It’s Okay, It’s Love E9

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If only we could have more of these moments to weather all the chaos that’s about to rain down on them. I am a firm believer in squirreling away all your good and happy moments to help you through the hard times. These two just didn’t make or put away enough of those happy memories to recall later on when they need happy thoughts. That is why I am so afraid for their future. People talk about playing mind games, but JY has no idea what his own trauma has been doing with his mental state. It’s one thing to manipulate people when you are in control, but if the reality says you aren’t in control at all, you have to wonder when your trauma took over everything. The preview shows that T will be the first one to learn about what’s been going on in JY’s mind and I almost bawled right along with T. If he has such a hard time wrapping his head around the truth that his dear friend has been this messed up by his tragic past, I hate to think how JY will take the news.


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Starts from the beach scene – the kiss then JY asking if she is ok. HS: I’m ok. they kiss again and again and scene fades out. later on he watches her as she perspires and cries. he wipes her tears and she reaches out and realizes he cried too. HS: what is this. JY: watching you – I told you before that I’m empathetic. she looks at all his scars and asks why he has so many of them on his body. he says i dont know. she says dont get hurt. he says ok. she asks do you love me. he says yes. HS:I don’t believe you. and I don’t yet. JY: its ok – you will soon. why did you cry? she moves closer and cuddles. HS: i thought of something. he asks what thought? she says later on when I really really love you – i will tell you then what I thought today. and also how selfish and bad I am- i will tell you both of that then. if at that time you love me – I will believe you then that you love me, but not today. JY: but i love you. HS: i dont yet. like all the other men in the world – just cuz you slept with me one night… JY cuts in and says: I wont think I have all of you. she says i like you. also i’m sleepy. he tells her to sleep so she says I will sleep for a short time. he covers her up and just lays by her side.

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while she sleeps he writes. she stirs in her sleep so he shushes a crab walking by

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KW is riding his bike and suddenly a car hits him. his body flies up. JY wakes up and looks down at the stab wound as JB stands over him stabbing him and saying if you die, mom will really be sad. isn’t that so? flashback to their mom setting a paper on fire. JY looks at his brother with tears in his eyes

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JY looks around the beach at HS sleeping and the ocean. JB is gone. JY looks down at his bloody side. HS wakes up and asks what’s wrong with you. he says – my stomach – it’s bleeding. she holds his face and asks did you have a nightmare? he looks down and his bloody wound is gone. he says that KW had an accident and my hyung stabbed me. she hugs him and says i’m sorry – I forgot you can only sleep in a bathroom. I’m sorry. I was wrong. it’s ok. it’s ok. she tells him to breathe – to inhale and exhale. she regulates his breathing and hugs him. JY says I am ok. I’ve always been like that. let’s go in now but she doesnt want to go yet until he is more comfortable. he says I want to do that too but people are coming. she says no they aren’t but he says they are – two of them. she notices others and they quickly pack up. they falter not knowing which way to go

*she kept saying sorry cuz she knows he only feels safe sleeping in a bathroom. she thinks that is why he had a nightmare. So KW didn’t die in that car accident and JB never stabbed him in the stomach – all of that was part of JY’s nightmare. No wonder he sleeps in bathrooms.

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back in their room she makes up his bed in the tub. he asks what she is doing. she says as you can see – making your bed for you. JY: I wont look appealing if you see me sleeping in the tub. she smiles and motions for him to get in the tub. JY: I don’t know. he worries he wont look appealing if she sees him sleeping in the tub. she wont like him and want to break up and he wont have a choice but to do that. he gets in the tub and she tucks him in and tells him to close his eyes. he tells her to go sleep some more in the room. she says i slept a lot so it’s my turn to get you to sleep. sleep. he mumbles -I’m sleepy. I don’t think I should break up with you. you are so comfortable. she tells him I suddenly dont want to – wake up but he grins and takes her hand. he falls asleep.

S is asking SK to look at her shoes. HS’s sister asks Jo when HS will return. Jo: she will come at some point- would she live there? Jo makes a call as she asks if JY is trustworthy enough for HS to date seriously. what if they break up after their trip -what will happen to our HS if she gets hurt and loses out. Jo asks – in love – where is hurt and loss?  she says there is but he argues in love there is making memories or it’s to be celebrated – one of the two. don’t know about others but to HS who has self esteem – don’t you know your younger sister? she agrees and leaves. Jo wonders if Lee doesn’t want to see him. he finally gets a hold of Lee. he asks what happened with her sister’s problem. Lee confides about her sister and how Jo was right. her sister was having a fling with her store manager. like what Jo said it was countertransference. both of them are coming to her hospital for therapy-for her brother in law’s suspicious nature and her sister’s infidelity.  Jo says we should meet once. we’ve known each other for 20 yrs so we cant end that friendship like this. Lee says i will call later when things get settled.

SK and S are arguing. SK asks why are you like this. she wants him to buy her new shoes that match the new clothes he bought her. they are making her shoes look like rags. her sneakers don’t go with the clothes he bought so she tells him to look. either take away the new clothes you got me or buy me new shoes. HS’s sister says how bratty S is. SK tells S – he wont buy it for her. she yells at him to buy her new shoes so Jo yells at SK to buy her shoes -buy her everything – you have to have empty pockets for any of your lingering feelings to be set free too. buy it for her. SK tells S to follow him out. she smiles gleefully and says I will change clothes and come out directly. (*I want to slap that grin off her face- I really hate this character.)

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They walk hand in hand on the beach. JY tells HS how many more months it will take to finish his writing. she thinks he needs to get treatments for his OCD condition. he asks if she wants to fix him. HS: I want to but I cant. we are dating. we cant treat patients that are personal to us. he takes that to mean she has fallen for him seriously so that she cant be objective about him. she takes her hand away and calls him a dog player again and walks off. he puts his arm around her. she wonders why he isn’t indignant about her calling him a dog player. JY: I just think I am not but that’s how you think. HS: you are saying you aren’t a dog player? huh? when you snuck peeks at a woman’s chest when it was on display? I saw it all before. at the changing room for the talk show when you snuck peeks at the woman’s chest. and when we came here too -when you saw pretty women from time to time -your eyes kept going back and forth. he grins and she sighs deeply. HS: just know that I have a generous heart so I am overlooking it. JY: the talk show’s makeup artist’s chest -yes I looked. she knew very well that a man was looking at the mirror in front of her and displayed her chest. I wondered what is this woman’s intent and then I thought – oh she could do that. she must be confident (about her looks) from what I can see – it’s not too that extent I thought (meaning she wasn’t as hot as she thought she was). when I came here – yes I looked at the pretty women once in a while and thought my HS is better. HS: so you are saying you compared me with other women? JY: is comparing bad? isn’t it better than insulting later that you were deceived? I hope that you compare me with all the many other men in the world. the more you compare the more shocked you will be. of my charm as a human being.  (man this guy is one smooth talker). she looks up at him and asks do you really love me. he says yes. she asks dont you think you are saying that too soon cuz we only knew each other for a little over two months so saying that you love me…he asks is it funny? HS: it’s too quick and light (not serious). JY: then for me not to hear the word “light” from you – when is it a good enough time for me to say I love you (as in how much longer does it need to be). with good feelings we kiss each other, hug, and sleep together but if I cant say I love you then when do I say that?  when is it a good time to it exactly? she says it’s too soon to say it now so he takes it back and says “fine – I don’t love you now.”  so it makes her feel dirty. JY: why? HS: cuz you said you don’t love me. he laughs. she confides how she wants to sleep on a bed with him. let’s keep getting treatments for you( for him being confined and locking himself in the bathroom) he says later.  also KW said he is coming out to the airport to meet you. She looks out at the water and says I will be sure to come back here. JY: when? HS: next year. alone.  just cuz we are dating you arent going to tell me where I can go or not right. JY: go. have your experiences in the world. be a doctor that warmly treats the pain/scars of patients. it’s cool. should I go with you? but she says no you spend too much money. he kisses her. she thinks he kisses too often  and tells him not to touch her. he tugs on her dress so she says to let go.

S cant decide which ones to choose.  SK picks out a pair and asks for it in her size. He puts on the new sneakers for S and she says let’s date. he says you want to two time with the bike guy? she says cant we do that. he gives her a look then calls out to the clerk cuz he wants to pay for the shoes.

as he walks out SK runs into a man collecting trash. he asks the man if he is ok and apologizes and helps him pick up the dropped boxes. S comes out and sees the man saying – what is this. like a beggar. always. so annoying. the man quickly moves on.  SK asks if that man was her dad. she says so what if he is. SK says you cant treat your dad like this. she says what does it matter to you. the bike guy arrives and SK stops her from going to the guy and admits -for the past year I had sincere feelings for you. since you are a student and I couldn’t like a student. to forget you I flirted with this woman and that woman but with you I was sincere. but today it’s the end. he gives her cash and says it’s the last of my lingering feelings that is left. take it with you. she calls out – go – just cuz you leave you think I will get hurt by someone like you?  my mom abandoned me (threw me away). what if someone like you abandoned me too – what will change?

they arrive in seoul and JY asks if she can move her arm.  she asks if he was able to write on the plane while she slept. JY: just two lines. I don’t like it much. it sounds like playing with words. She encourages him saying just think there are days when you can write well and there are days when you cant. why are you being like that -not even smiling- all over not writing a day or two. they say writers are sensitive. you are very tiring too. he doesn’t like that she doesnt get him so he stops walking. she says hurry and come along. you said KW was waiting.

outside JY keeps calling and cant reach KW so he tells her to go  home alone cuz he is going to KW’s home. HS: is it cuz of your dream? you said he called in the morning with a cheerful voice. JY tells her where the bus and cabs are. he runs off almost getting hit by cars. HS wonders why he is doing dangerous stuff like that. she mutters that he is warm then cold then he is nice to her and then not. I think the path we have to go on is going to be unsteady.

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JY runs to the parking lot looking for KW. KW says what are you – you made me wait an hour. JY reminds him they were supposed to meet in front of gate 7. cuz of you HS left. KW: without you – alone? why? he realizes why JY did that. you sent her away so that you could go to my home. cuz you were worried about me. JY: are you happy? KW: of course I do – in this world all I have is you.  he gives JY his new manuscript. JY says i will only take you as far as the bus stop. KW asks are you saying you have a girlfriend now. JY: yes. he asks if KW’s mom is well but KW keeps talking about HS and if JY slept with her. JY says if my girlfriend is peeved right now know that it’s all cuz of you. KW: did you sleep with her? you did. JY playfully kicks him and tells him to get in the car

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HS gets home to hear SK singing as Jo back hugs him. HS asks what they are doing making the home so loud. Jo tells her – leave him alone. SK really broke up with S today. JY walks in and watches the show. she asks why he came so quickly. he says cuz I missed you. HS: what a lie. what about KW? JY: I met him. he was waiting somewhere else. what is up with SK? she fills him in on how SK broke up with S for good. he tells her to interfere (to cheer him up) so she calls him cool and hugs SK as he cries. HS: our SK’s heart hurts a lot huh?

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SK asks for this favor- you are the only one who can do it, but HS says I cant – no – I dont want to. Jo tells her -just do it if he asks -what is so hard for a doctor to consult. Jo explains how magnanimous SK is being in asking this – leaving aside his feelings for S. how S could get into trouble while hanging out with a guy and her life would end. has there ever been a time when SK asked like a grown up? also you know men’s personalities well. when they look at a girl they cant see ahead or back. Jo glances over at JY so he asks why are you staring at me? Jo: I just seem to be looking without even realizing it. Jo asks her to do it so she says you do it. Jo says I have no rapport with S. she doesn’t see me like a doctor and only has a neighbor ajussi. does it make sense to consult with a next door ajussi? she tells JY to do it cuz he is a writer. you know a lot. JY: me? Jo yells that JY is dangerous so how could he explain. HS considers that. SK: I gave S money and said it was the end as I turned my back to her.  but S said “my mom threw me away. is someone like you leaving something impressive?” it made my heart sink. if she had a mom I wouldn’t make this request of you. as a woman – so that S wont suffer through anything worse -help her noona. HS tells him to tell S to just search on the internet cuz it all comes out. Jo asks why she is being so selfish. are only patients who look for you at the hospital patients? she says how she is burned with just her patients at the hospital. Jo: what did we say when we first lived together? let’s make a world where we trust and help each other. he asks how she could always be so cold and ruthless. JY points out S’s personality isnt as simple as looking things up on the internet – like Jo did for SK, that SK is asking HS to intervene in S’s life. a request like that would be pressure for me too. She tells him not to take sides. HS tells SK and Jo to just end it with her being the ruthless one. she walks out of the room. JY comes to her defense and says it’s not cuz HS is ruthless/mean, she is afraid to give her heart to people. Jo: you sure found out a lot about HS overnight.  for you two to be like that to that extent – you must have made some progress (meaning they got physical). Jo tells SK not to worry cuz HS will do the request. when you poke her a bit she falls for it  – like she fell for this guy. why? cuz HS might seem cold but she is a very warm being. isn’t what I said correct? JY: a little. Jo calls him a thief (for stealing her heart). then Jo tells SK not to worry cuz HS will do it. after Jo leaves JY asks if SK is really upset. SK only asks “did you two really sleep together?” JY walks off saying-no matter how much I think about it – living communally doesn’t suit me.

T is driving JY’s mom and calls her mom. He wonders if JB will see her today. she says I don’t know. he might meet me and if he doesn’t – what can we do about it. He compliments her and JY.  T gets a call from the police again. T was busy and forgot. he asks if they can send JY’s wallet through delivery service but hears they cant so T has to go himself. T tells her how JY went to his old neighborhood where he used to live and left behind his wallet so she wonders why JY went there.

the policeman has JY’s wallet – the one that fell out of his pocket. He remarks do they think the cops are some delivery? they watch the CCTV footage of JY fighting alone and wonder if something is wrong with him

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JY is trying to write when he gets a call. it’s HS. at the same time someone comes to the door so JY goes down to open it. she asks what are you doing. JY: writing. HS: I rushed out this morning and didn’t get to see you, why didnt you call me – are we really dating? JY: we are dating but I dont like taking calls when I am working. I thought you were the same. arent you the same? Choi is at the door and says hello? isn’t anyone there? JY lets him in. over the phone HS says I can forgive everything but while I am working and treating patients – unless it’s a life or death reason -I cant forgive someone who calls. JY: don’t forgive a person like that.   i am working now so hang up. I don’t like taking calls when I work too HS. Choi came in and heard that and looks at him.  after hanging up, she says he is exactly my style.

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JY doesn’t like that choi told him – you don’t need to know. when some stranger hangs around my home, is it wrong to ask why you came? Choi says I came to meet DM hyung but he is in consultation now. if I say I am waiting for him – does that make it a reason? JY wonders why choi doesnt wait for Jo at the cafe but choi ignores him. JY turns around gritting his teeth wanting to beat him up if he followed his temper. after JY leaves choi does research about JY and JB

his mom finds out JB doesnt want to visit with her and gave her a note with a book. she leaves a book for JB. T asks if JB wont meet with him too so the guard says JB doesn’t want any visitors from here on except for Jo

JB reads the book and hears his mom’s voice narrating “I could have lived in a beautiful world. why do I have to go on a path that isn’t on a map. how much longer do I have to live this miserably? in my head there was just one thing –  how can I live the right life.” flashback to when his mom saw young JB take the knife out of the step dad’s chest. she went over to check on young JY who had been unconscious as young JB said that “JY stabbed this man with a knife mom.”

in his letter JB asks his mom – why didnt you believe my words? JY killed that man. just wait and see what the son you threw away does to the son you love

JB makes roses out of his rice

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She gets a call from JY.  he says I have to write. I will just let you listen to this song and hang up. don’t be sad. he plays music and holds up his phone.

HS talks about new patients. a married couple in their fifties was brought into the emergency room in an ambulance. their son brought over their home CCTV. ever since 3 months ago, the parents think hundreds of roaches are in their home but there was no evidence and couldn’t find any of them. to find out where the roaches were coming from the parents were filmed. the doctors think the couple has SPD shared psychotic disorder. Lee asks the other doctors how to treat the couple and they give their ideas. Lee tells them they aren’t doctors to the patients.  it’s their job to help patients find their own way to health and to focus on the patients every word and breath

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After the meeting, Lee tells HS that the husband has a higher chance of having Schizophrenia so be sure to treat/consult him well. HS apologizes to her for being so rude when she spoke about Jo last time. it was cuz HS knows Jo’s wife so in that moment HS got angry a bit. Lee tries to say she doesn’t like Jo to that extent where HS has to worry. HS says she knows Lee wouldn’t do that – stand in the way of his current marriage.  Lee sits and says how every break she thought about what went wrong and after analyzing her mental state on her own she knew – her feelings for Jo – instead of being love it might be feeling sorry. Jo wanted to have a baby early on and she agreed but made him wait so long. she got caught using birth control and acted like she didn’t know. there was no way he didn’t know and he never brought it up afterwards.  so she wants to apologize to him for that. it was 100% her fault for ruining the marriage. so that they can remain just good friends. HS calls her cool. since you shared your heart I will open my heart. I slept with JY. Lee says how could you brag. what about your panic/anxiety disorder? HS says I must have perspired a bucket amount. Lee says all you need to do is wipe it off.  what about thinking of your mom when you kiss? HS cries and says I must be crazy. Lee says we all are crazy at times so it’s ok. HS says I thought of my mom laughing and kissing Mr. Kim. I thought that was so dirty and hateful -the look on my mom’s face – but on that day she looked pretty. now HS realizes what her mom had to deal with back then having a husband in that condition – being poor and having a selfish daughter who wanted to go to medical school. I think how Mr Kim comforted my mom back then and how lonely my mom must have been. Lee compliments HS-what always chocked you up (and unable to breathe) you were able to break your huge bias for your mom. you will become a great doctor if you keep this up. someone said the most abusive thing you can say in this world is that so and so is like a mom, a woman, a mom, a doctor, a student, etc but they are all living their lives for the first time and can falter so they can make mistakes. HS: to be honest I have something to confess, but I’m going to do that to jang JY. Lee asks if JY is her destiny and HS says maybe. Lee says if you keep this up you might end up marrying him

SK texts HS and says even if the way you look and talk is rude/heartless, HS noona who is a heartless pushover- this is S’s number. I will ask this favor. HS calls her and asks to meet today so S wonders why do you want to meet me? SK is happy to hear HS called S and gets a call from his mom.

HS meets with S at her mom’s restaurant. her dad is happy staring at photos of the family at the divorce anniversary party. S notes how there are a lot of customers and says it must be nice for HS to be a daughter in this family. HS works and earns money and her mom runs this and earns money. so HS has to explain -we have to pay back debts. our family has a lot of debt from the cost of my education to the money borrowed to get this store. in the world the rich only make up one percent. my mom and brother in law work over twenty hours here. I used to work over 80 hrs in a week although it got less these days. as you can see my dad is sick, but he watches over us over there. he is doing what he can. S asks why did you want to meet. she refers to SK by his name so HS corrects her saying he is an oppa to you. S asks what SK oppa said.  HS: I heard you have a boyfriend. did you learn about sex education/contraceptives at school? S says I learned from the internet. I have a lot of interest in that. how to use condoms, dangers of pregnancy, etc.  HS just nods her head. S thanks her for the food and leaves. the mom shows the dad the new photo of HS that JY sent the mom so the brother in law tries to signal her that HS is here.

HS asks her dad – I came out well on that photo didnt i? she wipes his forehead cuz he was sweating asking are you hot. she tells her mom I dont like you keeping in contact with JY without me knowing. don’t do that again. her mom wonders what’s up with HS(for not snapping at her and losing her temper like usual)

When she gets to her place, HS calls out to JY “sweetie – I came home” but finds choi there. he says it’s been a long time. she asks why he is here and choi says I have to discuss work with hyung. and to see you too.  she doesnt like him coming and going. choi: I know you are uncomfortable but I don’t want to pay attention to it.  Jo tells choi to come into his room

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HS knocks and goes into JY’s room as he writes. she sits on the sofa and asks what do you think of my ex boyfriend dropping in and out this home. he says choi is here cuz Jo called him cuz of work. and also right now I am writing. she asks does that mean you want me to leave right now. she gives him a look and walks out slamming the door.

*I swear some days the camera gets so close I could count his eyelashes if I wanted.

Jo tells choi to give up the project regarding JB. the news is supposed to be about how juvenile delinquents change after getting treatments.  is ratings all you care about? is it fun to watch an innmate’s hair turn white. choi comes up with his excuses but Jo asks arent you doing this cuz JB is JY’s hyung? choi admits that is a reason too and leaves

Jo calls the guard about an interview with JB with amytal in a few days. if it’s possible to have that interview there. he finds out that’s been done before so Jo asks to have it there.

Choi says to HS -I’m leaving – see you next time. he leaves.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E09.140820.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[04-50-56]

HS asks Jo- cant you make it so choi doesn’t have to drop by this home? Jo: it’s cuz of work. HS: is this the only place you can meet? when SK enters the room she asks what SK thinks of choi dropping by the home and he is ok with it. I heard you met with S and you didn’t do your best. that’s when I will reject the idea.  JY comes over and asks to speak with her alone but she pulls her hand away and says – to talk about what while you are writing. just go and write. he yells how can I write in this mood. HS: so you cant write cuz of your mood? then how do you think I feel right now?  JY: I explained I was writing. HS: “I’m writing so go” is that an explanation? “I’m writing – sorry but let’s talk later HS”  you have to say that much for it to be an explanation – isn’t that so? between us – you couldn’t take five seconds to be polite? JY: I didn’t think of it as five seconds. HS: all I needed was five seconds. we really don’t know about each other. how can we meet/date like this? JY takes offense at that. Jo tells them to have a love fight between them alone somewhere else. SK: that’s right. do only the two of you live here. Jo: no manners for the others who live here. she yells back-don’t be mistaken. I am not only fighting with Jang JY right now. I am fighting with all 3 guys here. Jo: choi came on his own two feet so what can we say? also while you dated with choi for 301 days – did you love him? you didn’t right? then at least shouldn’t you apologize to choi over that? say sorry for not loving him. SK agrees. when you two fought choi bawled and said so many times he loved you but all you talked about was your anxiety/panic disorder and betrayal. to be honest you used choi with your panic disorder. Jo: break up amicably. if you don’t want to hear bad things from the person you dated. HS asks what is breaking up nicely-like you cuz you wanted to hear you are a nice guy -behaving lukewarm to Lee sunbae so that she has lingering feelings for you? Jo:what? HS: everyone doesn’t know me at all – I am not scared of hearing I am a bad person. saying let’s be friends -leading him on with those words and getting hurt by my side – if I don’t do that then what do I need to do? to me – this is the best thing for choi (the most polite) and amicable.  she says to SK – for your sake I was going to meet with S again but I wont. she walks off so Jo yells at her -what do you know about me and Young Jin for you to say such things. JY tries to cover for her saying she is like that cuz of me but Jo yells at him too. what are you? if your girlfriend’s ex boyfriend comes to the home – you should be throwing punches. cuz you think you are cool and impressive – you act like it’s ok and act arrogant. Jo walks off.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E09.140820.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-09-17]

when JY gets water SK remarks about JY’s style. be honest – it’s hard meeting HS isn’t it?  I’ll be the only one who knows (as in just tell me). so JY admits: just you know. it’s hard. he fist bumps and leaves

괜찮아 사랑이야.E09.140820.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-13-21] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E09.140820.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[05-15-00]

when JY goes up, HS brings up what JY said before. he gives as much as he gets. then if your past girlfriend came to this home, am I suppose to just accept her like you did? JY: I thought you wanted to hear choi say you are a good woman. so even though I was jealous – I held it in. HS: I will say this clearly. the moment I see the woman you dated in this home, I would tear out her hair so he kisses her before she can finish talking. HS: I have to work tm so just do up to here and turns to walk into her room but she stops and asks how about putting up a note/sign that you are busy writing when you are working so that I wont interrupt like today.  JY:  I will be moving out soon. they are finished constructing at Seocho. sleep well. HS: what? moving? JY: yes moving. HS: “yes moving?” JY: yes moving. she is stunned.


*How could a man with so much experience with women be so clueless. I just don’t understand how he could casually tell HS something so monumental as him moving out. Shouldn’t that have been on the top of his to do list? I hope he sees her outrage coming before she unleashes it cuz he is going to have to duck.


JY: now there is no just me being confined/locked up ( in the bathroom). you can come in any time.

JY removes her hands from back hugging when he is on the phone. HS mutters to herself -I’m dating a not so great person.

she taps the wall saying I miss you.

JB gets the amytal truth serum and cries saying -now I cant trust myself. if what i remember (my memory) – whether it is real or fake

HS asks JY: do you love me?

JY: so much I’m crazy (over you)

T cries after learning about the CCTV footage of JY fighting alone and says to the police “what is this?”

HS: to Jang JY – writing could be everything for him.

JY says it’s HS – the one I missed/longed for.

JY is lying on the bed as she looks down at him and smiles.

HS: should I turn the lights off now?

JY tells HS: I love you

*OMG – does that mean she finally got him to sleep on a bed? and will she be joining him?

괜찮아 사랑이야.E09.140820.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-03-09] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E09.140820.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-03-17] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E09.140820.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-03-25] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E09.140820.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-05-20] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E09.140820.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-16-14]괜찮아 사랑이야.E09.140820.HDTV.H264.720p-WITH[00-32-29]

Am I the only one who feels like we are getting closer and closer to the quicksand of truth? I feel like our two lovebirds will soon find themselves embroiled in JY’s mental issues and neither one of them will be able to get themselves out of the quagmire. They will struggle with the truth and sink deeper, but a part of me is holding out on the hope that HS will pull herself out first and extend her hand to help JY crawl out as well. It’s going to take a lot of tugging to get JY to face reality and the real consequences of his past trauma. I don’t know why but I think his mom played a bigger role that day the step dad was killed. Young JY always came to her defense and tried to shield and protect her from the abusive step dad so I thought that is why she always called him the good kid since he is so forgiving of his abusive older brother as well, but now I’m beginning to think there are other underlying reasons too. It’s just a hunch and I don’t have enough info to back it up yet, but tonight was the first time I got the feeling that something was amiss the night the step dad was killed. These few glimpses of that day isn’t showing enough of the missing pieces and scenes, but once they do, I know I will be holding tight to my remote control and my emotions.


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      They apparently did because HS confided in her sunbae after the hospital meeting. Which I find hard to believe, but okay.


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        LOL unless it’s aired by cable network, then I wont dare to hope highly… Though it’s kinda hard to believe still I would love to believe it! :))


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    Thank you so much softy!!! Really really I’m so grateful for your amazing LIVE RECAP. sinca gumawo!
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    Since I saw them argue in the previews, I was really hoping to see them fight and make up passionately like they did on the beach. A tad bit more gratuitous this time too.


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    *bow* Always loved your recap so much, Softy. Once I went for recaps, I expect not only story line, but the emotions and feelings of the ones who write them. You always express so well the story with your use of image and emotions. I have been here frequently since Ojakgyo Brothers and now for It’s ok it’s love 😀


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