Ojakkyo Brothers E53

The look on TH’s face here says everything in his heart. His expression verbally says he knows he has to let go of her, but still doesn’t want to and doesn’t think he can. He knows it’s too soon so he decides to go back to masking his feelings. When the grandmother looked at him, I wonder if she realized in this moment that she just made her grandson go back to his lonely withdrawn existence. It took so much patience and time for J to finally bring him out of his shell and now the grandmother is visibly watching him go back into it. If that doesn’t thaw some of that bitterness in her heart, I don’t know what will. It made me wonder if his weak smile here pained her even more. It’s like you can see two broken hearts in this shot, one that’s totally crushed and the other one is starting to get what his pleading and crying really meant. TH wasn’t just trying to hold onto J, he also wanted to hold onto the person he has become. Now that person is slipping away and the grandmother is running out of excuses.

*It’s over – TH knows it’s not Baek In Ho!!!!  YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I am so happy I feel like jumping for joy!!!!!Something tells me the GM is coming around already and I hope she gives permission before they find out Baek is innocent. It would mean more that way.

** in an interview, TB said he liked it better when his character fought with SY than these days when they say corny things and do things that cause goosebumps ( all those lovey dovey scenes). LOL

*thank you semi fly for all those torrents. cant believe you stayed up to give us more. we appreciate everything you do week after week. 🙂

written before it aired:

I have a tendency to kill plants. In the movie “Beaches” when Bette Midler’s character was told by her roommate who had a green thumb to take care of her plants while she was gone, Bette just nodded yes and assured her they would be fine. Then as the weeks went by and it was time for her to throw out the last of them that had withered and died, she only uttered the excuse “suicide” as she chunked it in the trash can. I watched that scene and thought boy do I know how that feels cuz that’s what I say every time I had to do that. My other excuses ranged from “something was wrong with that plant to begin with” or “I have no idea why it died, maybe it was one of those weak ones that do not last.” It’s like you don’t want to blame yourself and admit something is wrong with you so you blame the innocent shrub that depended on you for life. The sad thing is I like them and really want some in my home, but it’s like how many have to die before I learn my lesson. Try as I might, I can’t seem to keep them alive. It’s probably why I don’t have a pet. What if I forget to water or feed that. All this is to say is that I have a nurturing side, but no outlet for it. In a way, maybe this blog and these dramas have become my substitute for that need to care for something. Every month, I take baby steps and learn something new that’s tech related so that I can improve the aesthetics of this site. While I was working on making the first widget I ever made for Moon last night, it dawned on me that the evolution of TH and J’s relationship is similar to how you care for plants. Since it was formerly a 50 episode drama, the writer took her sweet time and nurtured their relationship little by little, taking care to water it by sprinkling each episode with enough sweet moments for the roots of their interest (and ours) to take hold. I heard somewhere that you are supposed to snip off the leaves that are dead and dried so maybe those episodes where TH and J had to go through their rough patches were for the same purpose –for them to endure the hardships to become stronger in the long run to continue to burgeon. Now that we know TH starting like J after that first necktie scene, I re-watched those episodes that followed that scene and it all makes sense now. When he leaned towards her in the car, it may have been to make his point, but I bet it unnerved him just as much as J. The hesitancy and staring right before he flicked her forehead was him trying to come to grips with his growing attraction. Of course the dead giveaway was how jealous he got during the pear harvest when TP was being overly attentive to J. All that time when we wondered why TH would frown and make quizzical faces towards J when it was so obvious to us what was going on, what was actually happening was a part of him that lay dormant too long in the dark suddenly found sunlight. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind right now that despite what’s currently going on, there can only be a happy ending  to their love story. The main proof is in the roots and how deeply they are embedded in the ground and in their case, how deeply they are invested in each other. When you grow and flourish as much as these two have, there is nothing that can uproot them now.


“Iprefernottosayit” asked what I thought would happen in the end. Like I said, the fact that this is a family drama and a ratings hit all point to the only conclusion possible. We all know the last episodes will have weddings, babies, ducks, and a smiling, thriving family that has grown in size due to all the sons finding loved ones, but what is still unclear is how they are all going to live on that farm when the main house only has one indoor bathroom. Every drama has loose ends they don’t get to tie up cuz of time constraints and I don’t think OB will be any different if they stretch out this break up any longer than necessary. That is why I was praying against hope that they would find out about Baek’s innocence by tonight. These are the list of issues I compiled that I wish they would have time to fit in, but I am not holding my breath for it to happen cuz hardly any drama manages to tie up every loose end in the last stretch.

I have a feeling TS and MS will tell Guksoo the truth about his mother’s death soon cuz I can’t imagine them actually waiting ten years to tell Guksoo.

KJ and TH bonding and TH calling him hyung or just smiling at KJ would be a nice change. At best, I can only imagine a handshake between them.

I want the dad to be nice to Guksoo cuz he has yet to have one scene where he smiles or is nice to Guksoo.

The duck feed becoming a huge success.

J calling the ajumma “mother” and both of them crying.

SY and TB living on the farm with TS and MS living next door in her home and MS giving SY a hard time so that SY finally learns how to cook.

We finally find out how KJ managed to get his dad to back off and not buy the farm.

They bring Hong back to find out how he is involved in all this. Cuz he had to be on this whole thing from the start or why else would he meet with the chief and why else would he have gone to Hong Kong with him.

J and TH go on an overnight trip together and sleep in her tent by the beach. If not that one, then at least have them do some of those things that J wanted to do with her boyfriend.

TH takes J and the GM and goes to visit his mother’s memorial.

TP and Y make up their minds to get married or not cuz she isn’t young enough to keep dating for a few more years.

The farm gets a makeover and they add on rooms to it or build on more additions to it like how they did with MS’s place.

Would like to know what J did with her dad’s birthday plant.

TS finds out how YJ was only dating him to get the farm money. I don’t know why it bugs me, but I hate that he still thinks he broke off their relationship instead of the truth that he narrowly missed out on being used. Even though I want him to know, I still hope MS isn’t the one to tell him cuz it will make her look petty for keeping it from him all this time if she blurts it out in a moment of anger.

A perfect last scene would be SY’s parents coming over with food and SY’s mom helping TH’s mom prepare for the meal. Then they would show a family gathering with two full tables and everyone sitting around to eat together so that when GM says “let’s eat” there will be a loud chorus of “we will eat well.” Then laughter and conversation as they all eat and the camera does close-up shots of all the faces then pans out to the outside of the farm.

*No time to finish this list now, but I know I left out some things.


Here is a hauntingly beautiful new music video by Sailor Enigma 🙂



Starts from when KJ drags J out of the club. She asks why he isn’t answering her. I said answer me. why arent you answering. I said date me. let’s date. do you not want to date me? that’s not it right? you want to date me right? KJ: If you keep doing this I will get angry. J:now we are going to date. agree? ok.let’s go drink . KJ: do you really want to date me? do you mean it? How much longer are you going to act like a child like this. how much longer are you going to behave childish and ruin yourself. if you are going to be like this it would be better if you ran away with TH. you dont have the courage to do that do you? Why? cuz you are the daughter of the perpetrator. why do you think TH left you awhile ago when you are in this distressed state? It’s cuz he cant do anything for you. he is the son of the victim and cant do anything for you, but what do you think you can do for him? do you think you have the right to call him and say you miss him? to put it more coldly, do you think you have the right to cry even a teardrop. J: Stop it -stop it. who are you to talk to me like this. KJ: nothing will change. you have to accept it now. dont act like a child anymore. J: who do you think you are. KJ: forget it now and cut it off (Joonni’s note: I think KJ uses the phrase “cut off” in reference to cutting off relations with TH/attachment to TH…sort of  like a heart’s string to another heart)

TS asks GM to lie down since she must not have energy. Mom comes in with some medicine. TS tells GM to drink since she must have been in shock, but she pushes him away. Mom asks her to drink it cuz it will be better. GM says leave her alone. mom says at least lie down cuz she shouldnt do this since it’s taking up too much of her energy, but the GM says leave me alone. I rather die like this. Mom says stop talking like that even if GM is angry. GM- if you live too long you see things you shouldn’t see. What did he say? allow him to marry J?

TB and TP are in the room with TH. TP asks him: do you feel ok inside? drink some honey water. Or should we go out and drink (alcohol) some more? TH says it’s ok – go out. TP says: why are you so obedient/amenable/traditional. just meet her (meaning date her). without our family knowing, if you want to meet her just meet her. if you miss her just run to her. why do you have to get permission and concession. why do you only know one path? all you have to do is just give up marriage -just give up marraige and meet her– what’s the problem. TP tells TB:why arent you saying anything. as a sunbae who had been in love for ten years, say something. TB says it might sound cold but I am in the same position as GM and father. TP: small hyung. TB to TH: not only our entire family, but J knows too-even if you two meet again, like you used to before, can you be bright/cheerful and smile like you are happy? especially J? TH looks at TB. TP to TB: small hyung. TB: Think of this as a type of accident..this is something lake a natural disaster that humans can’t control. including me, our entire family likes J a lot. but you and J cant go back to the way it was before the natural disaster. unless all of our memories are erased. unless your father who passed away 26 yrs ago comes back to life. I am sorry but you have to think of GM too– she is old and if she has more shock than this you know there will really be big trouble right? (meaning she could die)*thanks to Joonni for clarifying

Mom wonders if TH is like that then how is J -she wont pick up her phone when I call. dad: nothing much will happen. I met In Ho for a bit and nothing was going on. if there was something going on he would have told me. mom: you met BIH today? Dad: he told me to keep the farm. I told him the house is tainted and that I wouldn’t take a penny from him and told him not to even think of sleeping comfortably till he dies and threw his offer back in his face.  let’s sleep. Mom: really upset cuz of TH. dont think too badly. since TH is like that, I feel less worried. everything in his heart, in front of the family he expressed everything he was feeling. just think if he didnt let any of that out and kept it piled up in his heart. how much would his insides rot. even about his mother, he kept it buried in his heart for over 20 yrs and talked about it for the first time after she died. I thought TH changed for the better after meeting J. isnt that true? dad says: after listening to you talk, that could be true. He says he will sleep. Mom tells him to sleep – you suffered a lot today

TH goes in to see his GM who is sleeping. He sits next to her and says “GM – I am sorry.” He tucks her in and leaves the room. She opens her eyes.

It’s 7:10am and TS wakes up. He wakes up Guksoo but he isnt next to him. There is a stuffed animal. TS gets up and calls out for him. He checks the bathroom and everywhere wondering where he went. He checks TP’s room and asks if he hasnt seen Guksoo. TP asks why – isnt he in the room. TS says he is gone. I looked everywhere but he isnt at home. TP:what are you talking about? Guksoo is gone? TS: be quiet. TP: how long has he been gone? Was he here when you slept last night. TS says-  he doesn’t know-he was too tired and fell asleep right away. TS gets a call

In the truck, TP is driving TS. TS says: I am not going to leave him be.  why did he go alone to the airport without saying a word. TP says of course he wouldnt say anything. would a kid who is running away reveal where he is going and then run away? how can you sleep and not know the kid left home?  Are you really a dad?

TS sees Guksoo and asks if he is ok. how could you leave home without saying anything. when did you leave home? why did you come here. guksoo doesnt say anything. TS: ok for now let’s go. Guksoo says he wont go. He is going to his mom in the Philippines. TS: what are you saying? Guksoo: I don’t like you getting married dad. I don’t like MS ajumma becoming my mom. TP says : you like MS ajumma. Guksoo says he does but he doesn’t like her marrying his dad. I am going to my mom. He asks uncle TP to take him to the Philippines. TS: ya hwang Guksoo- where are you saying you are going? you said your mom told you to live well in korea. that you would obey dad. did you already forget what you promise your mom? also where is this place for you to come alone? did dad teach you to do that? Guksoo: you do what you want and get married too. you told me to think about it so why dont you ask me what I think? when did I say I liked you getting married? TS asks so do you want me not to get married and grow old and die being a bachelor all my life. do you want me to do that. guksoo says: you told me to think about it-if you asked me to think about it, you should have asked what I thought. TS: so should I live all my life growing old and die as a bachelor? is that what you want? TP tells TS: why are you like that. people are watching. TS: that’s how this kid is talking. telling me not to get married my whole life. you are huh? Guksoo cries and glares at him.  TP:hyung.

In the truck TS says sorry for yelling a while ago – I was wrong. after telling you to think about it and not asking what you thought, I am sorry.  I thought you felt the same as me. Do you really not like me getting married. still please think it over one more time. I will ask you as a favor. Guksoo didnt say one word.

MS is washing rice so mom asks what she is doing. MS: you woke up mother? I am making breakfast. mom: there is no need, I will do it. MS stops her and says: it’s not hard to do this so just think of me as your big daughter in law now. Mom says she has to do this for her entire life so why start already. as the older daughter in law my break is crooked from work so I dont want to make you start work already. MS says she wants the mom to treat her like a daughter in law quickly.all that time only the two of us were together so thinking that we get a family like this, it’s so nice. mom: you do? MS: yes. H said that too. cuz you are getting married, I get a dad, grandma, grandpa, great grandma, uncles and younger brother all at once. she said she really liked it a lot. Mom says then from here on she is going to yell out “big kid” and take advantage of MS. MS says: yes do that cuz that’s what I am looking forward to. Mom wonders what to make MS do first and says she wants some dish. MS: that’s good mother. And MS starts to prepare it and tells her to wait. Mom shows her where everything is and mom smiles

GM says let’s eat and everyone and H yells out loudly “I will eat well”. Dad says her voice is refreshing so she can be a singer. mom tells H to eat a lot. Dad asks where TS went so early in the morning and TS lies that he went to the sauna so dad says you should have taken me with you cuz it was time for him to go too. TS: guess I should have. mom tells GM how TS and MS are going to look at wedding halls today. they look like they want to hurry and just get the wedding hall like the GM said. GM: they are. MS: yes GM. the wedding dress and makeup too, I am going to try to decide all that today. Guksoo looks up so TS adds. instead of saying we will decide today, we are going to look into it here and there. MS to TS: what are you talking about. we are going to meet sister in law and decide today. TP distracts guksoo and tells him to eat the delicious marinated beef. MS mutters how lucky they were to be able to see the wedding hall today. let’s go and look at it and make a contract for it if possible.  TS tells her to eat this and has to put food in MS’s mouth to get her to stop talking about the wedding preparations

SY is sleeping and wakes up to TB smiling down at her (that would so freak me out) she asks when TB came home cuz she waited and fell asleep. He says she did well. he came early this morning. they kiss. He says get up cuz he prepared breakfast and shows her what he made for her. SY: breakfast? what is it? TB: loving room service. he tells her to drink water first.  he feeds her so she says she will do it but he wont let her. he is  her hands today. she says it’s yummy and asks for pickles. She asks if today is some special day cuz he gave this kind of service this morning. TB: even if it’s not a special day, if you want I can do this for you every day. I can cook, do your hair, do the dishes are just the basics. cuz I do housework better than you – you know that right? SY: yes I know. TB: so let’s live apart (from your parents). you dont want to go and live at Ojakkyo right? to tell you the truth I feel the same way too. like you would be uncomfortable living with my parents, it’s hard for me to live here and it’s uncomfortable. let’s each give in a little and move into my officetel. SY: must be move out? TB: yes we must move out. I want to enjoy being newlyweds with you like this. it will be hard and difficult, but I want to live as a family by ourselves. without anyone interfering (meddling). She says ok will think about it one more day. He tells her to talk it over again tonight. let’s finish eating the rice omelette.  There is a knock at the door and it’s her mom asking if she woke up. SY: yes mom I woke up

At work SY and everyone is having a meeting. SY read out that choi and the girl are in charge of the idea so she asks what they have in mind. A story idea is pitched and it’s about focusing on the son in law and his in laws – what happens between the son and his in laws. sort of like what TB is going through now. choi mentions it’s 3 times worse for a son in law than for a daughter in law and her in laws. someone close to us has this happening to them. TB glares at choi. girl asks if TB will help them out. another guy asks TB to do an interview.  SY kills the idea. She says it’s too weak and tells them to come up with a different idea. Choi and the girl argue it’s the perfect story idea and that it’s ok so SY yells out that she is killing the idea. I said no- come up with something else.next.  TB hits choi with crumpled up paper

SY’s mom listens to music and remembers TB saying they will live separately. She gets mad and says she was so good to him  -treating him better than a son so how could he bring up living apart to her. how? She asks the dad to talk. What did she do that was so wrong. dad: more than what you did wrong. it’s cuz you have different ways of living. She asks her husband to speak truthfully cuz it’s ok. I have to know what I did wrong to fix it or not. tell me.  He says for starters -it’s nothing to be glad about when the mother in law goes over there every morning cuz they are newlyweds so wouldnt that be uncomfortable and irritating. SY: irritating? dad lists other stuff and says how going so far as to prepare TB’s clothes –even I think that was overdoing it. even though he feels comfortable, you are still the in law.  More than anything the biggest problem is her temper cuz when she gets mad she yells. SY’s mom: stop it. dad: you told me to speak truthfully.

The mom gets a call from the hospital about her recent check up. The guy says she needs to come in cuz there is a problem with the recent check up (oh man if SY’s mom is sick then TB and SY wont move out)

Bong is at the precinct and TH asks what brings him here. Bong says to meet TH. he heard from KJ what TH’s relationship is with Baek’s daughter. since you are a detective, you know this well, but as you investigate, there are often times when I really wish the person I concluded was the criminal (guilty person) wasnt the criminal. it’s ok if I am wrong. to tell you the truth, that’s how I feel now so I came to give you this. He gives TH his notes on the case. everything about the case is written on there. except for one thing, since BIH left the country (back then) he wasnt able to question him in person himself. this is everything I can do for you. TH:thank you.  Bong: also I am sorry for not being able to capture the criminal. even though 26 yrs has passed, I hope in my place you will catch the criminal yourself. Bong leaves

TH goes through the notes and D comes in. D says TH came out early. what are you looking at so early in the morning. TH doesnt answer or look up. D says the graduation pictures came out -the ones you took with J. TH asks for them. D says: they came out well didnt they.

As TH looks at them, D compliments them for looking so good.  TH gets up and leaves

TH is driving and remembers what TB said about if the two of them can be happy- especially J. TH pulls over and looks like he is in pain. TH makes a call

J is at the officetel when doorbell rings. J asks who it is. the mom comes inside and makes a remark about what time it is for J to still be home. J asks if she had been well – nothing much happened right. Mom asks: when someone curious calls, are you not going to pick up when I call. come and sit cuz I made some abalone porridge. mom asks where J’s dad went. J doesnt know. mom: you dont even know where he went. Mom puts out the porridge and asks J to sit down and eat. She tells J to hurry and eat cuz it looks like J didn’t eat for more than a day or two. How could you make your face look like that within a few days. did you just plan to starve? J: no. mom: if not then eat. in this world there is nothing that can be settled by starving.  hurry and eat. but J says later. Mom asks – I said hurry and eat. what did you do that was so impressive for you to fast and not eat when you should eat. in this world, are you the only one whose love has ended. or did you have a love that others cant have. J cries. mom: dont cry. Being born your dad’s daughter is your burden so don’t resent him and just think this is as far as you were meant to go with TH and accept it -that’s all you can do. hurry and pick up your spoon and eat. After you eat find out where your dad went. he is still the father you waited for. there is no way, but do you dislike him cuz he is the criminal behind the hit and run?  it’s not. right? in this world, the person who wants to die the most is your father.  You think he came back alive to give you this trauma. if you got that, dont move and eat this whole bowl. do you understand me? J nods and says yes.  mom: ok then I will be going. no need to come out. she goes out. J keeps crying.

Mom goes outside and cries and looks back and then leaves

J starts to eat, but cries the whole time

TH meets with KJ. it’s snowing outside. He gives the pictures to KJ and asks him to give it to J cuz they took graduation pics in advance. TH: Is she well. KJ: you saw last night. not yet, she cant be. TH: please take care of her well. KJ: J? to me? TH: yes. KJ: you trust me? what are you going to do if I have intentions towards her. TH just looks at him. KJ: is giving her these pics the right thing to do since she needs to forget you now. TH: you decide what to do with them and if she perhaps asks about me, tell her I am well. I will ask you again to take care of her well. I will leave first. TH was about to get up, but KJ asks: how are you doing. just say J is like that but how about you. are you doing well?  TH: I cant yet too but I will try. KJ: Before mother passed away, if I had met you a little sooner, I have regrets about that. if I had done that, then maybe we could have been similar to brothers and got along well.  since you are already having a hard time, I wont joke around. I don’t have any intentions towards  J – even if there is, there wont be. I will watch over J well.  trust me and don’t worry. TH gives him a small smile.

J goes to a construction site and looks for her dad. Baek is doing heavy labor. some guy calls out to Baek that he is working too hard and to ease up a bit and work together, but Baek doesnt listen and keeps going. J remembers how KJ told her: it’s been a few days. I tried till the end to stop him and told him to rest for the time being, but he said it was harder to be still and not do anything. Baek turns and sees her. J smiles and waves at her dad

KJ is waiting for J. he gives her the pictures. KJ: I struggled whether or not I should give you this but I thought I should give it to you. I met officer TH a while ago. It’s your graduation pics. J takes it and puts it away in her drawer. She asks him for a favor. She wants to leave Seoul for the time being

TS and MS look at a wedding hall. MS says she likes it a lot. TS and MS pretend to get married and walk down the aisle. They go and take pictures.

TB and SY show up. TB asks if they looked around -isnt it nice and clean. TS says they liked it so they are thinking of reserving it today.  MS: did you come younger sister in law? SY: yes MS shi. MS asks what SY which hall they got married in-sapphire. SY says no-diamond hall. MS: oh you did it at diamond hall. MS tells TS let’s do it at diamond hall too. TS: ok. SY says: the hall will be more small but it’s more expensive. MS says: oh it is. then we have to do it at diamond hall even more cuz I dont have that many people to invite. MS to TS: let’s do it at diamond hall too. MS asks where SY got her wedding pics taken and where she got her bridal makeup done. (it’s like SY is saying everything she did was expensive but MS insists on doing the same things anyway – sort of like childishly copying SY) *Good thing MS has money cuz TS has like $500 in his bank account and can’t afford any of this)

TS thinks the second week of march is too early so MS asks how about the third week. TB asks if guksoo likes TS getting married cuz his expression yesterday didn’t look like it. TS lies and says he likes it. TB: did you ask for certain and not just overlook it. you have strange a habit of doing what you think you heard. TS: I asked him. TS changes the subject and asks if marrying on a friday is weird. but TB asks: what are you going to do about the home. Did you talk to mom. TS: what is there to talk about. we have to take in our parents and live with them so TB corrects TS and says: you should say it correctly. are you taking them in? mom and dad are keeping you. SY looks down to smile. MS says TB is living off of his in laws so SY calls her out on it and asks: MS shi – what did you just say? what do you mean live off of them? MS: you werent? that’s how I heard it. if not then never mind. MS tells TS that saturday is better than friday. SY is speechless.

* it is true cuz TB didnt buy their home – his in laws did. but it sure was petty of MS to point that out but TB was wrong to say that the parents were letting TS live with them

TP remembers how he told Y that they couldnt keep hiding this cuz later they have to get permission to marry. and how Y said TP said he didn’t want to get married.

TP meets with SY and TB and TS and MS. TS asks who is coming. did you call TH? TP: no. there is someone I want to introduce to you (hyungs). MS: it must be a girl – isnt that right? TP: yes. TS is surprised : really? what’s up with you. introducing a girl to us. you have never done that even once before.  so you must like her a lot. TP say yes so he wants his hyungs to help him out and support him (cheer him on). TS: of course. TB: maknae – there is no way… SY: it’s not (who we think) right? Y shows up. SY: aunt.  Y tries to leave so TP stops her and says: you came. I said let’s meet confidently. Y: why are you like this? TP: how much longer are you going to hide this. TS asks her to come in

They all sit together and it’s awkward. TB: so what happened. back then you clearly said the two of you weren’t dating. TP says then it was cuz of the inlaws but it’s true they are dating. SY asks Y- is it really true aunt. Y: yes. MS says the food is done so try this. have some.TS asks Y to eat by calling her aunt-nim. He wonders what to call her. so MS says since she came as TP’s girlfriend call her by her name so SY doesn’t like it. TS says he will just call Y aunt nim. that will be better. Y: yes do that.  TP tells Y to eat cuz MS’s food is really delicious. MS: yes try it and you dont have to feel uncomfortable. Y: thank you. TP tells her to hurry and eat. he offers Y water. he is attentive so MS says he must like Y a lot. he doesnt know what to do. TP says he likes Y a lot so MS has to support them. MS says she will -dont worry. TB asks if the two of them are going to keep dating. is that it aunt? TP: yes we are thinking of continuing to date.cant we do that? SY says of course you cant. MS: there is no reason why they cant. the two of them like each other so what is the problem? TS tries to pull MS closer to shush her. MS:why? there is no law against it. SY snaps at MS and telle MS to just be still. MS: younger sister in law. Y says she thought about it and forgot she had an appointment. I have to get going. sorry but I have to get up first. TP: what appointment. Y: there is one. dont come out. Y tells TS not to stand – it;s ok. I will be going.  MS says see you again next time. TB tells TP to sit and SY says she will be going first too. she says she will see TB at home. SY leaves. TB tells TP to sit.

SY goes out to Y. she asks what happened. Y: SY. SY: are you really dating maknae doraenim? Do you really like him. Y: yes. SY: this is ridiculous. aunt! Y: But you cant tell my sister no matter what. I didn’t know this meeting was for this and came. if I knew I wouldnt have come. SY: how long are you planning to hide it? from here on what are the two of you going to do? there is no way- you aren’t going to get married right? you really cant do that aunt. Y: I really cant do that? Why? SY: then why did you hide it aunt? didn’t you hide it cuz you didn’t feel comfortable in your heart? Y doesnt answer.

TH goes home and mom asks what he is doing home at this time and tells him to sit cuz they were going to have tea. He says sorry to his GM and dad. I wont disappoint you like that again. Dad: can I trust you. TH nods and says yes. GM: then you wont mention J again. TH: yes. GM: Then go on blind dates and I will believe you. you will go on them right? mom says it’s too early.  GM says she is talking to TH (not the mom) TH asks GM to go out with him and eat lunch and get some air outside. Dad says it must be nice for GM to get a date request from TH

Mom is happy and chatters a lot in the backseat. how great the weather is. the sky and river water is sparkling. did you see just now- how that baby in the car that just passed by was so pretty. so GM tells her to be quiet cuz she feels like she will die from her ears hurting. Mom says how can we go being quiet on a day like today. when our TB has a baby soon, the baby will be pretty like that cuz the mom and dad are good looking so we dont have to worry about how the baby looks. GM remarks the hwangs look good so there is no need to say that. the problem is will the baby be a son or daughter. since there were so many sons, a daughter would be nice.  mom says she does too. I have no other wish if it’s a daughter.

*I always found it funny that we are supposed to believe a petite mom and dad could have so many tall sons. isnt that like impossible. even TH’s birth father looked tall in his picture.

TH takes his GM and mom and walks with them at the market carrying all their stuff for them. mom says to buy all the roots but GM says what do you want with all of that. it’s too much. just get half. then when they are buying shrimp, GM complains it’s too expensive.  TH laughs watching them argue. He sees someone selling earmuffs and gloves

TH helps GM out of the car and says wait a minute. He puts earmuffs and gloves on her. He says they fit and asks if it’s warm. She says they are warm. He laughs and says they look good on her.

They go for a walk by the river. He stops and stares at the water and looks sad. GM notices that. he smiles at her and she smiles at him

Mom say how good the food looks. TH was on the phone and says ok. he tells GM that something work came up so he has to leave first. GM: without eating? then let’s go together but he says no dont do that. he wanted her to eat this so drove all this way on purpose so she cant do that. he will have a taxi waiting so he wants them to enjoy their meal slowly and then go home in it. mom says let’s do that to the GM and says the food would be a waste not to eat and let’s think about TH’s thoughtfulness. GM agrees. TH: also about the blind date I will do it slowly. I don’t want to lie to you so give me some time. GM: ok but dont drag it out too long. TH: ok I will be going. make sure you enjoy your meal. GM tells him to leave and he goes.

Mom says how hard TH is trying. he is putting in a lot of effort. GM: yes he is. GM sighs so mom asks why. GM: it would have been better if he drank and spit out what he feels inside- since he is acting like that, it makes my heart ache more.  mom: mother to tell you the truth, I have something I did wrong to you.GM:what are you talking about. mom: to tell the truth, even after I knew about the hit and run accident, I was going to cover it up for the time being.  cuz I felt bad for the kids. I was wrong mother. you feel betrayed dont you. even though I knew I was committing a big sin to you, cuz I liked them both so much so I couldn’t break the kids apart. TH said there was a big puddle in his heart but after meeting J, it was filled. while growing up, every day there had been a hole in his heart so when it rained, the rain water would collect there and when the wind blew, he could hear the wind ringing. but after meeting J, for the first time that hole was filled. after hearing that I couldn’t break the kids apart. GM looks touched and sad. mom says the food is ready and ladles some out for GM. The GM looks out the window cuz she cried.

The dad is looking at the family picture that arrived. GM comes home alone so he asks where the mom is. She says the mom had some place to drop by. GM asks what that is. Dad says the picture was delivered and asks her -do you want to look at it. it came out well but we cant hang it can we mother. GM looks at TH and J’s picture and looks sad

KJ drives J to some park and they watch kids play. J has some bags like she is going to stay here for a few days. It’s his orphanage. He calls out to the kids and says the kids grew up a lot. Have you been well. They say yes and says J is pretty and looks like an angel. J smiles at them

* You have no idea how much I freaked out when J said she wanted to get out of Seoul. for a second I thought the writer was going to have J leave the country or something. Thank goodness it’s only a car ride away from Seoul. whew. heart attack averted. 🙂

Baek drinks and asks Hong -Why didn’t you tell me. Even if my father did that you should have told me that a person died. why did I come back alive to leave this anguish to J.  I should have died. back then I should have drowned and died in the ocean. Hong tells him to drink slower cuz Baek isnt well yet

TH is stopped at a light and sees an ad for hiking clothes (the hiking gear 2pm is doing ads for) They are all wearing colorful hiking outfits. He remembers how Bong said “the witness said he saw the person had on white clothes” and how TH asked: so did Baek IH wear white clothes?  Bong: I couldn’t confirm it. then TH remembers Baek saying : it had been a while since i went hiking and I drank too much afterwards. TH quickly drives somewhere

TH is waiting for Baek in his car. TH asks : on the night of the accident, what color were your clothes? Baek: the color of my clothes? that night….TH:  You said you went hiking. Did you wear white clothes? Baek: it’s been too long so I don’t remember well,  but since it was a hiking outfit, it wouldnt have been white clothes. why are you asking?what’s going on. TH: try to remember better. then that night were there anyone else with you. Baek: yes that I remember.  Hong and lee ki chul were in the car with me. TH: Hong manshik and lee ki chul?

TH drives and calls and tells D probably to find out where Hong is staying right now

TH goes to meet Hong. TH says he came to find out the truth about the hit and run accident. You were in the car with Baek IH on the day of the accident werent you? Hong: me? I have nothing to say. go back. TH: The eye witness said the driver wore white clothes. but that night Baek came back from hiking so he couldn’t have been wearing white clothes as a hiking outfit. so Baek IH didn’t drive. the criminal is someone else. isnt that right?  Who is the criminal? The chief is in the bathroom hiding. TH: who was the person driving that night? The chief is stunned.


Thanks to Sparkskey we have E54 written preview:

GM stops by the columbarium early in the morning and sees J placing flowers, apologizing for the crime her father committed. GM feels conflicted when she sees how sincere J is.  Hong Manshik insists that Baek Inho was the person behind the wheel, TH asks D for help and starts investigations in earnest. Inho finds a photo of the mountaineering club from 26 years ago and runs towards TH immediately

*columbarium is the place where people’s remains are stored after cremation. I didn’t know what it was called till today hahaha had to ask my dad

For those of you who are die hard fans of TH and J and still never heard about this blog, you really must check it out. Her name is King and she managed to capture every look TH ever had in almost scene. Even though it’s in Korean, just click on the bottom of the page at the page numbers and surf around.


Fanderay’s Comments:

Finally, TH is investigating! It’s sort of funny that he figured out the truth with old information and just had  to stop and think for a moment (rather than finding out something new). I wonder if the rest of the family will immediately be on board, or if  they’ll think that this is just wishful thinking on TH’s part and that  he’s grasping at straws so he can be with J.

KJ is the ultimate  voice of reason these days, and I always feel like he speaks with my  voice, telling TH and J what I wish I could say to them. J was  definitely in need of an ultimatum, and TH is right to trust KJ to care  for her. It’s almost like KJ fulfills his  duty as a brother toward J  instead of TH, since he feels like he failed with TH. It’s sad that they both think they have a failed relationship, and yet TH trusts and  relies on KJ, and KJ is constantly there for TH whether TH asks him to  be or not. All that’s needed is for them to acknowledge that they’re brothers, because the bond is definitely there, despite their best attempts to antagonize each other.

MS’s enthusiasm over her future marriage makes me worry that the  wedding will be temporarily cancelled on Guksoo’s behalf (it’s like  she’s being set up for disappointment). I’m not confident that TS will  immediately have the courage to tell the truth about Guksoo’s mom (he  tends to be cowardly when it comes to such things) and even if he does,  it’s quite possible that Guksoo will need some grieving time, instead of feeling like his mom is being replaced right away. The way things are  going, we may end up with 3 brothers getting married at the same time!  Heck, maybe TB and SY will even redo their vows since they ran out last  time.

I was not expecting anything like SY’s mom getting sick, and I’m still not sure how that’s going to go down. I think hospital phone  calls in dramas pretty much always mean cancer or pregnancy, but cancer  seems like too big a deal when we have so few episodes left.  I don’t  think that SY’s mom will actually die, so maybe she’ll just have a scare with a benign tumor or something. Meanwhile she might be motivated to  fix the relationships in her life, and that would be a good thing!

I was proud of TP for introducing Y (finally!) although he probably  shouldn’t have done it without asking her first. It frustrates me that  SY is against their relationship, but she’s right in a way. If Y is  embarrassed of the relationship, is it a relationship she should be in?  She won’t be able to make it work with TP unless she has the confidence  to make it work, so she needs to have a shift in her thinking before  they can really be together. Thankfully TP is all about making  relationships work (his advice to TH is so endearing) and he should be  able to inspire Y to be more like him.

It makes me nervous that Baek In Ho is working at a construction site because that’s where accidents always happen, especially when someone is working extra hard. Surely the poor  man has suffered enough? I’m relieved that J is reconciling with him  before learning the truth about the accident since they both need each  other right now, no matter what happened.

Even though she’s no  longer in the forefront of the plot, I love that the mom still has such  an important role. She made J rethink her relationship with her dad, and if anything will win over the grandma it will be her words about J  filling the hole in TH’s life. She’s also the one keeping the dad sane,  and it’s like she has everyone’s back, even when all those people seem  like they’re on different sides.

I’m trying my best not to assume  that I’ll see a joyful reconciliation between TH and J right away. Their break-up took forever, so I keep telling myself that it could take a  while for them to get back together too. Who knows, maybe TH will want  to wait to clear BIH’s name, so he doesn’t get J’s hopes up. Still  though…it’s hard not to be a little giddy. Surely those mean writers won’t torture us too long?

Here are the links to watch live if anyone wants to use them for E54.

iOnAirTV (registration takes seconds … go to the On Air Tab and select KBS2; close captioning available in English, Japanese and Chinese): http://ionair.tv/view.php

wubisheng (select KBS2) http://www.wubisheng.cn/html/hanju/zxtv/?id=sbs-cjb#

Download links for OB and for live streaming:


click on 2TV and a separate pop up with live streaming comes on. It doesn’t work for Chrome but it works for IE.(Internet explorer)





from KBS itself, but need to download




Raw links: KBS OB site



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    yeah! my trust in KJ is well placed! so love him for being a great hyung to TH! hopefully, he’ll get to be part of the Ojak bros drinking session before the end of this drama.

    thanks softy and fendaray for the recaps and comments. i cried reading it, can’t help it. family bond is so strong between them. (TH-Ojak Family; JE-BIH). At the end of the day, they can bicker and hurt/ antagonize each other because they are family. it’s unconditional love.


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    I want our favourite couple TH and JE to reconcile ASAP. Dunno the future of TP and Y… 4 more episodes left.. not sure what in store for them.

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    Considering the writers have put us through hell with separating Tae Hee & Ja Eun I would tend to agree that their reunion is going to be long and drawn out with the final act being marriage, I would find it hard to believe anyone would argue with that given where we are in the series now.

    My issue is not with Tae Hee or Ja Eun but with Tae Hee’s grandmother and father. While I don’t intend to say they’re fully in the wrong for their behavior considering few of us have gone through a similar situation I will say that this whole ‘sins of the father’ stuff is a bit much to take at times. Given what we know of Tae Hee and his out-and-out introversion to the world as a whole his own family should have noticed his change and would have wanted to protect the Tae Hee that had emerged (from his loveless cocoon) at all costs [I’m not forgetting Tae Pil’s questioning his father over trying to end Tae Hee & Ja Eun’s relationship]. I do applaud Bok Ja for wanting to protect that precious new life and the person that made it all happen [something about a lioness protecting her cubs comes to mind]. At this point I would rather see both Tae Hee’s father and grandmother accept Ja Eun prior to Tae Hee discovering/unveiling the truth but at the same time when everything comes out the two of them will have to atone for their actions and that’s just not going to be a pretty picture.

    As much as I like the side stories involving Mi Sook & Tae Shik I have to wonder if the writers aren’t going a tad overboard with her gung-ho attitude. I mean don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved the whole introduction scene from episode 52 where everyone looked a little horrified when Mi Sook reminded Soo Young of her responsibilities and to the standard procedures for addressing her but even still I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that she was pretty much the only one having a good time during the little impromptu get together in episode 53. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion (you just can’t turn away).

    Likewise I’d really like to know what the writers are planning for Guk Soo. I mean he has to already know that his mother was ill and that alone was the reason she originally sent him to live with his father. Like most I think Tae Shik will have a hard time trying to explain what has/had happened to his mother but given how things are progressing between Mi Sook and himself things are only going to get worse if allows things to go on without breaking the news to him. On the off chance Guk Soo is totally oblivious to his mothers health he’s not holding out some kind of delusion that Tae Shik will suddenly come around to the idea that he should/needs to marry his mother, right? He’s a smart kid so hopefully it’s not something like that.

    I kind of doubt there will be anything seriously wrong with Yeo Kyung but I wouldn’t put it past her to try to milk whatever the doctor states is wrong with her. Neither Yeo Kyung not Soo Young seem to want to break that umbilical cord and neither Tae Bum nor Hyun Jae seem to have a pair of scissors sharp enough to cut it. Like softy et al. I think it’s a bit late in the series to use the dreaded KDrama ‘cancer’ diagnosis to allow Yeo Kyung to keep up the guise of being a caring/giving mother to her son-in-law and her daughter. I would almost find it funny if the ‘problem’ the doctor found was in fact that Yeo Kyung was pregnant and given her age they wanted to be extra careful with it (this would free up Soo Young & Tae Shik to go to the farm and give Yeo Kyung something new to fixate on [the writers wouldn’t be so cruel as to do this to an innocent baby, right?]).

    I’m still kind of scratching my head over how the chief is involved considering all that we know about the accident and the fact that Ja Eun’s father was out hiking/camping at the time. I have a crazy notion about the chief, who had recently come from his police academy graduation [would explain the ‘person wearing white’ to some extent, but I can’t seem to link how we go from hiking/camping to the accident without making a rather insane jump in logic.

    It’s safe to assume that one or more parties were drunk and that a third, possibly the chief himself, was also intoxicated to some extent. I have to wonder how the idea of covering up the incident was ‘hatched’ given how most intoxicated individuals have a hard enough time counting backwards let alone hatching some kind of insidious plot to frame the murder of some random fellow on one of their ‘supposed’ friends. I’ll go on a limb and suggest that it wasn’t preplanned but I still want to see everything fit together nicely and not just have random things thrown at us hoping that in the end the gibberish just fits.


    • Fanderay says:

      I don’t think the parents hold Baek In Ho’s crimes against J personally, but it would be hard for J and TH to get married the way things stand. I think that TB explained it the best, when he said that they can’t go back to how they used to be and easily smile at each other. The accident will always hang over their heads, and it’s not the sort of thing that’s easy to ignore.

      I have been very annoyed with the grandma though. Not because she doesn’t want TH and J together, but because she showed no empathy by wanting to prosecute Baek In Ho, and by telling TH to date right away. It bugged me that she didn’t seem to care who TH married as long as she saw him wed, so I was relieved to see her soften up this episode and understand how TH is feeling. You described the mom perfectly…she’s exactly like a lioness protecting her cubs! I’m glad that she’s still keeping in touch with J despite everything.

      I have to admit, it did occur to me that SY’s mom might be pregnant (it seems like it would fit plot-wise) but besides her age, she seems a little too estranged from her husband for it to be likely. Do they even sleep in the same room?

      I honestly haven’t been keeping very good track of all the details to do with the accident, but I have faith that it will all work out logically, and maybe even tie-in to other cases. This plot-line has been in development for so long that surely the writers must have sorted it out properly by now (at least I hope so!).


      • semi-fly says:

        I might be interpreting and applying the line “The sins of the father shall be visited upon the son” incorrectly but that’s just how I’m interpreting whenever I see/hear Chang Shik and his mothers actions against Ja Eun. The fact that one person committed an act of violence against another means that anyone associated with him is equally guilty of the same act.

        Maybe something like ‘Your parents tell you that your favorite dog has run away from home but in reality it was killed and they buried it in the backyard only to tell you years after the fact. Did they do it in spite of your feelings towards the dog knowing that telling you that it ran away would be less detrimental to you than saying that your neighbor ran him/her over? Some years after they tell you this particular tale you have a child who has a pet and the cycle repeats itself.’ Are you in the wrong for telling your child a lie to make them feel better or are you good parent for protecting them as long as you can from the harshness of reality?

        So to tie it back up with the little rambling from above whenever/if Chang Shik or his mother sees Ja Eun all they see is Baek In at the wheel of the car that took the life of his brother and her son they don’t see the Ja Eun they know and love.

        Strangely enough when I was writing the whole lioness bit in my comment I was actually visualizing a lioness taking down a zebra to feed her children but I thought it best to leave the visual out of it unless someone caught it and/or commented on it.

        Well a lot of my comment was based on a theory but as I said the pregnancy thing would work out for everyone [well the unborn child I guess would be the ‘victim’ of his/her mothers overbearing love]. You raise an interesting point though, Soo Young’s parents don’t really talk to each other (whenever they do speak it’s always well above 110db) so for them to ‘share a bed’ would be a bit of a stretch BUT think back to when they were introduced to the in-laws they got ‘hammered’ so a night of ‘magic’ could have happened just outside the cameras (and our) sight [thankfully].

        All of the accident, hiking, camping stuff was a theory, probably a bad one. I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around how a younger version of the chief was able to cover up the accident given that he was most likely a rookie cop and had very little experience on/off the force. Which means he probably had help from the other occupant of the car but again I can’t tie everything together just yet. I think it just kind of irks me that I can’t figure out the whole ‘why they were wearing white’ bit so it’s either a man in a uniform or a distraught woman in a wedding dress but really I’m just grabbing at straws now.


        • ck1Oz says:

          I am only commenting because the both of you sorta made me want to hurl with the whole pregnancy angle. Oh m gee if that happens. I am muting the sound. It’s just…. to horrifying to imagine 😦

          For the life of me, cannot imagine why BIH’s dad is involved in the covering up as in giving the farm bit as well. However since the writer seems so detailed orientated- bet there is something up his sleeve. They are still springing surprises. Why did they pick BIH as the scapegoat. Oh dear, I knocked over someone in the dark. Oh let’s just drive away and blame it on In Ho who is drunk in the backseat. Hmm…. hope he gets slapped by GM then even before he is stripped of his rank. Then his daughter is expelled from the University. Then we see him in the prison overalls. HAH!

          No, I do not want a mass wedding. I want a special day for each couple. At this point after TH telling JE no one else is going to put on a tie for him again; expecting another tie scene.

          Am a total grouch today because won’t be able to get to ep 54 until ten hours after it airs. That is way too long not to know what is happening. Semi fly I’ve always seen your torrents links on soompi, but honestly never usually see you commenting. Always wanted to know what dramas actually captures your interest cos’ you have like EVERY episode ever in your account 🙂


          • semi-fly says:

            Personally I don’t want to see Yeo Kyung pregnant but I think I’d be more willing to swallow such a condition to say the norm ‘cancer’. I’d like to think the extra nuturing, caring, mothering that Yeo Kyung has been raining down on Soo Young & Tae Bum are a result of her pregnancy but if I were to say that is the only reason for her behavior I’d call ‘shenanigans’ on my own train of thought.

            Baek In Ho is a very weak person, so to someone like the chief or one of his friends he’s an easy target, call it the law of the bully or the law of the strong v. the weak I think we’re all kind of familiar with it in one form or another.

            What surprises me is that any cop with a level head and a determined drive would have discovered a number of peculiar issues with Baek In Ho’s initial story and would have at least been able to clear him of the accident but then again we don’t know the whole story nor how deep the chief’s involvement is in the matter.

            I commented a number of episodes back that Tae Hee & Ja Eun would get their own little wedding and honestly I’m sticking with that. As for the others I can easily see a mass wedding or a off-screen wedding but I kind of doubt the writers, if they’re planning a wedding at all, will not make it a point to focus solely on Tae Hee & Ja Eun’s wedding as they’re clearly the audiences favorite and after all of the ups and downs we’ve experienced alongside them it’s something we/they/all of us deserve to see in a total over-the-top sort of fashion.

            As for the tie thing I’m on board for that scene but I’d like to tie it into the wedding itself though personally I’d rather see them in a more traditional wedding (Hanbok (Ja Eun) and Gwanbok (Tae Hee)) rather than more modern wedding dress and suit. Call me old fashioned but traditional attire speak more to my sense of style these days.

            Both the Hanbok & Gwanbok: http://i.imgur.com/fpoYP.jpg & http://i.imgur.com/BLSdf.jpg
            Hanbok: http://i.imgur.com/94AC4.jpg
            Gwanbok: http://i.imgur.com/HJpCO.jpg


  16. Iviih :) says:

    Why I have this feeling the chief was the one who did the hit and run and bribed Hong for keeping his mouth shut.

    I feel like Hong is dying to say the truth to Baek… he seems too guilty everytime he is with Baek or when he met J in the past. I wonder… must be the chief the guilty, because, why would he try to cover this for a mere driver? Isn’t this fishy?

    On a bright note I’m loving the caring and sweet TB. Hahahahaha he knows how to ask things now, treat his wife well and then make his request. lol

    And I have to say this, I understand that marrying a in-law in korea is something they are against of… but I wonder why? Really? I mean, is this just about the title/rank thing being messed up? I know it is important in korea but is it more important for a parent the rank than your son/brother’s happiness? Really?

    Is saving face and rank above your son/brother happiness? This is something I don’t get. Is it only in kdramas or this still happens in Korea nowadays? Do they really oppose this much and don’t allow the marriage?

    Btw… Finally TH came to light. I mean for a detective he gave up so fast and didn’t even made sure it was Baek In Ho… I was a bit disappointed, because TH was the type of never giving up…

    Btw, the other detective, he also is pretty useless! How he can blame someone and say with 99% of sure it was Baek In Ho? When he doesn’t even checked basic things, like who was with him, which clothes he was using and if he could drive when he was so drunk to remember.
    He can’t go on blaming others if he doesn’t have the real evidence! No one saw In Ho… they saw someone using white clothes! And if he knew the chief was together he should be suspicious when he said to close the case and the evidence disappeared.

    Hum oh well this isn’t a cop drama so I’ll let it be.

    Btw Lee Kil Chun is the chief right? Or I’m wrong/confused? Lol

    Btw, I’m really wishing a nice girl to appear to KJ! Pretty please writer nim! I would like it to happen before the last episode.

    Thanks Softy and Fanderay and everyone who helps!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kisses and see you tomorrow.

    Fighting!!!!!!!!!! ^______^


    • Fanderay says:

      I have to agree with you; I love how TB is sweetly “manipulating” his wife, especially since SY has tried the same tactics on him before! I was looking forward to them moving into the farm, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen now. On the bright side, they’re cute no matter where they are 🙂

      I try not to think too much about the cop stuff in this drama because I think there is a hole or two in the logic 😉 I still don’t understand why TH is allowed to just do whatever he wants all the time, but I’ve gotten over it. In truth, most US crime shows I’ve seen make a lot less sense!

      And you’re exactly right, KJ definitely needs a girl! He is way too sweet to be a bachelor, and the poor boy seems so lonely. He’s been perfect in every single episode, and I can’t believe he hasn’t been snagged by some nice girl by now.

      I don’t know too much about Korean marriage politics, but I think one of the issues is that Y has been divorced (so the Ojak family might think she isn’t good enough). SY’s family probably thinks that TP is too young and immature, and are worried that he will just look like a boy toy. On top of that, the whole aunt/in-law thing makes it complicated, and I’m sure the family doesn’t quite feel comfortable with the situation since they now don’t even know how to address TP and Y now. It’s all good though, because I have faith that love with persevere 🙂 Until now I don’t think anyone has taken their relationship seriously, and once they realize how much they love each other I think they’ll be willing to put their happiness first.


  17. Trang Nguyen says:

    I knew this would happen lol i knew it was the chief right from the start. And i was right that he will come across something and will start doubting and investigate the crime. this is SO GREAT. im happy but sad cuz next week is the last week 😦

    THANKS for the recaps you have done a done a splendid job for recapping over 50 episodes and very early too… great big commitment.

    grandma is feeling bad for JE now too so that’s good to see(so she wont be mean to JE)


  18. lenemir says:

    i think GM will set up a blind date for TH , maybe with J after she feel guilty and knows the truth..hahaha..cant wait!!!


  19. Anonymous says:

    Can someone translate this? I dying to know what they’re talking about 🙂 thanks ❤


  20. Anonymous says:

    sorry , *I’m dying to know what they’re talking about 🙂


  21. erissa yang says:

    i love TP now he’s really cares n support TH n J. Plus KJ really play a good role as a hyung to TH.. i’m so scare that KJ might take advantage and be with J but my thought really wrong..finally my two days public holiday will be more cheerful becoz of OB. i hope today episode TH will rush to find J n hugs her :)) the truth will reveal soon well at least BIH is not innocent yeah2.. sooo happieeee now i can continue to my sleep again kikiki


  22. Dania says:

    dear softy & fanderay thank you very much with all my heart for the recap…
    OMG i loove this episode….just a time to bring back my lovely couple in each other arms together…
    but i,m wondering on video preview for E53..there was scene when ajumma looked at family picture..why not showing up on the actual episode???
    and when Jaeun looked at the graduation picture in some place we dont know, but after i watched the actual E53 maybe this scene would be showing on E54 when Jaeun stayed at the orphanage for time being??? i hope so.., coz i loove that scene..i hope KBS didn,t cut that scene


  23. Iprefernottosayit says:

    Hmm….are there any chances of Ojakgyo Brothers having a second season? I dunno if it’s too much, but I really really hope there will be a season 2! 😀


    • depz says:

      I don’t think there will be a season 2 dear.. But I do hope that the actors and actresses can have the opportunity to work together again in different dramas and different stories. For me, I wish UEE and Joo Won can work together again. I sincerely support both of them.


      • Iprefernottosayit says:

        Aww…that’s too bad…:( Only four more eps…..:O I really wanna see something glorious happen between Tae Hee and Ja Eun!


  24. depz says:

    I was just looking through some pictures and suddenly I had this kind of wish….
    That maybe when Ojakgyo shooting is over, UEE and Joo Won could have a photoshoot together for whatever product their endorse or just for a cover of a magazine. They would be damn perfect together, I mean.. even though it was just pictures from set filming they looked absolutely beautiful together.
    Ahhh… How I wish… *crossing my fingers*


    • nonski says:

      LOLS Here is my wish, a sort of photobook of OB where most of the pics J & TH… hope someone gets a hint as to how popular OB and bank on that then we’d all have a buying spree… 🙂


  25. sho says:

    uee uee uee,,,, i love uee!!!!


  26. ak says:

    I want to rant about GM and Dad a little, and then write about my theory again on the accident. But my PC is almost dying (graphic board trouble) and characters on screen are barely readable. Just ignore typo and grammatical errors please; I’m sure there are many.

    In this drama, most of the main characters have learned and grown in their own ways. That’s what a family drama is about, learn and grow. I have been wondering if GM and Dad would ever learn a lesson. Unlike others, GM and Dad almost always put their own feelings and wants first before others’. They don’t know how to put themselves in others’ shoe. GM never gets satisfied until she gets her way. I want GM to realize that she’s the one who caused (about TH’s birth mother) and is causing (about J) TH deep pain in order to get her way. I almost gave up on GM during the first half of this episode. But it looks like GM finally starts to see HIS pain not only hers TH is obviously going back to his shell just to make her happy. If GM gives in before Beak In Ho is proven innocent, that would a nice surprise. I don’t expect much from Dad. He is so clueless and will never learn a thing.

    What I like about TH and J couple is that they worry about each other more than themselves. Not only to each other, they put others first before themselves. That’s what I want GM and Dad to learn.

    Now, I want to talk about my theory again. This time, I tried to think about the reasons why the Chief framed Beak In Ho and how the case will be revealed. I still think Hong is the prime suspect. Lately the Chief looks very suspicious but making the Chief the culprit seems too easy or straightforward considering the writer’s taste. This writer loves twists in story development.

    First of all, I’m assuming that the Chief’s explanation to Beak in Ho about the accident is all lie (or most of them).Here’s the reasons I came up with. I think these would work even if the Chief is the culprit.

    1. The reason for making Beak In Ho believe that he is the culprit
    The Chief saw the accident as a chance to take advantage of Beak In Ho for his own benefit in the long run (drawing money, making Beak In Ho buy brand watches for him, etc.).

    2. The reason for concealing the identity and death of the victim
    If Beak In Ho knew that the victim’s identity and his death, he surely would have gone to the Hwang family and apologized. Then the Chief would have lost the chance of manipulating Beak In Ho.

    3. The reason for telling that it was J’s grandpa’s request to conceal the victim’s identity
    It was to make the Chief’s story believable to Beak In Ho. The Chief thought that J’s grandpa’s involvement would make Beak In Ho’s mouth shut.

    4. The reason for Beak In Ho not having an alibi
    The Chief persuaded Beak In Ho to leave the country for a while to avoid the investigation. Probably the Chief said “It’s a minor injury and I will take care of it while you are gone.” That made Beak In Ho have no alibi and look suspicious. The Chief did the same trick when the back-door admission case was investigated in earlier episode.

    It looks like that the Chief and Hong were in the car with Beak In Ho. So I guess that the Chief forced Hong to drive off. Hong might have been afraid of losing his job as the driver (for the family or the company) because of the accident and went along with the Chief. Then the conspiracy of the two began. If the Chief is the culprit, he must have dug up some dirt on Hong and threatened him to go along with his plan.

    How the accident case will be revealed
    Until last week I thought that there was a group of people, other than the two bad guys, who had after-hiking-drink with Beak and saw Beak not in a state of driving. But it looks that is not the case. In the preview, Beak In Ho will find a photo at the hiking. The photo might tell who wore white clothes back then. Other than that, it’s almost impossible to find new evidence or witnesses because it’s not a recent accident. So I think that the only way to figure out for sure and prove the truth will be to get a confession or testimony from someone involved.

    The Chief would never tell unless he is cornered. So TH needs to convince Hong. I wonder how? TH might say, “You won’t be prosecuted for the accident itself because of the statue of limitation. You may have a chance for leniency on the case of framing Beak In Ho if you testify against the Chief.” Even if Hong surrenders, the Chief will probably blame everything on Hong. Then Hong will submit recordings of his conversation with the Chief just like the one at the Hong Kong restaurant. It would be a concrete proof of the culprit and all the wrongdoings of the Chief’s. Then the Chief’s career comes to an end. I just hope that I don’t need to wait until the final episode to see TH and J’s smile.

    Lastly, what’s wrong with TS, TB and SY? I thought they learned how to put them in others’ shoe. Now they are all back to selfish bustards? When people are happy, they usually tend to be considerate of others. But it is not the case here. All Y needs to learn is to have confidence in herself and fight against obstacles. She has every right to be happy.

    I can go on forever but my eyes can’t take it anymore to watch this messy screen. So I stop here. I hope I can get the parts and fix my PC soon and watch next week’s episodes on clear screen.


  27. seed says:

    just want to add based on fanderay’s comments about KJ-TH’s relationships: doesn’t their situation now reminds you of how TH-TP were before? i.e. TH bailing TP out of problems, TP being a bit resentful/jealous of TH, yet TH was taking it all in stride. now the tables are turned with him and KJ. as we witness now, TH-TP’s relationship is as close as can be as brothers and i’m hopeful that it will be the same with TH-KJ by the series’ end. and yes, having the family ‘adopt’ KJ, the hwang brothers getting him drunk and the GM-mom introduce him to a nice girl would be much appreciated, thank you.


  28. Ginko says:

    Gahhhhhh, lost everything I typed a few minutes ago. Sometime I hate WP, what the heck they do with my comment!!!!!

    I came back late yesterday evening, still need time to read all comments and translations, thank you all OBnians for sharing your translation, video, comments.

    Here’re some gifs for Ep53

    TB-SY’s breakfast in bed

    Per Nonski’s request, TH and GM

    Love JE and Dad moment




  29. Ariel says:

    Thank you so so much for the recaps, I’m doing my happy dance that the angst will break on ep 54. Ok so with this vital information I have to formulate my plan. The subs for episode 49-53 is not yet release so I could safely watch until 48. I will wait for all the subs for 49-54 before I resume watching because it would just kill me to watch all this heartbreak and not have something to look forward to. So this is my plan in the meantime I have to watch something else ha What’s Up sounds good. Okay got to go.


  30. sytb-chagom! says:

    saw a comment in youtube, the scene TB-SY’s breakfast in bed..someone said where is sy tummy? seem like she forgot to wear her tummy…


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