I Hear Your Voice E17-E18

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He does that look of love more convincingly than anyone else. Just the effect of his smile reaches out beyond fiction and touches a little bit of our reality for just a second. This is an odd thing to say, but his contagious smile is what attracted me to this drama in the first place. Watching someone like him fall in love – thinking the whole time he didn’t have a prayer of a chance of getting the girl was half the fun. The other one was watching how circumstances in life dictated how these people lived their lives and who they became. That whole scene where H and S took turns telling us insights about each other made my eyes well up.  I really thought I was the only one who kept choking up each time I saw a scene where Su ha would prepare her meals so well all by himself. My overall enjoyment of this show might have started with Su ha, but all the characters kept me rooted each week. I could lie and say the side benefits were learning lessons about not taking revenge or having faith in humanity, but who am I kidding. The main focus for me was their growing love story. Daring to hope is a lost art and Su ha managed single handedly to prove that sometimes in life – being patient has lasting rewards you can’t even imagine.

Do you remember the exact moment and scene when you fell in love with this drama? For me it was on E5 when Su ha stood in the rain and realized he was not ok with Hye sung liking another person and that he likes her a lot. watching that wave of realization flooding his senses changing his expression from jealousy -envy- to sadness just made my day. that is how you pull a viewer in – showing that kind of angst will do it every time – best bait EVER.

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When a drama comes to an end, it makes me reflect on the previous episodes and how much the characters have evolved and changed, but then a thought occurred to me and my emotions welled up. Last night, I kept having to translate JG complaining about how no one was on his side or no one would listen to him. Then K listed all the reasons why he pitied JG and it sort of made me ill. JG can complain all he wants cuz he lied. He did have someone who was willing to hear his side of the story. As a matter of fact, he actually had two, but he killed them both. Hye Sung’s mom was the first person to treat him like a human being for a change and believed in him. She trusted that he would make a fresh start after getting out of prison and gave him that job. She believed in his reformed state and gave him the opportunity to prove it, but he threw that back in her face by taking her life. Given enough time, I bet anything she would have sided with him and helped to facilitate some peace between her daughter and JG. As a mother and a wife, she would have known all too well how painful it must have been for him to lose his spouse, then his mother, and his son. She would have been able to reason with him and make him see that this path of revenge he was on was destined to fail. I truly believe if there was an ounce of humanity left in him, he would have let her persuade him into stopping. By then he had already turned into the monster that he is and couldn’t be bothered to listen to the voice of reason. That is why I almost applauded when Hye Sung told him to stop playing the role of victim. It’s also why I never had any respect for Kwan woo ever since he helped to free JG. After all that JG has done, for Kwan woo to still see him as a human being instead of the ruthless monster he has become, it seriously begs the question that Kwan woo has never learned the meaning of “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” JG should have been more honest last night. He never deserved to be treated humanely after he brutally murdered the only woman who was willing to forgive. It wasn’t that people didn’t believe in him – the truth of the matter was that he lost the right to have that trust the minute he took a life.

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I sincerely want to thank everyone who left encouraging comments and also for coming back each week so that our unified collaboration helped to enhance our enjoyment. You guys have been great and I just wanted to say I appreciated every word you shared. Thank you. 🙂


starts from S and H lying on the hospital bed together holding hands behind a curtain. she asks how his mom passed away. he says she had heart surgery and passed away after a month cuz her body rejected the transplanted organ. H says so that is why Min JG got even more angry. cuz the heart that would have saved his wife disappeared like that. S says sorry I didn’t tell you – the more greedy I got I became scared – I was afraid I would lose you. she says you think I look like someone who would throw you away over something like that. I’m above such things.

S: we were drunk on the happiness of being alive and forgot.  when JG was caught- that his hidden past would be revealed to the world. when his past comes out,  the hidden past about me would be revealed to the world.

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at her home S is putting books on the shelf. he asks when she is taking the bandage off her forehead. she says today and worries it will leave a scar. he assures her the doctor is good so it wont scar. S: I thought I brought them all but I forgot some books so I have to go home again. H: you are bringing more books? cuz of your books I am running out of space on my bookshelf. he tells her to get rid of the books she doesn’t read. H: why are you saying you want to live here? your house is more spacious and nice than mine. S: then you can come and live together in my home. H: ya you must have forgotten but we started living together cuz of min JG but now that guy has gone to prison, there is no justification to live together. S: there is justification. H: what is that? he gets a mischievous look on his face and leans in closer and closer so she asks what are you. she stops him with her foot and he lies the cushion was his justification. she tells him to keep his boundary while living here. she asks if his police academy exam is tm – how do you feel about it. S:  it has to be tm to know, but right now my mood is zero.  (cuz he didn’t get to put any moves on her). she leans in to watch him study.

D gets on the elevator and K yells wait and squeezes in after she pushed the close door button. he thanks her for waiting. I heard you are taking on JG’s case. she says yes, but you aren’t going to defend him right. he says no I am a victim too. when it rains the place I got hit by him aches still. she says you wouldn’t be his lawyer unless you were crazy. K says there will be a lot to sift through cuz JG did so much (killing). D; I will tell you this in advance but I don’t pity that guy even a bit. D declares I will seek the death penalty for him and for certain at the trial I will get it

K flashes back to when he went to see JG. JG: what brings you here.  K: i came to advise you something. this time whoever is defending you -don’t lie to that person. JG: I would if lying could change anything but what is there that I can do – the outcome/result is obvious. K: if you think that way tell them the past that was buried. and let everything down. like you said if lying doesn’t change anything  -admit what you  hid. JG says if I do tell everything, then will you (be my lawyer)  defend me. if you do then I will think about it – saying it everything.  K says why me again. I have a lot of resentment towards you.  cuz of you my arm was broken and cus of you she almost died. JG says a year ago in this situation you took my side. isn’t the outcome obvious in this trial? I am not asking you to change the outcome just listen to my story till the end

K goes out and looks at lady justice statue

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H is talking to her mom’s memorial about her scar. she says don’t worry cuz the doctor is skilled and it probably wont scar. JG was caught. this time there is a lot of solid evidence so he wont be able to get out. how do you feel – do you feel better. are you comfortable. I wish I could listen to your voice just once. she recalls how her mom said eye for an eye would make the world go blind. promise me you wont live that way. H leans her head on the glass and says ok- I promise

D is meeting with JG. she says the case of murdering H’s mother wont be pursued in this trial and pursued separately. you called S and H to the parking lot a year ago. JG says I only called S  and H came there by herself. she asks then were you just intending to kill S. JG: yes. D: but then H showed up so you stabbed her first. JG: no I didn’t stab her in the stomach. D: then who stabbed her? JG: S. D asks are you starting with lies right now? JG: what will change if I do – I am telling the truth.  it’s correct I stabbed S but S stabbed H.

S is taking his exam.

judge kim is upset cuz JG wants K to represent him again. other judge says K is a victim so does that make sense for a victim to be his lawyer. just tell Shin to do it. but Kim says shin said don’t make him do it. plus the defendant wants K.  if I make K do it again then I am really shameless huh? they both say yes so kim says  it doesn’t make sense to ask the victim to defend him. K comes and sits down. other judge asks if K is thinking of defending JG so K asks Kim – what should I do. Kim says I would be grateful if you took the case cuz the defendant wants it, but I cant tell you to do it cuz I have tact. K says I will do it – I will defend JG.

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Yoo calls K crazy. I like you but this isn’t right. cuz of that case a year ago -our office mood got so dark -I really hate it when it gets dark.   shin says this isnt right – I don’t feel good about defending JG but not as much as you – I will defend JG but K says I have to do it cuz JG wants me to.shin asks if you do this – can you face H again. Yoo says you cant face her again. this is not something you should do to her-ever. H waves and says look here -I’m here. why are all of you talking like I am not here. Yoo explains we want you to know what our positions are in this situation. I am on your side. H: if you are on my side then take lawyer cha’s side. cuz I am on his side. in this situation is there anyone who is having a harder time than him? there isn’t right? then we are not in a position to say anything

K runs into her as she comes out of the bathroom. H says don’t say mushy stuff like thank you for being understanding cuz I didn’t take your side with a good heart. K says that’s not it – your skirt is turned around. she turns it. he assures her he wont make the mistake like last time – he is taking the case cuz  JG will admit to everything he buried for the past 11yrs.  H: it was like that? then you should have told me sooner. K: you didnt know that but took my side. thank you for understanding me

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H is worried about her scar and that it will remain but S says it will go away with time. he says if you put down your hair like this you cant see it well. she thinks maybe put a tacky pin on the other side of her hair as a distraction. he says I have something to give you and goes and gets the necklace box. she asks what is this. he smiles as she opens it. she asks how did you know. he says I saw how much you wanted it. she calls him crazy and hits him cuz of how expensive it is and tells him to take it back tm and get a refund right away. you have the receipt right? S: I don’t want to – it’s a present so why return it. H: where do you have money. I will just accept your heart – I am really grateful. so don’t ever buy stuff like this again. S reads her mind – why is he like this cuz it’s burdensome -from here on I have to be careful about thinking of stuff that I want. S: to you I still seem like a kid huh? young,  immature, and you worry. huh? H: are you peeved? S: no – just sorry. he offers to take it back for a refund. don’t worry. H: ok thank you. he remembers how she said they have a lot of reasons why they cant work out so she thinks she has to settle her feelings at some point. how she shouldn’t depend on him and rely on his skill during trial cuz he cant do that forever and she is a lawyer. he looks at her sadly.

D finds out K is defending JG. she calls him crazy. K calls for  her but D says tell him I’m not here – from here on- don’t give me that person’s calls. the girl says he heard it all so D hangs up. D: don’t take his calls from here on.  the guy asks what do we do about S. we did send him a summons. D says we cant overlook it

S checks his mail and gets a letter from her office -that summons. he wonders why the prosecution sent him a letter. he drops his bag in shock when he reads it.

K says there is big trouble. S has been called in for attempted murder. I don’t know what went wrong, but did S stab you and not JG a year ago in the parking lot. is that correct? she asks how they found out. K says D found out while questioning JG.   did S really stab you. she says I jumped in. S did that without knowing it was me. how could he be accused of attempted murder when he came this far. that cant happen. what do I do. she runs off

S reads the letter again from D’s office and remembers stabbing H. he closes his eyes. H comes in and asks what is that. is it a summons? she takes the letter and says this is nothing. all you need to do is go there and say it isn’t so. just tell them you didn’t stab and JG did it. there was no CCTV there. if you and I tell the same story it will end. we can just say JG lied. S says no we cant do that. H: we can do that. I came cuz I knew you would be like this. I will meet D tm and pick on everything.  don’t worry I can do this. S says I know you can do this but I also know you shouldn’t. he takes her hand. he says this is different than the trial before. I remember well what I did so I cant lie. I stabbed you with the knife. I cant cover that up. H: listen to me – if it’s attempted murder – even if I don’t press charges it wont matter. it will go on your record.  you wont be able to become a cop. your future will be ruined. S: I am prepared. it’s ok. we can look for another way. H: you idiot – why aren’t you listening? you don’t have to do this. you came so far – it’s ok for you to lie. you  can do that once – you really can. but he says no I cant do that. he tries to wipe her tears but she goes in the room.

K chases after D and asks her to  talk with him. she gets in her car and he called out ya seo do yeon in banmal so she stops the car and gets mad. he is happy and says she stopped. but when he knocks on her window she drives off.

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next morning S looks at the letter again. he looks at his academy book and puts it away. she is still in bed. he says through the door he is going to the prosecution’s office now. sorry I didn’t obey you. you asked what my dream was last time. in my dreams you keep getting hurt like that time- bleeding- it must have been a warning -not to forget that day. cuz I ignored the warning I am being punished. I will go and tell them the truth. then I wont have those dreams anymore. can I ask for a favor before I go. over this matter if I have to leave your side will you wait for me? he touches the door but she doesn’t come out.

K waits for D and chases her. He traps D in the revolving door along with judge Kim. K says talk with me. D: I have nothing to say. K: then I will say it here. Kim: let me go out. she doesn’t want to talk about JG. K says I didn’t come  talk about JG – I came to talk about S.

H goes to his room and finds his journal. she reads even if I disappear I hope you don’t know- hope you think that I am living well somewhere else.

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S sits outside the steps where he sat waiting for her to come back. he gets a text that he passed the first test. He cries cuz all that he wanted is happening but he is about to lose it. S: while studying well, getting along with friends well, nurturing my dreams of being a cop,  just think I am living well like that- even if I am gone I hope you don’t cry – I hope you are always happy. also it would be nice if you remembered me sometimes. she cries as she reads.

K asks does it make sense to charge S with attempted murder. did you forget why that happened that night. D says I feel bad too, but what do I do when it’s the truth. on that night – S stabbed her. K : it was an accident that happened while trying to protect H.  she knew that so she buried it. D yells they cant be blind to crimes. K insists this came about cuz you, me, and judge kim -the 3 of us made this. Kim wonders why he is included. K lists how each of them are accountable like how if K hadn’t been duped – then S wouldn’t have done that. when we let JG go, S was the most helpful for capturing him. also how about making it up to him -who is going to compensate S for going through that trial. without intent or motivation you are just picking on the crime. is that the kind of law you are thinking of? she says yes that is my law – law needs to be cold. Kim asks to be let out cuz he is busy. K lets go.

Kim goes after D. she asks what now. he smiles

S goes inside the courthouse to be questioned

D reads that S made up his mind to kill JG in order to protect H-that JG stabbed S in the back with the knife to kill him. but a witness showed up who was chasing the victims

D says she will speak formally and not use banmal. she asks about the length of the knife. S: about 15 cms. she asks where he stabbed H. S replies left side. D sees how sad S looks and recalls when Kim stopped her. Kim says I think the law should be cold like you think but I also think like K -that the law should have a heart. he says how he thinks she agrees to a lot of what K said –  is that correct. she denies it. but Kim says I thought you showed that those thoughts during hwang’s trial

D asks did you stab to try to kill H. S says no. not at all. at that time I was just …he says JG’s name so she stops him. S  reads her mind. she says-did I hear that? it’s dangerous to bring up JG’s name here- by trying to avoid attempted murder for H it could affect JG’s attempted murder – I have to cut him off here. D: listening to you – this isn’t attempted murder. there was no intent/motivation to kill and the knife was too short to kill someone. the stab wasn’t deep or fatal. instead of attempted murder charge she is changing it to carrying a weapon. cuz the victim doesn’t want S to be prosecuted. S agrees H doesn’t

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K asks did you just come from meeting D. S says yes. K says her ears are blocked. don’t worry i will go and open her ears. it really doesn’t make sense to accuse you of attempted murder. S informs him that he got a lesser charge of carrying a weapon and she wont prosecute for it. K: thank goodness. her ears were open. S thanks K. K: for what? S: for everything. I know how much you like jjang byun and that you are working this hard for my sake and it’s all for her sake. to the extent that I don’t dare follow you –  I know you are a great person-it makes me mad but I admit it. to the extent that I’m sorrry she chose me – you are a good person. K: what are you doing. S: I will be good to her.  so that she wont be sorry for that choice.  I will treasure and cherish her. K:  what is this -why does this sound like a warning. are you saying keep your distance from her now.  S: if you take it that way I would be grateful.   S bows and leaves. K smiles

H is still reading the journal and holding his bear and wearing his necklace. S sees her on the terrace. she looks down and sees him. he sees that she is crying and runs up. she runs down. she hugs him and says his name over and over. he asks what’s wrong – why cry. she says sorry -I depend on you more than anyone -for acting like I don’t – sorry. I love you more than anyone – sorry for not expressing it. while looking at you – thinking of the end and being nervous- sorry. sorry for everything. you will never go to prison. I will work hard to defend you and clear you. even if you do end up going don’t worry I will wait for you. he smiles through this whole speech and says I wont go to prison. he explains how D changed the charges. there wont be any more trouble over this. H asks why D would do that. S says that K convinced her. H hugs him again and says really? thank goodness. she pulls away and he reads her mind as she says – I overdid it for nothing- it’s embarrassing. she asks him to act like he didn’t hear what she just said. I got carried away by my emotions – I didn’t say anything I didn’t mean but just go somewhere.

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he stops her from running off and looks at her necklace. S: say it -you said that you were sorry for not expressing that you love me. she says it’s cuz I wasn’t in my right mind for a second. she mumbles I love you so he says what? I didn’t hear. H: ok I love you – I love you  a lot. happy now? he kisses her lightly and puts his arm around her waist. she puts her arms around him and kisses him back and he touches  nose tips with hers. then he kisses her forehead.  this time they kiss for real. S narrates: I know very well  why you are nervous. so I know you are always ready for when I am gone someday.  even when that someday comes I am not worried. even after ten years passed, I recognized you. even when I lost my memory and you were completely erased — I loved you again. even if another ten years passed -even if I lost my memory again – even when that day you worry about comes-  I will find you and love you again.

K writes down what he is going to say in court – about JG’s wife’s donor heart, his mother, and his son. cuz this is all they can do anyway right now (probably to appeal to the court for some sort of sympathy for why all this started)  K tells him during trial – don’t say that all these people died cuz of S’s father and Jang hye sung. JG: I still think they all died cuz of them. K: no it’s not cuz of them. of course what happened to your wife is terrible. park su ha’s father did something he shouldn’t have.   but when you killed him all your chances for your explanations/excuses just flew away. JG: let’s stop. K: cuz jang hye sung testified-that is not why your mother and son died. if was cuz you killed a person and was sent to prison – it was cuz you couldn’t take care of your mother with dementia and your son so they starved and died. JG: don’t talk so easily. have you been in my situation for even a second? K: yes while being your lawyer every day and every moment -with your eyes with your thoughts – I tried to see the world. also I found out what your real thoughts are

D goes home and her dad is watering his yard. D: father you were at home. he says I came early today- what are you doing. she says mom left some stuff. she turns to go in but he says he got a call about how she dismissed hwang’s case so she will be censured for that. D: I was prepared for that and did it.  he says how she could be fired for that. D: if it’s a punishment I should be getting then of course I have to accept it.

JG: say it then – what are my real thoughts? K: you admit too right? that you started all this. at some point you knew that but you couldn’t stop. cuz the moment you stop – your life becomes nothing. so that is why you insisted (you were in the right). while killing people – you acted out saying you are correct.  JG: stop it. K: in trial say it like that. that you regret. that you went on a path you shouldn’t have. say it like that. don’t insist anymore and be honest. if you know and still insist -isn’t that tormenting?

as K narrates D bows and leaves with a bag. K: just cuz you insist about something you are doing wrong doesn’t make it right. just cuz you insist, you cant turn back. if you know that and keep insisting – if you live like that – no one will be on your side and you will be alone. as K says those words it applies to judge seo cuz he is left alone in his home

S is at the bookstore and JB comes over. she shows her nails with the letters of their names. he says it’s pretty. she wants to take the police exam next year. I want to attend with you. which book  is good to start with?  S remembers how CK said in his head – why is S accepting her overtures when he isn’t interested in her. S asks are you the one who gave my bear to jjang byun?  JB : yes how did you know. S: if I threw it away at school and it got to jjang byun – is there anyone else but you.  JB: cuz I thought you bought it to give to her. S: thank you. then you know too- how I feel towards her. JB: I know. S: from 11 yrs ago it (my heart) hasn’t changed even once –  and you also know it will be like that from here on too. then I can tell you – i wish you would stop now (he is about to finish and says dont like me)  but she tells him – I get it – I know what you are going to say. so you don’t have to say anymore. he reads her mind. “just up to there – if I hear what you say next I might cry”  she says this book is really expensive so it would have been big trouble if I followed you. thanks for telling me before I bought it. S: sorry. JB: no why are you sorry I am grateful. S: I will be going first. JB wonders was I just totally dumped -so suddenly like this

S walks off and calls CK.

CK runs over and finds her crying. He takes his shirt off and covers her legs saying – your underwear is showing. he tells the guy nearby to avert his eyes. CK: are you sleeping? what is this -were you dumped by S. she says he said my hands were pretty. CK says when a guy says a girl’s hands and feet are pretty it means she is ugly. she throws his shirt back in his face and says in this situation do you want to say that – cant you cheer me up. she gets up and shoves him and walks off. he runs his mouth off saying it’s true you are really ugly but you should know that’s lucky. ugly girls end up meeting honorable guys. JB: just pour oil on a house on fire why don’t you.   CK: think about it – with pretty girls – guys run after them just looking at their exterior but guys who run after just looking at the outside -they are shallow. guys who chase after girls like you who don’t have looks -it means they look at your heart and like you instead of your looks.(he hits himself on the chest) and says that is the proper guy.   she hits him saying that’s right my face isn’t great – I was dumped cuz I was ugly.  CK: that is not what I am saying. why don’t you understand what i said. JB: that’s right I don’t understand what you said – I am ugly and ignorant – happy now? she walks off. he asks the people listening – did I not say it right or does she not understand – what is it. he leaves saying she is pretty

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K comes in and says there are a few things I need to tell you about JG’s trial. JG agreed with you and S’s statements so the two of you do not need to come out and testify during trial. H: this time he must have admitted to everything. K: yes I convinced him – to admit to everything he needs to admit. H: I heard from S that you convinced D. he doesn’t take any credit and says that D would have done that anyway even if he didn’t bring it up. she holds out her hand for a handshake and thanks him. she kisses the back of his hand. K: what is this? H: a greeting. thank you for everything all that time  – for liking me, taking care of me, and helping S too. thank you for all of it. K: ok- I will accept that greeting well. Shin clears his throat and says I was here the whole time. H says I knew. Yoo announces the news about D and how she will be censured and investigated for dismissing hwangs case on her own. she might even get fired.  he is partying but they all look sad. he asks am I the only one who is happy?  you all didnt like her cuz she was rude. lawyer jang got slapped. since Yoo was so happy they all say one by one – H: do you like it that much that something bad happened to someone – K: I am really disappointed in you -Shin: you shouldn’t live like that

H goes up to D to let her know what is happening and asks if D is ok. D says it’s not something to worry about that much. H asks if it didn’t happen cuz of what D did for S’s case.  D denies it. H guesses D is referring to her dad’s case. H says I do it too but you sure do talk without thinking. they get on the elevator and press the close door button the second they see judge Kim. judge Kim barely manages to get on the elevator with the two women. he thanks them. H says thank you for taking care of S’s case.  Kim thinks she is talking to him and he mutters I was just in the middle so D says I think you should be saying it to lawyer cha and not me -he went around sticking close to me and making his point. I was annoyed so I took care of it. H says I already thanked him. Kim tries to add himself in the conversation and his role and says I told D to take care of him well too. D: he is a good lawyer – he said that the law was in the heart. that’s how he convinced me and it worked.  Kim says I said that the law is the heart. H: lawyer cha does speak well. the door opens and KIm had enough. He yells you are too much lawyer jang – is it that hard to say thank you. H smiles and says thank you. Kim: you did it. I need to take a pic of this. I need proof. but the doors shut before he can get his phone out

H and D walk together. D says even if I get reprimanded lawyer jo (lawn hair) will finish up JG’s case well do don’t worry. aren’t you going to come to watch his trial. H says no I am busy these days cuz I am going to the academy too. I don’t have time to go around following his trial. D says don’t you need to see the trial though – he is the one who killed your mother – tormented you for 11 yrs – dont you watch to see how that person ends? H: not really – the lawyers will do a good job. D: ok then don’t pay attention. Jo sunbae will get the death penalty somehow. H asks do you think I want to see min JG get the death penalty. D: don’t you? that sentence is deserving for him. it’s a waste just to call him a human being. H: I don’t know.  D: what is this – are you defending him even here?  then why are you like this. do you pity JG. do you have compassion now? H: am I mother Teresa to have a compassion for him -it’s not that at all. cuz “you killed my mom you die” -doing that- it makes it the same thought as Min JG,  it feels dirty just thinking I am the same as that pathetic being so I am opposed to death penalty

너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-36-19]

*the brain that came up with that contraption is scary – just how lazy do you have to be to wear that in public?

H is folding laundry at home  while su ha does the dishes. she asks you know tm is JG’s sentencing right? are you going. S: no you know I have an interview for the police academy tm. she asks do you want Min JG to get the death penalty. S: in the past I did but not now. H: why?  no don’t tell me. let me guess. it’s cuz you don’t want to become the same person as him. I’m right huh?  he asks how did you know. H: I must have a similar ability like yours.  she says it’s time for baseball and runs to the fridge. he asks why go to the fridge when you are going to watch baseball. he turns on the tv as she asks “let’s wear this” and he takes one look and says I don’t want to – I will never wear that. they are both wearing it -ridiculous looking hats with drinks on them so they can sip through the straw. she gets carried away by the game and pulls on his arm.  H narrates S doesn’t like going where there are a lot of people so that’s why we don’t go to movies theaters or baseball games. S narrates: when jjang byun watches baseball- she turns into a monster -often she is really scary. next morning S puts food down on the table as H reaches for a bowl to mix all the food together. H narrates S cooks well cuz he cooked alone ever since he was in middle school. he must have been very lonely. S: the reason why jjang byun eats dog food -as much as she saves on cooking time -it’s cuz she lived assiduously. she must have been exhausted. as they walk out he carries her files for her and she holds onto his arm as they walk down the hill. S: I think jjang byun still thinks a day will come when our time ends – it doesn’t matter if she thinks that way – even if that end comes, I will find her again and when we start over – we will be happy again. H: when I look at Su ha I am still nervous as always -this relationship that seems like it will end someday – to put to sleep that unease – I will be more considerate of Su ha and try to be understanding. I will probably be endlessly nervous like that and will be happy with Su ha for a really long time.

너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[03-22-35]

S is being interviewed to enter the police academy. the guy says your scores and recommendations are really great but it says you dropped out of high school. why did you drop out?  S reads his mind about how S is famous among the cops so let’s see how honestly you answer. S: there were a lot of incidents. for a year I had amnesia and became a suspect, was on trial for murder. guy says after going through all those terrible things  you were still able to come all this way. S: yes if I was alone,  I wouldn’t have been able to come all this way. the guy asks who helped you? S: there were many people but the first who comes to mind is someone who made me a grown up. K says even if everyone in the world doesn’t believe shouldnt the lawyer believe the defendant. S: his trust/faith in people goes too far (to extremes)  so that person looks like a fool often but with that faith – watching him change people- I had no choice but to acknowledge he is a grown up and respect him-that is the kind of person he is.

K is telling JG about what is going to happen. if they succeed in getting life imprison there will be another trial and how the fight will be harder when H’s mom’s murder is added on. JG asks what if I get the death penalty here. K: then our side has to appeal. cuz K used the words “our side” JG is surprised cuz it’s been so long since he heard that word “our”

S narrates about D – how she had too much confidence but that kind of person admitted she was wrong and showed her apologizing. watching a penitent person knowing how to apologize- I saw clearly how amazing that is. D is there kissing her dad’s hand as he lays dying in his hospital bed.

S talks about JG – there was a person who showed me a path I shouldnt go on. he lived as a person but chose to become a monster-he was pitiful.

JG is being sentenced. judge Kim reads over JG’s murders and how takes into consideration what happened to him after he lost his wife, mother, and son. and that JG admitted he did wrong. instead of the death penalty JG gets life imprisonment

S: a moment came when I almost had the chance to make the same choice. the guy asks you almost made the same choice? S: yes. with revenge the only thing I could see, I almost made a similar choice.  if it wasn’t for that person I might be living like a monster right now. guy asks: that person? S smiles and says: yes. he describes H’s lawyering tactics – no manners, stuck up, and not modest. S told her: don’t you win truth in a trial? H: no – the order is wrong. you don’t win truth in a trial-winning in trial is the truth. S: the person who said that- for the sake of truth she started fighting and started seeing people. seeing her like that – it lit the way for me when I was swimming in darkness. if that person wasn’t around I would never have been able to come all this way. cuz of that person I found out how precious it is to protect someone. cuz of that person – I knew how important it is to listen to someone. so I think I will become a good policeman.

H learns to sign and cant believe she has to memorize that long sentence.

H signs for her next client – I will listen to anything you have to say. from your situation I will listen to what you have to say. I am your public defender


there are a lot of past scenes with hand holding, hand shaking, and hand kissing.

너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-24-11] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-25-11] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-26-29] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-26-47] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-26-56]

Su ha becomes a cop and salutes her in uniform. she salutes back and opens her arms for a hug so he lifts her up again.

너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[23-47-59] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[23-53-14] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[23-54-43] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[23-57-14]너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-03-51] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-04-53] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-05-59] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-06-08] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-07-17] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-07-24] 너의 목소리가 들려.E18.END.130801.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-11-45]

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[05-46-28]

Say what you will about Min JG, but I feel sorry for the man. From day one he has done everything wrong. He tried to drive a wedge between two people, but only ended up bringing them closer together. In the time that he has faked his own death, he has no idea what has happened to Hye sung and Su ha. They have fallen in love and it’s that very love that is going to give them the strength it takes to defeat him. These two are no longer afraid of him and have made promises to each other they wont break – not even for JG. He lost his ability to control them the minute they fell in love. They aren’t the same frightened intimidated people he left behind – now they are stronger and even more unified. Their love for each other and her mother’s death did that to them. It built up their resolve not to let JG win in the end. After all they went through, Hye sung would never forgive Su ha if he gave in and took JG’s life. Su ha knows that by now. She can forgive him for his lie of omission, but she will never forgive him if he commits  murder on her account out of an act of revenge. The only justice left is for JG to realize he will never get his way. He counted on Su ha reacting out of anger and lashing out, but he never saw this coming – Su ha is going to hold back out of love.


Starts from Su ha walking in the park. He remembers how JG said all this started cuz of your dad and not me. How H asked is there anything else you didnt tell me – is there anything else you are hiding from me. He goes to a phone booth. S thinks to himself: how should I tell her. no explanation will work on her. What do I do if she hears my voice and hangs up. If this is the end forever – will I be able to live.

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[01-18-02] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[01-20-10]

S calls and says – hello-  it’s me su ha– please don’t hang up and listen. I heard everything from lawyer cha. (that you know about my father) but JG says I was waiting for this call park su ha. Are you looking for jang hye sung. she is with me right now. S yells where are you-where are you now. JG tells him – don’t get upset and listen well. according to how you act/behave right now jang Hye sung’s life is on the line. S: if you lay a finger on her I will kill you. JG: since you brought it up -park su ha – don’t do anything stupid – don’t call anyone and come here within the hour alone. i’m at the KJ rooftop right now. If I see that you brought anyone – I will kill jang hye sung. got that?  S yells let me listen to her voice. to see if she is alive let me listen to her voice.  JG tells her to talk – he (Su ha) wants to hear your voice -I said to talk. H tells him “Su ha – do not come no matter what and send the police. do not come alone no matter what. don’t worry about me.” the phone calls ends. Su ha hangs up and screams.

*poor guy is acting in a phone booth with no AC in 87 degrees heat and humidity- no wonder he is sweating so much.

Su ha: 7-26-2013 at 3:10 pm that person was kidnapped by Min JG. after that – two hrs and 30 mins later – our story that has been going on for 11 yrs officially came to an end.

flashback of previous scenes when K  told the cop that she was gone -when S yelled at K – what do you know – when the court guy said she didn’t show up. when Su ha checked and said my phone is gone -when H said to K – I will look into it myself – when Su ha bought the necklace the guy on the motorbike watched him at the department store and followed him and stole S’s bag on purpose. the cop memorizes the number on the plate and tells S not to worry cuz I know that guy. he reports and calls in the robber to the precinct

the robber calls and says I have it so where do I need to go (to JG)

H snaps her fingers and says look at me. K: I am looking. H: explain it – what are these (articles). who is the reporter Park J and who is this grandmother with Alzheimer and her grandson. K: I cant tell you. she screams out his name. K: I cant do it no matter what. I’m sorry-  I don’t want to lie to you so don’t ask me anymore. H: for certain –  you are doing this for my sake. you will have a reason to do that. cuz that’s the kind of person you are. between the two it’s one. If I know – I will get hurt or someone else will get hurt. If that’s me I am really disappointed. that I looked this pathetic to you that I couldnt handle this. fine- I will look into it myself. K says reporter Park Ju is S’ dad and the grandma with Alzheimer and grandson are JG’s mom and son. And the person who sent these letters to you is Min JG. H asks- JG sent these?  why? K says he didnt send them just to you – he sent them to su ha and me too -all of us. H asks why – what does he want to say? K:  the reason for JG’s wife’s death has to do with Su ha’s dad. before when JG came to see me – he said that was the start of everything. also that pretty soon, he was going to see that end.she asks what is the end

the robber goes and meets JG and drops off the bag. JG asks did you show your face to that guy. the robber says no I wore sunglasses. you told me no matter what not to show my face. JG: you did well.  the cant believe JG only needed the phone. JG tells him to take care of the rest of S’s belongings. the robber motions to be paid but JG says he will pay later when everything goes well. the robber says how can there be credit in this line of work.  JG turns off S’s phone and throws away the locket of Su ha’s mom’s pics

H tried to call su ha but couldn’t get through cuz it’s turned off. H mutters he never once turned off his phone before.  so she calls JB and asks if she spoke to S today. JB says no he will be in class now. H says even during class he left his phone on but it’s turned off now. JB says maybe he ran out of battery. H: is that it? ok.

JB was working on CK’s hand and he asks who it was. JB says lawyer jang. she is worried cuz she cant reach S and his phone is off. he could be in class or out of battery. so is that something to worry about so much.  CK says that ajumma used to elude him so is there something they are involved in. JB thinks S still has a one sided like for H, but CK thinks H likes S now but JB says H would never fall for S. CK asks how would you know that.  JB claims to have a sense about these things -100 plus. she asks why CK is having his hands done all the time. it totally doesn’t suit you. he claims: I have a job where I have to make a living with my hands so of course I need to take care of them. she tells him to stay like that with his hands wrapped for 30mins (*to make them cool so she can peel off the layer and make his hands super soft) and she will give him a free service and paint his pinky. after she leaves he mutters she has minus 100 when it comes to sense (cuz it’s too obvious he is here just to spend time with her)

the robber guy got caught by the cops and he fights them. the cops calls him by his plate number and say it hasn’t been that long since you came out of (jail) so why cause trouble again. they grab him and say how easy he made it for them to find him cuz he doesn’t change his license plate. they arrest the robber

shin is looking at hwang and D’s pic. he says how hard D is working to match her dad’s mood.  Yoo wants Shin to send him the pic too so he can tease them. H is yelling at her phone at S to turn his phone on. Yoo thought she was talking to him so he says mine is on. she says I wasn’t saying it to you.  K comes in to escort H to court and reminds her she has a trial at 2. he has a trial at 2 too so he says let’s go together. they leave. Yoo points out K could have gone straight to court but came back just to escort her. since H doesn’t have feelings for K  -why accept him doing that – it would show manners just to cut him off (and not accept anymore). shin says you don’t know how to see people. does that look like K is hanging around her. Yoo asks if it’s not- then what is it? shin explains that K still feels guilty for releasing the guy who killed her mom and if that criminal attacks H again – think about it. at that point with K’s personality – he wont be able to recover again. and wont be able to be a lawyer. so that is why he is working so hard to protect her. H knows that and is accepting (his protection)

the cop returns S’s bag. S: you really found it. thank you. thank you very much. cop says make sure nothing is missing. S checks for the necklace and it’s there. cop: how about other things. is your phone and wallet there. S says the phone isnt there. Cop says that guy took it. don’t worry I will find that too. S says it’s ok – find it slowly. since you found this (the necklace) for now, it’s good. thank you. S runs off.  Cop says ya don’t run

JG is on the rooftop and turns on S’s phone. he has 17 missed calls.

K asks when her trial will end. she says about 3:30. he offers to come and wait to go together but she says it’s ok I have cops watching over me. but K says it’s not bad to be careful.  call later. he walks away and she is about to tell him not to but changes her mind. I will call when I am done. K: ok – see you later.

she wonders why she cant reach S.  she gets the call and starts to say hey you idiot – where are you now. why turn off your phone –  I worried. but JG asks do you  remember my voice? are you looking for S? she asks why do you have S’s phone. JG: he is here.  cuz I am with him now so I have it. she asks is S safe. JG says so far – but  it depends on what you do and the situation could change. H: what do you want? JG: don’t worry – I have no interest in this kid. who I have an issue with is you.  H: where are you? JG: that’s it – this is how you should react.  come right now to KJ rooftop. the minute you bring someone else, this kid will die and I will die.  don’t tell anyone and come alone -you understood that right? he hangs up so she says what do I do – Su ha what to do. she runs out and hides from the cop outside and goes down the back way and over a wall

she gets into a cab and asks him to take her to KJ building, but he says that isn’t that building going to be torn down. she says not yet. please hurry.  her cab drives past S who is running. H gets a call but ignores it

judge kim is mad cuz he cant reach H. why carry around a phone she cant pick up. he explains some situation arose for the lawyer and pushes back the trial for today

S asks if H isn’t in and shin says she has a trial at 2 and left with lawyer cha to the courthouse. S thanks him and leaves

H gets out of the cab. JG watches her from the rooftop and says this was simple to get her to come here (meaning she cares a lot about S now)

S goes to the court and asks did the trial today end. The guy says no we didn’t even get to start cuz the defense lawyer didn’t come. the trial was at 2 but she didnt show up even 30 mins later so we pushed it back. S: why didnt she come. guy says I dont know. the judge kept calling but couldn’t reach her by phone.

H takes out her taser and gets it ready as she heads inside. JG comes up behind her and grabs her from behind. she screams

H is knocked out and JG ties her up. when K calls JG hangs up on him

K: it got disconnected. I escorted her here. K wonders is it cuz of that article. no that wouldnt happen. S reads his mind and grabs his hand in alarm and asks did you tell her about my dad. K says she went through my desk and found the articles Min JG sent. I’m sorry. it couldnt be helped. S asks does she know everything. K says yes. almost all of it. S cries and says so that is why she disappeared. K says no it’s not. It doesn’t have anything to do with this. for sure this is…but S yells what do you know. Why did you tell her. S leaves and K calls out to him

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[02-42-50] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[02-47-28]

H opens her eyes and looks around. she notes that JG has been living here. her hands and feet are bound. JG goes over with her taser and stands over her. he asks is this what you were going to use on me to ward me off. he throws it away. she asks where is S. JG says he isn’t here. just this (he holds up S’s phone). even a rational person – in this situation there is nothing you can see.  and you become a fool. I did that too so I know it well. she asks what are you going to do now -what are you planning. he says at first I was going to kill you and that kid but at the fishing place what the kid said made me furious

flashback to JG and S struggling with the knife. JG said kill me – right now- how are you different from me 11 yrs ago. S was about to kill him but drops the knife. S: I am different. I wont live like a beast like you – ever.

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[03-00-21] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[03-02-31]

JG repeats what S said – that he wouldn’t live like a beast like me. can that kid say that if he was in a situation like mine. H asks what are you thinking now. JG says instead of killing you guys I am drawing a different picture. H picks up on what he is saying (that he is going to put S in the same situation as himself). JG:  I am curious too – if he can really do that – in a situation like mine where he lost everyone he loves -will he be able to hang on and not turn into an monster. aren’t you curious too – I will show you. he gets a call from S on her phone so JG picks up. he hears S say “hello-  it’s me su ha– please don’t hang up and listen. I heard everything from lawyer cha. that you know about my father. JG cuts in and says I was waiting for this call. he puts the phone on speakerphone and puts it next to her. JG: are you looking for jang HS. she is with me now.  S yells where are you-where are you now. JG tells him – don’t get upset and listen well. according to how you act/behave right now jang Hye sung’s life is on the line. S: if you lay a finger on her I will kill you. JG points and smiles as S says that. JG: park su ha – don’t do anything stupid – don’t call anyone and come here within the hour alone. i’m at the KJ rooftop right now. If I see that you brought anyone – I will kill jang hye sung. got that?  S yells let me listen to her voice. to see if she is alive let me listen to her voice.  JG tells her to talk – he (Su ha) wants to hear your voice -I said to talk. H tells him “Su ha – do not come no matter what and send the police. do not come alone no matter what. don’t worry about me.” the phone calls ends. Su ha hangs up and screams.

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[03-06-12] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[03-06-49]

S walks in a daze crying and saying what do I do. he wipes his tears and takes a deep breath and runs. the cop tries to catch up to him

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[03-09-22]

CK is at work and looks at his pinky where JB put a skull on it and kisses it. S shows up and startles him. CK says did you see – don’t misunderstand. there was blood on my finger so I sucked on it. S asks for his phone. CK hands it over and asks did you lose yours. S grabs it and runs off.CK asks did you just steal my phone. cop asks where S went. CK asks who are you. the cop shows his badge and says I am police. you met S ddnt you – where did he go? CK says I don’t know – catch him – he stole my phone. what is wrong with him. he is acting strange. his eyes looked like he cried a lot. cop asks for CK’s phone number

JG says this is the first time we talked to each other.  it’s a 11 yr fate we had but during that time we didn’t speak much. H: don’t think of doing anything stupid/reckless and turn yourself in.  this here will be your last. JG says I know this place is my last. I made you come here to show you my last (stand).  H: what is that? JG: I told you a while ago – before I leave I will turn him into a monster. like me 11 yrs ago -if anyone in the world was in my situation that there was no choice but to turn into a monster- I will show you. but she says S will never turn out like you. JG: don’t be so sure about everything. I didn’t know my life would end up like this. H: why you turned out like this – I know what happened to you. you lost your wife cuz of S’s dad, cuz of my testimony you think your mother and son died don’t you? (*cuz while he was in prison he wasn’t able to take care of his mom and his son).  JG: you are smart. you know everything? yes I didn’t start this -it was S’s dad. but she says no you started this-don’t act like the victim cuz you are just a murderer- starting from when you killed S’s dad and then killed my mother -all your excuses and reasons all disappeared. that is when it started. JG then what was I supposed to do when no one would listen to me -doctors too and the police -no one would listen to me. just be still? live being patient? you think that is possible?

flashback to what her mom said to H in her last call. not to live following the law an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth cuz if people lived following that then everyone in the world would become blind. people who mistreat you – it’s cuz they are jealous of you so don’t hate those people and pity them – got that?

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[03-39-29]

H: why my mom left me that kind of last will -seeing how you are now I think I know. how you lived the past 11 yrs-with what kind of heart you lived I know now. revenge -resentment/bitterness- with your whole heart just feeling that and living the past 11 yrs like that-how much of a hell that must have been like inside of you. JG: what? H: don’t think S will turn out like you -he is different. JG holds the wrench and says I told you not to be so sure. H: I am sure/certain. the S I know is not low like you. JG yells shut up and is about to hit her with the wrench. she glares up at him unflinching – like mother like daughter

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[04-07-30] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[04-08-17]

K calls but her phone is turned off. K gets a call from S. K asks where are you – did you find her. S: yes she has been kidnapped by JG right now. K: what? S: Min JG told me to come alone and threatened he would kill her if I told the police. K: where  are you now? S: I am almost at KJ building now. he told me to come to the rooftop there.  K yells no – you cant go in alone no matter what. S: there is no other way. K: if you go there – you will be doing just what he wants. S: if I don’t go she could die. K: but you could die too – this is not for her sake at all. S cries and says so that’s why you save her – I don’t want to die. before I thought if I die protecting her it doesn’t matter but not now.  if something bad happens to me she will be hurt/scarred. that person and me please be sure to save us –  use the police and everyone and be sure to rescue us. I will hang on somehow till you come so please I’m begging you. S hangs up and heads inside

from the rooftop JG watches S then looks at his watch (it’s 4pm). JG says the kid keeps his promise well. he really came alone. JG waves S to come up and puts his sunglasses on

K gets in a cab and asks the driver to go to KJ building. he calls the cop and says H has been kidnapped by Min JG. the cop says I already know. they are already tracking her phone location. K tells him that H and JG are at the KJ building right now. cop says that place is set for demolition. K: to rescue her – S went there alone. the cop says what? you should have tried to stop him. K: it couldn’t be helped – it already happened. can you call in the swat team?  cop says I will and we will go there right away.  K:  JG is thinking of killing both of them and then killing himself. the problem could get bigger if we rush in. cop asks does that mean he will commit suicide? K: yes. this is a hunch but JG is determined to turn S into a murderer.

cops are in the van and plan out where the swat team will be placed.


너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[04-37-53] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[04-56-14]

S goes up to the rooftop and looks around trying to get a sense of what’s going on by reading his thoughts but JG’s sunglasses prevent that. JG has the phone nearby on speakerphone so H can hear everything downstairs. S drops his bag and walks over to JG. S asks where is that person. I came alone like you told me. let that person go free right now.  JG says it’s no fun cuz you are too calm/rational.  why don’t you attack me like last time. S says I know why you are doing this and I have no thoughts of playing along. didn’t I tell you before too – I would not live like a monster like you. JG says you think I was a monster from the start. at first I was a person too

JG narrates : I had a wife I loved and for the sake of saving my wife I did everything. they said she could live if she just got a transplant (donor heart). for her to live a day or two weeks longer I earned money somehow. when the donated heart showed up – I was just a person – so happy like I got the whole world. flashback to him working hard at various jobs to pay for her medical bills.

JG: but an hour before her surgery that heart was stolen by your dad  -to save your mother -that we stole his wife’s heart your father with those few articles praising the doctors and didn’t honor the donor list order. do you know? S says I know. JG says then now you know all this started with your dad. S says no all this started with you when you killed my dad and you became a killer. JG says you are saying the same thing as jang hye sung. S asks where is she

K shows up and sneaks in

S yells where is she? JG says when you lose everything anyone can become evil/a monster. you cant see anything in front of you. he throws down the bloody wrench at S’s feet. S backs up like a scared kid in shock.  JG says to be honest I wasn’t thinking of killing her – just using her as bait to call you – I was thinking of sending her on her way. but she taunted me saying you are different from me so I suddenly got  furious. S cries and asks so did you kill her. JG: yes I killed her. S: did you really kill her – if  I came you said you would spare her. JG says how does it feel – I killed her. H is listening on speakerphone and crying


the cops arrive as K heads inside. swat team surround the area

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[05-12-29] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[05-21-36] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[05-21-50] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[05-25-00]

H hears JG ask – how do you feel. S cries. JG: you feel dirty don’t you – feel like you will go crazy huh. you want to kill huh? kill – kill. S picks up the wrench and goes over as swat team have them in their sights. JG: that’s right – now you know too huh? with what kind of heart I started 11 yrs ago. the sniper has his aim on S. S closes his eyes and remembers how H said no matter how much you hate -enough to want to kill don’t kill cuz all the reasons (why you wanted to) will disappear. S drops the wrench. S: that person is alive. JG: what? S: cuz you have your eyes covered in front of me -there is something you don’t want me to find out – it also means you are lying right now. what I said is correct huh? that person is alive right now – it’s certain. JG: I said I killed her. S yells jang HS – you hear my voice right? listen well. I will never kill this person. I will keep my promise to you for sure and never live like a monster -I will keep my promise to you for sure so don’t worry and wait. got that? H cries and nods yes.

K goes in and calls out for her. he runs over and asks if she is ok. he frees her.

JG turns the speakerphone off and says I told you I killed her. how many times do I have to tell you for you to get that. S says she is alive somewhere. even if she isn’t my choice is the same. I wont live like you. JG laughs and says you are posing (like the good guy) till the end huh.

K wipes the blood on her head. H says I have to go to the roof. K says it’s dangerous. the cops are here downstairs so go down and get treated (for your injury) but she yells I have to go and runs off. K goes after her

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[05-45-06] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[05-45-30]

S says that person wouldn’t want me to take revenge on you and ruin my life. like your wife. if your wife knew you lived like this she will be tormented. cuz who you are now is pitiful and really terrible. JG makes a fist. S:my choice is done so don’t use me anymore to explain your life.  S turns his back to him and walks away just as JG tries to hit him. snipers take out the wrench from his hand. when he reaches for it again they shoot it away out of his grasp. S and JG both see the police. S says it’s the end now. the police are here. give up and turn yourself in. JG takes off his sunglasses and lets S read his mind.

flashback to JG begging the doctors – bring the heart -you said she would get surgery- please do it – I have money. save her. it’s my wife’s turn. please give her the heart. save her. his wife said I dont want to die. she begged him to save her so JG took her hand and nodded yes. JG backs up on the rooftop

JG was there when she passed away. he went out and saw S’s dad shaking hands with the doctor after the doctor said the surgery is today so don’t worry – it will all be ok. JG went berserk at the hospital. later on he killed S’s dad. then attacked H for being a witness. how he found out H became a lawyer. how he was freed and found not guilty by K. how he told K should I stop now or go to the end.

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[05-58-46]

JG keeps backing up crying – to the edge of the rooftop. the cops get closer as JG stands on the ledge of the roof. S asks what are you going to do. JG says in his head – I told you this place is my last. S: stop!  before JG can fall S grabs him. H comes running over with K and sees. JG says park Su ha let’s go together. he pulls S with him over the ledge. H faints

the cops put a safety float on the bottom so JG and S are safe. how they knew the exact spot was lucky I guess.  cop says to arrest JG and check that S is safe. hurry and call the ambulance. JG is hauled off as he yells kill me instead.  S fainted for a second and hurt his leg. he asks what about lawyer jang. is she safe. cop says I don’t know yet. the report hasn’t come over here yet. S watches and sees K carrying her and putting her on a gurney and into the ambulance. S goes crazy and screams no. the ambulance takes her away. S has no idea if she is alive or dead.


the crime scene is taped off as the forensics team do their job gathering evidence

D drives and looks worried

cop and K sit and talk. K says you suffered sunbae. cop says if it wasn’t for you there would have been big trouble. if we got their location any later then we wouldn’t have been able to put up the air mattress. K says that S got it wrong by jumping in (to save JG).

D runs over and asks if H is safe. K says just a head injury but she is safe. she is being treated right now.  D: thank goodness. S is safe right? he didn’t do anything stupid right? K yes he didn’t. D: it would have been big trouble. cop says he was worried S would kill JG. D asks about JG. cop says the doctor checked him and he is ok so they took him into custody. he will go right into interrogation.  she says after it’s over call me right away. she lists all his crimes -murder, threat, abduction, and attempted murder – and says he wont get free this time. that he needs to be kept away from society forever. K remembers asking why did you come to see me. how JG said cuz I thought there should be at least one person in the world who knew my story. I am thinking of going till the end now. K says this will sound crazy but I feel a little sorry for JG. D says you are crazy. you aren’t in your right mind. after how many people JG killed and he broke your arm too. K says I know that guy is terrible.

the ambulance arrives and S fights off the paramedics to go inside. K asks do you know what is the difference between S and JG. D says no I don’t know and I don’t want to know.

As S frantically searches for H inside the hospital calling out Jang Hye sung, K narrates that JG had no one at all – no one to believe in him -no one to listen to his words – no one who loved him. also no one for him to protect. if he had just one person like that- Min JG might have lived differently- like Park Su ha. so that is why I pity JG just a little

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-22-26]

S finds H. they hug and H says – you idiot – I worried that you had died. awhile ago I heard it all – I heard your voice. S: thank you for being alive

S narrates at 7-26-2013 at 5:40pm Min JG was arrested – and the 3 of our story for the past 11 yrs ended like that

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-25-54] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-30-05]

S and H are lying on the hospital bed together holding hands behind a curtain. his leg is in a cast. she asks how his mom passed away. he says she had heart surgery and passed away after a month cuz her body rejected the transplanted organ. (his mom got the donor heart that JG’s wife would have gotten) H says so that is why Min JG got even more angry. cuz the heart that would have saved his wife disappeared like that. S says sorry I didn’t tell you – the more greedy I got I became afraid – I was scared I would lose you. she says you think I look like someone who would throw you away over something like that. dont blame yourself – it wasn’t your fault. he hugs her and thanks her

S narrates at that moment the two of us forgot about one important truth –  when JG was caught- that his hidden past would go out to the world. when that past comes out,  the hidden past about me,  the world would hear. (meaning the crime that S committed -stabbing H)

S kisses her forehead and tells her he loves her and hugs her close.

S: we were drunk on the happiness of being alive and forgot


no preview

When JH pulled Su ha over the ledge with him, I was ready to kill Su ha for being that dumb and reaching out to save him. but after Su ha survived the fall – when I saw the panicked look on his face – I totally forgave him. I seriously almost fainted right along with Hye Sung when Su ha went over the ledge with JG.

this is a strange thought, but did they forget about E18? what are they going to fill a whole hour with tm without the bad guy? please don’t tell me they are going to go visit JG in prison. I rather see Hye sung and Su ha making wedding plans or at least show him in a police uniform.

*just read the written preview about a trial for JG. just what I need in the finale – more court scenes so this time I can type “11 yrs ago” a bazillion times till I’m cross-eyed. I swear K better not defend JG again – K needs to learn showing pity doesn’t mean you have to throw away your conscience. do the right thing for a change and stop pitying killers.

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-41-36]

The intense look on his face captured every emotion he was going through. It’s like one of the best acting I have seen in a while – haven’t seen anything this good since Joowon on OB and Gaksital.

너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-32-18] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-32-30] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-32-37] 너의 목소리가 들려.E17.130731.HDTV.x264.720p-Nalim[00-40-21]


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    I'm not sure how it is on Korea, but here I live this the case of Aberratio ictus. It is ''even though the intended victim in a criminal act was not directly harmed, the actual victim who was harmed is assumed for legal purposes to be the intended victim. '' Like doesn't matter if SH hurt HS instead of MG, because the criminal act was done, attempted murder. SH intended to kill/hurt MG and even though he hurt another person in his place, his intent was there: to kill the person, even though he hurt HS instead. So, it was an attempted murder consumed, it just changed the victim. Just imagine if HS wasn't there, he would kill/hurt badly MG anyway, because if not for HS, old SH would kill MG.

    Even thought we know he wouldn't ever hurt HS, what matters in this case is not the person but his intention. I was so proud of SH when he decided to not lie and go confess. You go SH!

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    Applause to you, Softy for all the nice recaps that you wrote. Thank you very much. I am gonna miss you. Saranghaeyo 🙂


  19. Swee says:

    I just realised I have yet to send you a thank you message, a big thank you Softy for recapping and introducing this drama to me, for spending your precious Wed and Thur nights typing on the ancient IBM, sharing your insights …….
    Btw, have you updated your drama ratings lately ? 😉


  20. rainflower777 says:

    Softy recapped, “S: I think jjang byun still thinks a day will come when our time ends – it doesn’t matter if she thinks that way – even if that end comes, I will find her again and when we start over – we will be happy again.”

    How romantic! That’s what I Iove about SH! His perseverance in love and his courage to take a chance on love. Gah! I’m going to miss this so much! It seems like his IHYV has propelled LJS into a new level of stardom (I haven’t seen him in anything else yet).

    I loved how HS finally got to read SH’s diary! The roles have been reversed and she gets a window into SH’s thoughts. She discovers all of SH’s struggles, feelings and love over the time span of 10 + years and feels crappy about how she’s treated him.

    BTW, I fell in love with the drama when HS picked up that basketball and instead of throwing it back to the players, she threw it down the hill!!! LOL! I know, random, but she’s definitely an atypical heroine! Love her-flaws and all!!! Somehow, HS’s character managed not to be overly annoying….lol! Kudos to LBY’s wonderful acting.

    Softy, I wonder where you’ll place IHYV on your top drama list?


    • Carmela Ai Key says:

      i’ve been strugglin on something actually when he says this ” I think jjang byun still thinks a day will come when our time ends – it doesn’t matter if she thinks that way – even if that end comes, I will find her again and when we start over – we will be happy again.”
      does he means whe they die or something?


      • Russ says:

        Hey Carmela,
        If I can give you what I think it mite be may help or make it worse lol. I think H is worried that down the road, (because of the age gap) that she will become old and he will not want her anymore. That he will want a younger woman. We all know that he could care less but it is something she fears and can’t get rid of it. My wife is older than me and she tells me all the time I will trade her in for a younger model, naaa she looks the same to me as the day we said “I Do” so I can see where she is coming from. I hope this has help you. It was a great story and I will miss it but I am sure there will come another that we all will feel as strong for.


        • Sussie says:

          OMO! goose bumps… so cute to say that about your wife…
          “naaa she looks the same to me as the day we said “I Do”” goose bumps again! That is really nice!


  21. FilChiNY says:

    Thank you so much for once again the super fast recap. I was just thinking, that I hope even if you had to do the recap while watching that you still got to enjoy the final episode like all of us. 🙂 It would really be a shame if not. 😦
    Anyway, one thing is driving me CRAZY! I am still not clear why MJG blamed SH’s dad for his wife’s death. Did he think that the flattering article swayed the doctors and the hospital to give the heart to SH’s mom?! Was it really the case?! THAT IS JUST TOO RIDICULOUS! There are very strict guidelines in this sine we are dealing with life and death! so I am not buying that!
    Then Cha mentioned to JG the lies that H’s dad wrote. WHAT LIES WAS HE TALKING ABOUT?!
    My friends and I were just perplexed! Softy please please enlighten me on this matter.
    Thank you! 🙂


    • Sussie says:

      @Filnichy! you are right. I am a little confused about how that doctor was convinced. Could it be that he was totally tempted cuz of the fame and was thinking about the money he´d gain after he became famous with SH´s dad article? Sounds awful for a doctor.

      @Softy, I hope that you still get to fully enjoy watching episodes despite to be recapping fast. You are amazing, thank you for your effort and sacrifice of sleep time.


      • Sussie says:

        *Filchiny (sorry baout typo! i wrote your username inverted LOL!)


        • FilChiNY says:

          LOL! No problem! Yes this is bugging me. Revelations about SH’s dad’s “culpability” was such a secret and was revealed so slowly…and when they did, I still feel the revelation was sorely lacking! It is REALLY ANNOYING ME!


          • Softy says:

            sorry for the late reply – had Monstar recap and then I had to catch up on sleep.
            I cant read Korean, but from my guess those flattering articles about those break through heart surgeries helps out the hospital and its image so I think the doctors were rewarding Su ha’s dad by giving his wife the heart. Since this is a drama, pretty sure they were exaggerating this could actually happen cuz from what I know about donors and transplant lists in America – it’s super strict and you cant cut in line no matter what.

            I hate to say this, but after hearing about the role Su ha’s dad played in all this, I have to admit JG had some justification for blaming him. if Su ha’s dad didn’t do that, then JG wouldn’t have killed him then JG wouldn’t have gone to prison and then his mom and son wouldn’t die. basically Su ha’s dad was the one who rolled the giant rock down the hill that crushed JG’s entire world. On the other hand, JG should have been smarter and sued the hospital and the doctor for malpractice and gotten a heap of money for letting his wife die cuz there has to be a record of her surgery being canceled an hour before – that proves there was malice done by the hospital and doctors. Or even extort money from Su ha’s dad cuz I bet he would have paid up since Su ha’s dad was in the wrong. then JG could have lived in the lap of luxury with his mom and son. but then if JG had been smart enough to take that route – we wouldn’t have this drama or our couple cuz they would have never met. 🙂


            • FilChiNY says:

              No problem Softy. Thank you fro clarifying this issue. Where did it say an hour before the operation they changed and gave the heart to SH’s mom? That was nowhere in any of the subbed episode in different sites.
              I am so disappointed that the writer did not clarify this crucial issue. All the bad things that happened to our OTP was the result of this revenge. But it was not clearly explained.
              There was a poster on soompi that mentioned that SH’s dad set a trap for the doctor and hospital forcing an hour before the operation basically forcing them to give his wife the heart or else he will write a negative article about the hospital and the doctor. Is this true?
              I mean, for me that whole plot is just RIDICULOUS!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THE WRITER WENT THERE!
              The more believable plot for me would’ve been MJG’s wife didn’t match the tissue of the cadaver donor so she couldn’t have the heart. But MJG, not believing the doctors, got it in his head that SH’s dad somehow manipulated the system. SH’s dad did write the article but he wrote an accurate article without strings attached.
              Did the writers not even think that people might perceive Korea as a country of corrupt people. How can you deny someone LIFE, for that is basically what it is, since this is a matter of life or death, just for a FLATTERING NEWS ARTICLE?!!!!! I just cant believe that this would be possible in Korea. Yes here, there is no way you can cut in line for transplants. I am of the opinion that that is the case for most country including Korea. I just can’t accept this scenario.
              I was telling nonski, that no matter what I will stick with my version. No matter what, there is no justification for murder. Specially in this case, since he went beyond the people “involved” and extended it to SH, HS and HS’s mom!
              Plus the death of his mom and son are both on is head. He is solely to blame since he chose to kill. The consequences of his actions led to their deaths. The quote fro the show is so apt. “You lost your justification when you killed” “When you murder someone you are no longer the victim”
              I wish I can ask the writer to clarify this point. But for me I will believe my version! LOL! For my sanity it has to be my version! LOL!
              Enjoy your play tonight! And thank you again.


            • Softy says:

              on E17 at 40:28 mark JG says an hour before surgery the heart was stolen.

              I think that poster on soompi is making up stuff cuz I don’t remember anyone saying anything about Su ha’s dad setting up any trap for the doctor and threatening to write negative articles. you can clearly see them shaking hands and being friendly.

              also you cant take the heart of a cadaver and implant it into a living person – when the heart is transplanted the donor body has to remain alive- that’s why even when they are brain dead they keep the body alive with oxygen for the heart to keep beating till the transplant can be completed and all the living organs harvested for transfer to different hospitals where recipients are called in and prepped for surgery.

              I know for a fact that Korea is corrupt – just look at the all the previous presidents who went to prison after their presidency ended – there is an alarming number of them that took bribes and stuff. plus sometimes just like in dramas – if you have a dad with connections high up, they will make one call and their child will get out of jail so quick they wont even be processed – lot of bribes and money are exchanged for sure. But in this drama’s case, I really do believe it was all made up. you just cant cancel a transplant surgery an hour before it happens unless there are problems with the heart itself or the recipient.

              Only Joonni and ML are going to the play tonight – I have a severe aversion to musicals – cant stand when people break out in song and dance randomly – that’s why I wasn’t even going to watch Ghost with Joowon. A few years ago my friend lied and I ended up watching the movie Mamma mia and I almost killed her cuz that was just sheer torture. ML knows I hate musicals so she didn’t even bother asking. 🙂


            • FilChiNY says:

              That is what I and other people at soompi thought too. The poster said he/she watched it with Chinese subs and they included translations for what was written on the article etc. But how can the trap be on the article.? You will not write your plan on an article that was published!
              As I’ve said, however the writer intends it to be, I will stick to my own interpretation for my sanity!
              LOL! Your friend is bad! Mamma Mia is the epitome of a musicals! LOL!!!


            • nonski says:

              allow me to cut in to your convo, @softy @filchiny

              actually after watching 17 and 18, i feel like MJG, tho not justified with what he did, has all the reasons for doing it. he has one and had gone through a lot to save his wife only to be left like that. @softy, i think that MJG would not have been able to think of suing, or extorting cash from SH’s dad because i believe if you are going through that much, you’d only see red and you won’t be able to think straight.


  22. Carmela Ai Key says:

    I loved this DRAMA! they r a PERFECT couple despite the age gap! i didn’t think i’d fall so deep in love with this drama… ^^
    but even so…there’s something i can’t understand… and, i’d be SO HAPPY if someone would answer me XD…
    i just finished watching the episode.. and
    he says something like…he knows that she’s nervous about that time that will come…. and when that time will come, she doesn’t have to worry cause he will love her again…
    now can somebody explain to me what is “that time” xD??
    i really can’t understad it (.____.)””


    • Sussie says:

      Hi Carmela! we are all in the same condition…madly in love with this OTP and drama. I am still in heaven after that truly amazing, overwhelming and unforgettable kissing scene. HS´s confession melted me and the way he hugged her… OMO he gives great hugs! I get goose bumps each time i watch that scene! I have memorize so many things of that scene hahaha (for example: at minute 37:17, he winked a little bit… that was so… *swoons*)

      Regarding your concern, personally I interpreted it as HS´s big fear of losing the one she love the most in her world… this fear that is born of insecurity along with the fact that your heart is totally open and exposed.
      When you fall so hard for someone, this person is the one that makes you the happiest but also, is the person who can give you the biggest wound. She is nervous cuz he may die before her (even if it is when they are an old couple more than 70… she is afraid of that day), also she may be nervous thinking that he may get tired of her and abandon her (cuz of her messy personality… which I love by the way hahaha), she may be afraid of an accident that makes him forget her again,… in conclusion, she is afraid of not having him at her side,… regardless if it is in 10 years, 25 years or 50 years!. I don´t think that she is afraid of the age gap anymore, 8 yrs is not so much in real life onece you are both over 25 (now, it is more notable but won´t be when they start both working)
      And that is why she said, that although she will be always afraid, she will treasure each moment and open her heart to him despite getting exposed.

      And SH´s thoughts were so so romantic… cuz it is like saying that he was born to love her so he always love her.


      • FilChiNY says:

        Agree Sussie. I suppose there would always be the insecurity of the younger guy leaving the older woman for someone younger in relationships like our OTP.
        But as SH has said even if he lose her, he will find and fall in love with her all over again


      • nonski says:

        *nods* *nods* totally agree @sussie
        *still on cloud 9 here*
        (sorry ladies, i might be on-off on viber due to wi-fi connections)


  23. Fanderay says:

    I just marathoned this drama over the last day and a half, and IT IS SO GOOD. I feel super antsy now because I hate that it’s over and can’t stand having no more episodes to watch.

    Such good chemistry, and such good characters! I liked that the rivalries and misunderstandings were never super extreme just for the sake of drama. There was plenty of drama without those contrivances, and I never even felt that drop in excitement that most shows have 3 quarters of the way through. I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through.

    Sometimes dramas with age gaps work, and sometimes they don’t, but I hardly even noticed the gap this time because they made such a good couple. There was no big angsty fallout between the two of them either (which is something I also loved about CYHMH). I also appreciated that the age difference wasn’t the biggest obstacle in their relationship (how refreshing!). Pretty much everything about this show was refreshing. Even the court cases were interesting and varied.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to watch dramas lately, and holey moley this drama made me miss it! I’ve been MIA for a long time, but i had to stop by and make sure everyone shares my undying love for this show. Maybe I’ll even do a drawing…any ideas for scenes? I was so hypnotized I forgot to pay attention.

    Have there been any other dramas this good this year? Please say yes![


    • Softy says:

      hey friend,
      it sure has been a while since you’ve been around. There have been tons of great dramas this year. check out Monstar, FBND, and TWTWB. There are tons to draw in that last one for sure.


      • Anonymous says:

        seriously after watching Monstar I’m quite disappointed not really my type of drama. TWTWB, yeah its interesting but in the end of the series I ask my self how crap the writing was. GFB, well the last part is seriously a mess wonder how Lee Seung Gi choose his next role before his enlistment. Then Shark I watch a thousand times of genre like that its a total wreck. And how about the new series of our beloved duo writer Hong Sister’s they’re loosing the sparks and the makjang honestly I feel so weak watching every episode. But the actors of Master’s Sun is fantastic So Ji Sub is adjusting but his good. I hope Heirs will do a fantastic job and touch my heart,


  24. Anonymous says:

    And IHYV the only drama that caught my attention from the start


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