Lie To Me E11

After all the drama from other shows, this was a great little break. At this point, either ppl will love this show or they wont. I don’t know about everyone else on soompi, but I like this second half way more than the first half. K was all kinds of adorable tonight. 🙂
Thank you everyone for your collaboration 🙂
French lines were done by April
Jaimex for the first part of the Chinese translations and Carine for the next line of chinese
Japanese lines were done by 3hoshi, Elena, and Nikesma

Lie To Me E11


Right after AJ says she is married, K comes up and says they are not. minister asks what this mean and AJ says again she is married and K says no again. then minister and chen speak chinese. *Chen : They are already married. Their relationship is very good.
Minister : Is it ? I didn’t know about that. minister says since he has been married 30yrs- he has those days too when he and his wife fight and act like they are married one day and strangers the next and everyone laughs it off. K tries to explain that’s not it but AJ says the time is late and to go eat.

K says to chen he didnt know chen would come earlier. *Chen replied, that there’s totally no relation, so sorry, however at the same time, it’s time to discuss about the work. minister says K can trust chen. AJ eats at another table with her group and she looks over at them. the woman compliments AJ on a job well done. her boss asks who is sitting next to the minister. coworker says K of world hotel. her boss wants to go say hello so AJ tells him not to since they must be talking about something important. her boss gets a call about jejudo

AJ asks why K said they werent married-why did he do that-he asked her to pretend to be married in front of Chen. she was worried K would lose his investment. K: even tho – how could you lie in front of the minister like that? she asks if K forgot about their contract.  K pulls it out and shows it to her and she says he kept it well. he tears it up saying: dont ever lie again. cuz this (contract) will never happen again.  AJ:what? K: I will make sure you dont lie again. I’m gonna go around telling in front of anyone that we never married and we are going to start over from the beginning. AJ: start what over from the beginning? K: cuz of your lie everything has been messed up. but I am still going to forgive you for all of it. anyway we are going to start over from the beginning. AJ: who is going to forgive who? K: listen to what I am saying. (cant tell which pronoun to insert-I- you -we) if () like going to hold hands and go watch movies-end up liking more than () going to kiss and if () like each other more then ….AJ: if () like more? K doesnt say anything. AJ: did you think if you did this I would like it? K:you dont like it? then if you dont like it I will make it that you do like it  AJ: just cuz you say do I have to go along with it? always doing whatever you want K: you really dont want to? AJ: I am saying this clearly but I wont lie again. and I wont care about your feelings. so dont tell someone to come and go. she takes off.

JB is taking medicine.SR wrote she is leaving “everyone goodbye” on her home page and he cries out her name and bawls

JB goes to the police and tells them to spread photos of his wife cuz he wants her found cuz she is missing. officer tells JB to go home and wait but JB says he doesnt know her personality and there is no telling what she will do (become suicidal). SR friends come over too saying the read SR’s home page and it sounds like she is saying bye forever. one says it will be ok and another says she has a strange feeling and it makes JB worry more

AJ’s boss talks about their image going down if something gets cut. AJ gets a call and interrupts. boss says one of them has to go to jejudo and convince those group of foreigners. no one wants to go. JB is texting AJ asking if SR might kill herself and AJ remembers how SR was upset so she texts SR :where are you -let’s meet and talk – dont think of doing anything bad. boss keeps asking who is going and they can take the ship. SR calls back so AJ asks where SR is and she says jejudo and AJ says she will go there. boss and coworkers clap cuz they think she just volunteered.

AJ is dragging her carry on and K is waiting by his car. he asks if she is going to work-why the bag is she going on a trip? AJ: do I look like i have nothing to do? what are you doing here?  K: youre going on a business trip – where to? get in (the car). she says she has to take a boat. he asks where she is going. she says she has to take the bus to Janung and then the ship to jejudo. he offers to take her as far as he can but she says no thanks. he says she has luggage and she is going to take the bus so he can take her. she asks why he is doing this. K: I told you that we are going to start over from the beginning. AJ: who said? she hops in a cab

K reports to his aunt about being able to sign the contract with chen before the end of next month. and mentions something about jejudo project.aunt says until chen signs they cant let their guards down.  K tells his aunt she doesnt need to worry about chen signing investment cuz K is paying close attention to it

K asks if H found out. H hands him some packets with a itinerary and map. it is true she is going to jejudo for work. she is going to one location for something and jejudo to meet three foreigners to lobby for Jejudo to become a designated tourist spot. H adds it wont be easy to meet them. K asks where that is and H asks if K is planning to go. K asks where Janung is.

K calls her and asks where she is. AJ: if i tell you where are you going to hurry and come here with a car? K: right about now you should be passing daejun and almost to kwangju. AJ: you must be awfully bored. I’m busy looking over some paperwork so if you dont have anything to ask then let’s hang up. K:wait a minute – you do know that you are getting your salary from the taxes I pay-work hard. since I am busy – bye.

AJ comes out of the station and K is there. she asks what he is doing here. he says to escort her to jejudo. K:  the civil servant who thinks she is doing all the work of korea’s tourism ministry GAJ or is Ajung ah better. he says he will escort her and follows her. she keeps walking and he calls her by her name (the way she likes) so she warns him not to call her name like that -if you do it more time- why did you have to follow me all the way here. he starts to explain he had business in jejudo but she motions for him to zip his lips. she tells him not to call her name. he plays the jejudo song and lip syncs it -after hesitating, she keeps going. K asks if she is really taking the boat to jejudo. she says it’s faster than a plane from here. K: i cant ride that (boat) at all – whereever I go i take the sky-i never rode that- also i suffer from motion sickness so I hate boats. she says that is his problem. K says he called a helicopter and it will be here in 5 mins. he calls and asks who the pilot is today. the helicopter comes into view. K keeps saying he hates riding boats. AJ:whether you ride a helicopter or a bird – do whatever you want.  she gets on anyway. he cancels the helicopter. H wonders if K is kidding around-making me do this and that. H has to call it in and cancel. he explains the president just called and said he didnt need it – I’m sorry. he gets yelled at by the person on the other line.

P asks where K is and H sings the lyrics to the song “two of them left”  and wont tell her directly where K went

P goes into the meeting alone without K and says K wont be coming today. he asks why she called them. she starts the meeting. she says how she worked on it for a year. a man gets angry at her. they yell at her and she yells back. she sort of scolds them

on the ship- K is suffering so AJ sticks a patch behind his ears so he wont suffer motion sickness as much. they sit together and he looks better.

* by the way that little circular patch is a modern day miracle – you stick it on an hour or two before flight and you are good to go for 24 hrs. seriously -without that – I wouldnt be able to step foot on a plane or boat.

when they get on land she mutters if he is going to follow her he could at least help her with her bag- since you are sick I am going to be patient. everyone is perfectly fine so why is he the only one like that. K is looking for something. there is a stretch limo waiting and he pulls her into it. K offers her wine and is shocked she would decline alcohol, but she says she is working/on duty. he offers cola and shakes it so she remembers the kiss. then he offers her tomato juice and reminds her she drank it before at his hotel (when she fell over and spilled it on herself). she grabs water and drinks it so K asks:what is that – you’re not moved -muttering he set all this up. AJ: you think i came to play.  she yells that they passed where she is staying. K:that motel? you were going to sleep there after coming all the way here? she says a civil servant doesnt get much for business trip expenses and asks the driver to stop. then she sees the bridge so K tells the driver to pull over. she goes around taking pics saying how pretty it is. K: what is so important about your work that you have to study up on it.  she says it’s a secret – it’s a project – I have to convince some ppl and dont know if I can. K already knows why she is here and names the 3 men by name,why there are here, and even about their personality- the japanes guy being famous for being picky so she is surprised. AJ: how did you know? he asks how she can do it alone when she is accident prone GAJ. she says she is already feeling burdened and she didnt come cuz she has skills -it was all cuz of SR.  K: SR-that friend? why? she explains SR fought with her husband cuz of AJ and came to jejudo.

K takes her to the hotel. she asks what he is doing -he isnt kidnapping someone-  she already told him she had to stay at that motel. K gets a schedule of what those 3 men will be doing – french restaurant, beach, golf, halla mountain, etc. looks like you will be busy. K tells the guy he did well. she says sorry but she doesnt have time to play-unlike K who has nothing to do- she came cuz she was entrusted with imp work. he gives her the schedule and tells her to look over it. she asks how he got this and he says since he helped her out she can return some of his tax. she thanks him and offers to pay him back somehow. he tells her to stay here in this hotel cuz it will be more useful cuz those men are staying here.

she goes inside and asks if the ppl she wants to meet have reservations at the french restaurant for dinner. they cant give out that info. she asks to make reservations but they said she can only make it if she is V-VIP. AJ looks at K. she goes in to her room and he explains how it’s really nice at this hotel and has the best views of jejudo. he stands close to her so she pushes him out saying he did his job giving her the room.K:wait- dont you have something to say to me?  she asks if he is a VIP member here and he corrects her and says he is V-VIP. she asks if she can follow him into the restaurant and he says yes. she is happy, but he says he doesnt want to cuz he is tired and doesnt have time at dinner. he walks off muttering “why am I so busy”. AJ calls SR.

AJ goes in with K and goes to meet the men and speaks english. she ends up almost spilling juice but K catches the glass before it spills and speaks english- I can be quick sometimes. *french guy : Are these people allowed to sit (be here) at this table with us ?
KJ : Don’t worry. Kimura: It’s a waste of time
Kijoon: I heard that your son is a fan of Tohoshinki (DBSK). I think I will be able to obtain VIP tickets for the upcoming Tokyo concert for you. (LOL^^ Bribery with DBSK tickets!)

at the cafe SH hears about AJ and her trip. SB hears about AJ”s dad and AK

AK is cooking and AJ’s dad looks on. he says she looks pretty so that is why he is staring. he says how it tastes good.

SH goes out and SB keeps saying dont stop him and asks where AJ’s home is

AJ greets the men and says bye and he says let’s meet tm. she gets a call from SH. he says he heard she went on a business trip. he asks where and she says jejudo. K takes the phone and tells him that they just finished work.he says to call later if he has something to say so they can breathe now. she asks why he took someone else’s phone. K: i hate waiting.i helped you meet ppl who are hard to meet – do I have to wait till you finish your call too? she thanks him.  K says she has to play golf tm morning and asks if she knows.  she points out if a civil servant has a chance to play it – and plans to wing it. he asks what she does know to do.

she wonders where SR is and calls. SR is by the pool and doesnt pick up at first. then she does but doesnt say anything. AJ: where are you? are you listening? talk with me. SR acts all weak and sad. SR: i am listening. you know who JB is to me- now i cant live anymore. i want to forget everything and die. AJ:where are you? SR: dont know- there is water in front of me. AJ: are you by the beach? i came to jejudo. just tell me where you are and I will go right away. AJ asks to meet and clear up the misunderstanding. SR:AJ: AJ: i know how you feel. SR: AJ- goodbye. and she jumps in the water with a little scream. AJ is worried but sees SR swimming nearby in the pool. she runs in and says :you want to die?

AJ repeats what SR said about wanting to die. SR says ppl could die in pools. SR says she should be the one who is angry. she asks if AJ has feelings left for her husband.AJ: that really isnt true. SR:  if you arent how could you do that? you were in his arms. AJ insists she doesnt like JB even a pinky amount. SR: you expect me to believe that? you lie like you eat food.  AJ swears on sky and ground- and her dad. I want you to live happily with JB-I mean it. SR asks if AJ could believe it if AJ saw what SR did with her own eyes. AJ says it was a misunderstanding- she fell over and he caught her and that’s all. SR asks why JB was there and AJ says he dropped by and she was sending him away. SR says AJ couldnt forget her first love and that’s why AJ lied that she was married. AJ says “I have someone I like”. K shows up and SR guesses AJ likes K. SR says she didnt know K and AJ came together

JB gets a call from AJ that she found SR. he hears where and goes

AK is feeding AJ’s dad. SB shows up with soju. SB is impressed AK made all the food. SB wants her to choose.

aunt meets YJ and her mom.  YJ says K must be busy.aunt explains K had to work outside of seoul. the mom says they should have met as soon as YJ came back. the aunt says she had something she was sorry to YJ for. YJ says there wasnt and tells her mom it was no big deal. aunt says something about reuniting K and YJ. YJ’s mom said it took a long time. YJ’s dad shows up to and says he heard K was working on a deal with chen. YJ asks her dad to help K

SR asks if AJ and K are starting to date now. AJ chokes on her water and K wipes AJ asking if she is ok and why she is spilling water. SR looks envious, but remembers K being with YJ. AJ almost says something but doesnt. SR says she will be leaving first. AJ asks why and SR says she is tired. AJ asks if SR cleared up her misunderstanding so AJ doesnt have to worry. SR: the misunderstanding with you has been cleared up but JB is the problem. she leaves. K keeps wiping the spill on AJ saying you can see thru the shirt. AJ says she will do it and gets a call from her boss. she says she met them but he she has to meet them again tm if he is that worried he should come down here himself and promises to put her life on the line and do well.  she was holding K’s hand while she was on the phone to stop him from wiping and realized after she hung up. she gets up suddenly and he asks if she is leaving and she says arent you. he says he is too. (the way he wiped those drops of water on her shirt you would think she had a major stain – so cute how natural his skinship is with her now)

K is on his balcony drinking beer and looks over into AJ’s room. he almost goes closer but she comes out. he says how the view is great. AJ: could I ask one question about something? K: what is it? AJ: did you really come cuz of me?  K: no cuz of me. I couldnt focus on anything – i kept being curious- and missed you an annoying amount. she says he is playing hooky and not working. K: that’s true I am playing hooky – can I ask one question too? AJ: what is it? K: are all girls like that?  wanting to meet a guy better than her friend. she explains how it makes her angry when she sees someone doing better than her.K: cuz of a friend who stole the guy you liked -you lied and wanted to act married to a prosperous guy?I just asked to see if there was another reason maybe….he says he is tired and reminds her to wake early tm and goes in to sleep.

she tosses and thinks about what K just said. she is suddenly embarrassed she says

next morning K tries to wake her with the bell and phone but she is still sleeping. he tells her to hurry and wake. it’s 5am

AJ asks why the men moved up the golf time when it was set for 9am. K says she should be grateful he told her and woke her up. she called a translator for 9am.  he asks why when he is here. she says he isnt relaying anything she says and is just playing golf. K explains men dont talk here.whatever it is – it’s important to move ppl. he pinches her cheek.  she says if she knew she would have learned to play golf sooner. for some odd reason they are making her walk and not ride with them or at least put her in a separate golf cart

she asks K to ask the japanese guy if he came to do something. Kijoon: There was two bunkers but you (I? Not sure who he is referring to) were lucky
(The guy has a Korean accent when he speaks so it was kind of hard to tell what he was saying at the beginning but I think I heard..)
Kimura: The wind was strong and the view was blocked but you did well. You have incredible golf skills.
Kijoon: No, no way!
Kimura: By the way, what is that girl saying, following us?
Kijoon: Oh.. she was saying that it defintely looks like Kimura-san will lose
Kimura: (laughs) Please tell her that the game is not over yet.
Kijoon: I will.
AJ asks what he said. K tells her to stop frowning cuz the guy said she looked like a puppy. AJ: not that- didnt you ask my question? Kijoon to the men: Let’s go. she asks how long it will take to play the whole round. he says they are finishing the course they are on and do another course. AJ:how long do I have to wait-  dont have time. K:when I guy and a girl meet what do they do first?  do they marry as soon as they meet? business is the same. you meet, drink tea, eat, watch movies, kiss, and it isnt time to kiss yet. she doesnt get what that means (he meant there is a lot more of the game to play before she can get to her business)

YJ goes to see SH. he asks if she came cuz she couldnt reach K. she asks if K doesnt answer SH’s call. he says he does and tells YJ that K is with AJ at jejudo. SH says he wanted YJ and K to work out well but it’s not

AJ asks K to ask the guys if they are leaving already. french guy : We have to go now. KJ : I had a good time today. she says in english: i have something to tell you. then she tells K to translate the rest of what she is saying. she asks them to give her some time. Kimura: I know you are here to promote Jeju Island. Describe to me, then, Jeju Island in one word. K says:what are you going to do? he wants you to sum up jejudo with one word. K tells her that he told her this wasnt the time to bring up her matter.AJ: jejudo is a mom. K asks what she is saying. she tells K to translate.  AJ says jejudo is like mom and picks up the oyster and explains how this oyster is one of the tastiest staples of jejudo-ppl put their lives on the line to get them from the ocean -when they find a big oyster like this they endure whatever hardships and dangers to get it and some ppl die in the process -why do they go that far? since they are moms who need to raise their children-if they cant get these to sell their children will starve -even tho the mothers dont get to eat – for the sake of raising their children -they sell these – wind -rock – woman -there are a lot of things in jejudo -if they can beat the wind they can go to the ocean -those mothers before they were mothers were women. i dont have a mom but when i come to jejudo I always think of my mom-living in a beautiful island- something something -arent those ppl who are living in that (?) island beautiful too -that’s why in one word jejudo is mother. K translates quietly next to her. the other guys respond.Kijoon: That’s why you can say that Jeju Island is like a mother. Kimura: I understand. Through your explanation, we were able to gain a different understanding of Jeju Island. french guy : We traveled the whole world but this is the first time that we hear such a meaningful story with so much pride like you told us. Kijoon: I know that you have a very busy schedule and that you are working very hard to judge the bids. After they leave AJ feels faint so K asks if she is ok.

K tells her she was great- you know they were all touched right? he thinks it went well and the results will be easy

they pull over to sit on the grass. her legs hurt so he offers to massage them. K: to you jejudo had your mom’s memories. I was hoping when you came to jejudo, you would think only of me. he asks her to talk about her mom. AJ: she was very ill when I was in third year of grade school. after she passed, it was hard on my dad and me. before I could be my dad’s daughter, I thought I had to act like a mom too. didnt want my dad to notice how sad or how hurt I was -if I do that too then it will be harder on my dad. he asks if that is why she is so bright/lively and independent. she says he acts strong, dependable, etc  when really inside (she points to his chest) he is still like a kid who loves building models. she asks how it was for him. K: now that I think about it – we dont know much about each other. K says how his parents died when K was 11 and SH was 5. for the two of us, it was an age that was difficult to handle that much sadness but I think we were able to overcome it well cuz out aunt was watching over us. she says it must have hurt a lot. they both lie on the grass

AJ goes in and lies on the sofa muttering how tired she is. K calls and asks what she is doing. AJ: lying on the sofa cuz i am tired. he says there is a room behind the sofa and tells her to go into it. she says she is tired so why does she have to. he says open the door and go in. she goes in and he tells her to go to the right four steps. she asks if he is kidding around but he tells her to hurry and go there. she counts four steps. he tells her to open the right side closet. there is a gorgeous dress inside. he says since she ended her work impressively she should have a party. he tells her to hurry and wear it and come out cuz he hates waiting. there are pearl earrings too. she wonders if she should accept and says it’s pretty

K is wearing the same colors (black and white)tux and omg he looks dashing. she walks over and there are rose petals on the ground to line the path. she says she feels awkward. he snaps his fingers and lights come on and music starts and he snaps again and servers bring food. K says cheers and they drink wine. K: you worked hard and did well  and you are really pretty today. AJ:why are you like that suddenly. K:it’s a compliment and I mean it. she says without K she might not have met those men-we dont know the result yet but already we are celebrating. K: the result doesnt matter anymore – today you worked really hard. she says she thought about what he said on the balcony for the first time. at first she thought she wanted to avenge her friend for stealing her first love-but that wasnt all of it. SR seemed more angry cuz the person I lied about is you. I thought about myself too much. cuz of you – the victim of my lie, I think I realized (?). I’m sorry. He gets up and goes over and kisses her forehead. he says he was embarrassed too for using her lie for his work. she says she felt what was in his heart when he tore up the contract. in front of the minister when K said they werent married, she felt what was in K’s heart. she cries and he wipes her tears. K:now can we forget all that happened and start over. she nods. he leans in to kiss and she pulls away soon after they touch lips saying she is afraid and asks to go slowly. he promises to try harder to make sure she feels certain (confident about him) and just look at her forever. she thanks him. YJ watched all that.



K:rest well and let’s meet tm
AJ:I’m busy tm
K: but let’s still meet
AJ:what time tm?
K tells his aunt sorry and says he never married AJ
aunt: why did you lie to me too and why are you now coming clean?
SH tells YJ:you have to be happy so I feel comfortable so I hate saying this but you have to let go of hyung
YJ: i thought he would be mine till I died- do you know what it feels like to have him stolen by someone else?
AJ says she thinks she knows how that feels
K to YJ: you probably had a hard time like me but I accepted it-now it’s your turn (or he may have said it’s time to wrap it up – cant hear cuz of the song lyrics)

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  1. Isabelle says:

    Whats with VVIP in korea? I heard the same thing in Secret Garden


  2. Blue Passion says:

    Thank you so much for another great recap and all the links and videos posted here. I was able to read it before going to the gym and when I got back I was able to watch the raw link. I got to read it again and enjoy the episode so much better with your recap. Looking forward tomorrow. I am so happy this episode had them both talking and getting to know each others better.


  3. Sushicutie says:

    base on the above picture while kh kiss aj…. I just notice that KJ ear is getting red, well is it means that a simple kiss to YEH este AJ has a effect to KJ or KJH????? hmn…. smelling real romance here huh….


  4. nikesma says:

    “KJ : Don’t worry. then another one speaks japanese and I am so lost but K replied in every language”
    Japanese: It’s time. Let’s go.
    Rawr. Can’t understand Kijoon’s japanese. But the korean says:
    Kijoon: Kimura-ssi, jachebunderi dongbankshinki e fan-i ra terissemnida (DBSK’s fan? XD)
    And something about he bought DBSK’s concert VIP ticket.
    The J guy: Really?


  5. elena says:

    Japanese part at the golf course:
    K: Today is the second time ??? [not sure of one word here – the Korean text says 벙커만 = boengkkoman… any idea of what it means?] , but this time it’s quite lucky, isn’t it?
    Kimura: the wind was good (/favourable) and there were [you had ?] some difficult shots you can’t see very often… you are really very good/skilled!
    K: not at all…
    Kimura: BTW, this girl has been [?? couldn’t understand the verb here] since earlier. What on earth is she saying?
    K: Ah… it seems that somehow Mr. Kimura is going to lose today, don’t you think? [even though it sounds totally unrelated with the question above, but it makes sense with the following reply…]
    Kimura: The game is not over yet. Please tranlate it to her.
    K: Yes, I will

    Until someone else comes up with a better translation, I hope this will do ^_^
    Thanks, Softy, for your effort to provide us all your amazing and precious transcaps!


  6. nikesma says:

    After the golf scene, they were talking about they were playing the golf. The jap guy says eventhough the shot is difficult, Kijoon is amazing to do it well.
    Kijoon: That’s nothing
    Jap guy: That girl has been following us ever since, just what exactly is she doing?
    Kijoon: (Not sure about this line but) the korean says, Kimura-ssi ga amuraedo geot gatdaneundeyo
    Jap: The game’s not ended yet, let her play.
    KJ: Will do. or let’s do that.

    Sorry can’t help much. My jap is limited as well. *hides under blanket


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  8. 3hoshi says:

    Japanese part at the very beginning:
    Kimura: It’s a waste of time
    Kijoon: I heard that your son is a fan of Tohoshinki (DBSK). I think I will be able to obtain VIP tickets for the upcoming Tokyo concert for you. (LOL^^ Bribery with DBSK tickets!)


  9. 3hoshi says:

    At the golf course:
    Kijoon: There was two bunkers but you (I? Not sure who he is referring to) were lucky
    (The guy has a Korean accent when he speaks so it was kind of hard to tell what he was saying at the beginning but I think I heard..)
    Kimura: The wind was strong and the view was blocked but you did well. You have incredible golf skills.
    Kijoon: No, no way!
    Kimura: By the way, what is that girl saying, following us?
    Kijoon: Oh.. she was saying that it defintely looks like Kimura-san will lose
    Kimura: (laughs) Please tell her that the game is not over yet.
    Kijoon: I will.
    Dialogue with Ah jung…
    Kijoon: Let’s go.


    • 3hoshi says:

      After they finish golf…
      Kijoon: I know that you have a very busy schedule and that you are working very hard to judge the bids
      Kimura: I know you are here to promote Jeju Island. Describe to me, then, Jeju Island in one word.
      Translates to Ah jung…
      Kijoon: One world to describe Jeju Island is mother.
      Kimura: Mother? Why is that?
      Ah jung explains…all in Korean and he is translating…
      Kijoon: That’s why you can say that Jeju Island is like a mother
      Kimura: I understand. Through your explanation, we were able to gain a different understanding of Jeju Island.
      French dude comments and then American dude comments.

      I know this is a k-drama world, but how on earth is a deciding committee suppose to discuss their decisions without having a common language or translatos! LOL^^ So funny


      • Elina says:

        Maybe every single businessman is supposed to fluent in 4 languages. 😀
        Well, I do know one Korean businesswoman who speaks Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, English and French.


  10. Softy says:

    Thank you nikesma, Elena, and 3hoshi for all your translations – will add them to the post after I get off work – loving the teamwork for this show 🙂


  11. Anonymous says:

    In the translation above u said the song he played before they got into the boat as “their song”. Had it been played before in previous episode or what…maybe i missed it…i just start watching this drama though…help plz,,,n thanks a lot for the recap…


    • Softy says:

      I corrected it- during the live recap I was translating so fast that I thought it was their song – the one they sang together and then later I realized I heard that song a lot cuz it’s famous for being about jejudo – sorry to confuse you- totally meant to edit that, but got caught up with translating the rest of the show 🙂


  12. vionrei says:

    yay! i’m sooooooooooooooo ready to camp here again tonight………….


  13. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, you may not know but your live recaps mean so much to me thru my happy, sad , lonely times.
    I’ve read your recaps like a bible since SG and now LTM.
    Peace, Love, and Thanks again!!!


    • Softy says:

      Thank you 🙂 there were times during these past hectic weeks where I’ve been trying to breathe from doing 3 shows in a week – translating 6 episodes a week since May has not been easy, but the one relief is I chose shows I love so it makes the hectic schedule and lack of sleep somewhat bearable. Sometimes I think I am crazy for contributing to a blog just by translating live when subs come out like a few hours later or the next day so I tell myself like around 4 or 5 am to just go to sleep and forget doing the rest, but then I hear what K or AJ said that was so meaningful or like how her dad and her talk – so lovingly and the next thing I know I am done with the whole show. One of these days I am going to have to learn to summarize 🙂


  14. S says:

    I want to give SH a hug for being such a good person, trying so hard to keep all his feelings for AJ in so that his brother can get his well-deserved happiness! I hope it stays this way.


    • Softy says:

      Me too – that’s what I like about him – he knows how much he hurt his brother and YJ the last time he broke them up – bet he realized how selfish that was of him so this time he isn’t making the same mistake – in a way K isn’t the only one who has changed. SH has too cuz now he puts his brother’s happiness before his. You gotta love that 🙂


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