It’s Okay, It’s Love E10

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By giving her access to his bathroom passcode to enter whenever she wants, it’s his way of untying the camel in the morning. JY is confident she won’t run away anymore so he feels comfortable leaving her behind a few days while he writes. I wonder if she understood that. All this time he was able to say he loves her so freely because he doesn’t do what she does. She weighs her emotions and feelings for people and bases it on how long they have known each other. She calculates progress and picks on things he isn’t even aware of. He reacts from the heart while she reacts more cognitively and thinks it’s too soon for him to say he loves her and actually mean it, but there is a real reason why he never hesitated from the start. He was well aware of his growing attraction towards her from the first time they met and all the subsequent interactions. She didn’t start at the same time as him. In fact she is still trying to catch up to his emotions, but he has always been ahead of her. That’s why I think it’s going to hurt him to hear her voicing her doubts about his love for her. No matter how much of a player he was in the past, his actions with her have proven that this is the one relationship he is taking seriously. Since she doesn’t seem to trust his words yet, I think he gets that he has to prove how he feels more with actions. Good thing for HS this is the first time JY actually wants to try his best to be the kind of guy worthy of her love.

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Written before it aired: Their love for each other keeps surprising them and not always in a good way.  JY has been in relationships before, but I think he gets that there is a price for having a great girlfriend like HS. She might be low maintenance in so many other areas, but one that she doesn’t understand so easily is how he gets when he is focused on work. They are each going through a learning curve where they say or do things they didn’t know they were capable of and are genuinely surprised by each other’s reactions. With each confrontation or interaction, they are realizing they have more patience, understanding, and compassion than they gave themselves credit for. One of HS’s major concerns early on was to fix JY’s condition so he  can sleep in a normal bed. She saw for herself what happens to JY when he doesn’t have the security of a bathroom to sleep in and it frightened both of them. That nightmare was doubly worse to watch cuz KW got hurt and JY’s brother was stabbing him. I am so looking forward to tonight cuz it seems like HS’s first initial steps in correcting JY’s sleep disorder is underway so fingers crossed the outcome ends up more positive than she originally thought. At least there is a lot of hope it turns out well since the look in JY’s face is just full of trust and love. Entrusting his heart and peace of mind to the one person who makes him feel so comfortable might be the deciding factor that could turn the tide for JY’s condition.

*A special thanks to Joonni for filling in lines or words that were too hard for me. Bless you. ^^


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starts with HS’s idea of putting up a sign when he works so she doesn’t interrupt like today and JY saying how he is going to move soon cuz the construction for seocho dong is almost done (his former home). sleep well. HS: what? moving? JY: yes moving. I cant keep living here. he walks off and she goes back into her room and keeps repeating – what? moving? JY is really moving?

she goes back out and JY is leaving with his laptop so she asks where he is going. he is going to the seocho home cuz he cant hear construction noise at night. so I’m going there. I cant work here.  HS: when will you be back? JY: I will go and then decide. if I can work there I will be there a few days. SK asks JY then HS where JY is going and no one answers so he gets mad cuz no one replied so she yells that JY is moving. satisfied now? SK: why? is he done with you now? she glares at him. SK compliments JY for making it simple to get out

in bed she calls JY and asks where are you. he says my home. she asks do you have anything to say to me perhaps? he says yes I do. sleep well. he hangs up so she repeats what? sleep well? you turn a person inside out and say sleep well.  I’m dating a not so great guy. it’s so irritating. at a time like this – I am sleepy. I miss him. it’s annoying. I am sleepy but miss him. she falls asleep

next morning HS checks an incoming call but ignore it while eating with Lee. Lee:why? is it not JY? while you guys are dating how could he not call for two days.  she suggests HS call him first so HS says you call Jo sunbae first and walks off

JY is washing his face. he goes out and looks at his sofa where he kissed HS and got slapped. he smiles and puts on glasses and gets to work writing but thinks about their time on the beach. he takes off his glasses and rubs his neck. he is about to call but doesnt.

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HS is in his room at her house looking around. she sees a post it from him. JY: 704707 – our flight number for Okinawa. she enters the passcode and goes into his bathroom. JY: now there is no just me being confined/locked in. you can go in anytime. when are you going to tell me you love? she looks at his camel painting and gets in his tub and sleeps.

JY is driving.

guards are outside as Jo gives the amytal truth serum to JB. JB repeats what Jo just said – after the amytal interview – even though Jo knows that JB wasn’t the culprit – he wont be able to tell anyone no matter what. Jo explains the amytal interview is for the sake of treatment -not for legal matters . so JB takes that to mean that later on Jo wont be able to tell the judge that JB is innocent.  Jo says that’s not the motive for a doctor.   but JB is ok with it cuz now he doesnt believe himself – whether what I remember is real or fake. if I get this shot – even if I wanted to lie I will only tell the truth. let the medicine go in. Jo begins

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Choi meets with JY.  Choi says I didn’t decide this – it was the broadcasting station. as you know I am just an employee. but personally  – that truth that JB keeps insisting you are the culprit – it’s suspicious.  JY argues what is really suspicious is the sentencing- can’t recognize self-defense and with no evidence, the judge giving a 11 sentence. I will ask this favor. have my hyung acquitted of that false charge– if you do – then I will respect you. also stop showing up in front of HS.  JY stands to leave but choi says until I deem you to be a safe guy – I will stay by HS’s side. I’m warning you but don’t make close advances to HS. JY says what are you going to do if we already made close advances. choi asks what does that mean? did the two of you sleep together? he punches him. JY tells him to stop but choi keeps going after him. JY fights back and shoves him onto some crates and choi passes out. JY tries to revive him

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the interview starts and JB starts talking about that day. mom and JY -the two of them always liked each other – without me. I’m her baby too. flashback to when the mom was playing with young JY in the water while JB watched from afar. JB remembers how JY was beaten inside the home by the stepdad. that crazy kid – why was he getting beaten again. I told not to get beaten but he was just getting hit.  and that’s when I went in. JB poured the oil on the step dad and held up a lit lighter. They fought. JY saw the knife and held it. JB shoved the stepdad and the man fell onto JY holding the knife. every scene is accelerated. JB keeps saying over and over JY killed him. he starts to sob

a patient is threatening to harm himself with sharp pins inside the bathroom so HS calms him down and says let’s go out and talk cuz people need to use this place but the patient doesnt want to go so she asks the other doctor to instruct the guardians to take other patients to the downstairs bathroom. a doctor wants to use diazepam on the guy but HS gives him a glare. she tells everyone to go away. when they are all gone she asks the guy for the pin. he says I am sleepy so she says if you want to sleep comfortably you have to give me that. he wants to draw and asks for a knife and canvas so she offers to give it to him. he hands over the sharp pin object and passes out on the toilet cover and it makes her think of when she found JY in the bathroom the first time. she goes out and tells them to let him sleep and give him medication later if he is irritable when they move him to his room

outside the cafe SK gives boxes to S’s dad and says to come once a day. I will give you boxes from the cafe and neighborhood that I collected. the dad bows his thanks. SK says promise me you wont take this home and take it to the recycling center. the boxes to the recycling center and money to your home.  if you keep accumulating trash at home – like your wife ran away so will your daughter. will a pretty girl want to live with recyclables at home – think about it. as the man leaves SK calls out – don’t forget – discarded boxes to recycling and money to your home. S comes out and asks what are you? SK: who are you? do you know me?

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SK gives an icepack and glass of water to choi and says you lost the girl and got beat – do you want to live your life that way. JY comes over so SK realizes choi got beaten up by JY so SK says to JY “whatever you do you are cool.” JY sits and asks if choi doesn’t need to go to the hospital. choi: your fist/punch isn’t to that extent. JY: then can I go. it’s uncomfortable sitting across from you. choi asks do you love HS – you really aren’t playing with her? JY asks whatever I say – you will get angry.  whether I say love or for play – why do you keep doing things that will hurt your heart? choi: tell HS for me – I don’t have the confidence to forget her easily, but i wont show up when she doesn’t like it. JY: what I hate the most in the world is relaying  someone else’s words. you do it. JY notices KW and motions for KW to wait at the front. choi looks too but there are only people walking by. JY goes back to speaking with choi. JY: also don’t rush it. HS is not a woman you can forget easily. it will take a long time. before he leaves, JY says let’s have drinks later after you handle my brother’s case well. I will buy. choi: I don’t drink alcohol you buy.  JY leaves and choi gets a call about the lawyer in charge of JB’s case -did you confirm it? hold onto that guy. choi quickly leaves

JY went to meet KW outside the cafe. choi runs past between them. KW wonders what is up with choi cuz he brushed past JY. JY tells KW to go now. but KW says wait a minute. how can you just go like this? JY: I have to go to the (radio) station. KW: tell me clearly before you go – not that you like my work/writing but if you approve or reject. JY: what should I tell you?  KW: the truth. JY likes it so KW is happy it could get published. JY says but don’t tell your mom yet. it hasn’t been approved for publication so what if she gets disappointed. SK sees JY speaking alone outside. KW thinks since JY approved it, that it will get published. T calls JY about his business card holder/wallet. T says if it’s not an important wallet cant you just buy a new one? ok I will get it back for you. he hangs up and the woman says the police called again asking when T will go there. so T offers to go pick it up tonight. those cops are so funny. why cant they just send the wallet- why make a busy person go there.

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as KW leaves, he asks you are going to call right? JY offers to publish KW’s book later at his publisher. KW: if you give a lot of money. JY: a writer shouldn’t expect so much money. KW: you wont be able to say that if you just had your mom. I will be going. he rides off on his bike

JB asks I really cearly didnt kill him did I? Jo takes his hand and says you must have been very lonely all that time. dont be lonely anymore. JB ah – now I know your heart. JB sobs. Jo tells him to cry a lot then sleep deeply today. Jo leaves him saying let’s meet again. JB keeps crying

Jo goes out and speaks to the guard. the guard asks if something happened to JB. Jo says just leave him alone so he can cry all he wants. see you next time.

Jo sits up.

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Jo walks out and recalls the flashback JB narrated. of the mom coming over and seeing JB holding the knife. she goes over to JY. JB is saying that JY stabbed him. when the cops ask tell them I stabbed him. JB hid the bloody knife in a bag to hide the evidence. JB narrates that he took the fall at first thinking he would only go to prison for a year or two but then the judge gave me 11yrs. so I told the truth that JY did it. but that kid was in cahoots with mom and betrayed me. young JY pointed to young JB as the culprit so young JB went over and attacked young JY in the court.

JY texts HS asking can you talk now? she calls back and says you sure took a long time to call. He is at the radio station and speaks to HS formally calling her doctor Ji. I am Jang JY. I don’t know if you remember me. HS: you call after five days so what is this. what’s up with doctor Ji.  he says my PD thought the talk show we did before was fun so she wants to invite you as a fan. how about it? HS: if I film the show then what will you do for me?  will you not move out. he turns away and speaks in banmal saying I can’t do that. HS: do you even love me. he says so crazy much. even in this moment I wish you were by my side. HS: I wont let you lay a finger on my body. JY: why are you so cruel?  HS: don’t move out. JY: I will tell them you cant film the show.  he hangs up and tells his PD that HS doesn’t want to film. HS mutters just living is making me nervous/anxious to death and even dating is making me nervous/anxious.  she leans her head on the wall and says I miss him. Lee asks what she is doing there leaning her head

the wife watches the film footage of her husband thinking there are roaches. she says my husband is having a hard time but there are no roaches. HS says how the wife and husband lived apart this week so how was the roach situation. the woman says without her husband she couldnt see the roaches. she only sees it when she is with her husband. HS: what do you think. the woman says it’s strange. HS tries to get her to talk about the date the first time they both starting seeing the roaches -the third week of May but the wife doesnt want to talk. HS: do you remember and not want to say or do you not remember?

when HS meets with the husband. before this happened to you two -what happened to the two of you before that – if you don’t resolve it and stay together -like last time you could get injured. the husband asks if HS is married and when HS says no.  he says I cant tell someone who isn’t married cuz you wont understand.

Jo goes and knocks on JY’s door asking are you in there. he goes in and looks around at everything and finds what JY wrote as a kid and starts to read it.

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JY comes back to her place with a large Tupperware case to pack his stuff in. he gets some water and goes to his room. he calls out HS but finds Jo waving at him. Jo says what to do – it’s not HS, it’s me. JY: well I am disappointed. Jo says I suddenly wanted to read your book. you wont make a fuss cuz I came into your room are you? JY: how can I make a fuss. Jo compliments him for becoming human (cuz the first time JY did throw a fuss when other people came into his room). Jo asks do you like being at seocho dong? he drinks JY’s water and burps. JY takes his book and says it’s embarrassing to show this to anyone. Jo compliments him saying you wrote well for a 15 yr old’s journal. he asks how JY learned that term defense mechanism  when he was only 15. JY shares how he learned from watching tv and news. it was about a sexual assault victim taking revenge on an assailant -I saw that she was let off with a plea of self defense as a form of a defense mechanism. watching that news – it was really uncanny. from what I thought the law is very warm and fair. but after my brother’s case, my thoughts changed. Jo notices the lock on the bathroom

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HS comes over and asks Jo – what do you think of JY moving and leaving me behind. Jo winks at JY and says I  will just kill him. JY says it’s Ji HS the one I missed. he goes over and tries to kiss but she turns away. she walks over to the tubberware case so he explains it’s to pack my stuff. will you help?  he tries to back hug but she moves away. she asks what’s up with his face – meaning why he didnt shave and he says he does this all the time when he works. isn’t it sexy? HS: not really. maybe other women thought so.  she asks did you get some work done. JY: not much and shakes out his hand cuz of the swollen fingers. HS: being a writer is hard so how can you do it. did you eat while working? JY: enough. HS: how about sleep? how many hours in a day did you sleep? JY: sporadically (on and off). HS: where? JY: chair. HS: if you don’t sleep in the bathroom you get nightmares and cant sleep so couldn’t you move to the bathroom for a short time. JY: I cant when I write.  HS: how about dinner? JY: dont feel like it. she snaps back: do you eat when you think of it – you eat when it’s time. I don’t think I can be your girlfriend. come downstairs and eat. she leaves.

Jo tells Lee what he learned about JB and JY without using names so she doesn’t know who they are. she says how the victim became the killer. did you sort through the problem you had to solve? Jo:  first – the younger brother didn’t stab the stepdad – the stepdad fell and the knife stabbed him but the hyung saw that as murder. Lee says you have to resolve the problem of the mom committing perjury. the mom couldn’t testify for the hyung cuz she saw the hyung holding the knife. Jo: that’s right. Lee asks if he considered different hypotheses for why the younger brother committed perjury like that. Jo says like the hyung -the younger brother also mistook the hyung as the killer and put the blame on the hyung, but I solved that a while ago.  at 15 yrs old when the incident occurred, the younger brother clearly knew the meaning of self defense. he already had the ability to recognize the difference between murder and accidental death. also his behavior on the stand/trial – he knew the chances of being found innocent was high/strong. The second hypothesis, like the hyung said, it was a chance to settle the matter of the abusive stepdad and older brother and it was his plan.  But this hypothesis doesn’t fit either. the younger brother had a chance to cover up what he did  by keeping his hyung locked up in prison forever but he didn’t do that. the younger brother has a strong affection for his hyung. But why did he lie?  Lee thinks there is some secret. Jo nods in agreement.  Lee says still, perjury is a crime. You can’t overlook that. Jo says I am a doctor and I’m only interested in one thing-their pain. how to comfort the hyung who spent over 14yrs years in prison knowing he was innocent – also if their mom really is ok (as in a good person) – and if the younger brother at that young age of 16- after enduring that terrible incident -if he was able be healthy and not have pain/scars. From what I see, he seems very bright and positive but I hope it is a form of him treating his own pain, not an immense defense mechanism. From experience Lee doesn’t think a 16yr could have treated his own pain. maybe not now but at some point his symptoms will surface. the pain in his heart makes a person have a disease/condition. that is what is scary.  Jo says people around him has to help him. also next to him he has some kid who is really great (HS). Lee says I don’t know who the younger brother is but you seem to have a lot of affection for him. She talks about herself now. she apologizes for the other day and for making him suffer. Jo says if you had a baby back then you wouldnt have become a good doctor. he says how he understood even back then her passion for her work.  and she looks good now too. It makes her choke up. she gets up to leave, and he admits he loves her a lot. do you know that. she says I know. he goes over and says while I loved you -I know something – the sexiest relationship in this world is the friendship between men and women. I really want to hug you but I am going to hold back. I cant insult the 20 yr sexy friendship we have been protecting. after she is gone he pretends to hug the air.

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JY watches HS as she prepares dinner. JY says I dont want to eat – let’s talk. HS: I don’t feel like talking now. JY: why are you so angry about? HS: I am not angry. my heart just feels uncomfortable/uneasy. JY: why do you feel uncomfortable/uneasy? is it cuz I am moving. SK says just tell him – not with your eyes but with your mouth. she tells him not to interfere. SK: then did you think JY would live here forever. when he has a lot of money and his own home? to be honest – from what the two of you think – it’s way better that he left.  how can you two date naturally here when DM hyung and I are here. how could you date properly. if I was you I would be happy he left. at his home you could always be hot/passionate  and naturally …but Jo cuts him off when he comes in and asks what is hot and natural? Jo warns HS and JY -I will clearly say this but you are forbidden to do the deed in this home. thinking of someone who doesn’t have his wife and SK who doesn’t have a girlfriend – if I hear any sound at night I will go directly up to the room and take your blanket away. Jo asks if SK knows what passion is. SK claps so HS grabs his hair so SK says sorry. HS walks off telling JY to eat.

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SK asks if HS wants to marry JY cuz they slept together once. it must be a burden/pressure. I understand. JY is about to walk off but SK calls out to eat then go if he wants to make peace with her. don’t you know her temper by now?   so JY goes back and sits. SK teases JY and says how JY is already like a trained puppy. SK kids around telling him when to wait, eat, and wait so JY throws his cup of water in his face

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HS confides about JY to Jo. what happened to him as a child is affecting him more than I thought. him sleeping in the bathroom – at least he is sleeping so it’s ok I thought. but when he writes he cant do that. When he can’t sleep deeply,  his focus drops, which means he can’t write, then he gets anxious and then his body breaks down. if I leave him alone the way he is then I think later on it will get really worse. while he is writing he cant get any other treatments, so I want to prescribe him medication but since I don’t know the specific condition, so I think he needs to be tested. so you do it. Jo says our job is not good. huh? HS: to JY writing could be everything to him. please help him. Jo says you completely fell for JY. HS: but JY cant know about this.  Jo mutters when she was an intern -she liked Jo. it seems like just the other day.  you have already grown –  sleeping with a guy and loving.  HS: why are you talking about that?  she asks him to help JY. Jo agrees. she thanks him and leaves.

choi texts Jo about how he is going to meet JB’s lawyer -the one in charge of his case. I thought it would be good for you to meet him too. how about it?  so Jo agrees to do that -let’s meet him

T watches the CCTV footage of JY fighting alone. T: what is this. why is my friend JY doing that alone? what is this.  the police say something is strange about JY so maybe he should go to the hospital so T gets defensive and says what is so strange? JY must have a reason. He threatens to sue if they leak footage of this to outside. you understand or not? T goes out and cries.

T drives to the home JY reported to the police (KW’s home) to investigate and the home is empty. also there was no kid by the name KW. also they researched and even though the address and name of the neighborhood is different, this was the home JY used to live in along time ago -the one that burnt down.

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T calls JY and asks for which school KW attends and his phone number. JY tells him the name of the school – why do you need his number. T lies -from a publisher’s perspective, that he wants to meet KW cuz he writes. HS suddenly back hugs JY saying how kind he is -did you eat the food? but JY pulls her off him looking annoyed. JY tells T – you thought well. I will send you KW’s home and cell phone number. HS wonders what’s going on. he texts the info over to T. she sits on the bed and asks what that cold look in his eyes is

T calls KW’s number over and over but it doesnt exist.

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괜찮아, 사랑이야.E10.140821.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(091745)00-25-35]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E10.140821.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(092318)00-26-33]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E10.140821.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(092264)05-29-16]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E10.140821.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(094700)05-34-56]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E10.140821.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(094844)05-37-30]

HS asks JY to come over and sit cuz my neck hurts (cuz he was standing and she had to look up at him). JY: by any chance. HS: by any chance what?  JY: what I said about loving you a lot -you aren’t mistaking that to mean you can treat me anyway you want right? if that’s the case -don’t do that. cuz it makes me think how inconsiderate you are. HS: why are you saying what I should be saying. JY: me moving out… she asks we are dating right?  JY: are you still confused about that? even after sleeping together. when you are working -I ask first if you can talk on the phone and get your permission then talk to you. cuz I don’t want to interrupt the work you like to do. me moving out…she cuts in: cuz you cant work here. it’s cuz of work. I work – so you don’t think I understand that? moving? even if you weren’t going I am about to push you out. he goes over and sits next to her on the bed. JY: about being inconsiderate – what is it that you have to say about it? and what was up with saying you cant be my girlfriend? HS: when I said inconsiderate – not eating, not sleeping and only working -that prickly side of you that showed up in front of me after five days and making my heart ache is what I was talking about. and saying I couldn’t be your girlfriend -it was cuz my heart was hurting so much seeing how you are right now. her words and sincerity melts both of them. he says I missed you. HS: I have one more thing. saying that you are moving out, did you have to say it so abruptly not giving me a chance to prepare. you weren’t trying to back stab me but it shocked me.  JY: cuz you were always cool – I didn’t know you could be stunned/shocked. HS: then what is it that you know? JY: but hearing you were shocked is good to hear. it makes me hear it as you love me. HS: if you move then when do we meet? how did you do it with women you dated before? JY: when I didn’t write -if one side wanted it – anytime.  when I wrote – once in a while. HS: me too? (as in is that how you will be with me) so he says how dare you compare (cuz she is a different case – a more special one). HS:  how about every friday. I work mon – thurs so the day we meet – Friday.  he says how his schedule isn’t so leisurely like hers so she says if you work like that you will ruin your body (meaning he needs breaks). get into the habit of planning out your work time starting with this week. I wont defer/give in. one day two days.  JY: call (means agree) HS lays down and says: dates that are planned -explain the situation and get consent over the phone. he leans over and plays with her hair asking where should we meet. she is ok meeting at restaurants, theater , café, on street, they are all ok but I don’t like this home or motel. in this home there is Jo DM with no boundaries. and I just don’t like motels.   he asks how about my home in seocho dong. she says that’s not bad. he leans in to kiss so she gets up saying I don’t like doing unplanned stuff like this. JY sighs and says you are too hard/difficult. you are partial, cruel, and torment me. SK already calls me the puppy of the home. she offers to do one thing he wants. he wants her to come out on his (radio) panel the day after tm. HS: you are asking for a panel instead of a kiss? JY: I love you. HS: I don’t yet. she gets up then sits back down. i thought it over carefully and our biggest problem is that we pick on things too much. JY: so? HS: you tell me you love me. and talk back but then you lose for me.  but I don’t say I love you. even when I think about it -I’m too much. JY: so? HS winks and asks: should I turn the lights off? JY gives a thumbs up. *and I believe the deed is done again.

T looks into KW’s school and finds out there is no student by the name Han KW there. and student Kim KW isn’t the one T is looking for. T calls and asks to meet with someone named SS.

괜찮아, 사랑이야.E10.140821.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(096384)05-41-07]

JY goes to visit HS’s mom and dad. her mom is glad to see him and asks why are you coming just now. I waited so long. he asks if she had been well. then he shows the new photos of HS to her dad. JY eats and the mom tells him to eat slowly. he compliments the fried rice. the mom says I told you my place had delicious food. if you didn’t come this week I was going to scold you. you are dating our HS so how could you dare to neglect me. brother in law says she is being too much for just doting on JY and not him. she says how JY might become a son in law too so the son in law says these days who gets married just cuz they went on a trip. isn’t that so JY? JY only says that both him and HS like their work still. he changes the subject and says how much he likes fried rice

HS’s sister called so HS asks why bring up marriage with this sudden call. her sister asks if you aren’t going to get married why sleep together and make JY drop by to see mom. you are so funny. HS: what? the store? the sister says how their mom already thinks of him as a son in law. do you know why I cant divorce your brother in law cuz he drinks. even a husband who isn’t well – if he is your husband once he is your husband for forever. our mom’s loyalty -it’s cuz I watched and learned. HS: you are getting old -your nagging got severe. sister says just from looking JY is a player. when he breaks up with you he wont be affected at all. dragging out the dating means dragging out the time to say goodbye. but you will act like you don’t care and bawl and your life ends. HS: hang up. her sister texts – you aren’t kids. even if you break up when you have to – meet with the goal of getting married. if JY isn’t thinking of getting married end it right away. don’t get hurt later.

괜찮아, 사랑이야.E10.140821.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(105565)05-54-26]괜찮아, 사랑이야.E10.140821.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(104522)05-53-35]

JY takes out a nice jacket from his car and goes to wait for HS outside his radio station. she runs over to him cuz she is late. they get in the elevator and she talks about how there was so much traffic. she was going to kiss him but he turns his face aside and stops her. he shows her the CCTV camera. she says wow to how good he looks. he says it’s to be considerate to doctor Ji. she asks if he is going to start with the formal way of speaking now. he tells her to speak formally from now. HS why do we have to do that. they get out of the elevator and he greets staff.  JY explains people at the station dont know we are living together. she asks why they have to go so far as to lie? JY: It’s a nuisance to explain. she suddenly remembers how her sister accused JY of being a player and how he wont be affected when they break up. so HS accuses JY-saying 8 characters is a nuisance? “we are dating” or is it cuz it’s a woman you are going to break up with anyway so you don’t want to let people know? what are you staring at? did I say anything incorrect? JY: what? a woman I will break up with? HS: yes a woman you will break up with – if you arent going to marry her then am I not a woman you will break up with? why arent you answering? huh? JY: what can I say?when what you said was correct. He walks away



HS to JY: you talk like you are thinking of getting married with me

JY to HS: for you not to think we are -you are the weird one

HS: if I stay here…we are going to love in a few mins

Jo: KW. saying there is a person when there isn’t

T asks Jo: is it possible for someone that delusional to act/live so normal?

HS: he cant sleep unless it’s in a bathroom

HS asks JY: it’s always KW – coming or going – do you like me or KW?

JY: I like you

JY says to KW: I told you not to take that road.

JY gets into a car accident

괜찮아, 사랑이야.E10.140821.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(059797)03-07-18]

Over the years JY’s mind built an elaborate deck of cards that even his subconscious wasn’t aware of – his sanity was so sure nothing could knock it down but tonight we saw the first card fall when T learned the truth about his buddy. Sure those cards wavered and shook once in a while when HS started noticing some of the signs of JY’s condition, but for the most part it remained intact. Now it’s only a matter of days before JY learns of its existence. I really fear for his sanity when he learns how deeply to the core this whole childhood incident scarred him. I keep praying his new found love with HS is enough to help him pick up the pieces of his “about to be shattered world,” but now I question if there is any room left in his heart for anything except remorse and sorrow.

괜찮아, 사랑이야.E10.140821.HDTV.XViD-iPOP[(041681)02-13-28]
My heart really broke for young JB tonight. He has been on the outside looking in all his life. Even now as he sits in prison, JY and their mom have a wonderful life together. No wonder JB attacked JY three years ago and even now refuses his mom’s visits. I knew that mom was holding something back. She did chose one son over another back then and I bet she would do it again if she had to and that is the guilt she carries around. By not testifying on JB’s behalf and getting JY to accuse his brother, they pretty much sealed JB’s fate. Their combined betrayal cuts so deep because now we know young JB volunteered to take the fall at first. No matter how many times he was mean to young JY and beat him up for getting hit by their step dad, young JB still felt enough brotherly affection to think of his younger brother first and took the fall for the murder. After JB realized the truth needed to be told so he could prevent being incarcerated for longer than the initial one or two years he assumed he would get. that’s when he felt the full impact of the betrayal when he watched young JB point him out in court as the culprit.

Though JB always felt lonely even when he was growing up with JY and their mom due to those two’s close relationship as the victims of abuse,  I bet sitting alone in prison all those years knowing he doesn’t deserve to be in there made it even worse. How can you forgive family members who betrayed you even after you tried to protect them. What JY and his mom did to JB was terrible, but I still think if they had the choice again, they would do the exact same thing. JY was never tough enough to survive prison and JB knew that better than anyone. I keep wondering what JY has to do or say to begin the process of making amends to JB, but I’m coming up empty. For the price of JY’s freedom and becoming a successful writer, JB lost the best years of his life. How can you compensate him for losing his youth. More importantly, how do you make up for betraying JB’s generous act of taking the fall to begin with.


16 comments on “It’s Okay, It’s Love E10

  1. grapefruit7 says:

    cant wait for ep10…somehow, ep9 made me afraid or disturbed about something i cannot really pinpoint..HS & JY..their looks on one another when the other was not looking….its the look of.. fear? sadness?worries?…

    anyways hope ep10 will confirm what is this feeling….


  2. grapefruit7 says:

    hmmm…what do u think is that woman’s reason that she coukd not tell HS because she is not yet married?? maybe related to S** or intimacy??


    • OCD says:

      I think it’s more of if you are not in my shoes u won’t understand kinda thing,couple that are married have completely different view and love for each other to those who are just dating


  3. grapefruit7 says:

    i like the so called relationship of these doctors/psychiatrists….they dont hide anything from each other that long…they talk about whats in their mind right away and asking each others opinion.


    • OCD says:

      It’s human nature to play mind games, this episode highlight the struggles both have in relationship,Hae Soo with her insecurity and JY with his OCD,desire to be in control with his life including relationship. somehow this episode so subtle but yet speak volume,somehow tugging at my heartstring


  4. OCD says:

    Thank you Softy so much for your recap every week. I always camping without asking the owner yet *shame*. I also agree with you on how JY always been honest and so open about his love for her that’s why it lead to the point where he didn’t know he being cold to her in her point of view. Because he so sure that whatever he do or even he not around,his love for her will not change. It clearly show it to us viewer through how he missing her,but we also got a chance to see HS perspective how she miss him just as much. I guess this is how in real life are, we are so caught up in our feelings that we sometimes expect other to understand and “JUST KNOW”. Even though HS have taken a step into having intimacy relationship with JY, her real issues is insecurity and the need to have a “love that last forever”,that’s why she so caught up and confuse how JY can treat her so cold but hot the next second. She keep telling him that she did not love him yet, but I have always believe when she taken that step with him, her action already show she head over heel and totally in love with him. This have proven through her relationship with Choi Ho, she take love very seriously. It’s one of her defense mechanism that protect her from hurting in love. I also remember that Dr Jo said that HS is very prideful therefore that’s why she feel so bother and always argue with JY. JY always taken things with her at a stride, he like to brush things away because in his view, it’s not a big problem,but he also had to understand that it’s a big problem to her. She is trying to be understanding such as telling him “put a door sign,when to call etc.” Like her struggle of missing him and hesitant to call him, she felt that she had become so clingy due to his “curt/short” reactions toward her wanting to be with him. *sigh,i’m sorry if it too long,i need to stop blabbering*


  5. Blue Passion says:

    Dear Softy: Thank you very much for the fast, great live recap. This episode reminded me that as humans we forget to put ourselves in the shoes of others and can easily misinterpret theirs behaviors, motives and actions. We easily forget to think how hurtful most be foe the other person to hear that you do not love them yet or you do not believe their love. Just like you said, he was emotionally involved with her since the beginning; while, she was still involved emotionally with Choi. Next episode definitely will be emotionally draining as more get to confirm KW is not a real person. Thanks for making my Wed.and Th so great from the start of the day!!


  6. drmjs says:

    Softy, I have to say your recaps for dramas are always great. But for this drama, it’s exceptional. Thanks.


  7. darkfallenangelz says:

    The JB, JY and their mom arc is not that easy. Because if you actually look at it objectively from what we saw, it was all an accident, and no one should have had to go to jail that long. If we really want to explore the murder part than JY and JB are really both at fault but JY mostly only by picking up the knife and JB of pushing his stepfather on it. The real culprit for me is the mom, for choosing to protect one son more than the other. As for anything else, let’s just hope that the writers are not going to mess up the dynamic, because if there were going to be a time where JY really need HS is surely when his whole world is coming apart.


  8. Just wanted to say your recaps are keeping me sane on Wed and Thurs. And I am really worried about what writernim is going to puy JY through.


  9. Marie67 says:

    Thanks a looooot Soulsrebel! As always, I love your insights and take on the story.

    I wanted to ask you if you watch the weekend family drama: What’s with this family? It’s soooo good, it kinda has the same mood as Ojakkyo brothers. It’s a romcom and not that cliche makjang. And everybody can act and has chemistry. You should give it a try!


    • Softy says:

      I downloaded all four eps and watched it today. You are right – it does give me OB vibe. It’s sweet and engaging. I wonder if it has high ratings and if anyone is subbing this. So sad but weekend dramas tend to get neglected by subbers.


      • Marie67 says:

        Nice 🙂

        Yes it is subbed really fast by VIKI I think. And the ratings are around the 25%, so it’s doing very well. This and Secret Hotel are the best drama’s. The other one has sizzling adult chemistry with Jin Yi Han being his hotness self :P. It is not that scary, the romance plays the bigger part in that drama.


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