they’re as easy as me but you have no idea yet.)
just leave it all up to me
I am more skillfull than you know
R: what are you going to do? do you have any plans?
JW: yes- I am going to tell on her to my grandfather(tattle to my grandfather)
thunder starts
it starts to rain and he is upset cuz his car is open
JW: aish -my car! wait here- the seats cant get rained on
spain leather craftsmen made it stitch by stitch …
R: ya is something like that important right now?
they switch bodies again
R-jw: what is this? why is my face over there again?
JW-r: we switched again? again?
why did it have to happen at a moment like this?
i’m gonna go crazy
jwm mom comes home
the sec guy hands JW-r the umbrella but R-jw grabs it and opens it and holds it over JW-r’s head
jwm: now you guys just go around together? come in
R-jw: just talk to me
JW-r: what are you going to do with my face? I’m going to go
jwm: we can just all meet-dont make me waste time on each of you separately- hurry and come in!
JWM gets owned by R-jw scene
JW-r: Instead of the person concerned- messing with the friend is mean/cowardly
jwm: am I going out for the Olympics with you? in this matter you thought I would use fair play?
R-jw: you’re too obvious
first the friend, then the job, then pay off the landlord and have me kicked out, then leave the country
this is the order you’re going right?
jwm: how did you know? have you been through all that?
JW-r: no this is the first time
jwm to JW: you ..just….
jwm to R: so since you already read my actions- you’re saying you two are just going to continue meeting
R-jw: no I wont meet him
jwm: of course – you should do that
Rjw: we’re just going to live together
jwm: what?
JW-r: ya!
R-jw: I cant break up with your son
this is all for your son’s sake
if we break up like this- your son could die from lovesickness
jwm: what? lovesickness?
R-jw: AY was a model employee for five years
even though you are related to the president
you can’t fire her on your own whim
if you get involved in personnel matters again I will report it to the labor union
so dont mess with us
if you really cant stand watching us be together, we will go live abroad
do you want to live without seeing your son?
should I make that happen?
jwm is stunned out of her mind
she says to her son: KJW why are you just sitting there doing nothing?
what do you think of what she is saying?
JW-r: I think she is right
I want to trust this person now
jwm: what? what?
R-jw stands: then I will be going now
she turns to jw and says “let’s go”
jwm is in shock and worries about her son and says that girl is something indeed
JW-r : I knew this would happen
how could you talk to mother like that?
when I am already a “b” who lured her son 
Rjw: it’s the truth
JW-r: how is that the truth? who is the one doing the chasing?
why did we have to switch bodies at a time like this
Rjw: that is why – to begin with – let’s move
let’s find the cause
JWr:move? what move?
they come in to R’s home and switch
JW: just pack some of your clothes-
cuz i laid up something(*), i will show it to her (for real).(* this one-word verb means originally ‘buy something or lay a bet impulsively’ and i’m not sure if i translated into right words.)
R: what are you talking about?
JW: didnt you hear what I said earlier?
we decided to live together
R: is that something that urgent to us right now?
JW grinning like crazy-dimples showing: to me it is
even just thinking about it is so nice
I must be crazy…
R: did you just realize that now?
JW grin goes away
R: what about AY? what is going to happen to AY?
JW: dont worry – my mom can mess with me but she cant mess with labor union
R: thank goodness
then from now we should figure out why this happened to us….
JW: let’s start with the moveeeeee
R: looking at your own face – you really want to?
listen up
i dont think this is a regular change
cuz the period is not constant. what rule does it have?
was there something in common when we switched our bodies?
JW points out it happened first at jejudo, then jail, then today
they look at what happened each time
what triggers it ]
and R figures out that it rained each time
JW: so when the next rain comes are we going back to normal?
R: if rain really is correct ….weather forecast
she looks it up-it is a week away
JW: aish! so for up to a week – we cant kiss?
R makes a hitting motion
JW grabs her phone and looks something up
he looks up with a happy goofy grin saying:it is raining in NY-let’s go
R: to kiss- go all the way to NY?
then how did you hold it in all this time
JW: kim sooroo…you know this?
R: for now we have to wait for that next rain to  make sure so let’s wait
since we’ve already done it once, shouldnt it be easier this time around
they switch again
they are sitting across from each other
Rjw: you start first
JWr: i have an important audition
i sent a demo of my action scenes so an answer will come soon
he/she has to practice so they start training
R narrates:
if i fail (in audition), my heart will hurt but there won’t be any problem particularly
by any chance if I get chosen – you might have to audition for me
JW’s voice: are you crazy?
R; there is no other choice so practice till you die starting from today
{cute training scenes where R goofs around and JW is seriously trying to teach}
Rjw: I’m going to go crazy for real
JWr: (what you will have to do at the audition are) a demonstration of the action one is most confident in and a scenario reading.
for reading – you will be better than me at it cuz it is in english
in return I will practice very hard trying to sign like you
Rjw starts talking business about how from the first week of jan there will be a regular new year’s sale
{cute scene where they practice his signatures}
JW voice: first say “is this the best you can do? are you sure?” then copy the document and bring it to me. just sign what i give you permission to sign. also dont greet employees back
Rjw:what do you mean why? that is what i always do
JWr: even if you always did -fix that
that’s not something to brag about that you did well so why keep doing it
if any employee greets me -i’m going to greet back
JW-R: don’t try to rule but gain respect. true charisma is a fear grounded on respect.
Rjw: who do you  think you are lecturing?
JWr: if you dont like it then date some other woman
Rjw: fine but in return I have a condition
stand up
close your eyes
JWr: what?
they switch
JW: even tho we switched bodies-let’s hug each other once a day
JWr signs a document then texts Rjw saying : I just promoted AY- I just signed off on it
she gets it during her break from sword practice
cupid and JL watch Rjw and she isnt any good
cupid guesses she might have been dumped by JW
so that is why she sucks during practice
JL says lets call him and beat him up
that reaction startles cupid
Rjw: after we finish each other’s work every day
let’s meet here and settle the work from that day
and discuss what to do the next day
JWr: ok i brought the papers you need to decide on
just tell me what I should do with them
ah you’ve been called up for civil defense training- i should push it back right?
Rjw: go attend on this occasion
JWr : you wanna die?
talk about it later
he mimics :text came in text came in – in a cute girly voice
Rjw: dont do that
JWr: i told them i didnt want a refund
Rjw: what is it?
JWr: our oppa fan club president -(unni) sister
he cant do the Christmas concert
these days cuz of the switched bodies
I havent been able to see his face
he must be upset
Rjw jealous: what about me?
because of the state we’re in I’m torn up inside too
wait – if that concert wasnt canceled – you were going to get rid of me and go there?
JWr I was going to go there then the action school
we always have a yearly party
Rjw: party? do they know what a party is?
JWr: dont make fun
we are each other’s santa claus
Rjw: you’re really going to go?
you wont be able to get a present anyway
since you cried
how do you have a party?
you dont by any chance order pizza, sit around playing, and pass out presents
JWr: how did you know?
Rjw: what ? you really play like that?
oska’s fans wont cancel concert
oska tells the manager i told you to refund them
manager: they wont return their tickets saying they will wait
for however long it takes
they believe in oska
out of 2,000 only 132 want to get refunds
oska says return their money – that he isnt someone they can believe in
tell them not to wait cuz he isnt the person they think he is
and for the guy to put on santa outfit and pass these out to an orphanage i think he said
oska asks where the older manager is and he is at the venue to pay the balance (for rent)
oska apologizes to his manager saying it is his fault but the manager doesnt blame him
they went thru it and canceled the concert
seul shows up bringing cake cuz she is worried about oska -that he shouldnt be alone since it is xmas
she wishes him a merry christmas and is about to leave but
he offers her cookies rice cakes and drinks
so she sits
she asks if he wants to eat the cake too
she lights candles on it
oska plays piano
he says :thank you for coming to my concert
I want to thank you
he gives the speech he is was going to give his fans
and he sings “here i am”
he really sings well
seul cries
JW-r comes in holding a present and sees all the xmas decorations, presents, and food
JW-r asks cupid: where did all that come from?
cupid: why are you acting like you dont know?
R told us so thank you
JWr:  GRI came here?
then he spots her
jw-r : why did you come here?
R-jw: it’s xmas eve so I came here to spend it with GRI -why?
one guy gets up holding a bouqet saying he has something he must say to her
he uses her name to propose to her-like to date him
Like “gil” =gil ra im subaenim
“ra” =ra im ah
other guys say : what is that? he must want to be hit
“im”=im ja (soulmate /my other half*) -please accept my love
some laugh
but r reacts with anger and says she will kill him and they have to hold her back
as they drag him off he yells : sunbaenim – dont date that jerk-though i dont make good money, I am younger than him!
each guy goes up and performs something
while the performances are going on
JW and R hold hands behind someone’s back
*thanks bella012
JWr is shaving and there is shaving foam and JW closes her/his eyes and inhales
R’s voice: the scent from his lips was this scent
if I close my eyes like this
it’s like we are standing together
JWr finds JW’s meds and wonders what it is for
then flashback to oska referring to an accident by mistake and then taking back what he let slip out
oska to jw: you’re really strange today
it feels like you are the young brother I used to know before the accident….
jw-r: huh? accident?
oska: no i mixed up the words- not accident (sa-go) but private high school (sa-lip-go)…
then JWr remembers the time in front of the house when JW didnt know the house code and oska asking about jw’s memory and advising him to call doc lee (ji hyun)
he goes down to see oska
oska is with doc lee
JW-r says : sorry -I didnt know you had a visitor. I’ll come back later
oska says he called her for sleeping pills I think
oska: why did you come?
JW-r: it wasnt urgent-(talk) later
JW-r bows to doc lee and says : please continue talking
doc lee: it’s not funny -i have an appt later at night so I dropped by before I went to work
R’s voice: I must know this person-who is she? what do i do?
oska and doc lee both stare at JW and give him confused looks
Rjw stares at a photo of R’s dad and says the dad looks familiar like he had met him before
JL gives R coffee and she complains his coffee is the better one and hers is the cheaper one
JL: isnt it the 5th Dec in lunar calenday (* it’s 8th Jan, 2011 in solar calendar assuming it is 2010 currently in drama.)
R: what is? what is (special about) that day?
ah- is it your birthday?
JL looks confounded
oska: what is wrong with you this morning?
JWr: i was kidding
to doc :it’s been a while and holds up his hand in a wave
doc: what do you mean it’s been a while… you just saw me a few days ago
she stands up to leave and tells oska to get some daily exercise for at least an hour like a walk and not to rely on just the meds
she says goodbye to JW using informal language like usal
oska: just tell me what you need cuz I am going to sleep
JWr: you told me to contact ji huyn a while back
oska: so
JWr: so i want to contact her
-by mistake I lost all my contact numbers so by any chance do you know her number?
oska: jihyun’s phone number?
JWr: yes- cuz I have something to ask-do you know it? why?
oska looks really upset
Rjw: i think I just forgot for a second
JL: what did you forget about?
are you doing this cuz you dont want to get a bday present?
R: what do you want to have?
JL kim jihoon subae called -he asked if you were doing well
R: ah – he did- wonder if I have his number
I’ll give him a call
JL looks scary
he just stares at her like he is seeing a stranger
R: what?
JL: who are you? you are not GRI are you?
she looks nervous
oska : who are you?
you are not KJW
JW’s turn to look scared
JL: kim ji hoon sunbae passed away 3 yrs ago
5th is not my birthday but the anniversary of R’s father’s death
oska: the woman who just left is ji hyun
KJW’s doctor- park jihyun
who are you? where is my little brother KJW?
no preview
I can’t believe how many people were on soompi earlier – like over 500
that is the highest it has been lately for this drama – it is like the whole world tuned in for that one kiss scene .This episode had less daebak scenes than yesterday, but one major kiss scene so no one should complain.
Did anyone else notice R wore a whole lot of fur today? even more than yesterday?
I keep doing the math on her wardrobe and it is getting ridiculous
I watched the long trailer for tonight, but there was only one scene I wanted to translate – the one where JW decorates R’s home and tells her “from this moment on, dont stand in the pyungchang dong living room and erase all the bad memories here too-just remember this moment and sleep, eat, and joke and live.” R nods and thanks him. He also calls sec kim to make AY stay out all night and not come home and AY’s voice narrates not to worry and have a fun time. R yells at him asking if he is crazy – that it is embarrassing. why did you do this? JW leans in and says :why do you think I am like this? R starts to back away from him saying “really-are you not going to back off? JW: why? we are both adults so what? R: really you- you better not get any closer…JW: really what? what is it that I want to do?
This is the scene so many people were looking forward to (besides the party kiss), but all I could think was “if only he wasnt wearing the tracksuit when he said all that, it would have been ideal.”
So I read the switch is going to happen again, but is it for a shorter time?
I kind of hope it happens towards the end of the episode so we can watch them as a
couple for a few more scenes. It took so long to get here so I think they deserve more time together.
I dont trust print media cuz people get misquoted all the time and it doesnt connect as much. there is a  youtube video of this somewhere so if anyone finds it I can translate it for you.
The only interviews I trust 100% are the ones where the actors come out and talk about their lives. I don’t know if many of you know, but during the time the oska guy played the lead in my fair lady with eun hae from coffee prince, he did a candid interview about his past. He mentioned how poor he was and how he had to hold down a variety of odd jobs (some were pretty awful) to make ends meet. One of them was selling food on the street. He was one of those street vendor guys and his female customers would remark how good looking he was and that he should find a more suitable job. When they realized he could sing well too, they encouraged him even more to try entertainment business. So he listened to all his customers and made his debut at a pretty old age for most actors and entertainers. I never forgot that interview cuz it was right when he was getting popular and there was no need to get that personal about his past. He could have kept all that a secret but he seemed like one of those actors who realize their humble beginnings make him a better person. He works harder than most and doesn’t complain as much too. People say he is genuine and you could tell from the interview. That was when I decided I would watch his dramas and stuff from then on. Except my fair lady was so awful I couldn’t hang on till the end.
When I watched him sing tonight – I was so proud of him for being on such a great drama and holding his own against Binnie.
I watch actor’s interviews when they come on TV sometimes and most of them use easy words so I get all of it. The next one I want to share is about Kim Hyun Joon. His true story is the most interesting cuz he came so close to death a few times and his background/early years is like a drama in itself. Did anyone watch him talk about his near death experience with a sauna boiler when he lived on the streets? people look at him now and only see his star status but I still see the kid who lived in unfinished apartment buildings struggling to keep alive every day.

93 comments on “Secret Garden E14: Live “Transcap”

  1. ellyysf says:

    Hi Softy and Rebel Souls gang.
    Thank you for your hard work ^.^

    Just some observation :
    1. RI has magical wardrobe… just like Hermoine’s purse in HP. How on earth that many jackets she wore can fit into that one wardrobe that she shared with AY? ^o^

    2. “seul’s bad acting threw me off but did she just stick up for JW and R? or am I off my rockers?” >>>
    From the first appearance of “seul” character, I sense that the character should have been played layered. There’s lots of reflective shots of her in the beginning. But I never felt for her character. She’s supposed to make the viewers root for her for second pairing. But alas… the skill of the actor playing it was lacking, that what you see is just one nasty beyotch.
    Compared that to ‘Oska’ or ‘JW’ character. The actors playing them can make us root for them even when their character are not ‘sparkling’. They are able to portray the layers of their character successfully from the start. That take considerable skill… which both have in abundance.
    That is why you are confused. She failed to get the viewers to see earlier on that she was not that bad. So when she acts good towards RI/JW relationship it seems sudden/abrupt or out of nowhere.

    (RI character is a bit straightforward. We love her for who she is right from the start and HJW is awesome playing her)

    3. JW’s mom is harmless. The more she talks/rant the less harmless she is. Now… if it’s Lee Mi Sook playing her… I’d be very afraid ^o^ She’d be very elegant and cold. JW’s mom doesn’t look high class at all.

    Just wanted to tell you I’m thankful for your recap…and I end up writing essays. Shesh…Better stop here. Tq again Softy.


    • ellyysf says:

      “…the less harmless …” should have read the more harmless she is.


    • WhiteFox says:

      i agree with you about JW’s mom.
      i didn’t regard her as a villian. i rather perceived her as a comedic character from the beginning who is armed with a fine sword but unsuccessful in wielding it effectively.

      as for Seul, as you said her character is supposed to be layered but turned out to be inconsistent. i partly blame the cameo actor played LJH for that.
      he overacted and rendered seul character scrappy and cheap-looking. i was so annoyed at flashbacks with him in it.


  2. Anon says:

    Thanks to Rebel Souls and WhiteFox!

    I never hated Seul, I actually started to like her after watching the flashbacks, she started to really annoy me when she went to JW’s mom though. But she was just awesome in this ep, loved how she quoted Blair.

    Yes, I also fear the usual kdrama angst is coming up, but I will be ok with it as long as the drama ends well.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you , Softy !!!! I’m late reading your transcaps , hehe! The subbed episodes were also up … another week without internet made me crappy …I have a lot of catching up … I love this episode ! finally , JW and RI are together ! I loved the kissing scene !!! ah , they are so good together … I can’t wait to watch the remaining episodes… and they’ve been found out by Oska and JL ! I’m also beginning to like Seul a little … hope she and Oska will be together in the end …I think they really like each other …
    I’ve said it in MSOAN transcap , I’ll say it again here … Softy , may you have a happy and prosperous new year !!! hugs !!!

    From Japan with love !


  4. MM says:

    great job guys! i may be too old for this ( about to be 40???) but i cant wait evryday to check on ur site


  5. balletbabe says:

    Ep 15 short preview!


  6. Ash&ash says:

    Thanks for yr ep 15 preview


  7. Jobits says:

    I have a feeling the Dark Blood thing audition is gonna be a big part of the conflict/drama/angst/plot, like something’ll happen, and then Ah Young’s dream (Raim “sleeping”, Joowon crying in the car) is gonna happen. Honestly everything is so cryptic and it makes me nervous.



  8. ابرار says:

    كيم جوو وون سارانيه
    الدراما نالت مشاهده كبيره من العرب واولهم انا ksa


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