It’s Okay, It’s Love E8

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OMG this one was epic…

In the preview when HS said she wanted to sleep with JY on the bed, it wasn’t the meaning we all thought. She knows as long as he sleeps in the bathroom tub, he will never get past his childhood trauma. She wants to start taking the necessary steps to heal him and knows one way would be if he sleeps on the bed all night with her. I don’t think either one of them realizes that what happens to KW is affecting JY – he looked like he was coming undone. I hate that she doesn’t know all the facts to piece together what’s really wrong with JY. Main problem is he is in the dark right along with her at this point. I’m going to be on pins and needles till next week now.

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Written before it aired: I’m anticipating so many lovey dovey scenes in this episode, but I also suspect there will be some surprising moments as well since normally they give us something shocking to recover from over the weekend. The preview didn’t give away too much, but I bet the question we will all be asking ourselves by the end is whether or not JY will be able to help HS finally make some significant strides towards conquering her disorder. At best, maybe the emotional connection she has made with him will allow her to get a step closer than she has ever gone. That in itself could be construed as progress, but I bet that’s not the one JY wanted to make. It’s going to be interesting to see how their dynamic plays out when HS has to face her demons without her usual support group of friends. Despite the obvious possibility that we will get one of our favorite episodes, with this writer, I find myself constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop since she has never given us just happiness throughout. I couldn’t help but wonder if that shoe might be KW. That eventual moment when JY realizes KW is a figment of his imagination will come out sooner or later and it’s what I have been dreading ever since we learned that KW isn’t real. I keep picturing how JY would deal with that bit of truth, and it’s never turned out pretty. I imagine it will be a break down of epic proportions.


*These are the scenes where GHJ will be wearing her arm cast and Band-Aids from her car accident so I’m wondering if all that will be written into the story or just glossed over.

Jae Yeol = JY

Hae Soo = HS

Soo Kwang = SK

“sunbae” Jo Dong Min = Jo

Kang Woo = KW

Oh So nyeo, the teenage girl = S

Jae Bum (JY’s older brother) = JB

Tae Yong JY’s manager, backstabbing friend, or member of his editing team = T



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Starts from the car when HS asks you really really arent angry right? JY: you said you wouldn’t go on the trip so why get angry?  we just wont go. we can just go next time. she says how JY is really her style and how cool he is. she asks where they are going now and he says to see flowers. he opens the door and tells her to come out. she asks where is this place. he calls out for his mom. HS looks around at all the flowers.

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his mom comes over and says so you didnt know you would be coming here. I feel sorry. please understand. JY told me that he would come with his brother last time but wasn’t able to come together. HS: yes I know about that. the mom says you must be very close to JY for you to know that. HS says how much she likes this poem and reads the line of poetry about not wavering but his mom likes the next line more -“where is there a love that doesn’t waver” –  life is like that – living is like that – isn’t that so? the mom admits HS is the first woman JY brought home. I am not just saying that – it’s for real. HS compliments her cooking and says how delicious the food was. the mom thanks her.  they have tea together

HS goes for a walk alone

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his mom asks why JY sent HS alone on the walk instead of going together. what if she gets lost cuz she isn’t familiar with the area. JY: she is not the kind of woman who gets lost. the mom agrees: she doesn’t look like she would. he asks what his mom is thinking of. she says I keep thinking about what happened in the past. JY: what about the past? she talks about how one day after working in the field she went home and saw JB sitting in the corner eating in the kitchen hunched over. it was right after he had been released from juvenile detention.  JY: he must have been really hungry. she says he must have been – but to a kid like that I insulted him. his mom had hit him and taken the food from him cuz it was for JY. young JB reminds her how she didnt make seaweed soup – it’s her birthday today. did you get beaten again by that man. why is your eye bruised?  they fought  over the food and how rudely he spoke to her. current JY says how his mom overreacted back then. I would have gotten angry too. back then your temper really was bad. you know right? she does. it was cuz living was hard. but back then I did one more thing. she hit young JB and told him to go and just die. he yelled back why would I go and die – so who would be happy would I do that?  he had threatened to set the home on fire with the oil and walked out. now the mom realizes that a while back young JB asked for food and she pointed out she couldn’t cook without the oil (to start the fire for the stove/oven) so JB had brought the oil for her birthday present. she asks -you know your brother isnt a bad kid like everyone says right? JY: I know. his mom knows that she should have spoken up at the witness stand to testify for him but didn’t say anything so that’s why JB is like that.  cuz he was more angry at you than me. JY: you saw it so you couldn’t.  mom -you said before that we had to live happily and cheerfully every day for hyung’s sake. that way when hyung comes, he will be able to laugh with us. all the misery that happened to our family- to let it all end with him having gone away. she wants the 3 of them to live happily when JB comes out and go on many trips together. JY agrees. she says how nice he is and fans him.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[05-13-10] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[05-16-23]

his mom is embarrassed that JY is spreading out her blankets this early in front of HS. he says it’s hard for her to do it alone. she says that HS can see so stop. JY says just like it’s comfortable for him to sleep in the bathroom, his mom has to sleep in the living room with the window open to sleep well even in winter. the mom hits him for saying that cuz it’s embarrassing but JY reassures her that HS gets it all cuz she is a doctor of psychiatrics and is very open minded too. HS  says I will go and wait outside first. when HS leaves his mom tells him to date HS for a long time. JY: will dating her for a long time work out – wont she get tired of me. the mom says the longer they meet us the more they like us. the two of you could turn out that way too. think about it seriously and don’t flit from one woman to another. JY: should I really do that? (date HS for a long time)

in the car HS says how the wind and sky is so great today. JY asks: let’s go on a trip. HS: when I am reborn I am going to travel a lot and go anywhere I want. somewhere I don’t have to be bothered by anyone – not having to worry about someone – just alone by myself. I want to keep going like this forever. he says again – that’s why let’s go on a trip.  you have your passport right? last time you said you carry it around so you can go anywhere at anytime. HS: you sure do remember the most random things. why are you asking for my passport anyway? do you perhaps want to go out of the country? he says let’s go to Okinawa to the place in your picture. before you go with your dad – go with me. HS laughs and says you say ridiculous things like it makes sense. She realizes he is serious and asks “for real?” and he says for real. let’s do that. she makes up her mind that she will and tells him to step on it.

Jo is with his patient who complains that she didn’t make the food salty on purpose but her husband got on her case about it all night so Jo gives her some advice. when her husband complains about the salty food -don’t say anything at all and just add water to his bowl

Lee comes in cuz she needs Jo’s consultation.

JY makes HS run and she asks are you really going to go to Japan? JY: yes. she asks didnt you say you had to write. JY: I can write on the plane. HS: why dont we just go to jeju and not go abroad to another country but he asks for her passport so he can run ahead first and check if there are any tickets. she runs after him and falls and hurts her arm.

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they come out with her arm in a sling. JY: let’s just not go on the trip. HS: but you cant get refunds for the tickets. he is willing to bear the expense of wasting the ticket and not go but she says -why should you bear the expense? I earn a salary too. anyway the cost of the trip will be divided 50-50. and we cant cancel the tickets. are you crazy to waste all that money? I will go even if I die. JY: but your arm hurts. HS: did you do this  -spend all your money when you went on trips with other women? JY: why are you talking about other women at this point? HS: I was just worried. I don’t know how much you earn but don’t spend your money so lavishly. maybe to the woman you are going to marry it would be different. thinking of going on the trip I feel really excited. JY: do you know you are weird? HS: am I really weird? as much as you? JY: you are a little more weird.

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on the plane he tries to write but she keeps bothering him. she asks him to recline her chair like others. JY: you promised a while ago to let me write during the flight time and you sleep for the sake of your arm. HS: but my arm doesn’t hurt. JY: sleep anyway. HS: did you go on a lot of trips with women. all I ever went to was France and Indonesia cuz of conferences. went with a bunch of professors. my dad was a carpenter but traveling was his dream so he told me – don’t live just working like me and get a job where you can have leisure time to travel. she keeps talking about a solo backpacking trip to take later. he doesn’t look up and she remarks from what she has observed about him so far he is really rude due to his habit. JY: I don’t want to say I wasn’t able to write cuz of you.   she acts like a baby and says but my arm hurts right now. he says i lost and closes his laptop. she giggles. she asks for wine and only for her cuz she is in pain and he has to watch over her. she lets him sip cuz it’s delicious

Lee and Jo are talking about countertransference. they are talking about how her sister is suspicious of her husband and set up CCTV.  he asks to eat so she asks just the two of us but PD choi comes in so Lee leaves in a huff

Jo chases after her so she asks why they cant be alone just the two of them even once. why always get someone else to join us. do you really not like me that much. he says my personality is if I didn’t like you I wouldnt meet you. i am like you too. some days I need you too like crazy. but what can we do about it now. will I get a divorce? or would you meet someone like me again? so what if we have leftover feelings – what are we supposed to do about it now. he walks off

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They are in a red sports car and JY says how the view is killer. he tells her to look out at the view but she was too busy looking at rental car agreement and nags “how could a rental be this expensive? all the car needs to do is run. why did you have to rent this convertible sports car? do you have money to waste? change this rental car right away tm to something reasonable. JY grabs her face and directs it at the view so she changes  her tune and says how refreshing it is. SK calls and asks why JY’s phone is on roaming and why he has to light HS’s candle for her and finds out HS and JY are on a trip to okinawa just the two of them. after he hangs up JY points out the hotel they are going to stay at.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[02-59-22]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[02-59-29]

while HS checks out the view and says how great it is, JY takes a call from SK. SK says I will call you hyung so tell me – S has a guy -is it the right thing to do to wait for her or throw her away. JY: throwing her way is the right thing. after throwing her away don’t look back. for whose sake? for yours.

SK goes over to S and asks what are you going to do tm morning. she says sleep. he asks where. she says at home. why? cuz I might sleep with Sam somewhere else? you said you didn’t like me. why? do you want to date again? will you buy me a meal? will you buy me clothes? tell me when you feel up to it anytime cuz I am ok with two timing

JY checks in and goes over to her. HS asks did they really say there are two rooms? YJ: yes. HS: what if it’s one? JY all we need to do is come out. HS: if there is only one room I am really coming out. JY: yes do that.

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They go up to the room and he talks about how great the view is. she calls and asks for two rooms. then she tells JY she will change rooms cuz she doesn’t think they need a room like this cuz she isnt a princess and he isnt a prince. he says just to stay here but she asks did you spend so much money lavishly while playing with other women too? getting business or royal suites? how much is this? he says how his card gets 30% discount at this hotel. satisfied now?  so she asks how much the room is then with the discount. he says let’s go to another room.

They check out another room. she compliments the view and room. she asks if it’s really just $250 a night.  JY nods yes but she picks up the phone before he can stop her and finds out the real cost of the room. it’s 480 yen. JY slinks off looking guilty for lying before she even hangs up. she mutters it’s $500.

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They check out an even smaller room. JY likes the room saying we should have come here from the start. it’s only one room but twin beds. I like it. but she says let’s go to another hotel. JY: another hotel? your arm hurts so let’s just sleep here. HS: then you sleep here. I will go someplace else

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[03-22-32]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[03-25-16]

she waits outside while JY goes and asks some guy who lives around there if he knows where there are cheap rooms. she is happy and says see there is a cheaper way if you ask the residents. know that you met a really good girlfriend. I’m not even a wife but a girlfriend who is trying to save her boyfriend some money  -who would suffer like this? is that so or not? he agrees. she playfully slaps him on the back and says he is quick to admit. exactly my style.

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they get to the new place and she doesnt like the look of it at all and doesn’t even go in. JY goes and ask and reports back that it’s only $50 per room. he says with dripping sarcasm: it’s our first trip together, but if we sleep there – we will have good memories we wont be able to forget. how is it? should I get two rooms? at opposite ends of the hall? HS: why are you peeved? JY: me? HS: you are peevish right now. that’s why you are speaking with such disdain. JY: yes I am mad. for me – it’s my first trip with you. even if it costs a little bit more – to stay somewhere else that’s nice…but she interrupts and says it’s not just your money – don’t say that you are paying. I don’t like women who live financially, emotionally, and mentally dependent on their boyfriends. “buy me a car. buy me a bag.” is a man a source of revenue? JY:I don’t like women like that too. HS: then you have to like me so why act peeved. JY: cuz right now all you are thinking of is the money. what was your objective to come here? for the trip or calculate money? from the moment we left till now – inside your head other than money -did you consider my feelings or opinions or our first trip even once? HS: let’s go. JY: where? back to the airport? why? with that injured arm – to go back home? she says no – to go to another hotel.

Lee is meeting with that other doctor. he kneeled and cried in front of his wife saying I was wrong. my mom is really  weird. how could she ask your family to build me a hospital. that is ridiculous. if I had to choose my mom or you – I would choose you. he only said that but while he was talking all the past memories surfaced and he realized he really loves his wife. his sincerity got to her so his wife and him both cried. Lee asks about his mom. he told her not to call him for the time being so she kept crying. Lee says spouses should comfort each other -don’t forget that. she tells him to go so he offers to call Jo for her if she is going to drink more but she calls him a bastard – the worst thing in her life

PD choi is with Jo and SK. Jo thinks after his divorce with Lee they shouldn’t have met again. they should have insulted and spit and turned their backs to each other and never meet again. Jo tells choi to meet some other woman cuz it’s too late cuz it’s over with HS

the editing team woman reads a letter from that woman on the street who recognized JY. her letter asks “do you remember me JY? I’m your first love Im S. the other night some man tossed a rock at my window and left.  he looked a lot like you. ever since then I kept thinking of you. I am sending the letter you sent to me back to you. maybe it will help when you write. be well.” the woman asks what is this? T yells at her to get off work cuz he cant focus. she says cuz of his temper that’s why T is alone. she leaves and T gets a call from the cops looking for JY (regarding that police report he filed)

JY goes and buys toothbrush and stuff.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[01-53-39] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[02-00-12] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[02-15-28] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[02-18-37] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[02-19-43] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[02-20-07]

JY is putting a band aid on her forehead and asks why did you wash alone when you are in pain. you should have told me to wash you. she grins and says even if I broke my leg that wouldnt happen. they drink beer together. she leans on him and says how nice it is and she is sleepy. his fingers shake so she asks why is your finger like that. JY: maybe cuz you are heavy. she checks and makes guesses as to what’s wrong but JY says it’s a condition from his work (as a writer). JY: more than that I think it’s cuz I am anxious cuz I am alone with you just the two of us. HS: you should go to the hospital. JY: I will. HS: anyway why arent you washing up. *JY: should I wash up? HS: no don’t wash up cuz while you wash i might fall asleep. JY: we came all this way –  are we really going to sleep separately for real?  she touches his knee and says isn’t it nice just to look at each other like this? he doesn’t have anything nice to say so he sighs deeply. HS says let’s have an honest talk. why do men expect to sleep with women? JY: urge/instinct plus love. HS: not sleeping together and love causing the urge? JY: let me know what could confirm the love between a man and woman as much as sleeping together so I can learn it. she tells him to sleep like a good boy if he doesn’t want to hear he is a cad from her. JY: I admit I am a cad. you want to have an honest talk so I am saying this – to be honest – in my mind right now the thought of wanting to sleep with you is predominant. HS: why are you so brazen? JY: cuz I don’t think that is strange or weird. cuz it’s a natural urge. HS: must I understand that urge no matter what? JY: no. if I couldn’t overcome my urge and did something to you by force when you didn’t want it then of course that’s bad  -according to the law too – it’s clearly criminal. but it’s so natural – that thought comes so naturally so the way you are surprised right now and saying it’s bad -it makes me indignant and it’s unfair. from a man’s perspective, it’s natural. HS: what if I don’t want to? then what about you? JY: of course then I would go sleep in my room. it’s too bad but what can I do? since you dont want to. HS: ok then go and sleep cuz I dont want to. she kisses him and gets him all hot and bothered and says innocently doesn’t it seem like I am sweating less. she hugs him and says i want to stay with you longer but I am too sleepy. he tries to bring up sleeping together again but she pats his back and leaves – thus making him think he might need a cold shower

*during that part where JY asks “should I wash up” it’s a loaded question cuz in Korea, people like to wash before and after sex so that’s why JY got his hopes up for a second but then that hope got dashed cuz that’s not why HS asked that question-plus she told him not to shower cuz she would fall asleep waiting on him anyway.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[01-47-50]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[01-48-33]

the next day they go around and do all the tourist stuff and go to that cliff she wanted to see. then they see a guy water skiiing so HS asks you want to play huh? he says no it’s ok -you cant do it so I wont.  but she urges him to play and I will watch from here. he says it doesnt look that fun. she says i will count to 3 and counts 1-2-3 so he runs off saying I will play for a short time and come back. she calls out be careful

he water skiis and waves to her. he falls and she calls out his name

Jo is meeting with JB. Jo says I want to know what you are really angry about and I want to help. JB says i hate my mom. he says how the world is scary. my mom and brother -my family are worse cuz they put all the blame on me. let me ask one thing. does a guy who robs, uses violence end up murdering for sure? Jo says no-not for certain. JB says then I have a chance of not having done it (murdered). give me the amytal. so I don’t cause any trouble – let all the armed guards here keep watch outside. if you aren’t going to give me the shot then don’t come here. JB walks away

SK is cleaning S’s home and she says how well he cleans. that SK cleaned all the trash her dad compiled but even if SK did this (clean) her dad will let the trash collect again. cuz her dad thinks the mom will come if he compiles the trash. SK asks who did the cooking. she says her dad. SK asks what she is going to do with the money she earned. S: go to a club with Sam. from yesterday I am 19. I am legal now so don’t nag.  SK tosses her a bag and says if you are going to a club don’t wear a uniform and wear this instead. you got cut from school so why wear a uniform. crazy girl. she looks in the bag and is excited about the clothes. she kisses his cheek. SK says don’t mess with me. by cleaning this dirty home today he is cleaning up his leftover feelings for her. her other guy Sam comes in and says let’s go play. SK asks do you like it cuz a young girl earned money and is now taking you to a club? Sam asks who this old guy is. He asks her if SK is the guy with Tourette’s she talked about. SK thanks her for making him have completely no feelings for her anymore. SK tells Sam to watch what he says

SK leaves the two of them alone and walks out

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[01-27-06]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[01-26-25]

JY runs over and she is mad. she told him not to play dangerously many times.  even playing hard has to have limits. if you do that and get hurt then what will you do. is this playing? it’s hurting yourself. he backhugs her and says sorry I wont do it again – don’t be mad. but she sees all the cuts on him and says -see you are hurt? he says I am ok. HS: if I only liked you a little bit we would have gone back to seoul. he says I am understanding that to mean you like me alot. where are you going. she says to the pharmacy -where else would I go?

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-03-44]

they sit and talk and she asked what he would do if he couldn’t write. JY: even if I was alive I would be dead. who knows – I might kill myself like Hemingway (and shoot myself in the head). HS: if you couldn’t write you could do something else – why die?  he asks how she became a doctor of psychiatrics. HS: when kids insulted my dad and called him a fool/dummy -I decided to become a doctor. she goes on about ambition and how she was also curious about people and their mental state. I really wanted to understand my mom. Not by others – I wanted to understand myself. dont ask me anymore what that means. she asks why he writes such gruesome/cruel stories. he doesn’t try to write cruel stories -he just writes about the human condition. he goes on about how human beings are beautiful and how God makes people go through terrible things they can’t handle. suddenly he says I really like that I am able to have serious conversations like this with you. HS: why? cant you have these discussions with other women? do those women only fawn over your charm? “you are so good looking – you are so cool. don’t throw me away” stuff like that? JY: if you knew what I discussed with other women – unlike with you- you will be really surprised. don’t ask. you will get hurt. she says how he wrote all night yesterday – is it going well? he says it’s not going well and he is frustrated.  he suddenly takes a call so she asks did it ring? JY: didnt you hear? He goes off alone to talk

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-09-10]

JY asks what the doctor said cuz KW lied and said he went to the hospital and nothing much is wrong with him – they said it was just a cold that was lasting long and his finger is like that cuz he writes too much. KW hides his cough. He asks if JY progressed a lot with HS noona. what is that? you are a player. don’t worry about me. just progress with her.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-10-29]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-11-03]

JY and HS do crafts while KW rides his bike alone on that dangerous road and he is crying.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-18-16] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-20-07] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-20-17] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-23-28] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-23-40] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-35-45]

HS says “thank goodness the hospital said he was ok” after JY told her about KW. she shares about a patient she had during her internship who had Lou Gehrig’s disease. the patient’s fingers were swollen and had a cough for a long time. but it wouldn’t be the same for KY cuz he is so young. she asks when JY first knew KW. JY says when I was stabbed by my brother with a fork 3 yrs ago. like other fans he cried over me.  she asks are you very close. he says when I see him it reminds me of me when I was young. when I think about him it makes my heart ache. when I was younger and my mom got beaten by my stepdad, I think about how I didn’t have anyone to get help from so I feel like I should at least protect this kid. HS: you seem like a warm guy. I like you. he says I like you too and pats her backside so she says this isn’t the way to do it and puts her arm around his shoulder saying do it like this. JY turns and says – do you know you are aggravating/exasperating. HS: how? then should we break up. JY: that’s not something you just blurt out without thinking.  HS: such charisma. so scary. she is about to eat some shaved ice snow cone and laughs and remembering SK suddenly. when SK was 20yrs old and on a date with his girlfriend walking together -that girlfriend suddenly put the soda that was in her mouth into his –  SK drank that soda and his nose burned from the carbonation so he had a spell coughing and stuff so the girlfriend was sorry and embarrassed so she cried and ran.  isn’t SK’s first kiss too funny?  how could she put the soda in her mouth into ….suddenly JY leans over and kisses her just as she put the ice in her mouth and now he tastes her snow cone. she gets up and asks what are you doing? she doesnt want to eat it anymore and walks off. he looks baffled.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-36-44]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-36-55]

HS’s mom is sharing photos of JY and HS on their trip to her husband. the dad keeps smiling so she asks what do you like so much. that HS went there or that she went with her boyfriend? you like both? HS’s sister finds out the mom is in contact with JY and he sent photos to the mom of his trip with HS

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-38-53]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-40-12]

at night HS leans on JY but he pulls away.  she asks if he is sulking over what she did earlier. JY: I am not sulking. I am trying to control my boundaries/limits/guidelines. HS: limits/guidelines? what limits? JY: I will give as much as I get. if you touch I will touch, if you kiss I will kiss. you get to touch me whenever you want but I don’t get to. I don’t think that is fair-that’s the conclusion I came to. HS: so what is that? you don’t want me to touch you at all? JY: if you give me permission then you can. HS: you don’t have any limits/boundaries.  when I touch you – I have a limit. he says then let’s just continue like this. what’s the problem. she says i am hungry. they go to eat

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-47-46]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[00-47-17]

HS feeds him and so does he. they say how yummy it is. she asks for more of his side dish but he says just eat yours. she doesnt like him being calculating like this. she points to her forehead to earn sympathy points. he blows on her band aid. JY: you don’t like me like this?  this then break up. HS: break up? JY: why? you get to say break up but I cant? HS: at a time liket his other guys would..but he interrupts: can I talk about other women too then? she tries to get more sympathy for her arm saying it hurts but he blows on it and says put it down and it will hurt less. she resumes eating. he says she has a grain of rice by her cheek. she says to get it off. but he says you do it cuz like you said I dont have any limits/boundaries so while I remove that piece of rice I might make you fall. she calls out to the server and asks for separate checks

JY is getting ready to go swimming in the ocean. she wonders what to do alone. JY: sleep.  HS: what if something happens while I sleep here alone. what are you going to do then? JT: this is a safe hotel. but if you are scared I will get the hotel guard to watch over the front of this room. she says how mean he is so he admits it and points out how cruel she is. we came to such a great place with a nice atmosphere and I’m not supposed to hug you no matter what while staring at how pretty you are. from my position that’s really cruel. HS: fine. go.  he leaves after telling her to sleep well. she cant believe he is really going

It’s after 12:30am and she cant sleep

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[23-18-04]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[23-17-24]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[23-17-06]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[23-17-38]

She goes out and calls out to him. he is floating in the ocean and tells her to come in but she wont. he swims over to her. she wipes the water from his face and asks what are you? he kisses her and she returns it. she likes the natural side of him (or him in nature). they kiss again.

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[23-21-13]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[23-22-41]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[23-23-22]

they are on the beach kissing and he undoes the belt of her robe and slips it off. then he lays on top of her and asks are you ok. HS: I am ok. they look into each other’s eyes and he leans in and kisses her.



the next morning HS asks: do you really love me? JY says of course. I am so comfortable with you

HS: i want to sleep on the bed with you. lets keep getting treatments.

JB writes to his mom: just wait and see what happens to the son you love.

JY asks SK: are you really upset?

SK asks them: did you two really sleep together

HS asks: what do you think of Choi dropping in and out?

HS interrupts JY while he works so he says I am writing right now

HS: “I am writing right now” is that an explanation? this is why – who would date you?

KW gets into a car accident

괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[23-23-56] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[23-24-21] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[23-26-36] 괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[23-27-14]괜찮아 사랑이야.E08.140814.HDTV.x264.720p-ABC[23-53-53]

If you think about it, true intimacy doesn’t take very long. Sometimes it could take just hours or days depending on how much time you spend getting to know each other on an intellectual level. I always considered intimacy to be a connection of the mind, spirit, and body – in that order. That’s sort of how I gauge JY and HS’s progress. Emotionally and intellectually, they are a perfect fit in every way. They can sense exactly what the other needs and even anticipate it at times. The only thing that was missing in their connection was the physical, but I’m wondering if she isn’t moving faster than she is actually ready to. But when JY looks like this – I mean come on – who could blame her?

I am more concerned about KW. For the past three years JY has been hallucinating and been delusional about KW’s existence. If KW “dies” then what will that do to JY’s mental state? Will he snap cuz the preview sure did look like JY was taking it pretty hard. We know KW stemmed from JY’s childhood trauma, but the fact that KW appeared just three years ago when JB stabbed JY in the shoulder with that fork, maybe it was the trauma from that incident which made JY begin to envision KW and trigger all those therapeutic conversations – possibly as a means to deal with how JY maintains his grip on sanity. Sort of have to question if KW’s death doesn’t have some kind of connection to HS as well. Maybe now that JY has someone reliable and capable in his life to help him cope with his past trauma, he doesn’t need KW anymore. This is why I hate to love this writer – she gives more questions than answers, but it makes the drama more intriguing and you gotta love that.


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    Camp in session, spot reserved


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    U-oh..why KW is crying? it means even JY is with HS, he is crying inside…y?


  6. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thank you again for being so good and great recap. I am glad I can breath and wait for next week episodes. Have a great one everyone!!!


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    I havent left any comment for you ioil’s recap, hehe bian…

    I always enjoy reading your recaps, since TMS days, because like someone have said already, because the warmness that you give to your recaps, makes me not only grateful for the recaps but also enjoy it and get many lesson as well… makes me more positive and wiser too about drama… 🙂

    ep tonight, whoa so many kissing scenes!!! I love truly love that JY is totally different than most of men… he wont let HS do what she used to be, and so that HS finally able to makes movement, good job JY!!! 😀

    next week, after making love scene, I believe we will face the main conflict of the show, JY’s hallucination of KW… well, quite nervous actually everytime I think about it.. how it will be revealed? I am worry about JY’s reaction mostly… 😦

    once again, thank you so much softy! 🙂


  8. merlnpau says:

    Thanks, Softy!


  9. michelle says:

    I think from the recap it sounds like she knows kw is not real. Just like the treatment of the mother with the dead baby. Doctors have to see the patient’s side. Can’t wait to see. thanks for the recap


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    Thanks Softy for the recap!


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    Hi Softy, I have yet to start on this drama. Really wanted to so that I can join you in this journey but I am watching FTLY and JG, both on Wed, so many good dramas lately and so little time, Read your side comment re FTLY, ooohhh……so glad you are liking it, I cried buckets and laughed really hard at Gun’s silly antics, MY is such a simple, good hearted and sincere woman, beautiful both inside and outside, i tear up whenever she cries. Gun is Love, period, even with his weird hairstyle and OTT laughter. Truly wish you are recapping this coz I have always enjoyed reading your pre and post ep’s insights and comments, but I am happy to know you are enjoying the drama too. Cheers.


    • Softy says:

      You sure are busy on wed/thurs nights Swee. I have been bugging Joonni like crazy to recap the last 6 eps of Fated to love you on her blog so I can run over there and read what I missed out on during my live recap for this show, but I don’t think she is going to. I really wish I had listened to everyone earlier when they said I should recap Fated to love you, but back then I didn’t have the time, energy, or interest. Now I have plenty of energy and interest, but no time since I’m recapping this one live. If I had to choose which one I love more – this show wins by a small margin cuz I’ve never seen a drama that has kept me on my toes so much. I really don’t know what will happen next on this show so it makes it so intriguing. 🙂

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    Hi’s been a while..i miss you a lots
    just read your side comment about FTLY..yes i’m addicted to that drama right now, and i’m so happy you ‘re liking it too…and the snail couple is killing me with their cuteness and their great chemistry…Geon is my fav.character like @swee said ..he is just an antique character..Both Jjangs actors are amazing ..i cried so hard along with them **really great actings ** not to mentions about the OST..what can i say it’s soo good..and my addiction of a drama will never complete if you didnt recap it..seriously i miss your insights, your comments..
    I’m sorry in advance if i posted about another drama in your IOTL’s recap,both of dramas are so great, it’s just like always if i obsessed with one drama, i can’t even watch another drama properly.

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    • Softy says:

      I miss you too. 🙂 You can post comments anywhere you want flo – I used my widget to gush about Fated to love you cuz I didn’t have any place either. I really wish it wasn’t on the same night so I can watch it live too, but I’m already committed to watching this drama. When I wait for torrents to download I’m going to skim over what I missed on Fated to love you tonight. ^^


  13. Swee says:

    Hi Softy, Ep 15 FTLY was filled with tears, yearning, bickering and humour, happiness feels like hurting and vice versa. What does Gun want exactly? Does he want MY or willing to step aside now that she has Daniel? MY thinks Gun is still with Sera…. Aish, these two need to speak to each other and express their feelings, they are so many misunderstanding between them, if only Gun would open his mouth. MY is obviously still very hurt by Gun’s rejection of her and their baby , she has all these resentment inside her and I am glad she finally voicing them, but MY still has feelings for Gun and that is making it more painful. Poor girl. Gun is suffering too and only us the viewers know that. That side walk scene is heartbreaking, seeing these two hurting each other with words while fighting the overwhelming emotions surrounding them, but I have to say all these scenes are difficult to watch but yet good… Hmmmm….. Happiness while hurting?


    • Softy says:

      I watched E15 around 5:45 am and was sooooo tempted to post quick summary recaps on my side widget till I reminded myself I need to get some sleep. I can’t wait to see what unfolds tonight between them. 🙂

      I can’t believe Daniel moved in right across from his long lost sister. Other than showing that scar on Sera’s shoulder, I don’t think the drama has even brought up the fact that she is adopted. It’s too bad Daniel had to witness Sera getting slapped by her mom cuz now he will think that Sera grew up unhappy and unloved. I want them to hurry up and reunite so that it will cushion some of the pain of MY’s rejection. Daniel needs his own family so having his sister back in his life would be a great start.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Swee says:

    Hi Softy, re FTLY, many are frustrated that the OTP are still not together, I agreed with what you wrote few days back about not understanding their frustration, first half of the drama was all happy and funny and being a 20 eps drama, it’s a given that the separation and heartbreak would take many eps. I for one is frustrated that Gun not confessing to MY but I am happy with way the writer has penned out all the eps, we got the OTP together in almost all the scenes, what else can we ask for? I bet if tonight’s ep ends with them being apart again, there will be loads of table flipping!

    Sera, I wanna dislike her but I understand where she is coming from, she is a ambitious woman that wants a career and her love, she is just not fated to be with Gun and she is still hanging on to that hope that Gun will eventually return to her. I doubt she has a good childhood judging from the way the mum treats her, but I think the mum loves her but she just has a different way of showing it. Daniel is a good guy, and he longs for a family, loves MY but they are not fated to be, so Daniel and Sera, find each other, have a happy family bonding time.

    Looking forward to tonight’s ep, thanks Softy for sharing your thoughts.


    • Softy says:

      I’m freaking out right now cuz I just found photos of JH standing in front of a store I know in karusukil. I went to my favorite café today (Rabbit) and it’s located directly across from that store where FTLY filmed. That shop sells stuff with the cartoon illustrations that MY supposedly had an art exhibit for. I was buying some cupcakes and looked across at the store and was thinking about browsing, but decided not to cuz I’m not into illustrated bags and stuff. I was wondering why there were more people around than usual and now I know – this is so cool.

      I noticed from the preview that tonight’s ep is going to be epic and will have all the fans thrilled. 🙂
      I’m gonna download and watch right after IOIL airs.


      • Swee says:

        How I wish I am in the same city as MY and Gun, I bet MY is super tiny in person. Yeah, can’t wait for tonight…. Happy recapping and try to get some rest. 😘


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