Hyde, Jekyll, Me: E1-2

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You can see this romance coming a mile away. This guy is primed to fall in love. SJ is at an age where he should crave the passion from being in love. He doesn’t know just how ready he is to be overwhelmed by love – vital stats be damned. That’s why I am hoping SJ falls for her first. It would be great to see the rug pulled out from under him so he can see it’s not too bad to have feelings and affections for someone. It’s even better if Robin is the one to yank that rug away. Maybe for the first time when SJ’s heart rate spikes, it won’t be something to dread or fear cuz this time it won’t be an indication of failing health but something to rejoice. It will mean SJ finally gets to feel what it’s like to really live.

So shallow to admit, but those dimples cinched it for me. I knew I would keep watching as long as Hyun Bin gets to flash those adorable grins so I figured I would keep up with the summaries.

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A new year means changes are in the air. I wish I could recap the way I normally would with scene by scene line by line translations filled with screencaps, but I no longer have the luxury of time. I really wish I could, but as it stands, I can barely make it home in time to recap live. At least that one won’t change – my episode summaries will be done live. After such a long hiatus from recapping, I’ve come to cherish my beauty sleep too much to go back to feeling and looking like a zombie after recap nights.

My side widget space was getting too full so I decided to make posts for this drama. Depending on how much I fall in love, future posts might be separate for each pair of weekly episodes or all in one like I did for Alice.

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Based on what I know about split personalities, isn’t it possible for one identity to remain after treatment. It seems that SJ has been the dominant personality so far, but does that mean Robin won’t get his chance to take his place permanently or at least combine them to have a unified identity? Despite the title of this drama, I don’t see SJ as much of a Hyde. Aside from biting that woman on the arm and throwing Hana to the mercy of that assailant, he seems pretty harmless. More bark than bite. Maybe it’s cuz we didn’t get to see more of Robin, but I get the impression that there is a reason why he is called Robin. He reminds me of an innocent altruistic child – someone who thinks of others first and places their safety ahead of himself – one who only sees the good in people and is naïve enough to believe that his actions could change people into better human beings. Maybe Robin is the way he is due to not being able to grow and mature emotionally the same way as SJ. Although I must say, we saw some glimpses of Robin tonight in SJ even before he surfaced. The raw “childlike innocent” way SJ reacted to the news about Dr. Kang when he cried showed us that SJ’s wall of defense that he built might not be as strong as he thought. His eager hopefulness that she can be found so that he can finally get his treatment and leave behind this looming threat of his alter personality surfacing makes you realize there was a bit of Robin in him all along.  Their dichotomy might not be so separate as they thought. I keep wondering if one of them will end up having to make a huge sacrifice for the other by the end. As much as I would love to see Hana fall in love with Robin, I hope she can see some of the glimpses of goodness in SJ as well. Granted there might not be much to see, but at least don’t let her feelings for Robin cloud her judgment regarding SJ is all I am saying.


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Starts from Hana asking SJ -was it you? did you rescue me? did you jump into the water and rescue me? SJ repeats what she said in his head. SJ: I rescued you? She asks didn’t you?  you fell into the water right? I don’t remember well but they said you and I fell into the water. what I remember is that someone held me in the water.SJ stops her and says – hang on -be quiet. he tells Young to make her leave. she doesn’t move so SJ yells at her to get out. she asks why get mad. I was just asking if you rescued me. SJ: rescue you? I never did that. I’m not someone who rescues women so leave. Young asks her to leave but she turns back asking if the necklace is SJ’s. after she is gone SJ looks at his broken glasses then at his reflection and says why did you appear again Robin?

Hana stands in the hallway thinking he rushed her out cuz he was afraid she would bring up talk about the circus contract.

Hana has a flashback to when she was young and was hanging off a bridge. Young Robin tries to grab her hand but she loses her grip and falls into the water. he jumps in after her and rescues her. she saw his necklace underwater. she thanked him but Robin said dont be grateful- this is my personality.

present day Hana shakes if off and says it must be a coincidence – how could that guy be him.

at the airport SJ’s dad just arrived with his young wife and gets the report about SJ and asks did that guy (meaning Robin) show up. the driver and security guy for SJ (SukWon) says I didnt see with my own eyes but as he went up to meet Dr Kang, not long after, he fell into the pond with a woman. dad asks if SJ remembers falling. SW says he doesn’t.

[That old caterpillar eyebrow actor they got to play SJ’s dad looks nothing like Hyun Bin. I dont care if these are fictional characters – there is no universe where someone who looks like that would ever have a son who looks like HB. Not even their fingernails resemble each other. I almost cried when I saw that actor and groaned aloud cuz I really hate his acting and his looks. Only flaw in casting so far.]

SJ wonders if it really was Robin – did he show up and rescue someone. Young thinks so cuz who else would jump into the water to save a person in this freezing weather. SJ wonders why -nothing happened for five years – so why again?  he asks to speak to Dr Kang cuz she has treatment for him but Young breaks the news that she has disappeared

the cops think Kang was taken cuz her voice recording asks for help. the cops talk about the two people who fell into the water above her office.

SJ recalls how Hana was chased and wonders if that’s the culprit who might have taken Kang

cops discuss how they don’t know yet why Hana and SJ went to Kang’s office. was there evidence that kang was dragged away. no. CCTV for the tenth floor of the office, the elevator, and basement and parking was turned off from 4:30pm on. no CCTV for the rooftop. they decide to question Hana and SJ tm

Hana gets the message that a cop will come to question her tm. she wonders what happened to Kang.

SJ’s dad tells SJ to leave until Kang is found.

Hana talks about SJ saying how he is a sociopath cuz he doesn’t feel things like a person. the coworker says that means SJ isn’t the prince from the bridge from when Hana was young.  Hana says how SJ told her he wasn’t someone who would rescue a person. he was putting on quite the acting show so I wont bring up the contract talk.

SJ says I wont go and argues he is okay but the dad says you cant remember anything though. SJ argues he just fainted – it was just an accident. I am different from 5 yrs ago. you know how I lived since then. I did my best. wondertown revenue was raised 30%. I never missed a single treatment and did everything kang told me to do. I closed my eyes ears and heart while living and didn’t change even once.  you know that. the dad says if you hadn’t you wouldn’t be in front of me now. SJ: yes I did my best to stand in front of you. now and from here on too. dad says  I feel uneasy about you. SJ: don’t you know your uneasiness is dangerous to me? dad asks if that is a threat. SJ: it’s a warning. Just leave me alone. dad says that guy Robin will show up again.

the dad tells SW to watch/spy on SJ well

Young tries to praise SJ saying you did well in front of your dad but SJ forbids him from comforting him and asks for the car

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SJ goes to a secret room and turns on the computers. he watches CCTV footage of Robin rescuing people at various times.

SJ records himself – a message for Robin: if you are watching this video it means you showed up again. but listen well Robin. you remember right? what we said the last time we met.  there is no reason for you to exist anymore -I changed. now I dont want you. so show up when you want cuz I will make you disappear forever

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SJ listens to his tapes to meditate and repeats the words – this too will pass. with his eyes closed, he starts to get emotional and cries.

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SJ repeats the info Young gave about how the CCTVs were turned off just during that time so SJ guesses they were turned off in advance. he asks if no one saw kang at that time.  CCTVs were off and there were no witnesses. SJ looks over at the circus group packing up and tells Young to call the cops that there is a witness.

Hana is gearing up to go and fight to reinstate the circus despite the fact that they are packing up now. she hears that SJ was discharged from the hospital.

the cop goes to meet Hana. he shows a photo of Dr Kang and asks do you know her. Hana says I worried about her- how is she – she was unconscious yesterday. cop says she has disappeared.

they are outside Kang’s office and Hana told the cop that when Hana got there kang was already unconscious. there was blood under her head. the cop gets a call about Hana so he asks what her connection is to Kang. she says I don’t know her. he says don’t lie. you never entered this office. the CCTV here was turned off.  meaning no footage so no one can know who entered or left. however the first floor CCTV footage remains – who and what time people came in and out – except for you. how could someone who didn’t enter or leave this building have been in this office.  so how did you get into this room. SJ comes over and says she came in riding on a zip line. she blames SJ for that cuz he wouldn’t let her step foot on his land when she tried to see him and wouldn’t let her in. SJ points out she should have just waited for him outside like a reasonable person. she tries to bring up the contract again so SJ tells her to focus on why they are here – the case of the disappearance. SJ goes inside the office and Hana holds back her anger saying “a person comes first”

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Hana reenacts how she got into the office and how Kang was on the ground unconscious. and how Hana felt someone was in the room behind her. cop asks who –  if he was a man – his height – if he held a knife. SJ asks who was it? did you see him or not? she says I did see him for sure but…she doesn’t finish cuz she can’t seem to remember. SJ asks did you see him or not. she says I did see him but I cant remember.

they go to the doctor’s office and she has amnesia due to her shock – PTSD. it might be temporary and she might recall right away or there have been cases when memory doesn’t return at all.

SJ asks if she really doesn’t remember cuz she remembers everything else except for the most important part-the face of the culprit. cop asks you don’t know if you remember his whole face right? cuz he wore a mask. SJ thinks she is holding out cuz it’s important to him and she wants to punish him. once she realizes how important a witness she is to him and how much he needs her, she says I wont do it (be a witness) and points how he should have asked for a favor nicely. you should have said If you help – I will be sure to repay the favor.  you have a way to pay me back so you must be dumb.

so SJ gives her a new contract to sign for her circus but she wants an apology first for canceling the contract unilaterally so he does- very reluctantly. she wants the contract to be made for ten years. they try to negotiate and he goes from 3 to 4 years but she keeps insisting for ten. he gives in. then she asks to make changes to the circus and he quickly agrees.

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she asks – it was you right? the one who rescued me yesterday. she steps closer and thanks him. she asks if that necklace was originally his. he asks why. she dismisses it muttering it must be a coincidence and leaves.

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he goes after her and asks what is a coincidence. she says it wasn’t anything I was just trying to confirm something. SJ: what? why do you keep asking if the necklace is mine or not. whether I rescued you or not. Hana: did you rescue me?  SJ grabs her and asks what if I rescued you. what are you – why did you show up. his vitals spike so she asks if he is okay.

in the car ride over hana looks at all the Buddhist items and remarks his faith must be deep. you even believe in hypnosis but I don’t.  I am trying it cuz a person’s life is on the line but it might not turn out well so don’t expect too much. he makes an argument that hypnosis isn’t a problem of believing or not. she claims to know some about it and learned it. she tries to hypnotize him and do mental magic she learned from Law Vegas on him but it doesnt work. he points out facts about hypnosis and trance – doesn’t need to be put to sleep to do it – stuff he learned from Kang. hypnotism isn’t like magic and shouldn’t be a joke

SJ drops her off to meet with a hypnotist and Young tells her the office and floor numbers

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in the elevator she meets Yoon Tae Joo the hypnotist. she wonders how he knew her – that she was here to meet him. he got a text from the cop saying Hana arrived but hana thinks TJ was following clues based on her appearance like Sherlock holmes to figure out who she is. stuff like no nail color means she works using her body. based on her legs he knew she could ride zip lines. did you hear that from the cop. TJ plays a song that will wake her from her trance. I know you are worried but this is the only way to find professor Kang. he asks for her to believe in his talent

in the car SJ learns about TJ and wonders if TJ doesn’t know about the treatment Kang had for SJ. Young says he doesnt seem to know.

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SJ goes to meet his dad. the dad has airline tickets and tells him to leave (go abroad). nothing happened for 5 years but Robin showed up again. after showing up – who he is meeting – what he is doing – we dont know anything. after he shows up once – he keeps showing up. so get out while you can leave on your own feet. SJ informs him how there is a witness and they might be able to find Kang. do you know why I went to see her. she said she found a way to treat me. that it wouldn’t be dangerous this time and it would work for sure. I will find her. even if I find her and the treatment doesn’t work –  then I will never return. but not now.

TJ makes her feel comfortable and tricks her saying “let’s not do anything today” to get her guards down. he suggests they just talk instead. he asks where she was coming from then asks her about her parents (both have passed away). he asks about siblings but she is an only child.  he brings up today’s date then yesterday’s date and where she was then. he hypnotizes her taking her back to that time and asks what she sees. she says kang unconscious with blood on  her head. someone is behind me. he asks her to slowly turn around. she screams remembering how the attacker tried to choke her and how she stabbed him to get away then how she ran to the elevator. then she was taken to the edge of the building and was choked. couldn’t breathe. TJ wakes her just as she recalls pulling off the mask from her attacker. Hana says I saw his face – I took off his mask.

SJ hears that she took the mask off but she doesnt remember the face clearly yet. SJ realizes if she saw the culprit’s face then he knows Hana saw him. where is she now?

in the cab Hana cries and remembers how TJ said she needed to get rid of her fear then she will be able to remember.

the culprit is waiting in the rain for Hana to arrive and get out of the car. she walks into the theme park for the circus. he sets the flyer for her circus event on fire and follows her in. she sees a guy similar to the culprit and gets nervous but it wasnt him. the real culprit follows her as she heads inside and she senses him so she tries to walk faster

Just then, she runs into SJ. he asks what is it. she says I think someone was following me. he puts her behind him protectively and makes Young call security to check for suspicious people.

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SJ wants to put her in 24 hr witness protection program but she thinks that’s overdoing it. SJ: then were you overreacting a while ago. you said someone followed you. he asks where she lives but it’s too far away so he puts her up in the hotel across from the theme park. SJ makes her decide – stay here or go with guards to her home. when she brings up needing just one room he points out how this is safer by saying this  is the penthouse and no one can enter without the card key. she has a night event tonight and work with the circus  to take care of but he doesnt want her to do that now. she balks so he says right now Kang is missing but if she isn’t alive then you become the witness to a murder. do you know that? so hurry and remember. he turns to leave but she points out -you were there too but you threw me away and left. you are the one who turned me into a witness. and cuz you needed it – you made me go into a nightmarish memory. without a word of comfort like “were you shocked a lot?”  SJ says that’s why I am keeping you safe now. she says whether it’s protection or not – I cant stay here like this. how can you not know how to understand or treat people well. he asks why he should do those things. did you forget who I am. just do as I ask or leave if you aren’t going to.  she asks if wonderland belonged to him since birth and will continue to even in the future. but do you like wonderland. it has never been mine even once and will never be but I like it. why cuz this place is my memories and all of my childhood. a performance venue my father made but you impulsively tell me to leave? is it easy to you? can you throw away memories and leave? SJ has a bad memory of what happened when he was younger and says yes I can throw it away -wonderland – memories -childhood, I don’t have them. do I like it? like what? is it a person? is it a woman? it’s just mine. that is all. so if this place is that precious then (?) before I get rid of it all.

SJ leaves but she chases him out and gets on the elevator with him. she says what you said is correct. I dont know what happened but you never rescued me. before in the past and yesterday too. it couldnt have been someone like you. the person I remember is someone who rescues. she leaves and he thinks if she might be talking about Robin

He runs after her and asks who that person is – who is it? does he resemble me? she says no not at all and walks away. but he remembers how she asked if that necklace was his.

SJ wonders if after five years of nothing happening -if Robin came back cuz of Hana.

SJ runs after her and remembers how she said there was an event tonight so SJ goes there but it’s the accident site from his dream. he sees her in danger and tries to call out to her to warn her, but he cant breathe.

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the mirror ball is about to fall on her head but she is rescued by Robin. she recognizes his necklace. he is holding her in his arms smiling at her and asks you were really shocked huh? she sits up as he asks are you okay? check if you arent bleeding or injured anywhere. he looks her over and says thank goodness you arent hurt. but you should go to the hospital. you might be okay now but you could hurt later.

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SW and another guard spot Robin and get prepared to go after him to tase him. Robin was about to help her up but sees the guards coming for him. He makes his excuses to Hana saying sorry if I stay it will become a nuisance. be sure to go the hospital.  he backs away from the guards and the taser.

she sees Robin hiding from the guards and doing a bunch of stunts to get away. she wonders what she saw and if that was SJ.

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she sees a bunch of guards searching for Robin. she runs up to the rooftop and sees Robin standing there. he smiles and says I came out again.


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Robin: are you grateful cuz I rescued you. there is no need to be grateful – that’s just my personality.

Hana tells herself she isn’t an easy woman – that guy is for sure SJ.

Robin says I am not SJ.

cop says I heard SJ rescued Hana

Hana asks who are you? Robin says I am Robin. Hana tells herself to come to her senses.

Hana: I know that necklace.

Robin asks SJ if he remembers their last day.

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This guy is a walking CF commercial in almost every scene. Needing a drool bucket here.


SJ wakes from a dream where he rescued a woman and wonders why since he isn’t the type to do such a thing. Based on his dream he decides to make alterations at wonderland.

A runaway gorilla scares people at Wonderland just as SJ and his entourage are touring the area as SJ makes changes like banning certain rides from running and not letting balloons be sold. when a woman runs away from the gorilla and grabs SJ’s arm begging him for help he throws her off by biting her arm to loosen her grip and then throws her into the mercy of the gorilla. SJ crawls up into a safer place and watches what happens from there.

Hana’s dad passed away. he used to run the wonder circus at the park so she is taking over. She just arrived from Las Vegas and goes to see that gorilla. she has been around him since she was a baby and helped raise him so he thinks of her as his mommy.

하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-41-07]하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-41-37]하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-41-50]하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-42-10]하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-42-44]

SJ calls her into his office so she thinks it’s to speak to her about the runaway gorilla but he cancels the circus contract with wonderland. He had grabbed her at first to check his vitals around her with his glasses. When Hana tries to argue there is time left on the contract but he is willing to pay the compensation for breaking the contract. she asks why he wants them to leave the park so he says the shows aren’t great and neither are the parades. The revenue/profits aren’t great either. she gets offended by his insults and makes him take it back so he says he will – he will take back everything except for what he said about canceling their contract. she leaves in a huff.

Her coworkers are afraid of losing their jobs so Hana takes matters into her own hand and goes back armed with a damaging video of SJ biting the arm of the victim and shoving her away. he looks visibly ashamed and remorseful over his cowardly actions and says he is really the worst. He asks his secretary Young to bring over the new contract with the circus. SJ asks her to leave him alone for a while. he calls himself trash. she asks for the phone back but he asks her to leave him alone so he holds onto it.

Hana is pleased at his change of heart and thinks everything is fine and he will renew their contract. she informs her crew that their contract has been renewed.

her coworker argues that SJ is a sociopath and doesn’t have any emotions and wouldn’t do that -no one ever saw him show any compassion or pity. she tells him to trust SJ. he wonders if Hana didn’t extort SJ with that video. Hans shares how SJ almost cried seeing the video and felt sorry for him for a second but the older female coworker remarks about good looking he is and how sexy SJ’s butt is.

Young brings over the new contract but SJ was bluffing. he orders Young to delete the video from the memory chip and return the phone. Young watches the video and says how damaging it would have been to SJ’s image if this went around the internet. SJ argues that nothing like that would have happened if the victim had been male – it was cuz she is a woman. SJ reminds him how he has to avoid women, skinship, and passion cuz if his vitals spike – “that guy might show up.” SJ admits he is a man too and feels he behaved cowardly.

Hana shows her crew her new ideas for the circus at Wonderland – stuff she learned from circus du Soleil in Las Vegas. Hana’s group learns that SJ was only acting when he saw that video cuz he canceled her contract after all.

Once Hana learns that SJ never intended to renew their contract and is now evicting them she goes back to confront SJ.

There is a presentation about split personalities and dissociative identity disorder given by Dr. Kang (SJ’s doctor). even showing a scene from a movie to explain how the alter personality doesn’t have memory of his/her actions.

Dr. Kang gets a call from SJ after her presentation. SJ says it’s a cold blue – that he almost died. she tells him how she found the safest and most effective treatment so it wont be like five years ago and he could get better. he offers to go to her.

Hana tries to meet with SJ and stops his car so he tells her to get in and talk. when she moves out of the way he tells his driver to just leave so she follows in a cab.

His doctor makes a voice recording about SJ’s dissociative case. Just then someone goes to see Kang right before SJ arrives. Hana tries to talk to him again but gets stopped saying she cant step foot on his land.

SJ tells himself not to have expectations about Kang’s course of treatment for him.

As he walks over to Kang’s office he catches Hana hand zip lining onto a balcony. He heads over to her. she ends up entering into Kang’s office through the window and discovers Kang’s bloodied body on the ground. she sees the killer and screams and runs out. SJ sees her running out and heading towards him so he backs up and runs ahead of her and gets in the elevator by himself – shoving her into the hands of the killer just as the door closes despite her pleas for help. SJ has an episode in the elevator alone and cant breathe. Hana is nearly choked and thrown off the edge of the building. she says to herself – someone please save me. rescue me.

하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-52-13]하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-52-39]

SJ changes into Robin in the elevator and steps out. he spots Hana in danger and beats up the attacker. Robin runs over and tries to rescues Hana just as she goes over the edge, but they both fall into the water together. He is cradling her head underwater and holding her in his embrace. she opens her eyes and looks at him then closes her eyes again.

She wakes up in the hospital. Her coworkers ask why she was there with SJ and ended up in the water with him. she doesn’t have memories of what happened to Kang and wonders if falling into the water and stuff wasn’t a dream

하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-47-46]하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-48-40]하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-49-50]하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-50-01]

Young tells SJ that it has been 6 hours since the incident. don’t you remember anything. SJ doesn’t. he thinks he lost his senses. Just then Hana comes in and asks was it you? did you really rescue me? did you jump into the water and rescue me? He repeats what she said about rescuing.

Kang’s voiceover: he will rescue Robin inside of SJ’s Hyde. Robin borne of SJ’s guilt, he will rescue and protect.

he asks Hana – I rescued you?

하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-53-24]

SJ looks at his reflection and says to himself – “Robin showed up”


하이드 지킬 나.E01.150121.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[23-54-13]


SJ: I am not a person who rescues a woman so leave.

SJ: Nothing happened for five years so why? Why again?

Hana is needed as a witness to kang’s disappearance cuz the attacker has disappeared too.

Hana: so you really need me?

SJ: yes.

Hana: that’s why I wont do it.

she remembers his necklace and acts if SJ rescued her. SJ: whether the necklace is mine or not- if I rescued you or not.

Hana: did you rescue me? you said you didn’t.

SJ: What if I rescued you?

SJ: You show up when you show up. I will make you disappear forever Robin




5 comments on “Hyde, Jekyll, Me: E1-2

  1. nonski says:

    Softy thani you so much! I am so happy you decided to put this summary/recaps instead of the side widget. There is just too much to write that it won’t be enough. 🙂

    There is one thing here that caught my attention..In episode 2 when SJ was watching those vides when Robin was rescuing people and was leaving a message to Robin, he said “remember what you said last time we met?” So there was an instance when both personalities had met each oter and i find it really interesting. I had the book Sybil about multiple personalities and is a really good book. If i remember it right, the personalities never met but sybil may have known at one point that some of them existed but I cannot recall if she was really able to met the others.

    On another thought about out OTP, hmmmm, i am more of an SJ shipper. eotteoke, i go for bad boys hahaha. But SJ in his unguarded moments have this side of robin’s personality too. I too wished that Sj fell for Hana first but I want her to be the catalyst that will help SJ with his personality and his emotional baggages. I am not really lking his dad, at all.

    It’s great to have Sung Joon in this drama. 🙂 I initially thought I was the only one thinking he might have been the killer. but reading various comments on HJM, i know am not the only one. Tho i hope Tae Joo would not be the villain in this drama.

    Thanks again Softy!


  2. KDaddict says:

    Welcome back, Softy!
    I for one completely support your new style of recapping. It is still live for those who want to follow it in real time, and your summaries give enough information to let people know what is going on. You are too talented to spend that much effort on word for word translation. Sleep & health before anything else, always!

    So glad you are posting on HJ&M. But I’m wishing that we got to share your thoughtful readings on Healer’s Seo Jung Ho, Park Bong Soo, et. al. I’m loving that show too much to enjoy others, even one that Binnie is in. I’ve to wait till Healer ends before I can give this one full attention. Cheers.


  3. KDaddict says:

    I laugh so hard when I see, “That old caterpillar eyebrow actor…..”
    That whole paragraph…..Word. “Not even their fingernails resemble each other.” LOL.

    I’ve the same reaction. I don’t know why he gets work. He is always the same hateful dad, always has the same expression not only from scene to scene, but from drama to drama. Even as a one trick pony, his is just to bring his eyebrows. His screen presence always detracts (subtracts from?) my viewing experience.


  4. flo says:

    hello Softy
    i havent watched this drama yet.is it good ? i believe it’s good if you recapped it..i want to try, cuz i need to watch a new drama, i had been suffering with my latest drama withdrawal syndrome, i hate this feeling, i have to move on..lol
    thank you so much for this recap..off to read..


  5. ewi says:

    i really hope you want to share your thought on “kill me heal me” drama~

    it’s really a good drama~~ ^^


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