Lie To Me E16 Finale

DAEBAK !!!!  best finale EVER!  Those jejudo scenes were amazing. I dont think I stopped grinning for even a second. They should have had more eps like this one-what was the writer doing saving all this for the last one – what an epic finale. Watching those bts footage, I noticed that some guy actually had the job of checking to see which direction the cola would spray after he shook it. It cracks me up now cuz after the buzz of the cola kiss died down, I sat there wondering who had to clean up that sticky room cuz they sprayed that area thoroughly I bet with all the takes they must have had. I am going to miss watching all the bts for this – it was so fun to see the real YEH and KJH being so happy between takes. They didn’t look miserable or tired for the most part. After what happened in those jejudo scenes, now I know why KJH looked so giddy throughout this finale. 🙂

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written pre-show:

Remember that train ride I mentioned when this drama began? How did you guys like the trip? With all the bumps and sudden stops we made along the way, I thought there were glimpses of some great scenery. I don’t know about you guys, but I am the kind of traveler who enjoys the view more than what happened along the way. That is probably why I wasn’t so overly critical of this drama than most. Anyone who has seen the first few episodes knows exactly what they are in for so you have to either choose to relax and enjoy it or else stress yourself out finding faults with it which will only distract your enjoyment. I chose to go with the flow. Ok to be truthful, I have two very minor quibbles. I would have preferred AJ to be steadier on her feet and not walk drunk so much when she wasnt anywhere near alcohol and that she cried less cuz this isn’t a melo- no one died so less weeping would have been more affective I thought. So many others have some strong reactions and complaints about LTM about the writers changing, spontaneous kisses falling by the wayside, “what just happened” plotlines, but you know what? We still stuck around – complaints and all. There was something about this drama that drew us in and kept us firmly rooted thru all the crazy parts. I will be the first to admit that as I watched it live on TV,  as I typed along -sometimes in my head I would be cursing (cuz I knew it could have been written so much better) or frowning (cuz I wish it flowed better), but then AJ and K’s scenes would come out and reassure me and the smile came back. It’s just too bad that you had to sift thru all the other random and sporadic character developments to get to it-the writer didn’t get that sometimes we just dont want to sit thru so much excess to get to the good parts. Not all hit dramas come in nice little packages – complete with great acting, characters, and story-they have imperfections. Look at Kim Tak Gu – boring as heck but it had its moments of clarity which pulled in its audience. LTM had some great scenes and dialogue that really stood out and made you connect to what the characters were going thru. Who deserves the accolade for making those scenes so credible? Our real couple of course – I am talking about YEH and KJH and not their fictional counterparts. What made sense about this couple is that they carried the show on their shoulders and they didnt put it down no matter how heavy it got.  These two made do with what they were given and they put all their hearts into it. Have you seen KJH flirt like that in other dramas? I doubt it. The man was convincing as someone falling in love and even though these two won’t end up winning any Daesang awards, if there was a category for acting so well to make fans daydream they could be a real couple – believe me- they would not only walk away with that award, no one else would have a shadow of a chance of competing against those two.


Tonight I am looking forward to some closure for our favorite characters. I hope H is happy with someone cute and bubbly like him.  Also, poor SH. It’s like the new writer forgot his character existed. And what happened to P? She was such a great buddy to K and poof she was gone yesterday. Hope everyone enjoys the kiss again – wonder what they are going to call this one….

*SH and P did not come out at all….but a whole bunch of kisses made me forget that till the show was over. 🙂

Lie To Me Finale


AJ explains : marrying a *good guy like you – facing the reality of it -I’m not sure K: AJ – I’m not sure what you are saying. why are you suddenly thinking like that? didnt you love me? AJ explains: I love you -I love you so much that I worry if I can live in a world without you..but talking about marriage-I’m afraid -if I have the right- give me some time -it feels like I lost something important but I dont know what that is – just until I find it please wait for me a little while. he says she could feel that way- from a woman’s perspective you could feel that – I must have rushed- I will wait -until you find what that is – but dont make me wait too long – you know i hate waiting right-I’m waiting cuz it’s you (GAJ) AJ thanks him.(*when koreans say “good” like this – it mean he is a great catch- someone who is a different level of status than her/wealthy).

AJ tells her boss that she wants to work in jejudo and he asks why suddenly – she says she feels stuffy. He says no one will stop her cuz ppl in jejudo will love having her there. she asks if he is going to take care of it so she can do. he asks about her marriage-isnt she going to do it? AJ: I have to work-I’m not thinking about it yet.  he says that must be bugging K and then agrees to the transfer

AJ and K are at the airport-he gives her a watch as a present so time will go by faster. she thanks him and tells him to go. he extends his hand to shake it but pulls her in for a kiss. K: you are going to call as soon as you get there right? since you are going – take this chance and clear your head and come back and dont think about things too much. she wants to take a pic of them together cuz they dont have a pic of just the two of them. so they take one. he asks if it came out ok. he says it’s her flight time and to go in. she walks away from him but looks back and waves. he waves back- dang he looks hot in that black tee

AJ is telling him how it’s already been a month since she went to jejudo and hasnt seen him for a month. but she likes writing emails like this is often to keep say hi. it feels like writing love letters- she had a little rough time in the beginning settling in but now jejudo feels like her hometown and it feels are you doing? are you doing well in your bustling world?

he writes back: how can I be doing well? do you know how upsetting it is cuz I havent seen you for a month? I said I would go right away but you wont let me. wont let me call often. you just wait till we meet.

AJ tells her coworker that even tho she has been here over a month she still doesnt know all the artifacts/exhibits here. he says he has been here 10yrs and he still doesnt know. guy: i ‘ve been married for 20 yrs and I still dont know my wife’s feelings. usually when you are together close by you dont know that well. AJ: I dont even know what I want well.

aunt says everyone is talking about how you two are in love-did you propose to GAJ and get turned down? K: that isnt it. aunt mutters that he is stupid and asks:what do you like so much about her? K: she is pretty. aunt says do you know what ppl are saying behind your back? broke up – separated- that you cheated. if you are going to get married – do it quickly. if you arent then go on blind dates. i cant watch you waiting around anymore. K: aunt just wait a little longer. I will quickly bring GAJ and formally meet with you to announce we are getting married.  aunt: dont just say it and actually do it. K: how about the end of this month- make time for it. aunt: are you for real? K: did you ever see me not keep my word after I said something. aunt: you just spoke big – I am going to push all my work back and make time on that day. K: ok

K calls AJ. K:have you been well? AJ:of course. K: nothing much happened? AJ: yes.  K:what do we do. AJ:what? K: looks like I cant go there this weekend cuz there are a lot of things to settle. AJ: it’s ok. K: but why arent you calling often and not writing emails much.she says she is really busy too and have a lot to do. H calls K saying he has to hurry and leave. K says ok to H. she says hang up since he is busy and he promises to call later

SR is getting a sonogram. she sort of smiles as she walks out. when she gets home JB left stuff everywhere. he left a note : I am sick and tired of a woman like you. live well.” she rips up the note saying-you bad guy- how can you run away after making me this way (pregnant) she tells herself to be patient

AJ is studying english then writes in her diary. she gets an idea for the exhibit. SR calls AJ: what do I do? AJ:what? did something happen? SR: I am pregnant. AJ congratulates her and asks why her voice is like that. SR says JB is gone. he left home. few days ago they fought and the fight got bigger. AJ asks if JB knew SR was pregnant and left. SR says he doesnt know and she just found out today. AJ: why did he do that? SR :what do I do? did he contact you?  AJ:why would he contact me? SR: if you were close, we could have met right away. AJ says sorry she cant be there for SR at a time like this-dont worry cuz nothing bad will happen

AJ is writing K an email about being busy preparing for an exhibit. I get to name it, decide on it’s personality, by doing all that work I dont know how time passes. what you asked me the other time thru email about thinking of marriage, today SR called me and it got complicated. SR is pregnant but JB left home. i cant understand married life. it still seems like a topic that’s far off for me.  H comes in and gives K some work about jejudo. K doesnt look at him and tells him to go out. H tries to look at the computer screen asking what he is reading that is so good-is it some good news article but K makes him leave saying “why do you want to know- hurry and get out.”  K gets an idea

AJ comes out of work and K is waiting for her. they sit on a bench overlooking the water. he asks if she feels awkward cuz it’s been a while since they met. she says a little bit. K: looking at your face it seems like you’ve been doing well. AJ: do you feel bad about that? K: of course -look at my face-he complains he has dark circles cuz of her. AJ: what do you mean- you got better looking- maybe you got a girl. K: are you really going to be like that?  AJ: didnt you come cuz you had work? K: came to avoid work in seoul -when they said (something – inspection?) at the (jejudo) construction site I was so happy – I thought the heavens were helping me out. AJ:then you will be busy. K: I’m not busy. I’m going to finish work quickly and play with you. AJ jokes: I’m busy so what do we do. K: what? he gets a call. he says inspecting the construction site was planned for tm. but he hears there is a meeting (today) and tells the person to come to the resort. she says he is busy and should go. she asks if he is staying at the same place as before. K: it’s the resort we stayed at together. AJ: when did we “stay together” -we slept separately. he asks if she regrets that. AJ: regret what? I should be saying that. he offers to take her home

JB is checking out women in bikinis and yelling out freedom and flirting. K sees him. K remembers AJ writing that JB left home when SR is pregnant. K smiles

SR calls AJ and tells her she located JB thru his calls and says JB is still there in jejudo according to the time stamp on his calls. AJ: so with your pregnant body you are going to come all the way here? SR says she is in the early stage so she can get on the plane without a problem. AJ: but you dont know where he is. SR: i havent seen you for a long time. and I just have to keep calling him. how much longer is he not going to pick up. AJ tells her to come and get some fresh air then since SR wont be able to move for a year soon.

SR goes to meet AJ. they hug and AJ says they need to be careful (cuz of the baby). AJ listens to SR’s tummy and SR says it’s too early. AJ congratulates her and says it’s good that you came.

AJ asks what SR is going to do for her if AJ tells her where JB is. SR:how do you know where Jb is? did he call you again? AJ: no and shows the text K sent that he saw JB at his resort.AJ explains K came to jejudo yesterday. SR gets up to go catch JB but AJ makes her wait

JB is with other women and SR spots him. SR yells out “yeobo” and tells the women to leave if they are done asking questions. he asks how SR knew and she says AJ told her. JB says he ran off cuz off stress she gave him. she says she has no choice but to raise it alone. he asks if she got a dog then guesses a baby. he hears the word “dad” and is so happy to become a dad. he hugs her and yells he is going to be a dad. K comes over and congratulates them. he asks them for a favor

AJ comes out of work and K is there with JB and SR. SR suggests they go on a couple trip. they are all eating together and SR and JB feed each other “love lettuse wraps” and K looks at AJ (like he wants to do that too) but she drinks.

they all take pics and omg the pics with K and AJ are soooo cute. K holds her hand as they walk. K is trying to buy more stuff for AJ but she holds up the bags she already has

they are about to make a cheer but JB orders juice for SR and wont let her drink beer. SR explains she was just going to clink glasses -she didnt want to break up the mood. AJ asks if SR is that happy. SR: yes I do – we have been married for some time now but these days he is so good to me. AJ reminds her they had a marital spat and came here to catch him. SR: that is how everyone lives. and you get closer as you fight. SR asks K:isnt that true? ahhh you dont know that do you? K: I want to hurry and know stuff like that. JB asks if AJ is avoiding/stalling. AJ to JB: sunbae. JB: where is another guy like him (K). her tastes are kind of high. SR hits him. SR fakes pain and says her tummy hurts. JB asks if they should go to the hospital. she says she must have ate too much. he says let’s go to the bathroom but she says let’s go back to the room. JB says let’s hold hands and tells her to get up slowly. he apologizes for them leaving first. SR makes him carry her bag and tells AJ and K to have fun talking. (*the whole days was K’s plan cuz he must have asked them to make marriage seem great in front of AJ)

K says they look happy. AJ says they do -she is envious. K: you are envious huh? AJ: I was just saying. K: are you really just saying that? AJ: i knew this day would come -but now I realize what a perfect couple is and it looks good. he looks at her and  K mutters : did my  plan work? she asks if he did all this for that end. K: let’s go too.AJ:where? K: I will take you home. AJ: it’s ok. K: get up. AJ: i can go alone. K: let’s go

* starting from here Softy thinks she died and went to kdrama heaven…..omg look at his facial expressions – soooo cute

They walk to her home holding hands. in front of her home, she tells him to go but he starts throwing out random excuses: you want me to go? when it’s dark – by myself? AJ:why are you like this? K: I dont know the road cuz I walked just looking at the ground. AJ: liar – should I take you back? K: since I came all this way -arent you going to even give me a cup of coffee? or some food….AJ: I dont have those.  K looks at his watch: oh that’s right – the boats have stopped running for tonight. AJ: where is a boat around here? K: didnt I say earlier? I dont feel well today…I’ll just sleep holding your hand. AJ: i dont want to. K takes her hand and looks into her eyes: dont you trust oppa? AJ: KJ shi….he drags her along saying hurry and come. she keeps saying you cant but he drags her in.

K looks around her place and says it looks better than he thought. he grabs her book and guesses she was studying english but she grabs it away. he runs his finger along the edge of the bookcase and says she hasnt been cleaning and she says she didnt know anyone would be coming. he wants to inspect other things. he checks her fridge and sees expired milk left there – side dish containers sides that havent been wiped off – why is there soju in the home of a woman living alone? she says this isnt his world hotel and he didnt come to inspect but he says he would have already fired her if she was an employee at world hotel.

He runs off to her bedroom so she asks where he is going now. K: it’s not that I dont trust you. just in case during that time if some guy came and went. he checks the bed for proof and finds a strand of hair and holds it up “there was hair on the bed.” she says it’s hers but he says it’s short so isnt it a guy’s. she says what guy has long hair like this. he grabs her diary and she lands on top of him to get it back. she takes it away from him, but remains on top. he asks : what is it? did you write a lot of bad things in there about me? AJ: of course – KJ shi is a fool – ugly and I dont miss you at all. he is just about to kiss her but she gets a call from work. K: what is this – at this late time. while he waits for her to finish her call, he pulls one sleeve off his shoulder and gets ready with a wicked grin by leaning back on the bed with a come hither look. he pats his chest and says come here (into his arms) but she runs off saying “food-we didnt eat.” K: you already ate a while ago you pig. he chases after her “GAJ- you come back here”

AK is feeding AJ’s dad fruit. are eating together. he doesnt know what to do -how to tell AJ that he is getting married – should he just send an invitation to her in jejudo. AK : are you sure she is your daughter? why cant you just tell her? he says he doesnt know how. she says just call AJ and dont worry about it. since he doesnt know when AJ will come back up -is he going to wait and tell her face to face? he thinks it would be better to let her know in advance by phone. AK says call now

AJ brings him food and beers. K is reading her diary. she asks what he is doing -why read someone else’s diary. he says what’s wrong with reading some. between us we dont have secrets. he pulls it out of her reach. she says give it back and he says that makes it more strange. what’s in here? just wait (he tries to read) she gets a call. K: who is it at this time? I am going to throw the phone. she says it’s her dad. AK listens in on the call too and her dad stalls and says it’s too lonely cuz AJ isnt here. AJ says wait a little and she will go and nag/annoy him. dad: what I am saying is – if I get married, wont it be less lonely? AJ says “married” so K’s ears perk up. AJ: ah- of course – must marry. have to. K thinks she is talking about her marriage with him and gets happy. dad: I should right? K tries to listen in. AJ: dad – you dont have to worry about how I might react -it’s cuz my dad is too nice…K motions to himself. dad:what I am saying is if I get married there will be a new family…AJ: if two ppl love each other and like it each other that’s enough. K whispers: I will tell him. AJ leans away from K and says into the phone: dad – even if I oppose -you have to get married dad. that’s how you will be a cool guy. her dad thanks her.  K’s smile fades and he falls face down on the bed in disappointment. she says she made his food so isnt he going to eat. K: looks like father is going to get married before me. then when am I getting married? AJ: if you try to urge a girl (to get married) this way you may never get married.  she asks how much of her  diary he read. she lies on top of his back. AJ: did you read it all? K: I read it all. he asks what the date is that is starred. AJ: you dont need to know. K:what is it? AJ: it’s something that just women know. he thinks for a second and says “aahhhh” he quietly says with a slight grin “today isnt marked” she hits him with her diary

they drink beer on the bed. K: you are going to let me sleep here today right? AJ: no you have a nice hotel so why sleep here? he lies on her lap. K: I like it here more.  AJ: arent you going to get up? K: I dont want to. (I think she muttered he must be empty headed) K: in my head everything is about you. she asks if he really is going to sleep here. he nods yes. she says he has to buy toothbrush before the store closes but he says:why do I need that? we can share (yours). She says he is slowly doing more. K: I was just going to hold your hand and sleep but do we need to kiss too?AJ:who said that is why- it’s cuz you are so picky about cleanliness.  he asks: should I not go to seoul? AJ: what does that mean. K:if we just live like this the two of us-there is no pressure and it’s nice. AJ: I dont like jobless guys. K: I can just take care of work in jejudo. she says he is talking nonsense. K closes his eyes and asks: but still – you dont totally dislike me do you? she leans down and kisses him. he smiles. AJ: what do you mean dislike you? I like you. she plays with his hair. he says thank goodness. I was worried every day about what to do if you didnt like me and pushed me away. did you still not find what you lost? he asks if it’s maybe in her pockets somewhere and tickles her and she sits on him.

next morning AJ is sleeping and K makes breakfast and wakes her. K: GAJ – it’s morning wake up- you have to go to work -wake up. she wants to sleep 5 more mins. he shows her the breakfast and she starts eating. he asks: isnt this worth putting up with a hotel president? she says it tastes good.  K: when we get married I can make you breakfast every morning. she mutters he is too busy and cant even feed himself. K : then if I make breakfast every day -will you marry me right away-should we write out a contract? or should we record it?

when they pull up to her work place, AJ gets out and says thank you-I’ll be going. as she walks away, K stops her saying he brought her to work so she cant just go like that. she says she is late so later. he says something I cant hear so she leans in and kisses him. K  looks happy. her coworker saw that so she runs off in embarrassment.

K is working-overlooking construction of his new hotel or resort

AJ is working -leading a group tour. Some american guy asks her where he can rent an audio guide player (it explains everything in english for all the stuff in the exhibit) and he asks her to look around with him (think he was hitting on her a bit) AJ directs him to the information desk to find brochure in english.

The coworker asks if AJ is busy now and she says she isnt. he says someone wants her to explain the exhibit. she asks where the person is and it’s K. he bows and says she is working hard.

she asks why he came all this way. he asks questions about the stuff and she acts as his guide and explains stuff about the exhibit (and I dont get any of this-it’s like Greek to me) she offers to give him a brochure about it or should she call the curator. (more stuff that went right over my head) she asks if he wants to go see something else.  he stops by the poster with the urns and asks if she is preparing for this exhibit (urn or pottery looking things made from clay or something) K reads off the words on the poster -island – mud/dirt- something – memory-something. he asks what all that means and she explains it – omg this is hard. something about jejudo for ten years something and it’s an exhibit to introduce it to the public. it’s something we forgot in our memories- something – revives our memories. that is the meaning she came up with for the title. K says something that is trapped – finding it with memories. K (relates it to what is going on with AJ) and says “isnt it the same for love? love that is trapped finding it with memories. he thanks her for giving him a good idea/method. she asks why he is like that. K: cuz you are taking too long. did you still not find what you lost? there is something I felt here and it might be a hint to find what’s been lost.she asks what it is.  he says he will write it down cuz it’s hard words and writes on her arm. he tells her to remember it

K says he has to go back to seoul. she asks if he took care of his work well. K: I saw to the work really well but I didnt get to see you well. when do we meet again? AJ: whenever that is we can meet again. K: that’s why I am saying this – when you get a day off this month- come up to Seoul so we can have a meal with my aunt.  he gives her the necklace again. AJ:what is this? K: open it. he says his feelings/his heart from that night was trapped in there for over a month so how hard must it have been to breathe. when you come up (to meet) on that day wear this necklace and show up.AJ: KJ shi – I still dont have confidence yet. K: i know you arent certain yet. that is why I am giving you time. if you show up on that day wearing this necklace then I will know you want to marry me. she says his name. K: if you dont want to then you dont have to show up but I hope you will come

K is about to go in for his flight and she is there at the airport but hides. she calls. he says he was about to go in. she says sorry for not seeing him off. K: it’s ok we will see each other again. AJ: I should meet you and say this looking at your face but I didnt have the courage so I am calling. K: what talk? AJ: if by any chance – if I dont go…K: no you cant- you have to come. I already told my aunt. if you dont come I will be really angry. you understand right? she says she will think about it. K: ok then I am going in. she tells him to have a safe trip.

K asks a clerk what is a good present for a mother in law.

AJ looks at the necklace and remembers his words about how his feelings were in that case and couldnt breath and to come to seoul to eat with his aunt. she writes something on her diary for that starred date. she doesnt wear it but she holds the necklace up to her neck and puts it back in the case.

AJ is at work checking the inventory and there is a problem cuz one of those urn looking things is switched out. she asks the coworker if 5 of them came out and he wonders what happened cuz he received the urns himself. she asks for the contact info for the ppl who brought it over and the ones who made it.  he says cuz it’s a holiday he isnt sure if she will be able to reach them. she says please hurry

K goes to pick up his aunt.she asks why he came cuz she told him she would go separately after she finished work. since it’s a meaningful and important date he should drive her himself. he sits down to wait. she asks if they have to leave now but he says no and to finish what she was working on cuz there is some time left

AJ is running around calling ppl looking for it. AJ tells someone on the phone she cant find one of the urns and asks that person to come to the museum now. she realizes she missed her flight.

aunt and K are waiting. she asks if AJ keeps her appt time well. K says she does and should be here soon. AJ calls. he asks where she is. AJ: I am sorry -I was going to be on time but I missed my flight. K:what? but why are you calling now?  AJ: an urgent matter came up. I was busy calling here and there…K: you are saying you didnt have a minute to call? I asked you like that too make sure to come. AJ: I am sorry please explain it well to your aunt. I will call you later. aunt: i should have known- I knew you were talking big – do you know what just happened?I just got stood up by GAJ and you’ve been disrespected. cant she even make one call that she cant make it? doesnt even have simple manners. aunt walks off.  K is mad and hurt

AJ walks by a display and finds the missing urn. she cries and keeps crying saying “I found it – I found it – I thought I lost it-I found it ” the guy comes over and says “so you were here – ppl are gathered and waiting – what are you doing here?” she says she found it – it was here in the display. he says a worker must have made a mistake (and put it in the wrong place). AJ: it’s a good thing we found it. he guesses she had something else to find besides the urn thing. she says she did

AJ goes home and remembers how K said she had to come and if she doesnt he will be angry. she starts to dial but doesnt call

K gives H a box to send to that address. K calls AJ and says :it’s me -I’m going to jejudo for a short time today -it’s for work so I dont have much time -can we meet for a minute at the airport? no – you have to come no matter what. AJ:today? K: i have to see your face in person and hear your explanation so I can feel better.

she writes some note and puts it in the case without the necklace.

AJ goes to meet K. he says sorry but he doesnt have much time. let me ask one thing. did you not come cuz you didnt want to or you were going to but couldnt. she says sorry and this is my answer and gives him the box

AJ looks at the necklace. she wonders if he didnt see the note yet. I gave him an answer so why isnt he calling

K is staring at the case and is about to open it when the phone rings. aunt says she heard he went to jejudo again – did he meet AJ – what did she say- does she not want to marry him? he says he will tell his aunt later and puts the case in his drawer. he is mad

AJ wonders why he isnt calling.

K points out a mistake H made – he forgot a seal. K tells him to bring the seal and H opens the necklace case and finds the note. H asks what the note is inside the case. K runs over and looks at it. he sees her note. “KJ shi- on that day – when we were supposed to meet your aunt -cuz I didnt keep my appt you were really mad huh? I am really sorry- in place of that – I found what I lost. like when you came here to the museum and said that – (she repeats what he said at her museum ) we met in one place and the two of us became one -how it was an unbelievable fate- how it was a beautiful memory- I felt that-the result was that I found it again – the heart I lost for a short time -at this (museum)-it really took a long time but now I am certain I can run to you. thank you for waiting. also I love you.” K runs off and H says he needs to finish the work

AJ wears the necklace and eats breakfast and remembers back to the scene where he made her breakfast. she says:what is this- he said he would make breakfast every day. just cuz I dont keep one appt. he doesnt even call.  what a bad guy. she gets a delivery.

K grabs a cab.

she opens the box K sent. inside, there is tomato juice, cola, a rubber duck to remind her when they rode those boats, and cash- the amount she gave him for her hospital bill, and a jejudo doll? what do you call that the jejudo man? plastic ice cream cone, and tickets to that sold out performance he bought out. her world pen. newspaper clipping of headline of when he yelled out he loved her in public, she cries. she remembers how she was the one who gave him this idea to send this box – has to do with that speech earlier at the museum. when K said  “isnt it the same for love? love that is trapped finding it with memories.thank you for showing me a great way/method.” she gets a call from K.

K is running to her and she is running to him. they meet and hug. K: i’m not too late right? AJ: why did you call so late. K: sorry for not knowing how you felt. AJ: sorry for making you wait – I love you so much. K: no- I will love you more. he kisses her. (a lot -still kissing -ok came up for air) K: now I wont be away from you for even a day. AJ: me too-dont let me move at all. they kiss

AJ says to SR: we are getting married soon. SR : that’s a lie – you want me to believe that? AJ: this time it’s real. SR: I wont fall for it anymore. AJ: i am saying this time it’s real – we are getting married right away.  AJ narrates. that’s how love found us like a lie and that lie became love. K narrates: and we changed –  we realized inside that lie (there was sincerity that was more passionate than the truth) *I give up – this last line hard


clips of BTS


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