Ojakkyo Brothers E56

There isnt enough space to say how many times this episode was DAEBAK – OMG I am in drama heaven !!! It’s like they made up for the last few episodes all at once by packing in so many great scenes. Someone please make music videos out of the last scene from E55 and pretty much every scene from tonight. 🙂

*Thank you for the preview gifs Ginko 🙂

Necktie BTS clip translated. 🙂

I almost passed out from how perfect they look together…..

The last OB preview – it’s beautiful and tragic at the same time cuz this is the final one we will be getting. 😦

TP: we want to formally get permission and date. dad: you think that is possible?  TP tells his mom: Y is really a good woman. mom hits him and says: you think no one knows she is a good woman -if it’s a good woman are you going to date them all? TP: mom! he tells her the in laws already gave permission. mom:what?! TH bows in front of J’s dad. Baek gives his permission gladly to the two of them. TH: thank you father. I promise to treasure J and treat her preciously and live well. mom: if I speak truthfully, I oppose this marraige.


These are some stills from his baker king wedding – notice the difference? He doesn’t look nervous when he walked down the aisle with Uee – they look natural, like 8 plus months of filming together made them grow close. But in these, he seems to care more about that bouquet. He still looks cute though. 🙂

Sparkskey translated E57 written preview for us:

Dad and mum are at a loss for words (phrase could mean angry/exasperated) at TP’s announcement that he truly loves Y. Dad discusses the issue of them dating right now..

TH formally presents himself to Inho and gets his permission to marry J. The happy couple, TH& J decide to get married at the venue that TS had booked.


r.a.b gave us the link for the necktie bts, but the whole interview was about  the brothers. The question was: What do you think makes OB number one. Answer: Popular visual – the 4 brothers. The narrator describes TB’s personality on the show. The actor playing TB comes out and says: either I am really nice to someone or else on purpose I behave more mean –acting according to my heart –I think maybe that’s what TB’s charm is until now. In the scene where he got hit on the forehead by the dad – he forgot his lines and had to get hit again. “I wanted to get hit hard since there were so many things I did wrong –I thought if I get hit harder I would feel the emotions/ what the character is going through so I tried to get hit harder.”

TS said his charm is that he is kind and tries to be a good elder hyung

3rd son TH’s attractive quality is his visual – his looks – overflowing charisma is when he chases after bad guys.  Uee is asked “What is TH’s charm/attractive quality” Uee: even though he doesn’t express his feelings he takes care of me cuz he feels sorry for me. I asked him to buy me coffee but he didn’t and then he thought of it and bought it and left it in front of the house. Interviewer tells Joowon that out of the 4 brothers, she didn’t choose TH. So JW said Uee lied during filming (the interview). JW: Every day on the film set, she looks for TB hyung and TP hyung (Uee adds “that I miss them”) Uee: I didn’t know TB oppa would get married so quickly –then I wanted to try something with TP oppa (she doesn’t finish her sentence) JW adds jokingly: the problem is she always acts that way in front of me, so it makes me jealous.

They say TP is charming to all the ladies, but mean to JE. (cuz this interview was a long time ago when he was mean to J)

Written before it aired:

This is an odd feeling to start off a recap knowing in advance that this episode will be pretty much perfection. Gone are the days of angst and drama. The only minor hiccups might be when the family finds out about TP and Y and if Guksoo finally learns about his mother’s death, other than that I don’t foresee any troubles. I wish I could have started all recaps with this certainty of glee, but even with its ups and downs, I still wouldn’t trade this OB experience for anything. Since we finally made it to the last stretch, let’s just sit back and relish everything we enjoy about OB. The writer gave us a drama to cherish for years to come so l am looking forward to her last finishing touches. Back in August when I tuned into OB E1, something told me this drama was special.  Now I realize having faith in OB paid off in the best way possible way. It brought all of us together to share our love for a drama that could easily have been overlooked if you didn’t look close enough, but those of us who found something to connect with, we never let go. Let the celebration begin. 🙂


Starts from the mom laughing and talking to GM on the phone while in the car with TH and J. mom says how she did that too – like a crazy person she kept pinching her legs (cuz they couldnt believe this was actually happening) mom tells GM not to worry and says GM’s baby wouldnt do that. she has to tell TH to drive slowly even if he is in a rush cuz the GM is insisting. mom makes TH say that loudly so GM can hear. TH yells – GM I will go slowly and carefully. Mom asks if GM heard. why would TH be in a rush when he is with J right here. TH looks at J in his rearview mirror and they smile at each other. mom is laughing and joking around with GM and lies that J is in Seoul and the mom is with TH so why would he be in a rush. but the GM already picked up on the lie so the mom says GM is too smart cuz the GM heard. the mom asks if the GM had that dream too cuz a few days ago, the mom dreamt a pig was on their yard and wondered if it had to do with TB’s baby. J and TH smile while he drives

Baek pulls up in a cab at the farm and the dad  was waiting for him. they shake hands. dad asks how much baek drank not to know he didn’t drive. Baek: is that the first thing you want to say to someone who came back after being cleared. dad: it’s cuz I feel sorry to you. I feel sorry for all the terrible insults I said to you. Baek asks to hug him once even though it’s awkward. dad:why?  Baek hugs him. Baek:  since I cant hug sister in law. (the dad’s wife) so I have to hug you at least. now it feels real since I am hugging you – now it feels real. dad says Baek went through a lot. (I think he told him to live 20 more years or something) dad says GM is waiting.

GM is outside waiting for Baek with TP and TS. She goes over to him. baek calls out mother and runs to her. Baek: you came outside. she takes Baek’s hand and says sorry again and again. this old woman didnt know better and made a big mistake. Baek says -no mother. 26 yrs ago if I was in my right mind and came forward right away (confess) then this whole incident would have been found out right away and would have been able to catch the criminal right away so you dont know how much I regretted in my heart. I am sorry. forgive me. GM says don’t say stuff like that -just that you arent the criminal, to our family, there is no other gift- especially to our TH and J – to the two kids -aside from my CW coming back alive, it’s a much bigger gift. thank you – how much your heart must have suffered. Baek: yes mother. TS formally introduces himself. I am TH’s big hyung Hwang TS. Baek: are you CS’s eldest(first born)? it’s good to meet you. I am J’s dad. they shake hands. TS: it’s so nice to meet you. congratulations. baek: thank you. baek asks about TP. TP introduces himself – I am the youngest son Hwang TP. Baek says: maknae grew up this much? when you were a baby I saw you. they shake hands as Baek says: you are good looking. as much as officer Hwang, you are good looking. Baek says the dad succeeded big. all your sons do not look like you and resemble sister in law. dad pretends to get mad: ya you punk. TS says TH arrived -J is coming.

TH helps his mom out of the car and J runs to her dad and hugs him. She cries. Baek says she suffered a lot-my daughter suffered a lot. J thanks her dad. he thanks her too. He asks if she is ok. You aren’t hurt anywhere. She says she is ok and asks if he isnt feeling sick anywhere. He says he is fine and tells her to say hi to GM first. GM holds out her arms to J and says “come here J.” J goes and hugs her and cries. J: I missed you so much. GM: I am sorry. J: no grandma you even forgave me- thank you very much grandma. dad tells TH: you suffered a lot. TP goes over and pats TH. the mom and Baek bow to each other. TS shakes TH’s hand for a second. Baek touches TH’s arm.

At night there are two tables and everyone is there to eat. SY and TB too. they are all laughing. (the mom is telling everyone the story about how the dad jumped in the river for her) Baek asks the mom if CS did that. mom: yes he said he would die and jumped into the river. dad: did I want to jump- you told me to prove it so I jumped. mom: but why do that just cuz I told you to. the mom describes how the riverbed had been dried up so the dad just ended up breaking his leg. everyone laughs. dad insists his leg wasnt broken – just slightly sprained and accuses the mom of making it up.  GM suddenly says to hang up the family picture. mom tells the dad to hang the picture. dad: should we do that. he tells TS to do that.  TS calls TP and they get up to get it. J asks if the family picture came out. Mom says it came out well. TS says they have to take it again soon cuz MS and H are added on. J asks if MS unni and big ajussi are getting married. MS: you didnt know yet? we are getting married. J:while I was gone a lot happened. J congratulates MS. MS thanks her. J asks H and Guksoo if they are going to become siblings. H: yes I am a noona unni. J: you are H? J asks Guksoo: are you the younger sibling Guksoo? Guksoo: yes I am younger by 3 months. TP says it’s all done. TS says the picture came out well. the whole family looks at the picture. MS: our Guksoo is the best looking. TB says no one else can follow our IBC Hwang TB and Cha SY. they clap like kids. dad says he cant see anyone but Park Boj Ja (cuz she seems to glow in the picture) so the mom says she used to be Baek JE. J stares at the back of TH’s head.

GM starts to cry. why am I crying on such a great day. Cuz I am so happy tears keep coming out. If I die now I would have no other wish. I am not just saying that. If I sleep tonight and left this world, I wouldn’t have any regrets. Mom says-why think of such things on a great day like this. you have to see TH, TS, and TP all get married and see all your great grandchildren. baek says to live a long long time in health. TS says GM needs to see guksooo and H get married. GM says that’s being too greedy. she says she feels good and asks to do a toast. TB toasts GM’s health for her to live to be in her hundreds. J smiles at TH

TH and J go to the shed holding hands. He says now it feels real cuz he is looking at her. she says she still doesnt believe it and thinks it’s a dream. J: how have you been? why did you get so thin. TH: I told you – I didnt feel so good. J: I didnt feel that good either but at least I ate. you didn’t sleep or eat huh? everything about you is great but not talking when you are angry and not eating and not sleeping -those bad habits, you really have to correct that…While she is talking, he suddenly kisses her. then they smile at each other.

He says her name over and over. J: yes. He takes out her ring and asks: will you accept me again- this bad tempered guy. she nods yes.  He puts the ring on her. she asks for his ring. he gives it to her. J: Officer hwang – officer hwang. TH: yes. J: will you accept? He nods yes. She puts it on his finger while he stares at her. they hug.

TH and J go to meet TP and TB/SY and TS/MS. SY: you came. TP: today’s main stars arrived. TB explains: I said let’s just drink amongst ourselves tonight and not call you but hyung wouldnt let me till the end (cuz TB wanted to give TH and J time alone to be together). TS: of course we couldnt cuz we have to gather and congratulate them. TS tells J to sit. TP jokes it looks like their lips are more swollen than a while ago so TH says a warning “ya” to TP and J denies it. TP says let’s make a toast and SY yells out congratulations. TB says look at how TH is smiling. TP jokes how TH’s expression changed suddenly. TH: what is it that you all want to say.  TS tells J how TH was out of it while she was gone.  TP said TH was a zombie. J asks TH: did you do that? TH: no – when did I do that. TB tells TH to work on his expressions cuz it’s too obvious he isnt telling the truth. TS says to J: You could live without TH but he couldn’t live without you so don’t throw him away again. She says she cant live without ajussi too. TH grins really big. TB: this is why I said let’s just drink by ourselves. we shouldnt have called them.  TH says cheers.

TP watches the couples being loving like TB feeding SY by saying it looks delicious. so he says “I should have called my Y if I knew it would be like this.” SY stops chewing and TS stops smiling. TH asks: who is “my Y shi?”  TP says my girlfriend. J: you got a girlfriend maknae oppa? she congratulates TP. TB says to TH: ask who the girlfriend is cuz you know that person too. TH: I know that person? who is it? TP asks why TB is like this cuz they got permission from the in laws. TB: I told you my mother in law wasnt in her right mind that day. SY explains how her mom was asked to come in for a re-examination from her health checkup so she wasnt in the right state of mind that day to choose sides. TS: that’s right maknae – I heard from TB, you cant look at that permission as genuine. TH: why are you bringing up the in laws here? he suddenly guesses TP is dating SY’s aunt. TP mutters with sarcasm: like someone would say you arent an detective. yes that’s true. TH: is that for real? TB to TP: look – TH had the same reaction as us. J congratulates TP. you are talking about the pretty aunt I heard about. TP: there is only you J. MS smiles.

TP to J: you are on our love’s side right? J: of course. she asks TB: why cant they be? So SY says Y is her aunt and TP’s in law so what does their baby call Y when the baby is born-aunt grandma? or small mother (meaning young aunt). J: oh that’s right – I didnt think of that. but still legally there is no problem.I think making people who are in love break up over a problem like that, I dont understand it. J asks TH: dont you think so ajussi? TP claps and says J knows love. TP asks TH: why arent you answering? J is asking you. J gives TH the puppy look. TH caves and says he doesnt think it’s a problem with them being in laws too. J smiles at him. TH smiles apologetically to TB. TS starts to say the only problem isnt the in laws but TP changes the subject and tells J to drink so MS asks them to toast again.  J congratulates TP. TP thanks her.

Mom wakes up laughing. dad asks her why is she isnt sleeping and keeps doing that. she says it’s cuz she is so happy and asks the dad to pinch her to see if it’s real or a dream. dad: you like it that much? mom: yes. dad: I like it too. but we still have to sleep. mom: ok sleep. They laugh together

In TP’s room, SY is sleeping on the bed with TB sleeping on the floor and MS wakes up SY. MS tries calling younger sister in law and then Cha SY shi. SY says wait a minute – I am going out. she steps on TB. SY goes out and asks-why- is something going on. MS asks her to make breakfast cuz the mom must have slept late cuz she hasnt woken up yet. let’s make breakfast. let’s hurry and go up. MS says SY has to prepare as the daughter in law in this home and offers to help her.  so let’s hurry and go up. SY calls for TB as MS leads her up.

MS offers to make the soup and tells SY to make the rice and side dishes. MS gives instructions and says she chose this soup since everyone drank last night. let’s start. wake up. SY stands there so MS asks why she isnt working. SY: I will – go ahead and start. SY starts to cut heads off bean sprouts with scissors and shocks MS. MS asks what she is doing. who does it that way. what a waste. SY explains everyone has their own way of doing things and these days that’s what they do cuz it saves time with scissors. MS says it’s a waste of bean sprouts but SY says time is more important to her. if she eats less bean sprouts to save time, she is ok with that. that’s her argument so MS says she will do this. MS asks her to wash the rice and make it so SY offers to go and buy instant rice cuz she doesn’t know how to make rice. MS asks if SY always ate instant rice. SY says not always. cuz she doesnt eat at home often and her mom helps out.  MS says she will make the rice  too. she asks if SY knows how to cut beets. SY says she will try it once. she doesn’t slice the beet correctly either

GM says let’s eat and everyone says we will eat well. Mom tells GM that SY and MS made the breakfast. GM says the mom’s life got easier cuz she gets to eat meals prepared by daughter in laws. SY says she didn’t do anything and MS did everything. GM compliments MS for cooking so well. And says MS is like the owner of a restaurant. TS says MS cooks really well. TS says they set the date for the first saturday of March. GM: you did- you set the date? Mom asks if that’s enough time to prepare. MS says yes it looks like it will be plenty of time. they are buying furniture today with the kids to choose the kids beds and desks. GM asks when TH and J are getting married. mom says since TS and MS are getting in March – wont it be hard for TH and J to get married before May. cuz they need to think about the invitations to their relatives. within two months is too soon. GM: then when? In june? Dad says they have to tell Baek first and get permission so TH says that’s what they will do soon -go and meet her dad formally and then decide on a date. dad says that’s the right thing to do. GM doesnt want to go past spring and wonders Baek probably wont oppose right? Mom doesn’t think so. TB says they are going to live separately from the in laws. mom asks if anything happened. SY says no – it’s not cuz anything happened.  TB think they are depending on the in laws too much and living using them so using their own strength they want to live according to their level. GM says she is proud of them. GM thinks SY will have a hard time living apart from her parents.cuz you dont know how to cook. SY: I have to learn one by one. also TB shi said he would help me a lot so I am trusting that.  Dad asks where they are moving too. TB says a small apartment by getting a loan after settling the contract with the officetel. Mom says they thought well.

SY’s parents are at the doctor’s office waiting. SY’s mom is nervous and tells the dad –this wont work. let’s come next time. dad:why are you like this. her name gets called so she gets scanned again and tested.  Doctor says thankfully it wasnt a (not sure of this word – maybe lump). he explains during these breast scans where you shoot the front and back, when you look at it, sometimes it looks like a (lump) and that’s what happened this time. Dad asks again if that means nothing is wrong so the doctor says yes – looking at last years checkup, nothing grew and everything is the same. there is no problem so you can feel safe and go back. she thanks him.

Dad says see- I told you so that nothing would be wrong. Mom says she thought so too. even if there was something strange, that it would be just a small lump and didnt worry much. dad: did a person who feels that way cry and write a farewell letter. mom: you saw that? dad: this morning I saw you place it under the sofa. He takes it out and says I cried reading it cuz it was too moving. she asks for it back. He quotes what she wrote-  am I the most handsome in the world? meeting me was your best wish come true in your life? you could have said those things in person. She grabs it back and tells him to stop it. Mom: I shouldnt have written this. she suddenly remembers and asks where TB is now. at home? dad: a while ago when I called she (SY) said he was at home. why? did you write one to him too? She says hurry and go. what do I do. dad: let’s go together.

SY comes over and tells TB that there her mom is ok. TB: what? SY: mom went for her re-examination today. the result of her checkup was that there is no problem. TB: that was today. thank goodness.  SY: even though you are busy – how could you forget that. TB says sorry he was busy writing his article. He says they should tell the parents today they are going to separate since they didnt get to tell them last time. SY: ok I guess we should. TB: ok then I will finish writing this article and go out. He says he is hungry and asks her to make lunch. SY: ok. He finds the letter from the mom.

Mom tells the dad to hurry and go. the lane over there is empty. dad:what did you write for you to act like this. you didn’t write stuff like “I love you I am sorry” right? She tells him to hurry and go. that lane is empty.

TB reads the letter. SY’s mom: “Hwang son in law – it’s me – your mother in law. At the time you are reading this letter I will be probably be waging a difficult battle with my disease. While I was living I wanted to get a lot closer to you. but I didnt see the end coming so I have a lot of regrets. do you know when I started to like you- the first time you came to my home to formally say hello, from that day I liked you. I liked how you had an overabundance of confidence. and I liked seeing how you kneeled for my SY’s sake. if it’s a man like this, I thought I could entrust you with my daughter so I wanted to treat you even better like a son and wanted to get close, but I think my suffocating love made you feel burdened and uncomfortable- I am sincerely sorry. I should have thought more from your situation, but I lacked a lot. please understand. it’s such a good thing that you are next to my SY’ side. So I think I can leave feeling relieved. hwang son in law – I will ask you to please take good care of SY and cha gom. I would be grateful if you took care of your father in law often too. Be well. You are a son in law that I am grateful too. I will remember you for a long time.” TB seems touched.

TB watches SY. SY is cooking. she burns her fingers so he runs over and asks if she is ok. she says she is ok. he offers to do it and tells her to sit.  SY says if they live apart she has to do it little by little so she needs the practice now. I will do it. she burns her fingers on the lid. where are the mitts. TB asks her to stop and come and talk with him.

The mom comes in and hears TB talking with SY inside the bedroom. He said let’s not live apart. For right now let’s live together. after Cha gom is born, maybe a year later, let’s think it over again then. SY: why suddenly? you said you wanted to leave right away. TB: first of all, realistically separating now,  I just now realized it would only be hard on you and the baby. it’s a time when you need to feel the safest and most comfortable so you cant be uncomfortable and nervous. Secondly, I want to save more money and want to give you and cha Gom a more comfortable place as a present. SY: I am proud of you – what’s the 3rd? TB: I want to spend a lot more time with my in laws. SY: with my mom and dad?  TB: yes- I want to become closer with the two of them, but if we live separately now,  no matter how much we try and say we will come on the weekends, I think we will grow apart.if we keep living here together, I want to become a real family and take care of them like my real parents since they are the parents that had you. the mom cries hearing that. TB: does that facial expression mean you are really moved? SY hugs him and thanks him. my husband is the coolest. He says let’s not leave too much housework for the mother in law and do some of it since mother in law is older, she shouldnt overdo it-you know it wont be good for her right? SY: ok. The mom cried and smiled listening to that

Mom tells MS how she has never been to TB’s house yet. MS asks if she hasnt been even once since it’s been a while since TB got married. mom: it just ended up like that. Mom explains about the in laws living next door. I went to their home and while I was there I should have dropped by TB’s, but that day I didnt have time. now that they are going to live separately I should drop by often. MS: even if the in laws lived next door, you should have dropped by. cuz you leave her alone like that that is why younger sister in law is like that even more. mom:what? MS: I didnt tell you cuz I thought you would get upset. a while ago in the morning, while preparing food, younger sister in law doesnt know how to do anything at all. I told her to make rice and she said she would buy instant rice. that she buys instant rice to eat and doesnt make rice. Mom defends SY saying she works-how could someone do everything well. MS says – mother I work too. but a person should know how to do the basics. Mom: that’s true. MS: even if the adults do that, their baby will be born soon. there is no way, they probably wont buy instant food to feed the baby right? when they live separately mother you should drop by often. if you drop by often and you tell her this and that, wont it be different from when you left her alone? mom: that’s true. she remembers TB and SY are resting today so she wants to go and visit since they are talking about it.

MS and the mom go to TB’s and MS says the home is nice and big. mom: come in. MS is impressed.

SY’s mom opens the door and invites them in. what brings you here without calling. Mom says the kids didnt pick up their phone. you were here?  SY’s mom says -yes – she was doing the kid’s laundry and making some side dishes for them. the kids went to see a musical so they must have turned their phones off during the performance. Her mom invites them to sit. she moves the clothes and explains she was in the middle of folding the laundry. She asks them to sit over there comfortably. what would you like to drink? his mom says anything. her mom takes the laundry and puts it away. his mom and MS exchange shocked looks. her mom asks them to sit again. she asks who MS is. Mom explains MS is going to become their “big=eldest” daughter in law. she is getting married at the beginning of March. her mom says: oh that person who is running the duck restaurant -it’s nice to meet you and congratulations. I am reporter Cha SY’s mother. MS: hello. SY’s mom asks what this is. (that MS is holding) so MS says this is kimchi. her mom says the kids dont run out of kimchi and his mom doesnt need to pay attention to it. please give it to me and I will feed it to them well. His mom offers to put it away and asks if that is the kitchen. His mom goes in with MS and sees all the side dishes being prepared. Her mom explains the lower storage space is empty in the fridge so they can put it there. she explains how TB and SY do not have a separate kimchi fridge yet so she was thinking of giving them one.  his mom says you dont need to do that.  the kids will be living separately soon so I will buy one for them. her mom: live separately? his mom: the kids are going to live separately – didnt you hear? her mom laughs. his mom asks: why are you laughing. her mom says: you must not have heard yet, hwang son in law gave up living separately. his mom: what do you mean gave up? what does that mean?

his mom: my TB? SY’s mom compliments TB saying how well his mom raised him. he said that he wanted to take care of us (as in take in) as real parents and wants to become a real family and gave up on living separately. MS and his mom are shocked. her mom says -I really dont know how to thank you. this must be why everyone wants sons. she says how deep his heart is and thanks his mom. since you have 4 sons, if you could just think that you are yielding one son to us, I will sincerely treasure hwang son in law as more than a son and live the rest of my life taking care of him well. for raising such a great son and sending him to us, thank you again. his mom asks: did my TB really say that? her mom: yes-if he said it directly to us, he wouldnt have said it so forthrightly, but when I wasnt there, I heard myself when he said it to SY. that is why I was more moved. Her mom gives his mom an expensive gift. something precious that took 40 yrs to make. (this is really expensive- I think it’s one of those ginseng root thing floating around inside the bottle that takes years to age and old people love it) she asks all the elders to drink it together. his mom: what is this suddenly? we dont need this. her mom asks his mom to accept it. not too long ago, when we heard the elder was admitted to the hospital, we had a hard time getting this. it’s really good. it isnt something you can get with just money. this is my sincere heart. please accept it. His mom looks mad. MS looks nervous.

When MS and mom are outside she tells MS – you said you were going to go buy furniture? go. MS: what about you mother. mom: dont worry about me and go. I am going to go for a walk and then go. MS hands over the bag. MS says the in law went too far -didnt she? Mom gets mad and asks if MS wants to add oil to a house on fire. hurry and go.

Mom goes home and mutters to herself asking if they (TB and SY) are kidding around with their parents.  in the morning they said they would separate but they arent going to separate? wants to take care of them as real parents? She calls TB and yells at him-where are you? after work, come directly home. when I say come over, just come over. I have something to say that’s why I am telling you to come. would I tell you to come if I didnt have anything to say. come right after you are done. she hangs up. Dad asks why the mom is mad

SY’s mom is in a good mood. Dad asks if she is that happy. from a while ago your lips are hanging on your ears. She says she is and likes TB the more she sees him. Dad asks if she is really going to give permission to Y. mom: what permission? Mom suddenly remembers. dad: I clearly told you you would regret tm.  mom: you should have stopped me. how could you just sit and watch while I gave that ridiculous permission. Y comes down the stairs. mom calls Y over. Y: why I have to go out. I am going to meet TP. Mom asks if the in laws know that Y is dating TP. Y says they don’t know yet. mom: they dont know?look at this girl. of course you must get their permission first and then date. is this a problem that will end just cuz our family gave permission?  you must go today and get permission. Y: today? mom: yes go today right away.  If any of the elders there oppose then I cant do anything about it. then I won’t give you two permission either. got that? dad tsks tsks the mom.

J and TH are at the same place from their last date. J: we came back here again. TH: back then you didnt get to eat properly so I wanted to make sure to buy you another meal here. J: then do we have to eat steak like last time? cuz I wanted to eat pasta today. TH: then eat pasta.

As they eat, he asks when they should go see her dad – how about this weekend. She says she will ask. J: but you don’t have to worry about my dad’s permission, my dad likes you a lot. TH: then if it’s ok, big hyung will do it at the beginning of March so how about if we do it at the start of May? or should we get married together with big hyung? J doesnt say anything so he asks sadly- or should we just do as planned in the fall? J:why? cant we do it in April? TH: but mom said have two months in between at least. J: oh that’s right. then let’s do it in May. TH: do you want to hurry and do it? should I tell mom that we are going to do it in April? J: no it’s ok – I was just asking cuz I was curious. it’s really not cuz I want to hurry and do it. TH: it’s cuz I want to hurry and do it. J: well if you want it that much – bring it up with ajumma then. they smile at each other. TH: ok. eat. she tells him to eat.

TH drops her off at work. J: I told you not to get out of the car since it’s cold. he adjusts her collar and says: I will go after I watch you go in. She tells him to go first – hurry and get in. but he says he wants to see her go first. J walks backwards waving saying she will go first. so he tells her to look ahead and go cuz it’s dangerous. they keep waving and she says she is really going. she runs inside. He was going back to his car but changes his mind

The elevators close just as TH reaches it. She is busy looking at her ring. He runs up the stairs. she is looking at their couple pics on her phone.

The doors open and he is there out of breath. J:ajussi. He says he wants to live expressing his love. J:what? He goes in and kisses her. she puts her hand on his waist and pulls him closer. the elevator doors close

*Just in case this ends up in a music video, TH’s exact words were: “I want to live being expressive,” but he meant showing his emotions in love as he lives cuz that’s what he never used to do.

MS looks at a fridge and says it’s similar to SY’s. TS says it’s too big and there is no space to put it. MS: how many family members do we have. it has to be this big at least. and we can just make room for it. TS points to the tag and says it’s too expensive. let’s look at something else. MS says – no – she can afford this. let’s get this. and she buys it. Then MS asks the sales clerk for what is the nicest TV. TS is shocked. kids jump on the bed so TS tells them not to -get up – you cant sit there. MS chooses a bed. TS points out that’s imported furniture (which is way more expensive). MS: what’s wrong with that. TS drags her out.

TS asks why she is like this and overdoing it. she wants to buy nice things as part of her dowry. TS: who asked you to bring nice dowry. just match our (family’s) level. MS: even if you didnt tell me to,  I want to do it well. She wants to do as much as SY. Since she isnt as well off as SY and her parents arent alive, it’s the only way she can feel comfortable if she goes at this rate. dont stop me. If my mom was alive she would have bought better things than this. I am buying all this dowry from my mom’s heart so leave me alone.  TS: dont do it. even if your parents were alive I would have said the same thing. that they dont have to buy nice things. for raising their daughter so well and allowing her to marry someone like me, I would have told them thank you.  just letting you marry me, I am so grateful that I can die, so what else would I want. so please don’t overdo it. Just having you is plenty. dont you know that. MS: I know. then I will just do the normal amount

TS and H and guksoo are waiting for MS to try on her wedding dress. MS asks if it looks ok. TS says it’s really pretty. She asks him to be honest. TS: it’s for real. H is mom pretty or not. H: you are the best mom – you are really pretty. TS asks Guksoo – isnt ajumma pretty? Guksoo nods yes. TS: see. MS asks H: does mom really look ok- I don’t look old? TS says again she looks pretty – why don’t you trust me. He picks her up and says Kim MS – my wife is the best. I am finally getting married. he spins her around. she says she is dizzy -let me down. they fall down. He asks if she is ok. why? does it hurt? he sprained her wrist. she is tempted to punch him.

The family look at MS’s wrist. Dad asks what happened. TS says he was so happy he picked her up and spun her and fell and now her wrist is sprained. GM worries how MS can wear a dress like that. TB tells her to sit down. dad asks what she is going to do with the wedding with her arm like that. MS says she has to push it back. the wedding pictures will last a lifetime so she can’t take the pictures looking like this.  TS thinks since it’s her arm and not her leg, they should just go ahead with it. MS glares at him so he says push it back.  GM says there is no need to push it back, just let TH and J get married that day. TH says for now they will decide after they meet with J’s dad. GM says to go ahead and try to do it now since everything is set. TS tells them to go ahead if they want and do that cuz it’s ok with him and MS. TH: we will think about it. TS asks why TB and SY are here again. TB says he got called by the mom. he tells her to talk – what’s going on. dad asks her to talk cuz she called the kids. GM tells her to talk so they can go to the singing room after. mom starts to talk by saying “TB” TB: yes mom. mom: “TB.” TB: yes mother. you can speak.  mom: you… but she stalls so GM says hurry and talk so we can go to the singing room so why are you stalling. Hurry and talk.

Mom snaps at the GM: mother just be still –I will be 60 soon and now I have 3 daughers in law so let me talk. GM asks if she is going to be like that and do whatever she wants cuz she has 3 daughters in law. mom talks back and says: that’s not it. I was going to talk but you kept interrupting so I couldnt talk so wouldnt that make me mad or not? GM cant believe she said that. Dad yells at the mom to come to her senses.

TP comes with Y. TP tells the elders that Y came. Y says hello.  GM says she saw Y somewhere a lot. Dad tells her she is SY’s mom’s younger sister. GM: oh SY’s aunt.  mom asks what brings her here. Dad asks why she is here suddenly. TP says she is my girlfriend. father- grandmother – mom. tell them hello.  Y introduces herself -hello I am Nam Y. dad chokes. GM’s mouth drops open. mom: what? Mom starts to laugh hysterically nonstop.


* I bet that means next week, we will get to see TH and J take their wedding photos. All J needs is a dress and she is good to go cuz this wedding is all ready. If they show a wedding, TH will have to cut his hair wont he? or at least style it differently. Maybe he is growing out his hair for his new drama and they wont let him cut it.

Softy’s comments:

Watching this episode with a huge grin on my face from start to finish made me realize why some love stories can never end no matter how much time goes by. Once you witness love unfold from its nascent stages to watch it become something this beautiful to behold, there is no looking away. It doesn’t matter if all that happens within a 16 episode drama or 58, their story becomes a part of ours. Whether we have been lucky to experience love like that first hand or will be able to in the future, what they go through blends and intermingles with our own ideals of the kind of love we wish for and that’s why we feel so drawn to these couples. Next week when it’s time to bid farewell, I hope those feelings linger as we say goodbye to a drama that has meant so much to us. Together we laughed, grew frustrated, or were moved to tears, but through it all, we never turned our backs on OB. It gave us too much enjoyment to ever deserve that kind of treatment. There are certain dramas that just resonate for years and no matter what scene I watch, I remember just how I felt as I watched it the first time. This has been such a drama for me. Just like Coffee Prince made me look at coffee differently for months after, I will never look at ducks the same way.  Even the word “ajussi” has a different ring to it now – almost achingly loving. Just like J filled that puddle in TH’s heart, OB managed to fill a void I didn’t even know had been vacant. Every time a great drama ends, I feel like another one couldn’t possibly come around to top it and lucky for me, another one inevitably does. Until that happens, I will be replaying and clinging to OB to tide me over till then. This whole week is going to feel like we are getting ready to say our final farewells – mingling around the doorway not wanting this to end. Then next weekend, we will all be waving and walking backwards – not quite ready to turn around and go back to real life. Maybe if we all do it together, it will be easier. After the final goodbyes, when everyone has gone, I have a feeling I will be the last one left to turn the lights off. I am not so sure I have it in me to turn that switch yet– maybe I will just sit in the darkness for a while and listen to the laughter around the OB table fading away… until only silence remains.

Fanderay’s comments:

It’s hard to come up with too many things to say when an episode is so full of happiness, and the main plot lines are drawing to a close. I think it’s clear to everyone by now that this show is full of sweet relationships and heartwarming moments that keep us coming back for more, but it’s difficult to not just keep repeating such things when the sweetness is done so well.

I wonder…was that the end of SY’s mom’s “illness”? I suspected when it first came up that it might just be a device that would result in reconciliation with TB and her husband, but now that it’s seemingly over I find myself wondering if it really did just end that simply. Either way, I found it hilarious and cute that the mom called her husband “the coolest” in her letter.

I can’t say that I fully side with either SY or MS when it comes to their rivalry, although MS is certainly being the pettier of the two. I understand that it must be frustrating to work your butt off your entire life and raise a kid that isn’t yours, and then see someone like SY who doesn’t even offer to help cook and gets to live such a high-class life style. However, very little of that is SY’s fault, and it’s the way of the world that different people are born into different situations.  Holding it against SY personally is unlikely to accomplish anything, and it’s not like MS actually tries to teach SY anything. Instead she just uselessly gets annoyed that SY doesn’t already know how to do things. What really puts it over the top is that MS talks behind SY’s back and purposely tries to make SY look bad in the mom’s eyes, which seems even worse because SY =voluntarily admits that MS did all the work and makes MS look good in the mom’s eyes. Besides all that, MS’s competitiveness is just going to put strain on her marriage.

I’m pretty sure that SY sometimes wishes she had been raised in such a way that she wasn’t so ineffectual in the home, but I do wish she would try a little harder to learn from her mom because her mom isn’t going to be around forever. I don’t think she should ask her mom to stop helping because it’s something that makes her mom very happy and it gives her mom purpose, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t do things together. Ideally, MS will let her bitterness go and just be proud of the things that she’s good at, and SY will try to learn some things out of a sincere desire to be helpful.

TH and J were super cute today, but I think that next week we might get to see them married, and that should be an explosion of cuteness that puts all other episodes to shame. I thought it was sweet that they went back to the same restaurant to replace their sad memory with a happy one, and I also just plain appreciate the fact that they like that restaurant. I swear that any time people who aren’t wealthy go to a nice restaurant in a k-drama, they either embarrass themselves or dislike it. It’s refreshing to see that they can just have a nice date without subjecting us to some sort of social commentary. I’m ok with social commentary, but I think that particular scenario has been played out.

I have to admit, when TH ran after the elevator and said that he wanted to express [his love], my first thought was, “Those are baby-making words!” He can blame his brothers for putting such thoughts in my mind. My next thought was that I had completely forgotten about KJ (who was probably in the building at the time). A sweet moment between KJ and TH needs to be appended to the list of things I want during the finale weekend.

It’s hard to quantify what I loved about this episode because the magic was in all the small moments. The laugh of the mom, the tearful smile of the grandma, the quick personal glances between the couples around the table…those were what seemed to matter the most.

The laughter at the end though…that seemed a bit hysterical, and I think that the mom is initially going to be opposed to TP and Y since she is already annoyed with SY’s family. I don’t think her opposition will last long though, and I’m looking forward to seeing TP and Y happy together, especially since they didn’t really have any time together this episode.

I’m already starting to get sad that next weekend this will all be over. I think I may have to get up at 4am just to watch it live with you all. This drama deserves it!

first kiss – no hands – second kiss – all hands everywhere. 🙂

*I can’t believe I am typing this, but I just realized something – everyone is counting how many kisses we saw up to now throughout the whole series, but you guys do realize there is something call “NGs” right? Also the beauty of filming a kiss scene is they need to get different angles, therefore the actors need to kiss over and over again. unless the kiss is shot in an open area. then the cameras are mounted on some circular track and spins around the actors and make viewers dizzy like on MGIAG’s kiss scene. In cases like this where they are in an enclosed area where they can’t get all the angles, they have to redo the kiss for different cameras. If you count how many takes of a kiss scene they had to shoot and then multiply by the total number of kisses we saw and throw in some extra numbers just in case they had an “off” day and messed up even more, we would get a much higher count. I based all this on the car kiss scene we saw that TH imagined cuz the one on the NG cut version was way more passionate and had better angles. If you factor in that they had to do that for a lot of kiss scenes, no wonder TP keeps joking TH and J’s lips are bruised, it’s probably true. Also J really went for it in this elevator by pulling him closer to her. The girl finally learned a thing or to – it’s about time. 🙂


823 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E56

  1. ojakgirl says:

    just guessing….when mom said that she disagree with the wed of TH n JE, i think the reason is both of them are ‘her child’ so it’s like ‘incest’, hahaha….


  2. Iprefernottosayit says:



  3. mizz curly says:

    wowiee..great preview…no more worries….no more heart attack…but so sad this is gonna be the second last preview or maybe the last one…aigooo


  4. Nana like After School ^-^ says:

    Thank to After School Uee for making me want to see this drama at the very first place. Eventhough at the beginning i’m not that excited to see this drama, but for the sake of Uee, i watched it and i didn’t regret that i become so obsessed with it.. keke.. Seeing the cast of the drama, i’m not very fond to them at the very beginning including Joo Won.. but why did i suddenly fell in love with Joo Won and all of the cast.. haha.. this is an undescribeable mysterious disease that me myself can’t understand…keke.. i cant describe how many liters of tears and times that i have sacrificed for this drama.. even when i’m on exam week i felt uneasy if i dont open this page for one day or what do people call it?? a blog?? crazy right?? hahaha… now, this drama is coming to the end, and i have no plan on what to do after this.. hmmm,, watching another weekend drama, maybe, but this Drama will always be my No. 1 weekend drama in my heart and life!!! As for weekdays drama, i watch One and only one on kbs2 also,, quite good, but can be very confusing if doesn’t watch it for a while,, but since new semester is starting soon.. haishhh~~~ it looks like both drama has come to an end for me.. huuu T_T… can’t watch any drama again.. will be busy with a lot of hard subject for the new semester… and most importantly,,, i’m planning to buy the exact same phone with TH and J and right now saving up money as much as possible.. kekeke… since i cant afford to buy TH same car model.. kekekeke… To all the OBinianssss,, it great to meet you all in this page… and let us all pray that Mon JuWon@Joo Won and Uee@Kim YooJin will also have a happy ending in their life..*i really hope that they end up loving each other and built a happy married life like Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young or Kim Seung Woo and Kim Nam Joo or Tablo and Kang Hye Jung* kekekeekeke………….. ^_______________^


  5. gusya says:

    Whats up with the mom? She probably wanted TS married first but still, i bet the preview was skewed to catch our attention, just seeing JE in a wedding dress and TH in a tux is enough ^____^


  6. London says:

    what I think happens is that JE threw her flowers and Y cought them so possibly SY mum says something and then mum hwang had to say that she doesnt want her little baby TP to marry Y or something along those lines coz she loves JE as if she were her own daughter so the preview was set up just like that to get our attention I dont know why they did they have our full attention any ways so…..

    JE and TH getting married yay cant wait, its just the best early 21st birthday present hehe yay and the purfect antidote to having all four of my wisdom teeth out on monday.

    will miss u all but im sure I will be back just to read the recaps when i miss this show any time in the future and I dont think Im alone on that


  7. JooWon’s international fanbase on twitter ^_^ support him


  8. Jenni says:

    ” i promise to treasure J and treat her preciously and live well” wahhhhhh…hwang tae hee you are a man who doesn’t talk too much..but once you talks you makes my heart *melt*..i,ll become the happiest women in the world if i was J…damn!! they are looks wonderful. TH sooo handsome on the suit and J as always beautiful and shinning!!!
    BUT i, feel something a wrong when TH bows in front of J’dad..TH bows to a wrong father..he supposed to bows in front of mr.Kim ( the coach of baseball..Uee’s real father )..it would be perpect!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • SAMMI says:

      haha your comment made me lol..i was like wrong father what haha..yeah i know he should bow to UEE’s real father or who knows they might have already met each other’s parents hhmmm its possible!!


  9. flo says:

    Finally….tonight we will be watching the most waited wedding on K-drama
    Ring the wedding bells as Hwang Tae Hee and Baek Ja Eun finally reach the altar to make a vow..i feel so relieve and happy that our beloved couple will finally tie the knot..as the most beautiful groom & bride in the dramaland…..their love so stronger& beautiful..makes me believe with a love as a pure love when
    i look at TH&JE’s love
    let these two lovely creatures be “hubby and wifey” and make babies as cute as them……


    • moony says:

      Yeah, all’s well that ends well. And to all OB’s fan, an advance farewell to all. We will meet in another great K-drama. A big thank you to all the great translators who made it possible for us to understand the show promptly. We’re full of gratitude towards you guys.


  10. SS says:

    Thank you Ojakgyo farm for yielding fruits from your soil and providing for our dear OB family.

    Thank you Ojak ducks for growing well, now you just have to guide Ajumma and Ja Eun on what’s the feed that’s best for you. Oh…and don’t fly at TH although I know his dimples are so irresistible.

    Thank you, Ajumma, for raising 4 beautiful sons. You are right, they are a piece of art(well at least 3 out of 4 are, hehe)..thank you for being the stalwart pillar of support for the family..thank you for your warm hands on Ja Eun, the daughter you never had..thank you for supporting TH & JE during their most difficult time..thank you for being the embodiment of mothers all over the world, our love, our sacrifices for our children surpasses all things. You are the glue that holds the family together.

    Thank you, Halmeoni, for letting go of your bitterness and hate. No one can comprehend a mother’s pain of losing a child. But love is more powerful than hatred and you did the right thing, not just for your baby TH but for yourself.

    Thank you, CS Ajussi, for fighting for your love many years ago. Otherwise the OB family that we love will not come about.

    Thank you TS for trying to be a good father to Guksoo. Although you stumble many a time, you have come far. Through learning to love your son, you have learnt to love yourself and find love in the process.

    Thank you MS for taking care and loving Guksoo when his family abandon him..thank you for making extra effort like cooking adobo.

    Thank you TB for first taking responsibility and later, realizing in time the most important people in your life..thank you for your killer smiles and effort in reading bedtime stories in English.

    Thank you SY for not giving up on Cha Gom. Thank you for loving TB first and being patient.

    Thank you TP for changing from an irresponsible maknae to a grown up.. thank you for loving Y and giving her the confidence that she lacks..thank you for standing up to ideals and love when conforming and being pragmatic was the order of the day.

    Thank you Y for believing in TP and treating him like a grown up when no one else does. Instead of mothering him like his family and hyungs, you gave him a chance to be a man and take care of not just himself but others.

    Thank you J, you are not just the “nation’s goddess”, you are the sunshine in Ojakgyo Farm. Thank you for loving Ahjumma and forgiving her, you were the first to show them that to love, you have to first forgive. Without you, Ojakgyo Farm will not be the same. Ja Eun..ah..Ja Eun..Most of all, thank you for filling the hole in TH’s heart. Now that you complete him, he will never have to hear the whistling of the wind when it blow and he will no longer be lonely in your embrace.

    Thank you TH for who you are. Thank you for looking so manly and hot as a policeman especially when you are chasing and fighting the baddies. Thank you for being so cute when you are jealous. Thank you for melting our hearts when you smile. Thank you for your dimples which make us giggle like young girls, whatever our age. Thank you for hugging J with your body, providing her warmth. Thank you for willing to embarrass yourself and dance in the public, I will never wait at a traffic junction the same ever again. Thank youyou’re your heart wrenching tears that moved mountains. Thank you for not giving up on love. You use love on Halmeoni to show her that love is greater than hate. Ajussi…TH Ajussi…Thank you for always holding Ja Eun’s hands and never letting her go, thank you for loving Ja Eun with your whole heart and soul.

    Thank you TaeJa for so many moments of laughter, squeals, giggles, tears and endearment. Whether young or old, we have many gems to take away with us. That to love is to give, to live life expressing our love and that love is the greatest of all.


    • BRuby says:

      i ‘hate’ you… u make me cry hardly…. uwwaaa…. SS,what u said, is what im trying to say… done ! 🙂


    • bbblue73 says:

      SS, you rock!
      It’s hard to say all that words from you heart, all i know is you ‘re in tears, right?


    • Haengbok says:

      gosh, SS! I couldn’t express it better than you do~! thank you for that, as I’m sure your words apply and speak for all of us Obnians… Couldn’t believe and has yet to accept the fact that our OBr will end this week.. now, we don’t have something to look forward to for the weekends.

      but I’m sure the casts would want us to love the drama till the end and also, to ‘move along’ 😀

      good jod to all OB casts and those involved in making the drama OBr a huge success~~

      love to all of you, including those here~!! ^w^


    • yus says:

      ss……..you make me cry…..waaaaaaaaaa……


    • flo says:

      hu…hu…hu…hu.SS you are amazing with your words!!!!!
      you makes me cry……………………………… a lots……………………………
      i hate you…you make me having a really…really…heavy heart!!! i almost fainted reading your comment…my heart very hurt!!!!!especially TH’s part…oh my God…………..sooo sad!!!! your comment soooooo beautifulllll
      thank you chingu!!!!
      i loove you Ojakgyo brothers..i do love you TH & J….you makes my life so wonderful!!!!!
      OMG…hikssssssssssssssssssssss icant stop crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Siera says:

      good job dear…..i’m crying hardly reading your comment
      very touching & sincere words..i bet you was crying also while you was typing your comment right??
      next weekend will be not same anymore without OB..what do i do then????dont know…..
      i have repeating TH & J’s scenes from ep 1..anytime anywhere…until my laptop crashed!!!!!especially at TH’scenes..my replay button crached also!!!never get bored to look at TH’s face..his smile with his cutie pie dimples..his eyes when he was angry…every second in every scene on TH’s part.is so meaningfull to me..


    • Sayha Alee says:

      SS, you are awesome ! You are really amazing to able to said it all which i am sure all of us, OBnians felt the same way about TH/JE and the OB Family !! This Kdrama has really touched our lives and we are going to miss it very badly when it ends on sunday. We will also miss the friendship and comaradie that we have in this blog for the love of Ojakgyo Brothers. THank you so much Softy for this wonderful wonderful blog which brings us together !! Love you all, OBnians !! 🙂 🙂


    • add says:

      oh..wow..superb speech from you! it makes my heart cry. wish that the OB family can read ur speech. An award winning speech. thank you so much!


    • What about KJ?? I want to hear a nice thing about him too, he’s been a good hyeong to TH & nice boss to JE 🙂
      Thank you for such a beautiful/excellent poem/words about OB, really touch my heart so deeply. Everything you said there took me to OB-land so real. No wonder UEE was crying on the last shooting day 😦 😦
      Anyway, 2 thumbs up for you & God bless you 🙂


    • Ginko says:

      Wow, SS, you did it again, you make me cry hardly with your post.
      Thank you.


  11. joowonforever says:

    @ SS

    You said it all.

    OB Land is crying with your sincere and touching words.

    Thank you


  12. SS says:

    Thank you all for your kind words. I am a wreck today. Writing is one way to express my love for OB.

    See you all at recap ep 57. I want to cry just typing 57…..***sob***

    Yanna, I will try KJ portion after ep 57 and post it there


  13. janu says:

    Yay, the eng subs are out, and I finally got to revel in all the sweetness and happiness that was in this ep. One of my fave scenes was when the mom couldn’t sleep because she was so ecstatic, and instead, she just kept laughing like a kid. (A joyful Kim Ja Ok is an utter delight.)

    When TH ran up the stairs to surprise JE with his “expressiveness”, my first thought was “I bet Softy’s heart was about to explode from happiness during this scene”. Even though I’m watching this a couple of weeks after y’all have watched it, it deepens my fulfillment to know that you’ve all laughed, cried, and squeeed along with me. Thanks again to Softy and Fanderay for sharing your beautiful hearts with us and for giving so generously of your time and energy.


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