Ojakkyo Brothers E31

I chose to put J up as the main photo tonight for one main reason: her self sacrifice. By putting aside her own feelings of betrayal and hurt and considering what TH is going through at this moment, she finally followed the right instinct. She knew exactly what TH needs to do the most right now and didn’t care that it probably goes against what the grandma wants. Grandma never asked J to go to TH. J went on her own cuz she knows this is TH’s chance to meet his birth mother. A chance J would kill to have if she could to meet her own mom. Since it’s too late for her, she doesn’t want TH to lose out on his. Nothing else mattered to her at this moment. For her to stand there and endure his harsh words and accept them and be understanding that they came from a source of pain, she deserves some kind of award cuz not many women would put up with that. She showed some bravery by throwing his words back at him (the ones he used for her) to convince him. If only she knew how much more pain they must have given him since he already knows he can no longer meet his mother.

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Thank you so much Joonni for the written preview translations and for all the other scenes you contribute your time and talent every week. 🙂

*Just to let you know Fanderay will add screencaps on Monday so I will try to add a few for tonight and E32


TH walks around in a daze. he remembers KJ saying his mother passed away.

flashback to a young TH. he is holding his mom’s shoes and hides them in his lego container.

Grown TH remembers KJ’s words again

Young TH goes into the room and sleeps using his mom’s arm as a pillow. in the morning he wakes up and she is gone. he calls out mom and goes out. he checks his lego container and her shoes are gone. he sits on his front stoop waiting.

Grown TH walks in a daze and ends up outside of J’s place.

TH sits on J’s front stoop and his younger version sits next to him in the exact same position as TH. TH looks over at the kid.

J shows up and stands next to TH and she doesn’t say anything. TH looks up and says: You came. J: What brings you here ajusshi- you aren’t supposed to come here. He stands and says: oh that’s right i said that – I am sorry. I am sorry. She asks: by any chance did something happen. He says: no- no – I am sorry. He slowly starts to leave and doesnt look back. She watches him walk away.

KJ goes back to his office. Assistant asks KJ: did you call me?  KJ yells at the guy, but KJ was talking about TH: I gave him the message (I relayed it to him) I clearly told him so that he would understand that his mother passed away, but he ignored me again. when I told him his mother passed away – that his mom who gave birth to him passed away -till the very end he doesn’t ask me anything –not even a word!

Dad asks if he should lay out the blankets. mom: a little later- are you sleepy? dad says he is going to ask TB to look into Kim Hong (KJ’s dad) to see if he is THAT Kim hong. she asks if that still bugs him. dad says he feels uneasy. Dad says:if it’s really him – of all the farms – why did he have to buy our farm? doesnt that mean he planned to buy it. that isnt right- she (TH’s mom) shouldn’t do that to us. Mom worries what if TH mom came back to Korea and asks for TH ( or wants TH back-I couldn’t hear). Dad says : she is a woman who threw away her child – she doesn’t have the right to meet TH. Mom asks dad to go check on GM cuz GM is having a hard time

Dad goes to GM. Dad: you weren’t asleep yet? GM: why would I sleep already when it’s not late. GM starts to talk but the dad interrupts and says it first: you are talking about Kim Hong aren’t you and want me to look into it? I already called TB about him. I feel uneasy too. GM: you did? dad feels the floor and says it got warmer so if she still cant sleep he offers to buy her some snacks. She says no she isnt craving any sweets. GM: wasn’t it around this time when my second left (passed away) dad: it was around this time at night. A few days ago in my dream I saw him. GM: he doesn’t show up in my dreams when I asked him to come by. What did he say when he came? Dad: he asked me many times if TH grew up well. And asked about your health too mother. GM: how did he look. Dad: exactly the way he looked as your second son before the accident when he looked handsome. He looked comfortable and good. GM: that’s good. He has to – he has to be comfortable. He left (died) before his parent so he should be comfortable. She gets sad and says this happened 26 yrs ago (when her son died) so why does it feel like it happened the day before yesterday. That saying that you bury your parents in the mountain and you bury your child in your heart doesn’t seem correct. you can’t bury your child. You can’t bury your child. (meaning the feeling of losing your child doesn’t ever end)

* I bawled like crazy when the dad said that TH’s dad asked if his son grew up well. omg the image of a father who worries about his son even in death just makes me cry.

Over dinner, SY’s dad tells TB how hard Y and TP are working and says Y left early this morning to pass out fliers. TB: that’s good. Cuz my maknae brother seems to be excited too (about working hard). SY’s mom asks TB if TS told YJ about his son. TB: yes he told her. mom: he needs to make sure he does. She quotes a saying about how the person in the middle gets slapped (for introducing) when something goes wrong and they almost got slapped on the cheek for this. TB: he told her. mom: be sure that he clearly did it. it’s not a problem of my husband’s cheek getting slapped – it’s a problem that the young lady’s life/future hangs on. TB says again that YJ was clearly told and offers to call and confirm by phone. the mom finally drops the subject and asks how the steak tastes. TB remarks the meat is chewy. Mom remarks it’s cuz of the cut of the steak. Mom asks SY how her steak tastes but SY wasn’t paying attention. SY is going through the motions of cutting but not paying attention. Dad calls her name to get her attention. SY: yes? Happy birthday dad. everyone looks at her funny. SY: the steak tastes good today. Don’t pay any attention to me and offers to pour wine but they all still have their glasses full. Mom asks if anything happened cuz SY isnt paying any attention. SY: there isnt anything – I was thinking of an idea for the news and was lost in thought for a second. Dad remarks since the director changed maybe he is giving too much work. Dad says her hormones aren’t normal so she shouldn’t overdo work. SY: yes don’t worry. Please continue eating. Mom gives TB an accusing look. TB looks back at her sort of startled like “what did I do?”. (SY had been thinking about H)

After dinner, SY’s mom thinks something is clearly going on between TB and SY –you saw SY’s expression too didn’t you? dad looks for his tv remote and says: what could be going on – it’s probably cuz she was tired. Mom: just cuz she is tired is our SY the kind of kid to sit looking so out of it during your birthday party celebration? During the whole time we were eating she wasn’t looking at TB or talking with him. They had a fight. Dad says so what-after one night passes it goes away. It’s their honeymoon after all. he turns the tv on. Mom says she can’t leave this alone. She tells her husband – from this minute on their boiler (heater) is broken and asks the dad to go sleep in SY’s house. Dad: what?

SY thinks about seeing H again. Doorbell rings. SY walks over to the door and TB comes out of his office. Dad lies and says their heater is broken so he has to impose one night. The mom is sleeping with Y so he couldn’t go sleep there too. dad asks to sleep in TB’s empty office. TB says it’s ok and to use that room. Dad thanks him and says he is going to watch tv and then sleep so don’t mind him. the two of them should go in and sleep –hurry and go in since they have to leave for work early so they should sleep early. TB says to SY: let’s go in. They say goodnight and go into SY’s room together. Dad calls the mom and says he sent the kids into the room. She says he did well and tells him to stay till 2am and keep watch. Dad: do I have to do this (do I have to go this far?) you are really taking this too… She hangs up on him. (LOL – I love this dad)

SY and TB stand around awkwardly. SY: do you think you will be ok? TB: he said the boiler was broken so it can’t be helped. It’s ok. He sits on the bed so she asks if he plans to sleep on the bed – then should she sleep on the floor. He says he was just checking if the mattress was ok. He bounces on it and says: It’s good cuz it’s new. She starts to take out the blankets so he gets up saying he will take out the blankets. She gives him blankets for the floor and says take out another one if he gets cold. She says she is tired and will sleep first and asks him to turn the lights off when he sleeps. He tells her to sleep well, turns off the lights, and lies down. She sits up suddenly and so does he. He asks if she can’t sleep cuz of him. SY: a little bit. Should we talk? It feels like we are on an MT (overnight trip for training when you go with a bunch of people and sit around the campfire and sing, talk, play games and stuff) SY asks him to talk about his first love. TB: why that suddenly? SY: when you go on MT they talk about that a lot. She asks how he met HR (TB’s ex). Is it still hard to talk about her cuz you aren’t over her yet? TB: that’s almost like a threat. If I don’t talk about her then you will think that. SY nods yes. TB grins and says: we met on the bus. after my part time job ended, I was on a crowded bus on my way to my boarding house in front of school. A female student and I were the last two left. Starting from when she got on the bus she kept nodding off with her head moving to and fro. We were almost at the end of the bus line and she must have passed her stop – she suddenly ran over to me and do you know what she said? SY guesses since TB said it was the last bus, that HR asked for some money for a cab. TB: you have experienced that haven’t you? SY: no comment. what did she say? TB: why didn’t you wake me. SY guesses the girl singled him out. TB: I picked her out too cuz ever since she got on the bus I kept watching her. SY guesses they fell for each other at first sight and kept going for ten years. What did you like about her? TB says that’s enough talk about that. He isnt going to fall for this line of questioning anymore. SY asks: then if you happen to meet HR again – how do you think you will feel? She could come back again. TB: I never thought that would happen. Even if it does – it can’t be – also that friend already got married. SY: married? HR got married? TB: yes also I am married. SY: are we really married? TB: then aren’t we? Aren’t I a dambo? SY says she is sleepy and says sleep well “dambo” (what the heck is a dambo? A man who is taken?) SY lies down happy and tells herself: that’s right – nothing happened yet. Don’t get ahead of things and worry. Cha SY – worry about tm – tm.

*Fanderay:  I looked up dambo and apparently it means “collateral”.  I think TH is implying that he is the collateral for the 20k loan SY has given him.  Cute!

TB comes over and sits on the edge of her bed and asks if anything happened cuz her expression wasn’t good ever since dinner. I don’t know what happened but whenever you have concerns or a problem, use me. If you keep using me you might find me useful. Also like father said – your body is full of hormones so don’t overdo it, if they say give up the team leader position, just give it up. You probably don’t feel like we are facing each other, but when you turn your head to the side, I will always be next to you. sleep now – close your eyes. he tucks her in and says “sleep well” and then goes back to sleep on the floor. SY smiles.

* from his expression you could totally tell he thought they would get to sleep on the bed together. she doesnt get that he is crushing on her lately and just assumed he wouldnt think of sleeping anywhere but the floor. poor TB.

At the farm, the family sits down to breakfast. Dad asks what TS is going to do. TS says he is just going to live like this. Mom asks if TS called YJ. TS says how YJ won’t answer. Dad says – you didn’t go to her? TS asks if the dad is giving the sickness and medicine (Korean way of saying: it means the dad made things this bad so why is the dad trying to make it better) TB shows up. TP tells N to greet big uncle TB. N bows and says hello my name is N. TB says it’s good to meet you – now that I see you today for the first time up close you are good looking and look just like your dad.TS asks what brings TB by. TB says he dropped by to see dad and thought of mom’s cooking.  TB compliments his mom’s cooking and eats a lot. Mom worries and asks if SY doesn’t cook. GM says: didn’t you hear she cant cook at all. TB says how SY heats up stuff for him that she bought. Mom says stop talking about it (meaning cuz it’s depressing her to think her son isnt eating well). GM says TB should at least get food out of marriage. GM says she didn’t know that TB would live like that. Dad asks if TB found out what the dad asked him to look into (about KJ’s dad). TB asks about TH-where TH is. Dad says TH is on a stakeout. TB admits the name on the contract really is that guy -that Kim Hong

J tells her step mom she paid back the entire debt ($80,000) to the loan sharks with the down payment for the farm (sort of like a deposit to promise to sell) so YS doesn’t need to run away from them anymore. J gives the rest of the money left from the contract (signing bonus) and tells the step mom to use it to start her life. YS: why are you saying such a hurtful thing – you think I am with you cuz of money? J says when she gets the (jang-gun – maybe it’s the rest of the money for the farm ) she is going to spend it on rescue search for her dad and the rest pay back her dad’s debts. YS: what? Are you crazy? J: because of what my dad did wrong – I don’t want to burden others. As soon as I can, I will pay it back. YS: you must not know but legally I am still your mom and I still have a say about the money you get from selling the farm. J says : I am not the Baek J from before –I’m the kid who raised ducks, toiled in the orchard, and worked for a week through the night to control the plant disease at the farm so don’t lean on me anymore and leave. YS leaves the room (but doesn’t take the envelope of money)

*YS didn’t want J to waste money paying back the dad’s debt but J wants to clear her dad’s name. The good news here is that J didnt get paid the full amount of the farm yet – what she got so far was the down payment or deposit of the farm. since she already paid off the loan sharks, that is the only amount missing right now. I think that is why KJ wanted to look around the farm before he finalized the payment and sale. So maybe there is still wiggle room for J to change her mind and not go through the sale if she returns the down payment. also, so far that I know, the Hwangs have at least $50,000 saved up so far for moving cost so that could be used to add to the amount missing right now (if J has a change of heart). this is my speculation so dont hold it against me if I am wrong. 🙂

**Joonni just clarified this:”jan geum” just means money left over. So I think the money that Ja Eun used for the loan shark and gave to her stepmom is the “contract money” which is basically the down payment for the farm. So what ever is left for the price of the farm she is going to use that to pay back her dad’s debt. So yes, she must have gotten a considerable amount for the farm.”

Mom asks if GM is ok. GM asks dad to take her to J. dad asks why suddenly. GM says: what do you mean why- to get the deposit money back from J and return it to that family. Dad argues it’s wont matter if the GM does that – it’s one thing if we didn’t know but we made up our mind and made the contract so do you think he (KJ’s dad) will return it. GM: if he doesn’t return it – are they human beings? How dare they take even one step here and try to take our farm. Whose fault is it that my son died at such a young age. Whose fault is it that our TH grew up so miserable without his father and mother

GM rushes out of the house and the mom goes after GM and says the dad is changing clothes right now to take the GM so let’s go together. why are you walking so fast mother?

J is at the farm and stares at her dad’s plant. She smiles looking around the farm and shakes her head reminding herself not to smile. She starts to dig up the plant. Mom calls out “mother go together” GM stops when she sees J. GM calls out J’s name and goes over and says “J you came.” Mom asks what brings J here. J says to dig up her dad’s plant. GM holds J’s hand and says: it’s good you came – let’s go inside. She pulls on J to go inside. J: no GM I only came to dig up the tree. Why are you like this. J pulls away and GM falls back and mom catches her. Mom asks if GM is ok. Mom says to J: why are you like that being so rude to an elder. GM blames herself and says to the mom: no it’s cuz I was in a hurry. GM apologizes to J saying: I’m sorry it was cuz GM was in a hurry. I was about to go meet you right now. I have a request to ask of you. J: to me? GM: that’s right – this old woman has a dying request. Go inside just for a short time. she pulls on J’s hand again.

Inside the home, the mom, dad, J and GM are sitting. GM says to J how the dad deposited the down payment for the farm into J’s account – please give that money back to me-so that I can return that money saying we wont sell the farm to the movie company. Even if we don’t sell it to that movie company your farm will sell right away. So please listen to this grandmother’s wish just once. I used to have another son. TH’s real father -my second son – TH is his real son and his big uncle Hwang adopted TH and raised him. When TH was 4 yrs old, my second son was in an accident and left this world and that so called mother left home. That woman who calls herself a mother – within two years, she got remarried and left home. She left for America or somewhere and came back not too long ago. And the first thing she did after coming back is to buy our farm-your farm. The president of that movie company is the husband she got remarried to. GM holds J’s hand and says: it’s ok to sell it to anyone else in this world, but you can’t to that family. I don’t like it if it’s to that family. So please listen to this grandmother’s request just this once. How did my poor son leave this world? Whose fault is it that my TH grew up without his father and mother and was raised by his big uncle and big aunt. Dad calls out to GM: mother. GM ignores him and says to J: I don’t have any money and don’t have many days left to live. I don’t know how I can pay you back for this grateful heart, but even if I die I won’t forget. This old woman who doesn’t have many days left to live – after sending off her child first, for living these past 26 yrs without him-this ashamed old woman is begging you and making this request. Dad says to GM: mother why are you doing that to J – it doesn’t matter even if you do that. GM ignores him and calls out J’s name. dad: it’s not something that can be settled just cuz you are insistent on asking J. he brings up TH’s mom by referring to her as sister in law so the GM yells at him: what sister in law. How dare you call her sister in law. Why did my son leave this world at that young age.(GM seems to be blaming TH’s mom.) GM says that TH’s dad couldn’t even hug his son (TH) when TH was right in front of him or call out TH’s name even once before TH’s dad passed away. GM sobs and cant finish her sentence. J looks conflicted

TH is at work having a meeting with the other officers. No one is listening to him cuz they are tired and sleepy. D complains they feel like they are going to die cuz it’s been 3 days without sleeping. TH makes them pay attention. He throws something to wake a guy. TH gets a call from TB

TH and TB meet. TH: what is it- say it. TB: Get some sleep and work. You shouldn’t stay up for three days. Look, your face looks pale and sickly.TH: what is it that you want to say. TB: Your mom, our second aunt (our father’s younger brother’s wife), is back in Korea. The whole family returned to Korea early this year. Father told me not to tell you yet but I thought you should know. I think that you should at least meet your mother once. TH: I didn’t tell you yet did I? why I took your college tuition and ran off. TB:what are you talking about suddenly. TH: when you were a senior (in HS) in the end cuz of me you werent able to go to college (when TB wasnt  able to start college right away) cuz GM was insistent that I be educated abroad (meaning she used TB’s tuition to send TH to that educational program) TB asks why he is bringing up old news. TH: to tell you the truth that’s when I knew that I was the only one in the family who could win against GM (he could control her), that I should have resisted her by even going on a fast. But I pretended not to know and hid beind GM. by doing that – I wanted to meet her just once.  Back then she was living in Washington DC. TB: your mom? you should have said sooner – so did you meet her? TH: I saw her – to be exact, just me alone. she didnt recognize me when I knew her right away. she just passed by me – when I had waited 3 hours. using up your tuition and after I flew so far all the way over there. just in case she might not know me, I stood right in front of her nose. She looked at me like she was thinking, “Why is this strange kid standing there?” She gave me a quick glance and without a second of hesitation, she passed me by. If she was a mom shouldn’t she have recognized her own child at least- shouldnt she have? That’s when I decided – “just wait till one day when she is old and dare to come find me. I’m going to make her “shed tears of blood” for this moment. I’m going to definitely throw this back at her- “Excuse me, but who are you?” She came – finally that moment arrived. yes of course she will come to meet me -I am still her son-if she is alive she will come to meet me once.  wont she? TB: yes she would. TH: she would – there is some reward to gritting my teeth and hanging in there- how long I waited for 15 difficult years and the moment of revenge has come – I am looking forward to it.

*Thanks to Joonni for clarifying some difficult lines. 🙂

**I have no idea why TH was talking like he still has a chance to meet his mom since he already knows she passed away-maybe it’s denial cuz this is what he wanted to do for so long, but now he doesnt get to do it

Y is helping a customer try on jackets while TP and another sales girl watch. The customer is really difficult to please but Y keeps trying to be nice. TP sighs and goes over but Y gives him a look to stand back. The woman keeps trying on more jackets. She keeps complaining about each jacket. She asks for the first jacket again. The woman finally buys one and Y walks her out. TP and the other girl come out too. Y is happy. Y: you saw right? for the first time I sold a product. girl congratulates her. TP: you worked hard. Y high fives him. Y says she is thrilled and cant believe this. she kisses the sales slip

TB sees a message from G to SY asking to have lunch together today. TB replies: I don’t want to. SY comes over and asks what he is doing. TB says he didn’t do anything and say let’s go eat. She says she wants to check her email first. he tells her to come out and then leaves first. She sees the message box and what TB did and smiles

TB and everyone goes to eat lunch. They watch G change the water cooler by lifting the heavy water bottle easily and putting it in. girl compliments G’s arm strength. Choi says G must have worked out. SY says how G was good at arm wrestling in college. TB says arm wrestling is kids play.

TB and G arm wrestle. TB loses. He takes off his jacket and goes another round and bets loser has to pay for lunch for everyone. TB agrees. TB wins. SY cheers for TB. G takes off his jacket. Choi says this is the last round. TB and G arm wrestle again.

TB goes to the editing room and he is mad. Choi says thanks TB for lunch. Choi says how there isnt anything G cant do. TB kicks choi’s chair. TB gets a call.I think the guy said he has something to report about the president of Daewhan group. (this could be a big scoop for TB)

Y and TP are at a bar. He congratulates her for her first sale/profit. She thanks him and says it would have been good if that other girl worker came too and tells TP to drink as much as he wants. Y looks at the sales receipt. TP asks if Y likes it that much. Y: yes I like it so much I could die. I never imagined I could sell a product to someone. That people would listen to my words and trust them –I never thought about that. Since I was duped so often –to be honest I was so fearful that I would end up having to go back to America. To be honest I was really scared. But I did it. Even I only sold just this one – to me it’s very impressive. TP agrees and says of course it is impressive. Not just anyone could have sold it. She smiles and says she thinks studying had some affect. So starting from today before she sleeps she is going to memorize for 3 hrs. TP: you are older so you shouldn’t overdo it. He asks who the man was from a few days ago. She changes the subject and compliments the music saying good it is and calls out for an encore

TP runs into a girl who recognizes him. I think she is calling him “Phil” but her accent is bad so I can’t really tell – it could also be “pill” the way she is saying it. She asks when he came back to korea –did he get his MBA already-why didn’t he contact her. She hugs him and says let’s go outside. Since they met again they should have a party. He removes her hands on him and lies and says he came with his girlfriend. He quickly takes off but she chases after him asking if it’s true – it isnt right? You think I will be deceived. He says he really has a girlfriend and she is over there and points, but Y isnt in her seat. Y is singing on stage. TP watches Y sing. The girl asks – no way – that ajumma isnt her right? Y calls out TP’s name and says thank you. girl asks if that woman really is TP’s girlfriend. TP looks embarrassed. Y falls on stage. TP goes to her

J is on the bus with her plant and remembers how TH was sitting on her stoop that night. she remembers how he told her that woman in the picture was the person who gave birth to him.

TH is doing target practice at the shooting range. J goes inside. He looks over at her. J says: ajusshi. He puts the gun down. J: I came. He takes off the protective glasses and headphone (used to block out sound). J: are you ok? he tries to leave but she blocks his path. She asks him to talk. J: Can I ask why you came to find me that night at the goshiwon. TH: move (aside). J: I heard that the mom who gave birth to you came back – you heard news about your mom too didnt you ajusshi? That’s why that night…

TH pushes J against the wall. he holds onto her shoulders and shakes her. He yells: who said that? who told you that stuff? was it KJ?  She says no –it wasn’t – GM said it – that Bok Ja ajumma is your big aunt. TH: why are you looking at me like that– are you scared of me? you should be scared, my nickname is “dog tae hee”– you said not to act like I know you when we meet on the street –you said you didnt like seeing me -so I did what you wanted so why did you come find me again and do this?  are you playing? do you want to play with me?  should I play with you once? don’t play around Baek JE– I am a lot older than you think and a man – where do you think this is for you to come here without fear and try to rope me in? J: meet her ajussi. TH: shut your mouth.  (J uses TH’s exact words to her and says them back to him now ) J cries and says: it’s not feelings that disappear in one day (overnight)–  and it’s an emotion that you can’t control or drag out, and can’t replace with anyone else. It’s an emotion that doesn’t disappear no matter how much you ignore and deny. It doesn’t disappear –even if you are unable to forgive even in death and hate for all those years – missing and wanting to see (that person) TH cries and says in a whisper: I said shut your mouth. J: she is the woman who gave birth to you ajusshi.

TH yells out “Baek Ja Eun” and leaves

KJ is on the phone with his dad and says he is going to look around the farm today and asks: dad you dont need to come and look around? ok I will call you.  J comes into the work studio and hears that. KJ: you came? J: you came early today. KJ: do you think you can focus today? She thanks him for that day. KJ: sit down – since there arent many days left – let’s do our best to focus and have a meeting. She asks: can I ask one thing before the meeting. KJ: one thing. J: is Kim Hong shi by any chance the president of Good film? did Good film buy the O farm? KJ: yes that is correct – our company purchased Ojak farm. but how do you know that. J: so are you really going to bulldoze (demolish) the farm and build TM (theme) park there? J explains how the O duck family is based on (inspired by)  Ojak farm and that she used to live there for a short time. KJ repeats that and says this is unusual -how can there be a coincidence like this and calls this fate. you must have interest in TM park. he looks for the layout and finds it. he shows her the park they are going to build.  KJ: How is it – it’s cool right?

KJ drives to the farm and looks around.

MS gets out of her truck and sees N sitting outside again. He says hello to her. she asks why he is outside. He says he is waiting for his dad and wants to go to him. MS says N cant go cuz his dad works at the hospital now. N takes her hand and says let’s go to the hospital cuz I miss my dad

KJ goes inside the home. dad asks what brings him here. KJ: you were in the middle of your meal – I am sorry – I was passing by and thought I might drop by the farm to look around. sorry to have imposed.  GM asks who KJ is. Dad and mom don’t want to say. GM asks mom who KJ is.  Mom says kim hong’s son. GM: what? Kim hong’s son? KJ introduces himself and she grabs his collar. GM: who sent you? your mother or your father? dad tells his mom to calm down and tries to pull her away, but GM ignores the dad. she asks KJ: how dare you show up here- get out immediately. mom tries to pull GM off of KJ. GM says to “let go” and pushes KJ away. GM: Get out – I said get out-  Get out right now from our home!

TH comes home. He walks over to KJ and tells him to go outside and talk. KJ replies: I didnt come to meet you officer Hwang – I came to see the farm. TH: Kim Jae Ha shi. GM asks how TH knows KJ.  GM:I asked how you knew. did you by any chance meet your mom – without me knowing, did you already meet her?  is that it? Answer me. Did you meet your mom?! KJ says he will come next time and leaves. TH asks GM: why do you dislike it so much if I meet my mom. GM: what? TH: why do you dislike it so much?  it’s normal for a 6yr old kid to want to see his mom -one day when that mom disappears and if you dont miss her, in that situation it would be abnormal (not to miss her). GM: so I am asking if you met.  TH:where did mom go? why didnt mom come to see me? if I was able to live being able to ask about it openly, a day like today when it’s overwhelming might not have happened. why wouldnt you even let me ask about her openly? GM: answer me – did you meet? TH cries and says: I didn’t meet her yet but I want to meet her -I want to meet her a lot –  cant I do that? GM: you can’t. dad calls out TH’s name. TH asks GM: why can’t I? why can’t I? GM: no matter what, you can’t. until dirt goes into my eyes – you can’t. TH: Then not much time is left- there is no way you will live to be a 100yrs old. GM cries and slaps him. GM: what did you say? say that again- what did you say? TH cries and says: don’t worry GM – that won’t happen – they say she already passed away. she passed away.


no preview

This episode is breaking my heart in more ways than one. Lost track of how many times I cried. TH’s story that he told TB was the most heartwrenching. I am so glad TH got to see his mom at least when he was a kid – even though it’s like the worst way for a kid to meet his mom again. how could she not recognize her own son? he would have been such a cute kid I bet.

The smile on his face was the satisfaction of that little boy who waited all these years to get revenge cuz the sting of his own mom not recognizing him back then stayed with him all these years. In a way, not getting closure is going to leave another scar in his already broken heart. That makes me wonder just how much more love he has to receive in order to begin healing.

At this point, J pretty much holds the key to everyone’s happiness including hers. If she forgives TH and takes him back, of course she can be a source of comfort to him during a dark time in his life. If she changes her mind about selling the farm and not letting the theme park get built there, that is going to make the Hwang family – especially the ajumma and GM very happy. More importantly, if J keeps the farm, she will have a real home again. But then there are the obvious reasons why she won’t do that. She still hasn’t forgiven and her betrayal still stings. With 19 more episodes to go, I doubt all this will happen overnight. But I am hoping that the next decision J makes is a baby step in the Hwang family’s best interest.


about E32 preview or any future written previews from here on:

I understand you are eager to find out what it says, but please respect my blog’s rule and stop posting translations from other personal blogs and linking them here. Soompi is a public forum so it’s one thing if the author posts it there, but I don’t think it’s ethical to use other people’s work without permission.

I dont like having to edit or delete those comments when you leave links. Either Joonni or someone else will translate for us so please be patient. * I see that Anonymous and Nabil already translated some of it.

thank you,



126 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E31

  1. bqmonkna says:

    thank you sooo much softy for the recap!! the preview and today’s episode gave me hope.not much but enough to be a little at peace.


    • bqmonkna says:

      btw sorry about the post before this one i meant to post it at a completely different site because she asked me to but my computer keeps switching windows. by the time i saw it was here i couldnt delete it.my apologies 🙂


  2. Zura says:

    Thank you so much, softy! Ah today episode is tense enough. I felt TH’s pain and I cried alot today. I would reacted that way if I’m in shoes too. So all by mean.. GM’s eagle are seriously indeed have something that GM knew about. I’m glad that JE went to see TH and talks him out. Now I’m so eager for tomorrow episode. Oh btw, I like TP’s hair here. 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    no taehee jaeun tomorrow? that´s why no video preview, 😦


  4. Anonymous says:



  5. Bochra Bsm says:

    i saw this ep live (thanks for the link Softy) and i’m still in chok!
    this is the most powerful and surprising serie i have ever followed, and i’m glad i did!!


  6. Shonaz1 says:

    can believe i cried sooo much in this episode.


  7. nabil~~ says:

    I don’t fully understand Korean so I’m just gonna translate the preview for ep32 based on my understanding.
    So basically, the father(ChangSik) tries to find JaeHa(TaeHee’s stepbrother) to ask about TaeHee’s real mother. JaeHa went to find TaeHee and told him that his real mom leave a keepsake. The father(ChangSik) and the mom(BokJa) meet TaeHee and told him that they heard from JaeHa about TaeHee’s real mom was dead and they feel sorry that they could protect (do something) for him.

    For the second paragraph it basically talk about Jaeha telling Jaeun that they need to go to the farm and take pictures for the animation background. Looking at the farm, Jaeun remembers pleasant memories she had.

    I really can’t wait to watch tomorrow ep…hope to see more TaeHee and JaEun in the future.


    • Kisa Yamato says:

      no way >__>
      maybe J will forgive them after she think about those pleasant memories?


    • Zura says:

      Thank you so much. Yeah hope there will be more JE n TH scenes in future.


      • Lita says:

        yes..i hope soo..please i want more TH& JE scenes in the next episode..E31.too much scenes between TB&SY.. i mean i dont dislike them..but right now TH & JE problems are more ..more complicated.. the writer should give us alot of TH& JE scenes compare to the other couple problems..


        • Subject says:

          Why? TH and J got alot more scenes then any other couple. i understand that all of you’re wishes but please, don’t touch *my* favorite couple. i’m looking for TB&SY development patiently since she got pregnant! so, back off!


          • Lita says:

            no. i dont want to touch your favorite couple.i like them too but.i just a little dissapointed.. for example in E30 TH & J had only 1 scene and it was only 2 minutes..so dont be harsh with me….


            • Subject says:

              sorry if it sound harsh, i didn’t mean to hurt you. i really am sorry.

              as you can see, TH&J gets alot of attention, most of the site prefer them and it’s ok with me, i don’t even care if they got a thread like “technically speaking” which dedicated only to them. everyone think that his problems are most priority, but i’m always said that problems are individuals and personals, so from an outsider view i agree that TH suffer alot right now, but i also can see that SY is terrified. her hasband’s EX returned, she knows he still care for her (because she’ve been there when he called her name), she is pregnant and she made a one year contract with the man she love…never mind, as you said, it’s a family drama, eventually everybody, including TH&J will get an happy ending, let’s hope that in today’s episode, J could reach to TH somehow and all of you will breath normally 🙂

              once again, sorry.


          • Zura says:

            Dearie, let’s not put the fire on alright, like everyone loves the leading couple, Lita don’t mean it it that bad way. Of course I understand that OB lovers loves the couples in the drama, I just hope the scenes of the couples appear fairly, so it’s more fair for everyone. So, please don’t misunderstand Lita, dearie. Let’s just wait for tonight ep 32. 🙂


          • Anonymous says:

            yaaa!!! back off??? it was so harsh words!!!!!..please consider the other feeling…Lita dont mean about that..!!!!


  8. Subject says:

    finally i watched this episode with good quality and now i can write my opinion.

    poor TH, i can’t imagine how he feel after he realize what his GM did. i must to admit that all the previews so far were far away from the real happening during the episodes, it makes me happy to find out that J actually touched TH when she spoke to him, but unfortunately, TH couldn’t accept it, but i really believe that if she try again at tm episode, he’ll understand he can share his thoughts with her and show her his sensitive side, J can give him a comfort hug (maybe i should write tm episode :))

    i LOVED all the scenes with TB&SY, especially the one in he bedroom, but something bother me, when TB said to ST that he’ll next to her cause he’s married to her, i could not wonder what if H (his EX) is divorced and want him back, and after all, there is one year contract between them. maybe it’s just me and my paranoid thoughts. all the scene with G was hilarious!!

    sorry, no matter how much i like now TP i can’t see him with Y. is it necessarily that all the brothers will end with a woman? so if they must, can’t he date with the girl from this episode? she’s cute and they look good together.

    i really looking tm episode, and hope to find out GM motives, it smells not good.


    • Zura says:

      Don’t worry, eventually TB & SY gonna be together. It’s just normal having the third party in the drama, wait till the story made up, TB will definitely cancel the 1 year contract deal and gonna marry SY for real. I love TP’s hair in this episode, and I love to see him with Y (the noonim)!


  9. Jomo says:

    Thank you very very much for the recap!
    I feel better, too, after watching this ep that TH automatically went to see J when he was in pain.

    Even thought he is not ready to literally reach out to her, at least SHE knows he still wants her around. Gradually, they will make their way towards each other.

    My face hurt from smiling at the arm wrestling scene! Loved how SY was openly cheering for her husband.

    I “awwwwwwww’ed” at TB’s speech to SY about that he will always be there for her if she turns her head to the side…I guess he decided he isn’t going anywhere soon!

    Can’t wait until Sunday!


  10. LadyIgraine says:

    i don’t think jaeun liked the idea of kim ja’s plans for the farm; turning it into an amusement park of some sort. during that scene, jaeun kind of felt shock that the farm she began to love will be turn into a theme park just like that. so i’m hoping that on ep.32, she’ll want to tell kim ja that maybe he should look for another location to buy, but since the contracts have been signed i suspect that things will be a bit harder to get it back.

    that scene between taehee and jaeun sort of scared me (but at the same time they needed that confrontation to happen). like i said on my previous post, its scary to think that taehee was doing something dangerous within minutes prior to confronting jaeun. but props to jaeun because she braved it…cause if i was in her position, i don’t think i would be able to talk to a man who’s firing guns when there’s major things clouding his mind.


  11. manal says:

    I just started this drama and so far i just loved it 🙂 i hope you will keep posting reviews of new eps every week and thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnks a lot 🙂
    ps: i hope J wont forgive the ajjumma too easly, cause what she did to her was just too malicious and unfair more so because she was like a mother figure to her 😥 !!!!!!


  12. Anonymous says:

    hopefully there will be jaeun taehee scenes today!!! finger crossed for a sweet moment between them. i don´t mean kiss, just a hug or a another sexy stare from taehee is enough.


  13. esra says:

    Thank you for the translations and explanations! It was a great episode. The fact that noone else knows his mother’s death except TH was played really well. Everthing said/happened pushed him over the edge and he finally speaked up his mind about his mother, that he wants to meet her. We saw his sadness, anger and inner feelings. Maybe from now on he’ll slowly change to a more open person ( with the help of JE of course 🙂 ) because it was a big step for him to about his mom or at least i think like that!


  14. shirubang says:

    little th is so cute. he even had the same hairstyle where he was young? i understand that th is really hurt and all but lashing out on je like that, ouch. i can see how situations & emotions have turned. je matured so much, you go girl~

    after watching episode 31, i’m not expecting any hugs & kisses happening anytime soon. too much problems are rising, SIGH~ hopefully next week? ❤

    i miss the cuteness scenes between th & je. too much sadness going on, make it stop.


  15. Elvie says:

    Thank you for the translations – just reading them makes me cry. As always, Joo Won showed some fantastic acting again. Liking TP new hairstyle.


  16. LadyIgraine says:

    after watching ep.31, i just realize this about taehee. that’s why he never had a girlfriend is cause he doesn’t let anyone in on his personal life. he’s like a tough shell to crack and it will take a special person (jaeun) for that shell to slowly start dismantling itself. even when it comes to jaeun, he’s still doesn’t trust her fully after hearing about his birth-mom from her.


  17. magicplusfours says:

    GM seems to have an amazing soft spot for TH: imagine taking another grandson’s tuition money and giving it to another grandson so he can go overseas to see his mother who abandoned him.

    TB is making more progress towards SY. That bedroom scene was sweet and honest. Loved the arm wrestling scene and that TB lost – ha ha to arrogant TB! And gosh darnit, G is perfect! Get him a girl quick, but not SY.

    I read some of the comments dishing the TP-Y pairing. I am a bit dense: what exactly is wrong about it?

    TS seems to have ground to a halt though. I wish there some progress between him and MS. MS is perfect for him – she helped him with N when asked to, calls him on his shit and reminds him of what he has to do. He needs to stop seeing YJ as the only woman in existence.


    • Softy says:

      The grandma didn’t know what TH did – she has no idea that TH did that and saw his mom- if she had known she would have been furious at TH. He did that on his own behind everyone’s back.


  18. Lily007 says:

    May someone explain or give me their input regarding Tahee’s lines here: are you playing? do you want to play with me? should I play with you once? don’t play around Baek JE– I am a lot older than you think and a man – where do you think this is for you to come here without fear and try to rope me in?

    Okay so what I’m getting from him, is that he’s warning her of what he could or would do to her? Was it necessary for him to say that to her? Because the fact that he’s pointing out to her that he’s a man, tells me this: I’m a man so men have needs and are stronger therefore I can do something physically to you.
    Your comments and insight would be greatly appreciated.


    • Zura says:

      I like your view and I think the same way too. Maybe basically JE told him before that she could dated any guys, therefore he stands himself that he is not the guy that JE can play with and he is not any other guys that JE think he is. But that’s quite a temper right? Since JE is also a tough character, I ought that she understands him and help him in future.


      • Lily007 says:

        Thanks for your insight Zura. Agreed he does have a temper (which I find hot, but only if he doesn’t inflict pain on those he loves). I understand the fact that they’re both strong characters which is why they suit each other perfectly but I just felt as if he forgot who he was speaking to. I also understand that many of you find the wall shoving hot…….the first time I saw it, I did as well. However, when I think about it I’m not sure I would like that, because it seems too aggressive (and not in the good way ladies!). I could get really into this but I’ll stop myself right here. Thanks again.


    • Softy says:

      Yes Lily you are on the right track thinking that but instead of meaning he could abuse her as in physical pain, he meant more emotional pain as in use her by disrespecting and treating her lightly and toss her aside. So those are not words you want to hear from someone you like


      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you Softy. I believe I understand what he meant now. Because those lines could be interrupted in so many ways, and I guess I just assumed the worst. I prefer that he meant emotional pain not physical otherwise I would not like his character so much.


    • Laica says:

      I agree with what Softy said, and also, he’s pointing out that unlike what she said before about how she plays with guys and changes them often (lies, of course), he’s not like that and he can’t handle her going back and forth. She keeps giving him mixed signals, first telling him to disappear from her life, then tending to his wounds, asking what’s wrong – now showing up here. We know why she’s doing it but for TH it’s really torturous – like she’s taunting him with something he can’t have. When he’s trying so hard to stay away from her, and especially is close to losing control because he’s been hit with so many blows in a short time. Poor guy.


  19. priya says:

    My explanation for TH didn’t tell TB about his mother’s death…
    He is yet to come in terms with fact that his mom is no more. For the same reason he didn’t ask much to KJ. But after the ‘volcanic explotion’ with J he feels somewhat relieved. Hence he was able to break the news to GM.


  20. Anonymous says:

    yeah five minutes:) i´m gonna watch it live !!! excited for your recap, softy!!!


  21. ck1Oz says:

    Did you all HEAR MY SCREAMING 😮

    32 episodes and the 2nd kiss does NOT go to whom you think it is. My voice is hoarse. Be back.OMG.


  22. Subject says:

    OMG lmao, TP&Y so-cold-kiss with SY’s parents who watching was hilarious, so funny!


  23. ck1Oz says:

    Softy is going to be late I think tonight because she will be bawling with TH and his parents scenes. Sigh…poor TH and how understanding is ahjumma. Oh ahjumma why did you take the contract and cause all this mess now?


    • Zura says:

      It’s understandable if Softy gonna be late translating the drama. I’m just thankful to Softy’s effort. Ahjumma did that.. It was a mistake to start with, but I guess that thanks to Ahjumma that she’s took care of the farm, and I hope that JE reminized the time she spent and worked together with the family. JE should do the right decision so that it won’t get to KJ’s father.


    • Softy says:

      Softy was late with translations cuz torrents were slow and when she finally downloaded the episode, she was bawling too much to type. I think I fell behind 2 hrs cuz of all that. *aigoo* the writer needs to cut me some slack and make J and TH happy again.


  24. Zura says:

    Oh my! I’m at workplace right now but my mind at OB! Can’t wait to be home before 12 midnight. Hope today episode is a bit smoothly for all the characters! To those who have done watching, I’m totally envy with all of you… Ah.. I’m late! 🙂


  25. naomi says:

    i’m so annoyed that there are no TH-JE scene in ep 32!! and looking from the preview, it looks like there won’t be any either next week. 😦 but the scene with TH and the ahjumma and ahjussi is so touching! and JE is not gonna sell the farm! yay! but can anyone tell me that Kim PD said to JE in the preview? i can only catch him saying “i’ll do that but i have one condition” and something about “it’s my dream”.


  26. Laica says:

    This episode killed me…. I just want to hug TH until he feels better. The way he was sitting with his hands in between his knees in front of her door… and then the defeated, lost way her walks away from J, with her looking at his back – that got me right where it hurts. And OMG that scene in the shooting range – I was getting palpitations. All the scenes between TH and J are on fire. I love how brave she is, and I love how honest he is. These two are my OTP of the year!


    • Softy says:

      You and me both Laica but it turns out, E31 was nothing compared to E32. Get ready for a deluge of emotions on that one – just one flood after another. My eyes were still puffy the next day – even CYHMH’s saddest episode was easier to take than E32. I also changed my top drama list – yup OB is number one now. Only thing that will knock that off is a crazy high kick ending. 🙂


      • Laica says:

        Yeah, I just watched it a little while ago. All I can say is, TH better get some happy moments next week. Can our couple finally get together? Because he really needs her right now. As much as his family love him and want to be there for him, there’s so much complicated and painful history there (especially now that he knows that his mom actually wanted to take him and GM and Dad said no) that he needs to be able to talk about his feelings with someone outside his family, who is 100% on his side. (And we all know J is totally on his side, even if she hasn’t admitted it to herself.)


  27. AiiN says:

    oh dear,its killing me!!I am so very really JEALOUS of you all who are watching ep 35 now!!!I wish my country could telecast OB simultaneously as Korea..Pleaseeee Softy,please do the recap as soon as you finish watching it.I know its hard for you but pleaseeeeee..I need the medicine to cure my addiction!!Thank you so much in advance!!..I hope there won’t be any more that will hook me coz OB makes me so anguish but…I simply looooove it!!!!


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