Hyde, Jekyll, Me: E11-12

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You can’t become the monster people make you out to be unless you lose your humanity.

I have always believed there is inherent goodness in people no matter how terrible they seem on the surface. Aside from serial killers who are a hopeless cause, I believe there is a way to bring out the good in the bad. There just has to be a point where humans can connect with each other no matter what outside factors influence our behavior. That’s why I knew that Robin couldn’t go through with the terrible thing TJ tried to program him to do. You just can’t negatively influence innate goodness like that. Robin is desperate to live, but it has to be on his terms. The good in him just won’t condone letting anymore innocent people pay for what he truly desires. SJ wasn’t the only one who learned a lesson from what happened five years ago. If seeking happiness with Hana means that more people will have to get hurt, Robin’s conscience won’t allow such sacrifice to be made. The cost of love shouldn’t be the pain of others. Especially if that means one of the injured party is his other identity. Every time I try to predict the ending for this love triangle, I always pictured Robin as the one to back away. He weighs and considers both of the people he cares about – Hana and SJ, but SJ still has a long way to go when it comes to changing. He still puts himself first before Robin. That might make him the lesser man, but at least the better part of himself (Robin) wants to do the right thing for all parties involved.

Just when you think they crossed a hurdle and made some headway, here comes another complication that might bring along a tidal wave of trouble.

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I love this look on his face – mixture of resentment, desperation, sadness, and most importantly hopefulness that he won’t ever have to be tested like this again and lose his soul.



Starts from SJ telling hana he changed cuz of her -she made him change and to come back to him and that he would wait.

TJ watches SJ’s video message. I want to tell the truth of that night -the truth of that night that I forgot – the truth of that night you dont know.

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SJ’s video message: if you wanted me to recall the memories from that night you succeeded. that I wanted to forget -that I ran away. I was cowardly but while recalling that – I thought of something else that I forgot. you might have – no you certainly forgot that other memory. I want to tell you about that memory was but I had no way to contact you. I wondered how I could do it. after trying to place myself in your shoes, I thought of a way. for a long time you probably lived searching my name on the internet. so you will soon discover this video -you might watch it faster than anyone else. send me an email and I will meet you the way you want and follow it no matter what way. I want to talk about that night –  the past you forgot about. after watching TJ mutters a lie – another different memory. it’s a lie

young finds out what SJ did – sending that video to Lee SH. SJ:I dont want to avoid him. young says you did well. you are really cool. SJ is sure that SH will search him on the internet daily and find the video cuz TJ chased him for all those years. he probably already saw it. young says that’s possible. then that guy will see it too. SJ asks who. young meant cousin S.

cousin S is searching the internet for info on SJ and finds the video left for Lee SH

SJ’s dad is angry that SJ did that.

hana hears from E that SJ left a video on the internet for SH so she watches it. she remembers how SJ told her -I memorize it like an order. while memorizing – the past from 22 years ago that I buried  – I practice to look at it directly.

SJ knocks on her door and asks how about going back to seoul together – do you have to struggle with your thoughts just here? you can go to seoul and do that. cuz it’s dangerous to be here alone. i dont know how to drive – do you know how?

she drives the two of them back. his eyes are closed but he says I am not sleeping.  are you by any chance anticipating for robin to wake up? she explains it’s still uncomfortable to speak to him about this so he asks if conversation is uncomfortable then how about food cuz I am hungry

they eat together but she isnt eating much. he remarks about the tasty food and good weather

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as they walk together he walks behind her. he remembers spending time with her. when she told him to take her hand and how well he made the camp fire. she turns and asks why he is behind her. he says i like this. we walked like this back then too. he points out the game she played that night while walking him back from the outhouse. making him make animal sounds after she calls out an animal. the one he mentions is for a bird and for him to make that bird call. she says that was Robin then so he admits it was me. there was a car accident, he took you to the clinic. he fainted and I woke up. hana remembers telling him she liked him. SJ says of course that was me. that’s when you started liking me. liking robin is liking me. I decided to believe that. she says that’s what drives me crazy the most. I don’t feel like you are one person so how are you two one person. SJ: then what to do cuz this is me. inside me is robin. I ran away from myself all my life cuz I was like this. but not showing all of myself – how is that love? when I am like this and you don’t acknowledge me – how can you say it’s love. I am doing all my best to show all of myself.  I am asking if you could love me even though I am like this. the choice is yours. I wont let what happened five years ago happen again

Na watches the video and wonders why SJ had to send out that video without discussing with them. he is upset that only SJ and SH know about the memory that was forgotten. when young shows up Na tries to scold that SJ did that. young whispers something and says how SJ’s dad gave permission for the country wide manhunt to start for Lee SH. Na starts the press conference by giving out info about Lee SH and describing SH as the witness and fellow victim for SJ’s kidnapping.  reporter asks about SJ’s involvement so Na answers

TJ sits in his car and watches the news about himself. he drives to his office in anger

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Kang watches the video SJ made. TJ tells her how his childhood photo was revealed. SJ said he remembered everything. of course he already knows and is just pretending to act like he remembers. that he has other memory that I forgot -this is the kind of kid he is. if he remembers he should acknowledge and apologize. what (did he say) that there is a memory I forgot. Kang says that’s possible – for you too. dissociative amnesia.  he says no way there isnt anything I forgot.  Kang says you two were children. you went through something terrible that was hard to handle. why would only SJ want to forget? TJ: yes we went through the same thing but I am different from SJ. I am different from that weak guy. if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t have made it this far. even if there is some other truth that SJ believes in, that’s what he made up. cuz he needed a place to run away to again. that’s how he lives. the bell rings

the neighbor downstairs complained about the constant noise last night. so TJ makes up a lie about a new exercise machine he set up and that was the noise.

he goes back into the room and makes Kang stand up and finds the spoon. he asks were you going to escape like this. she says no. now I wont do anything. I made a mistake. after I knew you were Lee SH, I only thought of you as a way to treat SJ. I admit that. I am sorry. SJ’s perfect treatment, I should have treated you too. TJ says to stop. I told you that failed. she says no. I wont give up. SJ changed cuz of you. dont you know from seeing that video. from now on I will believe everything you say. even if you left me go I wont go. TJ: why? Kang: SJ already started his treatment. so it’s your turn. she says what happened to them 22 years ago kept them from trusting people. she advises him to email SJ and find out what happened that day and start healing like SJ.  TJ gets a call from hana who wants to ask something so he makes plans with her for later. he points out how hana tries so hard to help others. that he was able to put some subliminal message into hana cuz she believed in him so much -he already put that trance over her twelve times. that she isnt aware of. aren’t you curious what subliminal messages I put into her?

hana remembers what robin said to her – what is this emotion I feel now – what is this heart that is racing now  and SJ said to her -I changed cuz of you. I will wait

cousin S gets the text from his girlfriend about the reserved ticket for doctor Jerrold Minsky so he searches and finds out about the doctor and what he specializes in. he meets her to find out the doctor arrives next thurs and his flight info. she asks who the man is. but he doesnt share

young runs in and tells SJ about an urgent board meeting

cousin S meets with SJ’s dad and asks to be in charge of wonderland. that he did a good job all this time. the dad says are you in your right mind. cousin says let SJ rest -he is having a hard time -what happened to kang and so many other incidents and it seems he needs to go to the hospital. plus he must be having a hard time cuz of his illness. the dad asks what illness so the cousin says how a lot of weird things have happened starting from kang’s disappearance there were a lot of accidents and the kidnapping. SJ’s dad asks what illness SJ has so the cousin names the doctor that is coming to treat SJ and threatens to tell the board so the dad says don’t you know me -when someone blackmails/threatens me, I don’t comply.so I gave up my own son. after that I regretted so much but I haven’t fixed it. he stands and yells for the cousin to do what he wants so the cousin takes him up on it and says I will do what I can.

the cousin makes the board meet and SJ’s dad attends. SJ is on his way too. the dad glares over at cousin S. the cousin is saying how he should be in charge cuz of SJ’s illness -that SJ is not feeling well. SJ comes in. the cousin says we are meeting today over the problem of your condition. but SJ takes over and talks. he nominates the cousin to take over for him at wonderland and takes a break for six months.

the cousin is in the bathroom and wonders if SJ has other ideas. he knocks on the stalls before he does his victory dance.

SJ’s dad meets with SJ and scolds him for not taking after him even a little bit and how much he did to drag SJ to this point and for giving up everything. SJ says I am not giving up. I am fighting – I am fighting to find my life. I will get back everything that’s mine. after what happened that night I will return everything to the way it was. i will go to a position better than you wanted. he says how cousin S will do well cuz he believes wonderland will be his.  the dad asks what are you thinking

when they are alone, young praises SJ for doing well. young says how he and kang tried to tell SJ he needs to change and recover but SJ didnt all that time. it’s hard for a person change himself so its harder to make someone else change. he encourages him to catch Hana. he stops himself from comparing now with what happened 5 years ago. SJ admits – It’s different from back then. honestly it’s the same situation. robin like that woman and I like her too but one thing is different. me. even though it all seems the same – I am different. I changed. if a person changing is love then I love that woman. young grins

SJ goes to meet TJ. SJ asks if he was updated by the police so TJ says yes I watched the video too. he points out how much SJ is changing when kang wanted that for so long and it didn’t work. SJ admits it didnt work. it couldnt work. a guy who wanted treatments was lying. even if I spilled out my whole heart, it might have worked or not -but everything came up when Lee SH put me in the same position. TJ asks among the memories you recall – did you do something wrong to SH? SJ says yes – enough that I should kneel and beg. something happened that if it happened to me -I would resent him for the rest of my life.  TJ says how about apologizing first -for your sake. SJ says I will apologize but not now. i didn’t just recall what I did wrong. there is another memory – that friend forgot it too. TJ asks what is that memory – can you tell me. SJ says no I have to tell that friend first. TJ says then do that. I will ask something else.  robin came by and looked for hana. SJ says I already revealed everything to her -robin and my DIDisorder. TJ says the shock must have been big. SJ says but she needed to know.  TJ: no I was talking about Robin-his shock. TJ goes on to explain the complex robin has – it will make robin feel like SJ said you are a fake. SJ explains how robin could take it that way but he didn’t do it for that cuz robin is him. TJ says robin has a thin identity like breakable glass. in other things he is strong but weak in this. he could break. so SJ says he could break ? like 5 years ago?

hana asks young what happened 5 yrs ago. young asks if SJ said anything about it. hana says he said he wouldnt make the same mistake. young asks if that was all. she says yes. he asks cant she act like she doesnt know. he said he wouldnt make that mistake. young says how SJ changed – thanks to you – cuz you came -he rescued you. cuz he wasn’t able to rescue and save, he got that condition but now he probably feels like he is reborn and starting his life over. they said what can make people change is love.  she says how SJ said how could it be love if he didnt show everything of himself so how is that love. I need to know it all- whether it’s love or not – tell me

SJ asks what does it mean he will break? TJ points out that robin might be the second personality that stems from SJ but he has his own feelings and memories. he could have the same breaking point from stress as others. SJ: then what happens. TJ: after robin was born – was there that kind of stress?

young confides to hana that something terrible happened to robin 5 yrs ago -it’s similar to now. robin and SJ both liked the same woman at the same time like now. after they lied they were twins, they tried to keep it hidden but they were caught. she left them like she saw a monster.

TJ guesses what actions robin might take -leaving or hurting someone precious/important. with his weakness, it’s hard for robin to endure this. did anything like this happen in the past. SJ plays dumb and says not sure if that happened. if it did then what happens. TJ says if that stress overcomes him…

young tells hana after that woman left – robin went to kang-he thought he lost the meaning for his existence. he asked Kang to get rid of him – like suicide. so kang started treatment but before she could, terry showed up

TJ says how a third personality could emerge. SJ says to himself – terry. TJ points out how it’s more unusual to have just two identities in DID  and asks if another identity came out. SJ denies it

young tells hana that another identity surfaced from robin. someone cruel and belligerent. he tried to kill kang. thankfully it happened with SJ’s security team outside and they all went in to stop robin and there was a lot of trouble -a lot of people were injured. after that he lost consciousness and SJ woke up and robin didnt show up for five years. hana says it’s hard to believe. that robin would have that kind of alternate personality. young says there is no way to know if it was SJ or robin or who came out first. after that happened SJ made sure to control everything and lived like that for five years. he decided that no one else would get hurt cuz of him ever again

hana walks down the street as SJ rides in his car. she gets a call from TJ and says she is almost there but TJ pulls up and tells her to get in

they go to a lake. she had told him she wanted to know about SJ’s disorder. since TJ knows about it, she asks him to tell her everything. he says people have various sides to them. there are nice and bad -kind and cruel sides. anyone is like that you and me too. what’s different for DID people is their memories. whatever we do – whether kind or cruel behavior we remember it all but DID personalities dont remember – if they did something kind or bad -one side doesn’t remember and neither does the other side. up to here I spoke as a psychologist but now I will speak for your sake – can I do that? she says yes. so TJ says I wont say if you left they might be hurt or not. the important thing is your life. isnt love spending time with the other person and remembering. how can you love with someone who cant do that.  she says i dont know too- if I am afraid of starting or afraid of leaving. like you said it doesnt matter if I leave and they might be hurt, but there is what happened in the past. she almost slips and tells him what happened to SJ and robin 5 years ago so she clams up and says sorry for taking up your time over personal matters. she is about to leave but he plays that song and tells her how she got subliminal training through this music all these times and she has to obey him till the song ends so she will finish what she started saying just now. so she spills everything.

as they walk together hana gets a text from W to talk  so she leaves saying she has somewhere to go and even though he offers her a ride she says I can go alone.

TJ goes back to kang and says terry. how could there just be robin. how could there just be an identity that rescues and saves people in a DID.  kang is shocked he knows. TJ says I knew there was another. it’s time for the real robin to emerge

robin wakes and remembers what TJ said about the two identities. he goes and reads that note again. he goes to hana’s room but she isnt there

hana goes to W’s home. she isnt home yet so Min asks her to sit . he finds out hana knows about it all. hana figures out that Min knew but W didnt. he says how robin talked about that these days. whether he should tell the truth to hana but robin wasnt ready to tell. she says how SJ told her that they werent twins. W walks in and hears them. Min can’t believe that someone who is fine and kind has that condition so W asks what are you talking about. W tries to find out what her dad is talking about -split personalities. Min says how robin and SJ are the same person. W asks what does that mean. does it mean there is no robin. she falls down in shock

when W cries in bed, hana pats her shoulder.

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robin runs over and doesnt find hana so he calls young and says she is gone again. young says I met her. I really like you robin. you are a really good person. but as you know- this is reality. this is your lot. you are someone who cant go somewhere and even give your ID number to someone. so how could someone like you take care of hana.

robin gets a text from hana to meet

he drives over and runs out. TJ watches the CCTC video footage of robin entering. while hana was out during the afternoon, he programmed that text to be sent at this time from her phone.

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when robin enters the auditorium he sees Kang there tied up on stage. before he can untie her the screen comes on and the trance TJ put on robin takes effect. (the images and messages on the screen was meant to make the mean robin surface) robin looks over at kang and looks menacing. TJ mutters welcome terry

hana gets a video file and watches the video footage of what robin is doing to kang.

Kang wakes up and looks at robin

hana remembers what young said about how cruel and belligerent robin/terry was and wanted to kill kang

hana says no and tries to call robin. she calls Na and tells him to track a number where kang is so he does

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kang gets up and backs away from robin. she asks why are you like this. he backs her up to a wall and his hand goes up to choke her. she calls out robin. he hesitates. he remembers how he told young hana I am robin. don’t be grateful. rescuing is my personality. he recalls rescuing hana.  he lowers his hand. kang looks at him and he looks sad. he gets a callwait and just stay the way you are. he cries and says I want to live. I dont want to disappear. she says live. let’s try to live. stay there. I will go there. just stay there the way you are.

robin quickly frees kang as TJ watches. robin says let’s leave and takes her out but TJ starts the gas before they can escape. the doors are locked. robin takes her to another exit. TJ leaves the main video room

hana exits her cab as the police arrive

robin got kang out through an exit. as cops go to take care of kang, hana stands there crying looking at robin. ambulance takes kang away. Na says thank goodness she is safe

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hana runs over and hugs robin. he says i want to live. I want to live but I want to live as robin. rescuing is my personality and as robin the one you like.


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When it comes to Robin and SJ, all this time they have been choosing their words carefully to each other, not wanting the other to know how they truly feel. Sidestepping, evading, being circumspect, letting only glimpses of the truth come out, but never all out bare honesty. That flimsy barrier of respecting each other’s boundaries was always going to break, but I bet they never realized the power to bring it down would end up being their mutual feelings for one woman. Now that these two are finally ready to speak the truth, how tragic is it that a former friend turned enemy is out to get them both. With all the lies thrown their way, how sad that neither one feels like they can trust the other anymore. Their sole connection is their feelings for Hana. They are too engulfed in their love and wanting to be the one to remain has become paramount. It’s going to be a battle of wills to see which one is left standing and which one will have to be pushed out. One will fight to remain in control as the other fights to become the dominant. No longer satisfied with existing in the background, Robin finally has his own impetus to fight to become the dominant identity. At least Hana already has Robin’s back so how will SJ manage to gain some ground?

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SJ wakes up and Young asks to verify if it’s SJ (and not Robin) and goes to call the doctor cuz SJ doesnt speak. he remembers asking robin for help and how Hana couldnt breathe and he put the mask over her face so she could. he says I rescued her.

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Hana knocks and comes inside. he just looks at her. she asks are you ok. what happened yesterday. you were the one who put the mask over me but then robin suddenly showed up, broke the window and hugged me. but they said Robin hadnt been there. what’s going on. did Robin come there? she looks at his bandaged arm and remembers how Robin cut himself breaking that window and she had asked are you robin (that night). she looks at his bandage and asks who are you. SJ just asks are you not hurt. she says no. he asks if she isnt tired. she says I am ok. he says I am tired – I think I could fall asleep now. he asks if she could stay next to him until he falls asleep and wakes up. she asks what that means. SJ: you asked me who I am. I am giving you the answer to that. I am going to sleep now and wake up. then you will know who I am. He goes to sleep

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Robin wakes up and looks at her and asks were you not hurt. he touches her cheek and asks why did you come to that dangerous place. what happened. she asks are you robin? are you really robin? she touches his face and says it’s correct – you are robin so how could this be. he asks what happened. why are you in this room. she explains how SJ told her he would sleep and wake up. to wait until he woke and she would know who he is. she says SJ went to sleep for certain but you woke up. what is this. how could this happen. he says listen to me. he admits they are different identities- they have dissociative disorder. she asks if that means SJ and robin are one person. he says no we are not one person. we are different people. our personalities, emotions, jobs, and memories are all different. and I am the one who likes you and I am the one you like.

Kang watches the footage of what happened to SJ. she is worried and explains to TJ about SJ’s condition. he says if you keep protecting him how will SJ get well. she says i think differently from you. there are people who should remember but there are people who need to forget. TJ asks if SJ really lost those memories. kang says i treated him over ten years in all states – he couldnt have lied (not possible). TJ argues if he didnt lie then he edited stuff to suit him. she argues that SJ wouldn’t have edited memories that torment him. TJ wants to try his own method to get SJ to come to grips with what happened by removing his protective barriers so she explains how her disappearance already put SJ into a tail spin. TJ brings up the shield SJ already has -robin – the one who rescues people. why would a human make up a hyde? he is putting himself in situations he cant go in -that guy is playing that role for him. SJ made up a nice guy and pretended to be the nice guy. he wants to believe that – so cowardly. he made a third one -hana. TJ has an idea to show the real SJ and it worries kang.

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SJ wakes up and hana comes in. he asks did you meet him? she verifies it’s SJ. he says it’s me. it’s hard to believe huh? it was the same for me daily -I couldn’t believe it. that place we went to yesterday – I went through something terrible there. as you know well, I didn’t want to live. I probably got this condition cuz I was trying to live and made robin.  but I think I changed. no I changed. i rescued you. you came to protect me. listen to me- robin is inside me and robin is me. I am robin – we are one person

she goes back to her room and remembers how robin said we arent the same person while SJ said we are the same person. she flashes back to all the times when robin says how he rescues and how SJ said he doesnt save me. and how she confided to robin that SJ was acting like robin and her messed up his life

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robin’s message to SJ says why did you reveal everything. you are the one who always wanted to hide it and I was the one who wanted to reveal it. but not now – I am not prepared/ready. so why did you do it without my consent. you extended your hand to me for the first time -you asked me to help. isn’t that so? SJ: yes. Robin: so I was happy cuz it was the first time you acknowledged me but this is disregarding me again. this isnt a problem where you can reveal things to someone. to me as well – it’s a problem – telling someone who I am. so why did you tell who I am? to someone I like. this is my emotion.

after hearing out robin, SJ records his response and says robin I will say for the first time – thank you. and also…(we dont hear the rest)

SJ goes out of the secret room and asks what is this.

he goes and checks up on hana and asks how she feels – if she doesnt need to go to the hospital. she says I am ok. he tells her to rest while he goes to the police to file the report. before he leaves she says she doesnt know what’s going on and it seems like a dream. even if I dont know anything else I know one thing. I like robin. but if you say you are robin -don’t say the feelings I have for robin is to you.  so he asks why did you follow me. you could have died. is rescuing your personality? just cuz you worried -why did you worry about me. it doesn’t matter – you can say it’s compassion cuz it’s the closest to love. you just need to start with that -I already started (meaning he has feelings for her now). he leaves

detective Na and his staff are talking about the evidence – the car belonged to kang and cell phone was Ahn’s, no fingerprints came out – and the remote to control the gas and to confirm CCTV footage for that area – all to try to locate the culprit and kang’s disappearance. because SJ and hana were not feeling well they pushed back their interrogation so Na asks if they called

SJ meets with Na and says how Kang isnt involved in this cuz  so Na asks how can you be so sure. SJ: the memories I forgot, that guy knew.  how could Kang know what I didn’t know. this is for certain Lee SH. Na says how there is no trace of SH. age is same as SJ, they know his dad’s name, and was presumed dead at 12 -after that they cant find any trace of him. where he was adopted – if he changed his name. so they are thinking of using his childhood photo to track him down. if they do that then the world might know it involves the wonder group son, but it hasnt been decided to take this approach. SJ asks to meet Ahn

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So SJ meets with him and says how he remembers everything. Ahn: you remember? SJ: yes but when I recalled what happened that night – I also started remembering the other things that happened that night. ahn asks what that means

flashback to young SJ overhearing the kidnapper on the phone asking what are you going to do about your son? it doesn’t matter if he dies? young SJ looks over to his friend who was unconscious. I have to find out why I wanted to remember all my memories of this. you know huh? (this means SH’s dad was part of this kidnapping). SJ stands up and tells Ahn something (probably about his dad’s involvement so Ahn says dont lie. that didnt happen. SJ says then like me – I think you erased your memory.  there was one other kidnapper (aside from the one watching over them)

when he comes out, Na asks what did you say. SJ admits to Na -If Ahn has SH’s memories -I was curious whether his memories of that night were the same as mine.

hana walks on the bridge and remembers what robin – how he is the one she likes and he is the one who likes her. he disappeared five years ago and came back after five years cuz of her.  all the reasons SJ wanted to hide behind robin – the start for him was her. he holds her hand and said I wont let go.  she remembers back to the night on the bridge when she pushed him away and saved him

SJ hears from Young how he didnt show up one day and how robin took care of everything that day including the meeting. you dont remember anything huh. SJ doesnt. young wonders how this could happen. this never happened even once.  SJ’s dad calls

SJ meets with his dad and his dad verifies that SJ doesnt remember from his skipped day and it’s not like SJ didn’t want to wake on his own. the dad wants him to meet and be treated by a famous doctor. the doctor will arrive within the week. the secretary texts S and tells him that SJ came to work and there is a ticket for someone to arrive in korea. S tells her to find out who.

Young asks SJ: what are you going to do? are you going to do as he said? SJ: prepare the car

Kang is trying to reason with TJ and says how SJ and him both lost the first twelve years of their lives after what happened to them. after that happened – who is taking away your life?  SJ already started to change now it’s your turn.

하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-38-30]

suddenly SJ shows up to meet with TJ and apologizes for showing up without calling. TJ invites him in. SJ asks for help. you heard about the incident the other day from the cops right. TJ says yes. SJ: something else happened during the escape.  I remembered that. how his memories might help his condition improve. TJ pretends that it’s the first time he heard about SJ’s condition. kang listens to the conversation cuz TJ pressed a button so she could hear. SJ tells him about his dissociative disorder. he got treated 15 years ago. TJ pretends to sympathize about SJ’s condition and says it must have been hard for you. it’s a difficult condition and you would have had to hide it well so that’s why you were treated by kang. SJ admits a pattern that didn’t present itself before has now. referring to the skip day when robin showed up. TJ asks what it was and acts like he isnt experienced as kang and pretends to play dumb. I will help as much as I can so speak comfortably. SJ admits the pattern has changed maybe due to stress or shock after being in sync (robin showing up at night while SJ shows up in the morning and day). for one day I didnt show up-this is the first time it happened- it wasn’t cuz I willed myself not to show up so what does this mean. Kang is worried cuz she knows what that means. TJ admits it could be that the two identities are being destroyed (as in one is trying to remain to exist) and asks if there was anything else. SJ asks if there are other indications for this so TJ says how he will look into this more and contact SJ since this isnt his field of expertise.

Young asks SJ what TJ said -if losing a day was due to poor condition

TJ goes in and meets with Kang and TJ is happy. cuz missing a day means that Robin wants to live and he is trying to become the more dominant identity and SJ will weaken. he leans in close and asks what the next sign will be. robin will become more ambitious. even if SJ made up a nice character – from robin’s position – his life depends on it so where is a human being who doesn’t want to live. where is someone who doesn’t want to become the main person. kang looks worried but it seems TJ wants robin to become the main identity

TJ prepares a note and seals it

SJ goes back to his office remembering what TJ said that skipping that day means that robin is trying to become the dominant identity. SJ says to himself – trust myself. I just need to trust myself.  he orders young to call the police to request that search for Lee SH. young points out SJ’s dad wont like it when he finds out. SJ: you think I like this?

Na is meeting with the head of police about the search for Lee SH. talk about SJ might come out so is he ok with that. Na points out SJ is aware. he tells his team to contact shows and reporters. cop jokes that Na’s face isn’t nice enough to do the press brief

하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-57-30]

SJ records a message (not for robin this time)

SJ gets a briefing from SC about hana leaving seoul. SJ asks where. SC says she took the bus and turned off her phone.  whereabouts. SJ is having her tracked and guarded from afar so she is safe cuz the culprit might show up

SJ goes to her room and tries to call her and leaves a message

robin wakes up and goes to see hana but she isnt in her room. she wrote a note – I need time. give me some time. he tries calling but no response

robin goes and listens to SJ’s message. SJ says I am saying this for the first time robin. thank you. what you said was correct. all this time – you saved me. the stuff I wanted to do but wasnt able -you did it in my stead and saved me. all this time I just thought I wanted to get rid of you -you were the enemy I had to destroy and crush but now I know. you are me. you will disappear soon. no you couldnt disappear cuz you will just continue to remain inside of me.

flashback to that night of the kidnapping when SJ was trying to escape. SJ hit his friend’s hand to let go of him so he could escape. robin asks what is this.

W calls robin so he asks if she knows where hana is. W says hana said she was going to rest after what happened the other day. W is worried about him cuz she couldn’t reach robin but he says dont worry about me-I will call back

robin asks the circus crew about hana and he is told she said she would rest for a few days.

W shows up and yells at robin for not thinking about her when she was worried for him. did something happen with her. when she said she might not come for a few days. it was strange and her phone remained off. she offers to help him look for hana cuz W has experience looking after searching for him all those years

robin remembers what hana said to him – what is the truth – what can I believe. W wonders where hana went. what’s going on. did you fight. I know how you feel cuz that’s how I looked when I tried to find you like crazy. everyone seemed like you when you disappeared.  there were way more good memories but I remembered when I wasnt good to you and was sorry. he thanks her for that. I came after 5 years. cuz you remembered me I was here five years ago too. she asks what’s wrong -are you going somewhere again. he says no -the opposite – I wont go. as long as there were people who remembered me I was here and I will be here. go home. she asks are you going somewhere. he says I have some place to go

하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-20-28]하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-39-32]

robin goes to meet TJ and asks if hana came by. TJ: no she didnt’ what’s going on. did something happen to her? tell me – he tries to get more info from him but robin doesn’t trust him and says it’s none of your business. so TJ asks why wouldnt it be my business. should I contact the police? Robin: it’s not like that. TJ asks did SJ tell Hana everything? he admits that SJ came to him and told him they werent twins. Hana must have been stunned. weren’t the two of you sincere to each other? sorry that’s not my business. he walks off so  robin asks why SJ came and told. otther than Kang he would never tell anyone so what’s going on – why did he start telling people. TJ turns on the intercom for kang to overhear again. TJ brings up what happened the other night as he starts some kind of subliminal trance to put on robin. TJ: I heard SJ disappeared. he came cuz of that. he wanted to know what it meant. Kang listens and says no you cant. robin asks what that means. TJ tells him how this isn’t something the split personality should learn and says that’s why he came to me and told everything to do Hana. most DID patients -no matter what – they don’t speak of it to you. if what I saw was correct, all this time the one in control – it was you and not SJ. you have to understand him – it’s hard to accept what’s going on now. you have to help him. robin says i remembered something that was gone. TJ: memory? Robin: but it wasn’t my memory (meaning it belonged to SJ).  Tj asks what was it. robin says SJ’s childhood memory of what happened in that locked room. what is this. I have the right to hear. TJ says no only to SJ. robin says why? why cant you tell me? from what you can see – am I not human? do I seem like a figment of SJ’s?  you said I was the one who saved SJ all this time. SJ admitted that too and I always wanted him to admit it. so why does that sound like he wants me to disappear now. TJ tries to calm him by saying whether  SJ disappears or if Robin got SJ’s memories-there is a high chance it doesn’t mean much. you two share the same body. he rattles on about what psychologists think of it.  robin asks then why did you look shocked.  tell me – am I disappearing? TJ says it’s the opposite. Kang is yelling out dont tell him. TJ tells him how robin gaining SJ’s memory means one identity is being destroyed and SJ could disappear. TJ plays his mind games with robin and puts him into a trance/spell to make robin want to become the dominant personality over SJ.

robin comes out and remembers hana hugging him and what TJ told him so robin thinks – could I not disappear

Kang scolds TJ for what he told robin. from this moment you aren’t a doctor. SJ was changing anyway. she points out what TJ had said so TJ says that was when his other personality was protecting him. robin already has hope to become the main one. before I brainwashed him he already had that ambition. she asks what he did to poor robin. TJ :I  sent him a letter. all humans are alike. when they have an ambition and something shows up to interfere -they could do anything – that’s what being human is. also, is robin all of SJ? or is that all of robin

하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-50-00]

robin meets with Min – W’s dad. he tells robin a letter came but robin doesnt read it so Min does. robin takes it from him

robin gets in his car and reads the note-it’s that anyomous note from TJ. do you know why SJ is looking for Kang so much?Kang has a perfect treatment. you will be wiped out soon robin. he remembers the message SJ left him about how robin is him and will disappear soon- no he wont disappear cuz he continue to remain inside of him. he calls hana and cries leaving a message. it’s me again. where are you. did you leave. have you gone? I am still….he hangs up. he gets a call on SJ’s phone

robin speaks with Na and asks if Hana came in so Na reminds him how SJ and young didn’t want hana to be bothered and said we will speak for her – she is in a safe place. Na had called SJ about tm’s briefing

robin goes and confronts young asking where is Hana. why is SJ doing this without my consent? should I go somewhere and tell everyone. where did you put hana where are you hiding her. you knew too huh? that Kang found a perfect treatment. why didnt you tell me. how could you do this to me too?they said  no one wanted me. do you really want me gone too? young looks guilty

하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-07-43]

hana listens to all robin’s messages asking -where are you -are you ok.  call cuz I am worried -talk to me – if you don’t want to see me – just let me know you are ok. if you don’t want to speak to me – text that you are ok. she hears a message from SJ too. it’s me – you said it seemed like you are dreaming. that’s how I am now. I cant believe I started to change. it doesnt feel bad. I like it. thank you for watching over me when I was younger and for now too.  she gets a call from TJ. she says sorry for not replying to your text. he says how SJ and robin showed up too. I know they arent twins. I was shocked too so how shocked must you have been. where are you? you shouldnt be alone. she says I rest and will be back in a day or two. so much happened. he says just tell me where you are.  she says don’t worry and gives away her location and he says to call when she returns. TJ is already on the road.

while tied up, Kang is trying to make noise hitting the pipes with a spoon. the neighbor downstairs hears the banging. kang drops her spoon but picks it up to hit again just as the neighbor was about to leave her room

하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-14-30]

hana is walking alone. she narrates he protected me and I protected him. he comforted me – i comforted him. i rescued him and he rescued me. robin shows up and goes over and kisses her passionately

they sit by the fire. he asks werent you scared alone. or were you more scared of me. she says dont talk like that. he talks about the shock she must have been. hana: I didnt know how to respond. robin: then just listen. she asks if there is anything else he needs to say. what you and SJ said..but he cuts her off and says just listen to what I say. when others said I was a figment and a fake- you extended me your hand – when I couldn’t understand myself – you didnt ask anything and understood me. that’s when I felt i was alive. if I was a figment or fake of SJ then what is this emotion I am feeling now. what is this heart that is racing now

SJ wakes up in his car. Hana is sitting outside. TJ is in his car and stares at hana in the distance but he notes SJ going over to hana

하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-28-43]

SJ asks did robin show up. she says yes. SJ says I will go and is about to leave, but he turns and says – what your father said – if you trust yourself – the scary things in the world will disappear, after that did your fear disappear? were you able to climb up the rope well? hana: no for a time I was scared. I kept memorizing and practicing. SJ: that’s the condition I am in now. I keep memorizing -while memorizing – the past from 22 years ago that I buried. I am practicing to look at it directly.

TJ opens the message for SH from SJ. let’s talk about the truth of that night. the truth I forgot about that night. there is a truth you dont know about that night.

하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-29-02]

SJ steps closer to hana and says I changed cuz of you. you made me change. come back. I will wait.



hana asks him – why did you keep standing behind me

SJ: I walked like this back then too

Hana: that was Robin.

SJ: of course it was me.

hana: I don’t feel like the two of you are one person.

SJ tells her: liking robin is liking me

Young says I think he sensed it (guessed the truth)

cousin S finds out the truth about SJ’s condition and is busting a gut overjoyed. “poor SJ must have been miserable cuz of that condition.”

SJ: I want to talk about that day

TJ: a lie – another different memory

SJ’s dad asks what fight

SJ: it’s a fight to find myself.

Robin: he is gone again. to not avoid- I am asking if you can love me the way I am now- the choice is yours.

하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-56-51] 하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-25-58] 하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-30-38] 하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-30-47] 하이드 지킬 나.E11.150225.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-52-54]


8 comments on “Hyde, Jekyll, Me: E11-12

  1. nonski says:

    thanks for the recap softy, as usual the best one!


    • Softy says:

      I’m glad to see you are still following this drama. I swear there are nights when I am typing the translations and can’t believe where this story is heading. if you watched tonight’s episode, you know what I mean. seriously – isn’t it sort of late in the game to be adding this new “complication”?

      Liked by 1 person

      • nonski says:

        yesh! i am sometimes wondering why i am still following but believe it or not maybe it’s cuz i really want for Seo Jin to be happy, to find his happiness, even if i am not so into Ha Na’s character, i still am the number Seo Jin-Ha Na shipper. After tonight I was thinking, what the… is this the finale, cuz i don’t see the other complications as valid other than Tae Joo’s revenge plan, which even as it is, is doing the merry-go-round cycle. 🙂 i really they up the ante in the succeeding episodes… on my own POV it seems like the writer doesn’t even know where he/she wants to go. i still believe Hyun Bin chose this for a reason that he saw something great with the story.


        • Softy says:

          Like I told Joonni, I just hope this is a 16 eps drama cuz they better not try to stretch this to 18 or 20. she figures with the low ratings they might stick to 16. that makes sense cuz four more eps might clear up the rest of this story. TJ needs to be caught. Robin will have to leave. and SJ gets the girl. but that feels wrong cuz all this time hana thought she loved robin – not SJ. just cuz SJ loves her – how is that right that he gets the girl and robin doesn’t. it’s like Robin did all the wooing and SJ gets to sweep in and take all the credit for robin’s hard work to get her to like him. didn’t realize till I wrote this but I guess I’m on team Robin – what can I say. I always cheer for the losing third party. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • nonski says:

            lols, yeah from your reading your posts i know that your are on Team Robin. 🙂
            i agree with you that stretching this to 18 or 20 episodes is just too much!
            that’s just another running in circles again.

            i really would want that TJ be caught (I am loving Sung Joon and this is a opportunity for him!)
            it seemed like for so long and so many things he did he was always able to evade capture or even discovered. I would really scream on the screen if something else comes up and Dr. Kang won’t be able to give justice and TJ won’t even get identified as the culprit will be too much too handle for me! apart from this, i would really him to be able to talk to Seo Jin and for him to know that his dad was also involved in the kidnapping case. I’d wait for the day when that happens and see him totally nuts over it!

            I know you have a point and seems only a few on us at Soompi is on team Seo Jin truth be told hahaha. I am even finding it ecky for HN to just transfer her affectiont to SJ cuz she is able to sell that she have even a little something for SJ. HN seems aloof when talking to SJ, i dunno I have this feeling when it comes to HN’s feeling towards SJ although she had shown care and worry for him ever since. though over-all Robin taking over SJ’s life is so over the top, for SJ to disappear is taking away the very core this drama is for. I still believe this comes about on the story of SJ’s healing and making him whole… and Robin is just part and parcel of that.


            • Softy says:

              You are so right. even at this stage, if Hana was given a choice between the two – she would choose robin hands down no hesitation whatsoever. Like you said, I know team SJ is going to win -there was no way he wouldn’t from the start. from my limited knowledge of split personalities, I didn’t think the dominant character could be effaced by the other personalities. That’s why I never saw any hope for Robin to stick around. I just hoped his lasting impression on SJ would make SJ whole at the end of this experience. I think Hana will end up grieving for robin’s loss and maybe SJ and hana can restart their romance from the beginning after robin is gone. Really hope their romance doesn’t happen that way cuz no viewer is going to like that scenario at all. This writer really didn’t do a good job with this story and even though HB is in this drama, I swear when he leaves the screen, I find myself yawning. I will finish recapping this drama for HB and hope he makes it up to me with a great new drama down the line. thanks to this show, at least he is in a lot more CFs in Korea so that’s a huge plus. 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

            • nonski says:

              ikr! this gives us a lot of ways to see more Hyun Bin. but seriously, i don’t believe the writer has it to make a believable story for Team Seo Jin in as much as it is my team. still hoping for the best for this drama. it’s gotten more fun for me since you recapped it, you know i always loved reading your thoughts on any drama.

              Liked by 1 person

  2. fanlustig says:

    Thank you, softy^^ always love your thought and comments on every episode…insightful 🙂


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