Ojakkyo Brothers E55

I must admit, at first I didn’t get why he didn’t haul his cute butt over to J right away the minute GM gave him permission. It sort of baffled me why he would go back to working on the case. For a minute I suspected that hit on the head did some damage cuz it seems to be making him process info slowly or something, but the look on his face here gave me the answer. he had to solve the case for J and her father first. he needed to clear her dad cuz that is what you do if you are an officer and you are in love with the innocent man’s daughter. You clear her father of wrongdoing first and then you can go to her knowing you did something that will free everyone of the pain they have been enduring. He couldn’t just think of himself, he had to make sure his family, Baek, and J knew the truth.  TH has always been about making sacrifices for the ones he loves so why should we expect him to change now. this is who he is and this is what J loves about him. and the main reason why I love OB.

Judging from the written preview, E56 is going to be daebak from start to finish. It’s about time. 🙂 In a way, I feel like as fans of this drama, we earned it. After almost 7 months of continued devotion, we deserve to see some weddings and babies as well as a whole lot more. *wink wink* 🙂

* Thanks to Joonni for all her help with some hard lines. I don’t know how i would have done all these episodes without her help. To clarify- she said SY’s mom is going in for a re-examination so there was no line about her having breast cancer. Also, for all the reasons semi-fly gave, I don’t think it will turn out to be a deadly type of cancer cuz it’s too late in the game for that kind of twist. pregnancy needs to be ruled out cuz of her age so I am going with menopause.

Sailor Enigma’s talent leaves me speechless sometimes…

On the way home, I was thinking about this whole case and it occurred to me that TH is not being forceful enough with Hong. He should have used the fact that Hong worked for Baek for over 30 yrs as his argument. Even if the chief did bribe Hong to keep silent by paying for Hong’s mom’s surgery, the statute of limitation is up. The chief can’t even be prosecuted so why keep up the charade of not knowing when they have a photo to prove that Baek didn’t drive. At worst, the only thing that the chief could get in trouble for is the whole backdoor admittance deal and there is already a video tape of that so Hong can’t get the chief in more trouble than he already is. Hong needs to be asked to choose allegiance that he can go to the grave with – does he want to die later regretting this moment and not telling the truth when he had the chance just to keep his word to a murderer? Or does he want to die conscience free and clear Baek’s name once and for all. Hong is on the verge of breaking anyway so keep pushing till he caves. All Hong needs is J crying in front of him and Hong will crack like an egg.


Baek waits for TH outside Hong’s place. TH comes out and reports Hong hasn’t come back yet. Baek says no matter how much he thought about it – he doesn’t believe Hong would do that. even though Hong has to be lying for my problem to be cleared, why would Hong do that? TH says hong must have been bribed by LKC cuz after the accident, Hong’s mother had a major surgery so I am guessing he did it for that surgery bill. They see Hong come so Baek calls out to him.

Hong and TH and Baek meet inside. TH says the witness said the person driving wore white clothes. He shows the picture and says look at this – Baek didn’t wear white clothes – LKC wore white clothes- now reveal the truth – who is the person who drove. the statute of limitation has passed for this accident. even if you reveal the truth now– there is no way to lawfully prosecute. just Baek, J, my family, and I need the truth about this accident. as soon as Baek came back alive after being missing and presumed dead, he became a criminal. J left Seoul. please I am asking you as a request. please reveal the truth. last time you gave me the video for the backdoor admittance, for J’s sake who was under suspicion of backdoor admittance, like you had the courage to do that, please have some courage again. that night LKC drove -didnt he? hong Mahnshik shi – without one word from you – a lot of people are living in hell right now. on that night LKC drove didn’t he? Hong says-no -he is here now- my boss baek drove. TH makes a fist and yells –Hong Mahnshik shi – how much longer are you going to do this? is this how you are going to repay Baek for trusting you for 30 yrs?  look at the picture closely again and see who wore white clothes. Hong doesn’t budge. baek says to TH- officer hwang – dont do this and let’s go.

Baek goes outside with TH and thanks him for trying this hard and I am sorry. but dont do anymore making it hard for yourself. forget about J and start anew. that’s probably what she wants too and that’s why J left. TH says he will be going first.

Hong gets a call from the chief. Hong says TH found the picture and came here. he came with the hiking picture from 26 yrs ago.

TH shows D the picture. D says the chief LKC wore white clothes. TH: that’s right. D: that means, the chief LKC drove and like you guessed, after the accident, switched places with Baek who was in a drunken stupor. TH: and hong received money for his mother’s surgery and kept quiet about it. (meaning chief bought Hong’s silence) D: so it was bribery.  TH says it’s not 100% yet, somehow they need Hong to admit to it along with the deciding evidence. LKC paid off Hong so there should be evidence left for sure–that’s how it would be a continued threat. D: I think so too. TH:  even though it happened 26 yrs ago so there might not be that many records left. TH asks D to follow the money trail on Hong’s side and asks D to check the hospital records and bank statements.  D: I will do my best and look under everywhere. TH: thank you. when did you say professor seo was coming back into the country. D: tomorrow.  D asks if TH’s head is ok –don’t you need to go to the hospital. TH: it’s ok – it’s not as bad as that. he mutters – that is why he (the chief) wanted to find the original without caring about who got hurt. TH pulls out the memory stick and wonders if he could use it

J is washing a kid’s face and says she is done. she calls the girl a pretty princess.  a woman says J’s mom is here. J: my mom? J goes out and the mom is there. J asks how she knew to come here. mom says you think I wouldn’t be able to find you wherever you went? J:ajumma. J hugs her. Mom asks if J had been well and says her face looks better than last time. J: I am a lot better.  kid asks if the ajumma is J’s mom. mom: yes I am J’s mother -we look alike don’t we. Kid says – Yes but not your height. Mom says she know she is short. They all laugh.

Mom tells J: you can’t believe it? you can believe it. GM forgave. she said what sin did the young kids commit. GM sent me here to bring you back. she takes J’s hand and says: your heart must have suffered a lot. how hard it must have been for you to go through that. but what do we do. we have to hurry if we are going to take that last bus.  J takes her hand and shakes her head no. J cries and says: I am sorry ajumma–I am very very sorry and I am very very grateful -so much that I cant express in words. I am so grateful, but that’s why I cant accept it even more. I don’t think I can accept it ajumma. I will stay here for the time being. I got a lot better here. Since I am with the kids I cant think of anything else and I laugh a lot cuz of the kids. I am not laughing cuz I am happy, I know now if you smile you become happy.  Mom: if your heart is telling you to do that then do that. since I came anyway, I will just rest a few days and then go. after only looking at tanned ojakkyo men, seeing those cute kids a while ago, my heart feels like it got brighter. J: can you do that? mom: you are my daughter, who is going to say anything when I am with my daughter.  You heard the kids a while ago, that you and I look alike. they both smile at each other.

at night, GM tells TH: marry J. go and bring J back. TH mouth drops open. TP: grandmother. GM to TP: what? you have a problem with that? TP:no – that’s not it. GM says to TH: unless it’s with J, for the rest of your life you wont get married to anyone. if I want to get my grandson married off and do what else there is to do, is there a solution? GM has to give in. TH: grandmother. GM: I still cant say that I have forgiven deep down into the bones, but with a happy heart, I am giving permission. more than anything, I am not seeing my baby smile so there has been no reason for me to live.  also to J – that young girl, I cant give her that heavy burden to carry around for the rest of her life. I think it’s true that J has a few tails seeing how she has a way of making people fall for her. (I paraphrased this line cuz I think it was GM’s way of saying J gets to people so that they end up liking her, but GM said it in a more gumiho like description ) TH smiles and says “grandmother.” GM: go and bring J back. I have to see you two smile so that even if I eat food, it will become part of my body. every morning when I saw the empty spot, my heart whistled like there was wind inside of it (meaning it felt empty) and rice was like sand- need to have the table full again to eat properly so hurry and go bring her. TH: grandmother – thank you. GM: thank your father. your father gave permission. The dad smiles and says no it was GM’s idea. I just agreed to it. he playfully hits TH’s head and says: during that time, you suffered a lot. you resented me a lot didn’t you. TH says: no father I didn’t. thank you. dad: I like it a lot too. TS congratulates TH and thanks GM and the dad. TP: GM you are the best. father thank you. congratulations TH hyung. Dad says to TH: hurry and bring J- if I see J smile brightly, then I can stretch out my legs and sleep comfortably. your mom is already there.

The dad’s phone rings. Dad looks and says: Mom won’t be able to be a “yangban” (Note: as in someone who can sit and wait comfortably for others to do something first.) The dad says the mom called. Dad asks if she met J. he tells her to do it that way. Dad says GM how the mom couldnt get J to accept. She is really grateful, but cant accept. GM says she guessed J would do that since she has a deep heart. dad says how the mom said to wait a little bit and will stay there for a few days to convince J. GM says wait a few days cuz the mom will convince her and bring her back. TH: yes.

P and TS follow TH into his room. TP: wait – why wait? go now and run to J. TS: that’s right TH, in J’s situation she could do that. at a time like this, you need to get directly involved. TP: this is so frustrating – what are you doing? GM gave permission. I said hurry and go right now. TH says: it’s not time yet. TP: what is not yet? TH: I have to leave cuz of a case. TH leaves. TP calls out: ya – hwang TH- TH hyung. hyung. ya. TS smiles. TP says to him: maybe something happened to his head (meaning he thinks TH has gone crazy)

J and the mom drink soju. Mom: after a long time being out here with you like this, it feels like I am on a break so it’s great. J: I remember that time ajumma. after second ajussi got married, the day I drank soju with you for the first time in the attic room. Mom: what do you like so much about TH? I asked TH what he likes about you so much. J: for me, when I see ajussi, I keep wanting to hug him. He doesn’t talk much and doesn’t express his feelings, but I sensed it all. ajussi is mad right now. in a good mood. is lonely. is having a hard time. like on a rainy day after school, when no matter how much you wait, no one comes -this ajussi too-he waited all his life for someone to come. but still he grew up well. that’s why I wanted to keep hugging him. I wanted to make him laugh a lot. when he smiles, it feels like something like popcorns popped and filled my heart. it feels like christmas tree lights coming on one at a time. it made me flustered, and fulfilled and happy. You are getting goosebumps arent you? And you’re hands and feet are squirming. mom: no I understand. have I not loved? I had a passionate love too. During, I was baek J and ajussi was the princess hwang TH. grandmother opposed me so much. so ajussi said he would die without me and jumped into the river in front of grandmother. J: really? ajussi did that? mom: that’s right. we had that kind of passionate(hot) love, but now we are old and shriveled so those memories like that are fading. J: that’s not true, I can still feel that you two still love each other even now. mom: What do you mean love; we are thorns in each other’s side, a kind of relationship where we live together because we can’t die. J says: that’s not true – especially ajussi, he loves you so much. mom: it looks like that? J says how he only sees the mom. mom: that doesnt sound that bad to hear. they break out in laughter. J pours some more soju and they drink.

* I had the hardest time typing the words “hot love” with a straight face to describe the mom and dad.

Mom: I had a time like that too when I wasn’t someone’s mom, wife, or daughter in law. a time when I was just Park Bok Ja. back then I had dreams. And like you, I had a love that made my heart ache and made me want to die. JE, you don’t have to go back if you don’t want to.  love isn’t everything. Just living your own life on your own isnt bad either. if you get married cuz you are in love. what becomes more important than love is food on the table. you will see other things that are more important than love. that passionate love one day becomes cold over time. like a snowman watching the snow melt, there will be times like that. you will feel sad, bitter,etc. there is affection between spouses, but like a snowman melting and flowing into the river, all that love from long ago flows to the children. Thinking about it, it seems like that is life..What am I doing right now? I was supposed to convince you and bring you back. I must have been drunk. I take it all back. i cancel everything I said. JE- Whatever you decide I am on your side no matter what. I am not TH’s mom. I am JE’s mom. they laugh and drink.

TH takes a break and looks at the couple rings and holds it to his heart.

J sits in the dark. She is holding the duck pendant.

TS goes into the room and Guksoo says he is done thinking about it. TS says-already? he could think about it more. heard you went sledding with maknae uncle TP yesterday. was it fun? should we go together next time? guksoo doesnt answer.  TS: you can tell me I am prepared.  it’s ok for you to tell me what you  think honestly. Guksoo says get married. It’s ok if you get married to ajumma. Like you said you broke up with mom a long time ago so I will understand. Get married.  TS: is that for real? guksoo: It’s ok with me. TS asks for a hug. TS thanks him. Thank you very much. Guksoo smiles

MS asks why he just now told her about it – cuz if the kid went all the way to the airport-that’s a big deal. TS says he didn’t want her to worry too. He says it’s ok cuz now Guksoo gave us permission. MS says:really? even if he gave permission – I feel uneas. how forlorn the kid must feel – cuz he thinks his mom is still alive in the Philippines.

MS looks up Filipino recipes and tries out dishes.

Guksoo is looking at his mom’s pic. MS calls him over. She asks him to come out for a minute. She made him dishes from his country. she points out the names of the dishes and says these are the food you ate a lot in the Philippines right? Guksoo nods and says yes. She says she made it for him and asks him to taste it and give her his honest opinion. She asks him to sit and eat. He takes a bite and says it tastes good. MS: really? You aren’t just saying it so I would like it? Guksso: no it’s really yummy. She says she will make it for him again next time. she asks which Filipino dish he liked the most – something his mom made often. MS: sorry. You don’t like me talking about your mom do you. also last time I tore her picture by mistake. guksoo: It’s ok I taped it back together.MS: you did – I was going to tape it for you. ok. hurry and eat.  He says how his mom made pansit often. he explains it’s similar to chapchae (korean noodles) She promises to remember and be sure to make it next time.hurry and eat. Guksoo: yes.

TB and SY are having breakfast with her parents. SY asks why her mom is eating porridge-do you not feel well. mom: I have no appetite. TB: that’s why you should eat well even more. he offers to make reservations for lunch at the place she likes to eat shrimp. mom: thank you but i dont feel like it. dad: yes it’s ok so dont bother and just eat. it would be nice if you understood. TB says they have something to say. SY: we decided after struggling with it for a few days. TB starts to say: the two of us would like to live ap…. But the mom says she will talk first. from here on, I cant go to your home anymore every morning. I cant make your meals, do laundry, or clean. Either you two do it from here on or hire a housekeeper. maybe I am getting on in years, but it’s a bother. She excuses herself and leaves. SY asks why the mom is like that. TB:did you two fight. the dad says that’s not it. not too long ago, she had her health checkup and there has to be a re-examination. so that is why she is like that. SY: re-examination? she asks what and where her mom’s health isnt good. dad says: they said there was a problem in the breast exam checkup this time around. but it will be ok. nothing much will be wrong. since your mom had annual checkups regularly so there wont be a problem. it’s ok. finish eating. Dad asks them to finish what they were going to say. what was it? TB says they will say it later.

SY’s mom goes in and starts to write a note to SY. “to SY who I love”  She is about to cry but SY comes in. mom asks if she didnt leave for work yet. today you have a meeting. SY: I pushed it back 30 mins. cuz I worried you would be here alone being dramatic. mom:why worry. you dont need to so go to work.  SY: you look really worried. SY reminds her about when she was in high school and something was wrong with the dad’s checkup of his stomach and a re-examination was ordered and the 3 of them were nervous all night and couldnt sleep. mom: at the time I thought there would be big trouble. SY: but nothing major happened. it was just a little bit dangerous. so there wont be anything major with you too mom. really nothing major will happen.  The mom says that’s how it should be. I didnt even get to see our cha gom yet so nothing can happen. I also need to see TB being an IBC anchor and later on be sure to watch our SY host a talk show so nothing can happen now. SY: of course. is that all. you also need to see dad put out his autobiography.  her mom asks her to “come here” for a hug. SY: mom nothing will happen so dont worry too much. mom says: ok. thank you for being born my daughter. Also sorry for not understanding you more and for not listening better to what you say. I wanted to be a mother who is like your friend but I lacked too much. SY asks why she is talking like that. dont do it. mom: SY – my daughter. I really love you. SY: I told you not to do that. they both cry. SY asks why are you doing that? they only asked for you to come in for a re-examination so why are you getting ahead of yourself. Nothing bad will happen. You will be ok mom. mom asks why SY is crying – when I see you like this – you are still a baby- how will you raise cha gom if you are like this. SY: that’s why you have to be here. you have to stay by my side always. mom: what? ok – hurry and go to work. you will be late.  SY says she will make reservations at the restaurant the mom likes so let’s all have lunch later and call aunt too. Mom says ok. and keep this a secret from Y cuz Y’s heart is weak and she will faint if she knows

*I must admit, I bawled like crazy during SY’s mom’s speech to her daughter. the whole time I was typing and sniffling, I was like – “why are you crying so much. she is the mom you couldn’t stand in SG remember?” – but on this drama, she is a different mother. she has a soft side to her and when she lets it out, her words have a way of getting to you.

Y says how her family is going to have lunch together today so instead of waiting for the weekend how about making formal introductions today. TP:today? ok that’s good- I want to hurry and get permission. but he worries about his clothes -will it be ok? should i change? She asks him to turn around and walk over there and come back. TP models and poses. He asks:how is it- it would be better if I changed huh? he asks what style her sister likes. Y says he looks great now-whatever he wears he shines. TP: then I will go like this.

SY’s dad wonders why Y isnt coming –  is there traffic. mom: there must be a lot of customers at the store so wait. TB and SY are alarmed to see TP with Y. SY lies and says she will make a call and goes out. she stops TP and says not today but Y and TP go in anyway. Y says sorry to SY. Y: i am here. mom: you came? TP says he came too. Dad asks why he is here. SY lies and says she invited TP too cuz it’s nice if they all eat together. But TP says I came to get permission from the two of you. dad and mom: permission? dad: what does that mean? TP: I want to date Y officially. Y asks for permission. Dad: what?

Dad asks if everything they did that day at their home was a show (an act) – lied about everything. TP says sorry. Y says TP did nothing wrong cuz she knew they would oppose so it was her idea to lie. Y says sorry to the mom. dad yells at her for lying -there are other things to lie about – how could you lie about that? he yells at TP: you too – what were you thinking to come here?   you think we would give you too permission to date. TP lists everything they are opposed to: I know it wont be easy, there is an age difference and background and I know it looks like we dont belong together – i know that too well. so the two of us – no – me – who likes Y- I know there isnt anything about me that looks good, but I sincerely like Y. I love her a lot.  we wont let you two down and we will sincerely treasure each other and date. so please give us permission. Y says she likes TP a lot too so please let us love. Dad; why are you like this too? aside from me, you think your sister would allow you two to date? there is no way the two of you….but the mom says I will give permission. everyone is shocked. the mom says the two of them can date. Dad:yobo.  TB:mother. SY: mom  you mean it?  Mom: I mean it – they like each other so much like this so how could I stop it.  I will allow it. mom says what will be left after they date is memories with the person they love. while you are in love- love as much as you want. Be as happy as you want –that’s all I expect from the two of you.

TP stands and thanks her. I will do my best and love. dad says tm the mom will regret it so think it over carefully again, but mom says she wont regret. and dont say anything more. TP says we should order. he offers to pay today and asks them to order the best dishes. Y: yes eat the most delicious things. mom: should I do that.

*even though I wrote “date,” they were talking about dating that leads to marriage.

Mom is teaching the kids how to make dumplings. she says one kid is making it too big. KJ watches her with J. KJ says the kids are having fun cuz ajumma came. He says he heard GM gave permission. You are going back aren’t you go cuz now you can meet TH. J: if it was you – could you meet him? please take ajumma back with you when you leave since I am still not comfortable seeing ajumma yet.

Chief tells Hong there is no need to be scared. even if they found the picture, they cant prove anything. all you need to do is not talk.  Hong says he cant do this anymore cuz he is tormented- let’s reveal the truth now. Chief: why are you like this suddenly? now are you feeling like you committed a sin after all this time? are you going to backstab the one who trusted you for 26 yrs? He gives a ticket for this afternoon and tells him to stay in china for the time being and dont come back till he is told. but Hong says: I cant do that. I can no longer deceive my boss. Chief  threatens: do you want your mother to know with what money she got her surgery 26 yrs ago?

D and TH go to see Hong’s mother. D says hello and introduces himself and TH, but D referred to TH as his lackey detective hwang so TH shoots him a disapproving look. She asks what is this about? D: it’s nothing bad. we are just investigating something about the hospital.  we just wanted to ask you a few questions about when you were admitted to the hospital a long time ago.

she gives them tangerines to eat. D: thank you. has your body recovered a lot? Hong is always worried about your health. She asks if he knows her son. D: of course I met him many times. everytime I saw him, I felt like he could live without laws. (meaning hong is well behaved I think) the GM is pleased and says you know him well. she says how nice her son is so there are so many people around him who help him out. D: yes that’s true. did that happen 26 yrs ago when you had your surgery too? the surgery bill must have come out to a lot back then. She says-it did. back then too -someone helped out her son a lot. TH asks who the benefactor was. she says she doesnt know the details. that person paid for all my hospital bills. D says what a nice person.there is no other angel. He asks if she saw his face. She says she did cuz he came to her hospital once. TH asks if she could remember since she saw his face but she doesn’t remember cuz it was so long ago. TH asks if she remembers his name. and she doesn’t remember his name either. She tells them to go now. they say goodbye. Suddenly she remembers and says the name will be on her bank account.  TH asks if she has it from way back then. She says she doesn’t throw away stuff like bank books. she tells them to wait and gets it. She gives it to TH and he looks at the name.

TH and D go to Hong’s place and finds out Hong checked out early this morning. TH tells D to find out about if Hong left the country. TH gets a call from officer jang. TH says today is when professor seo returns so there will be movement for sure. D says hong has a flight to Beijing at 3. They drive in a hurry to the airport.

They rush to the airport as hong is about to leave, and run through the airport searching for him.

Baek is waiting for hong. Baek asks what happened. He says he heard hong was leaving today. Why are you leaving suddenly without contacting me. Is it cuz I made you upset? cuz I suspected you? sorry – since I was a dad with too much sin to J so just in case, I did that cuz I was hoping it would be true. I heard you are having a hard time these days. when you go to china. He gives him a piece of paper with contact information on it to help hong out. Baek tells him to take it. baek: when I was presumed dead and missing, I heard how good you were to J so while you are gone, I will go often and take good care of your mother. dont worry about anything and come back safely. He tells Hong to go in cuz he will be late.

TH sees hong with baek. He calls out hong’s name. hong starts to run but TH stops him. Hong: why are you doing this to me again. I don’t have time right now. TH shows him the bank account. Look at it –  Look at what’s written on your bank account from 26 yrs ago – are you going to deny till the end even with this? reveal the truth now. Hong says move- he has nothing to say. Baek comes over and asks what’s wrong -what’s going on. he looks at the bank statement. Baek: how could you. hong breaks down and says: Just kill me. I committed a sin that deserves death. Just kill me. TH: reveal who drove that day. Hong says LKC drove that day and Baek didn’t drive on that day. baek: what?  TH asks if LKC drove and after the accident, traded places with baek-didnt he?  and hong cries and says yes he did – he traded places. Baek: what did you say? hong: kill me – kill me.

Officers drive to some location and leave the memory stick in the car. Other two guys break in and get the memory stick. It was a set up and they get caught by TH’s officers. the officer asks the bad guy for the ledger (that was stolen from TH)

Chief gets news about what happened – that everything was turned – the ledgers. TH arrives with baek and D. TH shows the chief the bank account and says – 26 yrs ago, this is the payoff you deposited to Hong.  also…D plays the recording of LKC threatening hong-do you want your mom to collapse? the day you tell Baek that I drove that day, I will reveal to your mother all this truth. TH: chief LKC – the criminal behind the hit and run 26yrs ago is you. you killed my father.  chief: I didnt – I didnt. I didnt.  Baek punches the chief. Baek: you arent even human. Chief owns up to everything and begs TH: I was wrong. I killed your father and I also admit to bribing with money for the surgery – I will admit to everything so please just save my daughter SR. if my daughter’s backdoor admittance gets revealed, her admittance will be revoked so how can I look at my daughter in the face? Baek: you think that makes sense? you worried that much about your daughter but tried to blame my daughter for the backdoor admittance and now you want us tp cover up for the daughter of a criminal of the hit and run. Chief begs TH: just for the sake of my daughter, please save her. for her sake.

TH’s team leader comes with cops and shows the chief the ledgers. he arrests the chief by citing the laws he broke about backdoor admittance and bribing offcials. Chief is yelling for them to let go”who do you think I am – I am the chief LKC-let go of me” as he gets dragged away. Baek tells TH to hurry and go and bring J back. D tells TH to hurry and go and he will clean up the rest.

TH cries as he drives

J and the ajumma are feeding the kids. J gets a call from her dad. he tells her that he didn’t drive that day. I was set up. I am not the criminal behind the hit and run.  J: dad-say that again will you. baek says TH uncovered it all – I am not the criminal- I am not guilty anymore. You are listening to me right? you are listening right? J: yes I am listening dad. KJ and mom go over and ask what’s going on. tell me. J tells the mom that her dad is not guilty of the hit and run. J cries and the mom is shocked.

J runs outside and TH pulls up. He sees her waiting on the road and smiles. He gets out of the car and walks over to her slowly. TH: have you been well. J: have you been well. TH: Not really.J: Me too- not really. I thought I wouldn’t get to see you again. ajussi, I thought I wouldn’t get to see…he suddenly pulls her in and hugs her tightly. They both cry.


Sparkskey was super fast today : here is her translations for written preview-Thank you 🙂

Inho goes to the farm after clearing his name, GM apologizes to Inho and is moved to tears. J, who arrives together with TH, has an emotional reunion with the rest of the family.

TH and J spend time alone together in the shed. Just being able to look at each other feels like a dream – they are happily in love. TH puts on the couple ring for J again

Fanderay’s Comments:

I can hardly believe it…happiness for every one of our couples at the same time! Is this the first time it has happened? It feels like some sort of miracle!

With three episodes left, it seems likely that the writers have a little romantic drama left in their pencils for us. I still think that Guksoo needs to hear about his mom, and I think that SY’s mom could change her mind about TP if it turns out to be a false alarm regarding her health. Now that TH are J are back together though, it doesn’t really matter; I feel like I could handle anything!

I particularly understood TH’s reasons for not contacting J when he didn’t know the grandma had approved of her yet, because he wouldn’t want to get J’s hopes up that they could be together before he actually solved the case (it’s possible that the grandma wouldn’t have believed the truth without Baek In Ho being legally cleared). Once the grandma gave the go ahead though…I dunno, I’m still a little torn about how I feel. I think Softy is exactly right about TH’s motivations (I’m glad she wrote all that because it made me feel better) but part of me can’t help remembering that the two of them have been acting like they’ve been dying for the last few episodes. J has also been resenting her father, and it seems like it might have been worth it to save her even just a few minutes sooner from that pain.  I suppose J is nicer than me though. She was already reconciling with her father regardless, and is probably incapable of feeling anything but bliss now that she’s back together with TH. Personally I would maybe be a little mad that he knew and didn’t tell me!

I loved all the mother-daughter moments this episode. The actress who plays SY’s mom has done a fantastic job juggling her compassionate side with her nastiness all this time, and the fact that she’s so stubborn and has so much pride makes it extra touching when she does have honest moments  of vulnerability. The mom and J were great together too, and after those orphanage scenes I couldn’t help but think how cute the two of them will be once J has kids.  It seems unlikely that this drama will take us that far into the future, but I wouldn’t complain if it did!

I have no specific demands for the concluding episodes, but there are a few things I would like to see. I want to watch J pick out wedding dresses, and I want to see all of the brothers happily married (not just TH). I want J and the mom to finally come up with the perfect duck feed recipe, and I’d like to see everyone working together on the farm as a family. After SY has had her baby (she had better have it!) and everyone is married, I’d like to see the grandma pass away peacefully and happy to go meet her other son (if such a thing happens at all). That would be the perfect time to wrap up the show with touching dialogue or narrations from various characters, and remind us of this dramas themes and all the great moments it had. Yep, pretty much everything I want is incredibly cliche, but isn’t the conclusion to a drama the best time for such things? When it comes to to Ojakkyo Brothers I just want to finish feeling warm and fuzzy, and I think I will.


365 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E55

  1. YeeKrFan says:

    THANK YOU! Crying tears of joy and happiness…absolutely DAEBAK and it’s not the last episode yet…from now on only tears of joy for OB! YIPPEE!! 🙂


  2. nonski says:

    thanks for your comments Fand… just done reading.

    yes indeed, the miracle we all had been praying for happened in this episode. i was thinking that what we had been dreading that there might be a rushed up feeling on the remaining 4 episodes. but the way things unfolded in episode 55 is just perfect, for me. everyone seems to have a happy conclusion last night, well except for SY’s mom as we don’t know yet what will be the outcome of his check up.

    about SY mom, it was a nice change to see her this way, i mean, i don’t really want her to become sick or something. it’s just that being in a sad, melo state is sort of not her because she is always talking, if not shouting. seriously, i don’t really want to see her sick. hopefully this is just some false alarm. well, semi-fly said about here being preggy but i don’t want that either. I only want a pregnant J next. 🙂


    • Iprefernottosayit says:

      I want Ja eun to be pregnant too!!! 😀 I wanna see babies and weddings!


    • SS says:

      Realistically JE is too young to have a baby. I mean she barely graduated. But in dramas and, it will be absolutely wonderful cos JE will make a absolutely great mother. She is getting along very well with the kids at the orphanage and since she lost her mother herself, she will definitely shower lots of love.

      Meanwhile i bet TH will super cute as an expectant father. Imagine him cooing, singing lullabies to the baby.


  3. 1/2twin says:

    reading the comments…
    it feels like the center of discussion is whether adobo has a potato or not…. LOL
    it’s just the same… it’s still adobo whether it has or hasn’t potato in it.


  4. umi says:

    The hug scene, I can see clearly TH-JE cry…http://youngshow.tistory.com/


  5. Ellie says:

    Cant wait for tonight’s episode…

    I dedicated the song ‘I Have Nothing’ to our lovely couple TH and JE 🙂

    **RIP Whitney Houston


  6. Renjani says:

    what do you like sooo much about TH???? everytime i see him i i keep wanting to hug him..he doesn’t talk too much and he doesn’t express his feelings!!!!!
    arghhhh….i loveee so much that scene and J’answers make my heart feeling warm & happy…
    coz same with J..i feeling the same as J’feelings..everytime i see TH..i want to hug him, kiss him…and i love a man who doesn’t talk too much..TH is my ideal type…i falling in love with his character…thank you writernim you are creating a such beautiful character on Hwang Tae Hee…

    and i looove this episode..E55 was DEABAK..all the couples were HAPPY and the happy stories still continue for the 3 last episodes…i love GS and MS scene, SY and her mom scene,J and Ajhuma scene, TH and his father in law scene,and of course..the last scene.. my lovely couple scene..even just Hugging..staring each other with tears in their eyes..only that.can makes my heart *melt*..i looove they way whenTH hugging J..so caring and loving and the tears aggrhhh…no needed words anymore!!!!! just love..love. i doooo looove this couple very much


    • SS says:

      You are so right. I want to squeal! Don’t we all want to hug and squeeze TH? Oh what a lovable character. And kudos to JE to bring out the other side of him.

      One of the best…no, the very BEST casting ever! JW and Uee really acted their hearts out and the result is Daebak!


  7. mizz curly says:

    i hope uri couple can hug and kiss quietly in the shed without any interrupion from GM, mum, dad or TP….muahahahaha….


  8. Siera says:

    i had been watching soo many kisses scenes on K-drama..but i dont know why..i,m so nervous right now and got impatient for tonight episode..just hoping the kisses scenes from TH & JE couple tonight!!!at the shed or somewhere else.they kisses scenes are soo important thing for me!!!..i hope they are going to date..such as go to amusement park, watched a movie..etc..all the things that J want to do if she had a boyfriend!!!before a wedding scene!!!


  9. Sayha Alee says:

    Hi Guys, is the video of ep56 preview out yet? If it is, hope someone will share it with us here, pleaseeee. Happy camping tonight , guys. I think it is going to be a clear nightsky with plenty of stars – a starry starry night tonight ! Plenty of sweet moments from our TaeJa couple! 🙂 🙂


  10. Ginko says:

    Hi OBnians,

    How are you today? We’re all eagerly waiting for Ep56, too bad I can’t watch it live today. Even worse, I can’t watch the final episode next week, I have to wait till Monday when I come back from a trip. All things suddenly come I can’t postpone the schedule!!! Can’t believe it’s happening to me!

    Well, at least I still can watch today episode in the evening.

    Happy watching friends!


  11. semi-fly says:

    softy et al: I hate to say it but women well into their 70s are able to get pregnant so I’m not willing to cross that out just yet, but neither would I rule out Yeo Kyung entering into menopause (considering if you take the actresses real age into account which is 50/51 [US / KOR] she a prime candidate [50.2 +/- 3.7 years (mean average)].

    I only brought up pregnancy because of how Soo Young & Tae Bum’s situation arose and well it would be funnier than any other explainable thing and for reasons mentioned previously the writers going to the extremes and saying it’s cancer this late would simply ruin the happy-go-lucky we’re all supposed to feel as a series is winding down.


    • zebiekste says:

      I think that SY’s mom is pregnant 🙂 I don’t think that she is too old to give birth. And we need to take into account their family traditions.. that the daughter is the same ages as granddaughter (like SY and Y). It would be so funny! 😀


  12. nonski says:

    softy something for you at the header section, the recon header, hope you’ll like it!


  13. summerlamb says:

    wowee!!!, it is possible to smile again,:D:D:D:D, that is pretty much what i did thru this Episode, it was great to be able to re-capture the reason why i stuck with this drama from the get-go,..Joo won, Uee, JE and TH relationship, and Family, nicely done writers, nicely done, i thoroughly enjoyed this episode so much, I aint even sleepy, and i have to get some sleep,…..wanna watch the kisses again, and again, hehehe,:D:D:D. ‘DAEBAK!!!


  14. kaye529 says:

    LOL. It’s not panshi. It’s actually pansit. The Filipino food similar to Korean noodles that is


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