Hyde, Jekyll, Me: E5-6

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Somebody needs to tell SJ that every time he does something to backstab Robin, it’s his own foot he is shooting off. He might as well be looking in a mirror as he smirks, gloats, and feels smug. Making Hana dislike Robin isn’t going to help his case down the line once she learns the truth that they aren’t twins and are in fact one person. For a smart man, SJ really lacks foresight. That makes me feel even worse for poor Hana. It’s one thing to feel rejected and turned down by a guy she opened her heart to, but imagine learning that he did that on purpose out of spite. She entrusted Robin with her feelings, but SJ took that and used it as ammunition to hurt Robin and in the process Hana as well. Feeling betrayed and let down by one guy is bad enough, but it must be sheer torture to have it done twice simultaneously – when SJ didn’t relay her feelings to Robin and when she thought Robin rejected her. Pretty soon, there will be two guys vying for her attention and love once SJ’s emotions catches up to his heart, but with the damage SJ has done, you have to wonder if the object of their affection will stick around that long.

Honestly, when the writing, directing, editing, and producing fails to deliver, I have to resort to having faith in the actors. When Hyun Bin signed up for this role, he must have felt something for this drama I am missing. He is playing dual roles for Robin and SJ as well as he can so I am going to have faith that there is more to this drama than what I have seen so far. Maybe it’s one of those slow boiling shows that take time to simmer. Maybe all my patience will be rewarded soon. I keep looking at Hyun Bin’s cute smiles and it fuels my optimism momentarily. Right now, I am hanging on by a dimple here people.


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Starts with hana saying how he is a good person and she likes him. suddenly she stands up taking the blanket to cover her face and runs off and says to herself – you are crazy – what did you say – you are insane.

she talks to the goat and puppy saying I’ve gone crazy huh -what to do – I am not that kind of person – can a person’s heart race like this? it wont burst

SJ sits and wonders what’s wrong with him cuz his heart is racing too

her friend wakes her up and hana remembers how she told robin she liked him. the friend guesses hana confessed to robin but hana denies it but the friend doesnt buy it and says you did. the guy friend comes in and says the roads are open. he gives a note from SJ that says “I had work so I went ahead.” hana runs out and screams. guy wonders if she hasn’t sobered up but her friend says she woke up – she thought he (robin) was a good guy but he is a bad guy

young reports to SJ about the police looking into the tollgate CCTV. the culprit’s truck had passed through. young asks if nothing much happened and if SJ wasnt caught pretending to be robin so SJ remembers how hana said she liked him and lies nothing happened. he coughs and young wonders if he caught a cold

in the car ride back, hana is sneezing  and her friend asks if hana confessed and robin went ahead first so that is a rejection – it means he wasn’t able to face hana.  friend comments how men these days dont know how to turn down women well and they are all bad guys. hana is humiliated

SJ’s dad asks why bring the female witness into the home so SJ explains aside from her there is no one else who can help him right now. the dad says your mom said you changed a lot and that nothing would happen that I need to worry about. SJ asks what do you think. the dad says I don’t believe you/trust you – as always you have a lot of fear and are like a young innocent child. SJ: that might be true but did you forget? the one who rescued that young fearful child – it wasn’t you – it was myself. flashback to when SJ was taken. SJ says after that night instead of you loving me -I love myself more and I will take care of myself. now I don’t think of anyone else except for myself

TJ is on the phone with the cop. the cop tells him they tracked the truck number  to the owner. that’s when TJ looked over cuz he is in session with Ahn.  the cop realizes what’s going on and asks if TJ is with Ahn now so TJ says yes. cop hangs up after saying i will be there right away. Ahn tells TJ it’s not over and that he remembers everything even though that guy forgot. all that is left to me is memory.  cant forgive. he looks scary

Ahn runs out and gets on his motorbike and rides off

TJ was knocked out and comes to holding his head in pain. he calls the cop so the cop sees Ahn riding off and gives chase

cop calls young and tells him the culprit seems to be heading towards wonderland. after young hangs up he tells SJ the culprit is Ahn and works as a CT technician and he is headed towards here – probably to go after hana. SJ asks where hana is. did she arrive. young tries calling but she doesnt answer. her friend picks up and says they dropped off hana at wonderland so SJ rushes after her saying then why isn’t she answering her phone. Young doesnt get why SJ is going after her himself when young could go

SJ keeps trying to call hana

cops chase Ahn into wonderland. hana is rehearsing alone with bubbles. SJ shows up and sees her. he asks why didnt you pick up your phone. she says cuz i was rehearsing. he says whatever you do pick up the phone. answer it no matter what. she asks what’s going on. he tells her about the culprit and how the cops are in pursuit but hasn’t been caught yet so to be safe, he takes her out.

at his home, he orders her to stay put at home and not come out till the culprit is caught. and go to the precinct when they ask for the witness. as agreed upon, she promises to leave once the culprit has been caught

in her room hana tells herself it turned out well – she should hurry and leave – what if she runs into him again.

she tries to get down her luggage and cant reach it. she falls and the sound makes SJ go into her room. he gets it down for her. she thanks him and he mutters about the dust and opens the window. the wind blows all the pages of drawing outside so she runs out to collect them

he follows her out and asks what that is. she tells him so he says just draw it over. she says it cant be drawn again. he helps her pick up the pages

he watches her sort through the pages and asks if it’s about stalking cuz it seems to be about sneaking peeks, waiting, and following. are you sure it’s for children to watch? she explains the story is about some young buy who goes to the bridge every night. while he stands there before he falls, he goes back. SJ asks if robin drew these and told her about this story. she tells him not to speak of robin cuz SJ told her not to speak of him and now she isnt going to talk about robin too. he remembers how she said she liked robin. so he mutters you thought well and leaves. hana mutters what’s he saying – he doesnt even know what he is talking about.

young calls SJ and says the culprit has been caught and they are asking about him about kang. young asks the cop what’s going on with kang. the cop says kang is alive and Ahn told them where she is. cop tells the others to prepare an ambulance just in case as they leave to get kang. young reports that she is alive so SJ asks are they certain she is alive. where is she. he learns that the place is far away and will take some time to confirm.   he remembers how kang said how SJ could be well now (with that treatment) and that he would be free

hana texts robin and SJ sees robin’s phone. he wonders why she is texting again – it should be the end if it’s been taken care of (meaning he left that abrupt rude note). another text comes in so he says why does she have so much to say and ignores the text but goes back and tries to break robin’s code to access his texts. SJ mutters what am I doing and tries to ignore the phone but next scene he is figuring out what the code is by lifting robin’s fingerprints. he watches CCTV footage of robin punching in the code and says bingo. he manages to access the phone and reads hana’s texts to robin. she texted : did you go well? yesterday I drank and overdid it/overreacted. this time it wasnt my fault it was yours robin. why were you so good to me. making a person misunderstand. what is this -I even confessed. please just forget it all and let’s meet comfortably next time. SJ reads it and deletes the messages

*I bet he wouldn’t have been so quick to delete if he was able to see her vulnerability

the girl who likes robin (Y) researches and learns that hana works with the circus at wonderland and that’s where robin is the writer

director is trying to figure out who Y is by asking online -I am looking for a person.  so some girl responds that she knows Y. she tells at her team to do well so they can pass the audition for the circus. director posted her photo with his number so Y calls and asks who he is. he says I will return your photo – should we meet. I have something to ask

director buys the cheerleaders food and returns her photo. he asks if the guy next to her is her boyfriend. she says yes. he asks how long they dated. Y says ten years. she asks him if he knows robin cuz most people dont know him. she calls him robin so the director learns that. she asks why he keeps asking but he just tells her to eat

robin wakes up remembering the car crash and worries about hana. he finds out from young that hana wasn’t injured and that SJ pretended to be robin so they laugh over it. they both talk about how SJ wasn’t caught pretending.  robin cant believe how funny it is that SJ had to smile and stuff. robin goes to the secret room and says it’s awkward just imagining it. the way he looked and saying the wrong thing probably happened and hana might have wondered why is he like this. that worries me. what if he made me out to be a crazy guy. no message from SJ so robin says looks like nothing much happened

hana checks her phone and puts it away disappointed that robin still hasnt replied. she says how men should get three chances and then lose contact with them. she rolls away and says ok I got it. from today on you are out. if I go after you even one more time I am not dad’s daughter. she gets a text so she says sorry dad and reaches for her phone to read the text.

she runs out and sees robin working on his car but before she does she tells her heart to stay still cuz he might hear her heart pounding.  she goes over. he covers her with a blanket and she remembers how she told him she liked him. he says you are very cold huh. come here. he makes her sit down by the fire. robin: did I wake you when you were going to sleep? she says I was going to sleep and laid down and saw your text. she says in her head – so I woke right up. he had texted her – did you go back home well. I am in SJ’s garage – want to come out for a short while. she asks if he is fixing the car. robin explains the car in the accident is being fixed and SJ doesnt ride this car so he was going to check it out. he admits it was an excuse cuz I was curious if you went home well and I wanted to see you. did I not make any mistakes. she wonders if he doesnt remember. robin: was there? she asks if he blacked out (from drinking). he goes along with the lie and says yes I drank too much huh. she wonders if he doesnt remember anything at all – then why did he ignore texts. he asks her to overlook it this one time like he did last time (meaning overlook any mistakes he made). she wonders why he is using aegyo to turn her down. he starts to sing for her

next morning, young is reporting to SJ that Ahn lied but the cop is saying that Kang is still alive. SJ is frustrated not to get the details. young says the investigation will take a while cuz there is something wrong with Ahn mentally and they need the witness to make an ID so they need to bring hana. he remarks how she seemed to have a cold cuz her condition isn’t well

in the car young gives her emergency medicine that belongs to SJ. SJ asks for her symptoms and gives her the right meds. she doesnt take it right away cuz it might make her dizzy and will take it later after she has confirmed the identity

hana is behind a mirror on the other side of Ahn and is told that Ahn cant see her so look at Ahn’s face to identify him. she confirms it’s him. he is the one who was at the event. Ahn keeps staring over at her and it scares her. Ahn breaks free from the cop and goes to the window making her cry and freak out. TJ holds her and covers her eyes. SJ sees that and reaches out to ask if she is ok but TJ took her out before SJ could finish

they see TJ calming hana so the cop lectures SJ to be nicer to the witness and not torment her anymore. SJ wonders why hana and TJ are talking so long. SJ tries to get closer to listen.

TJ is being supportive saying how hard it was for her and offers treatment

director catches up to the cop and says how he is close to Kang and knows how hard it has been for SJ. he says how he needs the treatment for SJ so the cop says you really need it huh but I dont have it. I sent it to TJ

in the car SJ wants hana to get treatments/therapy (for her fear) but not from TJ and instructs young to find someone. he asks why she never told him she needed therapy and offers to pay for her sessions. she says how she will move out her things once they go home but he says not until kang is found. hana mutters they are really like brothers saying this and that-changing minds

hana gets a call about the director wanting to meet her to perform at the hotel.

so hana goes to meet the director. he says i heard you are the witness for kang’s case. I heard from SJ -I am SJ’s younger cousin brother. i will thank you for helping cuz he doesnt know how to thank people. you know robin right. she denies it and says I don’t know him – didnt you call about performing at the hotel. he brings up how she performed at las vegas and wants her to perform here too so she gets up to go show him the presentation she has prepared on the big screen

but SJ walks in and asks the director – what do you want from our kid. SJ acts possessive of hana and says she worked with wonderland circus since 1975 so for 40years . he tries to take her out so she explains she was here about performing at the hotel but he says discuss with me first- that’s the order to do things. after they leave, the director thinks what was that -it’s confusing. jang seemed to know robin and it seems like SJ has feelings for her. the secretary asks what the director was up to and seems jealous of him spending time with hana

hana asks why SJ said that. she asks to let her do the performance with the hotel so he spells it out that she wasnt called for that and that the director was trying to use her to get to him

Y and her cheerleading team perform for the circus guys. they clap and ask if there is anything else she is good at. Y says yes but someone has to help. so the young guy gets up and she knocks him down with a leg lock

Y is waiting for hana. Y is signing the contract to start working with the circus starting from tm and they need someone for valentine event. Y asks when robin comes drops by -does he come every day. doesnt he come here. hana says I don’t know either. Y worries that he will break off contact suddenly. hana asks why Y likes him. Y says dont give your heart too much.you know his personality to rescue people. it drives people crazy. he shows up like fate and rescues you coolly. he says it’s his personality. push and pull. since you are like a real sister i will advice you to come to your senses if you don’t want to end up like me. he is the style that makes women suffer. she basically is warning hana not to fall for robin

as she leaves she sees hana beating up an animal head costume and screaming. the friend lectures not to take it out on the head -did you confess to it – did it reject you. that is why you shouldn’t confess under the influence of alcohol. that’s why the guy left a note and left the next day.  so Y overhears how hana confessed to robin and she was rejected

SJ is muttering to himself how hana should have said something if she had been that scared of Ahn.

director is meeting with TJ and posing as a potential patient. he is listing all of SJ’s symptoms and personality quirks passing it off as his own. he says people I never met said they saw me. that I was friendly and nice. I save people like superman. I keep doing stuff I never did before. TJ asks do you remember doing stuff you never did before? TJ cites what might be the problem. borderline personality disorder or dissociative disorder. it happens cuz of a bad memory from childhood or a terrible accident. director says that’s correct. I was almost killed when I was young.  TJ says that must have been hard. at first you weren’t able to go around outside alone. have fears and trauma and if that gets worse, you mask that terrible memory. you create another identity in order to deal/cope.

Y calls and wakes up robin happy that he only thinks of her (since he rejected hana) his heart is full of her so he cant let anyone else in. when robin shows up she fills him in what happened – hana confessing to him and how he turned her down. robin asks her to tell him in detail without leaving out a word. she tells him how he just left a note and left without a word after hana confessed. you shouldn’t do that to a women it scars her though you probably did it for my sake. robin wonders if SJ did that on purpose. then he remembers how hana asked if robin blacked out and how he asked her to overlook what he did. Y asks if what hana said is true and he blacked out and cant remember anything. it’s worse if you forgot. robin remembers how hana cried and said she wanted to become a woman that makes him laugh and not someone funny and robin made me laugh

he knocks on her door but she is gone so he goes looking for her everywhere. he finds her outside and says I remember. what I dont remember I remember. i am sorry. for leaving before you and also yesterday in the garage- I must have seemed like a crazy guy. you should have insulted me. at that time I really didn’t know. I didn’t act like I didn’t know when I did.  i know right now I seem like a crazy guy but believe me. she says i want to believe too. i believed you and relied on you and got to like you and was mistaken that we felt the same way. she walks away from him so he holds onto her wrist and says to the back of her head. “who said you misunderstood. it’s not a misunderstanding . and i am sorry for not remembering. I am sorry. she turns and makes him release her. she asks what about the texts. let’s say you dont remember but you should have replied to my texts so I wouldnt overreact like this and misunderstand and wait again- I wouldn’t have needed to do that. if you had only responded. he asks what texts. did you send texts. I am asking cuz i really dont know. he shows her his phone. she asks did you delete them. what is your truth/sincerity – what should I believe. it’s ok. I settled it by saying I overreacted on my own.  i had a lot of hard things happen so my heart weakened -with an expectant heart – I made a huge mistake. sorry for giving you uncomfortable pressure/burden. she walks away from him

robin grips his phone in anger and says SJ’s name

he goes to the secret room and records the message

robin says to SJ – that happened when you were me. I can let it pass. it must have been overwhelming for you.  i can understand that but after that it’s different – why delete the texts. you erased it on purpose huh? to get back at me.

SJ smirks and says you know well.

robin says you better feel grateful we share the same body or else you would have died by my hands.

SJ: I think that’s what I am always saying to you.

robin: why didnt you tell. you should have said when something happened. I wont overlook this. apologize -apologize right now

SJ smirks and says I apologize right now


no preview

at the membership training robin was showing off his skills at chopping wood so the man asks hana if robin is her boyfriend. she just asks the man to help her like when her dad was still around.

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This drama’s writer needs to learn about giving the plot some room to breathe and watch its pacing so it can become better than it is.  It felt like it’s covering up for its fallacies by using up all the typical kdrama gimmicks and tricks to get viewers to fall in love with these characters. Just look at all of the back to back romantic ploys used tonight to depict Hana and Robin/SJ’s growing chemistry. The problem is too much is flooding our senses and not much is landing its mark. Makes me think the writer doesn’t know there is a limit to overkill. I don’t know why the writer felt the need to go overboard, but maybe the low ratings made her desperate.  It’s trying too hard to be a hit drama when it was meant to be a sweet understated one. I swear I want to fall madly in love with this story, but the writer seriously isn’t making that easy when I keep being reminded of other dramas that played out those romantic scenes way better.

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Starts with Robin’s message telling SJ to calm down. I know you are angry but I am angry too. you put in danger the person who made me exist. made her cry.  Hana cried yesterday. you know I cant tolerate making a woman cry.  if you make her cry again you will die. SJ says if you use that phrase and gesture with my face you will die. robin warns – don’t mess with her or the contract. SJ: what if I do? Robin threatens:  if you mess with her/it again – I will reveal my real identity so SJ loses it and records his reply message – you are crazy. you’ve gone insane. if you aren’t crazy how dare you mess with me.  this is mine this home and contract too – did you forget the most important thing – that we wouldn’t acknowledge each other but you put the ink (for the contract seal) on your finger and my finger. should I acknowledge you once?

SJ loses it and throws a fit so Young tries to calm him saying dont do this – why are you not acting like yourself. SJ says how robin is threatening to reveal himself and there is nothing he can do. Young tells him to be patient until Kang can be found and just do what robin wants. when kang is found, everything with robin and hana will be taken care of. SJ: how could this happen. it took 5 years for me to come this far. but that guy is destroying it in one breath. young says you cant let him destroy anymore. for the time being go back to the rule from the past.  but SJ says I don’t want to even for a minute or for the time being. how can I lose my life to him again. young says what if robin causes trouble for real if you keep this up. what if he really reveals himself?

Hana goes looking for SJ to bring him a present and almost finds the secret room but SJ pulls her away.

SJ sits her down and says to honor the contract -for her to be invisible in this home so she cant be annoying, be seen, or be heard. and wont go inside other people’s private domain. cooperate so she can leave as soon as possible and meet TJ every morning -that’s the most important. don’t ask and don’t complain.  he walks off before she can say anything so she chases after him and asks if he is the one who wrote this contract. did someone else write it out for you? SJ gets mad and says I wrote it and decided things on it.  she asks so you are saying you wrote each word? he says of course.  she  shows him and asks even this? robin wrote stuff like let’s do well – you can do it. aja aja. byoing byoing.  cutesy stuff like that. SJ reads them and gets upset. she asks if he really wrote all that so he gets mad and yanks it away. as it gets pulled away she loses her balance on the stairs so he catches her before she can fall. while still holding her in the dip position – he warns her: I told you not to be in danger. don’t get hurt -don’t get injured. don’t misunderstand and listen well. as long as it’s not in front of me – whether you get hurt, fall down, break your nose you can do whatever you want. it wont matter to me. just don’t do it in front of me. I am saying this cuz I am worried about me not you. be careful. he walks away

Hana goes to her room and cant believe the person who wrote let’s do well on the contract would be so abrupt and mean to her. she repeats what SJ said and compares it to what robin wrote

SJ goes back to the secret room and leaves a message to robin. go back to the rule from the past and you come out at night and me during the day.

SJ’s dad gets a report from SW about hana staying with SJ until kang is found.  the dad says to call in SJ so his wife asks what he intends to do. dad says I am going to ask what he is going to do. how could he bring in a woman into a home where the two of them are switching off. the wife says she isn’t a woman she is the witness. she is an important person who can help to find kang. dad says whoever she is we cant let a woman next to SJ. did you forget how much fuss there was cuz of a woman?

hana talks to the circus group about a workshop trip – even though the place is expected to snow a lot.

director’s secretary thinks Hana is SJ’s girlfriend. reasons: cuz he isn’t the kind of person to rescue but he did and she was hired back after being fired. director doesnt think those reasons are enough to date but the secretary thinks so. he doesnt think cuz he thinks SJ is dating the girl in the photo. so they make a bet. he hires a guy to trail hana

when robin wakes up there is a note from SJ to watch the video message and the key to Robin’s room so he goes down to his place

the message is to use his own cell phone and not touch SJ’s phone. SJ reminds him about the causes that might interrupt with their switch off pattern. if one of them faints and gets severe stress. and to keep his time frame well (meaning robin gets only a certain amount of time at night -no days). Robin says I will see so SJ says try to get some sleep and never let hana catch on – she cant know that robin lives here or his identity

robin goes to his car and sees hana stepping out so he goes to her

robin follows her as she walks out. she doesnt look back and wonders who it is thinking it might be the guy out to hurt her. robin mutters to himself that she is a dummy and doesnt know who is following her. he tries to tell her that it’s him robin but she beat him up with her umbrella thinking he was someone else. she starts to cry so he asks -sorry-were you scared a lot. she points out that he is bleeding

they go back to her room and she treats his cut that he got from her hitting him. he looks around and asks if she is staying here now. she says until they catch the culprit. she asks do you not live here. he says no this is SJ’s home. he looks at the idea she had for the circus performance so he says I was wondering what you cant do – you cant draw. he offers to do the animation for her cuz he has a lot of time so she thinks to herself that he is jobless that’s why he sleeps during the day and plays at night. so she hires him after looking at how well he drew. he lists the pricing for how much he charges and what tasks he has to do and asks if she wants to meet his agent to write out a contract

robin takes her to meet that old guy who owns the café and hana notices the other projects robin worked on and illustrated. robin and the man hug. the daughter comes in and beats robin up saying you crazy punk – why didnt you call – where have you been. robin tries to say I am sorry. she asks did you do wrong or not. are you going to disappear again or not. she is crying cuz she thought he disappeared cuz of her cuz her dad said that robin didn’t want to see her and felt like she was too much of a pressure/burden so that’s why he disappeared. he washer first love back then. robin calms her

while they are making drinks, the man asks who hana is. robin shrugs

the girl asks hana who she is and what her relationship is with robin. she doesnt give hana a chance to answer by saying I don’t want to know since it wont be a big deal. they plan on spending all night together drinking

when robin pours beer for hana the girl takes over. the dad takes photos of robin and hana and the girl goes over to join the photos.

the drunk girl says how she saw robin off to the army indicating they go way back. how long have you too been meeting. one week? two weeks? one month? hana says 15 years. girl says how long you meet isnt important

the dad asks if SJ is the same as always.  robin says he got more prickly. it also seems like he took care of himself a lot during five years. the man says how nice it is to have robin back and asks if he is going to start the project again. robin says yes. the man asks again who hana is. robin says she saved me. the dad says she saved you? not that you saved her?

drunk hana is talking to the passed out girl about how she can do aegyo too and if she does that she is really cute. and that robin is better at aegyo wearing funny glasses and his cute dimples

the rocket alarm goes off and SJ wakes up to that annoying new alarm from robin. there is a note to put the rocket back in place to shut off the alarm. he doesnt feel well from all the drinking robin did.

hana is still in bed hung over. she wonders how she got home. there is a sketch book with the drawings done and she wonders when he did all that

when they got home robin was going to help hana up the stairs but she says don’t touch andhow much she hates when guys do skinship when she is drunk. I can do it. as he piggy backed her up the stairs she threw up in his hoodie. he got her in bed and she asks him to go with them to their workshop for two days and two nights. he tries to say how he cant go on overnight trips but she insists that he is their team now so he offers to driver her there. she pets him and says how kind he is

young calls hana and reminds her how she has to meet TJ so she says I will go out

in the car SJ wonders why he feels like crap so SW tells him that he drank all night with hana

hana gets in the car and SJ mutters how she stinks of alcohol. she wonders if robin remembers everything. she asks if he saw her come in yesterday but SJ doesnt want her to talk cuz of alcohol breath

director hears from his spy what SJ did. how he is a total man. how robin got beat up by two women last night -hana and that other girl. how he allowed himself to get beat up by women. played hard when he played and lost to a woman. director tells him to keep following SJ around so the guy got someone to follow SJ

TJ says she looks well today and asks if hana is dating. she denies it then says “some”. they start their session and he shows the video of the night of the accident when the mirror ball fell -the photo capture of the culprit. TJ tells her not to get surprised by watching

the cop goes to speak with Ahn (the bad guy)

TJ says you are in a (art) galleria. no one is there. it’s quiet and safe. you can do anything here. you can see anything here. stop. focus. she stands in front of a painting. he tells her to remember slowly. she sort of sees a face briefly – the face of the culprit. as she imagines being choked by the culprit TJ steps up and calms her. he says you are safe- breathe slowly – dont worry I made this world. I would never take you somewhere dangerous. trust me and open your heart. I will make all your bad memories go away

they walk out together and she says it’s not cuz I dont trust you. I dont trust myself. arent most of your patients like that. they cant trust themselves so they have illnesses in their heart. he says that’s exactly true. she tells him to trust her. just then she sees the cop walking with Ahn so she asks who Ahn is. TJ tells her Ahn is a CT technician

when robin wakes up there is a note from SJ. if you set an alarm again like that I will kill you. robin mutters SJ has no humor. he checks messages from hana saying how she said she likes men who make her laugh. she texted – please forget last night. how she isnt normally that kind of person (to get so drunk) I really am not. can you not come to the workshop?  she stands outside muttering how embarrassed she is.

robin texts he is in front of the house already. she texts for him to forget everything that happened yesterday

they get in the car and robin says how excited he is cuz he wanted to go on this (the workshop)he puts her seat belt on for her

robin notices their car is being followed so he tells her to hold on tight. robin makes a last second turn and goes off the highway. she asks why. he says someone is following me.

Ahn is already in a truck and catches up to them getting ready to rear end their car but robin speeds away. the truck veers off and Ahn loses them.

robin didnt look where he was going and crashes. he is ok but she is unconscious. robin calls in the accident to the cop saying a person got hurt and asks for the nearest hospital. he piggy backs her and takes her to a clinic. right after she is being taken care of by the doctor, robin passes out

hana is asking if he is ok as SJ wakes up. he wonders what’s going on. she asks can you see me robin. SJ looks at her and says she called me robin. he asks where is this place. she tells him jung sun. don’t you remember

the circus team is on the way and finds out where hana is. before they go inside hana’s friend tells them I have a secret before we go in. she tells them the webtoon writer who came with hana is SJ’s twin.

Hana tells SJ that she already reported the accident and spoke with the cop (on kang’s case)

the team go in and remark how similar robin is with SJ and that they heard a lot about him. SJ wonders how they know robin. hana gets a call from the cop. cop asks if she really didnt get hurt. she says i am ok. SJ overhears that the culprit chased after them to endanger her and tries to sneak away.

SJ hides and makes a call to young. since it’s night young thinks he is speaking with robin even if SJ keeps saying it’s me. young hangs up so SJ calls back. SJ asks him to look at the cell phone ID number. Young realizes robin doesnt know the secret number to access SJ’s phone so this is actually SJ he is speaking to. SJ tries to get young to come and get him -explaining how he is with hana and robin fainted (after the accident) when the culprit chased them and SJ woke up. once he mentions how hana spoke with the cop, young calls the cop too and hangs up on SJ

hana tells them the cop told her not to be alone and stay with people and he will come when roads are open. the circus team tells hana not to worry about the culprit cuz how could he find out where they are staying to chase after her

young tells SJ – you have to stay there today. not even cops can get there the roads are blocked. the culprit chased after hana there. what if something bad happens to hana. stay with her today. SJ says how the whole circus team is here and they thinks I am robin. young says  for just one day, pretend to be robin. when hana calls him SJ asks young how do I pretends to be robin so young says smile. so SJ puts a fake smile on and hana says they can leave now and  her friend invites him along to their accommodation so SJ agrees to stay with them overnight. the woman says the way he speaks is the same as SJ

in the car SJ keeps his eyes closed and repeats to himself I am robin. I am that bastard. he asks where they are staying and guesses they are going to a spa resort but the woman says a pension but SJ hates where they are staying and says this isnt a pension (it’s actually like a small cottage)

SJ sneaks off to tell young i cant stay here overnight or even one hour so hurry and come. bring a helicopter. but young says helicopter cant fly and roads are closed. a goat sneaks up behind SJ and scares him. then SJ gets scared by a cute puppy. she reminds him didnt you say you liked puppies so SJ pretends to be ok and says how cute it is. she asks why he is out here. he says the bathroom. it’s an outhouse so he is too scared to use it alone and asks her not to go. she sticks around and asks what’s wrong with him today – you arent like robin. he lies that he is scared of the dark and keeps the light on when he sleeps too. he tells her not to go so she says I am here. should I sing for you. he says yes good idea so she sings spooky songs so he keeps asking for other songs – why are you like this to me. he rushes out after he is done and she says how he is like a chaebol (cuz he gets scared of outhouses) and offers her hand to take. as they walk back, she remarks about the stars and great air. she asks how he was able to carry her on his back and run through the mountain road to the clinic if he was scared of the dark. SJ mutters I carried you and ran? no wonder my back felt strange. she thanks him for rescuing her again and sings a kid’s song so he has no choice but to follow along and in his head he is pleading for her to stop

they all have a dinner and SJ hears that robin is going to be the writer and animator. hana says how he will draw for them after dinner

SJ is staring at the blank page of the sketch pad and says how he needs time alone to draw so he leaves the room and goes off alone and draws stick figures. He remembers how he is the opposite of robin and gets an idea how to switch back – maybe alcohol will reverse it so SJ plans to get so drunk that he turns back to robin.

after some time, most of them are drunk under the table but SJ is still okay. hana leans her head on his shoulder so he pushes her away

SJ sits alone outside and is on the phone with young and says how much of a high tolerance he has for alcohol. cant sleep and I’m getting more alert.  Young says then dont go to sleep at all cuz you have a meeting with the chairman at noon so if robin wakes up then you wont be able to go. young laughs cuz thanks to robin SJ got to drink and went on a membership training

hana comes out and says how it’s colder cuz it’s the countryside. and how yummy baked sweet potatoes would be (cooked by the campfire and makes some). she feeds him some saying taste it and he does. he grins  and tries to say  she has ash on her face so she says there are women who do that without knowing and some who do it on purpose to make you laugh. I did it to make you smile. you were really uncomfortable huh? you kept looking like you felt awkward and uncomfortable. thank you for coming with me. I felt more confident. our members are all good people but there are times when I am scared. SJ: why? Hana: they all look to me and ask me “we will be ok right? we will do well right?” whenever they ask that – I say “dont worry I will take responsibility. just trust me” but to tell the truth each time that happens, my heart feels like it’s shriveling. (meaning how hard that was for her – bearing the responsibility alone). “thank you for staying with me.” he smiles at her and she sneezes. he was trying to avoid her cuz of the sneezes but she thought he was going to share his blanket so she says it’s ok. he mutters how he is doing crazy stuff cuz he is drunk and shares his blanket. she looks at him and says cuz you are a good person robin so I like you. I like you. his eyes get bigger.



hana: I am crazy -what to do- why did it do that

hana: if the culprit is caught tomorrow I will leave right away

SJ: where is hana?

SJ: why arent you answering your phone-whatever you are doing answer your phone. answer it no matter what.

SJ: did robin do this?

hana tells SJ – dont talk about robin.

robin: did I make a mistake?

SJ wonders if robin did it on purpose

하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-15-49] 하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-44-11]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-18-10]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-49-30] 하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[01-59-31] 하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-00-57]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-22-05]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-24-05]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-24-40]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-24-54]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-27-51]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-31-27]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-40-11]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[02-53-14]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-29-59]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-24-57]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-29-01]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-33-48]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[03-34-33]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-44-12]하이드 지킬 나.E05.150204.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-31-21]


8 comments on “Hyde, Jekyll, Me: E5-6

  1. nonski says:

    softy thank you so much! oh yes, i really love this episode! 🙂
    off to read
    torrent is slow atm 😦


  2. ieji says:

    thank you for your fast sub ^^♥


  3. Iviih says:

    Hi Softy!! ^^ I’m here. I agree with you, the writer is trying too hard and it shows. Why not let it go a bit slower. I actually died with SJ pretending to be Robin, hahaha Oink Oink!

    Thanks for recapping.

    Btw, I found a nice place to download kdramas, it is a korean website, http://www.torrentbest.net/ they have kmovies too, it is in Korean, but you just need to search for the korean name and that is it. Below the Hyde, Jekyll me search page. As for virus, I think it’s safe, so far I got any.

    Kisses ^^



    • nonski says:

      helloooooooooooooooo Iviih! missed you.

      yeah softy is right but i am loving the SJ character so much, i’ll take what i can get. 🙂
      it came on really slow and seems to not know where it want to go but
      then it veered to over! anyways, glad that you are onboard too.


  4. nonski says:

    thank you so much Softy!


  5. Glaze says:

    The writer and producing team should be shot! The travesty of this drama.
    Utter waste of hyun bin. He is really good with both seojin and robin, and the only spark in the show. He must have seen the potential of the story premise (which i do too) But he probably forgot to check the credentials of the writer and PD coz I’m sorry they suck.
    You are hanging on by a dimple lol
    While I hang on by a smirk ala seojin’s.
    Can’t the romance be between these 2 instead?


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