Ojakkyo Brothers E57

Best looking drama couple in a wedding EVER!

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They talk about how sad it is to finish filming and separate.  Then TH says they filmed the scene where KJ leaves and our Uee shi was really sad and cried. he jokes like he is jealous -saying that she left her husband by her side so she adds that they just had their honeymoon not too long ago and he says yes we just got back so I dont get it a little bit but since it’s the last time I will overlook it well ….Uee talks about how cold it was on the day they filmed their date but oppa bundled up my clothes for me -some guy says the two of them look close- and uee continues that like TH, he doesnt overtly show that he is taking care of her and does it more subtle from the side and takes good care of her. guy asks JW when does Uee look the cutest and Uee mumbled he will say “everything” so JW says exactly that. guy says they really do seem like the best couple.

TB says the film set was fun – it was like they went there to play. starting from tm since they dont have a place to go so he is sad. TS says that they are going to where JW films his drama to watch and cheer him on – to that extent they dont like to separate. then the awards – mood maker Uee. she says it’s cuz other older cast members doted on her so that’s probably why she was chosen.  JW explains there are a lot of staff members who are male so when he films with Uee, the mood is better. next is NG award and TB gets it. next the one who opened his wallet for the sake of the other actors and it’s TS. JW explains while filming they always played the ladder game (from 1N2D) and TS got caught the most with the largest amount six times. so he had no choice to spend a lot. TS says the same thing and says this is the first time his personal money was spent this much and he thought it was a waste.

The rest is the cast thanking us for watching for 7 months and to watch the last two. 🙂

*dp posted E58 video preview and made a gif for us of the honeymoon scene. 🙂

People who don’t know about OB ask me what’s so great about it. The next thing they ask after that is “what’s it about.” I mutter stuff about a farm and the family that lives there who have four sons and how they raise ducks and grow pears. Pretty soon they stop listening to me cuz boredom sets in. That made me wonder why this drama succeeded to this extent and then it hit me – I forgot to mention the most important thing. No, the fact that 3 of the sons are good looking wasn’t it. If you think about it, OB is really about life. The writer took an average run-of-the-mill plot and added twists and tweaked it so that she could wring every emotion out of each scene and event. There is a lesson to be learned there. Just like what the ajumma did with J, when you open your heart to someone, you run the risk of falling in love with them. That’s what happened with all of us. Despite hardly any promos for this drama, some of us found our way over to the farm and parked ourselves there to watch everything unfold week after week. Pretty soon the farm got crowded. This blog became OB central and for the last seven months we made it our home on the weekends to tune in. When newcomers came in to join the fun, the veteran readers who have been around since this blog began made room for them and showed the newbies around so that they felt right at home from the start.  In a virtual world, if we were gathered at the farm right now, we wouldn’t be able to see the house. Somehow this drama has managed to gather such a loyal following that nothing this writer did could make us walk away or even look away for a second. Even with our busy lives and real life obligations, we managed to sneak away to take peeks at screencaps and read over quick recaps just to tide us over till we had more time to bask in its full glory with subs later on. Nothing that each character did or said missed our keen observations and we noted every glance or intimation and some of us picked up on the clues earlier on than others and guessed exactly what was headed our way plot wise. The comment section came to life one day and it stopped being a place just to leave a note to say how good the episode was or to leave a rant about a character or plotline. Suddenly it became a place for all of us to interact and become one group of friends who cherished the show so much that we lost sleep trying to catch live streaming or staying up to see any raw links for even just a glimpse of our favorite characters. Somewhere along the way, OB stopped being a drama and it became our way of life – something that is making some of us (especially this blogger) feel very lost without it. It’s like I am losing something so precious to me that I can’t imagine ever typing those last words “The end.” I lost count how many times I cried over these characters and their words –whether those words were loving or hurtful, I felt each syllable to the core of my being and I bawled over their pain. Even now I feel so sad to post the last recap tomorrow night. How do you say goodbye to something that brought you so much joy. It’s so hard to look away. Like love, it snuck up on you before you knew it. You asked yourself “what is this I am feeling” and then you knew, it’s nothing you could have planned for and nothing you could have seen coming. Once it hits you, there is no letting go. The only choice is to go all in and that’s what we did – whether it was from E1 or the middle of the series for others, sooner or later we all fell for this show. Now we are tasked with the difficulty of having to say goodbye. I wish we could do it quickly like taking off a band aid – one quick pull and it’s off, but at the risk of sounding like a masochist I still want to linger and make this pain last. Cuz as long as I am feeling something, it still feels real and right now that’s more important than anything. At least there is comfort in knowing that I am not going through this alone. Let’s all take a deep breath before E57 starts and exhale together at the end. Then we only need to do it one more time and then let the emotions flood over us at the finale tomorrow night. I have a feeling there won’t be a dry eye in the audience tomorrow night no matter what they show in the end. Our hearts have been full with this drama and that last scene will only unleash 7 months of love that needs to be released. It’s going to be a universal cry fest for sure so I would appreciate the company. Who is with me? 🙂

Many thanks to Joonni for clarifying some lines. 🙂


Starts with everyone sitting around staring at TP and Y but TH and J are pouring juice in the kitchen. TP says: GM, father, mom – we want to officially get permission and date. dad: you think that is possible. TP: I know very well what you are worried about and why it’s so unbelievable. dad: if you know then why are you doing this you punk. TP: we made an effort too not to have this relationship. we really tried but it ended up this way so we decided to accept it as fate. dad: thank goodness that you do know (that this shouldnt happen). dad asks Y: dont you think this relationship will be hard too? TP: we arent doing this in a moment of impulse. we sincerely treasure each other and love each other. GM just says: omae (old fashioned korean equivalent for “omg”) TP says to GM: GM you are the one who gave J and TH hyung permission. even though now everything has been revealed that he was set up, but back then GM you gave permission even when you thought she was the daughter of the criminal. please give us that kind of understanding too. the two of us like TH and J love each other and treasure each other. GM just says “omae” again.  Mom stops scowling at TP goes silently into her room. TP calls out to her. Dad says your mom must be really overwhelmed. he tells Y to just leave for today. TP: father. dad says to Y: I know what the two of you feel so we need time to think. You didn’t think you would get permission right away from us today did you. Y says : yes I understand. I am sorry for shocking you. but the two of us are sincerely dating (treating it as precious) even though we know very well what the elders are worried about, that we were able to have the courage like this, we did it cuz we have that much trust and certainty- if you give permission we will date well.

Dad goes in and tells mom Y left. did something happen? how can you just walk out when there is a guest sitting there. Sons all file in – in order of age and sit there in the same order. TP says to the mom: I am sad – even though you are angry, Y came to our home and is our guest.  mom glares at him. TP: Y shi is really a good woman. dont just….the mom hits him and says: you think I dont know she is a good woman. if it’s a good woman are you going to date them all. TP: mom! she says she thought he had come to his senses and was working hard these days but the only thing you did was seduce the owner. TP: what do you mean seduce. how could you talk like that. also the in laws already gave permission. mom:what did you say?  dad: is that really true? TP: yes that home already gave permission and we came to my home.  TP goes on about how the in laws have deep, open generous hearts about love. she said what will be left in that last moment that will remain is who you loved and the memory of receiving love. mom shoves and hits him at the same time and says : then go live over at that house.  if you like that mom that much go live over there. TP: mom what are you saying. TH comes over between them and tells her: mom say it with words. if you hit him he wont feel any pain and it will only be hard on you. mom: move aside.  why were you not surprised a while ago. did you know already? TH nods and says yes. I knew. she hits TH. mom: why didnt you tell me-why didnt you tell me. she keeps hitting him. mom: you are worse. you are worse. you should have told or stopped him.Then TB comes over and gets between them saying: mom dont do this -it will be hard on you. she hits him with her pillow and tells him to move aside. heard you are separating. after telling us this morning that you would, not even a day goes by and you take that back. if you were going to do that then why bother telling us you will live separately. do you not take me and your father seriously. TB: how did you know? I didnt say I wouldnt do it forever, just for about a year…she hits him some more. mom: a year or whatever I dont want to hear it. if you said it this morning like that then you should have kept your word. she hits him calling him a bad guy. if you were going to go back and forth like you were turning your hand face up or palm down, why bother telling us this morning that you are going to separate. TS: mom even if TB did that.. she throws her pillow right at his face and says he is the worst. if you are the firstborn/eldest you should act like the firstborn. even though you knew your younger sibling was doing that you just sat still. if you are the firstborn you should guide your younger sibling like an eldest/firstborn.

Y and SY go home and the mom asks if they went and came back. and you met the elders there. Y: yes. mom: What did they say. SY says they opposed and they were really shocked. mom: they did. Y just says she will go up. Dad asks SY if they were severe when they spoke. why does Y’s facial expression look so unwell. SY says: instead of saying they were harsh in opposing, they just didnt say much at all. dad: there is no need to talk – that’s probably what they meant. SY: yes cuz aunt couldnt relax and sat so upright at the in laws, it made me feel really bad.

TH takes J home. She says it looks like maknae oppa likes SY’s unni’s aunt a lot. can they really not work out cuz they are in laws? TH says from GM, father, and mom’s position, they are going to be afraid of it. cuz they found out for the first time today. we have to wait and see. J says she spoke to her dad a while ago, he said to come tm to say hello. TH: tm? what time? J: if it’s ok with you – in the morning around ten. is that ok?  TH: of course I have to make time no matter what. I should go wearing a suit right? She says yes – look as handsome as when they took pics for her graduation. I will be going. She is about to go and both of them don’t want to separate. TH: your dad should be coming home soon huh? J: yes.  TH: then you should go in. He said he wanted to go have snacks cuz he found a place that’s good. so she says he should have told her sooner cuz she likes that a lot. He asks if they should go, but she says she already told her dad she was coming home when she spoke to him a while ago. He says then let’s go next time

Dad asks if the mom was like that over TB -you got mad after you went to the in laws? mom says how she heard TB said he would take care of his in laws like his real parents. the in law said since you have a lot of sons, if you just defer one to us, we will treat him well like our son. dad: they are parents too so that’s probably what they meant.  Mom: I had nothing to say cuz there isnt anything that I did for TB. dad: why are you like that? mom: we never did anything for TB. even his college tuition he took care of it all himself. now it really feels like he isnt my child. Dad asks what she wants to do about TP. mom: since you brought that up it angers me again. what were the in laws thinking to give permission for that. Dad: that’s right no matter how much I think about it. I dont believe it. mom: go tm right away and meet them. ask them what they were thinking. dad says he will call SY’s dad. dad tells her to lie down so he can turn the lights off. he asks if she is that upset. TB will only stay there for a year. since she is having a baby soon it wont be that easy (to leave) Mom says if he was going to do that, it would have been good if he discussed it with them in advance. just one word. she tells the dad to sleep

Next morning at breakfast. mom tells GM to start. GM says: Im hungry let’s hurry and eat. they say they will eat well. TS: guksoo and H – let’s eat. GM says breakfast was too late this morning. Mom says yes it was a little late. out of 365 days of the year, there could be days when I’m late a day or two. GM: yes there could be days like that just dont make it a habit.  TH says GM after breakfast, he is going to meet J’s dad cuz he asked to meet this morning. GM says then hurry and say hello and if nothing much happens, push for the march wedding. TS is envious of TH and says: must be nice for you. MS scowls at TS. TS: it’s a good thing. Dad says to TP that he is meeting the in law today and will discuss their matter. TP asks why cuz the two of them already gave permission. just GM, father, and mom need to give permission.  Mom tells him to be keep his mouth shut and just eat. Guksoo asks the mom -how can you eat with your mouth closed. TS puts food in his mouth to clam him up.

Baek gets dressed in a suit and J comes in with juice and says he looks good.J:  since it’s been a long time since you wore formal attire you look ten years younger. Baek: I do? she gives him the juice. She asks what he is going to do with the farm cuz now they need to change the name on the title.  baek: do you have a good idea? J: for the past summer and fall, I told you how I followed ajumma around every day and worked on the pear orchard and raised ducks. that’s when I sensed it but I think the owner of the land should be someone who sweated for the sake of that land. CS ajussi made and bok ja ajumma built that home there too. that’s why if it’s ok with you dad, I think it would be good if you could make the owner of the farm cosharers. Baek: CS and me? J shakes her head no. J: no – you dad, CS ajussi, Bok Ja ajumma – the 3 of you share ownership. ajumma’s life long wish was to have land in her name and work on the farm. baek: when did my daughter grow up this much. since my daughter said all this so well, I cant turn you down.  let’s do it that way. I will tell them tonight. J: thank you dad. doorbell rings so baek says officer TH must have come

TH says he will officially say hello and asks him to accept his formal bow. baek: should I? then I will accept my son in law’s formal bow. baek sits. TH bows. Baek tells them to sit. Baek says to him: I didn’t get to properly thank you even once. thank you. for not giving up till the end and for stripping me of the 26 year false charge. TH: it’s ok. Baek: after going through this, if it’s you, there is no need to ask twice, I thought of giving my J to you. I gladly give the two of you permission to marry.  I really like that you are going to become my son in law. TH exhales in relief and says: thank you father. Baek: now you finally call me father. I looked forward to when you would say it. TH: I am sorry (for taking so long). Baek: As you know I raised my daughter being lonely – please warmly embrace and comfort her. I am asking you to take good care of her. From here on you are J’s guardian/protector. TH: yes I will do my best father. more than my own body, I will treat J preciously and treasure her. her heart wont hurt because of me and we will live well. also thank you again for giving permission for such a beautiful daughter.

TH and J are in the elevator. They hold hands and smile. TH asks if they should do as GM said and marry at big hyung’s reserved wedding hall the first week of march. She says yes. He says there are no take backs anymore (meaning she can’t change her mind) -now they must marry at the first of March no matter what. J: yes. they smile. she asks if he is busy. TH: no why? J: I told Kim PDnim I would have lunch with him today so let’s go together. I told him I would go with you. Kim PDnim was transferred to America so he has to leave soon. TH: he did. no – today just the two of you meet. I think that would be better.

KJ asks why TH didn’t come. She says TH said to eat alone with KJ. KJ says he has good news.  she got an internship in the US with an animation company. J:what? I did? KJ:while you were at the orphanage,I put in the application on behalf of our movie company. the duration is for a year and it starts in april.congratulations. She says she cant believe it. KJ: you are going of course right? J: I decided to get married the first week of march. KJ: you are doing it sooner than I thought. He congratulates her. J: thank you. KJ: so is going out of the question?  cant you get married and then go. She says she will have to think about it some. KJ: ok. you know it’s an opportunity that would be a waste to lose out on right? J:yes. KJ: beginning of march…then if everything goes well i might be able to see the wedding and then leave. J: if you go then when will you be back? KJ: if everything goes well, a year.  if my father’s anger doesnt subside, then two or three years. J: you have to be sure to come back again. that way I can repay you for everything I received from you all this time. KJ: did I do a lot for you? J: of course. so much that I can’t say it all with words. the president is angry cuz you protected my farm. KJ: so you know. so it was useful. You already gave me a lot. being here in Korea these past months, it was really nice. in my life, for the first time I wasnt lonely. I was also able to meet officer Hwang – someone I really wanted to meet once.  thanks to you, I was able to reconcile with him somewhat. also I was able to start working with animation. more than anything, for being able to sit across from you like this. oh man I am hungry – you said you would buy lunch today right?

SY and everyone is having a meeting. She assigns tasks and tells them not lose out this time to their competitors UBC. choi says he will be careful. SY tells others not to be late and keep their times. Girl says she is sad cuz she wont hear SY nagging anymore. SY says instead of goofing off cuz team leaders are changing, be more nervous. got that? they all say yes. SY says it’s the end of meeting. you all worked hard. see you again after 3 months. Girl gives SY a present they prepared – baby clothes. guy says he will protect IBC. choi tells her to rest well and come back. SY thanks them and says they worked hard. TB tells her she worked hard.

SY walks out with her box and sees how busy everyone works. TB goes after her and takes the box from her. he asks if she regrets cuz she is leaving. She says she is afraid for 3 months others will work hard and she will be at home resting not doing anything to improve her skills. as team leader as a reporter she is afraid and a little nervous that her skills will atrophy. If our cha gom hears she will be sad. let’s go. TB says wait and takes her somewhere

TB takes her to the show set. She asks why they came to someone else’s set. what are we going to do here. let’s go. He says how it was her dream to host a talk show like this one day. she asks how he knew. he says he read it. and tells her to do a mini practice today cuz it was his dream to be on a talk show like this. SY: it’s ok – what practice. he pulls her over saying come here for a minute. sit down and be careful. TB: your invited guest today is IBC’s best good looking anchor Hwang TB. ok? SY: what? TB: start.  she hesitates and starts. She pretends to host the show. most people’s special talk SY’s show starts right now.  Today’s invited guest is someone who is receiving a lot of love, IBC’s news anchor hwang TB. hello. TB: I am hwang TB it’s nice to meet you.  She says how good looking he is in person – you hear that a lot don’t you. he says yes quite often. thank you. SY: on the internet sites, you are called the nation’s anchor and have a lot of popularity. he thanks his loving wife who always encourages him and cute daughter. I want to thank them.  SY: that’s right you have a cute and loving daughter dont you. TB: yes. SY: Who does your daughter look like more. He says she takes after her mother so she is really beautiful. in her two eyes it looks like there are stars there and sparkles. SY: the rumors that your wife was beautiful was the truth. TS: yes it’s the truth.  She asks if he is happy with his married life. he says yes. She says she heard rumors he cooks well but he says his wife cooks better

TS shows the names of the kids on the paperwork along with the parent’s names. MS: it already came out. TS says now they are a real family (TS registered the kids under his name) Guksoo says H is no longer oh Hana and is now hwang H. TS says Guksoo shouldnt say “nuh (informal you)” cuz now he is a younger sibling so he should call H noona. Guksoo says he wants a younger sibling too. it would be nice to have one. H wants a cute younger sister too.  TS says dont worry. we will  make a cute younger sibling so just wait a little while

Guksoo goes in to see H. he asks what she is doing. She says changing her name since she is a Hwang now. She says now they wont tease her as * “what H” so Guksoo offers to help her change her name tags on her school stuff. She gives him a pencil as a present for becoming his noona. Guksoo: thank you noona.

*  H’s last name is Oh so her name is “Oh hana” kids teased her and called her “mo hana” which means “what are you doing”

MS is cleaning and TS says she should have made him do that. she says she is done and tells him to go sit and she will bring him coffee. TS asks- Since they registered for marriage and he adopted H so they are a real family now so shouldn’t they combine rooms. She says -what? we havent had a wedding yet so what are you talking about. TS gets close and says: we didnt have the wedding but we are husband and wife. MS: still – until we have a wedding – we can’t. TS: ya – where is something like that. didn’t you hear the kids. They want us to make a younger sibling and we are older so we need to rush. but MS moves away and says I said no. dont even dream of it. TS: ya MS dont be like that.  she runs away from him calling out to H and Guksoo to go grocery shopping

TP’s Dad asks SY’s dad meet. TP’s dad says he asked to meet today cuz he heard the two of them gave permission for your sister in law and my maknae son to date. is that true. SY’s dad says yes-we had something to say about that so since you called like this, you dont know how glad I was. to tell you the truth, SY’s mother was afraid of her health condition at the time and rushed into that decision. at that time, her health checkup didnt look good. TP’s dad asks: is she healthy now? SY’s dad: yes thankfully there was nothing wrong. but since she gave her word once it was not easy for her to take it back so we both know that well. the two of you are also opposed right? TP’s dad: of course cuz they are in laws. SY’s dad: yes that’s right. even though there is no problem lawfully it will be uncomfortable all around. TP’s dad tells him there is no need to say a lot more.  you convince Y and he will convince his son. let’s end the discussion with separating the two. SY’s dad says yes that’s fine. he says to be honest, more than his younger sister in law he is worried about TP. if he will easily accept it. to be honest, he really likes TP. he is well mannered, smart, etc. even if it’s not right away, he felt like TP would make a great nephew in law. TP’s dad: thank you for seeing my child in such a good light.

Dad meets with TP. TP asks what his dad wants to drink. dad says he already ordered coffee for him cuz the dad already drank. TP asks if he met the in law. Dad says yes i met him. dad: maknae – when you came with the in law yesterday, it reminded me of a long time ago when i took your mom to meet GM and GP for the first time. I was younger than you back then. and it hasnt changed now. of course GM and GP made a fuss and tried to stop me from getting married, but I trusted the one thing that I loved your mom and insisted and got married. I thought that would be plenty. if we sincerely love each other no matter what difficuties we faced, that we could overcome it together. but soon after I regretted it. cuz we got married young without any preparations, I made your mom suffer too much. I remember how your mom was pregnant with your big hyung and went around working, I really could have died.  maknae, more than the fact that you are in laws with her, I am more worried about you two. you may not know but if she dates a man, she is at an age where she has to marry. you think you are ready for that?  (meaning financially).from what I can see, I don’t think you are prepared for that yet. marriage is not something you do only with your heart. you dont know how much of your pride is involved for the cost of the wedding. Like last night, if you were going to convince us, instead of just bringing her over suddenly, you should have given us advance warning. that you have plans for the future and how you plan to achieve your vision. you should have given us something to trust and believe in. dont you think? I am not just saying this cuz of the in laws. You are too young to handle the in laws. You aren’t prepared yet at all. TP let’s all this sink in.

Y meets with SY’s mom. Y: what is it for you to be like that. mom says how the dad met the in law a while ago. the elders there too are opposed to you two dating and to tell you the truth, I oppose too. Y: you said you already gave permission. mom: I didnt mean it. cuz of the upcoming health reexamination, I gave permission when I was scared and vulnerable. I am opposed to the two of you two. that’s why break up. it’s not just me – all those other elders all oppose. dont be stubborn anymore. your brother in law and the other in law already promised that I would convince you like the other side will convince him (TP).  Y cries and says: this doesnt make sense. why make decisions without the people involved-are we kids. I am really sad and disappointed in you- you gave permission -if you gave permission once you should keep that promise till the end. I gained more courage cuz you gave permission and that’s why I went to TP shi’s home to say hello. even if I am your younger sister, how could you treat me so carelessly. does it look like I am playing around that I like TP shi? It was so hard for me to gained courage. mom says sorry. i am really sorry. Y: if you are sorry then give permission again. give me your permission. Just this time lose to me. Mom: this problem wont be solved just cuz I give permission. Y leaves first saying she is busy. Y goes outside and cries.

Mom is steaming ducks in the yard. J goes to meet the mom. J: ajumm you were here? since you werent inside, I thought you went out somewhere. what is this? mom: I am steaming duck meat. since you came I wanted to do a taste test. sit down. J: ok. you didnt do the taste test yet? then the duck feed result hasnt come out yet? mom: since you werent here, I didnt feel like doing it. this time let’s not bother doing a taste test (with others) and let’s just the two of us taste it. J: ok I like that. I am so looking forward to it. mom looks away and looks sad.  J: ajumma why do you look like you arent in a good mood. did something happen. mom: cuz life is too futile.. when you get to my age it’s like that. it seems like all I have done is bend my back to cook and also greet my sixties. now that I raised all my kids, they all think they grew up on their own.When I look in the mirror – it makes me say “who are you” cuz I got so old and haggard. J says that’s not true – the ajumma still looks as pretty as a long time ago. Mom says don’t try to cheer me up. life is normally this futile like a empty field – just once in a while you realize what’s actually happening. did something good happen to you? she asks why J looks so happy. J: ajumma I got into an internship for an animation company in america. even in america they must have liked my ojak family. mom: then what’s going to happen? J: they give me a year to work there. starting from this april for a year. mom: what? then you will go to america and study? J: yes. even though I cant go, it makes me feel so great. mom: go-why cant you go? J: at the wedding hall TH and big ajussi reserved, i decided to get married the first week of March.  dad gave permission to get married. mom: you can get married next year. get married next may. all you have to do is just push it back a year so why give that up and not go. J: then I have to be apart from ajussi again. mom: someone you are going to live for the rest of your life together with -just cuz you live apart for a year will anything happen. did TH not let you go? J: no ajussi doesnt know yet. I didnt tell him yet. mom: then discuss it with TH and go and come back. that is such a precious and difficult opportunity to get so why give up on it. you said it was your dream to become an animation writer. J: yes that’s true.

Mom: then why give up so easily on your dream? arent you treating your dream too lightly? do you think I was an ajumma like this from the start? when I was younger I had dreams too and goals too and what people these days call vision. before I got married I did so well. as soon as I got married I had a child -starting from then I couldnt do anything at all. nothing at all. Park bok ja disappeared. someone’s daughter in law, someone’s mother, someone’s wife but I was gone. you think that wont happen to you? no matter how much TH says he loves you, marriage is something is in which there are so many things people can’t do for you (Joonni’s note: as in, even if you are married, your husband still won’t be able to do or fill everything for you) If you have a kid as soon as you get married, of course you will be careful but having a kid is determined by the heavens. if you do have a kid, from then your life is not yours. Look at me – I am just an ajumma. I never left anything in this world. you shouldnt live like that. while doing the work you want to do and making it grow, live making your dreams come true. J: ajumma- do you not like your life. It’s my dream to be a great mom like you. I really genuinely respect you. mom: oh brother. then everyone you should respect must all be dead. you dont have anyone to respect so you respect someone like me (cant hear this well but I think she might have said someone who fertilizes with cow dung). J: you are such a successful person. also why dont you have anything that you left behind. you have this great farm, TS, TB, TH, TP -four sons. mom: that’s enough. is there anyone in this world who was born who doesnt do that much. dont talk nonsense and just go feed the ducks and come back. cuz this is almost all ready so let’s taste test this. J: yes.

J goes to get the feed and looks like she is having second thoughts.

There are five plates in front of them. Mom and J taste the duck and make faces. They spit it out. Mom says the smell is gone but it doesn’t taste good. J says hers still has the smell as well. J says there is only number 5 the green tea left. Mom: if it doesnt work, it cant be helped. dont worry too much. dont be disappointed. J: yes. J tries some and says try some of this- it seems to taste ok. Mom tries it and says it doesnt have a smell and tastes good too. J: it does doesnt it? you arent just saying it right?

The family eats with Baek. The mom served her duck without telling them. GM says the mom made this after not making it for a long time. mom said she made it cuz Baek was coming. GM tells Baek to eat and others too. they all say we will eat well. J and the mom look at each other in anticipation.  Baek compliments the mom’s cooking saying how good it is – the soup is very refreshing. GM says the meat is chewy and sweet. dad says it’s delicious. dad asks if MS brought it from her restaurant. TS: did you? no wonder.  MS says she didnt. I think mother made this herself. isnt that right mother? mom: yes.  mom asks TH and TP what they think. They say it’s good. J asks: it doesnt smell? TH: not at all. mom asks dad: it doesnt (smell). dad says it doesnt.  J yells out: this is the duck ajumma and I raised ourselves with feed we developed-we succeeded in making a new duck feed-we did it. everyone says : really? MS and everyone congratulates the mom for finally succeeding

during coffee, Baek tells the dad how he wants the 3 of them to be owners of the farm. dad: what co-owners? Baek: yes, me, you and sister in law. the 3 of us are going to be co-owners. it was J’s idea. and I agreed to Hwang TH too (for letting TH marry J). everyone is quiet for a minute. Dad says thanks for saying that.  Baek tells him: if you are thankful then just do it. then let’s just do that. mom asks the dad what to do. Dad: what do you mean what to do – it’s something we cant do. dad tells baek thanks for the offer with your heart – we can just accept your heart but we cant do that. Baek: why are you saying you cant. anyway if the kids get married we become one family. Dad says: how is that one family? we can’t. just letting us keep the farm for ten years is plenty. after the kids get married we will prepare to move out so whether you sell the farm or not – it’s up to you. Baek: CS ah. dad: let’s stop talking about that. let’s talk about the kids wedding. dad asks them: when are you two getting married. TH says: we are going to in march at the wedding hall big hyung reserved. GM: you did well to decide that. TS: I am envious. congratulations. MS congratulates TH and J.

Baek asks: this march? J what are you going to do about the offer in america? mom asks baek: you knew about it? mom asks TH: did you know too? TH says he didnt. I dont know what he is talking about.  J says: I got an opportunity to work as an intern at an animation company in America starting from this April for a year. I just found out today when I met Kim PBnim a while ago. TH: then you should have told me over the phone at least. GM: then does that mean you cant get married? mom: dont you think that’s what we should do mother. it’s such a great opportunity for J. they say a chance like that wont come around twice mother. Baek: me too – even if you had to push back your wedding a year, it would be nice if you didnt lose this great chance. Baek asks TH: dont you think so son in law? TH nods yes. J says: dad-I am just going to marry ajussi. it was so hard for us to meet. I cant part with ajussi no matter what even if I die. TH smiles. J: so let me get married dad. GM says J did well to think that way. how can you separate when it’s so good now. Baek asks J: do you want to get married that quickly. Do you like officer Hwang that much. J: yes! I totally like him a lot. TH smiles. TS laughs. TS: I understand you JE shi. I understand you a lot.  Dad yells: JW ah my  3rd daughter in law. you are the best. GM says J did well to think that way

TH goes outside with J. J: why? he asks why she didn’t discuss it with him in advance. J: instead of you, I thought it was something I needed to decide on. He asks don’t you want to go. it was a chance you have been waiting for. J: of course I want to go, but even if I say I will get married in advance and go, I have to live apart from you for a year. I dont like that. after going through so much, I realized that you cant be greedy about everything. Right now I just want to stay by your side. It’s a really great opportunity but not as much as you. TH: thank you. he hugs her. she hugs him back.

J gets her makeup done. She comes out with her wedding dress on. she sees TH walking over. He stops and stares with his mouth open and then smiles. He walks over and stares. J: how do I look. TH: you really look beautiful. J: you do too ajussi. He smiles and then look at each other and smile

TH and his parents greet wedding guests. Officers salute TH. parents bow to officers. TH salutes them back. (softy faints and swoons at the same time)

TP is accepting money envelopes and KJ comes over. KJ asks TP: you remember me right? He holds his jaw. TP: yes. KJ gives his envelope. TP looks at the money and is shocked cuz it’s a lot -$2,000. (Normally if you are close friends you give a couple of hundred and coworkers around $100 or less depending on how much you like or hate them- what  KJ gave is how much cheap celebrities give each other)

SY’s parents come with Y and they congratulate TH’s parents and TH. Y and TP look at each other and look sad.

J’s friends take pics of J with GM. her friends say how pretty J looks. MS comes with SY and the kids. they all say how pretty J looks. friends say take a picture with J.  They all take pics with J and GM. *what in the world did they do with poor Guksoo’s hair – someone got a little crazy with the curling iron.

Baek looks inside and smiles at J.

TS is on the phone and hears there was an accident. How much did you get hurt. after he hangs up, TS says the wedding officiator got into an accident and hurt his back on the way here and went directly to the hospital. D says it’s time to start so why isn’t the officiator coming

SY is on the phone and asks what to do. they cant wait. J hears and asks to speak to ajussi.

D is the MC and says the bride and groom are coming. H and Guksoo walk down the aisle first and throw flower petals.

TH holds out his hand and asks J: should we go in? J: yes. Then J and TH walk down the aisle.

Everyone claps. J looks over at her dad. KJ watches them and smiles

D says next is for everyone to witness so in front of their family members, the bride and groom should look at each other and bow. bride and groom please look at each other. TH and J face each other and bow. they mess up and keep bowing over and over cuz they think the other person isn’t done bowing yet so everyone laughs. They finally stop and laugh about it

TH reads – I Hwang TH take you Baek JE as my wife. I will love and cherish you always. I will live as your shadow for always. J: I Baek JE take you Hwang TH as my husband. I will love you and be your tree. I will always be with you. GM cries as they exchange vows.

D says the next part is to listen to the speech of the officiator, but the minister who was supposed to officiate today couldn’t come cuz of personal reasons. So the bride and groom asked someone else here to officiate. it is the groom Hwang TH’s mother Park Bok Ja. D: mother could we ask this favor from you?  J: just until today I will call you ajumma, I really want to hear your words. TH: I am asking this as a request mother. mom says she doesn’t want to.  J: ajumma – you still havent congratulated me on my wedding yet. mom asks why they are doing this to her, making her butt go on fire (Joonni’s note: I think this is what she means)GM hits the mom. J laughs. They all clap and stand for the mom to do it. Dad tells her to go up and says one thing since you have a lot to say. GM says go and say one thing. dad: hurry.

Mom goes up and says “if I speak truthfully, I am opposed to this marriage.” J and TH look at each other in shock. Then they look at the mom. GM’s mouth drops open along with TS. Everyone is shocked.


Preview pictures – KJ hugs J. who is that other guy?

Thanks to Sparkskey for her final written preview translation:

After the wedding goes off without a hitch, TH&J spend a awkward first night together. J finally turns on the TV because she just couldn’t stand the awkwardness anymore..

KJ leaves for America. TH goes to the airport, shakes KJ’s hand and says his final greetings. J passes KJ a present she prepared.

Sparkskey: Those previews are getting shorter now that we’re wrapping up

Fanderay’s comments:

When Softy said that it’s been seven months, my first thought was, “that can’t be right,” so I guess time must fly when you’re spending it with great people watching a great drama. Suddenly these long dramas don’t seem quite so intimidating, and now my primary fear is that other family dramas won’t be able to match up to this one.

The beginning of this episode made me realize that the mom might be feeling a bit of what we’re all feeling: that she doesn’t want it to all be over. She’s been thrilled about TS, TB, and TH getting married, but even if TP wanted someone other than Y, it seems likely that she’d still be a bit upset. Wouldn’t it be hard for any mom to lose all of her sons in one year? She has spent most of her life doting on them and making them her top priority, and even though they’ll all stay close, they now all have new number-one women in their lives.

I felt quite bad for TP  because none of the brothers  have found romance conventionally and it seems unfair that he should be the only one denied happiness. The other brothers had to fight for it too, but shouldn’t the way be paved by now? I suppose it’s not really fair for a path to just be cleared for the maknae (without him doing the work) but as a youngest child, I’m ok with it :). Everyone should know by now that there’s no point fighting love!

I was happy to see that KJ looked particularly good this episode because it gives me hope that he’ll pick up a girl asap. Unsurprisingly, he made me sad again with his selflessness and obvious loneliness. When he thanked J I wanted to scream that he should be the one receiving thanks. Can someone please show this poor boy some appreciation?

As soon as I heard “intern” and “United States” I was filled with horror. The mom’s speech made it worse. Really? Does J need to go across the world to live her dream? TH is her dream too, so a compromise seems more reasonable, and I’m glad that J tried to talk some sense into the mom when she basically implied that marriage and pregnancy ruined her life. I think the mom has lived a very full life and didn’t really mean what she said; she just seems a bit depressed and like she’s starting to feel vacant now that her sons are grown up and a new stage of life is beginning. I hope it’s not anything that a few grandbabies won’t fix!

I was incredibly proud of J for not being tempted to leave, especially since it felt so perfect thematically. This is a drama about the importance of family, and since J has only ever had a dad, it feels like the Ojak family has taken her on a journey and shown her how full of warmth and love a family can really be. It’s something that a lot of us take for granted, and her steadfastness over staying showed us that she never will.

I must admit that when J stepped out in her wedding dress, the waterworks began. Then I saw that TH’s hair didn’t look like an old mop anymore, and my happiness was complete. Personally I would be feeling rather murderous if I was forced to make an impromptu speech like the mom, but surely that cliffhanger at the end is a bluff? Please let it be a bluff, Writers! I’m giddy at the prospect of a heartfelt speech from her, so I hope that the dreaded “United States” doesn’t come up again. I don’t know if I could take it!

Usually I can hardly wait until the next episode of this drama, but part of me wishes that tomorrow would never come. If tomorrow comes, OB will be over, and the fabulous journey that we’ve all shared will be at an end. I hope that the final episode is so perfect that it lessens the pain and leaves us all with a feeling of contentment and completeness. Thanks to everyone for sharing this with us; I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Thank you for all the love you showed OB SS 🙂

SS wrote this yesterday:

Thank you Ojakgyo farm for yielding fruits from your soil and providing for our dear OB family.

Thank you Ojak ducks for growing well, now you just have to guide Ajumma and Ja Eun on what’s the feed that’s best for you. Oh…and don’t fly at TH although I know his dimples are so irresistible.

Thank you, Ajumma, for raising 4 beautiful sons. You are right, they are a piece of art(well at least 3 out of 4 are, hehe)..thank you for being the stalwart pillar of support for the family..thank you for your warm hands on Ja Eun, the daughter you never had..thank you for supporting TH & JE during their most difficult time..thank you for being the embodiment of mothers all over the world, our love, our sacrifices for our children surpasses all things. You are the glue that holds the family together.

Thank you, Halmeoni, for letting go of your bitterness and hate. No one can comprehend a mother’s pain of losing a child. But love is more powerful than hatred and you did the right thing, not just for your baby TH but for yourself.

Thank you, CS Ajussi, for fighting for your love many years ago. Otherwise the OB family that we love will not come about.

Thank you TS for trying to be a good father to Guksoo. Although you stumble many a time, you have come far. Through learning to love your son, you have learnt to love yourself and find love in the process.

Thank you MS for taking care and loving Guksoo when his family abandon him..thank you for making extra effort like cooking adobo.

Thank you TB for first taking responsibility and later, realizing in time the most important people in your life..thank you for your killer smiles and effort in reading bedtime stories in English.

Thank you SY for not giving up on Cha Gom. Thank you for loving TB first and being patient.

Thank you TP for changing from an irresponsible maknae to a grown up.. thank you for loving Y and giving her the confidence that she lacks..thank you for standing up to ideals and love when conforming and being pragmatic was the order of the day.

Thank you Y for believing in TP and treating him like a grown up when no one else does. Instead of mothering him like his family and hyungs, you gave him a chance to be a man and take care of not just himself but others.

Thank you J, you are not just the “nation’s goddess”, you are the sunshine in Ojakgyo Farm. Thank you for loving Ahjumma and forgiving her, you were the first to show them that to love, you have to first forgive. Without you, Ojakgyo Farm will not be the same. Ja Eun..ah..Ja Eun..Most of all, thank you for filling the hole in TH’s heart. Now that you complete him, he will never have to hear the whistling of the wind when it blow and he will no longer be lonely in your embrace.

Thank you TH for who you are. Thank you for looking so manly and hot as a policeman especially when you are chasing and fighting the baddies. Thank you for being so cute when you are jealous. Thank you for melting our hearts when you smile. Thank you for your dimples which make us giggle like young girls, whatever our age. Thank you for hugging J with your body, providing her warmth. Thank you for willing to embarrass yourself and dance in the public, I will never wait at a traffic junction the same ever again. Thank youyou’re your heart wrenching tears that moved mountains. Thank you for not giving up on love. You use love on Halmeoni to show her that love is greater than hate. Ajussi…TH Ajussi…Thank you for always holding Ja Eun’s hands and never letting her go, thank you for loving Ja Eun with your whole heart and soul.

Thank you TaeJa for so many moments of laughter, squeals, giggles, tears and endearment. Whether young or old, we have many gems to take away with us. That to love is to give, to live life expressing our love and that love is the greatest of all.

and bbblue73 made this for us- thank you so much. 🙂


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    I started watching OB solely because of Uee. i’ve been a huge fan of her since YAB, and i thought she was a really good actress. too bad she was quite underrated and people only saw her as pretty Uee, not an actress Uee. and then she came out with Birdy Buddy, which i think she did a good job in acting, so it was such a waste that the drama had a low rating. i guess people was not really fond of watching a drama about golf (count me in T_T).

    so then later i found out she was going to act in OB. i watched the first episode, but then i thought it was just okay. i was not attached to the drama at that moment, probably because i was not familiar with the rest of the casts. but since i am a HUGE HUGE HUGEEE fan of Uee, so i gave it a chance and watched the rest of the episodes. the more i watched, the more i liked the plot, and the more i liked the other casts as well.

    before i began spazzing about Taeja couple, let me tell you that i was not a fan of Joo Won. i first saw him in Bakery King, and I HATED HIM SO MUCH OMG -_-“. i guess he did a good job in acting because he made me hate him everytime he did something to poor Tak Gu :(. so i was not thrill at first, but then thanks to his cute face i fell for him little by little and the next thing i know i kept replaying Taeja scenes EVERY SINGLE DAY 😀

    right now, i felt so empty inside. it’s always been like this every time i found a good drama. for example Nobuta Wo Produce, The Princess’ Man, etc. and im not really a fan of family drama, especially if the drama had more than 20 episodes. but OB is the only exception. i’ve been refreshing this page over and over since this morning, reading the comments, keeping update on the gifs, Taeja moments, recaps, previews.

    i cant wait to watch the episode tonight, but i’m pretty sure although the ending is gonna be nothing but rainbows and sunshine, i’m going to sleep tonight with pain in my heart and tears in my eyes. and when i wake up the next morning, i’ll feel like my soul has been flying somewhere. this drama has taught me every thing about there is to life. and i want to express my appreciation to the writer, for creating such a wonderful drama; to the casts for making the characters seem believable and sincere, and of course to OB fans who believed in OB from the start.

    Thank you so much everyone. i’m gonna go cry my heart out after this 😦


    • aisha says:

      Finally,you’re coming out too wanja91,… 😀 Welcome… 🙂 Your story was also similar to mine with other OBnians,who came out just right before OB come to an end.. Let’s finish this drama together,even we’re not ready to say goodbye,though 😦

      Well,for other OBnians,my new Family through this drama,probably i’m not saying goodbye to you…but I’ll see u soon in this blog to get another latest news,and everything that connected to OB,and our lovely Taeja couple… ^_^ I’LL SEE YOU SOON GUYS! 😀 And keep stick around in this great blog..


  23. Maria says:

    I am another loyal, silent follower of the drama and this great blog. I have never left comments here, contented and fulfilled just reading all others’ writings every weekend and every so often, taking me through a whole gamut of emotions. But I thought that before the final episode and the universal cry over THE END, the least I could do for the wonderful feeling this blog has brought upon me, particularly uplifting me as I undergo a major life transition — partly why I have some viewing backlogs but up-to-date with the recaps, anyway — is to write a short note of thanks to Softy, Fanderay and all those here who loved the drama, and put in selfless efforts to help me and others especially those who are not Koreans enjoy it all the more in indescribable ways, even without the English subtitles. We should live life being expressive, right? And I want my one comment to be part of OB posterity. I am reading all the touching farewell messages and thank yous (eg. SS’ litany of thanks, bbblue73 MV) and realize I have indeed been very fortunate to discover this blog, learned a lot from how the drama (and human nature and life) was analyzed and dissected with every episode, and know more about Korean culture (including the tadpole dance) … making me wish I could go back to Seoul as I used to go there for official reasons some 7-8 years ago. I have more than enough recaps, gifs, MVs, and downloads to go back to and feed my longing for the drama after Ep58. This is the best K-drama, it was almost a real family, the actors were great and those who got the KBS awards deserved them. Taeja couple’s cute but I am a Tae Bom-Su Young shipper (see, I now know even to use this kind of term) and I think Ryu should have won Best Actor. I could not bestow enough accolades on this drama and to all of you. I toast to you all, and may you all be blessed. Ah, Softy, you would not have yet the recaps for the missing episodes like the one of TB-SY’s fateful night, to complete all the episode recaps? Just pushing my luck, but really you have done more than enough (even Happy Together OB cast) for us already. Thank you very much. With the final episode, it feels to me like another major transition. It will be bittersweet. It has been a heartwarming experience. Thanks again.
    — From the country of adobo


  24. Misz_Liena says:

    I’ll miss your recap softy..thanks a lot coz u give us great…great recaps and love…yes, Ojakgyo Brothers is the best kdrama i had watched..the greatest actors, actress and all staff exspecially writer nim and director, i love u all..thanks for giving us full of love..you all deserve won the award and high rating..=)


  25. edith s says:

    OMG. they must really be dating and thanks to the supportive cast – Taebom, Taepil and Taesik and maybe even the ajummas. Taebom was really naughty in mimicking the holding hands of Joo won and Uee. I think the OB crew must know all about their closeness already. Their something must be an open secret. Cannot admit because might affect their respective careers.
    anyway, as a real fan of the couple i am very happy. The intimate scenes and even the fighting scenes might have affected them so much so they cannot fight the attraction especially that their both so good-looking and a perfect match for each other. Cupid’s bow hit them to the maximum. I pray that this love will last and end to marriage. (of course not so immediately) They need to attend to their work and careers.
    and yes, Joo Won please dont show much attention to your new leading lady. I am sure you will not show extra movements or extra stares. These are meant for UEE only. and lastly, pls still continue to show us some of your public appearance together or even secret dates together.
    Paparrazzi fans pls share some news and photos. You will all be blessed. Pls feed my hungry and lonely days without OB . . .


  26. caprishiqi says:

    I’ve been a silent reader (posted a few times with different names :p) since episode 24. It’s the 1st time I did something soo silly as to read recaps from Epi 1 to Epi 24 just to find out what happened. After watching Birdy Birdie *bcos i LOVE Uee* I’ve decided to search Uee Joowon cuts on Youtube, and oh my gawd. They are SOOO cute. From then on, I got hooked, and I found this awesome blog!

    Now that OB have ended, I really wanna thank you for all the time, effort and love you put into this awesome drama. I feel as lost as you, I don’t know what I should look forward to every weekends now….. Your recaps are always lifesavers for people like us who’s busy with work and unable to watch live streaming. I will always log on on time just to read the recaps to ease myself from thinking what’s going to happen tonight for OB.

    I really hope I’m able to follow you & this blog onto a different drama, but I don’t think it will be soon. I’m suffering from major withdrawal symptoms that no other drama interest me.

    Miracle happened when I saw Sparksey here. hahaha~ We’re very good friends, living in Singapore and nearby each other. xD She’s always my source and person to spazz to about OB. Kekeke

    OB is the 1st family drama I watch, and the 1st drama that made me feel so emotionally attached to it. That’s how great OB is. Of course, OB-nians are as great as the drama! ^^

    Once again, really really thank you for everything! I’m gonna miss every cast in OB, esp TaeJa, and you guys. Always loved reading the comments and recaps.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to come back here for a different drama once my withdrawal ends. Please take care everyone! And be Healthy!!! =)

    p.s: Anyway, I’m a Uee-Joowon shipper too, hope their relationship remain strong and soon they will date (or maybe they are already dating). ^^


  27. K says:

    millions of thanks bbblue73 ❤
    luv ya!


  28. Anonymous says:

    how can they cut the morning sence honeymoon
    ep.58 Finale
    why,,,,,,,why,,,,,,,why I want to see the sence !!


  29. Shahu says:

    You write so beautifully, Softy. (That’s your name, right? I’ve been calling you Cadence. :P)

    Thank you for this blog, Softy. Manhi manhi kamsaheyo.


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