Ojakkyo Brothers E32

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you, SY and TB finally made their way up to the main photo. The reasons are quite obvious. They were long overdue to be in the spotlight and they look good together. I never intended to give them less attention. All along, I just had faith in their relationship. Through all their troubles, the belief that they were going to end up together never wavered. People have been speculating for quite some time that his ex would come back into the picture and shake things up, but I never once worried about these two and their future. Why? Cuz they have the stability of family – not the ones around them, but the one she is carrying right now. Whatever or whoever tries to break them up in life, whether that is his obstinacy in refusing to get married in the beginning, her meddling over attentive mother, and now his ex, none of them can hold a candle to the “gluing” power that little unborn child wields. So after tonight, we might not get another one of these scenes for a while for this couple so I wanted everyone to enjoy this one. 🙂

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It just occurred to me how deceptive that happy shot is going to be cuz this episode is one of the saddest ones in the whole series and no one is going to see it coming. Actually that first screencap of TH might give it away.

*Fanderay will add screencaps and comments on Monday -we finally get her back for two weeks till she gets busy again. 🙂

**Another special thanks to Joonni for all her help -she filled in the blanks for those scenes with KJ and the dad, then TH and the parents, TH’s opening scene, and KJ’s line in the preview. if it wasn’t for her generosity in taking the time to help me translate on nights like this where it’s hard to focus through the tears, I would feel even more lost. Thank you Joonni. 🙂

written right after it aired:

You read the preview so you think you are prepared. You know what’s coming so you expect to feel a little sad, but you never anticipated this. Then the scene comes out and you realize it’s worse than you can ever imagine so you want the scene to end quickly so you can regain control over  your emotions, but the dad keeps talking and each word is more heartbreaking than before… I finally translated this scene ..second time was worse than when I watched it live. even cried during screencapping – that was a first. used up a box of kleenex tonight….

Guess who finally stood up for his hyung? I was so proud of him- I knew he had it in him to be this kind of younger brother.

There are some great scenes – there is a faux kiss, a real kiss, and a change of heart….did I say lately how much I adore this drama? It’s going to top CYHMH at this rate. I know – shocking news. 🙂


Starts from GM saying TH cant meet his mom. TH asks: why can’t I? why can’t I? GM: no matter what, you can’t. until dirt goes into my eyes – you can’t. TH: Then not much time is left- there is no way you will live to be a 100yrs old. GM cries and slaps him. GM: what did you say? say that again- what did you say? TH cries and says: don’t worry GM – that won’t happen – they say she already passed away. she passed away. So don’t worry. Even if I now try to gather the courage, there is no reason for me to be courageous or disobey you. Death is like that. You can’t forgive, and you can’t even say goodbye- it’s complete closure. Your daughter in law –my mom- all the way till the end she betrayed me like that. GM looks at him with tears in her eyes and TH wipes his tears and leaves. mom calls out his name. TP goes after him. *Joonni translated what TH said.

TP stops TH and asks: where are you going? TH tries to get in his car, but TP asks: where are you going alone again? TH tells him to get out of the way. TP: when did she pass away? how did you find out? TH: don’t mess with me and get out of the way. You must grasp the situation now and how I must feel at this moment. TP cries and says: I wont move – if you want to hit – hit cuz I made up my mind and came out. You did this too when I was in high school senior year. When I said I didn’t want to even if I had to die, you came after me all the way to Busan. When I said I wouldn’t go up to Seoul, you tried so many times to make me. So talk. When? how did you find out? Talk – you have to talk for me to know! I am not smart like you and I’m not a mind reader–if you keep your mouth shut like that for over 20 yrs how am I supposed to know everything. Please talk – why do you have to make our family out to be the bad people? Even though I am a terrible younger brother, you should still have told me something like this at least. Why are you so heartless? When and how did you know. Why did she pass away? TH looks at his tears and says: I don’t know either -when and why she passed away. That guy a while ago – that’s what he said. I only heard just that. That she passed away. TP: that jerk is crazy. Instead of before she died, he comes to find you after she passes away and tell you like that? TH: I didn’t ask him. TH gets in his car and drives off.

Mom lays out the blankets and tells GM to lie down. Dad says he will look into it tm about what happened to TH’s mom. GM just sits there not saying anything

Mom looks for medicine for the GM. Mom says the dad needs to take some too and not just the GM cuz his face is pale/white. Dad: I am ok – I was surprised cuz I didn’t even think that could happen (TH’s mom passing away), but it’s not to that extent. (to take medicine). Mom: I didn’t even think this could happen – younger sister in law wasn’t at a young age. she would have passed 50 yrs old now. I feel like I have been hit in the back of my head. I cant even express what’s in my heart. I cant even begin to talk about poor younger sister in law for passing away but what do we do about our poor TH. Dad: this is all my fault – I should have realized sooner. I should have asked sooner if he wanted to see his mom and to let him meet her if he wants. mom: are you the only one who did that? I did that too. He never even once asked about his mom so I wondered – did he forget –does he not remember her. if he was 6 then he should remember so I thought “is it cuz he really accepts me as his real mom” I thought that’s good and was happy. I really had no idea that kid missed his mom that much

TS comes out of work with this coworkers and N is standing there. he smiles and takes a step closer to TS. But TS pretend not to know him and catches up to his coworkers. N watches his dad walk away from him. TS tells the other men to go inside and goes back to N. but N is gone. TS looks for him and sees MS. She asks where N is cuz he wanted to go to TS first while she parked. She asks if TS saw him. TS says how he thinks he saw him but he is gone. MS hits him and they look for N.

SY and TB meet with G about that informant about daewhan group secretary story. G asks who the informant is and if TB checked/confirmed who he was. TB says the informant (Park) worked as the driver for the president and today later on in the afternoon, TB is going to get the scoop from Park. SY says the story came in before but there was no way to corroborate so they couldn’t report it but thankfully since the informant came forward to TB they can release the news faster (before other stations). G asks TB: did he call you himself directly? TB: yes he called my phone directly himself. He said he wanted to tell me everything he couldn’t tell others. That talent you thought I lacked, that person must have sensed it in me. (TB is throwing G’s insult to TB back at G right now and rubbing G’s face in it) G smiles and says do it well. And that he wont forgive another silly mistake like the one TB made before (interviewing the wrong twin) TB: that wont happen.

TB walks out gloating. SY asks what time he is meeting park. TB says at 4. SY tells TB to report directly after meeting him. TB says he will. They just miss seeing HR.

TB and choi are having coffee waiting on Park. Choi says he is jealous of TB that a daebak scoop came in on its own. Choi asks why the guy isnt coming cuz 30 mins passed. TB says don’t worry and calls the informant (Park) and asks where he is cuz TB already arrived. But park hangs up on TB saying sorry but he changed his mind and to act like he didn’t say anything cuz he thinks his boss suspects. TB tries to reach him again. Choi asks what is going on.

TB goes to park’s home and knocks and park doesn’t pick up his calls. Choi says they waited enough and leaves first. Park calls back and changes his mind and wants to meet at the appointed place. so TB runs to go meet him, but there is a kid stuck in an elevator and TB feels conflicted and wants to leave but the crying kid inside bothers him so he goes back. The grandma says it’s been a while since the kid has been trapped inside. He gets the door open and calls out to the kid to wait for the security guard. But the kid says save me so TB goes in after him. He says everything is ok and says let’s go up with ajusshi. He lifts the kid and hands him to the grandma. TB climbs back up, but the door closes and he hits his head and falls

TS and MS are still looking for N. TS asks if she found N yet. MS says no. she says how far she went that direction and asks if N wasn’t in the direction TS had gone. TS went all the way to the subway and N wasn’t there. MS wonders where N could have gone in such a short time. she asks TS to think where N could have gone. She says to think about where he said he wanted to go and TS says no there isnt any place cuz N was always just at home. She says to think again cuz kids don’t just say things without meaning them. TS remembers how N wanted to go to school. TS tells her that.

They go to a school nearby. MS finds N sitting on top of a slide. MS tells N to come down right now in a stern voice. N slides down and MS yells at him. Who told you to come here alone without saying anything – didn’t ajumma tell you to wait in front of the hospital. answer me – did I say that or not? N cries. MS: why are you crying – what did you do well to cry? You don’t answer when I ask- are you not going to stop crying? TS tells her to stop. She ignores him and scolds N: if I ask you to wait you should have waited. Why did you come here alone when you don’t know the way. Who taught you like that? Did your mom teach you like that? Answer me. N shakes his head no. MS: then why did you do this on your own? You are safe today cuz your dad and ajumma found you. what would you have done if we didn’t find you – doesn’t it matter if you are separated from your dad forever? Is that what you want? N: no. TS pushes her away and asks why she is doing that to the kid and making him cry. He tells her to stop. TS tells N not to cry. N keeps crying so TS gets down on his knees and says stop crying -how can a boy cry so much. N suddenly stops and tries to obey. TS: that’s right – stop crying – just don’t do that again (run off). He wipes N’s tears. TS: don’t cry. N: I was wrong. I was wrong. TS: ok don’t do that again. N: yes. TS uses his sleeve to wipe N’s tears.

MS and TS are in her truck and N is sleeping between them. N leans his head on his dad’s shoulder. TS thanks MS for today. MS: only people say that – are you a person (human being) for pretending not to know your own son? TS: must you say it like that?

TB wakes up in the hospital. He looks at the time and gets up quickly. Doctor asks if TB has regained his senses (like knows where he is and stuff) TB says he is fine and asks if he can go. Doc says wait a minute and asks him to move his hands and feet. TB obeys and says nothing is wrong. Doc reads the chart and says the CT result shows nothing wrong and says nothing else is wrong and there is just a slight concussion so if TB doesn’t feel good to come back to the hospital right away. TB thanks him and runs off.

TB keeps trying to call Park but the phone has been turned off. Choi calls and says the office is in an uproar cuz park gave the daewahn group secretary story to another station UBC. TB: what? TB looks over and and it’s on UBC’s news now. G yells at TB: what kind of guy are you? you got the call first from the informant and lose the scoop? What were you doing instead of meeting him? During that time where and what were you doing? TB bows his head down and says: I am sorry. G: you said you wouldn’t make another mistake. Were you bragging like that to show me this side of you?

When they get home, SY asks wait a minute and holds TB’s arm. She asks how TB hurt his forehead and asks if something happened. TB: yes I got hurt. SY: then why didn’t you meet him? cuz TB isnt the type of person not to go out and meet someone when he promises to. Something happened didn’t it- what is it? TB says he doesn’t want to talk about it and for her to stop asking. She yells at him in banmal ordering him: talk even if you don’t want to – I am your team leader and your wife. TB: I said I didn’t want to talk about it. SY: ya! I said to talk. TB: ya? Ya cha SY

GM is lying down. Mom asks GM to get up and eat some of the GM’s favorite porridge. Mother you have to get up and eat some. you didn’t eat anything last night too. You have to so you can have some strength. Mother. GM says: I lived too long – it’s a sin to live so long after your child died. I want to stop living. I really want to stop living. Mom cries and says mother. GM: why do the heavens not take who they are supposed to take – why don’t they take me and keep taking young and precious people. GM closes her eyes and the mom cries.

KJ meets with the dad and TP. KJ: you can say it whatever it is. Dad says it’s about his sister in law and wonders what to call her so TP says just use her name. so Dad says he came to meet about Oh YJ (TH’s mom) I heard you met TH and told him news about her – that she passed away. KJ says he was hoping officer Hwang would come but the dad came. Yes she passed away. Dad: When and how?KJ: Earlier this year. It was cancer. When it was discovered, the lung cancer was already terminal. Dad: So when you guys returned to Korea?KJ: Yes. My mother wanted to spend her last days in Korea. You want to ask why I didn’t contact officer hwang don’t you. dad: yes. KJ: until the end, Mom wouldn’t let me contact him. After over 20 years of not contacting him, living without being his mom, she didn’t think she should contact him now and show him how sick she was and then die. But she missed him a lot. She said that GM wouldn’t, on her life, let her see TH. GM also wouldn’t let her take TH when she got remarried. Dad says KJ shouldn’t be the one to be saying that. Dad asks if TH’s mom left any keepsakes or final words for TH. KJ says there is but he wants to give it to TH directly when TH comes to see him. TP says: just give it to us cuz my hyung wont come here. KJ: please tell him to come – it’s my mom’s keepsakes that I have to give him so I want to be able at least fulfill that duty (as a son). Dad thanks KJ for his time since he is busy. Before they leave KJ says he is going to see the farm again either today or tm. Dad says let’s go to TP

TP tells the dad to go wait in the car cuz he left behind his cell phone.

TP goes back in. KJ asks what’s going on. TP says he thinks he left something in that seat and asks KJ to get up so he can look for it. KJ points out TP didn’t sit here awhile ago. KJ stands and TP punches KJ. TP: in front of my family -You don’t have the right to talk about my GM or have the right to meet my hyung like that. I don’t know what you and your dad are planning, but don’t show up in front of my hyung or in front of me. My patience is weak but when you mess with my family, it gets weaker. I warned you – don’t show up in front of my hyung. After he leaves, KJ mutters that TH has good (family) support

KJ goes to see J in the studio. He asks if everything is going well. He gets a call from the team leader and talks about the park construction and to start construction as soon as possible and to talk later. J listens. She asks if they are pushing up the construction date for the park. KJ: did you hear? We are trying our best to move it up. (the set date of construction) so before we start construction, we need to go and take pictures of the background (for the animation story) J:what? KJ: let’s go take pictures of every corner of the farm. The background is really important. Get up. J tries to get out of it saying: no…I…but KJ says: the writer has to see it so what are you talking about. Can you write without seeing what’s in front of your eyes. Then you don’t need to go.

TH sits in his car and was about to call KJ but sees KJ coming out. TH was about to go and meet him but TH sees J coming out too – walking together with KJ. He watches KJ opening the door for J and both of them getting in the car.

TP and Y pass out fliers to hikers. Y asks them just for five minutes of their time and TP says to take the fliers first. It looks like he is going to make a sales pitch about their outdoor products, but we don’t get to hear it.

TP opens a bottle of juice for Y. she thanks him. He tells her to rest and he will go alone to the ski place. She says no go together cuz it’s better that they go together than him going alone. She gets up and asks if she just needs to get the products together. He says he already put them in the car. Girl worker says someone came to see the manager. That other girl from the club shows up and waves at TP calling him “phil”. Y repeats “Phil?” TP whispers to Y: please help me. Y: what? TP: just please hold still (meaning play along) He puts his arm around Y’s shoulders. the girl asks if this ajuuma (Y) really is TP’s girlfriend. Y: ajumma? Girlfriend? TP: as you can see – I told you she is my girlfriend. TP hugs Y closer. Y: omo omo. TP says: we are going to get married. Y looks at him. Girl says: what? TP says to the girl: that’s why give up on me now. TP says to Y: let’s go baby. Y: baby? TP makes kissy sounds as he leads Y away from the girl.

TP has his arm around Y as they leave. Y asks: what are you doing now. TP: this is the only way or else she will come find me every day at the store. He opens the door for Y and tells her to wait a second and puts a strand of hair in place and tells her to get in (using banmal). Y plays along and says: ok. When they are in the car, he offers to put her seatbelt on for her cuz the girl is watching. He asks Y to smile. Y sort of smiles strangely. TP wonders if this is enough (to get rid of the girl) Y says: what do we do –she doesn’t look like she will give up easily. TP says there is one sure way to shake her off. Y asks what that is. He says suddenly “let’s kiss once.” Y: what? He suddenly puts his mouth close to Y’s as the girl runs over closer to stare. TP just keeps his face directed inches away from Y’s. then he puts his hand behind her neck and looks into her eyes. suddenly Y puts her hand on the back of TP’s head so it looks like they are making out. Girl finally leaves.

SY’s mom and dad show up. mom sees a couple making out and mom averts her eyes and wonders what they are doing so flagrantly. Dad says they shouldn’t do that in front of someone else’s store. Dad is shocked and points out this is Y’s car. Y and TP are really going at it pretending to be making out turning their heads to the left and right. Y sort of looks like she is enjoying this a bit. Mom looks through the window and screams “get out.” Y and TP separate suddenly and TP looks scared out of his mind.

at work, TH gets a call from dad.

TH meets with the dad and mom. TH sits next to mom and dad sits across from him.Dad says he came from meeting KJ just now and heard news about your mom. She died early this year from cancer and the reason she wouldn’t let KJ contact him was because she didn’t think was a right to let you see her for the first time in 24 years as as pathetic person. KJ said that she missed you a lot. When she was getting remarried, she wanted to take you but GM was against it and so was I. I thought it was your mom’s fault your dad died in a hit-and-run. It wasn’t a simple car accident. It was a hit-and-run. I was afraid it would scar you since you were young so I didn’t tell you. the reason we blamed your mother was because your mom was in graduate school. So GM raised you and your dad broke his back (figure of speech for worked hard) trying to pay for your mom’s tuition. But still your dad didn’t complain even a word and every night he went out to meet your mom at the bus stop. After he went out to meet your mom, he was in that accident. And then within two years your mom remarried so that is why your GM wouldn’t let you even talk about your mom. I, who lost a younger brother, felt like my heart would break and blamed your mother for no reason, so think about how it must have been for your grandmother who lost her son. Still after time passed we should have corrected this– we should have told you to meet your mother if you missed her. So you could have at least been by her deathbed. I am sorry – it’s dad’s fault. There is nothing about me that is full so I am always one or two steps behind. Someone suddenly leaving without a word- I know that feeling better than anyone. That’s how I lost your dad to the accident. but you should have said something –if you wanted to see your mom that much you should have said that you miss your mom. “where did my mom go and why wont you let me meet her? now that I am all grown, tell me about my mom.” did I give you so little faith in me? When you gained admission to the police academy too. Why did you decide that on your own and just do as you please? Even if I don’t have any skills, I am still your dad. even though I lack – I still worry about my child and share your heartache – that’s a parent. Mom cries quietly. Dad: if you decide everything on your own, then why do I need to live as your dad? it would have been better to call me older uncle. even though I know how you feel now, but today I feel hurt – to that kid I wasn’t a dad but an older uncle. The mom next to you was just an older aunt. TH says softly: that wasn’t it dad. that wasn’t it. Dad: I am not just your real dad’s hyung. Even when I meet your real dad, I’m the dad that doesn’t want to give you back to him-so why did you live with your heart aching alone –why did you do that? so that I feel so ashamed that I cant hold my head up and feel this heart ache.

TH: I am sorry. Tears flood out of TH so the mom moves closer to him and pats his leg and says I know how you feel in your heart without you saying anything. I know how your heart feels. She rubs his back and hugs him. Mom cradles his head in her arms and says: I am sorry – I am sorry I lacked/didn’t do enough – my poor baby – wasn’t able to let you meet your real mom- I am so sorry. Mom is sorry – my baby. She keeps hugging him, rubbing his back, and petting his head and calling him her baby. Dad cries too as TH sobs

At work people find out TB saved a kid in the elevator and that’s the reason why TB couldn’t make that meeting with the informant. others say TB should have said earlier that happened. he should have spread rumors that he did that. TB asks how they know. The kid’s dad left a message on the IBC homepage that he is grateful to reporter Hwang. others say TB is number one on the internet search sites as the nation’s hero and people are going crazy over it. Everyone claps for TB. SY looks proud.

On the rooftop, TB said he wasn’t going to tell anyone all the way till the end but now the entire nation found out. She says even if he didn’t tell the entire nation shouldn’t he have told her. how could you deceive me about that. TB: are you really a reporter? That wasn’t deception, I just didn’t tell you. what the right hand knows don’t let the left hand know. (must be some Korean aphorism I don’t get) TB says she doesn’t need to make that kind of face over it and says “just spread the rumor that I am this kind of guy.” He smirks in satisfaction.

SY asks how he gave up his scoop to do that good deed. She asks if someone pushed his back (urging him to do good things I think) TB: you know that well – someone did urge me. Someone who eats well –some woman who cant control her gas (bladder problems) whenever she opened her mouth she said to me. (He quotes everything she said to him that night when they were both drunk right before he kissed her about what kind of reporter he should be). She is moved as she listens to him quoting her words. TB finishes his quote: what kind of reporter do you want to remain as – that woman pushed my back. (urged him on). he says the weather is cold and suggests going in, but she suddenly kisses him. SY: you did well. This is the award I am giving you. she shyly tries to walk away but he pulls her back. TB holds her hand and says: if you are going to give an award- you should give it properly. He kisses her longer

On the elevator down, TB and SY smile at each other. The doors open and HR is standing there. TB and HR stare at each other in surprise and the door closes.

KJ and J arrive at the farm and walk to the front of the house. KJ: wait a minute – is this front yard where O-Ja (J’s duck character) set up the tent. J:yes. KJ says he needs to take a picture of it. J has scene flashbacks of each place: starting from that front yard-  the first time she greeted the mom with her tent next to her and how she tied TH’s tie and how TH and ajumma checked on her during the rain. How she was chased out by the mom. KJ takes photos around the duck coop and J looks at the picnic table where she talked to the mom and looks at the outhouse and remembers how TH gave her tissue. She looks at the duck coop and how she was so scared at first and then how she scared TH by holding up the duck to his face. How the GM tossed red peppers at her for talking back. How J sprayed pesticides – when they harvested the pears- how happy J and ajumma were when they got rid of the plant disease

*A song from Nell played the whole time. Lyrics: when time flows, heart flows, like that -flow together-I live cuz of your memory-cuz my heart and time stops…(this song is too hard to translate, but it sure is pretty)

Dad and mom come over. Dad asks what brings J here. KJ says: you came – I told you I would be coming to look around the farm. Didn’t I. Dad asks if they came together. KJ explains: yes she is the writer for our movie company. I heard she lived here for a short time at the farm. The mom stares at J.

When KJ and J walk back to the car, the mom calls out J’s name and comes over. J turns away and doesn’t face the mom. mom looks at her and says: today at the realty office, we signed the contract for the home we are moving to. Since there won’t be a chance to meet again, since you are here take this with you. she hands J a bag, but J doesn’t take it. J: what is it? Mom: just take it – it’s yours. J: what is it? I have to know what it is to accept it or not. Mom tries to put it in her hand saying it’s yours so just take it and go. J pulls away and it falls to the ground. J: why are you like this? Mom: what crime did objects commit? She picks it up and explains: it’s nothing at all – I don’t have much so I couldn’t prepare anything. It’s that winter underwear I bought you last time and a scarf. Even if you hate me to death, this winter live wearing this. They say this winter will be really cold. J doesn’t reply or look at her so KJ says to give it to him. He accepts it and the mom asks him to let them talk alone for a minute. KJ says yes and that he will wait in the car.

J: why? Mom: since we won’t have a chance to meet again, I have something I didn’t get to say even once cuz there was no chance. ajumma is sorry. I am sorry. till I die I am sorry. I won’t ask you to forgive me. till you die don’t forgive me, grit your teeth and hate me and live like that. that’s how you can survive and live in this tough world. but just in case a day comes when you want to eat that abalone porridge or anything– no – no I was just saying something that can’t ever happen (she stumbles over her words.) Anyway live so you aren’t cold ok? her voice breaks as she cries and says “ok then go well– go well” and runs away crying. J cries and watches her leave

*I cried twice for this scene alone-once as I was watching live and then during translations. Then I bawled twice for TH’s scene with GM, then TP’s scene with TH, and then TH and the parents – it’s a wonder I have any tears left.

J is about to get in the car and turns around to look back in the ajumma’s direction. then she looks down at the plan for the theme park and the ajumma’s gifts. KJ gets out of the car after talking on the phone. he was saying into the phone that he took the pictures of the layout/background and will call later. J walks over to him. J: Kim PDnim- I won’t sell the farm.



Y explains they were acting –pretending (to kiss) to make TP’s ex break it off with him. SY’s mom says she believes what Y said but get another manager and make TP quit. Y yells back:I dont want to- I dont want to -the person I want to fire is not TP but you

TH says sorry to GM for behaving so badly and rudely to her. GM:what are you talking about – what did you do wrong. he gets her to come out and eat. TP jokes: our GM finally came out – she doesnt need any of us – she just needs TH hyung.

KJ: Just like you said, I’m thinking of applying for insurance. In return, you have to accept a condition. JE: What is it? KJ: You have to go out with me 20 times. JE: Why? KJ: Because I have an interest in you. (Joonni translated KJ’s lines so now they are accurate)


Just to add – I dont think he said that in a sexual harassment kind of way – if this guy has shown anything so far, it’s that he isnt a malicious person. he must have some agenda for asking her out like that and it could end up being another joke or passing comment like last time so we shouldnt jump to any conclusions just yet. Next week when this episode airs and he actually meant it the way we think, then I will go online even before I post and tell you in advance to start freaking out.

I wonder why J doesnt want to sell the farm anymore. she still needs the money so did she say that to mean she won’t sell it to KJ so the farm wont be destroyed or does she intend to sell it to someone else. I paid close attention to her exact words and it was “I won’t sell the farm.” That makes me think she wants to live here, but how does she expect to run a farm by herself. I dont think the ajumma’s apology melted all the sting of betrayal, but at least I think J wont be as icy towards the ajumma anymore.

Also I am wondering what TH’s mom left for him. Maybe she got someone to stalk him and take pictures of him over the years to keep tabs on him. Better yet I hope she wrote him letters she never got to send him so that he knows he was loved all those years.

The weather in Korea turned suddenly. Just last week and up to a few days ago it was in the low to mid 70s and starting from yesterday it got chilly. But now winter is here cuz temperature dropped to mid 30s at night and mid 40s during the day. The reason for this weather alert is just to let you know our OB cast is going to start suffering soon doing outdoor filming. I feel so bad for them cuz they have to stand out there for hours to shoot a scene. This drama started in August and it’s already almost 4 months old now. Summer, fall, and winter will have passed before it ends. As I watched J stand there looking around the farm and remembering everything that happened there, it made me feel a bit nostalgic too. Even though I covered a lot of dramas over this past year, I don’t know if there will be another one like this that took a complete hold of my heart. When it ends, I hope it will let me go gently. Knowing this drama, I believe only happy endings await us.

Fanderay’s Comments:

I have a feeling this is going to be extremely long since I have weeks and weeks of silence to make up for.  The pace has definitely been picking up lately, and there’s lots to talk about!  Normally I would try to only talk about the current episode, but after my absence my thoughts are all mixed up.

I’ll start with TH since these last few episodes have really belonged to him.  It occurred to me several weeks ago that TH was probably initially drawn to J because they actually have a lot in common, despite how they appear to others.  They are both essentially orphans that have felt the pain of abandonment, and they have both lived somewhat phony lives (in the sense that they always hid when they were having a hard time).  Despite her problems at home J seemed like the perfect girl living the perfect life (she was practically royalty at school) and the world was basically her oyster.  TH was always the ideal “son” with good manners and a level head, even though he never felt like a real son at all.  J is certainly likable on her own, but I think that her situation is largely responsible for TH opening up to her and showing her some warmth (in his gruff THish way).

The reason I bring this up now is that I think J’s past is also a big part of why TH wandered over to her place after finding out about his mom.  Even though he likes her, they haven’t really dated and it’s not like he’s used to leaning on her.  Out of everyone he knows however, she would understand what he’s going through the most (not that he gets up the courage to say anything).

As much as I like KJ (he always acts responsibly) I think it would be pretty easy to hate him in TH’s shoes.  KJ lived with TH’s mother as his own (despite not having any biological connection), brought the news of that mother’s death, is becoming close with the girl TH likes, and is buying the farm TH grew up on (speaking of which…I wonder why KJ’s dad chose it?).  I do think it’s quite cute that KJ wants acknowledgment from TH so badly, and I hope they don’t stay on bad terms forever.

The scene between TH and the parents this episode was extremely touching, but also quite surprising.  I was expecting something more along the lines of fury, but maybe TH is all out of anger?  TH lived his life thinking his mom didn’t want him, but it turned out that the GM just wouldn’t let her take TH.  Personally I would feel quite resentful about that, but I suppose a large part of TH just wants to feel like he’s part of a family, and he realizes now who that is.

Finally we have seen some real TS progression; I was relieved to see him act like a father!  His storyline so far has been fairly predictable, and I’m glad that he has gotten to the place we all expected so the main focus can be on his development as a person (which is much needed!).

I suppose TB’s story-line has also been a bit predictable, but it’s never mattered because it’s been so much fun watching him grow with SY as a couple.  I admire SY’s loyalty and the fact that she doesn’t waver at all for G, despite his obvious interest.  Instead she is delighted with TB’s every act of jealousy, and it’s fun her make comprises and argue with TB, all because they both want to be closer to each other.  I found it a bit irksome that we only got about 3 seconds of post-kiss marital bliss before the HR bomb dropped on TB, but I am admittedly curious about how it’s going to play out.  Since TB’s feelings for SY are very new, I don’t think he’ll handle HR nearly as well as she’s handled G.

And of course I can’t forget TP.  I feel like he’s stepping up and becoming more of a man with every single episode.  He’s done a complete 180 from despicable to admirable, particularly when it comes to TH.  I love that he always goes out of the way too look out for his family, and that he’s so willing to swallow his pride and make changes to how he treats others.  Out of all the brothers, I think he feels the most guilt towards TH.  Besides treating TH the worst, he was also the one with the most potential to make TH feel like a part of the family.  He was TH’s only younger brother, and as a result he was the only one in a position to look up to TH and treat him like a hyung.  It would be easy for TH to feel like any kindness from the older brothers was simply pity, but being treated like a hyung would have been something distinct and meaningful.

Does anyone know what the actual age difference between TP and Y is?  I’m surprised by how much I like them as a couple and think they have cute chemistry, although it would be pretty weird if TP became TB’s uncle-in-law.

I really admired J these last couple episodes, and the scene at the gun range with TH was one of my favorites.   They both seemed so vulnerable, and I thought that J was incredibly brave to confront TH like that.  When she used TH’s words about feelings not going away easily, it seemed like she wasn’t just talking about TH and his mom, but also about herself and TH.  J was also extremely mature in her dealing with the farm and the step-mom, and I’m curious to see how all this farm stuff plays out now that the O-family already has somewhere to move to.

As far as the preview goes, I actually have no problem with KJ wanting to date J (although I’m not convinced it will happen).  Of course I’d love to see TH and J get married next episode, but maybe a third person is what they need to realize that they don’t want to be with anyone else but each other.  Yeesh though.  If KJ dates J we won’t see a TH kiss until episode 49!

I’ll save the rest for another day, but I will add that I luuuurv that new Nell song.  It’s definitely my favorite OB song, and one of the best soundtrack songs this year (imo).  Maybe some lovely person will make an OB MV out of it!


219 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E32

  1. nonski says:

    after TH-J and TB-SY couple, i love mom and TP next.

    mom just hit the right spot on my heart and she really showed so much love for her family.

    likewise TP has stepped up and is showing us the real man that he is. I just hope that he continues to be such. really love the part when he showed that he really cared about TH and will stand by his side and their family. just look at how he talked at KJ.


  2. Zura says:

    There’s another extended preview for ep 33. I can’t seem to upload it here.. Mianhae.. The first few seconds catch glimpse of SY & TB. All I know is TB’s ex girlfriend is back and he went to see her.. SY’s eyes tells that she is sad.. Ah I don’t wanna her stress out since she pregnant now. Any kind soul, please post the vid if you saw it. Thank you.


  3. dp says:

    ep33 preview


    • Rainyrain says:

      Thankuuu dp , me not liking the sad looks on SY’s eyes , my poor SY couldn’t be happy for a long time 😦


    • Softy says:

      It is mostly the same as last week’s E33 preview except in the first part, TB lies to SY and tells her to go home first cuz he has to go back to the office for something. then he goes looking for his ex girlfriend HR. SY tells herself – “dont think anything weird, TB is late now cuz of work.” next morning SY asks him: do you have anything to say to me? TB: about what? SY: no it’s fine if you dont have anything (to say).

      The rest is the same. Thanks dp for the preview 🙂


      • Zura says:

        Thank you Softy. Me not liking how TB lied to SY. I know he didn’t want to break SY’s heart by telling the truth but it’s just good if he confess to her truthfully. That sad looking from SY’s face breaks me to see her like that. TB should confess to his ex already that he is married. Since he had long relationship with her for long years and still bears feeling for her, I can’t blame him 100%, because I understand that.. But I just wish to see TB make the right decision.


        • Softy says:

          What I am wondering is what he said to his ex girlfriend when they met up cuz we didnt get to hear any of that. we will finally know this weekend if HR is married or not and whether TB told her he was married or not. if he keeps that a secret then we are in trouble. so basically after this weekend, everyone will still be in love with him or want to beat the crap out of him if he makes SY cry or upset cuz she is carrying his baby. 🙂 Also I just realized if he ever mistreats SY, TB has to answer to the scariest person on the drama – her mom. 🙂


          • Zura says:

            Yeah you are right. You make me smile now 🙂 On the other side, I know TB will make the right choice. Its all up to him. If not, like you said, he will be facing SY’s mom.


          • Flo says:

            so basically we will have TB cheating on his wife and JE cheating on TH. SY and TH will be heartbroken. ..seems another week end with anger and frustration :p

            It is snowing here in Canada.so romantic outside. white everywhere and so cold. I need romantism this week end! warm moments to heat up my apartment. cross fingers for the other couple to made up for the two last


      • Rainyrain says:

        Thanks softy for the translation , now feeling even sadder for SY 😦 writernim since u’r going to make things hard for our second cute couple then give us some happy moments for TH-JE pweetty pleaaaaase


    • Bochra Bsm says:

      not feeling good about this!! hope am wrong.
      thank you guys!! as always what a pleasure!!


  4. Lita says:

    i wondering… is there any TH&J’s scene on E33 ?????? oh its makes me saaadddd……


    • Softy says:

      I am sure there will be scenes with J and TH – they just have to cuz they are one of the main couples. plus if the writer does that again and only show one scene with them together, I swear there will be a riot on their hands at KBS and the ratings will drop. I still have those picketing signs somewhere and now that Fanderay is back, maybe she can make those signs look prettier. 🙂 I even missed attending the Melon awards tonight to see if E33 preview would have something new in it.


      • Lita says:

        thanks a lot softy for the reply..yes i hope soo..there will be scenes with my Ta-eun Couple on E33..even only show one scene its ok for me..there wasnt any scene with TH&J on E32 and it was very sad..and now if there is’nt any scene between them on this week Ep..like rainy said i think my patience will come to its end too…
        i keeps wondering how can the writer still delayed the sweet moments with TH&J..there is only 18ep left…i.m afraid there is’nt lovey dovey scenes between them..
        i have alot of friends in indonesia even we shares some thoughts about OB via Facebook..even they call us OB fans maniac…once again thank you very much softy for everything..insyaAllah the writer doesnt makes the audiences dissapointed.on this week episodes..


    • Rainyrain says:

      Yes wonder the same too , ok personally I think my patience Will come to its end soon so they’d better show some/many TH-JE’s scenes


      • Softy says:

        If you think about it, TH and J had lots of cute scenes in the past and 18 more episodes is a lot. It’s the same amount as a whole drama so I think there will be lots of cute scenes coming up for TH and J in the future. Their characters just needed to go through this sad part now and then get past it. I really don’t think the writers will keep them apart again this weekend cuz that’s just wrong. I don’t normally curse or use any profanity on my blog, but if they don’t come out together this weekend, I will be swearing non-stop. 🙂


        • Anonymous says:

          i reaally really hope the writer does read your comment, and everybody elses above, and get scared and have mercy on us AND MAKE THE “TH AND J” CUTE SCENES COME OUT THIS WEEK IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY!! lool!
          am saying that cz “enough with the crying plz am getting depressed whenever i think how they will solve this”!!!
          about TB : not feeling god at all!!


        • Rainyrain says:

          I’m not used to say big words too softy but I will be swearing with if they don’t show enough scene of TH-JE together


  5. LadyIgraine says:

    as much as i hate the fact that taebum will get tempted by the ex, i think she’s necessary for both taebum and sooyoung’s relationship to move forward for good. i already knew after the writers decided to show her picture, that she’ll pop up eventually on future episodes. as cliche her role is (which majority of kdramas tend to do), she’ll play a major role in strengthening taebum and sooyoung’s growing affection for one another. will taebum be able to resist temptation or he’s in it for the trap?


  6. magicplusfours says:

    re ep 33 preview:

    Are SY and HR in the same office? SY could always put poison into HR’s coffee, and if TB gets up to no good, she could also put poison into his coffee.

    I wish.

    Anybody know what’s with Y yelling at her sister? That seems to be a change in their dynamic.


    • Softy says:

      I can answer that. for the first time in her life, Y actually made a sale and was proud of her store and working with TP made all that happen. for her sister to tell her what to do now is out of the question cuz Y is finally enjoying how life is going for her. I think doing well with her store and having that sense of accomplishment finally gave Y the backbone to talk back to her sister after all these years. It’s about time Y stood up for herself. Now if only she can stop being so clumsy, helpless, and forgetful then maybe I can wish for something to happen with TP cuz they looked really cute during the fake makeout scene. 🙂


      • magicplusfours says:

        Thank you Softy.

        Can I blame her clumsiness, helplessness and forgetfulness on her sister? But Y is an adult. She did get out from under her sister’s influence for a few years being in the States, and that should have helped her become more independent. And stop the steamroller (her sister) from flattening her so often now.


  7. Anonymous says:

    i really hope thast there will be “taeun” scenes this week, because they didn´t show any scenes in the preview.:( i know it´s a family drama and there are other things than taehee and jaeun lovestory, but THEY are the main couple in this drama and NOT sy and taebum. I like them too, but they take too much time in the drama compared to the main couple. let´s hope for more scenes with taehee and jaeun and expecially for a KISS or at least a HUG!!! PLEASE DIRECTORnim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    if jaeun agree to go on 20 dates with kj, that means there won´t be any romantic scenes with taehee until ep. 49 or 50?! o god!!!!!
    sry for my bad eng


    • Anonymous says:

      omo. you had same thought with me.. iam think i am the only one who think like that.. ya like you said. TB & SY like a main couple .. i notices the scenes beetween them always take minimum 5 minutes and even more of the scenes have 10 minutes..compared to TH&JE its only 2 or maxsimum 5 minutes….and they already had two kiss scenes, maybe in the future they will be a lot of kiss scenes, since the writer seems like the couple very much..
      sorry for TB & SY shippers.. acctually i like them too.they already have alot of scenes together in precious episode…. but right now i need my Ta-eun couple more than any one…


      • Lita says:

        aya .. dont be angry ..cause even TH & J’s scenes take a little time compared to TB & SY couple. TH & J’scenes are sweeter than TB & SY’scenes…back to previous episodes.the backering scenes,. the neckties scene, sleeping together in the tent scene,”flick” scene, rescue scene,” bandage scene even the pushed againt the wall scene.. it were much..much memorable scenes compares to even a kiss scene.. so dont worry just be patience and pray.. i believe the writer knows how the feeling of her audiences about TH & JE couple.. she must prepared a great scene between them..and i hope its comes soon
        and about TB & SY ,they are married couple, so of course they must have time together in every scene..


        • Anonymous says:

          oh the writer is a woman? soo i think she will understand how i feel!:) please give us another cute scenes like necktie or staring eyes in ep.19!!! 😀


  8. Anonymous says:

    *that ( first line)


  9. Lita says:

    i keep remember what TH said”Baek Ja eun , I think I Like You”.. and copied as my ring back tone in my handphone until now… i want to change it after i hear TH says : Baek Ja eun .. I Really Love You..”


  10. mizuki-chan says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaww, i very love it. have a lot of picture.. it make very interest.. 😀
    please in the next episode until end, dont forget to add a lot of picture in each scene.. thank you veryyy muuuuuuuch…. hehhehhe


  11. Softy says:

    I still can’t believe how well these characters are dressing lately. Both J and TH are dressing so much better as if KBS gave them a wardrobe upgrade. I was just getting E33 post ready and realized that even though J and TH didnt share any scenes together in this episode, they are both wearing black leather jackets like a couple. 🙂 I was crying too much last week to notice but his leather jacket is one of the nicest he has ever worn so far on the show (next to that white one he wore on E30 and E31). This black one has asymmetrical (unbalanced) collar and it looks stunning on him. I love J’s leather jacket too cuz it’s a cape style. I really really hope after J’s scene with KJ, she meets up with TH before he goes home later that night so there can be a screencap of them looking like couples who dress alike. 🙂
    *at second glance, his jacket might be a shearling or lambskin – not leather. Oops.
    The other thing I was wondering about was why KJ’s dad wanted to buy this farm and build his theme park here. I bet his dad wants revenge. Pretty sure he was angry that TH’s mom had to live being so miserable and not getting to watch her son grow up and then die with regrets about not seeing her son. That is the only motive I can think of for him to want to take away this land from the Hwang family. they took her child so he wants to take their land. it makes sense.


    • YeeKrFan says:

      It does NOT make sense Softy! Cuz that will definitely HURT TH and I think that is the last thing he want to do to hurt his beloved wife biological child. I still think that he want to make it up to TH or maybe it’s just a business deal for the farm. Hmmm…need to know what is the keepsakes from the mom to TH to figure out more….hope we will find out by next episode!


  12. Anonymous says:

    waiting for ep 33.


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