Ojakkyo Brothers E33

This is how I felt after the episode aired. Our prayers have been answered. This show is back to its old self – no more angst – thank goodness. Everything we wanted is going to happen between TH, J, and KJ. I am on cloud nine. 🙂 Judging from the preview,  I will call it now but tomorrow will be DAEBAK of epic proportions.  🙂


This episode was like the oasis we desperately needed after a long drought. I swear I was typing and feeling scared to be so giddy – I kept asking myself “am I dreaming? Is this really happening? Is J really saying all this stuff?” Sure enough, it’s all true. 🙂

Can I also add, I do not like that new character – TB’s ex. HR is turning out to be one selfish woman. without even knowing anything about what is going on in TB’s current life, she acts like she is entitled to step back into her old place. Hope for SY’s sake, TB can hold up his resolve to stay away.


Special thanks to Joonni for saving me hours of frustration again and editing my translations. thank you so much. 🙂

Translations and all these ramblings by Softy, Fanderay will add her comments and screencaps after this post is done. 🙂


Starts from J telling KJ she won’t sell the farm. KJ: what are you saying. J: I wont sell the farm. that I wont sell this Ojak farm. KJ: I don’t understand why are you acting like you have any say so regarding this farm to sell it or not. J: I am the real owner of this farm. the one who lost the contract-  the real model for “Oja” (her duck character) is me. dont you understand? I was the one who lost the contract for the farm… KJ: I understand – I totally understand- so that’s why those details were so realistic. you couldnt have come up with such realistic concept from just listening to another person’s account. then what about the mother duck-why…. J: Kim PDnim the point of me saying all this is not to say I am Ojak – I wont sell the farm. you are the movie company’s president so I wont sell it.  KJ: I am not the president – I am just the vice president and I think it’s already too late. Did you forget today is the day of the final contract? at the realty office they must have already finished up the final paperwork. J: What? It’s today? She calls the dad. dad says he just got here to the realty office. She tells him to hurry and leave the office right now. He goes outside and asks what’s wrong. What? You don’t want to sell the farm. She tells him not to sell the farm no matter what and leave. I am with kim pdnim right now so I will call you later. KJ says ok if she feels that way but she has to pay twice as much as penalty for canceling the contract. J:what? It’s double? *this means the amount she got for agreeing to sell has to be returned but double the amount.

TB and SY are playfully pushing each other on the elevator. When the door opens, TB is face to face with HR. the doors close. TB is stunned. When SY gets off the elevator, he tells her to go home first cuz he will go back up to the office for a while. He closes the elevator door.

TB goes back to where he saw HR and looks everywhere for her. TB finds her just as she is called into a meeting by some coworker. She sees TB standing by the doorway. TB turns and walks away in anger.

J is trying to convince KJ. J: I know I am asking for something that is out of bounds but… KJ says  this is a matter the accounting office handles so he cant make this  decision alone. If you want to cancel the contract then you will have to pay double the amount of the contract deposit as penalty.  J: to be honest – of course I cant pay back double but I already spent the contract deposit so I don’t have it. KJ: what did you say? J: obviously I will pay it back. Obviously I will pay it but if you could only give me a few months time. KJ: So you are asking for the contract to be canceled but you can’t even pay the penalty, let alone give back the deposit? J: I wont take any *incentive for O’Duck family. [*profit or bonus money she would have been paid for her characters to be used.] Of course I don’t know for sure if I would have been paid the incentive or not but this anime might be a hit, if it does I really wont take any (incentive) I don’t want to be paid to produce it too but I have to be paid for my work so that I can make a little dent in the amount I owe you. if it’s this much isnt it an ok proposal/suggestion? KJ: it’s not at all so accept the incentive. Also do it properly to earn it. J pleads: Kim PDnim.KJ: no it wont work. Is that it? Let’s not waste any more time. within  today finish up the Grandmother Goose, then you can leave. J pleads: vice president. KJ: The exit door is over there.

Mom tells GM that TH’s mom passed away from cancer this past spring and said not to contact (TH) –after 20 some years without any contact, that it wasn’t right to show him (TH) how sick and pitiful/pathetic she was. TH cried a lot mother. I think it was the first time I saw him cry so much. Since he didn’t keep it all in his heart and cried (it out), my heart felt a little lighter. So mother now you need to have some strength and get up. Since you are like this mother, my heart feels blocked and I cant do anything. GM: I didn’t know my baby lived hating me all those long years. Since he was my baby that I raised, I thought he had the same heart as  me (same feelings)- even though it’s not exactly the same- at least half of half. I thought he knew my heart. But was impossible. I thought he  was my baby but he wasn’t- all those long years, in the end I was just  raising someone else’ child.  mom: mother why do you keep saying things you don’t mean. Th is your baby, no matter what anyone’s say. But like you said, their blood relations. How could a child not miss his parents. TH does not resent you at all. if he does resent you, then I won’t leave that alone. Who is responsible for him being such an upstanding individual right now.  He should be carrying you around, let alone resenting you. I mean it mother. If TH resents you than I wont let that go. so please have strength and get up mother. You are the head of the family and the eldest so if you keep lying down like this we can’t do anything or focus without you. mother. I am going to make your favorite shrimp soup. I will hurry and prepare dinner so you have to gain some strength and come out and eat.

Mom goes out of GM’s room and dad comes in. she asks if he made the contract well. He says how he didn’t get to cuz J called and said she wasnt selling the farm and not to accept the final payment. mom: why suddenly? He wonders if what the GM said got to J. he worries that the company wont easily cancel the contract since they planned to buy the farm. He calls J to find out what’s going on. he says he did what she told him and came home but he was curious why J did that.  J says she didn’t know that she would have to pay double the deposit to cancel the contract. He says then she cant do that cuz she cant handle paying back that penalty. he asks why she broke the contract. mom asks him: what did she say. dad shaks his head he doesnt know. dad says to J: i dont know what reason you did that for but if it’s cuz of GM, you dont need to. just go ahead and sell the farm. GM wont mind. do you understand?  J says ok she will call him back after it’s been decided.

J goes and asks KJ again. J: I will really do well on this work/project. I will make sure to succeed. Please void the contract Kim PDnim. cant you think of it as taking out an insurance on me? I will make sure to pay you back later. KJ: I am sorry but I can’t. She threatens him: if you don’t cancel the contract, I won’t honor the contract I made with you regarding O’Duck family. KJ: Baek JE shi – do you really mean that? J: yes. He asks: I will ask again, do you mean it? J: yes. I wont do it. KJ: that’s too bad. During that time you worked hard. For the work she did so far, the accounting department will deposit her pay into her account tm. He tells her to go.

J walks out of his office and looks regretful.

Mom is cooking and hears TH’s voice saying “I came back dad.” mom smiles and goes out to greet him. TH came home with bread for GM. Dad pats him on the back and says: it’s good you came back just in time for dinner. TS pats him on the shoulder and says: it’s good you came. If you didn’t come home today too hyung was going to go find you at the police station. TP says to TH: did you come. N says: did you come back. N bows at TH. TH smiles at him and asks: N were you well? Mom calls out TH’s name. he says “mom I came back.” Mom: how did you time it so well –the rice cooker just went off that it was done. Dad says it smells good and asks what’s for dinner. Mom: what makes mother and TH wake up from their sleep – shrimp soup. Dad: I knew already that from the smell. Dad says to TH: mom is a ghost (for sensing what TH wants)- you wanted to eat that didn’t you? TH smiles and says: yes. Mom says if he didn’t come home today she was about to tie a band around her head and hold a protest/demonstration in front of his police station. Even though work is important, they are overexploiting my precious son. TP jokes: he doesn’t look like he worked that hard. His face looks too fresh and has a clean shave. TS touches TH’s chin. TH: I shaved before I came so I can meet GM. Dad tells him to hurry and go see the GM. TH says ok and heads over to her room.

TH goes into the GM’s room. TH: GM I came- are you feeling very sick? I was wrong grandma – I acted too rudely and impudently. She sits up. GM: what are you talking about – what did you do wrong. Don’t say that. I did something for you to resent me for. How much a young kid would have wanted to see his mom and I cut off that tie. TH: no grandma I don’t resent you. to me you are my grandma and mother so how could I resent you. I did that cuz it’s you grandma. It wasn’t someone else, it was you grandma so I acted like a child and spoke out. Other than you grandma who else would I act that way with. (meaning he feels close enough with her to behave that way like a kid) GM: do you really mean it? TH: of course-who is responsible for me growing up this well? Who am I able to trust even now in order to speak out like loudly at the criminal investigation department to become the best detective Hwang TH. I was able to do all that trusting in your support grandma. the one who loves me the most in this world, by trusting your support grandma. He holds her hand and tells her to let go of her hurt/pain and promises not to act that way again. She tells him: no – do that again- as much as you need. It’s grandma so you can do that – where else could you go to do that? No matter how much you need to vent your frustrations, annoyance, or act childish –do it as much as you want. It’s ok. You can do as much as you want but … but grandma still cant forgive your mom. I am so sorry to my baby but I can’t forgive her. since she has left this world. I will try to forgive in my heart. cuz she is the mother who gave birth to this precious baby. So I will try. TH: yes grandma. She holds his hand. GM: Find out where her burial site is and let’s go together. he nods his head yes. GM: then that’s that. She pats his shoulder and rubs his cheek. GM: you were in a lot of pain weren’t you? TH: no-I told you I am Hwang TH the best detective in the department. He smiles at her. TH: Grandma I am really hungry. Mom said she made delicious shrimp soup. GM says: ok – then we have to hurry and eat. she gets up with him.

TP says: our Gm finally came out. Our GM doesn’t need anyone else -only TH hyung. Dad tells GM what the mom cooked and to sit down and eat it. MS: H and I came too grandma. Mom says she called MS and H too to eat with them since there aren’t that many days left for them to live as upstairs and downstairs neighbors. H says hello to GM. GM welcomes them. She tells everyone to sit. What are you doing measuring height? My neck hurts so everyone sit down. They all sit. Mom asks GM to taste the soup and give her opinion. GM says something old fashioned about the mom’s cooking ability.  H doesn’t get it so she asks MS what that means. MS says it’s something that goes down the mountains – it means the food was seasoned properly. H still doesnt get how that means it was seasoned properly. so N explains: it means there is nothing left to teach (cuz the other person learned all there is to learn). Everyone is impressed that N understood what GM said. dad grins widely at N. TH and TP just stare at N. TP jokes to TS: I don’t think N is your son. GM repeats the same thing “he isnt TS’s son”  she says let’s eat so everyone says they will eat well. mom pushes food closer to TH and smiles at him. TH grins back. MS asks if they were able to get a new home to move to. Mom says they went and made the contract today. mom worries about MS having to move suddenly cuz of them. MS says it cant be helped- more than that she only feels sad she doesn’t get to see them anymore. Mom says how hard MS worked trying to sell her ducks. MS says I only tried but couldnt make it happen. the mom promises to stop making the ducks smell like ducks. TH asks TS: hyung shouldnt N go to school now. TS says he has to go. I was about to look into it but moving is more urgent. since this time I am going to live apart. TP: you are really going to live separately? TS: I have to since it’s dad’s order.   Dad asks if TS is looking into a home to live in. TS: yes I am. mom worries that TS doesn’t have money to move for a down payment. TS says he is looking into a rental. mom: if you pay rent every month – what will you have left? TS: but what can I do? now I am older and I have N too so how much longer can I live hearing dad call me “this punk” “that punk” ” that punk who lacks” and to you too mom I overstepped. dad: you thought well – now it seems like you matured. you take responsibility for your son.  H puts food on N’s bowl and tells him to eat a lot since they cant see each other anymore

J goes to KJ and says: I will earn money within 6 months and make sure to pay you back. If I cant pay the money back within 6 months, I will give up on the farm. KJ asks how she intends to earn that much money within 6 months. J: ajumma is trying to develop animal feed (duck food). She will  succeed and expand the sales of the duck. The farm will also be  transformed by spring for the “farm experience” (Note: In Korea, like  apple picking, farmers open their farms to the public so that they can  experience “farm life.” They charge a fee and family who are from the  city come to learn how to farm for a day or two.) And I will be paid for the “O Duck Family” and I will also apply for other contests (Note:  Contests for her drawings, since she is an artist).   KJ: did you normally have such a stubborn personality where you don’t know when to give up. J: no. KJ: then how could you say such ridiculous things. J: that is why I want to explain why I don’t want to sell the farm. even if you listen to everything I say, you might not understand but at least listen to my explanation. It will only take a short time

J and KJ both sit down as she talks. J: I thought my dad and I were the only two. The only family was my dad. Just like in the synopsis (for the her duck story) my dad was in an accident and is missing (presumed dead) After that, I found out about the existence of the farm. I took the contract to go find it and lost the contract. In the story proposal, it only says up to the part where I learned about the farm work and how I became close with Bok Ja ajumma, but I didn’t lose the contract. Bok Ja ajumma stole it and chased me out. I didn’t even know that and in order to get on her good side, I set up a tent on the yard and followed the ajumma around learning about the farm work. The farm family, they were the first family I had for the first time in my life. Bok Ja ajumma was the person I felt was like a mom for the first time in my life. For the first time, I felt the positive sides of having a chaotic family -how good it feels. felt what it’s like when a mom nags. for the first time I felt the warmth of a mom’s hand. When I went home late at night, how it feels to have mom waiting up for me -how it filled my heart, for the first time I felt that. A meal prepared by a mom, having the entire family sit around it, starting that day off with everyone being loud and boisterous, how happy and exciting that was. When my voice sounded a little tired –a mother who asks immediately, “something happened to you didn’t it?” living every day feeling what that’s like –people who live daily like that wont know very well. That is why even if I died, I couldn’t forgive them. Even if I died I wasn’t going to forgive them. How could they for all that time look into my eyes and smile. But the moment you showed me the plan for TM park, everything changed within me. The moment I saw that plan, my heart dropped. The land where all those trees were, having all those trees cut down –when I thought about TM park being built there –I couldn’t handle that.

J cries as she continues: After just a few months if I am like this –the affection/devotion ajumma must have for the farm after ten years of nurturing it, I ended up understanding. Also how she must have felt when she stole the contract, I ended up understanding. Even if I died I wasn’t going to understand, cuz if I understand then I have to forgive –even if I died I wasn’t going to understand but I ended up understanding. I already understood and it was too hard to keep hating. Even though I had to hate till the end, ajumma and the farm family were already deep in my heart. I miss starting off the morning with the loud breakfast table and I want to see the family so much so I want to stop now and forgive. Please help me Kim PDnim.

Y explains to her sister how she was just acting for a minute to help TP get rid of his former girlfriend. TP is our store manager and SY’s younger in law brother. He is not even 30 and someone much younger than me so would I do anything similar to dating with him. Mom says how TP is good looking and Y is weak around good looking men. he isnt obvious about it, is cute, humorous, even though he doesnt look brilliant or smart, he looks clever. Dad says how that whole family has good sons and out of the 4, none lack anything. I am so envious. but mom says except for the eldest son. (TS) dad says at first TS was good too. Y gets up to leave but mom says it’s better to be cautious in life and TP is too dangerous to leave next to Y for the mom to feel safe. it feels like leaving dynamite in your store. make him quit. why are you looking at me like that? are you going to set the dynamite down and say ” dont go off – this isnt a place for you to go off” no matter how much you do that-will it listen?  dad says the comparison is too much. mom tells Y : make him quit -fire him. why arent you answering?  Y yells back: I don’t want to onyi– I will never fire him – I wont fire him. the person I want to fire is not TP but you onyi. Y only said that in her mind-she didn’t say anything at all in real life. Mom: why aren’t you answering? Y: ok I will think about it

SY cant sleep thinking about how TB saw HR. she goes outside to TB’s room. She sits on his sofa and it’s late but he still isn’t home. She tells herself not to think anything strange – he is just late cuz of work

Next morning SY knocks on his door asking if he is still sleeping. He gets up and says he is awake. She says she will go in for a short time and goes into his room. she asks why he was so late. He says he was editing like he told her he would be. She tells him to get up cuz they need to go to work. SY: Do you have anything to say to me? TB: about what? SY: no it’s ok.

J wakes up and her step mom isn’t there. there is food prepared for J with a note and money. J reads the letter. YS: “JE, I think it will be hard to say goodbye looking at your face so I am doing it like this instead with a letter –during that time a lot happened, I couldn’t even tell you how sorry I was – I was too weak to get a grip on my senses back then –it would be a lie to say I wasn’t greedy about the farm, but at least now I don’t want to live feeling ashamed anymore and will make an effort and leave. I am leaving the money behind – paying off my debt was plenty. I was grateful and sorry. nation’s fairy Baek JE-make sure to be happy. YS.”  J cries

Mom and dad go to Y’s store. Mom cant believe maknae actually works at such a big store as a manager. dad agrees the store is really big-more than he thought

Inside SY’s mom is there talking to TP. SY’s mom: since you are quick witted I think you fully understood what I said. Y: onyi I said I would think about it. SY’s mom ignores Y and says to TP: it’s too bad and unfortunate but I think this is as far as we were meant to go. Right? TP: like I said, you are misunderstanding. She asks why he doesn’t get what she is saying. The important thing isn’t if I am misunderstanding or not. Why are you making me repeat the same thing so many times? When I am already trying to tamper down my patience. TP’s mom and dad come into the store. SY’s mom asks TP: you understood what I mean right? TP: I am sorry but the person who hired me is Nam Y the owner. Until she fires me, I can’t quit. SY’s mom: look here young *bachelor in law. [*the word she used was “chongak” but it means “young unmarried man” which is too long so I shortened it to bachelor] TP’s mom and dad walk over to them. Mom asks what’s going on. TP stands up and calls out “mom” and Y says hello to them. Dad congratulates Y for opening her store. TP’s mom says hello to Y and to SY’s mom. SY’s mom says: you came. TP’s mom asks what’s going on for SY’s mom to be scolding someone else’s precious son. SY’s mom says: ask your son yourself cuz I don’t even want to say with my own lips. His mom asks what’s going on – if he made a mistake. Y: no that’s not it. TP starts to explain –that mom….Dad asks: what’s going on? say it. TP: it was really a misunderstanding but …with her…. in the car …Mom: what about you and her in the car? Dad: say it. SY’s mom yells out: the two of them had their lips pressed together. On top of that it was during the day in the car. To my younger sister, he made a terrible mistake. Mom looks at TP and asks: did you really do that maknae? TP: no mom we only pretended to kiss. To deceive someone we put on a show for a minute. Y: that’s true – we didn’t do anything at all. SY’s mom: so I was in the middle of asking him not to run into each other anymore. If they are together again, that they might make another mistake like this, I was trying to prevent that. TP’s mom ignores SY’s mom and says to Y: you shouldn’t be doing that young in law. (the mom thinks Y is unmarried so she called Y that since Y is younger than SY’s mom but she didn’t really mean Y was young. It’s just a title) if you are the owner, you have to act like the owner-how can you misbehave that way to someone’s cute precious son. TP: mom. his mom continues and says to Y: our son is popular so I understand how you feel wanting to give it a try but even if you wanted to – how could you misbehave like that to a kid much younger than you? from what I can see you aren’t just a year or two older, you seem a lot older. Even if you don’t know your boundary, you really don’t know. Y touches her cheeks in embarrassment. SY’s mom is stunned and says to his mom: omo what do you mean much older? Also the mistake, your son made it. My Y didn’t do anything wrong. TP’s mom says to her: you shouldn’t be like that. Even if your arms fold inward (meaning even if you are taking sides with your family) go outside and ask anyone on the street-who made the mistake to whom. She quietly implies that TP would gain nothing from doing this (as in Y wouldn’t be worth all this trouble) SY’s mom is outraged and cant stop saying “omo.” She asks: what’s wrong with our Y? she brags about Y and how she studied at parson’s in New York –has looks etc and there isnt a single thing wrong with her that she lacks. TP’s mom simply says: she is a lot older. What difference does it make if a woman has all the credentials, if she is 40 the day after tm, it’s an age where it gets (dark? Not sure of this word- think she meant it’s all down hill from that age) SY’s mom: what? Then what about the young bachelor in law. For men it’s prospects (earning potential), according to my Y, why would she want to start up with someone who doesn’t have anything. TP’s mom says: what? The dad and TP tell her to stop and Y tells her sister to calm down. SY’s mom and TP’s mom glare at each other. TP: please calm down – we don’t have that kind of relationship at all. it was really just a show and nothing happened at all. TP says he swears Y is not a woman to him. Y says TP is not a man to her. they both say “we aren’t” at the same time.

TB runs into G. G asks if TB’s body feels ok cuz he heard TB got hurt saving a kid. TB says he is ok-that the head director said that TB upgraded the image of the company and sent some medicine so cuz of that TB’s body feels great. G: that’s good – the head director seems to like you a lot. TB: a lot of people like me. G says if the medicine TB took worked well than the medicine G received will work well too cuz that’s what G got from the head director. should I give you some? (G’s medicine is more expensive than TB’s) G offers some of his, but TB says “you eat a lot. I am still young and don’t need medicine like that”

They meet with the head director and SY. Head director praises TB saying “I did a great job choosing the right person. the president liked it a lot too.” TB: thank you. the director says: from the mood on the internet you are almost like a hero. he cites new nicknames for TB on the internet calling TB a hero.  TB: I only did what I should have done. director says he wants to keep using this- just like how Kim Yuna and another figure skater are representing figure skating. For the image of the station, they need a star. So for that new program, he wanted G to take over it alone but now he wants both G and TB to work on it together. G looks peeved but TB is pleased.

When TB, G, and SY leave the office. G extends his hand and says let’s do well. TB shakes his hand and says: please take care of me well. G gives ideas to SY. She is talking but stops when she sees HR. TB saw HR and tells G that he will leave first. TB walks away and HR goes after TB. G remarks that looks like Han HR writer. I heard she came to work here and it’s true.  SY asks if G knows her. G says he worked with that write before and heard HR got divorced and came back. it’s true. SY: divorced? HR shi got divorced? G asks if SY knows HR. SY: no I will be going sunbae.

HR calls out TB’s name and asks for a minute. TB stops but doesn’t turn around to face her. HR: I am sorry for leaving on my own and coming back on my own like this. Show me your face at least since it’s been 3 years (since we’ve seen each other).

TB turns and faces her: only been 3 yrs? did all that time – has it only been 3 yrs? When did you come? Why did you come? Even if you had to start work over – why did it have to be here at IBC. you said let’s not meet again. HR: I missed you.

KJ is working out and remembering J’s speech “ A breakfast table set by a mom, having the entire family sit around it, starting that day with all that loud chaos how much of a happy and exciting thing that is, for the first time I felt what the positive side was to have a family that is so loud and chaotic –felt what it’s like to have a mom nag. Felt for the first time the warmth of a mother’s hand. I miss starting off the morning with the loud breakfast table and I want to see the family so much so I want to stop now and forgive. Please help me Kim PDnim.

KJ looks at the photo of his mom. he remembers how J said “The farm family, they were the first family I had for the first time in my life. Bok Ja ajumma was the person I felt was like a mom for the first time in my life.” There is a knock at the door. The assistant comes in and gives KJ some paperwork. KJ asks “Uh Young ah, how about listening to Baek KE’s request?” the guy says “no – you can’t – purchasing Ojak farm was ordered by the president himself. KJ: if mother knew this truth, would she have liked it? If mother was alive, this is something she would never have allowed. Also if I knew from the start, I would have stopped my father. Guy says: but you still can’t. he mentions how KJ’s father doesn’t like something else KJ is doing “so don’t keep clashing with the president.” KJ: she might not be able to pay it back within 6 months so let’s give her a chance. I’ve decided so tell Baek JE shi to come up to my office. The guy says she called that she would be working from home. KJ: she did – her phone has been off since a while ago. Ok you can leave now.

KJ calls D. KJ: hello officer Seo, it’s Kim J from Good film. you’ve been well right? D: do I know Baek JE’s home address? no I dont know it. what’s going on? yes, come over for a visit once. After he hangs up, D tells TH that KJ asked for J’s home address. TH: why? what for? D: he didnt say – I said I didn’t know and he just hung up. TH goes out and calls J and her phone is turned off. Then TH calls KJ

KJ looks at his phone and says Hwang TH finally called. TH says he heard from D – why are you looking for J? did something happen to her? KJ: that’s what you were calling about? I don’t want to let you know. KJ hangs up on him. KJ remembers how J and TH reacted to each other when they met up that night at the restaurant. KJ: I thought “maybe” – but those two were in that kind of relationship. Assistant calls and says J came to the studio – should I tell her to go up? KJ: no I will go down

KJ goes and asks J: do you really have confidence to pay back the deposit within 6 months? J is happy and replies quickly: yes I do. To be honest I don’t have confidence but I will make sure I do. KJ: Like you said I am thinking of applying for insurance (as in take out insurance like a guarantee on her) Forget about the penalty – within 6 months if you come up with the contract deposit, I will void the contract. But you can’t borrow the money from someone else and you cant use the farm to obtain a loan.As promised you have to pay back with the money earned within the farm. J: you can get loans by using the farm as collateral? KJ: you didn’t  know? it’s too late cuz you cant use that method now. J agrees and says  she gets it now – she has to pay only with earnings from the farm The  money I earn is ok right? The money from royalties (for the duck family  story) and prize money I win. KJ: that’s ok. J gets up and bows and thanks him twice. KJ: but I have a condition –you have to follow the 3 conditions I order. J: 3 conditions? What are they? KJ: the first one is go on 20 dates with me. J: why? Why with me…KJ: I become interested in you. she looks away confused so he stands and says: if you don’t want to then forget it. She stops him and clarifies: it’s just dates right? Drink coffee or watch movie together-those kind of dates? KJ: yes those kind of dates. KJ: but only the two of us must know about it. It has to be a secret from Bok Ja ajumma and the rest of the family. J: yes ok – what’s the second one? KJ: the second and third I will tell you later. She narrows her eyes at him distrustfully so he asks: why are you looking at me like that? J: If those other conditions are too impossible or shocking… KJ  mutters if that’s how little she thinks of him ( as in if he would even  ask anything bad) and says “I lived the wrong way.” She says ok and  thanks him. KJ: I am a businessman and I wont do anything that will  incur a loss. He says he will check if the animal feed development is  going well and if the farm is being run well. J: yes (you can check up  on me) as much as you want. KJ: You can’t fall behind on your work on  the animation because of farm work. J uses his words back at him saying “is that how little you think of me- I must have lived the wrong way.”  KJ smiles at her and she laughs.

J runs out of the office smiling and gets into a cab

She goes to the farm. She yells out “I came back” and does a happy spin dance. then she goes to the house.

Mom and TS are packing up the kitchen. TS asks why the mom has so much stuff from ages ago. Mom wants to take everything with her if she could and thinks it was a waste to throw those dishes away a while ago.

TP is helping GM get her stuff down and he remarks she sure did put the stuff way in the back as he tries to reach for the stuff.

TH is helping the dad pack up his room. J’s voice calls out for ajussi, GM, and ajumma. dad: isnt that J? J: Isnt anyone home? TH says it’s her.

J: isnt anyone home? everyone comes out of the rooms. GM calls out J’s name. J: have you all been well? GM welcomes her. TS welcomes her and asks “have you been well” and TP says “it’s good to see you again – you’ve been well right? you got prettier. Dad asks what brings her. J: I have something to tell you. Mom invites her to sit. mom tells GM to sit. GM tells J to sit. J sort of glances over at TH and then she sits.

Dad: you can talk – what happened to the farm contract. J: that’s why I came cuz of that – I managed to settle the contract well. I pushed it back 6 months. dad: what do you mean push it back? J: I decided not to sell the farm.  so you don’t have to move now. That doesn’t mean I forgive everything – anyway I am not selling the farm so you dont have to move. GM: is that for real? you arent selling the farm? J: I didn’t do this for your sake GM. I just didn’t want to sell it anymore. Dad thanks her but you dont need to do that. we already finished making the contract for a home so we have to move. rest and eat dinner before you go.  He tells everyone to stand and finish their work. No one else wants to get up. J looks up at the dad in surprise



HR gets introduced to everyone as the scriptwriter. HR asks SY: please take good care of me. SY reluctantly says “yes.”

SY asks TB if he is going to keep working on the new program. SY: dont do it. TB: why? SY: cuz HR is going to be the writer for it. TB yells back: I am going to – I am going to do it.

dad doesnt like extending the time and wants to move. J: but ajusshi… TH agrees : I think the same as dad – I think we should move too. J is surprised.

J is in the storage room. TH asks J: you are mad arent you? J: no. J smiles and says into the phone: yes Kim PDnim did you arrive? I will go out now. As J starts to leave, TH holds onto her arm. TH: don’t go -Don’t meet KJ. He pulls her back to face him as he says: I don’t like you meeting KJ

*  I am super curious what the other two conditions are. Any guesses out there?

** it’s like my finger is glued to the rewind button for that last scene of the preview. for the life of me I cant seem to stop pressing “replay” and I have all these scenes left to translate. it’s literally like ten seconds that is making me lose hours of translation time. oh my goodness this is going to be a very long night. 🙂

Fanderay’s comments:

Look at what J is holding in the preview!  It’s coffee!  Did TH buy that for her?  Gah, it’s so sweet I can’t even handle it.  Also, why are they in the shed?  J doesn’t charge her phone there anymore, so does that mean that TH asked her out there to talk?

I think I’m in trouble though, because I kind of like KJ! I’m nowhere near shipping him (I will always be on TH’s side) but I think I’m going to end up feeling bad for KJ, rather than despising him (which are really the only two options with secondary characters).  I actually thought the way he handled the farm sale was pretty mature.  I understand J’s desperation and don’t fault her for her actions, but she acted pretty unprofessional as a result.  The farm and her job are two separate things, and on top of trying to use her work relationship to clean up her mess, she also tried to blackmail KJ with her job.  I was glad that he didn’t let her get away with it, and made the smart choices without getting mean.  Once he heard J’s story he had enough compassion to make a deal, and it seems like he’s just nice enough without being an irresponsible VP.  I thought it was sort of funny that J just decided to work at home and turn her phone off (I’m sure a lot of employees would get fired for that sort of thing) but it was really just a plot device for TH to call KJ (yay!).
I didn’t blame KJ for hanging up on TH since he tried to create a real relationship with TH, and instead is just being used as an information source.  It’s easy to forget that KJ is in mourning too.  He just lost his mom, and I think that he sincerely wanted to reach out to TH and be his hyung.  Every time TH asks KJ something it’s just about J, and I think that KJ has gradually been crushed by TH’s attitude towards him.  Unfortunately I think that KJ’s affection towards TH is turning into bitterness as a result, and I’m concerned that he just wants to date J out of some burgeoning rivalry.  It can’t be a coincidence that KJ asked J out immediately after realizing that there was something between her and TH.  KJ did seem interested in her before then (imo) but I am annoyed with him for doing this to TH either way (I empathize with KJ’s growing resentment, but that’s no excuse!). Maybe instead of pure rivalry, the dates are a method of getting TH to talk to him more?  Either way KJ is using J (boo) but I did like that he told her she had to earn that money back herself (I think he sincerely doesn’t want her to get into financial problems).
I’m actually looking forward to some love triangle drama, especially now that the family is all reconciled!  I think the timing was just right for a shift in angst.  I’m guessing that the dad wants to move so that they don’t have a problem again in six months, and so that J doesn’t feel any pressure.  No matter what J does, it’s still her farm and not the family’s, which is going to be a difficult thing for the dad or TH to ignore.  I have a solution though!  TH and J should just get married.  Immediately.


There are two versions of this screencap – his and hers. Sort of fitting since lately they hardly share any screen time together. I swear they better come out more this weekend or this recapper is going to throw a major hissy fit online. I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t been able to watch last week’s episodes again cuz it still makes me bawl. I don’t remember crying that much during an episode of Smile You or CYHMH.

After translating that JooWon interview, now this scene has new meaning. Just look at how gleefully he hit her. During this last fade away shot of the scene from the convenience store where Joowon and Uee played the hard version of rock paper scissors, through the window you can see J and TH keep playing. He said this scene was real (no pretending) Joowon: I was doing whatever I wanted cuz I didn’t know it was being filmed. The interviewer says they look like they seem close. Joowon: yes we are close. Now that we know he didnt realize they were being filmed, it explains a lot about why his always stoical character would be grinning like a little boy in this scene. Knowing behind the scenes stories like that just makes this drama more fun. I wish there were more BTS moments to watch every week for OB.

While you guys are waiting, check out this amazing music video made by Sailor Enigma for us.


153 comments on “Ojakkyo Brothers E33

  1. Maqluba says:

    Ah I’m still behind in watching (partly cuz of subbing and partly because of schooling) but I Definitely read your recaps every time!! Thank you SO SO much!!

    can i just say how hot KJ is? like this guy is always ALWAYS a side character in a drama and never in part of the MAIN cast in a drama and I don’t know if that’s his choice or not because technically he’s in like a million shows/movies but he’s usually forgotten or left aside or not an essential element to the story, but maybe he’s perfecting his acting chops? or does he model too or something? I don’t know much about him but I’m glad to see him get more exposure…especially if he’s all sweaty and working out and stuff:)


  2. ck1Oz says:

    Wow 🙂 The thread is moving fast so had to start a new post Softy
    but it’s to the others as well.

    Well remember how we said that the long family drama timeline is twice that of a 16 ep drama? Some of us,I know I did speculated that it would take about 10 ep to sort things out for TH/JE. We’re now at ep 34 and we started the angst at ep 25. Tonight… think tonight there will be acknowledgement or at least awareness from TH that JE still likes him. However plot devise being what it is… the KJ arrival has to be brought into the story. I honestly feel that the writer will make him fall for JE. How deeply I don’t know. He will be the nice guy in the end but in the meantime…it’s going to lotsa misunderstandings 🙂 ‘ck rubbing her hands with glee’

    Which brings me to this. Why do I feel as if I am letting the cat out amongst the pigeons?
    TH/JE haven’t even started and family dramas ALWAYS end with a new family aka child.Only SY is pregnant at present. Duksu doesn’t count does he? So…there is no time for the TH/JE loveline. Much less the SY/TB loveline which will probably take another 8 ep or so to sort out. I know, I am not happy about it as well.

    So….what I am trying to say in a roundabout way is this-are we getting a 6 to 10 episode extension? There is no way they can wrap 4 couples up plus SY’s parents in 16 episodes. Unless Joo Won accepts the new saguek drama offer. Then all bets are off.


    However,sorry. I can’t help it but think KJ out for a movie with TH glowering sitting next to them. The image just kills me with happiness. 🙂 That if that happens Fanderay or whomever is doing a header…I want that header 🙂 If we’re going to have a 3rd party KJ is way better looking than H. I would rather look at him than at TB and H clinging to him.
    MS deserves her day at the party as well after so many episodes of being in the background. The idiot TS better give her a romance worthy of making us stop sticking voodoo pins into him for all the episodes I had to listen to him 😦 .He wasn’t exactly my favourite in Coffee House as well.

    Bye you all. Time to get back to my procrastinated ‘work’ Left you something on KD 6 which distracted me today 🙂


  3. PersonWithNoName says:

    Hahahaha! WAAAAH, watching the preview for today’s episode I was thinking, if I was JE i’d be like “… Dude! as much as I like you, you’ve gotta stop dragging me around so roughly like that!” hahaha, but in all seriousness, the tone of their voices seem like they have made progress already 🙂 exciting for them! As for TB and SY, although it seems like the worst is about to happen with TB falling for H again, I know it won’t happen (well about 75% sure) hahaha! 😀 Great show, I have nothing more than praises for this show!


  4. chmb007 says:

    Yay it looks like JE is half-forgiving the Hwang family.
    I too like KJ i hope he doesn’t get hurt in this potential love triangle and end up with someone.
    Out of all the couples right now I’m rooting for and anticipate what occurs between TP and Y… am I the only one or others share the same sentiment?
    BTW what’s the age difference between TP and Y?
    Thanks as always Softy and Fanderay 🙂


  5. Tania says:

    “I have a solution though! TH and J should just get married. Immediately.”

    Yes! They will raise ducks together and J will freak out TH every time by flinging a bird at him. And those two will have The. Most. Adorable. Babies. In. All. Of. Korea.


    • Anonymous says:

      ooooh!! I love the mental image this comment is giving me.. XD


    • Fanderay says:

      I must say, I love when I get to see an OTP post-marriage (Secret Garden, Smile You, etc). I think the chance of that happening in OB are about 2% (based on the current pacing) but I would love to see their adorable babies. I guess we’ll just have to imagine them 😦

      My fingers are crossed for an engagement at the least. This is a family drama; I’m not content with just dating!


  6. they seem so happy here ^^ cant wait for tonite episode!!


  7. YeeKrFan says:

    I just remembered that GM did mentioned in the previous episode to J to cancel the sale of the farm to the movie company president cuz he’s the husband of TH’s mom….GM begged her that she can sell to anyone but THAT family so my question is…..

    Does J know that KJ is the son of the president? She knows KJ is the vice-president and if she knows he’s the son then she should figured out by now that KJ & TH are step brothers right?! So I believe she does know that there are related unless she is NOT aware that KJ is the son of the president…hmmm?!

    In the next ep, I hope that J will give TH a professional answer like KJ is her boss and she need to meet & discuss about the O Duck & farm with him, furthermore TH did encouraged her to take up this job in the first place! I hope she will not mention at all to TH about *date* & condition of the sale with KJ….but then it will leads to misunderstanding…aigoo!

    I think both KJ & H are catalyst for these two OTPs to seal their relationship once and for all. 🙂


    • Zura says:

      Omo. Now that you mentioned it.. I just remember about it. JE must not been aware of it yet. But i guess soon she will found out. Yeah it’s better if she knows how to put on a good words, not mentioning about the dating deals with KJ. And I assume that KJ ‘used’ JE, since he figured out that both JE & TH in that complicated relationship. I just hope KJ don’t cross the line too ruthless or else he might get hurt himself.


  8. ess says:

    i dont understand a single thing but its like kind of funny that JE moves back to the farm just like that…n TH is giving her a cold shoulder…


  9. i still dont like kj their is something about him and if he gets hurt i dont care look at the mean way he told th his mother died and please who would even date kj when th is their is j crazy i hope this think between th and j does not drag on to long it can get a little boring get them together writers dont make us wait till ep 46


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