I Hear Your Voice E8-E10

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It just occurred to me that if actions speak louder than words, then Hye Sung has said quite a bit. Ever since S came back, she has been taking his hand or had some kind of reassuring contact with him, but when it comes to Kwan Woo – she barely wanted to shake hands. Even then it meant more to him than it did to her. It’s like this boat has left, but Kwan woo’s slow brain and quick to love heart hasn’t caught up to reality. Ever since a while back, I have desperately wanted Hye Sung to realize her feelings for Su ha might be more than just noona dongsang. That fact that she hasn’t stopped thinking of Su ha all year and hasn’t missed seeing Kwan woo should mean something. I guess it matters that when her heart leaps thinking about Su ha, it’s more out of concern for his well being. It sort of makes me wonder what exactly needs to happen for her heart to jump just at the sight of him. The old Su ha wouldn’t run out of declarations to make I bet, but the new one is starting fresh with his growing feelings for her. It’s rooted in gratitude for now, but it’s just a hop away from becoming a full fledged crush again. The more he hears what his younger self wrote about Hye Sung, I think it’s triggering more than just memories – it’s making him realize just how much she meant to him over the years and possibly what they could mean to each other now.

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This puppy begging face works like a charm – even on his own gender.  Love the bromance tonight.

The memory loss is for real – something really traumatic must have occurred for that to happen.

*How great would it be if he fell in love with her all over again even before he regains his memory just based on how wonderful she is with him.

My head is about to burst from all this legalese in the second half. Took me ten mins to figure out the Korean word for jury trial. why I thought dramas with business terms were tough I have no idea cuz compared to law terms, it’s a walk in the park. Man there are a lot of courtroom scenes and it’s super hard cuz they talk fast and all those Korean legal terms like defendant, prosecution, defense, etc repeated over and over. If I had known I was going to be recapping this kind of drama, I would have watched more seasons of Law and Order. My poor fried brain – thank goodness I can go back to the simple life of musical teens on Monstar tm.

*just from the preview, I love how caring and protective she is of Su ha. Even though he isn’t supposed to know her, he looked back at her with so much concern in his voice when she was caught struggling among all the reporters.  She sounded like such a mother by saying don’t worry I am right here – like she would never think of leaving his side. Just by Hye Sung having faith in him, I hope that fuels his motivation to fight for his life in this trial.


Starts from H walking down the hall to see S. Su ha is handcuffed and sitting. she calls out his name. he looks over at her with a blank expression. she goes over calling out his name and hits him asking where have you been all that time. you should have called. why didn’t you call me – I worried. she checks his back (where he was stabbed) and asks are you ok. you aren’t hurt somewhere. why did they put handcuffs on you.  he looks at her and asks in jeondae (formal speech) is my name Park Su ha? everyone here is calling me by that name. do you know me? Hye Sung lets go of his hand

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(she probably asked the cop to release S under her custody) cuz the officer says “cant – with his own mouth – he admitted to his crime a while ago -how can we release a guy who admitted guilt, but H argues he said he might have killed not that he killed – look at him – he is a kid who cant even remember his name. how could he know if he killed or not? S watches her and says in his head – sorry but I don’t remember that person -she is trying so hard to listen to my side but that voice and the way she looks at me I don’t remember at all.  cop says there is no way to know if he is pretending to have amnesia. we are going to follow the law.  after he is arraigned he will be put in jail. H: why are you so sure Park Su ha murdered? S thinks: according to their conversation – I must have killed someone a  year ago. the cop says with this much eye witness – there is plenty to see him as a murderer. a week before the crime incident – he is the kid who took a knife and said he would kill Min JG.  S: I don’t want my memory back if I am that kind of scary person. I don’t want to know. H argues: that kid Park Su ha – he studies really well. all his grades are top so he can choose any college – to save a friend who was wronged, he jumped in and fought. he is a kid who even got his body injured to protect someone else.  S says to himself: on the one hand – I am curious. the cop argues even someone who studies well could kill a person too. even a nice person. she yells: he promised me. that he would never attack a person. that guy keeps his promises really well- he is a kid who kept his promise from even ten years ago. S wonders for that person to take my side that much- what kind of person was I

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while S sits behind bars, H asks with her mind: where have you lived all that time. you are reading my thoughts now huh? answer me. she asks aloud “cant you hear me? what I’m thinking.”  S: thoughts? what thoughts?  Since he cant read her mind anymore, she says – so your ability disappeared too. S: what ability? H thinks: that’s good -cuz at least the world got quieter now. H: it’s ok you don’t need to know. he asks how old I am. she says 20yrs old. S: I was younger than I thought. she remarks that his face aged compared to his age (cuz of his hardships).  H: cuz you are speaking jeondae – it’s really awkward. S: did I speak banmal to you. H: yes from the moment we met to when we parted -not once did you speak jeondae. S: I must have been a rude kid with ill manners. There is no way to know – I might really have been a bad person.  H: you have a scar on your shoulder huh. S: yes. H:you got hurting while protecting me. S: why did I? H: what do you mean why. it’s cuz you are a nice guy. would a bad person do that. so don’t go around saying “I think I must have been a bad person – a guy who killed” don’t ever say those things in front of detectives/cops. later on it will be used against you. got that? S nods yes. H: you have to be strong. starting from now you will see a lot of terrible things.  those are the only clothes you have huh. S: yes. H: the clothes are too shabby.  I will get you new ones so be sure to wear them and look clean cut at the crime scene reenactment. got that? when you are there don’t say anything foolish and just say what I tell you. he nods yes.

H stays up and does research on S and her place is neat and tidy again. It’s like he brings order in her life and in her heart – like having him around brings her peace of mind and clear focus.

shin gets ready to go to court for the arraignment and asks how many he has today. Yoo says 3. Shin complains that’s a lot and asks where H is. Yoo says I don’t know. he makes a crack about how she works – doing it over the phone even. don’t know if she wants to be a lawyer or not. shin says I will go and come back

H goes and blocks Shin’s path. shin: what is this. she brought him his favorite ice tea he likes. he asks what is going on – you didnt talk to me. she asks if he is going to the arraignment now and wants to go in his place. he asks why is there someone you know there among the defendants. she says yes park su ha is there. I have to go there. he says watching how she works these days you will be poison to him. (the way you have been working – being mechanical) wouldn’t I be better than you. she asks him as a request to leave it up to her cuz no other lawyer knows S better than her and wont believe in him as much as she does. he takes the drink to say yes. she thanks him

when S is taken into the squad car to be moved to the site of the murder, H goes inside the car too. cop asks what are you doing now. she says I am his lawyer in charge of his case so I will go together to the crime scene too. cop asks why would a lawyer go there. she asks why wouldn’t a lawyer go there. she pulls away and gets in the car. the other cop wonders if all public defenders are like her. cop: I don’t know.

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in the car H asks will there be a lot of reporters coming. cop says a lot will probably come. cuz it went out to all the news stations.  she gives S a mask to wear and tells him to keep it on and covers his handcuffs with her own jacket. she tells him – when you dont remember something say you don’t remember and don’t say stuff you assume -got that. and be strong (as in buck up).  she tells the cops how the defendant’s condition now is that he doesn’t have any memory. so watch what questions are asked -as in don’t ask questions that will affect his trial cuz he is going to get a not guilty verdict .  the cop says just do enough (cuz she is overdoing it. S seems moved by all her effort and concern, but worried too.

they arrive at the fishing site where the hand was found. the press go crazy.  cops them to move aside. onlookers say they say he is the killer – he looks like a young kid. could he kill. H has to push her way through and gets knocked down. S calls out for her so she says don’t worry I am here.

SB hears the news about S and watches. reporter says how they brought the suspect to the crime scene where the left hand was found. that it happened a year ago when the victim’s left hand cut off a the fishing place. SB is working at a nail shop and is shocked – she drops the nail polish brush. SB says what to do about S – what do we do with our S.

CK watches the news as the reporter says the police were there at the site for 40 mins going over how the left hand was cut- footage show the re-enaction of how S must have held the knife when he stabbed. cop says doesn’t it seem like you could have stabbed like this so H argues – you cant question him like that. he doesn’t have any memory so it’s cheating (cuz it’s based on assumptions). the reporter says the suspect doesn’t have any memory of the victim or the incident for the past year.  H blocks S’s mouth and tells him not to reply. people asks for the remote to turn the channel but K watches that on the news and asks them to leave it alone. he was about to yell that but says it calmly. reporter says the cops are trying to finish up the investigation within this week.

cops yell for S to answer so H says don’t take the mask off him – he is still a victim. Sec Yoo watches her on tv and says what’s up with her – normally she doesn’t go out to places like that. shin says she is protecting the victim. Shin remembers the past when he did the same for hwang when he was arrested –yelling to cover hwang’s face

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S sits alone in the dark in jail and remembers what happened that day – how the cop put the plastic knife in his hand and said-  don’t you think you stabbed the victim like this – how many times did you stab – where did you hide the corpse. then how some man said he is the killer. H told him you have a scar on your shoulder don’t you? you got hurt while protecting me. S wonders what kind of person am I? (as in which one – the killer or the protector)

Yoo gets on the elevator with Do yeon and asks what floor she is going. she says 5th so he says our office is on the 5th. are you going to our office. she asks if H is in now

Do yeon lays out the evidence – CCTV video footage, footprints, etc. about the case. H asks what is this. Do yeon says this is a copy of S’s phone record. these are the calls he made. these are photos of the crime scene. H: why are you doing this suddenly? you are the prosecution on this case.  D: think of this as a coupon I am giving you. a year ago at Min JG’s trial – as the prosecution –  it was a trial where he should never have gone free with a not guilty verdict – so to you the victim – I owe you big. H: so this is how you are going to pay back that debt.  D nods and says I think Min JG deserved to die (his death was warranted) so I am thinking of giving S ten years.  she tries to say it’s a fair sentence but H says Park su ha is not the criminal. Do yeon: this is why I cam cuz I was afraid you would be like this.  look -there is too much evidence to claim he is not guilty.  admit his guilt. if you do then I will try to get him ten years. it’s not a bad age to start over (in ten years). (D is trying to bargain for a lower sentence for S) but H says what if I plead not guilty till the end. Do yeon says If you plead not guilty -it will be hard to accept his crime as involuntary manslaughter. if you plead not guilty he could get 20 yrs to life. I know why you are like this but this is poison to S. I understand S’s position plenty– somehow I want to help him – you know that I am being sincere too right. but we cant give him not guilty for killing his enemy so…H cuts her off and says thank you – I get what you are saying plenty – I will think it over carefully

Shin is trying to listen at the door and gets caught by Yoo.

K and Yoo are hiking. Yoo is struggling to breathe and just stand upright basically. he asks to rest and then go. K asks how he didn’t see him that way but he is really weak. we only came up 30 mins. why did you ask to hike if you were going to be like this. Yoo pants trying to catch his breath and says I had something to say while hiking. K: what did you want to say. Yoo: the prosecution wants to give S ten years if he pleads guilty or 20 years. K understands what he is saying and says PA Seoh Do yeon came to make a deal?  if he admits to his crime ten years if he doesnt admit then 20yrs? Yoo: there is too much evidence. K: cuz there is too much evidence  – she wont be able to insist on not guilty. Yoo says H head is about to burst. K: she probably does – her head has so much that is complicated so it will be on the brink of bursting.  can you copy S’s case files for me by any chance? Yoo is happy he asked that and shows his bag full of copies so K asks you brought all this? what is this – am I your Himalaya. (K realizes Yoo asked to go hiking to get K to help her) Yoo: yes. he passes out

H: 10 yrs 20 yrs. she is upset and puts her head down. that bad girl Do Yeon –  I am being tested till the end. it hurts. shin puts down a stack of case files suddenly so she gets startled. she asks what is this. shin says the case files regarding hwang -what Shin worked on 26 yrs ago. she asks why do I have to see his case files. I don’t really want to see it. Shin: this case is similar to S’s a lot. just like S, hwang couldn’t remember the crime scene cuz he drank too much alcohol. there was too much evidence to plead not guilty. his fingerprints were on the knife. there was even a severe fight with his wife before that night. the PA (prosecuting attorney) came to see me. like she did to you, I was offered a deal (plea bargain), if he pleaded guilty he would get 25 yrs for the murder of his wife. H: did you take it? shin: no I pleaded not guilty. he argued the evidence was circumstantial that the defendant killed his wife himself. that hwang didn’t kill and the culprit was the wife’s past boyfriend. but the guy had an alibi. so until now hwang has been in prison for 26 years. there is no way to know how much longer he will have to spend in prison for the rest of his life.  H realizes if the plea bargain of admitting guilt was taken hwang would have been freed already. shin says the case files are his shameful failure. whether you plead guilty or not guilty – it will be study for you. she asks if you could go back to 26 yrs ago would you plead guilty

H tells S about his situation so S repeats it: so if I admit to the crime and accept the plea bargain, then I get ten years. if I don’t admit and plead not guilty, if something goes wrong I will get 20 yrs sentence. did I understand it properly? H: yes. S: what should I do? H: let’s plead not guilty. you are not guilty. S: ok. H changes her mind – having doubt about her ability to defend him probably. H: no let’s admit guilt – you might be guilty – we don’t know – if something goes wrong you could end your entire life in prison. S: ok. She yells “ya think it over and then answer.” S: I thought of it. right now the person who knows me better than myself is you. you decide and I will take responsibility for it. H: what do you think of me. S: as the public defense lawyer. H: do you know what that is? S: I dont know well but I know the feeling (I get). H: feeling? S: when no one would take my side- aren’t you the person taking my side? why – was I wrong? H: no – what you said was correct. it was correct but I didn’t know.

she remembers shin’s answer to her question – what he would do if he could go back to 26 yrs ago. would you plead guilty? Shin says I asked myself that question thousands of times in the past 26 yrs and the answer was always the same- even If I go back I would have pleaded not guilty

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H tells S I will plead not guilty. S: ok. H: is there anything you remember even a little. S: not yet – I am sorry. she holds his hand and says it’s ok – it’s ok to think about it slowly. if you remember anything by any chance you have to tell me first. S: yes. he looks down at her holding his hand still and then looks back up at her

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H is in the revolving door asking can I do this – can I save S. maybe I should have pleaded guilty. suddenly K is standing there in a suit. he says it’s been a long time

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they sit and talk. K says I saw you on tv at the site of the incident- you looked really good (on camera) like Angelina jolie. she asks what’s up. K asks how about having a jury trial for S’s case –more than a regular trial, a jury trial is 8 times higher for getting a not guilty verdict. I think it will match Su ha’s case well cuz the jury gets swayed by emotions. cuz S is young and a first time offender it will increase his appeal to the jury. what do you think. H: it’s good why didn’t I think of that. he asks if she knows she needs one more lawyer for a jury trial and says I want to do that. for the past year I lived in hell. I just looked at the lantern ahead of me guiding my way, but it suddenly felt like that lantern disappeared.  I felt like my whole world collapsed. I am stupid, but I still want to believe in the law. I don’t want to think of the past case as a fail – with S’s case, I want to confirm that.  (that he wasn’t wrong to trust in the law when he defended JG). she stands and says ok let’s be the lawyer together (be co-counsels) it doesn’t matter at all to me what happens to your world -whether you believe in the law or not – to me you are just the one with the talent who can turn a guilty to not guilty – I just need that person with that talent now-very desperately. he thanks her for coming on strong. she holds out her hand and says please take care of me well. he says it took a year to hold this hand.

CK (the mean kid from school who liked SB) is filling out a form to visit S. He crosses out what he wrote – I don’t read Korean but I bet he changed the part that asked what his relationship is with S -maybe from former classmate to friend I’m hoping.

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CK starts off making cracks about S’s clothes and how it suits him. S speaks formally and asks do you know me well. CK asks why are you speaking jeondae -speak banmal – we are the same age. S: ok. CK: are you trying to get your memories back. are you taking medicine. S: no. CK gives back S’s journal and says last year I got this out of your locker- cant tell if it’s a journal or letters – try to read it – who knows – maybe if you read it you might get your memory back. S: are you certain it’s mine. CK says yes and tries to ask the cop how to give this journal to him but the cop says CK cant give anything to S. CK: really but he really needs to see this. the cop says if you feel that way then you read it to him. CK doesn’t want to cuz it was really personal/private. S asks did you read that. CK: just saw a few pages – it was too mushy.  S asks him to read it for him. somehow I have to get my memory back now. CK: ya the visits are only ten mins long – if I was to read you all of this I would have to come here every day.  S: couldn’t you do that for me?  he looks like a puppy. CK: what? I don’t want to. he stands up to leave, but S begs please don’t go. so CK sits back down. CK: should I read it from the start? S nods yes. CK reads: 2003 – 9-13. if it’s 2003 then was it when you were in 3rd grade. S: I think so. CK: noona I got first level in taekwondo. I was nervous and got confused with some moves, but I just thought of you watching and did my best. (CK pauses not to throw up) isn’t first level in taekwondo Park Su ha cool? (CK yells you aren’t cool at all) S: read it properly. if that bad ajussi comes out of prison I will hit him with my kicks– just trust me. (CK: if I keep reading this I will turn into a chicken (from all the goosebumps cuz it’s mushy)

judges talk and asks did you hear that they requested S’s case to be a trial by jury. Kim says I heard and wonders why H is making this matter so much bigger. if there is a jury trial – there are more eyes that can see and reporters gather. there is more to pay attention. suddenly the other judges leave him alone when they see K coming. K says it’s been a long time judge kim. kim: what is going on.  K: last year when you gave me Min JG’s case, you said you felt like you owed me a debt. kim: yes but why bring that up suddenly? K: pay for that debt this time. leave it up to me to be S’s lawyer. I will be his lawyer with Jang. Kim asks didn’t you quit last year from being the public defender? K asks if kim couldn’t allow it to happen and smiles.

K arrives looking nicely pressed. Yoo tries to hug him but K bows to shin and says hello so Yoo doesn’t get to. shin asks did you come. K says I got S’s case and there is no office so I have to borrow this and use it for the time being.  Shin says to help H a lot. K: don’t worry – where is she now. shin says in the office now, but she stayed up all night for a few days so she is not doing well. yoo tries to take K’s arm and be affectionate asking why did you come so late. K tells him to cut that out

H goes inside and she was sleeping at the desk so she has a post it on her face but she pretends like she hasn’t been when he calls out. H: did you come. K: yes. H: why are you smiling – do you think I was sleeping. he says no. what should we start with

SB goes to visit S and hands over her request form, but the cop says S cant have visitors today. cuz his friend came and is visiting now. SB: again? does it have to be just one visitor per day. cop: yes – so come back tm. she is upset and says I’m going crazy -how many times has this been. she leaves

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CK is reading again. “have you been to an aquarium – I want to go so much.” CK asks are you a kid? why go to an aquarium. he sees the serious look on S’s face and keeps reading. “my world is so loud/noisy but if I go there I think the world will be quiet and peaceful.” CK: what is this about – why would the world be noisy. “one day I really want to go with you to the aquarium once.  CK complains if I keep this up I will have to trash all my upper intestines.  but S sort of remembers that time he was there with H so he tells CK to keep reading. CK: today is my deceased father’s memorial. every time I think of my father- I always think of you too. I think of the moment you walked into court – if you weren’t there in that moment – whenever I thought of my dad I would have suffocated from the unfairness so I am always grateful – you made me able to breathe. CK asks the woman that comes out here is always the same woman huh -every day for the ten years. S: yes. CK: by any chance is that lawyer. S says I think so but I don’t remember. CK says I didn’t see you that way. he keeps reading

when CK leaves SB is standing there and yells out his name. he says it’s been a long time. she says cuz you are always visiting S I cant. they said only one visitor per day.  you weren’t even close so why are you coming every day. she kicks him. CK says I am being patient cuz you are pitiful. SB: what is pitiful? CK: come to your senses. S wont ever fall for you even if you go after him thousand times. never. she hits him with her bag. she cries cuz she knows what she is doing wont work. he calls out why cry over that.

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H writes what he just said – one day he woke up and was at that grandpa’s home. and that grandpa called you his grand nephew. S: yes. H: that is strange – why call a stranger his grand nephew. S asks why she is working so hard – are all lawyers like this- or am I special to you? H: yes you are very special. Min JG – the person you supposedly killed – he killed your father and killed my mother. but he used the law and ran off. and in the end he turned you into a murderer. If we lose this trial, I wont be able to believe in justice or the law at all – I also wont be able to be a lawyer anymore. I wont stand by and watch that–no matter what I will keep the law. so right now you are very special to me. S asks what are you to me? what kind of person were you to me. H: just someone you knew. S asks is that all – didn’t I like you or thought of you as special-there wasn’t something like that. she remembers how he said there is one more thing you don’t know and his kiss. H says you didn’t like me cuz I was messy. S: that’s a lie. that isn’t it huh? H: no. S: then why does it sound like a lie. H: it’s not a lie – it’s for real. I also want that to be real. focus on the trial now. he just looks at her

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H sits in an empty courthouse. K walks in. he asks what she is doing. she says to prepare for trial cuz this is the first jury trial for her. how about you. he says I came to rehearse too. aren’t you shaking a lot. H: no. not at all. but K says I am shaking. cuz I think every word of mine will decide S’s life. I’m afraid and I’m trembling. H: you cant tremble. K: don’t worry I will use all my dying strength and fight tm -somehow I will get him a not guilty verdict – I think of that as the path where I can pay back a little of the debt I owe the two of you. also when I get his not guilty verdict then I will ask you again -if you couldn’t think of me again.  she tries to say “I” but he says I haven’t asked yet so don’t answer now and wait until I ask.

* I really love the dialogue that comes out of K’s mouth – in the court and out. It’s really great writing.

Next morning, Do Yeon and her co counsel pack up for trial and so does H and K. K asks Yoo – you didn’t forget what I requested right? Yoo: don’t worry I will leave right now. before that.  Yoo gives her back her pin. he kept it since a year ago – to give it back at the right time and this is perfect. she puts it on.

너의 목소리가 들려.E10.130704.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[02-46-55]

S gets dressed and the cop asks if the lawyer got him these clothes. S: yes.  the cop remarks how smart the lawyer is so that S wont look displeasing since it’s a jury trial. you must be shaking a lot since this will finish in a day with the verdict. suddenly S feels pain in his head and he recalls JG’s crying face at the fishing place. the cop asks what’s wrong – are you in pain somewhere. S lies and says no I’m ok.

너의 목소리가 들려.E10.130704.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-03-20] 너의 목소리가 들려.E10.130704.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-04-24]

in court everyone is asked to stand. then everyone is told to sit after the judges do. Kim asks is the defense and prosecution are all in attendance. they say yes. he asks for the defendant to be brought in now. S goes inside and he looks nervous and scared. H smiles at him. he sits next to H.she says in her head –more than any other time, in my heart I need your eyes now. why did it have to be now that you cant see. can I win this trial without your eyes. will I be able to protect you

*I changed the words a bit from here on to get to the gist so this whole trial wont be verbatim – cuz I will literally die if I translate like that.

Do yeon asked another lawyer to help her out cuz this is her first jury trial. her co counsel asks if she is going to prepare all the evidence. she says yes and asks if she can do it like other regular trials. he says no and tells her what is imp in a jury trial. he gives tips like don’t brag and counter argue everything the defense says.

in court Do yeon starts her opening speech and introduction. she explains she prepared visual presentation for the jury to understand better. she plays something on the screen so H mutters why have a PT (presentation). K whispers dont worry – that just makes your eyes dizzy and isn’t very effective. Do yeon says 11 years ago the victim Min JG murdered the defendant’s father Park. even after Min JG was released, the defendant stalked the victim till the end. in the end the victim was killed.  the defendant had hatred towards the victim and on 7-21-2012 (she cites the time and location – the fishing place where the defendant met the victim and killed him and got rid of the corpse and threw the severed body part in the river.  S remembers JG’s face that night. Do yeon points out the defendant already admitted this truth to the police. today during the trial there will be a lot of evidence to show you – for the sake of hiding his crime the defendant cruelly disposed of the victim’s body. it has been discovered that this defendant left and hid in Kanghodo. she cites the law he broke. the judge asks S – did you hear the truth the PS presented? –  do you admit this truth. S looks at H. S says no I don’t admit to it. kim asks does that mean you are going to claim not guilty. S: yes. kim asks H to start her rebuttal/her claims.

Shin advised H and K that this was imp – to praise and compliment the prosection in front of the jury so the jury will think of her as being fair – if that kind of person takes the defendant’s side then they will think there is a reason why she is like that. H asks you want me to praise that girl Do Yeon – I can never do that

but in the courtroom she introduces herself as the defendant’s lawyer. first I want to tell the prosecution they worked hard for collecting all the evidence for a fair trial. then she launches into how she saw the evidence and thought at first there was merit to suspecting the defendant but after slowly investigating and speaking with the defendant – there was a lot that was discovered that was circumstantial to see him as guilty. the defendant’s claim is that when he was in the condition where he couldn’t remember – that came out in the papers. the evidence isn’t that the defendant killed the victim himself -it’s just circumstantial. also the defendant staying in kwangodo for a year -it wasn’t to avoid paying for his crime -it was cuz he lost his memory and couldn’t find his address. from here on the prosecution will tell you about his plans (to commit the crime) but we will show evidence that can repute theirs. there is no evidence at all that the defendant killed the victim himself – we will show you the truth. that is all.

between scenes of the trial they show the strategy part for both the prosecution and the defense. Do yeon was given tips on how to handle the case. like show the shocking footage to the jury of S beating JG up (so the jury will be shocked by what they see with their eyes) and leave out other complicated stuff the jury wont understand.

너의 목소리가 들려.E10.130704.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[06-51-54]

in court the damaging video footage of S beating up JG is shown. even S seems shocked by it.  Do yeon says as you can see the defendant hated the victim Min JG. when Min JG got out his crime-that hatred grew and in the end he didn’t believe in the law and took it into his own hands by judging Min JG himself and killed him. the defendant – with the hatred of a victim – he took care of the corpse and hid for a year. she shows the severed hand on the screen. S looks surprised. jury cant bear to look. D: this left hand was discovered and the defendant’s guilt was evident.  H mutters that Do yeon is a bad girl for posting the photo of the hand in color. K talks about what the police think the time of the crime is – between 11pm and 3am. according to the police – the discovered knife was 15 inches. and the victim wasn’t small at over 80 kgs. he shows video of himself that he took not too long ago trying to cut through 8o kgs of cow ribs with a knife that was the same as the culprit’s.  how it took over 7 hours even though he had wrist strength. the defendant was stabbed by the victim on his left shoulder so his arm was badly affect – the defendant who cant use his one arm -within four hours – could he murder the victim who weighs over 80 kgs and dispose of his corpse?  some jury members nod in agreement that S couldn’t have done that. K bows

Yoo says this is a hard fight. the defendant doesn’t have any memories and the evidence is a knife with his fingerprints on it -the left hand – and the record of his calls. there are too many and very strong. shin says when there is a lot of evidence there are two ways to see that – that S is the real culprit or …

너의 목소리가 들려.E10.130704.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[07-19-26]

in court K finishes that sentence. or someone is trying to frame park su ha as the culprit and planned it. if we go by according to what the prosecution said – for the sake of hiding the truth of his crime -for him to go so far to hide -he is too (some words I don’t know) – out of the rest of these remaining evidence to say that kind of person left them behind -it’s hard to believe. it’s like someone is saying – see that person as the culprit. we might not know that there is another culprit for the crime so aren’t we trying to find him- you have to suspect that there could have been someone else who committed the crime other than the defendant. if that suspicion is reasonable then the defendant is not guilty.

shin asked them if it wasn’t dangerous to bring up another suspect -on the day the police brings an alibi -how that happened to him 26 yrs ago during hwang’s trial and when he used that defense it backfired. K asks isn’t it the best card to make the jury waver. H: what we can do now from our side is to toss out the suspicion of another suspect. even if it is dangerous  – I think it’s a gamble worth trying once.

in court H says as soon as the crime was discovered – the police and investigators only went after the defendant park su ha and didn’t consider anyone else as a possible suspect. at the site of the crime – that time inside that location – other than the defendant there could have been someone else there. she shows 3 sets of footprints on the screen. H: there were 3 sets of footprints at the scene. one was the victim min JG, another the defendant park su ha and the last one – the owner of the fishing place JCS. he is normally there but just on the day of the crime he wasn’t – isnt that strange – why did he rest on just that day – like he was preparing for this crime.

K brings up the grandpa S stayed with – KGS. he didn’t even report him and took care of him for a year – the defendant who lost his memory. by deceiving and saying he was his lost grand nephew.  that doesn’t make sense. the reason why a person lies -it means he has something he wants to hide. so we need to suspect that something.

Do yeon told her group that S’s side would bring up suspicion of the possibility of another suspect (who could have done this). she was told that would be good for us and to accept all the other suspects they bring up.

in court Do yeon admits there could be another suspect like the defense claims. it was just that there were too much incriminating evidence that shows the defendant could only have done this himself. just now the defense brought up other suspects but before I tell you their alibis – the defense already questioned them. the fishing place owner JCS is 66 yrs old. KGS- the one who protected the defendant for a year is 74 yrs old. according to what the defense said the culprit should have the stamina to cut up the victim who weighs over 80 kgs within 4 hours. these two people have lower stamina than the defendant and are old. just with that alone- accordingly shouldn’t they be exempted as possibilities. tossing out suspicions without anything to back it up-  doesn’t it just end up making the crime of the defendant more strong and suspicious. we admit someone else was there –  but out of all those suspects – isnt the most plausible suspect the defendant park su ha. H and S slowly look at each other. K whispers to H to nod like she just heard something amazing for now. to deceive the jury act really surprised.  so H does it and says in this situation how can we deceive the jury when our ploy was broken. K says we have to cut off this jury’s spilled water (meaning stop the jury from considering what D just said) so K stands up and asks for a break to organize. H calls him crazy. Kim allows a break. he asks how the prosecution feels about it and the guy says it’s good. judge  kim tells the jury that they aren’t allowed to talk to about the case during the break. we will resume at 4pm.

Yoo gets off a bus and gets into a cab and gives the driver the address to go to

Shin worries that what the prosecution said would last even though they nipped it in the bud well. H: what to do – the jury will go over to the prosecution if left alone like this. should we try to keep insisting that KGS and JCS are still possible suspects. Shin is against it. the prosecution said they have alibis so if we pursue it, it will backfire.  K: the chance is slim/small but there is one last possible suspect.  H: who? K: the one who reported S and collected the reward – Moon SN. H is worried cuz that person doesnt seem to have any connection and lives somewhere else. K: that is what’s strange – S was hiding in a rural area in kwanhado so how did MSN who lives 130 km away know his whereabouts and report him. Shin asks if that is why K sent Yoo there. to find that person? K: yes. this isn’t an instinct as a lawyer but a cop -there is something about that person for certain.  just then K gets a call from Yoo. K: did you meet the person who made the report (the one who turned in S). how is he? is he broad shouldered? does he seem strong enough to bring down an axe. Yoo says no it’s not someone who could do that.  it’s an ajumma. K asks “an ajumma? why does she have the name MSN to make it confusing.  I thought she was a guy. Yoo states a girlish name that belongs to a man.  the woman hits Yoo so he asks why are you hitting me. she tells him to leave. Yoo: I will go soon. H thinks in her head – what do I do – should I admit guilty even this late.

S remembers his confrontation with JG and how he almost hit JG. he wonders what is this

너의 목소리가 들려.E10.130704.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[08-36-07]

Shin asks what should we do. should we admit guilt? K says the evidence is too much.   H wonders if there isnt some other suspicious suspect they didn’t think of yet.  K: there are no more suspects. should we say it was an accidental death.  shin says this is going exactly the same as hwang’s  case 26 yrs ago. it was the left handed murder case. she repeats Hwang’s name and says the left handed murder case. K follows her lead and says I thought of something. what we didn’t think of – a suspicion of a suspect. so she asks are you thinking the same thing as me right now. K says yes. there is one suspect that could go into all this evidence. Shin asks who is that.

너의 목소리가 들려.E10.130704.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-50-46]너의 목소리가 들려.E10.130704.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[08-40-04]

the trial resumes. in court S is tense and nervous so H holds S’s hand and he grips back. judge kim asks if the defense has any anything else to bring up or should we move into deliberation (so the jury can reach a verdict). H stands and says I having something to say to the judges and the jury. Kim tells her to speak. H: as the prosecution guessed – I admit I suspected some other suspect without any basis/motive. but all this great evidence is teaching us that only one person the defendant Park Su ha is the criminal – to tell the truth there is one more person. he was there at the scene of the crime. within all the evidence he had opportunity, and the motive to have the knife -and had the strength in his wrist to cut -there is someone like that. Kim asks who is that. H:  the victim Min JG. Kim: what are you saying – Min JG is the victim in this case who was murdered. how could be come the suspect?  H addresses the honorable judges and the jury –  I am saying that the victim Min JG is still alive. she looks over at S.

너의 목소리가 들려.E10.130704.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[08-57-36] 너의 목소리가 들려.E10.130704.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[08-57-44]


no preview

*I noticed that the jury sat according to their gender – women on the first row then the men. sure does say a lot about how those gender lines still exist in Korea. when will women will be allowed to sit on the higher row or just be fair and mix them up.

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[23-54-23]

This show just went from zero to a hundred at the end in terms of internal emotions running high. I don’t know how to process all this new info. I can’t tell if what Su Ha is doing will help or make things worse for him. What is even scarier is if it keeps Hye Sung from doing her job properly. One thing I am sure of is that I believe Su Ha (just like Hye Sung) – I think he kept faith and kept his promise to her. It’s the least he could do considering how much pain she suffered to force him to come to his senses. Su Ha was the one who lived indebted to her and was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so how ironic that she paid a steep price to keep him safe yet again. It’s like she was fated to save him repeatedly. The guardian angels have switched places.


starts from H resting in the hospital bed and starting to come to. the doctor is saying thankfully none of her organs were injured too badly -she just needs to be hospitalized for a few days to be safe. shouldn’t this be reported to the police cuz it seems to be a stabbing. K says I will take care of that. she opens her eyes. K asks are you awake – are you ok? H: what happened to me. K: the surgery ended well thankfully. the outcome isn’t bad. she sits up and asks in a panic “what about Su ha – where is Su ha.” K keeps telling her be still- you shouldn’t move. please

H says in a narration: I might have been able to stop him. what Su ha was thinking -if I just knew the hints he dropped sooner-  what happened today wouldn’t have occurred. Su ha always heard my voice, but in the moment when he needed me, I couldn’t hear his voice

a new case. the man is looking up pretending to be blind. she accuses him of being able to see but he says I cant see. she asks if he knows that he could be imprisoned for lying on the stand and committing perjury. he says it’s not a lie – I became blind cuz of the accident. she says you cant see but you molested someone on the bus- just choosing young girls. he feigns innocence and says can they do this to a person – making him out to be some pervert. she throws down pics to prove he can see and says a person who cant see can send texts on his phone and get caught on camera while driving on the road. he says it’s probably not me and someone else. she gets fed up and pretends to throw a phone at him so he jumps.  she asks are you still going to lie even after this. he drops his act and yells are you the investigator – you are a lawyer and should take my side no matter what. she doesn’t want to and says why should I take the side of a culprit who is a molester.  he says I know the law as much as I need to and until the ruling I am not guilty.  she yells back the world is becoming unjust cuz of that innocent until proven guilty. sec yoo tells Shin – she said that so lawyer cha (Kwan woo) can hear huh. shin goes over and tells K – don’t pay too much attention to that – you just did what you had to do. tm is the day of Min Jin gook’s ruling right?

at the school, some boy runs over and holds her legs while SB leans her upper body out of the window to see what S is writing. the kid asks if she is crazy – are you trying to die. She tells him to hold her legs cuz she think she can see now. the boy looks down at Su ha on the ground floor and asks you can see that?  SB must have eagle eyes cuz is trying to make out what Su ha wrote “Even if I am gone….” she wonders what that means – what he meant by disappearing.

a kid comes over and asks S -what’s up with the bag. they go back and forth about telling on S. S says this might be the last time so I will give you some advice – if you like SB go and tell her yourself and not take it out on me (meaning be mean to Su ha for nothing). the kid denies liking her -what are you talking about -I don’t – I have high standards. is that guy crazy. S has gone crazy. SB runs over and asks what S said to him. the kid says that you are ugly and fat. that if you were caught by a tiger it could eat you for ten days at least. happy now? she kicks him and then looks at S’s back as he walks away.

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[02-51-04] 너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[02-51-26]

S waits and follows K. K notices and rounds a corner. K asks what is it. I thought someone was following me. was it you. S asks how did you know. K says how he had training as a cop. this much is nothing. S asks by any chance can you fight well too. K breaks into a fighting stance and asks why about fighting. K thinks in his head about S’s level in taekwondo and how S has a grudge against him so he thinks S wants to fight him. S says not to fight- I have a request to make. K: a request? what request?

in jail at night, JG talks to another guy. the guy asks is this your last night in here.  JG says – have to see what the judge says so who knows. if the judge believes in my innocence then I will be found not guilty. the guy says I heard you met the right lawyer and will get not guilty for certain -that’s what everyone says. JG says I was lucky.  he wonders in his head – hey kid – in what way are you going to welcome me

next morning, S looks around at his posh apartment for the last time and takes his bag and leaves

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[03-12-10] 너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[01-46-36]

SB is waiting for him outside. he asks what brings her here. she says to go to school with you. why aren’t you wearing your uniform. he says I’m not going to school today – you go alone. SB: where are you going to go if you don’t go to school. S: you dont need to know. she takes his bag and runs. he catches her and asks for the bag back. she doesn’t want to and asks to go to school together. she touches the bag and thinks -what is this – it might be a knife. so S hears her thoughts. he takes back his bag. she asks what’s inside the bag. he says it’s nothing at all. dont have strange thoughts for nothing and don’t go telling anyone else. he walks away so she yells after him – I have to know something to tell – where are you going – what are you going to do

judge kim says this ruling today – as a judge – it was the most difficult. I want to say that in advance.  he asks for the defendant to rise. he reads what happened at the chicken place and what Min JG did. and the victim was the mother of the witness against him in his case ten years ago. it is true that there was CCTV footage of him at the site of the incident right before it was broken and there was suspicion regarding that. but the investigation showed that he got along with the owner and it was hard to prove there was any ill will towards her according to witnesses. how they cant rule out that the victim could have hit her head as she fell -especially since the defendant tried to save her and got injured. that the defendant endangered his life to save her. if there is any reasonable doubt we cant find him guilty so I rule he is innocent. JG is thrilled. Do Yeon looks like she feels bad for H. K looks like he will throw up. JG thanks K saying it’s all thanks to you.  H hears the verdict and leaves. K goes after her

K stops her and asks her to speak with him – I know how hard this is on you now and I know how much you resent me- I don’t want to lose you over this. what should I do. what do I have to do for you to meet me again. I will do anything. she says don’t do anything at all. I need someone to resent/hate now. if it’s not someone else I will resent myself. so be still so I can keep piling this up – don’t do anything at all and just be still. she walks away from him

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[03-36-54]

Hye sung crouches between the revolving door and cries out for her mother.

JG is released and his church group comes and greets him

H is still crying and judge kim looks guilty watching her

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[01-01-26]

JG looks over and sees Su ha. JG smiles before he gets in the car.

lawyer shin is visiting his friend. hwang says I am sorry I don’t know what to say to explain my actions.  shin tells him if you are sorry don’t fall for that again (commit perjury to get something out of it). did prosecuting attorney Seo (Do Yeon) contact you again?  hwang says she asked if I can be a witness in the appeal. Shin says don’t do it – even if you do it will be like poison. hwang says but I feel so sorry to her. Shin says attorney Seo is judge Seo’s daughter. hwang: who? Shin: the one who caught and put you away 25 years ago -judge Seo. so don’t get involved with them again. hwang looks mad and upset.

*On E8 when Do Yeon was trying to get Hwang to perjure himself- she said to him – 25 yrs ago when you were arrested/ incarcerated – didn’t you lose your daughter. don’t you want to go out even a day earlier and find her? That was the scene that made me think Do Yeon might be his missing daughter, but I sure hope I am wrong cuz that is just too makjang.

Do yeon mentions her case to her parents and her mom cant believe a killer was freed and found not guilty cuz there was no evidence. Do Yeon wants to try an appeal and doesn’t want to let things be like this. her dad asks why the witness changed what he said. Do Yeon says he shut his mouth cuz he was afraid of the lawyer’s ploy (referring to the threat of committing perjury). if I just talk to him again, but her dad interrupts and says stop. that witness is already of no use. Do yeon insists I want to keep trying though. if Hwang D wont cooperate then I will find another cellmate. her dad hears that name and asks who did you say it was – Min JG’s cellmate was Hwang D? her mom thinks she heard that name before.  her dad says take your hand off that case -the ruling has already been made so it’s already out of your hands. Do Yeon tries to say this isn’t like other cases – it has to do with Hye Sung but her dad cuts her off and says take your hands off the case when I tell you.

sec yoo brings the case file over to K cuz it was delivered a while ago – the murder case from ten years ago (su ha’s dad’s file) -Min JG’s first murder incident. K forgot he asked for them and mutters it came too late. K says go ahead and I will read this and go later. K goes through them and reads about how H stood as the witness saying she has video proof that JG killed with a pipe so will this not be proof too. how JG choked her in court and said I said I would kill you. I will keep my promise for sure – I will kill you -don’t think this is the end – it’s just the beginning.

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[03-50-19] 너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[03-50-30]

K remembers what Su ha asked as a request. if Min JG is found innocent protect lawyer Jang by her side. after he is freed- the first person JG will go after is lawyer Jang. K told him I don’t see Min JG as a person who would do that. then S reads K’s thought – K: what if he really does go after her. then what will I do. S reads his mind and says you cant be 100% sure huh. you are thinking just now – what if I am correct.

K runs out of the office in a rush to go check on H

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[03-53-52]

H goes home and remembers how S told her to pour her water out into a cup and then drink. she reaches for a cup and remembers how he said it’s better if you put cups you use often on the bottom. your arms are short too. she just drinks from the bottle.

she goes into her room and says it’s good cuz I didn’t want to hear him nagging. it feels good. bad kid- why did he have to leave at a time like this. there is a crashing sound and smoke fills the living room. she calls the police.

K is walking up and sees the police rushing over and smoke coming out of her place. he runs over.

K asks her if she is ok. he asks the cop what happened. she asks what brings him here. the cop asks her who is this person. she explains he is a lawyer in the same office as hers. the other cop comes out and says it’s that fog repellant that is used to kill roaches. the other one asks there was nothing else? the cop says the smoke has to clear to know. he asks her – did you see the culprit’s face. H: no not at all. he wonders if like Park Su ha said – this was done by Min JG. K asks if the two of them met S yesterday as well. the cop says yes S came by to the precinct and made a request and then left. Since Min JG will be released, S asked them to watch over H more cuz she might be terrorized by JG.  K says we have to locate his whereabouts. I will stay here. he asks the cop to check the CCTV to see if JG comes out -any witnesses too. check the trashcans or anything nearby that he might have dropped. if the criminal is Min JG then they can charge him again. the cops leave to follow his order. K tells her just in case to leave this place and go to the office

as they leave the other cop wonders what is up with that person (K) he is not the detective so why is he like that. but the other cop says I dont know. we have to hurry and find Min JG first before things get out of control even more

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[01-37-47]

S is hiding nearby and watches the cop leaves. he set off that smoke bomb so the police would stay close to H. S calls JG.  JG says “kid – I was about to call you.” S says if I read (your mind) correctly in the afternoon – the order should be me first.  where are you.

JG is waiting with a bat in the dark with his eyes closed

back at the office, H keeps calling and asks why isnt S answering. have you met him. K says yes he came to meet me yesterday to ask for a request. he told me if Min JG is released to watch over you more cuz there is no way to know what he will do. H:what is this kid thinking. she gets a call from SB and asks did you meet S today? SB says for a short time in the morning. you don’t know where he is either?  H: I don’t know. SB says I am afraid. H: over what? SB: he said he had somewhere to drop by and didn’t come to school so I told him not to go and took his bag, but there was something strange inside.  H asks what was the strange thing. SB: not the one you sharpen pencils with – a bigger knife –I don’t know what he was going to do with that.  H tells her not to tell anyone about that for now -got that. don’t worry cuz I will find S. let’s talk later. I will hang up

H remembers telling S not to think about getting revenge against Min JG. got that? what are you doing – hurry and answer. S asked what if Min JG goes after you.

H realizes what S is up to and runs out so K asks where are you going. she says I have to find S. K says wait a minute- do you know where he is at least? H: no but I have to hurry and find him or else…she doesn’t finish and K says for now let’s call the police and find out where Min JG is and also Su ha but she says no you cant involve the police. K: what are you thinking – why not the police? she suddenly remembers how S put a tracker on her phone so she is going to use that to track S. she finds his location on her phone

S goes to a parking lot where JG is waiting with a bat. S takes out his knife and sees that JG took out the CCTV. S yells for him to come out. JG says you came. kid got brave to come alone. what is that girl doing now. S says she is with the police now so don’t think of doing something pointless. this is the end for you. JG: don’t be so confident. I could stay alive. S: it doesn’t matter. if you stay alive then it just means you became the killer. you wont be able to get out of that. JG: it is the same for me. if you die she will be tormented. if I die you become the murderer. that will also taste like death to her. whichever way it doesn’t matter. S: stop talking nonsense and hurry and come out. JG says I thought about it and I cant just go up against you – your ability has to be dealt with  -in order to be a match for you – shouldn’t I have one advantage too. JG turns the lights off. S gets his knife out and ready to attack. JG says my eyes were closed until now so my eyes have adjusted to the dark so I can see you well, but you cant see me well huh. he sneaks out and knocks the knife out of S’s hands with the bat. JG beats him up with the bat.

H and K run over and she sees the building where S might be (based on his cell phone location). H says I will go this way. K says it’s dangerous to go alone but she runs off saying it’s more urgent to find S. they split up in different directions

S is getting beaten then he starts to fight back. he runs over and turns the lights back on. he goes back and faces JG. S reads JG’s mind and senses when he will punch so S beats him up. he picks up the knife and goes over to JG. S is reading his mind. JG asks are you really going to kill me. then you will become a murderer. S says it doesn’t matter – you have to die for that person (H) to live. JG says this is fun- become a murderer and live terribly- just like me! H finds them and runs over to stop S from stabbing JG.

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[00-40-18] 너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[00-41-10] 너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[00-41-31] 너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[00-42-33] 너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[00-43-47] 너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[00-49-51]

she gets stabbed in her ribs instead. she says I told you if you kill that being you will no longer be a victim and become a murderer. you really don’t listen. S sees the blood and drops his knife. S cries holding onto her as she falls bleeding. he asks why -why did you. she looks over and watches horrified as JG picks up the dropped knife and stabs S in the back –on his shoulder. before JG can stab a second time, S stops him and beats JG up and says die. S chokes him but H yells “stop it Su ha.” S looks over at her. he lets JG go and holds her again. JG picks up the dropped knife and is about to stab S again but he hears K calling out for her “where are you lawyer jang – park su ha-answer me” so JG decides to leave the crime scene. H tells S with her mind – dont tell anyone. no matter what. you didn’t stab – Min JG stabbed. got that? if you say anything else (something foolish) then I wont see you again. she closes her eyes losing consciousness so Su ha says no – please wake up.

from a window, K sees JG limping away from the garage all bloody. JG smiles at him and leaves. K runs to the garage calling out for H – where are you? he sees S holding her. S is putting pressure on her wound and says please help. K runs over and asks her to please wake up. he picks her up and carries her

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[00-55-30]

she is rushed to the hospital. K breaks down in tears waiting on her surgery. S comes over and sees K and starts to cry too looking over at the operating room.

*I just realized that Hye Sung could never fall in love with Kwan woo – not just cuz he defended her mom’s killer, but K also let JG go free to go after her. How could she fall in love with K and not think about her mother or see her face every time she looked at Kwan woo. I don’t care how nice a guy he is – you cant undo the damage in this case.

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[23-54-48]

S holds her hand as she lays in her hospital bed. he leans over and whispers into her ears. he holds her hand with both of his again. then he lets go and leaves

the doctor’s voice is saying thankfully none of her organs were injured too badly -she just needs to be hospitalized for a few days to be safe. shouldn’t this be reported to the police cuz it seems to be a stabbing. K says I will take care of that. she opens her eyes. K asks are you awake – are you ok? H: what happened to me. K: the surgery ended well thankfully. the outcome isn’t bad. she sits up and asks in a panic “what about Su ha – where is Su ha.” K keeps telling her be still- you shouldn’t move. (cuz she might rip her stitches). she struggles asking where is S. he begs her to be still.

H narrates: after that night – Su ha disappeared

H is on the phone asking about S through his guardian who is overseas. yes I cant contact Su ha at all and don’t know where he is either. for now couldn’t you come to Korea and together… I know you are busy but you are his guardian. as his uncle in law (his aunt’s husband) I heard you got all of Su ha’s father’s insurance payoff money. if you just send him some allowance does that make you a guardian? she was hung up on so she yells – how can there be someone like this.

H narrates how she contacted Su ha’s aunt’s husband but his uncle in law didn’t have any interest in Su ha than anyone else.  S didn’t have any family or relatives that acted like family and hardly had any friends.

she says how wanted pictures of Min JG were posted as an attempted murderer everywhere. and how her home was watched just in case JG showed up and that K quit his job as a public defender. K says I will come later for the rest of my belongings. Shin asks if he is doing this cuz of Min JG.  that doesn’t make it a reason. K: it’s plenty. I helped let him go and cuz of that lawyer jang got hurt as a result. what other reason do I need than this. Shin asks is taking responsibly to avoid. K: I am sorry – this is all I can do.  the sec asks then what will you do for a living cuz you are too old to start over (as anything else but a lawyer). K says for the time being I will help out with my father’s business.  and slowly find what I can do. I will come and visit sometimes. he leaves the office with his box

H narrates not long after there was news about Su ha and Min JG.

some men are fishing and one finds a severed hand floating up

H is getting her door fixed and tells the guy the door is a bit stiff. he referred to her as a married woman so she says I’m not.  she hears the news on the tv. about a bloody left hand that was found around 9pm yesterday and the location. the police investigated and with the discovered left hand,  it was revealed that it belonged to a killer (Min JG). the police assume he is dead and are looking for the rest of his corpse. his phone and other stuff like the knife were found with the culprit’s fingerprints. H is stunned hearing the report on the news

H goes to the police station and hears a cop yelling into the phone that he knows it’s hard to find Min JG’s corpse but to look everywhere and find it. he asks who she is. H says I am a lawyer jang from the public defenders office. I filed a missing report in the past about Park Su ha. the cop says you should have done it properly if you were going to report – that kid killed a person. she asks is there evidence that he killed-  was he caught on CCTV. why do you think Park S is the culprit – it could be someone else. the cop shows her the case report and fingerprints. look at that and how can you say someone else did it? everything on Min JG had something to do with S and the last person to speak with Min JG over the phone is Park Su ha too. and there is other evidence found on the cite like the knife and phone that had S’s fingerprints all over them. with all that wont everyone think that S went after Min JG.  she asks are you still looking for S. he says just in case if S contacts you then tell him to hurry and turn himself in

she goes outside says that wasn’t a dream. that wasn’t a dream for sure. S had leaned over and said I wont ever do what you are worried about-I will be sure to keep my promise so trust/believe me. she tells herself – that was not a dream and S will keep that promise for sure (not to kill JG).

cops come to school and are told this is the classroom. he asks the students where S’s locker box is. SB says S doesn’t have one he doesnt use it, but the kid who likes her says it’s over there on the far right so the cops go over and open it. SB tries to say only S’s name is on it but it’s not his. the cops look inside and nothing is in there. the kid walks out and SB tackles him for helping the cops. the kid had S’s belongings.

SB is doing H’s nails and asks why is the office so empty. H explains shin went to court and sec Yoo went to make copies.  H asks didn’t S contact you. SB says he didn’t. half of me wants to hurry and find him cuz I miss him, but the other half wants him to hide forever like this. H: don’t you want to see S – you said you liked him. SB: I like him and want to see him but if S is caught he will go to prison. H asks do you think S is a murderer. SB: how about you? H: I don’t think he is. no -it’s not that I think he isn’t – the real Su ha is not a murderer culprit. for sure. for certain – 100%.  SB says you are way smarter than me so what you say will be correct. SB blows on the nails and says it’s done. type on your keyboard later. she is about to leave but goes back and says I have something to give you. she takes out the bear and says this. H: what is this? SB: I think S was going to give this to you but he couldnt. H: a stuffed animal to me- this doesn’t suit me – are you sure he was going to give it to me. SB says it’s correct. for sure. for certain. 100%.

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[23-59-50] 너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[00-00-38]

H goes home and sits outside and leans her head to rest on her bag. it presses on the bear and his voice says you did well. she says what is this sound – it’s S’s voice. she takes it out and says this bear makes sound. the bear says lawyer jang (actually her nickname that Su ha used was the shortened version of”best lawyer”)  you did well so she asks what are you saying I did well for. she remembers their conversation over dinner and how he asked if she regrets working with the prosecuting attorney. she says no but something feels dirty. liked I wiped poop. he yells do you have to talk like that when I am eating – it’s so dirty. she put her head down and asked him to tell her she did well ten times. S: what is that – it’s childish. she plays it and hears him saying lawyer jang you did well over and over. she calls him a bad guy for speaking banmal all the way till the end. she starts to be moved though.

next morning H gets dressed and she has a scar on her side. she leaves her home a mess and goes to work.  back to her old lifestyle. she goes to the bus stop and sees some students S’s age.

K looks the same before his makeover. he is at the sauna and talking to some guy about the man’s dilemma – he might lose his driver’s license if he gets fined this time. and wants to go to court.  the man swears he didn’t do anything that would deserve paying a fine. K is doling out legal advice and tells him about a free lawyer and tells the man not to worry – to ask for a public defender who can help him. the country is giving him that so he doesnt have to pay. the man doesn’t feel easy about a free lawyer so K says I am one. K gets called and goes over to make a drink. K is working at the sauna place (this must be his dad’s business). sec Yoo is there as a customer. Yoo says I came cuz I was bored. he says you look well. K: yes I am well – lawyer shin is doing well right? Yoo says cuz two are doing the work of 3. he and lawyer jang haven’t spoken to each other for a year.  aren’t you going to ask news about lawyer jang. K: she is doing well right? Yoo: she went back to how she was a year ago. K asks: go back to a year ago? does that mean she got younger. Yoo spits his food at him and says could that happen – how can a person be so frustrating – you haven’t changed at all. K is covered with spit up food and yells it’s so dirty.

during the trial H is back to reciting words without any thought. judge kim has to keep correcting her cuz she is giving out wrong info. like how the defendant is a woman now so she couldn’t have a wife. H just switches to the defendant’s husband

outside the courtroom, Lawyer Shin overhears Kim complaining about H -was there even one of her defenses today that went over 30 secs. why is she doing this to me. how is she going to handle the defendant. the guy thinks maybe she is doing this to judge kim cuz of the past – over what happened with Min JG. Kim asks why are you bringing that up again. the other one says it still bothers me whenever I see lawyer Jang. he tries to talk about that ruling back then but kim yells for him to stop.

H and Do yeon meet at the elevator. Do yeon opens the door for her and asks aren’t you getting on. H goes inside. Do yeon asks her to make some time so she can buy H a meal. H: I dont think there is something I should be getting a meal from you for. Do yeon says why isn’t there and brings up the fact that she has been winning cases for the last year thanks to H’s weak defenses. H: yes it’s all thanks to me so do you like it.  Do yeon says it’s no fun. she tells her to hurry and come to her senses quickly and be a better opponent (in court)

on the bus, H leans her head against the window and texts her mom about her terrible day like she is having a conversation with her mom– she texts how defendants are all liars. and what she had to hear from Do Yeon. mom – I keep sliding askew. do I have to keep doing this. she looks over all the texts she sent her mom in the past. it’s like whenever she feels like talking to her mom, she texted her so this has become a common habit. she texted: “mom – the drama you always watched ended yesterday. that home’s daughter met her real mother. in the last scene the daughter and her real mom hugged each other and cried.” “mom -mom – mom – these days when I don’t feel like eating what do I have to eat? I want to eat the water kimchi you make.” “I had a lot that I wanted to do for you mom. go on a trip overseas together.” “mom- I am so upset – I lost my wallet.” “I caught a cold and I will die from the runny nose.” “it’s mother’s day so I left you carnations and freesia cuz you like those flowers.” H sees some guy on the street who looks like S so she calls out for the driver to stop. she runs after a kid who looks like S wearing a headphone. he asks who are you. she yells at him for not responding he wasn’t S when she called out to him and for wearing headphones and confusing her. her heel is bleeding from running in heels and says it hurts.

she goes home and puts a band aid on it. she plays the bear to hear S say you did well. she asks what did I do so well

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[06-02-50]

the cops are looking around an old home. they ask an old man if Park Su ha lives here. he holds a picture up of S and asks doesnt this person live here. the old man is startled and drops the rice he was washing. he goes over to S and calls him by a different name. S says I am almost done grandpa. he was collecting eggs. the old man says these men got a report and came to find you. S goes out of the chicken coop and asks what is going on. the cop says you are Park Su ha aren’t you?

H gets the call from the police in the morning and says yes I remember. what is up at this time (cuz it’s early). She is told S was found and hiding in the countryside all this time and changed his name to Lee S and his ID. she goes to the precinct and asks where S is. the cop says he is being questioned now. H: is he ok – he wasn’t hurt anywhere? cop says he is fine. but either he is really smart or really bad -one of these two but I don’t know. she asks what that means. he says I will tell you later after the interrogation ends. she runs inside. he yells I said he is being interrogated now.

너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[06-08-31] 너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[06-19-28]너의 목소리가 들려.E09.130703.HDTV.XviD-BarosG[06-11-29]

Su ha is handcuffed and sitting. she calls out his name. he looks over at her with a blank expression. she goes over calling out his name and hits him asking where have you been all that time. you should have called. why didn’t you call me – I worried. she checks his back (where he was stabbed) and asks are you ok. you aren’t hurt somewhere. why did they put handcuffs on you.  he looks at her and asks in jeondae (formal speech) is my name Park Su ha? everyone here is calling me by that name. do you know me? Hye Sung lets go of his hand and just looks at him.



Su ha: I’m sorry but I don’t remember that person. she gets squished by reporters so Su ha turns and calls out Lawyer to her in jeondae. she says don’t worry. I’m here. Su ha: she is working that hard to listen to my side but I don’t remember that voice or the way she looks at me at all.

Hye sung asks him – what do you think I am. Su Ha: when no one took my side – aren’t you the person who took my side? Hye Sung: what you said is correct, but I didn’t know. she puts her hand over his. he looks at her hand there.

(Su ha looks over at her in the back of the squad car and it doesn’t look like someone who doesn’t remember his feelings for her)

Hye sung: can I do this? can I rescue Su ha?

K runs into her and says it’s been a long time. Lawyer Jang byun

K comes back to work and wants to defend Su ha together  with her. K asks her if she knows that she needs to have another lawyer working with her in a jury trial and says I want to do that. so Hye sung agrees – ok – let’s be lawyers together.

*I don’t understand how Hye Sung could be allowed to defend Su ha based on the fact that she has history with him – she knows him too well like family. she stood for him as his witness against JG ten years ago. plus she was a victim of a stabbing where Su Ha and JG were present, but since the police weren’t told I guess that one wont count. still – aren’t those plenty of reasons why she should be recusing herself from the case. Is this why Su ha is pretending to have amnesia – to help her circumvent these facts?

**based on what I saw – I’m pretty sure Su Ha is putting on an act. He is pretending not to have any memories cuz it will be harder for him to be prosecuted. isn’t having memory loss second to the most popular ploy of citing insanity. I have a feeling that his actions will give him away – he needs to stop looking like he will swoon every time she touches his hand.

***I also wanted to explain something about Korean culture here. Koreans like to cover up any bloody scenes or weapons with blurred screens like on today’s episode with the blurred knife and bloody hand. More importantly, if you watch the preview, Su ha is wearing a face mask and his handcuffs are covered with a jacket. Even Hye Sung does that for him in the back of the squad car. You see this on the actual news all the time – people who have been arrested – their faces and handcuffs are covered up. Some people might think it’s just done for celebrities or minors, but it’s not. Most of these criminals feel ashamed of their actions and want their faces to be covered -especially when the press is involved. Makes me wonder if they cared so much about bringing shame upon themselves then why commit the criminal act in the first place.


너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-54-01]

I think I’ve been waiting for this episode ever since this drama began cuz the sudden urge to recap became overwhelming. I love this screencap cuz it makes him look like he is invisible to people -they can’t see his pain, guilt, and anguish. Hye Sung is in danger cuz she did the right thing ten years ago, but she has paid too high of a price for that impulsion to do good. It’s his turn to repay the favor so the question is can this last sacrifice really make up for the one from ten years ago or is it actually negating everything she lost since Joon Gook gets to claim another victim.

I will be translating some key scenes in order below with screencaps, but this is a quick gist of the episode from memory so it’s not in order from scene to scene.

Joon Gook murdered her mom and made it look like an accident where her mom hit her head and couldnt turn off the fryer so the chicken place burned down. then he claims he went in to save her and brought out her body so it wouldn’t burn. he was treated at the hospital for his burns and injuries. There are no CCTV footage or anything to prove his story is a lie. Plus her mom’s friends, his pastor, the cops, and everyone who knows him to be a reformed man says he isnt capable of killing her mother. Even Joon Gook cries and says how well she treated him and even gave him food on his birthday and took him in even after learning that he had come out of prison not too long ago. He also claims the murder he was accused of in the past wasn’t his doing cuz that was just an accidental death and he was falsely accused. He even told that sob story to Do Yeon but she tells him point blank she doesn’t believe a word of it cuz she was one of the other witnesses to his first murder (Su ha’s dad). Most of the public defenders didn’t want to take his case anyway, but Joon Gook asked specifically to be tried in this district and for Kwan Woo to defend him cuz Joon Gook knew how much it would torment Hye Sung. Kwan Woo hated taking on the case and tried to get out of it, but Judge Kim made him. Joon gook even tried to commit suicide to look more sympathetic and left a note – that he overstepped by wanting forgiveness so as soon as he was released he wanted to go and find park su ha and lawyer jang to beg for forgiveness  -that he would live well from here on – and tell them not to be scared of him anymore. but my existence frightened them -somehow I wanted to convey my sincerity -if I couldn’t call them myself then I wanted to relay it to them even indirectly so I went and found lawyer jang’s mother. she said if I show sincerity that she would convey that to her daughter. thankfully she knew my sincerity and treated me like a person and not a convict. I might have really killed the owner cuz even though I knew that she fainted often cuz of her condition I wasn’t there to protect her -I should have gone a little quicker to rescue her but I was too late. that is how I became a murderer again. if I could keep people from calling me a murderer anymore my life is not a waste. at least the deceased owner will know my heart -in this world – the only person who treated me warmly -I will follow the owner and now I will go too.” at first Kwan Woo didn’t believe in Joon Gook’s innocence and said he believes the suicide attempt was just for show cuz if joon gook really wanted to die he would have tried to kill himself at night and not during the day. but after talking to all the witnesses and surveying the crime scene for himself, kwan woo came to believe Joon Gook’s lie. so kwan woo sincerely believes that Hye sung might be mistaken about Joon Gook.  Desperation to make sure Joon gook doesn’t get away with murder motivates Hye sung to swallow her pride and go to Do yeon’s home -she gets on her knees and apologizes about the firecracker incident in the past too and begs for Do yeon to do her job and find Joon Gook guilty. the dad sees that and invites hye sung into the home. he points out they need to make it look like joon gook is not credible so he advises looking into who joon gook shared a cell with in prison. Hye sung tells them she knows who that person is.  the other prisoner is brought in for questioning and Do yeon strikes a bargain with him for his damaging testimony – if he commits perjury and claim he heard joon gook say he plans to kill and get even with hye sung when he gets out of prison then the prisoner gets to go free sooner and find his long lost daughter.  during the trial su ha goes with hye sung so he can read the judge and joon gook’s mind and su ha tells her what the percentage is of favoring the defendant is innocent – at first it was a split 50/50o she was confident that with the witness testimony the verdict would be in their favor. on the stand though when kwan soo questions him, the prisoner cracks under pressure and recants his testimony and says he didn’t hear joon gook planning any murder or revenge. Do yeon had already given a pretty decent speech about how the law failed the victims (Hye sung’s mom and Su ha’s dad), but the minute the prisoner witness recanted her case fell apart. Su ha read the judge’s mind and realized he is going to declare Joon gook not guilty.

Su ha sees Joon gook being moved to jail so he attacks him and asks why did you kill someone with no sin. Joon gook says aloud – I didn’t kill her. it’s for real. but in his mind he says something else to Su ha and it makes Su ha lose it. he chokes joon gook asking are you human – how could a human do this. cops have to pull Su ha off him so joon gook can get on the bus.

너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[02-37-40] 너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[02-40-12]

As Hye sung sits at her mom’s wake Su had goes over and sits next to her. (so far she hadn’t broken down and cried yet – just fainted at the news of her mom’s death) she asks where he has been. he admits he went to see min joon gook. HS: what did he say? SH: that he didn’t kill her. that he felt it was unfair. HS: from what you saw – how was it. did he really not kill her? Su ha shakes his head no. HS: did you find out what it was like for my mother in her last moments?  Su ha: yes Min joon gook made her talk on the phone for the last time with you. at first hye sung doesn’t remember then she recalls that conversation when she was at the bus stop. Hye sung starts to feel physically ill recalling what they said and how desperate her mom’s voice had sounded and everything she said about not living all her life seeking revenge – not to hate people who envy her and just pity them. Hye sung breaks down in tears saying I didn’t know mother. her mom had told her: promise me – I’m saying don’t use your life hating someone.  a life you are born into once – in a world where if you did just good things it’s not enough. Hye sung replied ok I will try. her mom said if you do that you are my daughter. Hye sung cries and says mom I didn’t know that was the last time. my poor mother – what to do. Su ha cries and goes over to hold her.

너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[02-55-04]

When Hye sung overhears that Kwan woo will be defending Joon gook she goes and tells him this turned out well. thank goodness. I was worried that lawyer Shin would get the case, cuz before he puts coworkers ahead he will talk about what a lawyer should do and wont believe me and take Min joon gook’s side -wouldn’t he. but you wont. you are on my side. aren’t you? he can barely look her in the eye. so she repeats you believe me right? kwan woo: yes I believe you. hye sung thanks him and leans her head on him. he pats her back.

*it’s important to note that during the wake when Kwan woo was taking care of all the visitors and watching over Hye sung making sure she ate, he referred to himself as her boyfriend. he said he wouldn’t go to his cases tm cuz he doesn’t want to leave her alone, but she said leave me alone so I can cry. you can do that for me right cuz you are my boyfriend.

너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[03-09-30]

That’s why Hye sung went nuts when she watched kwan soo during the trial saying the evidence shows that the defendant is innocent and pleads not guilty. outside the courtroom she yells at him – are you crazy?  does innocent make sense? kwan woo says don’t get worked up and listen to me. HS: how could you think he is innocent. he is someone who went and found my mom to get revenge. kwan soo: he said he wanted to beg for forgiveness. cuz he knew you wouldn’t accept his forgiveness so he went and found your mother. HS: forgiveness? someone who went to get forgiveness kills a person? KW: it was an accident. HS: an accident? does that make sense? KW: there is no evidence it was murder. he lists all the facts like the arson investigation showing no foul play and no CCTV footage. HS: it wasn’t that it wasn’t taken – it couldn’t be filmed cuz it was broken. did you see what was filmed when it was broken?  min joon gook was filmed as it was broken. how are you going to explain this?  KW: there is no way to know if he was on it to break it or not. put away your emotions and think about it rationally. this is a terrible accident that was unlucky for you and min joon gook. he had put his hands on her shoulders to calm her so she pulls away. HS: how are you going to explain the blunt force trauma on my mother’s head? KW: when she got dizzy and fainted – she got that when she bumped into the metal railing. Su ha steps up and says she got that cuz min Joon gook hit her so she fainted. min joon gook hit her on the head and made her pass out. then he made the fire start with the gas. when he thought she would be dead he jumped in and put on an act/put on a show that he was rescuing her. and right now you are a player in that show. kw: yes like you said that could have happened. but like I said she could have fainted and wasn’t able to turn off the gas -isn’t that so? Su had hears Hye sung begging kwan soo in her head – please don’t do this please. KW: if there is a suspicion that he could be innocent then I have to side with the defendant loyally. that is the law. Hye sung says in her head – you cant do this to me. kwan woo says to her – please think it over again. you might be having a big misunderstanding towards min joon gook. su ha tells him to stop it. she thinks in her head to kwan woo-you should be taking my side. kwan woo: that misunderstanding could ruin one person’s life. Su ha heard enough and punches him in the gut. (Sooooo satisfying – wish he punched him on the jaw too while he was at it). Su ha tells her please stop.

When he gets back to the office kwan woo calls a sunbae he knows and asks for the case report on Park Ju ha’s murder incident from ten years ago. he knows it might not exist but just in case if they find it to send it to him. he promises to look at it secretly and return it.

너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[02-06-03] 너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[02-06-13]

There is a great moment when Hye sung is cleaning her home to vent her frustrations. Su ha comes home and sees the pile of dishes in the sink she put out to wash so he offers to do it, but she tells him to go to his home now. Su ha: why? Hye sung: what do you mean why – min joon gook has been captured so there is no need for you to be here now. S: I don’t want to – I wont go. she stands and yells I don’t want to see you now – my mood is that I want to even fight with this rag right now.  I want to be alone so while I say it nicely – go quietly. S: I don’t want to. H: are you a kid – don’t you understand words? I don’t know what I will say to you. S: yes I am a kid. since I am a kid I don’t understand words so go ahead (and say them) whatever it is. Hye sung cries and says how she resents him thousands of times in a day. she regrets standing as his witness ten years ago – this is all cuz of you! why? should I say something more harsh? S: go ahead – I will listen to it all. he walks over to the sink and says go ahead and say it. it’s ok if you insult too. I will listen to it all by your side. she wipes her tears and goes over to his side. she asks if he was able to read the judge’s mind. S: yes. H: which side is it – guilty or not guilty. S: 51-49. H: what is the 51%? S: not guilty. she sighs deeply. *this is what triggers her to go see Do yeon.

너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[03-57-52]

lawyer shin visits his friend Hwang (the man who was in prison with Joon gook) and figures out something is up when Hwang mentions he is going to testify and changes his story about Joon gook and says he wasn’t that nice of a person like I thought. so Shin confront Hye sung asking what she asked Hwang to do today at trial. she lies and says I didn’t make any requests from him. Shin says for the sake of capturing Min Joon gook, didn’t you make a request you shouldn’t have? she denies doing it. but then she walks back and says what if I did. To capture the criminal what request is there that I shouldn’t have made. Shin: are you saying you wont obey the law. HS: cuz while obeying the law I lose everything. Shin warns don’t you know that if you don’t obey the law the repercussions could be worse. HS: yes I don’t know. have you ever been a victim? the victims in this country – there is nothing they can do. I didn’t even get to argue with min joon gook why he killed my mother. cuz victims cant meet the perpetrator. the judges in the trial are listening more to what min joon gook says than what I say – the victim feels so indignant that she cant even breathe but there is nothing she can do. she quotes what they had said about the law and innocent pleas and says now that I’ve become a victim –that is all BS. and the lawyer is a bastard. and I am that bastard like lawyer. she takes off her pin and throws it on the ground and walks away. Shin wonders if she will continue to be a lawyer if Min Joon gook is found not guilty.

너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-26-48]

Do yeon gives a speech in court – that the defendant was after revenge – that no one has seen the defendant’s real self cuz he always wore a mask of being angelic -the moment he was caught behind that mask of being an angel, he killed. ten years ago Park Ju hu and now the victim -if he gets not guilty like this -the people who learn what he is like behind that mask – he might kill again. during all that time the law wasn’t able to see the real defendant and closed its eyes. cuz of that there was a lot of murders -now the law should open its eyes properly and protect Jang Hye Sung who might be the next victim. Su ha uses his pendant to give Hye sung the message – face up means the judge is weighing towards guilty and face down means not guilty. after that speech it was face up but then kwan woo questions hwang and points out that hwang had said joon gook was smart and not careless so a smart person wouldn’t just spill his plans and tell someone he would murder so hwang recants his testimony and says joon gook never spoke of murder or revenge. (the only slightly damaging testimony he gave was that joon gook collected newspaper clippings of hye sung saying he owed her a debt). kwan woo looks like he hates himself for getting hwang to recant and has tears in his eyes as he stares at hey sung. after that su ha turns the pendant face down cuz he heard the judge say there is nothing to be done except to decide not guilty. hye sung buries her face in her hands and cries. right then Joon gook looks over at Su ha and says “little boy – these fools are all on my side -if I get acquitted and leave here -next it’s you and that girl’s turn.”

너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[05-00-38]

Hye sung lays in bed and remembers her mom. how her mom couldn’t turn on the computer and when hye sung did it, her mom said instead of law school you should study computers. then when hye sung put makeup on her before a wedding, her mom called her Picasso and said maybe you should go to art school. Su ha knocks on her door asking aren’t you going to eat -you starved all day -are you sleeping, but hye sung just hugs the photo of her mom closer and ignores him. Su ha notices the text she got from kwan woo and goes out to meet him at the gate. kwan asks if hye sung is ok.  su ha says she is hanging in there. I think it will be hard for the time being for you to meet her. kwan woo thinks in his head – I don’t know how to clear this up. I cant give up on her like this.  su ha: she likes you a lot. kwan woo: what? su ha: she likes you a lot so it’s hard on her. so give her time – wait and watch over her. kwan woo: didn’t you dislike me? su ha: I will be going in. he turns to leave but kwan woo says: you resent me a lot too for taking min joon gook’s side don’t you? su ha turns and smiles at him. no -you did well. kwan woo: what? su ha: I am grateful to you. he bows and goes back in. but su ha gets this cold “shut out the world” kind of look and says in his head: thank you for giving me the chance.

Su ha goes to his room and sets the date for the 3rd of next month (when the verdict comes in and joon gook will be found not guilty and released) then the camera goes to his knife.

너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[02-13-09]

Hye sung is at her mom’s memorial and explains how afraid she had been ten years ago – cuz of what her mom said she was able to testify. back then she thought it was the right thing to do but it wasn’t. I should have run away like Do yeon. she leans her head against the glass and apologizes. Su ha read her note that she is going to visit her mom’s memorial so Su ha comes over there to lay some flowers and asks her to go someplace with him if she isnt going back to work.

너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-49-11] 너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-52-23] 너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-53-02] 너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-56-54] 너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-59-53]

as they walk in the aquarium, Su ha remarks this is the fourth time he has tried to come here. first time he was going to come with his dad, but his dad passed away so he couldn’t. then he was going to come in middle school on a school field trip but got sick so he couldn’t go. last time was when he was going to come after that grandpa’s trial but didn’t get to. she points how she was going to go with him but he bailed on her. he didn’t even pick up his phone.

she asks why did you want to come here? Su ha: you know that my world is louder than others. somehow I thought this place would be quiet and ordinary. she agrees and says how this place seems peaceful – like nothing happened. They lean and watch the fish swim by. Then he sighs and stands and tells her how he packed his stuff and left her home.  don’t worry Min Joon Gook wont bother you anymore. you can feel safe. Hye sung asks how do you know that? he points to his head (meaning he read Joon Gook’s mind) and says I saw him at the trial so you can believe it. HS: is that why you asked to come here – like a last farewell –something like that? he smiles and says yes. Su ha: also before I go there are a few times I need to tell you. HS: what is this mood – are you not going to see me forever? su ha: I am in my senior year so I have to study. hye sung: ok – what is it that you wanted to tell me. su ha: your mother – right at the last moment before she went – she was very proud of you. during the trial I looked at min joon gook and read his mind.

flashback to joon gook telling her mom –you should know why you are dying before you die. ten years ago your daughter testified against me so that is why you are dying. do you know that? it feels unfair huh? she replies calmly – yes I do feel it’s unfair. I really didn’t know my daughter. if I had known she had done such an honorable thing, I would have given her a lot of praise and said how good she was.

su ha: she said even when she went to heaven she would dance and to tell you that. hye sung cries and says how her mom was always like that. su ha tells her not to feel too bad so she thanks him for telling her.  he tells her not to resent lawyer cha too much. he did it cuz he likes you a lot. he really believes in his (joon gook’s) innocence and thinks you are misunderstanding. he wanted to clear up that misunderstanding for you. cuz he doesn’t know the truth. in his situation that was the best he could do. she nods and says I know. su ha: also you probably know this but you like him a lot too so that is why you are tormented. so don’t hide for too long and accept him. that will be good for both of you. I said everything I wanted so I will be going. be well.

너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-34-47] 너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-35-01]너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-36-03] 너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-36-24] 너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-37-01] 너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-37-11] 너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-37-58]

he smiles and walks away. she calls out to him and says go well – thank you for all that time. study hard. he cant stop his tears from falling so he goes back to her and says there is one more thing you don’t know. he pulls her waist close and kisses her with tears falling. he smiles one last time and walks away.

instead of a preview they show the rest of that scene in the park after kwan woo kissed her hand as Su ha walked away from them. kwan woo asked her to finish the date they didn’t get to have before. how about tonight. but she says I cant – I have a previous appointment. I made plans with su ha a while ago. he asks couldn’t you push it back but she said that will be a problem cuz if I cancel he will be really sad. I am sorry but my promise to su ha is first.

너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[01-22-31]

It’s the halfway mark for this show so I am pretty sure that if Su Ha kills Joon Gook and doesn’t get killed himself, he will be on trial for murder. Hye sung couldn’t possibly be allowed to defend him since she would need to recuse herself based on her history with him, but it sort of scares me if Su Ha’s defense is left in Kwan woo’s care. I really hated him for doing his job so well and getting a not guilty verdict for Joon Gook. It makes me wonder and fear what the outcome of Su Ha’s trial will be. All his actions so far point to premeditated murder -including witnesses who have heard him threaten to kill Joon gook, having the weapon prepared, and video footage of him beating up Joon gook. You can’t get more incriminating than that.

너의 목소리가 들려.E08.130627.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[23-47-30]

As soon as Su Ha starting fixing up her home, replacing light bulbs, and putting back the men’s shoes at the entrance before he left, my tears already started flowing. If she only knew the sacrifice he was making – he was willing to throw away his whole life to kill Joon gook once and for all just to keep her safe. When he lost his father, he pretty much lost everything with him – a home, sense of security, peace of mind and heart, and the only thing that kept him going was to one day grow up and find her again to protect her. He has built his whole life up to this moment so I don’t blame him for not hesitating to give everything up to protect her. I even admire him for his courage and strong sense of duty, but it still doesn’t stop me from screaming inside and wanting someone to stop him. Joon gook already took two lives on his own so I don’t want him to have another one. Su ha is willingly walking into the act of committing murder, but his hands were tied cuz the law continued to fail to protect the victims. I don’t know what angers me more – the inept judicial system or Su Ha’s blind diligence to finally achieve a sense of justice.


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  1. nonski says:

    thank goodness your recaps’ up! i almost passed out from the anticipation… i am sure this drama is gonna kill from the feelings it is trying to wring from me. thank you so much… off to read! (sorry for being spammy… just noticed 🙂 )


    • nonski says:

      here i am again, sorry,, i know that thinking MJG is alive and did cut his hands off is reasonable but i can’t get how they were able to come up with the idea. what is the connection with the woman fruit vendor?

      earlier you mentioned about how su ha might betray himself if his amnesia is a fake out but seeing that it turned out he really have amnesia, then it only says one thing — even if the minds forgets, the heart will never forget and in time, su ha will remember his feelings for hye sung even if he won’t recover his memory yet.


    • Softy says:

      You could never be “spammy” cuz I welcome feedback from readers – they keep me company as I stay up all night. It’s like being in a room alone in reality, but feeling like i have virtual friends all over the globe.
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      • nonski says:

        aw… softy dear, you’ve to take proper care of yourself too… we can always read it the following day but we are also thankful that you are there to recap it live. your work of love is very much appreciated with a drama like IHYV.

        i think it’s a plus factor that your are now able to see the beautiful sunrises. 🙂 … sans the losing of your insanity. 🙂

        aja! and we love you. 🙂


      • nonski says:

        btw, did you see header i posted? sorry, i am just excited about it cuz i must admit i really love that scene at the hospital. it is in that scene that su-ha became a man in my eyes and it just pulls the right strings in my heart. 🙂 i hope you liked it too. getting ready this weekend to make lots of headers form ihyv and monstar.


  2. Blue Passion says:

    Thank you for episode 10 recap!! It is the first thing I did when I login on my computer today to come over here to read it!! How perfect that his classmate is the one reading the journal for him. I love how she is showing how she feels about him with actions. I would fall for her all over again if I was in his position. I can breath now. Things will work out. Have a good one.


  3. Pam says:

    Thank you, Softy!!!

    I’m so in love with this show!!! So sweet how H is now the protective noona/GF. I hope she realizes it is really love! She also realizes this a life and death battle to save SH. The whole situation is forcing her to change for the better and her character development is astounding! Love how this show keeps me on the edge of my seat!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Wish I had more time and eloquence to write my analytical thoughts of this show. Thus far I find that the writer has shaped her main characters well and he/she knows where he/she is going storywise also.

    Su Ha and Hye Seung share a similar background which makes their relationship so interesting. As a boy Su Ha grew up with a male figure, his single dad. Our hotheaded Hye Seung is a girl who was raised by her single mom, a female. Each was able to grow in the likeness of the parent of the same gender with the other gender missing from the picture and that shows later on in their interactions.

    Su Ha has nurtured mixed feelings towards the teenage girl who saved his life, as he considered her as his older sister, motherly figure and crush. On the other hand, Hye Seung sort of kept men and people in a larger sense at bay until the noona-dongsaeng relationship with Su Ha forced her to leave her shell and dull living. The fact that he was her first kiss is rather telling and no wonder she was left speechless after this unexpected move of him because she prolly may not have thought of him that way.

    How interesting to see that not once has she missed Kwan-Woo over the past years while Su Ha has constantly been in her thoughts. Yet I wonder what the “color” of her love for him is now.

    Denali ~


  5. Anonymous says:

    softy do you watch cruel city? it´s such a great drama!


    • Softy says:

      Some reader mentioned it the other day on a recap, but I never heard of it. Out of all the dramas that air each year, I probably watch like one percent of them. I never feel the urge to check out so many dramas – still haven’t seen the most recent ones that started and never will.

      I just realized that the best way for Su ha to show Hye Sung he got his memory and his ability back would be to read her mind again. But this time I rather he read her heart and see her growing feelings for him. I would also love for her to read his journal – I want her to know what kept him going all those years. maybe if she reads his thoughts in that journal, it sort of evens out cuz he can read hers.


      • FilChiNY says:

        Softy, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE how since grade 3 he was already loving her. I mean, really….how can you ever forget a person who saved you?!
        Also the line in his diary “It is because of you that I am breathing” is so cheesy. BUT somehow in their context it was so poetic and beautifu!
        There is a reason this series is getting high ratings. For once Korean viewers and nternational vieweres are in sync with their views. THIS IS A GREAT SERIES! I LOVE “I HEAR YOUR VOICE”


    • Pam says:

      I’m watching CC and IHYV! Both are so freaking good!!! But IHYV really pulls at my heart strings…just because the directing, storytelling and characters are so compelling.


  6. Marie says:

    I love your recap. The way you write is just like reading a book. Very detailed and very emotional. I am touched when u wrote how K spoke to HS when he returned to help her. Thank you very much for the recap.


  7. jhen says:

    Whoaaa!! All I can say is “daebak”! This drama is really one of a kind. My heart was throbbing so fast while watching the court proceedings. Seldom have I liked watching that kind of scene coz I mostly finds it to be boring but this time it was so different. I felt like I was watching a real trial the way they present their evidences and how the lawyers composes themselves in front of the juries. And I must commend the writer for that and for the great portrayal of the casts in the drama. I love it that no one had to burst out their anger inside the court like what we mostly saw in those type of scenario.

    I am loving this drama too much! It has the kind of story that must have 24-50 episodes. But sad to know, that it only got 16 episodes. 😦

    Btw, I like HS’s character’s transformation. I love her for taking responsibility of Soo Ha and love her being protective of him. ❤ ❤ ❤


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    Hi Softy!!!!
    First of, LOVE that HB PIC! You also haveYAI pic on the side! Fanning myself profusely! LOL!!!!
    So happy to finally read your blog about this series, which is becoming my fave! I so agree with you that if actions speaks volume, HS said A LOT! In addition to your thouoghts, I also want to add how she cleaned her apartment after meeting SH! LOL!!!!! This fact didn’t escape the numerous viewers at viki! It’s so symboic in such a way that she started living again.
    Can I just say though how much I HATE the writers for doing the AMNESIA thing! I’d say 99.9% of viewers were just so annoyed that the chose to include it in their plot.
    But I can forgive them IF they would write the story in suh a way that SH regains his memory when HS KISSES HIM OR HE KISSES HS! I think most viewers would be able to forgive and forget the writers if that happens. LOL!!!!!
    This is the first series after Faith that I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE NEXT EPISODE! Softy any clue on when he will regain his memory? Hopefully episode 11 and with a kiss. 🙂


    • jhen says:

      Heyya FilChiNY!!! You’re here at last. 🙂 Our love for IHYV is really immeasurable. Haha! Aside from the swooning on hottie kid. *wink*

      I might get a heart attack after this drama. Last friday while I was watching on the part when HS’s house got smoky inside suddenly my office-mate tapped my shoulder and I almost jumped off my chair. LMAO! Silly me. Hahaha!

      Can’t wait for wednesday and thursday. I am loving this drama so so so much!


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    Thanks Softy!

    I’ve a feeling that Cell mate is the friend/proscutor’s father.


  10. e-mailaddko says:

    Ep 11 preview is out!


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      i came to post and found this. 🙂 now i just have to ask softy dear pretty please can you translate this. 🙂

      seriously, i was so anxious about episode eleven since thursday even especially with the spoilers that circulated. i thought that if i will be able to watch the prev, my mind will be at ease but now it became more anxious cuz why do i see that the pairing is gearing towards cha-hyesung. 😦


      • Softy says:

        Cha-HS will never happen – that boat left the minute JG was found not guilty and released. She has no residual feelings for KW whatsoever, but she is going around trying to hide from Su ha and telling JB not to tell him her number – she is trying to avoid him cuz she doesn’t want to accept what her actions might mean – she is acting like a guilty woman- a woman who thinks she could actually have feelings for this kid so she will run and avoid for a few more episodes till denial no long works and she has to give in. By then I bet JG will show up and cause some trouble before the last episodes. It may sound like this drama is predictable, but it’s all in the execution of how it’s played out – they make each word and scene count between HS and Suha so I bet we will have tons more to look forward to between them.


        • nonski says:

          ai yay softy thanks for these thoughts. for me it’s like OB again where i am anxious for the prev to come out. what’s different with this drama is i am so tense over it. tsk. see, even if it’s very clear that hs was over cha, and i saw that too, but come this prev and my resolve is all gone and i’m feeling on the edge again. argh! i hate this feeling, really!

          i so definitely want more hye-soo moments.


        • My2Girls says:

          You are absolutely right Softy she looks like a woman with a guilty conscience. To hide behind the robes of a judge to avoid being seen by him is that act of a woman feeling really torn over her feelings towards a much younger man. Let’s hope she gets over that quickly!

          I have been lurking again and I just want you to know that as always you are the best!

          Thank you!



    • Softy says:

      HS: it’s cuz the *crappy fundamental principle/rule (of law) that let the culprit go who killed my mom and it is that principle that can save the defendant before me.
      * she used a similar term for crappy. Joonni said the word “won-cheeg-ee means principle or rule

      Kwan woo says from here on while I defend someone, I will get hurt a lot. whenever that happens I will remember the trial today

      Do Yeon asks her dad do you remember Hwang D? 26 yrs ago that person was also imprisoned over a left hand murder

      HS asks SB: Will you listen to my request?

      Su ha: Do you know lawyer jang’s number
      JB: yes but she told me not to tell you

      KW: do you remember what I said before – that after the trial I would ask you – can you give me an answer now?


      • nonski says:

        btw, hope you liked the header i made, that was the most memorable moment in the drama for me. 🙂


      • OUAFA says:

        Thank you Softy you’re my savior ,
        i’ve been looking for the preview since last week ,
        I’m re-leaved that SuHa is out thank god .


      • Pam says:

        Thanks for translating, Softy!

        I try to forget that I am watching IHYV because waiting for a week is unbearable! This show is gripping my heart! *Squee!

        When are we going to get our old Su-Ha back???


        • Pam says:

          BTW, Softy, I don’t think Su Ha is faking his memory loss…he just can’t help that he’s attracted to HS so his shaking hands is more of bodily reaction. LOL!


  11. Hi, i’m a bit fan of i hear your voice. sbs already released the last preview of ep 11, can you please translate it..



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