Lie To Me E15

What just happened? I am trying to wrap my head around this cliffhanger – the reasons she had for doing what she did tonight, how are they going to magically disappear tm?Guess we should be grateful for at least one great thing to look forward to tm…yay it’s back 🙂


Lie To Me E15

After AJ walks away from K, K runs after her and asks what happened but she says nothing happened.K:why would someone who didnt have anything happen run out of the room barefoot.what’s going on. hurry and tell me. she lies and says she doesnt feel well suddenly. I’m really ok – I didnt get to say goodbye properly please explain it well to the Chens. K: what happened? after you took that call – what kind of call was it?  she says it wasnt cuz of the call. he guesses it’s cuz of the reporter-is that why? she says she is bad/rude. he bends down and tells her to get on his back since she is barefoot. she does and he says it’s the first time he carried her and she says it is. he asks if she likes it and he jokes she is heavier than he thought so she says sorry. K:for what? AJ: for being heavy – for making it heavy. he says he was kidding-she isnt heavy at all. AJ: liar. K: it’s true- I  want to carry you every day like this.

K puts her in the car. some lady runs out with AJ’s shoes. K thanks her. she tells AJ to cheer up even tho I dont know what is going on. AJ thanks her. K puts her shoes on her and jokes it’s not a glass slipper. she says to just hand it to her and she will put them on but he says he will do it. he tells her not to cry cuz he doesnt want to see tears falling from her eyes. K: I’m going to make sure there wont be another time when you cry.I’ll make sure you smile every day. he drives her home.

AJ goes home and thinks about the cinderellla question and when she was asked if she loves K -how K announced he loves AJ and how she got fired

JB is mad when he hears she was fired. how can this happen- where is another civil servant who works hard and is ethical like you. he thinks the decision came out cuz of her dating K and if she wasnt would they do that. she asks JB to keep it a secret and help her. he asks what she is going to do. she says she wants to fight it – she cant leave things like this. she wants to protect K and her.  JB suggests something about evidence and asks if she still wants to do it and she says she does

AJ’s dad is talking to some guy and hears about the news about AJ getting fired

aunt shows the article with the picture of when K announced to the public that he loves AJ. K realizes why AJ ran out the other night. aunt says the article is saying that Gold resort was chosen cuz of AJ’s preference for K cuz they were dating and AJ was fired. aunt says his love life is his personal life but why does it have to be so noisy-why isnt he thinking of the company or his aunt. K says sorry and runs out

K wants to talk to anyone in AJ’s office right away and orders H to connect him.

AJ and her dad are eating. she isnt picking up her phone. he says he saw the paper. she says is that already out. she asks if her dad trusts her and he says of course. he says her name is gong ah jung cuz she is the most (fair? ethical? meticulous) civil servant in korea. the GAJ he knows would never do anything that isnt ethical. she says it’s too unfair so she is going to fight it. he says that is good -she made the right decision and it will work out.

her dad says about K “this friend/guy is really chasing after you. you arent jealous that I dad a short date with her right?” K: I am jealous but I will put up with it today. her dad: what? fine- I will let you borrow her for a short time so hurry and end it-just for a minute. K: father – thank you. the dad leaves. K asks if she ate and she says he always worries about food when she isnt even a pig. he says it’s good that she is being cheerful and tells her not to worry cuz he will take care of it but she says it’s her problem so she will take care of it. K: where is “your problem ” and “my problem”-it’s “our problem.” in the end the truth will come out so dont lose hope. it wont be easy but let’s combine both our strength and fight it till the end. ok? she calls him stubborn. he brings up the Gold resort and she mentions how they are misunderstanding that she showed preference. K: i knew they would do that- what is this-cuz of me. I’m a man who cant be of help. AJ: you can be of help from here on. K: if i cant be of help are you going to run away? she jokes even if she does run away she will tell him first. he threatens that she cant run away. he looks around to check if they are alone like he wants to make sure the coast is clear to make out – or I could have imagined he thought that.

AJ goes in and I think she is filing something. she gets Kim to come out and give her some files. he cheers her on

JB and AJ go thru the paperwork to prove she didnt show favoritism by proving that the places she chose would have been chosen by anyone in her situation cuz the venue was better. she says it’s higher for world hotel. her boss and office want to help her out too to prove she didnt do that. he tells them to write down all the decisions she made regarding her decisions for venues.

H says he looked over her paperwork and there is nothing in it to show/prove that she showed preference. the only thing is the truth that she was dating K at the time. if AJ had said she hadnt been dating K -then the game would be over but AJ told the truth till the end that she was dating K. K says there has to be a way and H must find it -no matter how much money it takes-if K can do something – he will do anything so he orders H to find a way

AJ is trying to get ppl to take her poll and K is passing out leaflets for ppl to read about GAJ. she asks what he is doing. he says this is his first time doing this but it’s more fun than he thought. AJ: I told you not to do anything and that I would take care of it.what is all this? K shows it to her and says H came up with old fashioned ideas so K changed it up.

AJ asks why he did it alone when it’s embarrassing. he explains there are things in the world you can do with money and things you cant do with money.who else to do that than him since he is popular so what is there to be embarrassed about.  he says since he did this much they have to hire her back. he says he is going out in front of the ministry and say save GAJ. she says he must not have much to do. K: you still dont know my skills but I take care of work quickly. how else would I have my position at this age. AJ: envious of that skill. K: also what’s wrong if I dont work some. I am world hotel HKJ. you can just shop, do yoga,  do flower arrangement.why are you like that when you know everyone is envious of you.  she says she isnt like that and she cant live just doing those things. K: when did you start being so devoted to work-werent you just doing it cuz it happened that way. he reminds her how she said she studied that cuz of her first love. AJ: stop it – fine- I dont have a dream. didnt have much ambition in life -was crazy about my first love and wasnt thinking anything taking the level test  and got lucky to pass.i came all this way doing something I didnt want to do. then why are you trying to save a civil servant instead of killing her. he shows her the pic he chose to put on the leaflet and says -but I used a  pretty pic huh?

YJ’s mom brings food for YJ cuz she doesnt seem to be eating and was worried. her mom asks why she is reading the paper. YJ says she is ok to her mom. YJ hugs her and says it’s nice to have her mom. her mom says YJ did nothing wrong. YJ says she knows K wont come back to her and she should be ok but she did something wrong. for the last moment she did something bad. her mom asks what that means. YJ: I feel like I will keep being bad.  she cries. her mom tells her to go back to france cuz staying here is going to be harder for her. YJ nods.

JB is working too hard so SR says he is going to get a nosebleed. he tells her to go sleep first but she says he doesnt have to do this much for AJ. he mentions he has to protect his clients secret. SR warns he better get her rehired. SR tries to seduce him, but she goes away angry. he chases after her

AJ practices her speech in front of the mirror. she tells herself not to cry

AJ goes in and faces some men. she passes out paperwork and says it’s the result of the poll she took using the same content she used to decide between gold resort and great resort and polled how others would choose – 198 chose Gold resort too. the guy asks if she met all these ppl and got signatures from them herself. she says she did and did blind tests too. she points out that others chose the same as hers so her decision to choose shouldnt be considered subjective or arbitrary-since she is in love with K she thinks they can suspect but for that one reason she cant accept being punished. cuz of her case she was afraid other ppl in similar situations would have to go thru the same thing cuz of their family members or loved ones. so she wanted to clear this up as a civil servant to protect them. she repeats again that she was objective when she chose the resort-even if she had to go thru this again- she wouldnt change her choice-why – cuz whether a civil servant, an office worker or the president -if they did their job objectively- love shouldnt be a crime. they hear her out and based on her statement, the poll, they give her a verdict right away.

K is waiting outside and asks how it went. she is crying so he says it’s ok and consoles her. she says she cant work out in the mornings with him anymore cuz she has to work again. he asks if she got her job back- he is happy that she got it. he asked why she cried and she says cuz she was happy. he congratulates her and hugs her

AJ does a love shot with her dad. he asks when she starts and she says next week. he asks if she wants to go on a trip. AJ: with you? her dad: then were you going to go with that guy? AJ:yes. her dad reminds her when she gets married she wont get to see her dad much. she says what marriage – going to live with you dad. he says he cant trust her words. AJ: it’s real – I am not thinking of marriage yet. he says without him she was able to take care of her work.he says his daughter has grown more. she says she was already taller than her dad. he says thank you for growing up well without a mom.

aunt says she heard that AJ got her job back and mentions what K did. he asks if she heard about him doing that. she asks what he is planning to do – is he really thinking of marrying AJ. K: yes if I can -I want to do it right away even. she asks what he likes about her since she has a normal home and civil servant.  he says he likes how she is normal and stuff. aunt: even if I try to stop you – you probably wont listen to me. K: are you going to stop me? you know that even if you try to stop me it wont matter right?

AJ is running around in a hurry looking for her cell phone and ID tag to get in the building. her dad tells her to eat first so she tries to eat quickly.she says it tastes good and says will be back after work while he tries to tell her to eat slowly sitting down.

as she goes in she hears music. AJ sees a stand for ice cream and wonders why it’s there. some yellow bear runs over to her. she says it’s cute. he pushes her along to go down to the stand and wont let her run away. her coworkers run over with a banner yelling congratulations.  K is there wearing a uniform and congratulates her for getting reinstated and puts a wreath around her neck. K says he is paying for all the ice cream and they celebrate. her boss says they worked to get her hired back too -another says they knew she would come back- kim asks you two are getting married right? woman asks when AJ is getting married. you are going to invite us too right? AJ: what marriage – we arent. K looks at her when she said that. office workers dont believe her and chant for her to get married. K  hits the bear and says “take that off.” H takes the head part off and is all sweaty and mutters “you are asking me to do just anything now.” H turns to AJ and says congratulations. H chants get married too.

AJ and K are eating ice cream. AJ: so embarrassing. K: you didnt like it?  AJ:yes. K: you really didnt like it? AJ: yes.  he gets riled up and asks: did you totally not like it? AJ: no I liked it-I totally liked it. K laughs. you liked it why cant you be honest? you said a civil servant had to be honest and she says that and this kind of honesty is different. K: answer this honestly. AJ: what? K: a while ago when ppl asked -why did you do that? AJ: did what? K: are you not thinking of marrying me? AJ: it’s just…..K: are you really not considering it? AJ says she is hot must be summer. she says she has to go in to work. he says answer first and then go but she says later and leaves

AJ thinks about K’s marriage question.K: are you not thinking of marrying me?

SH is trying to clean up his space. YJ comes in and says she thought she was in a different place and asks what made him clean up. SH: it’s the first time you saw me cleaning huh?she says since it is orderly now he can work. she says he looks better than his work space cuz his expression is cheerful. he says that’s good. he asks what brought her here and she says she is going back to paris. he asks if she is still hurting alot but she says that’s not it- she isnt running away cuz she is hurt – she doesnt want to do that. YJ: I want to let go of his hand now-the one I was holding onto. I’m going to go and get some rest and study more. SH: that was a good decision. she wants to marry someone better and be happy. SH: that’s good to see – but what if I get jealous you meet someone scarier

AJ goes down to meet YJ. YJ says she heard what happened to AJ. AJ: there was a misunderstanding. YJ says sorry – even tho I knew you were a good person I hated you-I shouldnt have done that.  AJ says she would have done the same thing. I told you before but I know how you feel a little. YJ says thank you for understanding. AJ says YJ can hate her all she wants and doesnt have to feel sorry for hating her. but just hate AJ (and not K.) YJ: I lost. AJ: there is no such thing as winning or losing. YJ says she is leaving for paris tm

K is cooking for AJ.AJ: is this the most delicious spaghetti in the world? K: you will know when you eat it – after you eat- dont faint cuz it’s so good. she asks when he learned cuz he said he was always busy working. K: these days you cant succeed just doing well at work-working out, art, music.  he reminds her how she called him “yeobo I’m here” . she asks when she did that. K says what are you going to do if you are shy like this – there arent that many days left until I will be hearing you say “yeobo” for real. AJ: who says. he gives her a taste.he asks how it tastes.  she eats it and pretends to faint. K: did you faint should I call 119?  she says it tastes good. he tells her to wait a little. he gets a text. he asks AJ to pick it up for him. she sees that it’s from YJ asking to meet before YJ leaves for france tm. AJ tells him to meet YJ cuz she is leaving tm. I think that it’s good for my sake too.

YJ tries on her ring. she takes it off when she hears K coming. YJ : thank you for coming. I’m going to leave and let you go. I wanted to meet to say that. he asks if she had a plan for when she gets to paris. YJ: i just have to live vigorously again. I have my precious life. K: you really did accept it now. YJ: it was really hard but till the end you showed me how-that it was my turn (to accept). it was my turn to accept but I was the only one not wanting to face that. K: YJ- the time I spent with you were precious memories and I was grateful. that truth wont change.  YJ: thank you. K: I am more thankful.

YJ is at the airport. SH shows up and gives her a present. he explains it’s something she cant get in Paris. she asks what it is and asks to open it but he says it will smell – she guesses it’s red pepper paste. he says SB told him to give it to YJ. SB stayed up making it cuz she likes it and told SH to pass on the thanks to SB. she thanks him for bringing. he says he will pass it along. she thanks SH too. SH says he didnt do anything for her to be grateful for.  YJ: no cuz of you I was able to get my feelings in order quicker. SH: then shouldnt you give me a present. she says later. she promises to contact him if she gets to have a show/exhibit. he promises to do the same. he asks if she is going to have her arm linked with a guy who looks like a movie star. he says it’s good to see her smile for the last time. they shake hands.

AJ is putting makeup on AK. AK asks why AJ is doing this suddenly cuz she only came cuz AJ called. AJ says they have somewhere to go later. AK asks where she has to go. AJ says she looks pretty. AK asks why AJ isnt replying. and keeps asking where they are going

K is helping out AJ’s dad  pick out a suit. her dad asks why K is doing this. K says it’s to celebrate AJ getting rehired. K makes him put it on.

SH and SB are together. SB is crying saying I didnt know it was like this to send someone away. SB acts like he is crying over the onions

they turned the light off at the cafe and brought AK and AJ’s dad. they play a wedding march. AJ’s dad asks why AK is dressed up at AJ’s party and AK asks where he is going dressed up. they congratulate AJ’s dad and AK. SH brings out the cake. her dad accuses AJ of doing this – getting rid of her dad to get married. AJ says her dad has good foresight. AK asks when AJ and K are getting married. K says dont worry and we will soon.AJ: who says. SB takes the pic of all of them

K gives AJ paper for her and for him. she asks if they are writing another contract. he wants her to write down ten characteristics she wants from her ideal man and he will write down what he wants from a woman. she asks why. K: I thought about it and we dont know that much about each other so I want to do some research. AJ: if I write all ten things down do you have the confidence to match them? K: it’s not like I cant – did you forget about HKJ perfect set and she says she knows it well – good looking, manner, responsibility. K: that’s why dont worry about me and worry about you. AJ: if there is another woman like me tell her to come out. K: let’s write them down.  they both write and finish at the same time. K says let’s switch now and reaches for hers. she asks for his. K grabs hers first. she says if he can even match 5 out of 10 she will consider him a 100% guy. K: if you match just 3 out of 10 I will carry/piggyback you around every day

AJ reads his list in order from #1 – woman who makes breakfast, woman who works out early in the morning with him, if we fight and I say sorry first a woman who accepts my apology,woman who cries a lot during sad movies, even if we have different hobbies, a woman who will spend that time together, a woman who doesnt lie and is honest. [somewhere else on the list is this one] even tho the years pass and she gets older- without using wrinkle care -a woman who has  pretty wrinkles

AJ goes to see SH and sees a painting of herself and says she saw the face somewhere alot before- who is it. SH says it is her. he asks what brought her here. she says she brought him some food. he asks why- is she is acting like a sister in law already? he says she isnt denying it. he thanks her for the food. she asks what the painting is. he says it is her. she asks why he drew her and he says he just did. he was just looking for a face and drew it. she says he should hang it up since he drew it so well,  but he says he did hang it but the ugly face kept looking at him so he took it down. she says she wants this later as a present and asks what he is drawing these days. he says nothing now.  he asks for a pic of her and K. AJ: why? so you can draw us? SH: you two look good together. even tho she is ugly he will draw her pretty. she almost hits him but says she will hold it in and tells him to eat

AJ looks at K’s list and says aloud the stuff she can do. for breakfast give him cereal.not so much on working out. will accept his apology.also she can cry a lot (during sad movies). this one I really dont like – even tho the years pass and she gets older- without using wrinkle care -have pretty wrinkles-where is a woman like that? you are asking too much –  wake up from your dream

AJ goes to meet the aunt. the aunt is on the phone about work and the transaction involves a great deal of money so AJ’s eyes go round hearing the number. aunt gives AJ a list. look this over – if you are going to be of help to K, these are the things you have to take care of. there are ten receptions in a yearfor different embassies-even if it’s bother you have to study up on it -someone who is going to be K’s wife cant just keep her mouth closed and just smile. you dont have to do it well but you have to be able to play some golf -and you know K has a lot of business trips abroad. AJ says she knows that. aunt says until now K worked alone but if you go with him now K will have less burden-you saw what happened with the Chen couple -you were a great help to K then. AJ says she didnt do much. AJ says she has to keep doing her work.  the aunt says AJ can keep working for the time being since she worked so hard to get it back so quitting right away wouldnt be right. AJ: no even if I keep dating and if we end up getting married, I dont plan to quit my job. aunt says that’s fine – wanting to do your own work is ok but I just thought it would be better if you helped K with his work. that is something for you and K to decide.

AJ meets some reporter and she says AJ is pretty in person. she asks when AJ is getting married. even though they revealed their relationship,  did AJ get a proposal yet? ppl are curious about what kind of proposal K would have made. AJ says there arent at that stage yet. the girl asks if AJ doesnt have plans to marry yet cuz they thought there would be. she asks if AJ turned him down.AJ: that isnt it. the girl asks: are you two not that close to get married? AJ tries to answer but the girl says : you just didnt get a proposal yet right? AJ: yes. she says she has one last thing to ask – if AJ gets married is she going to put K first as priority cuz AJ will become part of world group.

AJ looks at his list again and “X” out the ones she cant do. there are a lot. AJ remembers all the things the aunt said about being K’s wife

K is meeting with AJ and showing her some interior designs of homes (chalets) with high ceilings, rivers or streams, and gardens – not sure if it’s for work or for them. he asks if she doesnt like any of them. she says they are all nice. she asks if he read her list. K: the ideal list? of course I did- I almost memorized the whole thing. AJ: if you did why are you like this. you are supposed to think about the other person’s situation and know other person’s mood and condition. that’s the kind of guy I like.he guesses she doesnt feel happy today -did something happen at work. she says no. so he says he will totally cheer her up- he already had something planned anyway so this works out. he says let’s go

he takes her to his home and makes her close her eyes. she asks what all of this is and he says he has some creative talent and so does SH – she asks if he made all this himself. K says all of this is hers. he is even going to put her name on this. AJ: this isnt all of it right cuz this isnt enough to cheer me up. he says there is one more – a secret room. something he has never shown anyone. he is going to show just her in particular.

he takes her to his toy miniature room. she asks if he made them all by himself. he says he did. she asks when he had time to make them cuz he is busy. he mentions his list “even if our hobbies are different, a woman who will spend that time together with him .” he says today’s highlight and a train comes over with a diamond necklace. he puts it on her. wow that thing is beautiful. K: I always lived my life for others and this place is just for me-I want to share it with you . will you marry me?  AJ: KJ-shi – I thought a lot about marriage but I dont think I am the right woman for you (word for word “I dont think I am your woman”)



after her rejection of his proposal, AJ explains: I love you -so much that I worry if I can live in a world without you

K says he cant let that happen -he hates the idea- but  she begs him using aegyo – just until I find what I lost-it wont take long

another kiss at the airport

he asks if he can call her often as she walks away

*very good sign – no one is crying !!!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you 😀


  2. reikokeiko says:

    watch here for scene from ep 15. Enjoy it while waiting …


  3. Carine says:

    does anyone know what song is it that is playing when K was talking to AJ after he chased after she ran out of the room? =)


  4. kokochulberryjam says:

    thank you for the recap. have never posted here before but i as a fan of YEH and LTM would like to salute you and the rest of the gals here camping for the wonderful recaps and comments i get to read after each episode. my heartfelt thanks to you.

    epi 16 will answer everything and hopefully will not only give us a happy ending but a satisfying one too.


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    i’ve been very greatful to you soulsrebel..thank you so much for the very fast recap 🙂


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    Thank your summary Soulsrebel is a rate of hot chocolate for my soul, I wish you a happy ending for Jung Ah and Ki Joon, and although some people are pessimistic about the heart I believe that tomorrow we will all have a smile on her lips the final chapter. Waoo Lie To Me, has been a wonderful journey: I LOVE


  7. fary says:

    Thanks, I really love Soulsrebel of your resume and give me hope that tomorrow we will have a happy ending. God does not want it to end Lie To Me, I love history and Eun Hye and Ji hwan most extraordinary couple who are both


  8. Goji says:

    ok for the pretty hand and feet thing on HKJ list…. did he really write that down or did you guy put that in?


  9. Anonymous says:

    i hate the writing. i know they changed writers mid series but i feel like all the angst and even uncertainties our main characters are now going through are a great departure from the original characters. the new writer made this drama weak in all it’s elements and story continuity. hkj is acting more like a school boy infatuated by his new love, rather than his “set of 5” personality and gaj has become more of a distant, serious and overly emotional character. the writer failed to develop any intimacy between the two lead characters and it seems to me that the new writer is simply tightening loose ends without thought or regard to the whole series. the two main characters have become dependent on the great chemistry of the 2 actors as players. sh and even yj all fizzled as supporting characters. they all just bowed out without so much as a wave. how it will all end? makes no difference because whatever climax thought to be achieved by the last two episodes, the writer has managed to kill them all. this drama had such great promise, but unfortunately, it will leave with more ambiguity than when it began. i have become an anti fan of lie to me but like all of the liars who have been so faithful to this show, i will watch the inevitable end.
    thank you rebel souls for your effort. you guys are amazing!


    • DranaFeva says:

      Could not agree more. I hate how the personalities of the leads changed dramatically, I liked how playful AJ was and how serious KJ was. I don’t like how they suddenly all their cuteness went away. I am so mad at this new writer, he could have made a big deal of the proposal, the preparation for the wedding and how AJ would want a simple close friends thing and KJ and his aunt would want a grand event, they could have build the angst around that. They could have taken this story to many different directions, instead we are having this boring AJ with her crying every scene. I love LTM that’s why I am ranting that it is falling flat on its face.


  10. Amy says:

    Thanks a million for fast transrecap. I’d been refreshing this site many, many times. just to read and understand this drama. Usually I watch the raw vid and at the same time I open this site reading it and while I’m watching it. Thanks again.


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    Just watched the raw version on TV and came here to watch it after. As always Softy great job, and love how fast you do this. One more show to go, it had better be a good one!!!! 🙂 🙂
    I will be missing this one for sure. It amazes me, how I get so into the characters knowing they are only going to be in my life for a few short weeks.
    Thanks again for all the work you put into the transcribing.
    Will you be taking a break this time? Do you have any new Dramas you may work on in the future?


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    Thank you Softy – you have done a great job the past weeks. Your hard work is highly appreciated!!!


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    Hi softy.You recap helped me survived during work.I was so antsy.I couldn’t post a reply off my work computer but wanted to say gamsahamnida.Love you.

    Wishing you all the best recapping tonight.I am so so so SO impatient but can’t even watch the raw.It will be a test of my willpower as I want to watch the raw before the recap.I need to savour every expression on our OTP face and not spoil any surprises 🙂 Good luck to me,sigh.


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    I want to thank u sincerely Rebel Souls for your super fast recaps, always caring and sharing with us our OTP and LTM.
    Just in a few hours, the final LTM episode will show live. just want to tell u Rebel Souls that u are awesome, we love u for all your hard works. will wait for ur recaps! LTM fighting !
    busy at work, wish I could watch streaming too.


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