I Hear Your Voice E13-E14

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The elation that Su ha didn’t get to express last night on the bus, he got to make up for it times quadruple. I love how he quietly stayed up all night outside her door giving her space to let the truth sink in. He knew there would be repercussions for hiding the fact that he got his memory and ability back so he braced himself and took it like a man. He didn’t complain or whine when she didn’t speak to him all night. That is why I appreciated that she didn’t let him suffer too long. If you are going to forgive someone, it’s best to do it quickly so the other person doesn’t suffer in silence waiting. It’s even better when you own up to your feelings and share them with the one you like. I know her confession didn’t come as a shock to Su ha since he already had an inkling, but I bet she didn’t know how happy it would make him. It’s like the thought that he wouldn’t get to see her anymore broke him, but her confession was the glue that made him whole again. I’ve never seen a face transition that fast from concern to total bliss. Her words didn’t just relieve him of all his worries, they also gave him back something he was missing in his life for the past 11 years. Right now it might seem like he is the one who has been protecting her from JG, but all along it was her devotion to him that kept Su ha feeling safe. No matter how short lived this might turn out to be, for the time being, Su ha gets back a little of the security of family and love that he was deprived of for so long. Judging from the wide grin that he can’t seem to wipe off, he is going to savor every moment he has with her.

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Written before it aired:

Hye Sung is right about Su ha – he has changed. That memory loss and the time spent away from her made him realize how much he missed her and now he wants to keep her safe and hold onto her even more. Now that she knows the truth, this is the point where she will try to pull away from him. By trying to protect herself from Su ha and avoiding the feelings she has for him, what she doesn’t know is that it’s going to endanger her even more. If Su ha isn’t around to watch over her, she will be left vulnerable to far worse. I really don’t get why she doesn’t see that he needs her even more than she needs him. Doesn’t she remember the lonely year she spent without him. Why subject herself to that again when he is willing to stay by her side. Kwan woo told Su ha to act like a real grownup and not just pretend to be one. Hye Sung could take a cue from that. She is being childish about grownup emotions so it’s time for her to face facts and admit the truth aloud and not just in her head. She is one step away from achieving happiness for herself as well as Su ha. It doesn’t even need to be a giant leap – a small step in his direction is all it takes cuz Su ha is standing right in front of her anyway – ready with open arms.

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* Just saw an interview with the actor who plays Min JG. when he first saw LJS, he thought he was an alien cuz his legs were so long and his head was so small. I also read in another interview that LJS reminded him of JooWon cuz they are both young and talented. After playing a bad character, when he gets on elevators people press the close door button and won’t wait for him to get on with them cuz they are scared of him. People also keep checking to see he has a left hand. Also that beard he is wearing now is glued on and fake. Turns out Hye sung’s home was the same one from Best love.

**Hwang’s wife has two names -real one and fake one – the one hwang knows is last name Jung so I have been using that one. also to save time even though the characters say lawyer jang to refer to hye sung, I still write H cuz it saves time during live recaps. later on I am too tired to change it. Same thing applies to all the other names as well.


Flashbacks run through his mind. S says please father say it isn’t so. Then how JD said you think your father was a good person. how S thought if she knows this truth she will resent me. how she asked do you still not have your memory back. S: not yet. H: when your memory comes back – you know right? you cant look me for again. K: dont pretend to be a grownup and really act like one. S: what are you thinking. how he read her thought – I want to ask you to stay by my side.  S: if I tell her the truth will she look at me like now? how H said he wouldnt lie to me -he isnt that kind of kid.

S stands alone in the hall and remembers how he confessed to her. He looks over at her door.

S: I know who hwang’s daughter is. H: really – who is it? S: prosecutor seo. H: But how did you know that. S: I went to the courthouse a while ago and saw judge seo and saw his eyes. H: you saw his eyes. did you by any chance. S: yes –  that ability came back and my memory too. She stands and asks starting from when. S replies the night they decided that he was still alive . He reads her mind as she thinks to herself – then you already found out about my heart -up till now you knew all that and acted like you didn’t know? he tries to hold her hand but she pulls away and goes to the room and closes it.

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S stands in the hall and remembers how his uncle first came here and said how nice this apartment – Su ha ya – should we all live here and not move abroad. S: yes I like that. S reads his mind: You are like a lottery ticket -the more you scratch the more (wealth) comes out. the insurance pay out was a lot. wonder what else there is. So S replies I have a lot of money. the lawyer ajussi said – aside from the insurance, there is a severance pay father got from his company too and his retirement fund. the uncle says what is this kid. how did he know what i was thinking. is he a monster. S reads his thoughts and cries and says I am not a monster. The uncle asks how can you do that. it’s for real. you can read my thoughts. you are really a monster. dont get close to me. the uncle went into the room H is in and locked it as young S cried and said uncle (in law) I am not a monster. please open the door.

S narrates: I couldnt hate uncle. it was too obvious (that would happen). I was able to see his thoughts that he didnt want to get caught for. how much of a monster I must have seemed to him (uncle). S is about to knock on her door but doesn’t. he just puts his hand up to the door and leans on it. she is sitting inside against the door while he waits outside. S: relaying the truth is always painful

K is at the hospital and the cop says are you ok? I think you broke your arm. K says I can endure. The cop asks did min JG not say where he was going. K: i lost consciousness so I dont know that much. the other cops wonder wasn’t JG targetting H and S so why suddenly go looking for you. K : he had something to say to me so he came. cop asks what. flashback: JG said don’t worry I wont kill you. In this world you are the only person on my side. K says not now (not anymore). JG: now it doesnt matter – whether you are on my side or not. K: Why did you come looking for me. JG says in this world I wanted one person to know my side of things. I am thinking of going till the end now. K asks what are you thinking? what is the end. JG: I didn’t come to talk about the end – I wanted to talk about how I started. K tells the cops it was similar to a will – JG intends to go to the end. cop asks what do you mean the end. K: dont you think he means see the end of lawyer jang and Park Su ha

S is getting breakfast ready when K calls. K asks are you with her now. S: yes. why? K: She has a trial so you are going to escort her to the courthouse right. S says yes I will – why. K: just cuz I was worried. Min JG is around. take good care of her -you be careful too. S: yes. ok

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S goes to the door and says I made food so come out and eat. Sorry for not telling you. I know excuses wont get through to you. From here on I wont look at your eyes -ever. You can just use my eyes at the trial. If you don’t like that either – if you dont want to ever see me again – do that. but just until Min JG is caught – let me stay by your side. cuz right now you staying alone is too dangerous.  I will wait outside so eat and then come out

She comes out and sees the food he made for her.

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She goes out and he is waiting in the hall and avoids her gaze like he promised. She doesn’t say anything as they leave. She asks is there anything else you didn’t tell me – you arent hiding anything else. S remembers how JG said your father killed my wife with his threats. the one who started all this wasnt me – it was your father. S lies and says there isn’t anything else

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They go outside and he walks behind her careful to avoid her gaze. She stops to look at her shoe and he stops too. Every time she stops he stops. They wait at the bus stop together and he steps back so they arent standing side by side. she looks over at him and he looks down.

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They get on the bus and she finds a seat. he puts on his earphones while she reads a file. the bus lurches so he ends up on her lap. He gets up too quickly and hits his head on the hand rails. She stifles laughter.

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When they arrive, H says we are here so you can go. He says text when you are done later and I will come and get you. As she walks away, she turns to look at him and he quickly turns his back to her so he wont see her eyes. She goes over and he says I really didn’t see (your thoughts). She holds his face and says I like you Su ha– as a dongsang – as a friend- and as a man. after liking you – next- I dont like your ability and I am scared of it. cuz there are a lot of thoughts I dont want to get caught (thinking of them). that moment whenever I am caught – I think I might resent you. when I think of that resentment hurting you – I cant stand the idea of that too. aside from those there are a lot of reasons why we cant work so I think at some point I have to settle (my feelings) but still – I like you – a lot. so let’s not spend this time like this – thinking of the end. Let’s look at each other’s face and smile when we smile – when we talk – be truthful and talk. let’s get along like that. huh? He is so happy and says uhm. She says go then. He turns to leave and grins. He runs back and picks her up. she says what are you and he says thank you – really – thank you so much. He kisses her and puts her down.

He runs off with a big grin. H wonders what did I just do. Can I do this? (is it ok to do this?) She touches her lips

Shin asks hwang: how do you feel. hwang: i can endure it. Shin: the one you saw before – you remember lawyer jang right. She is going to be my co- counsel for the trial. How is that. Hwang says it’s ok. Shin asks what is it that you want – what do you want to get through this trial. Hwang says an apology -whoever it’s from – for the 26 yrs I spent in prison i want an apology. Shin says to do that we have to prove the victim Jung is your real wife. Hwang says I can prove it – I remember that face well but shin says that wont prove it. we need definitive proof that the two of you were spouses. So lawyer jang and I are looking for your daughter cuz her DNA will prove you two were husband and wife. hwang: that would. shin: we are looking very hard, but it’s hard cuz it’s been so long since she was adopted. i wonder where she is

D goes to her boss and asks to be the co-counsel cuz hwang’s case needs two lawyers anyway. He asks why do you want that case so much. She asks why do you want to take me off that case. he tries to say the case is too graphic for her but she doesnt buy it cuz she had all kinds of cases so far. What did my father say to you for you to be like this. Give me that position. Her boss says I am going crazy. Right then judge seo calls him and asks about where the woman who was attacked by hwang is hospitalized. The boss says I will find out and call you right back. D looks at him suspiciously

Judge kim and other judges are talking about hwang’s trial – how it’s going to be a jury trial again. Kim is complaining about shin saying I dont know why he is like that. making a bigger deal out of the matter is a illness. He must have passed on that illness to lawyer jang. judges agree but then H walks by so they say it’s for the best for the defendant. kim yells at them but guesses H is there and asks them – is she behind me. he acts friendly and says you came. She sits and says I have something to ask you. he says go ahead and ask. She gives him the scenario – what if you ruled that S was guilty of killing JG but say that JG showed up in front of you when he is supposed to be dead. then what will you do. Kim says of course I would tell the defense and prosecution that JG is alive. and to overturn the verdict for S. H says if a person is wrong they have to catch (their mistake) right away huh? but say that some judge knew that and didnt correct it right away. what crime did that judge commit then. kim cant think of a crime. H: there isnt one? even though he ruined one person’s life? kim: yes there isnt one. you could say he robbed them (of their freedom) but there is no law for it. but I would catch (my mistake right away). if you are a person you have to do that. She yells out of frustration-I wasnt saying you did that right now

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H sits alone and says does this make sense. judge seo ruined a person’s life but there is no way to make him take responsibility for it. then what is there to get out of this trial. is there anything? if it’s revealed that hwang is Do yeon’s real parent then that poor girl who doesnt know anything just ends up being pitiful. omo – look at me – am I worrying about Do Yeon right now. what is this. worry about yourself. S comes over and asks are you done with work. she asks what’s going on – what happened to your class. S: cuz it’s break time I dropped by for a minute. you are going to your office arent you? let’s go – I will take you. she says it’s right out front so what’s there to take me to. she gives him his old phone back -she dropped by the precinct and picked it up. just in case he needs it. he thanks her and  holds her hand and says let’s go. Cops show up so she pulls her hand away. Cops tell her did you hear the news about lawyer cha – he was attacked last night by JG. S asks why JG went looking for K. cop says cuz he had something to say to K -to tell him his last words.  It seems JG intends to see the end. cops say that the two of them for the time being will be tailing H and S and their office and home will be staked out so dont worry too much.  if there is anything suspicious call us right away. She asks is lawyer cha ok – how hurt is he. Cops say his arm was broken and he hurt his head

Yoo writes on K’s cast – hurry and reattach  he worries about K cuz he isn’t young anymore and his bones wont reattach as well.  K says with sarcasm thanks for cheering me up. K asks how is the new lawyer. Yoo says he is no joke. he comes out early in the morning and goes to the site himself.  he does everything himself -he is even took on all the victims – all 133. K says that makes no sense. how can one lawyer do that himself  for 133. Yoo: in one day there is only ten mins where he is at his desk. K: cuz there is someone like that – it’s why I dropped to second place.

H asks what happened. I heard Min JG came to find you. K greets her and S. H: how did you get hurt.  did you get hurt a lot. K says it’s nothing. i was just trying to catch him and got hurt. his reward is pretty high. S asks why did JG come to find you. K: cuz he had something to say but since I was fighting I didnt get to hear him out properly. K thinks in his head – the two of them probably still dont know about Min JG and S’s father. anyway the police is on this and passed out wanted posters and following leads so this time they will be able to catch him for sure.  S read his mind and worries cuz K knows now about his father

Shin is telling H that what hwang wants is not to get not guilty – in order to overturn the verdict from 26 yrs ago – we have to prove that the victim in this case was his wife from 26 yrs ago who supposedly died. but K is not listening to him – she keeps thinking about the past when she was afraid of JG at her home. how S told her JG showed up. how the cop said K was attacked by JG last night. Shin says so we need the DNA from hwang, his wife, and their daughter. H says wait a minute and goes into the other room.   Shin asks what is wrong with her. Yoo tells him to shut his ears or else his liver will fall. on cue H yells from the other room and curses: Min JG – if a cow has a baby it’s a calf- if a dog has a baby it’s you. Min JG you bastard – I’m not scared of you so get lost. Shin asks why is she like that cuz it’s scary. Yoo says she does that often. She comes out so shin asks I didn’t make any mistakes did I. if I did tell me in advance. She says ok- start – where did you talk up to.  He says up to the DNA but we haven’t found the daughter yet. She says what if we found the daughter. and she thinks her current parents are her real parents and she is living well . is it right to tell her the truth. shin says of course we should tell her but he shook his head no. since her real father is looking so hard for her. H says you are talking from hwang’s standpoint.  dont you need to consider the daughter’s side. in order to relieve one person’s unfairness/indignant feelings – is it right to shake up the life of someone who doesn’t know anything – it’s a struggle.

D goes and tells the lawyer she will be co counsel for hwang’s case and asks for the case files

Jung is in the hospital and the doctor is filling in seo about her condition. i think I heard the word for infection or pneumonia.  Seo asks when she will regain consciousness and doctor doesnt think she will.

D goes with the other lawyer and sees her dad leaving. he asks why would judge seo be here – is he not feeling well. D thinks she saw wrong. he wonders if they wasted a trip over if jung didnt wake up yet. D  says we have to confirm what condition jung is in anyway

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S goes to see K. K asks did you come to pick up H. S: yes. K: then why did you come here. S: I came cuz I had something to ask. K: what is it? S: What did JG say to you. K: nothing at all. K wonders -did this kid get his memory back. does he know about his father. S reads his mind and says: my memory came back so tell me the truth. did JG mention my father. K: yes. K wonders how much does he know –does he know to the extent that his father killed JG’s wife. K asks aloud – how much of it do you know. S tells the truth: I know everything. I heard everything from JG a year ago in the fishing place. S thinks to himself: what to I do if he tells this to that person (H).  should I beg please dont tell her.  K goes over and asks did you tell this to lawyer jang. S says no not yet. S thinks “I think this person will tell and still have something left.”  K tells him: then dont do it. from here on too.  of course even if she knows this truth I dont think she will treat you differently. but it wont be something she wants to know and she doesnt need to know. in this world there are truths that do not need to be known. got that? this all started with Min JG -not your father. S: I will be going. K calls out his name. K tells him not to blame himself for useless guilt. S says stop cuz it’s annoying.

K wonders why is he like that when I gave him some advice with a good heart. K gets a call from his sunbae for dinner. you are doing well with Mari right?

S is about to go back in but doesn’t. he sits down in frustration. Why does he make a person childish and pathetic. making me go crazy. He looks at his old phone and the accessory attached to it (a photo locket)

Yoo says start. H and shin are doing a mock trial between themselves with Yoo acting as the referee (judge) and shin the prosecution. They each lay out the points.H says as soon hwang was released he met his wife – the one he supposedly killed 26 yrs ago. shin tells the judge H is claiming something that hasnt been confirmed. he says what name is on Jung’s ID.  She mentions how Jang cut off her own hand 26 yrs ago and pretened to have died and lived with a different name. if you look at the CCTV –  as soon as the victim Jung saw hwang she knew who he was right away and was afraid. it was cuz he was her husband the one she imprisoned 26 yrs ago. Shin says – at night there is a woman who is alone and some man came at her – if it’s a woman – whoever she is she will be afraid. H says the victim doesnt have her left hand. 26 yrs ago they only discovered the left hand of the wife who died. is this just a coincidence. shin argues just for the sole reason of not having a left hand is not enough – you need DNA or fingerprints – clear proof to make that claim. Yoo gives him the point for that round. Yoo says we need the daughter -without the DNA -we cant prove that the victim is Jung and hwang’s wife. shin asks didnt you find that daughter. She says no I didn’t find her yet.  why. shin asks is it that you found her but you are struggling whether to tell her or not. H: it’s not like that. shin: when you are confused about how to tell her -telling the truth is the answer/solution. I think that is the right thing to do

K is eating with lawyer yoon. (the guy from GD). K is upset that he cant eat the expensive meal properly cuz he has a hard time using his chopsticks. Yoon says seeing the state you are in now i wonder if it’s right to scout you to our firm. K: scout? what are you talking about. Yoon talks about his firm. how they are looking for a good lawyer and they decided on K.  he mentions that judge Kim recommended him and must have seen you favorably. he brings up K failing to pass for public defender so K says I was dropped at second place. Yoon says good things about his firm -they do the kind of work K wants and has a lot of pro bono cases. how about it.  the offer is not bad.

yoon offers him a ride cuz it’s raining but K wanted to walk off the alcohol to wake up. Yoon says call me when you decide. He gets a call from his wife mari and tells her I didn’t drink much. I am going now. K mutters that Yoon is living being caught (meaning the wife has him wrapped around her finger)

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H is thinking I should meet D and tell her the truth for hwang’s sake. but that seems too cruel. should I meet judge seo. should I point out what he did wrong. S asks you still didn’t meet D. H: yes. S: why? H: how can I tell her this – your dad unfairly put your real dad in prison. for 26 yrs. if I say this – with her personality it will blow her mind and she will go crazy. her mom is the same. But you know what’s even funnier. even if I reveal all this – we cant tale legal action towards judge seo. does that make sense. even if we reveal it all – we wont get anything out of it at all. but shin keeps telling me to tell her – when i am confused about how to tell  – that telling the truth was the correct answer/solution. Do you think that too. even if you tell  – if it just ends up hurting – do you have to tell the truth. S remembers what K said – in the world there are truths that do not need to be known. So S says no don’t tell her – just cover it up. if that’s best for everyone. She says that decision isnt like you -You were always for truth before – dont you remember. during SB’s case, the twin case -you told me to reveal the truth in court. on top of that you did it tiringly. You lectured me about truth. So you are saying don’t tell her. H wonders if that is the right thing to do since S said that and puts her head down. she wonders why she feels so bad about it

Hwang is in prison sleeping. He gets up to take some medicine. He seems to be in pain. He looks over at his notes and writes down something

H is eating alone when she sees D come in with other lawyers. D sees her and H keeps eating. D excuses herself for a minute and goes over to her. She asks why do you keep looking over at me. Do you have something to say to me. You heard I am co counsel on hwang’s case. H asks didn’t you get out of that case. D says I left and came back in. your defense is fun cuz he is claiming he killed a ghost -not a person. H tells her to step out of that case. D gets mad and says what are you to tell me to step out or not. H tells her not to take it the wrong way. I am sincerely giving you this advice. why is everyone like this too. My bos, my father, and now you too. why is everyone acting so sensitive about me getting involved with hwang. tell me – what is the reason. Do you know anything but H says no I don’t. I’m just tired of going up against you. I will go first. H leaves. D: why is she like that.

She goes back to the office and yoo tells her how shin just now fell asleep. she asks if he stayed up all night yesterday. yoo says yes he was sorting through the files for hwang’s case. she asks where lawyer Uhm is. yoo says he went out. she says he works hard. now that i think about it – i never saw his face. i heard his specs were impressive. his family is good and his looks too.

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that new lawyer Uhm comes in and yells I came. It makes shin wake up. Yoo asks if he had a bloody nose. Uhm says i overworked last night. Uhm asks if she is lawyer jang. now we finally meet. He says I am Uhm Ki joon. you are very pretty. shin says arent you working too hard. Uhm tells shin – I just think this is all for the sake of the defendants so it’s not tiring at all. I have a lot of energy. He gives Yoo the receipts for cab fare, computer, etc and wants to be reimbursed cuz it was used for the sake of the defendants but Yoo says we cant refund you. Yoo makes shin verify it so shin says we cant. you have to take care of your own expenses. Uhm gets mad saying this doesnt make sense – I spent over $1000. cab fare alone was over $300 so are you saying that all comes out of my salary? shin says it’s all included in our salary. even though it’s complicated we have to pay for it. plus we have to pay the tax too. Uhm says do you think this makes sense. If this is deducted from our salary and we arent reimbursed then what is left – isn’t this too tiring. H reminds him – you said when you think of the defendants it’s not hard at all. Uhm says it was just in that situation. I cant be a lawyer in this condition. He gets mad and mutters “my money” and leaves

K comes back to his office and yoo tries to hug him again but K ducks. K says hello to shin. shin asks did you organize the office. K: yes. he asks why uhm quit. heard he was overly passionate. Yoo says that passion was too much so it became a negative trait.   K asks where is lawyer Jang. yoo says in the office. shin tells him to go in.

H asks did you come. she says i heard you didnt pass the interview and came in second so it must be true.K: of course it was real. please take care of me well. H: it’s good you came.They shake hands and she asks is this the only place you could go.

너의 목소리가 들려.E14.130718.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[09-45-26] 너의 목소리가 들려.E14.130718.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[09-46-47]

S goes to his academy and runs into CK and JB. She takes his arm so CK pulls her away. S: you guys are going around together as a set these days. what’s going on. she says we are going to enroll here. S: you guys at an academy? she says you dont remember but the 3 of us studied well in high school.  CK: after the test was over you came to me to check on answers. now I think I should find my path. S smiles and says: kids –  my memory all came back. CK: really? JB: all of it? S: yes. so CK says to her-  see I told you not to lie. I knew from when she told me to wear glasses. he removes them and says oh this is embarrassing. I wont do it. JB says it turned out well. if you remember then you know I cant study. but I am going to enroll in the academy. you are going to the police academy you said. in order to match your level shouldnt i study for college. She thinks to herself– what if he finds me burdensome. what if he tells me not to do this. S read her mind and says you can enroll on the second floor. she is happy and goes in. Then he reads CK’s mind. CK: that girl is starting again. why does he accept her advances when he has no feelings for her.  CK says aloud – what are you looking at. you have something to say to me. S reads his mind. CK: that pitiful orphan kid. I felt sorry for you during that time so I put up with you, but I shouldn’t have. S: it’s nothing – I am going in.

H overhears Kim’s conversation on the phone– he is talking about K (since Kim is the one who recommended Yoon to meet with K and give him a position at their firm) Kim says into the phone: I am sorry – I dont know what to say. I didnt know lawyer cha would change his mind. what are you saying. your law firm is great so why would he not take it seriously. it was the first time lawyer cha was scouted so he doesnt know what’s what. if it was me of course I would go to your law firm.  lawyer cha doesnt have enough experience so he did that. not that i am saying your law firm isnt – why are you misunderstand what i’m saying. she wonders why K lied.

너의 목소리가 들려.E14.130718.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[05-25-39]

K is trying to press the elevator button while carrying a lot of case files with his hurt arm so he drops some and H helps him pick it up. She asks where are you going. He says to eat lunch and then go directly to trial. H: why are you going alone? K: with this arm I can only eat stufflike a hot dog or sandwich and no one likes that. She says do you want to eat lunch with me. K: i’d like that

She asks what should I give you and he says eggs.  she puts it on his spoon. she asks why he lied. K: about what? H: you were scouted by a law firm. heard the offer was great. He asks how she found out.H: i just found out. K: I told you before – that it was my dream to be a public defender. more than an offer – it’s dream.  He holds out his spoon so she can keep putting side dishes on it since he cant use his other hand. this time he asks for bean sprouts. She asks if you decided to come back here cuz of me – it’s a burden but he says It’s correct that I like you but I didnt make this decision over that. H: still when you made that decision didnt you falter. K: no I dont do that. when I first hear it, i think that at least 1 percent is correct so that’s how I decide. she brings up how great the other offer was from the firm so dont you regret it? K: that is why the one percent is important. if I decided the opposite more than now – I would regret that one percent. she repeats one percent is important.  she thanks him. K: for what. H: just all of it.

H is in the revolving door. flashback to the day she walked into that courtroom to testify as a kid. H: like lawyer cha – i made the decision thinking that one percent was correct. also I always regretted that decision. I still regret opening that door to the court that time. if I just didnt open that door all these terrible things wouldnt have started, but… her voice is replaced by Do yeon saying – do you know how much I regret that moment? I should have gone back and testified. even now I regret it. H: for the first time now I think -If I had decided to do the opposite back then – right now wouldn’t I be regretting more – about one  percent more

She goes and tells shin I decided. shin: decide what? H: I am going to reveal it all. I will meet hwang’s daughter and I’m going to see this fight till the end. high five. shin slaps her hand. He asks did you realy find the daugher. She says what I am about to say right now – don’t ask me how I found out and listen. and trust me. shin: ok but what is it for it to be so scary. she fills him in

너의 목소리가 들려.E14.130718.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[05-52-34] 너의 목소리가 들려.E14.130718.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-01-01] 너의 목소리가 들려.E14.130718.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-02-37] 너의 목소리가 들려.E14.130718.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-05-27]

S and H are walking hand in hand at night. He looks over and sees a car following them so he makes her walk on the inside (away from the street side). She tells him that is a cop car. until they catch JG, they will be trailing us to protect us. He lets go of her hand but she holds it again. He asks *doesnt it bother you. H: what? S: you didnt like holding hands in front of people.  H: not anymore. i decided not to dislike it. your one percent is more correct. S: what does that mean? H: you dont need to know. dont read it (my mind) he put his face right in front of her eyes to read her mind but she turned her face away. he puts his arms around her shoulder reminding her she decided not to dislike it. let’s go. they walk off smiling

*it’s strange but he spoke that one line using jeondae right at the last word.

In the morning H looks in the mirror and tells herself – you can do it. you will do well. meet judge seo and be confident and say what you need to. listen to what you need to hear.  dont cower no matter what. I am perfect right now. S comes over and says it looks like you are really nervous. H makes a lame joke: nervous? (korean word “kinjang”) what is that? is it a dongsang to kanjang (soy sauce). S: what you are wearing isnt bad, but isnt that concept standing out a little with that t shirt and that formal skirt. she hurries off to change as he grins.

H goes to meet seo and says hello. He asks what brings you here. She says I have something to tell you. He asks what. She asks the others to step back cuz it’s about hwang’s case. seo tells the others to go inside first. H: I am taking hwang’s  case-while investigating -some interesting truth came out. seo: what do you want to say? H: hwang had a really unfair incident happen to him 26 yrs ago.  Seo asks are you complaining about that decision/ruling right now. a ruling from 26 yrs ago. H: that ruling wasnt’ your fault. cuz the victim planned it and carried it out. I didnt come to pick on that. She leans in and says -knowing the truth but acting like you didn’t -no matter how much I think about it – i cant forgive it. seo: I have no idea what you are talking about.  for the 20 yrs I wore the robe of a judge I didnt have a ruling that I am ashamed of. H: you are the same as usual. flashback to seo saying to young H – I am not hearing you out cuz I believe you. I am waiting. present day H repeats those same words he said to her when she was a kid and says I am not listening to your words cuz I believe them. I am waiting. seo: what are you waiting for. flashback. seo said: admit your wrongdoing. repent and apologize.  present day H says: admit you were wrong, repent,  and apologize. flashback: seo: admit your wrongdoing even at this late stage. if you sincerely apologize to Do yeon, thinking of your future I will forgive everything and just continue living like now. present day H says: even now admit it.  go and find hwang and sincerely apologize. then I will just go up to here. but if you keep holding back till the end, I am thinking of seeing this till the end. seo: end? what that end is – I am curious too. H: does that mean you wont apologize? Seo:  I have nothing to apologize for. H: it is the answer I assumed. I was trying to do my best to show you some courtesy and came here. thinking  of our time together 11yrs ago. I know fully well what you mean so I will be going now. oh that’s right. just in case I will tell you in advance.  I dont think you would use any sort of drastic measures but just in case you were thinking that -dont do it. these days i have round the clock 24 hrs police bodyguards. I will be going now.

H walks away calling herself -daebak – you were totally cool. mom were you watching? I was totally charismatic huh?

너의 목소리가 들려.E14.130718.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[07-00-45] 너의 목소리가 들려.E14.130718.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[07-01-33]

S says you have no fear to come here alone. H: how did you know to come here.  He points to his eyes and says I read your mind this morning. he gives her his arm to take. She asks did you read seo’s thoughts too. S: yes. H: do you think he will apologize. S says no – not at all. H: I knew it. is it D’s turn now

D hears that hwang is claiming the victim was his wife from 26 yrs ago who was presumed dead. that hwang could try for time served. D wonders if he can get time served since he stabbed a person. the lawyer says if she really was his wife from 26 yrs ago then he will feel like it’s unfair (feel wronged) a person who is perfectly fine and alive – saying he killed her and spending 26 yrs imprisoned. the other lawyer says on top of that hwang has a terminal condition and doesn’t have much time to live. D argues just cuz he doesnt have much time to live you cant let him get away with attempted murder. also even though it’s not possible for (hwang’s wife’s real name and her current name) to be the same person, even if she is – that is that and this is this. she mutters that H is always like this – I think she planned to become a lawyer to confuse the law.  D gets a call that H came to see her outside. other lawyers wonder if H heard what they said. he advises D to hear what H has to say

너의 목소리가 들려.E14.130718.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[02-03-07]

S walks around with his headphone on and when he takes it off he hears everyone’s thoughts all at once

D tells her to drink the tea and asks what brings you – it’s the first time seeing you here. What is going on

S hears two kids saying how they messed up on the english test but one did well on her test and says this time I can get first place but only thought it to herself.  the other one says aloud what to do – it will be big trouble for you but she calls the other one dummy in her head.  S narrates  what makes the relationships in the world peaceful-more than truth – there are more times when it’s lies. Lies can soothe over disputes and ease nervousness for a short while.  Truth is more uncomfortable than lies so most people want to ignore truth. I am like that. he puts his headphones back on

H talks about Jung (hwang’s wife- using both her names)- how they thought she died 26 yrs ago so they are going to prove that it’s the same person.  D says I know – but i heard there is no way to prove it. H: there is a way to prove it – I found hwang and jung’s daughter. D asks did you get the DNA test. H: I am going to do it now.

as he looks at old photos of his mom and S as a kid, S narrates about how painful it is to pass on the truth all the time -so that is why often – in front of truth – I close my eyes.

D asks why tell me this. during the trial you can just bring her up as a witness. H: cuz I need you. D: me? Why? H: you are hwang’s daughter – hwang Ga Eun. D: what? H: I am sorry Do yeon

S narrates: but one day, my jjang D’Arc (lawyer jang joan of arc) was – more than me who can see the truth –  chasing after truth.


No preview

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[01-40-39]

His special ability became a blessing and a curse tonight. He got to hear her eyes telling him the truth, but he had to listen to her lies and denials. I wonder what was more difficult for him – not being able to react and feel joy or keeping his welling emotions of love from surfacing. No matter how you look at it, this kind of torture was just too much for the guy. Sure he might have been able to keep it up for a while longer, but it would be at the cost of his breaking heart. Cuz every moment he doesn’t get to express his real thoughts and feelings, it was eating away at him. Sooner or later he would have caved cuz if we know Su ha by now, he isn’t a guy you can control or keep down for long. His duty and obligation to protect her might dictate his actions to a certain extent, but his heart will always rule when it comes to his emotions.  Plus it was a crying shame that he had to smile like this behind her back so she wouldn’t know how elated he felt being back in her life again.

* Just to note Su ha spoke to her in banmal this whole episode except for two lines where he asks if it’s ok for him to speak in banmal – for that he spoke semi jeondae -just the last syllables. so adorable.


Written before it aired:

When Hye Sung told him to write down what he remembers and match them up like a puzzle, the third memory he wrote down was going to the aquarium with Hye Sung. He didn’t remember what happened at the end and only recalled going there with her. Even with his memory loss, he knew that event was significant in his life so much that he held onto it and it was one of the first things he recalled. Now that he has regained his memory, I’m wondering how many more wonderful moments he will have with Hye Sung before he has to tell her the truth. I sort of wish he didn’t have to so that she gets the chance to settle into her feelings for him and come to an acceptance. Judging from the preview at least she isn’t avoiding him anymore and they look like they are eating together so I want Su ha to be able to spend some time with her – catching up on what he missed out in the last year. No one is going to complain if she is left in the dark while he reads her every thought. In fact, I bet fans will even encourage him to do that just so we get some more cute scenes between them.  Knowing Su ha though, he won’t be able to keep it up for too long cuz I think speaking to her in jeondae will be the hardest part. More than likely he will give himself away by getting frustrated with her and just resorting to banmal again. Either that or she will sense the change in him from all the extra skinship like the back hug and pullling her close. Makes you wonder if it’s just a matter of time before he can hear the way her heart is racing around him cuz that would be the best way for him to learn how her feelings for him have grown.

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[00-26-26] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[00-33-17] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[00-33-36] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[00-33-54] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[00-34-07]

Pretty sure there is a rock with her name on it that she wants to crawl under after this scene. Just wondering if that rock will be big enough to hide her utter humiliation

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[03-26-48] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[03-30-21] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[03-32-24]너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[03-31-31]

I never noticed it before, but for a skinny guy, he has really broad shoulders like a swimmer- perfect for modeling like Woo Bin. No wonder they both started out as models. I still see old footage of Woo Bin on fashion shows he has done in the past on cable, but I only saw stills for LJS.  Wonder how his model strut was. So glad both of them turned to acting.


S is sitting outside her building and remembers how JG said your father started all this – not me. S says so that is the memory I wanted to erase. just cuz I erase it doesnt mean it goes away. He sees H coming out. She is calling him and doesn’t see him sitting there. S says in his head: what do I do with you – if you know this truth you will probably resent/hate me. if you know Min JG is alive -how afraid you will be.

S reads her mind. H: JG is alive. Su ha didnt kill him – That kid kept his promise to me.

She calls and asks where are you now? are you at home? S: no. I’m outside. H: Min JG is alive. D and K found that out. S: yes. (he stands up to start walking over to her while he is on the phone) H: why is your reaction like this. Min JG is alive. Now you are totally not guilty. you dont have to go to the appeal. S says into the phone in banmal- if that person is alive it means you are in danger. She says :ya you idiot – that is a problem for later. D said she is not going to make an appeal anymore. I heard it so you are no longer the defendant. S walked over and back hugs her. His arms are around her waist and he rests his head on her shoulder crying and saying in banmal: You are the idiot. Your life is in danger again so how is my innocence first. how? She rubs his hair and says thank you for keeping your promise.

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-03-56] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-04-33] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-05-25]

They take the bus home and she tells him now that he is not guilty there is nothing to hold him back. sign up for the academy and prepare for his (I think) High School equivalency exam – hurry and catch up on the things he fell back on for the last year. He says I already signed up for the academy and registered. She did that too and says now looking at it there are a lot of things where you and I are alike. she asks if he still doesnt have his memory back and he says not yet. HS: you know what happens when you get your memory back right? at that time – you have to do as promised. dont ever look for me again.  S: why do I have to do that. H: what do you mean why – cuz there is no reason to stay together. I was just your sponsor/guardian and your lawyer. when you get your memory back, live your own life and dont impose on/mooch off me anymore. S: mooch? I did that to you? she thinks to herself – was I too harsh in saying that. no you did well. otherwise if I give him compassion, it will be hard to settle my feelings (meaning get over him).  He reads her mind and sits up repeating what she said in his head “feelings for me?”  She says aloud : I didnt say anything wrong – you are imposing on me now. He reads her thoughts – she wonders if she can settle her feelings for him (get over him) well. until Su ha leaves – not get my feelings for him found out – I can settle it well. he wonders to himself – is it possible (she likes me). he asks aloud do you still not like me and find me annoying. She says yes I dont like you, but he reads her mind – I like you. he asks do you really wish I would leave? she says yes I wish you would. but he reads: I want to ask you to stay by my side. He thinks in his head – in that moment the lies you said with your mouth your eyes were telling the truth. your eyes were saying what I wanted to hear for 11 yrs but for the sake of protecting you by your side I had to pretend I didn’t hear those words.  Su ha sighs deeply.

They go home and the cops are waiting outside. H asks what they are doing here. They say they heard Min JG is alive and tells her two extra CCTVs were put up here and at the corner. She wonders if two will be enough cuz the area near the top is what makes her nervous. Su ha reads the cop’s mind about how hard it was just to get these two CCTVs and how he will sweet talk his boss later for more. cop tells her he will look into getting one for that area too so su ha thanks them for paying so much attention. They say it’s our job. sorry for misunderstanding you during that time

They go in and she stares at him and asks if one loses his memory then does his personality change too. You seem nicer than you used to be. you changed for the better. if you happen to meet Min JG – just like now – kill your emotions. dont think of just fighting. either report or run away. got that?  He reads her mind :cuz of that person, I dont want to see this kid ruining his life again. S: ok. HS: but it’s strange. how come you’ve been speaking banmal from a while ago. S asks in jeondae: do you not like hearing banmal?  She says do whatever you want. whatever that’s comfortable for you. He says aloud last part in jeondae and mostly in banmal: then I will speak in banmal from here on. she gets a drink and says then do that. in his head he says– if you knew all this started cuz of my dad then you wont see me again. She gets a call from D about how she got the cops to make sure they make regular rounds checking on her home and asked for extra CCTVs to be put up. H says I know. D tells her to call right away if anything strange goes on. H asks why- are you worried I will be attacked by Min JG?  but D says not at all – would I worry about you? It’s cuz I want to catch Min JG with my own hands. H says of course cuz winning cases is important to you. she says with dripping sarcasm how grateful she is to the prosecutor for getting involved and wanting to catch Min JG. D tells her not to try to figure out things on her own since she doesnt have the skills.

D hangs up and pulls up to her home. Hwang comes up behind her and asks you are judge seo’s daughter aren’t you.  She backs up in fear asking what are you doing – how did you know my home address. He yells for her to hurry and call judge seo out. She pushes him  and says go away. she hurries to the door and asks for her mom to hurry and come out. the mom asks what happened.she calls for her husband to hurry. Hwang collapsed on the ground and he is having a seizure. Her dad comes out asking what’s going on. he backs up when he recognizes hwang. Do yeon asks hwang to come to his senses. her mom asks if he is dead. D starts CPR and asks for her mom to call 911 saying he has only fainted. her mom calls for an ambulance while her dad stands there in shock

The doctor says to find out details they have to take a MRI but hwang’s condition is advanced and it will be hard for him to have surgery. seo asks if that means he doesn’t have much longer to live. the doctor says yes – at most 4 or 5 months. D wonders if he came out due to his medical condition -like a parole for medical leave. Her mom wonders why hwang came looking for the judge seo as soon as he came out. The cops come over and asks if hwang is here. D says yes. cop wonders what is up with him – it wasnt enough that as soon as he came out, he stabbed someone -now he went looking for the prosecutor. (hwang’s wife is still alive though). The mom asks why would he do that as soon as he came out of prison. Cop says we have to investigate to find out why. they go in to see hwang

In the morning S syncs up their phones (probably so he can track her again). she comes out and he asks are you leaving now – what about breakfast. she says I dont feel like eating. I will be going. S pours her water and says: sit down. eat breakfast then go. H: what? S: You are avoiding cuz you feel uncomfortable cuz of me.  I will go out so dont make other excuses and hurry and eat. H: just cuz I said you could speak banmal – are you treating me like a kid now. He walks over to get his bag as she says “if you are going to be like this then dont speak banmal and…” She doesnt finish and just screams and jumps on his back. S: what – what? she points without seeing and says roaches. he asks where and follows her finger. he looks and says I think those are watermelon seeds. she finally looks and then hops down.  She thinks in her head this is so humiliating -what should I do. he grins and grabs some tissue and cleans up the seeds. S: I will move aside outside so hurry and eat then come out. I will take you to your office. she thinks in her head: I should say there is no need to take me but cuz of Min JG I cant do that. why am I so helpless. He says how he will pick her up after her work cuz his academy is near her office. H: ok. S: eat and then come out. he is about to leave but she asks to eat together.  he reads her mind – when he gets his memory back I can just tell him to leave then – let’s not split us apart on purpose. he smiles

*just to be clear – basically he offered to take her to work and pick her up from work everyday

He watches her eat and smiles. he asks what her case is this time. she says a case where a beaten/abused wife stabbed her husband to death. she mentions how it’s hard to get self defense as a claim in this country. he asks why. she explains and then says that’s what the defendant wants and how H might be able to get self defense if she works hard (using the expression bloody poop). S: how can you say bloody poop while eating – all you had to say was you will work hard. she drops her food so they smile about it

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[01-37-34] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[01-38-57]너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[01-37-48] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[01-39-42]

As they walk out he carries her files for her and pulls her to him away from a passing biker who rode by too close. He cant help but keep smiling to himself when he sees her smile up at him. Pretty sure he was smiling cuz he now knows she likes him

She gets a call while she is out

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[01-35-59]

At the bus stop he reads her mind “what should I do for lawyer cha – cuz of Su ha, he worked really hard. will it be enough to just buy him a meal. it feels burdensome to keep getting involved with him over stuff like this.” S takes it from there and says: there is something i need to ask. what does lawyer cha like? H: why are you asking that suddenly. S: I wanted to get him a present. he worked a lot running around to get me not guilty. since he got involved in my business, I didnt think I should do nothing. I should pay him back. H: you want to do that. what did he say he liked. I think I heard hiking was his hobby. S: hiking?

S goes to a sporting goods store and asks – what is the nicest thing here? (meaning most expensive) show me something that if I buy it, it will make them feel really impressed. she shows him hiking shoes that everyone wants even though it’s pricey. S says I dont need any more explanation – please wrap it up with the price tag intact.

S goes and puts the present on K’s desk with a nod of his head saying thank you for all this time – for fighting for the sake of my innocence. K: what is this? S: I heard you liked hiking so I chose hiking gear. I know this isnt enough interest to repay you – If you need it, I will repay you slowly. K thanks him and says no need for paying me back with interest. instead root for me. S: root for what? K: I am going now to interview for the public defender’s office. I think it’s time for me now to get my place/position back. You remember what I told you before right. S: yes I remember. K: it’s fine if you remember. Aren’t you going to root for me (wish me luck)? S asks do you think I would want to? K:I knew you would do that.

S stares at the poster for the police academy and remembers how K told him- dont pretend to be a grownup and act like a real grownup – just cuz you wear a suit doesnt make you a grownup.  S takes a deep breath and picks up an application and goes inside.

Shin drives and goes to meet hwang. shin yells what is this – attempted murder. Hwang says I should have killed her but I couldn’t kill her. shin yells is that something you should say – you finally got out and you tried to kill a person. hwang: it was her. the one I was supposed to have killed 26 yrs ago – that person. do you believe it?  My wife was alive. 26 yrs ago when I was found guilty, I thought I might have done it – cuz I was drunk back then and reacted coldly – I thought I could have killed her but I didn’t. for 26 yrs. Cuz of something I didn’t do – I rotted away in here for 26 yrs. half my life in here. Shin cries as hwang cries. Shin asks is that why you stabbed her. Hwang says yes she was dead anyway. I didn’t stab a person I stabbed a ghost. So get not guilty for me.

D’s mom says you are saying the person who was supposedly dead 26 yrs ago is alive. D says yes but I think it’s made up cuz how could that happen. the mom asks why did he kill his wife 26 yrs ago. D explains how hwang’s wife cheated on him with another man and didnt like living running away from her husband’s debts. the mom says how if hwang spent 26 yrs in prison he should have lived out the rest of his life quietly. why stab a person again. D quotes a saying about how if the devil changes clothes he doesnt become an angel. he was born to be what he became. The mom asks did you get that case. D says yes it will be hard but I think it will be fun

Her dad calls for a favor. He wants hwang’s case to go to the other lawyer and not his daughter

Shin goes to court and remembers telling hwang – I want to get not guilty for you too but how can I when you stabbed someone. How about asking for time served, but Hwang says I don’t need any of that – I dont have much time left anyway –I am innocent – get me a not guilty verdict.

D is in court talking about the current case and H is the defense. the court room is stuffy and people are fanning themselves. D says how the victim and defendant were husband and wife for a long time. she goes over the date of the crime and how the victim was upset his wife didnt make dinner so the defendant was kicked and beaten… in the middle of her speech judge Kim accidentally turns on the fan by his feet and makes his robe billow suddenly. he resumes like nothing happened.  as Shin watches the trial, D goes over the murder weapon and how long the knife was and how long the victim’s neck was. she declares the defendant is a murderer. kim tells H to make her defense.  she claims the defendant is not guilty

K goes in for his interview. There are people waiting their turn. He wonders if this is worth doing (as in will he succeed) more than last time if the odds are 20 to 1

D is still talking about the knife and how it was used to stab the neck -even if the claim is that the victim was taller than the defendant so it’s hard to see it as an act of self defense. H refutes about the victim’s hand and the knife he held. that the victim was a top volleyball player and was able to punch the defendant. How she had a condition you get from being hit on the head a lot. without taking that psychological factor into consideration how can you see the victim’s pain as greater than the defendant’s. D argues before she held the knife to the victim, she should have contacted the police – if she had the strength to wield the knife than she should have run away. she says the villa where they live you can hear the neighbors – it’s that close. that before she took drastic measures she should have looked for other options. H repeats what D said and says I tested what you said. H shows a video of herself in front of the victim’s home playing rock music in the hallway and a neighbor threatening -who is that. turn off the music. I am going to call the police. She turns off the loud music and says within ten secs the neighbors threw a fuss saying they would call the police. but instead of music I played something else and I got a strange result. she plays a couple fighting -wife is yelling try hitting me. then screaming asking for someone to save her. this person is trying to kill me. call the police. H proves that when she turned on the music people yelled within ten secs but even after a minute passed it was quiet. even though five mins passed no one called the police. She makes a point that the defendant tried many times to ask for  help but nothing came back except for indifference.  “I am different from them.  I would have gotten involved personally and rescued her.” how much confidence do you have inside. I cant do that. she pleads self defense and points out there was hardly any chance of the defendant to save herself with her bare hands. H does a good job defending so the woman cries

During the interview, the judges bring up how even though K’s scores were good, he quit once before. so that means he could quit again.  K says I know that but that might be a positive thing about me. he talks about how a trusting lawyer can be poison and someone made him realize that. the judge asks who was that. K: lawyer jang – the one I worked with

D says to H – I thought today you were lawyer cha. you filmed an impressive video and put on a show. used/exploited emotions.  since when did you start imitating lawyer cha.  H says how D could have rephrased that more nicely and says I learned from watching lawyer cha so what – is learning a problem? looking at lawyer cha- there is a lot to learn from him – wont you admit that’s true too.

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[10-03-06]

K is stating : I learned a lot from watching lawyer jang. how dangerous it is to believe the defendant outright as well.  the judge says you need a reason for being a public defender. K says how he has a clear reason for being a public defender and so does lawyer jang. as public defenders, lawyer jang and I rescued one person’s life together. we rescued him from rotting away in prison as guilty all his life and now that person will live well as a regular person from here on in the world. that person’s life is the reason for lawyer jang and me to be public defender. The screen shows S studying hard at the academy

D goes to her office and hears she doesn’t have hwang’s case. She wanted that case and the guy says I didn’t want to take his case either but the head PA got a call from your father

D remembers how her dad said to take her hands off the case and how her dad did nothing while she performed CPR on hwang that night

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-07-15]

H runs inside to answer the phone but it hung up. S comes in and she asks did you eat dinner yet. He says no not yet – I will make prepare it. She asks if he has any laundry to do. S: yes – this. he takes off his shirt and tosses it to her. She asks if he did well on his test today. he says just did well enough (as in so so). he asks how much rice he should scoop out. she checked his pocket and sees the paper and starts to unfold as she asks what is this. he runs over and tells her not to look at it. hand it over. he tries to take it away from her and they struggle but she saw it was from the police academy. H: are you interested in the police academy? S: no – I just looked at it as a hobby. H: a hobby? I heard it was really difficult to get in there. S: that is why I am going to look at it as a hobby. cuz if I go after it for real and get dropped it will be embarrassing. he sets the table

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-09-04]

During dinner she watches him eat and says there wont be an instance when you will be embarrassed (regarding this matter). if you study properly you could get into the police academy. cuz you dont have your memory now so you dont know well but you studied really well. I saw your report card so you can believe me. so don’t use hobby as an excuse and do it properly. he notices her trying to pry one leaf off the stack of the side dish and holds down the rest so she can take the top layer. She wonders “is it ok to be so accustomed to him like this. if I keep this up- later on after I send him off – it will be really be difficult like a year ago huh. He asks what she is thinking. H: just that it would be nice if you hurried and got your memory back and left

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[08-13-33]

next morning as she gets her clothes she sees all his notes on the door and how much he remembers. H: he is trying so hard like this so is it still far off for him to get his memory back. She gets a call and the caller doesnt say anything when she picks up. S sees that. She asks if he is done washing his face. S says yes. she goes in to wash and he checks the phone. He locates caller ID and calls the numbers and finds out the call was from a pay phone. he asks where the pay phone is located from the random guy who picked up

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[08-16-20] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[08-18-32]

S takes the cops to the phone booth and cop says so you are saying you got calls from this pay phone. S says yes and shows all the phone numbers where calls came from. cop says that means all of those were made from pay phones too.  other cop sees the CCTV so the cop asks what time the calls came in. S says around 9:25 am. The cops see the video and sees Min JG calling from that booth. Cop says hurry and report that Min JG showed up. cop wonders why he called. S says to confirm if H is still living at that home.

S goes to her home and packs up her stuff. Her clothes, makeup, shoes, and books too. The photo of her mom as well.

H is in the office and Shin asked her for help. She tells Yoo – you heard right. Lawyer shin asked for my help. Yoo: yes i heard it clearly.She says let me think about it for a second. come over here and talk. I will hear you out and then decide to help. Shin swallows his pride and says you know hwang’s case right. She says yes as soon as he came out of prison he stabbed someone. She says my throat is dry. Shin takes out 50 cents and tells Yoo to go buy her a drink from the machine but she says I am craving something sweet too so he hands over a ten. Yoo asks i can buy mine too right. shin: you think you can?

She asks if shin wants hwang’s case to be tried by a jury with her as co counsel and brags she did make an impresson on her jury. He fills her in on the details. How hwang was imprisoned for 26 yrs for killing his wife. then he was released on medical parole and was hospitalized. hwang ran into his wife who was working as a nurse’s aid there. He wasn’t planning on stabbing at her at first. but what the wife said to hwang made him lose it. The wife said I’m sorry but at the time I thought it was for the best. I didn’t like you and didnt like your debt and didn’t want to live as your wife anymore. I didnt want to raise my daughter under that debt. hwang asks so you had to be so cruel and put me in prison? she said think about it rationally. you didnt like living running away from that debt so going to prison was better. Right now our daughter is living well in a rich family and doesnt know about us. if you raised her she wouldnt have grown up so well. aside from you I met a good man..but Hwang doesnt let her finish and strangled her and grabbed the broken glass to stab her with. H asks so you are saying hwang was imprisoned for 26 yrs for a crime he didnt commit? shin: yes. she wonders if this counts as a crime cuz hwang stabbed someone who is already dead.  Shin says I dont know that. but according to the law – she is someone who is dead but the culprit is alive. hwang says he killed a ghost so he wants to get not guilty with that. She thinks even if the chances arent high it’s worth going after not guilty. Shin says there is one more problem we have to deal with before then – there is no way to prove the victim is   hwang’s wife. 26 yrs ago she wiped out her identity so she is like a different person. H thinks all they have to do is run her fingerprints in the system but shin explains cuz she worked at a restaurant holding hot pots her fingerprints are burned off. H asks how to prove those two were married then. Shin says we have to find the daughter for her DNA. H: where is the daughter. shin: we have to find her first. H: what?

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-46-07] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-46-29]

H is in the revolving door and says he still stabbed a person no matter what the reason was so can we get not guilty. How do we find his daughter. S pulls her out by the hand and asks why didnt you answer your phone. H: did you call. I was in trial so I didnt know. why? did something happen. S says Min JG showed up. he was trying to confirm you lived in that house and called from a pay phone. now that home is dangerous. for the time being dont go home. starting from today stay at my home. H: your home? He holds her hand firmly and takes her to his home. He says I will write down the codes for the entrance and the apartment for you later

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-48-20] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-49-18] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[07-48-10]

He takes her inside and she notices he is still holding her hand so she pulls away. He says this place has security and CCTV at every hallway/corridor so it will be safer than your place. and I don’t think JG knows this home yet so stay here for the time being. H: the police know? S says yes- starting from today they will make their security rounds here. H: that’s good. She looks at him and he reads her mind: what do I do if Su ha has dangerous thoughts again?  when he finally got his place back (where he should be). what if he attacks Min JG and goes looking for him out of revenge. S is upset she is thinking of him again before herself so he almost says is that the problem now but doesn’t. S: I packed some of your stuff. tell me if you need anything else. I will go and get it. H: no it’s ok. If I am in danger – you are in danger as well. dont go. S: I am going to meet the police and lawyer cha and ask for their help. you wont be left alone so dont worry. H: ok. I am hungry -do you have anything to eat. she goes to the fridge. He says there wont be anything to eat -should we go grocery shopping, but she says I can make something from this so wait. He watches her mix up everything and asks is it dog food again. H: after you eat dont ask for more. She is about to eat with the rice scooper but he takes it away and gives her his spoon.  H: did your memory come back by any chance Su ha. S: no – why? H: cuz you just said is this dog food again. doesnt that mean you remember dog food from before. He lies he ate something similar to this at lunch so I said “again.” did you eat like this before too? H: huh? yes. She thinks in her head – this kid wouldnt lie to me – he isn’t that kind of kid. S eats with guilt

JG is hiding from the CCTV near her house and is right under it. He hides as the cop car passes and looks up at her home with the lights off. He wonders where is everyone hiding.

D is hitting golf balls with her mom. Her mom asks what’s wrong – is something bothering you. D asks mom do you remember hwang’s case that I mentioned before. father called the director for someone else to take the case instead of me. the mom asks why would your dad do that. D: that’s what I dont know. even if I ask I dont think he will give me an answer. the mom says he is acting strange – he acts so sensitive when the name hwang D comes up. wait – is it by any chance that person. D: what do you mean that person. the mom explains how after the dad became the judge – it was the first case he presided over where things got complicated and it bothered him. it was a case where the wife was cut up with an axe. the defendant had a similar name

D goes to her office and does research and probably finds out her dad was the presiding judge on hwang’s case

Shin and H go meet an orphanage director and tries to find out about hwang’s daughter, but the woman wont tell them any info cuz the daughter had a closed adoption and her file states that no one can know who adopted her no matter what. shin tries to say the birth parent really wants to find her and the daughter is important to save that parent as well. she says sorry but the info is restricted. no matter what I cant tell you.  H tries to make a grab for the file to take a peek but the woman is faster. H says let’s go and tries again but the woman stops her

Yoo and K are about to check his email to see if he passed the interview, but K is nervous he didn’t make it. Yoo says if you were dropped they wouldnt have sent you an email – hurry and log in. K: I am shaking too much. Yoo says hurry and press it. They check and K didn’t make it. K says it’s ok I can try again. what a waste – i was dropped right at second place. S comes in and asks did you not make it. Yoo asks what brings you here. K points and asks accusingly – you put a hex on me didnt you – you didn’t root for me properly huh. did you wish for me to not make it so I would drop away from lawyer jang. S says I did then, but not now. Min JG showed up

H asks what do we do – should we give up. Shin tells H- I am going to go see her again. unlike someone I wont just rudely attack and  convince her with words. H says she has to go somewhere so shin says afterwards look all over- if the daughter isn’t in this country check other countries. K shows up and guessed where she has to go and says go with me. I will be your bodyguard today. I heard from su ha that Min JG showed up. for the time being when you need to go somewhere call me. dont go around alone.

JG is watching them from a distance

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-44-04]

Su ha stands outside the prosecutor’s office building

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-43-40]

D sees her dad talking to her boss – the head PA. her dad is telling him I will trust you. they shake hands and seo leaves. She calls out to her dad. He asks if she doesn’t have a trial today. She asks why he came to see lawyer J. seo: there was no reason – just ran into him after the seminar. she guesses he came to confirm if hwang’s case went to someone else. seo: i never made such a request. D: dont avoid and tell me. why cant I be in charge of hwang’s case. S hears their conversation and reads seo’s mind. Her dad denies doing that but she says you clearly said you didnt do that so I will tell that to lawyer J.  also I will get that case back. Seo calls after her. S read the judge’s mind and knows the truth

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-17-31] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-18-46]

S knocks and goes to pick up H at her office. she asks if his academy finished. just wait a little while and we can go after I sort this out. He sits and tells her to do it slowly cuz he will wait. he takes out his book to study.  he reads her thoughts – awhile ago when I met the director of the orphanage -how nice it would have been is Su had could have read her heart. then I would have been able to find Hwang’s daughter right away. n no it’s better that he doesnt have that ability. cuz of that – this kid had such a hard time. She asks if he brought all the notes off the door from her home -the ones he put up in the closet room. he says no. H stands and says that is what you should have packed. Let’s go now but he pulls her hand to sit back down and says I will get them later.

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-20-00]너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[03-46-08]

They are at the bus stop. he is studying from his book but looks over at her. he reads her mind. She is thinking about what to do –I have to find hwang’s daughter somehow. should I go inside the orphanage undercover in secret. a investigator has a fighting chance to succeed but there isnt a single thing a lawyer can do. S watches her and remembers how she told him – do you know what kind of kid you are? to keep a promise I didnt even remember -for ten years you went around looking for me. then how she said in her head while they were eating – this kid wouldnt lie to me. he isnt that kind of kid. he looks at her so she asks why? do you have something to say? He debates whether to tell her and thinks: if I tell her the truth will she look at me like now. S goes back to his book saying no I dont have anything. She taps her cheek to indicate something is on his. he pretends he doesnt get it and leans over and  kisses her on her cheek. She says ya I was just saying you got ink there. Su ha: oh then I must have misunderstood. Hye sung: what was that – so random. she tries to compose herself. he sighs deeply again

The cop says since we circled lawyer jang’s home let’s circle around S’s home this time. The cop asks aside from those two is there anyone else Min JG would want to find? the other cop thinks maybe prosecutor Seo -last time during the trial Min JG was glaring at her.they decide to circle S’s home and then hers.

K texts H and says leave me a text if you got home ok. He sees JG waiting for him with a weapon – a plank of wood with a pointy end to stab with.

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-23-50]

S asks what is the text. She says from K – he is taking care of me all day cuz of your request and making me feel sorry. S says I have something to tell you. H: what is it?

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-22-30] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-23-28]

K takes off his glasses and drops them. he takes off his tie and wraps it around his fist to beat JG. He sneaks up on him but they both hear the reply text H just sent so JG turns and hits him with the plank. K gets knocked down and then throws dirt on him but JG is faster and points the sharp end of the board at K. JG: it’s been a long time lawyer cha.  K: I don’t know what you came to find out but I wont tell you anything. JG says Instead of comin to find out something – I came cuz I have something to tell you.

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-24-29] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-25-00]

H: what do you have to say to stall for so long. S says I know who hwang’s daughter is. H: really? who is it? S: It’s prosecutor seo. H says ya are you joking. you have to say something that makes sense. S tells her how judge seo presided over hwang’s trial 26 yrs ago and the day after hwang was found guilty, that woman showed up in front of judge seo. H: that woman? hwang’s wife Jung? S nods yes.

In the parking garage, judge Seo stares at her missing hand and asks werent you dead? Jung: in order to live I died. in order to live. he says does this make sense? do you know what you just did?  You made your husband a killer/murderer. jung: so what should I do? go and turn myself in? I know very well how important this ruling was for you.  she shows his article in the paper and says you even did an interview where they call you the best judge of our time. with your personality -for you to overturn your ruling, I know it’s something you wouldnt even imagine doing. I came to ask a favor from you. If you just listen to that request, until I die – I will hide my name and live hiding myself. so your name wont be dishonored – I will live as someone who doesnt exist in this world. He says talk sense. She says why doesnt it make sense? like now – if that person is in prison everyone will be comfortable. me – you and also my daughter too. seo: your daughter too? Jung: You don’t have a child do you. You are in the process of trying to look into adoption now. Save my daughter (take her in) that is my request.

너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-25-30] 너의 목소리가 들려.E13.130717.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-25-57]

S says  judge seo accepted that offer and that daughter is… H finishes and says she is Seo Do yeon. S nods yes.  she sits and says does that make sense? ruining a person’s life like that deliberately –  is that something a human being does. Hwang rotted half his life away in prison. But how did you know that. S sits and says I went to the courthouse a while ago and saw judge seo and saw his eyes. H: you saw his eyes. did you by any chance. S: yes –  that ability came back and my memory too. She stands up in shock and betrayal. He looks up in guilt and concern she will see him differently now.



cop says are you saying he went to see you. K tells the cops that JG came to see me cuz he had something to tell me.

Hye sung hears that K was attacked by JG. cop says Min JG seems to want to see  this through till the end.

Shin says to hwang: we need clear/ definitive proof you two were husband and wife. so lawyer jang and I are looking for your daughter.

judge seo asks the doctor about hwang’s wife: when will she wake up? D sees her dad leaving the hospital and says father?

Hye sung says she never once saw lawyer oh’s face. cameo guy comes in and asks are you lawyer jang by any chance.

Hye sung holds his face and says I like you Su ha – as a dongsang, as a friend, and also as a ….she doesn’t finish the last word.

Intro for E14

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    • FilChiNY says:

      Hi Pam!
      I feel the same way. I felt so bad for him with that flashback from his childhood. I felt his pain and all I could think of is that HE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY.


    • nonski says:

      Hi @Pam @FilChiNY
      i too hate the scenes i saw in SH’s flashbacks, it’s like he’s never had a happy moment in his life and that in mind i really wish that the writer would give him HS and his happiness in the end.


  6. Kc says:

    Thank you softy for the recaps! I have been reading them every wed and thurs since I have found your website. Thank you so much for your hard work! I am truly grateful.

    I am loving this drama ever since it came out! Every episode keeps getting better and better.

    I wish suha and hyesung has a happy ending in the finale!

    Looking forward on your recaps next week!


  7. Marie says:

    Thanks for the recap. Your recap is so thorough. I read word for word and slowly reading it to enjoy the whole show. You write well and fast. I appreciated your hard work. I am very thankful to the people of this blog. I get to know the story without having to wait for the subtitles of the show. Btw, I also read the recap on Monstar. Hard to find recap on this show. Glad you recap on this show as I also find dificulty in locating this show to watch on the second day after it is broadcast. Kamsahamnida 🙂


  8. Sussie says:

    Hello my dear chingus 🙂
    Wow! I just finished ep14 w/ subs (btw this week they came out so fast).
    I totally loved each part of this episode. They gave us many HS-SH cute moment. And that kiss… *Dropped dead with a heart-attack*

    I’m serious… SH’s gestures towards HS are ruining my real life… LOL Now I’m expecting for all of that in my love life!

    I’m really thankful with writer-nim about no dragging for so much time HS’s upset. Yay! it was only one night of suffering! For other hand, now I’m officially more nervous than yesteday… Really, I am. All this beautiful moments… The Tsunami is coming…

    Tonight another crazy thought came to me… It’s the craziest that I have had :S What do you thing of this (terrible) idea?: how about SH’s mom being the same person as JG’s wife (maybe his ex-wife)? Why do I think of that? Well, first I just remembered (and re-watched) that SH’s dad didn’t showed any sign about knowing JG when their cars crashed… He even asked him for help as a stranger, like he didn’t knew who he was. So, what if SH’s first husband was JG, he was already a bad man at that time too, she felt in love with SH’s dad (with SH’s kind words) so she abandoned him but she died giving birth to SH? Crazy! I know! Pardon my delusion… It’s midnight for me and i’m tired hahaha

    PS: I know that some may feel that the last two episodes were a little more slow… For me… I don’t care… I really fully enjoyed both and I believe that this slow mode was needed in order to let us cherish all kind of sweet moments, get calm and prepare ourselves before the storm. It’s like when we prepare for a run… before pushing full speed at the end, we run at a slower pace. 🙂

    I love so much this drama… Fighting really close to become one of my top 5 of all times. (King2hearts, princess man, secret garden, QIHM… Mars or IHYV ? )

    What do we do? We have to wait until next wednesday T_T


    • FilChiNY says:

      Hi Sussie,
      What else is there to do but rewatch the episodes and pause and play (several times until you are satisfied that you have analyzed all the angles and gestures) all the cute moments our OTP had! LOL!
      Interesting thought you have. for me I feel that in the end it will be proven that SH’s dad DID NOT KILL MJG’S wife. I never believed MJG when he told SH. I felt he was blaming SH dad for indirectly causing her wife’s death. He mentioned something about his dad’s words killed his wife. So the dad did not actually did the killing. But even that, I feel was just his way of blaming someone.


  9. nonski says:

    hi Softy! i got a problem commenting earlier as my comment won’t show. wordpress shows an error message. anyways, over with it now. 🙂

    i could safely say that this is the drama that affected in more or less the same level as OB, Dream High and FBND. i know they’re of a different genre. there are others that made me want to pull the days in the calendar like RTP, Moon, SOAW and Bridal Mask too but only IHYV can make me crazy by watching and re watching it from the first episode. i’ve have never been this desperate, refreshing soompi like every 5 seconds.

    i just noticed that episode 13 and 14 are a bit slower in pace as compared to the previous 10. those are really at a breakneck pace. i think they slowed it down a bit to put some focus on the romance’s development, not that i am complaining, mind you. i would totally love an episode full of fun Hye-Soo moments and more skinship please.


  10. Sussie says:

    T_T It´s only Friday T_T bu bu bu
    My chingus, what are your thoughts right now? Are you still in fantasy world recalling the SH-HS cutest and overwhelming scenes? Are you listening for n-times the OST? I am!! Prideful guilty of all that! hehe
    @nonski Me too! I get your feeling! This drama is affecting me in a way so unbelievable… imagine that tonight I have my cousin´s B-day party… but all I´m thinking is that I would love to re-watch episodes and chat about this drama, instead of going there… I´m silly!Yay! I support your words… more skinship and romantic scenes (pleaassseee). The more we get, the more we want and need to fulfill our fangirling! 😀

    @Filchiny “several times until you are satisfied that you have analyzed all the angles and gestures” I don´t know what you are talking about… hahaha *innocent look* hahaha. May I add: until we memorize each word despite Korean is not a language we know how to speak or read… LOL

    As you, I also feel that it is just his way of blaming someone else for his own faults. JG is really a monster without soul… he killed best mom in the world! He doesn´t have a justification for that. I think that since JG is convinced of SH´s dad involvement in his wife´s death, when SH read his mind, he didn´t recognize that all may be an invention of his madness and in fact he was who dug his own grave and maybe even the real responsible for his wife´s death.

    PS: Ditto! I got a problem commenting. My comment didn´t appeared. Strange.


    • nonski says:

      saturday now and we only got several hours till we get to see the preview… it’s killing me and i don’t want to think in days, it’s feels too long, lols.

      my current playlist is only the ihyv’s ost atm, nothing more, nothing less, oh i actually added the song by nell as posted at db, the title is beautiful stranger. my lappie, my cp, and my tab all have the same playlist, crazy right?!

      now one thing i do that you girls might want to follow suit(not that i’m convincing you or what we have been doing is lacking already) is that i usually cut in those scenes that i really like and put them on my tab and also i compress all the episodes and store them there too. you know, just to have them ready whenever i have the urge to see them(which is very often) 🙂

      you know girls, while i was re-watching the previous episodes up till 14 there are a lot of scenes that actually made my heart ache, that heart tugging feeling. i think this is one of the reasons why this drama clicks with us. it just goes straight to our hearts. the latest that pinched my heart while i was writing this is when i saw su ha released the hands of hye sung while they were being followed by the cops. as much as he loves her, he knows his limitations for being younger than her, that is in the eyes of other people.


      • FilChiNY says:

        One of the reason I have no problem with SH & HS is because SH doesn’t act young even if he is young. He has loved her all these years. Everything he does is for HS….what is best for her. It shows the depth of his love. How can you not root for him?!


        • nonski says:

          ikr! i had never intended to watch this due to the age gap but was surprisingly hooked and addicted because of that. i think we loved the characters more than the actors unlike the usual case when we see this dramas because of a certain actor and dropped them like hot potatoes with the portrayal.


  11. e-mailaddko says:

    EP 15 preview!


  12. FilChiNY says:

    It seems that you are not alone in your theory about MJG and his possible connection to SH’s mom. After watching preview of ep 15 some ppl are thinking along the same line. But I am sure they will clarify this as well in the coming episodes. the writer is good in tying things together. 🙂 Can’t wait for Wednesday! I’ve been chatting daily day and night with Jhen discussing IHYV. Join us if you have time


  13. Sussie says:

    Hi Filchiny!
    Really??!! Oh my! Could you please share the link… I haven´t seen the preview yet. If you have the translation, please share it also… please 😀
    Where and when are you chatting? I would love to join you 😀 It would be nice to share everyone theories


    • FilChiNY says:

      Sussie, and everyone here who has not seen the preview yet with translation. the translation is on the bottom of the video. This is from soompi and credit goes to the person who posted it. http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/2017355/current-drama-2013-i-hear-your-voice-%EB%84%88%EC%9D%98-%EB%AA%A9%EC%86%8C%EB%A6%AC%EA%B0%80-%EB%93%A4%EB%A0%A4/p366
      we chat via viber. it is a free text and call app on iphone or any android phone. we also do Yahoo Messenger. I tell you when we wake up and before we sleep we are chatting away about IHYV! LOL! Mind you we are on different time zone. 12 hrs difference with jhen and 13 hrs difference with minozlove since she is in korea


      • nonski says:

        hi sussie & FilChiNy,

        it seems like there really is a possible connection between MJG and SH’s mom tho i would not go as far as to say that he is his son, as some people in soompi would theorize, that would just be too makjang and i hope writer nim not go to such territory.

        off topic, jhen told me that you guys connect with each other thru viber and ym, i’m a filipina too.


        • Sussie says:

          Wow… Really? They are thinking that he is his son? Mmm but I don’t think so. I don’t feel that Writer-nim would go that far! My theory is only that SH’s mom is JG ex-wife, but since JG was so awful person, when she meet SH’s dad and fell in love with him, he left JG. But then, she died for depression or something like that because she was been constantly follow by JG (who maybe was menacing her of telling that she was once before married… Or something like that). I don’t think that SH’s knew about that because he didn’t seem to recognize JG when they had the car accident. Also, he gave to SH those photos (inside that think with the angel), as if he would have liked that SH cherish those memories about her.

          Ey! That’s great i have an iphone so I will download viber. 😉


          • Sussie says:

            *that SH’s DAD knew about that*

            (Sorry typo)


          • FilChiNY says:

            YAY Sussie!
            Yes download it. As long as you have wifi you can do free calls and texts anywhere. that is what minozlove is using and she is in Korea right now.
            Yes I don’t think JG is SH’s dad! As I told nonski, I hope they do it along the lines of six degrees of separation because to think there is a direct link between JG and SH’s mom, is just making me mad. SH had a very difficult childhood growing up alone. so if JG was the cause Oooooooh! makes me want to kill him! LOL!


            • Sussie says:

              I just did! How can I find you girls? Please send it to my gmail 😉


            • FilChiNY says:

              do you know jhen’s contact info her phone number? add her to your contact on viber. it would be easier to add her first since you live in the same country. oh wait are you in the Philippines right now or was it Singapore? anyway, from there maybe I can add you too. the thing is because we live in different country, she had to add some international code to her phone number. or email me: unicpol@yahoo.com put sussie on the subject and I will email you my phone number.
              nonskid email me too so I can give you my phone number and we can try to figure it out.


            • Softy says:

              I was sitting next to minozlove and she kept getting texts so I thought she had her phone on roaming. Turns out it was you guys texting her so I can vouch that it works really well. 🙂

              In an interview LJS said he doesn’t use Facebook cuz it’s too hard. That’s why so many Koreans use kakaotalk instead – it’s also free.

              Speaking of LJS – has anyone watched him and the rest of the cast on hwasin – that talk show with Kim Hee Sun. That episode aired right at the start of the drama. I wondered if it was subbed cuz LJS was totally cute on it. He was blushing and everything and talking about his real day to day life. I just hope I didn’t lose my download of that episode cuz I won’t know for sure till my new laptop gets here and I try to move over my downloads from my previous hard drive. I better not have lost anything cuz all my downloaded eps of GFB, TWTWB, FBND, and the rest of my kdramas were on that hard drive.


            • FilChiNY says:

              LOL! Softy, so sorry to disturb your hanging out with minozlove! Yes I was bugging her because I was upset with Kim Jong Hak’s death. So I wanted to know what people there are saying about it.
              As I’ve told the other Faithlings, no matter what his shortcomings are in terms of finances, he is a good director. I feel immense gratitude towards him for bringing out such GREAT PERFORMANCES from LMH & KHS in FAITH, which is till my all time FAVE series and probably will always be.
              he is a talented director and it is really a tragedy and such a waste. he did well too on The Legend.
              Softy, I CAN’T WAIT for episode 15! 20 hrs till show time!


            • Sussie says:

              hahaha. Actually, I live pretty far away from you girls… I´m from El Salvador (Central America), my time zone is the same as central time from USA (without adopting the Daylight Saving Time… Right now, it is 10:45 am). For example, when IHYV is airing is 7am for me 🙂

              I will send you an email with my international code and phone number, it would be nice to chat with you!


            • FilChiNY says:

              Oh cool! Looking forward to chatting with you! YES! at least we are close in terms of time zone. It is 12:50 pm here in NYC


            • Sussie says:

              @Filchiny, Jong Hak’s death? what?? really? 😦

              @Softy, That´s so nice that you are hanging out with Minozlove (and I suppose with Joonni too?). That´s great! Send my regards please 😉 *hugs*

              PS: Tomorrow it´s the big day… we are now preparing to the final stage. Get ready for the roallercoaster! :S


            • FilChiNY says:

              IKR?! I’m so envious. I want to be there too sharing the girl bonding with you ladies. 😦


        • FilChiNY says:

          Hi ninski!
          Yes we do. Jhen, minozlove and I say good morning and good night daily and discuss our day and what ever topic usually kdrama (right now IHYV). minozlove always joke that that she knows more about our day than her hubby’s day! LOL! Join us on viber.
          Ugh I am really not liking the theory that MJG has some connection to SH’s mom. Just the thought that she might have left her family for MJG…..just makes me so mad. The aloneness and loneliness SH experienced in his childhood was just so heartbreaking. Hoe practically grew up alone and raised himself because his uncle is such a jerk. I hope it is something like MJG’s wife is the sis of SH’s mom. It is related but not directly. Yes, I hope they do it like six degrees of separation kinda thing.


          • nonski says:

            ikr! i’d hate that SH would be dragged like this by MJG. just his mere presence is already stressing us people. that would be too unreasonable if the are related. i really pity SH for going through his miserable lot in life.

            i’ve viber on my tab but how do we connect with each other?


            • FilChiNY says:

              You said it! I feel that would be too cruel on SH if it turned out MJG has direct link to his mom!
              We have to ask Jhen. We need to add each other in our contact. but since we live in different country, we can’t just add our phone numbers. Jhen I think added international area codes and phone number. She is on travel today and tomorrow. but I will message her on viber to connect with you so maybe from there I can add you too. Ooooh excited to have another person to discuss IHYV!


            • nonski says:

              we seem to be on the same wavelength with regards to ihyv. 🙂 i am overly excited for tomorrow, oh not tomorrow cuz it’s about 20 hours to go and it;s IHYV and i really hope they kiss! okay i;ll wait for jhen.


            • nonski says:

              gotta go for now… see you around. 🙂


  14. nonski says:

    just wanted to share this — *special favor from softy, if you can please translate this. thank you. 🙂


    • Softy says:

      Hey nonski, so sorry – I promise to translate this for you later. My IBM is turned off and I’m already in bed typing on my iPad trying to get some sleep before my 3 nights in a row of recapping starts. Fingers crossed that IBM keeps up with me. I really hope that my new computer doesn’t arrive after IHYV ends. I really wanted to type up the finale on my new laptop.


      • nonski says:

        oh Softy thank you so much and no rush on this one, take you time, you can do this after this weeks recaps. also hoping that your new laptop will arrive in time for the finale, that would be awesome. 🙂


  15. FilChiNY says:

    You should talk to minozlove only in Korean to help her practice. LOL! ^_^


    • Softy says:

      I sat there and translated word for word you’re the best lee soon shin live – the entire episode. She would guess the lines she knew and I only corrected her when she made slight mistakes. she is already really good so I was pretty surprised. it was my first time to recap aloud so it was interesting for both of us. Too bad I can’t do that on my blog – translating out loud is a lot easier – no typos. When all of us hang out – with Joonni too, we hardly speak any Korean. maybe we should have a drama party at her place – hang out with food, fruit, alcohol free mojitos, and watch a drama and translate. just to test how much more Korean Minozlove has learned. 🙂


      • FilChiNY says:

        That is SO COOL! We definitely have to do that with joonni when we finally get the chance to meet. Hopefully later this year after Christmas, before or after New Year is the time frame I am thinking about. ^_^
        Have a kdrama get together! WOO HOO!!!! In the mean time, yes you should do that before she leaves. But I must warn you NEVER let minozlove drink unless you want to be embarrassed. Just a small amount of liquor in that woman and OH BOY!!!!!! TROUBLE! Just ask her brother. LOL!!!!!


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