Hyde, Jekyll, Me: E3-4

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Looks like Robin is going to play both the role of cupid and possible love interest. Though I’m not really sensing all that much romantic vibe from Robin towards Hana yet for some reason, there is still room for hope. He clearly rolled away from her when they were face to face, but maybe it was for some other underlying reason like he feels his time to exist is limited and doesn’t want to get too close. He seems more determined to keep protecting her and keep her happy than anything else. I see more growing interest from SJ than Robin. Despite his iciness and bark, SJ keeps doing nice things for her like saving her life twice, returning her scarf, and lending her his umbrella. All acts someone like him would never do. The new deal Robin set up for Hana is going to flip the table and set all our characters scrambling to find their footing. By making things so cozy for SJ and Hana, I just hope Robin hasn’t inadvertently pushed himself out of the running for her heart.

After the emotional beating he got from SJ’s dad, I just want Robin to fight back more for his right to keep his existence. I totally agree that he is living better and happier than anyone else so what right does anyone have to take that away from him.

I keep wondering what will happen to Hana once she realizes they aren’t twins. How will her heart be able to differentiate and know which one she has been falling for?

My other curiosity lies in that sure fire treatment Kang had mapped out for SJ before she went missing. What if it was a simple solution like making both identities find one purpose – maybe something like love. I have no doubt Robin would be selfless enough to give up existing if it meant that Hana could be entrusted in SJ’s care, but I want that realization and offer to take care of her come from SJ first. Maybe when SJ thanks Robin for bringing Hana into his life, it will be the first kind word SJ ever gives his other self.

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Young is on the phone saying how SJ woke up

SJ listens to Robin’s message about Hana and the new rule to protect her.

SJ orders young to take steps to find kang and locate her case files. he looks at the mess robin left behind so SJ mentions how Robin will show up on his own randomly from now on – that SJ’s MSP spiking to 150 wont matter anymore -no way to know when or how robin will show up anytime. there is no other way than Kang to get rid of Robin. for that treatment she mentioned. SJ wants to hurry and find kang cuz there is no time. also Hana. young asks what should we do?

hana tells her friend how SJ’s twin was the one who rescued her 15 yrs ago on the bridge and yesterday too. she mentions how the guards had been after the twin so the friend thinks – just like those stories about chaebols and protecting the next to inherit, the guards were after robin to send SJ’s twin away abroad and keep him hidden. hana shows off her idea for a new performance regarding the angel bridge. she gets a text from robin if she slept well, is feeling ok, and she wont be able to communicate with him so  he would call her later. friend asks if he is worrying and taking care of hana

SJ tells young to get rid of hana so she doesnt show up in front of him again and get rid of the circus people too. Young brings up her role in the investigating so SJ says tell her if she just remembers the culprits face she will be financially compensated for life and if she needs security detail as well but is restricted from stepping on wonderland. he wants to be rid of hana cuz she is the trigger. if it wasnt for her there would be no robin from the start. if robin was anyone else he would have killed robin but he cant kill him -there is no way cuz he is me and I am him. like what happened five years ago something like that will never happen again. no one else can get hurt cuz of me. I am so scared something like that will happen again. robin doesnt know anything about what happened then – that’s more scary

SJ goes out and gets a text from hana saying I am fine are you ok too robin. SJ gets mad and calls robin a crazy guy. he orders young to send hana back to las vegas. SJ asks SW why his body hurts like his whole body had been beaten up so young admits that robin rode the zip line with hana so SJ gets angry – why did they ride the line together?

hana washes up and goes out to hear the news about kang’s disappearance. her phone rings but she doesnt notice

the man who cried over robin being gone these past five years watches the news. the young girl – his daughter smiles at a photo of robin and greets him -she talks to him saying she isn’t a young girl anymore. she shares a dream she had and wonders what it means so the dad thinks maybe someone she is happy to see has come. just then he gets a text from robin saying I am back – we will meet soon. the man wonders did you really come?

SJ’s dad meets with the manager director and asks for a favor. dad asks if he knows about kang the one SJ was getting treatments for so the director says I just watched the news about her. dad says how SJ is in a lot of shock cuz of it so for the time being divide SJ’s work. director agrees to do so. don’t worry

director orders his secretary to look into kang’s disappearance case

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director runs into SJ and asks are you ok. I heard the news about Kang. and the chairman called me in cuz of it. he is very worried about you and asked me to share your duties. that event starts an hour later huh – don’t worry. I will take care of it. SJ says it’s ok – just do your work well. profits dropped. director asks if SJ is the one who rescued an employee at the event. is it for real? SJ says no I am not that kind of person. I never saved anyone. also I never rode the zip line. SJ made a mistake and let that last one slip out so the director acts surprised

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his dad tells SJ to get on the earliest flight. gave you enough time and waited long enough. no more. now that guy will show up randomly. no way to anticipate what trouble he will cause. SJ asks what about kang so the dad says I will find her. SJ says but you wont look for her – you will give up on kang cuz you are a father who gave up on his son.  dad admits I could give up on you now too – anytime – cuz you are my weakness. at the same time you are my son. so why are you so weak. why cant you give me strength. SJ: I tried. I told myself I have to be better than this. I have to please you more but you always blamed.  dad says you make me blame too. you have to not be ill and fine for my blame to end so go quietly (abroad). SJ: was that it? for you to blame less I have to not be in front of you. is that why I have to leave. you are a coward father. cuz I am your  son I might be a coward too. dad asks what are you talking about. SJ: my illness that you want to hide so much, it means I can reveal it.  yes I am threatening you now so just leave me alone. if I give up my position/title, I will do it. i will decide whether I leave for America or not. SJ leaves

Hana gets a call from the circus crew that the contract has been revoked again and they have to clean out by today. they complain SJ is crazy thinking life and contracts are a joke.  this is the second time in 3 days to keep changing it and threaten to sue, but SJ offered to pay compensation three times over so they have no power to refuse

hana runs out to meet SJ but she is blocked. her coworker comes over to help her meet up with SJ

while SJ is giving a tour of the aquarium and takes photos for the press hana comes up in a costume and talks to him about the contract-threatening to out SJ in front of the press

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they step aside to speak alone. SJ asks why she is joking around (dressed in costume). she thinks he is joking around with their contract. why make us leave again. what is the reason? was it cuz of what happened yesterday. I know that accident wouldn’t have happened if I had only obeyed you yesterday.  inwardly SJ is blaming her for waking robin 15 years ago. he says aloud there are people I cant stand –  someone who did something wrong and isnt aware of it.so they keep making the same mistake and doesn’t know it’s too late to make it right. she asks what that means. SJ: too many things have occurred that shouldn’t have cuz of you. she asks if he is blaming her for what happened these past few days. SJ says of course and that he doesn’t want anything to do with  her anymore. before he goes she yells at him and says let’s just say bad things happened cuz of me-but what about the circus crew-why do you have to kick them out. he offers up compensation (for revoking). if it wasnt for the deal with you they are people who were going to leave. she calls his bluff and says then let’s just call it all off. meaning not give her testimony. SJ points out she should do as she said she would but there are no longer any deals to make with it (the circus).  she says this isn’t right just cuz your upset- is it that easy to cut of someone’s income? SJ: no it’s not easy but what happened that night cuz we got embroiled (meaning what happened 15 yrs ago on the bridge) it became the biggest trouble of my life. so let’s no longer have anything to do with each other.

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she runs after him and holds onto his arm so she yanks it away.  he sees the necklace and asks why it’s there. it’s mine so give it. but she says it belongs to robin. he says everything of robin’s is mine so there is nothing that belongs to robin. also never bring him up in front of me or anyone else. he yanks it off her neck and leaves but she brings up how robin was there that night -the night you said was the most important of your life – that night you ran away alone-kang was there and robin too. he gets mad and slams her against the wall cuz she brought up robin again. suddenly he has an episode of choking. she puts her hands over his ears and tells him it’s ok and close your eyes. he obeys and starts to feel better. he shoves her off when she asks about his condition. trapped in that costume, like a turtle on its back she cant stand on her own and cant go after him.

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SJ walks off alone and looks at the necklace

young comes over and sees hana laying there asking what she is doing. he helps her up and asks do you not need me to remember the culprit’s face. young says no of course we need you. she says then you shouldn’t be like this to me. he says SJ is sensitive and will be better once we find kang. until then he cant think of anything else

hana goes down and colleague asks what SJ said. she says to wait a little longer.

she calls TJ and he asks if she is ok cuz he heard about her accident from the cop. they make an appointment to meet an hour later. right now he is meeting with Ahn

the fan club meeting for robin is going on when the cop is talking with the director. he is trying to bribe the cop for the case file for kang.  but the cop gets insulted and leaves. the fan leader is saying how Robin will return. they don’t even know what robin looks like.  fan club girl drops a photo of robin so director finds it and says it’s SJ.

director is meeting with his secretary and shows robin’s photo with that fan leader

as hana is about to go in to meet with TJ, Ahn walks out and he looks back at her with a scary look

hana tells TJ that it looked like someone dropped the mirror ball on purpose before it fell. TJ guesses that to mean she thinks the culprit was there so she wants him to put her under hypnosis. TJ is abuot to, but she looks scared. so TJ comforts her and says it’s been hard for you huh. lonely too. you wont want to. you regret it all. you are wondering why did I go there that night.  if I didn’t go these things wouldn’t be happening. why did I become the witness. what if they cant catch him or find kang cuz I cant remember. so it gives her courage and says I will try it

SJ tells young to fix the chain on the necklace. young begins his pity act on hana’s behalf that SJ tries to ignore. Young points out how hana’s dad did the circus all his life then a few months ago he passed away so hana came back and the crew is looking to her and they have families who count on them so how heavy must her burden be. young gets a call from the cop that the files from kang’s notebook will be sent to TJ. SJ wants to go see TJ in case kang might have put her last important message there regarding his treatment

hana is reciting what happened that night the mirror ball fell and how she saw the culprit in the baseball cap. she remembers SJ calling out her name. then the culprit disappeared after the ball fell. she points out that SJ was there that night

SJ arrives at TJ’s

TJ says you did well. the culprit was there. the cops will go thru the CCTV. are you sleeping well? you dont have nightmares or insomnia right. she thanks him for his time and apologizes for not being of help when TJ and others are so desperate. he points out he didn’t think she would come back cuz most people dont show up for this other than for family and thanks her for coming

SJ gets out of the elevator and walks out as SJ goes in. Ahn watches her leave

SJ says i heard you got kang’s files. he asks for any info with SJ’s name on it but TJ shows him there wasnt anything in SJ’s name – files were numbered – all just image files. cuz Kang was using image training with her patients.  TJ offers to treat SJ’s condition but SJ dismisses it lightly as a common condition. when SJ gets up he sees hana’s muffler so TJ says that belongs to hana. SJ asks did she come here.

in the car as hana walks young spots her and asks should we give her a ride. what if something happens again while walking at night like that. but SJ just watches her as the car trails behind her.

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suddenly young spots a guy on a motorbike headed straight for her as she crosses the street. SJ pulls her away just in time and saves her yelling don’t be in danger. he hands her the muffler saying it’s yours. she tells him how it didn’t turn out well -she couldnt remember the culprit’s face when she wanted to. she offers to leave and he doesn’t need to pay the circus their compensation for revoking the contract – just let the circus people work keep working. so SJ agrees. she thanks him and offers to keep getting hypnosis treatments – it doesnt have to do with you -if we cant find her later – i dont think I will be able to sleep easy. no need to be grateful cuz it’s my personality. she takes back what she said to him earlier about always running away

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as she walks away getting snowed on he gives her an umbrella to use. she accepts and he leaves

Ahn goes home and sends a message -“failed. that guy showed up again.”

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SJ tosses and turns in bed remembering how hana put her hands over his ears.

hana sits alone and drinks beers.

as she sits alone, she imagines the arena filled with a clapping audience and circus people performing -her dad and younger self and starts to cry

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while sitting there sniffling she gets a call from robin. he asks where are you. why be surprised. I said I would call. where are you now. she says where the circus performs. he hangs up and suddenly appears in front of her. he asks if she cried. she says no something went in my eyes. he puts on funny glasses to make her laugh. he spots the trampoline and she shares her dad made that for her when she was young the first time she was scared riding the zip line. her dad said this is dad’s really big hand . it’s ok if you fall dad’s hand will catch you. she asks do you want to get on it. they start jumping up and down on it they fall down together with there faces close to each other. robin rolls away. she asks can you just come out like this. he asks did you hear about me. not many people know about me. SJ said something huh. she says he didnt say much but robin doesnt buy it. are you curious. if he is their son why does he go around running away. why does SJ go on the warpath as soon as my name comes up. she isn’t curious in hearing about other people’s matters. he offers to tell her later. she says how she is leaving. he asks where. she says back to America-not right away but soon after I finish up what I’m working on. he asks why are you going. did something happen. hana: we might meet again someday. he asks if SJ asked her to leave. she says yes. she repeats the insults SJ said about the circus so robin insults SJ. hana agrees. he offers to relay anything she wants to say to SJ so she keeps insulting SJ.

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SJ wakes up all sore and gets a note from robin saying sorry.

SJ goes to the secret room and talks on his phone with young saying that robin caused trouble cuz normally he doesn’t say sorry in advance. he watches security footage of hana and her friends arriving with her bags

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SJ goes out to meet her. hana thanks him. she hands over the new contract and says thank you -we will work really hard. SJ looks over it and his fingerprint is on each page. his finger still has the stain of ink. hana says we were so surprised to find this arrived early in the morning in the office when we went to pack. didn’t even think you would change it right away. how could a contract be 80 pages long. SJ realizes this is what robin is saying sorry for. hana also points out as part of the deal, how she was also offered to live here too according to the contract plus there is great security. as hana asks him to take care of her well, SJ inwardly calls robin a bad name in his head.



robin says to SJ: I know you are angry – I am angry too.  you will die if you go after the person who made me exist

SJ says to robin: if you say things like that with my face you will die

hana goes on a trip with robin

hana: thank you for comforting me

SJ: you have  gone crazy huh – if you haven’t gone crazy how could you dare? we said we wouldn’t acknowledge

SJ asks robin to go back to their rule from the past for the time being – during the day SJ (comes out) and at night Robin (comes out)

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Here is a perspective I never expected from an alter personality -how painful it must be to know your existence depends on someone else’s whim. Robin showed up thinking SJ would need him like before, but now that he learns that’s no longer true since SJ has changed so much, I wonder if it’s a blessing or a curse that Robin found a new reason to surface. A blessing since Robin seems to find fulfillment and purpose in saving lives, but a curse since no one seems to want him to exist. For the first time, we learned more about the kind of persona Robin has and he sure is likeable. Not just with that childlike innocence and genuine kindness, but we also get to see how vulnerable he really is in SJ’s shadow. Robin’s echoing loneliness is masked behind all those happy grins and cheerfulness, but no one cares enough to see it. Once Hana does, how much do you want to bet that Robin will never want to let her go. After living beneath the surface, to finally be seen, recognized, and appreciated for who he is, that has to mean the world to Robin.

Despite all the ways they are portraying this fairytale romance blossoming between Robin and Hana, as long as SJ and everyone else is determined to keep Robin hidden away, I don’t think we can hope for a happy ending. Since these two identities can’t exist together, it looks more and more like we are headed for a rude awakening.
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Starts with a short recap of what happened last week.

Then Hana runs after robin and sees him on the rooftop. he says I came out again. she walks over and asks are you ok? I think that thing might have fallen on your head. suddenly guards show up and alerts the others so robin fights him off and traps them behind the door and looks for a way off the roof. as he tries to connect a hose, she tries to get his attention. he asks why – cuz you are grateful i cuz I rescued you- dont need to be grateful – it’s just my personality. she recalls young robin saying the same thing – don’t be grateful = this is just my personality. she repeats his words. just as he is about to jump she holds out her hand and says take it – I will help you. they zip line down holding onto each other as guards break free and watch them leave.

once on the ground robin says how great/impressive her skill is. just as she says that’s not important now, he leans in and thanks her. she tells herself to come to her senses – this isnt the time to be bewitched. he is just GSJ. he is about to leave saying those people are going to chase after me soon so I will be leaving, but she says “wait – I have to ask- where are you going.” they leave in a cab

guard reports to Young that robin left with Hana.

young reports to SJ’s dad and he asks where robin is so Young tells him. the dad tells him to capture him without anyone knowing. he asks if the cops came so young says yes there are investigating. the dad repeats how it’s involved with kang’s case. young agrees and says if the culprit is going after the witness. dad tells him to take care of this quietly and don’t reveal CCTV footage of robin.

in the bathroom, she tells herself to come to her senses and tries to figure out what happened. she tells herself she isnt an easy woman to be bewitched by a man and that he is SJ for sure. but she wonders how that rude guy could say what robin said about not needing to be grateful. she mutters how he (robin) didn’t look like SJ for sure when he said that. so that’s why she is confused. all you have to do is ask one thing at a time.

robin is looking around the room.

Robin listens to some messages and the man asks what happened. why can I reach you? did you really  disappear? it must be true – you said one day you might disappear. five years have passed =are you really not going to show up. the man cries. robin mutters – people disappear when it’s time

hana goes looking for robin and just misses him. she goes outside looking -suddenly lights turn on. robin is walking around.  she sees him and calls out to him saying SJ’s title and name. that’s when robin realizes SJ got promoted. she calls him SJ and says you are acting really strange. he says so you know SJ. she asks are you saying now that you arent GSJ? he says yes I am not him. she asks then who are you. he says I am robin. she yells at herself to come to her senses. then who are you? why are you like this to me. you have to same face as GSJ and we were together at wonder hotel and rescued me so what did you say? that you are robin? how could you have the same face as SJ. he says you can tell/feel/sense we are different. he doesn’t rescue people. recuing – it’s my personality.   she asks who are you. the way you speak, the way you feel, the way you look are different but the face is same. who are you

robin remembers SJ’s video recording and message to robin. third rule they have to keep. if someone asks who you are then you and I have to answer like this. so robin tells her – I am his twin. I am SJ’s hyung. she wonders why those guards chased him if he is a twin. why are they trying to capture you with tasers too. why did you run away. even now. they were walking on ice and she almost fell so they hold onto each other and laugh as they fall. she looks over at him and remembers what happened in the water and says I know that necklace.

guards arrive

she tells him how she saw that necklace. yesterday and before too. I also know what you said -dont be grateful – this is my personality.  the angel bridge. suddenly she sees the guards about to shoot robin so she takes the tranquilizer shot and gets knocked out. SW tells him it was SJ’s dad’s order. robin says didn’t he tell you not to make a mistake. SW says we will take her so come out but robin carries her and tells them not to come near or touch him. I warned you – if you want me to go quietly don’t mess with me

in the car he looks over at her. SW says she will wake in an hour or two. he asks SW where they are going. if it’s to his dad or dr kang but SW says you will know when we get there

the girlfriend or mistress reports to the manager director about how female employees saw SJ rescue a woman and cant believe someone who would treat a woman like that during the gorilla incident would do such a thing, but the director recalls that SJ did the same thing five years ago when the hotel elevator broke down. the girl says how the employees saw SJ ride the zip line too but the director doesn’t buy it since SJ wont even ride the rides at wonderland

cop asks the circus crew if they saw any suspicious people but they ask about what happened to hana cuz they cant reach her

cop asks young what happened with hana cuz he heard SJ rescued her. young lies and says she is at the hospital due to shock and SJ too even though he isnt injured since he overreacts. cop learns that the line for the mirror ball was tampered with so the case is now ruled not an accident. young fills him in and says Hana witnessed a suspicious man who was wearing a baseball cap.

the culprit’s face and identity is revealed -the guy’s name is Ahn

TJ gives a lecture and demonstrates about hypnosis and trance

afterwards TJ runs into the culprit. Ahn talks about how he heard about professor kang disappearing and acts upset. he makes an appointment to see TJ tm for treatment.

SJ’s dad is talking to his wife about SJ and robin. dad wants to send SJ away but she begs to wait till kang is found cuz a way to treat him has been found. dad points out how since Robin is out – it doesn’t matter if SJ’s vitals spike – robin will just show up whenever. she wants to keep SJ close by like the past ten years but dad fears what will happen if the board finds out about SJ’s condition. cuz they might not let SJ be the successor. mom wants to keep it hidden well like always till kang is found, but he asks did you forget what happened that night 5 years ago. I have to send him away.

Robin gets out of the car and bows to his stepmom before going in to see his dad.

robin asks your health has been good right? the dad yells why did you appear again? robin says you always ask questions I don’t know how to answer. I dont know why I came out – I just know who I am like always. name age parents childhood memories – not SJ’s but I know them as mine.  but the dad says you are a fake. robin says still – I like that i’m like this -I like my life like this –  doesnt it seem like I lived more happily than SJ and you? other people too – more than you or SJ – they seem to like me better. just leave me alone and i will live quietly enjoying my life and not impose on yours. the dad yells where is your life -you don’t have a life –  you are a fake. what SJ made up. he throws medicine at robin and says just take this and sleep. dad says how much Robin is imposing on SJ by existing- how much SJ changed and tried these past five years. robin says then why did I appear. dad says- don’t know- no one is happy to see you so why come out. robin says yes no one is happy to see me even though it’s been 5 yrs. dad says what are you for people to be happy to see –  you arent my son or his twin or robin. you are just a figment – knife in SJ’s life

dad leaves and tells young to make robin take the medicine and tell SJ tm to come and see me

young asks about hana and the guard tells him how she is sleeping and hasnt woken up yet

young goes in to see robin. robin is happy to see him and holds out his hand but young says dont do that. robin says no one can see so why be like this.  he grips him in a headlock but young says don’t do that and asks him to take the sleeping pills. robin asks have you been well why speak formally.  he gets a call from his kid so robin asks how old the kid is now. young says 7 and forgets himself and acts friendly and stops himself. so robin tells him to live according to his personality and don’t stifle yourself otherwise you end up like SJ. robin looks around and says now it looks like SJ lives alone. young asks what is rule number 7. robin says to sleep within 12yrs but it’s only been 5 hours so there is a lot of time left. robin asks young not to mention him to kang so young informs him how he cant cuz kang has disappeared. you rescued hana didnt you? robin remembers.

young tells him how hana is a witness for what happened to kang and that’s why SJ was protecting her. robin wonders who the culprit is and why they would do that to kang. young says how they think the same culprit was responsible for the incident during the event. robin mutters then is that why SJ called me again- cuz kang is gone and he is scared. young tells him how SJ has changed and is no longer seeking robin. you know what that means right?  rule number 19. you arent saying so you must remember. keep that rule. robin yells -if it wasn’t SJ then who? you know i cant appear on my own. if I could do it on my own then why wouldnt I have come out for  five years -I dont want to admit but SJ has to seek me out. young says you want to believe that. for him to seek you then you help and save him -cuz you want to believe that’s how you exist. robin says whether I believe or not I cant appear on my own. someone sought me out. if it wasn’t SJ someone was seeking me. young points out not many people know of his existence so who else?  there is no one who needs you anymore

robin sits alone and remembers what the dad and young said about how no one is happy to see him and no one needs him

robin goes to the secret room and turns on the computer saying it’s been a long time. he plays the video message from SJ. SJ says you remember rule 19 right. there is no need for your existence now. I have changed. I dont want you anymore. robin says to himself – then what is it. why? he plays the footage of the mirror ball falling on hana and SJ calling out her name to warn her and then falling down choking.

hana wakes up and remembers how she was shot instead of robin. she says his name

robin watches footage of the gorilla incident and remembers what young said – it was you who rescued hana right? then robin recalls saying – someone has to call me for me to appear – I cant appear on my own. so he mutters aloud it might be hana.

in the car he took off his necklace and put it around her neck while she was knocked out. he says rescuing is my personality. thank you

hana remembers what young robin and present robin said there is no need to be grateful it’s my personality. she says that person was robin

robin says aloud – it was jang hana. she woke me. he remembers how she said she remembered him saying that – that there is no need to be grateful cuz it’s his personality. robin says she was the young girl from the past.

she looks outside and sees guards by her door. then she looks out the window and sees robin

robin called young and asked where hana is. young asks why. she calls out to robin from her window so he smiles and waves. he tells her to jump and catches her. they run off together

she holds out her necklace and says it was you huh? it was you from the past on the angel bridge too huh. he nods yes both times. she thanks him for the past and today for rescuing. he says it’s my personality. I am grateful too. they argue about who owes a debt cuz they both claim to owe each other one. guards break in and hold out tranquilizers. robin says put it away cuz I will go down. before he leaves he smiles at hana and leaves with the guards

robin goes to the secret room.

hana gets escorted out. she looks back then leaves

robin records a video message.

hana arrives at her own home and says i finally met him. she goes to her desk and draws. she narrates “there was a young girl and young guy who went there each night (on the bridge). a young girl from the circus and a young man who wanted to die.” he would stand by the bridge contemplating jumping each night. she hides and watches and says “he cant jump.” that’s how she watched over him but one night, he got up on the rail of the bridge and leaned over to fall in but she jumped up to push him away to safety and ended up hanging off the ledge. he looked down and saw her barely hanging on. he tries to grab her after hesitating but she fell. he jumped in after and rescued her. hana narrates “the young girl thought i was going to protect him but he protected me.”

SJ wakes up and sees a note from robin saying hi. he goes to the secret room and sees the message. robin says it’s been a long time and apologizes cuz SJ probably never wanted to see him again. you remember right? our last rule – 19th protocol. if there is no reason for existing then robin will fade forever – sorry but from this moment on that rule is revoked. why? cuz even though you  dont want-it a reason came up for me to exist – you already know who that is right? it’s correct-  it’s jang hana. Sj mutters why her. robin continues – do you remember 15 years ago on the angel bridge -that night you were going to die- that night where I was born -to save you that girl who woke me- hana was that girl – that girl woke me up again. SJ mutters hana was the trigger. Robin says I know how hana is an important person to you now-why? cuz hana is a witness to kang’s case. so I am adding a new rule – protocol 20-  to protect hana -that is our new rule for us now .”

SJ watches video footage of robin with hana.



SJ thinks Robin will show up at any time now. i dont know now how or when

Hana texts and asks if robin is ok so SJ calls him crazy

sj is frustrated and says I swear if Robin was someone else I would have killed him whether I drugged him or what. but I cant kill him cuz he is me and I am him. I’m going crazy – if it only wasn’t for that woman then there wouldn’t be robin.

SJ: make sure she doesn’t show up in front of me again

SJ tells her how he doesn’t want to be involved with her again

SJ asks why she has the necklace so she says  it’s robin’s. SJ says there isn’t a single thing that belongs to robin. don’t bring up robin again.

hana: robin was there that night you ran off alone.

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  1. nonski says:

    yay! thanks softy for the speedy livetranscap! you’re totally back! love you mucho! off to read! woot! although this episode sheds more light to Robin’s personality, I am looking forward to tomorrow… I am a total Seo Jin-Ha Na shipper and i don’t see that changing any time soon.


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  3. nonski says:

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    off to read!


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    This drama is definitely under-rated, I’m sad of the low ratings too ): Whats wrong with it? I’ve been waiting. Robin *screams*


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    The ratings didn’t start out low. They’ve been going down consistently and significantly with each ep. Nosediving!


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    Thanks for shared infomation !


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