Lie To Me E14

There had better be some more skinship sometime soon before this drama ends – I swear this new writer seems to enjoy testing our patience and keeps teasing us. People wonder why I kept this drama and it’s a simple answer: undeniable chemistry – the kind you can’t look away from -the one that makes you look at the screen and question – “was that acting just now or did they seem to be sharing a moment right there.” (*that one happens a lot) Even if a certain episode seems slow, when AJ and K come out, they keep you glued to every word and action – that is how I ended up here – at E14 with a week left to go.

* Thank you Carine for the quick Chinese translations 🙂

Here is me being cup half full – with all the drama out of the way, maybe the next two eps will be fully devoted to two weddings (AJ and K and her dad and AK), honeymoon, and babies.  Oh and get H a girlfriend, maybe not P tho cuz she scares the poor guy.

Lie To Me E14


Starts from AJ confessing her lie, reporters ask why she lied and she starts to explain that she wanted to be a woman who married someone rich like K to her friend and that’s how she ended up lying that she was married. in front of the Chen couple she pretended to be K’s wife. a guy asks if K was trapped in her lie and had no choice but to go along. AJ: yes; since the rumor had gotten bigger, K couldnt tell the Chen couple the truth then. it was all my fault and not K didnt do anything wrong. it all happened cuz of me. guy asks why did K go along with her lie- she says she was scared her lie would be found out and said she would help get Chen’s investment on her own and wrote a contract to keep it a secret. they ask about the contract and shove closer. P orders security to put a stop and takes AJ away. AJ drops her phone and reporters step on it while K called

H tells K  what is going on. K asks: GAJ hasnt been revealed yet? H says she hasnt yet but there are reporters sniffing around and they wont leave it alone. the aunt calls K and says reporters are at his office so dont go to the hotel and come to her. K: no I am going to go explain in person. aunt:there is no need – in front of your office AJ revealed everything. K:what does that mean? aunt: she said all this happened cuz of her lie and told everyone on her own so you stay quiet for now. K: what does that mean aunt. aunt: just come here. K yells for the driver to turn the car around even tho H said K needs to meet the aunt.K is crying

P asks why AJ did that. AJ: because I caused it.  P asks if AJ thought about her situation. AJ: yes I thought a lot about it. P tells AJ to take their car and will call AJ when K comes.  but AJ says she will take a cab. P:take the car you look tired. AJ: i am really ok. guy returns her phone and P says AJ must have dropped it a while ago. P tells the body guards to get a cab for her and not let reporters bother AJ

in the cab AJ thinks back to all their past moments.

K is calling her from her neighborhood and cant get thru. he drives off just as her cab pulls up.

K goes to their bench and calls again. AJ is sitting around her home somewhere. she checks her phone and looks at all the messages and calls she missed. she doesnt answer her phone. K sees the paper and AJ is on the cover.

AJ is walking towards their bench and sees K walking towards her. K cries and asks if she ate. she asks if he had a good trip. K:yes. have you been well? she cries and says yes I was well. they are both crying. he hugs her.

AJ’s dad read the paper. AJ comes out. he asks if she was able to sleep. she asks if he saw the paper. he says of course. she says sorry-you must have been disappointed in me and K – but dont trust the paper. her dad says: revealing what the truth is -that is the law. who is right-who is wrong-if someone is the real criminal or not-normally this truth – it doesnt get revealed easily. it’s too bad but that is how the world is. but who is your dad-your dad knows all the truth. it seems like the truth that K is not a bad guy. I’m right huh? she nods yes and asks how he knows that. he says cuz K drank better than him. AJ: are you sure you are a professor? since you are a law professor you should look for proof. he says there is no need for evidence- when he knows it all. AJ: dad what do I do? he hugs pretty daughter-its ok

SR hears the news about AJ. she calls JB over to watch the news with her. he asks if she saw. she says if he saw he should have told her. he says how AJ came and asked him for help if a problem occurs. she asks why he is telling her just now. he says a lawyer has to keep privacy about his client. SR tries to call AJ but he tells her not to cuz AJ wont pick up. she asks how he knows that so well. are you dating? JB: is that something to say? it hasnt been that long since you confirmed how I feel (about you). she hugs his arm feeling guilty

AJ’s coworkers are in shock and cant believe this. AJ shows up. a guy runs in saying there is an article saying AJ gave preference to K. AJ apologizes to them. boss asks to speak to her alone. he says she should have told him first and asks what happened. he tells her to say everything in detail. she says she will quit and take responsibility. he says the minister will contact her so she should be ready. kim is asking who snitched and gave that interview that AJ showed preference to K and that K lobbied for the festival (for his hotel to be chosen) another guy wants to know how the reporter knows details like that cuz it’s not easy to come by. kim threatens and wonders who that person is. the fat guy agrees and walks off looking guilty.

minister says their department is in a mess and their homepage is down cuz of her situation. she says sorry. he says he heard she resigned and wants her to explain it all but she says she has nothing to say except sorry. he says this is her last chance to convince him or else she has to face that board (old men) and says she will be kicked out of being a civil servant permanently (my guess is something like “final termination” cuz these words are freaking hard). she says it’s ok if that happens to her

aunt shows K all the damage “cuz of you our stocks plummeted to a new low”. K says as soon as chen’s investment comes in everything will be settled. aunt: how? did you go to china and get chen to sign secretly? he asks her to wait a little longer. aunt says AJ is something else-different from what she looks. K jumps to conclusions his aunt did something so she yells out his name. you think I gave money to AJ and made her do this? K:i’m sorry. aunt: for the time being forget about GAJ and do your work and if you come back to your position then the way you see things will be changed. she leans in and says: these days – you are not the HKJ I raised- you are not the HKJ i know.

AJ packs her box and leaves and SR is there

SR asks why AJ resigned cuz she should have tried to hang in there. SR says if she gets fired here AJ wont be able to get married. she asks if K is taking responsibility-what is he doing- hiding behind a woman’s skirt. AJ says that’s not it. SR: it’s true that you lied but you didnt try to lure him like the papers say. AJ thanks her for her concern and for coming. SR: you are having such a hard time so how could I not come? AJ asks if SR heard from JB cuz AJ asked for his help. about JB’s help. if the problem gets bigger by some chance in case AJ needed legal help.  SR: i just came from his office and there is no way to take legal action against ppl on the internet who are attacking AJ so JB is having a hard time too. AJ says that doesnt matter – she just wont read them. she laughs it off and says isnt it funny when she isnt even celebrity and has anti-fans. SR is still worried and AJ says she is ok

K orders P to gather reporters (so he can tell them the truth) but P wont do it. K yells at her to contact them, but she says he cant do that. K says “forget it then I will do it” and takes out his phone. H tries to stop him, but K yells at him to “move.”  P tells H to go outside.  P lists all the ppl K is in charge of-14 world hotel chains from Seoul to jejudo, 15 Gold resorts, World mart, (she lost me with the rest). K asks what she is doing. P: this is all the family you are responsible for have to lead-in this World hotel in seoul alone -there are 2,500 employees-with each decision you make -the stocks go up and down-with one word from you they will all be affected – all of this is what you said to me. but now you are going to act like you dont know all that – and just think of your personal life-your relationship (love life) and protect just that? if you are the only one who is ruined- if you are the only one who dies- I wouldnt stop you but it’s not so I am going to stop you. K: if I dont get involved-one person will get hurt. P: if you get involved then what about our World family? K: so do you want me to hide cowardly behind a woman? P: yes hide-if I was in your position I could be as cowardly as I needed. no I could do more than that. K: you! P: I learned it all from you. that’s how you have to live to survive. K:i cant do that. P: then throw away your position. if you cant – you have no right to be in that position. K looks at her. P: why you cant throw away that position? then please just do nothing (leave things alone). she leaves and K throws things in anger

AJ goes to see SH with her box. he asks what the box is for. she says she had to clean out her space at the office cuz of suspension. he asks if she is getting fired. she says he is saying that she is getting fired too easily. he lists all the stuff she did – writing a resignation on a napkin,how she talks to him so bluntly- charging $2,000 for clothes. AJ: I am really sad right now but I am about to get sadder cuz of you.  SH: you’re sad? you dont look sad. AJ:i’m pretending not to be. and I am really lonely now. SH: you are lonely too? SH offers to cheer her up. she says give it a try. he sings and it’s bad so she laughs. he asks if his singing cheered her up. SH: would my brother hurt ppl he loves?he is my brother but I bet you really hate him. dont you? you dont have to. AJ: I’m not hurt at all. also, I wont be hurt from now on too. I dont have regrets. K calls her. he asks where she is now. AJ: why? arent you working now? K: since I am the president I can work when I want.where are you? AJ: at the playground- are you planning to come?

AJ brings her box asking he if waited long. K asks what the box is and she explains she took her stuff out of the office cuz she of her suspension.  why?  I have a boyfriend who is prosperous so if I get fired – cant I be jobless. K: if you dont want to work it doesnt matter that you dont. AJ: I want to rest. K: cuz you had to quit working cuz of me-I dont think I can put up with it. AJ: it’s not like that. K:let’s go. AJ: where? K: anywhere we didnt go before

K and AJ hold hands and stand in the middle of ppl. she asks how much longer they have to stand here like this. he says it’s not time yet. AJ:why are you doing this? it’s so embarrassing. K:why are you in such a rush? just wait a little longer. AJ: cant you see in front of you. they are all staring at us.  K:doing this so they will stare. he gets up higher and yells “I love this woman! I really love GAJ a lot!  I- HKJ truly love GAJ! even if I dont see her for a day, I miss her to death! I really love her! he holds up two fingers as a peace/ victory sign. (look at his devilish grin there – so cute) ppl take pics and it’s on the internet

YJ watches a video clip of K yelling all that and cries.

reporters are at K’s office trying to shove their way in. H asks them to be quiet cuz K is in a meeting and he isnt the type who would ever do interviews so please go back. one asks when K will come out and H says he already told them they cant. the guy asks when K started dating secretly. did everyone not know? at least the secretary would have known. is it true that K promised to get married. H: how would I know the president’s personal life?hurry and go back or I will call security. if you block our way -how can we work. please leave. a guy says lots of ppl are curious about K’s love story. H: I know so email me one question each. for today please leave

K asks if the festival preparation is going ok. P stares at him so he asks:why? didnt you hear what I said? she shows him the paper and asks : you came up with that idea huh? (you thought of doing that huh?) he looks at his pic with AJ. he keeps talking about work. P speaks informally: HKJ you are something else. you dont have to release an article (do interviews), you can revive your image that had been going down, and GAJ doesnt need to be hurt. this is like the HKJ I know. K:there is no need to think of it as complicated. it just happened like that. P:it just happened? K: i did it cuz I was crazy. for that girl GAJ. P: you always make me learn from you. you made me feel sorry for speaking so harshly yesterday. you make me look up to you. but with GAJ- dont make her love you-it would be nice if you loved her. speaking as another woman. K asks to talk to her later outside of the office

SR says to AJ: your life is blooming. AJ says that’s not true. but SR argues AJ’s life has bloomed cuz K said in front of everyone that he loves her. they are getting manicures and workers recognize AJ. SR: to be honest -you love this to death dont you? arent you? AJ: I do like it but I dont know and I am scared too.  SR: I really dont get you -you got the best guy in korea yelling he loves you in front of everyone and you are saying you are scared instead of loving it. AJ: that’s true. SR:when you get married to him – dont forget that I brought you two together (that she linked them). AJ: what marriage? what did you do for us? SR: if it wasnt for me would you have lied? if you didnt lie would you have met HKJ? I caused you to come together. AJ agrees. * SR says AJ owes her an outfit. AJ: ok thank you. (* in korea, if you set two ppl up and they end up getting married, you are supposed to receive an expensive outfit as a thank you for getting them to meet-the wealthier the couple the nicer the outfit)

K and P meet outside. he says he called her as a friend and says it’s nice to see her smile. K: often watching you act like this I cant breathe. how can someone just live working. he pours her beer. P: so do you like living so busy getting to date (love) while working. K: yes it’s nice. P:that’s good- you look happy. K:will I be able to do well this time? she guesses he loves AJ a lot. P asks what he likes about her. he says she is honest and sweet, she hasnt matured-like a kid (=meaning she is immature at times)-instead of with my head-I am living according to my heart and how I feel- i feel like living in a different world. I dont know what I have to become.  P tells him: this time dont use your head- do as your heart tells you. if you think her world is different-jump into her world. but – you cant have it all. there will certainly be things you will lose.  if you still are ok with it then try doing that. he says she is a good friend

AJ is surrounded by ppl and she is staring at her reflection. K comes up and looks at her reflection and asks: who is this that’s so pretty. then he looks at her and says :wow- you are really pretty. she hits him and asks what he is doing. she looks over at everyone watching them. AJ: should we go somewhere else? he takes her hand: why? is there some place you wanna go? where should we go? should we go to see a movie or eat. she says a guy who is on a date that asks that isnt attractive. like a guy he should decide on his own. she let’s go of his hand. he asks why. she says ppl recognize them. he says :of course since it was all over the papers. next time he is going to tell more ppl so no other guy dares to hang around her. she says she is embarrassed to death and says let’s go.

they are in the car. she mutters now they have to have dates in the car. he asks if it bothers her ppl recognize them. she says yes – like other ppl-she wanted drink coffee/tea, eat, watch movies together date and walk around holding hands. he asks if they should go abroad.she reminds him how hard it is just to meet for a short time like this (cuz he is busy working).  K: then should I quit work too. AJ: are you crazy? to quit that job with that salary. K: wait a minute- do you like me or do you like my job? AJ: you are asking cuz you dont know?  K: yes I dont know. AJ: both. he makes shocked pouty face so she says he is cute-this is when you are the cutest. K: starting from tm match my schedule. she agrees

next morning he wakes her early and she goes outside and walks right past him cuz he is wearing his hoodie up. she asks why he woke her so early and he says he missed her. she says she is sleepy. says let’s hurry and go work out. she says she doesnt want to. he asks why. AJ: cuz ppl recognize us and bother us-it’s tiring -I am going back to sleep.he says as a jobless person she has to take care of her body and makes her wear her hoodie up and says no one will recognize her. she says she cant see.

she cant hike and holds onto him and he makes a comment about her weak health and how she should have taken better care of it. AJ: you must have taken care of your health at an expensive gym but I was watching over the country and didnt have the chance. K: aigoo what a cute civil servant (*cant tell if he said “cute” or “precious”). she wants water and he says wait and drinks first. she asks him to hurry and give her some and right before she drinks he yells “wait a second” and says she cant use her hand. he runs over behind her: from now on- AJ’s hand is here. he holds up the ladel so she can drink. she says the water is cool and tasty.  ppl recognize K and they compliment AJ saying she must be happy-that she is their role model- that she needs to be good to K.

K and AJ are wearing sunglasses and hats and hoodie at the movies. K asks if they do this no one will recognize them. she asks how much longer they need to do this when they arent even celebrities. K: dont be uncomfortable and enjoy this. you said girls normally like this. she says she doesnt. kids recognize them anyway

YJ meets Park. he takes her to a park. he says if daughters want to meet their dads, they usually have a favor to ask. she asks him to understand if she acts mean and tells him what she wants

aunt goes to see K. she mentions there is a meeting tm to fire (kick out) K from his position. K is in trouble cuz of what he is accused of – trying to get chen and his investment with that lie, damaging the group’s image with what was in the papers. no matter how much the aunt tried to reason with them they wont listen to her. he asks how she could not know if it’s tm. why did she tells him just now. she says there is nothing good about knowing about this in advance.

* starting from here the words get super duper hard so I may have messed some of this up-piecing words I know and putting the sentences together.

AJ is getting questioned about K and questions have to do with the fact that K’s resort was used in the past and she was the one deciding whether it should be used. (they are trying to figure out which of her jobs connected with K or his hotels or resorts cuz it might come off as favoritism. so she got scolded first for causing this trouble for the ministry so she apologized. when she asked why they are questionsing about K and his resort the old man told her to just reply to the question and not ask questions of her own.)

K’s meeting is going on too. the guy says since it’s a meeting to decide whether or not to remove K they want to just skip ahead to the vote

AJ is asked if it is true she is dating K (in charge of Gold resort) and if that is true -did she show preference to K’s resort and she says she didnt do that-she decided objectively. he says they will decide that. like the papers say -is it true she is dating K? she says she feels it’s unfair (to accuse her of showing favoritism) he says he will ask one last question and that last answer will determine whether she can still work as a civil servant or be terminated. is it true that you are in love with K? (*not sure if I should write “loving relationship”)

K’s meeting is not going well. he stands up and asks to speak and asks for a chance to do something. the guy says as soon as K wasnt able to get chen’s investment-most of them already decided based on that alone.

AJ is asked the same thing again-is she in love with K-  and she answers “yes it is true”

the guy says let’s move on with this and vote so the aunt says let’s take an oral vote. P enters and says sorry for interrupting but Chen’s side contacted them. chen agreed to invest. aunt asks if that is true and P says she got a confirmation fax just now and they spoke to chen’s side to make sure. aunt asks looking at K: did we really get it? P replies yes- chen will come in two days. K is relieved and everyone claps

AJ sits on the bench. she remembers what she was asked-if she is in love with K and AJ answering “yes that is correct.” K shows up and says he doesnt like that pic of him cuz he didnt come out well cuz these days he is living like a celebrity. he says something good happened to him today. she says that’s good for him but something bad happened to her. he asks why and she says its nothing so he says she isnt telling him again. she tells him she went to (whatever those old men are called) and says she has to wait for an answer cuz they havent decided to fire her yet. she asks about his good news. he tells her that chen’s investment came thru and she is really happy saying how worried she was so that’s so great. K: you are that happy? AJ: of course-it was something really important. K:what is this- cuz of you I got the investment but cuz of me she might get fired. she says that is why he has to be good to her. K:that is true. he says let’s go. and she asks where cuz he is always saying let’s go

K goes and kneels in front of her dad and apologizes- you must have been upset watching your daughter going thru that. this happened cuz I was wrong-please punish me. her dad: you know you did something wrong. AJ: dad. her dad to K: do you know what you really did wrong? why did you go along with my daughter’s lie. if you were willing to overlook it you should have been better to her – why make her cry? if you made her cry you should have taken responsibility. why sell her face to the world. there is a line of guys asking for my daughter- they are just begging to let me allow them to date her even once so what are you going to do? K: you cant let that happen. she tells her dad to stop lying. her dad to K: you bad guy. just think of one thing. the objective in life is love. someone who doesnt have love doesnt have anything. that is what the two of you showed. that someone could throw away everything they have for the sake of someone (they care about) that is why I am proud of you and my daughter. even tho everyone in the world throws stones. of course when my daughter wasnt behaving properly when she lied, she was immature. but how is she now? didnt she change some? she will change more from now on. this is all due to the strength of love that changes a person.  K thanks him and her dad says since K came they should drink again-“part two.” AJ says “dad” to stop him, but her dad says he is warning him- he isnt going to go easy on K this time. K says he wont let her dad go easy on him since they are competing. she calls his name.  her dad:what you waiting for? last time I made the appetizer so isnt it your turn this time?hurry and go make some appetizers. K eagerly agrees and looks for the kitchen.

K is drunk and cant walk so AJ has to support him. she asks if he really is ok. K: of course – who I am- did you forget that I am the perfect set- good looking, has manners, and is responsible. the best part is that I am good looking. she worries how he can go home like this. (H pulls up cuz he came to pick up K). K says to K “come here” and hugs her.  H goes over and K hugs H. H asks “are you ok?” AJ apologizes to H for making him go thru so much trouble. H says it’s ok and tells K “let’s hurry and go”. K asks H: you know how I feel right? then go wait in the car for a minute. AJ to K: why? just go. K to H: hurry and go. wait in the car.  H takes the hint and tells them to have fun. K takes a deep breath and pushes AJ against the bush. she tells him to hurry and get in the car. K says: ah jung ah-be mine- dad said that-that other men are in line. AJ: is that why you were worried. K: no -jealous. be mine. AJ: I dont want to. K: everyone knows about us and you are going to break up with oppa?  she asks if he is proposing while drunk. he says he has dibs on her and “GAJ is mine!” H helps K in the car. H tells AJ that “president has dibs on you.” K hugs her thru the window saying “GAJ-you are mine now.” the car pulls away as they hug and she says it’s dangerous and let’s go.  AJ mutters “oppa? he thinks he is an oppa? so gross” (in this context “gross” doesnt mean what it normally does – it’s what you say in this situation )

AJ tells her stuffed animal – GAJ you are mine

chen and K and the aunt are signing the papers. they shake hands after the signing. aunt says: with this – World group is holding hands with China Gold. let’s go out and make the best hotel chain. K says he wont ever disappoint chen. Chen: cause of me, you meet bad luck, and was also cause of me you met at good lady. K thanks him. Chen: I have a party tomorrow, bring AJ along. K says they will make sure to go.

AJ: president chen? K: yes. AJ: is it ok for me to go there. K says that chen’s wife wants to see her and chen told him to bring AJ. what is the problem -all you have to do is go with me. she asks how she can go there and lift her face when she is jobless now. K: why not? with this pretty face. AJ: what do you think of this place? should I set up a cafe (coffee shop) like this? they say the revenue is good too. K:if you want – then you can have a few of them.  she says-no thanks- she will get one with her own strength. K:anyway you are going with me- you cant back out later

she tries to pick out something to wear-first one she thinks she looks too old-next one isnt fancy enough-wore this a few days ago-there was this one -oh yeah this is too small. should have lost some weight. jeans shows off my S line.

Chen: I want to thank Park, for arranging the party, I’ve been awaiting to see this party.
aunt: well this is a little disappointing – wasnt this party for our benefit? YJ’s mom said she came to see Chen. Chen’s Wife: No.. Thanks for coming. Park invited some reporter to meet chen. aunt asks if the guy is a reporter. park says the guy wanted to meet chen at an event like this so park brought him. Chen replied you did well. AJ and K come in.
chen’s wife says hi to AJ. Chen sees AJ, he welcomes her and AJ says hello to chen. The wife hugged AJ and said, I want to hug you, cause when I was sad, you hugged me.
AJ says something back. Chen then commented on his wife, on how much his wife liked AJ more than he did. The wife then explained further that she wanted to show AJ gratitude, and thanks her again. AJ said she didnt do anything. thank you for inviting me. the aunt glares at AJ. AJ says hello to the aunt. aunt motions to see K.

while pretending to get food, aunt asks what happened. K tells her to eat this and tries to put food on her plate but she makes him drop it. aunt: you should have told me in advance what you were going to do. K: you would have seen today so what’s the point in notifying you earlier. you’ll just make yourself sick over it. aunt: if you knew that then why do this? K: today the Chen couple wanted to see her (AJ) more than me. aunt:GAJ? K: yes so dont act like that. aunt: you are so impudent -knowing full when YJ’s parents would be here. K: it doesnt matter

reporter asks how AJ feels about becoming world hotel CEO’s woman. K asks who the guy is (talking to AJ). aunt says Park’s reporter. K walks over and asks if the guy is interviewing AJ now. the guy says sorry cuz of his job he has a lot of curiosity and didnt realize what he was doing. AJ says it’s ok. the guy asks for one question- how she feels about suddenly becoming a cinderella. K says that question should be directed at him -cuz of her he became a prince. reporter:is that so? K asks why they have to answer these questions at a time like this.  park laughs and asks why K is being that way and Park tells the reporter to stop and takes him away. AJ gets a call. she asks who it is and he says he is calling to tell her the decision they came to-she has been fired (kicked out – not sure if it’s a different word for civil servants). he says sorry and hangs up. K asks what the call was and she says sorry and says she has to leave first. she trips and ice sculptures fall. she says sorry and cries. K goes after her and she is barefoot. she stops when he calls, but doesnt turn around and then keeps running


no new preview

* just to clarify – even tho she wrote that resignation letter the minister got her another chance by meeting with the board (those old men) and if they could clear her of any wrongdoing (like showing preferential treatment towards world hotel cuz of K) she might have been able to work somewhere else-other than where she was working, but with this decision I am guessing she cant be a civil servant again. she knew it was coming but I think she was hoping for better news.

as far as her running out all upset – it might have been a combination of those questions that reporter asked and K’s aunt not liking she is here and that call just made her realize – what she probably wouldnt allow herself to accept quite yet that she gave up her career -something she loved – and hearing those final words just pushed her over. why she had to trip and fall – now that is the thing that bugs me. and how do you lose shoes from tripping? she wasnt even drunk this time. of all the places to be clumsy ..

but even tho she kept running,K will go after her and calm her down so I am not too worried. this new writer needs to work on her endings. she only has one more chance to get it right so ppl will want to see the finale. There was no conflict so they made a bigger deal with her being fired I guess.


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    No preview =( . They must be very very busy ..and can’t edit out !!


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    Aaahhh skinship!! lol @ softy I want more skinship too!! 😀 well I thought we’d get some when they were in the car but no! at the mall/store window shopping…still no, on their bench a couple of times I seriously thought we’d get a kiss well little more than hugging!. we got a hug and some hand holding which I think is cute since it’s K’s way of showing the world AJ is his! aww AJ’s dad…so cute and finally K gets ok from dad!!
    That declaration of his love for AJ was awesome altho I laughed at the background, was it a witch brewing potion? it looked like some set for hocus pocus, the place or platform they were standing on!! is there a witch movie coming out and it’s being promoted in Seoul right now? kinda outta loop on movies due to kdramas 🙂

    anyway we did get some skinship via K’s arm on AJ’s shoulder to ward off that ugly reporter guy Park intro to Chen. K’s reaction to his hand on AJ’s bare skin shoulder…was he feeling something…was that one of his moment of not acting…..Wow am I reading too much into their every move/touch/words….or I’m trying to see something that I so Want to See that isn’t there!?! well can’t help it with the lack of skipship since change of writers and all the adlibbed scripts floating around! they totally cheated us of skinship with that ice-cream scene yesterday! lol was editing poor again or my tvu just lagged too much today? poor AJ, K’s aunt couldn’t wait til later..sheesh! I hope K will be quick enough to figure out what the phone call was for and comfort his princess, pronto next episode. Thank you thank you much Softy, will be back later 🙂


  4. MJSMD says:

    Great recap! Thanks a mil!


  5. ภูติ says:

    Thanks a lot. 🙂


  6. gem says:

    i missed the streaming! thanks so much softy for filling in the details so quickly.^_^
    i feel so sorry for GAJ. 😦 she works so hard and she deserves to be freed from this misconception. Gaaahhhhh… last two episodes better turn for the better for wuri AhJung.


  7. sky says:

    What happen with the kisses??????


  8. Sunshine says:

    First thanks for Recap sep 14,Lie To Me ,I like your ways to deschribe the STORIES line ,soo poem and romantics
    Now just have to wait ep 15, 16

    I ‘m a fan of too ACTORS,i got Koffe Prince,Princess Houers YOON EUN HYE


    • Anonymous says:

      SheYJ saked her stepfather PARK to used his Power Position to letting Minister ‘commution kick AY out her loveling JOB.


  9. ck1Oz says:

    Oh geez softy I can’t even read the recaps till I finish watching ep 14 which I am doing now.I just came to wail.Oh god poor AJ.I don’t care right now about the great declaration.I am too upset watching them being so devastated.


  10. makgolli says:

    They should stop making AJ so silly sometimes. She knows what’s coming and already accepted it..Come on ,there is more to life other than work for those clowns at the ministry. I’d like Pres Chen make it a condition for the investment that AJ part of the management for the new venture, show how capable she is.


  11. Anonymous says:

    anybody has a link to watch it? i missed recording the first 15 mins 😦


  12. m86680 says:

    Many thanks for the detailed recap. I think the only obstacle is now the aunt. She can’t make KJ leaves AJ but will hurt AJ’s feelings/pride? Aunt already upsets YJ family 3 years ago when she stops KJ/YJ’s marriage, what makes her cares so much about Senator Park now? KJ doesn’t need their help at all! Let’s see how KJ comforts his AJ next week.


  13. leilovely17 says:

    Aww poor Ah Jung, but im happy that you still have K.
    You should think about that coffee shop. you did work at a coffe shop once….hehehe.
    That shout out to coffee prince was too cute.


  14. Another LTM Fan says:

    I don’t know why but I think there may be something brewing with YJ (since she talked to her step-dad) or perhaps she could spill the beans to KJ in teling him that SH likes AJ… that would be another plot for EP 15.
    But at the end of the day, please have a very very gooooooooood ending for KJ & AJ.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Thumb up. Just want to say thousand thank you to YOU!!!!!!


  16. ck1Oz says:

    thanks softy.I came back and read it.The writer needs to work on her ending.LOL.Yes she does.

    However I am cutting them some slack.There are 2 of them right?This was a pretty good episode by LTM standards.We had the OTPs together absolutely radiating love,sadness,concerns the whole gamut.

    The angst part wasn’t too bad.At least it wasn’t outright ludicrous.KJH ans YEH together just saves the show time and time again.It’s past 2am and I am getting up in less than 4 hours.God help my workmates this morning.


  17. nu2eve says:

    I was feeling giddy n loving it from K’s public declarations of love and so mushy showing how much he cared about his Junggie. AJ dad is a good man, he is supportive of K/AJ’s love. Now that I’m aware of our couple’s ad-libs I make sure that I don’t miss them LOL. On the downside, this ep felt like the sky darken. I’ve cried “buckets” here n there. felt the angsts of KJ and AJ. Very moving. Just like u Rebel Souls, I thought. . was it necessary for AJ to trip over at the party, she’s already a lost soul with all the frustrations from his aunt, grrr Park, losing her job, etc.
    Once again, my grateful thanks for all your quick n really hardworks in being generous to share the LTM drama love with us Rebel Souls, you’re awesome !


  18. MJShinshi says:

    I couldn’t stay away long had to steal time to check for updates 🙂 I Think so too K will run after AJ, he will have figured out what’s upsetting her after that ph call. Don’t tell me Y’s wish had to do with that reporter her step-father brought to meet Chen. Can some punch his lights out for asking bout Cinderella!
    Thank you softy, get some sleep more than 2hrs at least!!


  19. Sushicutie says:

    I guessed ended this drama on the two lead actors is not a bad idea since it seems there wont be any obstacles but just clearing each ones personal or shall say career issues… Ki Joon aunt gave a sense of approval to Ah jung after taking all the blame, Ah Jungs father accepted ki joon after they drink for the 2nd time, ki joon now save the hotel after chen signed the contract…. i thinks the struggles to iron now is only on AJ side…. AJ seems to be a career oriented gals, thats why having finally fired is such a big punch on her side…. for sure ki joon will do sumting for her, to address her side to the minister…. jejejje or may be marry her and take her with her as a wife instead… Geeee…. Softly, yous need to guide us on the next episode… please post some spoilers recap in advance…. pppplllllleeeeeaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  20. gem says:

    just finished ep 14 now. good thing i’ll be quite busy at work for the rest of the week to obsess over wanting to watch the last two episodes. I’m not sure what to feel about the ending but it really left me hanging and clueless on what will happen next. Aisshhh!


  21. I totally agree about the shoes, and the tripping.


  22. wap says:

    thanks so much for the recap~


  23. Dessayti says:

    I really like LTM….especially the main actor and actress…they really perform an excellent act in this drama..i hope they will get an award because of LTM… fighting….lol….


  24. Carine says:

    I hope someone is looking for this like I was. I finally found it. And am here, sharing it. =)
    Enjoy!! =)


  25. nu2eve says:

    Thank u Carine for this share ! very nice find, love, loving the OST. I want to know what’s next in LTM, but getting anxious that it’s leaving us soon. And I, along with my friends on the other side of the globe, truly are enjoying this kdrama Lie To Me. Fighting !


  26. sky says:

    What exciting to wait the next Monday and Tuesday. What is going to happen? Which be the end?
    I hope they can be happy together!!!


  27. MJShinshi says:

    I got home and tuned into tvu for the heck of it well actually to catch up with my US shows but tuned into kbs and another korean channel and LTM ep14 was airing on both!! yay 🙂 but one was with some lady commenting on the show I guess and the other just normal, altho some scenes were not shown….i know i’m pathetic when it comes to LTM…I tuned into softy’s transcap and watched along with it! ha 🙂 that’s how I knew some scenes were not shown, like AJ with SH in the park, Y with her stepdad, SR and AJ getting their nails done, etc. another scene I don’t remember watching was AK and SB with the guitar girl watching K’s declaration online before Y comes on watching same vids……yup I sat there and watched the epi again tho I’ve watched it subbed! haha thanks again softy this was handy, yet again 🙂 looking forward to the ice-cream love scene that’s making LTM netizens crazy waiting for Monday to be here! love how 1crazynyt wanted clarification on exactly what that “love scene” actually entails/means/will be?! ROFL don’t we all, girl….don’t we all want to know!?! haha


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