I Hear Your Voice E15-E16

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Imagine your worst fears coming true and you are helpless to do anything about it. If he had it his way, he would always be by her side to put a comforting arm around her shoulder to let her know she is not alone in this world. So imagine how empty his arms must feel now and how much her heart is calling out for him. At this point in their relationship, I’m not sure if either one of them could go on without the other. That fear she had that she might grow accustomed to him has already taken place. Except that it’s not that she has grown used to him – it’s that she can’t imagine her life without him anymore and vice versa. These two need each other for the sole reason that each one thrives with the other around. When they are apart, he can’t even sleep properly and she can’t go a day without thinking about him. That is not becoming inured to someone – that’s just what you call being in love.

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D: the victim is in a coma. if she dies then you know you will become a murderer right? Shin and H both say aloud that the victim is still alive. Kim tells D not to ask questions about what hasnt happened yet.  D: that’s all. Kim asks is that the end. D: yes.

S reads his mind as Hwang says to her: it’s hard on you huh? Cuz of me it’s really hard on you huh Ga eun ah.

when D walks out of court, S reads her mind as D says father I am sorry – I am really sorry

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H runs over and asks: did you see the jury? how many do you think are on our side? S: what is this. you said you would do it alone. H: since you came tell me – how many are for and how many against.  S: more than that – it’s about prosecutor Seo Do yeon. H: dont even bring her up. you asked me to go easy on her so I did.but she is a machine. she didnt even blink and went after her father. S: I dont think that is it. H: what? S: also I think hwang knows D is his daughter. H: really? how did he find that out. S: go and meet D. H: why? S: I dont think she should be left alone now. she went towards the bathroom. H: ok.  

H finds her sobbing. H:why? D: I think I will die. please save me. Rescue my dad – please.

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H asks how she intends to go to trial looking like that. Shin comes over so H ducks down. He asks them what are you doing here.. H tells him how hard it was on D to question/try her father. D says I am ok now. she informs them how they wont be able to get not guilty. that her father wont be able to get an acquittal. if he is found guilty he has to go back to prison. shin says we know so that is why we requested a jury trial. if the jury says not guilty- maybe the judges wont turn it down. D asks if H can move the jury (to sympathize with hwang). H promises to do her best. D thanks her and asks shin please take good care of him. shin asks will you be ok? how about stepping out of the trial but D says no I will do it till the end. She leaves. Shin asks if H can do the closing. Cuz he failed 26 yrs ago. She says that is why you should do it. Shin says seeing her eyes (D’s)you will get a better reaction so I think you should do it. S watches them

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* i had to skip some legal terms I wasn’t sure of so this doesn’t flow:

Judge Kim says the trial portion has ended. he asks the prosecution to do their closing now. The co counsel says the victim did something she shouldnt have 26 yrs ago -she made the defendant spend half his life in prison. he cites – according to the law – how much time the defendant should get for what he did now .  also the defendant stabbed the victim and almost made her lose her life. he tries to seem sympathetic and addresses hwang here: what happened to the defendant was unfair. as a prosecutor i’m appalled by the verdict 26 yrs ago. for the reason that verdict was appalling you cant turn back that verdict on your own. you should have went after Jung legally. he gives a short lecture about the dangers of taking the law into your own hands. H asks S with her mind how many of the jury is on their side. S holds up 4 fingers so H wonders then can I convince the rest of the 6.  kim calls for the defense next. shin says dont ne nervous and do well. She flips her hair and says do I look nervous. When she takes the mic her voice rises in a screech. She says honorable judges and jury – you suffered a lot sitting through a long trial. shin mutters did she come out to emcee an event right now. what is that. S smiles watching her be nervous. H closes her eyes

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Flashback to K sitting outside the courtroom with his eyes closed. H asks what are you listening to. K says before I go into trial it’s music I always listen to. even park tae listens to music before his swim meets -it’s like that. H: what song is it? it’s classic music. you seem impressive. K explains it’s a piece that comes out in an opera about thieves. H: How is this mind control. He says explains how this opera was made. it was based on a true account.  H remembers that and asks the jury if they know that opera. She goes over what happened in this case and ties it in with the opera when you hear this what do you think of? dont you think it was so unlucky. why did she have to steal that of all things. dont you think that? but that girl didnt die cuz she was unlucky. she makes more connections from the opera to hwang’s case. Kim seems impressed. She shows photos and says these pics you are looking at are the defendant’s friends from high school. these people are someone’s husband, father, and coworker. that’s how they live.  26 yrs ago if the right verdict was given – the defendant too – like his peers in the photos -would have lived like that. just like you cant undo a death. the defendant’s 26 yrs of life – There is no way to turn back that time.she looks over and S holds up more fingers when she looks cuz she swayed more of the jury. H: of course like the prosecution said – when he met the victim he should have settled it according to the law. but what is the law to the defendant? law was what made him live half his life in prison unfairly. law was what stole his daughter away. law stole his job and friends. to that defendant we are holding the law up to him again. if you all were the defendant could you accept that law?  she looks over and S holds up 8 fingers. She talks about the retrial. H: but we are talking about something that will take place months later.  retrials are difficult and complicated. the defendant doesn’t have much time left. he might not even live to see the retrial. she looks over and S holds up 9. the prosecution says the defense’s closing is taking longer than the allotted time. Shin yells the defendant waited 26 yrs for this moment. we will end it soon. just give us some more time. please give her the chance to say everything she wants for the defendant’s sake. Kim tells her to continue. H: honorable judges and jury. She goes over why they are here today-this trial is covering the one that went wrong in the past and the crime he is accused of now. she asks for them to give him a fair ruling. Show the defendant with your verdict what kind of law the country is thinking of. S holds up ten fingers. H: thank you for listening for so long. that’s all. D cries.

The victim Jung is shown in the hospital -her fingers move and her eyes open

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JB and CK come over. S asks what are you guys doing here. CK says we fought for a long time and came. cuz of that trial. S:what is on your fingernails? cuz CK has on nail polish. JB asks if the verdict came out yet. is that ajussi going back to prison? S: dont know yet. the jury and judges are at a deadlock. JB: what is the jury saying. S: not guilty. CK: what about the judges. S: guilty. CK: then it’s game over. the judges will win for sure. they have a lot of power. JB: if the judges were going to decide the way they wanted then why call in a jury. S smiles at her.

in the deliberating room, the jury says the exact same thing -if you were going to rule the way you wanted judges then why call us – we think he is not guilty. after watching the ten hr trial that is our ruling.  Kim says I know but there is a law in this country. jury: this is the law we are thinking of. it’s too cruel to say go back to prison again.  Kim asks for both the prosecution and defense to be brought in.

Prosecution asks what is the problem. just agree with the jury. Kim says this is too much pressure. H encourages him to listen to the jury cuz there is less pressure. she gets a call from Yoo. prosecutor is arguing so H yells at him “be quiet lawn hair. I cant hear.” She tells them the Jung woke up. Doesn’t that change things. they are staring at her so she asks is there something on my face. Shin says this will be in the papers tm. Lawn hair asks D to talk. She makes a suggestion – to withdraw the case- and lawn hair argues calling her crazy. Kim likes the idea cuz there is less burden on them. lawn hair tells her she cant decide this on her own.  D says I will take responsibility.

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Kim addresses the court and tells the defendant to stand. Her co counsel said D caused big trouble but she says i know.  Kim says even if it was incorrectly ruled that the defendant was a murderer he shouldnt have attacked the victim who was found to be alive. cuz of that -according to the law – it’s hard to find him not guilty. the jury ruled not guilty. the jury thinks the defendant got an unfair verdict and went to prison and lost his daughter and his life and spent those 26 yrs. it was the wrongdoing of the police and prosecution who couldnt properly find the truth and they ruined his life. it’s hard to accept that he should be imprisoned again according to the law -since they cant have a retrial – there is no way to turn back the 26 yrs he already spent. the victim didnt repent for ruining his life so the defendant attacked her with the shard of glass.  the defendant who already served 26rs for murder – it’s hard to put him away for attacking the same person cuz it’s too cruel. the citizen’s shouldnt match the eye level of the law – the law should match the eye level of the citizens. The case has been withdrawn by the prosecution. He frees hwang.  JB is happy and hugs CK. Hwang cries. So does shin so H takes his hand. S gives her the thumbs up and H returns it.  D tries not to cry

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H and D are the only two left in the courtroom. H asks if D will be ok since she will be reprimanded. D says I was prepared and said it. Aren’t you going. H says yes after a little while longer. D: I was sorry. H: sorry? Not grateful? D: turning you into the culprit through a lie 11 yrs ago. I was sorry. H: now you believe I wasn’t the culprit? after 11yrs?  D: like my father- I didn’t want to admit that I could have been wrong. not admitting that I was wrong – I found out today how terrible that is. I will apologize – sincerely. H nods.

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Shin offers to take hwang in his car to the hospital. Hwang laughs cuz the car is run down. shin reminds him how it has been safe for 16 yrs. He sees D walking by. Hwang asks she is my daughter Ga eun huh. Shin asks how did you find that out. Hwang says she came and visited me yesterday. shin: then you know. judge seo knew your wife was alive and closed his eyes. hwang: I guessed as much that judge seo adopted Ga eun.  Shin asks aren’t you angry. Hwang says enough to want to kill- I am angry, but I forgave him. (judge seo). S and H watch them. shin: forgiven? how can that be forgiven.  Hwang: there is not much time left. with my remaining life, I don’t want to use it to hate anyone.  before I die – my last emotion that I feel – I hope it’s not a bad one like that.  That is why I am forgiving. not cuz I like judge seo.  H remembers how her mom said that too on their last call before she died. promise me – don’t spend your life hating someone. a life you are born into once – it’s not enough to live doing good things. She cries remembering her mom’s words of advice – the last one she gave. S puts his arm around her. Shin hugs hwang and touches foreheads. *that is the sweetest thing I ever saw two grown men do

D’s mom asks is that you D. did you eat dinner before you came. D goes over and hugs her. Her mom says why are you like this again. D: mom – no matter what I say – I am your daughter right. Her mom asks what’s wrong with you – what’s going on. D: mom don’t be surprised and listen to what I am about to say now. Her mom asks what happened

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S asks did you still not change clothes. H doesn’t want to move from the couch. H: I want to sleep like this. i dont have the strength to move a finger.  he says she did well today and puts the cushion under her head. he sits and gets ready to study. H: cuz of you I got not guilty -thank you. S: I didnt do much. you did it. H: no if you werent there I wouldnt have been able to do it. It’s big trouble. I shouldnt keep getting assistance from you. He asks why cant you use me. H: what do you mean why. of course cuz… she doesnt finish cuz the news comes out about her case and say hwang got not guilty. H says is that it. Whaaaa -how could my face not come out. I was the main star in this trial. how could they not mention me.  Is this the news? S:you said it was thanks to me. H: ya I was just saying that. should i ask them to put out an article? S smiles.

Seo asks why is just mine set out (the meal setting is for one – just him) do you have an appointment. His wife says I am taking D for the time being to stay at my mother’s. he asks why. she says I heard all about it from D – about hwang and everything. I lived with you for over 30 yrs – I didn’t know you were such a cruel person. cuz I am scared – for the time being – no- I wont be able to see your face for a long time. She leaves. Seo continues to eat alone. He says what did I do that was wrong. I did nothing wrong. He yells that again and shatters his drinking glass

H tells K how her hands were shaking right as she stood to do her closing. K says I know how that feels. H: at the moment where it felt like someone ironed out what’s in my head and it became white and I couldnt think of anything- right then I thought of  the mind control you talked about. he names the opera about thieves. As she walks into the office she exaggerates her story about how she used that opera and could see the jury members’ eyes shaking. She tells shin to tell K how well she did yesterday cuz I cant say it with my own mouth cuz it sounds like bragging. Shin tells K how well H did. she was the best. K: if you praise her then she must have been impressive. H: you heard right. she tells yoo to stop making copies and hear this.what comes after is really important. Shin says if H didn’t do it and I did  – the jury wouldnt have been swayed – maybe just half. H: saying half is overdoing it. She invites yoo to sit and listen too as shin praises her. Shin gets serious and opens up. he says I wondered why I couldn’t do as well as H 26 yrs ago. I repented a lot. during that time I felt like I was just using my experience and showing off. I was really sorry. H is in her own little bragging world and says it’s ok. we forgot all about it. Dont talk about that. Just tell them how I was yesterday. K says I will hear from Shin later about you. H: why? listen now while I am here. K: I want to do that too but I forgot about the work I had to do. I will make sure to hear about it later. She says ok Yoo listen later too. Yoo: yes I will listen. H: I will confirm later if you heard it right. She gets up and says I am going to go buy some coffee. Anyone want some. They say no. H: if there isnt anyone then thank you. she skips out and Yoo comments she has no sense about things (as in not being able to pick up on Shin’s serious mood) K asks shin – you are ok right. Shin says yes I am ok.

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Hwang reaches for his toothpaste and D gets it down for him. she says you are very short. So much it’s hard to believe you are my real father. she hands over his belongings.  He checks his bag and says did you see the crayons here. She takes it out of her bag and says didnt you buy this to give to me. She tells him to sit over here. He says you are going to draw me? But I’m bloated cuz it’s morning. She says you look the same as last night. from here on I will drop by often and draw you father. hwang: yes. She called him father naturally so hwang stops and makes her say it again. She does and he breaks down in sobs. She tells him not to move. He says ok and smiles so she can draw him

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K walks by and sees shin getting drunk on soju. K goes over and pours for him.  K says the trial ended well so why are you like this. it’s not like you. Shin says 26 yrs ago if hwang met a different lawyer than me then what would have happened. If he met you or H (as his lawyer)instead of me – then he wouldn’t have lived unfairly. right? He sighs. K says 7 yrs ago did someone spray poop on your car. Shin asks how do you know that. K says I did that. Shin says what? why would you? you didn’t know me then. K backs his chair away and says I did it cuz I didn’t know you. Shin chases him. shin: do you know how much I suffered wiping off that poop. why did you do it? K says I will tell you if you don’t hit me.shin: I will decide to hit you or not after I heard so hurry and talk. K says do you remember the red socks guy? the one accused of murder. shin: yes I defended him. K: I was the one who caught that guy. shin: what?

Flashback to when K was a cop and on stake out. He chases the red socks guy. K: while I was a cop –  for ten days I couldnt even sleep or even change my underwear – he was the culprit I caught on my stakeout. there was so much evidence – from his hair, the tissue with the victim’s blood, but the guy insisted he wasnt the culprit. crime scene is shown. after 4 days of interrogation, I got him to confess. K shows him the blood on the tissue and says should I tell you again. this is the tissue you threw away. on this tissue it has the blood from you and the victim -how are you going to explain this? you killed him didnt you? didnt you? the poor guy is tired and sleepy so he nods yes. K: you thought well. a mom comes over and cries thanking him. K says the victim’s mom held onto me and thanked me.

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K says the guy I went through so much to catch – a public defender got him not guilty in a trial and freed him. saying that there was lack of evidence. that the confession wasnt obtained lawfully. he made it so there was reasonable doubt and got him not guilty. shin: yes that public defender was me. so is that why you spread poop on my car you punk? K: yes I did. i went through so much to catch him. I was mad so I did that (to your car). Shin chases him again saying it was you. K says but I caught the real criminal. in that guy’s home there was belonging from the victim and he confessed. the other people watched all this with interest -one speaks up and asks what was that tissue with blood on it. you said it had the red sock’s guy’s blood on it. K: the tissue the red socks guy used, the victim’s blood got on it (second hand transference)  I didnt think of that. shin: see I told you I was right. the other guy says there was almost big trouble. just cuz he threw away the tissue -he almost rotted for many years in prison. K: yes lawyer shin rescued two people. he saved the red socks guy from unfairly going to prison and he saved a cop who read a guy wrong unfairly. so on that day I quit being a cop and started studying law. to become a public defender like you. you were my start lawyer shin. so dont have that kind of blame and keep staying in that position/job. while nagging and being brusque. continue that way.  Shin is moved and hugs K. others clap. Shin pulls his hair – do you know how much i suffered cleaning that up-  the smell of poop lasted 3 yrs. Then shin hugs him.

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In a dream sequence S is sleeping. H tells him to wake up. It’s morning. He asks what is this – why are you suddenly wearing that at home. Is this a dream. H: of course it is a dream – is this reality? your dream is childish. What is this concept. S: why? it’s pretty. H: whatever. hurry and wake from your dream. this is too uncomfortable. He pulls her down to hug her saying: I don’t want to – it’s my dream. I will wake when I want to wake. He kisses her forehead and cheek and hugs her again. suddenly her hand drops and goes limp. There is blood on his hand. S: what is this. She is unconscious. He yells: no! you cant do this. wake up! he tries to stop her bleeding

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H wakes him and says look at the sweat. What kind of dream was it. He hugs her tightly. H: why is this kid like this. S: thank goodness you are safe. She asks what kind of dream was it. He says it was nothing. H: if it was nothing then why are you like this

JG is preparing rope, tape, and a weapon. He is clean shaven with a hat now

K checks the mail. He finds more letters from JG.

He goes to the office and opens them. It’s more articles and this time it’s not an article written by reporter Park. Flashback of a man named Min throwing a fit in the hospital. K wonders is this Min JG. (it was when Min was 32 yrs old) He reads an article about a grandma and her grandson (it was JG’s mom and JG’s son) She had Alzheimer. She died with her grandson in her arms. they seemed to have been living on the streets. Yoo comes in and says good morning – why did you come so early. K says I had a lot to prepare for the trial today. K hid the articles from him. Yoo asks what were you looking at but K makes up a lie.

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they are walking at the department store. H says your face is still white. Are you really not going to tell me what kind of dream it was. S grunts no. H says this is so not fair. my thoughts are always found out, but you always keep yours hidden well.  S: I don’t even want to say it-that’s why. She wonders to herself – maybe it was a racy dream. this kid is a guy too. S quickly says: it wasn’t anything like that. H: it must be for real. why overreact like this. so S yells: it wasn’t it wasnt and rubs his head on hers. H: ok – let’s just say it wasnt. S: not just saying it – for real it wasnt. H: ok. you go first. I will leave my shoes to get fixed. S: let’s go together. H: this will take a long time. if we go together you will be late for the academy. go first.

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S watches as she walks over to a necklace and says how pretty it is in her head. S follows her. H: the price is really steep. i could buy 300 sausages with that money. (it costs around $300)  she walks off.  S runs over and wants to buy it for her. He says that small thing is very expensive. I shouldn’t have bought those hiking boots before. I wonder if uncle sent the money yet. The cops watch them and say -that’s a good time. tall one says I want to date. cop: crazy guy – does your wife know you are like this?  tall cop: if she knows I will die.

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A girl is about to buy the necklace that H chose. she asks isnt there a new one and not the one on display. she is told – this is the last one. S: she cant.  He reads her mind. the woman doesnt like a displayed one. should I buy it or not. S runs over to pull out cash. The cop says S is running. the other one says hurry and follow him. S has over $900 in his account and is happy. he pulls out the money and runs back. The cop says he is running again and chases after S.

The woman asks for a $20 discount cuz it was on display. But the salesclerk say I cant discount it. The woman says I will buy this and asks for freebies like that bracelet, but the clerk says those are what we give out to people who spend over $1000. S puts down the money and says give me that necklace. I will buy it. the clerk looks at him gratefully. He buys it and the cop follows

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D is drawing and hwang says my right side looks better. D says don’t move. from what I can see – you look the same from both sides. Hwang wonders if I raised you – would you have grown up this well and pretty. She says of course wherever I was raised I would have grown up well and pretty. hwang: that’s good then. She shows the drawing and says how is it? it’s the same right? He says you drew it well. it’s good you became a prosecutor and put aside art. do you know how to take a sel-cal on the phone? let’s take one together. Take a pic and let’s send it to lawyer shin and jang.

너의 목소리가 들려.E16.130725.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-53-17]

Shin gets the photo of D and hwang making a funny face. shin: what is this

H gets it too and gets shocked at the photo. Yoo asks what’s wrong. H says I saw something terrible. More than you can imagine. She is looking for a new thumb thing to turn pages with and Yoo says I dont have any but check through K’s desk he always has a few extras. She asks when K is coming. Yoo says it’s time for him to come cuz he doesnt have a trial in the afternoon today. H finds the letter sent to her. Yoo says what is this. last time it seemed like he was looking at it secretly. H: without you knowing. Yoo: yes.he hid it when I came in. H wonders why he has her letter. K runs in and tries to grab it out of her hand. She asks why do you have a letter that came to me.

너의 목소리가 들려.E16.130725.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[05-03-26]

S gets his bag stolen. The cop and S yell for the rider to stop. cop memorizes the plate on the motorbike as S helps him up asking if he is ok. S: I have to get my bag back. cop says don’t worry I know who that was. he calls it in and says that guy caused trouble again. catch him. S is worried about his necklace for H

Yoo is listening outside the door. shin asks what are you doing. where is K and H.  Yoo motions they are inside talking. shin: what is so serious. can you not hear what it’s about?  Yoo cant.

H tells K – look at me. hurry. K: i am looking. but he is not making eye contact. H: explain it. what is this. Who is reporter park Ju and who is this grandma with Alzheimer and her grandson. K says I cant tell you. she screams out his name. K: I cant do it. I’m sorry-  I don’t want to lie to you so don’t ask me anymore. H: for certain –  you are doing this for my sake. you will have a reason to do that. cuz that’s the kind of person you are. between the two it’s one. If I know – I will get hurt or someone else will get hurt. If that’s me I am really disappointed. that I looked this pathetic to you that I couldnt handle this. fine- I will look into it myself. K says reporter Park Ju is S’ dad and the grandma with Alzheimer and grandson are JG’s mom and son. And the person who sent these letters to you is Min JG

Cop returns S’s bag. S: you really found it. thank you. thank you very much. cop says make sure nothing is missing. S checks for the necklace and it’s there. cop: how about other things. is your phone and wallet there. S says the wallet is there and the money is still there. but the phone isnt there. Cop says that guy took it. don’t worry I will find that too. S says it’s ok – find it slowly. since you found this (the necklace) for now, it’s good. thank you. S runs off.  Cop says ya don’t run (cuz he has been chasing after S all day) I should have been in charge of lawyer jang.

shin wants to make that photo of hwang as his background and asks Yoo to do it. S goes in and asks is lawyer jang not in? shin says she left for court cuz she has a trial at 2.  she left with K. S: thank you. Yoo asks again if Shin wants that pic as his background.

S goes to the court and asks did the trial end. The guy says no we didn’t start cuz the defense lawyer didn’t come. the trial was at 2 but she didnt show up even 30 mins later so we pushed it back. S: why didnt she come. guy says I dont know. kept calling but couldn’t reach her by phone.

너의 목소리가 들려.E16.130725.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-09-44]

S runs into K. S asks do you know where she went. K says isnt she in trial now. the trial starts at 2. S says she isn’t. she couldnt be reached. K: how could that happen – did you try calling. S explains how he lost his phone in a mugging. K calls and gets hung up on. it got disconnected. I escorted her here. K wonders is it cuz of that article. no that wouldnt happen. S reads his mind and grabs his hand in alarm and asks did you tell her about my dad. K says she went through my desk and found the articles Min JG sent. I’m sorry. it couldnt be helped. S asks does she know everything. K says yes. almost all of it. S cries and says so that is why she disappeared. K says no it’s not. It doesn’t have anything to do with this. for sure this is…but S yells what do you know. Why did you tell her.

The cop says let’s switch. You take S and I will follow H. but the older cop says i dont want to. once you are in charge of them you have to go till the end. cop says it’s cuz i think I will die with my sides split following him around (cuz S is fast).  old cop says hurry and follow him. you might lose him. cop: but that kid is really fast. he goes after S

K comes over and asks did you see H. cop says she went in a while ago. K asks so you didnt see her come out. cop: i didnt see her. why? K: she is gone. she didnt go into court too.  The cop is alarmed. Cop: how could that happen. I was here and didnt even go to the bathroom. there is no way I didnt see her. K wonders where did she go and not answer her phone.

너의 목소리가 들려.E16.130725.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-01-27]너의 목소리가 들려.E16.130725.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-05-24]너의 목소리가 들려.E16.130725.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-07-13]

S looks for her in the park. He remembers how JG said all this started cuz of your dad and not me. How H asked is there anything else you didnt tell me – is there anything else you are hiding from me. He goes to a phone booth. S thinks to himself: how should I tell her. no explanation will work on her. What do I do if she hears my voice and hangs up. If this is the end forever – will I be able to live. S calls and says – hello-  it’s me su ha– please don’t hang up and listen. I heard everything from lawyer cha. (that you know about my father) but JG says I was waiting for this call park su ha. Are you looking for jang hye sung. S hangs up and screams.

Su ha: 7-26-2013 at 3:10 pm that person was kidnapped by Min JG. after that – two hrs and 30 mins later – our story that has been going on for 11 yrs officially came to a head.


No preview

너의 목소리가 들려.E16.130725.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-02-02] 너의 목소리가 들려.E16.130725.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-03-42]  너의 목소리가 들려.E16.130725.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-06-01] 너의 목소리가 들려.E16.130725.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-06-57]  너의 목소리가 들려.E16.130725.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[04-07-23]

The breakdown Su ha had at the end is going to be nothing compared to the one I have next week if anything bad happens to our leads. I will literally swear up a storm if they pull another Gu family ending on me. I don’t want Hye sung to be brave like her mom. she had better beg and plead for her life. If she dies, we can kiss Su ha goodbye too cuz he won’t survive her death. Those two cops are totally worthless – how could they lose her. Previews dont come out till Mon – that’s like almost 4 days away. argghhhh this writer is mean to leave us hanging like this. I will only forgive her if she spares their lives. No one good had better die next week.

너의 목소리가 들려.E16.130725.HDTV.H264.720p-XTX[01-05-55]

Just cuz he has the ability to read minds, I am hoping he doesn’t have the gift of portending the future. In his dream, she was already wearing that necklace he bought her before he even laid eyes on it. I really hope that dream just meant she would face danger and not necessarily die. Maybe the blood just signified death for someone and not her. Grasping at straws has never been my forte, but this episode sure is giving me a lot of practice.

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(073787)06-33-07]

Lies of omission are tricky, but when you do it for the sake of protecting the one you love and your heart, that line of gray gets blurred pretty quickly.

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(020342)03-23-35]

Does anyone else besides me notice that LJS often has split lower lip from his chapped lips bleeding. The more tired he gets, the more often that happens I noticed. His lower lip splits open and it’s noticeable on screencaps. today his eyes were bloodshot too cuz of fatigue. Poor guy.

so cute

Written before it aired:

They are showing reruns of this drama on two different cable channels and I noticed something. There is one good reason why I don’t think she will resent Su ha when she learns that his father might have started all this. She might resent Su ha for keeping that last bit of truth from her, but not him. No matter if it’s true whether or not Su ha’s father started all this, it was Min JG who took the life of the man he believed was responsible for his wife’s death. His revenge should have ended there with the blame on Su ha’s dad. It was of his own volition to go after Hye Sung and Su ha. JG has no right to claim now that Su ha’s dad started all this cuz the only one who kept choosing to kill was Min JG.

From day one at the courthouse, Su ha has been planning out his life to protect her. Once he found her, he did everything he could – he took every measure to protect her by learning self defense, escorting her back and forth to work, living with her, and even preparing a weapon in advance. During all that time, what did Kwan woo do – he trusted the word of a killer over her insistence that JG was guilty. He set free the man who killed her mom and there is no going back from that. Su ha never stopped believing in her and trusting her for even a second and holding her hand tightly the whole way, but Kwan woo let go of that hand to defend JG. He chose to let go and once Kwan woo took JG’s side and defended him, Kwan woo lost his right to claim any love for her. Kwan woo let JG go free and caused all this trouble for Su ha by having him accused of murder. That was all on Kwan woo as well. I never once felt he was being benevolent by being co defense in Su ha’s trial. If anything, Kwan woo owed it to Su ha.

Kwan woo told Su ha to stop pretending to be a man and really act like one, but the truth is Su ha never stopped acting like a grownup. Every decision he made carried the weight of a burden a grownup would bear – even the repercussions he is about to face when Hye Sung learns that he kept one more truth from her about Su ha’s dad and Min JG’s wife.

There is one more fact to point out. Su ha waited in the rain for her to come back to him and she did. She wouldn’t have for Kwan woo. Su ha is walking on solid ground right now confident of the steps he takes. Kwan woo doesn’t have that security. He continues to stumble cuz he doesn’t know where to step – what might upset her again or remind her of what he did for JG. He lost his footing a while back and I don’t think he can ever catch up to Su ha. All that is left for him to do now is admit defeat cuz once her heart was taken, Kwan never had a fighting chance.

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(064756)05-31-20]

I sort of wish someone would give Su ha his own invisible visor to wear to protect his eyes from the truth.  He keeps sensing and seeing the truth everywhere and for once I would love for him to be kept in the dark. To guess what the other person is feeling for a change instead of knowing outright. I am so afraid when the time comes, Hye Sung wont be quick enough to avert her gaze and he will know the full extent of her hurt that he kept things from her. It’s in those moments where I wish the last thing he had to see is her pain mirrored in his face.


Starts from H saying sorry D. D says talk sense. Are you in your right mind. H says didnt you ask before why your dad and your boss were acting sensitive over hwang’s case – it’s cuz hwang is your father. D tells her – I cant listen to you anymore – leave. H says I dont want to – listen all the way till the end. D is about to leave but H blocks her way and says D – it’s about your father. D says my father’s name is Seo D. H: hwang is your birth father. The one you believe is your father made your real father rot in jail for 26 yrs in prison. D: kidding around to this extent is terrorizing Jang hey sung. you crossed the line. H: I am really sorry D but we need you. D yells at her to leave right now.

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(002430)02-25-43]

H sits and waits for S to bring her an ice pack. she asks have you ever seen stars in front of your eyes before. I saw it this time. D that brat took her bony hand and slapped my cheek.right in front of my eyes – the stars. S puts the pack against her cheek and asks did you just stand there and get hit. She says if I hit her too then I become the same person as her. I thought of suing her for assault for just a second but thinking of her situation i held it in. it hurts i will hold it now. He says hold still. wont this bruise. H: really? it cant – I have a lot of cases tm. S: where is seo do yeon’s home? H: why so you can go and convince her? S: no – so I can scold/punish her. next time you meet her go with me. H: it’s ok.  you are just like my mom. S: me? H: when i go out and get hit and come home my mom would ask where is that kid’s home address and took a broom and got involved. What was your mom like. S: my mom? H: yes I don’t think you mentioned her even once. Is it impolite to ask. He says yes it’s impolite so she says ok I wont ask 

The two cops are in the car on stakeout complaining about how they are suffering to catch Min JG. they are taking turns sleeping. cop says when will this stake out end – my body feels like it’s rotting. before we catch Min JG – we will die first. I’m going to sleep. the other one says he is going to pop out so why doesnt he hurry and show up. there is no way to know what he is planning.

JG is preparing letters to send of old articles. he shaved off his beard.

D remembers asking her dad don’t avoid and tell me why I cant take on hwang’s case. seo denies doing that. She remembers how H said didnt you ask before why your dad and your boss were acting sensitive over hwang’s case – it’s cuz hwang is your father. then S remembers when she was a kid when her mom asked seo – do you really believe what H said. how her dad didnt answer and then ignored her on the street after the trial. then she remembers how judge seo told her indirectly about her background.

D goes in and tells her dad that H came to see her yesterday. she was talking nonsense. that she found hwang’s real daughter and needed a DNA test and asked me to do it. Seo: what? D: that I was that person’s daughter. seo asks so what did you say – did you say that you would do the test. D: father. seo: I asked if you said you would do it. D: I thought if you heard this you would say that this doesn’t make sense -bring H over so I can scold her. I thought that is what you would do. most fathers would do that. She puts down his glasses she was wiping and leaves the room disappointed and sad.

Her mom tells her to wash her face and come – I will put a yogurt pack on your face. But D hugs her and says just stay this way. Her mom asks why are you doing stuff you haven’t done – did something happen. D lies and says no.

as they leave the next morning, S asks aren’t you going to meet D again. H: why? so that you can really come? it’s ok I can meet her alone. He gets his mail out. S: dont worry I wont do anything stupid. who knows – if i read her thoughts i might get a point that could convince her.  H: is that so?

as they walk out, she tells him – if I cant convince D at all -should I try to convince her to step away from this case/trial. it’s too cruel to make her prosecute her real father. S: you arent going to do the DNA test? you said it was the thing you needed most in the trial. H: I do need that to start everything off. also i can cite (a law term). if the verdict in the past was wrong for certain, I need to catch that right away. if D just helps, then I can do that for hwang. they said he killed her 26 yrs ago and she died but the victim is alive.  S opens the letter from JG and reads about an article in the paper and doesnt listen to her. He is shocked and stops walking. She asks what is wrong. He says nothing at all and puts the letter away. he says let’s go – it’s really nothing. The cops follow them as they leave

Shin asks did you meet the daughter. H says I did meet her, but she doesn’t believe it.even if she did believe it with her personality she wont get involved. Since she is living in a nice home now -she wont want to shatter that normalcy. Yoo hands out the letters and asks who is that daughter.  Shin says you dont need to know. shin asks H: should I meet her once and try to convince her. Yoo says will that work cuz you convince her – i wouldnt get involved either. K suggests finding hwang’s friends instead. shin says i am looking now – if his daughter wont get involved, maybe we can use his friend’s testimonies. but Yoo says that wont be acknowledged 100%. he points out the defendants friends testimony wont be counted as valid. you have to bring a more definitive proof. shin yells whose side are you on. K says i knew yoo would get in trouble. K opens the letter and sees the article. H asks did this really come to me cuz it looks like an article from over 10 yrs ago so why send it to me. what is this. shin says somehow we have to stop hwang from being incarcerated again. he was already imprisoned unfairly for 26 yrs. he doesnt have much time left and to imprison him again -it’s just too cruel. H points out since it’s a jury trial it might work if they make an impresson on them (as in make hwang look sympathetic).  K tries to sneak the envelope she put down so he can take it. he goes outside. 

K gives the envelope to the cop and says this came from JG so look into where this letter came from. the cop says there is no return address.how do you know he sent it. K says it’s instinct/a feeling. dont ask and dont argue and just look into it. the cop says there is nothing inside. did it come as an empty envelope. K says stop picking on things and just look into it. Also check the CCTV around the post office as well. cop says have I been investigating for just a day or week i have to know the facts to look into it. K tries to use aegyo to get him to do it– hyung please look into it. i will keep doing this till you do. The cop says stop it – it’s gross. ok. K: thank you. 

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(020315)03-23-23]

H asks if he checked his score for his high school equivalency test. S says yes i confirmed it on the internet. she asks what his score came out to. S: 98%. H: wow – su ha. S: so what. wait you took that test too huh? He asks what she got on her score and leans in to read her mind – 84%. She complains how that test was really hard in her time.also the system was different -when i took it – it was really strict. she takes her files and says i will be going.  He smiles and says to call later after she is done. He is about to leave and runs into D. she says it’s been a long time park su ha.  he asks what are you doing here. She says do I have to tell you that and leaves. He follows her to the office

H covers her cheek cuz she is afraid to get hit again. D: i have something to say. she asks to speak just the two of them. H: ok let’s talk. follow me.They go in the other room. Shin tells yoo to leave with him. Yoo argues why – am i the only one curious about what they want to say. Yoo says then why let him stay.shin tells him to go out too but S says I already know what they are going to talk about. Shin and yoo leave the office

D asks who did you hear that nonsense from. tell me your source. H says I have a witness but cant reveal who it is yet. you guessed too didnt you – isnt that why you came here. D: it’s not like that – I came to tell you something. what you said before is really outrageous and ridiculous, but even if what you said is true my father did nothing wrong. H: father? which father? D says I only have one father. in the past too and from here on too. H: hwang wants an apology from your father. D: you convince him. if that trial went wrong – it’s not the judge – it’s the fault of the prosecution for not doing their job well to confirm the truth. H clarifies: I didnt say that the trial went wrong – I was saying what your father did after the trial was over was wrong. i know it’s tormenting but hear me out. saying this – it’s hard and i feel sorry. but this is the truth and i think you should know. D: dont act like you are thinking of me cuz it’s fake. shorten the start and end and just tell me the main point. H: After the trial was over Jung went to see your father. D: what? H: he must have been shocked. since a person he was certain had died came to see him. how unbelievable that must have been for him.

Flashback of Jung meeting with seo. Jung: I came to ask a favor from you. If you just listen to that request, until I die – I will hide my name and live hiding myself. so your name wont be dishonored – I will live as someone who doesnt exist in this world. He says talk sense. She says why doesnt it make sense? like now – if that person is in prison everyone will be comfortable. You don’t have a child do you. You are in the process of trying to look into adoption now. Save my daughter (take her in) judge – that is my request.

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(030155)04-12-19]너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(031322)04-15-44]너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(032530)04-18-45]

H says your dad accepted that offer and you are that daughter. D cries and calls her crazy and that she is writing a novel. H asks why do you think judge seo adopted you? when you were a total stranger and also the child of the defendant. do you think it was just coincidence? D: just go that far. H: you know too – how stubborn your dad is. he didnt want to admit he was wrong-especially that left hand murder case was in the spotlight. plus it was his first case as the head judge. it might have gone against his personality to admit it and catch what he was doing wrong right away so that is why he accepted that offer. S hears them fighting and H getting slapped again as D denies that happened. S rushes in and hold’s D’s hand and yells :  what are you doing. D says let go. S: Apologize right now. D: let go. S reads her mind. D says in her head- father father please say this isn’t true. father. S remembers how he said the same thing about his dad as he was running after his confrontation with JG. S drops her hand so D leaves. H tells S to hurry and go after her and catch her, but S holds her back and says just leave her alone. H: I have to finish talking. i have to make seo apologize in front of hwang. I have to convince D. S holds her back and says “do it slowly. she will feel like her world just collapsed suddenly. the father she trusted for over 20 yrs she discovered his evil deeds – how can she handle that in just one moment- give her time slowly- give her time to think about it. H says there is no time – hwang doesnt have much time left. why are you like this? Why are you suddenly taking D’s side. Why are you trying to keep covering up the truth. S says I’m not saying to cover up the truth – I’m just saying accept the person first.

* I really wish Hye Sung knew that Su ha was speaking from his own experience when he first learned that all this might have begun with his dad. the thought that his own father might have been a bad person was so hard on him to deal with him so it’s only natural that he knows exactly what D is going through.

D is driving and calls H all sorts of bad names. She remembers that time she was trying to convince hwang to testify and telling him – you lost your daughter 25 yrs ago when you were imprisoned – don’t you want to get out even a day earlier and find her. hwang: is there a way for me to leave sooner?  D pulls over and hits her chest and cries.

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(036508)04-35-49]

back at home, H goes into her room and says let’s talk. he says ok and tries to open the door but it’s locked. H: Just talk from there cuz right now I am thinking really awful thoughts so it’s better for you not to look and talk. S: ok talk. H: do you really think D is correct? S: what did she do wrong? H changes while she talks. she says look at this kid. are you taking her side right now. S: her father did something wrong. she is doing that cuz she cant believe that. H: even if she believed I bet she would be like that.  later on for sure D will take her father’s side. 100%. S: she is his daughter. she is his child so how can she accuse her father of wrongdoings. H: then D will become the same person as her father. S is alarmed to hear those words cuz it’s like it’s directed at him. S: what? H: it means covering up for what her father did – she is being complicit. I see them as the same. he backs away from the door. H: I dont understand D. it’s not cuz she and I are different. this is just D being wrong. are you listening. She goes out and he has gone into his room. H: what is this – why didnt he finish listening. 

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(038312)04-40-08]

He sits in the dark in his room and remembers how JG said like I killed your dad he killed my wife. Then how H said:it means covering up for what her father did – she is being complicit. i see them as the same.

D goes home and looks at her law degree next to her father’s

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(041390)04-50-09]너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(042757)04-54-50]

S checks his mail and gets another article with the writer’s name highlighted. S tears it up and puts it in his bag before she comes down. H comes over wearing a visor. He asks what is that – did you wear it to avoid my eyes. H: yes. S: It really doesn’t match your outfit. H: it doesn’t matter.they aren’t holding hands during their walk today-not that I blame him.

She cant find her wallet (it has her bus card inside) cuz her view is obstructed so the impatient guy behind her says ajumma take off that strange visor and look for it. you cant see cuz you are wearing that. S charges his card for two. He helps her up

He takes her to work.  he says go in and call when you are done. H mutters yes. K calls out to her and comes over. he asks her if she has a trial in the morning too. H: yes. K: but what is that – it looks like Darth Vadar from star wars. He asks her to go in first cuz I have something to talk to S about. H: with su ha? K nods yes. 

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(044897)05-04-58] 너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(045006)05-05-29]

K hands him some photos. S: what is this? it’s the CCTV footage of JG mailing those letters. K tells him how he and H got anonymous letters not too long ago. so without her knowing i asked the cops to look into who sent them. they checked all the CCTV near the post office and this came out. he changed his appearance a lot from last time. I thought you should know too. S: are you saying Min JG sent these letters to her too? K: did he send them to you too? S: yes. did she see all the letters too? K: yes but she doesnt seem to know what they are. I took away all the letters that came so dont worry. she might not know about them and just overlook it. S: thank you. K: ok go in. as they are about to leave S suddenly blurts out “why are you doing this to me. K: huh? S goes over and says: you like her too. so why keep helping me? are you being condescending right now. cuz you have looks, a job, parents, cuz you are a grownup and have it all. “someone like you cant even be a rival” is that how you are looking down on me? so K hits him and says Park Su ha come to your senses. the worse you behave the more pitiful/pathetic you are making me. she didnt give me any chance and chose you. So dont act insecure and show me the reason why she chose you cuz right now seeing how you are- I don’t comprehend that reason. K walks away.

H covers her cheeks when she sees D. D tells her-  I will take the DNA test. H: what? really? D: but I have a condition. H asks what condition

D is getting her mouth swabbed at the hospital.

Hwang says you found my daughter. Shin says she said she would take the DNA test for your sake. Hwang asks how did she grow up? did she grow up well. nice and pretty?  Shin says yes she grew up very well in a nice family. Hwang asks when can I meet her. did she say she can come here?  Shin takes his hand and says that will be hard. Hwang says she doesn’t want to meet me. Shin says no not that she doesnt want to – it’s hard for her heart to accept. hwang: that could happen. as much as I missed her my daughter wouldnt want to see me. I only thought of myself too much. shin: Anyway with your daughter’s DNA it will prove that the victim is your wife. so the jury might side more with us. Hwang says tell my daughter I am grateful. Shin: ok I will. he talks about after the DNA result comes out, the next process is asking for a retrial, but hwang says I heard that is hard to request -you know I don’t have much time left. shin says after they request it hwang might get out sooner. 

H checks H’s mail box and sees the articles JG sent to her home.

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(054136)05-48-48]shd

K is looking online for the articles and the writer. search shows american college of cardiology.  So is S. he is using an IBM computer to search with and writing down notes. articles are from 2001. He looks at his mom’s photo

D is at work. She gets a call. The results of the test came out already. she asks how it came out. She listens and cries. She resumes typing through her tears.

S words echo –  that D will feel like her world just collapsed suddenly. the father she trusted for over 20 yrs she discovered his evil deeds – how can she handle that in just one moment- give her time slowly- give her time to think about it. I’m not saying cover up the truth – I’m just saying accept the person first.” H remembers that as she goes through the revolving door. Seo comes out of his car and H says judge seo I have something to tell you – should I just say it loudly here.  it’s about D. seo stops and tells the others to go inside. seo: keep it short cuz i have a meeting to go to. H: to tell the truth, I was going to call you in as a witness this time. if you didnt show up i was going to keep sending you subpoenas till you came. i was going to see it till the end. What you did 26 yrs ago and how you ruined one person’s life. i was going to reveal it to the world. Seo: is it that talk again. as a judge I looked at the evidence and then ruled. if that verdict was wrong, I wasnt in the wrong. It was the fault of the prosecution and defense lawyers. H: how could you say the same thing as D. D took the DNA test. that result came out today. you didnt know. D said she would take the DNA test and gave me a condition. I came cuz I thought you should know what that condition was. seo: condition? H: yes.

flashback. H: what is the condition? D: during this trial don’t tarnish my father at all. dont even bring up my father’s name at all during the trial. the reason why I am taking this (DNA) test – it is not for hwang’s sake -it is for my dad’s sake. I just want you to be clear about that.” H tells Shin – at that moment – after knowing Do Yeon – for the first time I felt sorry for her cuz if it was me – a dad like you – I would’ve resented you a lot. I wont call you in to testify cuz I promised Do yeon. Seo asks are you all done talking. H: yes. Seo: I have nothing to testify for. He goes in

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(066862)01-47-13]너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(065724)02-17-07]

S sits and remembers how K said she chose you and didnt give me a chance. so dont cower/act insecure and show me the reason why she chose you. S goes over and meets H to escort her home. she put the visor on again. she says I’m done so let’s go. S taps on the visor and says take this off and go cuz it’s dangerous at night. H: it’s ok. also I still have grudge left over towards you. she starts to go but he pulls her back and says just say it then and dont cover it up. i wont get hurt over most things. even when my uncle in law threw me away I understood it all. even when you called me a wad of gum that held onto your ankle. even when you told me your mother’s death was all cuz of me. I just thought that’s what happened and got over it. I will do that from here on too. all those harsh thoughts you had – I accepted them all.  I also accepted it all when you showed me how messy you were. No matter what you think from here on -no matter what you show me. I will never be disappointed in you so dont cover your face with something like this. he tries to take off the visor but she says no dont look. he makes her face him and says: i told you – no matter what you think i wont be hurt.  he lifts her visor and reads her mind. she said what do I do – my heart keeps thumping/beating fast. she is too embarrassed to face him so she runs off. (that visor was just to keep him from finding out how she is affected by him). He goes over and holds her hand. she says let go – what woman would want these thoughts to be found out. he smiles and takes both her hands and lifts the visor. she closed her eyes and says don’t look or you will die. He tries to kiss her but the visor gets in the way. she bumps her visor against him and says look at this kid. He holds her back from walking off and says you remember what I said a while ago right. that I will never be disappointed. H: ok ok I understood plenty. S: so you too – no matter what I say no matter what kind of person I am don’t ever be disappointed. Answer me.got that? She says ok. He takes her visor off and throws it away as they walk out hand in hand

K goes to question a professor woo and a doctor asks why are you looking for professor woo. K: to ask him something. the doctor says he passed away a long time ago. K: can I find out how he passed away. doc says I think a car accident. K: has it been about 11 yrs ago since he passed. doc: yes I was an intern then so it was around then. what is this. Did you come here knowing he passed away already. K: no that’s not it. he bows and leaves and runs into S.  S: what brings you here. K asks: what about you- did you search the articles too. S nods yes

they sit and talk outside. K: So you all you know is that your father killed Min JG’s wife died and dont know how. S: yes I am assuming it was cuz of my father’s articles. but I dont know. what did JG say when he met you. K: to me he said no one listened to what he had to say. that the police wasnt on his side either. that no one in this world took his side. so that is why all this started. S: did that professor woo also die 11 yrs ago cuz of Min JG? K says not sure – I have to look into it more but this doesn’t feel good. S says I have to wait and see what kind of letters come in the future. K: you were only scared but now you are finding out things yourself. S: yes I have to  know JG’s plans properly to protect that person. S bows and says I will be going. K says that kid listens well

 *This means JG killed that professor the same way he killed Su ha’s dad – making it look like a car accident. 

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(072013)06-26-19]너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(073368)06-31-26]

S asks when is the trial starting. H says 11am. He says how he will go to his academy and then go by 11 to the courthouse. do I just need to tell you what the jury and judges are thinking. H nods yes. but then she says you dont have to come to the trial today. S: why? H: I cant always be coached by you during trials. if I do that I might get accustomed to it and I wont be able to defend on my own later on.  i cant keep getting info from you during trials forever. I am a lawyer too. today, I will try it alone. Don’t worry I can do it well. You saw before at your trial, even without your eyes I was great.  my ability hasn’t rotted away. Let’s go. while she puts on her shoes, S says in his head – the bigger my greed gets -more than your harsh words -more than your caustic words – what you just said now hurts me. those words that assume that I will be gone someday  – why do you keep having those assumptions. H: arent you going? S: go.

H gets on the elevator and opens the door for D. H says it’s today. Will you be ok. D says yes I am ok. H says your eyes look swollen. D says yes I stayed up all night writing my opening/closing. H: are you really going to stand as the prosecution today? D mutters yes. H: still – hwang is your father who had you. D says stop it – you keep bringing that up but no matter how much you say that-he is just an alleged murderer to me– never met and dont have any memories of him – just for that reason that he is my blood line -dont say he is my father. D leaves. H says you are too strong. (as in cold-hearted) even more than me. that really isnt easy. 

D composes herself in the bathroom and tells herself – you can do it. 

CK goes to meet JB at her work. she asks why he came here. he says a customer came. he asks for basic nail care. JB: you? that? CK says these days I didnt take care of my hands. I am a customer so dont be so prickly. he dodges a hit. She works on his nails. They hear the news. a person who was killed 26 yrs ago -if they are killed again- is that murder or not.  It’s a case called killing a ghost. CK: kill a ghost? JB: ghost? he nods over to the tv so she looks too. 

Hwang gets ready for court. news says how hwang met her at the hospital and tried to stab her.  Seo and his wife listen to the case details for hwang. how he was imprisoned for 26 yrs for murder but was released on medical leave. hwang claims the victim was his wife from 26 yrs ago – the one he allegedly killed. the defense claims – according to the law she is someone who has already been killed and is dead so he cant be prosecuted for that again. prosecution says there is no proof and hwang is guilty cuz of the hospital CCTV footage. if it is revealed by the defense that the victim was married to the defendant 26 yrs ago – according to the law – the prosecution is trying to put him away for a person who is already dead. so we dont know which way the verdict will go. Shin and H have to fight their way through reporters. D heads in with her co counsel. Judge Kim heads inside.

JB says he was imprisoned for 26 yrs for killing his wife but she was alive. then he lost all his life unfairly.  CK: so that is why he stabbed his wife. how can there be something like that. JB: but does this make sense. he was already punished for killing a person.so cuz he killed the same person he gets punished again?  when he already paid for his crime.CK says that’s that and this is this. he still stabbed a person who is alive. JB: no cuz he stabbed someone who is already dead so that is why they are calling it the kill a ghost case. she wasnt alive he stabbed a dead person.  

D starts her opening and says the defendant 26 yrs ago killed his wife and served his time. as soon as he was released on medical leave, he tried to murder. the day after he was released, 7-3-2013. she cites time and name of hospital. he saw the victim who didnt have a left hand. When she looks over at hwang she hesitates. the person he thought he killed 26 yrs ago. he was mistaken his wife was alive and stabbed the victim in the neck with a shard of glass from a broken vase and put her in a coma. she cites the law he broke and their stance that he attempted murder.  

Kim asks if hwang heard what the prosecution said and if he admits that truth. Hwang says I admit I did stab that person, but I am not guilty. he says that looking at D. Kim tells the defense to start.

Shin says I was the defense for the defendant 26 yrs ago in the left hand murder case – 26 yrs ago the defendant received a guilty verdict for killing his wife and disposing of her body and served his time. through this case – the verdict from 26 yrs ago was wrong. we found out he spent 26 yrs in prison for nothing. for a crime he didn’t even commit, he already served the 26yrs as punishment.  for the reason that he stabbed again a person who is already dead -he is standing here. the prosecution is saying there is no proof that Jung is the wife from 26 yrs ago as sohn (her other name) but through various evidence we will prove that those two are the same. also in the situation that he already served his time for murder  -that it was the same person -cuz he was already found guilty for the same thing. you cant find him wrong for this

CK and JB talk about the victim Jung. CK: the wife who died 26 yrs ago and the person he stabbed now – how do they know it’s the same person. JB: he can know just from looking. do you think he wont know his wife just cuz 26 yrs passed. if they both had missing left hands. CK: with that can you see them as the same person.

In court the prosecution says you cant see them as the same.  the defense claims the victim was missing a left hand and they have the DNA result of their daughter. just for the fact that she is without the left hand, you cant prove the victim and his wife are the same. so even with the DNA test – without the daughter’s identity, we cant accept it as evidence. D looks worried. as he leaves H mutters “that grass hair – you are dead” (the guy’s hair really does look like a fresh cut lawn)

H says how their daughter lived a normal life without knowing she was adopted. for the sake of the trial I will say that daughter’s name is Shim. Shim didnt want her idenity known in this trial. so that is why I cant reveal who the daughter is. please look at the screen. she shows them the DNA test result. looking at the result Shim is hwang’s real daughter – 99.999997% (she says the 9s like they are gunfire at the guy). H repeats the numbers the same way again like gunfire to say it shows that she is Jung’s real daughter. This is proof that hwang and the victim were spouses. jury nods their heads in agreement. 

CK says ok I admit that – let’s say those two are spouses. but what difference does it make. he still stabbed a living person. JB hits him. CK: why hit me? she says this is your punishment for informing the cops about S’s locker a year ago. CK yells you already hit me for that then. JB: see – if you get hit again for something you already got hit for – it makes you angry. it’s the same for that person. he was already punished. but they are trying to give him punishment again. CK: is this the same thing as that.

The prosecution says  it is not the same at all. even in our country we have double jeopardy in place. for a case that has already been ruled on you cant prosecute again. but in this case it’s hard to see it as the same case as 26 yrs ago. The case’s location, time, motive, and method of assault are different. and the result of the actions of the culprit is different (cuz she is still alive). they are saying it’s the same victims -just by that alone- we cant rule it’s the same crime.

Shin says 26 yrs ago the verdict was that he murdered. so according to that trial the victim became a dead person. to say it again the victim is someone who is already dead. so he stabbed a ghost so must he be prosecuted for murder for stabbing a ghost?

D points out – the fact that victim we thought was dead was alive -fact that he spent 26yrs unfairly. we feel bad for that. but that has to be revcaled in a retrial. in this case the victim is the same but that cant justify what he did

H tells the jury how it will be too late to reveal it in a retrial. it’s too bad but the defendant has a terminal tumor and doesnt have many days left to live. for us a month’s time is a year for the defendant. no it will seem like ten years. she points in this country, it’s not only hard to request a retrial -even if you request one it will take time for it to come about.  during that time he waits, the defendant might have to use up all the remaining time he has left. H says that to D so D looks over at hwang

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(097108)08-22-41]

 S shows up and sits in court. H looks over at him. Kim calls for the prosecution next. D walks over to hwang to question him but Hwang says judge I have something I want to say before being cross examined. Kim asks will it take long. Hwang says no – it’s short. will what I say be on the record. Kim says yes. it is also recorded/transcribed. Hwang: my daughter who took the DNA test for my sake – I want to thank Shim. I dont know who she is and where she lives, but keep living that way happily and nicely. I just wanted to say that. That is all. Hwang sits back down.

Kim tells D to continue. she tries to compose herself and reads the question without directly looking at her dad. D asks you met the victim at the hospital on 7-3 by accident didnt you. hwang: yes. D: Did you attack her with the intent to kill. Hwang says no. she looks down at her notes and as D stalls. S reads her thoughts. D: the victim is in a coma. if she dies then you know you will become a killer right? suddenly Shin and H both say aloud that the victim is still alive. Kim tells D not to ask questions about what hasnt happened yet.  D says that’s all. Kim asks is that the end. D says yes. S reads hwang’s thoughts. 

Her co counsel asks why didn’t you continue questioning and D gives him a flimsy excuse- that it was questions about his attack like a while ago. 

Shin asks what the victim Jung said when you met her at the hospital. hwang says she explained why she put me away 26 yrs ago as a killer.shin: why did she say she did that? Hwang: That she didn’t like me and didnt like my debts. not as my wife, she wanted to live as another man’s woman.  also she didn’t want to raise our daughter in that debt. so she reacted strongly and cut off her own hand and sent me to prison. and that it was better off for me to go to prison than living running from debt. Shin: then going by the victim’s words – you reacted and picked up that shard of broken glass from the vase. hwang: yes. shin goes and gets it. is this the shard you used to stab the victim. hwang: yes. shin:When the vase was broken – there would have been bigger shards.  Why did you select such a small one. Hwang says I just picked up what my hand grabbed. Shin says as you heard-  the defendant didn’t intend to murder. this was just an accident. that is all. Kim says since the jury is tired. he calls for a short recess and to resume at 4. 

*Can I just say, with each drama, there are certain words I find myself having to type repeatedly ad nauseum. For this one it was “26 yrs ago” – I swear if I did a word count of how many times I had to type that, it would fill a whole page so far.

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(106569)09-10-07]

S waits outside and hears her as D goes out and says in her head: I am sorry father. I am really sorry. H runs over and asks: did you see the jury? how many do you think are on our side? S: what is this. you said you would do it alone. H: since you came tell me – how many are for and how many against.  S: more than that – it’s about prosecutor Seo Do yeon. H: dont even bring her up. you asked me to go easy on her so I did.but she is a machine. she didnt even blink and went after her father. S: I dont think that is it. H: what? S: also I think hwang knows D is his daughter. H: really? how did he find that out.

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(108848)09-02-22]

D washes her hands and remembers her meeting. Hwang and D met when she went to visit him. hwang: judge seo’s daughter is the prosecutor at my trial. my connection/fate with him sure is tiring. it’s harsh too. why did you come to see me here. D: my father will never apologize for his verdict 26 yrs ago. if you are expecting that – give it up. Hwang says you came to say that. then I don’t have anything else to hear. he stands to leave but she blurts out – I am sorry. I am really sorry.  I will apologize in my father’s place. hwang: why should you apologize? D: my father is probably regretting that verdict back then. so that is why he is like that to me. hwang: me?D: Father is not brave enough to acknowledge it  – that is how he lived. so I will apologize in his place. Please forgive him. I will see you tm at the trial –in court – not as judge seo’s daughter but as the prosecution. Hwang asks how old are you. D says 29. he asks are you by any chance Ga eun. She doesn’t turn around and cries. no I am Seo Do yeon. she walks out. 

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(112694)09-07-55] 너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(112991)09-09-14]

D sobs in the bathroom remembering that meeting. H sees her crying and asks why. D: I feel like I will die. Save me. Please rescue my father – please. 



judge kim orders the defense and prosecution to be called together.

H says the victim Jung regained consciousness so doesn’t that change things

judge kim says according to the law – to view this case/crime as innocent is difficult

K asks lawyer shin – you are ok? shin says of course I’m ok. shin goes drinking

She tries on a formal dress -like a wedding gown and says it’s uncomfortable but S says -why- it’s pretty. he pulls her down and kisses her forehead. (dude we all know you can do better than that. arent we beyond forehead kisses by now)

K gets another letter and says this time it isn’t an article about Park Ju then what is it – is this Min JG?

너의 목소리가 들려.E15.130724.HDTV.XViD-HANrel[(065646)01-44-06]

I can already hear the complaints going around on soompi that this episode was slow- especially cuz of that trial that dragged on. Keep it mind, without that extension, the pace of this episode would have been way different since it would have been the penultimate. I can’t help but think that this is what our prayers wanted – more cute Su ha and Hye Sung moments and we are getting them, but in smaller doses -with the addition of more poignant scenes as well to amp them up. I couldn’t help it, but I bawled like crazy at the end when I saw Do Yeon break down in tears. Hye sung only saw her former friend as a means to clear her client, but it took Su ha to point out to her that Do Yeon needs time to process. He doesn’t see DNA proof, he sees a woman whose life has turned upside down – something he can clearly sympathize with. I love this about their relationship – he is not only the one who can read thoughts, but he can also be Hye Sung’s conscience. Guiding her when she loses sight of what’s important and helping her see more than just the truth – to really look at people – their flaws and their ability to overcome them.  

I keep asking myself what kind of ending would be satisfying and I think I came up with the answer. I don’t want any of our good guys to kill JG. I want him to take his own life after he clears everything up. I want him to tell Su ha and Hye sung how much he regrets his past actions and then die. I want him to tell Hye Sung how bravely her mother died and how he regretted having to kill her. That she was the one life that gave him pause in all his misdeeds and gave him second thoughts. I need Hye Sung to hear that from her mother’s killer’s mouth cuz that will be his one moment of saving grace. JG doesn’t know that Su ha already told her, but I think coming from JG, it would give Hye Sung a little bit more closure. Considering the damage he has inflicted, JG should do that much at least. I can’t help but think his wife never wanted this. She never wanted her death to start his killing rampage. If she could see him now, I think she would cry and turn her back to him. I only wish JG would get that. What he does in life in her name is what she is witnessing from where she is. I bet that thought of her broken heart would stop him dead in his tracks. I know JG is beyond redemption at this point, but the last ounce of goodness that he shares before his demise could leave behind some comforted souls.


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  1. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thanks a million. What a roller coaster of emotions on this episode. My heart went out when he could not find here; because, I just knew she was not safe. The ending heartbreaking for S. Nothing can happen to our lead couple so I am confident for next week. At least this way thinking positive and hoping, I will make it until next Wed. Thanks again for a great job you always do!!


  2. Anita says:

    I just have some random thoughts. My money is on JG had SH’s bag stolen just to get the phone. This gave him a way to track down HS and kidnap her when the cops weren’t looking. Also it stops SH from being able to track her down.

    I’m trying to put some pieces together. HS gave SH back his old phone. We get to see SH open the charm and it’s a picture of him and his mother and one of his mother alone. This same angel charm was in the car when JG crashed into SH and his father. Then we have HS asked SH about his mother but he didn’t want to talk about her, but at another time he looks at he pictures again. He also always runs his finger over the angel on the front. It’s like that charm is his guardian angel.

    SH wasn’t concerned about his phone missing when he got his bag back. He was only worried about the necklace. He never gave the phone another thought. His worst fear has become a reality. JG has HS and he has no connection to her. I think once he calms down he will remember the old phone. The old phone is broken but how broke is it. It also has the tracking device connected to HS’s phone which JG has. I think the old phone will come into play to track where JG has HS.


    • Sussie says:

      I hope you are right about his old phone… OMO! so many days until Wednesday!


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        Hi everyone , thank you softy for the recap an i hope wednesday come ASAP , as for S and H i’m sure no one will die guys remenber the picture of S and H after the graduation from the academy i think that picture is not for nothing , so keep your hopes hi and it will be a happy ending .


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      thanks Anita… your theory gave some hope. 🙂


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    First of all, thank you so much softy for the recaps.
    After reading it, all I could think of is “IS IT WEDNESDAY YET?!!!!!!” The writers are killing us!!!!!!
    I totally agree softy, no tragic ending or my ability to curse like a man will come out!


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    Thanks for the recaps. I love this drama and the leads too much. I will hurt this writer if anything happens to Soo Ha or Hye Sung. Everyone else is fair game, but not my babies. I just want MJ gone. Don’t even send him back to jail, just end him. Ugh.


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    Holy crap, that was one heck of an episode. Thanks a million for your recaps, I just watch the raw with your recaps for IHYV and Monstar, don’t need to wait for the subs to come out. I wish you had the time/inclination to do ALL the dramas!


  6. Sussie says:

    Next episode will not be recommended for people with heart condition. OMO! What an ending for ep16!
    I think no one will die, only psycho MJG! I´m still holding on to that thought. If…“IF” SH or HS died, I will be so so disappointed… and crying inconsolable. Come on! I won´t endure another awful ending (like GFB). Fans don´t like to be toyed, they must give us a satisfactory finale for this amazing drama.
    After this episode, I ´m convinced that SH´s dad was not a bad person. Maybe he wrote wonderful and promising words about a heart transplant method done by this doctor (killed also 11 yrs ago, most likely by MJG), and perhaps MJG´s wife had a heart disease so he decided to do that operation on her wife but sadly, it failed. After that, he lost his sanity and grew into a psychopath. Now, the thing is what is the connection with SH´s mom?

    This drama is really great! It is been a long time since I put so much effort to think about all kind of theories and relate all the pieces. Bravo for this writer. Amazing.

    ohhh… and now, 6 days waiting for next episode… OTTOKE


    • FilChiNY says:

      Yes Sussie,
      I have never believed from the start that SH’s dad killed MJG’s wife. I felt it was just MJG’s way of placing blame on someone.
      My guess is that because of the article SH’s dad wrote, it convinced him to trust the hospital and the doc and brought her wife for treatment. But it didn’t end well for some reason. He lost all his money and so as a result his mom and his son also died. So it drove him mad. Now he blames anyone he felt contributed to the whole tragedy his family experienced


    • jhen says:

      My poor cub, he felt so lost at the end when he heard MJG on the other line instead of HS. I almost felt like running on to him then hud and pat his head that everything will be alright. HS isn’t that narrow minded to get mad at him because of what his father did in the past. And besides, I didn’t really believe what MJG had told him about his dad having to do with his wife’s death. I know there might be half truths with what he had said but killing his wife with what he had said in his article or whatever it is, is such an insane reason to kill a lot of innocent people. He can’t just blame and kill everyone that is related to PSH’s father or SH for the death of his wife and the sufferings of his mom and son.

      About SH’s mom, I still have no idea of her connection with MJG or his wife’s death. I think, there will be a different story about her mom or probably she is still alive. There wasn’t shown since the beginning about the story on the death of his mom, he only have that photo locket since the day that his father was killed by MJG. That locket was like his lucky charm.

      4 days waiting is really killing me. I will just stay at the office next week and no travels. Even if there will be, I will definitely cancel it. LMAO! I will have to watch it live just like what I did during the Faith days. I almost had a heart attack watching the finale episode live and I felt so weak and drained up right after watching it. haha! And I am sure I will feel the same on the ending part of this drama and it better be good and favorable for us coz if not there will be a riot and writernim will be hunted by a lot of IHYV fans. LMAO!


      • FilChiNY says:

        @jhen I knew you would want to comfort your cub. LOL!
        about his dream….they say dreams are a reflection of our innermost minds. he loved her so much that he wants to be married to her.
        as for the blood, I don’t know if any of you notice, but HS wound was exactly or very near the spot where SH stabbed him before. I think this is the manifestation of his fear that HS will die due to him or what his dad did. that has been on his mind consciously and subconsciously since he was a kid! but now the possibility is very real that it is no surprise he dreamt about it.
        his 2 strongest emotions appearing in his dream.


        • Sussie says:

          ” HS wound was exactly or very near the spot where SH stabbed him before” Good point Filchiny! His subconscious is playing with him… with his strongest fear (HS´s death or being hurt) and his biggest dream (spending their live together as married couple happily ever after).


        • Anita says:

          I also think SH’s dream was not a bad omen but just his feelings of insecurities in losing HS. The blood was in the same place where he stabbed her and it’s the guilt he still feels. I have a friend who is into the meaning of dreams and this is what she told me: Seeing someone wearing a white dress is the purity and innocents of love. The necklace is a symbol of good luck and commitment to that love. Putting all these things together along with the blood means that the person is insecure about their love, but luck is coming their way and they will receive an abundance of love. I hope my friend is right and knows what she talking about. Usually she’s pretty much on point in the meanings of dreams.


  7. FilChiNY says:

    OMG!!!!!! Softy, I am in a panic here! That last monologue of SH
    “2 hours and 30 minutes later, it will put an end to 11 years of our story!”
    I was already cursing when I saw that! OMG! that line better mean that MJG will die so that’s the end of him!
    What are the IHYV fans there saying?! Are they doing something to ensure a happy ending?
    In Faith the fans went to the temple remember to pray for a happy ending fro CY & ES.
    We are so far away we can’t do anything and we don’t even count in the eyes of the production staff. So it is really the Korean people who can make a lot of difference. I’ve heard that writers even change their original script to acquiesce to fans.
    Softy fight for all of us! FIGHTING!


    • Anita says:

      That ending was done to make us all crazy until next week. This writer knows how to grab hold of her viewers and not let go to the end. I’ve made up my mind not to think of it as being the end of them being together but just the end of those 11 years of their story. Those years of heartache, pain and loneliness has ended and a new story of their happy future together will begin.


      • FilChiNY says:

        Yes Anita,
        After my initial panic, I got the chance to breathe and think. sussie and I agreed that it meant the end of our story on mjg. o mjg either dies or gets caught.
        Sussie and I really feel that it will be a happy ending. Here are some of our reasons:
        1. This is such a popular series in Korea and our OTP is supported by lot of fans too. So I don’t think they will risk the wrath of the viewers by a tragic ending.
        2. Our OTP already did CFs for the sponsor of the show. If they kill either character, it can adversely affect that product.
        3. The ending plays a huge role in determining the sales of DVDs. If it doesn’t end happily ever after, people will not buy the DVD. Think about it, why would you buy if you know you will just be angry and heart broken.
        So yes Sussie and I discussed this and later with ninski and Jhen and we all came to the same conclusion….an ending we will like. 🙂


        • Anita says:

          FilChiNY, I had those same thoughts. Also killing off anyone of the leads is not a very good message to send out. That evil wins this time around. No No No!!!!!!!


        • russ820 says:

          Thank you for bringing up some good points. Like anything with sales, if the customers are not happy they will not buy. Lets face it, all about the dollars or Wons as the case may be. Or that is what I telling myself till next weeks last two episodes. Lord I hope they don’t do a time wrap thing like Gu Family Book and for me it made for a big let down, I was going to buy but not now. Again thanks FC


          • FilChiNY says:

            @russ820, yes, for me I think that is the strongest reason for a happy ending. it is and will always be about the bottom line. 🙂
            plus our counterparts in Korea are really bombarding their blog sites requesting the writers for a happy ending from what I read. the fans are powerful there. production staff tends to listen to them 🙂


            • russ820 says:

              Thank you for your come back. I did not know about the folks in Korea letting them have it lol. I sure don’t want another Gu fam book. I never was so mad. Did the sales hurt because of the way they ended it? It will be a long week. I have never had a show do this to me. Any way thanks again “fighting”


          • FilChiNY says:

            oh and don’t worry about reincarnation….this series is not classified as a fantasy so chances of that is almost nil.
            thank goodness I didn’t watch GFB or I will probably be annoyed just as almost everyone else with the ending


            • Softy says:

              Sorry to cut in over a non IHYV matter but could one of you guys please contact Minozlove on viber and send a message to her for us. Joonni tried emailing and I tried calling her rental phone and some random guy answered – we can’t seem to reach her ever since she got back from her trip. Could you invite her for lunch at the Galleria at 1 tm or just tell her to contact us so we know she is ok. We are really worried about her. Geneva is visiting too and couldn’t reach her either. Thanks 🙂


            • FilChiNY says:

              she got back to korea fine. but I haven’t heard from her on viber Saturday morning there. I will send her a message on viber. did the guy speak in English? her brother is supposed to visit her one weekend. dunno if tit is this weekend. also I know she said se is meeting you tomorrow Sunday.


      • nonski says:

        that’s what they say my chingus…


    • jhen says:

      Ladies, I am sure of a happy ending for our OTP. Finally, I am able to watch the 2 episodes. As usual this drama never fails to have me bawl, laugh, nervous and get mad. I will really treasure this drama the same with Faith.


  8. nonski says:

    hi softy… i was just able to read the recaps now. 🙂

    thanks for all your hard work and most of all for your pre and post recap thoughts. i always love to read them.

    okay, i told the sussie, jhen and filchiny earlier that since i have not watched this live and i have been hearing so many snippets of the episode, i was even afraid to read the recaps. lols but i got over it now and then now, i am so anxious and nervous for next especially with that last line. the wait is killing me.

    my poor baby SH, that scene in the phone booth just wrings my heart. i could really feel his pain. aside from his fear of JG hurting HS, there is also that piled up worries and fears of HS’ reactions about his father. i wish that HS could also read his mind. i wish that she would know SH’s fears about her. his insecurities. i also wish her to know how much he had suffered in the past. i dunno just maybe she could love him more than she already did.

    what gets me with this episode too is the closure between DY and HS. i love that they ended well and that they’ve matured enough. DY’s backstory is so touching and every time i see hwang i would cry. poor guy.

    *sighs* what a way to end an episode here. i can almost count every second till wednesday.


    • nonski says:

      the last line really got me worried but i am trying to be positive… really if it doesn’t end well, i won’t buy the OST and the DVD!


      • jhen says:

        So, are you planning to have a boycott already on buying IHYV related memorabilia’s nonski if the ending will be tragic? Hahaha! Just what this drama had brought us. I am just thinking positive for the finale episode next week. I don’t want to have a heart attack thinking of “what might be’s” “what will be’s” and “what if’s”. I just wanted my minded to be crowded with happy thoughts and great ending for our OTPs and the rest of the characters in the drama. High TV ratings from 1st ep- 16thep will just come to waste if they ended it with a death of either one of the OTP. I hope SBS, directornim and writernim are taking notes and considerations on the breakthroughs that this drama has accomplished in making up the ending of the drama.


        • jhen says:

          *mind I mean :)))

          Btw, I love that scene when my baby Soo Ha rubbed his head on HS’s head at the department store. And he is just one thoughtful and sweet BF to buy that necklace that she liked. :)) Wish it was for me hahahaha!


        • nonski says:

          yup, i have already set my mind on buying the OST and the DVD but… they dare not give us a sad ending *erase* *erase* bad thoughts!

          i never bought any OST in all my kdrama watching because then you can always download the mp3 but i want everything from this drama.

          i already bought from a korean grocery the shrimp crackers LJS baby is advertising as well as the dried seaweed (i dunno if it;s what it is called) that LBY is eating.


    • Sussie says:

      “i can almost count every second till wednesday.”
      It is a long wait… Any idea to make it bearable? hahaha


      • nonski says:

        lols yeah a really long wait… tsk tsk tsk… now i have the whole 6 days to rewatch 1-16 and i can’t still get enough… i have a whole bunch of BTS and CF with me… that would do for now! right time to make some GIFs and fan arts again. 🙂


  9. jhen says:

    Ladies, I am sure no one from our OTP will die. Come to think of it they have that Olleh and Holly’s Coffee CFs as a couple. So what’s the sense of having them as couple in CF’s when at the end of the drama they will just have to part ways or either one of them will die. Because of those CFs my mind and heart has calmed down and a bit at ease, however, that cliffhanger ending for ep 16 and SH’s dream makes me shiver. I don’t want to think of his dream as a premonition of HS death, anya anya anya! I don’t want to think of it, I wanted my favorite OTP to live happily together at the end. They truly deserve some happiness after being left alone with the death of their loved ones in the hands of that murderer MJG.

    Gahhh! 4 days is such a long wait. A lot of things good and bad are playing on my mind already I don’t know now what to think. All I wanted is for the OTP’s happiness in the end, WRITERNIM, isn’t it too much to ask for?


  10. Sussie says:

    Yay! I´m so happy to feel so many positives vibes here at Softy´s thread. Let´s continue like that my dear chingus!

    Btw, this is not so relevant comparing to other stuffs in last episodes but I would like to share it… yesterday I re-watched episode 15. The visor scene at the hall was so funny, cute and emotional. I have re-watched it so many times. It is like medicine for my anxiety LOL. I found so cute that at the beginning, her original motive to use that visor was to keep away from him her angry thoughts towards him and not hurt him with that. Cuz she was really mad at him since she felt like he was not at her same side… and she get more mad when he left her alone talking by herself (she doesn´t know why of course). After his BEAUTIFUL, TOUCHING and OVERWHELMING speech, any normal woman would be so affected with those enchanting words that of course, she was struggling to hide her thoughts LOL
    But she was exposed. So so cute!

    hugs to all! fighting!


    • nonski says:

      see me @sussie *swoooooooooooooon* *faint* *swooooooooooooon*


    • DDee says:

      That visor scene is one of my favourites because of that speech! Its lovely but also heartbreaking coz you know it’s what he desparately wants to hear from her too. Anyways, I believe that it will be a happy ending, because well, what else can I do but think positive?!


      • FilChiNY says:

        I know! I love that scene too. it’s their way of accepting each other….faults and all. it’s like he is saying I will love you no matter what. I hope you love me too no matter what. 🙂


  11. nonski says:

    wow Anita that really sounds fascinating and actually makes sense. i can imagine that and well we can see that SH is really insecure deep inside because of so many factors. i totally agree with you, dreams are manifestations of our innermost feelings and thoughts.
    white dress – his wish to be married to here
    blood – his lingering guilt of accidentally stabbing her
    death – his fear of her being in danger when he is around her and MJG being alive


  12. nonski says:

    ep 17 prev now out — our last preview!!! so sad! 😦


    • OUAFA says:

      Thank you so much nonski i’ve been waiting since last thursday👍
      Softy please translate because i’m lost in the preview .
      And Why is it our last preview 😢?!? I though it was extented to 18 episodes !! Am i right ??.?😦


      • nonski says:

        lols this is the last time we wait cuz the preview for episode 18 is usually incorporated in the last part of episode 17


      • Softy says:

        This was translated the first hour it came out on soompi so I assumed everyone already knew what they were saying
        sorry for replying late – just got hm

        JG tells Su ha to come to the roof right away and he would kill her if su ha brought even one more person with him – dont tell anyone and come alone

        su ha screams i will protect you jang hye sung – dont worry and wait. got that?

        su ha borrows CK’s phone

        su ha calls Kwan woo and says if I dont go she will die.

        kwan woo says i have a hunch about what JG will do to su ha

        su ha asks where is she?

        JG: that brat taunted me that you would be different from me.

        su ha: so did you kill her?

        *JG called Hye sung the “B” word, but I just wrote brat


  13. Anita says:

    There is no way JG killed HS. I believe he’s trying to bait SH into killing him just like he has done before. JG has on sun glasses so SH won’t read his thoughts. JG is trying to prove that anyone can become a killer like he has if pushed far enough.


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