Hyde, Jekyll, Me: E7-8

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I have been waiting forever for this man to break down. Not just his defenses but his own verisimilitude of strength and composure. Now that we get to glimpse his true fears, we can finally understand the man behind the childhood trauma. From the start we were inclined to love Robin, but the real challenge was trying to find something positive to like about SJ. As he said in his speech, Robin’s existence was his crutch – something he could lean on and have as a support -not just to keep living, but to endure the guilt he carried around for what he did to his best friend during the kidnapping. Instead of just Robin, now SJ has found another person he can trust. I think that’s why he tried so hard to keep her at bay. He knows all too well what it means to count on someone only to have them abandon you. His own father did that when he refused to pay the ransom. Going through trust issues after that was inevitable for SJ. That’s why he is trying to keep Hana away from him. No matter how strong he claims to be, I don’t think he has it in him to pick up the pieces if he is abandoned again -especially since this time his willingness to trust stems from wanting to be loved. In his speech to her, he kept pleading for her not to give him hope, but he neglected to say the rest that goes with that word. Even though his heart probably wanted to include them, I bet the words he left out were actually “don’t give me hope that you could love me in return.”

*Apologies, but I won’t be able to recap live for E9 and E10 due to certain factors like no quiet access to a tv and the fact that it’s impossible to translate live with an iPad since I am away from my computer and home. I was hoping to catch up this weekend, but that’s a long shot. Live recaps will continue next week though as usual. Sorry for any inconveniences. 🙂


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Starts with Hana finding SJ in the stairwell. he hugs her and holds on tight -seeking momentary comfort from the one person he knows he can count on to give it to him without any questions. she pats his back as he cries. he pulls away and doesnt show her his tears. she asks if she should call his secretary but he leaves.

she goes out and looks for him

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he is in the bathroom and says soo hyun was alive? it’s all in the past -it doesnt matter. I am ok.

Young is crying and reporting to SJ’s dad who Ahn is. he is lee soo hyun -driver Lee’s son.  the dad asks if SJ is ok. young cries and says no I dont think he is ok. after he hangs up he says how could this happen

SJ comes out of the bathroom and looks composed. young asks how could this happen – is that lee SH really LSH? SJ doesn’t reply and walks past so young asks if he is going to meet ahn but SJ says why would I? we were friends when we were young but now he is a culprit. a culprit who might have done something to kang.there is no reason for me to meet him. the cops will take care of it

hana asks TJ if ahn said anything else after they left, but TJ says they are asking more about the past he spoke of in more detail. she asks if he didnt say anything about kang. TJ shakes his head no. he asks if SJ is ok. SJ comes over and apologizes to hana for alarming her before – it was cuz he was shocked. please understand. TJ asks if he is ok. SJ: yes I am ok.

Na interviews SJ and we learn that on 12-25-1992, SJ and soo hyun were kidnapped at wonderland. they were friends and Lee SH was the son of SJ’s family’s driver. SJ’s dad didnt pay the ransom and SJ escaped on his own and after that he didn’t know what happened to SH. Na tries to question why the dad didn’t pay the ransom so SJ says is there a reason to cooperate with the criminals. even the police advised against paying it saying it makes it more dangerous to cooperate. when Na says SH’s dad coerced SJ’s dad and got the money and was on his way to pay when he got into a car accident and died, SJ’s says I don’t know about that. my father never said that either. from what I know, lee wanted to find his son and ignored what the police advised and went here and there alone and passed away in a car accident. this is how much I know. is there more to question? TJ asks how SJ managed to escape so SJ asks why are you asking that – does it have anything to do with this case?  TJ gives his reason for asking but SJ claims not to remember how he escaped. it was a difficult memory for both of them- SH and SJ. (SJ wont give any credit to SH for helping him escape). SJ asks Na to hurry and find kang cuz that’s what the police should do. Na says it seems that SH wants to avenge SJ so maybe that’s why he went after Kang.  SJ remembers how Kang said she had a treatment for him so SJ says she has what I need the most. if he knew that then he would have wanted to take that away from me.

hana walks around and remembers SJ saying he doesn’t have any memories and childhood of wonderland

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SJ goes to meet his dad. SJ says don’t worry I am ok. the dad cant believe this whole incident came up again after all these years. he thinks Ahn knew that SJ needed Kang and kidnapped her cuz he knew about SJ’s condition so there is no hope for kang. SJ points out her life and his are in the balance.  SJ is worried about kang cuz if anything bad happens to her cuz of his treatment it’s cuz of him. he realized that today. if she cant be found then he has to blame himself for the rest of his life. that is just one more reason to find her. will find her no matter what.

in the elevator SJ tells young he wants to keep his schedule as planned instead of canceling anything

hana is meeting with her team and not paying much attention. she asks for a break

she goes outside and talks to herself – he said he was ok so why cant I focus. she starts a text about SJ but deletes it.

SJ goes home and young follows him in. SJ asks why come in. Young asks to stay by his side but SJ sends him away saying I dont want noise next to me.

hana asks if SJ left work. young says yes. she asks how he is. young tells her how he offered to stay with him but he doesnt like when i overreact and told me to leave cuz I will be noisy. he asks her to take care of SJ and call if anything happens. she tells him not to worry

she goes in and looks for SJ. she knocks on his door but no answer. she says i am going in. she walks over to his bed and he is under the cover. she asks if he is ok. she checks his forehead and he is sweaty and feverish. she was going to call young but he stops her. she tells him to wait and rushes out and is shocked by how much medication he has. what is he – a pharmacist’s son? she grabs some meds and takes it in to him. she puts a pill in his mouth and checks his temp and he has a fever of 38. she asks where his bathroom is and goes and gets a towel

she is on the phone telling the person SJ’s temp and what meds he was given. she removes the blanket saying he cant cover up. she hears to take his clothes off, wipe the sweat, give him warm tea, and hold him. he looks at her so she says I dont want to do that. she asks for other symptoms but SJ doesnt answer. she says into the phone – he has a weird personality. it’s not a cold – he had a lot of severe stress today. SJ asks who that was. she had been talking with a medical consultant. she was told to wipe his sweat and go to the hospital but SJ just tells her to leave. she gives him a hot pack for his hand cuz his hands and feet have to be warm

she goes to the fridge and wonders if the stuff in the bottle is for people to eat and when she sees how much greens he has she wonders if he is a goat. she takes out some kiwi and remarks how pretty his plates are for a man. she makes him kiwi juice and some barley tea she found. she takes it in and tells him to drink this. he ignores her. she asks why there is no rice in the house. don’t you eat? I never did see you eat at home. get up and drink this. he tells her to leave it and go out but she tells him to stop acting like he is ok. if a person has been on nerves he has to release it. you are always on nerves but acting like you are ok – acting like you are strong, like you’re great -that’s why your body cant handle it and got sick. did you eat dinner? should I make you some porridge. do you not like porridge? would you rather have food. she holds out her hands for him to take and tells him to get up. he remembers what he told his dad. how he wanted dreams and love and to be happy. cuz thanks to her they caught the culprit. and thanks to her they will find Kang. and I will find my life. he tells her to leave. she says he must be well enough to live judging from the expression on his face.

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he gets up and opens his door for her to leave. she says I will go so lie back down. he says no leave right now. hana asks why are you like this suddenly? SJ: it’s not suddenly. I shouldn’t have done this from the start.  it’s too late to go back/undo it. it’s all over so leave. i told you it’s cuz of you – cuz of you robin showed up and cuz of you I got hope I shouldn’t have. in the end I am where I should be. so don’t extend your hand and dont give me hope. she asks what that means. he says if it wasnt for you – I could have lived he way I did. even if I am sick – myself alone. even if I die – myself alone.  why did you show up -why did you see – why did you come? she says cuz I worried – I worry about you. he says worry? what are you (to do that). forget everything you saw and heard today. I will say it clearly but you are nothing. your existence is a blight in my life. he tries to grab her arm to make her leave but she pulls away and tells him off saying you told me to live like a ghost.  you are the ghost. you don’t see or hear anything. you dont try to hear or see. if that’s how you live keep living like that. like a ghost. she goes out and stands by his door. he almost goes after her but stops himself. he sits by his door (all that lying and saying the opposite of what he really means wore him out)

she goes to her room and wonders why do I feel like this. she cant believe she is crying cuz of him.

at the precinct SJ’s cousin is bribing the cops with food. he repeats what he heard. that SH did that to  avenge SJ. cuz what Kang has is important to SJ. S admits he knew SH when they were younger and asks to meet him once. Na asks why so S says cuz I am cousins with SJ on his mom’s side. Na asks how much stocks the director and his mom has in wonderland. S asks Na to let him meet SH cuz he might tell him what he did with kang, but Na doesn’t fall for it so the secretary flashes her legs. again, Na doesnt fall for it and asks if she is trying to seduce him cuz legally if you are going to do that a beautiful woman should be used so she feels insulted. he tells her to come down from the desk cuz it’s dangerous.

S meets with Ahn. he asks are you really soo hyun? Ahn asks who are you. S says I almost didn’t know you – you dont look anything like you did when you were younger. ahn asks who are you so S tells him. dont you remember me. i used to take you around a lot and play with you when we were younger. you might not remember. i thought my uncle was too severe back then. in your situation, you could do this. I came to help you – i am on your side. is Kang alive? why did you go after her instead of avenging SJ. ahn tells him I dont know you so leave. S says does it make sense you don’t know me. you were closer with me than SJ.  I remember you when you were younger. during Christmast camp fire the fire wouldnt light so you brought a lighter and the fire got big. he checks the burn scar ahn should have behind his neck but ahn doesn’t have it. ahn tells him to get out

S goes out to Na and says who is he?  that person is not Lee soo hyun.

Na and the cops go back to Ahn’s home. cops dont believe why ahn would claim to be SH if he isnt so Na makes them check everything. Na spots something on the ceiling and rips off the wall paper. there is a hidden compartment and when they open it stuff falls out. photo album with no pics.

W and another girl are checking out E who is now working part time for her dad. they say how E is cute. she is trying to call robin but he was sleeping

robin wakes up and takes the call from W. he says I will leave right now. he remembers kissing hana and smiles. he calls her and invites her to W’s café

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her dad tells E that W is not in her right mind and the lovesick boy says I am not in my right mind either (cuz he is smitten with W)

robin shows up at the cafe and girls go crazy. W and others perform for robin. he sees hana through the window and tells her to come in. W notes that and gets jealous

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Hana told robin what happened with SJ when he was sick. he asks did you just take that? she asks what can I say to someone who was ill. he yells how she should have said -how dare you be rude -you don’t even know how to be comforted.  hana wonders how he doesn’t know how to be comforted. robin says he doesn’t know cuz he hasn’t been comforted before. that’s the charm of the family. she asks if they all do that. he asks have you not met the chairman?  he makes fun of SJ’s dad’s eyebrows. he says how he tried –  SJ used to be an outcast so one day I pretended to be him and went to his school to make him some friends. next day a fan club was formed but broke up cuz of SJ. he always lost his temper and hurt people.  from then on I don’t do it anymore. he lives the way he does and I live the way I do. so dont worry about him. he will just make you feel bad and make you cry. I don’t like someone who looks the same as me make you cry. she says you told me you would tell me something later. if it’s hard to say then you dont need to. she tells him how SJ said that cuz of her robin  showed up and that robin and her ruined his life. what does he mean by that? if it was me I would resent my dad for not rescuing me -why does he resent you.  robin explains – to SJ that means the same thing. to SJ, the chairman is a wall.  how can you resent a wall. so that’s why he resents me since I am by his side. cuz of you – like five years ago – I am not running away and sticking by so he is resenting that. she cant believe SJ would be resentful just for robin being by his side. he asks if it bothers her about SJ so she says yes. he is your  younger brother but he is so different from you and went through something so terrible when he was younger. also me being kind is a condition/disease. couldn’t you try to get along with your younger brother again. no answer from him

hana goes home and looks at his door. robin sneaks back home and sees her going to her room. he rushes into his room as she comes down the stairs. he closes the door just in time. he sees all the stuff she did for SJ and cleans it up.

she makes him some hot drink and takes it in to him. she knocks but he doesnt open so she says I will leave the tea so drink it. he says ok. he opens it when she is gone and sees the tea.

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Robin had told her sorry but i cant tell you everything now. after you know everything about me and can handle it and dont throw me away I will never leave you first.

SJ wakes up and remembers ahn lunging for him. there is a note from robin to watch the message

there is soju for SJ there. robin says let’s have a drink. I heard you have a higher tolerance than me for alcohol. you are stronger in everything. let’s drink. you wont drink? you probably wont now.  i wanted to be sure to say this at one point and I am doing it now. kang said inside of you there was guilt and regret and so on and that’s how I came about.  what else did she say – I cant remember. but that’s all funny talk.  there is one reason – I came out cuz you wanted to live.  you just wanted to live -wanted to live somehow and needed me. so let’s try to live SJ. to live you made me but why are you in hell daily and why am I happy each day. doesn’t it seem unfair. i have never been this happy like now. even if I dont want to admit i respect you. you  dont want to admit but because I live – you are living. you made me the person you want to be. SJ asks so what. robin says i can help you. just say help me. I will wait.

Na goes to an orphanage and finds out Ahn’s name was the same ever since he entered the orphanage in ’84

Na goes back to meet with Ahn and says you aren’t Lee SH and that Ahn is a liar

robin texts hana that he will try to  talk with SJ like in the past -cuz I don’t want you to worry. I did well huh? she smiles.

when SJ goes in, hana tells SJ to eat – she wont say anything. she made him food

young runs in and says he isnt SH.

S is talking to the cops and TJ – that Ahn came in and said he was Lee SH. that he caught what others missed. Na tells him to be quiet and asks TJ what’s going on. TJ is surprised cuz ahn used to be his patient. he cites the conditions Ahn suffered from, but didn’t expect this.  Na asks if Ahn is crazy or mental. SJ shows up and asks what do you mean he isnt SH. S says I figured it out. SJ asks why he is here. S says they caught driver Lee’s son so of course I had to come. SJ: why?  S: cuz we were close. i was closer to him than you. I was able to figure out that person isnt SH. SJ asks where is that person. cop asks you want to meet him

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SJ goes in and checks AHn’s neck. ahn says it’s been a long time SJ.  SJ asks who are you. ahn says dont you recognize me. I am SH -we were caught together that night. SJ asks why are you doing this.  ahn says I am LSH. why am I doing this. to give you a chance

S is in the other room saying how AHn keeps insisting he is SH to the end when he isnt. Na points out how ahn was able to pass the lie detector perfectly. S says there are people like that – for example -it’s cuz the culprit believes it that way. Ahn repeats that and says that’s possible. if he believes in what he is saying then everything doesn’t seem like a lie to him.  mental hacking

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SJ tells ahn not to lie. ahn says lie? you are the one lying -all these years you kept lying about what happened that night we tried to escape. no one knows but you and I know. you remember it all honestly. you didn’t escape on your own that night.  SJ grabs him and asks who are you – where is SH. what did you do with Kang? they pull SJ away from ahn

Na wonders how Ahn knows so much about SH if he isnt him. S thinks it’s cuz ahn knows SH or knows someone who knows SH. SJ says that guy knows SH.  he knows what SH and I know. look into it – there will be a relationship/involvement with SH. before SJ can leave, TJ asks SJ about the circumstances of the escape.  if nothing else happened during the escape after they were kidnapped. SJ says I told you everything. I escaped and tried to rescue SH but I had no strength. that’s all. young asks him what mental hacking is.  TJ says it’s a way to treat someone who had a big trauma. I havent seen it done myself. SJ asks what that means. TJ says it’s to adjust/infuse the memory. someone put those memories into AHn so he thinks they are his. Na points out not many people would know how to do that. TJ:I can’t believe it  – they knew about SJ so well.  when they all think about it only one name comes to mind so young is outraged not wanting to think Kang would do that

SJ walks out in shock after hearing TJ say that kang was good at mental hacking

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in the car young says why would kang do that. what reason would she have to do that

hana hears from Na that ahn is not SH. she confirms that she saw Ahn at the event (when he tried to drop the mirror ball on her) but she doesnt think it was Ahn on the roof (when he tried to choke her). Na asks if she wasnt a woman and hana says no it wasnt a woman. he says how she must remember the face from the rooftop. so she offers to meet TJ again for another session

she calls and makes an appointment to meet with TJ in an hour. she asks to come with a friend. he says ok.

TJ walks into his office as he talks on the phone.

he walks over to a secret partition with an adjoining room where he has kang tied up with tape over her mouth. he says to her -we dont have much time hana is coming. she might remember soon. but will that be easy?

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flashback to that day. TJ went to see kang. she guesses his real name is Lee SH and tells him SJ is coming right now. listen to what i have to say. but TJ loses his temper and hits her. he knocked her out and put on the mask and cap. he attacked hana and tried to kill her on the roof but hana managed to pull down his mask. he walked kang out after putting her in a trance to be obedient

during all his sessions with Ahn, TJ brainwashed him saying this is where you spent your childhood (photo of wonderland) – you are Lee SH. your dad passed away trying to save you. you couldn’t endure what happened to you during the escape

TJ says to kang – the perfect treatment you spoke of – you failed. after you found out my identity – you said we would be able to treat each other (SJ and him) you liked it saying it was the perfect treatment. the guilt SJ feels about me -that I am alive and didn’t die. he will admit his wrong.  and then I would forgive SJ. that perfect process that we would reconcile. you failed at that.

flashback to precinct and what SJ said about how SH’s dad died. TJ tells her – SJ didn’t feel anything and lied as always. i gave him a lot of chances. I wanted what you said to be right so I tried to coax him again. flashback to TJ asking SJ again if anything else happened during the escape and SJ claiming to have tried to help SH but he didn’t have the strength. that’s all. TJ repeats what SJ said “that’s all.” You said that SJ would have suffered a lot and was anguished.  when he meets me that he would try sincerely to get my forgiveness. but you were wrong. SJ cant do that -why? cuz he didn’t go through the trauma I went through – your therapy failed so I can use my way now right? he wants SJ to feel the same trauma as him. that way the chance of reconciliation will go up. Kang shakes her head no. TJ just says i have an appointment so I have to go. it’s jang Hana. I don’t know what I will do. hana probably wont remember my face from the roof.

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as soon as he walks out the secret room, the bell rings. he walks over and let’s hana in. he smiles and asks her to come in. robin smiles at TJ. she says this is the friend I said I would come with. TJ is shocked.


no preview


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For the past five years, SJ was extra careful about not letting his heart become vulnerable. He shut out the good in himself as a means of self preservation, not realizing it left him bereft of any humane emotions. Now that Hana has shown him what caring for others can mean, even if he could get rid of Robin, I bet a moment is coming when he realizes Robin might have been the better half of him. Tonight proved that boundaries have been crossed left and right with the flimsiest of excuses, but the funny thing about boundaries, once you’ve crossed over, you can’t undo it- especially when it comes to your heart. SJ still doesn’t get all his kind actions towards Hana have been motivated by love. He has never been pulled by love before so no one can blame him for not knowing how impossible it is to resist.

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The thing I like the most about robin is he follows his feelings and his instincts. in this moment he knew words or explanations wouldn’t do so he just kisses her as his answer and silences her questions.


Starts with robin ranting to SJ. robin says you better feel grateful we share the same body or else you would have died by my hands. SJ: I think that’s what I am always saying to you. robin: why didnt you tell. you should have said when something happened. I wont overlook this. apologize -apologize right now. SJ smirks and says I apologize right now

Young calls out to SJ as he hears robin voice yelling – no this problem cant be settled with an apology. do you know that? SJ: I dont know. robin: are you satisfied that my lid is off? SJ: very. robin: are you happy turning me into a strange guy and getting rejected by hana? are you happy you hurt hana? SJ: hurt her? why? when she rejected you. robin: how do you think it feels for a woman to confess to a man and get ignored. no how would someone like you know that. you live enjoying hurting me. that’s what you live for. dont joke around again. this is my last warning.

when SJ comes out young asks are you ok cuz I heard yelling inside. SJ says it wasn’t me- it was robin – i was getting revenge for him pushing the two of us here. I was getting even for that. SJ asks about the culprit so young informs him how the cops asked for TJ’s help cuz he treated Ahn and detective Na is still sure that Kang is still alive

SJ looks at hana coming down the stairs and remembers what robin said to him. how do you think it feels for a woman to confess to a man and get ignored. SJ asks why her face looks like that -if she was ignored by someone. she asks if he heard anything from his older brother. he plays dumb and asks did something happen. hana: no. SJ says he isnt a good person or a good guy. zero pride. zero sense. why cant women see that. she retorts -you heard something huh? he denies it. she retorts if he is that bad that you would say he isnt a good person then that’s notable. she walks off and leaves him baffled so he asks himself – what did she mean?

SJ asks young -what does a rejected woman need? she confessed to a man and was rejected – what does she need. therapy? Young says she needs a man – she can forget a man with a man. going on lots of blind dates. SJ asks for something else. young says then alcohol. SJ thinks to himself – a company get together. he asks what else so young says work. to forget with hard work. young keeps asking who he is talking – who confessed and was ignored.  SJ gets an idea for the circus performance for valentine’s day

SJ approves of the event. he remembers how hana was sincere about the circus -that it was her memories and her childhood that her father. Young points out how hana could have just gone back to live in America if she only considered herself but she makes a lot of effort to go with her team so Sj remembers how she confided in robin about how she felt bearing the responsibility for the circus team. when young asks him why he is hiring the circus SJ says repayment/compensation.

the circus team is surprised when young tells them they are going to do the main event for Valentines and how SJ will attend practice and watch daily starting from today. W mutters to herself how she finally gets to see Robin’s twin

SJ’s dad hears from SW that robin is dating the woman from the circus. he asks about SJ and SW tells him how SJ has no other interest than her involvement in finding kang. the dad asks are you sure and SW says yes

hana stops and asks young about SJ and why he is suddenly letting them do the main event. young says cuz he is grateful. SJ’s dad watches her from afar. young tells her how SJ’s personality doesn’t know how to say sorry or thank you with words. she asks why SJ is overdoing it and watching their rehearsal every day. young sees SJ’s dad so he tells her not to worry about it and hurry and go prepare. the dad calls Young over to speak

SJ watches from afar as the event is set up. he stares at hana

SJ’s dad yells how SJ seems like he is interested in her. he is mad that young didnt report that when he noticed that SJ was acting strange. young tries to tell him how SJ isnt interested -that she helped to catch the culprit but the dad says that could be compensated/repaid. why go and watch rehearsals every day. aren’t you men? why would a man go and keep watching a woman. I heard robin is dating her too. if the two of them like the same woman=what will happen before kang is found.  he calls for SJ

SJ gets a call about his dad from young

one of the headsets doesnt work so hana calls out about it and is told W is bringing it.

just as W walks over she sees robin’s twin meeting with SJ’s dad. the dad orders SJ to kick out the circus team from the atrium and from wonderland. SJ asks what is the reason. the dad says why do I need a reason – just let them go cuz I said to. if you cant do it then I will. but SJ says it’s my business. it’s my wonderland and my employees. dad says I own wonder group. they all work for me. wonderland is inside wonder group. but SJ points out the dad doesn’t have much of wonderland stocks. how SJ is in charge of wonderland and cites how the directors have the higher percentage of stock ownership and how he is in charge of their interests. the dad asks since when did you have such passion for wonderland. SJ: I didn’t cuz of you but I’m going to make some. wonderland sells dreams and love. I want to have wonderlands dreams and love and be happy so dont mess with the circus and go back. dad asks to meet him alone at his office and leaves.

before W can tell hana about what SJ did, SJ goes over and asks if preparations are going well. she points out some problems about today’s rehearsal but SJ already ordered a staff to assist.

SJ meets with his dad. dad asks if SJ has feelings for hana. i told you that I dont believe you have changed. there is one thing that’s changed. you said “my wonderland” but who said you could. if your condition isn’t cured then there is no way. SJ says how kang is alive and the culprit admitted it and they are looking for her. until she has been found nothing has changed. dad tells him to end it with hana but SJ says there is nothing to end.  no that’s not true – it’s not nothing. thanks to her the culprit was caught and now kang will be found. thanks to her I will get my life back too. this event – I can repay her back more than this.  dad asks is that all. do you know your feelings for sure. SJ: yes

SJ asks young why his dad is like that. young says cuz his dad heard hana and him talking. about you watching rehearsals every day. why would a man go and watch a woman every day. cuz you are doing things you never did before.  what he is worried about- I don’t have to worry right? you have to tell me at least. SJ admits how his heart has relaxed a little and he is thankful but that’s all. young: that’s all – for real? SJ: I am human too.  i got hope from Kang’s words after five years . then robin showed up I fell back into wonderland. she didn’t even know she was having a hard time and helped- thanks to her –  i got hope again – does that make me strange. young says you seem like robin a little. so SJ gets defensive and says how am I like robin? is being nice like robin. what did I do that was so nice. I am a businessman. business is give and take. am I wrong? don’t say stuff like that again or I wont be nice again.

hana hears from W and the other guy what SJ said to his dad. W says it seems like SJ likes hana. others think that is true but hana says it’s only cuz he is thankful that I helped catch the culprit.

as SJ walks he remembers what his dad said – if his feelings are just gratefulness and how young said you seem like robin a little. then how hana said it’s ok – close your eyes when he had his panic attack. then how he gave her his umbrella in the snow and how she confessed she liked him and how that felt. then how he deleted her texts to robin. how he gave her cold meds. he stops walking so young asks what’s wrong.

the circus team decide to drink. hana mutters how SJ only needed to say thanks and not make her misunderstand and expect.

as they drink, the young guy says he wont make any mistakes tm cuz he has to drink 3 glasses now for the mistakes he made today. W has to drink for not making any mistakes as the youngest. she tries to say she cant drink but they chant for her pay for the drinks. SJ watches through the window and remembers drinking with them on the trip and says to himself – dont have hope/expectations yet – kang hasnt been found and my condition hasnt been treated. hana notices him leaving

at home hana thanks him for everything- all the materials for the event and for lending out the atrium. for going against the chairman’s order. SJ says if you know then do well cuz if it doesn’t go well then it’s on me. she asks what his reason is for suddenly being so good to her. he quietly says compensation/repayment and leaves the room.

she goes and knocks on his door. he asks what. she asks is the repayment/compensation for helping to find the culprit. he says yes. she says but this is my work. instead of repayment – since this is work she wants acknowledgment. he asks are you saying it hurts your pride right now?  she points out she is more worried about her team than her pride. how her team feels so great cuz of what he did today. it makes them expect and if they end back where they were then she can no longer encourage them. thank you for this opportunity and attention but please don’t give this kind of hope anymore.  she walks away and goes to her room

he follows her to her room and says I dont like futile hope either. I get that but I saw the performance and it was good. it wasnt just to compensate you and feel good. he walks out and smiles

TJ meets with detective Na. TJ explains how Ahn wasn’t that involved with kang – only got treatments from her once in a while. Na says hospital personnel said that Ahn was a good guy. Na asks maybe Ahn was suffering from severe depression and did all that. maybe impulsively but TJ points out it was premeditated since the CCTV was turned off.  he gets a call from the director. he asks if kang hasnt been found yet. cuz he wants to meet Kang more than SJ. Na yells at him to hang up.

Na and TJ go into Ahn’s home. Na has been there during the day but left things alone hoping TJ would notice something. he finds lots of library cards then notes. there is a photo of Ahn when he was younger at wonderland.

robin meets with W. she tells him how SJ likes hana. why else would he do this. and it didnt seem like hana didn’t like him. the point is there is no other woman who is as loyal and sincere towards him. so her dad says have some for me and sends her out. Min sits and asks if robin is starting that again with SJ. choosing between hana and him. robin says that’s not it. Min asks then why is SJ like that. robin says it’s cuz of me. he cant stand to see me happy. he is so dumb. just cuz I am happy doesn’t mean he has to be miserable. Min asks did you clear up your misunderstanding with hana? robin shakes his head no. Min” that is not a misunderstanding that can be cleared up easily. what are you going to do. robin shrugs

hana is sketching and looking at what robin drew and how he said who said it was a misunderstanding. it wasnt a misunderstanding. also sorry for not being able to remember.

robin peeks out the room and sees hana leaving. he follows her to a convenience store and keeps stalking. she catches him and shows him the mirror above the store. they go out and she says you dont need to do this. it was me misunderstanding on my own. don’t feel pressured. no need to worry or be sorry. he says I still cant clear up the misunderstanding. I came cuz I missed you. i seem like a strange guy huh but just know i am not playing with your heart. I am sincere. whether you believe/trust me or not. it’s up to you to chose. couldnt you give me another chance? they cross the street and get caught for jaywalking. cop asks for ID so robin says I didnt bring it. cop asks for the ID number and name but robin says to himself – this is big trouble. robin doesnt give the info so he gets hauled into the precinct. hana keeps telling him to reveal it. young shows up and asks hana to leave first and he will speak to the cop. so she leaves and young settles the matter

hana sits outside with a drink

young asks are you ok. when you need ID so you should have given SJ’s. did you forget? robin says how could I forget. it was in front of hana

hana spots young and robin talking and listens in. young asks are you being sincere with hana. why? cuz she is the one who made you come here again. robin says at first I liked her cuz of that. it was exciting but since she was the young girl from 15 yrs ago, it seemed like fate. but havent you dated? even though there are hundreds of negative things – when you like someone you like them. I cant see one negative thing about hana. when I fall asleep there are times when I am nervous what if I dont wake up like me again. at those times I recall hana. that feeling is so real – it makes me feel alive. now it seems all wrong. there had been a misunderstanding but she saw what happened today too -how strange I must seem to her.  I cant even explain my situation. young asks what hana misunderstood. robin says SJ deleted the texts hana sent me so wouldn’t be able to read them. young says why didnt you tell her SJ did that. robin says if I did that – what if she gets upset at SJ and doesnt help SJ and leave that house. what happens to SJ and me.  hana comes over and says why didnt you say it. let’s go. let’s go and get his apology. she says how there are a lot of things she doesnt understand and a lot she wants to ask. robin says I know. let’s go

with hand puppets robin has a dialogue he wants to say to her. he says sorry. for what. there are times when I dont understand myself. there are also times when I cant tell you everything that is inside me. also when it’s too hard to explain. but still – it would be nice if someone would understand me no matter what. that’s how I am right now. she takes her puppet and says I know – there are times when anyone is like that. but until when? how much longer can I not ask? he replies by letting his puppet kiss hers. then when she looks at him he leans down and kisses her

SJ wakes up and no notes from robin. Hana wakes up and remembers robin kissing her. she covers her face

SJ goes to his garden. he looks at the plant hana gave him and sees how much it grew and waters it himself. young comes over and reports about Ahn being interrogated and TJ’s role. SJ asks about kang. they decide to go to the precinct.

when hana comes down the stairs. she tells SJ I heard from robin (what you did) and as a favor I am holding it in but dont live like that. they leave for the precinct together

Ahn is being questioned while TJ watches. SJ and hana join him. SJ asks TJ why Ahn did that. TJ says he didn’t say it yet. Ahn is saying I wanted to forget too, but all there is left are memories. only thing I can do is remember. Na: what? Ahn: what that punk did to me. SJ asks who AHn is talking about. TJ: I don’t know yet – from a while ago he kept saying “that punk.” Ahn: did he come by any chance? Na: who? Ahn senses SJ in the other room and says he is here. he looks right at SJ so TJ says he wouldnt be able to see this side.  Ahn: we were really close friends. he sings the song for wonderland. Ahn says on that night there were balloons – there was a santa. that night was christmas or Christmas eve. no it was christmas. right SJ? TJ asks SJ – do you know him? SJ is in shock and says Soo Hyun. Ahn says it’s me. Lee soo hyun. SJ steps back in shock as Ahn waves at him. Na asks do you know GSJ. ahn says I told you we were friends. on christmas night we went to wonderland. they had gone together into the haunted house. the two young boys were abducted. they thought since they kidnapped a chaebol’s son they would get a lot of money.  SJ’s dad had refused to pay the ransom cuz the moment he does, it would be his weakness if he did. instead of paying the ransom, he threatens to kill the kidnappers when he finds them (thus winning the prize for being the crappiest dad in the world)

the kidnapper tells young SJ your dad wont pay even a cent (of your ransom)

Hana stares at SJ making a fist

Ahn says that’s how the director threw his son away. SJ escaped and I wasnt able to escape. then my dad passed away. he says to SJ:  you know why you were able to escape and I couldn’t – why my dad passed away. no one knows but you should have remembered. suddenly he lunges for SJ through the window so SJ has another panic attack so hana tries to calm him but he breaks free and leaves the room. she goes after him.

SJ is alone in the stairwell and remembers the kidnapping incident. he got through the window with his friend’s help and was trying to pull his friend out when the kidnapper came back and broke through the door. SJ was holding his friend’s hand trying to pull him out the window until the kidnapper got closer. friend kept saying dont let me go save me.

SJ is still trying to catch his breath when hana finds him. she tries to reach out and ask are you ok. he quickly embraces her and holds on tightly. she pats his back to calm him.



SJ: it doesn’t matter – I am ok

hana to SJ: dont act like you are ok -pretending to be ok – acting strong – acting like you’re the greatest

Robin to SJ: in order to live -you made me and every day is hell for you-doesn’t it seem unfair/indignant -these days I never had such happy days and never had a life that’s this good but let’s try to live (well) SJ

hana asks the cop: did something happen?

hana takes care of SJ when he has a fever. she tells him -they said to take meds, not to cover with a blanket, and wipe all your sweat. she is on the phone and hears instructions to take his clothes off

SJ to hana: dont give me hope. leave right now. even if I am sick – just me alone. even if I die – just me alone. why did you seeit? why did you come.

hana: cuz I worried about you. I worry about you.

하이드 지킬 나.E07.150211.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-02-17] 하이드 지킬 나.E07.150211.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-03-08]
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11 comments on “Hyde, Jekyll, Me: E7-8

  1. ieji says:

    wow this is a fast recap. thx ♥


  2. nonski says:

    omg! softy thank you for the super fast recaps!
    i think starting episode seven there really is something to look forward to
    i am holding on to something here
    and desperately rooting for SJ to HN just because
    HN is not really something of a character and I was hoping that
    they would improve her but still we have more eps left
    the development on Ahn and SJ is really good
    and vaguely explains now how SJ got that panic attack of his
    which eventually turned into a personality disorder
    i just hope that HN will be instrumental in Seo Jin’s healing

    I know this is an impossible wish because I for one know that
    with split personalities, when healed only one personality survied
    and unless documented, the other does not tknow the live of the other
    but i really wish that Robin would thrive in Seo Jin’s personality not
    as his split but SJ will be come a whole new person with Robin incorporated to him


  3. fanlustig says:

    Thank you, softy^^


  4. nonski says:

    thanks so much for the ultra fast translations softy… off to read, this is the time this drama woke up from it’s slumber!!!


  5. nonski says:

    i think from what we’ve seen, HN is especially caring
    and slowly falling for Seo Jin
    She cared for him already and unwittingly at that
    Even when she is asking Robin already to get along with his dongsaeng

    And I like it that Seo Jin’s cousin is not at all a useless one
    Without his nuissance we would never have discovered Ahn is not Soo Hyun
    That is as far as he can go i think hahahaha

    And then the biggest scoop of this drama
    Doc TJ turns out to be none other than Soo Hyun
    This is kinda creeping me up because as a phychiatrist, he can manipulate
    We are still in episode 8 and there is so much more to happen
    I don’t think TJ will be outed so soon
    It will be too soon to do that

    The greatest breakthrough in the drama is …
    okay the lesser one… the development of feelings between HN and SJ
    but i mentioned that earlier, still, it was great

    The most important is the one between SJ and Robin
    Robin realizing how had it life had been for SJ
    When all along he had been living a happy life
    SJ, in order to live needs him but lived a sad life
    For me that’s a big thing in this drama
    I really liked it that HN is instrumental for Robin to realize this
    I really want SJ to be happy
    To live
    TO have a life
    SJ owes it to no other than himself


    • nonski says:

      Softy with what was shown tonight, this is the very reason why Hyun Bin took this drama over the other one!


      • Anonymous says:

        Hi softy! hi nonski and all fans for this show here on Cadence! 🙂

        Softy I just knew that you will be covering this drama! It’s been so long since I’ve been here but here I am! It’s great to be squeeing and enjoying a wonderful drama on Cadence again! Look forward to seeing this one to the end! I wish I could live stream along with softy on her tv but life just isn’t allowing me that kd luxury.

        Thank you for such wonderful transcap and insights once again softy. **hugs**


  6. nonski says:

    softy just read again your feelings above and i could not agree more! i always love your thoughts


  7. MJShinshi says:

    hello softy! I hope you are away on vacation or something fun or relaxing other than kdrama 🙂 🙂 🙂 that was me Anonymous above saying forgot I have not been on here in a while that my name is not auto entered on my computer..lol cannot wait to watch this later.
    hi nonski! see you all next week 😀


  8. zi says:

    …on board!
    Thanks, Softy. Delighted to read you, as always.
    Like many, I did not have any doubt. HBin, to me, is kind of infallible :-}, as actor. A cut above the rest. It’s funny how I am ready to settle for just about any drama or film, as long as he is onscreen. But, no, I didn’t have to drown in pettiness. His projects & roles more than complement his good looks….man, it even makes me forget his good looks! He melts into the character…..and everything fictional dissolves effortlessly into reality…


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