Ojakkyo Brothers E58 Finale

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The lines from the preview with TH and J came out, but they were placed in a different scene from the preview. I guess I was one of the few who felt numb and mellow at the end. Maybe our expectations were so high, there was no way for OB to have a perfect ending, but I would say they got 80% of it right. Extra brownie points cuz there was movement this time when TH and J kissed – their mouths finally moved – the miracle finally happened so that’s at least one cause to celebrate. Except his LMH wet hair look blocked most of it. what a cruel irony. I tried to get a screencap, but the hair got in the way. 🙂

I don’t know how to let go of great dramas well. When coffee prince ended, I was in a daze for days. I went to that café and sat there reliving all the memories in my head till my friends had enough and dragged me out of there. During SKKS, I got this crazy idea in my head that I should eat the food that matches the drama. So on days SKKS was on, I would eat more traditional Korean food that day or what I liked to call old fashioned grandma food. During that same time, MGIAG was airing so I was eating a whole lot of marinated beef. While watching scenes of Miho gnawing on bones, I was doing the same thing while munching on ribs. When MGIAG ended, I couldn’t even look at any marinated beef without tearing up for days. If I went through all that for dramas that were not even that long, I can’t imagine the withdrawal I will go through with OB since it is so close to my heart. I already began my denial ritual last night. I promised myself since this is my blog I can do whatever I want so I am keeping Ginko’s OB gifs up till this aching pain goes away – which is probably code for it will stay up there forever. 🙂  I realize I am a grown-up and I should take this better, but letting go of OB means I have to say goodbye to you guys – all of you have meant so much to me. Even though I wasn’t able to reply directly to all your comments, mentally every time I read them, I replied to each and every one – some with a hand over my heart cuz it was so touching or with a smile on my face cuz it was so funny. Thank you for all your support and love for OB over the past 7months. I will forever be indebted to you guys for making this experience so memorable and special.

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Joonni came onboard starting from E13 and E14 and my recaps went from having skipped blanks to something replete with Korean idioms and terms I never even knew about. Your clarifications and editing improved the lines and enhanced our enjoyment for the episodes overall. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you for all your hard work and dedication to a stranger who always bugged you every weekend. Thank you for putting up with all my requests and questions.

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E58 Finale

Starts from the mom opposing the marriage. Mom says this bride here has a once in a lifetime great opportunity that she is turning down and is rushing into marriage. all she needs to do is wait a year so what is the rush to marry. There is a saying that in your life marriage is your grave. Mom keeps going and says “There was a famous writer whose student asked, ‘is a bride that gets married on Friday also unfortunate?’ The teacher replied, ‘of course! Just because it is a Friday, doesn’t mean it is an exception.’” The guests laugh.  Dad signals her to tone it down. Mom: I got married at 20, for 40 yrs I was the first daughter in law. I cooked so many meals, worked a lot, for 365 days of the year there wasnt a time when my hands were dry from not touching water. because I lived that way, that’s why I told this bride – dont give up on your dream and study but the bride said to me “ajumma do you regret your life? I want to become a good mother like you.” that put me in a bad mood cuz it sounded like a little kid was trying to teach a grown up. that’s why I gave it some thought. even if I went back to 40 yrs ago I would make the same choices. to tell you the truth when everyone is seated at the table and my family is eating the meal I prepared, that’s when I am the happiest. watching my sons grow up enjoying my meal, I lived not knowing that time was passing by. of course there were times when it was so hard I cried, but when the whole family was gatherered and we ate kimchi radish soup and roasted rice cakes and ate it one by one laughing and enjoying it, it gave me new energy to run out to the orchard to work every morning singing a song. also I have a husband who only saw me and never looked at anyone else. and we raised this groom standing here, even if I didnt eat food I would still be full cuz of my 4 sons. no matter how much i think about it, there is nothing in this world I would exchange that with. so now I want to give J my answer- JE ah- I never regretted my life. now that I thought about it –my life was okay. I have you who respects someone like me who did nothing. so marriage is something you must do. it’s something you should experience. Marriage is misfortune that is okay to experience and also a grave of happiness. Congratulations on your wedding. JE ah I am so glad you are going to be my daughter in law. mom: TH ya – my baby that grew up so well. even if mom is sad (to lose him) – since it’s J I am letting you. Mom asks everyone if they have ever seen such a good looking bride and groom. they say no.  Mom: they are really beautiful and handsome arent they? She congratulates them again and tells them to live well. J cried a lot. Even SY’s mom cried. Guksoo claps so others follow his lead.

Family and friends take pictures.

Mom helps GM into her room and says how she cant dream of going out again (cuz she is tired) mom tells her to hurry and change and lay down to rest. GM agrees. GM falls back after pulling off her sock looking thing. she is so happy that TH finally got married. dad: mother do you like it that much. she says she does

Mom and dad go out and TB comes in. she asks why he didnt go yet. he says cuz he had to drop off TH and J’s hanboks. Mom says hurry and leave it and go cuz your mother in law will be waiting for you with her eyes popping out. dad signals TB to go in and speak to the mom

TB goes in and tells her to rest -why make rice already.  she asks why he is like this. give it here. He asks if she is really mad. He says he just pushed it off for a year cuz if cha gom is born soon, since SY works, he thought it would be hard for her without his mother in law’s help. mom: did anyone say anything? since that home is doing everything for me I am uncomfortable. He says sorry he didn’t discuss with his mom first. He says cuz she is someone close to his heart always, he often forgets. even if I dont tell you that you would know everything in my heart. mom: what? she doesnt believe it (she uses that phrase – put spit on your lips meaning he is saying stuff he doesnt mean) TB: it’s true even if I dont talk, I often forget and think you will know everything. no matter what anyone says I am Park bok ja’s son hwang TB. mom: aigoo. TB: I was wrong. from here on i will discuss each and everything with you. since you were sad, I was very upset. I wont do it again. mom: as if you werent a reporter. you sure do speak well. He says let’s hugs once so she pretends she doesn’t like it and says why are you like this – it’s gross. TB: i love you. She says I am not your wife. Let me go. Dad smiles watching them.

TH and J go on their honeymoon to some resort and TH says it’s nice. They play in the snow and he knocks her down. Then she asks for help to get up and pushes him. They make snow angels.

At night TH and J are wearing matching PJs. TH tells the mom over the phone they ate and came back to the room. He says he is going to put J on the phone but the mom says there is no need to put her on the phone, GM is asleep so there is no need to call again. have a good time. hang up. TH: hello? mom. she hung up before he can say anything. J ask if she just hung up. TH: yes she rushed and hung up.  J looks disappointed. They stare at each other. She stands up and says should we watch tv cuz it’s time for 1n2d to be on. TH: ok. let’s do that.

They watch the show. J laughs. Then TH joins in and smiles. suddenly TH quietly says “I love you.” J: I do too. TH: how many kids should we have. J: 2?3? TH: 3. J: ok. He says let’s live with your dad (meaning he wants to take care of her dad) J: I would like that. while we live, no matter what happens, let’s never live apart.Let’s never become goose fathers or mothers (Joonni’s note: Husbands or wives that life apart from each other in order to send their kids to schools in another country are called goose fathers or mothers. One parent lives alone in Korea and works to send money to the other spouse and kids living in another country and going to school there). He says if they fight don’t go past 24 hrs and always reconcile right away.J: ok. TH: when we are upset or there is something we want, we tell each other directly. J: also not compare each other to other people? TH nods okay. J: ok. She tells him to be careful of his body when he does dangerous things like catch bad guys. TH: I promise. is there anything else you want? J: when we have our wedding anniversary we give each other little presents. also every birthday we write hand written letters. TH: handwritten letters? length doesn’t matter right? she says it doesnt. he agrees. J: isnt there anything else you want ajussi? TH: should we go in and sleep now. She agrees but then realizes why he wants that so she says no let’s finish watching this.

TH makes a face and agrees but looks disappointed. She holds up wine and they clink glasses and drink. she gulped hers down

J fell asleep. He stares at her and carries her to bed. she pretends to be sleeping. he tucks her in and thanks her for marrying him and kisses her forehead.

*doesnt he bear a striking resemblance to LMH here?

J opens her eyes and says: me too. No. I am more grateful. for you not giving up on me all the way till the end.

TH leans over and actually kisses her this time with movement and all.

*that first screenshot was evidence that J’s lips were parted before TH’s hair went and ruined everything. I wouldn’t want anyone to accuse us of not analyzing a kiss properly 🙂

(That was the only bed scene – this preview scene was cut. yes we were robbed of the fun of seeing him yank her down, but that one didnt have a kiss like this so I say we won in the end.  So no need to write angry letters to KBS editor – maybe some thank yous since she/he did us a favor. Still hope that preview scene is included in director’s cut DVD though. 🙂 )

SY and TB are having breakfast with her parents. Mom asks what TP said – did he say he would break up. TB says he didnt say much yet. I think he is still thinking about it. dad: of course he must be – would that decision be easy to make. let’s not push and just wait and see.  Mom says today the housekeeper is coming so I can open the door for her right? cuz during the day SY will be at yoga and no one will be there. SY: of course you can. why are you suddenly asking that. mom says from here on she wants to ask them first before she goes there. if I drop by like it’s my home then hwang son in law will be uncomfortable. we both need to be careful. dont we hwang son in law. TB: yes mother. he says he reserved opera tickets for the weekend and tells the mom to make time. she thanks him and says there is no other son in law like him. TB: of course. she tells him to eat more and gives more food.

SY walks TB out and says she wants to go to work too and ask if the new team leader is doing well. He says there is no way. cant follow in the footsteps of the previous team leader.  all the team members miss you. she tells him to come home early for dinner cuz she will make a lot of good things to eat. he asks what her schedule is today. she says yoga in the morning and then later go buy something with her mom. TB: do well. they kiss. SY: come back safely cha gom oppa.

SY is cooking and cant even eat it cuz it doesn’t taste good. She starts over. she gets a call from MS. MS asks when she can receive the JYJ autograph she asked for last time cuz  H is really curious. SY says she asked the writer she knew to get it but it will take some time. MS: ok. MS asks: nothing much is going on right. SY asks what do you add to stir fry squid

MS comes with the kids and tells them to go in. SY says she didnt need to come. MS says it’s harder to explain with words. it’s better to make it in person. she tells the kids to say hello to the aunt. kids say hello. SY asks if they’ve been well. guksoo you look taller. MS asks what this smell is.

MS looks at it and asks what SY put in there. SY says just give recipe and go since MS is busy but MS says she isnt busy cuz the restaurant is closed today. she tells SY what to wash first. MS starts to chop and prepare and cook

while MS cooks, SY watches. MS says she is done and tells SY to taste it. SY looks for chopsticks but MS says she will feed SY. SY says it’s good. MS says she will clean up so you go rest. SY: no let’s do it together. MS says no since SY is pregnant. She makes SY sit. And says it’s not good for her body to stand too long. SY asks why MS has so many scars/callous on her hands. MS says when she first worked in the kitchen she was clumsy like SY. MS: these scars are from then. SY: how old were you then? MS: when my parents passed away and my older sister was hospitalized. 15. MS looks at her hands and says: you met the wrong owner and suffered a lot. when I see your hands I get envious. it looks like it will look good if you put a pretty ring on. it’s a woman’s hand.

SY gives the kids cookies. SY asks if it tastes good. they say it does. SY: eat a lot.  H asks which college do you have to go to in order to become a reporter. SY: why do you want to become a reporter? H: yes like you and small uncle I want to become an impressive reporter. Guksoo says before H wanted to be a singer. H: it isnt my real dream is to become a reporter.  I wish my mom is a reporter like you. SY: what are you saying. what’s wrong with what your mom is. H:rather than being a restaurant ajumma, it’s more impressive to be a reporter. anyone can cook. MS hears that and feels sad. SY says: that’s not true. not just anyone can cook- i cant cook at all. SY explains : it’s not easy to make food for someone else. when you cook, you need fire, rice, and water, but more than that you need love and care. after eating that meal, some grow taller, some get energy, some get comforted. that you were able to grow like this pretty and healthy, it’s cuz your mom took care to make your food. dont you think. that’s how I think. Guksoo says that’s true. I really like the food ajumma makes. it is really yummy. SY: that’s right. making food is a very impressive work. your mom H is someone like that. H says she wants to be like her mom and not a reporter. SY: what? guksoo asks H: noona- how many dreams do you have? MS: are you eating cookies? SY invites her to sit and gives MS cookies that her mom baked herself. it’s really delicious older sister in law. MS: ok. younger sister in law.

KJ is at the airport. J calls out his name and runs over with TH. KJ asks how she came cuz he thought she wouldn’t be able to come. J:how could I not come. you are leaving so of course I had to come. KJ says he is touched. KJ to TH: did you come. TH asks when KJ is coming back again. KJ: I dont know yet. at the earliest a year. Don’t you feel relieved yet disappointed (that I am leaving)?TH asks KJ to email the location of where his mom is buried (her memorial thing) when KJ arrives in the states. KJ: ok I will. TH holds out his hand and says: It was good to meet you Kim PDnim- be healthy. KJ takes his hand and says: it was sincerely good to meet you officer hwang. since it’s the last time so can I ask for a favor. J tells him of course – whatever it is just say it.  KJ asks TH: will you call me hyung just once. TH: did you think that I would call you that. KJ: KJ: I dreamed about a pig last night (Joonni’s note: In Korea, it is believed that if a pig appeared in your dream, you will have luck, fortune, or riches coming your way). I just thought just in case that you might. J looks sad that TH didnt do it. KJ says he will be going now. J gives him a present she prepared. J: during all that time, thank you very very much. I wont be able to forget you KimPDnim. Make sure you eat well, be sure to stay healthy and make sure to come back. KJ tells her to be healthy too. KJ looks at TH.

*does the guy in that drawing not look like Eric (Que Sera Sera, Spy Myung Wol)?

when he is alone, KJ opens the present and she drew his picture. She wrote: I will remember. all the moments I spent with you. KJ looks through the drawings and smiles. KJ gets a text from TH. It says “hyung”

* we all wanted KJ to bond with the brothers, but all he ever wanted was this so I am glad he got the satisfaction of “hearing” it finally. Maybe he will meet up with TH and J when they get there.

TH and J bow to GM and the parents. They are wearing hanboks. TS looks so happy. J can barely get up.

TP is alone by the river and Y goes and meets him. TP smiles at her. she asks if he passed out the fliers ok cuz it was really cold today. TP: yes. He says he has a favor to ask her. Y: what is it? TP: let’s separate for 2 yrs year. I am going to  go to the countryside and start from the bottom. learn work. improve my skills. and come up with a vision and then come back up. She asks why he thought of that. TP: as much as I like you I want to be a man who can take responsibility for you. right now i have nothing. after 2yrs later I want to become someone who does so I can stand in front of you confidently. that is how I will protect our love. so that no one can misunderstand or look down on it, I am going to protect it.  At that time I will confidently propose to you. you have to accept it. she says let’s just break up and not make promises to meet 2 yrs later. how old am I to wait 2 yrs. how can I. I might meet someone good. and someone good might show up for you. TP: no that wont happen. Y: anyway. Let’s not hold onto each others ankles-  if after 2 years we are still single then I will accept your proposal. He hugs her. she says she had something she wanted to say to him. I was really happy. cuz I met you I was really really happy. in my life it was the happiest days. she pulls away from his hug and says: Thank you very much – be well TP shi. TP: yes be well.

Brothers drink and TP says he broke up today. TB asks if Y told him to do that. TP says he is going to stay at gujae for the time being. go and help a sunbae’s businessand learn to work properly. He kept asking from a long time ago for me to help him, but I said I didn’t want to and turned him down cuz I didnt have the confidence. Now I changed my mind. I am going to go and start over from the bottom. TB says you thought well. work and improve your skills. TS says TP grew up to be an adult to know how to make big decisions like that. TH: you wont regret.

TP cries and says: yes I wont regret –I wont – if I was going to regret I wouldnt have decided this –I wont regret. I wont miss her or long for her. for two years I am going to work towards my goal and live sedulously. This is the only way I can stand in front of Y later confidently ..this will be the only time I let go of the hand of the person I love. I wont do something stupid like that again -i’m ok-  I wont regret it. TS hugs him as TP cries more.

Y tells her sister that we didn’t totally break up we are going to meet 2 yrs later. mom: ok. Y:  This is not the end of us we are going to meet 2 yrs later. mom hugs her. Mom tells her not to cry -you are going to meet him again so why cry. Everything will be ok. Don’t cry. Y: unni.

Brothers go to a singing room. TP wants to leave. TB tells him to sit.  3 brothers chant out his name. TP tries to sing a sad song so they turn it off and sing something loud. 3 brothers dance and sing like crazy guys. TP keeps crying through it though. TB tells him not to cry.

They go outside on the street and yell. They yell out TP’s name. TS asks if they should drink again. TB: should we? TH: I have something to say- something important

TH is sleeping in the attic room and reaches for J but she isnt there. he goes downstairs and she is in the kitchen drawing. * I think he understood how important her work is to her cuz she sacrifices sleep to make time to draw.

SY and TB come over to the farm house announcing they came. H and Guksoo say hello. mom asks what brings them without calling. TB says they came cuz he missed her. SY says cha gom wanted to eat the grandmother’s food a lot. SY offers to help but MS says it’s ok and so does J. MS says SY’s body is heavy (pregnant) so just sit. TH and TP come over asking if hyung came. TP says you came sister in law to SY. SY says TP and TH look like models standing like that. GM asks why is it so noisy this morning. GM welcomes TB and SY saying it’s good they came.  Dad comes out wearing his boxers so SY. MS, and J avert their eyes. dad realizes and runs back in

GM says let’s eat. Dad says how the seats are full. GM says there are not enough seats so when they move they need to buy a new table.  Mom agrees and then says how maknae is leaving next week. GM asks TP where he said he was going. TP says the location (some island) how he is going to learn to work properly from a sunbae he knows. Dad says he thought well cuz he is at the age where he needs to work towards a goal. Mom worries TP will suffer if he leaves home. dad asks TB to say what’s going on. TB says big hyung will tell you. TS: father mother – we don’t have to move. the four of us bought this house. mom and dad ask what he is talking about – what do you mean you bought the house. TS: from J’s father, we bought this house and the land. the house is under father’s name and the land is under mother’s name.  dad asks how they got the money. TB calls TH to speak. TH: my mother who passed away left me an inheritance. it’s been a long time since I received it from Kim PDnim, but I didnt feel like using it so I just held onto it. but I thought it would be good to buy the farm for you father and mother. I also think it’s what my mother who passed away would have wanted. I didnt do it all alone. all the hyungs and TP also chipped in. TP says TH hyung paid over 90%. dad says mother. GM says accept it. what reason is there not to accept it. you have the right to accept it. so accept it. TB says of course you should accept. TS tells the parents to gladly accept so that TH will be pleased too. also it’s already been bought and paid for. Mom asks TH if it’s ok to spend his birth mom’s inheritance for this. TH: I used it cuz it’s for this mom or else I wouldnt have wanted to use it. TH asks the dad: you are going to accept right? TB says what difference is there if they accept or not since it’s already been bought and paid for. father from here on this house and that land are yours and mother’s. TP: also ten years later this maknae will buy that pear orchard too. SY, MS, J and others congratulate the parents. mom wonders what to do.  Dad says let’s accept since our sons gave it to us. Mom says she is going to the bathroom for a second

Mom goes and turns the water on and smiles. Then she laughs. Cuz she is so happy. The family can hear her

Mom goes with the dad and looks at the land. dad: this is the first time in your 60 yrs of life that you have land in your name. She says this is her first time in 60 yrs. she yells this is my land park bok ja’s land. She says he had great sons. He says she did but she says he did cuz they are sons.  she wonders what to plant here and thinks about planting peanuts and stuff. he says she must like it. she says she does and hugs him.

TH goes to see his GM. She asks if he didn’t go to work yet. He says he is going now. TH: Grandma I have something to tell you. GM:what? TH:  I will go out and study for 2 yrs with J. I want her to work at that American animation company. I dont want her to have to give up her dream cuz of me. GM: that you will go with J to America? TH: I told you last time that I wanted to pursue a degree. J only needs a year but I need 2 yrs at least. I was hesitant cuz I have to live abroad for a while but since you are healthy, I will study hard and finish and come back within 2 yrs. are you really upset grandmother?  GM: no. She tells him to go to work and she will think about it. TH: if you really dont like it at all, then I will just send J. GM: ok. go to work

GM goes out and sees mom working on her land. mom is so happy. mom: you came out to look at the land?  GM says now the mom doesn’t need to eat food to be full. Mom says yes even if she starved for months she will be fine. GM looks sad. Mom asks if anything happened. GM says how TH wants to go out to study with J and come back. he wants to study too and he doesnt want J to give up working in america. I’m thinking of sending them. will it do for an old woman to block the path young kids need to go on. mom: do you think you will be ok after you send TH? GM:I think I will be ok – I can call often. like TH said – will anything happen to me during that time. mom: of course mother (nothing wont happen). you are very sad arent you? GM: a little bit. when did that little kid grow up and get married. he is a kid that required a lot of care when he was younger cuz of his health issues. Mom says yes TH did require a lot of attention.  he almost died once from pneumonia but lived cuz of you mother. GM: that’s right – that happened. a lot of things happened. now it all feels like a dream. it went by quickly. now i am 81. i cant believe it. mom: me too. i cant believe it too. when I first met you, you were 42. GM: what about the 20 yrs old new bride park bok ja who will be 60. GM: you worked hard. Thank you. to me you are like the land. mom: you are not the only one mother.  if you werent around how could i have overcome my early years. to me you are like the mountains over there. GM: really?   Mom tells her: so dont make me an orphan again –  you have to stay by my side for a long time.  GM says ok let’s grow old together. GM says when spring comes there will be grass growing here. she wonders how many more springs she can see. Mom holds her arm.

Mom gave the duck to the other restaurant manager to taste and he says the duck tastes good. mom thanks him. MS congratulates the mom

TH is saying goodbye to other officers. TH turns to face D. D tells him: in the middle of it (your studies) if I get married, you have to come back. TH: of course. be well dong min ah. D looks like he will cry. TH hugs D

SY’s parents help Y at the store

Guksoo gives his piggy bank to TP and tells him: take this and use it when you need it. It’s my present. TP takes it and thanks him

SY is in the cab and yelling cuz she is about to go into labor. She is pulling TB’s hair and pushing his face while he yells at her not to have the baby yet.

SY and the family look at the baby. TB says to the baby: I am the dad. eyes opened. the baby is looking at me. are you winking?

family is gathered. dad says he is sad cuz they are leaving. J: me too father.  Mom doesnt believe it so J says: I really am sad mother. mom says she isnt worried cuz TH and J are going together. more than anything health is important so dont overdo it by just studying. J and TH say yes but J says it loudly.   TS says it reminds him of the first day J came cuz she was like this. J: did I do that? that day I heard GM using words I couldnt even imagine so i was too stunned. they all laugh. TB says his GM does swear using a variety of them. dad remarks the unusual thing is she doesnt use the same ones. J: since we are talking about it i can really recall that time- ajumma – mother – you remember dont you? how you kicked my tent. mom: why are you bringing up what happened back then. people shouldnt do that. if you said once you would forget and forgive you have to forget and forgive. J: then just one thing. do you remember how you sprayed me with the hose. mom jokingly yells at her to stop. camera fades out. GM says they will stay up all night if they keep this up. she tells them to sleep cuz they have to sleep early if they are going to get on the plane tm. J: yes goodnight. goodnight mother. everyone goodnight. mom tells her to hurry and go up and sleep. J: I really really love you- I am going to sleep for real now. goodnight!

Mom comes out and says she can smell spring. She hears them quacking so she tells the ducks she is coming. she opens the coup asking:  Did you sleep well. They fly around and mom says “aigoo – my babies.”

The end

*Where did the hug scene between J and KJ go? last night it was in the pictures. What I don’t get is why they had to insert that long scene where MS teaches SY to cook and SY talks to H about MS. that kind of scene was out of nowhere and not something you put in a finale at all. That is the only part about E58 that made me go “huh-why is this scene coming out.” Other than that, it would have been nice to see TH and GM go visit his dead mother’s memorial, but they probably didnt want to make JooWon cry anymore. I dont blame them. the guy already cried buckets worth for this drama. Was I the only one who cried during this last episode. the mom’s speech to J at the wedding just made me lose it and tears were everywhere. the airport scene with KJ when he got the text just got to me. then the GM and mom scene later on. when those two are not fighting, you can really feel the love between them.

I wish I could turn back time. cuz I would want to experience the beginning again. I can pinpoint the exact moment this drama sort of slipped off the fast track it was speeding along on. The moment TH brought up his birth dad’s past hit and run accident. I remember translating that line and thinking “dude – you are scaring me – why are you randomly bringing that up. you are happy with J now – dont ruin this.” then next thing you know this whole case wreaks havoc left and right and breaks up our couple again. I blame the extension. the writer needed conflict. I bet her original one was KJ’s dad and the reason why he wanted to buy the farm, but she had to abandon that cuz it wouldnt have stretched out the story to 58 episodes. even though I get why she did it, I still wish she hadnt. if the case had been solved earlier, then there would have been more time to tie up the family story lines. I wanted more KJ and TH. I wanted more of the dad bonding with his grandson Guksoo. This might be the only time I would have welcomed a time jump cuz then we see all the characters happy in the end like Smile you with grandchildren everywhere. Maybe I am just upset it’s over so nothing can please me. the reality is I love this drama too much and any kind of ending would still make me say goodbye so I wouldnt have liked it. I think it’s true – the more people speak out, it just means this drama meant a lot to them. that’s quite a compliment to OB then cuz there are a lot tonight. 🙂


Fanderay’s comments:

It’s over. It’s really over! As the credits rolled I started to get a bit weepy, but now I don’t even know how to describe how I feel, although it’s a bit like the feeling after writing an exam, although that probably seems odd. It’s a combination of jitters, contentment, and calmness, all enshrouded in some sort of daze. It seems strange and almost inappropriate to write comments how I normally do and just break down the episode, but it also feels wrong to not do it one last time, so here I go.

The mom’s wedding speech was the perfect beginning to the end, and set the tone  perfectly. It’s like she was saying, “This is the finale, and this is what this drama is about.” Her words had all the warmth and sweetness that have made me love this show, and also made it clear that she finally understands her place in life, and has come to love and appreciate it. With all the brothers making such big transitions in their lives it is easy to forget that the mother has also felt adrift, and I was happy to see her realize how blessed she is.

It’s amazing that they managed to cram so much into this episode, and that we even got a wedding day date out of TH and J. That snow must have felt so enlivening, and was the perfect representation of beginning a fresh new life together (although watching them flop down on it made me cringe; that snow did not look fluffy and soft!). The wedding night was adorable and did not disappoint. I was worried when I read that they spent an awkward night that it was just going to be uncomfortable and regrettable, but they only needed a little time to sort themselves out. I admit that TH’s “I love you” cracked me up a bit. After all this time he picked such an unromantic moment while watching TV with enough space to fit another couple between them, and yet somehow it seemed perfect for them.

This finale repeatedly got me excited because after every scene it was like I got to check an item off my mental list of things that I wanted to see happen. Like SY’s mom making boundaries for herself, or MS and SY reconciling (both of which were handled perfectly).

Of course near the top of my list was a sweet moment between TH and KJ, and we got it! After they said their goodbyes, I tried to tell myself that I wasn’t disappointed that TH didn’t call KJ hyung, and that the brotherly looks they exchanged were enough, but my convincing didn’t really work. I should’ve known that the writers for this drama were just taunting me! That text message was even better, and felt right. I don’t think TH could have said it in person without being awkwardly gruff or crying, and there’s no way he would cry in front of KJ. Instead their parting felt very TH-ish and KJ-ish, but sweeter (and without all the punching).

Initially I was shocked that TP and Y broke up, but then I thought back and remembered more about TP. In the early episodes, all we really knew about him was that he was a bit of a womanizing brat, and that he never could hold a steady job. He still hasn’t really figured out who he wants to be yet, and I think it’s rather touching that his love for Y is what finally motivated him and pushed him to make something more of himself. I didn’t realize that I would be ok with a break-up, but somehow it seems to fit. It also gave TP a chance to show off his acting, and I am impressed. That noraebang scene was pretty near flawless, and wouldn’t have been easy to pull off amidst all the silly revelry.

Besides all of the great scenes that I expected, there were plenty of little moments that put a smile on my face, like the mom hanging up on TH, the brothers buying the farm, the mom laughing in the bathroom, the baby sneezing, Guksoo giving his piggy bank to TP, TH hugging D, and the brothers going out together one last time (I always loved those scenes).

When we neared the end and the camera started to zoom out on the Ojakkyo farm I froze solid, and in my head just kept repeating, “Don’t zoom out. Don’t zoom out. Don’t zoom out!” I was hoping for a miracle and that the camera would zoom back in and give us a two hour special. We did an extra scene with the mom though, and for that I am grateful. Her talk of spring reminded us that this end is really just a beginning for all our beloved characters, and that we can leave them behind with no regrets, knowing that they’ve found happiness.

Now that I’ve finished talking about the episode, it’s really sinking in that it’s over. I’m not just sad to say goodbye to the drama, but to the experience, and to the community (although I hope you all stick around!). Like Softy, I regret not commenting more, but I sincerely appreciate and enjoy everything that has been shared here over the past seven months. Sticking with a drama for that long is a journey, and I don’t think it would have been the same for any of us if we had gone it alone.

Softy has already done a fantastic job of thanking everyone, but of course I need to thank the fantastic Softy herself. Back when Softy told me to start watching this drama (about six episodes in?) I think my response was something like, “Are you crazy? I don’t watch long dramas and I don’t watch family dramas either.” On top of all that it was about a farm, and farms are a lot more likely to interest me if they involve adorable animated animals. Fortunately Softy can be rather stubborn when she wants to be, and she convinced me. It’s hard to believe that I almost missed out on this experience, and all the warmth that this drama has brought me. I will always appreciate Softy for her friendship, but I appreciate her even more when she’s stopping me from missing out on fantastic dramas!

I remember that when I first discovered this blog and tried to explain it to someone in person, I described Softy as some crazy woman who voluntarily stayed up all night translating for the sole benefit of people she would never meet, and getting nothing in return. Of course now I know that she does get something in return, thanks to you readers, but I still think she’s a little crazy. I can’t even count the number of times that she would spend hours over just one scene just to make sure every single word was right, or how many times she told me that she better go to bed (finally) because the sun was rising. She didn’t just stay up that late to translate, but to read comments and interact with the community she loves so much (or sometimes, just to rant with me about hair and kisses). Her devotion to her dramas, her blog, and her readers is second to none. Like many of the people here I couldn’t have watched this drama without her recaps, and besides being a co-blogger, I am also just a massive fan. I consider it a blessing to help with these recaps, and could probably never thank Softy enough (but I’m sure all you readers will help me!).

A part of me wants to keep writing forever because it feels like that will prolong the end, but I will comfort myself with the prospect of great dramas on the horizon, and the hope that everyone here will return to enjoy them with us.  Thanks again, Everyone. I’ll see you in the comments!

*good lord Fanderay I wasn’t expecting this. You are the one with legions of fans cuz no one else can do what you do – YOUR artistry is second to none.  Thank you again for allowing yourself to be dragged into a 58 ep drama. Glad you enjoyed it too. p.s. Psst….in the future, could we not refer to me as crazy -even though some nights I think you are 100% correct…better to say I am just a wee bit eccentric – sounds more sane. 🙂

*Hmm…I’m not sure. Isn’t “eccentric” just the polite way of saying really crazy? I’m not going to lie, I was indeed dragged, but I didn’t just enjoy it; I loved it 🙂

Softy’s final comments:

I do have regrets about this show though. I felt bad that I wasn’t fluent enough that I could do a better job of translating every word without Joonni’s help. Sorry for having used so many initials cuz I cant keep any korean names straight. I dont think that will ever change though. Korean names are just too confusing for me.  Also, I never finished the entire series since I am missing a few episodes. Really feel guilty for not sharing the main pictures with other cast members more often and mostly posting only TH. Even though I feel bad about that, I rather push the blame onto his dimples and his looks. Most of all, I regret I didn’t reply to more comments. Since they sort of got away from me and there were so many it was hard to catch up. Here are just a few I really wanted to reply to: Flo – I am so glad you averted your “I-almost-bought-the stuntman’s- underwear-for-my-husband” fiasco –thank goodness someone said they were actually Joowon’s underwear after all-it must have given you quite the scare. But I must admit, at the time when I read those comments and all those encouraging words you received when you weren’t sure, I read them while hailing a cab in the freezing cold and laughed so loud the guy next to me moved over cuz he thought I was crazy. Last week’s recap when everyone shared their recipes for those Filipino recipes was so entertaining. Who knew a blog about Kdrama recaps could give out information about cooking tips. For everyone who gushed about the main couple, I felt exactly the same way. Look around this blog and see whose headers pop up the most. My bias was just too obvious from day one and there was no way to hide it. For all the people who thanked me daily for these recaps, there was no need. Just the fact that you enjoyed it was thanks enough. When I first started blogging, I worried that no one would ever care to read these recaps since subs come out so quickly anyway and there are far better more fluent recappers out there. That is why your encouragement has not only given this blogger the confidence to keep doing this, I also feel a sense of pride that I made a tiny drop of contribution in the vast pool of kdramas.


1,064 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E58 Finale

  1. haneul says:

    When do you think Ojakgyo Brothers will be released on DVD??? I’m sooo excited for it.


  2. chayada says:

    ojakgyo brothers deleted scene i understand speak korea

    have english sub ?


  3. inn says:

    I think the scene between MS and SY are important because it shows that MS is not going to compete with SY anymore and can accept her as younger sister in-law. That scene got me the most cuz my relationship with my younger sister in-law is not close as she is just like SY (meaning come from a well to do family, but, instead of depending on her mother, she depends a lot on her older sister). I gets why MS become jealous of SY.

    I also gets what TS mother experienced as the 1st daughter in-law cuz I’m also the 1st.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I definitely agree with you that Ojakgyo Brothers is one of the best drama series I have had the pleasure to tune in to. It’s ironic that I have only told this to you weeks after it all ended in Korea, because the telecast here in my country is delayed for a few weeks. Your blog gave me the opportunity not pnly to watch the previews, but also to mull over some research ideas about the culture of Korea as depicted in the series. The characters were very real for me, the writer really did a great job. It was almost novelistic to a certain degree. I look forward to more of your screencaps, keep up the good work, because you really made my week-ends happier.


  5. Anonymous says:

    i really like it


  6. marry joy pechon says:



  7. Chaeri says:

    just wanna say THANK YOU for all your recaps. Will miss OB so much.. The best drama I’ve ever watch.. :’)


  8. Shahu says:

    This is the place I come when my internet is slow and I only want to watch Tae Hee & Ja Eun parts…
    Your written updates gives me a glimpse of the entire episode, which always helped. The busy days made me skip several parts, but it’d have killed me to miss a Tae Hee scene.
    Thank you for your smartly written updates.
    Thank you for loving this drama as much as I did. I didn’t feel so alone. haha.

    I’m so gonna miss Tae Hee. It breaks my heart. Oh, God how it does. I want to see them living in the US, I want to see them having babies, their fights, and lots of bed room scenes! It hurts sooo much that I wont be able to see any those things ever. Just like Tae Hee said, it hurts HERE!!! Saaave MEeeee, KBS! 😀

    I love OB. You are right. It is an obsession.

    Love, from Maldives.


    • Softy says:

      I know how you feel – I still can’t watch a weekend drama without missing OB. All those actors are currently working on others dramas, but I still see their OB characters. Like that actor who played TP is on Arang and I keep saying to his character – why are you so scary when you used to be so sweet on OB. 🙂
      I really wish KBS would have released a DVD of OB – it seems so unfair not to have one.
      By the way, I absolutely love the Maldives -you are soooooo lucky you live there. 🙂


      • Shahu says:

        So sweet of you to say that. Thank you 😀
        You should visit sometime. The beaches are lovely.

        They haven’t released a DVD?? Damn. I had hoped to buy/steal one. I MUST have this!! It’d be cruel to exclude TH from my collection.

        I’m finding it very hard to move on, to be honest. First time this has happened to me.
        I spent today at work, staring into space, eating chocolates and talking about TH non-stop to all and sundry! I really did. I was surprised at myself even. I can’t seem to watch TH & J scenes on YT. I can’t. I NEED to get over them. Quickly!!!
        Last night, even my hubs very tentatively asked me to take a break from drama watching. At that moment, I realized, how very obsessed I’ve become. I need professional help!


  9. Maria says:

    where can I see the preview with the morning bed scene?


  10. dreamgirl says:

    hear from me again. there is this article about Joo won confession that he almost fell for Uee and they could have become a couple. But alas, joo won is such a loser coward that he did not go for the gold for Uee . . . i personally think what a waste, they make a lovely pair.


  11. dreamgirl says:

    i am about to give up. Maybe Uee should go pairing with other leading men – like Lee Min Ho.
    they would make a super lovely pair too


  12. rocelu21 says:

    disculpa Softy que comente en español, mi ingles es del nivel de un niño de 3 años TT__TT solo quería decir que ame este drama cada vez que veo un nuevo drama y veo a los protagonistas siento que les falta algo ….es que estos dos eran perfectos uee y joo won los extraño kkk estoy esperando sus nuevos dramas bueno y si puedes leer este comentario dime harás la recapitulación del drama de Uee??? realmente me gustaría porque el drama se ve interesante XD


  13. carol says:

    i’m posting this comment more than a year after this drama was recapped and was aired. in the eight years plus since I started watching korean dramas, it’s safe to say that OB this is my favorite and i replayed this drama more than any thus far. it just has everything in it. the plot, the cast, the development, the acting are all perfect. UEE made me love her as Jae Hee and not just as the other half of a sizzling pair (though they are gorgeous together) but as that charmingly naive but not stupid, screechy or annoying girl. Jae Hee was just sheltered and spoiled but she was never a bratty or mean character, just lonely and misguided. JooWon is a delight and he brings so much dimension into Tae Hee’s character. My heart went to the abandoned little boy who managed to grow up well despite that and to the grown man who can fight for the person he loves not with fists but with a sincerity melting even the bitterest of hearts. I love the writer for this because TaeHee could have easily been made into a character with too much darkness (like Ma Jun in Kim Takgu) But surrounded by a family that tried their absolute best to love him as their own, he was ‘saved.’ i can go on about the rest of the characters but it’s just going to be too long.

    I’ll be rewatching this again. I just needed a space to put my love for this drama. thanks!


  14. anna☆ says:



  15. Mary says:

    Love the recaps.


  16. dreamgirl says:

    need help or news about the couple Uee and Jowon. are they dating on the side. They were not over chummy during the kbs 2012 dec awards but they look very relaxed and very settled. are they hiding something. is there friendship more than real and more?


    • g says:

      theres definately something brewing.


    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think so both of them moved on, esp the male lead. He’s always picked others as his best partner n everything so UEE n him on having a relationship they both said not gonna happen…:( sad but true.


  17. Léa says:

    First, I’m french, so sorry if I make a lot of mistakes in writing.
    I just want to thank you for all the hard work you did to make the recap of all the 58 episodes of Ojakkyo brothers.
    Actually I love dramas but I have nobody around me to share this passion. (People around me tend to don’t like them). That’s why I read your recap after each episode I saw, in order to share someone else opinion.
    I just finish Ojakkyo Brother and I find your recap amazing! Thanks!


  18. If you are going for fjnest contents like myself, just visit this
    web page everyday because it gives feature contents, thanks


  19. Surwat says:

    I know I’m late to the game but i watched all 58 episodes over a 4 day period…I have never come across a drama with so much heart…..totally loved all the relationships.
    TH was totally swoon worthy 😍
    Any recommendations for the next drama?


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